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Can he get a thread?
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File: 1490714305865.jpg (48 KB, 588x800)
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Best and cutest boy.
File: 1484462085877.jpg (142 KB, 1200x650)
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Aaand I'm done, for now.
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File: 64825585_p0_master1200.jpg (254 KB, 504x700)
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I want to protect his smile.
Janet Jackson ass lookin muthafucka...
File: 1485836961644.jpg (187 KB, 1499x1499)
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File: 1485300030041.jpg (179 KB, 971x972)
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Me too anon. Saihara is so cute and precious!
File: C5EYvdwVYAApxq7.jpg (312 KB, 1768x2048)
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File: 62331309_p2.png (679 KB, 1190x1590)
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>go on ao3 for saimoto fic
>most of the explicit fic have Saihara being trans

Where did this meme come from. I'm sure it's a tumblr thing but why has it caught on so much. Is it a combination of his appearance and his feminine JP VA? Sorry if this is off-topic I just had to vent somewhere.
File: 63513979_p0.png (983 KB, 565x759)
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File: 62331309_p21.png (543 KB, 890x820)
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File: 61879655_p21.png (188 KB, 600x600)
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188 KB PNG
Before the game came out in japan everyone was speculating that he'd actually be a girl for the reasons you listed. On top of that I've only ever seen girls cosplay him. Either those fics are from that time or people won't let go of their headcannon.
File: 62303308_p1.jpg (375 KB, 600x1006)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
Yeah, I was actually one of those people who thought he was gonna end up being a girl. Still. that was a while ago and most of the fics like that are recent. I just wish there was more porn with him as a biological male.
File: 65357619_p36.jpg (89 KB, 1024x1024)
89 KB
File: 61198091_p1.jpg (197 KB, 500x707)
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File: IMG_2504.jpg (101 KB, 583x1024)
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File: 61895113_p8.png (207 KB, 483x945)
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File: 62985770_p3.png (247 KB, 700x840)
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File: 63906120_p2.jpg (797 KB, 1200x1550)
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797 KB JPG
File: 61971375_p27.jpg (79 KB, 416x682)
79 KB
File: DMgKXy3UMAAicQF.jpg orig.jpg (269 KB, 1610x1221)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Would have been a twist.
File: DJDKenrUMAAAJ0-.png (532 KB, 708x777)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
His blushing sprites are so fucking cute. People around here would probably kill me for saying this but I wouldn't have minded at all being Kaede for longer if it meant seeing those sprites more regularly in the main game.
File: DMLCdJ7UIAEot-3.jpg (91 KB, 800x1200)
91 KB
File: C4Y8wxCVYAEikGk.jpg (82 KB, 850x1200)
82 KB
File: 63132852_p15.png (897 KB, 900x752)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
>tfw he has lots of cute pictures with Kaede but can't post them because this is /cm/
File: 63606973_p0.png (1.73 MB, 1122x796)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
File: 63805450_p35.png (446 KB, 959x1069)
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446 KB PNG
File: 61086231_p0.jpg (210 KB, 1451x800)
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File: 63098051_p19.png (1 MB, 753x970)
1 MB
File: 65087400_p9.png (214 KB, 720x736)
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214 KB PNG
File: C_fqBzNVYAA-i8N.png (223 KB, 538x650)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Sure. I love him.
File: C3gCWlFVMAAqG_5.jpg (174 KB, 750x1024)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
File: 61619000_p0.png (279 KB, 539x768)
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279 KB PNG
File: 65081570_p1.png (322 KB, 600x750)
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322 KB PNG
File: 1507084392793.png (1.21 MB, 944x1078)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
File: 61423713_p0.png (552 KB, 700x975)
552 KB
552 KB PNG
I know that feeling really well. I would post him with boy!Kaede as a compromise but I only ever seem to come across the opposite with girl!Shuichi instead, and that obviously would be allowed even less.
File: 61344149_p0.jpg (3.44 MB, 2700x4550)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB JPG
File: 61156122_p1.jpg (151 KB, 700x273)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
File: 65687786_p19.jpg (90 KB, 800x1001)
90 KB
File: 65687094_p25.jpg (115 KB, 800x800)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
File: 65687786_p28.jpg (94 KB, 800x799)
94 KB
File: 65687094_p8.jpg (170 KB, 1000x720)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
There's no written rule against boys with girls in /cm/. It's just that you have several other boards to post those and ONLY /cm/ to post boys alone or with other boys.

So it's just like common courtesy not to fill a thread here with material you could have posted in 3 or 4 other boards.
File: 64477245_p3_master1200.jpg (217 KB, 830x1084)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
It is possible to open a thread dedicated to het couples in /c/. It´s the best place to do so, I think.
>several other boards
Not really, /c/ is the only other place dedicated to image dumps and over there they focus on the girl being cute more so than the guy
/vg/, /wsr/, /c/, even /a/
none of them would mind as long as there are tits involved.

Now try posting a boy alone there... you get redirected here with a complimentary "kys faggot".

But whatever, post your couple pics here if you want. It's not against the rules.
File: 64753721_p16_master1200.jpg (648 KB, 590x1039)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
I see... I said that with confidence because until few years ago, people used to make lots of het couples threads in /c/ in particular.
File: 62142193_p6.png (548 KB, 880x512)
548 KB
548 KB PNG
I see your point, I just wish there was a dedicated board to image dumping for couples. You can post boys alone though on all the boards you mentioned except for /c/ for obvious reasons. It's only when you post guy x guy you get lots of comments like that.

Anyways I would rather not shit up this thread further so I just made a small folder if anyone is interested in Shuichi and Kaede pictures.

Yo, sorry if I came across as rude. I was just trying to explain where the whole "no girls allowed in this vicinity" custom came from.
File: 62897048_p0.png (141 KB, 366x483)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Thanks for the link, anon.
File: 63535917_p0.png (272 KB, 500x730)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
File: 63535917_p2.png (433 KB, 600x508)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
File: C-XhlIXUQAIHy7D.jpg (57 KB, 720x338)
57 KB
I am a gambling master!
I have acquired trillions of dollars and have owned hundreds of properities!
All the women want me for my money and my faceless old man fit body!
Nevertheless, I reject them for their shallowness!
However, there is one thing I want that I never got--my beloved Saihara!
My beloved Saihara is a beauty and a gift from the heavens above!
He is the vision of a true feminine woman, despite being a man himself!
His soft skin and taut body feels like it was sculpted by Pygmalion himself!
I want to buy his entire being, even if it costs me a leg!
But my beloved Saihara is the hardest to acquire, for he is subject to the many affections from thousands of men!
Thousands of men wanting to have my beloved Saihara bear their children--the fact doesn't sit well with me!
Me deciding to bet my whole money in a gambling match in exchange for my beloved Saihara!
The match takes a whole week to complete, but in the end, I won!
My prized possession is upstairs, wrapped in pretty ribbons and in the finest textiles!
Me going up and see my beloved Saihara in the purest of white dresses, as if he's a young maiden getting married!
My beloved Saihara slowly blushing as he performs a small dance in front of me while jazz music plays, making my cock go hard!
My beloved Saihara stripping away the remains of his clothing as he pulls me down the velvety soft bed and whispering a sultry song as he undoes my suit!
Me going wild and pouncing of him, relishing in every inch of his marble-like skin and bruising his whole body with love marks!
Me and my beloved Saihara saying our marriage vows in between moans and mewls of pleasure!
My beloved Saihara begging me to go even harder, to fill him with my semen until he collapses in pure ecstasy!
Me shoving the entirety of my cock inside of him, to further solidify our marriage!
Me and my beloved Saihara fucking like rabbits until dawn!
Making love to my beloved Saihara!
My beloved Saihara is the embodiment of a demure woman!
All the men in the village always go to church just to see him wearing a Maria Clara that further enhances his innocent figure!
All the men gawking at him instead of listening to the priest's sermon!
All the men giving gifts and going to the rectory late at night just to play guitar and woo my beloved Saihara!
But my beloved Saihara doesn't love them at all, for he has me!
We have exchanged our words of love and affection (and engagement rings) as I leave the country!
Soon I will take him away!
His father doesn't approve of me and our relationship, but I won't let that slide!
My beloved Saihara writing a letter to his father, telling him that he has chosen love over the church!
Me arriving in front of the balcony one night, to the surprise of my beloved Saihara!
Me grabbing my beloved Saihara and fucking him in the balcony, letting the moon and stars illuminate our raunchy figures!
My beloved Saihara tries not to be loud so his father does not hear him, but I grab both of his delicate hands and slam all in, making him scream!
His father would have heard us by now, angry at how I tainted his graceful child with my love!
Me spurting all of my juices from a year worth of not masturbating, filling my beloved Saihara again and again!
My cum is overflowing, so I shove the rest of my cock to his mouth, as he looks at me with his eyes forming hearts, slurping up the remains of semen and cleaning it up!
Me still hard as I push in and out of my beloved Saihara's pretty bruised lips, staining his face with cum when I finish!
Me not cleaning up the mess as I pack all of my beloved Saihara's things!
Me taking away my beloved Saihara from his room and swooping him out of the window!
Me and my beloved Saihara running away and going out of the country just so his father wouldn't find him!
Me and my beloved Saihara staying to my rich home, living the rest of our days as a happy couple!
Making love to my beloved Saihara!
Me coming home one day!
All the stress from work is making me exhausted, so I ignore my beloved Saihara!
My beloved Saihara is surprised!
His wonderful husband doesn't do that at all!
Me slamming the door from frustration and anger, and immediately collapsing on the bed!
My beloved Saihara is confused and very scared as to what happened to me, but he perseveres!
My beloved Saihara dressing up in a nurse's outfit and bringing a bowl of stew!
My beloved Saihara sitting on my lap as he spreads his legs and feeds me stew!
Me getting hard as I see his pink nipples when he goes down to feed me!
My beloved Saihara smiling as he grinds his hips to excite me!
Me finishing the stew and immediately making out with him!
My beloved Saihara unbuckling the belt and sucking me off with no abandon!
Me letting out my pent up frustration and pound his pretty mouth recklessly!
My beloved Saihara still giving me a blowjob even though I have ejaculated for the third time!
My beloved Saihara emptying my balls (and my stresses) with his amazing dick-sucking skills!
My beloved Saihara giving me a show by licking up all the stray cum that he didn't get to gobble up!
I would get super hard if it weren't for the mind-blowing blowjob he gave to me!
My beloved Saihara giving me a peck on the cheek and telling me if there's something up at work!
My beloved Saihara spending the rest of the night pampering me with care and affection and private lap dances!
Me passing out in the pleasure as my beloved Saihara ends the session with a slow thighjob, dirtying the silky sheets with my cum!
Making love to my beloved Saihara!
this thread has gone to a weird place
File: DF1w-6zUMAA95i5.jpg (111 KB, 624x858)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: DM6C7CeVwAAhTW2.jpg (130 KB, 1173x1200)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Ignore the weirdoes and let's post more best boy.
File: DHhIfzKUQAEX8ta.jpg (594 KB, 2480x3508)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
>my faceless old man fit body!
Had a chuckle.
File: DOmpPQjWAAEpfr7.png (997 KB, 975x1200)
997 KB
997 KB PNG
This thread needs more Shuichi.
File: 1506153411671.jpg (78 KB, 894x823)
78 KB
File: 1506082143471.jpg (160 KB, 733x1150)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
File: 150328379379.jpg (269 KB, 700x700)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
File: Junko Smile.png (828 KB, 840x950)
828 KB
828 KB PNG
I love Junko!
fuck off please

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