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You cannot reply anymore.

i'd heard people rave about my hero academa for ages. a few episodes into season two and having so much fun--this show is so good. if you don't think bakugou is the hottest most swell bully-boy on this god's green earth, then i don't know if we can be friends. his back and shoulder muscles give me butterflies desu
got a crush on someone who's probably straight, so going through some typical queer angst, i guess. casual friends for a while; he is a fucking dream. mega-cute, sleek and hansome... guh. not fair bros. i'm about to graduate from hs never having been in a relationship.

also just weird anxiety now and again. even on loads of meds, i can't help an odd aching feeling: sort of restless. i'm extremely tired. but going to bed just feels wrong.
Killua and Gon these two are to precious for this world
>about to graduate from hs never having been in a relationship
I'm in my third year of college bro :(

I broke off a relationship with someone I actually related to very much, I couldn't deal with the pressure of having being gay openly and was feeling very guilty about the whole thing, now I don't even talk to him because everything is too awkward, I wish I would have just stayed friends with him
File: DM1nUnPUEAAb8c9.jpg (171 KB, 1200x1086)
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171 KB JPG
I'm tired.
File: puw_44809481_435x323.gif (2.39 MB, 435x323)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB GIF
I'm not sure who my favorite dude is, but Roy is cute so I'm going to post him.

I'm 24 and while I have dated around, I still have yet to have been in a serious relationship. North Connecticut is generally barren when it comes to guys I like.

I wish I had tried harder in college as well. I'm talking all aspects, making friends, enjoying the festivities, working harder. It took me a while to find a relevant job post-grad and a lot of my friends are moving away to Eastern Massachusetts or even further away. I just feel a bit lonely and lost.
File: 59670638_p0.png (372 KB, 600x966)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
Fav boy is Sorey because he is the sweetest and cutest little angel of all time and I love him to bits.

I've been feeling pretty depressed because I turn 22 in mid November and I've done absolutely nothing with my life (have no job, live with parents, never been in a relationship, have no friends, haven't gone to college, overweight, etc.). Been trying to change but it's so hard.
Adrian Hlvacek from Always Raining Here. Because I'm also a hopelessly gay boy who likes indie music and theater.

>>3146722 boy how'd you describe my exact situation? The only exception I can think of is that I go to school in a highly conservative environment, so it's pretty much a given that he's straight. Which really sucks, because he's extremely good looking and knows how to dress, and he seems really nice, too. Fuck.
>the queer teenage puppy-love dream
why do i believe in this fuckin meme
i specifically have avoided reading arh for this reason. it'll just make me sad. it's gayboy propoganda

pic related is 2nd candidate
Ill be your friend bro. Ive been there and know how it feels.
File: 61871756_p26.jpg (166 KB, 475x618)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
it's actually the worst
File: 1405428470448.jpg (118 KB, 461x651)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
This is Roxas and he's too cute to exist.
I am at peace. I've eliminated all expectations I once had; I don't really need or want anything more more out of my life and I try not to expect anything from other people, either. It's weird but somehow also quite satisfying.
File: 60899523_p0_master1200.jpg (740 KB, 800x941)
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740 KB JPG
Ouma Kokichi from DRV3. Either very hated or very loved by the fandom. He made me laugh and cry from the start and deserved better in the main story.

I will be 30 in a week and my health is still very frail. I´ve no goals nor dreams. Actually, I thought about suicide several times. I honestly don´t know what I´m still doing here.
File: 1508289227889.jpg (104 KB, 1191x842)
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104 KB JPG


OP is me but younger, very much so.

get your unloved butts read for a [spoiler]unsigned[/spoiler] long long [spoiler]int[/spoiler] ass fucking greentext rollercoaster of feels

actual spoiler and not a C joke
[spoiler]tl;dr, dude was straight and I still haven't gotten over him[/spoiler]

> be me in 2013 or something
> shit now I feel old
> be 15
> fall for one of my best friends
> puppylove.jpg
> we rode a van to and fro school
> on the way back, the van would get rather empty
> I'd sit by the window and he'd sleep -:
with his head on my lap
> he was one year younger and so goddamn cute
> I used to play with his hair until we got to his stop
> I'd wake him so the driver lady wouldn't have to

> ff 1 year into the future
> be, now 16yo me, faggotino
> there was a series of talks promoted by my school
> I kinda had to attend cause' it was _for our class_
> he was going to attend one as well
> we sat together even held hands
> amount of shits collectively given to the talk: 0

> that first semester he started sitting next to me on the way to school
> I'd sit by the window, he in the middle and another friend of mine ZZZzzzZzed on the 3rd seat
> touching legs and seeing stars

Then, he goes study abroad for the rest of that year.

> I come out to him
> through skype
> after drinking copiously
> to calm my autistic self

> tell him I care deeply about him
> that I actually like him

> not in a clingly way, tho. I think I didn't come out as
too pathetic
> to him
> I was quick and tried to be natural about it

> doesn't really address the whole "I kind of like you, m8"

> I figured he was bi, since he used to talk about girls all the time
> whilst with his head on my dick
File: 1508165223631.png (215 KB, 500x375)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
fucking lost the quads

> ff to my last year in highschool, 2015
> be 17yo lonely fegget, longing to see said friend again
> done!
> he gets in
> sits by my side Aaaand
> maybe a silent "sup'?" or whatever, but no legs, no hands, nothing.
> first semester of my last year:
> he gets further and further away from me
> even stopping riding the van altogether
we still talk, but we aren't anywhere as close anymore
> last semester:
> we were still friends, I was still there for him but he wasn't

> ff to 2016
> in University
> I go to party to try to un-autistimo myself into a boyfriend
> I could have whored myself and hooked with random people
> I still liked him, for christsake

> ff to 2017, he graduated and got into Uni, same campus as me
> I tour him around and generally try to be a good senpai

Ahwn, he used to ironicaly call me senpai
[spoilers] I just cried [\spoilers]
> general good time, still nothing

> one day I just confronted him,
he ain't even gay
> I couldn't fathom why he'd sleep on my crotch
> still don't

> ff to this semester
> he only talks to me to ask for help with his subjects
the rare one that I have taken, since we don't study the same things
> literally bumped into him in the university restaurant
> didn't even seem to notice, or just ignored me, idk
> he literally has lectures ONCE A WEEK in a classroom RIGHT NEXT to mine
> still doesn't bother to have lunch with me, or have some coffee

Good luck OP, you deserve better than me.
File: 13154325.jpg (134 KB, 1366x768)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Yato is my dream guy
I'm in the closet in college. But I don't think coming out would matter because all the guys around here are really flamboyant. Not judging but I just feel like an outcast.
and spoilers don't work on this fag ass board

yea, i didn't come out to everyone because I wasn't like that either.

autistic outcast fags are best fags, yes we are
shame that outcasts don't meet each other because ya know, outcasts
File: 1503170389987.jpg (195 KB, 1600x1200)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
we gotta stick together tho, senpai.
hugs from Brazil
File: 1507950918271.png (197 KB, 640x360)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
>other side of the world
thanks though bro <3
Couldn’t decide on one so here’s 9S
I’ve been trying to work on my looks so I can be an irl cute boy. I’ve been having a hard time finding clothing that jumps out to me as cute though
Hello fellow old fag.
File: 1492882968275.jpg (270 KB, 658x800)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
none since only watched 4 animes in my life, so heres one from my folder
cant let anyone irl know im gay because im a conservative catholic(was before i figured out i was gay) and p much a bully(kinda weird for someone whos 5'11" 120lbs). even if i could run away and start looking for guys to be bf id still know that no one woold like me for the way i act and think.
What an interesting perspective of oneself.
It has to be Dazai. The character fits all of my visual ideals while also following themes both visually and through his story that I love. His series led me to revisit my live of books, and many of my absolute favourites are now those by Japanese authors including the ones represented by BSD.

I'm a hoarder in every sense, of both knowledge and the material. This is the only thing keeping me alive - my thirst for new information and curiosity as well as my tendency to collect loads of anime merchandise. Every time my interactions with others turn into failings, I have these things to fall back on. Fiction never lets me down.

However, if Dazai were alive, I would leap into a river to my death with him in an instant. The 3D one too.

I have such a severe personality but I also just yelled "be gone, thot" at my cat for knocking shit over, so that's a... mood.
File: 1473784218059 hunter x.png (309 KB, 664x1638)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
I'm going to second Gon and Killua right now. Enjoying so much of the fanart on /cm lately.

Your story is SO interesting to me. When I was in high school (Catholic school woot!) I was a closeted gay, open atheist in support of gay marriage, then I dabbled in Catholicism for a couple of years and became really ultra-conservative, before recently ditching Catholicism. (Still conservative however in many aspects)

But I'm in the same bind right now-- all my college friends and quite a few high school friends think I'm like this terrible bigot and some kind of fundamentalist (even though I only went to church regularly for a year). They didn't see me as this terribly distraught person just trying to figure out who they are.

I have no plans to like, "come out" or make an official proclamation of this stuff because that's not how I roll, but I keep laughing to myself thinking how funny it would be one day if they find out I get a boyfriend, get gay married, etc.

***Anyway, my point is THIS: I know it sounds corny, but you can be whoever and whatever you want to be at any point in time and you don't have to answer to ANYONE for it. It is quite frankly the only control you have over anything in life, so do what you want. You will be amazed what a little time apart can do.

TL;DR: Religion is just a phase, TEH GAY is forever. Also, the closet does really, really messed up things to otherwise lovely people.
File: 1474606243669 hunter x.jpg (227 KB, 800x696)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
Making up for long post with more Hunter x Hunter
thanks for the perspective.
glad to see someone with a similar situation as me.
that said, i am almost complete opposite of you in a way(go to a public school, in the closet((and staying)), was conservative before gay? before figured out i was gay? idk). anyways yeah i was anti lgbt and stuff before i figured out i was gay, heck, even before i knew what homosexuality was(parents would talk about them nicely yet it didnt sound right in my mind). so i had to kinda make room for that in my way of thinking. havent had a problem yet with the hating gays/being gay issue so thats nice

sorry for the thread for not having a picture im on my phone rn
File: 1448581461752.jpg (210 KB, 600x796)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
I just love how pretty and awkward he is, super nice too.
Feeling breddy gud, finally hit lol4pl8 on my deadlift this week.
File: image.jpg (51 KB, 960x540)
51 KB
Just discovered him two months ago in the Touken Ranbu show. I've been unwilling to go through the tough process of being able to play the game but I really want too.
Also I'm feeling pretty happy and I am a guy.
File: Aiichiro_8.jpg (148 KB, 1600x900)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>ribcage shows clear through skin
>large weight loss from lack of eating
>nervously picking at scabs and acne on my body have left irreversable scaring
>neglected hygeine has yellowed teeth
>on anti-deeps and adderall for pretty intense adhd
>we're having to increase dosages of both
>everyday activities less gratifying, hard to feel comfortable most of the time
>constantly in a frustrated, anxious mood
>eyes red, taking bedadryll every night before sleep
things aren't looking too good anons. sorry to bum everyone out, but it's getting harder and harder to feel encouraged. i'm desperate for attention, but oftentimes i'm too shy to ask for it, at least the kind that matters. my long-standing therapy guy is making slow progress. but it's just really slow and difficult. at least i have pretend cuddle time online ;~;
File: IMG_8492.jpg (1.62 MB, 2000x2000)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Pic related

The last month has been such a slog to get through, there were times I just about ended it because it got too hard. I'm a mess mentally, generally feel undesirable and it's like people only put up with me out of pity.

But hey I got put back on meds this week after being off of them for months so hopefully things are on the way up. Mental illness is a bitch
i like link a little too much
im super scared that i might b autistic
it's scary because it makes me worried that i'll never find love or get a decent job
i get good grades and stuff but there is a thought lurking at the back of my mind that tells me im somehow different from other people
other than that i just wanna grauduate
i tell myself it's ok to be eating lexapro + seroquel + remeron + propranolol since this will just be a phase
That's a lot of meds ... Too much imo.

Everybody is anxious sometimes about their future.
I see many people who are just plain stupid piece of garbage human beings still getting a job, decent house, etc ...
So, no reasons you don't deserve what you want.
It will be tough sometimes but its worth it.
File: 1500959499126.gif (1.52 MB, 650x349)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
Killua is a gift to this earth.
File: leorio.gif (517 KB, 500x281)
517 KB
517 KB GIF
There seems to be a lot of gon and killua love going on, but really, Leorio is the best boy.

I have a crush on another bi boy, he's not that cute, but I really fell for him hard. Alas, he finds me gross... We're still good friends though, which is nice, but man does it hurt.
File: 1508468444578.jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
>almost out of college
>still no bf
I'm glad I followed my crush and delve into this game because they are good with their boys. Although, Siegfried took me away with both his back story and all

> feels
I am openly bi for at least 2 years now but other than a couple of important people in my life I can't really do shit. That's what you get for living in a country where this kind of thing is not yet (and probably will never be) accepted, I guess. I also have the same problem as >>3149168
What part of north CT? I'm from Windham county.
I am working full time and I haven't had any romantic relationship anon and it feels like shit
These two fuckin nerds.
I'm so frustrated, because the beelzebub fandom is fucking tiny, and there's not enough fanart or fanfics.
Pretty sure the author ships them too.
thank u anon
hopefully this will be the final push before i can start being comfy with bf and stuff
idk if you dont have bf yet but i hope u find good bf
I'm in on the border at Enfield/Springfield
ah, I'm still a bit far from you. Can't say I enjoy Springfield.
File: 1502130328647.jpg (164 KB, 576x803)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Beautiful taste, anon.
yeah not much to do here, but if you're interested im here lol
kira is so handsome and charming. i want him to steal my hands.
i fucking hate college. its pointless. its just like highschool. i cant drop out because my entire family will see me as a disappointment. thats the last thing i wanna be in anyone's eyes but i dont have the motivation at all to do the school work. im so drained.
Do you actually have a reason to go through college or are you just doing it because your family is expecting you to?
File: 64575834_p1.png (773 KB, 1600x1800)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
obviously hardgay (no hard feelings op).
File: 64393144_p26.png (411 KB, 1000x1384)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
o it's no problem
you're just incorrect
that's all
I feel that, the fandom is pretty much dead and it's so fucking good.
File: images (12).jpg (30 KB, 322x457)
30 KB
My little Tatsuya
I feel like a piece of crap, I'm 18 and I don't have a job yet, I'm overweight and suffering of nervous bulimia, my parents don't give a damn about me, like I think if I born as a man (I'm the only daughter of a house full of men) they would give me some respect
File: 1509999061607.jpg (76 KB, 510x740)
76 KB
feeling for this trio, but Joseph especially has my heart. Finally started watching Jojo a couple of weeks ago and it's a grand old time with great husbandos.
No meaningful complaints. Stacking doctor's appointments now that I have insurance, hate wasting my days off going to them but what can you do?
File: 1509582811310.jpg (61 KB, 507x508)
61 KB
i'd do anything for bakugou to bully me though, nothing could change that
i guess i just like boys who could kick my ass
>tfw bakugou will never bully you harshly, push you onto the couch, and make out with you as he strips off your clothes
>he will never smother you with his chest, you scraping his giant back muscles
literally he is a dream
thanks, my man. I've been thinking about dusting off my fanart and posting it, but it's all analog.
Maybe I'll manage a few new pics.
Respect is earned, anon. Work on that if you want to be respected.
File: 1508708176824.jpg (193 KB, 800x1066)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
he was initially my favorite, but i just fell in love with how enthusiastic kirishima is. he's like a sunshine ray!!
but bakugou is definitely the best bully-boy in existence and you are 100% correct about that.
The problem is, I do everything they want, but despite of that they continue of treat me on abusive way, but it's okay... I'll try to be not so weak
That's the spirit. Work on improving yourself and even if your family won't appreciate it, others will. Accomplishing things is also the best way to build healthy self-esteem.
He's handsome and cute
Agreed. I think Killua is my favorite but they are both adorable and sexy as hell. Hopefully this image isn't to lewd for the board.
pic related
Like you, I have a crush on a straight friend who is insanely cute. I also have a massive crush on a tripfag from /r9k/ who goes by b00t but he lives in America so that sucks. Also the uni I am at has a severe lack of cute boys.

I know that there is no way I want to go through uni with no gay first experience, I just need to make it happen- easier said than done.
File: 1500575539237.jpg (540 KB, 849x1200)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
I can't resist cute bois like Saika
Gr12 in small country highschool. Bisexual which is helpful when every girl is either a venomous demon or a complete shallow dramawhore.
There are some really cute guys though, not that it matters because since its in the sticks everyone avoids that gay shit like the plague (No outright queerbashing, its Canada after all). All in all its pretty shitty rn.
This one forever, please. I'm the dominant type whose favorite kind of submissive is one that holds a lot of power, so I think I'm different from a lot of his fans. Regardless, He's wonderful and his Normal Ending is exactly the kind of life I want.
Single all my life except for one fluke which briefly made me think I couldn't feel romantic love. Now that I'm out of that haze, I really want a bf, but my standards don't fit the environment I'm in right now (I want a mature, working man, but I'm in college). I get depressed thinking that my 20's will fly by and I'll have no one. All I want is a husband, 2+ kids, and a cat. I think I may be pretty old-fashioned in my views though.
Oh, I would love that. Have a family, you know...

It's hard for straight couples to get that these days, let alone us phaggos.

I fucking hate this
> age of chad

Where promiscuity, outgoingness, and lack of respect for serious stuff beats pretty much every thing else.
Shiro from Voltron. I have so much stuff going on in my life, I just need someone caring and strong like Shiro so I can get through this.

21 y/o. Feeling completely lost in life. Constantly feeling anxious and paranoid. I've studied abroad for two years and it was such a great opportunity for me and my future, however I dumped my university because of depression (constant feeling like an outcast, complete isolation which I was not able to cope with in a new country at that time, inability to adapt to a new culture/environment and to find friends/people to hang out with).
got back to my country, my dad said that i was dead to him and that he won't support me anymore nor give me money(which is fair enough cuz studying abroad costed shit tons of money and i just wasted this chance)
I took a look back on my life and realized that I was actually an awful person, tho I always wanted to be a good and an honest man. started a new uni in my hometown and i'm failing all the subjects now cuz nothing makes sense to me anymore + my country is really poor and despite having to jobs i'm still struggling to make a living.
on a bright side, now that I've found out what was so wrong with me and my life i can actually work on myself to become a way better person that i used to be. it's just so many things are dragging me down right now and aren't letting me stay focused.

oh god, i wish i had a bf/friend like Shiro so i won't feel that alone, will actually feel loved and valuable, get rid of my issues and become confident in myself again.
What do you mean "it's in the sticks"?
Backwoods country school. Backwoods counrty values.
oh wow someone actually remembers this anime
i watched it on tv but i liked it a lot
File: 20160909192950.jpg (351 KB, 1024x576)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
I don't know how to social and it's causing me to be angry all the time
File: S1e15_Dipper_Blushing.png (764 KB, 1280x718)
764 KB
764 KB PNG
Dipper Pines is my bread and butter, he's truly my ideal boy, one may say the proto kino boy, excellent body, handsome voice, and an awkward personality.

My entire gay life outside of my fantasies involved getting into a relationship with a close friend which I quickly broke off because I just couldn't handle the whole situation, we only spoke a few times after that.

I started having queer feelings when I was in middle school, there was a guy that I became friends with and started hanging out with him, back then I thought he was "cool", didn't know the words to express my feelings, once when he stayed over he left his spare shirt at my house, I kept it hidden so I could smell it, I knew it was weird but I still did it anyway, he eventually moved away, when I was in highschool I tried to get close to another friend, but like always it stayed an silent unrequited love.

I more or less lost most of my friends, including all but 1 of my online friends, including the one I was in a relationship with, they either grew apart or directly told me they didn't want to talk to me anymore, at least I have my dead end job and opiates.
Ah, the anime is actually pretty bad compared to the manga. If you liked the anime, I really suggest it. It's super great. It gets really wild eventually, and papa!oga is just... unbearably cute.
File: 50832035_p0.jpg (261 KB, 640x920)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Johan is my everything and YGX has been the only thing making me feel true joy this week. I never want to let this feeling go.

Had to quit my job because my supervisor was messing me up mentally (I'd end up crying every morning and every night because of the stress and low self worth). Filled out plenty of applications, gone to a job fair, had two interviews, yet I'm still unemployed. Don't know what I'm doing wrong and I'm starting to feel like my supervisor was right all the times she told me I couldn't do anything right.
Shit, that sucks, man.

> at least I have my dead end job and opiates.
Just don't fuck up your life

How old are you anyway haha.

> Dipper
That's actually a gr8 choice

> online friends
Does /cm/ have some place where us phaggos can play games (we'd probably just cry and be dramatic and shit), Ik this ain't fucking /soc/, but what the heck, /b/ has raiding discords... why not?
File: 63323399_p1_master1200.jpg (160 KB, 848x848)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
I wouldn't mind making a /cm/ discord if people were interested.
File: 1509400874982.jpg (13 KB, 300x400)
13 KB
>>3150451 Well, let's see if other ppl want in
I'd be up for a /cm/ discord
File: 1508172672175.png (343 KB, 640x480)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Maybe make a new thread to discuss this?
> also Oberstein is so underappreciated
I fucking hate college too anon. At least I had friends in high school
what uni are you at?
I'd be up for a /cm/ discord. I fucking hate the /lgbt/ kids, they're a headache.
yus pls do
Plymouth Uni
not much of a "boy", but wll powers from the first ace attorney game. he's a big ol' bara teddybear and hw reminds me of my bf, so i'm kinda biased lol.
>honeynut feelios
i'm a full-time trap, and my boyfriend is bi and has never bothered coming out to his family bc i'm the first guy he's dated. he came out to his mother 2 days ago and she's... concerned. something something "are you having sex", something something aids. he hasn't told his dad, and i'm not very enthusiastic based on how his mom reacted. i wanna get serious w/ him so how can i meet his parents while feeling safe? what do i do? they know i'm a boy, so pretending to be a chick is too far gone
>>3150451 plsplsplspls
Let's roll


File: 36735971_p0.jpg (342 KB, 1165x900)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
<-- current fave boy, and incidentally kind of relevant to current feels.

i'm tired of being holed up at home all the time with no income of my own. i want to have my own place and not feel like a useless mooch all the time. even with the assistance i've received though, helpful as it has been, shitty economy and shitty brain structure are making it take forever. at least i have sexy anime boys to make me feel better, even if only temporary.
i try to write songs that are pretty and happy that are imaginary stories and comfortable situations. or i write songs that sound like depression and wanting love. they're just guitar songs, no words.

it's bumming me out though. i spend hours and hours a day writing things that really make me sad because they're about wanting things and not being able to have them. i like them and it's rewarding the ambition is there but ultimately it's draining and i might take a break for a few weeks or months.

i've only recently realized my orientation. and i don't know what relationships are like but i really want one.
File: 1487542181120.jpg (82 KB, 600x659)
82 KB
not best fe boy, but one of my fav pics
bi, never had a boyfriend/girlfriend (I'm still young so that doesn't really bother me). Went to an ultra-small private school for most of my life, almost no social skills. I'm smarter than most people I know, I tend to find people my age loud, irresponsible, and annoying, which makes having to be around them 6 hours a day almost unbearable. I have intense social anxiety, which just makes things worse. I can't remember ever having feelings for a real person, but I've become very attached to my anime boys. It sounds dumb but sometimes I feel like I can only love anime characters and it's pointless to keep trying to find love because they'll never be real. I'm thinking that I should just give up and kill myself.
>still young doesn't bother me
yep! shouldn't! stay happy n' optimistic
>i'm smarter than most people i know
careful there. this is probably not as true as you think
>i can't remember having feelings for a real person
you will, and you probably have, just didn't know it. being attached to anime characters is another risky thing that will consume you because they are designed to be endlessly likable which is fiction
>gonna kill myself
you've got plenty of self-discovery to do. things are more gratifying and pleasurable as life goes on. at least in the more long-term.
bakugo is no doubt a fucking hottie
File: 1511743589611.jpg (50 KB, 506x800)
50 KB
9s is sacred and must be protected
pretty nice, drawing and comfy, life is good
File: 1505075855951.png (707 KB, 800x690)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
don't have any kind of fave, I just love cute stuff like this.


Feeling absolutely hopeless when it comes to love, not because I'm gay but because I'm NOT. Does that make any sense?
Honestly I don't even know how to explain my feelings or "orientation". Basically, concepts like dating or romance are completely alien to me, regardless of gender.

Sexually, in the most raw sense, I'm very clearly attracted to women exclusively. But while I like jacking off to women, sex doesn't mean shit to me, I couldn't care less if I died a virgin.
I cannot imagine having any feelings for a girl/woman or ever wanting something like a "girlfriend", on the other hand, I crave a very close and intimate relationship with a guy but without a sexual aspect or a very limited one at the most.
I'd say I'm attracted to certain guys physically, but in a decidedly different manner than women, in a far less sexual way.
I basically want something like a brother or close friend but for life and without them being emotionally more attached to someone else.

Does anyone else feel this way?
File: Kurapika.600.1374389.jpg (45 KB, 440x600)
45 KB
Kurapika, often overlooked in HxH but best boy is best boy.

Age 20 kissless virgin, bi but still leaning heavily towards men. Only relatively recently started discovering this side of myself after going through years of depression cycles in my teens. Have some hope for the future with college but it would be nice to have someone else with me to figure all this out. Feeling a bit melancholy.
Kazuma is a special boy, and more importantly, did nothing wrong.

Having moved across the country recently my life's been in disarray. I finally have a job interview after weeks of bumbling and I'm excited about it. I need something, anything, to distract me from the anxiety of being holed up at home.
i feel exactly this way famm
who else /insomniac/ here
File: Hisoka HxH.jpg (111 KB, 612x612)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I just like the psycho characters a lot for some reason. Hisoka's my current favorite boyo

Everyone I crush on either friendzones me or they ghost me after I hint at going beyond friends. Kissless virgin whose looks are definitely below avg and manlet as fuck. I'm worried about disappointing my family if I don't get a decent job and start a family. On the bright side, I've been losing some weight so maybe I'll feel better for a bit when I hit my goal weight.
i don't have any favorites, but i've really liked Felix in a suit recently
working out and eating less, reading more books. trying to get /fitlit/
side note: what sorta physique do you guys like? so i have a frame of reference of what to go for.
File: image.jpg (78 KB, 600x800)
78 KB
i used to be able to pick favorites but i've sort of lost that kind of dedication

19 but still haven't applied for any colleges, pretty sure i'll just drop out with my current state because of how badly I adapt to school and how I barely scraped through high school. i had literally three friends in hs and absolutely zero romantic prospects and I don't think that'll change given how avoidant I am and how hard I am to be around. chronic depression is awful and I'll only recover for 1-2 months in a year and get everyone around me's hopes up that i've become normal but it always comes back to this. really just want to off myself lol.
File: 1488101389566.jpg (204 KB, 1200x1200)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
>i'm about to graduate from hs never having been in a relationship.

Bitch, I'm about to graduate college without having ever been in a relationship.

I have a crush on my straight best friend as well, he knows I'm gay and he knows that I have a crush on him and is cool with it. Even though I'm glad to be friends with him, it still hurts that he'll never love me back.
File: 1502422856199.jpg (55 KB, 768x768)
55 KB
Oh, and not only have I never been in a relationship, I've also never had sex and never even kissed anyone. And I'm way too socially anxious to ever attempt to ask someone out.

Also, I just realized that despite Robin being my husbando, I barely have any pics of him saved.
File: 1505356390282.png (520 KB, 1000x1168)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
Can you say how he got to know you're gay?
I've got a best friend i respect and like a lot, basically the best man i know and he's also really cute (i don't have a particularly strong crush on him though, just would be quite happy if we were together, still he has a gf now so it won't happen anytime soon anyway) . But the point is, i'd really like to be accepted by someone, he seems like a good person to be the first one i could be truthful with, but i really don't want our relations to deteriorate and you know what prejudice can do to a man. He seems quite cool with gays but i'm not sure what would actually happen in practice, also i don't live in a western country and homophobia is pretty prevalent here.
File: 1494345457535.jpg (70 KB, 750x1334)
70 KB
Ignis Scientia from FFXV. What a fucking man.
wojak crying with a gun to his head and a noose around his neck.jpg

I look forward to his DLC, and to crying over it. Ignis wasn't my favorite at first but all the little quirks about his personality, and his dedication to Noctis have propelled him into being not only my favorite FFXV character, but also one of my favorite characters of all time. Gladio may be all buff and tough but to me, Ignis is the height of masculinity and male grace--he carries himself as highly as his expectations are, and has the resolve of multiple jet-fuel-proof steel beams. Everything he does, he does well, and that includes his kindness. And his puns. He could be a little less snarky to Prompto, however (especially considering he's the one who gets an AI change to follow behind or beside Ignis after he loses his vision, and catches him whenever he trips). But alas, no man is perfect, though he is exceedingly close.
knucles the equidna
i really dont know, he is a bad friend and crass but he is perfect and i love him
Me and three of my friends (including the one I have a crush on) were having a conversation about waifus, and one of them asked me who my waifu was. I got super embarrassed and then said I didn't have one because I was gay.
File: ZJ4lpe8.jpg (149 KB, 937x548)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
You're so goddamn relatable, man

Iggy from FFXV is fav but I've been in a 9S mood this week.

I work my ass off to earn money to buy shit I can't use because I'm working and have no free time.
I'm failing college because as soon as I arrive home from class I have to get ready to go to work, which pays for my college so I can't quit.
Feel like a shit person because my best friend insists that we spend time together on the weekends, and I love her to bits and it's great that she wants to do stuff with me but all I can think is "if you fucked off, I would have some time alone to do stuff".
Currently bedridden at home because I overworked myself and ended up catching the flu, everything hurts but on the other hand hey it's the first time I've turned my PS4 on in months.
File: 56156129_p1_master1200.jpg (485 KB, 700x988)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
Noah for sure, he is extremely cute and very needy when it comes to cuddles and skinship, so much that he gives me heart boners.

Not too bad, just a bit sad tomorrow is monday and I will have to do everything again, at least college is done for the year and now I only have work.
Shiro from Voltron

Prepare for longass greentext because reading you guys stirred some memories

>currently 23 year old male, unsure about sexual orientation, had a shitton of body image issues are far as I can remember
>not to come across as a jerk but girls seem to be interested in me anyway, get asked out often by female friends
>despite this I've only ever dated one grill because of said body image issues, will let nobody get close enough in case it means having to bare myself completely to them and let them know
>exception to "nobody": THE BRO

Let me talk to you about this wonderful human being
>meet when 17, sits down besides me in latin
>he seems like your quiet and unapproachable asshole type so I make minimum interaction with him
>this goes on for several weeks until class goes on school trip and we're the only two in Latin left
>sees me doodling some weeb shit and strikes conversation, discover we have stuff in common and end up being friends by the end of the week
>find out he's not an asshole, just a bit too serious and mature for his age and that's why he comes across as unapproachable
>not long until we become inseparable. I help him seem more approachable and he sticks up for me.

Cont. Part 1/?
Cont part 2/?

>fast forward a year
>bro looks changed after a whole summer apart but can't pinpoint what
>full bromance with him all the way, gay jokes 24/7 but u know hashtag no homo
>feel so comfortable with him that I open up about body image issues, he's 100% supportive and reassuring
>feels so good
>female friend says she's planning to ask him out on valentine's day
>that doesn't feel so good
>but it should feel good, bro is getting a gf, I want him to be happy
>spend weeks dealing with horrible feeling, bro is there checking I'm OK 24/7 as soon as he notices there's something wrong with me
>spending all this time together with him makes it click
>he hadn't changed at all during the summer, it was my perception of him: I find him attractive. Hahaha no homo lol jk was actually yes homo all along.
>internalized homophobia says "nobody must know"
>too late: panic at the idea of having to spend the rest of our friendship seing him date this girl on a daily basis.
>blurt out a confession the next time we're alone because that's how much of a aspie I am, trying not to cry because fuck he's going to be so mad and hate me
>is a bit surprised but says he's not mad, politely turns me down because he's as straight as a plank
>new depression roller-coaster because she's still going to ask him out + now he thinks I'm a fag, g8
>stop being all touchy-feely with him because of fear that he may be disgusted now that he knows

>fast forwards to valentine's, the thing happens
>anxiety levels peak what will happen oh god
>dates her for a week and break up
>admits that he noticed just how emotionally wrecked I looked and didn't want to see me like that, and that he only said yes because he wanted to know what having a gf is like
>feel like a piece of shit because I'm actually happy it happened.

Cont in part 3
my main man dark pit
hes precious and i love him
Part 3/?

>we end up going to the same local university.
>i am emotionally starved but my fear of disgusting him still makes me keep a certain distance
>also think that I may not find him physically attractive, that it's just that I knew he wouldn't reciprocate my feelings so I felt safe crushing on him
>get dumb idea of getting an online gf because if they're far away I don't have to worry about half of the shit
>suddenly comes to visit during spring break
>hates bro so I hardly see him at all that week
>insists that we have to have sex because she doesn't know when she can come see me again so we gotta make the most out the time we have
> fuck fuck fuck no I don't want her to see my horrible body I don't want her to touch me
>do it anyway because I'm a pushover, never tell anybody about it, bro suspects but has never asked.
>I'm utterly disgusted at myself and feel unclean for it. Wished it was with somebody else. Wished it had been him. Okmaybeabitgay
>break up with her some months after because she keeps on saying mean stuff about him and I'm done dealing with it.

Cont in 4

Part 4/?

>Oh look it's another fucking timeskip, I'm 22 now.
>Drama erupts in group of friends and it dissolves. With little to no friends left, I'm more emotionally starved than I have ever been in my entire life.
>I keep on getting sick all the time, get diagnosed with autoimmune shit which flares up randomly.
>can't be asked to maintain a pristine appearance and still simultaneously think that anything less than that is shit
>anxiety and self image issues skyrocket, self-loathing drives to constant darkthoughts™
>still, bro is there, my only ray of sunshine
>he makes sure I eat properly, reminds me to take my meds, insists we go do stuff together to distract my mind
>touchy-feely stuff returns: he'll take off his jacket and throw it over my shoulders if my body temperature drops, he'll grab my hand and lead me somewhere quiet if I get overwhelmed by a crowd, gives me hugs and rubs my back if I'm feeling sad, doesn't complain or move if I fall asleep on him whilst watching stuff together.
>I don't have the energy to keep on pushing him away.
>at this point I no longer like him: I'm utterly in love with him. I've never felt more comfortable with anybody in my entire life.
>I finally confront the elephant in the room (aka my behavior towards getting close) and ask him if he's not disgusted about being close to a man who likes other men
>says that it's fine, that he also feels wrong for being this close at times because it may lead me to think that he returns my feelings.

Cont in part 5
Part 5/5

>eventually I pull my shit together and become my normal self again.
>get new group of friends, ask a lot if we were dating, he'd just laugh and say that if he wasn't straight he'd totally marry me. Now everybody assumes it's normal.
>best year I've had in a long time, my friends are lovely and I've never felt so loved and accepted.

Skip to 24 (aka right now)
>my head is all sorts of messed up again
>I am aware of how I've started to age, the idea of my body changing scares me too much
>all my friends are starting to get formal relationships and I feel I should get one too
>fuck but I can't get over him
>plus sexual tension™: I inadvertently stare at his lips when he talks. I fantasize about pinning him against walls and furiously making out with him when we're left alone. I purposely stand too close to him when we're chatting, use my height to hover over him. It makes him nervous, he stammers and adverts his eyes. I know he does it because he's uncomfortable af but it's so cute I can't stop it.

>Thinking about how I should stop this before it's too much and he leaves.
>Think about how maybe it's a good idea if he leaves: he hasn't dated since that first girl and maybe he avoids it because of me.
wow this is so sad
i hope things go ok for you in the future
find love pls
be happy
Nice blog you faggot, go to /lgbt/ for that shit, this board is for pics of cute guys not shitty real life stories.
why u heff to be mad?
How come you can't spell?
This site is 18+ you idiot. And I hate whiny faggots.
Best fanfic
File: 1506717901323.jpg (343 KB, 871x1280)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
Yoosung has my heart. I love him a lot. He's my favourite character ever in a game and when you interact with him in the game, you feel so loved. Lot of people dislike him for being childish, inmature, because he whines and is jealous of people who live better than him, those flaws make me love him even more. He loves too much and is honest with his feelings, he isn't afraid to show them, he isn't afraid nor ashamed to be who he is, he is sad but is grateful to be alive. In V's route he's depressed because he doesn't have MC to support and love him, he feels so alone and it broke my heart. He's so passionate that I would like him to hold me and never let me go. I never expected to fall for someone like him, but even as a game, I feel he is perfect for me. I really want someone to care for me and loved me like Yoosung does. I didn't know I was a romantic until this game. You remember the Christmas special? Made me cry a lot and fell in love with him even more.
So sad, my heart hurts. It makes me think about Eren and Armin while reading this. Godspeed anon.
File: IMG-20170204-WA0000.jpg (41 KB, 480x752)
41 KB
So many husbandos, but the last saved image I have in my phone is this guy

Today I feel fine, just got paid so I'll go get some Christmas presents for my friends and family (also gonna buy some husbando merch for myself)

I'm very sorry about all you people in this thread that are going through hard times. I hope things get better.
File: 1495302379.png (1 MB, 1024x768)
1 MB
I just wanna kill myself
Alex. He's perfect.
Feeling pretty good. Been married for a year and a half now. I have a lot of baggage as far as sexual deviancy goes, but she's down for all of it.
File: Nagisaa.png (301 KB, 500x537)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
Nagisa from Free!
I have a massive soft spot for blond hair boys.

I'm going through way to many things to explain but I shall just Summarize it. Currently about to go into junior year of high school, feeling worse than I have ever before. Last year, I was one of the most promising rugby players my age in the city where I live. Also a top academic student too with a healthy social life. But, I was hit extremely hard by Depression and Anxiety, which made me miss over half of the school year and become a nobody in rugby and in my social life. I feel hopeless desu but at least I still have my unhealthy obsession with anime boys right?
If you are extremely tired all the time but, going to sleep feels wrong then you probably have depression. It's something I've got so I know what you are talking abt
this is super mean
people here just tryna vent, man
you don't have to attack them :(
File: 867678678574.jpg (581 KB, 750x673)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
gold will always be my husbando

I woke up feeling really sentimental, so I browsed /cm/ a bit on my phone until I fell back asleep. I'm sitting here wishing I had a stealth boyfriend back in school. all those stolen kisses I could of had. feels bad man.
File: 1510820091907.gif (1018 KB, 500x700)
1018 KB
1018 KB GIF
Shinji-kun, because he's adorable inept at life.


> favs & feels

you can also skip the text, dimwit
> shitty real life stories
> implying there is any truth to anons account of events that have no timestamp or tits

You must've realized you were gay yesterday, after finding a whole new sibling up your ass and decided commemorate today by not lurking.

But you don't have to be an oversensitive cunt either. Get over meanness in 4chan. I mean wtf
not the same anon, but I've been there too, pretty much verbose, actually.

I drank some to ease off my autism and straight out told him I liked him. Let's just say it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but I remained a perma-virgin.
>oversensitive cunt
>get over meanness
why do i get the feeling you've been on 4chan less than a year lol
this is a chill board. and a chill thread. no need to drag in toxic shit
i hate it when newfags get bullied on /b/ or /r9k/ or some shit and they think being an asshole is just a usge, appropriate thing everyfuckingwhere else, and they vent all their pent-up anger on boards like /cm/. like seriously you don't have to be mean. if angsty queer anons want to have their field day, givem that much at least
File: use_your_head.gif (557 KB, 498x378)
557 KB
557 KB GIF

>>3155990 was being a low-key dunce and >>3156060 reacted like a kid, which would just attract more trolls.
This still is a chill board, and every angsty anon can run around with their feels flopping to the wind unhindered, notice >>3156071 didn't call anyone out on the basis of their stories or how they were feeling.
Seriously, you ARE too sensitive.
alright sorry. rough week :-/
just wish people would be more nice.
Oh hey, I also just got into MHA pretty heavy. I'm torn between wanting Shigaraki to be happy and discover moisturizer and b u r n m e d a d d y.

As for feels, I'm about to turn 26 and have accomplished nothing with my life. All I even want to do is be a NEET but bills. On the plus side, the anxiety that ruined my life has mostly subsided and now I care very little about anything at all. Yay.
File: pika.jpg (219 KB, 720x1280)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
>kurapika best boy
agreed. indisputably the best kyarakuta in entire series and possibly even of all time. His absence from yorkshin's succeeding arcs dragged hxh rating down from a 10 to a 6 at best.
4chaan sure is edgy!
Your on the wrong site if you want people to always be 'nice'. Even on /cm/
I miss the old days when even here emoticons and dumb shit wasn't tolerated.
File: angery.jpg (135 KB, 1277x797)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
yeah but that's what i'm talking about.
so what, the "good ol' days" is a place where you can assblast random fucks just to blow your load? i get the whole unfettered speech, say whatever-the-fuck-you-want attitude. but i've seen people on /lit/, /cm/, /lgbt/ etc act with overwhelming support and kindness relative to what you would expect on an anonymous imageboard. but nah, let's berate the ever-living christ out of each other, because it's edgy, and i want to feel niche, and segregated from normal people that make my life a holocaust around the fucking clock. great. ah the "old days". we wouldn't put up with the "dumb shit"!
i dunno man. people probably just grew up.
File: Deku.gif (918 KB, 500x393)
918 KB
918 KB GIF
Deku is too cute even though lots of people hate him.
I'm stressed out about my finals coming up soon (usual college stress and all). A lot has been happening back at home though, and that's been weighing me down as well. I just want this year to be over already.
You just told your three friends you're gay?
thx for the (you). I also had a rough week, so I feel you.

> mfw my cuntish grandma decides to, for the whole weekend, make everyone around her feel like shit.

Well the beauty of such an imageboard really is that you can say whatever the fuck you want. You say you don't like RL stories or whatever, I say stuff like this belongs in here.
I like it when people share these things, because in some cases it's very similar to the things that I'm going through.

This board right here is literally the only place on the internet I found so far, that seems to have at least some people who have similar desires to mine.
Like, I could call myself gay, but then I almost don't have any sexual desire at all etc.
I cannot relate to the people on /lgbt/ or similar places at all.
File: 1507126541840.jpg (407 KB, 1448x1612)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Jin has always been a favorite for me. His armpits are always on display which is great because you can see the beads of sweat run down the side of his torso. Plus he is pretty effervescent and smiles constantly so I'm sure we'd get along laughing together. I'd love to wrestle with him.
I'm content in life right now. I've lost some things the last few years (family members, property, stuff like that) but those losses weren't too unexpected and I don't feel more pessimistic despite all that. I have a good job post school and love the people I work with and where I live. Talk with friends and family quite often, and haven't felt lonely enough to actually seek out someone in a more serious manner. It doesn't help that I don't know if I could ever fully settle down with a guy, or even a girl for that matter yet. I don't feel the need to "come out". I don't see the need for labels (even politically like dem/rep), especially after things got shook up for me recently. I'm just happy to have what I have.
Genji just hits all my character traits that I swoon over. It's bad.
When it comes to my love life or lack of there is I really don't care. Nor do I care to have a relationship or family in the future. Constantly told how weird I am for it or how I'll change my mind. Not that I shun the idea of a relationship I just don't care to actively seek one out. If something comes my way, it comes my way.

But what has really been bothering me is feeling my life coming to a stand still. My job is dead end. I've been trying to push my ranks but it feels like they just want to keep me down. As much as I want to leave this place, no other place will be willing to give me the pay I make now or the hours. I can't afford to go back to school if I wanted to try and get into an actual career. I'm also way to anxious to deal with debt that high. I stress out now over a few grand in bills and in reality it's not really anything.

On that my stress and anxiety always are rooted in money and it depresses me. Always thinking "If I had money I could do this this and this." People say money won't make you happy but I'm not looking to be rich. I just want to be comfortable and now days that's impossible to do.

>>>/lgbt/ is cancer, so no wonders you can't relate.
This board is comfy with its depressingly cute boyos and feels of angsty gushing anons.

> you can say whatever the fuck you want
This chap. Don't know if he counts as a boyo as much as a man-child, but I'm obsessed enough to assume he counts. I think it's evident that I have a weakness for stroppy people in big hats, so I'm very much looking forward to Dynasty Warriors 9 next year.

Fairly 'eh' all in all; I quit my job recently after being laid off, then brought back as a dogsbody/volunteer and getting treated like dirt. My family's full of arguments, as usual, and with Christmas coming up I know it'll get worse before it gets better. In short, I'm an 18 year old autistic handhold-free hermit who would like some grumpy snuggles before much longer. Or maybe just some friends or something, either sounds good.
One of them already knew, but I had been meaning to come out to the other two for a while and was looking for an excuse.
>Best Boy
Dylas is just the best.
I hadn't played RF4 for more than a year, and playing it two hours a few days ago reminded me why i love him so much. Just remember him make me feel comfy.

Two days from finally getting out of partial, im in test week, and have to do some proyects in parallel.
But im finally getting over my anxietes. Im still in the proces but im happy that i have advanced.
Still haven't find that "someone" but im now ok whit it.

Im just happy.
op checking in here w/ some stuff + image

so this guy that i like. i want to freaking go for it but i have no idea how and i have little confidence. like he's so nice and we talk a little bit. i want to hang out with him a little first, and get to know him, but every time i get the chance to talk a bit he's all smile and our conversations are smooth enough, but there's a twinge of cordial politeness. not real friends.

but once
>he touches his foot on my foot during a lecture.
>i immediately am fucking red
>foot comes off after like 1 second
>this happens once or twice more
>could very likely be accidental but brain is flipping is shit inside out
>compliments my clothes and stuff all the time

like he's probably straight. tell me what to do guys.
isn't there supposed to be some queer-code that tells people you're interested or a social cue or remark or something
Don't feel so down man. Everyone faces difficult times, I'm sure you will find work soon.
File: 1477914965383.jpg (14 KB, 177x278)
14 KB
>what sorta physique do you guys like

I love a nice, tight, flat tummy
File: ifuckingwish.jpg (831 KB, 1000x1186)
831 KB
831 KB JPG
I would get to know him better so you can make an easier decision. Start to push the relationship more towards being friends, if he thinks that you are genuinely interested in hanging out with him then that will be easy. It seems like he would like to get to know you better because of the constant complements imo.
File: 1505234352791.png (242 KB, 703x476)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
absolute favorurite boy is breath of the wild link
Im feeling good cause Im drunk
I am also excited because tomorrow I will practice with my band
>big back muscle
>thic broad shoulders
matched with
>slim chistled tummy
>toned ass
hot af
File: 1506467997003.jpg (41 KB, 500x611)
41 KB

what he said:
After that, if the two of you don't fag together quickly, come out to him - if you don't live in some Sharia controlled place. It's way more healthy than trying to guess and parse mixed signals. Trust me, being rejected and giving up is better than it never happening and you keep trying.

> queer-code

Well, you can always act like
> that

But that puts Me off someone like a black-plague-bonner-killer.
Like, if they act like the stereotypical gay-guy. I mean, some people _like_ this, It's just not for everyone (well, at least not for me),
File: hachiman.jpg (32 KB, 225x350)
32 KB
hachiman, my beautiful wife
can't wait to go home for the semester. no cute bf to bring home to the family this year but I'm fine with that
File: image (1).jpg (28 KB, 292x480)
28 KB
Well that all sucks, good choice in boy though...

My current feels? I'm okay, pretty much just living for myself now. My job kinda sucks, but I'll be getting a new one after the holidays so that's exciting.
Yuuki Hase from Isshuukan Friends; although I don't love him sexually, he's really cute and relatable in being a spineless human being.
Apathetic and probably full of crap. I'm obsessed by aging without doing anything at all in my life while my friends are improving themselves. I'm also confused by my own sexuality and seeing beautiful couples (hetero or not) makes me sad. My grades are not good too and I'd like to work to get some money but I got rejected a lot of times.
I'm currently worried about a guy I met. I really admire his qualities, so I would like to be friend with him, but it seems like every step I take towards him seems useless and he seems not really interested in a friendship with me. I put a lot of expectations in him being friends with me but reality punched me hard. I'm still trying, but maybe I should give up and accept the situation as it is. However, this situation happened for the second time in a row and I'm really thinking if there is any problem with me.
I would like to move on and restart, but I don't have currently any willpower to get better in my life (grades and money first but I don't mind being more fit and improving some skills). What should I do?
File: 1507843951944.jpg (31 KB, 480x480)
31 KB
>Apathetic and probably full of crap
>I'm obsessed by aging without doing anything at all in my life while my friends are improving themselves
>I'm also confused by my own sexuality and seeing beautiful couples (hetero or not) makes me sad
>but I don't have currently any willpower to get better in my life

I know exactly how you feel, anon.
Get ready for a good one anons. I'm 18 and still living with my parents although I should be heading to college within the next year or so. Parents don't know I'm gay in fact I'm afraid what would happen if they found out. my family is....very christian to say the least. It doesn't help that my Dad already tries to constantly tear me down that and he sure does love kicking the shit out of me. I've had two boyfriends in the past year the first one was my first relationship and I found out after a week of dating him that I never really had feelings for him and I broke it off. Second one lasted all throughout the summer until he just stopped paying any attention to me and tried his best to avoid me so he could go and hit on some other guy. Its been a really tough year all I'm trying to do at this point is get out of the house which I will be doing...if I get to live on campus.
File: 1472658331222.jpg (62 KB, 1280x720)
62 KB
Alois from Kuroshitsuji. I have a thing for blonds and this spoiled kid totally captured my heart. Maybe it's for this "I want to save him" mentality but I really felt attracted to him and I do tend to like characters who are arrogant and annoying, they look more real to me. He's a tragic character and had a horrible life he did not deserved at all.

I am trying.
this one was especially tough to hear about. good luck! i hope you find contentment and we love you!
yeah. i'm starting to think we're just not compatible. there's some small jokes and chatting during free time, but it all feels so dumb and superficial. there've been a fair few awkward lulls in conversation. and now if i think about asking to hang out that would be especially weird, like we're definetally not good enough friends. but grr---i freaking need more friends. too lonely rn. even if it's not
>muh ideal adorable bf
just some reliable company desu. i don't have that anymore
File: IMG_20171209_085336.jpg (108 KB, 900x685)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
File: 1508424701111.jpg (69 KB, 678x561)
69 KB
I love me some Ferris

There's a guy who likes me. I like him too. But I'm afraid that the more he gets to know me, the less he'll end up liking me. He's just so much smarter, ambitious, more interesting than me; he's really just such a better person than me in every way. Maybe I just admire him more than I like him.

I feel so inadequate...
File: stolfo.jpg (706 KB, 850x1201)
706 KB
706 KB JPG
Tough choice between Tarble and Stolfo.
I Know the Neet feels.
I graduated in 2013, and Here it's 2017 Still have never had a job (minus one but only for one month because they over hired and let go the people they did hire).
Go for it man. If he likes you he will definitely be willing to overlook a few problems!
i don't know how i'm ever going to stop being in love with this one. he's perfect....

i've had my heart broken too many times this year. i'm tired of being stabbed in the back by people who swear i can trust them. i'm tired of people holding my mental illnesses against me when i come to them for support. i just want to disappear.
File: boy.png (224 KB, 540x272)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Kirishima's smile just makes me so happy. I don't even know what makes me love him so much more than any other anime boy but I can't get enough
Isolated and alone. I can't even bring myself to face my cute roommates anymore. I turn an an embarrassing giggly idiot whenever I say more than two sentences to them. I've been living out of my closet to add an extra layer of separation from the living room so I don't have to hear them talking about girls or bringing them over. It's comfy in here but it can't be healthy
File: OrenchiNoFuroJijou.jpg (106 KB, 1282x721)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Mermen a best.

Nobody to talk to, nothing to do, no jobs, no chance to find love. Just want some company but might as well not exist.
File: 61363560_p0.png (684 KB, 975x711)
684 KB
684 KB PNG
Lofty: Wanderer from the MMORPG Elsword. I have a lot of fav boys to be honest but he's the one that fits my current mood the best.

I'm not even old enough to drink in most countries but I'm here at 4chan regardless. I'm very anxious about death and shit but it might not be clinical anxiety. I guess that might be from hyperthyroidism if I actually have it despite my age. I'm going for blood test next week. I just want to not be anxious. My heart keeps pounding really fast. I need to sleep. Thanks for letting me vent even though I haven't learnt about the suffering of the adult world yet.
File: Yuriioooo.png (274 KB, 576x700)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
Boyo- Yuri Plisetsky isn't my ultimate husbando but he's been my favourite as of recent. Like everything he does is so cute and (maybe since I'm a tsundere con) I just can't get enough of him

Feels- I am still grieving my grandmother who passed in October and Christmas is gonna be tough without her. It feels like i have nobody to talk to and getting out of bed seems like a battle against myself and my lack of will. I've done some stupid shit but I am trying to pull myself together and push throuh my last week of school.
I think /cm/s discord is still alive, idk
Moved out of state about a month ago, used a dating app to just look at who is nearby, since I'm not very good at talking to people. Just met a guy actually, we've gone on two dates now. He's actually much cuter in real life, likes video games, anime, and other nerdy things. I'm a bit self-conscious because I'm short, and a bit of a bear. I don't want to come on too strong, which would be hard for me to tell since I really don't have anyone else out here. Just going to pay play things slow since the holidays and all, but I do hope he gives me a chance. he's actually pretty smart, pretty cute, and interesting to have conversations with. Why did it take me moving away from all of my friends and family to meet someone like this? On top of that, I'm living off savings and credit cards until I find work. I don't want to have to go home, i just got here and I love the area.

Plus i kissed him on our second date.

extreme jealousy
pls be good and kind to the boy! tell us how it goes in the future so we can displace our loneliness vicariously through ur grindr pal

going to put this out there again i guess:
besides full-throttle twinkmode, how do i catch the attention of someone who may or may not be interested in dudes
how do i put myself "out there" subtly
I feel you bro. I have some real cute friends and it physically hurts every time they talk about girls lol.
File: 1099.jpg (42 KB, 334x334)
42 KB
Negi Springfield has been my favorite since I first read the series Mahou Sensei Negima. Oddly enough, I've made him into an internet persona. So I am both my favorite and a persona on the internet. I don't know if that counts. It's partially a joke because of how short/thin I am. I get mistaken for being real young. Also I'm kind of a nerd and like to help people learn things. Being an occultist helps too.

Not a lot of feels, other than the awkwardness of going outside and seeing people who tower over me. Men mostly, but some women. I feel tiny 95% of the time. It's weird.
Boy- sasuke uchiha
he such a gud boi. letting sakura have him finally and giving her a kid. he's my fav because he's so cute and hot...and he has a nice voice and a cool personality

Feels- the ratface doesnt feel much, but i'm really hyped about what the future brings for my art career.
good luck anon!
Hehe, i'm the exact opposite, i'm taller then most people in my lil city, despite being female :3

whoops. whats with this tripcode? ^^;
wait so do you wanna top your friend? because that last bit caught me a little off guard.
I feel bad for tall girls, even though I kind of find them hot.

I guess it's because I like /ss/ to some extent.
my sleeping is destroyed, i'm 21 and wish i did better in school but dealing with people was an issue for me. now i wake up feeling like i am still asleep, in a daze all day with a slight burst of panic/anxiety every now and then, especially at night. i just wait for the world to go by, every day feels the same repeating itself, i feel mediocre and a disappointment to my family and cannot tell what i am supposed to feel like. i just feel i am not going anywhere, i hope to get on my feet eventually and start to feel less isolated and appreciate life more instead of being stuck in a miserable numb bubble.
File: 42812888_p0.jpg (199 KB, 820x780)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Think of something that gives you passion and pursue that. I bet you have SOMETHING. It doesn't matter how small it is, there is a way to make it into your life work.
File: link.jpg (81 KB, 1023x1073)
81 KB
>he said he loved me
>he was my first everything
>he let me fall madly in love and devoted to him
>he fed me dreams of marriage, of living together forever
>buy him gifts, extremely intimate, head over heels for this man
>a dream come true, watch whole seasons of anime together, play vidya, sleep together and spend huge amounts of time together
>he said I was perfect and I said he was perfect
>suddenly over night is cold and distant, completely different person
>find out a girl had been speaking with him
>abandons me for her in a matter of days
>the girl and I are friends, letting me know what they've been doing, it's the exact same thing he used to do with me
>I ask him if he still loves me anymore
>he says he thinks he never did
>but what about everything we did and everything you said, did you lie to me?
>he wanted me to feel love, it was all just fantasies and not real according to him
>a whole year of my life, days before Christmas, gone
>now completely alone and feeling the worst I've felt in my whole life
I can't believe he would tell me he never loved me, what would motivate him to do something like this to me. I'm devastated
That's awful anon. No one should be treated that way, especially by the one they love.

Just know that it's not your fault.
Wow. I hope you find someone who treat you how you deserve. *hug*

But at least you got out of it, trust me, it's way worse when you get stuck with someone like him, deluding yourself. What an asshole.
this is SO sad i hope you're feeling better soon anon. we love you LOTS. sending all the hugs in the world
bakugo is H O T stuff
but he's utter shit
todoroki is love
File: titanlooks.jpg (93 KB, 569x960)
93 KB
should've taken advantage of what you had desu baka
i wouldn't really know because i haven't had anything close to that (yet!!) but i'd have probably just tried to make it like the mangas, where you just naturally start doing lovers stuff together (the way you describe it it sounds like you were close to that)
maybe he IS gay but doesn't accept himself?
git gud
File: 56796542_p0.png (649 KB, 1020x1301)
649 KB
649 KB PNG
Just lonely and depressed coming here for the cute bois
File: CmcuRJCVMAE283v.jpg (103 KB, 1200x900)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I'm in love with pic related dork. When I first enter to APH world I thought it was gonna be another anime / manga series that I'm gonna forgot easily, but I was totally wrong. 3 years passed since then and today is practically one of the only fiction works that I care.
America was my sunshine since the very begining. What I can say? I love everything about him. I don't wan't to dwell on this point bc it would be endless, but also I'm still fascinanted about the versality of every APH character; maybe for that i'd never get tired of those international cuties.

Right now I only want to die lmao. I keep falling in the same shitty problems and the recovery it's harder and harder. I'm so tired.
That's the reason why I'm here searching for confort on my eternal lovers: cute anime boys.
merry xmas.
>Bakugo will never bully and brutally fuck you
File: 1451007333248.jpg (62 KB, 200x200)
62 KB
Donovan. He did nothing wrong and was taken from us too soon.

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