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I wonder, why it seems so strange to certain folks when some other individuals begin to express their honest opinion (without any Disney/Marvel Studios shilling) on the irrelevancy of Spider-Man...

For example, I made a pretty legit video (with neat graphics, unusual approach, some minor tech difficulties, yes, but that's not the point - the point is: I made it as a love letter to Spidey) recently


, where I tried my utmost best to explain what's been bothering me about the way they treated Spidey for years... and yet, some of the communities that I've had a displeasure of encountering, started to take measures against me for no good reason at all (just because I am not praising OnSlott, Marvel's Disney's XD TRADEMARKED Spidey animated series, mediocre Homecoming or raving about what a 'powerful' actor Tom Holland is, wtf?!)
I tried to elaborate more about the whole 'let's block his opinion because he has an unusual POV' thing in regards to Spider-Man's history here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ILCTco-9vo&lc=z22ritpjbyjzurrvvacdp43421qq1pvkhgqxzuwm0kdw03c010c , long comment on Youtube.
I can't watch your video since it's hard to hear wnat you're saying but how is he irrelevant?
My normie friends all went to see Homecoming, normalfags in general still like the character. Kids love Spidey. I see more kids with Spider backpacks than bats and supes.

We can all agree that the modern comics are just bad/mediocre and his character and personality got severely downgraded and while in universe he keeps getting shat on by other heroes for some reason, he kinda is relevant just by the sheer amount of ripoff/legacy heroes based on him.

He's still an icon. I just wish Marvel treated him better. You can still make him suffer but give him the respect of the hero community back. He's defeated most of them in battle at least once. It makes no sense to see Antman and the new Ironman Lady shitting on him on that new Zdarsky comic
Try to plug your earphones in, I think it's all because the file weighted approx about 6 gb when I had to export it, which is why certain things might have suffered in the process.

Yeah, you are quite right about certain things (or like having another Avengers member to support Holland in SMH2, so he cannot carry his own flick on his own shoulders anymore?!!) but that's just branding and constant reminders of the fact that the brand exists (Spider-Gwen, Kid-Arachnid, 2099, Agent Venom, Noir and other horrendous tactics to pander to certain segments of the worldwide audience), and yet this is not that type of a brand that lends itself to evolution and progression (how JMS's plans have failed because of Quesada's tinkering and etc).

You should give my vid a shot, though, I do want to interact with other comic book folks and Spidey fans despite not having enough cash to get new soft, green screen tech and proper audio equipment (again, the sound glitch was prob. caused by the process of a larger file transfer).

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