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Where did 3 go wrong? Or is it not that horrible yet? Or am I over exaggerating?
nice rick and morty thread, the kneejerk triggered anons will be depositing (You)s shortly
cartoon eqivalent of Heroes. Season 1 was it's best and it can't be topped
I can agree with that except the fact that characters weren't fleshed out yet. That's a given tho because it just started at that point. Also a little nit pick of mine is how often rick used to say morty
>characters weren't fleshed out
This has never mattered.
Because it betrayed itself
Here is the reality.
>They had no fucking idea where to go with the story.
>Hire female writers and claim "diversity."
>Show is shit because it has no focus, they shit the bed to early.
>Fans hate it.

Its the same thing as Kapranick or whatever take a knee assholes name was.

>IS shit player.
>Gonna get sacked.
>Create fake controversy around muh race.
>Gets sacked.
same thing, its why you hire female devs, its why radio stations hire females, to protect them from certain shit.

Ever notice how if you call out Game of Thrones on its hack writing it always goes back to YOU MUST BE SEXIST STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS! Ya, thats why.
>>Show is shit
It isn't.
>>Fans hate it.
Most doesn't.
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>Show is shit..
Here is every episode.
>Wild wacky adventure that somehow has pop culture references, remember Road Warrior?
>Side story is normally about the kids dealing with their problems, or their parents dealing with theirs, its normally revolving around "a divorce, possible divorce, relationship issue."
>Keep everything about Rick mysterious so people will keep watching, divulge no information about him.

2 seasons passed, and season 2 ended with the perfect set up to really learn about Rick and his past or get glimpses, set up a huge arc, and something amazing. Instead what we get is a 5 minute jail break filled with "Mom dads getting a divorce."

Its not a bad show, but its not a great show, its just following a formula that was popular in the mid 2000's of "a show about mystery but no payoff" worked fine for Venture Brothers, but they paid off the mystery with plot.

Now its just talking about its feelings and diving deeper into how shitty both Rick and Beth are and heres a preview of next season or the rest of this season, its Bojack fucking Horsemen of "FEEL BAD FOR ME"
It's a known fact that every poster claiming to hate Rick and Morty is actually Justin Roiland shitposting because he is drunk and bored.
m-mmaybe season 4 will improve?

kill this fucking show. Is Dan the sole reason this show went to shit so fast?
So far, Season 3 has been mediocre, but still watchable, at least to me. People on here, naturally, act like the new episodes are zombie-simpsons-tier bad.
The first episode wasn't that bad, it's just that it mostly focused on digging Rick out of the mess he made for himself. Two bad episodes in a row sucks, sure, but it's not like the show hasn't had bad episodes before. If the next episode is another stinker, though, I'll start to worry for the show's well-being, but as of now, it seems to just be a rough start.
It wont improve, the reason the show exists is because of Cartoon Networks current policy of loud fast wild and random, its just that Rick and Morty also deals with adult topics to make you feel like this is a show aimed at a mature audience.

Every episode has a "lets make this a meme" moment, Wubaluba dub dub, im pickle rick, and so forth.
>Every episode has a "lets make this a meme" moment
That's a good observation. Show's a shell of itself now. A hollow cash grab that has given up on being unique.
This show was never aimed at a mature audience.
People like you are watching Rick and Morty for the wrong reasons.
How are people so blind to this?
>Now its just talking about its feelings and diving deeper into how shitty both Rick and Beth are
It feels like the whole therapy thing was meant to serve as a way to get Beth and Rick to both open up and stop being quite as awful and unlikable; they're still going to be ego-driven maniacs, but hopefully with this out of the way they'll be more fun and stop relying on "LE NIHILISTIC ALCOHOLIC".

That being said, if they spend another fucking episode just going on about nihilism or Rick's feelings any time soon I'm gonna be pretty fucking done with this show.
Mate, a show dealing with and taking seriously nihilism and suicide is pretty adult.
>It feels like the whole therapy thing was meant to serve as a way to get Beth and Rick to both open up and stop being quite as awful and unlikable

Nah that entire plot was for the psudoscience tripe by the physiologist. That was the only reason for it. To try and be "smart"
>Every episode has a "lets make this a meme" moment, Wubaluba dub dub, im pickle rick, and so forth.
You mean those two examples and "Schwifty" and no other time at all?
I hate the lolsorandum humor, but people act like the entire show is literally just shit like those three things and nothing else.
>Where did season three go wrong
Out first three episodes of season 1 (Pilot, Lawnmower Dog, Anatomy Park) there was only half a decent episode (the dog plot of the Lawnmower Dog). The only arguably bad episode of season 3 would be the second one. I don't get what are you all bitching about.
>Nah that entire plot was for the psudoscience tripe by the physiologist. That was the only reason for it. To try and be "smart"
I dunno if you've noticed this, but literally the entire show is based on pseudoscience and trying to be smart. I don't understand why people are so surprised by the therapy scene. It had a purpose, which was for Beth and Rick to loosen up, which they did at the end of the episode. It's not like it was taken super seriously either, talking about eating poop and Morty peeing his desk and all. You act like the show has never had any moment where one character talks to another character seriously.
The problem I have with the therapy scene is that it was dull. It offered us really nothing we didn't already know about Rick or Beth and wasn't presented in an interesting way. It was a bad way to end an already dull and unfunny episode.
Kaepernick is a good enough player to at least be a backup qb, he'd have a job if he didn't protest.
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>>94621777 (OP)
Pickle Rick and The Rickshank Rickdemption are universally loved episodes. go look outside of 4chan, both episodes got an overwhelmingly positive critical acclaim.

Rickmancing The Stone was below average for the show but it wasn't the worst episode rick and morty ever had
I can agree with this, but it was at least nice to see Rick actually listen to somebody besides himself and not try and end it with making himself the bigger man or belittle them.
I'm not saying the episode was good, I'm just saying people are massively over-exaggerating how bad it was.
My entire friend group acknowledged that these episodes are weak.
Normies can love whatever the fuck they want doesn't mean that I have to change my opinion to fit in.
I'll play, the show was never good. It was overhyped due to public interest and built up to be something godly when it is only decent.

I stopped caring about the show in season 2 as the "get swifty" episode made me realize that the humor wasn't for me.

For me, R&M is best described with Meatwad's quote of; "I get it, it ain't making me laugh but I get it."
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I respect your opinion anon, but just because you and your friends share the same opinion doesn't mean its what most fans of the show think.

Also, trying to classify people who loved those episodes as "normies" is dumb - it's the equivalent of calling people who hate the episodes "contrarians", which is just as dumb
So, if I jerked off on mutilated corpses, would my opinion on the season 3 be more valid than yours?
It was nice to see Rick not doing his usual shtick and developing a little bit, but I think the disparity in quality is fairly noticeable between this season and last. It's not the worst thing ever but it's not the golden show it started out as.
> the golden show it started out as
>anatomy park
You're not my friend so no.
On FCBD I saw a ten year old grab the free issue of Rick and Morty and start quoting the show. The show has increased massively in popularity to the point that it's no longer obscure or niche. So yeah I can classify the people sharing Pickle Rick memes on FB and calling it the best episode EVAR as normies.
You're bait was weak before too.
If you're gonna try to say that those are worse episodes than Pickle Rick kys.
Pickle Rick was about the same as Anatomy Park. And about suicide: if you want to change the world, start with yourself, and then i'll think about following your advices.
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