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What are the quintessential DC comics/ runs I should add to my list of stuff to read?

Finally getting into comics properly after being a superhero fan for most of my life (used to just watch films and cartoons).
Bendis Superman
I’ll give anything a try if you guys thinks it’s worth a shot. This is the list so far and I’ve been getting through it slowly.
Looks cool, I’ll check it out. Thanks!
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Batman Year One
All Star Superman
Johns' Green Lantern
Morrison's Batman
Gotham Central
Dark Knight Returns
Hellblazer (Vertigo)
Swampthing (Moore)
Killing Joke
Suicide Squad (Ostrander)
Deathstroke (Priest)
Green Arrow (Lemire)
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The meme comics you'll find everywhere are:
-Dark Knight Returns
- V For Vendetta
- Batman: The Long Halloween (and Haunted Knight/Dark Victory)
- the Earth One series
- Geoff Johns' long run on Green Lantern
- Crisis on Infinite Earths/Infinite Crisis
-Blackest Night
- Identity Crisis
-52 (The series, not the New 52 reboot branding from 2011)

Some of these are amazing, some are hugely overrated.

If you want to move beyond casual level to the really good shit:
- Messner-Loebs and Waid's runs on Flash and Impulse (90s)
-James Robinson's Starman
-Kurt Busiek's Superman: Secret Identity and The Power Company
- Ostrander's Suicide Squad
- Alan Moore's Swamp Thing
- Goodwin/Simonson's Manhunter
- Jack Kirby's DC stuff (Fourth World, Kamandi, OMAC, etc.)
- anything by Grant Morrison (Animal Man, Doom Patrol, JLA, Final Crisis, his 10-year Batman run, Multiversity, your mileage may vary but I love them)
- Peyer's Hourman
- Legion of Super-Heroes by Paul Levitz and/or Keith Giffen
- Justice League International by Giffen/Maguire/Dematteis
- any Superman comics from 1986-1995
- Greg Rucka Batman comics from 1999-2003 (esp. Gotham Central)
- 70s Justice Society comics starring the old-ass Earth 2 heroes

That should get you started, come on back here if you have continuity questions. (You will)
File: Batman404LG.jpg (83 KB, 387x591)
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Shit, I forgot Batman: Year One, only the best comic of all time.
Seconding Priest's Deathstroke, it is extremely good so far.
its not even out yet, nobody can read it
What’s up with the comic? Is it shitty?
i'd add new super-man, and rebirth red-hood to that list.
Great list! Thanks for making a normie list and a more exciting one. Appreciate ya
File: IMG_4373.jpg (487 KB, 1350x1044)
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Anytime m8. The writers I mentioned are pretty reliable across the board.
The Dark Knight Returns
Batman Year One
The Killing Joke
Alan Moore's Swamp Thing
Superman - For The Man Who Has Everything
Superman Adventures
Geoff Johns' Action Comics
All Star Superman
Geoff Johns' Green Lantern
Mark Waid's 1st Flash run
Grant Morrison's JLA
Grant Morrison's Animal Man
Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol
Geoff Johns' JSA
Mike Grell's Green Arrow
Keith Giffen's and J.M. DeMatteis' Justice League (usually referred to as "JLI")

John Ostrander's Suicide Squad
everything after Mark Waid's 1st Flash run until that volume ends
Dennis' O'Neil's The Question
Grant Morrison's Batman
Batman Black & White (the original, not the sequels)
Batman - The Long Halloween
Batman - Dark Victory
Superman For All Seasons
Peter Milligan's Shade the Changing Man
John Ostrander's Spectre
Yeah the O'Neil Question is pretty fn great. Forgot that one.
Thanks! Huge list. Lots to pick and choose from. Appreciate it
>everything after Mark Waid's 1st Flash run until that volume ends
nosedives after Johns leaves
that might actually be a good point to stop actually
>Finally getting into comics properly after being a superhero fan for most of my life
And yet you still only want to read DC?
File: question2.png (124 KB, 259x239)
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The only acceptable Watchmen/DCU crossover
What are the best JSA runs?
File: t2E3h_d.jpg (229 KB, 640x1693)
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Just read the volume that started around 1999 and then stop when Geoff Johns stops writing it or when you lose interest.
File: Bat epic.gif (357 KB, 1008x1836)
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All this.
Crisis on th eInfinity Earths. Only that.
Glad someone mentioned the third volume of Blue Beetle.
This is a great list.
>Kurt Busiek's Superman: Secret Identity

This gets name checked often and should probably be with your top half listings. I'd say a few other things (Swamp Thing, Morrisons' JLA and even his Doom Patrol and Animal Man; plus both of those LoSH runs AND JLI could and should easily be there as well).
Everyone here hates Bendis and he recently got contracted by DC to write Superman
No one knows anything else about it because it's not out yet
What non-meme comics would you recommend?
I’m gonna be honest, Death in the Family is classic but it’s not essential. Under the Red Hood animated film is the superior experience.
After Batman Year One Long Halloween and Dark Victory should be on your list. Batman has a lot of reading lists to choose from but those are mandatory.
For Superman you’ll want to read Superman: For All Seasons
Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol and Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing are also essential
Honestly you may just want to throw in The Man Who Laughs for a decent Joker intro. Read after Year One. A lot of Year Ones are essential for certain characters. Despite retcons and reboots origin stories have remained fairly intact (even out of continuity the stories are rehashed, referenced, and revered time after time). Robin/Batgirl Year One are still the goto origins
Can any of you give me good comics that are either not from the big two or have horror elements to them? I just read the creech and i thought it was cool, is spawn similar?
Skip red son and death in the family.
Hellblazer series any good?
File: Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_.jpg (700 KB, 1280x1968)
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Stephanie Brown's run as Batgirl - final trade is out today - really excellent stuff.
Black Magick from Image is both of those things. :)

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