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In the animated movie of Lord of the Rings, Gandalf comes back from the dead after fighting the Balrog to save the rest of the members of the fellowship.

If Gandalf can rez, why doesn't he just solo the orc army and keep rezzing every time he is overwhelmed. Seems kinda silly to let all those people die when Gandalf can rez over and over and kill the or army through attrition.
>ha ha I posted it again /co/, I'm shit poster anoooooon!
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He can't rez again and again, he was sent back by the Valar who are basically the gods of middle earth. Because Saruman abdicated his role as the white wizard, head of the wizards, someone had to fill that role and the Valar weren't going to promote Rhadagast the drug addict when their star player Gandalf is still in the game.
sage for something you could figure out if you read the book
So if Gandalf had died again, God wouldn't have let him come back? Doesn't seem very benevolent. It seems arbitraty.
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Why didn't Emma Stone get her own meme?
I always figured it had to do with who his opponent was. Gandalf was sent to Middle Earth, along with the rest of the wizards, and told to never directly oppose Sauron with their own power. The gods were playing things out in the way it had to be, and if they pushed the boundaries too much, there'd be consequences. Saruman's fate is maybe supposed to be an example of why they shouldn't try that stuff. Gandalf died fighting Durin's Bane, who is not Sauron, not the dark lord, and ultimately not a massive threat to Middle Earth. So since Gandalf died taking care of an unrelated problem, they felt justified in bringing him back with some upgrades.

But it's also a plot point in the series that Middle Earth is becoming less magical and more distant from the gods. It's why the elves have to start leaving after the big war.
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Probably not if Gandalf started carelessly abusing on their favor.
There's also the possibility that could be done only once because the position of White Wizard was vacant.
>Saruman's fate is maybe supposed to be an example of why they shouldn't try that stuff.

Yeah, also the last time that the Valar sent maia to fight on middle earth, half of the continent was wiped out of existence in fire and water. After that they realized that its better to just help the mortals deal with this stuff instead of escalating the conflict to continent-destroying levels.

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