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File: Trap Queen CYOA v3.jpg (3.8 MB, 3000x3262)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB JPG
Please don't roll, use this instead: https://www.random.org/

Previous thread: >>7360539

Programs you can use to make CYOAs of your own
Gimp: https://www.gimp.org/
SAI: https://www.systemax.jp/en/sai/
CYOA Maker: https://github.com/ogkloo/CYOA-Maker

>CYOAs and Image Resources
Page 1/2.
Page 2/2.
This thread should be deleted if no OC is posted. 90% of these threads are reposts and it has to stop.
Exhibit 1 and 2 here of repost upon repost
File: Cock Fairy CYOA v1.jpg (3.86 MB, 1500x5530)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB JPG
For this sort of content, posting OC isn't everything. There's also the case of people asking for feedback/suggestions for stuff they're making (or planning to make), and if they don't have a place to do that, they're less likely to make the thing in the first place.
In addition to the above, people generally don't post their OC unless a thread is up in the first place (at least on this board), so following your advice would effectively kill off the threads.

TL;DR: Stop whining and post relevant content, OC or not.
Does this apply to other threads on /d/?
For a second I thought the author had updated it. Now I'm sad.
File: Wish.png (268 KB, 1200x1800)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
We should really do some improvements to this one.
Personally I think we should remove monkey paw since I don't think that /d/ is a place where we actively screw over one another. And we need more options/choices. Any ideas?
File: Enslaved 1.png (2.75 MB, 1476x4341)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB PNG
The OC, and purpose, of /cyoa/ threads is rarely the cyoas themselves. It's the discussion and builds.
File: Enslaved 2.png (3.16 MB, 1476x3667)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB PNG
File: Enslaved 3.png (3.29 MB, 1476x3719)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB PNG
File: Enslaved 4.png (3.07 MB, 1476x5191)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB PNG
File: Enslaved 5.png (2.49 MB, 1476x4554)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
CYOAs are OC generators; they breed each other, and they cause people to write stories about the setting the CYOA describes. Sure, the rate of generation is a bit slower than the other forms of smutty art on /d/, but since the challenge of a CYOA is creating a system of options that is challenging, interesting and, on /d/, arousing, that is forgivable.

This chain of threads is about discussing and appreciating CYOAs as much as the cowgirl thread is about appreciating human livestock, or caption thread is about discussing and appreciating captions. The audience here is more invested in discussion than the audience in the former, and a lot less passive and needy than the audience in the latter, because what is produced here invites the audience to participate, not to just consume or make requests.

If this board required that threads have mostly OC it would be even slower than it already is, because creation takes time.
Rather than remove it, it just needs to be refitted. All of the options have you decide the bonuses and someone else decide the flaws, and the wish is no different. But since it's so broad, it should have a high point cost beside it and have a flaw assigned based on the magnitude of the wish.
So just so I get this right: You mean that you get to decide the good things like How you retain your immortality or how your power recharges but there is now a catch?
>still don't have any ideas for what CYOA to make
Hold me
How about something like.....
>Long list of fetishes
>Pick from two per row
>Pick to either be affected or affect others
>Some bonus stuff at the end like "this is totally normal" or "get money for doing things to others/they do stuff to you"
File: 1Fonzn.jpg (494 KB, 1150x2500)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
File: Breeder House CYOA.png (476 KB, 1600x1500)
476 KB
476 KB PNG
... seems okay but I would like some more options for people to pick between. Like the waifu builders posted last thread had a lot of option to pick from.
Why do you dumb faggots not call these threads CYOA threads?
We already have a /d/ game general and these are just choose your own stories pictures.
Calling this a CYOA thread aggravates the mods and attracts shitposters. It's a defensive measure.
>Why do you dumb faggots not call these threads CYOA threads?
Because there has been a precedent for such CYOA threads either getting pruned by unsympathetic mods or swamped by shitposters who post nothing but some variation of the word "roll" or "rolling" or the like, regardless of whether any of the posted CYOAs has rolling or not.
The dude making these threads refuses to call them that. Even went so far as to make a different thread a day after another was made cause the other had "CYOA" in the title.
He's very autistic.
Royal Marriage: Emperor Rin and Minister Chandra

Both get vaginas and wombs.
Athleticism and lactating breasts for myself.

I'll stay home and please my trap hubbies, no matter how pregnant they get (and I'll insist that their first children are with each other, not me, so as to more closely bind the two nations). Sure, the servants will help with the cleaning and the dirty diapers, but I'll cook and dote on my adorable traps. I'll feed them my milk (and cook with it) when I'm not nursing the children. Eery night will be a delectable and loving three-way.
If you want OC so much what if you make one and stop whining like a bitch?
Well I did say raping... whether it be an ocean raping the earth through waves or hiveminds raping minds through assimilation.
If no alternatives exist, I'll find my own way to trigger the bimbocalypse, a world of (dickgirl) sluts at every street corner.

Over the immunity/regen powers, did they change from end-all solutions or did you explain in words how Supers can drain powers and by extension immunity? It's still going to end up becoming an immortality tax so Supers can't die from weather of all things. An Alternative is just lowering defense to 80%, leaving more risk to investing in defense over offense.
Lucky day! 10 points
>Flaw: Grower
OK, 11 points.
>Large cock
>Bestail Shape (Canine knot)
>Majestic Manhood
>Protean Penis
>Dong Dominion
>Hypno Dong
>Mass Production
>Tasty Treat
>Love Juices

Well, this is going to be fun! First thing first, Protean shapeshift some more muscle mass, melt away the fat, give myself a wolf's sense of smell.

Then I'll jerk off into a few small bottles. OK, a lot of small bottles. Add some food coloring to dye it neon blue. Give boxes of the stuff to some sex shops in the area as free promotional samples of my 'cutting-edge aphrodisiac'. Universally delicious, fast-acting, 100% organic, and nutritious (and slightly addictive). Then I'll just wait for them to call me back looking for more.

Invite a certain friend of mine over to hang out. She's a lesbian and friend-zoned me hard. Total bro, amazing to hang around, I fell in love with her hard, but she just doesn't find men arousing. I love to cook, especially for guests, so I'll slip some of my new 'flavor enhancer' into her Fettuccine Alfredo. Once she's creaming her panties, I'll let her glimpse my Majestic Manhood, and Hypno Dong will help me convince her that she's bi for me, not 100% female-exclusive. Addictive will keep her coming back, and hypno-dong will help me transpose her smoking addiction (the only thing I don't like about her) into a cock-addiction. Since mine is the only one that works for her, she'll come to me every time she craves a smoke.

She's pretty firmly anti-monogamy, so with her help I'll seduce a small harem of bisexual hotties and pump them all full of babies, keeping them all happy and knocked up.
That's not what whiners do.
I was thinking of adding a body mod plague; you can define if that means bimbofication.

Most "immunities" are either going to get changed to extreme resistances, or get moved into the Ultras. Haven't locked that down yet though.
Handler/Fetish CYOA
Demon CYOA
Has anyone made a copy of this without prominent deviantart mpreg art and fisher price colors?
File: Breeder maybe better.png (501 KB, 1800x1500)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
Super lazy minute spent in paint
effort much appreciated, laziness however somewhat apparent
>removed that disgusting mpreg shit
Yay! Thanks!
np, I mean, if I feel motivated enough I might just remake it, maybe give it better formatting...But I doubt it
Well, i ran it through an ocr to extract the text, and cleaned it up a bit if you or anybody wanna redo it. It is really not my kind of fetish, but as long as that butt ugly picture is no longer in these threads i will be happy.
Stop having a shit fit because your OP was archived, multiple anons post OPs
File: beachball1.png (2.35 MB, 1200x3700)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG
File: beachball2.png (3.71 MB, 1200x5650)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB PNG
File: imouto.jpg (3.88 MB, 1134x8100)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB JPG
We need a lewder imouto
>1-3 Years
>Adopted (But both of us don't know it)
>Protective, Distant
>Tomboy, Mature, Submissive, Humble, Expressionless, Nurturing
>Sleeping, Handholding, Kissing
>Gymnasium, Local Pool, Anywhere
>To Rekindle Your Bond
>Good Smile
She'd look something like pic related, and act more like an older brother than a little sister. Also,
>Please do NOT bap the imoutos
Try and stop me.
Why not have them be in both. A high resistance with standard points and an immunity in Ultra. The only stipulation would probably need to be immunity to a certain type of damage. Immunity to; Kinetics, Thermal Change, Electricity, etc.

Redundancy won't hurt since players always have the option of not taking the redundant power.

Also, are there going to be any new Kryptonites?

What about an Aphrodisiac that gets past poison/drug immunity. With a cosmetic effect of the Nemesis in question having an oiled shine like they have in porn massages.
4-6 Years
Real Sister

Public: Onii-Chan
Private: Nii-Nii




Mall Center


To Be Important
To Be With You
To Fuck You Silly



Plump Lips
Oh shit, I didnt see the Onee option. Adding that and a 4-6 year age gap.
nobody know when it will be finished ?
creator abandoned it, this came out months ago
If the anon who was making a cyoa aimed at submissives themed on feminization and crossdressing is still lurking, please continue development.
I like to think of the friends section as a joke
Does anyone know the artist behind the character portraits?
File: 851.png (151 KB, 328x297)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
1-3 years
Family friend
Onii Chan

Personality Traits

(due to drawbacks adding another one)
Popular (-1 bonus)

Physical habits

Head patting
Sniffing (-2 bonus)
Nibbling (-3 bonus)
Stalking (-4 bonus)


The theaters

Facial aspect






Skin tone


Unladylike (one thing I never understood is the gender roles of mens and woman clothes I mean due to the lack of balls you'd think woman would be more comfortable in mens clothes then men are in mens clothes)


To be important

>>7371769 and >>7371787 given they are the only choices


Dropped (-3 bonus) Catfight (-2 bonus) Mental (-1 bonus) Yandere (0 bonus) Derelict (1 bonus) Yandere* (2 bonus) Messy (3 bonus) Onee (4 bonus)


Underwear (3 bonus)

Mundane Details

Glasses (2 bonus)

Monster girl (manticore) (1 bonus) Serial Killer (0 bonus)
I need aneki/onee-san one.
I don't understand how these are supposed to work. You make a few choices from a list and... then what? What's the payoff? Is it just tinder to start fantasies in your head, or is there something more to the "games" themselves that isn't entirely explicit?
File: 1481611802662.jpg (106 KB, 600x720)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>Is it just tinder to start fantasies in your head
This. If you enjoy writefagging it makes a good start for that too.
Y not
>Both yandere and yandere*

oh shit nigger what are you doing?
File: 54866340_p3.jpg (114 KB, 723x1023)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
I've wrestled with body-mod plagues for a long time now, and you will need to restrict the hell out of the functions this plague gives, some crazy bastards will actually choose the most neutral motivation and turn the world's citizens into sluts and outright ignore the Super aspect.

The softest means of implementation is leaving it as a cheap Tool with the scope of affecting one-quarter the population a super resides in per use, and slowly spreading across the world. It would serve as a "Motivation Booster" because nothing is worse than having no-one to fight for. I still like the idea of defined themes affecting a population, but giving a limit of two uses won't take up too much space in posts, even just applying the same theme twice. As-is, most people might just go with transformative powers and manually fine-tuning their city.

Ulterior motives, I plan to enact my justice of bullying traps with futanari amazons, of which I'm lacking in specialized art of.
As-is, I could live without the existence of even high resistance and going with an all-purpose shield. The mere fact of it's existence will eat points just to fuel it, I can risk not being immune to something from the Ultra costs, but will always spend standard points on things such as limb regeneration and avoid having to go visit a healing specialist to come back from the brink of death.

Image unrelated.
File: JIUE86N.png (3.96 MB, 1200x7000)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB PNG
File: 1444741161875.jpg (3.8 MB, 1000x5910)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB JPG
Anyone have any suggestions for a CYOA they'd like to see? I might as well make one just to see something new.
>Desirable genome
>MY desirable genome
Sorry, I couldn't really get into this. Seemed unrealistic.
Something involving latex and bdsm, ideally from a submissive perspective.

Also ideally more meant for girls.
There are lots of submissive CYOA still, how about more ways of public bullying without consequences? Not femdom specifically but adding limited TFs such as bimbofication or trapification from shaming. Or one exists already and I'm unaware of it, otherwise I have a small collection of aggressive transformative CYOAs such as Magical Deviant, but perhaps something milder would work better.
>for girls.
Yeah okay, I was about to sperg out but there is a lack of things designed for women. Most things are about sissies or have a heavy TG focus.
You could try finishing one of the seemingly abandoned concepts (can provide archive links), or make something a bit like >>>/tg/52788507, although maybe more along the lines of what >>>/tg/52788903 suggested (at least the "how you feed" bit seems different). Could also go through the various things you can do in Fleshcult (as in the body modifications you can apply to yourself and/or your servants/slaves) for more ideas on options.
god i wish this threads ever produced new content instead of spewing out the same old crap every single thread
If you're gonna complain, why not make some OC your damn self?
Because it's just another asshole looking for any excuse to whine about anything.

I would also like to see a more catered to bdsm subs CYOA... toys and predicament bondage maybe.
File: ea1ME.jpg (49 KB, 425x600)
49 KB
How about a CYOA where you're the crazed perverted dictator of a country with bits of having to deal with rebels and certain powerful countries...
More waifu CYOAs!
Yeah, I'd love to see a futa waifu creator with a level of detail like:
File: Gentle Femdom CYOA v1.jpg (3.95 MB, 1400x10000)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB JPG
Like pic related?
Exactly like that, but being able to modify cock and balls among other things.
File: 54866340_p2.jpg (112 KB, 723x1023)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Dicks customization can be presumed though, unless you want special effects tied to them.

As-is GFD is a great waifu framework for other CYOAs that offer Partner, Waifu, or Rival options without specifying them. Like Dick Fairy.

Posting these images backwards now I guess.
File: 20541243_matrix04[1].jpg (82 KB, 500x600)
82 KB
>Even the destruction of your body will be no true death. If such a thing as this could be called living.
Challenge accepted.

Starting with 15 essence:
+13 - Thrall
+10 - Ghost In The Shell
+6 - Domination
+2 - Distribution

Having abandoned my body, I can claim new vessels at 1 charge each, gaining access to thoughts and senses. From this position of safety, I can begin 'tunnelling' with Thrall and eventually be able to pull strings as I please. Domination is more of a bonus, giving me something more like a body of my own that just happens to have a second mind piloting it.

+1 - Contact
+0 - Voyeurism

Being that I share senses with my vessels, I can easily benefit from power sources that just require seeing and feeling things. Every instance of physical contact gives me enough charge to spread my mind into the contact-ee, and if my vessels get someone else naked, I get charged up for perving through their senses.

I'll have to focus on getting slutty vessels early on, who I'll work towards making even sluttier in their daily lives so I can have a constant feed of power from all the groping and ogling they do.

+2 - Slow Starter (I'm not exactly doing battle magic here, so who cares if it takes revving up)

+0 - Sex

Mostly for the unlimited max charges. One day my network of sluts will stretch worldwide, ensuring me a constant flow of power as someone, somewhere is feeling or fucking at any hour of the day.

+2 - Numb (I'm only losing charges in cases where both voyeurism and sex are happening, and I'll live with that trade)
+6 - There Can Only Be One (come the fuck at me witchbros, you can't kill all the sluts in the city)

+3 - Blair
+1 - Salem

I'm a nice collective-subconscious-sex-god-to-be, so I'll repay the favor of bringing me into this magical realm by bringing Blair along for the ride. And Salem, being a submissive, shouldn't mind too much being the first vessel for my power, while I can always use more hypno-mojo and an experienced tutor.
Blackmail? Pet play? Exhibitionism? Humiliation?
(Preferably from the dom POV, or playable from both pov.)
Finally getting around to playing this one. Not into growing fetish per say. But I love waifu creators.
>Sunny Harp
Not exactly a normal name, just something cute
let's be honest here, only way I'd realistically be able to get a gf is through imagination
>Random Girl
Not really into a million other anons lusting for my girl
>Submissive but active in bed
>Tomboy, I could geek out with her about anything
>Bookish, I want someone interesting to talk to who can help me out with more complex tasks
>shy, not horribly, she just prefers being with me or a small group
>laid back
>Middle, she can be both a responsible adult, a bant-master, and a pure cinnamon roll
Pure wife material
She thought she was a lesbian before she met me, she'd be fine with sharing me with some other girls
Sometimes we'd do it multiple times per day, but she isn't interested in a relationship of pure sex
>Goddess level of facial femininity, beyond model
>Tall, tall for a girl, about my own height
>tad bit bigger than spectacular but not as Thick as the hips and ass
>bug bites
>half dollar
>Unreal ass, /aco/ level shit, beyond overgrown
>Unreal thighs, same as above
Totally unrealistic. It would not be possible IRL so waifu is justified here
>warm smile
Gotta be comfy here
>Glowing white, not too tanned, a healthy white skin
>Dirty blonde hair, a mix of blonde and brown hair that intersects each other naturally
>Blue eyes
>Very pink
Fuckable is a bit weird cause I'm normally pretty neutral on it, but it may be fun to have another whole
>Manual, Manual by me.
Not my main fetish here, but this seems convent
I'm minorly into Transformation, fucking her mid change could be neat
Can't say I understand the question here. But hey atleast she won't grow too tall
>No special affects
Not really Too into Giantesses, but I have flirted with a few tall girls.
World domination by way of your fetish(es). Should have some good TF stuff to make you more inline with whatever you're into, then some stuff to create a group of loyalists or a harem, then the various means by which you'll conquer the world, and finally what kind of world it'll be.
>unless you want special effects tied to them.
>he doesn't want dicks that give you powers
File: 1488743723045.jpg (1.18 MB, 1772x1393)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
File: 0007_Its_Just_My_Sword.jpg (228 KB, 990x1260)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Behold! The Dick of Power! Excalicock! Forged when yer mum was young, and milf and bimbo and cunny all fawned on man, and fatties were but a dream!
File: 54866340_p1.jpg (106 KB, 723x1023)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Ehh? Dick Fairy filled the cock-powers gap as mentioned even if it needs an update for balancing and Partner description confusion. Your futa waifu would instead get those dick powers as well. Even if you give a choice of giving yourself or the futa waifu dick powers, you'll just end up with anons posting about their collection of powers and ignoring the purpose of a futa waifu make.

Unless you make something like an immortal futa goddess that causes youth/transformations through the ingestion her semen.

Such options could center around having the cock either majestic or repulsive in looks, taste, or scent. Even going as far as giving her the sex drive to force her into collecting more trapified slaves for company while worshipping her cock, possibly against your will just for that precious immortality.

Got lost in my own lewd mind again.

Oh, there was one sorta.
Which one of these is most likely to actually love me and form a lifelong relationship that includes handholding
File: 1487102794437.png (1.37 MB, 1000x1500)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
This is the most weirdly unbalanced CYOA.

Cousin and aunt are just normal relationship issues... and then twin is abusive, daughter will literally murder people, and both sisters destroy your fucking life.
b-bully type plz
>Afraid for you to even touch her
If you normally date rape victims, sure.
>can't say I understand the question.

CYOA creator here; math time:
The question basically means this:

If her growth is triggered by embarrassment, and she's currently 100 inches tall, and has a growth factor of 10% (x=.1), then if she is embarrassed for ten seconds, she will grow at a speed of 10 inches per ten seconds, which simplifies to 1 inch/second.

Under a diminishing scheme, this means that, whenever she's embarrassed, she will ALWAYS grow at a speed of 1 inch/second.

Under constant, that means that, if triggered, she will always grow by 10% of her current height for every ten seconds triggered.

Under exponential, it's a little up to the player, but basically it could mean that she grows by 10%/second MULTIPLIED by the percentage of her height that she was originally. So if she's 100 inches normally, and is currently 200 inches tall and has a growth factor of x=.1, then that means that she grows by (10%*200%), which equals 20%.

But really, it's all up to you, man. Do what YOU want. It's your fetish.
File: 1465425776945.gif (430 KB, 500x629)
430 KB
430 KB GIF
>New Body
A cute girl of your choice!
>Worldly change
There's some sort of hidden supernatural threat to the world! Demons? Aliens? Zombies? Robots? Whatever it is, good thing there are supernaturally-powered people fighting it behind the scenes. People that happen to be cute girls.
>Magical Item
Whoah! An item granting supernatural powers to fight this threat! How convenient!
1-3 years
Real sister
Public: onii-sama
Private: first name
Friendly and lustful
Genki, Lewd, Genius, Mature, Kind, Nurturing
Entire top row (I get -4 choices later)
Outdoors, The Beach, Anywhere
Height: taller
Breasts: gifted
Face: noble
Body: Normal
Skin: tanned
Fashion: traditional
Desire: to be with you
Drawbacks: Nympho, Onee, Mental, Messy, Bullying (and there will be blood) = +10 choices - 4 from what we do = +6
Panties: Pure White (+5)
Details: glasses, good smile, plump lips (+2)
Details 2: futa, monstergirl (lamia)
College Student
Child Bearing
Bob cut
Caramel (lighter)
Sexual Predator
Erratically Dom
Smugtacular, Generous, Tomboy, Romantic,vKind-Hearted, Laidback
Cuddling x3, Sweaty Sex, Impregnation (assuming that taking it once = me on her, since how else would it work?), Momdom, Milking Dry, Being on Top, Public Sex
Lifting, Video Games, Travelling, Computer, Reading
Futanari, Glasses, Inhuman x3 (snake tail, long tongue, extra arms)
Disdain a best, but needs more physical domination, too.
File: 1490041572105.jpg (59 KB, 498x542)
59 KB
>christmas cake
>towering giant
>sex hair
>Dionysian Nymph
>Fulltime dom
>Smugtacular, Charismatic, Feminine, Pervert, Mean Spirited, Cunning, Aggressive, Very Aggressive, Haha sleep is for the weak
>Toys, light Pet Play, Lewd Roleplay, Cross-Dressing, Frottage, Oral, Rape-Play, Smothering
>Reading, Sports (gymnastics), Running
>Tattoo (twin trails of stars running down the sides of her abdomen, entertwining right above the crotch), Futanari, long tongue

For the longest time, being fit, assertive, and towering over most everyone has been a wall between her and sexual partners. Coupled with her secret and libido it comes with, this resulted in years spent taking out her frustrations through athleticism and masturbation until she eventually turned to online sites.

From her profile, it was pretty clear that she was looking for a human stress-ball of the sexual kind, and I was happy to oblige. I have to say, I don't think I could ever top even if she let me. I just can't keep up, and even though I'm only slightly under average height, she's nearly head and shoulders above. Luckily, her favourite activity is not too taxing- I merely have to try and deep-throat her (no small task) until my lungs almost give out and she has to pull me of the proportionally huge amount of meat she somehow keep hidden at all time and rub my face in it, although her ungodly stamina means it usually ends in facefucking me limp. I think I had a limp for the entire first few weeks too, until she decided to train via an abundance of toys practically day in day out so I could actually walk by myself without attracting attention. Even though I now know that was only so she could parade me around crossdressing, often with a remote on hand. Good thing we live by bad-dragon, I suppose.
Are there any tools useful for making a CYOA? I'd like to try my hand at it.
File: 54866340_p0.jpg (99 KB, 723x1023)
99 KB
OP had you covered anon.

But mostly I just wanted to finish off the set so I can forget about it.

Oh, captcha didn't fuck me over for once.
Years of browsing imageboards have ruined me. The smug type a best.
Oh, guess I didn't notice. Thanks anon
I guess the fairy's feeling stingy today.
>Gender Bender
>Dong Dominion
>Tasty Treat
>Cum Together
I just want to be a cute, gentle dickgirl who can give her girlfriend mind-blowing sex.
Ara ara, hands down! I want a girl who'll call me her good boy for making her happy.
A distressingly vanilla anon does Enslaved

Mistress: A lot of them are unacceptable, so I'm going to have to blow the favour to pick one. Given that, Miz'ri is the only real choice. Max Affection and minimum Bitchiness plus low Strictness should minimise the number of horrible things that happen to me.
Low lust means less fun, but that shouldn't be a problem once other choices are made.
(Favour remaining: 0 Freedom Points: 0 Submission Points: 0)

I'm out of Favour, so skipping ahead to Predicaments now to earn some
Aphrodisiac w/ upgrade: Lots of sex is going to be happening to me one way or another, so I may as well be ready for it.
(Favour remaining: 2 Freedom Points: 0 Submission Points: 0)
Favourite Toy: Quite frankly, the more time I spend in her presence the less opportunity there is for other dark elves to do horrible things to me.
(Favour remaining: 4 Freedom Points: 0 Submission Points: 2)
Whipping: Mis'ri specifically is unlikely to whip me hard enough to do real injury, and I can deal with the publicness.
(Favour remaining: 5 Freedom Points: 0 Submission Points: 2)
Sharing is Caring: Saprina. That should help take care of the enhanced libido, and Saprina is one of the least cruel. Plus, my mistress ordering me to go get her friend pregnant is pretty hot.
(Favour remaining: 5 Freedom Points: 0 Submission Points: 2)
Liquid Production. This should help with what Saprina wants
(Favour remaining: 6 Freedom Points: 0 Submission Points: 2)
Dark Elf Maid: I can handle some teasing if it gets me out of the housework.
(Favour remaining: 7 Freedom Points: 0 Submission Points: 2)
Forced Incest (upgraded): Hot sister. I think I must have a weakness for women ordering me to fuck other women. And hey, as long as she's into it (hence upgrade).
(Favour remaining: 10 Freedom Points: 0 Submission Points: 4)

Now to spend it:
Quarters: Slave shack. It'll do I guess.
(Favour remaining: 8 Freedom Points: 2 Submission Points: 4)
Food: Slave rations. Again it'll do and will let me save points for:
(Favour remaining: 6 Freedom Points: 2 Submission Points: 6)
Clothes: Fine clothes. My mistress won't abuse me much, but I need this status to protect me from the others.
(Favour remaining: 0 Freedom Points: 2 Submission Points: 12)

Now for my fate. There's no way I'm brave enough to try and run, so I'll just try and keep her happy.
Roll... 15. Result is 25, Romantic Relationship. OK, I can deal. Maybe I can sweet talk her into some better quarters.

Still would've preferred to win that fight, but this isn't so bad.
File: 1456581438357-3.jpg (64 KB, 600x761)
64 KB
>10+ years different (11)
>real sister
>first name
>lustful + monopolized
>lewd, domineering, kind, territorial, clingy, haughty
>H E A D P A T S, kissing, teasing. sleeping
>mall center, the theatres, indoors
>shorter, regular, cute, regular, chubby, pale, fashionable
>important + fuck
>yandere, messy, mental (depression), nympho, bullying
>glasses, good smile, birthmark (small, oval, below left shoulder blade)
She wants to take after the girls in the lolidom doujins she found under my bed, but sometimes she gets down and needs her big bro to be there for her, either physically or emotionally.

Lavender: Raargh, I'm a dragon!

Penis: Flare, spines (pleasurable), pillarx3 (11 favour, +3 allure) (59 remaining)
A tool sized to fit into a human or elven breeding slut with effort, but shaped to produce sensations strong enough to drive the unprepared into unconsciousness or insanity.

Shape: Powerful. Obviously. (2 favour, 57 remaining)
Chest: Hard. Covered with scales considerably harder than iron. (2 favour, 61 remaining)
Influences: Kleptozoological w/ oversaturated. Scales, wings, talons like scimitars, eyes like flame, the whole nine yards. (2 favour, 55 remaining)
Multiplexive: Take those muscles and scales and turn them on themselves again and again until they're denser than uranium and harder than diamond. Add my front pair of legs, because dragons should have four.
Pseudovalescent: A palpable aura of divine awe. All who look upon me know my glory. (2 favour, 53 remaining)

Visage: Primal. (+1 pedigree)
Rare hunger: A bowl of mother's milk is a true pleasure. If there are no mothers around, then I will change that. (bonus 2 favour, 55 remaining)
Godly Cleanliness: Anything that defiles my glory will instantaneously self-annihilate. As it should do. (2 favour, 53 remaining)
Ejaculation: Only a cupful, enough to saturate a partner without being wasteful. The rest of my enormous productive capacility is used to reduce the refractory period to near zero - by the time I'm pulling out of one partner the next had best be preparing herself. (2 favour, 51 remaining)
Altruistic (bonus 3 favour, 54 remaining). If they haven't cum yet, that means I need to keep going until they do!
Strategy: Cultivation, rapid maturation. The old ways are best, but I will not wait forever for the fruits of my labours. (3 favour, 51 remaining)

No speciality.

True name: No, I'm not telling you. (3 favour, 48 remaining. +1 pedigree).
Title. (Current purchases 0, so free. +1 status)
Lavender grimoire: Because having children is the purpose of all this. (7 favour, 41 remaining, +2 pedigree)
Primordial Woad: See above (3 favour, 38 remaining, +1 pedigree)
Crimson Manual: I am a *fearsome* dragon (7 favour, 31 remaining, +1 pedigree +1 status)
Argent Spark / Argent Blaze: Dragons breathe fire. I breathe a lot of fire. (7 favour, 24 remaining, +1 allure +1 status)
Rite of worldstepping: One world is not enough. (4 favour, 20 remaining)
Primal array: I do not wear clothes. (3 favour, 17 remaining, +1 pedigree)
Lithar the Siren: Let her challenge me. I welcome it. (bonus 2 favour, 19 remaining)
Prime Mate: Drugs. So many drugs. (4 favour, 14 remaining, pedigree +1)
Cerebral Recurve. I have one job. I will do that job. (Bonus 1 favour, 16 remaining, allure +1 status -1)
Mating Dance x2: All who behold my glory know what they long to do next. (8 favour, 8 remaining, +2 Allure)
Nightmare Cycle: This just drives me further, to do what I should be doing anyway. (+6 favour, 14 remaining)
Questant of the Thrones: Yes, power. Power is good. (12 favour, 2 remaining. +1 pedigree +1 allure +1 status)

Conquering Crusader: This is my destiny. All shall know me and my glory. (+2 favour, 4 remaining)
Filthy Lucre: A dragon must have a hoard (4 favour, 0 remaining, +1 status)

Allure 8: I can have anyone I want me a mere glance. Finding willing mothers-to-be will never be a challenge.
Pedigree 8: And their children will be demigods. A terrifying army, loyal only to me (and Teitat).
Allure 4: Perhaps I am only semi-famous now. But that will change. Oh, it will change.
File: post.jpg (1.13 MB, 792x1188)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Pic related
File: The Satori Eye.jpg (86 KB, 586x860)
86 KB
One morning, as you gingerly sip at your choice of beverage in order to push back the nasty hangover battering at your poor skull, you try to recall the events of last night. Other than some lovely fireworks, cosplayers, and far too much sake, you're drawing a total blank. This is quite worrying, as you woke up clutching an ornate, japanese box with a tag on it that read "Heroine Kit" in fancy handwriting.

Contained inside was a note addressed to you, an adorable outfit several sizes too small for you, and a fist sized eyeball with a pair of long blue-and-purple cords coming from it.
The note read "First of all, I'm so sorry. Second of all, I can explain."- This was about when an oily pit of dread formed in your stomach. -"Oni such as myself have a proud tradition of abducting people to be our plus-ones at parties, I had NO IDEA that this was supposed to be a wake..."- This was when you started panicking. -"You and the dearly departed's next of kin hitting it off was probably the best thing you could have possibly done however. You see, we need plenty of decent people with powers to help keep magical incidents from having death tolls in the thousands, this is usually achieved via organ transplants from youkai. That grieving satori who you comforted chose you to receive her sister's donated Third Eye. Yer gonna be a youkai Ano-" That was as far as you got before the Third Eye sitting there innocently jumped up and facehuggered itself onto you... At least they gave you a change of clothes that fit your new body.

tl:dr You inherit Koishi Komeiji's immortal body and magic powers, but are expected to resolve Incidents in your local area in return.
>you are expected to do what responsibilities where entrusted upon you
>with koishi's power
Pick one. Koishi doesn't give a shit about the world because her unconscious has the reins.
The eye thing is supposed to be soul based within the context of the scenario, and Koishi's soul is long gone. You just get to trade in mind reading for manipulation of the subconscious.
i'm working on a topdown 2D RPG, inspired a little by freecities game (and its lack of updates).

it's set in a ficticious valley, sprinkled with dungeons, jungles, small hovels, villages, and cities.

some of the gameplay points I want to hit:

simple but satisfying melee/ranged combat
busy cities with crowds for stealthy movement (like assassin's creed)
complete quests to earn gold/experience
explore the world -> find porn!
use gold to buy porn
use gold to hire hookers
use experience/complete quests to seduce particular people
use experience/stealth to voyeur/assault/kidnap people
somehow source the porn from online so it's fresh every time you play
accompanying text to go with sexual encounters (again, think freecities)

go ahead and suggest more. i plan to put out the source if I get something playable done

the player stats will be pretty light. Health, a total level, and strength, dexterity, intelligence levels to modify how well you do certain things in the game

And I suppose it wouldn't be a stretch to add monster hentai image drops as a reward for defeating bosses
File: 1488112127058.png (732 KB, 1291x845)
732 KB
732 KB PNG
"Voshka" means little louse.
You're probably looking for /dgg/. Here you go: >>7365885

>Also ideally more meant for girls.
Heh. It's funny the same thing is said sometime on /tg/. Thing is the majority of readers are straight men, a minority of transsexuals, then gays, then lesbians and the smallest group is straight women.
To make cyoas for the smallest group of people is retarded. No one is going to do it except you. There's no reward.
>4-6 years (15)
No, imouto. The Wii sucked and you know it.
>Real Sister
We are so alike, it couldn't be anywhere else but our blood at work.
>Aniki, Nii-nii
No matter how cool and boyish she might want to seem, she's just a little girl at heart.
>Protective, Friendly
And that's alright with me.
>Tomboyish, Dim-Witted, Rebellious, Genki, Clingy, Childish
Even if she sometimes can be a pain in the ass. Gimme a break.
>Stalking, Hugging, Bapping
I know what I'm doing, doktor. Release the bapping inhibitors.
Like always, today is the most exciting day.
>short & cute
>Flat chest, thick butt
She's pretty sporty, so her butt is tight and firm.
>Athletic physique
It's not often you see a high schooler with visible abs.
>Tanned skin
No wonder with how much time she spends outside.
Imouto, stop. Pantsu do NOT go on your head.
>To be important
I'd say she already is, but you know how things are.
>>7371769 and >>7371787 for buddies
i'd rather keep my imouto away from the murderous rapemonsters and their penises, no offense
>Derelict, Bullying
She tries to put a tough facade acting like the delinquents with shitty hair from her chinese cartoons but being shunned is painful even for the best of us.
yes i know they're not panties imouto that doesn't mean you can shove them in my face
>bushy brows
It's in the blood
File: 1492639902519.jpg (869 KB, 1026x1368)
869 KB
869 KB JPG
>New body
About 19. Succubus. Like pic related. Futa.
>Worldly change
All women become sexy monster girls.
>Worldly change
Magic is real. But only about 5% can use it. And 0.1% can truly utilize it to it's full extent. (I would like to be in the 0.1%)
I-It might be a bit embarrassing with such a cute body, but... I'll do my best to suppress local incidents with this eye!

Though unfortunately I don't know much about Touhou, so it could be a challenge.
Thought perv hero was still on 3.0...

>>7372073 (You)
I'm not a woman tho. I'm just glad an anon doesn't think we need another sissy/TG cyoa among the many that exist already. Of all the pointless things, it's less pointless than that.

You're right however, I am not making it or messing with it.
>1-3 Years
>Family Friend
>First Name
>Protective, Friendly
>Elegant, Genius, Mature, Kind, Domineering, Nurturing
>Bathing, Handholding, Waking Up
>Mall Center, Anywhere, Indoors
>To Shape You Up
>Pure White
>Glasses, Sharp Eyes
>New Body
19, dickgirl, human
>worldy change
Instead of going to jail, criminals can instead be sent to what is essentially a nursery where they can be rehabilitated, the severity of their crime determining the age they are treated as. They're allowed out when the rereach adulthood, and good behavior raises their age while particularly naughty behavior can lower it
>She tries to put a tough facade acting like the delinquents with shitty hair from her chinese cartoons
Rejoice! It's time to unleash yet another of my CYOAs upon this world!
File: 1492493457553.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Sex Marathon + Twin Sister
can both sisters be take care at the same time or do you need to assign different days?
Different days
>Skill (Filmmaking)
>Hearth and Home (A nice beach house on Long Island)
>Picky (Girl 1 in the appearance chart)
>Terrible Humor
>Futanari (preferably with balls)
How does Snug Fit work with Twins? Do they take turns or is that an invalid option?
High Libido +2
Twin Sister +1
Clingy +2
Sex Marathon +1
Futanari +2 (horse cock)
Toy +1
Fertility +1
Snug Fit +2
Desserts (breast milk) +1
Loli +1
Seductive +1
Hide and Seek +1
Daddy Issues +1
Milking +1
Cum Addict +1
Body Swap +1
20 points
Money -5 (15)
Entertainments -3 (12)
Beauty -2 (10)
Pleasure -3 (7)
Comfort (5)
Immortality (0)
Appearance: Choosy -> Loli
Great CYOA.
>can both sisters be take care at the same time or do you need to assign different days?
>Different days
Even if you had the equipment to fuck both of them (or even more) at the same time?
Yes, they will take turns.
If you have the equipment to fuck both, them you can fuck them the same day, since its logical.


Female +5
Comfortable Room +10 - maybe with access to one of those tubes in the picture at bottom right?

Hi and bye 0
Absolute Fertility -10
Baby Factory -15
Instant Pregnancy -10
Pleasurable Birth -10
Super Fecundity -5

Unwilling Gender Change +10 - I know I'm convincing nobody here
Company Property +20
Extremely Active Babies +5

With all those fertility boosts I'll be by far the most productive brood mother in the whole compound. Naturally the men will want to maximise their payoff by using me as often as they can physically manage it.

So I'm expecting to be on the receiving end of a lot of gang bangs. They'll be queueing up for a go at me, coming in turn until they're all spent. My hyper fecundity allowing each one in turn to impregnate me with more and more.

And when I'm lying there exhausted and dripping and filthy, an attendant will move me into the flotation tube, with the feeding facility to provide nutrition to the unnaturally rapid growth inside me. I'll guzzle down nutrients and bloat out in a matter of hours, before finally, helplessly, joyfully delivering my litter.

And then they'll return me to my little room, where, refractory periods being what they are, a queue has begun to form...

>You're right however, I am not making it or messing with it.
Me neither. And neither is she.


This is like the third time you posted that.
>Normal mode

>Money (-3 total)
>Entertainment tier 2 (-6)
>Beauty tier 2 (-12)
>Adventure (-15)
Si-fi setting
>Change (-18)
Make everyone into 10/10 succubus/incubus

>Exhibitionist (This is how my waifu looks) (-17)
>Dirty mouth (-16)
>Sex marathon (-15)
>Twin sister (-14)
>Favorite toy (-13)
Collar and leash
>Snug fit (-12)
>Desserts tier 2 (-10)
Sexual fluids and breast milk
>Cum plugged (-9)
>Seductive (-8)
>Nymphomaniac (-7)
>Somnophilia (-6)
>Sensitive (-5)
>Dripping wet (-4)
>Fuck me please (-3)
>Milking (-2)
>Milk lover (-1)
>Serial killer (0)
What do you guys think of a CYOA where you become a robot. You get to choose upgrades and what parts you have. You can also choose between magitech/alien and standard.
It's just a stray thought right now though.
>Power Tier 2
>the power you choose cannot make you or anyone else immortal.
Does "immortal" in this case mean the same as (or better than) the Immortality power (i.e. biological immortality)?
What if the power would effectively allow for immortality, but only if it gets applied repeatedly (e.g. healing power that could go as far as repairing damage from aging, but doesn't prevent additional damage from accumulating - meaning that you could fully heal someone back to their prime, but they'd start aging normally the moment you'd stop healing)?
Would something like the upgraded Transform spell from your Sex Magic CYOA (with the caveat that any changes that go beyond what the non-upgraded version can do would be temporary on mortal targets - meaning that the power couldn't be used to grant immortality any more than the healing power outlined above) be acceptable?

Sounds like it could be neat. Go ahead and make it if you feel up to the task.
Should have added cucking option to Seductive, just for the rage it would have generated.

Update to page 1!
Since some autists at TG picked omnipotence as a power I had to restrict the power option to not grant people omnipotence and similar silly powers. No other change.

>Immortality and power Immortality.
Basically you can't gain any type of immortality from the Power option. If you want immortality you must purches the Immortality option.

hahaha I regret i didn't do that.
>Basically you can't gain any type of immortality from the Power option. If you want immortality you must purches the Immortality option.
I'm already including Immortality T2 in my build. And technically speaking the healing thing I proposed wouldn't really be "immortality" so much as "arbitrary increase in lifespan".

If that still doesn't convince you, then how about the following: A power similar to the Transform spell from your Sex Magic CYOA, in that it acts like the upgraded version when the target is immortal (i.e. me, my waifu, or anyone I'd have blessed as per Immortality T2), but on anyone else it'd act more like the non-upgraded version - except that it'd keep the target's general state of health (as far as aging goes) about the same (so as to not actually provide any significant boost in lifespan)?
Wait so I can't pick any of the Ryo Agawa girls from the roll section unless I take Picky? That's kinda counter-intuitive.
Well I guess you could increase peoples lifespan a bit, but not with 1000 years or something semi-immortalish.
How about something like a maximum of 100-500 years worth of age-repair per unblessed individual, after which they'd need to undo their aging with something else (e.g. anti-aging treatments that may very well have been more-or-less perfected by then)?
immortality 1, power 2, comfort. Picky.
total of 15.

vampiress 1
dirty mouth 1
high libido 2
clingy 1
magical girl 1
let's try that 1
fertility 1
snug fit 1
weapon obsession 1
let go 1
delinquent 1
troll 1
cynical asshole 1
blunt 1

I get to be a superpowerful uuberman on my throne of ages, and I get a fucking dirty sailor of a magical girl to drink whiskey with and enjoy cuddlefucks. We fight crime and monsters of the week.

Neither of us can achieve any success because we get too much enjoyment from fucking with the other one.

Be the Girl Mode

Money tier 2, 5 - assuming this means unlimited funds are available, but we'd probably attract uncomfortable attention if we started throwing billions around without explanation. Otherwise it's a bit OP

Luck tier 2, 7 - that IS a bit OP. Gotta have it.

Comfort, 2 - mainly for the immunity

Immortality tier 2, 6 - covers me as well as my husband, plus any ten friends he chooses.

Appearance: choosy, 0. Will choose later.

Total 20 points. Now to look at the drawbacks that will be inflicted upon me for giving these gifts to my husband...

Let's Try That
Attention Whore
Favourite Toy, shiny latex minidress, tier 2, 2. Kinky rubber under a vanilla jacket with a few accessories is exotic and sexy and also awesome
Fertility, of course I want children with my husband
Snug Fit, sounds fun
Cum Plugged, tier 2, will help with Fertility
Super Masochist
Let Go!
Sexist, I'm a WAIFU of course I'm like this
Sweaty, probably to be expected with the insistence on wearing a rubber dress all the time
Super Tight
Dripping Wet

There we go, I'm the perfect submissive nymphomaniac. I'll take all his abuse and I'll do whatever perverted things make him happy, I'll dress like a complete tart in public, I'll send him filthy pictures of myself whenever we're apart - as long as, for his part, he performs up to what's expected of a real man. Fill me up until I'm bloated and bursting with it!
You return with style!
Being a bully?

... oh, and I'm going to look like Miss Dripping Wet. Cute and sweet works perfectly with the meek and submissive thing, and the more harmless and vulnerable I appear, the more satisfying it is when my husband hurts me and humiliates me.
>lesbian rapist
Is it lesbian rape if one of them is a futa? I've seen that comic.
Will this be getting a 4th page with more quirks. This cyoa is great!
>Will Messed up waifu CYOA get a page 4?
Sadly not, I have a really hard time coming up with any new quirks for the CYOA.
Alright it's time to fucking go

>Normal Mode
>Money 2 (-5)
Average wages are for suckers, capitalism hoooo time to drive the value of all worldwide currency down to the fucking ground
>Skill (character designer) (-7)
i will be the ultimate drawfag and make all of the waifus for you when I'm not too busy with my own
>Entertainment T2 (-10)
I already have all of the money so I can just give away the anime movies and vidyer my supercomputer comes up with for free over the internet. And all of them shall have waifus. But yours will never win the MCbowl.
>Hearth and Home (-11)
Let's move somewhere nice and quiet, where absolutely nothing happens. How about the Swiss Alps? Then again, I'd need to learn Swiss first. Maybe go actually innawoods with all the /k/ommandos.
>Comfort (-13)
Mostly for the self-cleaning house. I hate cleaning. Not going to the bathroom might prove useful for reasons, though.
>Change (-16)
Everyone in the world regardless of gender becomes hot and feminine but with massive dicks, 12 inches at the minimum. Of course, bodies become more elastic to account for this. Effectively this makes the only difference between men and women the boobs and pussy.
>Change (-19)
The evil Zionist cabals won and merged all the races together into before fucking off to space with shoah magic. Now everyone looks kinda tanned but still hot 10/10s.
>Immortality (-22)
Luck T2 (-31)
This too. I might not even need it but it's just way too much of a gamebreaker not to take.

hex maniac hex maniac hex maniac hex maniac hex maniac hex maniac hex maniac

yes that's 31 points' worth of quirks yes i know what i am doing no i am sure i will not regret this in the slightest
now for the fun part son
>Terrible Humor (-30)
this will end up horribly but i will endlessly tsukkomi her bad boke routines
>Delusional (-29)
"How are our waifus real if our eyes aren't real?" I expect to be raped to death for saying that but I will still do it. No regrets.
>Dirty Talk T2 (-27)
fuck me in the fucking fuck you fucky fucknugget with your fucking fuckhole you fuck
>Exhibitionist T2 (-25)
i have all of the money and live in the middle of nowhere who cares also hex maniac
>Twin Sister T3 (-23)
>Split Personality T5 (-21)
That's, what, 15 waifus? Let's fucking go son.
>Idiot Savant (-20)
I have so much money all of us can be useless pieces of shit forever. They're great cooks, though.
>Futanari T2 (-18)
i fail to see how this could be possibly considered a drawback
also horsecock
>Desserts T2 (-16)
Cum and breastmilk, thanks. They can just skip the dessert part and feed me their cum directly though. Preferably anally.
>Yandere T2 (-14)
yes i know what i am doing this will never have any negative consequences whatsoever not at all
>NEET T2 (-12)
When you are this rich, it's not called being a NEET, it's called being eccentric. Slobs are my fetish anyways. Though this better mean they don't shave either.
>Always By Your Side (-10)
I don't need to and I won't leave my house, ever so this is pretty much free points. No shame.

i got so many quirks a single post wasn't enough to list them all
>Cereal Killer (-9)
>not anyone you know
They can do whatever she wants then, fuck those shitty normies. Though... how will they do that if they never leave the house?
>Hungry (-8)
why not? let's be fucking disgusting pigs together, we're capitalist gods anyways
>Sweaty (-7)
for the complete nasty NEET slob experience
>Milking (-6)
Gotta have milk for my dessert, plus there's three (or fifteen?) of them, so they can milk each other if absolutely necessary. Not that I would refuse to give them a good mouth milking~
>Nightmares (-5)
>Favorite Hole (-4)
I expect them to use my asshole liberally so I guess they'll be repaying the favor.
>Fuck Me Please! (-3)
for the shenanigan potential of just leaving them there while they beg to get fucked then come back with a dildus maximus or something like that
>Blunt T2 (-1)
yes I too want a waifu that shitposts in real life
>Cynical Asshole (0)
see above

And there we go. Restraint? What's that?

One day while wondering through the woods you stumbles upon an ancient temple. Captivated by curiosity you wonder inside, finding something that looks like a mix between a prison and a monastery. In the main room there is a massive iron cage, covered in worn ruins of a long dead language, and sitting inside an ornate wooden box. Despite your senses telling you to leave you're compelled, no possessed, to see what is inside that box. You open the gate to the cage and pick up the box. Opening the box, breaking it's eons old seals, you see a small gemstone that begins to emit light, growing brighter and brighter until blinding. When you are able to see again you see standing before you a ethereal being that's very appearance is beyond the definition of mortal words. Eventually the being speaks to you.

>Anon, you have released me from my imprisonment and for that I am grateful. I possess great power and I shall satisfy some of what you desire.

Before you can speak there is another blinding light and when your sight returns again the being, and its former prison, are gone. A great warmth washes over you as you feel your flesh begin to rearrange itself and your clothing melts away. Your body begins to slim into a more feminine shape as you feel the base of wings and a tail begin to protrude from your back. This warmth turns to pleasure as two spheres of flesh form on your chest and the formation of a new organ begins in your crotch. In a window pane you see your reflection of your changing form. Your body changing into feminine perfection. Your face becoming that of an irresistible seductress. Batty wings and impish tail growing from your back. As your body takes its final form the pleasure overwhelms you as cum from your new genitalia for the first time, in tandem with your dick.


As you lie on the floor enjoying the afterglow you feel a plethora of new sensation. You can feel your need bring other to peak of bliss so you may feed on them, but also the knowledge that as long you do such your life will never reach it's end. Along with this you can feel the flow of magic within your veins. To you the ability to warp the very reality around you is as simple as reducing a man into a beast consumed by incomprehensible lust, which is nearlly effortless for a being of pure lust such as yourself.

As you get up and prepare to leave the door to one of the other rooms of the temple opens with the sound of a women yelling "Who disturbs this sacred place?" You turn to see what looks like a cross breed between a women and a serpant. You too make eye contact and after a few moments then the serpent looks down and appears to start praying.

[this is where I got lazy]

She explains that this lands god would often send new beings here to be his champions, but it had be many ages since the last one has arrived. You tell of your experience in the temple, and after a few moments of silence she thanks you for doing a service beyond measure, and that soon those here will know such as well.

Understanding your ignorance of the land she begins to explain the world you are now on. Here all the women had taken the power and had inherited parts of the forms of the great beasts of the land, but the men were unable. Now the men live mostly subservient to the women, though how can very greatly. While magic is inherent to many only very few make their wills manifest through it, but from the feats you hear are possible and the power you feel in yourself you know you can do greater things.
Hope you enjoy anon. You're pretty much a demigod and I can't bring myself to be mean so you get it practically for free.
What if I make her a Nazi extremist?

>Power cannot grant immortality or omnipotence

What about shapeshifting without the four hour limitation? [spoiler]If no, what if you buy both for that purpose?[/spoiler]
As for myself

>new body
I want to be a dragongirl. Wings, tail, scales, clawed feet, all that stuff.
I want to be able to change into a full dragon
>worldly change.
I want to world to be low fantasy. Monsters, dragons, magic and all that exists but they are relatively rare.
>spoiler tags on /d/

Sometimes I forget what board I'm on. Man I'm retarded.
Of course you can get shapeshifting without the four hour limit. But you can't use your shapeshifting to gain immortality.
>But you can't use your shapeshifting to gain immortality.

You've already got an option for immortality, and I was willing to spend six extra points for unlimited shapeshifting anyway. Just grabbing your upgraded option for immortality is a no brainer. Though, only eleven other people total (counting my waifu) for eternity is a bit lonely.
File: Nazi.png (1020 KB, 746x868)
1020 KB
1020 KB PNG
Well then she will be a nazi extremist. She might kill jews, tatoo swastikas and do some really fucked up shit. But at least she would dress good (pic related).
Money -5
Skill (programming) -2
Entertainment -3
Beauty -2
Pleasure -3
Hearth and Home -3
Comfort -2
Immortality -5
Picky -1 (girl 2) = -26
Vampires +1
Dirty Mouth +1
High Libido +3 (5)
Twin Sister +1
Clingy +2
Sex Marathon +1
Favorite Toy (dildo) +1 (10)
Futanari horse cock, +2
Fertility +1
Snug Fit +2 (15)
Desserts with breast milk +1
Loli +1
Seductive +1
Hide and Seek +1
Daddy Issues +1 (20)
Super tight +1
Scarred +1
Somnophilia +1
Cum Addict +1
Sensitive +1 (25)
Body Swap +1 (26)
File: SS uniform.jpg (580 KB, 2592x1944)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
Post at least the ACTUAL SS uniform, like pic related. Your pic is edgy trash.

If she kills Jews, would she/I get caught? Or is it a pastime she keeps well hidden?
I guess that's up to you, if you encourage her nazi behavior.

Longer answer
She wouldn't get caught killing people and she would keep the killing hiden (unless you edge her on), but she wouldn't hide her nazi opinions from anyone.
This is awesome anon! what other CYOAs did you do?
So we won't get arrested for being public /pol/lacks? Nice?

|||Messed Up Waifu
\Normal Mode
\Money+T2 -5
.|Entertainment+T2 -3
.|Pleasure+T2 -3
.|Gauntlet+T2 -3
.|Comfort -2
.|Hearth and Home -3
..\Immortality+T2 -6
\Picky -1 (The Immortality pic.)
\Dirty Mouth+T99 +2
.|High Libido +3
.|Exhibitionist+T2+T0 +4
.|Twin Sister+T3 +2
.|Extremeist (Nazi) +1
.|Tantric Marathon+T2 +2
.|Favorite Toy+T2 +2
.|Futanari +1
.|Favorite Color +1 (Black)
.|NEET+T2 +4
.|Nymphomaniac +1
.|Horney +1
.|Junkie +1
..\Sensitive +1
Fresh Graduate
Bee Stings
sex hair
Erratically Dom
Heavy Drinker
lewd roleplay
orgasm denial
milking dry
>extra feature
Addict (dude weed/physchedelics)
One, last thing from this specific anon on messed up waifu. Does Comfort also mean you don't need to drink? Just wondering if dehydration is a major threat for the Let go, I say stop and sex marathon quirks.
I forgot to put drink in there, bu it was ment to be eat, sleep, drink ect.

If you publicly kill jews with your waifu u will get into trouble tho.
Ooh, nice. Gonna make two builds: one based on me with the messed up parts exaggerated, and the other "normal".

>Be The Girl Mode

>Low Standards
Rolled 1, which isn't too bad--sort of resembles me already without the tan skin. I can just iron out anything I don't like by choosing Beauty later anyway.

>High Libido Tier 1
Anything more would get too annoying.
>Dirty Mouth
This wouldn't really change anything. Besides, not many people care about casually swearing or shit like that these days.
If I take Change, I could just wish the world into my utopian ideal, and pick the ideology it's based on.
>Clingy Tier 2
You can't be indecent in public if you never go outside. [rollsafe.png]
>Favorite Toy
I don't foresee anything too bad happening with something minor like a collar and leash.
>Fertility Tier 0
I could just grow a child with SCIENCE!
Obsessing over my partner would be fun anyway.
>NEET Tier 2
I'm already a borderline hikikomori so this wouldn't change much.
Legal loli ftw; the teasing nicknames are what I'd probably do irl if I was a loli anyway.
>Super Masochist
Yes please.
>Pet Play
I mean, I already have the leash, and I already like petplay. I don't really care much for a specific animal, so dog or cat should be fine.
>Daddy Issues
Really, on top of all the things I've already chosen, this wouldn't be any worse.
Free points for being bratty!
I already have a few, but they're mostly minor.
I'd enjoy being like this.

I wish to create an ideal [censored because nobody can bring up politics on 4chan without shitstorms] utopia that works as envisioned with little to no problems.
I'd like this, and it'd basically let me take NEET Tier 2 for free.
>Entertainment Tier 2
Doesn't say anything about giving them away for free.
Aging well would be nice.
I could use this.
Afford more cool shit!
>Hearth and Home
See above!
>Pleasure Tier 2
Hedonism ftw.
-College student
-Towering giant
-Sex hair
-Sexual predator
-Fulltime dom
-Possessive, tomboy, pervert, dull-witted, motherly, aggressive
-Cuddling, sweaty sex, pet-play, smothering, momdom, being on top
-Fishing, lifting, video games (if only because solo queue is hell,) and painting

>TFW YWN have an amazonian bro gf who rides you like a bull for a warm-up before hitting the gym
Normal Mode

Money T2 (-5)
Immortality (-10)
Adventure T2 (-14)
Beauty (-16)
Skill (-18)


Terrible Humor (-17)
Favourite Toy (-16)
Snug Fit (-15)
Quiet (-14)
Urinary Incontinence (-13)
Super Tight (-12)
Scarred (-11)
Favourite Hole (-10)
Unique Style (-9)
Horny (-8)
Piercings (-7)
Futanari (-6)
Let's Try That! (-5)
Clingy (-4)
Dirty Mouth (-3)
Weapon Obsession (-2)
Phone Sex (-1)
Ewww Bugs (0)

Build 2: "I'm probably going to get stabbed in a few years" edition

>Normal Mode


>High Libido Tier 3
I consider the rape a benefit, actually.
Cuddling is great.
>Magical Girl
I prefer men anyway.
>Orgasm Denial
This wouldn't be too terrible.
Semen counts if she's a futa, right?
I'm extremely submissive so there's not much risk here either way.
>Super Sadist
Well, a bit extreme compared to what actual S&M is like, but as long as there's aftercare it's doable.
>Milk Lover
Plenty of people are lactose intolerant anyway.
So... I have a dick now? That's cool, I guess.
I don't mind at all.
If I get completely broken, then I won't mind any of the quirks!

>Entertainment Tier 2
>Pleasure Tier 2
>Hearth and Home
For similar reasons as my last build.
The old scrolls have foretold of their appearence.
While humanity is still spilling their own blood, portals of the nether realms will open and monsters will appear.
Though small in numbers and excellent at hiding, a few have already been spotted, and it looks like it consists mostly of monster boys and girls of many variants.
They arent alone though, as huge beasts, orc, and even the mighty dragons appear on rare occasions.
As a counter force, the gods of the world blessed some the inhabitants with magical powers to defend their world.
You are one of the beings blessed with the power, as your body transform into its new appearnce. A fearsome(and sexy) dragon womam.

Your new job in this world will be to tend to the relationship between the new creatures and the already existing inhabitance of earth. How, is your own choice.

The ones around you are quite suprised by your new form, but then again, everyone is suprised by this new world and your family and friends take it somewhat cool.
(Though some of your friends might try to sleep with you now)

As you take on your new existence, you start to learn more about your body.
As a half dragon you are able to fly around and use one magic type of your choice. You also discover you are more durable and less vulnerable.
However as you only possesses half of the dragons genome you still lack immortality and need a supply of pure dragon sperm every once in a while to maintain your youth, but with your charm I'm sure it wont be a problem.
To make sure you can handle the mightiest dragon cocks(and, enemies ofcourse) you have one last power.
When the feeling of rage or wild lust manifest itself in your mind and body you unlock the power of transformation. Turning yourself into a full blown dragon, in all its might and power, it lasts until your desires haev been fullfilled.
(Second time I try to write something like this, feedback would be nice)

>Normal Mode
>Choosy - Milking
>High Libido 1
>Dirty Mouth 2
>Exhibitionist (Tier 2) 4
>Twin Sister 5
>Split Personality (Tier 5) 7
>Clingy (Tier 2) 9
>Favorite Toy (Tier 2) 11
>Fertility (Tier 0)
>Desserts (Breast Milk) 12
>Yandere 13
>Milk Lover 14
>Sexist 15
>Horny 16
>Milking 17
>Daddy Issues 18
>Hungry 19
>Cum Addict 20
>Sensitive 21
>Fuck Me Please 22

>Luck 20
>Pleasure (Tier 2) 17
>Hearth and Home (Tier 2) 14
>Comfort 12
>Power (Tier 2) Mind Control 5
>Immortality 0
name it "choose your own a/d/venture thread" instead
I'd love to see those archive links
Compatibility Mode seems like the best, but for now I won't do that, for meta reasons. So, normal mode.

>average wage in exchange for literally nothing
Definitely taking this.
Money (3)
Comfort would make life a lot nicer. (2/5)
A pocket mansion is also great. I wouldn't need anything else. (3/8)
Immortality is a steal. (5/13)
Invisibility and mind reading are both really potentially useful. I'll also take the tier 2 power to edit people, which would probably take a long time to master, but I'm immortal and can sit around invisibly practicing on bystanders. (10/23)

I'm down with body positivity so exhibitionism is good. Not taking the second tier since cameltoes just ain't classy, though. (1/22)
Clingy is absolutely normal and fine since I'm not from Asia. (1/21)
Favorite Toy is nice and cute. (1/20). I'll let her wear a buttplug as we're out and about.
Snug fit is cute. (1/19)
Breast milk ice cream is actually pretty good. (1/18)
Weapon obsession is a harmless hobby, and when upgraded comes with useful skills. (3/15)
Serial killer is pretty hot to be honest. (1/14)
Since she can always escape by teleporting into our pocket dimension, it should be fine.
Bestiality is A-ok. (1/13)
Troll is a fun kind of relationship to have. (1/12).
Favorite Hole isn't even a downside, I'm fine with using her ass. (1/11)

Well, I have a bunch of points left to buy off, so I'd better get some more.
Having her present herself for a fucking might be annoying but it's not terrible. (1/10)

Well, that's as far as I got before cumming,
No idea whether these are actually abandoned or if their respective authors have just been quiet about their work or whatever, but here you go.

Femdom succubus:
Parasitic/cursed armor:
Become a futa:
Reality mixup:
Slut Life, robot edition?
Lewd trick fairy:
Become an incubus/succubus:
Tentacle breeder:
Fairy Feminization:
Graph CYOA:
4-6 years
Real sister



Mall Center
The Grocers


To Never See You

That's... wait there's retards that think shapeshifters = immortal? The fuck?
if you get down to science, according to some people, if you change your shape, you do so by changing your DNA, thus, making yourself younger also makes your insides younger

as far as i know
Changing your DNA would be the slowest possible form of shape shifting, as you'd have to wait for your cells to binarily fizzle into shape according to the new blue prints. Assuming your body would even be up to the task. Your DNA says you should have two hands, but cut one off and you're not getting that back.

In a way, yes.


Correct. In general, it would give you ageless immortality as long as you keep reverting to a younger age/shape every few years. Unless you were some super magical shapeshifter (I know, work with me here) who could also turn into inanimate objects such as chairs, beams of light, or gusts of wind for example, you could still be killed via the destruction of your brain. Some could argue if you'd be able to heal yourself through other damage received, arguing you could just grow any new missing parts or heal any wounds by simply shapeshifting them away. It's a whole different can of worms. If a shapeshifter could turn into inanimate objects, then even the destruction of the brain wouldn't guarantee their death, as beams of light or gusts of wind lack organs of any kind, meaning it's some nonphysical force that keeps them alive. Unless that particular brand of shapeshifter has a limitation placed on them, some spiritual equivalent of old age causing their batteries to eventually drain and die out, so to speak, you could argue they would be truly immortal rather than enjoying the mere ageless immortality the more commonly recognized shapeshifters would theoretically have the capability of.
Well i have cummed twice to Cold already, but really, i dont think i could have anything lasting with her. But goddamn, it is a hot fantasy.

That's assuming standard cell reproduction rates. I think most people view it more like a forced rewriting of your body's blueprints, then immediate cellular reproduction and cannibalization of old cells to get the desired results. A flat replacement of cells, allowing for regeneration to match the intended blueprint. Throw in either a higher calorie diet or a touch of magic to cover any inconsistencies (mass/energy/whatever) and there you go.
What you jacked off to that tiny description?
If this fantasy is still hot tomorrow I might make a be a trap/get a trap bf CYOA
Y-you truly are messed up
Immortality Tier 2
Power (http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Organic_Manipulation) Tier 2
Adventure (Generic High Fantasy)

Choosy (Loli)

High Libido Tier 1
Fertility Tier 0
Always By Your Side
Loli (leagal)
Favorite Toy (urethral plug)
Cum Addict
Snug Fit

I will use my powers to on epic fantasy adventures with my friends and waifu, first Ill bless everyone with immortality so they won't die even if they are killed, then we make character sheets and ill augment everyone with organic manipulation to look like their characters and then we go on fantasy adventures in the fantasy world! It's like a more realistic DnD session. I mostly took quirks for my waifu which wouldn't mess with the adventuring and things I could live with, a clingy horny playful bitchy loli is the best kind of waifu. Might get in trouble in the fantasy world tho, hopefully its leagal to fuck lolis.
-Normal mode
-Money tier 2 (-5)
-Skill: writing (-2)
-Hearth and Home (-1)
-Immortality (-5)
-Shallow as fuck: She should be no shorter than 6'6" (roughly 198 cm)
tall; have thick, silky, hay-colored hair that reaches down to the small of her back with bangs that cover her gray eyes; her skin should have the healthy tan of somebody who works outdoors but still be definitely white; she should be a SBBW with her tits, thighs, and belly being suitable for use as pillows; and her ass should make the most luscious woman in Brazil look like an eight-year-old Filipino schoolboy in comparison and have child-bearing hips to match. She should also speak with a southern drawl. (-2)
-Exhibitionist tier 2 (+2)
-Twin sister tier 2 (+2)
-Clingy (+1)
-Idiot savant skill: cooking (+1)
-Sex marathon (+1)
-Fertility (+1)
-Snug fit (+1)
-Deserts with pussy juice (+1)
-Cum plugged tier 2 (+2)
-Let go! (+1)
-Milking (+1)
-Urinary incontinence (+1)
-I say stop! (+1)
-Dripping wet (+1)
There are closeted retards who wank shapeshifting as a single step to omnipotence. They assume the shape of wizards, so they can cast magic. They assume the shape of gods, so they can do divine shit. No, I'm not kidding. There was a turboautist a few threads ago pulling this shit, and it's not uncommon on /tg/ unfortunately.
game mode normal mode
quirks vampiress tier 2, narcissistic, dirty mouth, exhibitionist tier 2, twin sister tier 3, split personality tier 5, emotionless, clingy, magical girl, piercings, always by my side, seductive, sleepyhead, pet play tier 2, favorite color, quiet, pure and innocent, hungry, sweaty, scarred tier 2, body swap and unique style

appearance low standards 7
compensation hearth and home tier 2, skill tier 2, entertainment tier 2, beauty, luck, pleasure tier 2, comfort, money tier 2 and power

>Normal Mode
No Bull shit I want a waifu
>Entertainment x2-6
>Shallow as fuck
Kinda of a masculine, thin face with baggy eyes ,like that of a 90's skater girl, yet still stunningly beautiful with perfect skin and no need for make up. She has a thing for ponytails and wears a lot of different styles of it with her brunette hair with natural blonde hair lights. Thick AF, Tits the size of girl 2 and an ass bigger than girl 6 with a lean stomach in comparison. She usually wears a casual, coffee house look.
>Dirty Mouth-17
>Twin sister x2-15
>Let's try that-13
>Favorite toy x2 (collar and leash)-10
>Cum plugged x2-8
>snug fit-7
>desserts (Breast milk)-6
>Always by your side-3
>Cum addict-0
>Sensitive- Another 1 point
>Blunt another point- 2 now
>Unique style- 3 now.
Coffee house is weird right?
End all self-inflicted death. You can only die if you truly want to die.
anyways guys rate my waifus.
>Coffee house is weird right
Assuming she dresses like a barista/any worker at Starbucks, yeah.
File: 1492367536319.jpg (2.3 MB, 2048x1365)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG

Normal mode

>compensation -17
money (-3)
Immortality (-5)
luck (-2)
pleasure 2 (-3)
hearth and Home (-1)
Change (-3) (Psychedelics are part of the norm in society)

low standards, rolled a 1 (+1)

>Quirks +16
Extremist +1 (shamanism)
twin Sister +1
Exhibitionist +1
Sex Marathon +1
loli +1
Seductive +1
Technophobe +1
Neet +1
Daddy Issues +1
Hungry +1
Sweaty +1
Dripping wet +1
Super tight +1
Sensitive +1
Junkie +1 (psychedelics)
unique Style +1 (shamanistic)

Twin tanned loli's that see me as a important figure in their faith and see themselves as my spiritual advisers. We live in the together doing lewd stuff to each other and taking psychedelics in a absolutely comfy lake-side cottage on rather large forested private property. They would also call me Papabear :3
Eh, probably not now that I think about it. It's a casual hipster look. Usually a big sweater and either sweatpants or shortshorts. I was confusing a clothing style for the coffee house music genre.
Could you please perhaps consider adding a Tier 2 to the Emasculation option where she turns you into a full-blown girl after turning you into a trap?
It's the anon you replied to. I'd say it's not bad at all. This being /d/ I was hoping for a bit more lewd in it but it's still fine by my standards.
File: w l1.png (956 KB, 606x1000)
956 KB
956 KB PNG
Time Stop+
Erase memory+
Grimoire: Alter World+

Sensitive, strength, taller
Robotic butler, personal shield, hi-tech bathroom

Tomboy or mom



High libido++
Attention whore
Sex marathon
Let go
Cum addict
Fuck me please
Alright boys, we're doing Normal mode

>Money (-3)
Getting about 70,000 dollars per month is a dream
>Entertainment 2 (-6)
Creating the perfect tv shows, movies, video games, and porn games for me, amazing
>Beauty (-8)
I wanna be a fucking adonis
>Hearth and Home (-9)
A super nice house wherever I want? sign me the fuck up senpai
>Power 2, twice. (-23)
Mind control and the ability to stop time, godlike
>Immortality 2 (-29)
I want to be able to keep some friends and family alive.
Waifu time: Picky (-30)
Number 6, she looks adorable and thicc
Alright, I've got a lot of points to make up for
>High Libido 4 (-26)
Not so bad, if I need a break, time stop/mc
>Horny (-25)
Not too bad
>Scarred (-24)
If it looks like the pic related I don't mind
>Clingy 2 (-22)
Literally nothing wrong with this
>Favorite toy 2 (-20)
Collar and Leash, nothing too out of the ordinary
>Snug fit 2 (-18)
Kinda cute desu
>Desserts 2 (-16)
Breast milk and sexual fluids, as long as it tastes good, I'm fine with that being in there
>Yandere 2 (-14)
She wouldn't be able to kill anyone I didn't want her to if I had them under immortality, plus a yandere waifu is best waifu.
>Always by Your Side (-12)
Not too big of a deal, plus I hopefully could mind control her into giving me a little private time. Or if that doesn't work stop time and give myself private time.
>Favorite color (-11)
Gray, pretty easy to manage
>Milk Lover (-10)
She just can't eat or drink dairy, not a big deal
>Milking (-9)
Literally not a downside
>Romantic Messages (-8)
Creepily adorable
>Cum addict (-7)
Kinda cute, even her proudly boasting about my cum is adorable.
>Favorite Hole (-6)
Anal 70% of the time is okay with me
>Sensitive (-5)
Her being in the ahegao state sounds hot
>Fuck me please! (-4)
Not bad at all
Originally had blunt, but this is cuter
>Dripping Wet (-2)
This isn't so bad
>Unique Style (-1)
Qt princess gf
>Meek (-0)
Herzog Maria
>Feminine Curves

>Feminine Curves
>Cock Enhancement
(was going to go with Cock Enhancement up to 13)
>College Student
>Bee Stings
>Pixie Cut

>Private Submissive

>Sweaty sex



>TFW your sweaty reverse trap girlfriend likes to unwind from soccer practice with sex and a shower
Money (3)
Luck godlike (7)
Pleasure (2)
Hearth and Home Pocket dimension (3)
Immortality plus blessing (6)
Thats -21 . I hope its not too harsh.


High Libido (3)
Dirty Mouth (1)
Exhibitionist tier 2 (2)
Lets Try That! (1)
Attention Whore (1)
Sex Marathon (1)
Favorite Toy Tier 2 (collar) (2)
Snug Fit tier 2 (2)
At 13 points so far
Loli (1)
Seductive (1)
Petplay either dog or cat. As long as she can behave when company is around (1)
Horny (1)
Daddy Issues (1)

> Scarred. Why. GAH. I dont want her to have scars but...... headpats?

Fuck me Please (1)

Thats 19.

Lets get Twin Sister (1)
Terrible Humor (1)

Thats 21. So two exhibitionists little (legal) loli girls. Slutty little nymphos that like showing off and public play. Submissive probably and likes to be pets as well. And lets be honest, any girl I'd make would have daddy issues anyways to get like that. Easiest way to make a girl submissive and eager to service you.

They're both tiny and tight being so small. Of course they wear their collars all the time. They love trying new things as long as they dont have to get too dominant.

At this point, I kind of want change for another 3 points to make it so that you can get "levels" and "skills" and "skill points" like in an RPG. Including magic I presume. No level caps but it gets harder with higher levels obviously. Makes the best use of my immortality.

I realize wearing their collars all the time means I can take Tier 2 favorite toy with no problems. (1)

Cum Plugged sounds pretty ok. (1)

Phone Sex (1) I kind of like this fetish anyways. Although more on the giving side, I dont mind on the receiving side for this.

We'd probably spend most of our money on food and clothes and stuff since we have a free mansion + land. Maybe make a food/herb garden. Raise a few animals. Bring in a few girls by offering them immortality in return for their service and some money. Raise stats and skills and magic infinitely due to immortality.
>Christmas Cake
>Towering Giant
>Child Bearing
>Long and Straight
>Fair skin
>Erratically Dom
>Motherly, Dull-witted, Possessive
>Cuddling, Hypnosis, Momdom, Being on top
>Cooking, Gardening, Lazing, Sleeping, Television
Be the Girl

>Money Tier 1 & 2 (-5)
>Beauty (-2)
>Comfort (-2)
>Immortality (-5)

Appearance: Shallow as Fuck. Pic-related. Technically there's a Saber in there but I wanna have green eyes.

-27 points to account for. Let's roll

Clingy Tier 1 & 2 +2
Attention Whore +1
Sex Marathon Tier 1 & 2 +2
Snug Fit +1
Seductive +1
Phone Sex +1
Nymphomaniac +1
Let Go! +1
Horny +1
Hungry +1
Super Tight +1
Sensitive +1
I Say Stop +1
As for the girls, lets get the me me me girl (super tight) and that stabby stabby girl from boku no hero ( high libido) as lolis / early teens

Anyways. We should have more than enough stuff to create our own little town of cute girls. A town where lolis showing off and having sex is ok. A town where watching people fuck while pretending not to care is the norm. Of course most people have to earn their keep by getting a day job. But I suspecting loaning immortality to one or two rich people would do the trick for the most part.
Be the girl mode
Luck 2
Choosy (Exhibitionist)

High Libido Tier 1
Magical Girl
Dirty Mouth
Weapon Obsession
Let Go!
Super Tight
fuck me Please
Unique Style
Cynical Asshole
I realize I already had tier 2 favorite toy so ill replace the second time I took that on accident with the milk lover.
>Can't have a loli without her being an insulting little bitch.
Its just a cute tease. Its a thing people who like each other are capable of doing. Calm down. No one is challenging your manhood.
>Being insulted with some of the absolute fucking worst things you can say is cute teasing.
You've been too addled by hardcore porn to think that shit is tolerable.
Game Mode

Be the Girl Mode


Picky(Terrible Humor) -1
Immortality -5
Skill Tier 2(Wizard) -4
Adventure Tier 2 (AD&D Planescape) -4
Hearth and Home -1


High Libido +1
Twin Sister +1
Magical Girl +1
Sex Marathon +1
Favorite Toy (Butt Plug) +1
Orgasm Denial Tier 2 +2
Phone Sex +1
Emasculation +1
Horny +1
Futanari +1
Let go! +1
Super Tight +1
I say Stop +1
Body Swap +1
>Game Mode
Be the Girl Mode (with waifu)

>Compensation (-11)
Money Tier 2 (-5)
Immortality Tier 2 (-6)

>Appearance (-2)
Shallow as Fuck (Rory Mercury) (-2)

>Quirks (+13)
Delusional (+1)
Narcissist (+1)
Exhibitionist (+1)
Twin Sister Tier 2 (+2)
Futanari Tier 2 (Horse) (+2)
Orgasm Denial (+1)
Piercings (+1)
Loli (+1)
Troll (+1)
Body Swap (+1)
Unique Style (Gothic)(+1)
Its like being called a pervert teasingly. It's just a joke. Besides, you want to fuck a loli so it's true isn't it?

Pervert is a much lighter accusation. This is basically the equivalent of calling someone a serial killer or baby rapist as your 'cutesy talk'
>Normal Mode

>Money -3
>Skill (Art) -2
>Beauty -2
>Pleasure Tier 2 -3
>Adventure Tier 2 -4
>Hearth and Home Tier 2 -3
>Immortality Tier 2 -6

>Picky (girl above the CYOA title) -1

>Delusional +1
>Twin sister +1
>clingy +1
>Magical girl +1
>Sex marathon +1
>desserts (blood) +1
>Weapon obsession +1
>Yandere Tier 2 +2
>NEET +1
>Ewww Bugs +1
>Seductive +1
>Pet play (cat) +1
>Favorite Color (blue) +1
>Nightmares +1
>Serial Killer +1
>Horny +1
>romantic messages +1
>self harm +1
>scarred +1
>sensitive +1
>fuck me please +1
>body swap
>unique style (lolita) + 1
>Serial Killer (+1)

I mean....

If it's true ya know. Can't really hate people for it if its true. You gotta learn to accept yourself and be secure enough to make fun of yourself. Thats an important part of self actualization.
dont suppose you have the source for that sucy pic (strange fashion quirk), do you?
Old thread just disintegrated... now somebody needs to repost them all.
(I tried the archives mentioned in the pastebin from the OP but they mostly seem to be non-lewd)
Pretty sure self actualization doesn't involve liking to be outright mocked.
Archives are your friend.

Yeah those fucking smart asses always gaming the system. I don't know to punish them for their insolence or thank them and reward them because they pointed something out.
No, but it does involve being comfortable enough with yourself that you aren't bothered by other people's opinions, and therefore involves not caring if you're mocked.
But do you want to be mocked by your waifu, is the thing. Not just ignoring insults from random whoevers.
All I'm saying is that if you're a serial killer, you should be able to let your significant others take a few stabs at making killer jokes.
File: Tucker.gif (993 KB, 250x250)
993 KB
993 KB GIF
That is retarded.
Would anyone want a CYOA that involved picking between very specifically defined waifus, among other factors?
File: Sister of Battle.jpg (319 KB, 1920x1080)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Normal Mode

Beauty (-2)
Luck (-2)
Tier 2 (-5)
Pleasure (-2)
Tier 2 (-1)
Immortality (-5)
Tier 2 (-1)

Low Standards (Rolled 1) (+1)

High Libido (+0)
Tier X (1) (+1)
Exhibitionist (+1)
Twin Sister (+1)
Tier 3 (+1)
Favorite Toy (Collar) (+1)
Tier 2 (+1)
Fertility (+1)
Tier 0 (+0)
Cum Plugged (+1)
Tier 2 (+1)
Desserts (Milk) (+1)
Seductive (+1)
Milking (+1)
Hungry (+1)
Scarred (+1)
Cum Addict (+1)
Dripping Wet (+1)
Unique Style (Slutty Sister of Battle) (+1)
>Would anyone like OC
Game Mode Normal

Money -3
Beauty -5
Hearth + Home -6
Comfort -8
imortality -13
Change -16
Stop the eventual heat-death of the universe and stars from going supernova
Pleasure (t2) -19
Entertainment -21
Shallow as fuck -23
Extremely pale oppai loli with really long black hair

Clingy +1
(in)fertility +2
I don't want kids anyway so this is perfect
Cum Plugged +3
Desserts (t2) breast milk + blood +5
Yandere +6
Loli +8
Always by your side +10
Favorite color (black) +11
Let go! +12
Nightmares +13
Quiet +14
Milk lover +15
Milking +16
Romantic messages +17
Crybaby +18
Super tight +19
Self-harm +20
Sensitive +21
Dripping wet +22
Meek +23

>New Body
A cute youkai girl of your choice!
>Worldly change
There's some sort of hidden supernatural threat to the world! Demons? Aliens? Zombies? Robots? All of the above, actually, the world now has a heaping helping of Touhou in it. Good thing there are supernaturally-powered people fighting them behind the scenes. People that happen to be cute girls.
>Magical Item
An organ donated to Incident resolution efforts by a youkai who died of natural causes. (but not aging, as it was immortal.) Accepting the transplant allows one to inherit the youkai's abilities and form while leaving one's mind intact.
Would a wimpy familiar or shikigami be too much to ask? Feel free to upgrade this to True Love if you think I've earned a creativity bonus.
>Monkey Paw Wish
"To form a superheroine team with Koishi Anon, pretty please."

Let's build a *fucked up* prison

Magical prison 10 pts
(It'll help the selection later on. And elves are always good for what I have in mind)
Medium 15 pts
(A thousand prisoners is enough to never run short without dealing with the nightmarish logistics of an infinite prison)
Amy Armstrong 10 pts
(I need someone competent and professional to actually run things for me. And she doesn't have her own lewd ideas that will be conflicting with mine)
Female-only 5 pts

Bodysuit 10 pts
(If they don't have clothes then they can't be stripped naked)
Collars 10 pts
(Collars are hot)

Gym 5 pts
(Amy wants this. And it'll help keep the prisoners trim and lithe.)
DTF 10 pts
(Willing partners, for variety)
Surveillance Room 10 pts
Mind Reader 10 pts
(I want to watch the lewds. And then see it again as they saw it.)
Assistant 5 pts
(More free time to enjoy my prison.)
Luxurious Office 10 pts
(In comfort)
Elite Guards 10 pts
Armory 5 pts
(Keep me safe. That's an order!)
Medical Facility 5 pts
(Actually physical harm is forbidden here. Anything that happens is to be swiftly reversed.)

Total expenditure so far: 130 points

Rule: Minimum Orgasm (5) 5 pts
Rule: Orgasm Limit (6) 15 pts
(The theme of our rehabilitation program is *self control*. Despite all the circumstances and temptations, you must have five and precisely five orgasms each day. To go over that limit is to demonstrate a lack of control, and you will need help.
Rule: Bullying 20 pts
(Your fellow prisoners will be more than happy to push you over that edge. You need their help to reach your quota, but remain in control of the situation or display your failure.)

Treatment: Heightened Libido 20 pts
Treatment: Increased Sensitivity 20 pts
(We don't want to make the above too easy or it will be pointless. These help establish the base difficulty of our program).

Rule: Word of the Day 10 pts
(The mind must be disciplined and controlled, as well as just the body.)
Punishment: Nudity 10 pts
(Those unable to demonstrate control will be shamed as encouragement to shape up. This will in no way make them targets for people who want the rewards for pushing them over the orgasm threshold (wink).)
Punishment: Rape 10 pts
(Unable to control yourself. Is that what you *want*? This is what it is like to have no control over your sexuality.)
(To be performed by me if I feel like it, or by staff with toys if I don't. This will in no way be timed to make sure prisoners go over their daily orgasm limit.)
Punishment: Menagerie (upgraded) 15 pts
Creatures of myth and fantasy - griffons, hellhounds etc
(It appears we will have to show you the ultimate destination of the depraved path you insist on heading down. Turn back before this becomes inevitable.)
(Oh, and Amy says that if you can pin the monster then you're free from punishment. But if it pins you...)
Combo: Impregnation 15 pts
(Oops did I forget to get birth control for the monsters? OK, we can still make this work. Uh, maternity will encourage them to think of others before themselves. And I can get some favour with the Heroes - Sir, how would you like to fly into battle on a noble griffon? I have one here with an *excellent* pedigree. Or perhaps you would like a puppy for your daughter?)
Punishment: Re-education (pure and chaste) 10 pts
(If all else fails and there is nothing else for it then the machines will turn you into a pure and chaste princess. The medical center will restore their hymen and they will think protecting their virginity is the most important thing in the world. Not that they actually have a chance.)

Total expenditure on rules/treatments/punishments: 150 points
My various security options give me 120 points of riot reduction. With 30 remaining, I have Rare riots that are put down with lethal force - well, not really lethal since everyone is brought back to life afterwards. You're not getting out that easy.
Total 280 points, and I already have everything I want. 300 is really too many.
If one picks "Be The Girl" as their gamemode, chooses waifu as their "normal" 8/10 partner, and gets "Futanari" as one of their quirks, would that make the quirks such as "Snug Fit" work in reverse (i.e. rather than you sitting on your "normal" partner's dick, you'd have your partner sit on yours)?
I like it, it's pretty good. The only thing that bothers me is that it ends suddenly and without proper culmination of all those traits, no fluff ending from mental goddess etc. You just choose boons, traits and then suddenly the CYOA ends as if in the middle of it.

(Realistic) build:
>Normal mode.
>Compensation: Money, Comfort, Immortality
I'd really a few others but the price adds up too high. Would be great if there'd be some free compensation points at the start.
>Appearance: Picky (Total -11 point)
I'd choose the girl from snug fit or one from piercings if piercing marks are not included. There are some other pretty nice but to be fair, I had too choose something fitting quirks I've chosen, which are:
>High libido +1 (-10)
Relatively easy to realistically maintain even once I'll get older
>Favorite toy: collar and leash (-9)
Will fit pet play I am also choosing, with some subtlety and hidden properly can be taken as/for a choker or other similar fashion accessory.
>Snug fit (-8)
A bit weird and not that comfortable but tolerable
>Loli (-7)
She'll be fine as long as she can prove she's not an actual child. Will also ensure that she will look youthful for longer and burn a point.
>Phone sex (-6)
If she thinks she can make me audibly moan even when on call, well - challenge accepted. Bonus in the fact she'll be good at those while also burning a point. Win-win.
>Pet play (-5)
Kinky. I won't mind it and she can enjoy it in synergy with favorite toy.
>Let go! (-4)
That one is unrealistically supernatural. Seems like a great ride though!
>Milk lover (-3)
If she won't go for it herself against my wishes it can be managed by adjusting the 'dosage'.
>Daddy Issues (-2)
Not crazy about pumpkin and spanking biz but again, I can handle it if I get cute girl willing to make pleased out of it.
Favorite hole: mouth (-1)
Will go well with phone sex and help with birth control.
Dripping wet (0)
If she has normal libido, manageable.
Power tier 2-7 Magic girl powers
Hearth and home tier 2-3
Pleasure tier 2-3

Choosy Magic girl pic

Clingy +1
Magical girl+1
Sex marathon+1
Fertility tier 0+1
Snug fit tier
Desserts+1 (breast milk)
Always by your side+2
Let go!+1
Let's try that!+1
Super tight+1
Body swap+1
Eww bugs!+1
Blunt tier 2+2
File: 1487011791071.jpg (39 KB, 480x421)
39 KB
>you could end world hunger, prevent all wars, or erase feminism

I laughed more than I should've.
Hmmm, I guess you get to decide then, you could swtich it up from time to time. But the important part is that someones penis is inside someone.
File: 1489290341883.png (403 KB, 840x1200)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
Sucy best gril
It still says version 1.0, not 1.1.
Im to lazy to change it over just that one minor change I made.
Why bother including a version # at all...
This could really use a "Someone Else's Problem Field" option to let you deal with this crazy girl without becoming a NEET, and lack of refractory period perk. Right now I can't really picture any of this working out unless I don't take anything.

Also, Choosy needs more variation in body types (shortstack, musclegirl, tall and lanky), and skin colors (so many shades of delicious brown.
10+ Years
Family Friend
Onii-chan in public, Nii-Nii in private
Friendly & Lustful
Autistic, Pure, Genius, Childish, Kind, Submissive
Sleeping, Handholding, Hugging
Mall Center, The Theaters, Indoors
Shorter, Flat, Cute, Narrow, Scrawny, Pale, Unorthodox
To be with you
Foreign, Dropped
Striped panties
Glasses, Good Smile
Summoner, Upgraded (9 spells)

Alter World, Upgraded (7)
Charm (6)
Time Stop (5)
Transform (4)
Pleasure, Upgraded (2)
Immortality (1)
Porn Physics (0)

Wand, Familiar
Cat Girl, Half-Dragon

Does having two familiars boost my mana generation rate if I'm fucking both at the same time? Well, it doesn't really matter. The only spells I'm going to cast frequently are cheap enough with the wand that I can top up with some frozen time fucking, so as long as I hold onto one Mana I'll have as much as I need.

Also, fun note, but Transform and Alter World have some fun synergy. Alter World lets me fuck with human biology, on a level limited only by my imagination. So all I need to do is allow for the potential for human slimegirls and monstergirls, and now I have upgraded transform for free.
>Alana Helwyr
>Sleeping Chamber
>Mistress Food
>Courtesan Training
>U. Aphrodisiac
>U. Favourite toy
>U. Mistress Nectar
>Liquid Production

>Please the Mistress
>Roll: 7
>Final Score: -22 (Romantic Relationship)

For your mistress, you need someone who is in high enough a position to hold real power, but not so high that she's at risk from court intrigue. She has to be open to personal attachment enough that you can form a bond, but not so much that she would embarrass herself in society. She also has to have a job that doesn't leave her bored, which will reduce her effective Attenddance. Therefore, the Guard Captain is among the best choices. Her competitive attitude to sex is a personal preference.

It might seem like it's a matter of comfort, but the Sleeping Chamber is more useful as a status symbol. Shitty food isn't an issue since it's nutritious, and a later choice nicely balances things out.

The Loincloth is key. Again, you aim to be high enough not to be forced to service dark elves 24/7, but not so high that higher ranking people would fight over you. Sure, you'll still have to provide service but from the better half of society and in better circumstances.

Blessing and Courtesan Training are must-picks, you can't be bad at the job that keeps you alive. Yandere (which seems a bad word for what it does) is also good to boost Alana's Affection.

For me, Aphrodisiac seems like a very, very important pick that will allow me to do my job better and deal with a large portion of the emotional baggage. Favourite Toy keeps me in a higher status and a million other things. Mistress Nectar is picked under the assumption that it means vaginal juices. Facesitting is a freebie for me. Liquid Production too.

Immortality is the big, big deal. If a sex slave can have one, that means she can have one. Permanent happy end, right there (even after taxes).
Here's a link to a drive with some lewd jumps for the JumpChain CYOA series. Another anon posted them on /tg/ but apparently the jump people really hate lewd ones


Too bad there's not a Monster Girl Encyclopedia/MGQ jump, that sounds more exciting than MonMusu.
As a story, it'd be something like this in bullet points:

>Sir Knight is captured and auctioned
>He wants to get himself killed to get it over with
>Acts all cocky but says nothing, like he owns the place
>Alana is in need of someone to keep up a consistently high performance, so she needs someone with stamina and determination
>Decides to buy Sir Knight
>They get home, they have a bloody brawl that slowly escalates to her wrestling him into a 69 position. At that point it becomes a battle of sexual technique and endurance. Sir Knight is not used to Dark Elven mouths, skills, and most of all, lust, so he loses the match with a cumshot down her throat.
>This begins a long series of competitive games, where each first attempts to win the brawl, then force the other to orgasm first.
>Sir Knight's every waking moment is consumed with a burning desire to reduce the smug Captain into a drooling mess of afterglow. It's a weird mix of hatefucking and genuine lust.
>To reward his good attitude, Alana invests into her new sex slave: training, alchemical boosts, even some magic.
>The return of the investment shows in the veritable fountain of 'ginajuice pouring from her during sex. There is less hate in Sir Knight and more raw lust, more passion, and last but not least, vastly improved skills
>She knows that her cooking is garbage, but she feels like it'd be braking with tradition if this particular challenge would be removed
>She makes him her top sex slave, chosen for breeding. He is also given actual quarters, one that is much more fitting to the future father of her children - after all, what good is a bloodline if half of it is considered worthless and shameful?
>The attachment between them slowly deepens, until they truly fall in love. As her gift for their private marriage of sorts, she gifts him with temporal immortality.
>And they lived happily ever after.
>The End
Can I choose unrestricted shape shifting as a power not to live for ever or anything just don't want to have to deal with a time limit
File: 1492622908878[1]-1.jpg (651 KB, 1700x3000)
651 KB
651 KB JPG
This demon one really deserves more love. Or at least a reformat to clean it up.
File: 1492622908878[1]-2.jpg (603 KB, 1700x3000)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
File: 1492622908878[1]-3.jpg (599 KB, 1700x3000)
599 KB
599 KB JPG
File: 1492622908878[1]-4.jpg (603 KB, 1700x3000)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
File: 1492622908878[1]-5.jpg (637 KB, 1700x3000)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
File: 1492622908878[1]-6.jpg (380 KB, 1700x3000)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
File: 1492622908878[1]-7.jpg (494 KB, 1700x3000)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
>>7375246 >>7375247 >>7375249 >>7375250 >>7375251 >>7375252 >>7375253
Legend has it that the author is still working on that long-promised update.
Truth is he gave up and is looking for you to carry on the torch
Because he furiously masturbates to your autism.
How the fuck is QB lewd? It's just ecchi-tier tits and ass.
Man you don't know much about Queen's Blade. Rebellion had an entire episode about one of the main characters getting raped and brainwashed by a sex parasite bug attached to her cunt, then being forced to suck a loli's spiked phallic codpiece.
Huh. Any futa in it?
It exists in the setting, but I can't recall any specific examples. I didn't like anything Queen's Blade honestly.
File: horns.jpg (33 KB, 620x413)
33 KB
Can I have two sets of horns?
File: xRiQQtE.jpg (349 KB, 923x1200)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
>Transformation 3
>>into any body type with the same mass, starting with pic
>Monkey Paw Wish
>>for the restoration of mankind to full potential of all
Doesn't say anywhere that 'horns' has to be exactly two, so sure.
File: IMG_0704.png (546 KB, 584x650)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
WIP but the thread's moving so fast / mods itchy with their fingers that it'll probably be dead and gone before I finish so,

>Genitalia: Vagina, Lubrication, Musculature, Plush
>Shape: Modest
>Chest: Gifted
>Influences: Pseudodevascent, Xenosubstantial
>Face: Seductive
>Flourishes: Ouroboros Metabolism, Lernaean Hymen, Lactation, Nurturing, Commanding Mien

Think a mix of Khalida from Tomb Kings 6E with 82 White Chain Born in Emptiness of KSBD.

>Strategy: Brooding, Conditional Emergence
>Specialty: Multitudinous, Monarch

Quicker baby belly development and recovery, many specialized minions / spawn.

>Treasure: Crimson Manual, Primordial Woad, >Rite of Worldstepping, Regal Array, Filthy Lucre
>Bonds: Knights in Crimson, Personal Sect, Lithar the Siren, Crimson Sprite, Bonded Bride, Thronemaiden
>Urges: Widow's Hunger, Thrallmaker, Nightmare Cycle, Questant of the Throne
>Stigmata: Of the Rebel

>Castellan of the Cosmos: Conquering Crusader, Crimson Cabal

Total Stats
>Pedigree: 5
>Status: 7
>Allure: 1

Next Post, Bonded Bride
File: 1392139255192.png (225 KB, 746x832)
225 KB
225 KB PNG

>Genitalia: Vagina, Embellishments, Cilia, Lumen, Plush
>Shape: Enticing
>Chest: Gifted, Multiplicity
>Influences: Multiplexive
>Face: Seductive, Chakra Eye
>Flourishes: Ouroboros Metabolism, Lernaean Hymen, Lactation, Bountiful, Nurturing, Addicting, Aphrodisiac, Dependent, Aesthetic Mutations

>Strategy: Cultivation, Rapid Maturation
>Specialty: Humanoid, Hybrids

>Treasure: Lavender Grimoire, Primordial Woad, Abyssal Ink, Rite of Echo Bestowal, Seductive Array, Filthy Lucre
>Bonds: Lithar the Siren, Sensual Ritualists, >Personal Sect, Lavendar Sprite, Bonded Bride
>Urges: Throne's Shadow, Questant of the Throne
>Stigmata: Of the Rebel

>Castellan of the Cosmos: Gardener of Devotion

Total Stats
>Pedigree: 6
>Status: 1
>Allure: 7
Can I get the full version of or the source on the Kizuna Ai image used for the Terrible Humor quirk?
Not the author, but here you go: http://discobrando.tumblr.com/post/157617257256/whenever-someone-lewds-kizuna-ai-cos-bandwagon

Question. What if I'm black but make her a nazi extremist just for shits and giggles?

Would she still love me or am I going to get murdered in my sleep?
File: 1360434819663.jpg (78 KB, 800x600)
78 KB

Two Brides for the Teiatat, each complimenting the other. One: The Warlady. Shaped to bear and lead an army in the name of Teiatat, Holder of the Three Thrones, but caged by xenobiology so that I might never forget either aspects nor find any beyond my Deity to eternally satisfy my needs. The other: The Jewel. Cut and polished to please those around her as she sires heirs fitting for the labor of a Bride, her proverbial wings clipped so that she might never fly either far from home or for long under her own power.

Alone, either of us Bride might be a fitting - if less than perfect - addition to their Lord's collection. Together, we are worthy additions to his Harem: As the Crimson Lady I ensure neither damage nor unwanted advances (or, with as much, unwanted descendants) shall be forced upon his Songbird; As the Glimmering Gem, her polish brings allure to the Warlady's company so that I might carry the Holder of the Three Thrones' will beyond the tip of a pike or providence of an army.

A peculiarity even among Bonded Brides, the both of us hail from not only the same planet but from the same species and fleeting moment in the infinite time-stream of the universe. "Gifted" each with a deeply nestled fragment of our former psyche's, the bond that this sliver of our past lives has helped to nurture between us is considered more than compensatory for our minuscule loss in devotion when outside our beloved deity Teiatat's company… for the time being.
File: 1477208175446.png (482 KB, 1280x689)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
Alter World 2
Immortality 2
Porn Physics
Grimoire - Enslave
Grimoire - Summon Toy

>Unlimited Mode
Majestic Manhood
Protean Penis
Cum Together 2
Hypno Dong
Dong Dominion
Mass Production
Love Juices
Tasty Treat
>What if I'm black
Did he update it? I don't remember that as one of the drawbacks.
If those two builds are one character, then you're winning my friend.
File: Too Swole to Control.jpg (324 KB, 1524x1008)
324 KB
324 KB JPG
I assumed they were when I was making the builds
It is hotter that way
I'm not always a fan of Dmitris stuff, but that pic is hot.
File: 1487102530297.png (3.02 MB, 829x4581)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB PNG
MP / using them don't seem to be mentioned again
It never actually said how many spells you get

Is there a bit missing?
This one is god-tier. I especially like the effort the author put in to get that many appropriate pictures.
The number of spells you get is the number of "bestial/demonic magic" in the first section (or from Anna Lott, or from Conjoined/True Beast on the spells page).

The section that would've used MP is presumably the phantom update >>7375259 mentioned.

> The number of spells you get is the number of "bestial/demonic magic" in the first section (or from Anna Lott, or from Conjoined/True Beast on the spells page).

That seems to work a little oddly then. You spend 3 form points to give you 1 spell which you then spend to give you +6 form points. Or spend a spell to... get another spell.
>Money -3
>Beauty (-2)
Nothing major. Just fix some stuff until I'ma a solid 8/10.
>Luck (-2)
>Pleasure (-2)
>Tier 2 (-1)
>Immortality (-5)
>Shallow as fuck (-2)
Pic related, Shigure.

Need to make 17.

>High Libido (+3)
>Dirty Mouth (+1)
>Clingy (+1)
>Tier 2 (+1)
>Desserts (+1)
Her sexual fluids
>Tier 2 (+1)
Her blood.
>Yandere (+1)
>Always by your side (+2)
>Nightmares (+1)
>Emasculation (+1)
>Romantic Messages (+1)
>Crybaby (+1)
>Scarred (+1)
>Bossy (+1)
Humanoid 5

Snap BR
Change EN
Gaze H
Hidden H


Regeneration 15
Agility 25
Tracker 30
Winged 40
Pleasure Birth 50

Stay at Home Mom 3
Researcher 10

Bright Eyes 55
Major City: Apartment
>boons, traits and then suddenly the CYOA ends as if in the middle of it.
Most of these are liked that, I love when they really go beyond the selection stage.
I'd love to see a weight gain/SSBBW CYOA
File: OQm1M30.jpg (417 KB, 1280x1932)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
File: 7iSbogl.jpg (357 KB, 1638x1728)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
>Poorly shopping dicks onto other people's works
>10+ years.
Let's go for a 13 year difference
We don't know how exactly we're related but we do have similiar hair and eye colors
>first name both times
It's a hard name to wear out. Plus this is America
>Friendly, Lustful, protective
She's been kinda scared of everything that's happened so far, but she seems trusts me and got herself a crush
>Genki, Tomboy, clingy, lewd, genius, mature, kind, submissive, popular, nurturing
I basically end up hanging around with a bunch of little girls all the time with this. The two of us shape up a lot of little girls into perfect little future wives but also make them a bit too nerdy for their own good.
>sleeping, Kissing, Bathing, Handholding, Hugging, Nibbling, stalking
I was in a one room apartment before all this. we pretty much share everything and she doesn't really see a problem with being so close physically. She makes friends easily but is still scared of not having me close by on the inside.
She prefers a homebody lifestyle
Much shorter than me. I can pick her up with no effort at all
Ridiculously large for her age
she is very young after all
Her strongest asset, her tits are huge for a porn star, but her ass doesn't even compare
Her assets still look huge on her, but it looks more natural with normal than with scrawny
She doesn't go out unless she needs to
She wears a lot of clothes that are much too small or much too big for her. It's mostly just casual hipster sweaters, jackets, microskirts, short shorts, and sweatpants
>To be important
>Catfight, Bullying, NEET, amnesia, Dropped
Theres a few of her old friends at school bullying her because they don't have me as their caretaker. In response, we invite them over, talk things through and I get a loli harem in the end.
>Frilly or None
>Plump lips, good smile
An amazing combination
was I only mentioning one of them the entire time? They're pretty similar to each other really.
>expecting CYOAs to be full of unaltered, OC images
File: 1485569556864.png (2.88 MB, 1200x3430)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB PNG
File: 1456361027107.jpg (3.78 MB, 5560x4024)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB JPG

I'd really like to see a massive expansion to this one.

>Royal Marriage (pt 1)
>Queen/Prince: Maria and Ashley
>Body: Feminine curves and womb (pts 2-3).
>Behavior: Peculiarity and Bonus (pts 4-5), Date Night (pt 6), He Said She Said and Bonus (pts 7-8)

That about covers it, they'll be cute without boobs which the curves help with, but it'd be great to start a lineage with the womb.

I'd really like to see this grow as large as some of others, with tons of parameters like your living arrangements, entourage, etc.
I expect effort.
Then make one.
I am. Not for this thread, though.
Great. Go to that thread, I'm sure they're eagerly awaiting your offerings.
I'm in both. The power of tabs.
Mammalian [BIR 40]

Average Size

Body - 50/50 [40]

Gaze - For mindbreaking some loyal allies.
Wave - To increase mindbreak speeds
Fitting - For the small small girls.
Blast - more for the girls to share. [BIR 50]

Back again - because dying sucks. I dont know what a [b] ability is though.
Brainwashing - more effective than snap for spies.

T-Limbs - cause tentacles [35]
Fur (Free)
Agility - gotta go fast [25]
Thermal [20]
Birth Mark - to talk to my spies from a distance [15]
Binding [11]
Ribbed [8]
Pheremones [0]

Researcher [BIR 55] [7/15]
Old Friend [15/15]

Lair City Warehouse. I think I'll be setting up webs and living above the ground floor anyways.

So yeah. There's basically no [M] skills and [B] never showed up again.
File: 1491440025699.jpg (1.32 MB, 898x4496)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
File: 1489609915231.jpg (1.42 MB, 899x4670)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
What happened to that image?
File: nazi waifu.jpg (43 KB, 400x500)
43 KB
>What if I'm black and have a extremist nazi waifu?
Hmmmm... Ill give you 2 possible scenarios.

Your waifu will be deeply shamed of her love for you and her obsession with your buff chocolate body, she will try to resist you, but the mere thought of your big black nigger cock is enough to make her tremble with lust and make her SS panties soaked in her pussy juices. She will learn to accept that her pure blooded body belongs to you and do mental gymnastics to justify why you are the only nigger that is equal to aryans. She might convince herself that you were Hitler in your previous life, but you where reborn as a black man as a punishment from god for failing to kill all the jews. When you two go out in public she will beg you to were makeup to cover up your blackness and if any of her nazi friends finds out she is married to a nigger she will make up excuses, like telling them you are in fact a white man but you suffer from revitiligo (the oposite of vitiligo).

Your waifu will view your blackness as inferiority, she will do everything to remind you of how inferior you are to her and tell you that you should be grateful to her for letting you put your disgusting black horse dong in her tight and pretty aryan pussy. She might call you and your penis disgusting, but in reality she is completely obsessed with your dark skinned body and if she stares to long at it she might start to drool or bite her lip in sexual frustration, while her mind yearns for you to ravage her with your black delicious dinosaur dick. She views black people as semi-intelligent animals that somehow can speak and will rationalize her fetish for niggers as bestiality, since they are animals. She will show you kindness, tenderness and love, since humans can do that to pet animals, even if animals are inferior to humans. But a pet must be well trained and know its place, she will do everything she can to turn you into a racist self hating uncle Tom.
>T H I C C
>Attacking, Worshipping, Dependant
>Confident, Tomboy, Dominant, Delinquent, Bitch, Filthy, Scarred
>Fetish Tier 2, Youthful, Perfect Hair, Videogames, Beautiful, Income, Good Taste
>Closer, Collar Tier 2, Bondage, Love Bites
Honorary Aryan, duh.
As tempting as G sounds, I can't resist cute ojousamas, so I'll go with L.
Cat is cutest, but breeding like rabbits with the rabbit sounds much more fun.

File: IMG_1217.jpg (31 KB, 324x289)
31 KB

>pick Meek and Daddy Issues as well
>nazi waifu tries to act tough and calls you a nigger in public, but Daddy when alone
>if you express any disappointment in her the facade crumbles like and begs for forgiveness, even in public
>asks you to spank the nazi out of her, but inevitably is set in her ways
>cycle repeats ad infinitum
I think I't be funnier if she was also sexist and emasculating, she'd be crying as she makes you into a sissy
>HAHA I'm turning daddy into a mommy
>Don't leave me Daddy

It's hilarious in general when someone who would absolutely hate you in any other circumstance is not incapable of doing anything about it, but wants nothing more than to please you.

Or just people acting contrary to what they normally believe and how they justify it to themselves.

Pick a feminist extremist but also give her Daddy Issues and Meek? She'll vehemently curse the patriarchy but she's still a Daddy's Girl at heart.

Pick a Muslim extremist but also make her an exhibitionist? She'll wear the skimpiest burkas possible.
I like this one.

Starting with (5)


>Dependant (+1)
>Harmless (-2)
>Worshipping (+1)

>Girly Girl
>Poor (+2)

>Great Cook (-2)
>Fetish (-2)
>Video Games (-1)
>Income (-5) w/condition (+2)
>Motherly (-2)
>Youthful (-3)

>Closer (+1)
>Hers Forever (+5)


>A Family

Started at 5, had (+12) and (-17) for a total of 0.
agreed, thanks man!
>Age: 7-9 years
I'm 25, she's 17.
>Blood relations
She's my sister, no doubt about that... Mom and dad were kind of fiercely monogamous.
'Aniki' - when she isn't just using my name. Which is a lot.
Friendly. We get on pretty well, even if her encyclopedic knowledge of youtubers baffles me.
>Personality traits
Tomboy - As if the 'aniki' didn't tip you off.
Genius - The kid's kind of a prodigy.
Kind - She's got a good heart...
Haughty - ...and she won't let you forget it.
Mature - Kind of fits with the 'genius' bit, dunnit?
Lewd - Uh... well. Ahem. Yeah.
>Physical habits
Hugging, sleeping, and - lewdest of all - head pats. She slides into bed with me... a lot.
The beach, because it's close and she loves swimming. The grocers, because FUCK YEAH COOKING. And the theater, because I'm in good with the manager, and he lets us in free sometimes.
Similar. She's a little shorter, but not a lot.
Regular, I guess?
Cute. Super-cute.
Uh... definitely thick. Wow.
Athletic. Mostly from the swimming, I think?
>Skin tone
Tanned. Again - beach, swimming. It happens.
Unladylike. She borrows my clothes half the time!
To be with me. With is... actually... really awesome.
Bullying... jeez. Happened to me when I was her age, too... we'll get her through it.
Remember when I mentioned that she's been wearing my clothes? Yeah, that goes for her underwear, too. I don't think she actually owns any panties anymore... oh, right. She doesn't. She sold them all online to pay for jiujitsu lessons.

Come to think of it, that bully problem may clear up pretty soon...
...no, the bandages are actually there for a reason. No, the injury wasn't recent. Look, she's just kind of sensitive about her scars, okay? Jeez. It's not like she's some chunibyo... it was just an accident on her bike, and she doesn't want to wear gloves all the time.
>Become a futa
>Setting: Accepted
>Superficialities: Normal size, Normal build, Normal bust
>Downstairs: 6" and easily aroused
>Cum: Big loads, Opium of the People
>Mind: Carefree, Wet Dreams
>Orientation: Totally Bi
>Life: High School archetype (futas welcome!), Live with Parents housing (private bathroom), Manual masturbation
The news just came in the mail! I won an all-expenses-paid scholarship to Saint Futa's Academy, one of the most prestigious all-dickgirl institutions in my state. This is a really big opportunity for me: my mom and dad love me a lot and they designated one of the house's bathrooms as just for me once I hit puberty, but they don't really get what it's like to be a girl like me. The academy will be great for me to learn at. I'm especially looking forward to health classes.
Am I going to regret this?
Nah I should probably be fine, this is 4-Chan.

So this one is for the "Tit Happens" CYOA that was posted on 04/19/17. You can just click the number with the forward brackets in front to view the first page. Here's a brief synopsis though: You're moving to a new city and you found a girl online who will let you be their roommate. Now, out of nowhere the boobs of all the world's women have ballooned to incredibly larger sizes and now the world needs to adapt to this new change.

So the first page asks to choose the girl I'm moving in with. Let's see...

I selected Janelle for this one. She's a gaming geek (like me) and is pretty good at them as well. Count me the fuck IN! She's open to trying new things, which is good for a LOT of situations (e.g. in the bedroom, new restaurants, concerts...) Plus, she is super cute! Now she's practically squealing over how her boobs are as big as a lot of different anime characters', and we're having an absolute ball with them! I work at Walmart 40 hours a week with sporadic off days, but since she's often at home playing competitive most days, she's usually right there when I get home. It's both my work at Walmart and her Twitch streams that help pay the bills ad fund luxuries, so we're REALLY alright!
I don't expect effort. But disfiguring someone else's work with ms paint quality dicks and MS paint font is just bad form.
Okay continuing off the last one, the second page has two parts so...
Part one has to do with mutations. It has three different selection modes but I decided to home-brew one I hope won't be too broken. What I'll do is roll a 1D6 and hand pick that number of mutations. This is a "Choose YOUR Own Adventure" so I suppose it allows that.

Okay I rolled a 5... hmm... Time to get mutating!

1. Malleable - Her breasts are incredibly elastic, and can be compressed to fit through spaces much smaller than they are. This also affects her nipples.
2. Adaptive temp - Thanks to this mutation, she'll never be uncomfortable outside. Her breasts adapt to the temperature, generating heat in the cold or being cool in hot weather.
3. Huge - Her breasts were significantly affected by what happened, and are very large compared to the new average size.
4. Solar powered - Her breasts can absorb the sun's energy, and she can wirelessly power any electronic device near her. an hour of sun = 1/2 day of power.
5. Iron skin - Since she now has much more skin to cover up, her body has made her skin unnaturally tough. It's still soft, but can't be pierced, and could even deflect bullets

Last, I can pick three items that can help me and Janelle deal with these crazy things! I mean we love them, but maintaining them is a job to themselves!

1. Stretchy clothing that effectively work well at breast support
2. Skin lotion that makes her skin amAZING!
3. Robotic butler (We named him Bassie!)

And alright! That's that! I gotta go now though, Janey's been begging me to play Snipperclips with her for a stream and it starts in like 5 minutes! Peace my fellow nuts!

Sauce on the girl in the "Pure and Innocent" pic?? THANKS AHEAD OF TIME!

>Random Mode
Oh boy, let's see what I get

>Results (rearranged in numerical order)
Clingy, which I'll take the upgraded version (love it)
Fertile, which I'll upgrade to infertility
Always by your side (oh dear)
Sweaty (I'm into it, though I guess since I'm hot all the time too, we'd crank the AC way, way up so we can cuddle)
Cum Addict
Unique Style (guess I'll pick "tribal" for this)

This gives me 11 points to start with. Now to play as normal.

Infinite money (-5), Tier 2 Skill: romance (-4), Beauty (-2), tier 2 Pleasure (-3), immortality (-5), change: everyone can have perfect sleep (-3)

Picky (-1) - she looks like the girl from

FINAL: -12

+2 each: High Libido (twice a day), Twin sister (3 waifus... wait, with "High Libido" does that mean I gotta fuck each of them twice a day, or do foursomes count?), Snug Fit (tier 2)
+1 each: Exhibitionist, Sex Marathon, Desserts (sexual fluids), Seductive, Phone Sex, Milk Lover, Horny, Hungry, Super Tight, Sensitive, I Say Stop, Fuck Me Please!, Dripping Wet

...which puts me at 7 points. I actually wanted to take some superpowers and stuff, but I was worried I'd have to take extra quirks. Too late now though, I guess.
Goat is top tier but she's black. Have to go with the cat.
Got a problem with negroes?
I don't find them attractive.

Normal Mode

Entertainment T2 (-3)
Luck (-5)
Pleasure T2 (-8)
Adventure T2 (-12)
Hearth and Home T2 (-15)
Comfort (-17)
Change x2 (-23)
Immortality T2 (-29)

Twin Sister (-28)
Split Personality T5 (-26)
Clingy T2 (-21)
Sex Marathon (-21)
Favorite Toy (-20)
Orgasm Denial (-19)
Fertility T0 (-18)
Snug Fit T2 (-16)
Desserts T2 (-14) Breast Milk, Sexual Fluids
Weapon Obsession T2 (-15)
Yandere T2 (-13)
Always By Your Side (-11)
Phone Sex (-10)
Pet Play (-9)
Hide and Seek (-8)
Let Go! (-7)
Milk Lover (-6)
Nightmares (-5)
Romantic Messages (-4)
Super Tight (-3)
Somnopilia (-2)
I Say Stop (-1)
Bossy (0)
File: Capture.png (233 KB, 285x350)
233 KB
233 KB PNG

Normal mode

Immortality & Money T2 (-10)

Choosy (-10) (The body swap girl)

Magical Girl (-9)

Orgasm Denial (-8)

Seductive (-7)

Favorite Color (-6)

Let go! (-5)

Nightmares (-4)

Cum Addict (-3)

Favorite Hole: Mouth (-2)

Sensitive (-1)

Body Swap (0)
Can't attach PDFs here so download Slut Life here:

Do it!
Yeah, deep inside she KNOWS that Dady would always leave her and that would be beacuse of her being unworthy and not doing enough, so it's kinda like a selffulfilling prophecy she can't help but help to come true.
Disembowel me daddy
File: pure.jpg (78 KB, 800x567)
78 KB
>High Libido, sex twice per day
>Twin Sister, upgraded version so 2 waifus
>Do I have to have sex 2 times per day or 6 times per day?
If you have the equipment to fuck all your waifus at the same time then its 3 times per day. But if you can't, you will have sex 6 times per day.
Ilse all the way!
Or a burka and nothing else. A nice sheer burka that goes translucent when the light hits it, and which is tight enough to see each curve in perfect detail.
Both these CYOAs would be far superior without the awkward dicks.
Body Type
Breast Size
Hips, Butt and Thighs
Type of Yandere
Personality and Traits
>Perfect Hair
>Good taste
>Secret Ingredient (upgrade)
>Tech Savvy
>Your undying love
(I don't want a yandere waifu.)
Fetish is upgraded too. Forgot to say.
>Pick a feminist extremist but also give her Daddy Issues and Meek?
Bitches like this exist and they're all over tumblr.
Surprise surprise. You're dealing with idiots.
That is a valid opinion which I share
How would a sexist feminist extremist act?
New Thread
Just go to any American campus and take some gender studies classes. You'll have all kinds of examples then.
>"Be a man"
>"You're such a misogynist"
>"Men and women are equal."
>"If a women hits you, you can't hit back because it's unfair."
I feel like the twin sister qwirk should be a special multiplicative effect instead of a qwirk on its own because you more or less have to deal with 2x or 3x what you asked for with the other qwirks. It soon becomes unbearable for such a small point reward.
>I hate all men and am not afraid to scream it
>I need a safe space because casual conversation with men can leave me triggered
Ah fuck, we've hit the bump limit
There's been a new thread for quite some time.
The new thread is a lie
Janitors just don't like this thread
Did they really delete the new thread?
yes, idk why
Well we're on page 10 and past the bump limit so somebody make a new one.
They hate the thread? I have no idea why.

It better not be because we still had this thread in autosage on page 10, there are literally two active hypno threads right now.
Are they able to force a thread into archive? If they can they should just do that if thats their problem.
Whatever, new new thread

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