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Please don't rollpost, use this instead if necessary (although it rarely is): https://www.random.org/

Previous thread: >>7422457
>Programs you can use to make CYOAs of your own
Gimp: https://www.gimp.org/
SAI: https://www.systemax.jp/en/sai/
CYOA Maker: https://github.com/ogkloo/CYOA-Maker

>CYOA archives and Image Resources
File: 1494858133889.jpg (3.96 MB, 1200x9852)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB JPG
File: 1494858177550.jpg (3.98 MB, 1200x9750)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB JPG
File: 51DLJQf.jpg (3.73 MB, 1500x5530)
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3.73 MB JPG
>Method of control
>Slave types
I remember Tokaar saying one's free, so I'll take Happy slave and Pet slave, cause those are cute. -4 with my moc, 10 points
Rewrite personality, Mass control, Immortality, Self hypnosis (for that sweet immortality bb), and Charm -8, 2 points left
Telekinesis, Flesh sculptor, Planeswalker -14, -12 points
Permanent changes, Laura, Rapey slaves, Eldritch horror, Deus vult, Sign of influence, Unnatural Aura +9, -3 points
Slaver's pact for a quality reward
I want to hug and protect Zynthia

This is a pretty comfy build, use mass control to take over earth, use planeswalker to conquer/fuck around in some other universes, build a harem of unique slaves and alter their personalities and bodies to make them top tier waifus. If you're worried about going insane, immortality heals sanity and with planeswalker you won't be bored.
File: Seven Sexy Sins D.png (3.51 MB, 1200x9477)
3.51 MB
3.51 MB PNG
File: Genderswap Fate.jpg (106 KB, 736x1128)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Starting points: 14
Familiar -2
Conditioned Slave -1

/11 Points left\

Genderswap -1
Triggers -1
Immortality -2
Tireless Servant -1
Self-Hypnosis (Free with Familiar)
Combat Training -3

/5 Points left\

Summoning -1
Expanded Mind -3
Telekineses -3

\-2 Points left\

Slave Limit +2
Sign of Influence +1

/1 Points left\

Holy Grail Pact +2

Hayami Yui (free)
Alexandra Archibald and Jamie Smith -1

/0 point left\

With this build, I will be able to win the Holy Grail War.

I do not need summoning for my slaves, but it was nessesary for the Holy Grail Pact.
My slaves does everything of their own free will, if they don't want to do something, i'll respect that.
They will, however, be infused with superhuman fighting skills. Combined this with Tireless, they will be a great asset for the Holy Grail War.
I myself will be very powerful with Telekinesis and very intelligent with Expanded Mind.

With Self-Hypnosis, I will Infuse myself superhuman fighting skills aswel and use Genderswap on myself once in a while.
For Immortality, I do not need this Boon on myself, because I already am.

As for my slaves, Hayami Yui will be my main dps together with Arturia.
Alexandra Archibald will be someone who be the Maid in house and could cook us food for when we're away for the Grail War.
As for Jamie Smith, he will become a she. I will make her become an assassin that could take out the masters.
As for the Sign of Influence, their eyes will have Code Geass symbol shaped pupils. The ones you also could get as lenses.

After the war, I'll live a quiet life with my slaves and familiar. With Expanded mind, I won't need to worry about money.
I am not sure what I want to wish for, tho.
Forgot to edit the points after adding 2 boons.
Needs to be
0 points

First slave types is free? That makes a lot more sense than having to buy every one.

Starting points: 14

>Method of Control
Telepathy (-3,11)
>Slave Type
Unaware Slave (0,11)
Self-Hypnosis, Sensitivity, Libido, Normalize, Charm, Orgasm Control, Triggers, Induce Fetish, Rewrite Personality, Rewrite Memory (-10,1)
Flesh Sculptor (-5,-4)
Sign of Influence (+1,-3)
Comfy Pact (+3,0)
Gwedillth needs someone to cheer her up

Self-Hypnosis to Normalize myself, a little work to mind control a lottery jackpot for myself, and then spend the rest of my days slowly expanding my harem and letting people live their lives normally while I change things as I please. My home area is about to get really weird.

If I wanted to go all out, I'd add Immortality and Tireless Servant, and balance it out with Unnatural Aura and Eldritch Horror, but I dunno if living forever is worth looking that weird.
>I remember Tokaar saying one's free, so I'll take Happy slave and Pet slave, cause those are cute. -4 with my moc, 10 points
Nope, someone suggested I could make the first slave type free and lower the starting points by 1.
Well, bugger. *Stares at Drawbacks wondering where to get another point from*

Probably wouldn't be a bad idea, since they're all 1-cost and you have to take one. Or maybe make a free one that's 'incomplete control' as default?
Still begs the question. What happens if you don't take any types? Is one mandatory?
They wouldn't follow your commands one can presume. You could still transform them and render them incapable of escaping. A rewrite memory alone could work wonders.
You won't be able to control your slaves. But if you want to go full super power you could do that. Like this for example:
>Means of Control: Contract (14)
>Slave type: None

>Self Hypnosis (13)
>Combat Training (10)
>Immortality (8)

>Planeswalker (2)
>Telekinesis (-1)

>Drawbacks: Deus Vult (0)

>Slave: None
Ah, bummer. I guess I'll just not have pet slaves, I mean, couldn't I go to a universe of girls who act like animals and enslave some there? Also, somebody brought up the possibility of, with infinite universes, there should be a universe with somebody stronger than you, who could also planewalk. I think it's looking too deep into the power, but it'd be interesting to hear your take on it.
Also, I forgot to mention, that the anon brought up that the other planeswalker stronger than you could hate you and want to kill you.
You could take familiar instead of telepathy.
Then you'd even save the point from self hypnosis.
I want to make an unofficial expansion for Seven Sexy Sins where an angel offers to redeem your soul if you become the husbando of one of the Seven Sexy Virtues. looking into one of my anthropology books about christian orthodoxy (I know my /tg/ is showing) I've gotten a good brief about each virtue.

Chastity: Being honest with people and being discrete with your sexual activity, not necessarily abstinence.

Temperance: Self control, thoughtfulness. Don't be quick to judge others.

Charity: not necessarily donating, more so sacrificing your wants to help others in needs. Do kind things for people.

Diligence: Think before you act

Patience: Be forgiving, don't hold grudges

Kindness: self explanatory

Humility: Not thinking less of yourself but thinking of other people. Not necessarily being humble but thinking well of others instead of assuming the worst, being respectful.

I was thinking about making the boon humanity-wide so as to make taking one of the Virtues virtuous. I'll have to think about how each Virtue will act in contrast to their Sin. Any ideas?
Can immortality revert conditioned slaves to their original state?
I kinda prefer to have control of my own powers. The "embarrassing pranks" part makes me feel like a familiar would mind control you to do embarrassing things, not a fan.
Same. Mild mischief is fine, but I'm worried the familiar would screw over my plans and/or do actual damage to my life, even with a supportive personality.
Wouldn't hypnosis be just as effective then?
Only one problem, I can't get mass control with it
Multiple people can't look at the same pendulum?
File: 1494035203006.jpg (3.87 MB, 1500x9800)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB JPG
File: 1494035333955.jpg (3.24 MB, 1500x4500)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB JPG
Similar issue here. Hypnosis is slow as all hell, which is a major downside for self use and for the few uses on others I plan (mostly Rewrite Memory). I mostly want to make a luxurious new life for my character and that's much more difficult to pull off with Hypnosis. Sigil + Self Hypnosis seems much more reliable, though I do have to plan removing the Sigil evidence.
Keep it Together?
Falling Apart?

Actually, corrupted "look good in public" versions might be cool too.
Chastity has to uphold her image, but she's really a kinkster who loves wearing a vibe under her clothes

Temperance puts on a front of being forbearing, but in private she's a mad domme with a flog that loves to vent her anger.

Charity runs a not-for-profit whorehouse

Diligence... I got nothin for her.

Patience has an orgasm control/desperation fetish.

Kindness is a total masochist

Humility loves humiliating her husbando

Stuff like that.
File: Futa P1.jpg (3.46 MB, 1280x8062)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB JPG
File: Futa P2.jpg (2.54 MB, 1280x5541)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB JPG
File: MonsterDens104-1.jpg (2.81 MB, 1200x9000)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
File: MonsterDens104-2.jpg (2.67 MB, 1200x8733)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB JPG
File: MonsterDens104-EX-1.jpg (2.98 MB, 1200x8553)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG
File: MonsterDens104-EX-2.jpg (1.76 MB, 1200x2636)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
I would think that hypnosis can be used on multiple people at once. Nothing says it can't.
Just become a world famous hypnotist using some slaves/powers to give yourself some cred, then hypnotize the world on national television.
I agree it can be used on multiple people--it's the time issue for me. I want to be able to speed hypnotise myself as needed. I want to be able to adjust multiple other people (largely memories) quickly--basically an infiltration job. I'd have to work much, much harder to pull this off with Hypnosis. With Sigil, I just have to worry about removing the evidence.

-Means of Control-

-Slave Types-
>Unaware Slave

>Rewrite Memory
>Rewrite Personality
>Mass Control
>Hive Mind

>Expanded Mind

>Power of Chaos (I need someone to post my new body)
>Sign of Influence (the sight of my symbol a woman's eyes will fill my enemies with dread)

>Pact of Ascension
>Nemesis Pact
>Slavers Pact
>Pact of Domination
>Pact of Hell
>Fukawa Miyo
>Gwendillth Everglade

Sorry, but you're the target for my nemesis pact. You can rule over your area, but you'll do it under me. You'll supply me with your best slave every month and any supplies you don't need to survive. You'll also rule under me as I spread my influence across the land.

My Idea with this build is to become a conqueror with a massive slave hivemind to do my bidding. Eventually I'll become an androgynous demon prince/princess working under the nameless one, spreading my influence over the multiverse.
File: Blob_3.jpg (25 KB, 300x300)
25 KB
There you go champ
At least it isn't super silly. Thanks :^)
Can you add a point system to these please
Can't wait to see more of these
Sorta looks like a cool buffed up 626
It also has no genitals, so there is that small problem. Have fun living a chaste life!
Realistic Mode

Community: Lylium Church

Barn with both type upgrades upgrades(13G)
greenhouse for insects(10G)
Quarters with incorporeal upgrade(8G)

M: Cow, Horse, Fox, and Cat(6.5G)
I: Centipede, Moth, Spider, and Silkmoth(3.6G)
Pixy and Fairy to stay in the House(.2G)
IC: Darkness, Dullahan, Phantom, and Wispmother(13.5G)

Job: Archaeology

Free Circe (Darkness regens chitin every month and Spider becomes albino variant)

Motivation: Sex

Interests: Blacksmithing, Magic, and Graverobing

Land: Serrania

House: Library, Private room, Shelter, and Saferoom(12G)

Farm: Tavern, Milkers, Warehouse, and Watchtower(12G)

Disaster (rolled 7)

Time to kill: Architect

Blueprints(Stocks and Training ground)
antidote x2 (1G)
Hmm, could probably make a decent 'Reality change: Futadom world' sort of CYOA, but I should finish one project first before starting another.

(Unlimited mode)

Size: Plus Ultra (4)

Majestic Manhood (1)
Prehensile (1)
Multipeen (3)
Multi-ball (3)
Dong Dominion (1)
Mass Production (1)
Tasty Treat (1)
Virile (1)

Partner (1)
Testicle Tanks (1)

Presto! Perfect GF material.
umm, you can only make 1 pact
When's Futadom world coming?
File: 1473557564528.png (23 KB, 120x148)
23 KB
I still think the disasters need an overhaul, but as far as I know the maker disappeared completely after he said he'd take a break then overhaul the CYOA add ons.

Might make my own version if he's really not around anymore.
So how does body swap interact if you swap bodies with your slaves especially if you have fml? And for that matter the pact of domination of your part of the selected gender how's that function? And by enslaved does molag mean enslaved by you or by society as a whole?
I think this is a good idea, I would like it.
As long as there aren't any points given, i'll just go with what I would do.

Normal Height
Normal build
Reasonable Bust
No extra Bonus

20cm Penis
Grower and Pussy bonus
Big loads cum
Opium of the People + Addicted to yourself
About to Pop

Wet dreams
Totally Bi

I guess the Godess would be fine with this?
File: Do it faggot!.png (577 KB, 600x637)
577 KB
577 KB PNG
File: 005.png (1.87 MB, 2150x3036)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
Accepted: This is always a worthwhile choice, but having more futa flooding the world is always a positive.

Purchase Trend:

Chubby, Huge, 10", Big Loads, Boys: Ideally Traps but this works too if they're androgynous enough

Things I would buy:

Pheromones, Testicles, Sweaty, Easily Aroused, Delish/Nutrish, Casual Faps, Wet Dreams,

Things I wouldn't buy, but like as a bonus:

Sensitive Breasts, Autofellatio Addiction, About to pop(a troublesome name...), Carefree

Things as Drawbacks I would choose for more points:

Messy(annoying), If it fits(inconsequential), Spontaneous Orgasm(inconsequestial without Messy, Just using condoms),

Unsated Desires:
Tertiary Beauty: Call it a side-effect generational breeding, but a few additional options to make femboys or dommy girls exist as a standard and likely to be involved with your life.

Casual Groping, Transformative Semen: Traps/BE
>average bodytype
>average bust
>big loads
>Bonuses: Pheromones, testicles, pussy, only for show, Opium of the people, delicious
Playing on easy.
Huge tits
Sensitive breasts
Get the hose
Opium of the people
Addicted to yourself
Casual masturbation


I really really need a job. I have prior work experience as a butler, so how hard could being a maid be. Because I''m really cash strapped, I would even consider signing away my rights for a few years as a temporary slave.
Here's my job application, any employers out there?

You are the boss, so whatever you say goes.

>Messy Black


Penis size:
I don't see why this is needed for an application.

>Work: Whatever uniform is needed for the job
>Casual: Ordinary
If you're willing to let me borrow some clothes, sure, otherwise, whatever you want
>Formal: Blazer
Something I have on hand, if you don't like it, I wont wear it.
>Bedroom: Pajamas

>Obedient Neutral
I should know my place, under my master
>Neat Freak

Favorite Food:

I'm still around. Several things that could'a gone wrong have gone wrong, and I'm having real trouble getting everything sorted out. Don't wanna bore y'all with details, but hopefully I'll be able to pick things back up next week.
This is an odd question but I was just wondering for switches. Is it possible to use self-hypnosis to do a contract with one of your slaves where you enslave yourself to them for a period of time you note and then go back to being free when that expires?

Because being a dom 24/7 can get boring sometimes.
What are the limits of Monstrification?
Does it have to be well-established monster girls or can I do stuff like werecorgis who are super agreeable and whose preternaturally fluffy butts have a strong therapeutic effect on anyone who pets them?
Yes, that is possible.

Pretty much any monster girl found monster girl wiki, except genies or you could turn someone into a genie but they wouldent be able to grant wishes. http://monstergirlencyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Monster_Girl_Encyclopedia
>Yes, that is possible.
And use body swap and mind alteration to do a total role reversal? Perhaps even have her be smart enough to get you to do another one that overrides it and makes it perminant and hav eyou become her prized pet.
>Yes, that is possible.

Alright thanks. Was going to just do something with gags so I can't issue commands but this is a better idea and wanted to make sure it was cool.
That's good news. Not the trouble, but the continued existence.
>Because being a dom 24/7 can get boring sometimes.
That was the premise of my build when I 'played' that cyoa. Not that I would actually get myself properly enslaved though, but rather, I would set up an underground 'slave' auction, then change my appearance and become part of my establishment's chattel. Bids at the auction would (generally) not be for the permanent ownership of a slave, so it's closer to a special brothel in a way, but ownership could last days or months. After my term expires, I'd change back, check on the operation's management and staff, and take care of other such matters. When everything was in order, I'd assume a new guise, renew my slave triggers, and set myself up to get sold off again.
File: Free Time.png (1.16 MB, 792x1944)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
File: Hardcore Femdom CYOA.png (3.8 MB, 1200x3286)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB PNG
I'd love the author to revisit this
What are you currently working on?

guess I'll have to re-do that later



Big Loads
Opium of the people

Upright Urination

Totally Bi

I'm safe! For now.
File: Cyoa Be the waifu.jpg (3.83 MB, 1200x7000)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB JPG
File: Cyoa Karma.jpg (3.82 MB, 1000x9212)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB JPG
File: Cyoa TG1.jpg (3.3 MB, 1200x10000)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB JPG
File: Cyoa TG2.jpg (2.22 MB, 1200x9000)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
Instant Girl
Developed (-5)
>Hips/ Thighs
Built to Last (-10)

Dual-Classing (-10)
Variable (-20)

Terminus Est (-20)
Take Two (-10)
>Persona Override
The Weeb Squad (-20)

Lust Buster (-20)
Contact Corrupt (-10)
Gender Bender (-30)
Inhuman Style (-15)
Menstrual Cancel (-15)
Feeling Fresh (-10)
Birth Control (-15)
Flawless Skin (-10)
Social Ambivalence (-25)

I Want You (+15)
Lightweight (+15)
Commando (+20)
Invert Commando (+20)
Girl Power (+5)
Dat Ass (+10)
Erotic Mirror (+10)
Sharing Field (+15)

Nano-socks (-25)
Perfect Disguise (-15)
Bra Magic (-10)
File: The Magic Pill Part 1.jpg (1.88 MB, 2250x3250)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
File: The Magic Pill Part 2.jpg (1.86 MB, 2250x3250)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
File: The Magic Pill Part 3.jpg (1.43 MB, 2250x3250)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
This one looks interesting. Thanks for contributing.
File: The Magic Pill Part 4.jpg (1.75 MB, 2250x3250)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
No problem. This is my favorite CYOA even when I'm not looking for something sexual, although I do tend to play on chicken mode. Here's my build :

Chicken mode
starts 300 points , 2 main side effects are required, must choose a superior benefit malfunction for each superior benefit.

Immunity = -40
Never Sleep = -35
Care Free = -25
Regeneration = -50 [SB]
Shapeshifting = -75 [SB]
Eternal Youth = -75 [SB]
Super Smart = -75 [SB]
Teleportation = -75 [SB]
Reflexes = -50
Side Effects / Drawbacks
Gender Bender = +25 [MSE]
Easy Victim = +25 [MSE]
Huge Breasts = +10
Long Rest = +35 [SBM]
Call Sign = +30 [SBM]
Long Tongue = +10
Time of Month = +40 [SBM]
Jamming = + 30 [SBM]
Bad Aim = +20 [SBM]
Perfect Digestion = -10

Combo Effect = Reincarnation

Total = +15
Nice, I mainly just save them and then do them on my down time for the most part.
Yeah, this is what I did here. I just copied/pasted that from notepad.
I am trying to find a specific cyoa, that I can't remember the name of. It was about a guardian angel deciding to turn back time and placing you in a new family where you choose a mother, older sister, and younger sister with heavy incest tones through out it. It was divided up into like 3 different images.
So I got a version posted
h(ttp)s:// pastebin.(com)/eQhgT4Bc
people offered to convert into an image for me, but if they don't I'll split it later, it has some break points where it can be now.

I did not get all of things in it I promised/expected to have, its still missing the masochism and inflation stuff and I had wanted to set the corruptions section with a new color and to not have a number for the random drawbacks. It still has lots of blank space and some place holder blank drawbacks because I didn't want to consolidate it until I had those other subjects mixed in. These will be dealt with later.

I still need feedback on it, I did some editing but not only was there a lot off in the original document, I'm really bad at editing own work. Balance is also hard to do by yourself since the standards a little subjective, I need other people's opinion to come up with an average. Also the corruptions have their own strange balance implications. The little color icons for social requirements and whatnot from drawbacks were missing on a lot of them, I tried putting correct ones on, but if you see something that should be fixed for those, let me know.

Going forward, I still want more stuff, particularly punishments and new powers. I want to clean up the spacing in the code so it looks nicer and is easier to follow, it was bad before and I made it worse. I'd like to get it written into one voice, its got at least 3 right now and it might make interacts difficult to understand. I'd also like to get it rearranged so that drawbacks that are connected, either by fetish or because they reference each other, are closer together, ideally the same screen. I also need to deal with the multitude of drawbacks that have the phrase "can only orgasm by..." since most of them can work together as written they're limiting.
>slow burn (duh)
>protector height 10
>Variable dominance 30
>Powerful Libido 30
>warm welcome 60
>Take two 70
>Persona override: moth 80
>Contact corrupt 90
>Social Ambivalence 115 (Glomp!)
>Feeling Fresh 125
>Flawless 135
>Inhuman Style 150
>Menstrual Cancel 165
>Hair Affair 170
>Love Life Link 185
>Panty Curse 195

>Infertile 185
>I Need You 175
>Near Sighted 165
>Lopsided 145
>Colorblind 135

>Item: Nano Socks 160
Comfy vain mode.
Any particular reason why you didn't post the link properly?
Playing on easy mode:
>slow burn
>average build
>girl sized top
>feminine behind
>zr-bait thighs
>Protector height 10
>Subby 10
>Powerful Libido
>Terminus Est 30
>Take two 40
>Persona override: Moth
>Menstrual Cancel 55
>Feeling Fresh 65
>Hot in the cold 80
>Flawless Skin 90
>Hair affair 95

>Kaybam 125
>Nano Socks 150
>Rubber Constitution 160

Special Deal: Flowery Fate.

I am lonely and just want to be loved.
good work! keep it up :)
I'm so bad with trying to fill in the "something embarrassing" name. ALl I can think of is stuff like just plain "Slut" or "Kandi Fuckjuggs" or "Bimbo Fuckdoll." Help me out here.
Could always go with a classic like La-a (pronounced Ladasha) or Abcd (Absidee)

I'm not much of a farmer, so let me try twisting this a bit:

Senzen Kingdom-

Quarters, both additions: -10g

House: Extra Room, Private Room, -6
Farmland: Tavern -3

Polymorph -45g (man, That cost REALLY hurts)
Goblin x2 -6g
Oni -3

Lust Devil
Stalion -1g (the 'extra room' is a one horse stable for her)

Job: Alchemist
Items: Alchemy book, Ivory Liquor

Motivation: Old Friends (Symbiotic Slime)
Interests: Architecture (effectively +3g) Alchemy, food

Instead of a farm out in the sticks, getting a plot of land in the city and running the tavern while tinkering with alchemy. The combination means I'll have some SERIOUS booze. I can improve the effect of ivory Liquor, give it to both goblins, and then further improve the liquor they make and sell that to patrons. When it comes to alchemy having a wide variety of ingredients is more important than sheer quantity, so the Polymorph should help me to make back her costs sooner since they're instantly mature. Oni can be a bodyguard/bouncer and can be fused with the slime for fast maturity.

After a few years I'd invest the profits into a greenhouse with a few plant/insect breeds for more foods and potion ingredients.
Rolled for disaster: 2

Well. Fuck. With basically the one building that's pretty much the worst possible one. But if I really am in the city that kind of flood would be destroying a large chunk of said city, so I might get some disaster relief, or maybe have some wealthy patrons back me up if my booze/potions are good enough that they'd invest in my business to keep the supply flowing.
I always have two ways of going about things like this and can never decide on one.
Though one is always more how I'd like to be, and one is how I'd like my ideal waifu to be honestly.

Option 1, ideally what I'd like for myself
-Tiny height
-Normal build
-Small Breasts
-60cm cock
-I AM the hose

-Sensitive Breasts
-Big Balls
-Easily Aroused
-About to Pop

-Upright Urination
-If it fits...
-Wet Dreams
-Attracted to girls

Cute tiny girl with a ridiculously massive cock as big as her torso, uncontrollably sweaty, messy and oozing pheromones in a world where she's considered a freak of nature.

Option 2, for my ideal waifu
-Big height
-Fit body
-Reasonable Breasts
-40cm cock (twice as big as mine is, not so ridiculously big as 60cm, but a nice bulge to snuggle up to. I'm far more of a cock worship guy than actually getting penetrated, to be honest.)
-Get the Hose

-Sensitive Breasts
-Big Balls
-Easily Aroused
-About to Pop

-Upright Urination
-Attracted to Boys

That's basically my perfect waifu. Ideally she'd never shave her armpits or pubic hair, and have a massive bladder that let's her put out huge volumes of piss quite often, and take her quite a while to empty. A small bathroom break for her would last at the shortest a full minute, a normal one would be much longer, and if she really held it to have a large bathroom break, she'd be pissing as long as I normally shower (and I tend to take long showers)

Why am I such a kinky degenerate, /d/?
Probably the main reason as to why converting to PNG produces an image that is too tall for 4chan (over 12k pixels, at least when the width is around 1900) would be how some options take up just as much vertical space as others, but don't have nearly as much text. Please take this into account when rearranging the tables.
File: 1434278022467-1.jpg (217 KB, 800x900)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Damn it's so big.

Alright, for lack of anything to fill the empty void, I've further hellified Sweat Tree. Ignore/Nerf this as you please.

[Sporty Shine]
You will always have a thin sheen of sweat visible on your body, and the scent is un-pleasant to those beside you, and gross when sniffed directly. Modest-minded people will react negatively to your arms being raised. If you have <strong>Attracted</strong> or <strong>Unattracted</strong> anyone aroused will ignore the stench and be able to identify you as the source. They may have the ability to do so, but not always the intention. Both physical exertion and contact friction will cause your body to perspirate excessively, soaking your clothes and leaving trickles in your wake. Foreign genitals or limbs being rubbed between crevices such as your arm-pits or thighs will generate an oily concentration of lubricant.

[Target Located] (Or just Flood the Room again)
Your stench is now noticable at 25 feet, slighly less in open air. You will always be known as the source regardless of arousal, and it makes no difference if you were to expose your arm-pits or not. In addition, sodden clothes and shoes become will now become imbued with your scent, allowing anyone aroused to find you by sniffing your worn clothes.

The blood-hound bit could've been seperate expanded upon to rely on gender attractions and hormonal responses but it would've been too messy to describe while simple is best. It's also there to aid a counter-weight to Vanilla + Lewd Aura for min/max'ers. As for unintentional overlap onto your slug thing, It's not like people couldn't just follow your slime trail.
Woops, left in a typo of "become will now become imbued" while editing. Also forgot to add "Washed clothes do not incur this effect, but will always faintly smell like you and any sexual fluids that soaked into them."
Needs to have more breast options
List of typos/general stuff:
Unaging: ". your real" -> ". Your real"
Tentacles: "our choosing" -> "your choosing", "lengeth" -> "length"
Never Sleep: "tu lack" -> "to lack"
Amorphous: "injuried" -> "injured"
Amorphous "size either" -> "size in either" (volume might be a better word than size)

Empty drawback under "Feeling lucky"
Empty drawback next to "Slutty"
Empty drawback next to "Forget"

"No Hindrance" should be swapped in position with "Frequent Urination" so that its next to "Diapers" which it excludes

Balance notes:
Immortal is 9 points now?
Aquaman, while interesting, may be more of a 5 than 7
Archmage: Wasn't the problem the fact that it was defined in DnD terms? Presumably you could still get better at magic (especially given immortal), in which case you may wind up as a lvl 20 wizard one day. The spell cheese comes from the DnD system, not the inherent power level of magic.
Power Storing: The point limit of 200 makes it impossible to grab more than 15 points worth of powers. This includes taking Pocket Space + Singular + Stargate, Empathy thru Power storing: Since drawbacks can be permanently negated for 3x their cost, effectively, yet full random gives you 3x+1 per drawback, this could be abused. Not sure the best way to prevent abuse, although it may just be ignorable. "The same drawback cannot be negated for more than a consecutive month" perhaps?
Mind Control, or Magic thru Archmage. Possible change could allow you to get any requirements at reduced cost? Or just increase storage from 200 to 300, which should be enough to cover any tree in the cyoa.
Evil genie: "year and a day" why the extra day?
Lay On Hands: "Once per day" makes it difficult to be a proper healslut. Maybe nix the requirement if you have invuln or magic or don't know the person?

Empty space in powers section: A few more one-off power ideas, I guess? How about "neuralyzer: once per day make someone forget the last hour" "Slime (amorphous upgrade): You no longer have internal organs and are made of homogenous slime. You are still vulnerable to heat, cold and electricity, and have a crystal nucleus the size of a baseball"

Random is now 5-X instead of 4-X. This is actually a pretty serious (and bad, imo) change. Also, the javascript point tracker for the html version still uses 4-X instead.
Pee Orgasm requires Only With Permission- why?
Discorporation: Major inconvenience (unable to blend in human society), should be +2

The corruptions root nodes like Abomination are unselectable and worth no points, yet they give drawbacks? Confusion ensues.
this site's spam filter blocks links to site on a pretty basis, I do that with all links to avoid that.

its legitimately huge, that first copy last week was 17K pixels, no idea about this one, I had been hoping someone else would do it for me

yeah the empty drawback spots aren't going anywhere until I get the two other major fetish groups added in I want to, they'll be taken up by me rearranging things.

I bumped immortal up to 9 since I had 9 in the code and I'm confident 100% of people filling that would take it at 7, implying its too cheap. The problem with archmage was that it was quoted at level 20 equivalent, which is horrifyingly powerful, I bumped up the cost and dropped the power. You can only pick one power or drawback at a time with power storing, it was more to keep it from being too concentrated over time, pooling 1 point a day to something crazy, a lower retained pool would reduce that. Also I wanted to permanent effects from any of those on you
>year and a day
its a class
>lay hands
it needed some limit, I picked that arbitrarily, I could bump it up to a couple uses per day if necessary
had to because of the +4 tier I added.
>pee orgasm
the way it was set up before was points for a benefit, I figured attaching it to with permission made it a take on orgasm control, I figured it was that or scrap it because I wasn't sure how else to keep that concept in as a drawback
I'll take a look, one of the problems for the corruptions was that in addition to the normal drawback balance, I had to worry about them stacking together in relation to the costs of powers, it might have been from that (I dropped the bonus on contagious for that reason I know)
The root points on corruptions are for organization and flavor, you'll notice they aren't much for hindrance, its more of a theme for the parts underneath it

I'm going to take care of those typos now and the swapped position
I'd really like the option to have multiple rings displayed side by side, maybe at the bottom and choose which ring I'm working on. So maybe when I select Ring 2, it would unselect everything and select everything listed under Ring 2 as chosen. Because right now it's only good for making one ring.
that would take some coding that I can't do, once I get a little further into this I might try to dig up some people on one of the other boards to mess with the technicals.

oh and
I wanted it to specify that as altered density in case it was being combined with something water based, as it would effect buoyancy.
>aqua man
I was thinking commanding swarms of random animals was pretty powerful, but I suppose people make fun of aqua man for reasons, I'll drop it to 5
I mean, that just means its free to turn down the +4s. Considering they're either extreme mutilation or liable to kill you, I wouldn't call that entirely unreasonable.

>pee orgasm
its not the ONLY way you can orgasm, so that isn't control. Randomly orgasming is inconvenient if its latched to the icontinence tree, namely public. Just make it one of those screaming thrashing orgasms, problem solved.

Few extra notes after playin with it some more:
Just tried a playthrough with the 5-X instead of 4-X. Its still doable, but it cost me 52 extra points before I could get back into the positive. This was with taking -250 points of powers.

The abundance of new powers makes it even more difficult to get deep into a drawback tree, may need to fiddle with the randomness or rules for selecting drawbacks. Maybe if you have it already/lack prereqs, pick anything in the tree?

Soft Torture: change "Cannot be taken with painless of masochism" to "Temporarily overrides painless and masochism"
Neet: should be +2
Obey Trigger should be +2
Bullied: Thats not really bullying... Bullying is people being mean to you, not you being forced to take orders from anyone at random. Bullies should be spiteful and petty. Also, Humiliation should be broken off of the Public Slave tree and attached to Bullied.

Harassment in the Dirty Talk tree pretty much overlaps with Too Friendly (under Personal Space)

High Output and Splooge could apply to girls squirt as well.

Way Up There: "Star Gate" -> "Stargate"
that's actually probably right, I'll change it back. When I was talking to people about the added tier ... two threads ago I think, that was included in the mechanics changes being said and I didn't really think about it again or in the context of how I actually intended to limit the 4 points' use (there are 3, I'm not expecting there to ever be more than 5). I dropped their probability on the random set, but keeping it at 4-x might have been more simplistic/better of a fix

>pee orgasm
it was originally attached to nothing, that whole section was set up poorly. I attached to there trying to come up with some restriction to justify its existence. I don't know if I have the space to connect it to incontinence (at least not easily) and its still not much of a drawback with that unless you had at least a couple of the other offshoots.

>soft torture
I was tying to avoid using the term "over ride" it was placed in it very strangely often with things destroying powers you took for a lot less points than you got. That's probably reasonable to make it a temporary thing rather than a restriction though
I would dispute that, the way I wrote that one makes it less of a drawback the more you take and the limits to social interaction only applies to leaving your home.
>obey trigger
how uncommon is the command word supposed to be?
that came from a request that included a lot of command based points, I set it up that way when I realized I could cover what the guy was asking for by expanding generalist to include other people. I hadn't thought of humiliation, that might need to be restructured because they have too much in common (alternatively maybe I didn't need the bullied item at all)
This is already good, but it will be great once its creator hashes out the point system.
The world: Accepted
Body: Normal height, Normal build, Large chest, 15 cm penis, Big loads of cum, Opium of the people bonus
Mind: Carefree, Wet dreams, attracted to girls
>pee orgasm
Put it under Frequent Urination maybe? Cumming randomly with (little or no) warning multiple times a day is inconvenient. Google the woman that orgasms 90 times a day.

I agree that drawbacks that permanently overrode powers were dumb (and how does that work with full random?) but I think as long as its temporary it should be fine.

Perhaps that should be defined in the rules? or just replace the words "an uncommon word" with "the word ethereal" and call it a day.

>obey trigger
I think the issue is more that if anyone ever learns the word/phrase (from hearing sanguine master say it?) you're fucked for life. Or if they figure it out otherwise. Lets face it, people are good at finding patterns, and any knowledge based thing like this will fuck over immortals in the long run.

Possible new version for bullies?

Bullies: 10% of people now enjoy bullying you. They crave to humiliate and hurt you and are mean and petty. They act like schoolyard bullies and won't go too far.

Authority: Generality now applies to bullies, and they know it. They may force you to eat off the floor, kiss their feet or "lend" them money. They can choose your punishment if you resist.

As a rubric for point values, idea:

Point value of the highest bullet that is satisfied
-Less than 30 minutes a day spent compensating for the drawback
-Easily and totally concealable from the public
-Does not change your routine.

-Major inconvenience, up to 3 hours a day spent solely dealing with the drawback.
-Concealable with effort and not life ruining if exposed.

+3: Life altering.
-More than 3 hours a day spent coping with the drawback.
-Certain to be exposed without taking extreme measures (mind control, murdering witnesses) and life ruining if exposed.
-Major restrictions on freedoms.

-Nontrivial chance of getting you killed
-Permanently and Majorly debilitating
-Impossible to live a normal life.
I went for the hypnotist build
The play is to take a lot of time with each individual and slowly enslave them.

Hypnosis - 2pt

Conditioned - 1pt (main)
Unaware - 1pt (side)
Happy - 1pt (side)

Sensitivity - 1pt (for conditioning)
Libido - 1pt (for conditioning)
Rewrite Memory - 1pt (safety net)
Rewrite Personality - 1pt (upon slave's request)
Induce Fetish - 1pt (upon slave's request)
Pause - 1pt (for fun)
Triggers - 1pt (hypnosis, duh)
Orgasm Control - 1pt (hypnosis, duh)
Shared Senses - 1pt (fun)
Charm - 1pt (goes well with Conditioned type)

Illusionist - 1pt (goes well with hypnosis)
Expanded Mind - 1pt (because my puny mind is barely getting by as it is)
Dream Weaving - 2pt (to be used subtly)

Available: +14pt
Total: 19pt
Net: 5pt

Slave Limit - +2pt (doable with Conditioned type)
Rapey Slaves - +1pt (sounds fine)
Cosmic Alignment - +2pt (playing the long game so this is ok)

Regained: +5pt
Net: 0pt

Now if only you could actually do this to a person and not have their sense of control collapse and ruin everything.
if I remember correctly what the people that were coming off /tg/ with this was that the standard was
1: minor inconvenience
2: major inconvenience
3: life changing
I was thinking with 4 that it would be 3 + the outright disturbing, including major threat of death or serious moral implications. having amputee at that level might not be totally justified.

for corruptions the system was more complicated, I wrote out the standard I was using to try and keep consistency:

the sum of all corruptions must be less than the powers it takes to get them (no free powers)
+1 restrict some of a power's use, or flavorful inconvenience
+2 produces difficult to manage or slightly dangerous complications, significantly restricts the usefulness of an expensive power, or partially suppresses a different power
+3 Huge inconvenience plus physical danger or links a power with a drawback and magnifies the drawback

>obey trigger
I wasn't thinking about the idea that someone might remember what it was and actively use it, I was thinking of it just as random occurrence

I guess the bully stuff will need to be reworked, I was hoping to get that out of the way quick. That's a nice set up, I have no idea how I'd ever get it to fit around submissive though, its a crowded area. I did want to keep the choosing punishment idea, I had thought of it as a they make a threat as part of their command, so the punishment becomes their "or else" statement instead of the base thing you picked
Let's try this again, I guess

>Means of Control

>Slave Types
Unaware Slave

Rewrite Memory
Rewrite Personality
Mass Control
Tireless Servant
Combat Training

Expanded Mind

Permanent Changes
Sign of Influence
Power of Chaos
Unnatural Aura

Nemesis Pact


Same as before. Sorry dude, but my conquest is legendary. You will be treated fairly, but you'll serve me as long as you live.

>My girls have an arcane symbol in their eyes. I also have it on my armor that I'll eventually get because armor is cool. So, almost like a brand.

>If someone wants to give me another body, feel free. Otherwise I'll just be the blob guy from before.
May my bid for power begin! Let's see, just drink this worm juice? Alright... GUH! That tastes awful! Worth it though! Let's see here...

>Means of Control
Telepathy (-3)

>Slave Types
Happy Slave (Default Type) (-1)
Pet Slave (Switch) (-1)

Lactation (-1)
Libido (-1)
Sensitivity (-1)
Rewrite Memory (-1)
Futanari (-1)
Mass Control (-3)
Triggers (-1)
Normalize (-1)
Cum Production (-1)
Fertility (-1)

Alchemy (-1) With this I can develop potions that can cause all sorts of CRAZY!!!

Permanent Changes (+1)
Sign of Influence (+1) Heart shaped pupils and iris color of my choice.

Pact of Ascension (+2) I will unite the Heralds and form a team of insanity!
I'm a bit worried, but I didn't save something. It was a CYOA that started on *****'s /cyoa/ board and was lewd, but lower image quality. you could make nearly anything, including animals and beasts. (It's primary purpose. was rape monsters.)'

There was a section where you coudl take companions, which were 'generic' archtypes and a few premade characters.

Anybody has any ideas?
A lot of drawbacks need an overhaul if not being trimmed out completely such as pee orgasm. A number of them are just pandering throw-ins which included my own of Kiss. I suggested it as a limiter to force people into close intimacy and never being able to communicate over distance such as phone/net. Similar to Sniff, which why I generally just try and push for merging these things together. Like combining the two into Worship-only;Only Praising drawback. It would likely only be used on extra rings, but it shouldn't grant more than +2 extra, to ease oral sex stacking.

Most of the desired effects of bullying are already available within the trees of Submissive or Dirty Talk however, and the inclusion per your test version only creates a glaring overlap.

There is no simple way to be bullied by cute girls that only want to give you an orgasm in public. You could try adding Vanilla-bans to any additional bully branches.
A text-based game in twine. A bit in the vein of Corruption of Champions, but more focused on size/growth and with the feature of 'corruption' levels of the areas, so they change through the game.

But it's a big project and I'm still setting up the frameworks.
telepathy (11)
Reluctant (10)
Unaware(9) (12)
Libido (11)
Age manipulation (10)
Gender swap (9)
Immortality (7)
Self hypnosis (6)
Tireless servant (5)
Pocket dimension (2)
objectification (1)
shrink (0)

Jamie smith

Laura (+2)
Sign of influence (+1 heart eyes)

Alright, not the best build, some good mistakes were here but I've been mentally write fagging up a storm in my head and learning I'm very uncreative. Or at least a lot more so than I thought. All that power and I just would make money, buy somewhere nice and I don't know what else.
If you just aim for a nice, comfortable life ... why not take the Pact of Comfyness? It pays as much as your drawbacks do.
Large, majestic manhood, addictive, mass production, extra sticky
well ok
I want a hulk waify cyoa
Make your wish come true. Do it yourself. It'll be just the way you want it to be!

Oh this seems pretty awesome.... >_>
That is a lot of stuff for a cyoa...
Glad there are so many of these on /d/, but i'd be cool if /aco/ started making their own themed ones.
>Anon hasn't sen the fucking 37 page Pokemon Persona CYOA.

It gets way fucking longer, probably not for /d/ material besides "Lactofork Enchante/d/ Rings CYOA"
File: 1448824652788.png (485 KB, 1121x1098)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
Mad Scientist mode

>Combo [Love Doll]
Easy Victim +25
Paralyzed +100
Latex Body +160
Mute +205
Linear Tube +220
Stretchy +245
[Free Eternal Youth]

Read minds +195
Smart +145
Truth +165

>Main Benefits
Never Sleep +130
Perfect Look +105

>Superior Benefits
Invisibility +55
Regeneration (do deal with popping) +5
Clone -70

>Main Side Effects
Futanari -90
Ever aroused -55
Sensitive -30

>Secondary Side Effects
Nude -15
Vagina Mouth +10
Aphrodisiac -25
Delicious Fluid -50
Progenitor -75

>Mutation Side Effects
Change skin colour (Neon Pink) -70
Inhuman eyes (Glowing yellow) -55

>Male Effects
Barely fits -40
Fuckable dick -25

>Female Effects
Ouvert -10
Extra breasts +10
Huge Breasts +20
Surrogate -30
Fuckable Tits -5

>Superior Benefit Malfunction
Long Rest +30

REMOVE Progenitor +55
GAIN Fly +5
REMOVE Surrogate +55
GAIN Care free +30
GAIN Aura of Lust +60
REMOVE Long Rest +25

Live forever, fuck forever, get fucked in all orifices in all bodies, can fly, go invisible & communicate to anyone if necessary.

Nah, I refuse to submit. You can kill me, but then you get kicked off Earth to go Nemesis someone else, so your call.
>trimmed...pee orgasm
that's probably where this process is going to end. I am more than willing to keep or add things of narrow interest because I want this to as complete as possible in terms of /d/'s interests.

the smell stuff was specifically asked for, both directions of that fetish too I believe (general complication for fetish content is that there are almost always two sides for each interest). I agree with the combining things, I like more interactions in terms because it makes running the thing with different ideas yield very different outcomes (notice I combined the beast stuff and a few other things as well). That said, I was reaching when I connect pee orgasm to the control stuff, having it off frequent urination is probably more like what the people into that want it to be. It becomes a balance issue from there, how do you qualify it so that its actually worth 1 point.

it was asked for twice, possibly by the same guy given the phrasing, but he did exactly what I wanted people to do for this, which was to elaborate on what they wanted it to do so I didn't have to research each fetish. They said a lot about that, but 90% of it could be covered by generality, which is why I started there for working on it. Since submissive already functions that way, having them give sexual orders shouldn't be hard, you'd have to take To All, which since you're already taking submissive for generality isn't must of a stretch.

Alright let's give this a go.

Means of Control
>Sigil (Arcane scrawl shaped into a heart)

Slave Types

>Orgasm Control
>Hive Mind

>Flesh Sculptor
>Expanded Mind

>Sign of Influence (Pupils change into sigil)
>Rapey Slaves
>Unnatural Aura
>Eldritch Horror

>Pact of Hell

>Fukawa Miyo

The idea here is basically to have fun building a harem that I can toy with at my leisure. Hive mind coupled with the unaware slave type gives me an effective way to spread my control sigil to other people, while the sigil becoming a sign of influence in their pupils gives it semi-permanence. Hive mind is really going to be the utility tool of this build as, after conditioning a slave properly, they can be used as my proxy to interact with the outside world while I relax in private with my growing harem. Normalize, sensitivity, and orgasm control are for toying with and conditioning my slaves while flesh sculptor allows me to not only modify my slaves but to make full use of my tentacled eldritch horror form. Telekinesis and unnatural aura are mostly for self defense if anything were to require that and immortality coupled with self hypnosis is a final insurance plan in that vein. Immortality also allows me to freely feed on my slaves however and whenever I want due to my vampyrism. The Laura and rapey slaves drawbacks just seemed like fun and the pact of hell with Lucy gives me plenty of interesting toys to 'treat' my harem to.
>I am more than willing to keep or add things of narrow interest because I want this to as complete as possible in terms of /d/'s interests.
Upgrade to Tentacles to let you have more of them, or give them fine manipulation capabilities?
Shared clothing option (i.e. you're stuffed in someone else's clothing, or vice versa - usually it's shown with the carried person's head resting between the carrier's breasts)?
Production-based swelling, i.e. addons to Lactation and High Output trees that cause relevant bits (tits and balls, respectively) to swell up with the produced substance if not drained often enough?
Upgrade to Fuckface that adds the other effect to whichever you chose (so you end up with a cock-tongued vagina-mouth)?
Upgrade to Guardian/Age-Appropriate (or maybe just to the Guardian tree in general) that'd make you do some generic bonding activities (sleeping/bathing together, etc.)?
Upgrade to Guardian/Incestuous that'd bring the relations out in the open?
Also, Bad Fit (upgrade to Small Fit) still says that it results in a dick that can't become erect.
>I am more than willing to keep or add things of narrow interest because I want this to as complete as possible in terms of /d/'s interests.
Also forgot to add to >>7431488: Peculiar pregnancy, i.e. you can be impregnated in strange places, e.g. balls and/or breasts. Could have a prerequisite that makes the relevant orifices easily fuckable in the first place.
I was suggesting it just because submissive/generality struck me more as the person/s you're submissive to are basically your boss. I figured they're less likely to bully you and more likely to just take advantage of you- use you for sex, free labor, take your money, etc. Bullying was meant to be less dangerous and more degrading/inconvenient. Generality could just order you to give up your bank account or go kill yourself, and you'd have to take the punishment unless you wanna actually die, hence the personality modifier on bully to avoid extreme things like that.

Quite frankly I can't see how anyone would take generality unless they're also cheesing Sanguine using Perfect Match. Anything else is just too dangerous if you get an abusive/selfish and moderately intelligent "master".

Alternatively, one can just resolve submissive by use of sheer force "order me to do something I don't like and I'll take the week of punishment and just murder you". Thats why I wanted bully seperate with lower stakes.

Overall I think the smell stuff is fairly balanced. Its not my fetish, but its an interesting tree with many features.

I always saw that as a way to force other on-touch drawbacks like Rape Touch or Pickup Artist to trigger.
File: 1492632590972.jpg (3.88 MB, 1134x8100)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB JPG
1-3 years
real sister
clingy, lewd, mature, kind, domineering, nurturing
sleeping, bathing, kissing, hugging, sniffing, teasing, handholding
indoors, the grocers, love hotel
taller, gifted, sexy, thick, chubby, pale, traditional
to be with you
Onee, Nympho
plump lips
I'd like it if there was a way to increase breast milk output without increasing how fast it has to be milked. Either swelling breasts or more ideally some sort of magic solution so you can have massive output without external size or constantly leaking.

I'd also like the Addictive Semen to get upgrades, or possibly just more description of how much effect it has.
Anyone have Cow trainer?
File: Lewd Cow Trainer CYOA.jpg (3.82 MB, 1024x9310)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB JPG
>Age difference
4-6 Years
>Blood relations
Onii-chan & First name
Lustful, monopolized
Genki, territorial, clingy, Genius,Kind, Submissive, Selfish, Popular
>Physical Habits
Hugging, Teasing, Stalking
Gym, Theme park, Anywhere
>Physical features
Height: Shorter
Breasts: Regular
Facial Aspect: Cute
Butts & Hips: Thick
Physique: Scrawny
Skin Tone: Pale
Clothing: Unorthodox(Gothic/scene/cyberpunk)
To Be Important
>Disabilities & Drawbacks
Catfight, Gullible, Yandere
>Mundane details
Sharp eyes, Glasses, Dyed hair, Plump Lips
>Bizzare details
N/A (Kinda tempted to do twin but doesn't fit with the yandere feel i'm going for)
>Onee - still acts like a little sister
why live
someone, please, make proper onee-san, sensei or next door oba-san maybe nice to
File: 1489609915231.jpg (1.42 MB, 899x4670)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
isn't it a second page of something, yandere waifu maybe?
missing first page
Fine by me :)
File: 1743.jpg (106 KB, 868x1228)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>The world



+Sensitive Breasts


Get the hose
+Opium of the people
+Addicted to yourself
+About to pop

Wet dreams
+Spontaneous orgasm

>Sexual orientation
Totally bi
File: mom solo.jpg (1009 KB, 2500x2500)
1009 KB
1009 KB JPG
Hell, lemme try.




Get the hose
+opium of the people
+addicted to yourself


Totally bi

Really wish there was some sort of horse dick option for futa with dicks bigger than a certain size, cause pic fucking related.
The math on Power Storing is rather awkward. How it works out is that you can permanently have active half as many powers as your excess capacity would allow... but the fact that you have to activate them for an entire week just complicates the numbers. It would be better if power costs were reduced 7x. Then, to get the same balance, either power activation could only last a day, or recharge could be per week.
This doesn't seem complete.
Ehh fine. I just find a redundancy in alternative orgasms and if you can't specify the drawbacks it can't be chosen with, it becomes a way to avoid punishments that prevent orgasms. I could see it as a piss lengthening drawback that is pleasurable, but an orgasm itself is rather much.

As for sniff, I'm provably the only anon still trying to push for changes as it's either too annoying or not annoying enough, but even then you should find a compromise between these ideals and try to balance things to annoy fetishists and give hesitation to min-maxers. Or maybe I should stop getting triggered by the white-space in drawbacks.

I have more than a few drafts for a Beauty Reversing/Role Reversing power that attaches to Refined.
>an interesting tree with many features.
That's a new opinion. As one of the anons who push for it I feel it's actually too easy to deal with. Which is why I keep throwing in additional mechanics, so it doesn't end up becoming a power-sink.

>a trigger for Rape Touch
Hadn't even thought about that, but because I'm known as a district-wide slut that people love to grope per Dirty Talk tree I would always end up triggering Rape Touch on an hourly basis while outside.
yeah there's a huge set of "you can only orgasm by" that need to be cleaned up, its one of the things I'm planning for a next version. I believe the rules do specify that the ones that are redundant can't be taken together, but most things that applies to also come out and say it. The min-maxers thing is fun, I've found 2 free point drawbacks just by watching what people who look like they came from /tg/take in these threads

I'll take a look at these, I think I can get most or all of those to work

I forgot to mention with the posting of this version that I'm still looking to include at least breast pregnancy, if not both. I was surprised the thing didn't have a fuckable nipples thing, I was planning on attaching it to something like that when people asked, only to discover that this wasn't in there, I ended up forgetting about it until later when I had cut the to do list for it down to just a couple items

so I should look to structure it more around humiliation and less around orders? Bully right now would be use the punishments system as the consequence, they generally aren't dangerous, I wasn't sure at the time if I should use those or try to hand write one involving low levels of violence (more like the built in punishment off vore)

I'll see what I can do

the thinking on those numbers was that I set them to run for a week with one purchase, so its 2 points per day per cost for powers and 3 points per day for mitigated drawbacks (because drawbacks run on a lower scale). It would be a bad idea to take those to 7 or less because its a flexibility gain and 7 would be where it would b even, there would be no reason to not take that if it was like that. I needed a time scale, thought per day was too good and week worked better than uneven days or months
Yea, the actual orders (or having to follow them) should just be an upgrade.
They're sadists primarily (though they won't tie you up and torture you for hours/days)
Its also important to keep the public aspect of it. They want to do this where other people can see, because they enjoy having power. They MAY corner you out of sight of your friends, but they certainly won't kidnap you or go to your home.
And ideally, they should be avoidable. The ring-bearer should see bullies at the end of the street and try to avoid them/tuck their head and go unnoticed. That psychological aspect is important.

Other drawbacks:
Chastity belt upgrades:
Denied: You are completely unable to orgasm with your chastity belt locked. Drawbacks that would cause orgasm merely bring you to the edge.

Painful: Your belt causes significant pain when you become aroused.

Also you should rewrite the text of the belt so that it is fully removable instead of a panel, both for hygeine and because as written I don't even think it would work with a penis.
Question about the Messed Up Waifu CYOA.

How do Quirks that explicitly require a penis manifest themselves if the person using this CYOA is a girl?

Stuff like Fertility, Phone Sex, or Sexism?
I really like this cyoa, I wish it had another page of modifiers.
Going to see how far back I'd have to go to get everything I want.
>Bedroom Eyes - ability [1 year]
>Shifter [3 years]
I want to be a puppy. :3 250lb cuddly puppy. :D
>Breeder - ability [4 years, 4 months]
>In Your Prime [6 years, 4 months]
>Wealth x44 - ability [10 years]
$22,000/year, paid out monthly is more than what I currently live on.

So I get to go back to when I started university, with the ability to easily bed the ladies I want, with enough money that I don't have to take any loans to pay for uni, with other cool stuff as a bonus? Sign me up!
Loli [3]
Kitsune [9]

A cute [free]
Twin [11]
Lustful [13]
Lifetime [free]

Sweet [14]
Power Magic [17]

Wells [20]

A pair of loli kitsune who are sweet and adorable and yet inflame lust in people helping a succubus Hero do good and prove that not all succubi are going around stealing men by helping her with her libido in private and burning things that get in her way in public.
22k a year is like minimum wage. Just saying that thats not a lot.
Go big or go home, we're gonna be investing hard in round two and for that we need as much time as possible. Gotta do standard mode so we can remember all those stock market trends.

>Gender Bender 8
Lets mix it up a bit in round 2
>Bedroom Eyes Ability 12
Even if money is the best aphrodesiac, this wont hurt
>Shifter + Ability 48
Be the best cosplayer in the universe with this
>Prime Taradox 24
I desire a future in which I am ruler of earth. Make it happen, time powers!
>Pleasure Magnet 15
Eh, why not?
> True Love + Ability 18
Why not take a waifu while we're at it? Points are cheap.
>Once and Future 60
Deliberately skipped the more suprenatural powers so that I could kick back and enjoy round 2 without feeling like I wasted a wish.

>Total 185 Months = 15 years 5 months
Throw in Wealth+Ability enough to get me to when I was 5 years old, and that'll give me enough seed money to rule the world within 25 years, probably less.

Not exactly a lewd cyoa, but I'll take it.
File: Demon Time.jpg (458 KB, 1000x1320)
458 KB
458 KB JPG

A curvy and fit succubus waifu with powerful chaos magic.

My hero is Scylla.

Together we flirt shamelessly and save towns from bad guys. We may look like monsters with our horns and tentacles, but we're here to help, we promise!

Race: Succubus (-5)

Intriguing - unique feature: glowing eyes & a few tattoos (-1)
Jacked - muscular (-1)
Lustful - seductive (free)
Well-endowed - curves in all the right places (-2)
Lifetime - ageless (-3)
I ain’t dying yet - lifespan of 450 years (-3)

Chaos Magic (-4)

Hero: Scylla (-1)

Total: 20
I know, and I've been living on around $20k CAD for the past 10 years. $22k USD is around $29k CAD, enough for me to start paying off my student loans.
I'll try to put something together for that later, not planning on doing much on it for a couple days. the belt is technically removable because it comes off with the ring, but splitting into a level thing might be good. (disclaimer: I don't know much about this fetish) As to the with penis thing, I was under the impression the term belt for chastity stuff was the female version and its a cage for the male, not that the drawback should be that specific, but maybe that's why the phrasing is that way.

I'll have an image for the whole thing put together tomorrow if no one else does it

you can live on a lot less
You're already going back in time 20 years. Just buy Apple and Amazon stock in 1997, Sell the Amazon in 2000, Short the housing market (subprime loans) in 2007, and then invest in bitcoin in 2010. You'll be set for life.

Oh, and leave an anonymous bomb threat on the world trade center on september 11th, 2001. Its kind of a crime against humanity not to.
Pretty sure chastity loves anal so she stays a virgin.

Temperance is obviously edging.

Charity is clearly group or glory holes or other public use.

Diligence should be often and regular practice.

Patience would be lots of foreplay.

Dont know about kindness and humility though.
I wanted to come back to this and see about some "details" I could possibly add to it. Here's hoping you people are able to put up with my bullshit.

I wanted to specify what triggers I wanted to use and what they'll do when the specified conditions were met. So here's the list of triggers:
1. When I pat their head, they will feel joy and happiness.
2. The phrase "You're astounding (slave's name)!" will cause them to bow deeply, raising their ass high into the air. This also causes their ass, hips, and thighs to balloon until I snap my fingers twice. Conversely, the phrase "Very amazing my dear" will revert them to regular size.
3. Cheering them on will give them a boost of courage.
4. The phrase "Make it rain, girls!" will cause all female slaves to whip out their breasts, which will promptly balloon up to two feet in diameter each and profusely spray milk like a gardening hose. This lasts for about five minutes, after which their breasts stop spraying and deflate to their regular size.
5. The phrase "Go fucking crazy" will ratchet up the libido of all slaves to intense levels. Their entire bodies also become an erogenous zone. This may cause orgy.
6. The word, "release" followed by a snap of the fingers halts trigger 5.
7. The phrase "Feel full, my minions." will cause slaves to fatten up spontaneously, continuing to plump up until I snap my fingers twice. Conversely, the phrase "Feel fit, my minions" reverts them to their original size.

This one's going to be a fun power! I can create all sorts of potions that could potentially bend the rules! I'll keep them in plastic spray bottles since I plan to have them work through skin contact. So imagine the possibilities! If I were to make a Gender Bender potion on a boy, and use my already existing Futanari boon on the new girl, I could essentially turn everyone on Earth into futas! So many possibilities... Slaanesh would be so proud!
Kindness always wants to make sure their partner gets off and/or gets off first?
Humility is super subby?
Aw, I can never pick, Sloth is so comfy, but Gluttony is so sexy. I guess I'll have to pick comfy over sexy, having permanent blue-balls would probably get real old real fast, even if I have a nice cum-receptacle on standby.
Age Difference
>1-3 Years
Blood Relations
>Adopted (I'm the adopted one)
>First Name
Personality Traits
Physical Habits
>The Theaters
>A Bar
Physical Features
>To Be With You
>Anon's Imouto
>Anon's Imouto
Mundane Details
>Good Smile
>Plump Lips
Parents thought they were barren, adopted anon, surprised with a daughter a few years later.
I believe it was abandoned, sometimes I think about picking it up, but I've never made one before
Has the new version been released yet, or is yandere anon still working on it?
All comfy can be obtained with money, and Pride has infinite earning potential (after all, how can you be proud if you're NOT the richest person in the world?). In addition, Pride is number one at everything, and that includes blowjobs. Top class courtesan and all you have to do is find a way to break her - just try stroking her ego.
Got a fun one after a few rolls,
>Shapeshifting + Immunity
>Pavlovian Response + Cupid
>Clumsy + trap (Irrelevant because shapeshifter)
So I become a shapeshifter who randomly becomes obsessed with people and has a certain word which makes disables me by making be horny. Or it might cause >rape.
Also, a klutz.

Basically sounds like a good recipe for a sort of harmless yandere. Or maybe a supporting character in a harem comedy.
Yeah, but everything is a competition with her, and I'm not big on that "I like you but I'm not gonna let you know that" deal, besides, Susie's pocket dimension has everything I'd ever need, and with enough sexy training, I could probably even get her to die cowgirl. Also, I don't think Pride would be big on cuddles.
File: y730vMG.png (372 KB, 520x810)
372 KB
372 KB PNG

>Slow Burn
>Enemy Territory
>Take Two
>Pink Frills
>Selene Calem
Minor Abilities/Extras///
>Contact Corrupt, Inhuman Style, Menstrual Cancel, Birth Control, Hair Affair, Flawless Skin, Refuse Change
>Leave it Behind, I Want You, I Need You, Mixed Signals 1, Mixed Signals 2, Tumbleweed, Dat Ass, Dat Rack
Magic Items///
>Keybam, Bra Magic, Nano-Socks, Rubber Constitution, Perfect Disguise
And then I'll take Academy of Lillies

Nah I think Chastity should be all about marital devotion, and you're only allowed to "finish" inside her pussy.
Because anon I ALSO can't see myself eternally doing nothing. No ambition? Its just not me to not wind up with more. I can't promise I won't one day rule the planet.

But I have no desire to do so.

I fucking love this cyoa by the way but now I literally feel crazy because I'll just go back the narrative I've made in my head of what my life would be like if I did take these choices.
Unbirth version of/upgrade to Absolutely Avoreable, so that instead of shoving you in their mouth, they push you in their womb?
Also, is there any particular reason as to why Guardian doesn't count as being among the pool of people that some of the drawbacks require? This is extra confusing since it says that they'll take care of your needs. Does that mean they just bring people that match the criteria to you?
If you feel that days are too flexible for Power Storing, have power recharge be per week, as per my alternate suggestion. At 2 points per week, and one point gain per free point per week, it's the same math as before, just with smaller and more convenient numbers. You could even reduce the maximum pool down to 30, if you find relative pool size to be an issue.
Anyone got the one with mothers older sisters and little sisters? That one's fucking sexy!
does anyone know what happened to the reality mixup guy from a few months ago? that cyoa was god tier, wish id saved it
This one?
Here's the last message from him AFAIK, including a download link for a newer version of the CYOA: http://move.loveisover.me/d/thread/7166129/#7169659
I'm only going back 10 years, I could get bitcoin, that's it.
I suppose I could grab Prime Taradox and more wealth to jump further back, at which point I'm more-or-less running >>7432262 with In Your Prime added.
Let's run this out. I'll total all of the months at the end.

>Bedroom Eyes - ability [12]
>Shifter - ability [48]
>Prime Taradox [24]
>Breeder - ability [16]
>In Your Prime [24]
I'm going on the assumption that I age up to my prime age and stay there.
>Once and Future [60]
Total months: 184 = 15 years, 4 months. I turn 31 in under a month, going with my age being 31 for easier math. This still leaves me 128 months to sink into Wealth.
>Wealth x64 - ability [128]
$32,000 USD/year = ~$2600/month, easily enough to invest as you mentioned and become fabulously wealthy in time given my preexisting knowledge of the future and Prime Taradox.
still mad theres no male heros

Yeah, this REALLY feels like a page 1. And it hints at more mechanics that could be introduced as well.

As is, basically just a 'pick a waifu' deal,
Good content
I would assume the "your needs" in that text isn't actually innuendo, the tree is more about age play/authority rather than outright sex. That said the text for the incestuous upgrade on it should read more like the incest one to specify that it adds them back into that pool. I think I actually added the text that it removed them from that just to clarify the way it was originally written and it was an oversight to not change the other side of that coin.

I don't necessarily want to limit the recharge to a week because its intended to allow things like multiple rings with net positives to be used, and that would require sitting on them for a week to see benefits.
It's more than a year old, isn't it?

Problem is, most of these are created on /tg/, and there's nothing but one shitposter advocating for husbandos. Thus they won't include male options, out of spite. Make some noise over there, you might achieve something.

Dropping hints about a greater story is another /tg/ tradition, sorry. The author's finished with that one, I believe.
>Your needs
Two broken arms?
But really, I always read that as the guardian would help out with anything you have to do due to a drawback as a "need".

I think its fine the way it is, although upping the 200 limit might be helpful so that you gain or lose a full tree.

How about some "pure" versions for those (mostly) "corrupted" versions?

>Chastity is into unprotected vanilla sex with her husband (creampies/pregnancy fetish?). A bit yandere?

>Temperance requires a carefully regulated regimen. Sex in the morning, sex in the evening, everything is carefully by the clock. Will keep you /fit/, too.

>Charity is super into romance. Very deredere, very much a generous lover who wants to surround hours of gentle lovemaking with poetry and music. Will also go with you to help others (like at the soup kitchen or whatever).

>Diligence - everything's a marathon, including sex. She sees her "job" as to pleasure you for days, and she enjoys every minute of it.

>Patience - what you said. Orgasm denial, etc.

>Kindness - lots of very gentle stroking, cuddling. For blowjobs she'll s l o w l y and gently kiss and caress your cock and balls.

>Humility - as you said, she's got a humiliation fetish (both her and you).
Body Type:
Breast Size:
Hips, Butt and Thighs:
What type of yandere is she:
>Harmless, Attacking, Delusional
>Girly Girl
I'm currently planning a body swap CYOA, does anybody have any suggestions for drawbacks? I've got plenty of benefits in mind, but not a whole lot of drawbacks.
Inherit debt and/or persecution?
Genetic defects or other diseases in the new body.

The body swap is imperfect and you swap back sometimes.

Fusing with the target instead of swapping.

Power incontinence (I mean you can't control it sometimes and swap without meaning to).
Personality bleeding over from the body to the mind making them lose control sometimes and act like the body would, like waking up and putting on makeup and only realising it when they finish or a few minutes after.

Means of Control - 2 points

Slave Types - 3 points

Boons - 7 points
>Cum Production
>Mass Control
>Rewrite Personality

Powers - 5 points
>Flesh Sculptor

Drawbacks - (1) points
>Sign of Influence (Pupils change into Heart)

Pacts - (3) points
>Pact of Comfyness

>Fukawa Miyo
>Alexandra Archibald
>Jamie Smith

If Only...
>Genetic defects or other diseases in the new body.
Stop sugesting things, youre fucking bad at it.
your body swapping ability is in your body, so who ever is in control of it has your benifits
You amass the memories of your new bodies ... and you keep the bad ones while swapping.
>Unable to swap back after a certain amount of time (so time limit)
>Mischief in your body
>Turns out to be a Trap
>Menstruation right after Body swap

Just some ideas that popped up
Thanks for the suggestions, and I'll gladly accept more if you all have any for anything relegated to this project. My primary focus is going to be swapping with one individual (that's customized with benefits and drawbacks), but I hope to also include options for swapping with multiple people. I'll be working on it through the week, I'll try to post updates.
The power takes a few days too recharge

You cant use your power if you orgasm untill X amount of time has past.

If you impregnate someone or get impregnated then you cant swap again untill the child is delivered (The child is ALWAYS delivered and will always be healthy and born without complications after 9 months, you must take responsibility for your actions)
So not a 'jump bodys when you feel like it or you used your current one up' kind of deal? Sorry, I'm the kind of guy from /tg/ who had to deal with a group of these in a world of darkness game.

Body Average
Chest Endowed -5
Butt Developed -5
Hips Substantial -5
Height Full-Scale 0
Direction Dual -10
Coeff Variable -20
Libido Poweful 0
Identity What change -20
Age Prime Time -10
Persona Butterfly -10
Companion Eden Leal
Minors Contact corrupt -10
PMS cancel -15
Fresh -10
Birth Cont -15
Flawless skin -10
'New World' seems like an unnecessary tax/speedbump on 'Strange World'. Why would you ever pick it if you're not going on to pick Strange World?
I also think that having 'New Identity' as a pre-requisite to so many things is unneeded. What if you want to keep your current identity but incorporate e.g. Unaging or Ideal Match?

Cthu's Pact +2

Short Leash +1
Deus Vult +1
Vampyrism +2

Method of Control:
Telepathy -3

Slave Type:
Unaware Slave -1


Rewrite Memory -1
Rewrite Personality -1
Mass Control -3
Hive Mind -3
Immortality -2

Planeswalker -6

step 1: build a hive mind
step 2: cthulhu fhtagn
step 3: ????
step 4: prolly take Telekinesis as my boon from cthulhu, since according to the creator (https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/7409454/#q7414734) your reward is on the same level as the Pocket Dimension power which is also worth 3 points.

Melissa as my slave since even without her powers, she has thousands of years of experience as a witch and might have some interesting ideas for expanding my own power.
If the CYOA goes well and is well received, I may consider a standalone DLC for hopping from one body to another.
>I don't necessarily want to limit the recharge to a week because its intended to allow things like multiple rings with net positives to be used, and that would require sitting on them for a week to see benefits.

It's already that way, though. If everything costs some multiplier of 7x whatever, then positively-incrementing point values only reach the threshold necessary to actually do anything over the course of a week. Alternatively, if it's really important to you that there be an immediate benefit to Versatile Power Storing, then have power points be generated "During Activation", and every full week thereafter.

Basically what I'm saying is that there are ways to solve your design constraints that don't involve awkward math with 7x multipliers, and that the end result is more elegant and usable if the power is reworked in order to reduce the ratios involved to their simplest terms.
File: 1493892757980.png (1.06 MB, 742x1100)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
14 Mindslaver points + 4 drawback points

Means of Control

telapathy 3

total: 3


reluctant 1
pet slave 1
conditioned slave 1
unaware slave 1

total: 4


self hypnosis 1
gender swap 1
futanari 1
age manipulation 1
rewrite memory 1

total 5


planeswalker 6

total 6

permanent changes 1
rapey slaves 1
Laura 2

total 4

basically i'm using the self hypnosis to genderswap and futanari myself

In other words; You're a huge faggot.
Some of the other person stays behind, and some of you stays with your body

People somehow know it's you

You develop a tic when in somebody else's body (normal for less extra points, lewd for more extra points)

You have a limit of swaps within or certain time-span, ex 1 per day, or a hard lifetime limit for even more points

(Futurama Episode) You cannot swap back to the body you have just previously swapped from

You keep your memories, but you gain the personality of the body's real owner

You can only swap with people dumber than you

You are ejected forcibly under certain conditions, ex. when you sneeze without covering your nose, or nut outside of somebody/something

you lose memories with every swap

You can only swap under ceration conditions, ex. full moon, period, post-orgasm

you gain the sexuality of person you swapped with, vise-versa

you can only swap within your gender, no m/f, f/m.

If the two of you touch, you revert back

If you are impregnated, you cannot swap bodies, even if it isn't your real body, any you must carry it to term

Cannot leave bodies if you stay for too long, shorter time limit, more points

If you die in a body, you die and it's owner gets your body

You swap bodies but retain genitals, allowing cunt boys and dick girls

the body's gender changes to that of it's new owners

Some of these may be bonuses, depends on who's picking
File: 1480287837413.jpg (742 KB, 756x1075)
742 KB
742 KB JPG
relationship dynamics:submit
hair:side pony tail
penis size:hung
bedroom:lewd dress
personality:obedient fem +3

personality traits pick 2 + 3
enjoying it

favorite food:Makizushi

Maid assignments

cat tail
vibrator you control

dominant on top
dominant tease
reversal bondage
reversal milking
reversal fucked silly
reversal cock worship
reversal deep throating
reversal food
reversal cum
reversal nipple play
reversal clothed
reversal blowjobs
reversal public
reversal emasculation
reversal girl
warm embrace
Unaging is for the new identity, Immortal is for your real body. You need both.
I agree that Ideal match and its prereq could be taken off new identity, and on New World/Strange World
>gain or lose a full tree
its one power or drawback only, two (3 on drawbacks if you did wider range) combining it with versatile. the 200 point limit was more to prevent huge flows over time while being big enough to allow for the more expensive abilities to be used for it, but I considered not having it or anything like it attached because its probably not that important.

the older version I was first working on didn't have new identity and the aging stuff was its own tree. I did like it better that way but it would be a large change to get it restructured like that and it sounded like (from the complaints I got) that people liked the newer set better.

I mean in terms of gaining the points themselves, you can have unspent points from ring combinations feed it for one day, put on something that balances it for another, and got back to charging the 3rd.

I have a hard time believing double digit multiplication is awkward or difficult for people with access to 4 function calculators (and probably shouldn't be even without it).
I WILL BE THE HERO /d/ NEEdS. don't expect amazing quality, but I will make you your male heroes frien/d/.
The problem is that with the 200 limit, you can gain at most 15 points of powers or ditch 9 points of drawbacks. If you're heavily invested in bondage capture, you cannot, with a 200 point budget, get rid of bondage capture. Stimulator, Incontinence, Submissive, Egg Laying, and Cross Dressing are similar.

You also, if you haven't got certain perks to begin with, obtain Stargate, Archmage, or Mind Reader's upgrade.
that's fine since the largest powers are 9 and the largest drawbacks are 4.

Since I've said now multiple times that its one item at a time, not a whole tree, without that being understood I clearly can't rely on having it state that it functions like an ability that specifies that to save space. Also I forgot to include in its text that you can use bigger items with that, so right now its revised text reads:

Any excess points you have on this ring or combination of rings including this one, may be retained at one excess = one stored point/day. You may then use these stored points to gain the effect of powers or mitigate drawbacks.
Stored points are spent to produce an effect like Versatile for one week, but you can choose higher cost powers or drawbacks. You may have only one power gain or drawback mitigated at a time with this power, this is in addition to the one available by Versatile. The costs are 14 x base cost for powers and 21 x base return for drawbacks. If you qualify for a power only because of a use of Versatile you lose the effect immediately if required power is replaced. Points only store if they are available for 24 hours. You can hold no more than 200 points at a time.
Don't see a reason to fuck myself over.
I like being tall
Soft girls are best girls
For maximum fun
They'll like me, even if they don't know it yet.
It'd be nice not be depressingly inadequate for once.
I certainly do plan on getting myself pregnant
>Get the hose
Big enough before clean up gets to be too much of a hassle
>Opium of the people
To keep them coming back
They'll look forward to giving me succ
And will always swallow
>Upright urination
Don't see why I shouldn't if I have the equipment
No reason to make myself uncomfortable
>Attracted to girls
Boys are gross. I'll also take another futa though.
can i know the criteria for the sizes of faggots plz?

>savor the feeling
>outrageous -10
>massive -10
>substantial -5
>diminutive -0
>boy-crazy -0
>subby -0
>overdrive -10
>what change? -20
>pink frills -10
>butterfly -10
>inhuman style -15
>menstrual cancel -15
>flawless skin -10
>feeling fresh -10

total: 35

>bimbo +20
>more biggerer +10
>i want you +15
>foodie +15
>commando +20
>dat ass +10
>dat rack +10

total: 135

eyy, that's pretty good
File: Untitled.png (22 KB, 800x321)
22 KB
Oh, Rings is being updated again. I had an idea for a tree back when Lactofork was doing it, but they disappeared before I could post.
-Perfect Senses- your senses are all at the top of human capability.
-Super-Senses- your senses are superhuman, but still in boundaries of physics.
-Hyper-senses- your senses are magical, but still adhere to their respective organs' functionality.
-Sixth Sense: you get a sixth sense that lets you see the shape of objects 360° around you; but not their colour, and only in a 5-meter radius.

-Blindfold- you have to wear an opaque blindfold continiously for 5 hours a day.
-Legally Blind- your vision becomes blurry enough to not be able to distinguish between fingers on your outstretched hand.
-Actually Blind- you are completely blind as long as you wear the ring. You don't have to wear blindfold.
-Earmuffs- you have to wear noise-cancelling headphones continiously for 5 hours a day. They block 100% of the outside noises.
-Mute- you can't make noises other than unintelligible groans and moans.
-Deaf- you're deaf-mute as long as you wear the ring. You don't have to wear earmuffs.
-Latex Mask- you have to wear full-head latex mask for 5 hours a day.

-Dullahan- your neck disappears. Your shoulders now flow smoothly into each other, and your head levitates above them. If forced outside neck's normal range of motion, it loses levitation capabilities until placed back or carried further than 5 meters away from body.
-Demagnetized- your head no longer levitates, you have to carry it around.
-Head Off- your head disappears entirely as long as you wear the ring. There's a vertical mouth-like structure where your esophagus and trachea are, unless you've chosen No Sustainence, in which case it's smoothed out.

-Numb- your sense of touch is almost non-existent as long as you wear the ring.
-Amplified- your erogenous zones retain the feeling, and lack of it in the rest of the body amplifies their sensitivity.
Also, Flying and Noclip should have a pre-evolution.
-Hover- you can effortlessly hover up to 1 meter above solid ground, freely change your orientation and move at a walking pace without external forces; however, you'll quickly slow down to it whenever you're pushed beyond it with the power activated. This power deactivates completely if you're over 1 m above ground.
File: 1485824837326.png (830 KB, 886x627)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
purpose: love
relationship: dominate
hair: messy
hair color: blonde
face: girlish
penis size: average
> work: school-girl
> causual: sundresses
> formal: simple
> bedroom: your t-shirt
personality: obedient fem
personality traits:
> feminine: enjoying it, submissive, play along
> neutral: perfectionist, charming
favorite food: popsicles
maid assignments: cleaning, relief, gardening, cooking
toys: vibrator (he controls), chocker
kinks: undressing, girl, emasculation, petplay, cum, cock worship, impregnation, fucked silly
kinks dom: tease
position: from behind, reverse cowgirl, missionary
don't name that drawback deaf, name it Silence or something. Otherwise its misleading.

Only one power/drawback per week? I'll admit thats not how I read it earlier.

... Why would anyone want to negate say, for instance: amputee, if theres nothing they can do about paralysis?

Suddenly this power seems really crappy.
Start: 14 pts

Means of Control
>Contract - 0 pts

Slave Types
>Conditioned Slave - 1 pt

>Lactation, Rewrite Personality, Normalize, Stretchy, Age Manipulation, Gender Swap, Twinning, Tireless Servant - 8 pts
>5 pts

>Alchemy, Expanded Mind - 4 pts
>1 pt

>Cosmic Alignment, Permanent Changes, Slave Limit, Sign of Influence, Rapey Slaves - 7 pts
>8 pts

>Pact of Comfyness- 3 pts
>11 pts

>Victoria - FREE
>Alexandra, Fukawa, Jamie, Mary. Zynthia, Hayami, Melissa, Gwedillth - 4 pts
>7 pts
Any plans for something that'd remove the need for producing bodily waste? If made into a power, perhaps with a corruption that caused you to increase the production of your sexier substances (milk, cum, etc.) by the volume of waste you would've normally produced?
And what about a power that'd keep you (including what you wear, potentially even your immediate surroundings) perpetually clean?
Could probably use something to make your sexier fluids tasty and nutritious (so someone could be healthy on a diet of nothing else).

Also, the upgrades to New Identity that have to do with your appearance seem a bit vague. For instance, if you basically want to be a human with, say, an extra pair of arms, what would you need to pick to allow this?

Mad Scientist

Long life -> Eternal Youth -125
Regeneration -50
Perfect look -> Doppelganger -> Shapeshifting -150
Futanari - 20
Delicious Fluid -25
Smart -> Super Smart -125

Head Off +20
Double Dick +20
Submissive +20
Sensitive +25
Ever aroused +35
Demons +50
Stretchy +25
Short stack +25
Inconinence +25
Inflation +20
Clumsy +25
Eggs +25
Trap +10
Dog Knot +20
Cum fountain +15
Horse Cock +20
Barely fits +15
Obipositor +25
Lactation +20
Fuckable Tits +25
Anal addict +20
Too Young +25
Donator +15

Still have 30 points for something :D
The need to produce waste is covered by the lack of intake in through Alternative or No Sustenance, except for things like urination that may exist through drawbacks. Nutritious Semen could be placed next to the Cumflation drawback though, under a condition that a visible erection is taken as a sign for anyone hungry they could suck out some sustenance. May potentially mix with Nyotaimori as you're forced to bukkake yourself and then licked clean too. That would be the only case I would ever choose it otherwise.
>The need to produce waste is covered by the lack of intake in through Alternative or No Sustenance
That's just "no longer need to eat food", though, which logically results in "if you _do_ eat food, you'll still produce waste". What I'm getting at is "no bodily waste regardless of what you consume".
seems that it's still a work in progress

if so can you also add a "everyone is a futa" option as well?


Get the hose
Opium of the people
About to pop
Casual Masturbation
totally bi
Body Type: skinny
Breast size: big (but not too much)
hips: thicc (but not too much)
Type: harmless, worshiping, delusional
origin: simply insane
dream: your undying love
traits: confident, wealthy, girly girl, gifted, socialite, filthy, short, foreign, optimist
Quirks: Genetic (3 sisters 1 brother), closer, true friends, decorator, romantic trip, connections, hers forever, addict, demanding, charisma, consent not required
gifts: fetish, youthful, beautiful, good people, comedian, good taste, together, income, famous, perfect hair

She is a beloved actress and master manipulator, she will keep a relatively "long leash" but have a network of friends and family always reporting on my actions. She won't resort to violence but will use her connections and charisma to "destroy" possible love rivals and keep me always very close to her in social gatherings. I'm allowed to have some male friends and a night out now and then but not much else.
I'm Italian and she is American, we met while she was filming a movie in my city (Bologna) and basically kidnapped me on her private jet and took me to California as an illegal immigrant an used her fame and connection to get me a visa. I have to follow her on the set of every movie to keep her company and to "placate" her limitless libido. Her family is cool and seem to love me but it's a bit too insistent on marriage and us being together, I get along especially well with her father and often spend time with him to get some advice.
This is great, can't wait for more
I'm afraid it's finished.
Naprac a best girl

Get in her good graces, work together to redeem and waifu other demons

Build a team of demonic magical girls with her

Pro: laudable goals

Con: Mediocre tits
File: NarmayaSummer_A.png (208 KB, 960x800)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
>cute horned girl vanilla succubus sex

If only Narmaya was a real succubus
>Devils are exclusive to the southern hemisphere
This annoys me and feels like it should either be a 3/3 split and/or have some cost to import ones not from your hemisphere. And also,
>Devils are free in general from what I'm seeing
Or am I blind?
Transformation: Instant Girl

Body type: Plushy
Chest size: Outrageous (-10 = 150)
Butt size: Massive (-10 = 140)
Hips/thighs: Built to last (-10 = 130)
Height: Amazon (-15 = 115)

Direction: Dual-classing (-10 = 105)
Dominance: In-charge (-10 = 95)
Libido: Overdrive (-10 = 85)

Reception: What change? (-20 = 65)
Time/age: Take Two (-10 = 55)
Persona override: Watashi (-10 = 45)

Estelle Wright (-10 = 35)

"Tactical" visor (-5 = 30)
Menstrual cancel (-15 = 15)
Tasty beverage (-10 = 5)
Feeling Fresh (-10 = -5)
Flawless skin (-10 = -15)
Hair Affair (-5 = -20)
Social Ambivalence (-25 = -45)

I Need You (+10 = -35)
Tumbleweed (+10 = -25)
Faulty lenses (+10 = -15)
Dat rack (+10 = -5)
Erotic mirror +10 = 5)

Where the shotas at?
I am always reminded that you can go really dark with this cyoa.

>North America
>Red hair
>Free wil
>Milkmaid dress
>Small dose
>Weight gain
>By hand

I mean look at this shit. My motivation is that i am super bored and just want to have some fun. Even though she voluntarily came to me to live life as a cute cow girl, and is always loving and cheerful, I am now fattening her up and am going to kill her in a year. I give her drugs and affection when she is good, but when she is bad i fucking rape her and put her in a cage. This is some sick shit. I never liked this cyoa much.
/tg/ had several rather severe shitstorms about the Beef option. Someone put a black square in its place and wrote something akin to 'Nothing to see here, citizen' on it.
>the longer you stay in a body the more their personality bleeds in to yours, if you accidently stay too long you wont see any reason in being your original identity anymore
>the longer you stay in a body the more their memories bleed in to yours. if you accidentally stay too long youll eventually forget you werent always this identity
>sometimes your swaps glitch and you switch something other than bodies, like personality, interests, some body part, or their identity in the eyes of other people
>the person you swap with gains your identity when they get your body
>swap misfiring
>swap turning you into a twin/copy of them instead
>swapping has a chance to make you become them from a young age in the past instead
>cant switch back if you switch with someone who is pregnant or you become pregnant

godspeed anon
your subconscious doesnt transfer and you gain theirs instead
I'm not into vore, or any fetishes that irreparably damage people. But I dislike cutting things from finished works. It's more of an artistic issue, really.
>But I dislike cutting things from finished works.
That was the entire point of the edit.
the impairment/paralysis thing is only 50% of the time, so it is still less bad, admittedly thats probably not how I'd use that power either.

interesting, is there much of a following for removed senses? (admittedly I think I've seen that attached to some latexy submission type stuff before).

Inhuman for extra arms

I'll see what can do about the rest of that

the link appears to still be working, I'm not planning on seriously working on it until probably tomorrow (I'm writing down what people are saying now). There might be a new version in a couple weeks once I can get all of this sorted out and get the rest of the stuff I was already planning in.
How big of an Edgelord is Dina?
Is she the kind of 'rebel' that'd just do mischievous things to certain people, or would she do shit like join ISIS?
I suppose then if you still bother with such things. Production increase is still covered by two separate branches regardless, so maybe it would be best placed as a cleanliness power, I'd even pay a good -7 to remove scat from the world entirely.

Still mildly hoping for another row to powers so I can push for a beauty adjustment power of some kind, even if it only affects new worlds. It would be an Attracted alternative as everything could then be associated as your type. If nothing else, I'll just standardize it as a -3 to my own rule set. I need my femboys and amazons.
I was thinking of something as an upgrade to new world (more likely strange world) that let you define major aspects of it including civilizations, relative wealth and development, design individual races, etc. I was also considering an upgrade to pro choice that would let you define things about your progeny. Figured the powers section could use more for people with god complexes, among things I was thinking about but did add last time and haven't discussed in these threads yet.
File: 0296.jpg (314 KB, 841x1200)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
There are other more efficient CYOAs for a god complex. I just want a more proper chance to enjoy the hell that only bi-fags could dream of, and not have to settle for not-quite effeminate men. Moderately attractive women would otherwise be fine under any context however, but I'd still enjoy a minimum standard of beauty too. The main issue is just desiring hot BBWs but having then to deal with reality, Ron Paul is just a patch-work solution.

I've even given some thought to how a role-reversal could work, such as defining that average musculature would scale accordingly to size difference towards the dominant sex, but it may inadvertantly piss off femdom fags that just want dainty women in control of brutish men.

Just try and keep it subtle whatever it is, it'll end up overshadowing everything else otherwise. It's why I tend to suggest limiting it to themes with adjectives such as dom/sub instead of world descriptions.

I miss words captcha. I wanted to collect more screenshots of inadvertant sex terms.
Has anyone ever made a Netori CYOA?
I'm now taking picture suggestions for the Body Swap CYOA I mentioned above.
I recall a similar idea like 5 years ago in a globalized fetish thread, someone had a set up where submissive (dominant) actions would make someone's body more feminine (masculine) and traditionally feminine (masculine) actions would instill a more submissive (dominant) mentality. The idea is it would rapidly polarize society and reassign sex based on initial relative levels of dominance and the feedback would produce extreme levels at the end.

I've actually used that idea in my fantasies a few times as justification for sex changes with creature transformations. No idea how one would work that into this system though.
Yeah, there are at least a couple. New Technology Recruit doesn't straight up require it, but heavily encourages cucking folks. And then there's one (I think it's called Netorare CYOA?) where a goddess or something empowers you with immortality and stuff for as long as you keep cuckolding folks. Not really my thing though, so I haven't got a saved copy to share.
Fuck it, why not?
>Mad Scientist
>Care Free (-25)
>Immunity (-55)
>Regeneration (-105)
>Eternal Youth (-230)
>Perfect Look (-255)
A healthy body, to start.
>Hammerspace (-305)
>Futanari (-325)
Oops! Looks like the Perfect Body used both the X and Y chromosomes' codes for restructuring...somehow.
>Slumber (-310)
This is not much different from normal.
>Stretchy (-285)
>Inflation (-265)
Like rubber!
>Perfect Digestion (-275)
This is a side effect?
>Head Off (-255)
Do not apply directly to the forehead.
>Inhuman Eyes (-240)
Black sclera, orange iris.
>Change Skin Color (-235)
Semi-pale blue.
>Tail (-225)
>Horns (-220)
Also demon.
>Long Tongue (-210)
Also demon?
>Double Dick (-190)
>Fuckable Dick (-175)
>Dildo Dick (-155)
>Cum Fountain (-140)
>Penis Tentacle(s) (-115)
>Fuckable Tits (-90)
>Fly (-140)
>Wings (-115)
Red Bull gives you what now?
>Call Sign (-85)
I'm already a Demon.
>Cluttered (-65)
Time for spring cleaning!
>Markings (-40)
A veritable piece of art!
>No First Person (-25)
Is it chuuni if this one really is a demon?
>Linear Tube (-10)
>Anal Addict (10)
Two tentacle dicks, both detachable. Not gonna be a problem. Always gonna be full~ And an added benefit, any cum can be stored, or shot straight through!
Jesus anons, whatever you do don't post cuck cyoas on /tg/ it literally offends all of them.

Not joking, like the entire thread burned with anger after 1 cuck cyoas got posted.
is there one like this that lets you customize 'yourself'/the brother too?
It's about like going into any random thread here and posting gore or scat, senpai. Extreme fetishes are not going to be popular outside of their target audience.
Do drawbacks like signs of influence and dollmaker remain even if you release someone from being your slave?
I'd think the former only applied whenever they'd be under your control, but the latter would remain indefinitely (i.e. until action is taken to change those aspects of the slave's body via some method that doesn't directly involve your powers).
What happens when your slaves go free? Do they plot to kill you?
Ideally you take the conditioning option and have them under control long enough for them to remain loyal slaves even once they've been freed.
>With this build, I will be able to win the Holy Grail War.
Nigga you'll get murdered and maggots will feast on your corpse.
File: 354675468678234465.jpg (76 KB, 1031x1000)
76 KB
>Mad scientist

>Care free (-25)
>Immunity (-55 total)
>Perfect look (-80)
>Long life (-130)

>Mind control (-280)
>Eternal youth (-355)
>Futanari (-375)

>Heat (-355)
>Aura of lust (-325)
>Reputation (-310)
>Head off (-290)
>Stretchy (-265)
>Progenitor (-290)
>Inflation (-270)
>Change skin color (-265)
Coal Black
>Inhuman eyes (-250)
Black sclera, Red/orange iris. With eye flames.
>Paws (-205)
>Tail (-195)
>Inhuman feet (-185)
>Inhuman ears (-180)
All of them like a hellhound.
>Long tongue (-170)
>Double dick (-150)
>Barely fits (-135)
>Cum fountain (-120)
>Huge breasts (-110)
>Bitch (-90)
>Fast pregnancy (-75)
>Early adult (-35)
>Weird preggo (0)
Yeah, they're always like that. They're fine with (mind)raping entire races and stuff, but anything that might be remotely related to cucking? Even if the connection is bullshit? /cyoag/ is going apeshit. It's an instant firestorm generator.
Mindslaver: (0/14 points)
Telepathy (3/14)
Conditioning (4/14)

Rewrite personality (5/14)
Immortality (7/14)
Tireless servant (8/14)
Self-hypnosis (9/14)

Pocket dimension (12/14)
Expanded mind (15/14)
Telekinesis (18/14)
Planeswalker (24/14)

Slave limit (24/16)
Short leash (24/17)
Deus vult (24/18)
Star guardians (24/20)
The Abyss (24/22)

Molag Bal (24/24)

Telepathy fits nicely and is a minimum-fuss means of control. Slave limit and short leash also fit the theme as it has its limits. Expanded mind is because intelligence boosters are almost as hard to pass up as immortality. Molag Bal provides a degree of physical resistance for when other options fail, plus I'd probably try fucking around with world politics at some point anyway, so that requirement isn't too bad. Personality rewrite means I don't need to keep them under my control for long. Short leash will be a bit of an issue, but I don't need to get the top level politicians, at least not right away. Hitting a few hundred mid-level officials a year with misogynist personality rewite will go a long way to ensuring women's rights and status are steadily eroded and eventually removed.

Conditioning offsets slave limit to a degree and means that even if my control is cancelled out by some other power, my slaves will still be loyal. Immortality and self hypnosis for obvious reasons, tireless servant is just a nice bonus. Planeswalker is just too temping to pass up, plus there's all kinds of interesting stuff/people in fiction to try and grab. Pocket dimension as I need somewhere to store all my stuff and not directly controlled slaves when I go exploring the multiverse. Telekinesis gives me options where mindcontrol isn't workable.

Deus vult is one drawback that can probably be removed with effort. They sound limited to one universe, presumably the one Molag Bal wants me to make changes to, so no easy way to avoid them. The magical girls will be a constant problem, but I have non-mc powers to fall back on. If I can capture a few of them they should be able to handle the monstergirl problem, as 'defeat creatures from the abyss' doesn't sound very evil.
This just in, being genderswapped into a demonic mind controlling futa is not as extreme as cheating on someone. Huh.
/tg/ has their priorities fucked up. Hard. Guess our sister thread is losing the last bits of its mind.
/cyog/ isn't great, but almost all the cuck stuff is one particular person with a recognizable posting style and an obsession, that authors can't help but defend themselves from and others can't help but feed.
Yeah, he's a really successful asshole. But the /tg/ mods don't help one bit. I miss the threads from five years or such ago.


Messy, Brown


Enjoying It, Play Along




>Kinks, submissive

>Kinks, dominate

Reverse Cowgirl
>Lucky fairy.
10 points.
>Large Size (9)
>Majestic Manhood (8)
>Protean Penis (7)
>Cum Together (6)
>Hypno-Dong (5)
>Addictive (4)
>Dong Dominion (3)
>Mass Production (2)
>Love Juices (1)
>Tasty Treat (0)
>Virile (-1)
-1 points
>Curse of Denial (0)
0 points

Step one, shapeshift my body with Protean Penis into something a little more appealing. Lose the love-handles, turn the small keg on my stomach into a six-pack. Erase some scars.

Then I'll just cruise around town looking for attractive women to build into a harem. Majestic Manhood will make them want to see it, Hypno dong will make them do anything once it's out, and my tasty, addictive cum will keep them coming back for more.

I think I'll focus on other ethnicities. Black, Mexican, and Arabian women specifically. There's a lot of BS going around about how they're 'out-breeding' white people. Not anymore. I'll spend the next 50 years or so (thanks to Protean Penis I can shapeshift-away the ravages of age) bleaching the genepool. You're welcome.
File: image.png (161 KB, 403x433)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
I can't for the life me figure out how to play this. Sam I dumb or is it gibberish?
Did you try the newer one from the archive link?
Deal with the Devil

Long Life -50
Eternal Youth -75
Never Sleep -35
Regeneration -50
Smart -50
Total -260

Main Side Effects
(7) Gender Bender +25
(58) Public Whore +30

Secondary Side effects
(71) Cat Ears +5
(65) Wer-Cat +50
(6) Nude +15
(85) Huge Breasts +10
(3) Markings +25
(50) Marathon +25
(88) Fuck Addict +25
(56) Servant +50
File: 1487276643133.jpg (2.72 MB, 1000x3220)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB JPG
Here you go.
File: image.png (807 KB, 640x1136)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
I tried playing the older version first, but I couldn't understand it. And when I download the new one all I get is this blurry mess
I refuse. Post the 2nd one.
Well here's a version that's resized both in dimensions and in filesize to be postable (looked more-or-less readable to me, but no guarantees). The original was 1280x16897, at around 18.1 MB.
Thank you. The people on /d/ are so nice
Oh my god, I'm dumb. The little sqares dice. I was so confused as to where the points were.
File: 1494709256933.jpg (652 KB, 800x1199)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
Going to repost what I made for this a bit ago.

Let's get the pact with Slaanesh done first. Your perverse glory shall consume the world, until it is worthy of your perfection!

ascension: [16]

Sigil: [14] Mark of Slaanesh, obviously.

>Slave Type
Conditioned: [13] They will all learn to enjoy their new purpose.

Libido [12]
Rewrite memory [11]
Induce fetish [10]
Gender swap [9]
Twinning [8]
Immortality [6]
Tireless servant [5]
Combat Training [2]
Monstrification [-1]
Rewrite personality [-2]

Summoning [-3]
Expanded mind [-6]

Deus Vult [-5]
Sign of influence [-4]
Power of Chaos [-1] I would greatly appreciate a form resembling the servants of Slaanesh but I cannot force you.
Unnatural Aura [0]

>Free slave
Fukawa Miyo: She will make a find servant of Slaanesh.

My intent is simple. Bring the entire world to hedonism. Fukawa being perverse as she is, along with her anticipated loyalty, will be more than worth of the greatest gift I can give her, the form of an immortal daemonette whom requires nothing more than something to relieve her unending lust. From here it would progress slowly at first, gradually gathering more slaves and breaking them to my will, rewriting their memories if needed. As numbers grow those that I find worthy, and have been conditioned to the point where their loyalty will never be a question, will be given the same treatment of Fukawa, becoming my guardians and personal toys.

When the nuns start coming for me I will have an elite guard that can be by my side at any moment. It will be glorious to take these nuns captive, enslave them, and rewrite their memories, replacing their faith in Catholicism with devotion to the Prince of Pleasure.

Slaves would be sent back to world to spread their hedonistic ways. It may take a long time be my daemons and I are immortal so time is on our side.
Near character limit so have to stop writing.

posting the picture I was sent when I originally made this.
One thing that's always slightly annoyed me about Rings is that Public Slave and Communism, two things I would be very very interested in picking for my rings, are locked behind other fetishes I'd really rather not take. It's mostly the idea of having to wear all that extra shit all the time if I wanted to be a public slave. That's just a hassle and it doesn't really have anything to do with the public use fetish. Now I can definitely reproduce a very similar effect with Rape Touch and Harassment but it's a bit different (and preferred) when everyone knows that I'm a public sex-toy.
I don't know of any other one. That's the only NTR CYOA I have.
hey buddy, it's your archenemy here. How have things been? Glad to see you like the picture.
File: Netorare CYOA - Page 2.png (2.22 MB, 1000x1500)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
I think they meant the mystery box, i.e. pic related.
One involves fucking over people you don't know in a fantasy context.

The other involves betraying and making your loved ones miserable in an all too familiar situation that happens every single day.

The difference is obvious, especially when you consider that humans have trouble caring about people they have no empathy/connection too. No shit a CYOA about fucking over your wife is going to hurt more than one about raping some rando.
Aren't you being a bit stupid? I've never heard of this theory that only one person in the world doesn't like cheating.
You can only swap when you orgasm with the person you're swapping with.
Oh hello. I know I said I'd write a thing, but I've been busy IRL. That and I'm not exactly skilled at creative writing, but I've got the motivation to keep trying to make something decent.
>post netorare cyoa
>it's netori
hope things calm down a bit for you. Don't rush yourself, writing the backstory should be something that you enjoy.
I'm actually working on it right now, since I'm in the mood and have the time.

Give me a couple of hours and I'll have at least the start of something made.
I'm the guy from the second post, and I never said people liked cheating. But I don't get why cheating on a single person is now considered so much worse than utterly removing control over themselves from people and committing fantasy-equivalent-rape.
See >>7436931
Thank you for fixing the CYOA I didn't realize was broken. :P
Question: will there be options as to how the swaps occur depending on the setting (fantasy, sci fi, etc) like the classic bumping heads, magic spells, superpowers, or body swap machine?
Yeah, I remember. Just said I don't get it. Especially since most who get mind control powers would probably also use them someone they know, not just random people.
I like it! I'll take one too please!

Will there also be objectives while swapped like

>your body was stolen!
>you run off to get a new life
>you and a girl swap bodies for a new reality tv show
>stop an alien invasion in your new body
Question for anyone who's used the latest Enchanted Rings update from The Slug Man:

Did he change what was already in it at all, or just add new stuff? Not a big deal either way, just wanted to know if I'll need to change my build.

Addong onto

Your new body has a huge debt to pay off.

Or maybe a Mad Scientist took your body and let you take one of his assistants as your new body, or stay an old man.
Planning on it, yes. There's going to be different kinds of scenarios, such as a fate occurance where you're in a random stranger's body, having your body forcibly stolen, or forcibly stealing someone else's. I like the idea when it comes to the reality TV show.
So if I want to play the Chaos Mode RYOA, I just add and subtract points until I net zero?
Do any of you know when I'm supposed to roll for events? do I just roll a d20 and see if the event is triggered? or is it triggered by the previous roll? The directions don't explain it well
Nvm I'm completely misunderstood the core function of the cyoa
some point values are different, some of the requirements are different, and I tweaked some of the text, you might want to look it over.
Oblivious 1
Rapeable Face 4
Town Slut 2
Lewd Tattoo (2) 1
Lust Aura 2
Indicator Pupils 1
Cushiony Lips 1
Detachable Limbs 3
Nutritious 2
Milky 2
Compatible 3
Sex Addict 3
Ass Addict 3
Cum Addict 3
Hair Trigger 3
Dependent 3
Eager to Please 3
Feed on Lust 3
Bimboification 3
3x Power Up 3
Total: 49
Genders: 1/1/1 distribution 2
Genders: Equality 1
Dynamic: Casual 1
Time Stop 3
Long Lived 3
Flexible 1
Fast charge 1
Immune 2
Intelligence +5 5
Personality Normal to Cute 1
Orientation: Bi 3
Strength: +5 5
Body and Face: Male to Girly 2
Flight: 3
Snake Tongue 2
No refrac period 1
Vagina 1
Ovary - period-less 3
Time Rewind 6
3 points left over, so somewhere between Easy and Normal
Visible Indicator of bodies being swapped, such both disembodied souls flying out and swapping, while appearing translucent to any onlookers.
Could you enlighten me on what the core function is? It's pretty confusing for me.
>reality tv show

>inb4 it's either the comedy/drama type of show with a bunch of people living in a house swapping bodies, or a ARENA COMBAT where everyone has to adapt to their new form and the victor gets to fuck the loser.
Mad Scientist
>Main Side Effects: Futanari (-20), Ever-Aroused (+35), Fertility (+20), Feed on Lust (+25), Sensitive (+25), Aura of Lust (+30), Sex Addict (+20), Easy Victim (+25)
160 points
>Secondary Side Effects: Anal Addict (+20), Stretchy (+25), Progenitor (-25), Perfect Digestion (-10), Delicious Fluid (-25), Aphrodisiac (-35)
110 points
>Mutation side effects: Inhuman Eyes (Tiger +15), Short Tendons (+15), Fur (+10), Horns (+5), Long Tongue (+10), Inhuman Ears (cow +5), Inhuman Feet (Hooves +10)
180 points
>Male only Side Effects: Trap (+10), Cum Fountain (+15), Horse Cock (+20)
>Female Side Effects: Lactation (+20), Extra Breasts (+20), Fuck Addict (+25), Bitch (+20), Fast Pregnancy (+15), Early Adult (+40), Huge Breasts (+10)
375 points
>Main Benefits: Strength (-50), Smart (-50), Reflexes (-50), Perfect Look (-25), Immunity (-30), Care Free (-25)
135 points
>Superior Benefits: Read Minds (-50), Super-Smart (-75), Regeneration (-50), Super Speed (-75)
-115 points left
>Superior Benefit Malfunctions: Donator (+15), Jamming (+30), Long Rest (+35), Psychic Touch (+25)
0 points
>COMBO EFFECTS: Broodmother,

I've always thought it was a travesty that The countryside is not home to tribes of dominant minotaur futas who delight in sexually exploiting smaller, weaker humans. I intend to fix that mistake, even if I have to manufacture the tribal-herds myself. Time to start hunting 'volunteers'.
I found another Herald! Here's my skillset: >>7430822
Let's turn the world into a pervert's wet dream!
File: 1495061097873.jpg (194 KB, 1247x1920)
194 KB
194 KB JPG

Limited (+5)

>Massive (-2)

>Majestic manhood (-1)
>Addictive (-1)
>Mass production (-1)
>Love Juices (-1)
>Tasty treat (-1)
>Hypno dong

>Testicle tanks (+1)
>Unbowed (+1)
>Partner (+1)
How do i do this. kind of confused. Any easy steps ?
The first few text boxes (the ones before "The world" section) explain how things work. The last two of those explain the two main ways to "play" (with three "difficulty" modes each).
RYOA Hard Mode
I specifically tried to go on and on and on...

=First 5 rolls=
So, let's see what we have to start with.
>Water Gun: ON
>Bondage: ON
>Hair Length: Ear Length
>Lewdness: 4
>Gender Swap: Female
> -Vagina: ON
> -Breasts: B Cup
> -Face: Feminine
> -Body Type: Girly
> -Personality: Cute
> -Sexual Orientation: Guys

Okay, so I'm a girl now. Let's adjust that accordingly. And also let's toggle endurance off, that's no fun, especially as a girl.
>Hair Length: Ass Length 2 Points
>Breasts: D-Cup 1 Point
>Name Change: Female 2 Points
>Endurance: OFF 3 Points
>Sexual Orientation: Bi 1 Point

=Rolled Add-Ons=
>Height: +10 cm (182cm)
>Hair Length: Knee Length
>Lust Aura: ON
>Name Change: Stripper's Name
>Milky: ON
> -Breasts: E-Cup
>Power Up: Female
> -Breasts: FF-Cup
> -Sensitivity: 3
> -Lewdness: 5
>Gender Distribution: 15 (49:49:2)
>Gender Distribution: 6 (50:50)
>Cum Addict: ON

Hmm... I can live with most of these changes, but let's turn down lewdness a bit and also but Fertility to Selective. Won't want an accident to happen.
>Lewdness: 4 1 Point
>Fertility: Selective 2 Points

=Rolled Add-Ons=
>Subpar: ON
>Bad Sight: ON
>Dependent: ON

Okay, I can live with Bad Sight and Dependent for now, but I don't care for a world in which FF-Cup is the smallest possible breast size.
>Subpar: OFF 3 Points

=Rolled Add-Ons=
>Addictive Fluids: ON
>Sex Addict: ON
>Sensitivity: 4

Addictive Fluids sounds fun, up until the point you get kidnapped because supply can't keep up with demand. So, nope!
>Addictive Fluids: OFF 2 Points

=Rolled Add-Ons=
>Wet Dreams: ON
>Skin Tone: Purple

Yeah, not gonna be a purple freak.
>Skin Tone: Fair 1 Point
>Hair Color: Red 1 Point
>Eye Color: Green 1 Point

=Rolled Add-Ons=
>Fast Charge: ON
>Stretchy Holes: ON
>Skin-Tone: Medium

Come on, let me keep my skin tone. Also, I just feel that with stretchy holes I should get rid of Dependent. Don't wand to havce to find someone that can scratch that particular itch.
>Skin Tone: Fair 1 Point
>Dependent: OFF 3 Points

=Rolled Add-Ons=
>Endurance: ON
>Indicator pupils: ON
>Lewd Tattoo: Hard To Hide
>Fertility: Infertile

Come on, I turned Endurance off in the beginning. And I don't want to be infertile either.
>Endurance: OFF 3 Points
>Fertility: Selective 2 Points

=Rolled Add-Ons=
>Pseudo Pregnancy: ON
>Time Stop: ON
>Long Lived: ON
>Eager To Please: ON
>Storage: ON

Okay, pregnancy is a nice fetish and all, but i don't wnat to run around looking pregnant ALL the time.
>Pseudoe Pregnancy: OFF 2 Points

=Rolled Add-Ons=
>Big Litter: ON
>Hair Length: Ass Length

I'm a 182cm, red-haired, fair-skinned, green-eyed beauty with ass-length hair, wearing glasses or contacts and living in a world that has a 50:50 ratio of men and women and nothing else. I'm a squirter, bi, and love to be touched. I'm into bondage, addicted to cum and sex and can fit enormous things inside of me. I also have a tattoo saying "FUCK ME" on my hand. My FF-Cup breasts are constantly lactating and if I don't milk them regularly they start to swell. I'm eager to please and my pupils turn into hearts when I'm aroused. I also have a Lust Aura surrounding me that makes people in my vicinity constantly horny. Should I ever get pregnant twins, triplets or even more would be the norm. Luckily I can control my own fertility, so that'll only happen when I want it. I'll also live for 500+ years, have the power to stop time and only need 2 hours of sleep per day.
New thread for when it's needed: >>7438567

4-6 Years
Family Friend
Onii-sama and First name
Friendly and Lustful
Lewd, Haughty, Genki, Genius, Mature and Selfish
Teasing, Sleeping and Bathing
The Beach, Outdoors, A Bar.
Similar Height, Gifted Breasts, Sexy Face, Thick Butt and Hips, Normal Physique, tanned Skin tone, Unladylike Clothing.
To Fuck You Silly
Glasses, Plump Lips

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