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File: 1495049097252.png (1.78 MB, 2103x3015)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
So long as it's got a dick and a baby belly, it's welcome here.

Anons, which is cuter? A futa doting over her pregnant femmeboifriend? Two traps getting each other pregnant? A little trap doting over his big, strong, pregnant futa girlfriend? Or two futas with a matching pair of baby bumps?
File: 1488293345724.jpg (202 KB, 1280x960)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
File: 1488689644824.png (654 KB, 928x953)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
File: 1488597904064.png (1.97 MB, 3000x2400)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
File: 1495208086848.png (106 KB, 700x700)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
File: 1498306655239.jpg (79 KB, 618x1027)
79 KB
File: 1492867358290.jpg (293 KB, 675x916)
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293 KB JPG
I understand you are very lonely, but this has gone too far.

Get help, friends. Please.

futa and her pregnant femmeboi trap
File: 1500081707118.png (357 KB, 591x755)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
Futa and her pregnant pet/trap.
File: 1477354574129.jpg (140 KB, 993x1400)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
File: 1477354629338.jpg (162 KB, 992x1400)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Old but gold
So... any anons interested in writesmut relating to this thread's topics? I have... more than my share of ideas and proto-ideas relating to it, but I've never been able to push myself to writing them. If folks are interested, I can try and get them written at long last, though...
Actually... I still don't know if there's any real call for trap-preg/futa-preg writesmut, but if there is, which story seed would anons be more interested in?

An overconfident trap fighter being disarmed and de-armored by a futanari Rust Monstergirl, who mistakes him as a mate and proceeds to impregnate him in her breeding lust?

Or a trap wizard being used as a hyper-pregnant broodmare for a futanari Rust Dragongirl (the "grown up form" of a Rust Monstergirl) by some disreputable group, who are in big trouble when she realizes her beloved little mate is being abused?
Second one, some bestiality could be good.

First one or second one as long as theres no eggs.

anyone know whatever happened to DaWeirdo?
All of them except the last, although the two pregnant traps sounds especially good
What do you mean by Rust? But they both sound like good concepts, go for it man
Huh, I'm surprised to be remembered. Yeah, I'm back, and yeah, I do need to get those stories from the last thread written.

Aren't familiar with D&D? Rust Monsters are these bug-like critters that feed on oxidised metal, which they can decay with a touch. Planescape introduced a dragon with similar abilities, reputed to be the ultimate evolved form of the rust monster.
>Or two futas with a matching pair of baby bumps?

Though you surprisingly forgot the very best one, since your pic is all about it: a futa fucking a trap into futa/trap/buttoveries.

Seriously, that is the best story. And the smaller trap/futa is so fucking pleased with her pregnant self.
And don't forget straight/futa+femmeboy couples getting mutually knocked up, rare as hell as it is. Of those listed though, definitely futa+pregnant femmeboy, especially with lots of loving teasing and exploitation of how feminine the trap's getting as a result of his pregnancy.
Kinda curious why you have yet to put your name back up, but meh you do as you do. As for this one, thinking up final element theme for last imp child is challenging, my last idea is bit of joke: Heart.
Just... didn't feel right to be using it, for some reason.

Speaking of my writings... I could use a hand in two things.

Firstly, I want to do that "pregnant kobold and his human husbando on their wedding day", but I got no eye for good colors. I was hoping some anon could suggest some nice colors for the kobold and his wedding dress?

Secondly... trying to fit all my mpreg and futapreg ideas into something sensible, I came up with this idea for a setting that literally amounts to "human traps fled the abuses of their amazonian womenfolk and have settled down on a foreign continent full of monsterfutas & monsterbois". I've already got lots of short story ideas based out of that setting bubbling to my head; should I share the ideas here and ask if anons want them written?

Of course we want them written. I also want to learn more about the setting, and I hope I'm not alone.
File: SaHa_Squall_30.jpg (732 KB, 1280x1814)
732 KB
732 KB JPG
It is completely alright, write what you will to help the creative juices flowing, for wedding colors, kobolds are usually orange-brown colored so maybe a blue-white mix for the dress, I dunno not good with clothes.

Also, an inquiry: Is it possible for you to make a list of story ideas and whatnot from previous threads, preferably in a googledoc or a pastebin to be edited later?
Thanks for the vote of confidence! What do you want to learn?

Appreciate the suggestion. I really want to go with a "two-toned" color scheme for the kobold, and I just have no eye for colors. For example, I was thinking of making him black and green scaled?

As for a list of story ideas... sure, I can do that: here's all of the concepts I remember from older threads, or just invented now: https://pastebin.com/q8zpP0Uy

Which reminds me that the trap-pregging CYOAs never did get off the ground... I would like to bring those back. Or at least do up a proper "Monsterboi Manual", since that did inspire my new finalized setting.
truth is stranger than fiction: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clitoris#Spotted_hyenas
Added some more old mpreg ideas to the pastebin doc.

On that topic... are there any ideas that're inherently "too weird" for this kind of smut? For example, say I do the pirate "king" idea - could one of his potential baby-daddies by a Lusca, a monstergirl in the form of a mini-giantess amazon sharktopus girl with lipples?

Or what about a story idea where the protagonist is cursed to be perpetually pregnant with a brood of slithering, writhing lamia/naga daughters, intermittently easing the pressure of his crammed-full belly by giving birth via orgasmically ejaculating one or more of them out of his dick?
Since I have a story concept roughly similar to this pic here, involving a maidboi impregnated by one of the monsterfutas he works with in a creepy swamp mansion, I thought I might as well post this pic and ask: what species of monstergirls would be most fitting for that scenario?

My current list stands at:
* Swamp Dragon
* Python Lamia
* Gurrash (gator-girl)
* Keropin (frog-girl)
* Rougarou (swamp-dwelling werewolf subspecies)
* Werepossum

Anything you'd add to that list?
The Lusca could do without the lipples and maybe change the "king's" title to something else, pirates don't elect kings, they make governors.

Firefly-girls and a treant maybe?
fucking sweet
I seem to recall we had someone in the last thread working on some stuff and the idea that seemed to be getting the most attention was a bunch of vignettes of a space pirate tanuki-futa and her knocked-up trap husband with stuff like her testing out his maternal trap titties with a boob+bellyjob. I do hope that went somewhere, was really lookin' forward to it.
Stupid need to automatically name each post... but, yeah, that was me. Still having difficulties grokking what to actually do in those vignettes, but I'll try to get them written when I can.

Eh, I've heard the term "pirate king" and "pirate queen" thrown around often enough. Plus, I like the lusca having lipples - distinguishes her from the common sharktopus.

And, as for the swamp-girls... fireflies or a will 'o' wisp might work, but I'm not big fan of plant-girls. I have no idea how I'd make a mangrove (or whatever trees grow in swamps) treant work.
Random query whilst I await responses to my writesmut queries or requests for specific writesmut ideas to get written: what's your favorite scenario for either trap-preg, futa-preg, or both?

Me, I really like the scenario of a pregnant trap being doted upon by his futa girlfriend, who makes it clear how much she loves him for taking on the struggles of pregnancy - I really hate the cliche of abusive "dominant" futas in futa/male circles, so a huge middle finger to that is always good. Mutual preggy hotness is also really fun, as in a pregnant futa letting her trappy boyfriend rub her down whilst she non-maliciously teases him that maybe she should make him carry the next one.

Oh, and pastebin link, it case it was missed earlier. Yes, I am taking requests from these lists, and I'm open to discussing other ideas as well, particularly for "Tales from the City of the Black Lotus". Want a pregnant trap bellydancing for a bunch of monstergirls? Want a terrifying monster reduced to a panicked mess because her boifriend's in labor? Want a monsterboi/futa spreading his/her legs for their human concubine to put a baby in them? I'm always open to discussion.

I am partial to having two scenarios for a preg-trap: #1. a young mother-to-be struggling with his predicament, thinking himself alone with no one to assist them only for the sire to show up and make a happy ending.
#2. The trap has been actively hunting sires of various species to become the proverbial Arc for his new home.

As for the futas, I always see them as the father of whatever union they may have.


If you can get a google doc setup, this one would be assistance with setting details and what not, especially these two stories.

>#13: Two heavily pregnant monsterbois, a goblin and a kobold, sexily compete for the attention and favor of their mutual human baby-daddy.

>#15: A human swordmage turned would-be warlord enjoys some pleasure time amongst his harem of conquered (impregnated) tribal ex-chieftains.
>If you can get a google doc setup, this one would be assistance with setting details and what not, especially these two stories.

That's a very odd thing to say; most anons prefer to avoid GDocs in my experience. But, alright...

Do you mean a GDoc for all of the story concepts, or just for Tales of the Black Lotus City?
First time hearing about anons avoiding GDocs.
Don't make a doc for all your concepts, just the ones you are having trouble with. If you allow comments on the sides for things such as spelling mistakes or additional details.

Example: A pink desert flower, added to the veil of the wedding dress of the kobold, stands out against warm bronze colour of the veil.
Going to presume you were suggesting putting up some kind of setting doc for City of the Black Lotus:

Never had that happen before - I tried to halt that post...

Oh, I see. Well, really, that could be just about any of them in time. I guess right now I'm mostly wanting to see opinions on what I ought to write first - I'll try and tackle that tomorrow, I'm utterly brainfried today.
Ah. Really should try to type faster.
I see, that is a LOT to do. Well, rest your brain, this one will try to ponder on your other subjects.
File: 1487649781266.png (1.31 MB, 1800x1730)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
So, inspired by the manga who contributed our open ing pic, I wanted to ask; what are some trap-preg/futa-preg scenarios you can envision for a high-school setting?

I mean, there's the obvious "traps and/or futas fool around and get themselves knocked up", of course, but what else?

For example....
* A paranormal club's efforts attract an alien or demon who impregnates the club member(s) who called her forth.
** Alternatively, the alien/demon goes into full "breeder invasion" mode and starts impregnating every student, male and female, in the school.
* A science club member tests out an experiment that leads to preggyness in one way or another. For example:
** Unleashes a gas that converts girls into horny futas and guys into fertile traps.
** Unleashes a gas that causes everyone exposed to it to become immaculately impregnated.
** Science club member has to carry a synthetic organism to term.
* A jealous or yandere girl impregnates a popular she is fixated on, either by virtue of natural futaness or through magic/weird science.
* Guys seduced into bedding the super-hot new substitute teacher find themselves unwittingly impregnated with her alien/demonic/witch spawn.
* Take a look at the average school day of a special glass; one full of pregnant traps who have been knocked up by the various mad scientists, aliens, monstergirls, magical girls and horny futas running around this animesque city.
If there's still anons interested in Miyuki and Aspen, I could actually use a hand. See, a big part of my mental picture for what a tanuki-"grrl" would look like comes from the page I'll link at the bottom of this thread. But, I can't figure out what sort of dick to have her wave around.

Are there any preferences from the three busts at the top of the linked page (Chrissy, Kally, Kiro), or do you have an alternative suggestion?

Likewise, using those three busts as a reference, what's a good "default" ball-size for our so-virile lady-daddy to be?

Chrissy on both accounts would be preferred in my opinion. Horsecock should only go on horses.
Oh? Why her? I would have thought that "triple-knotted" penis was a bit too alien for most anons. Likewise, why those particularly massive seed factories?

Actually, related query; what sort of "size comparisons" would you make to convey the size of each tanuki's balls? Head-sized, melon-sized, orange-sized, things like that?
Dick-wise I'd say to go with something relatively normal, if girthy enough to get the job done satisfactorily and with just enough extras for fun things like knotting. Kaiju cunt-busters that look like they're infested with three different strains of Guinea Worm and would look right at home in a H.R. Giger exhibit always feel like they're overdone, but I guess of the three Chrissy's the closest.

As for the balls, somewhere between Chrissy and Kally (a bit closer to Kally) seems to be the sweet spot, plenty of space for jizz and fondling and all that other business without getting to knee-banging upside-down-sweater-sling-wearing absurdities, and of course there's the old "big things in small packages" angle of spunk compression or something. Probably about the size of a large-ish pineapple would be my bizarre analogy for size.
File deleted.
I really don't like nattering so much, but somebody's gotta bump the thread.

Whilst I hope other anons re willing to at least chime in on the general "let's talk about the fetish" posts, here's an address by me to This One:

Would you be interested in helping me refine the nuts & bolts for the various "monstergrrls" planned for the City of the Black Lotus? I just find I think more freely when I can sling mud at the wall with somebody.

Yes, other anons can weigh in on stuff like "do goblins work as a species of traps where the subbier ones end up fucked into horny, fertile women by their brothers", but you identified yourself and expressed interest in the setting.
Would love to be of assistance, it is unfortunate that I have busy work week starting tomorrow. If you can wait till 9:30(PDT) tomorrow, I will make sculpture out of said mud.
Of course, that's perfectly okay. I keep hoping other anons will be bold enough to speak up on the other stuff I ask to try and kill the silence, or at least make a request for a story from the list.

I'd like to just go ahead and do one vignette for Miyuki and Aspen, but like I said, I'm still trying to decide what style of cock she's packing and how big her balls are.

Your post kind of makes me think I should just post rough monster drafts and wait for your critique, but I think that's taking advantage. Besides, maybe if I wait until you're here next, we can figure out what ones to tackle first.
File: Trappy Goblin Bandit.jpg (369 KB, 890x1306)
369 KB
369 KB JPG
Hipsome, big-eared shortstacks, following the general theme for sexy goblins started by WoW. Predominantly green-skinned, but come in other colors based on region, such as blue in the arctic regions.

All goblins are born as trappy monsterbois. At puberty, pheromones they produce cause goblin litters to turn on each other in incestuous battles of sexual domination.

The strongest/most aggressive retain their masculinity; the subbiest/sluttiest end up turning female - at which point they stop emitting the pheromones, so the sex stop, but they've become so addicted to a regular supply of dick that they leave their birth tribe and go looking for a mate.

The smart ones leave their tribe and end up joining "bachelor tribes"; the pheromones of non-related goblins aren't so enticing, so they can control themselves. Bachelor tribes do often succumb and end up becoming tribe-founders, usually winding up as mostly/completely shemales or herms to better nurse their broods.

Ironically, "alpha" goblins often turn into shemales themselves by surrounding themselves with too many pregnant mates, triggering their body to change to help feed the litters.

Goblins find humans very attractive because human semen is only a TGing catalyst if the goblin *wants* it to be. *And* it nullifies the effects of goblin semen. Course, such "male" goblins can still get pregnant, but the control over their bodies means popping out litters of hobgoblins if they don't use protection is worth it.
File: Milkboy TF Sequence.jpg (130 KB, 1280x427)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Minotaurs are "Amazonian Traps"; tall, strong, well-hung (with huge cocks that resemble horse-cocks with multiple medial rings), but still curvy and feminine-featured.

All minotaurs sport bovine horns, ears, tails, legs and mino-cocks. Other traits that may show up at random include full-body fur, "hoof-hands" (three-fingered hands with claw-like nails), and anthro bovine muzzles. Surprisingly, human-faced minotaurs are not only a distinct majority, but were even before humans arrived in this land.

Minotaurs are a primitive people, who mostly live hunter-gatherer lifestyles. Tough, strong and cunning, they respect strength and wits equally, seeking to hone both. They have tremendous appetites for both food (namely, meat) and sex, which leads to something of a love-hate relationships with the similarly lustful & voracious equivulfs/diomedians.

Sex is a matter of dominance for minotaurs, with penetration linked inextricably with dominance in their minds. This is because pregnancy causes a rapid and drastic feminization effect in them, turning them into hugely busty shemales - the more calves they drop, the bigger their curves and especially their milky breasts grow.

Human lovers can introduce them to concepts like powerbottoming, but only if they manage to establish dominance first.

Minotaur milk and "cream" are both highly nutritious and even have magical properties.
Proud, honorable demihuman-beastgirl chimeras with ancient shamanic traditions, orcs are a species of green-skinned pig-girls, with porcine ears atop their heads, pronounced tusk-like lower teeth, trotters in lieu of feet, and curling pig-like tails. (Note: picture a cross between attached pic and the MGE Orc.)

As a species, all orcs are hermaphroditic, with feminine bodies and both male & female genitalia, but they divide themselves into two sexes; Boars and Sows.

Boars are aggressive, muscular orcs, with impressively large girlcocks (human, apart from the color) and curvy female figures.

Sows are softer, and cutely plump. Their cocks are smaller than those of boars, though still impressively sized, and their tits are MUCH bigger.

Boars and Sows are not linked to submission/dominance as would be in some species. Boars are the clan's warriors, hunters and battle-mages; the aggressive fighting gender. Sows are wise-women, healers and mothers, dedicated to the protection and growth of the clan, which means they are the clan's main leaders.

An orc can shift from Boar to Sow, or vice-versa, if she feels a need to. As their "gender" is defined by their attitudes, this is usually a result of deep soul-searching or intense outside pressure.

Sexually, Boars and Sows do usually correlate to the male and female roles, but not always. Just as there are Boars who come home and submit to the dominance of their Sow, so too are their Sows who expand their family by seeding any orc - or human - who will stand still long enough, and Boars who proudly flaunt their litter-swollen bellies alongside their bulging biceps.
File: 21_5.jpg (248 KB, 1280x960)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
That is really hot.
The picture, or the race concept?
The race concept.
Well, thank you for the compliment! What's so appealing about this take on mpreggable minos? Any other details you think I could fill in for them?
>What's so appealing about this take on mpreggable minos
everything, the appearence, strength, power bottoming.
>This is because pregnancy causes a rapid and drastic feminization effect in them, turning them into hugely busty shemales - the more calves they drop, the bigger their curves and especially their milky breasts grow.
this in particular is great
>Any other details you think I could fill in for them?
for me I'm not a fan of full body fur or muzzles
No laxative will help you in this one
Which is precisely why I made the "furry minotaur" format a "subspecies" thing, with non-furry cowboi minotaurs being the norm. I personally don't mind either way, but I get that people on this board will generally prefer human faces, so I set it u that you can have plenty of milk 'n' cream-dripping knocked up horny shemale cowboi minotaurs to fill your dreams.

Speaking of my racial concepts so far, anyone else got opinions? The Goblins and Orcs in particular are something I've been toying with for a while.

Likewise, any requests for monsterboi/monstergrrl concepts to do next? Kobold, Gnoll, Hippocampus, Sphinx, whatever?

I like fixing out ideas for ways to blend cute xenophile traps & futas with hot preggy bellies.
are you doing anything with these race ideas like a story or something?
i really dig them
>Likewise, any requests for monsterboi/monstergrrl concepts to do next?
how about kitsune traps?

that trap futa idea sounds absolutely perfect
In a nutshell, these races are being assembled for setting in which I hope to write - or which others can deign to write - smutfics with a particular lean towards human traps with monsterfutas/traps and pregnancy of traps or futas.

If you check up-thread, there's a pastebin link covering all of the mpreg/hpreg story ideas I've had so far. These various monsters correlate to the setting called, so far, "Tales from the City of the Black Lotus".

Writing requests featuring particular monstergrrls and/or scenarios is also an option, if anons are interested. Someone wants me to have a human trap dominate and impregnate a minotaur bull or an orc boar, or with a pregnant trap being bukkaked by his goblin/kobold boifriends, or whatever, well, that's definitely negotiable, with an inclination towards saying yes so long as I don't find the scenario off-putting.
What "trap futa idea"? In case you haven't noticed, I've come up with a lot of ideas involving traps with futas and one or both parties being pregnant.
>Someone wants me to have a human trap dominate and impregnate a minotaur bull
do it!

the doting futa caring for her pregnant trap. sounds awesom
Heh. Got any specifications you want to request? Optional bovine traits - fur, muzzle, quad-nipples, quad-breasts - for the minotaur? End with him bred or go to an epilogue where he's a big-titted pregnant cow? Sexual quirks -
spanking, handjob, orgasm denial, etc? I'll take requests, but if you're going to take the trouble to make them, please let me know the little details I can use to really make the result shine!

Oh, I see. Hah, yes, I agree; far too much abuse in typical male/futa works. What's wrong with a bit of love and kindness between a happy couple?
>Optional bovine traits - fur, muzzle, quad-nipples, quad-breasts - for the minotaur?
preferably none of that stuff but i'm ok with anything you want to include
>go to an epilogue where he's a big-titted pregnant cow?
>Sexual quirks -
i like the ones you've listed, docking, nipple play, chasity, toys and rimjobs would also be great.
if you are actually going to write something then i can't wait, your idea of minotaur traps is the hottest thing i've read in a long time.
Hm. Here's what I'm thinking... I've got an existing idea in this setting involving a human warlord with a harem of conquered, knocked up monstergrrls. So, I'm thinking of making this a "prelude" to how he scored a minotaur concubine.

Precise scenario is with twin minotaur bulls; one the "vanilla" option (trap with horns, ears, tail, legs, cock), one the "furry" option. The human demands their feality, and the "vanilla" bull - you have any objections to the black & white holstein coat pattern on him? - challenges him to fight.

Of course, he's swiftly and humiliatingly defeated, chained in place by a spell, bent over in a perfect breeding position. The human trap proceeds to play with the minotaur's cock & balls, then eats out his butt to get him ready for insertion. Sticks his own dick into the minotaur once he's good and wet and starts humping, using a magical tendril to handjob him as he fucks.

The minotaur squirms and protests, but this is actually really pleasurable - the human knows what he's doing - until he's soon about to cum. Then the human pinches his cock shut, telling the minotaur he has to confess that he wants to be the human's cow if he's going to cum. The bull refuses, but the human just keeps grinding on his prostate and spanking his big bubble butt until finally he breaks down and admits it. The human cums inside of him and then lets him cum as well.

Then we skip to the epilogue, where our twin-laden ex-bull is lounging in a luxurious silken harem as his new master tenderly caresses him, with the minotaur admitting that he really is happy this way and already looking forward to bearing more calves. A delighted human decides to reward him (her? which pronoun would you prefer?), settling into place so the minotaur can fuck him in kind. End smutfic.

You have any arguments against or complaints about this plan?

Appreciate the vote of confidence! Surprised there's been no love for the Goblins and Orcs yet, though...
i love everything about this
>(her? which pronoun would you prefer?)
i'm fine with either
You have any preferences for a name for the minotaur and/or title for this? I'm caught up with something else at the moment, but I'll try to get onto this as soon as I can.
So, whilst there will be a while before I can get this first minotaur-starring request written, any opinions on these three species concepts? Or suggestions as to which species I should tackle next? I have a pretty strong idea for gnolls and kobolds, but I'm kind of floundering after that - bits and pieces for a few other species.

In fact, I might as well list all of the species I have some ideas for now, so anons know what types of monsterboi/futa they can suggest.

Goblin - Done
Orc - Done
Minotaur - Done
Common Lamia
I have returned, and with idea. Ratfolk: sneaky little blighters that make a habit of making every inch count. It is rumored that an 8-by-8 attic can house a family of ratfolk with amenities to spare. Families are made with one hyperpreg mother-Rat-"queen" and an infestation of their brood. Male by nature they come in girl and boy flavors. Spend most of their lives being in "finding" pretty things, dicking each other for fun or as payment for pretty things. Ratqueen sometimes gets to powerbottom the odd trap and such. Most Ratfolk don't enter estrus due to the Ratqueen being territorial and scaring off any Ratfolk in heat. Ratfolk in estrus can use the retained sperm from past dickings, becoming a "queen" or let it pass so it come back and have a brood on their own terms. Some nobles tend to "employ" Ratfolk to have a slew of servants to clean up their mansions, steal secrets from a rival or, in some extreme cases, remove legitimacy of a fortune's heir by marrying of to one of the more "virile" Ratfolk.
File: 1493097708677-trash.jpg (23 KB, 500x342)
23 KB
> pregnant
> trap
File: Cyborg Hyperpreg Bunnyboi.png (751 KB, 2500x2500)
751 KB
751 KB PNG
Some promising stuff here, yes there is, but what do you mean by "male by nature, they come in girl and boy flavors"?

Alas, real life calls, so I have to step away from the computer for a while. Whilst further comments/requests I eagerly await, when I return, I'll try my hand at the species concepts I have ideas for and get started on "the Taming of the Bull", which that one anon requested.

Am hoping that This One will have opinions on the concept drafts left in their absence, too.
Basically, Ratfolk are either trap or shemale. That is what I meant.
Goblins are all right, should probably mention the idea of goblin-boy purposely getting knocked up.
Minotaurs also seem alright, and it is a shame the commissioner of that picture didn't make a story for it.
Was hoping Orcs to be Shemale/trap species but futa orcs are fine as well.

All in all, a good start for the setting. Will be back around same time tomorrow.
File: 1497780320305.png (873 KB, 1280x720)
873 KB
873 KB PNG
File: 1498124703790.png (838 KB, 1277x729)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
File: 63736787_p0.jpg (191 KB, 1000x1000)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
I want to impregnate Astolfo
File: 63736787_p1.jpg (194 KB, 1000x1000)
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Post more.
Thanks for clarifying on the ratfolk. Like I said, I'll do some refining, but the basic idea is pretty good.

I have no idea how I'd pull off a high school fic in this setting, but the image of one trap complaining about his ratfolk mom wanting to "make the 108" means he wound up with 7 brothers (humans) and 100 sisters (ratfolk) is amusing.

Am focusing on the minotaur-breeding fic right now, but I'll provide more race concepts in the future, or at least race seeds.

Any anons have any opinions on the monstergrrl concepts shared so far, or requests for which concepts I should share next, or just answers to any of the queries raised in this thread?
All I got, just found it on Pixiv.
Don't know if that minotaur fan anon is still hanging around, but I just thought that they'd want to weigh in on this; I'm roughly 1/3rd, maybe 1/2 through their request and I wanted to put it up for some feedback from them. I gotta step away from the comp for a while, so I figured I'd check and make sure it's coming along to their taste.

This doesn't seem trappy at all.
Not sure if you're the original requestor or not, but still I'll ask: why do you say that?
Alright, temporary break so I'm going to try and get the Gnoll, Kobold and Lizan concepts up - but I need /d/'s expertise on something:

Long story short, the lizans (lizardbois) of this setting re being inspired by the Ovir of TiTS: is the artwork from that game too furry for /d/?

>is the artwork from that game too furry for /d/?
They look like monster girls to me, I'm sure they are fine to post.
Residents of the warmer regions, lizans prefer forests and jungles, but will also inhabit deserts, badlands and even swamps if the need is great.

Civilized and urbane, lizans are some of the oldest civilized peoples of the "Dark Continent". They have multiple city-states and once held mighty empires in the distant past.

Lizans resemble humans with clawed fingers and toes; carnivore's teeth; elongated, narrow, dextrous tongues; slit-pupiled eyes with no visible sclera (whites), flexible reptilian tails, human-like faces, and bodies covered completely in a layer of flexible, tightly-meshed scales. Some lizans are bald, but most sport hair, a result of interbreeding with demihumans and the human newcomers. Bald and hair-sporting lizans can both sometimes sport horns in various numbers, shapes and patterns.

As is the standard for Drakken type monsters, lizans are functionally a race of shemales; a cloaca under the tail serves as an organ for breeding and excretion, whilst a vagina-like slit at the front actually contains a retractile and often quite sizable penis.

All lizans sport wide, feminine hips, full buttocks, and breast-like lumps on their chest; these "pseudo-breasts" have no nipples, but the scales on them are particularly soft and sensitive, making them very receptive to stimulation. Paizuri is as pleasurable for a lizan to give as to receive.

Most of the time, these breasts are small and lizans are quite drably colored. When they enter "mating season", which happens when they have access to sufficient food, their scales brighten with vivid colors and their breasts expand considerably - usually, the bigger they are outside of mating season, the bigger they will be in season. Lizans can reach enormously busty proportions, equivalent to minotaurs in some cases.

Breasts are used as a mating display. Uniquely, they actually also serve as a tool for dominance; the bustier lizan is the one who will penetrate and thus inseminate.
Well there's barely anything describing their trap appearance, if you didn't state they were traps then it would be m/m. I also dislike that you made the minotaurs talk like orcs. Even as is I found it really hot and well written, the idea of doming a 9ft tall strong mino trap and impregnating him made me cum buckets.
Useful critique - still not sure if you're the original requester or not...

Can you suggest spots where I might better elaborate on how the characters involved look like traps? I had hoped that line 28 in the pastebin might at least cement the appearance of Renvik.

Also, what do you mean by the minotaurs "talk(ing) like orcs"?
>Useful critique - still not sure if you're the original requester or not...
I think the line describing renvik is fine but right now he comes across as a femboi, the main defining thing about traps is their feminine appearance on the outside so you should probably describe their clothing, makeup if any, hair accessories, etc.
>Also, what do you mean by the minotaurs "talk(ing) like orcs"?
Well I'd just prefer if they spoke normally but it's not really up to me.
Ah, I see. I tend to use "trap" and "femboi" pretty interchangeably, so I'm not really sure I can completely fix that problem.

Still, I'll change the tags, fix the opening to include a discussion of Ghorrok's appearance, and try to expand upon Renvik's looks, okay?

As for the speech thing... that's mostly because they're in a challenge environment. We'll see if they still talk that way once Renvik starts fucking his new bull into motherhood.
In my opinion you should keep them as traps, the trap minotaur is what made it great.
...I literally don't understand the difference, at this point. I've always envisioned Ghorrok as the type you initially see as a flat-chested cute muscle-cowgirl, until "she" drops the loincloth and, whoops, there's a huge bull cock pointed right at you!
You know what? To help, this is the first draft of Ghorrok's appearance from the revamped doc:

"Tell me again what this hoo-mon said to you," Ghorrok growled. His eyes, black as flint and twice as sharp, narrowed into a ferocious scowl, with all the threat of an approaching storm.

The irony of it was, despite the fierce hatred burning from his expression, Ghorrok was considered beautiful even by the standards of minotaurs. His face was human-like, with delicate, effeminate bone-structure, cock-sucking plump red lips, and wide, gleaming eyes. Two mighty horns, stained bloody red by some quirk of the gods, spread from his brows, reaching out to his shoulders before curving forward, with razor-honed points angling upward at about eye level. Bovine ears, covered in black-spotted white fur, twitched at the sides of his head, whilst hair in the same twinned shades was braided into a train that fell to his waist, a symbol of his prowess in battle, hung with ornaments taken from fallen foes.

Lovely as his face was, it was only part of the whole. It sat upon a high fluted neck, delicate-seeming and yet with the strength of carved stone. Wide-spread shoulders gave way to a torso that narrowed to a slender, feminine waist, only to spread wider and fuller at the hips. At his rear, Ghorrok's buttocks joined his hips in straining his loincloth, full and fuckable masses of plump, soft tissue, the only visible softness on his frame. For, like all minotaurs, Ghorrok was a creature of equal parts grace and strength; defined muscles that might have been chiselled from stone flexed in accordance with steely sinews, visible to the naked eye and yet clinging tightly to his bones beneath deep-tanned skin. A minotaur's frame was the frame of a gymnast; power expressed subtly and without undercutting their fundamentally feminine curves, instead of being swollen and bloated in a vulgar display of might.

Yes, beautiful was Ghorrok in the eyes of his kind, and many other races beside.
File: 1500485672299.jpg (85 KB, 500x553)
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>I've always envisioned Ghorrok as the type you initially see as a flat-chested cute muscle-cowgirl, until "she" drops the loincloth and, whoops, there's a huge bull cock pointed right at you!
Well this is how I imagined them to at first but what you had written was a little misleading.
This is great!

I can't wait to read the finished story.

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