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needs more posters edition
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the dick only makes it better
File: 9234784.jpg (82 KB, 588x787)
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boyfeet a best. a best!
what a boring thread
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who's this?
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Not trap.
File: 1508272098459.jpg (96 KB, 786x730)
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very nice
Hot, I want a smug trap to give me a footjob. Or let me suck his toes
File: 1486959024322.jpg (89 KB, 656x1000)
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my fetich
File: 1486959482901.gif (724 KB, 540x304)
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God bless this thread
i want to step on qt girls and have my own feet lusted after...but i'm a boy!
File: 65415069_p0.jpg (110 KB, 707x1000)
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Sniff sniff
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I just wanna bury my face in there and smell a sweaty feet+ass+balls combo.
Same I don't even care if it's gay
Astfolo is a goldmine
File: trapfoot.jpg (105 KB, 960x960)
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105 KB JPG
We can't let this thread die!
i want to step on qt girls with my feet. does that count? boyfeet don't get much discussion in general
File: 52268994_p0.png (25 KB, 500x500)
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That's kinda gay
> trap
> kinda gay
No shit.
It's fine it's just feels weird
File: 1506663453181.jpg (568 KB, 1000x1100)
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568 KB JPG
That's what makes it great silly
Please source
File: 1504818670118.png (1.14 MB, 1280x1867)
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1.14 MB PNG
File: 1501338877122.png (3.03 MB, 1536x2048)
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3.03 MB PNG
Any doujins centred around this?
File: 1466783435186.png (453 KB, 900x1100)
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453 KB PNG
if traps looked like that irl then i wouldn't mind smashing them
File: 1469569073176.jpg (206 KB, 600x668)
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206 KB JPG
File: 37645292_p0.png (1.59 MB, 2100x2100)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
Hey guys, we have a new Discord server. We are a just some guys wanting to make some friendos. Come join us at the Catboi Brothel. Don't let the name discourage you, we really are just a comfy group looking for comfy people to talk to. We welcome all kinds of talking, there is not one specific topic to discuss. Video games, music, catbois, traps, and blogtosting are very welcome!
Invite: hPjENCy
Where is this from
File: sunao (2).png (3.44 MB, 750x1200)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB PNG
Give the full link plz.
Not too focused on the feet, but they're cute
are monster traps fine?
Are multiple monster traps fine?
Are ganguro traps fine?
Are traps with giant assholes fine?
Are bri'ish chav traps fine m8??
do you guys have any experiences to share involving qt boyfeet
Yeah I do
Be me, have slim friend with kinda effeminate body, wide hips.
Shy, small, nice person always there to help.
2 week school break, I came over to his place to play vidya
I ring the doorbell, his face pops up from the balcony for a second, he didn't greet me though
I didn't think much of it and waited.... 5 minutes pass and I ring the doorbell a 2nd time, wait again
I was annoyed and start ringing like crazy, no response. I call him on his phone, asked him what's going on
He told me he had to take a dump, I was shocked because he never used that type of vocabulary
He finally opens the door, says how sorry he is, was blushing a bit
I ask him if he's alright because his face and even lips were kinda red-ish
I thought he was embarassed, I poked him in the stomach and he convulsed
I told him he shouldn't be embarassed about stuff like that, he laughed awkardly
We go to his room
I plugged my controller into his gamecube and told him to give me the game
He handed it over to me and I noticed some red colored specks on the nail of his thumb
I grabbed his left hand with both of my hands to look at his fingernails
I asked him "why are your fingernails and your lips kinda red"
I moved closer to him, looked at his face and said "your eyelashes are different and you have some dark stuff around your eyes"
There was an awkward silence and his face was tomato-red, I asked him "what the hell did you do in the bathroom"
He told me to shut up and just start the game
I couldn't believe what I heard, but just did as he asked.
We started playing the game and after a while the atmosphere turned back to normal
He went to the bathroom
I looked around his room, to see if there was something that would explain his behaviour
His closet was slightly opened and I saw a towel hanging over something in the bottom.
I opened the closet and as soon as I touched the towel I heard him scream "Please don't" , that scared me and I smashed my head against the closet door.
It's been 16 hours. Do you plan on finishing this?
File: lqfxRnB.jpg (434 KB, 1280x1646)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
why are people posting futa in a trap thread
Sorry, I was busy
I put a hand on my forehead. I hit a vein, there was a bit of blood.
I looked at him and noticed he was on the verge of crying, but I was angry and shouted "I could've fucking hit my eye, asshole. Why are you crying you pussy, you bitch, I should be crying. Bring me some fucking ice or something."
He told me to lie down on his bed, he quickly brought an ice pack and pressed it onto my forehead.
Tears were running down his cheeks and he started repeatedly saying "I'm sorry I'm sorry" but I didn't want to hear any of it.
"Shut the fuck up, just leave me alone, please" I smacked his hand off the icepack as strong as I could and closed my eyes.
He left the room while sobbing and shut the door so hard there was a bang, the key from the keyhole fell on the floor.
The bang scared me as well so I shouted "Fuck off".
I just laid on the bed for some minutes until I calmed down.
I started thinking of what I said to him and how he was crying, I felt pretty bad and wanted to apologize.
I went looking for him and found him with his head buried in his knees and hugging his legs sitting on the living room sofa.
I sat down right next to him, he was crying softly, I was just looking at him for a while.
Without looking up he told me "Please just go home, I'm sorry, I'm an idiot and a bitch"
I said "awwww, please don't cry, please don't be sad."
I felt even worse and even more like I did something bad now.
"I'm not mad at you any more, I was just angry because I could've hurt my eyes really badly"
I hugged him by putting my arms around his legs and his back and told him "I'm sorry for the insults and for how loud I was, I overreacted, I shouted like an asshole, but I didn't mean any of that. I'm so sorry"
I hugged him harder and said "I don't want to see you cry or make you feel bad, you're such a good person, please smile"
He turned his head and looked at me for a moment, but then put his head on my shoulder and hugged me back.
I is interested, anon, please continue
He started crying and sobbing into my shoulder for a while, even I started to tear up a little. But it felt good
"There there...I'm the one who should be called a little bitch, I'm scared of sudden movements and unexpected, loud noises,
I'm so scared by those things that I put myself in danger, get angry and make people I really care about sad for absolutely no reason"
He stopped sobbing... He chuckled and let me go, he rubbed his eyes and without thinking I wiped the tears off his face.
I felt my face getting hot and said "I'm so sorry I didn't think what-" he interrupted me "I don't mind... thank you" and he wiped the nonexistent tears of my face off as well
He smiled at me and asked if we should go back to playing games.
Back in his room we changed the game and started playing again.
As we were playing I noticed he was playing sloppily and heard him say "ouch, ow" multiple times.
I paused the game and asked him what's wrong, he said "nothing, why?"
I grabbed his left hand again, he said "ow, dude" his thumb and index knuckle were quite swollen.
"Shit, I'm so sorry" I took the icepack that was laying on his bed and pressed it on his hand with both of mine.
He frowned because it hurt and was cold.
I looked at him and said "I hope you don't think it's awkward for me to hold your hand like this, but I would feel bad if I didn't"
He just smiled at me for a bit, then he looked away.
I told him "Give me your other hand", he hesitated for a bit, but gave it to me.
I pressed the palm of my left hand agains the palm of his right hand to compare our hand sizes.
"My hand isn't the biggest size there is, but yours is quite smaller, it's kinda cute"
He said "Thanks, every girl I know says it's small, but so what, size doesn't matter, what you can do with it does".
I looked at him sternly without saying anything, after a few seconds he realized what he said and was blushing "Ah forget what I just said".
He was sitting with crossed legs on the floor.
I looked at his legs and then his feet. "Well, I'm sure you've heard that foot and hand size is often relative to the size of your dick?"
He blushes sighs and rolls his eyes, I laugh.
I triumphantly say "My feet are large in comparison to my hands" and press my left foot against his right foot.
"See, your feet are damn tiny, most girls have bigger feet than yours. Your dick is probably sma-"
He punches me in the stomach with his left hand and screams "ow shit"
I gasp for air and laugh heartily, he starts laughing as well, I say "you're a dummy"
He stops laughing, looks at me sternly, a few seconds pass, he suddenly starts screaming and I jump back.
He says "Well you were 100% right, you're nothing but a big scaredy cat" and laughs, pointing his finger at me.
I growl and bite his finger lightly, "ow, fucker" he pulls his finger back.
He shows me his middle finger and I'm shocked, I've never seen him this relaxed around me before.
I smile and tell him "you've changed, you've come out of your shell, thanks"
He smiles back and says "maybe I should've made you hurt your head much earlier thann today"
I ask him "Oh yeah now that you mention it, would you mind showing me what's below that towel, I want to see it"
He blushes and I can see him tense up again.
"Pwetty pwease can I see it?" I poke his stomach but he remains serious, he shakes his head to the left and right.
I stand up and move towards the closet, he does so as well and pushes me away from it and stands protectively in front of it.
"Please don't, you won't want to talk to me ever again"
I'm just confused and had no idea what he could be talking about.
I hug him, squeeze him, lift him up, make a 180° turn and put him on the ground again.
I quickly turn around and open the closet door.
He screams and tugs on my arms with all his power, he pushed himself onto me and managed to close the closet door by kicking its hinge with left foot.
By this point I just was really fucking curioius
Shit, forgot picture, will post more tomorrow, it's 4 am here and got work at 10.
Sorry that 1 anon that cares, I hope you get your fap energies flowing again
2 anons
File: 1427588185055.jpg (233 KB, 600x763)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
3 anons
4 anons. I want to know what was under that towel.
was looking for the artist and i found that thought id share it
Uncensored PLEASE!
same anon, no biggie
nothing like a good story to make a good thread better
also, since I also forgot:
don't know how to post pics apparently >_>
I grabbed onto the closet hinge and started bending over to increase the distance between him and the closet.
His crotch was on my ass' height, it felt like he was dry humping me while tugging on my arms.
I laughed and said "I hope your parents don't come home ,into your room because of the screaming, how would we explain this?"
He laughed, then he bent over as well and hugged me around my chest, I felt his head and his breath on my back
He was breathing heavily and said "Is this what you like, bitch?" and did some thrusting motions
He tightened his grip, he was trying to make me run out of breath and gasp for air by pushing on my chest multiple times
To counter his powerful attack I thrust my ass backwards with some force multiple times, hitting his crotch directly.
As he was thrusting forward I thrust backward, bang, a critical hit, lotsa damage.
He stepped backwards, his grip loosened a bit and he dropped to the floor "Ouch!".
But he immediately put his arms around my shins and squeezed them with all his might.
I managed to open the closet door once more, but he pulled my legs backwards to trip me and I dropped to my knees, but luckily I was already somewhat in the closet, so that he wouldn't be able to close the door again.
My heart was pounding, I felt like the battle was almost won, but the beast would make one final desperate attempt to thwart me.
He shouted "Noooooo! and let go of me, he grabbed the hinge and slammed the door onto me multiple times, trying to make me move away.
It hurt, but I laughed and pushed myself onto the door, he couldn't even move the door any more and just gave up.
I grabbed and flung the towel towards him.
I felt victorious, like I won some kind of big battle, my heart was racing.
There were boxes of various sizes.
I looked at him and my smile turned into a frown. He put his hands on his face and dropped to his knees, he started crying.
Once more I felt like an asshole.
File: stocking.jpg (166 KB, 733x1000)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
I moved over to him and hugged him, he quietly said "Please don't open the boxes,don't look at what's inside"
I didn't let go of him until he stopped crying and sobbing.
I took his hands, looked him in the eyes and said "Whatever it is you're hiding seems to be a big secret, well, at least big enough to be put in multiple boxes. it seems very important to you"
He nodded and sobbed again, his eyes teared up once more.
"You will at least think I'm weird and will never see me in the same light again. I don't have many friends, I love our friendship!"
I hugged him again, until he calmed down. "I won't ever stop talking to you, no matter what it is you're hiding. Especially if it's something important to you"
I felt tears running down my cheeks now. "I probably care more than you think I do, so me knowing what's inside might relax you even".
He was smiling and after some moments of silence said "Then you can take a look, I trust you. But please don't think differently of me"
He grabbed the towel, rolled it up and hugged it while I was moving back to the closet.
I sat on my knees and started feeling nervous, even though I actually had his permission to look through this stuff now.
There were lots of shoe boxes, but I decided to open one of the bigger boxes first.
I looked at him and asked him "Are you really alright with me opening these boxes? You won't start crying again or jump me?"
He buried his head into the towel and I heard a muffled "Yes, just do it already, you're making me more nervous"
What could he be hiding? I wondered if it was something weird like dead animals, mormon books, a nail clippings collection,
a collection of stolen goods, money, voodoo dolls, his shaved hair, a miniature drug lab?
My heart and head were racing, I felt as if I was doing something I really shouldn't and a million ideas were going through my head.
I opened the box and was confused at first.
What's this? It's just stockings? He goes skiing regularly, that isn't weird.
I took one of the neatly folded stockings out, unfolded it and realized that those weren't thick winter stockings.
The stockings were white and smooth, the fabric was thin and transparent.
I took the next pair of stockings out of the box, they were brown nylon stockings you'd see any type of office woman wear.
I smelled them and said "At least you don't buy worn stockings from the internet" and laughed.
The next pair were blue fishnet stockings, followed by fishnets in other colours
Next to the stockings were socks in the box, I took a pair out and they were frilly, thin, white knee-high socks.
I took another pair out, brown knee-high socks with a paw print on the sole. I said "These are cute"
Even though it was rather obvious why he owned those by now, I didn't quite make the connection yet.
I opened another box and there were various tights, leggings, skin-tight pants, shorts, short shorts, etc. inside.
Why would he own this, I asked myself, I was oblivious.
In yet another box there were various women's blouses, tops, tunics, dresses, etc.
I opened one of the small boxes, it was full of rings, big and small earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
I opened a toolbox and it was full of makeup and accessories, brushes, those scissor-looking things for eyelashes, lots of lipstick, lots of nailpolish etc.
"You've got everything a girl would ever want to have, haha" I said, still not quite making the connection...
despite having seen the red specks on his fingernails, his slightly red lips and the dark stuff around his eyes.
I opened a box with an X drawn on top of it, I said "Jackpot, baby!"
There was a shitton of panties, there was lots of lingerie and garter belts. There were many bras and weird, soft roundish things.
I picked one up and squeezed it in my hand, I looked at him and said "Hey what are these for, I don't get it"
He looked up and started blushing, he buried his head in the towel again and hugged it tighter.
and then lightbulb
keep going when you can, man.
File: feetup2.jpg (125 KB, 1155x1000)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
I crawled over to him, holding the round thing in my hands and pressed it against his ear.
"It's not a cushion, now is it?", I was teasing him.
He looked up, hugged the towel as tight as he could and just looked at me silently, I knew he was getting tense again.
I didn't really know what else to do or say to calm him down, so I just hugged him again.
He quietly said "You stick those things to your chest" He hesitated for a while, I encouraged him "Go on, please, for me", he was silent for a while.
"You stick those things to your chest, put on a bra, put on a shirt or something and they look pretty much like real breasts"
I let go of him and went back to the closet
The boxes I hadn't opened yet were shoe boxes.
I opened the first box and there was a pair of small black high heels, I told him these looked hot.
He looked at me, I smelled one of the shoes while looking at him and he started blushing for what seemed the billionth time now, but he didn't look away.
I opened the next box and inside was a pair of flats. "Oh these are cute I said" I turned my head in his direction and smelled them while he was looking at me.
He chuckled and kept looking at me.
Without saying anything, I just continued opening and smelling the other pairs of shoes.
Boots, knee-high boots, red high heels, sandals, velvet plateau shoes, slip-in sneakers with a bow tie.
"Why are you smelling them?" I heard him say directly next to me
I was scared and jumped back, he smiled.
"Don't laugh or make fun of me, I'll bite you"
He nodded multiple times, I said "I have a foot fetish, there, now you know my dark, evil secret"
He giggled and then he said "ooooh, then would you like something like this"
He put his arms on the floor behind his back and put his right leg up in the air, he was slowly moving his foot towards my face
He was moving his foot clockwise, puckered his lips and closed his eyes
My heart was racing, I never thought I'd feel this way towards a guy, especially a friend like him.
File: pov.jpg (776 KB, 1200x848)
776 KB
776 KB JPG
I calmly put one hand on the heel/ankle area on his foot and gently held his foot with my other hand.
He was surprised and looked at me. "I was just jok-", without saying anything I kissed the top of his foot and looked him in the eyes again.
He lied down and put his hands over his face, but looked at me through his fingers.
"You don't have to do this, you know" he said quietly, "But I really want to, but if you don't like it I'll stop".
He didn't say anything, I moved his foot closer so I could kiss his his ankle.
I gently and slowly pushed his foot away from me, kissing it from the ankle down to the toes.
Once I reached the toes I bit his foot gently and he squealed a bit.
He wiggled his toes while I was biting him, it felt like he was carressing my tongue.
I kiss his toes from the top one more time.
I let go with the hand holding his sole, but was still holding
With that hand I grabbed his foot at the toes and pushed his foot up, now I was looking at his sole.
I started kissing his foot at the heel, I was slowly moving his foot downwards until I was
kissing his toes from below.
I moved his foot directly into my face and started smelling his sole, I slowly moved upwards with each breath until I was smelling the area directly under his toes.
He squealed again, I looked him in the eyes while taking a deep breath and he looked away, he was embarrassed, but loving it.
As I kept on smelling I felt myself getting harder and harder and saw a small bulge protruding from between his legs as well.
I let go of his foot and take his left hand, "your hands are so small, girly and beautiful"
I kissed his swollen knuckles "I'm sorry for hurting you, it won't ever happen again".
I kissed his fingers, moved to his arms and slowly kissed my way upwards, towards his neck.
With every kiss I leaned over him more and more, once I reached his shoulders I could feel his heavy breathing on my neck and chest.
I looked in his eyes and he turned his head.
Angela Anaconda.
I fucked up, the
"but was still holding"
after the "I let go with the hand holding his sole" is unneccessary and confusing
File: cute.jpg (480 KB, 1052x744)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
I asked him "are you as happy as I am" and he took hold of my hands ant interlocked his fingers into mine without saying anything while breathing heavily.
I was kissing him from his shoulders to his right cheek, both of our faces were bloodred.
I inched myself closer to his lips with kisses, he moved his face away a couple of times, but I kept approaching his lips slowly.
I make a sneak attack and kissed him directly on the lips, he opened his eyes and looked into mine, another critical hit, he starts tearing up again.
We just kissed each other's lips multiple time, he bit my lower and upper lip, I felt my dick twitching every time he did that.
He moaned and let go fo my hands, I put my left arm behind his back and held his head with my right arm.
I kissed the area below his neck and chin, I bit him lightly, he squealed and hugged me tightly.
I moved my head back and kissed him on the lips again.
I started using my tongue, he was hesitant at first, but gave in quickly and let me take over.
Feeling his hot heavy breath made me want more of him. He didn't quite know what to do with his tongue, it turned into some kind of tongue wrestling.
After some minutes I stopped, he looked at me as if he wanted more.
I gently grabbed hold of his left foot the same way as I did the right one before.
But this time, I took the sock off his foot.
I noticed he had red nailpolish on his toenails.
I kissed his toes from the top, gently pull his foot up and turned to kissing his sole.
As I was kissing his soles he started rubbing his dick over his pants, he started squealing and moaning from that alone. I pushed my nose right under his big toe and start taking deep breaths.
I start sucking his toes as he kept on rubbing his dick through the pants.
I couldn't take it any more and pulled my pants.
He looked at my bulge and screamed.
I took the sock on his other foot off as well.
I put both feet together in front of my face and started kissing both feet.
File: anal.jpg (247 KB, 1300x1080)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
I took some deep breaths and started licking his soles.
I pulled my boxers down and he screamed again. I looked at him and told him "I love you"
I put one of his socks over my cock and used it as a cocksleave.
I started jacking off while kissing, licking and smelling his feet, while he just kept on rubbing
His whole body started twitching and convulsing while I was giving love to his feet.
I knew he was nearing his climax.
With his free hand he was grabbing onto the carpet and gripping it.
His squealing and moaning became more frequent and his body stiffened up in a certain position.
I stopped jerking off my own dick, told him "Stop rubbing yourself" and started flicking the tip of his dick with my fingers.
With every flick he flinched a little, he said "It hurts" every time, but I kept on flicking away as strong as I could
After a while he started squealing with every flick. Once he did that I told him "I love you" every time I did
He grabbed onto my wrist and closed his eyes, I started flicking as quickly as I could and he couldn't take it any more
His dick started pulsating and he moved his body up and down, he kept on moaning and I kept on flicking.
Even as I saw a stain forming on his tight pants I kept on flicking until he stopped moving and let go of my wrist
I felt as if it was my turn now and took the sock off my dick.
He looked at me as I took his feet and pressed his soles together.
I put my dick between his feet and started fucking them.
After fucking his feet for a while I saw him bulging up again, he started rubbing his dick as fast as he could.
I picked up a sock, turned it inside out and started smelling it as well.
I felt myself reaching climax, my dick was twitching between his soles and he must have felt it coming.
He rubbed his dick as quickly as he could and at the moment of climax I spread his feet apart and came all over his shirt, neck, face and hair.
I then went back to kissing and licking his feet until he was done rubbing.
File: back.png (811 KB, 1270x1100)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
With that part 1 of this story is concluded.
Maybe I'll continue today or tomorrow.
But in part 2 I managed to convince him to go shopping and to the mall with me while dressed as a girl.
boyfeet are best feet
pls tell me you at one point licked his soft sole, or ran your tongue from his heel right up to his toes
I like your story please don't forget about part 2
I do not have a foot fetish, but I did like that story.
Glad you two understood each other.
File: kindaus.jpg (130 KB, 714x1000)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Yeah I did :)
Don't worry I won't
These responses make me happy, I'm glad people liked it.I lost some "friends" IRL telling them who I'm with.
I'll see him again this coming weekend, he's studying abroad. I haven't seen him for months, I wonder how he'll react to reading this.
We've been together for 6 years now and we're still happy every time we see eachother.
The only thing that's changed between us is that I've been going to the gym and he's started jogging/doing squats, eating foods high in estrogen, gets his nails and feet done regularly, etc.
We want to keep ourselves healthy and attractive for eachother.
He helped me through hardships and still does a lot for me, so I have to be the best man I can for him.
Cute I wish the best for you 2
I've gotta say up until now, I've always mistaken that sexy foot on the right as belonging to the fuccboi.
File: 1469525316895.jpg (386 KB, 850x850)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
is anyone opposed to just general "boyfeet" threads from now on?
I can compromise on "trap/femboy feet" threads, but no further.
If we call them boyfeet threads, the boys should at least be cute or kinda effeminate.
Just grown hairy manfeet are a bonerkiller
File: 60927363_p1.jpg (129 KB, 1149x900)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Agreed, I'm in favor of "trap/femboy feet"
File: 66519057_p0_master1200.jpg (166 KB, 502x601)
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166 KB JPG
i thought that was kind of obvious. boyfeet implies cute boys only. just like a grown man, take obama for example, could not have a boypussy.
I'm excited, he's gonna be here in less than 3 hours, I can't wait to hold him in my arms.
Part 2 I guess.
I gave both of his soles one last kiss and put his legs down and put my boxers on. He smiled softly with an open mouth, his heavy breathing slowly turning softer.
He happily said "Look at the goddamn mess you made, now I have to clean it up". He scooped up the cum on his shirt with his fingers.
He winked, stuck his tongue out and let the cum drip onto it, as it slowly ran down his fingers and into his throat I felt myself harden again.
He swallowed and slowly licked his lips, I smiled and said "What kind of massive faggot
paints his toenails and drinks a dude's cum like that".
He replied "What kind of massive faggot kisses, licks, then even jerks himself off with said faggot's feet"
I laugh and ask him "So... What does all this make us, now?" He looked puzzled and said "Faggots?".
I laugh again and say "No, I don't mean that, what does this mean for both of us?" He started to look sad again and said "Well, it's the same as before, it was just a one-time bi-curious sexual encounter"
I ask him and say "Is that what you want? If you want that then that's fine with me" even though that's not how I felt.
I carressed his leg and said "Please tell me what you feel" He forced a smile and said "You don't have to feel bad for me if this is just a one-time thing for you, really, just stay the same as before."
I pull his legs apart, lie down with my head above his stomach and hug him while looking at him.
"You're an idiot, how could we remain the same as before. I realized that I like you a lot."
He puts his right hand in my hair, plays with it and carresses my head. I remain still and after some time he moves his hand onto my right cheek.
"Oh my god your face is softer than I thought it would be." He moves his hand to my chin, my other cheek and then my forehead. Then he pinches my nose and says "I love your nose, it's so cute"
I close my eyes.
"I use peeling and facewash every morning, soft, clean, healthy skin is always a plus"
He pinched both of my cheeks with his hands and said "As soft as a baby's butt. You know, you would look really good in makeup".
I started carressing his back and said "If you say so."
He enthusiastically said "I mean it, you would look better than most girls, I'm 100% sure."
I said "I don't know man, that's not my thing". He put his index and middle finger on my lips, "You would love it. Just a bit of lipstiiick... right here".
I opened my mouth and his fingers slipped into my mouth, I held onto his fingers with my lips and licked them.
I heard his heart beating stronger, he giggled and pushed them deeper in. I felt his dick harden on my stomach.
He made some overexaggerated moaning sounds, giggled and said "You like that, faggot?" and I actually got harder.
He pushed his fingers further and poked my uvula, I had to gag very hard.
He pulled his fingers out quickly, laughed and said "So it's too big, I'm sorry, bitch"
I slid my head down his body a bit and headbutted his stomach, he flinched and wheezed.
I put my head back where it was before and made myself comfortable again. I said "I feel so happy being this close to you, I never felt this comfortable with a girflriend before"
He put his hands around me now, as well. I felt tears welling up.
"If you hadn't acted weird today and I hadn't wanted to know what you were hiding, I probably never would've realized my feelings for you."
He hugged me tighter and tears started running down his cheeks. I kiss his tummy and say "I don't want this to be a one-time thing, I don't want this to be a once in a while thing.
I don't want us to be something like fuckbuddies, I want to be together with you and make you happy as much as I can."
Both of us were crying, I got up to my knees while we were still hugging, he put his head on my shoulder and was crying into it softly.
>just like a grown man, take obama for example, could not have a boypussy.
i love this board dude, you guys always post the funniest shit
14/? ( don't read if squeamish, hurt me to write/relive it ;( )
After a few moments he put his hand under my chin and pushed my head softly in front of his face.
He was blushing, but so was I. He said "I've always liked you. You were one of the only people who would talk to me and play with me after I moved here."
He kissed my nose "I felt alone and thought I would be alone here forever. You cheered me up when others would make me cry"
He took one of my hands with his free hand and we interlocked our fingers, I said "I love you" and he got weak in the knees, but I caught him and lifted him back up
"I've been loving you from a distance for 6 years now. Just talking to you and hanging out with you was enough, I didn't dare to say or do anything about it, I didn't want you to never talk to me again.
Whenever you talked about girls, or how you had a crush on a girl or about your girlfriends it hurt me really badly. I hated every fucking moment of it.
You were frustrating me the most when you were talking about your sex life. I remember you saying once how much you were disgusted by faggots.
That was like a spear through my fucking heart, I wanted to die."
I was in shock and didn't know what to say, after some deep breaths he said "I started to hate myself and the fact that I was born as a dude, I hated my dick, I contemplated cutting my dick and balls off for you multiple times. I almost did it with scissors once"
I stared at him with my mouth wide open.
"I hated being male, I started researching how to be a girl. What do girls like? How do girls dress? How are girls mannerisms? How do girls talk? How to apply makeup? How to walk in high heels? How do girls please dicks? Everything, I did everything to try to imitate a girl and enjoy what a girl likes for you!"
He was seething now, he was shouting.
"You know how people cut themselves on their forearms, seeing the arms lined with cuts? Yeah, I did that to my dick and balls because of you"
He punched me in the jaw from the side, kicked me in the nuts and pushed me to the floor. He sat on my crotch with his knees on the floor and punched me in the stomach.
He punched me on my chest and shoulders a couple of times, followed by some slaps and I got an erection.
He felt it below his ass, this made him even angrier. He tried to strangle me, but I easily overpowered him and pushed him to the side.
Our position was reversed now, but instead of me sitting on his crotch I sat on his legs so that he couldn't kick me. I grabbed onto his arms and held them to the floor.
He tried his hardest to move and didn't give in. He looked like he completely snapped. I leaned onto his face and gave him a kiss, his rage quickly faded and he started to cry the hardest I've ever seen anyone cry.
I felt like shit because I was the one who caused him all this pain, I was the one who drove him to insanity, to self-harm, to almost suicide, I singlehandedly made him hate everything about himself.
It felt as if he tried to release years of pent-up anger, frustration and sadness and I was the only one who could do anything about it as well.
I hugged him and kept apologizing and saying "It's going to be alright, I'll always be there for you now"
He didn't hug me back, he just laid there silently with his eyes closed, not saying anything or doing anything.
After a long time he fell asleep. I got some napkins, made them wet and wiped the cum off his face and his hair.
I lifted him off the floor and put him on his bed, I took his cum-stained shirt off and put a clean shirt on.
I took his also cum-stained pants off, to my surprise he was wearing black panties. I got an erection but felt bad, like I was taking advantage of him.
I took those off as well and saw his penis for the first time, it was small, about the size of my thumb, I thought it was very cute and suited him well.
I smelled his panties, it was almost nauseating. I was getting hornier with each breath I took.
As I was smelling the panties I got so horny I couldn't resist any more, I wanted to know how his cum tasted.
I took a small lick and pressed the cum against the roof of my mouth, I was afraid it would taste bitter and sour.
To my surprise it tasted somewhat sweet and savoury, which made me even harder. I took a better lick to savour the taste completely.
It wasn't unpleasant whatsoever.
I wanted to lick the rest of the cum off of him, I looked at his small penis only to see it pulsating and completely erect, he was looking at me expectingly.
I couldn't resist, without hesitation I got on the bed,put his legs on my shoulders and got ready to clean him.
I looked at his dick and sait "Shit". From the tip to the root there were cuts from a knife around all the sides of his dick.
I moved my head downwards and saw that was the case with his ballsack as well. Around the root area there was a deeper scar as well, from the attempt of cutting it off completely.
I told him "Promise me you'll never ever think of hurting yourself again, okay? You're perfect as is" .
I stretched my pinky finger towards him, he wrapped his pinky finger around mine and made a pinky promise.
I grabbed the tip of his dick, he squealed and I felt him pulsating, nearly jizzing already. I pushed the tip towards him so I had free access to his balls.
I put his small ballsack in my mouth and began to suckle on it gently, I swirled my tongue around the sack, around and between the balls, varied my pressure however I pleased.
I put it out of my mouth and kissed it a couple of times.
I proceeded to licking the area below his ballsack while pinching his tip, always stopping my pinching when I felt he was near to ejaculation.
I licked and kissed the area to the left and the right of his balls, then the area above his penis.
I gave him some kisses on his tummy, then I turned all my attention to his pulsating penis.
I pushed my nose into it, taking some breaths, he giggled.
File: 1506378672529.png (554 KB, 1057x1327)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
just started reading and im already at this point. love your story more pretty please
oops I forgot its a trap feet thread sorry bout the lack of feet in the pic
cany anyone gib sauce?
I put his penis in my hand across my fingers, I looked him in the eyes and told him "It's small and wonderful, just like the rest of you"
I kissed his tip gently and felt it pulsate, I kissed it again, it pulsated again, it was cute, I felt like I was in total control over his penis.
I flicked the tip of his dick hard, he squealed and twitched, I flicked it again and precum started leaking out.
I licked the clear liquid off his penis and switched between kissing and flicking it for quite some while, making him twitch and convulse the whole time, always sucking what's coming out off of it.
He suddenly grabbed onto my arm and begged "Please just make me cum, I can't take it anymore, I'm going crazy"
I took my hand off of his penis and he looked at me, desperately he said "Why did you do that?"
I quietly but firmly said "I am in control now, you don't get to say what I do with your little thingy". He tugged on my arm and said "Oh please, I can't wait anymore."
I say "Let go of me" he let go, but I saw how desperate he was, I told him to lift his shirt, he took it off immediately and looked at me like a puppy.
I asked him "Didn't you say you did all of what you did for all of these years to please me?"
He nodded, I said "Didn't you say you want to be a girl" and he nodded again, now I slapped his ass, he squealed, I said "You are only mine now, you will listen to my every word, that's what you want, right?" He nodded again.
I leaned over to him, kissed him on the lips and told him "Good girl, listening to my every word will make you the happiest, do you agree?" He nodded softly.
I whisper into his ear "Be a good girl now and never tell me how to please you again. You will play with your erect nipples now"
He licked his fingers and put them on his nipples, he started rubbing them gently.
"Does it feel good my little girl" he looked at me and said "Yes", I said "Yes what?" and he said "Yes sir".
I say "Good girl"
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
time for a cigarette i thinks ;p
File: 2boys.jpg (582 KB, 1280x950)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
I kissed him on the lips and make my way down his body in a straight line with a barrage of kisses. As I reached his belly button I started licking it, he giggled.
I continued downward towards his penis, but stopped just shortly above it. He whimpered and moved his crotch upward towards my face multiple times, touching my face with his penis.
I firmly said "Turn around and bend over, now!" His surprisingly nice butt hanged in front of my face.
"This is what you get for disobeying me" and I slapped his left asscheek hard, he screamed out "Owww", the scream made my dick twitch, I gave him a good slap on the other buttcheek as well "Owwie, no". I smiled and said "Did I hear a no" and I slap him twice, he whimpered.
Precum dripped off of his penis, I bent over his ass, my bulge touching his bare ass and whispered into his ear "You really are a bad girl, huh".
I stepped back and flicked his dick, despite being erect it flopped around, a string of precum being splurted everywhere.
I stopped flicking and said "God you've made a mess, but I think you deserve release. Do you want to fuck my mouth, darling?"
He said "Yes please".
I lied down on the bed, he crawled back up on the bed on all fours with his dripping crotch in front of my face.
He lowered his crotch over my face while breathing heavily and looking at me. I stretched my arms upwards and told him to hold them.
I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, his penis was twitching while moving closer already. He started moaning and dripping just from my breath alone.
As soon as his penis touched my tongue he started ejaculating and twitching his crotch, I felt 7 intense spurts of jizz flowing down my tongue.
The taste was incredible, it had an intense musk to it, I had to resist the urge to jacking off as hard as I could while savoring his essence.
He fell down right next to me on the bed after cumming.
He asked me happily "Does it taste good?" I nodded and gave him a long kiss on the lips
love it
I have 6 years worth of stories, lots more where that came from

He grabbed my right arm and hugged it, kissing my hand and rubbing it against his face. I turned my body to the right and put my hand in his hair, carressed it for a while.
He wrapped his legs around mine, I asked him "So what does this make us now?"
He smiled and happily said "Boyfriend and girlfriend, but mostly faggots"
He started sucking on my fingers slowly, he pulled them out of his mouth and there was a string of saliva, I was hard again
He giggled, touched my dick with one of his hands and said "See, you get hard from a dude sucking on your fingers"
He rubbed my bulge while I was looking into his eyes and said "I will make up for all the pain and frustration I've caused you the last 6 years. I promise. Today was the start of our future"
I asked him "Hey, we're both sweaty and smelly, wanna take a shower?
He stood up, grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into his bathroom
He took off my shirt and my pants, told me to stretch my legs towards him. He took my socks off and said "They're cute and taken care of, no wonder you have a foot fetish, you should put on some nailpolish, yours are better than lots of girls' feet, you know"
I laughed and said "I told you that's not my thing"
He put his hands on his hips, frowned and said "Oh come on, you'd like it if you gave it a chance, for me, please?"
I frowned back, "Well, maybe one day..." and pulled my boxers down, he blushed
He dragged me into the large shower cabin and opened the valve, he started shampooing my hair while standing on tiptoes, I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful toes
He giggled and said "You're too tall", so I put both arms around him below his butt and lifted him over my left shoulder
He made an "Aaaah" sound and flailed his legs. As he was shampooing me he said "You could've just sat on the floor", "But this is more fun" and squeezed his buttcheek
I felt his dick getting hard on my stomach.
File: 1507526552926.png (896 KB, 1280x923)
896 KB
896 KB PNG
I look forward to reading more
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
File: 1440765033332.png (2.22 MB, 1650x1200)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Where is my qt trap dolly for dress up, leg worship, and lap sitting though? I'm great at cooking!
I like your stories
He nibbled my ear and said "Put me down" I did so, then he hugged me and put his ear to my chest.
I took some shower gel in my hands.
I started rubbing it onto his shoulders, his back, his arms and his butt.
He squeezed me harder while I was touching his butt, I rubbed my fingers up and down his buttcrack, he squealed.
"You need to be squeaky clean",I started rubbing my finger around his butthole, he said "It tickles, stop it"
I pushed my middle finger inside and he screamed, I told him to let go. I got his arms, his legs his feet even the spaces between his toes I stood up and said "I have to clean you from the front"
He took a step back while still hugging me, I got his tummy and his crotch, he giggled when i touched his junk. After that he let go. He put some shower gel in his hands and said "Now hug me", I did as he asked,
he started rubbing it onto my chest, arms, shoulders, stomach, legs, feet. He pressed himself against me and got my back and butt, his fingers approached my butthole, he did exactly what I did to him.
After that I took the showerhead and cleaned him off, then he did the same to me.
He dragged me to the bathtub, told me to lie inside, then he turned on the water skillfully with his toes.
He brought and lit up some aromatic candles and turned on some jazz-music, then he crossed his legs and put his left arm to the wall and his right arm on his hip.
I couldn't help but laugh and said "You did all of this flawlessly and effortlessly" He said "Well of course, after doing something every day for years you're a pro"
He put one leg into the air and dipped his toes into the water, wiggling them.
He knew he was teasing me, he made a 180° turn and did so with his other foot now, his scrunched toes and soles made me hard. He entered the tub and lied down on me.
His head was on the height of my lips. He made himself comfortable and interlocked the fingers of his right hand into mine. He was sitting just above my dick
His small penis and balls were sitting on my hard dick and his soft butt was just above it. He moved his head to the right and turned his head to the left
He looked at me while puckering his lips, I started kissing him and carressing him with my left hand
I was rubbing his leg at first, I gradually moved upwards and towards his nipples
I started playing with his right nipple and he started making excited sounds. I told him "You play with your right nipple now." "Yes sir"
I gently bit and suckled on his neck, I felt his penis pulsating and twitching on my dick. "Now stop immediately"
"Stand up, turn around and sit on the other end of the tub" He sat down, I said "Your feet in my face and play with your nipples, now!"
I held his feet in front of my face and put my other hand on his penis. I started kissing his toes and jerking his dick.
Every time I felt him getting close to ejaculation I let go of his penis.
Lotsa time passes
I kept on edging him, his convulsions getting gradually more intense. In the beginning it took almost a minute to bring him to the edge, now it just took a few strokes and he got crazy.
I asked him "Do you want to cum yet?", he said "Yes sir, please sir." I said "You will know when it's okay"
I kept on edging him while enjoying his feet until he was at the stage where I wanted him to be. One stroke was enough for him to be at the edge and pulsate.
"Now lean over to me and put your penis over my mouth"
He was leaning his hands on the wall behind me and was breathing heavily, I put my hand on his chest, his heart was almost exploding.
I stuck my tongue out, he started moaning from me just putting my hand around his penis. I gave him a hard stroke, heard an "aaah!", I pinched and twisted one of his nipples, his penis was pulsating and twitching like crazy.
I firmly said "Now!" and gave him another hard stroke
With every spurt of jizz that came out and landed on my tongue and mouth, he screamed out a loud "Aaaah!" He plopped down onto me
File: ashikoki.png (2.38 MB, 1000x831)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
He turned his head to me and kissed me. I started hugging him and he stuck his tongue into my mouth
Our tongues were swirling around eachother, we were savouring his hot ejaculate
I pushed the drippings back into our mouths, it would be a waste. After a while he pushed all of his cum into my mouth, looked at me and said "Swallow it"
I did as he said, then showed him my tongue, he said good job and rubbed his face on my chest
I stepped out of the tub and let the water drain. I pat myself dry, then I took a dry towel and put it on his bed in his bedroom
I came back for him, lifted him in a princess carry and gently put him down on his bed.
I dried him off softly and slowly
I went to his closet and picked out clothes for him. I took the pawprint knee-highs and put them on him, I kissed each sole
I took the matching brown panties and put them on him, I put on a grey shirt that showed his stomach and a pair of grey shorts
I said "You look adorable in this" He said "I know" and stuck his tongue out
I looked at my watch and said "Shit, it's 9pm,I'm gonna go home now".
I left his room and started going downstairs, I heard the tapping on his feet and he jumped on my back, I almost fell down.
I carried him until I was in front of the entrance.
As I was bent over while putting on my shoes he grabbed me by the hips from the back and started dry humping me again. He made moaning sounds and I started laughing.
I stood up, grabbed him, turned him around and bent him over "Isn't this the way it's supposed to be? Yours wouldn't make anyone moan."
He stepped away and punched me in the chest while frowning "You're mean, don't say that"
I grabbed his wrist with one hand and his penis with the other. "Oh, what's this now, why are you erect then. You love being called small, right?"
I let go, unlocked and opened the door, I stepped outside and he hugged me by the neck for the last time this day. He gave me a long kiss on the lips, licked me on the cheek
"See you tomorrow"
File: feethuh.jpg (266 KB, 516x729)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Shit wrong folder, sorry it's futa
File: 1508398194673.jpg (608 KB, 700x875)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
i love boyfeet so fucking much. i want to have SEX with a boy's FEET
Jesus fucking Christ, I jacked off twice in a row reading your story.
So fucking cute and hot at the same time, thanks anon.
I hope you post more, I want him to grab your dick and jack you off, I want you to fuck him.
There hasn't been any penetration yet.
File: 1431906240992.jpg (274 KB, 800x1050)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
i want to have sex with a boy's feet so much :(
please more. it makes my dick hard, my heart soft, and my sexuality questionable.
Will continue soon.
Sexuality has no gender my friend. Cute boys are cute, cute girls are cute, hairy/masculine guys aren't, hairy chicks aren't.
I like fapping to chicks, I like fapping to
femboys, I like fapping to their feet.
When me and him are apart we send eachother things to fap to.
Once we're both done with our studies, are working, financially stable, etc. I'll eventually ask him to marry me <3
Aww cute
because those "futas" don't have a vagina
Post some pics of his cute feet anon.
thanks for the update ^^
>I'll eventually ask him to marry me <3
aww thats sweet, best wishes to you both
Suzushiro kun?
He said no, I'll try to convince him though later
Thanks :3
The very next day was my birthday, I invited some of my friends over to celebrate. As I was busy preparing things for the little party I heard the doorbell ring.
I looked through the peeping hole and saw him, Luca, standing on his tiptoes with a big grin on his face and a bag in his hands
I smiled and my heart started racing as I was unlocking the door. He swung the door open, jumped into my arms and put his legs around mine.
He said "Happy birthdaaaaay" and kissed me on the lips. He tilted his head to the right, closed his eyes and said "I brought you a present!"
I put him down and said "D'awww thanks, but you really didn't need to, because -". He cut me off and said "I had to, I love you"
I put my finger on his lips and said "Let me say what I wanted to, it's pretty romantic"
He giggled, pressed himself onto me, looked up into my eyes and said "Show me what you've got, Romeo, knock my socks off"
I laughed and kneeled down on one leg, looked up to him and took one of his hands. He made an O face and put his other hand on his face with his fingers spread apart.
"I've been causing you torturous amounts of mental and physical pain until yesterday, you started to hate everything about yourself".
I kissed his hand and said "I want to thank you for still loving me despite having caused you more pain than anyone else in this world.
If you give me a chance I will make you accept and love yourself, you're a wonderful person.
Despite all your struggle you are always there for others, you deserve to be happy."
He closed his mouth and had a serious look on his face.
"Waking up today was amazing, because the thought of all the times we will be spending together from now on just filled me with happiness."
We both started tearing up a bit, he fell on me and we landed on the floor, he put his feet in the air, rubbed his face on my chest and said "Oh Romeo, such a romantic"
We finished the preparations for the party.
Party guests arrived and it started. Snacks, games, music, karaoke, alcohol, nothing noteworthy.
Until someone rang the doorbell some time after a few hours, I opened and there was a stripper. I had a bad gut-feeling now.
Male and female friends all cheered when she entered the living room, I looked over to Luca and he gave me a thumbs up and winked at me. As if he was saying "enjoy it.
But the smile didn't feel genuine. Thr stripper brought her own equipment. As she was dancing around her portable pole everyone cheered, I had to fake enjoying it.
After her performance was done she offered me a lapdance because she thought I was cute. I said yes while feeling a burning sensation inside. As she was shaking her butt in front of me,
she took my arms from behind her and put them on her ass. She looked at me, winked and said "Feel free to touch wherever you want". Others were going crazy and I had to fake being just as ecstatic.
After the dance was over and she left, I noticed Luca wasn't there anymore, he left without me realizing. I felt like I stabbed him in the back right after promising to not cause him any pain anymore.
I asked others if they knew why he left, he told them something important came up. I called him multiple times and sent him messages, no response.
I couldn't wait until all the guests had left so I could just go to Luca's place. At 10pm the last person left and I rode my bicycle as quickly as I could to where he lived
The door was unlocked and I went upstairs and into his room. I saw him lying there with his head buried into a cushion
I lied down right next to him and hugged him from behind. I wrapped my legs around him and told him how sorry I was. I kept on begging for forgiveness but he just wouldn't budge
After half an hour of begging and trying to make him look at me, I gave up and decided to do what I originally planned to
I entered his kitchen and started preparing the romantic dinner
I took two steaks out of the fridge and started working on the dough. As I was waiting for it to rise I went into his bathroom and took the stereo.
He looked up at me with an angry, confused face, then hugged the cushion again. I found some unscented candles and put them on the dining table.
I made the stir fry, started cooking the steaks and put the dough in the oven. After plating everything and opening one of the bottles of wine I brought, I went into his room
I came up to him and said "Hey, let's eat". He looked up with tears running down his cheek "Why the hell are you still here"
I picked him up in a princess carry. He was definitely upset, but didn't tell me to let go.
I told him "Close your eyes, I did something for you"
I carried him into the dining room and sat him down into his chair. I lit up the candles, turned on his jazz and poured him, then myself a glass of wine
I held up my glass in front of him, said "Open your eyes", then he sat there with a surprised expression
After a while he picked up his glass and I said "To us"
We ate without saying anything, after the meal was over and I was doing the dishes he came and hugged me from behind and said
"I'm sorry for having been angry, I know you didn't actively try to do anything, but it just hurt so badly"
I turned around, hugged him and said "I'm the one who should be apologizing, from the get-go I knew I would hurt-" He gave me a kiss on the lips and said
"Instead of apologizing to eachother we should just move on" I nodded. We finished the dishes and I noticed it was 1am
I told him "Shit, it's late, I should go ho-" he just grabbed me by my arm and I dragged me into his room
He shoved me on his bed, put one of my hands on his chest and two fingers of my other hand in his mouth and licked them. His heart was racing and he was blushing
"Please stay with me tonight, I can't take just thinking about you anymore, I'm going crazy.
I jacked off multiple times last night while thinking about you"
G-Go on...
you made me tear up a bit. a nice change of pace, I'm a sucker for romance <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
:3 Me too
(Damn I always mess up the numbers, but anyway)
He put his hand on my chest "Your heart is beating as fast as mine, you want to stay, right?" I simply smiled and held my arms towards him.
He sat on my lap and kissed me all over my face as he was grinding on my crotch. He moved down to my neck and started giving me soft bites inbetween kisses.
I felt tingles and shivers going down my spine, put my arms around him and started breathing heavily.
He took my shirt off and started kissing one of my hands, he slowly but surely made his way up to my shoulder. Then he looked at me and said
"I've been fantasizing about this for so long" he lifted up my arm and licked my shaved armpit, I blushed and said "You're into armpits!?"
He said "So what, you foot fetishist, let me enjoy what I like" and started taking deep breaths.
He felt my bicep, bit and suckled it. I felt the tingles getting stronger. He started playing with my nipples and looked at me with a sort of hunger.
He put one of his thumbs in my mouth, moved it in and out repeatedly, then said "Suck on it, bitch". I obeyed and felt naughty, I swerled my tongue around it happily.
He started sucking and biting on my nipples, I felt precum leaking out of my tip and hugged him harder.
He was kissing his way down my chest and stomach until he was at my navel. He was licking and sucking it passionately.
I put my hands in his hair and carressed him.
He looked at me and said "The situation is reversed from yesterday, huh? I'm the one in power now."
Then he started blowing on my navel like you would on a baby's stomach, we both start laughing heartily and he drops his head on my stomach.
He stood up, took my pants off and grabbed my bulge. He put his index finger on the precum-stain on my boxers and stuck that finger in his mouth.
Then he said "How does this feel", stretched one of my feet towards his face and bit it. I covered my face with my hands and scream "Noooo, this is wrong"
File: sockjobfeetSTORY.jpg (220 KB, 900x636)
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220 KB JPG
I felt incredibly embarrassed for some reason, he said "You have to look at me while I do this, for me". I put my hands away and looked at him while blushing.
He took deep breaths directly beneath my toes while looking me deep in the eyes, I felt like I was about to pass out from ebarrassment, then he took my sock off and started kissing my toes.
I wanted to melt away, but it felt amazing, giving someone else power over your entire body, I felt the precum leaking harder.
He started tickling my foot and I couldn't help but laugh.
He let my foot go and grabbed my bulge, as he was rubbing it and felt me get fully erect, his powerful, hungry expression slowly turned into the cute, submissive, puppy-like, expecting glare from the day before the harder I got.
"After learing how much effort you put into being and acting like a girl for me, I feel like I have to reward you for doing so, for being so cute"
I stood up, hugged him and told him "I love you, your feminine and dominant aspects are
both incredible."
I pushed him on his bed to assert dominance, he squirmed, I pulled his pants and panties down. He pushed his legs together so I wouldn't see his penis.
I turned him around on his bed and slapped his ass multiple times, then I told him to bend over on the floor.
He did as I asked, I took off one of his socks and threw it to him. I said "I will make you ready to feel me inside of you, put your ass in my face"
His butthole and little penis were directly in front of my face. He pulled my boxers off and screamed out loud,
I told him to shut up and slapped both of his buttcheeks, he started leaking again. I felt his hot breath on my dick and just got harder.
He started jacking me off with his sock while I was kissing and sucking his toes and feet. After a while I put my attention towards his butthole for the first time.
He said "I- it's clean for you" and I laughed. I pushed his butt directly in front of my face and kissed his butthole. He squirmed,
I asked him "Do you hae lots of experience with your ass" He shyly said "Not really, I just tried putting my finger and carrots in my butt"
I laughed and said "Carrots? Are you a fucking rabbit?" and kissed his butthole, I did so again and again.
With every kiss his penis twitched. I started licking around the hole and he couldn't keep focusing on jacking me off any more.
I told him to bend over at the end of the bed, I took his other sock off and gave his foot a quick sniff.
I interlocked my fingers with his toes and he asked "What the hell is that suppsed to be, holding my feet? I licked his butthole again and he stopped talking.
I started swirling my tongue around his butthole and he started moaning and squealing. I told him "Just relax, if you want to experience me we both will have to work on it"
I started pushing my tongue inside his butthole, he kept moving his body forwards until he couldn't do so anymore. I felt myself slowly overcoming the resistance of his sphincter. I took a cup that was on his nightstand and put it under his penis, to catch all the precum.
I started very gently kneading and playing with his balls with one hand while trying to penetrate his sphincter.
His moans and groans kept on getting louder, his penis was twitching and pulsating.
I dipped my index finger that was still holding one of his feet into his precum and put my finger very slowly and softly inside his butthole.
As soon as I felt him clench up or met any resistance, I pult out and used my tongue for a while again.
After a while I could comfortably put my entire index finger inside his butt, I twisted it, put it in and out.
I asked him "How does it feel, how much do you want more". In a very girly voice he said "I need more, please daddy"
I moved on to my slightly thicker middle finger and asked him "Do you feel a difference?" He said "It feels fuller, daddy".
I started fucking his butthole with my finger faster and faster, until there was no resistance any more.
I moved on to my thumb and his moaning got more in sync with the movements I made. Then I told him to turn around, he looked at me with teary eyes.
I put his legs on my shoulders, bent over and kissed him for a while, then I interlocked his fingers into mine and asked him "Are you sure you want this?"
He nodded, I said "This is the point of no return, we both will be branded faggots, I never thought I'd want this, but now I await your permission"
He said "Fuck me already". I poured some of the precum in the jar into my mouth and some of it onto my dick. I lubed myself up and gave his asshole a last licking and lubed it up.
I pushed my dick in front of his asshole for a while. I slowly made thrusting motions around his sphincter, until he relaxed to my girth and it felt easier.
He said "Please look me in the eyes the entire time", I nodded .
His previously erect dick was now limp, but still leaking precum. I thrust myself deeper and deeper inside, trying to go as slowly as possible, in order not to hurt him.
He said "Please go deeper, I can't wait anymore"
I thrust myself inside and he let out a deep groan, I felt his sphincter clenching on my dick.
I pushed deeper and deper until our balls touched, he arched his back and started breathing heavily.
I pulled out slowly, then entered him again, just seeing him move like that was incredible.
As he got more and more accustomed to my girth and the resistance of his sphincter was comfortable for both of us, I started to very slowly but steadily increase the speed of my thrusts.
I started saying "I love you" with each thrust I made, I tried varying how much I pulled my dick out before I thrusted back into him every time.
Sometimes I just pulled out enough so that our balls lost contact, sometimes I was just entering and leaving his sphincter, sometimes I half pulled out.
He was looking at me with his mouth open and was barely moving his body anymore, he looked like he was in a trance.
It felt like he had devoted and prepared himself for years for me, it seemed like he had hypnotized himself and believed
I would bring him happiness from the bottom of his heart, he prepared himself mentally for years for this very moment
I was crying and smiling because I realized just how much he did just for me, I felt like it was my duty to make him feel as much pleasure as possible
No one else ever put even anywhere close to that amount of effort for me, I felt like I owned him and he owned me
I started truly pounding him, nearly pulling out completely and thrusting into him as hard as and as deep as I possibly could
With every thrust there was a slapping sound and his moans started to intensify. He said "Something is swelling up" and I kept on giving my best
I felt I was reaching my climax, but I took a short break to regain some stamina. After the break I went back even stronger and harder than before
I felt the entirety of his insides tightening around my dick, his back was arching again, I hugged him, picked him up and fucked him while holding him
He hugged me back and started scratching my back. I felt him tensing up his fingers and his eyes rolled back, he was digging his nails into my back
His penis started twitching, he moaned every time his penis twitched, I was fascinated, I didn't know what was happening to him, I only knew he was experiencing something unique.
I felt myself approaching climax and he started making lots of loud squealing sounds
Then he let out a loud, long squeal and he ejaculated all over my hair, face and upper body. His body went completely limp, he didn't hold on to me anymore
I was never this hard before in my life, I felt like I was going to burst. I decided I would be going out with a bang and kept on giving my best for him
I started making loud grunting noises as I got close to climax. He squealed again,
he was drooling from his mouth
I released my load inside of him he released his 2nd load all over me again
Anon, more please
oh gawd yes, that's quite the scene
I nearly fell over from the sensation and intensity of this orgasm, wanting to be the best I could be for him made me reach new heights I previously thought impossible
I nearly passed out after this experience. From the look of it he did pass out, he was completely limp, his eyes were closed, his mouth was open and his head tilted backwards. I hoped I managed to please him.
I took the jar from his bed and pulled out of him, I managed to catch most of the dripping jizz
I put him gently down on his bed
I scooped most of the load he released on me and put it in the jar as well
I lied down next to him, pushed him onto me with his face resting on my shoulder. I was kissing him and put my arms around him.
After a few minutes he grabbed my arms but remained unresponsive to whatever I said
I kept on kissing him, telling him how much I love him and carressed his back
He opened his eyes and started smiling. We just looked at eachother without saying anything, both of us were completely satisfied.
He then said "I'm still feeling what you did inside of me. It felt like you were scratching some sort of itch, then it started itching more and more
Then the itch started getting warmer and warmer. Then it didn't itch anymore, but I got warmer and warmer and I erupted throughout my entire body"
I started grinning He said "You know how your dick feels right as you cum? This was like that but a million times stronger and throughout the entire body, I still feel from my toes, to my fingers, to my head, in my body, my butt"
I said "I want to make you feel like that whenever you want to"
He said "I still feel it washing through my body, much stronger than a regular orgasm"
I never felt that much like a man before, I felt like I had conquered something, knowing I made a dude feel like that through his butt
He said "It was so strong I lost control over everything, I couldn't even think or move at all"
This was by far the best compliment I've ever gotten
Both of us were exhausted now, so I merely put the bedsheet over. I kissed him and carressed his hair until he fell asleep holding my hand
I felt like I won the lottery, winning a prize I never would've thought I would ever even want if I knew about it beforehand. Sometimes you have to be forced to be lucky
I fell asleep thinking about him and our future together, I was excited. The saddest part about me fantasizing was thinking that neither of us could give birth to a child
When I woke up in the morning I noticed he wasn't in bed. I went downstairs naked and saw him wearing only an apron, he was making omelettes and salad
I snook up behind him and scared him, he punched me in the stomach and then pulled my head towards his, said "Good morning Rocco" and gave me a long kiss
He turned me around, smacked my ass and said "Breakfast will be done soon" and winked at me
I smiled and sat down at the chair in the kitchen. He brought me some coffee and an apple, he knew how I liked to start my day.
He was humming while making the omelette, I picked up the daily newspaper and read some of it and ate the apple
Then it dawned on me "Hey wait a second, did you check your mail naked?" He said "Of course not, who do you think I am, I wore an apron" I replied "What the hell, what about the neighbors?"
He just giggled and said "They're all blind and old anyways" I said "Wow, okay then, what if one of them has bionic eyes or some shit"
He pointed a knife towards me and said "They'll get stabbed!" and laughed to himself.
He plated up the omelette and we started eating
I asked him "So, how did you sleep?" He smiled and said "I used to have sleeping problems for years, I was thinking too much and could neer fall asleep"
I frowned and said "Was that because of me?" He pointed his finger at me and said "Exactly, I was and am completely obsessed with you. I've been wanting you for years, now I have you
I looked sad, he said "Cheer up, you said you'll make up for it, right?"
I get giddy every time you post ^^ its such a good story
>The saddest part about me fantasizing was thinking that neither of us could give birth to a child
adopt? just a suggestion
> "Of course not, who do you think I am, I wore an apron"
HA! adorable
nice and cute story
We talked about adoption before, we probably will adopt when we're ready, but I just thought it was sad not being able to have a child that had both of our genes, just gay problems :3
I took his hand and asked him what he wanted to do this day. He put his index finger on his lips, rolled his eyes and said "Well, Idunno, spend time with you!"
"Duh, that's obvious, but what should we do to celebrate getting together? Oh, why don't you completely dress up as a girl for me, with makeup and everything"
I princess carried him from the chair into his room and put him down on his bed and said
"Please my princess, fulfill me this one desire, I will serve you however you want", he got erect and sat on the edge of his bed, he said "Okay, my darling, beg for it" and stretched his foot into my face
I got on my knees and made worshipping motions with my arms while he pushed his foot around my face and into my mouth
He then noticed the jar of cum I filled up last night, he poured some of the cum on his feet and rubbed his feet together
"Lick them clean, slaveboy" I did as he asked and felt myself getting excited. First I licked everything that dripped of his feet from the floor, he giggled
I eagerly started licking and kissing his feet, toes and the spaces between them.
He then grabbed me by the throat and said "Open up, bitchboy" and poured the rest of the cum into my mouth. He even wiped the inside of the jar with his fingers and made me suck them clean.
He made me keep the cum in my mouth for as long as possible, swirling it around and savoring the taste. He saw my erection and said "Good enough, you have proven yourself, slave"
he jumped off his bed, kneeled and kissed the tip of my dick, then said "Take your clothes downstairs and put them on, I'll come down when I'm done, no peeping" and slapped me lightly on the face.
I watched tv in the living room until he was done. After a while I heard the sound of high heels coming downstairs.
thanks bro, you made me cum good
> I put his legs on my shoulders
> I pushed deeper and deper until our balls touched

It's kinda difficult to touch balls in face-to-face position.
>We talked about adoption before, we probably will adopt when we're ready, but I just thought it was sad not being able to have a child that had both of our genes, just gay problems :3
yeah i understand, but as long as you get a cute tiny person to love and raise :)
Lmao no problem bro, writing this shit down is fun and makes me relive it again.
At first I just lifted his butt up and had a good angle, he's also quite flexible, then I picked him up and held him before pounding, I didn't mention that in the post, sorry.
I knooow :3 We got a dog together. Teaching ourselves responsibility in small steps.
Him walking down the stairs gave me the perfect chance to appreciate his look from toe to head. The first thing I saw were his legs in his black heels
That was enough to make me hard already. Next I saw his red skirt that ended right below his knees, then I saw his white cotton jacket with some black cotton woven into it that formed some pattern, it looked cute The jacket went up to below the elbows
He had a small black belt on his skirt, over the skirt was a white shirt and on his collar was some sort of frilly tie (not sure what they're called)
He had fake red fingernails on his fingers, a watch on one arm and a bracelet on each arm
He was wearing a blonde wig with a hairband in it
I noticed how elegantly he was walking down the stairs, every step was filled with grace and pride, he obviously had lots of experience walking in heels and knew how he looked
After getting down the stairs he put his hands on his face and knelt down, "I can't believe this is really happening, this is so embarrassing" and shook his head around
I said "You can do it, baby, it's now or never"
He took a couple of deep breaths, then sprung up and turned towards me with one hand on his hip, holding a black bag in said hand
I noticed how good his lips looked with the red lipstick on, his cheeks were slightly rosier than usual, his eyes looked slightly bigger due to the eyeliner and all that stuff you put on
He didn't have to hide any masculinity on his face with tons of makeup, his face looked really feminine from the getgo, so he didn't overdo it with that stuff at all
Just enough to make a difference.
That difference, that slight slight accentuation was mindblowing to me. I stood there with my mouth agape, he looked much better than all of my previous girlfriends.
Heck, he looked better than most girls I ever saw, period. He stood still a 2 or so meters away from me, so I could get a closer look at him.
He looked like a model. I looked up and down multiple times, he was smiling and blushing with his hands together, then he made a slow 360° turn so I could see him from all sides.
After that turn he held up both of his hands making piece signs, his bag was dangling by his elbow.
He bent his left leg by the knee, closed his eyes, tilted his head, gave me a big grin and happily asked "How do I look?".
He was so proud, cute and genuine when saying that my heart almost exploded, a critical hit right into my kokoro.
It took me a while to recover from the damage and recollect my thoughts. He learned and did all this just for me, basically. Well, for himself as well, but I felt incredibly honoured and thankful.
My erection was gone, it turned from me thinking how sexy he would look to me genuinely being shocked by how beautiful he was
I started appreciating his beauty, some kind of switch inside of me was flipped, I started blushing, my heart was fluttering and I felt something in my stomach.
He waved his hand in front of my head and said "Hello, anybody there? I'm looking for my boyfriend, is he there?" and grinned.
I said "Uhm. uhhh..." I slapped myself, snapped out of it, took some deep breaths. Then I said "You know, without any makeup you're already much cuter and much more beautiful than most girls are with makeup on.
Lots of girls that look like shit without it can end up looking pretty cute or hot with it.
But when you have makeup on it's like exponential growth, you far exceed any girl I've ever laid my eyes upon and will lay my eyes upon. Holy shit.
It turned from me getting a simple boner out of it to me truly appreciating your beauty"
"I guess some boys truly do make better girls.
I feel blessed for you to have chosen me, I already thought to myself I won the lottery with being able to call you mine when you were asleep on me last night.
But this just reaffirms my thought, you're treasure, treasure that was always in front of me and just by accident landed in my arms and heart."
He put his hands to his chest and said "Ohhhhh, that's so cute!", then he walked up to me and hugged me, then said
"So incredibly cute, this is much more than I expected from you. I thought you'd only be okay with it"
I felt his heart beating on my chest, both of our hearts were racing once again, we both started tearing up because of eachother for the millionth time in less than three days.
I said "I promised you I'd make you feel better and make you love yourself, but all I'm doing is making you cry all the time, literally"
He giggled and said "Well at least you're crying with me". I said "Oh shit, your makeup is going to start running, all that work will be-"
He shoved my face in front of his and said "See, it's not running, I put on water-resistant stuff in case you make me cry again". He kissed me on the forehead.
I laughed and said "Smart girl, thinking ahead, I see. Oh, by the way, do you mind me calling you a girl? Would you prefer me-"
He cut me off and said "I always referred to myself as a girl when I dressed up, I hated my male self, you know, calling me a girl makes me feel good"
I asked him "Then did you give yourself a girl's name for when you dress up?" He said "No..."
I said "How about turning your name from Luca to Lucy, that's kinda cute, right, right?"
He giggled and said "Adorable, I'll be your Lucy when I'm like this".
I took his hand, knelt down, kissed it and said "Glad to meet you, Lucy, I'm Rocco, I'm here to make you feel good and happy.
It might be a bit of a quick approach, but would you mind going out with me?"
He squealed and said "So cuute, yes"
I said "How about shopping, shopping with her boyfriend is something most girls enjoy, right?"
He frowned and said "What, you mean us actually going outside, but I've never even left my room dressed like this before.
Just walking around the house like this is making me lightheaded." I stood up, took his other hand as well and said "Oh come on, please, it'll be fun, I'm sure"
I started rubbing his hands with my thumbs and said "You're beautiful, you look better than most girls, are you afraid that other guys will look at you"
He squeezed my hands and said "Honestly... that sounds kind of exciting, guys turning their heads around just to check me out, undressing me with their eyes, lusting for me...
But what if they just point their fingers at me and say something about me being a nasty crossdressing boy, or they turn their heads around just to see how disgusting I am"
I said "Lucy, you do trust me, right?" He nodded, "You trust me completely, 100%, right?" He nodded again.
I smiled and said "You genuinely don't look any different from any other girl, except for looking better than them of course.
Men will be hungry, women will be jealous, I guarantee that. Come on, being outside and everyone seeing we're together sounds exciting, right? I'd love to be seen with you like this."
He giggled and said "Okay fine, that's one of the things I've wanted for years, others seeing me together with you sounds amazing. Let's go to the mall"
He kissed me on the lips and dragged me to his entrance door, he lifted my feet individually, put my shoes on for me and tied them.
"Why'd you do that" I asked. He giggled and said "Idunno, I just felt like doing it. Does everything need to have a good reason, dummy?" and stuck his tongue out.
I unlocked the door and opened it, then bowed down and said "Ladies first, ma chère mademoiselle" He giggled and said "Merci mon amour". I followed him out then locked the door.
He waited til I was next to him and then held my hand.
After some steps one of the neighbours came out and greeted us. He said "Oh hello Rocco, so you visited Luca again, you're the only one that visits him, you know"
We turned towards him, then he said "Luca is a good kid, but his mother told me he's extremely shy and hard to talk to, even for her,
so I want to thank you on her behalf for keeping him entertained and being his friend
Oh, don't tell her about this hahaha, keep it a secret"
He held his hand towards Lucy, he held and shook it, then he said "Oh my, Rocco, you've got quite a pretty, young lady by your side , what's your name litttle miss"
I looked at Lucy and saw he turned beet red, in his most girly voice Lucy said "L-Lucy, nice to meet you, sir"
The old man laughed and asked "How old are you, young lady?" Lucy replied "S-sixteen." The old man laughed again, then bumped my shoulder with his elbow and said " I know you're 17, Rocco, but don't pluck her until she's 18"
My face started turning red as well, then I said "Well you know sir, your advice is coming a little bit late here, a night late, to be exact"
Lucy's face turned towards me, his eyes looked like that of a demon's, his mouth was wide open his face was even more red than before
Then he screamed my name and started hitting me. Both me and the old man laughed, then he said "Well, I won't stall a young couple any more than neccessary, I'm just an old fart. Have fun, kids"
The old man waved his hand and went back to his gardening. After walking until we were out of the old man's sight, Lucy stood in front of me with both hands on his hips and said
"What the hell is wrong with you, telling my neighbour we had sex", he started hitting me, I laughed and said "But he didn't recognize you, I couldn't resist"
I knew he wasn't really angry, he was kinda smiling, I jokingly said "Isn't this what you wanted?" He fell into my arms, headbutted me and said "Not like thiiis!"
I kissed his cheek, then he wrapped his right arm around my left arm
I told him "Walk in front of me" He was confused but did as I asked, he made a few steps. I walked up to him and he reclaimed his position on my arm again.
He asked "What was that about" and looked at me, I said "I wanted to examine your gait in heels". He asked "And?" I gave him a smooch and said
"10/10, very cute and elegant, I'm proud" He stepped in front of me, crossed his legs, held the end of his skirt with his fingertips and made a little bow.
"Why thank you sir, lots of work went into it, but it feels good" I said "I see", then I knelt down picked up his foot and kissed the top of his shoe.
He asked "What the hell was that for" I replied "Idunno, I just felt like doing it. Does everything need to have a good reason, dummy?" and stuck my tongue out
He giggled, took my hand and snuggled himself onto my shoulder once more. I said "It's so cute how you lean on my shoulder"
He giggled again, then said "How about this" and he rubbed his cheek on my shoulder while saying "Mmmmh"
I put my hand on my chest and said "Aagh, right into my heart, the cuteness stings" He giggled and smiled at me once again
I said "Why do you giggle so much?" He replied "What, it annoys you!? Then I'll never giggle again! Hmph!" and he looked away
Now I rubbed my cheek on his shoulder while saying "Mmmmmh" and he giggled again. He put his hand over his mouth and said "Shit!"
I held his head by his chin and gave him a long kiss on his cheek and said "You make me so happy, I lovey you", he looked at me and said "Yeah, I guess I love you too"
I gasped, let go of him and said "You guess?!" and started running away while making crying sounds. He laughed, then shouted "I love you, I really love you, okay?"
I turned my head, smiled with an open mouth, ran right back to him, wrapped my arm around his, rubbed my cheek on his shoulder and said "Okay, I forgive you"
We continued teasing eachother and arrived at the mall in no time,the 15-minute-walk felt like it passed in an instant.
In the beginning I thought you'd just have sex while he was dressed up, but this is cute as fuck yo. I NEED MORE. What will you do when bump limit is reached?
aww so cute and heart warming
>I knooow :3 We got a dog together. Teaching ourselves responsibility in small steps
that's a good step to take, best of luck to you both on your road to parenthood ^^
Quality post
I knew this was good storytime when it started, but I didn't know I needed insulin for this as well.
You two are an adorable couple.
You think it would be ok if there was one of those picture collection thingies for this? It would kinda suck if this was lost in the depths of the internet once it was done.
Also, the part with scars and such killed me
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I still feel bad about that
The mall was packed, we fought our way through the horde and entered the clothing store, there were only some groups of people inside there.
His eyes lit up and he started dragging me around. In almost an instant he grabbed a couple of shirts, some jackets, some pants, boxers, socks, many things that would fit me.
Then as he was dragging me to the booth I said "Holy shit, that was fast... Wait, you even know the size of my clothes? Damn you're really obsessed"
He just grinned at me, shoved me inside the booth and told me what combination of clothes to try on. I changed my clothes, came out and he squealed
"That looks so good on you" then he told me what other outfit to change into next, I came out, he clapped his hands and said "You're so handsome"
This cycle repeated a couple of times, then I came out and saw a group of girls right next to me. They were the girls from our class and some other girls I was friends with.
Lucy turned around and wasn't looking at me, he didn't want them to recognize him. I greeted the girls and asked "How do you think I look",
they said I looked fine in that outfit.
One of them took a look inside of the booth and said "You're buying so many clothes, that's insane, is this the last time you buy clothes in your life".
They asked me to come along with them, I said "Uhm, sorry, I'm busy, I'll have to go home right after paying, next time, I promise"
They said bye and left, Lucy then ran up and pressed himself onto me and said "That was so scary", I put my arms around him, kissed him and said "It's alright, nothing happened"
I dressed back and picked up my clothes, then he dragged me to the womens' clothes section, we both started blushing. He looked at me and said
"I usually buy clothes from the internet, this is exciting", he squeezed my arm. I frowned and said "I'm sorry, I won't be able to help you, I don't know what would you would like or anything"
He smiled and said "Don't you worry, it's my job to look good for you and make you look good. I'm the one in charge of our clothes now, deal?"
I nodded. He put his fingers on his lips and started looking around, he picked up some stuff that was in proximity, then he told me to sit down while he was grabbing other stuff.
It seemed like he knew the store inside out, despite this being his first time here. I wondered how long it took him to master his sense for fashion.
He came back with a bunch of clothes, including bras and panties, put all that stuff on me, then went off again.
I was blushing and thought "What will women think that see a dude with a bunch of female clothes and lingerie on him, shit"
I begged for him to return, I was relieved when he returned with seven shoe boxes, I burst out in laughter and said "This is crazy, seven pairs of shoes"
He put them down in front of me and said "I got what I thought was cute, but I need to try the shoes on.
I put the clothes on the seat next to me, then I stood up and made him sit down. I was on my knees in front of him, he looked at me, confused at first.
I put my hands up in front of him, he put his foot into my hand, I took his heels off, I inhaled deeply into the shoe, he blushed and said "Not here, what if someone sees us"
A worker was smiling at us as while he said that, he started blushing and put his hands on his face,
she handed me a pair of disposable nylons you put on so you don't spread your germs while trying on shoes and winked at me.
I smiled at her and thanked her.
I rolled up the nylons, put them gently on his toes, unrolled the nylons and made sure they sat right.
I gave each of his feet a kiss, he told me to stop, I bit his toes and he squealed. He put his hands on his mouth and his demonic gaze returned.
The shoes ranged from sneakers, to flats, to sandals, to some boots, to a pair of heels. Both of us just enjoyed the entire process, I looked at his skirt and saw his penis bulging.
I kissed his feet every time I took his shoes off, knowing someone could see us made it just more exciting to me.
As I was taking off the last pair of shoes and gave his feet a last kiss, I heard a familiar voice say "Oh my God, Rocco!"
It was one of the girls from the group before, Annina. I started blushing and my head pulsating, I looked at Lucy and he looked like he wanted to run away.
Annina said "Last week you told me you didn't have a girlfriend, but what do I see here, kissing her feet and blushing after being seen, what did you expect, this is a store"
She looked at Lucy and then at the amount of clothes, she said "Oh my God, what is happening here" I frowned and looked at Lucy,
Lucy buried her face in her hands.
I said "Well, she's been my girlfriend for less than 3 days now, she's very shy, being seen like this puts a lot of pressure on her and is a bit much for her, sorry"
She said "Aww", went over to Lucy and hugged him while I was taking his nylons off and putting his black heels back on
I felt like running away now, but Lucy almost exploded before, now one of the girls we see daily in school is even hugging him, recognition possibility too high to ignore, abort!
Annina said "Oh my God, your heart is beating so fast, calm down, it's alright, it's alright, I'm sorry, calm down"
I said "See, Annina, making Lucy feel bad" She said "I'm sorry girl, calm down, so does she not spend a lot of time with others then, Rocco?"
I said "She is an introvert and gets nervous around others" Annina said "Awww" again, took Lucy's hands and told him
"If you want some girl talk or just hang out with people, I'm there for you, Rocco give her my number, she shouldn't be alone"
I felt conflicted, it was cute knowing she would care about a lonely person, I mean, Luca was indeed quite lonely, but still, it was awkward.
Annina turned to me and said "You're a good guy, making a lonely girl feel loved is special, how did you even find her"
She gave Lucy another hug
where do yall get your trap feet pics from? I've run empty on pics to post :(
File: traps.png (8 KB, 377x230)
8 KB
I've been collecting them with my boyfriend over the years.
I get my stuff from chan.sankakucomplex.com
Find a picture with traps and feet in it, then below the picture it says "Users who liked this also liked" with recommendations similar to the pic you're looking at right now.
It takes quite some time if you're building a new collection from the beginning.
If you want to avoid ads and anti-adblock popups I won't help you beyond saying ublock origin and nanodefender
Maybe danbooru would be better for you, not as many ads if I recall correctly.
Danbooru and sankakuchannel have basically the same database, sankakuchannel includes western artists as well.
You can also use tags to search for specific things.
pov_feet for example looks for pictures where the main focus is feet.
If you want traps and pov_feet just type "trap pov_feet", a space to separate tags.
You won't find much searching for trap pov_feet directly, but it's a good start to search for related pictures.
Making an account and saving your favorites is the most convenient way, but we lost our account data.
File: 5e4.gif (621 KB, 697x400)
621 KB
621 KB GIF
thank you, my trap feet folder will grow now :)
Then she said "Wait a second", she started smelling Lucy's neck, she started frowning and took a few steps backwards.
She said "Lucy, stand next to Rocco" Lucy looked confused, but he stood in front of me "Take your shoes off", he reluctantly did, I was confused as well.
Then she said "Start singing, Lucy", he made some "Lalala" sounds, then Annina bursted out in laughter. "Lucy, right?
Two years ago in music class you showed me how you can imitate a girl's voice and even sing like one.
If you wanted to hide your identity from me, you should've used another cologne at least, you're the only dude I know who smells like this"
The bombshell dropped, someone recognized him, Lucy squealed and fainted, I caught him and put him on the chair. I looked at Annina and was pissed.
"He's very fucking sensitive, you know that, you didn't need to start laughing out loud, he kept this a secret from everyone for years"
I put my hand on Lucy's forehead, it was burning hot, I felt tears welling up, I was pissed, I said "You don't know through how much pain he went through because of this"
She looked genuinely sorry, she took a magazine out of her bag and waved it in front of him to cool him down.
I picked him up, sat down on the chair and put him on my lap. I felt tears running down my cheeks, she put his shoes on for him and gave him a hug.
The worker from before came back, we explained her the situation and she brought us an ice pack. I put it on his forehead.
I carressed and kissed him until he woke up. Annina hugged him again, asked him to forgive her, then said "I wasn't trying to make fun of you.
In class you gave eachother just a bit of extra attention, we noticed that.
Luca always lit up when you entered the classroom, you always came up to him when he was lonely, Rocco.
We talked about how you two would make a cute couple, but actually seeing you together is a different story.
You can come over for girl talk whenever you want, Luca, we'd like to know more."
Lucy hugged her back and sobbed for a while, then he said "Thanks, I will". Lucy stood up then Annina hugged me as well, she whispered into my ears "Make him happy, no one else can"
I smiled and said "I will, don't worry, I owe him", she left after that. Lucy took hold of my hands and smiled, I said "You already made some girl friends"
He wrapped himself around my arm as I picked up all the clothes and walked towards the register, the situation took a turn for the best.
Lucy paid for all the clothes, his parents were rich, money was never a problem for him, but I kinda felt bad, making him pay for all this.
After that he said he had to go to the toilet, so I waited for him. After a few minutes he came back running and blushing, I asked "What happened"
He said "I went to the men's bathroom instead of the women's bathroom and used the urinal, everyone looked at me.
A dude right next to me leaned over and looked at my dick, then he gave me a thumbs up, that was horrible"
As he wrapped his arm around mine I saw the dude coming from the bathroom corridor, it was a burly bald dude, he looked at me and gave me a thumbs up
I laughed out loud, Lucy hit me, then we started walking home
On the walk I said "I shouldn't be the only one you talk to, you know. just keeping you to myself would be horrible, I don't want to make your world smaller, but bigger"
He squeezed my arm, I said "You deserve more friends, I can give you love and try to make you happy as much as I can, but I just can't do any girl talk
I'm glad you made new friends already", I kissed his nose, he giggled and said "So much in my life changed because of you. You made me crazy...
But in the last couple of days everything changed again, you really meant it when you said you'd make it up for me"
I picked him up in a princess carry, his puppylike stare made my heart flutter.
He asked me "Isn't all of this with me really heavy?"
I said "You're worth every burden, I love you" He squealed and clapped.

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