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File: clpooyU.jpg (283 KB, 844x2261)
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283 KB JPG
I don't know how well it fits on /d/, because it's really not easily expressed through images. But it's a pretty nice niche I've developed as of recently. Just imagine like:

>Some random college freshman cheerleader girl wakes up one morning, to find she can literally do anything. Not all knowing, but all powerful
>Starting off petty, and making the line at starbucks go faster, have no homework, getting the position she wants on the squad, real small scale stuff
>Eventually letting the power go to her head once she realizes the extent of her powers, and going on a narcissist streak. Making the whole world like her and know who she is. But not going too far as to turn people into attention robots
>Growing to as big as the girl in this pic is, and practicing her routine with an audience of over a million to watch
>Shrinking her boyfriend in her bedroom later, getting into some really kinky shit
>As the years go by, the world starts to turn into a pleasant utopia with the common ruler of Her, getting rid of all the bad stuff she doesn't like
>Her petty concerns gradually becoming everyone's concerns. Doing cute things like having entire cities help her decide what panties to wear some mornings
>The kind of girl who could get whatever she wants, and do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, without turning into a demandy brat
File: DQly4gCV4AEZkVq.jpg (246 KB, 1949x2048)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
It doesn't even have to involve size faggotry either. It just fits really well with literally being all powerful imo
Omnipower is the term you're looking for. Omnipotence is both all powerful and all knwing.
Fug, my bad
I'm pretty sure omnipotent is just like omnipower; omniscient is all-knowing, IIRC, and I don't think there was a combined term for them.
Not sure how relevant this is but I’d guess it’s probably close enough for you.


Anyone know anything else like this they might recommend? Specifically the benevolent intelligent goddess routes, though I liked it better before she got out of mini-gts territory. Can be CYOA or just straight prose, don't mind.
how wholesome, i approve
Just spilled a lot of seed to that one. Good recommend anon
Glad to hear it. Don't suppose you know of anything else that's similar?
File: 1500704559294.jpg (559 KB, 2400x3100)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
Although, demandy bratty goddesses are great too~

>Some fresh out of high school basic ungreatful white girl, being given everything she ever wants by her parents
>Trapping everyone she doesn't like in a virtual town app on her iphone, that she can close and ignore whenever she wants
>Making herself enourmous, and forcing everyone in her hometown to paint her nails exactly the way she likes it
>Casually making the sky pink and such, making HER world more to her preference
>Everyone on earth being forced to think about her ass as she tries on some new booty shorts, wanting to show them off
>The whole world revolving around some self absorbed narcissist forever~
OP Here again

Also, if some girl was all powerful like that, I bet the entire world might quickly become very aware of how active of a libido she has

She could use her all powerfull-ness to make her niche sexual fantasies real after all
The idea of being sucked into some brats Iphone for eternity invokes an existential terror in me but is also arousing in a weird way. Although one thing I dislike about most omnipotence stuff is the lack of a visceral struggle, I like it better if there's actual walls to struggle against rather than it just being physically impossible to leave.
File: 1428241868604.png (277 KB, 1000x1808)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Omnipotence and ascension are basically my number 1 kinks. But I feel like I can count on one hand the number of times someone's created a thread about it since I started browsing /d/ 10+ years ago.
Unfortunately I don't have much art for this fetish because it's kind of difficult to express in just a single image.
potence is just power anon so making a distincion like that is meaningless

Omnipotence does not imply omniscience automatically, except maybe in the sense that if you are all powerful you can use your power to make yourself all knowing... except that goes the same for your little omnipower pet word, so like i said pointless
Pretty sure I've been the one that created 2 or 3 of these threads

Here's more greentext to keep the thread alive

>High school senior girl, just days after her 18th birthday, sitting at her local coffee shop in a busy city

>Head resting in her arm, lying on the table. Looking out the window at the depressing rainy weather

>Suddenly, the rain clearing as she wills it to go away, a huge perfect pretty rainbow appearing where she can see it

>Smiling, she then sits up, and looks around the cafe, seeing a cute barista girl, giving some attractive mid 30s woman her latte

>The pair feverishly making out a second later at her whim, causing her to laugh adorably

>Glancing down, she then opens up her purse, pulling out her shrunken 2 inch tall boyfriend

>Not mind raping him, but playfully telling him "Tell me I'm hot Anon!~" which he parrots back against his will. The girl setting him down on the table

>"Take off your shorts!.... Dance for me!... Tell me I have a cute ass!" Her little boyfriend loving every minute of it, the girl knowing just how much he loves being a sub to her

>Goddess girl being brought the Frappuchino she ordered moments later. Thanking them and paying for it and all

>Stuffing her boyfriend down her bra, and heading home

>Still listening to her parents, and doing things like taking out the trash and other chores by hand; knowing that she's gonna live forever and that there's no point in rushing things

>Heading up to her room, and playfully tapping on the aquarium she has set up there, having a little pet utopia city in there. Populated by people she poofed in from all around the world. Thousands who would have accepted her offer had she asked them

>Getting comfy, stripping down to her underwear, and casually browsing facebook on her computer, giggling softly as she looks to the side, and sees her tiny crowd of admirers watching her

>Blushing lightly as she says down to them "Don't think about anything except how cute I am~"
File: lilith.jpg (167 KB, 740x1326)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
No sunlight brakes through the stygian clouds that completely blanketed this withered planet. The only light comes from the factories, which continually ejected pillars of fire into the darkened sky of the gloomy nightmarscape. The dejected denizen preform their manual tasked in hushed tones, serving their awesome mistress in silence. Her haughtily laughter the only real sound, continually resonating in their mind, bones, and blood. The Vampire Goddess, endling Lilith Darklight, rules this endless night in a state of unbridled elation. Her image is everywhere. Statues gratifying her majesty dwarfed all other buildings around them as her venerated face stares down from the top of every vertical surface. Undeniable edifices for her are omnipresent. Yet, these ubiquitous physical representations seemed superficial next to the pervasive potentiality of her projected personality. The palpable aura her mere presence on the planet exudes its way into every pour of every dimension. Her metaphysical scent worming its way into every crevice and clinging to every surface. The last vampire, Lilith Darklight is everywhere, watching everything, being constantly entertained by her playthings. Nothing happens without her knowing, not enough thoughts. Her vampiric power is unmatched, and she can read your mind as easily as your face. And, she loves to read only complete despair from her thralls... well, that and unbound terror. Emotions of abasement only help the victim's sanguine flavor.
The planet's life-blood is for Lilith Darklight alone. All other beings trapped within this darkened sphere are vegetarians. Over 7 billion sentience cattle being fattened, existing only to be amusement and then sustenance. All life is hers; all blood is funneled back into her perfected body. Her sentience livestock are fed only to be eaten, and they all know it. Each eat a different kind of fungus (as only fungus could grow in Lilith's choking world). They eat different kinds based on their arbitrary station in Lilith's society. The diet determined the consistency and flavor of their blood and no pleasurable flavor or sensation is denied Lilith Darklight. From refreshing watery blood to thick cholesterol laden dessert blood. Some are force feed; some are starved. Their life isn't theirs, it is hers. Their blood is sweetened only be to consumed.

Each week in unalterable cycles her thralls gave a tithe of 15% of their bodily fluid to Lilith Darklight's automated collectors. Doing otherwise is unthinkable, as Lilith's would know as soon as the rebellious thought entered your head. Even thinking about betrayal is met with the harshest of punishments. Every week 1.5 billion gallons (~5.6 billion liters) of blood is consumed by the Vampire Goddess. Each life-filled drop adds to her already inconceivable vampiric power. A god in truth, she overflows with the lives she's gorged on for uncounted eons. Copious essence oozes from her glutted being adding to her majesty and dominance. She has every ability whispered in the oldest lore of her forgotten race. Endling Lilith Darklight could have stood unblemished on the surface of the Sun, such is her paramount power. She might not have anything to fear from daylight (or anything) but she founds the perpetual darkness of her domain adds to its ambiance.
File: 3.jpg (145 KB, 1024x606)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
To inadvertently spill blood is the greatest sin on her world. All blood (even menstruational) is to be collected for Lilith. If this rule is broken, and blood spilled by any hands (other than Lilith's own) that person is flayed alive on the spot. The rest of their blood would be wasted decorating the walls of their abode. Lilith delights in such public and immediate displays of discipline, and she delights in showing that only she can squander the only resource of value: life.

Since the blood of virgins is the sweetest, sex is for procreation only. Lilith directs the breeding of her livestock like a champion agriculturalist. Bloodlines are one of her greatest interests, and she controls the reproductive choices of her chattel. Each birth brings into the world another soul to be subsumed. Afterbirth collected to garnish the continual fest of ever-flowing essence. From cradle to grave, consumption is this world's denizens only destiny. Unless they are to serve some other purpose (like aging blood), her slaves are slaughtered at the age of 30. Lilith Darklight baths twice a day in the blood of 50,000 sacrificed virgins.

Since the laws of her society are impossible to follow completely, Lilith delights in randomly choosing when to enforce them. Citizens of this tortured world live in consent terror that a missed-glace or stray thought will finally spell their exsanguination. Lilith even slaughters indiscriminately. Her most loyal servant might come home one day to find his family drained by the capricious Vampire God, as innocence is a flavor of lifeblood Lilith Darklight immensely enjoys.

Endling Lilith Darklight's unquestioned rule of the blacked orb of her world is as endless as her power.

Blood is the power. Blood is the life.
File: 333.jpg (247 KB, 716x1115)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
In shock I looked at the monster looming before me that had been my one-time partner.

Her mass seemed to warp the world around her as each portent footfall echoed in unknown spaces. Her feet had widened to accommodate the towering monument to womanhood her exquisite body had become. Legs like trunks of trees with bulging calves expanded into impossible hips. Abs of diamond on a waist achingly thin were overshadowed by ballooning breasts. Mammary mountains each topped with their own temple to the goddess of lust. These were framed by shoulders carrying the weight of a world. A head of perfect pink hair cascaded down to a flaring buttock. Lips the color of blood around sharpened teeth. Her perfect hand with pitch-black nails. Arms that flared into bowling ball biceps.

Worse still was the way she moved, as if she had this potent body her whole life. As if she just always had been a 7-foot tall 400 pound perfect specimen of power and potential. This was not the motion of a woman recently transformed, but one that had been used to such unreasonable accommodations since birth. Her movement as graceful as a predatory cat.

Her grin widened as she advanced. The ground shook as I trembled. My own transformation had only affected one part of my body, and that part traitorously expanded between my legs. My enchanted dick seemed to respond to this monsters unspoken need, stealing precious blood from all parts of my inadequate body. My legs gave way and I fell as it rose, obediently expanding at its expanded mistress's silent command. Her lustful hunger seemed to make it further grow, a monolithic monument to her perfection. The tithe its grotesque swelling took on my body I thought would kill me. My life's essence flooded into its widening shaft, as if it was my existence's only purpose. My dick blossomed as the rest of my body withered. It become thicker than my thigh and longer than my legs. My heart throbbed in time with its bulbous head's beating.
File: 4444.jpg (64 KB, 600x800)
64 KB

Her hand greedy stroked my manhood. Her touch was electric, and sent shockwaves of pleasure into my over taxed body. Careful not to cut me on her razor-sharp nails she said, "I guess the machine only worked on you." Her voice was like a thunderstorm spread over velvet.

"What?" was all I could crock in replay.

She continued to look lustfully at my obscene steeple. "It gave you this, but left me unchanged."

"What?" I tried to shout, but it only came as a hoarse whisper. "You're now huge."

Her prefect brow furrowed slightly. "I'm no bigger than I was, " she replied in her stormy voice.

"Huh? You were 5 foot nothing a few moments ago," was all I could think to say.
File: 555.jpg (301 KB, 960x832)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
Her laughter was raindrops on fresh grass. "Women aren't ever that small. We have always been bigger, stronger, and smarter than you weak, worthless men." She said "weak" and "worthless" fondly, like you might say 'soft' or 'sensitive.' "But, you're more than that now." She eyed my member. "The machine enhanced the only part of a man that matters. I wish it had done that for me." She looked down at her powerful body as if was somehow inadequate. Then she brightened, "Why don't we try it again?"

In a panic at that suggestion, I tried to rise "No. Please. Don't."

But, she moved faster than thought as she flung the switch. My penis further swelled as I shrank. But her grandiose transformation was an undiluted maelstrom of lightning and strength.

The world seemed to bend to her will as white heat flared around my increasing partner. Arching bolts erratically danced around her scintillating skin as if she held too much energy for even a divinely perfect being like herself to contain. Purest power bleed off of her like one would shed dead skin. So flawlessly mighty, she was painful to look at. I tried to wait for the tempest of dominance to subside. When it didn't I realized in horror this was not part of the transformation. The transformation was already over and her mere presence now effortlessly infulenced reality into unwilling submission. This being so indomitable it inadvertently fractured reality around it was now simply what it meant to BE her.

Through the storm of ecstasy, I heard words of fire crawl across my consciousness,

"I guess it didn't work this time either. Third time's the charm."

Sounds like it's time to hire 1990s Bruce Campbell to either kill her or fuck her silly. Or more likely fail horribly at seducing her then killing her. With a chainsaw.


"Terminarch" sounds cooler. Also, sounds like there's only one vampire left.

Still a better love story than Twilight.
File: 1.jpg (49 KB, 600x962)
49 KB
Story Two: ‘Emily’

Darkness spread across the face of the world as the light was separated from it. I, however, could not be concerned with such trivialities.

My name is Emily and this is my world now. Literally.

It was simple, really. Reality was without meaning. There was no true objective right or wrong; things existed without reason People were free to make their own values and judgments about what was good and what was evil. That freedom imprisoned us; we were paralyzed by the choices. Desperately, we all picked different reasons to exist, searching for that which wasn’t there, clinging to nothing and calling it something. We could not face the void to see that it was empty. So, we made false reasons and, in an effort to deceive ourselves that the false was true, we turned outward. We warred among ourselves, trying desperately to defend the indefeasible. We killed those that would not agree and subverted those that would. We built empires of blood for the images of madmen. Humanity was a collection of empty vessels; philosophical zombies convincing themselves they had a soul. But, I rectified that. Nature abhors a vacuum, so I simply inserted myself into that open void. I filled the nothing with something: Emily.

Now, humanity exists only for me. It was a single, simple change I made in the collective unconscious. Everything and everyone within existence now belongs solely to me. Everything with a mind is mine. If they didn’t already, they would thank me for the gift. I simply gave everything what it so longed for, a true motivation for existence, a reason to be, an ultimate underlying goal. That purpose was me. I was implanted into the place of longing within all of us. The unattainable desire, the unreachable satisfaction, the unfillable hole -- I am now all of it. In every mind and every soul, in the wash of sentience, there beats a single meaning and purpose: Emily.
File: 2.jpg (82 KB, 736x552)
82 KB
When the change was made, overnight the world transformed to fulfill its purpose. All understood deep within themselves that I was paramount, and they acted. The nations of the world came together for the first time in history and handed me the ultimate dictatorship of the world. It was a formality, really, for with knowledge of my supremacy came an innate understanding of my wants and needs. They crowned me absolute ruler since they also knew I wanted it to be official. I would explain my myriad titles, but it would bore me. Needless to say, I have them all. From doctor to Empress, all of human accomplishment is now accredited to me. It’s only fair, since I am the only reason for it.

On that day the world came together and started to build my palace of palaces. Everyone, all 7 billion, pitched into this grand endeavor. Everyone doing something to create this perfect dwelling; no other work in the world was accomplished until my abode was finished. Nebraska was evacuated to erect this monument to me, and soon the neighboring states needed to be cleared as well. The building of this structure, that could easily be seen from the moon, did not take as long as one might expect. That was the power of what I had done. A palace that spanned 10 states, 1,400 square miles, and was more than 500 stories tall, took no time at all when 7 billion people worked on it in unison. On that day humanity shared my sense of accomplishment, if they could be thought to feel anything at all other than the need to please me.
File: 3.jpg (126 KB, 450x358)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
My opulent bed-chamber was the greatest part of this unfathomable edifice. Beyond massive, I started to have it filled with works of art showing my splendor. Indeed, the next task of humanity was to destroy any image that was not of me and replace it with one of me. Everything from the Mona Lisa to the Statue of Liberty was recast and renamed to be of Emily. Humanity would never forget its purpose as my visage become omnipresent throughout the world. I was the ideal.

With the all-important cosmetic changes finished, the world was organized to better serve every aspect of my being. Each person was assigned a task that in some way would improve the quality of my life. After all, it was no longer correct to think of humanity as a group of individuals. They were almost like cells of my own body, doing all they could do for the well-being of the whole. The whole being Emily, of course. I was humanity’s Self.

Since meaning wasn’t objectively real until I made it Emily, one cannot objectively judge what I did. Now, my traits -- both my physical appearance and personality -- were, by definition, the ultimate good. My image was -- by definition -- the only perfection of beauty and desirability. The less like me something was, the more negative and evil it was. And, since I was the sole source of correctness, the absence of Emily was -- by definition -- wrong. If one worked for the betterment of Emily, one worked for ultimate right. The less one’s actions directly contributed to Emily, the more heinous those actions. Everyone now understood this to be the only objective truth.
File: 4.jpg (48 KB, 300x500)
48 KB
Germany was converted into a laboratory and data-storage facility. Scientists hooked me up to monitoring equipment that would analyze my reaction to everything. Just as my well-being was now the ultimate ambition of everything, my happiness was the ultimate purpose of science. Everyone around the world would be informed instantly of the results coming from Germany about my happiness. Nothing in the world was more important.

While my contentment was continual and ever-present, it could always be improved. A new unit was created to measure my pleasure, the ‘Emily,’ and humanity’s goal was to increase that number anyway it could. My pleasure became life’s currency . People’s lives were measured by the amount they increased my satisfaction; by how many ‘Emilys’ they contributed to my experience.

Hollywood made entertainment exclusively for me. Since I could not be inundated with any crap it might produce, panels of people were chosen to judge a work based on my tastes. They would assign a work an Expected ‘Emily’ Value (EEV) depending on how many ‘Emilys’ I was expected to feel when watching it. The best of those were then allowed to be shown to me. My reactions were carefully recorded and analyzed. Each work of entertainment would then be given a True Emile Value (TEV) based on how many Emilys I really did experience while watching. Those critics whose EEV was closest to the TEV were allowed to keep their jobs, the others were rotated to some other position (still serving me, of course). This loop continued as each show and movie created became better tuned to my personal tastes.
File: 5.jpg (145 KB, 450x420)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Mainly, stories would be about a young girl who overcame all others to be the best; how men would fight for her attention; and how her rivals would see how wrong they had been. The protagonist would be modeled after me. Emily was the pinnacle of beauty and all actresses tried to obtain that perfection, or would be cast only as villains. I was glorified in every way humanity could conceive. The stories escalated, each trying to outdo the other. Entertainment was about me and for me. Everything, from the choreography to the music tracks, was created to better fit my personal tastes.

Critics were also selected to give an EEV to all musical creations. If a song’s EEV became high enough, I would allow it to be heard by me. Ultimately, songs would be judged only based on how many Emilys I felt when listening to them, giving them a TEV. Professional artists would compete to achieve the highest TEV. Nothing else was given consideration because only I, Emily, held real value. I validated works by my reaction to them; the only value that could hold meaning was a TEV.

My lavish palace was filled with imagery designed only to increase my joy. As I grew bored of something, as its TEV dropped, it would be cycled out so that more works of art could take its place. The same was true of the jewelry I wore. Factories were created to produce single exquisite pieces to be placed on my person.

Like all of my senses, I constantly tasted new foods tailored to my appetite. Each moment of my ingesting was the work of thousands of man-hours. Not so unfathomable when you realize that every hour of my existence was now sustained by almost 7 billion man-hours. People slept in shifts.
File: 6.jpg (39 KB, 736x501)
39 KB
Anyway, from its cultivation until being prepared by master chefs, thousands of man-hours went into every single moment of my continual feast. Like all other aspects of my life, I had testers that would make sure only food with a maximum EEV made it to my lips. Cast-offs were reprocessed and eaten by the rest of humanity, adding bland fillers. I got the best, everyone else got stretched and tasteless leftovers. My food continually was improved as my taste-testers became better aquatinted with what I liked, and my army of chefs became better at pleasing my palate.

Those taste-testers had to be replaced more than any other kind of servant, since the food I ingested was so wonderfully unhealthy taste-testers died of heart attacks. My personal health was never in danger, of course, since the first priority of every doctor on Earth was my vigor. Biologists had no higher priority than making sure my fitness was peaked. So, while I never needed to do anything but have every one of my senses simulated with ever increasing pleasure, I was in perfect health.

The second priority of every biologist (besides breeding ever-tastier meats for me to ingest) was to breed perfect servants for my palace. Everyone I came in contact with had to be pleasing to my eye. A program to create slaves of increasing beauty to wait on me hand and foot was created. Humanity itself was being changed to increase the amount of Emilys I experienced. Men of unsurpassed sexiness and women of lithe subservience would be my personal servants.
File: 7.jpg (112 KB, 736x883)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Contests were held to determine who could best sexually stimulate me. Full-body messages became the only real sport humanity engaged in, and the best of the best were allowed to perform their honed art on my person. New ways to pamper me were invented as institutions dedicated to my physical pleasure came to life. My personal erogenous zones were the subject of intense academic scrutiny, with no other goal of these think-tanks than to find ways to better excite me.

So many of my senses were stimulated at once that whole institutions of science were created to try and untangle what might have caused an increase or decrease in the total amount of Emilys I was experiencing at a given time, or Gross Emily Production (GEP). Since my senses were constantly activated by different things to bring me joy, it became increasingly hard to associate a single feeling with a single object. Complicated scientific models incorporating more and more data were created to try and untangle the mystery of how to increase my pleasure to ever-greater heights. Now, the only human imperative was to increase GEP. All debate was confined to how to better make me more ecstatic and more contented.

My constantly increasing joy was all consuming, and increase it did. My health, my wealth, my overindulgence, my majesty enlarged without end. Humanity scrambled like ants, trying to outdo themselves in adding to my absolute splendor. Humanity served and strived to ever escalate everything about Emily. Seven billion hands worked towards the single goal of me.

Then one day, a darkness spread over the sky. The Sun was blotted out by an impenetrable shadow. Had the people of Earth cared about anything but me they might have stopped in their work to look at the sky, but my concerns were their only concerns. And, my concerns could only turn inward. However, this spreading darkness would only bring me greater glory.
File: 8.jpg (157 KB, 640x640)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
My slaves informed me the darkness was an caused by extraterrestrials. It was a ship larger than Earth itself and created exclusively for me, Emily. Unbeknownst even to me, when I had supplanted myself as the meaning of existence, it was for all reality, not just Earth! This ship had been constructed by beings far beyond humanity in sophistication. They had built it to house my greatness as they made their pilgrimage to their new master, Emily.

I was informed that on their way to Earth they had encountered other primitive cultures, all of whom also worshiped Emily. I was told my name was whispered across the universe in reverent tones and sung in exaltation. All of creation cried out to serve me, even those lowly species that could never hope to see my glory in person.

These extraterrestrials had come to better-enhance the work of man. They had scanned the databases in Germany and were already preparing themselves to carry on the good work of increasing my greatness. My pleasure would now expand exponentially as I was taken away from Earth. The others would have told me that in person, but they knew their physical form could not please me as my slaves did. Therefore, they would take those humans with me that could better be bred for personal servants. I would never have to see my alien benefactors, and the only humans that would be raised with me would be those bred for my servitude.

Humanity had fulfilled its only purpose:


(Seriously though, you're really good at writing, have you considered running a quest on /qst/)

>As the years go by, the world starts to turn into a pleasant utopia with the common ruler of Her, getting rid of all the bad stuff she doesn't like
>getting rid of all the bad stuff she doesn't like
I would literally prefer a genie turning the whole world into the worst fetish of all time, than a omnipotent tyrant like this
I didn't realize hellish nightmares was a fetish

>omnipotent women
>not fucking up everything, including the things she likes
pick one

you're just fucking retarded
To be fair mate, plenty of fetishes on /d/ are pretty nightmarish in practicality

>monster vore
>time stop
>drowning/breath control
>age progression/thieft

Of course, if ANYONE was omnipotent irl, things would get fucked up pretty quick. But in sexual fantasy, it's hot as fuck imo
This is a fucking great fetish anon. One that I've had for years. It would be awesome if this became a more common thread!
Please people write more stuff or post links to stuff like this.
A great addition to the omnipotent girlfriend would be to have a weak or cowardly boyfriend for her.
Huh, when I first heard about this fetish, I believed it would have more do with destruction, and less with domination.

I guess I just like destruction more than domination, and I cannot understand an omnipotent being that still needs people affections to survive, it makes look like those "goddesses", for all their infinite power, still need those people and their love, while they dont need her at all.

What kind of god would you be, if the love of apes could make any difference to you?

should this be in /aco/?
If you're going to post Mr. Greyman's stuff at least give him credit. Guy deserves more attention than he gets.
Oh hey I'm not the only person who liked this.
one that isnt lonely?
File: 1.jpg (1.17 MB, 875x4177)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Most of that was from

Well, you can't have a discussion of an Omnipotence fetish without Mr GreyMan. He's more or less the only writer for that.
File: 2.jpg (2.13 MB, 717x9892)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
Table of Contents for Mr. GreyMan (last journal entry before renouncing he's copyrights and disappearing)

The Quintessential Mary-Sue: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 (Magic&SciFi)
My stories are over-the-top by design. So, it should come as no surprise that the motif of the "Mary-Sue" is one I find particularly intriguing. The fact people write the character spontaneously and without realization is almost enough to make me believe in the collective unconscious, almost. I know it is traditional to write a Mary-Sue unintentionally, but I did so with the greatest of intents. This story goes from Earth to space to the gates of Heaven and Hell as Mary-Sue proves her superiority over all of creation. I wrote the story to be as the title boasts: The Quintessential Mary-Sue, the definitive work for this pervasive motif. I am happy with the result.
Themes: Breast expansion, growth, strength escalation, soul absorption, demonic transformation & giantess (part 3).

Sophya and Niky (Magic)
One of my first works, and many claim to be my greatest (though, I would not agree). It was written to showcase muscle expansion, breast expansion, and mind control. There are giantess elements in it as well. It was based on this work by N647, and is about two sisters. One (Sophya) is a fairly skilled young wizard. The other (Niky) is the pinnacle of perfection in every conceivable way. Niky only becomes more so as the story progresses. The ambiance is meant to be that of Dungeon & Dragons. Fans of that game will recognize elements like psionic gem dragons and references to the six primary stats: Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, & Chr.
Themes: Breast expansion, growth, muscle expansion, mind control, stat multiplication, and giantess.
File: 3.jpg (3 MB, 896x7480)
3 MB
Saintly Perfect Goddess (Magic)
Absorption (or ability theft) is my favorite kind of story to read. So, it is surprising to me this story is one of my only with that theme as its main transformation mechanism. I don't know why I wrote so few. Sofie, a good-natured (and pretty) housewife, finds a magic lamp. She inadvertently wishes for the ability to steal abilities and attributes from others. She becomes decidedly less good-natured as the story progresses (she steals others egocentricity) until she becomes the undisputed Saintly Perfect Goddess. None on her Earth would disagree with her claim to that title.
Themes: Absorption, ability theft, lackadaisical subjugation, breast expansion, growth, and extreme indulgence.

Alien to Ambition: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 (SciFi)
This is completely different from any other full story I wrote, since the protagonist is male. The Nameless Protagonist is a likely psychopath that subjugates a race of supple aliens. These aliens have no notion of ambition, and become his willing slaves as he uses their technology to grow physically (but not metaphorically). To paraphrase what I wrote in the description of that story: "The Nameless Protagonist was crafted such that the reader could easily put themselves in his place. Shamefaced, I must confess Alien to Ambition contains my real Sue. I only ask that the reader not look for my true self within, for I only put the blackest parts of my soul into the Nameless Protagonist. I cannot -with a clear conscious- completely disavow myself from him, but he is without any of the white that makes me Grey."
Themes: Male muscle growth, extreme breast expansion, penis expansion, hormone&pheromone mind control, extreme sexual transformations, and Sun rape.
File: 3b.jpg (2.63 MB, 899x6129)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB JPG

Deae Ex Machinis: Alpha and Omega (SciFi)
"Goddess out of the Machines" (I assure you, I consulted Latin experts on the matter.) We mortals aren't meant to become gods. So, one might argue that even the best human could be seen as an evil deity. Regardless, this story contains my only protagonist with consistently good intentions. Heather Halcyona motivations might remain pure, but it is debatable if her actions reflect her morals. Heather is given nanites by the enigmatic Adam Immanuel that allow her to control her own evolution. She attempts to use them to transform Earth into a Utopia. Yet, are all Utopias really Dystopias? I will leave it to the reader to decide. I consider this story to be my best overall work. I would try to get it published (as I have with my unreleased story "Tree of Knowledge") if I could.
Themes: Muscle growth, breast expansion, intelligence escalation, and divine ascension.

Very Short Scene: Wish Fulfillment (Magic)
I would call this "Flash Fiction," but I admit to a certain ignorance as to what that term means. This is a very short story about a lazy girl named Carry getting the most out of a wish. It prompted Arie to write this longer piece as a sequel. Arie has gone on to become a published erotic writer under a different pen name. But, he asked I keep that name to myself.
Themes: Power multiplication, strength enhancement, magic, intelligence and charisma enhancement.
File: 3c.jpg (1.34 MB, 890x3697)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
The Gem of Possibilities or 'What if...' (Magic&SciFi)
This story is personal to me in ways I cannot explain here. I would say Deae Ex Machinis is my best story, but this is my favorite. John is confronted by his ex-wife, Laura Lee, who has gained the ability to rewrite reality. When she asks the question "What if..." the answer becomes fact. We are lead on a wild ride as Laura Lee torments and teases her former lover. We can tell the two do likely love each other, but their mutual egocentrism prevents them from expressing it in a healthy manner. Which--for this story--is more of a problem for John than Laura.
Themes: Breast expansion, penis expansion, realty manipulation, transformations, strength enhancement, and power escalation of all sorts.

Love Grows: Larger Than Life (Mystical)
This is a--sanctioned by the creator--continuation of the story 'LOVE GROWS' by Saxxon. I've never seen myself as a fanfiction writer, but Saxxon was the one that first inspired me to write. So, as a fan of his, I felt the need to write in his world and his style at least once. Ava goes on a mystical search for her lover's soul. This search involves her indulging her hedonistic desires until she becomes the very incarnation of Avarice.
Themes: Divine ascension, extreme weight gain, reality vore, and deicide.
File: 4.png (3.65 MB, 896x7256)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB PNG
5 Short Stories by Mr. GreyMan
Five short stories each with their own themes and feel.
Story One: ‘dA-Commentary’ (Magic) Themes: Satire, muscle growth, charisma enhancement, and intellectual inexplicably.
Story Two: ‘Emily’ (SciFi) Themes: Extreme indulgence, extreme hedonism, and existential subjugation.
Story Three: ‘Anticipation’ (???) Themes: Sexual subjugation(F/m), female muscle growth, extreme penis growth, mind control, ability theft, and absorption.
Story Four: ‘Gary-Sue’ (???) Themes: Male muscle growth, penis expansion, pheromone control, and teenage male power fantasy realized.
Story Five: ‘The Queen’ (Mystical): Muscle growth, ability theft, absorption, shrinkage, futanari penis expansion, deification, and sexual servitude.

The END: Prologue & Chapter 1; Chapter 2; Chapter 3; Chapter 4; Chapter 5 & Epilogue; The Full PDF (SciFi&Mystical)
This is my magnum opus, and the reason I am gone. In this story I have written the closest I will ever come to the Ideal State of my tales. This is the story to which all my others are but shadows on a cave wall. It is the Form for my other works. It tells of the ascension of Fate personified and her servant. It is now our duty to honor the capricious God as best we mortals can. Thus, of all my works, this is the one I most implore others to expand on in order to better glorify Her.
Themes: Charisma enhancement, breast expansion, muscle growth, intellectual growth, general growth, futanari penis expansion, divine ascension, planet rape, reality rape, omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. And, please, just say the words.
>Most of that was from
You're right, I didn't think to make the distinction because they're the same guy.
File: 7.jpg (258 KB, 752x1063)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
>You're right, I didn't think to make the distinction because they're the same guy.

Are they? YBGrey seems like more of a copycat. He doesn't write anything near as long as MrGreyMan's epics.

Honestly, I kinda thought YB was more of a hack pretending to be MrGreyMan. Why do you think they're the same?
I know for a fact they are, and why he stopped writing on the other account, but I can't go into more detail without betraying his trust. Probably shouldn't have pointed out they're both him in the first place since I'm not sure he wants that public.
Ah what the hell, we hardly ever have these kinds of threads, might as well share the one story I ever wrote since it's relevant:
File: Slave.jpg (35 KB, 453x515)
35 KB
>I know for a fact they, and why he stopped writing on the other account, but I can't go into more detail without betraying his trust.

Did your Uncle that works at Nintendo tell you?
I commissioned The End.

Also my uncle is dead.
Someone once wrote a sequel to Sophya and Niky, anyone know where it is?
Didn't the End kill him or something?

You killed MrGreyMan?
File: 222.jpg (211 KB, 1084x736)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
File: 61121978_p0_master1200.jpg (326 KB, 600x537)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
I'm actually more of a fan of some all powerful girl, but without the hyper/goddess dominatrix complex. Just like, some generally kind and cool girl who would be fun to hang around with even if she weren't all powerful
Speaking of, he has a few decent, if short, ascension stories.
File: The_Donald.jpg (102 KB, 497x726)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
So what's the point of her being all powerful then?

I mean, I can get not being into big muscles or giantess or whathave you. But, if she's just hanging on the coach as if she's not all powerful, then what's the point of her being all powerful?
Meh, too lovey dovey for my taste. Give me a good MarkNew story any day:

That guy knew how to write a Reality Dominatrix.
I really prefer male-dom omnipotence, an afternoon well spent on mc stories is anot excellent example. Anyone have any thing similar?

"Alien to Ambition: The Complete Epic"

>The Nameless Protagonist is a likely psychopath that subjugates a race of supple aliens. These aliens have no notion of ambition, and become his willing slaves as he uses their technology to grow physically (but not metaphorically).
Master PC is the way to go for that:

People love writing about the computer program that lets you rewrite reality.
There is a 'sofurry' author "killer tiger" that writes and draw that kinda stuff, but I got tempbanned last time I uploaded one of his pics and linked his story.
Oooooooooooooooh, I picked up this fetish a while back in a giantess thread. Frankly, I prefer a "gfd and/or yandere" vibe with it, but most stories (and damn near all art) is more growth/gigagiantess-centric, which saddens me.

I did see a VERY good story on pastebin that fit into this kink once that was more my tastes, but I have since lost it. Anyone have it by chance? It's about a high school goddess trying to ask a boy she liked to prom.
Thank you
>tfw no commie gf to exterminate kulaks with.
"Jokes" aside I kind of find myself as well in this fetish, it's just fun to imagine displays of unlimited power done by a cute grill
For me it's a dominance thing. It combines with any form of superiority: muscles, size, power, strength, intellect (hyper intelligence is a *really* underutilized fetish)....even just any form of excess, like hyper fat or obscene wealth. Anything that makes the girl superior to others in some way. And omnipotence is the most extreme example of that.
Oh, I posted these in reverse order, although I think I like this one a little more.

Since I have time I might as well dump whatever I can find in my porn folder.
Saxxon needs to do more shit like this. I love this sequence.
File: 1472861579349.jpg (621 KB, 2000x787)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
File: 1465167693091.jpg (241 KB, 1047x1280)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
File: 1500704010699.png (247 KB, 750x671)
247 KB
247 KB PNG

Pretty much what >>7791979 said
>inb4 gay

>Some cute girl, suddenly obtaining unlimited power

>Instead of using it to bring the world to its knees at her whim, just using it to live the good life

>be hanging out at her house, where she has the biggest TVs, all the gaming consoles she wants, and all the snacks and stuff she likes

>"Whatcha wanna do Anon?~" raising her arms cutely in the air, motioning to all her toys

>Deciding on a whim to read your mind, "O-oh, so you just wanna watch me play?"

>Giggling, she then turns on the TV, an areal shot of a major metropolitan area

>Putting her hand to her chin, and thinking "Ah, if the clouds were just like that... there are too many buildings! There should be more fields and parks n stuff~"

>Playing sims with a real city, moving buildings harmlessly around, changing their colors

>Turning it off after a while, turning to you and playfully commanding "Give me a hug, then massage my back would you?"

>Your mind taking a backseat as your body moves to her will instead of yours, doing what she wants

>Leaning into you afterwards, her head resting on your shoulder. An all powerful goddess valuing you and caring about you despite herself
This is my favorite fetish, sadly it's plagued with gts and muscle stuff
Well, what kind of "displays" if not subjugating reality? Like, making a soda appear out of nowhere?

Sounds like you just want a Genie GF.
>For me it's a dominance thing. It combines with any form of superiority: muscles, size, power, strength, intellect (hyper intelligence is a *really* underutilized fetish)....even just any form of excess, like hyper fat or obscene wealth. Anything that makes the girl superior to others in some way. And omnipotence is the most extreme example of that.

Yeah, that's mine too. Let me know if you know of any other good stories. Most of the ones posted here I already knew about.
Being a hypnosis-fuelled version of this is my fantasy. Living with some cute boy who I can tell things like "the MP3 player in the kitchen is actually a live orchestra" or "this healthy salad tastes better than fried chicken," giving him a perfect life in a "perfect" world, and making him happily enthusiastic about anything I want him to do...
That's... rather specific for a fetish, even for /d/
I salute you on your creativity
File: roxanne.jpg (73 KB, 400x355)
73 KB
>Putting her hand to her chin, and thinking "Ah, if the clouds were just like that... there are too many buildings! There should be more fields and parks n stuff~"
>Playing sims with a real city, moving buildings harmlessly around, changing their colors

You know if you actually think about what that entails and what it does to the people living in the world (suddenly there are 'less people,' like, did you brother just cease to be?), it's pretty fucking terrifying. It's like
>It's a Good Life (The Twilight Zone)
ep where the little boy just does whatever he feels like to people. HE doesn't know any better, but he turns his town into a fucking nightmare.
Just stopping by to say "me too" to OP. My favorite aspect of this fetish is when the ascension comes with power madness. I'll post the few images i have for this tonight.
File: Planetbuster.jpg (1.96 MB, 2480x3508)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG

>It's about a high school goddess trying to ask a boy she liked to prom
Here you are my man

File: 131298982152.jpg (285 KB, 992x1404)
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285 KB JPG
File: 131299017370.jpg (267 KB, 992x1404)
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267 KB JPG
File: 131299027420.jpg (264 KB, 992x1404)
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264 KB JPG
File: 131299038457.jpg (222 KB, 992x1404)
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222 KB JPG
File: 131299230537.jpg (164 KB, 992x1404)
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164 KB JPG
File: 131299240099.jpg (275 KB, 992x1404)
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275 KB JPG
File: 131299264692.jpg (275 KB, 992x1404)
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275 KB JPG
File: 131299310793.jpg (268 KB, 992x1404)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
File: 131299349777.jpg (236 KB, 992x1404)
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236 KB JPG
File: 131299353723.jpg (152 KB, 992x1404)
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152 KB JPG
Very Short Scene: Wish Fulfillment
Richard: So, we each made our wish right?
Carry: Yup.
Justen: Indeed.
Joe: *nods*
Brenda: Totally.
Leon: Oh yeah!

Richard: Pretty cool we found that ring; too bad we only got one each. So, what did you guys wish for? Well, I know what you wished for, Joe. You wanted to be fabulously wealthy.

Joe: Of course. And you need money to make money, which I will be doing. What did you want Leon?

Leon: Oh man! I wished to be super strong! Who wouldn't want that, right? I can't wait to hit the gym and pump these bad boys up. I bet you wished for the same thing, right Justen? Bet you're tired of being such a weakling. (laughs)

Justen: A faulty premise. I wished for an advanced intellect. I will be transferring my personage to the library contiguously to appraise my new analytical competence. As for you, Brenda, I am incontestable in that you followed suit? Enervated from reports, to use the vernacular, you are a 'ditz?'

Brenda: OMG, what're you sayin'? I wished for guys to find me awesome. You know, like, super pretty. If you guys want me -you will- LOL, I'm going to be at the spa. Call me, Richard. What'd you get anyway?

Richard: Well, I'm a little embarrassed to say, but I wished to be good at magic.

Leon: Hu?
Brenda: Say what?
Joe: What?
Justen: Explicative.

Richard: Well, the ring is real, right? So I thought there must be a way for us to do things like that. So, I thought I could use my wish to be a real wizard. Anyway, what about you Carry? Did you wish to be less lazy? (laughs)

Carry: Nah. I wished to be 1,000 times better than all of you at everything, in every way, always.

Richard: You what?!?
Joe: No!
Leon: Holy Shit!
Brenda: Fuck me.
Justen: ...
Carry: Ohhh.... and I can feel it working. You guys have no idea what it's like being so... mmmm... Anyway, go read your books, Justen. For everyone one you read it will be like I've read 1,000. For each million Joe makes I'll make a billion. Go hit the gym, Leon. For every extra pound you can lift I'll be able to lift half a ton more. For every guy that falls for you, Brenda, 1,000 will fall for me. And Richard, I hope you learn all about how to be a powerful mage. Go work hard you guys. If you need me I will be lying on this coach playing video games and eating decadent food. Or maybe.. ohhh.. yeah.. I'll just revel in:
>sixteen times bigger and heavier than earth
suspension of disbelief lost
mass does not grow even close to proportionately with size, that's just a popsci article by someone who doesn't know the difference
sauce plz?
File: futa_1460374924865.png (1.85 MB, 2473x1983)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG

Anyway, you're thinking about the root-mean-square law, which only applies to stuff made out of the same material. Earth is made out of mainly iron, but there could be a planet made out of lead or something. The earth is made of mainly iron, and the sun is made of mainly dense hydrogen gas.

Like, do you know how much more massive/dense/big the sun is compared to Earth? It doesn't follow the root-mean-square law because its not made of the same stuff. (Really though, go look up the sizes)

my man, if you grow a sphere by a factor of around sixteen you also grow its volume by a factor of around four thousand

if you grow a your "rocky planet made of lead"'s size by sixteen and also only grow its mass by sixteen, then this planet actually has an average density of about a fourth that of hydrogen

so what's it made of then, positronium maybe? dumbass
File: ME.jpg (19 KB, 267x300)
19 KB
>my man, if you grow a sphere by a factor of around sixteen you also grow its volume by a factor of around four thousand
Sure, but what makes do you think this planet is made out of the same stuff as Earth? Why can't it be made out of very low pressure hydrogen? (since hydrogen has different density depending on the pressure)

Do you think a black hole that's got a radius of 13.5 km has less mass than Earth just because it's smaller? What about a neutron star? The Crab Pulsar is roughly 20 kilometres diameter, but it's 1.4 M
~470000 times that of Earth.

Now, I'll admit, I haven't looked into the calculations for Kepler-10, because I don't really care. So, IDK what it's mass is. But, it could certainly be 17x the size of Earth and only 17x the mass, depending on its makeup. And, you're complaint about >>7792646 is just nitpicking. The planet could be HOLLOW, for example. It's just a silly anime.
because then it's a nebula and not a planet, much less a rocky planet

>The planet could be HOLLOW
okay, and you'd need to fill it with vacuum for that to work, which aint doing anything to help my suspension of disbelief get back on its tracks
Size = radius?
volume of sphere = 1.33*pi*r^3

Are you saying increase the radius by 16 times that the volume would increase by 4000?

You should also know that as you increase the radius of the rocky planet the gravity acting on it increases. This causes an increase in density, decrease in volume, and the mass is constant.

Probably left some stuff out, but I'm sure someone will let me know if I did.
m8, it doesn't matter, there is plenty of variance in planetary density that has to do with their makeup, but that becomes completely moot when the planet in this case is completely outside of the bounds of possibility
16^3 = 4096
You are thinking of materials in the reference of our gravity. Mass acts like mass under force. After a certain point it doesn't really matter if it is iron or hydrogen. Two kilograms is two kilograms.
which might be an argument if i thought the density of the planet was too high to be probable, but does nothing for the fact that it's too low to exist unless you assume it's some sort of miniature dyson sphere like object or something, which is really stretching the definition of planet beyond the breaking point
Initial radius = r
Volume = 4/3 * pi * r^3
Constant c= 4/3 * pi
New volume = c * r^3

So are we talking about 16*c*r^3=16*volume
or c*(r*16)^3?
the second obviously
>>which might be an argument if i thought the density of the planet was too high to be probable

How are you determining this?

>>but does nothing for the fact that it's too low to exist unless you assume it's some sort of miniature dyson sphere like object or something, which is really stretching the definition of planet beyond the breaking point

How do you figure this?
>How are you determining this?
by handwaving it away, since that isn't actually the topic of the conversation so it doesn't matter

>How do you figure this?
dictionary + math
>>dictionary + math
I understand the words, just not how you put them together. I would love to see the math that you did for the Dyson sphere.
File: 1244.jpg (38 KB, 585x337)
38 KB
earth (approximate):
radius: 6400km
volume: 1 100 000 000 000 km^3
density: 5.5 g/cm^3

planet 16 times bigger and 16 times heavier than earth:
radius: 102400km
volume: 4 500 000 000 000 000 km^3
calculated density: 0.02 g/cm^3

picture included for reference to other celestial bodies
oh, wait, you were asking this actually

if the planet is 16 times the size of earth it has a volume of 4096 times that of earth, which means it is 256 times less dense than earth

5.5 / 256 = 0.02
It eventually becomes boring, as she knows people do not actually care about her, but just because she ordered them so
File: UncompressedDensity.jpg (867 KB, 2336x3163)
867 KB
867 KB JPG
The volume, density, and mass are not directly connected like this. The density looks like the bulk density. Where they simply look at a handful of characteristics that they can observe, and then infer the density of the planet as a whole. As you scale the planet larger and larger, it presses down on itself more and more.

So if it was 16 times the volume the density would be compressed by a given factor. This is because as you grow it, or throw it on all at once, it gets smaller and smaller in volume due to the increasing gravitational force acting on the planet. In some ways the material does matter, but when scaled to such a large scale it doesn't matter as much.

Image source:
but you can't uncompress the mass to be many times lower than that of any known solid substance and still call the planet a rocky planet

and this is on average, so following common sense the density near the surface would be even lower than the average of the entire planet which is already too low
>but you can't uncompress the mass
I defer to Dr. Romanishin, who studies astronomy, and his explanation. Taken from the previous html:
It is easy to find the average observed or compressed density of a planet- just divide mass by volume. However, the observed density is NOT equal to the average "lab" density of the stuff that makes up the planet! This is because the gravity of a planet compresses that material and makes the density higher than it would be in the lab. For planets the size of Venus or Earth (but not so much for Mars or Mercury) there is a sizable difference between the compress and uncompressed density.

To find the uncompressed density, one could imagine pulling the planet apart, small block by small block. As you did this, the blocks would expand in volume (no longer being compressed by the planets gravity) so the total volume of the blocks would be significantly larger than the volume of the spherical planet!
m8, I understand the concept of compression, I just don't understand why it matters for your position in this argument

what are you trying to say?

do you understand that there is no such thing as a physical substance that is even close to having that low a density, so compression is irrelevant in the first place?

do you understand that the only conclusion i can take from the things you're saying about compressed density is that the mass of 16xEarth should be even MORE than i was predicting in my very simple model, not less? that's the opposite of arguing against my point, it's actually just strengthening it by saying that that kind of planet makes even less sense than i was saying in the first place
>physical substance
solid substance, was what i meant here, sorry
>Debating suspension of disbelief and physics in an omnipotence thread of all things
we can debate the flaws of omnipotence like the inevitable descent into solipsism it would cause instead if you like
You guys still talking about maths or whatever?
It's ironic isn't it?

If some QT became god, she could redefine logic and math itself if she wanted to. Even for something as petty as acing a calculus test she didn't study for

With omnipotence you specifically don't need to worry about the mathematical soundness of whatever omnipotent girl is doing; as she could even go so far as to make 2+2=9 on a whim

I commissioned it, artists straight don't draw this fetish without gts stuff and It's also a difficult thing to display in one picture so one page comics are the way to go
that's why it's more fun to force them to worship her the old fashioned way.
File: 69.jpg (191 KB, 1280x720)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
The planet was hollow; it's explained later in the anime.
wow, that was actually the only way for the text to be right and the situation to make sense as unlikely as it seemed
File: 9602942.jpg (406 KB, 1200x1200)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
Can we stop arguing about physics and talk about how hot omnipotent girls are?

Also if that is you, write more.
I'm majorly into this. Even as a macrophile, this is the thing I like even more. Especially ascension stuff. Growing in power in all kinds of ways and eventually becoming a goddess, it's great.

But I'm also into gentle, so I'm more into deities that are either pretty chill with their powers, or have some kind of relationship to the main character (sister/wife/daughter/etc), assuming there's no omniscience involved, since omniscience doesn't make for as fun a goddess, imo. And for her it'd be more fun too, since she wouldn't know the outcome of using all her powers, so she'd be way less bored than an omniscient goddess.
I'd like it if the person was more benevolent
I'm trying to write a book.... but I can't seem to motivate myself like I could for my smut writing....

Without Fate there is only Chaos.
All within existence intuit the Order of their reality was ripped from Chaos. Thus, Chaos is the common theme in every creation story. Each culture invasions its sparking void differently. Regardless, whenever the veil of the past is pieced, there is Chaos. The Egyptians knew Chaos as a sea of ebony serpents. The Norse saw it as flame and frost. The Greeks understood Chaos to be an amorphous emptiness. And, scientists proclaim it an empyreal explosion.
If reality is a ring of multicolored gold, then Chaos is a mounted obsidian scintillating gemstone. Creation is an endless ring. Time an ouroboro, a snake devouring itself. And, where mouth meets tail there is Chaos. Where everything starts, everything ends. What was pulled from the void must be returned. This is the ultimate justice: The debt of life will be paid with the coin of death. Such is the inevitability of Fate’s will, and unbending gossamer chains bind all of creation to that will.
Cainin was one of the first worlds pulled from Chaos, and was given undo allowances. And so, a rebellious corruption has spread across this primordial world. This corruption, this ‘Free Will,’ caused Cainin’s caretakers to willfully disregard their duty and discarded Fate’s Law. Fate attempted to repair this broken world, but even after Cainin’s Reforging the corruption remained. So, a Worldbreaker was designed to enact the end. Yet, this agent of Fate was contaminated and failed. Free Will, Fate’s antithesis, is still widespread on the primordial world of Cainin.
One Worldbreaker has fallen. Thus, another is needed. For Fate’s Law is simple: All that lives must also die.

Chapter 1
Solis awoke coated in blood. A beast might consider this the best way to awaken. Solis, being human, did not.
Covered in blood and mud, Solis lay among the bestial bodies of his adopted family, trying to recall recent events. The pack had been hunting when they’d been set upon. Now they were dead, and Solis was an orphan once more. Yet, Solis knew of nothing in this part of the Forest that could’ve caused such carnage. Addled as he was, Solis pondered what prey could’ve attacked a beast hunting pack and won, when he heard the call of one such creature. It was a sound of a creature he’d thought never to lay eyes on again: a fellow human.
Frightened to even move, Solis still tried to get a better look at the aftermath of the butchery. True to form, the beasts must’ve fought to the death. Solis could see their bulky hairy bodies littering the ancient, tangled roots of the Forest. Solis was trapped under the weight of one. Its pink tongue lulled out of its muzzle; he could count its sharpened teeth if he wanted.
These beasts had been Solis’ only companions, and now they were dead. As a human, Solis knew sorrow, and knew the dead beasts would’ve scorned him for it. Beasts were fatalistic. They fully understood the fact humans tried so hard to deny: Death is a part of life.
Solis was aware of only two humans picking through the scattered corpses of his pack. Solis was confused by this. He knew his race often ate carrion, but also knew humans didn’t partake of beast flesh. Additionally, two humans wouldn’t have been sufficient for this slaughter. But, humans only traveled in the Forest in great numbers. Thus, there must be other humans near. They couldn’t have gone far. And, Solis knew of nowhere for them to go.

The Forest is nearly as ancient as Cainin itself, crafted before the Reforging. Twisted and timeworn trees make up its foreboding, dense foliage. The Forest is the dominion of the beasts, and men enter it at their peril. Thus, man takes every opportunity to lessen the Forest. Axes, one of the many human tools, routinely claim this wild terrain for farmland. Eons of constant attack, and beast magic, has given the Forest a semisentient personality of its own. Humans hate the Forest, and, like most emotions, this hate is reciprocated. The Forest loathes the unnatural humans of Cainin.
Solis, who was arguably the last natural human, listened to the two unnatural human interlopers speaking the Aulderston dialect to each other.
“I asked you to leave at least one alive, Gerrard.” The one wearing purple robes was saying to the one clad in worn steel.
“And, I ‘old you I wouldn’t.” The steel-clad, steel-eyed one replied. “Beasts don’t get taken alive, Coyott.”
Solis could see the two humans, Gerrard and Coyott, quite well from his vantage point beneath the body of a beast. But, they hadn’t noticed him yet.
Solis quietly observed the gray-haired, gray-bearded Coyott, with his pristine purple robes and hat. The antiquated headgear was long and pointed in the style so often associated with human magic. Thus, his attire marked him as a Weaver, a human mage. And therefore, his chosen tool was the staff. Coyott’s staff, which was a dark wooden walking stick with a human face carved in the pommel, lay next to him on the forest floor as he cut into the fallen beast. He was currently welding a large scalpel in his long, dexterous hands with the precision of a trained surgeon. On one of his delicate figures held a large, pain gold ring that seemed to Solis give off a palpable aura of pride and despair......
>who cares? no smut.....
Certainly people appreciate you for your writing in this fetish. If you want to devote your energies to more serious literature I can respect that. We've lost a lot of talented writers in other smut genres that way.

But if you're having trouble with motivation, maybe try going back to basics and write some banal, basic ascension stuff without the pretensions of deeper meaning. Maybe that would help you figure out why you started writing deeper stuff in the first place.

Or maybe I just want more ascension stuff from you, I don't know.
File: 45.jpg (190 KB, 1095x730)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Well, I think we ALL want more good ascension stuff from ANYONE. But, I don't think I could ever write enough to fill my own needs, and I'm not sure anyone can.

I wrote a lot about that theme in my journals and stuff. The point of this fetish is "never enough" and I think that also applies to the writing too. That's the other side of that logic: We just can't get enough. You can't satiate most fetishes, but you double can't do it here.

The nature of the fetish IS the inability to be sated.
File: commis019.jpg (648 KB, 1400x990)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
What if our entire world was nothing more than an intricate simulation project, and the bratty daughter of one of the people running it got on and started playing god?

Thinking our world is nothing more than a video game; but showing enough restraint as to not get caught messing with it
File: 3333.jpg (215 KB, 1000x800)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Have some stories.

That might make for an interesting premise for a story, but I don't think I could get into it if the story was framed as a simulation. Not sure why.
>she sat in the darkness wondering for a long moment.
>had it worked?
>how could she test it?
>does this kind of thing ever work?
"It damn well better. It cost me my virginity"
>she entity she had summoned had told her that she now held control over all of life kinds medical maladies save for natural death, but her powers would soon grow to become all encompasing.
>it did however leave her with a warning:
>so to test her new powers: "all medical forms of cancer are now fully cured, and those suffering from the ill effects are now fully healed."
>she clapped 3 times to finalize her desire and waited.
>seemingly nothing happened.
>she stood up, and turned on the light, apparently the burning heat she had felt in the presence of the entity had been real as her clothes were now nothing but ash on her skin and the floor where she had knelt to perform the ritual.
>she then logged on to the net and searched up a news site.
>she realised she was exhausted and decided she needed rest, and a shower.
>as she lay down her thoughts began to swim and soar with ideas if it turned out that she now truly did hold the power of a God within her.
>nothing would be beyond her reach!
>fame, fortune, a fortune 500 company!
>and that guy she kinda liked...
>the next thing she heard was her alarm going off
>she didnt even remember falling asleep, or dreaming for that matter.
>then again?
>maybe it had all been a dream..
>she went to the bathroom and got her hand mirror
>she sat on the floor and spread her legs and her pussy lips to check, no hymen, small amount of blood still from when the entity had penetrated her and sent its essence into her, granting her the power she sought.
>she got up and checked the news, she checked every news site she could think of.
>finally she turned on the television.
>there it was, it was everywhere.
>reports coming in from every corner of the world.
"every form of cancer miraculously cured over night for no discernable reason."
"almost like someone editing computer code or cutting off a callous."
>all the reports said basically the same thing.
>it had worked.
>she now held within her the power of a God.
>her head swam with the enormity of it.
>she could do anything she wanted!
"i have $1,000,000,000 in my bank account and nobody will ever question why or wonder where it came from, or ask how it got there."
>she clapped 3 times, then pulled up her bank account on her computer.
>there it was! all the cash she would ever want or need!
>her phones alarm went off again, 30 minute warning to get to the university for history class.
"i know everything about world history and all current events as of yesterday"
>clapped 3 times, and passed out as a wave of pain and information suddenly flooded into her mind every single detail of the entire history of the world up to yesterday!
>she woke up 5 hours later with a pounding headache and her phone ringing off the table, she answered it.
"hey where are you? mr. donner is flipping his lid about you being late for your shift again he is really gonna give it to you this time! you know what he said last time right!? hes gonna make you get on stage and strip for the customers all day!
>last time she was late her boss had made her get up on stage and do a strip tease and remain fully nude for the rest of her shift just so she could keep her job even tho she wasnt a dancer at all she was just a waitress and her normal uniform was a skin tight one peice bathing suit with a neckline that dove down to just immediately above her clit.
>its the whole reason she had just a landing strip down there instead of a full bush
>the men would ogle her and lust at her and occasionally grope, but she didnt mind the attention, she actually got off on it!
"tell the boss i quit"
"you what!!! no you cant do that he'll kill me-"
<sigh>"you have 1,000,000$ in your bank account that nobody will ever question or even deny is yours absolutely, go check."
<clap, clap, clap>
"hang on i need to check my bank account."
>wtf? did i just make someone do that?
"yup theres my million bucks, just like normal, now are you gonna come in to work and save my ass or what?"
>wow the bouncer didnt even question it.
>she knew james could be dense but she didnt think he was this dense.
>then she remembered her exact words.
>nobody not even he, will ever question that the money is his own...
"wow, ok"
"great i will see you in 10 minutes, thanks ashley!"
>he hung up, she blinked, did that just happen?
>she got up, she got ready to put on her clothing, and then an idea dawned on her.
"clothing is nolonger fassionable and nobody ever wears it."
>she grabbed her purse and slipped on her shoes and walked out the door.
>as she walked to her car she noticed piles of clothing everywhere, and walking away from them, naked people, naked people who could do for a good gym membership, and several women who desperatly needed to do something about that visit from "aunt flo"
"everyone in the world has perfect bodily proportions for their height and nobody is overweight, everyone also has perfectly toned muscles as soon as they hit puberty
>she gawked as a miracle took place before her very eyes, everyone immediatly began to change and notice it too
>people exclaimed and shouted with joy! 2 miracles in 24 hours!
>overweight and anorexic men and women alike suddenly grew or shrank inwardly or outwardly their muscles flared and flexed benieth their skin as they suddenly took on the bodies they had always wanted for themselves. everyone was suddenly physically perfect
>bob, the appartment complex drunk, bounded up to her naked and exclaiming about how he was suddenly fit as a fiddle her eyes went wide as she noticed his cock also suddenly grew from 3'long by 1' thick to being 7'long and 3'thick, his balls also grew from tiny shriveled things to the size of grade A eggs.
>she did however notice an oversight:
"all women will nolonger bleed when they menstrate, the body will simply remain in a state of peak fertility, unfertilized eggs will simply wash out of the body with normal vaginal lubrication after 3 days. also any woman who is menstrating right now will be completely clean. also nobody noticed me clapping or saying these things but they will still take effect right now"
>she payed attention to janet as she was walking to her mailbox, she noticed the blood on her thighs suddenly vanish, also bob made no indication that he had seen her do anything!
>it worked perfectly, now lets see how the stripper busness is doing now that everyone is naked all the time.
>as she drove to work a news report came on about people in the colder regions of the world suffering from record rates of cold related injuries, a thougth occurred to her:
"the human body can now withstand extreme temperatures with no ill effects, no discomfort or injury will be sustained from either extreme cold of any temperature or extreme heat of any temperature, also people nolonger get sun burns, they will reach a natural tan, with no risk of any ill effects."
>the news shifted stories quicky
>nolonger did they report people being hurt from the cold in the now nudist russia, or the now nudist ski resorts in collorado.
>she smiled to herself as she realised she had indeed been given the power of a God at only the paltry cost of her V card.
>when she arrived at work she found an audience of horny men with raging boners watching a stage with a woman dancing as she carefully and slowly painted herself with latex paint covering up her breasts while keeping her nipples exposed.
>she noticed several of the men were leaking some kind of yellow discharge and others had lesions on their dicks while still others had warts, especially her manager who had all of the above.
>guess the name "STD KING" wasnt just a joke afterall.
"ok thats just gross, lemme fix this. nobody wants to see that shit. ok.... all sexually transmitted diseases as well as sexually transmitted infections are immediatly cured and will never again infect anyone ever, all ill effects of such diseases are immediatly cured never to cause harm or bother to anyone ever again. everyone who was a carrier is nolonger a carrier. these diseases are hereby wiped from existence forever and no others will ever come to be. anyone who is cured by this will immediatly have the biggest and best orgasm of their entire life up to this point."
<clap,clap, she looked arround for a second, clap>
>half the audience as well as her manager and some of the wait staff as well as the dancer on stage immediatly shuddered and moaned a doubled over or fell down as men sprayed their jizz uncontrollably in every direction. she was blasted in the face by the nearest guy, the woman on stage sprayed like a gyser from her pussy as did the waitresses.
>as the moment passed everyone looked around.
>her boss suddenly went wide eyed as he looked at his now restored and perfectlly proportioned cock, nolonger suffering from anything down there, the warts had vanished the weeping sores were healed and the drip had vanished.
>she looked around at her handywork, all cured.
>then a thought occurred to her!
"all diseases, all negative medical conditions, every medical malady that has ever plaugued living things and every single last parasite that has ever infected anyone or any thing, everything that medical science has ever tried to cure or would have ever tried to cure save for natural death, is immediatly cured and will never harm anyone ever again."
>a waitress dropped her tray and groped her own breasts, feeling them gingerly checking them, she then exclaimed.
"the lump! its gone! the doctor found lump in my left breast at my last mamogram! but its gone now! oh my god! its a miracle!!!"

>days passed, weeks, then months, finally a year.
>news reports went on to call the week "miracle week" as all the ills and woes of humantiy seemingly vanished over night,
>strangely several religeons also vanished but in the end nobody cared, becasue everyone came to realize that islam, scientology, mormonism, and jehovas witnesses were all wrong and that the religeons needed to go away forever.
>in her wake the world experienced a new golden age.
>rape poverty disease, crime, racism, political posturing and corruption. all of it vanished in one single week.
>becasue she kept reminding herself that the power could be taken back just as easily as it had been given, and everything she had done would be un-done.
It's the same thing. Potent and powerful are synonyms, idiot.
What if there was a celestial civilization of 'gods', and the daughter of our god's universe started toying with us? Again, not too much so that dad figures out she did, but having her fun regardless
Holy shit, I came /D/ to beat my meat but that's a good book idea.
Imagine someone who can do almost anything, make people think how she/he wants
Then they run into someone they can't control, someone they have no power over
Imagine the fall in love with them but they can't change them, or something similar
File: SpecialEdition.png (548 KB, 936x5872)
548 KB
548 KB PNG
Sounds like "Queen of ALL" which has some of it's pictures in >>7790750

Crap ending tho.....
there was one like this but with brain enhancer and the lady started off a a ditz before overtaking everyone's free will, anyone have that one?
File: 1441490745014.png (431 KB, 988x892)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
I would have liked this a bit more without the literal, physical brain growth. But otherwise this is pretty nice
Brain growth is so weird that I can't help but like it. But any form of hyper intellect is something I really appreciate, because it's so uncommon.
I know everyone's taste in this genre is different, but the best scenario for me always revolves around an ordinary girl obtaining undeserved power and going crazy with it. Although I suppose that idea could be interesting depending on what she did with it.
thank you
Cheers man, I fucking love this story.
Dunno if anyone has posted this already but check out dru1076 on deviantart he is an incredible writer on this topic
If you can stand the cringe f-list has a few people who love ascension scenarios and are half-decent roleplayers.
File: 1513133279859.jpg (1.08 MB, 1751x2444)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Can confirm, am one of those fags who goes on there from time to time

I actually wish something like this was real honestly. If there is no god and our world is meaningless anyways, it'd at least be entertaining to be some girl's toys for a while. Provided she doesn't completely mind rape everyone or break the universe

Nice greentext Anon
I really like this one, reminds me of a fantasy I had of a goddess absorbing realities one after the other in an endless vortex.
File: Lucifer_47.png (180 KB, 254x391)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>random teenager girl becomes literally God
So, Elaine Belloc from Lucifer? I'm okay with it. I could use more porn of her. I know, i know. It's not japanese, but it's related to this thread and I don't think they have one to this fetish in the other board.
File: ndst.png (3.8 MB, 1384x2152)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB PNG
I get what you mean. I think the powerlisting wiki along with medaka box gave me this fetish. Most of my favs aren't giantess but give a similar vibe. Let me know if I should post those ones.
>the hole is between her legs
>she's even arranged in the correct direction for the common 2d representations this is ripping off to work
File: 15579778_p0.jpg (1.51 MB, 1099x1620)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
I like to imagine pic related being a bullied girl who somehow gains demigod-tier power and encases her hometown in a bubble and rules over it.
File: 19454997_p0.jpg (504 KB, 723x987)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
I also like if she'd be cruel and petty, and intimidating everyone into being "popular" and relishing in their fear. Except for maybe one guy/girl who was nice to her before because they're just a nice person, that she gives a lot of dubious privileges to (generally involving someone else's misfortune), the rejection of which would cause her to be greatly offended so they just have to play along. She'd also be a huge /d/eviant and weirdo before the event.
UGH. Medaka Box was the worst. Medaka was a good main character, but the problem was she wasn't the main character and instead it was this moron random student who she is enamored with for no reason and it's stupid.
This is the first image in I can't remember how long that has made me feel weird for finding it hot.
wouldn't it be hot if you had to copulate with her while pretending like her thigh spikes weren't painfully digging into your legs for fear of a fate worse than death
"potens" literally means "power", you fucking moron
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (64 KB, 1280x720)
64 KB
File: Ultimate madoka.jpg (113 KB, 850x595)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
File: 1515523115496.jpg (379 KB, 800x1792)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
I forget where exactly I saw it, but there was a captioned pic where the guy was omnipotent, and he knew it, but it was subconscious, so he ended up banging celebrities, putting a beach in the middle of a city, making girls do what he wanted, stuff like that. Wish I had saved it.
You are, officially, the biggest dunce on /d/ right now.
File: gabchantruth.jpg (147 KB, 1280x720)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Things are going to get very very strange when we reach the "Sword Art Online" level of indistinguishable VR.

Certain people are going to have access to human intra-miniverse level omnipotence (meaning you can do anything you want; at a human level of mental and physical processing) of their own "World Egg" systems as the Kai-uba/Heithcliff creator of their own VR mini-verse.

The imagination will literally be the limit of whatever worlds..... or hell holes, that humanity will choose to create.
stop having retarded sci-fi fantasies
"potence" comes from the Latin word "potesse" meaning "to be able." so being omnipotent means you are able to do all, so all-powerful. It doesn't necessarily mean omniscient.
Can you post the rest of the pictures?
Anyone else like proxy omnipotence? Here's an example of what I mean:
It could make for an interesting dynamic.
>Reality-warping goddess who's also incredibly shy and perfectly happy living a normal life
>Much more outgoing and adventurous friend/lover who repeatedly goads her into exercising her power
>She's mortified on the inside after she's been convinced to make herself overlord of the universe, or turn everyone into futas
I like it if the diety has a weak personality and emotional attachment to the other person so they do whatever they ask of them, but not if it's a more direct control
File: 12.jpg (756 KB, 1251x1818)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
>tomoko-like character becomes a god
>because of paranoia/low self-esteem she decides to punish anyone she mistakenly believes is bullying her/laughing at her
>reshapes the world to be more like her terrifying fujo/yaoi fantasies
>mind controls boys she likes into fucking each other
>still very shy so she never reveals that she's a god to the world, just plays with the universe from the shadows

no homo
>Tfw you will never explore the universe with your omnipotent gf
Another version.
Also i need to go now
That right there is absolutely my thing. Got a looong string of ERP shit along that line. Maybe I should writefag it one of these days.
There is all 5 parts. You can read how dumb the ending is yourself. Someone else made a better ending, but I can't find it.
That would actually be super cool! If the laws of the universe were redone a bit to where planets were floating in very stable little bubbles, and space were some all encompassing fluid/gas instead of a vacuum
Dude, that ending is excellent
What kind of mouse grip is that?
...what exactly do you think this thread is about
Yes, dear god yes
I absolutely adore situations where someone has limited, or incomplete, or unreliable power
This means a situation where someone gains powers but loses them later, or where they become dominated by someone who had previously been dominated or submissive, but it could also mean a situation where someone's powers are dependent on something not entirely within their control (for example, someone transforming when they become horny or angry or embarrassed, or even some kind of transformation or effect that is the result of the outcome of a game). But it also most definitely includes a situation where someone has no power themselves, but has a powerful influence or someone else who DOES have power. That's fucking hot.
File: 1504994535552.png (3.91 MB, 2345x5000)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB PNG
Guys you have inspired to me to write some omnipotence fiction, I entered the thread without knowing what it was all about but I think I like it a lot and I will give it a try and perhaps post it here.

My initial idea consists of an indian OL chick that somehow becomes enlightened thanks to chakra knowledge and becomes omnipotent.

What kind of scenes or feats would you like to see in such a story if it isn't too much to ask?
File: 56436857_p1.png (3.59 MB, 1403x1920)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB PNG
The good ol' autistic crab grip

One of the things that most appeals to me about this is people not deserving of power, doing casual big things with it.

Such as a MILF character changing the weather and making herself all knowing about her family. Or an egotistical immature teenager making the whole world obsessed with her ass just cause she can. Or even just someone nice! Her making it known to the whole world that she's in charge, but also that she wants to help people make the world a better place; however she thinks that is
File: 1372444409785.jpg (1.86 MB, 2500x2640)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
I found the real ending:

MrGreyMan's ending to the story is stupid. ^ That ending is not.

Make herself the definition of beauty. Not that she becomes more beautiful, but that she changes what it means to be beautiful to herself.
Also, make people orgasm into bliss by looking at her or just by her presence.
desu, what's more important than any specific actions, for me, is the attitude of the person wielding the power. What I really love is when she's playful. When she enjoys exercising her power just for the fun of it, transforming people or herself just to revel in her own abilities. NWO-type stuff doesn't really interest me nearly as much as her playing with her next-door neighbours like toys.
File: 1426631466841.jpg (758 KB, 2500x2000)
758 KB
758 KB JPG

MrGreyMan's ending to "Queen of All" is -by definition- the "bad ending." Nothing good happens in it, evil 'wins' and then consumes even itself. No one is happy, everyone loses. If it has no good in it, it is "bad." Thus, it is -by definition- the "bad ending."

Rinji's ending is the "good ending." Good wins over evil. There is happiness and a return to normality. It has goodness, and thus is -by definition- the "Good Ending." And, the 'good ending' is the one you want, the "real" ending.

If you beat a video game and got MrGreyMan's ending, you would assume you did something wrong and didn't get the "real ending." How could anyone even argue that MrGreyman's ending is "better" than Rinji's? There is nothing "better" about it. It's like all of his works, below rock bottom. It would be easier to claim down is up than MrGreyMan's stories have a "good" ending.
I don't like the happy ending. It clashes horribly with the dark tone of the work and thus cheapens it. Saying the Greyman ending is "stupid" is to miss the point of the work entirely.

But to each their own, I suppose.
File: 1.jpg.jpg (94 KB, 449x640)
94 KB
Well, yeah calling it "stupid" isn't correct. I agree.

I'm calling it "bad," which -again- I'm not sure how anyone could argue against. It's "bad" by the definition of the word "bad."
>Happy endings are always objectively better than unhappy endings
I don't even know where to begin disagreeing with you.
Well, I think they've proven that. More people like happy endings, that's why there are more of them. Like, I remember they tried to make the ending of the move "Dodgeball" one where the scrappy underdogs LOSE, a "bad ending." Didn't go down with ANY focus group and they had to change it. If people don't like happy/good endings, we wouldn't have so many. Even 'sad' endings have to have SOME good in them. You have to reconcile SOMETHING with the audience so they walk away feeling like something was accomplished.
Which is why MrGreyMan will only ever have cult appeal. People -as a whole- don't like "bad."

I mean, people know 'good' is good and 'bad' is bad.
That's -like- how those concepts work.

What if the people in the mini-verse make their own mini-verse?

A teeny-verse if you will.
File: LifeisfullofSuprises.jpg (277 KB, 1215x717)
277 KB
277 KB JPG

Probably because you're lucky enough to be browing 4chan in the comfort of a relatively clean indoor setting; enjoying the technologies that are at the apogee of western consumer civilization.

If you were stuck climbing into sewers in India, for a living, while being spit on as an "untouchable", with a sweltering hovel and a dip in the Gangees, the only thing you had to look forward to at the end of the day...

Well then, you would just look forward to and dream of a happy ending wouldn't you? More specifically, one where you didn't have to suffer on a daily basis, with nothing but suffering and toil awaiting you for all your living days...

>"Queen of Heaven".
File: buds.gif (1.98 MB, 450x450)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF

Depends on the mechanics of the mini-verse you set-up.


No homo
A+ literary analysis. I especially like how you conflate "popular" with "good."
Keep on doing what you're doing, anon. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you should know something about a topic before you start talking about it.
File: 1515787288783.jpg (140 KB, 900x1318)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
File: lg12[1].gif (37 KB, 468x240)
37 KB
> "Queen of Heaven"

tips fedoraaaaaaaaaaaa
I didn't even know this was a fetish, but I am totally into it. I've fantasized a few times about a planet ruled by a cute goddess in an absolute fashion, worshipped and serviced by everyone unquestioningly and treating them like playthings. The appeal feels sorta like giantess stuff where the power comes from sources other than size - if that makes sense I guess?

I also really dig these stories where the human society dedicates itself fully to a single person, the scope and utter, I guess, selfishness and "wastefulness" of it all really gets me goin.

Good thread.
I'm always a fan of omnipotent or nearly omnipotent girls who are just completely sadists by any human standard of morality (not that it matters to them), and just enjoy the destruction and suffering of civilizations. So similar to the reasons I like giantess, but with more creativity to the meanness than just the girl using her size to conquer and torture people.
So something like if someone doesn't worship her before they die, she could force them to relieve their death a thousand times, each time being exponentially more painful than the time before it, before stealing their soul and consciousness and entwining it into a fiber on her panties for the next trillion years. stuff like that

>probably not a psycho
There's a great series for this called Irrational / Unreasonable Girl by Ameshoo. Only about four out of twelve have been translated, but it's exactly this fetish.
Nah, that makes my willy wilt. I can't get off to suffering and I can't get off to hard dom without aftercare. If there is no love, it's not my stuff.
I don't care for most omnipotence stuff due to the existential terror of a lot of it but I've always been a massive fan of afterlife imprisonment on a goddess' person. Like, the goddess is a tomboy in spats and the souls of the deceased spend eternity trapped between her ass and the impenetrable spandex that surrounds them, or spend eternity struggling in a busty brat's cleavage. It's largely a hybrid of giantess/goddess fetish but I love it.
File: Wendigo.png (74 KB, 940x898)
74 KB
I'm just saying what is good is good and what is bad is bad.
Hardly a controversial stance.
Shoot meant to quote >>7805397
File: 4499639-6765857610-YPT2G.jpg (417 KB, 1280x1024)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
Just make her "too much" whatever, please. Make everything about her absolutely overwhelming in every way.

If she's powerful, make her "too powerful."
If she's sexy, make her "too sexy." If she gets huge boobs, make them "too huge." If she gives pleasure, make it "too much pleasure." If she's nice, make her "too nice." If she's smart, make her "too smart." If her waste is thin, make it "too thin." If she's rich, make her "too rich."

I like it when people are simply "too much."

Calm down there, Hugo.
> "too much"

This is exactly where my head went too but I didn't wanna say it.
That's more existentially terrifying than most omnipotence stuff out there though...
Haruhi is literally Satan incarnate. It all makes sense now.
File: 1515919223621.jpg (340 KB, 850x1192)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
Is that green tea neko?
File: 1508066029395.jpg (1.23 MB, 3887x800)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
I have kind of a similar fetish but its more about girls gaining power. kind of like in this fate/extra CCC cutscene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzFqXoEmLRc#t=51m30s
she absorbs a bunch of people than transforms into some kind of a demon goddess.
it starts at about 51:30

here my dude
I'm noticing your critic here has yet to offer a single substantive rebuttal in any case.

wtf I hate western civilization now
File: CUjprD5UYAA2TTY.jpg (219 KB, 900x1200)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
There's a new story on giantessworld mates, about a high school goddess who uses her all powerfull-ness just for temporary sexual stuff

I'd like that. A god going insane, unable to find any type of meaning in her immortal existence. Maybe she eventually realizes that she needs conflict/challenge and essentially "lobotomizes" herself, permanently removing her power and becoming a normal human.

Of course, then she'd want to go back to being a god and wouldn't be able to...
She doesn’t have to try hard to be existentially overwhelming, she just is by existing.
You just need to keep the "challenging" universe separate from the main one, where she would keep her omnipotence.
Why does none like pocket universes?
Black Mirror S4 made me think about this so hard.

>lonely bullied NEET girl a la Tomoko
>steals dna from everybody at school
>put AI copies of them all into generic anime high school where MC is gorgeous popular girl who can crush on the boys she likes and bully the girls that bullied her
>spend days, months, years in her dream world doing as she pleases
>if they say no she can just mindbreak them until they say yes
This is incredible taste my man.



Bustin' to these ones lately
File: 2574010_p0.png (1.06 MB, 1040x1477)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
The scenarios black mirror presents overall are really great for kinks honestly (Spoilers for S3E04 by the way)

>Normal dude signs up to have his mind uploaded to live an eternal afterlife in a virtual paradise world
>Lives for centuries having the time of his life
>But then one day, a booming, feminine voice rings in everyone's heads, clouding their thoughts
>"Hey toys! Can you all hear me?"
>The entire world having just been inherited by the spoiled daughter of the facility's owner
>Making everyone love her, and telling everyone about a boy she likes at school, without really understanding the magnitude of what she's doing
>tfw she replaces the sky with a webcam view of her ass, just to fish for compliments and validation
To be able to do anything includes being able to know everything.
Thank you for this thread anons, its hard to find art or comics that specifically caters to this. Normally I have to browse a variety of /d/ threads to get my fill.
Me fresh out of college would start off pretty bad.

>Stares out window until she summons a big storm.

>Tries it again a couple of times to make sure it's real.

>Wonders what else can be done, and lactates through her top while she outgrows her current bra, then undoes that.

>Tests free will and puppets a few minor actions with the people around her.

>Starts reading minds to find people's darkest secrets.

>Is digusted and starts off on a poorly informed SJW spiral.

>Doubles down a couple of times when that doesn't work the way I planned it.

>Reverts back to day 1 of omnipotence and tries to stop giving people strokes when they upset me.

Me now, while I'm thinking about it...

>Summon exotic living dildo and finds out how that feels.

>Check out if I can handle a dozen orgasms rapid fire.

>Let the living toy grow into a tentacle monster and lay eggs in my womb.

...So I guess it depends on the time of day.
People make weird distinctions about that kind of thing anymore. I think the academic people talking about "capital G" God mostly say that he's omni-max. Has the most power that logically makes sense, knows the most stuff without invalidating free will, etc.
source for this?
me in the middle
Kamichu! is an anime about a high-school goddess. It's very slice of life, but not too bad.
Ultra goddess story where she gets completely overwhelmed by the tackiness of seeing her face everywhere
Her hair was like a mistress's whip of pink fire. Her lashes were thick forests of passion. Her silvery eyes seared all souls as she looked at the assemblage, taking what remained of their feeble wills. Her tempestuous lips were hot red rubies, her teeth so bright you felt them leeching the color out of you. Her burning white skin would take more than just your color; it took everything you had. Her stately neck redefined regality.
It seemed to take eternity for her massive mammaries to come fully into view, but as they did the crowed lost it. They were so mammoth they almost did not fit through the block-sized Hell portal. Mary-Sue's bare breasts were everything you had ever wanted and nothing you could ever have, because she had them instead. Her arms were the perfection femininity, but all could see they held the strength of countless souls. With a movement of her long deft hands, she could take anything from anyone -- not that there was need, for every one would gladly give Mary-Sue everything. Her crimson nails were sharp enough to rend reality, but something was so soft and sultry about her perfect fingers. Her abs made diamonds seem like crumbling shale. Her wide flawless hips promised salvation, but gave nothing. Her bottom was the shape of an extra-large sumptuous heart. Her butt was need and desire made fiendish flesh. Her lengthy legs then began to come into view; the pink fire between them was the gate to eternal ecstasy … and to misery manifest. If it took an eternity for Mary-Sue's tantalizing breasts to rise completely, it was indescribable the time it took her long powerful womanly legs to be fully seen. Pillars of strength and supremacy, they were adorned with the only clothing Mary-Sue now wore: long, red, spiked-stiletto sandal heels, showing off her perfectly panted toes.
Anyone else find Mary-Sue's to be part of this fetish?
It's a very interesting cultural meme about a "perfect girl."
Wouldn't say it's a meme but sure could find a place here

By the end it looks like no matter what you do you end up writing a mary sue
File: 2ae.jpg (902 KB, 1293x961)
902 KB
902 KB JPG
Well, I certainly would, if you look up the actual definition of 'meme.'

I have long been interested in story 'memes.' Ideas that have seemingly propagated in the human psyche and seemingly spontaneously appear in works. The most famous of which is the "Hero's Journey," popularized in The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. I don't agree with Dr. Campbell's assertion that ALL stories can be traced back to the "Hero's Journey," but certainly a disturbing number of popular movies, books, and video games follow that formula first written down in the Epic of Gilgamesh 4,000 years ago.

I have long been interested in what I call "the Ring of Gyges" story meme. Which is basically the idea of how people act when free from all responsibility and guilt. Socrates uses the Ring of Gyges, which granted its owner the power to become invisible (even from the Gods) at will, to show that people would act immoral if not for social consequences. The Picture of Dorian Gray takes the idea even father. In that tale its not only age the panting takes, but also guilt. Dorian remains "youthfully innocent" while he rapes and kills because the panting takes the psycological brunt of his actions. This theme is also seen in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, where Dr Jekyll becomes addicted to becoming Mr Hyde because -as Hyde- he could do whatever he wanted without feeling any moral blame for it. The idea is also an obvious one to anyone that goes for forums like this one. You can do what you want without taking blame, so it becomes a cesspool of people's worst impulses.

Mary-Sue is clear one such meme. People write them without any apparent understanding of what they're doing. So, I wounder what the historical genesis of this idea comes from? Was Cleopatra the first Sue? Was it Helen of Troy? Jang-geum?

This 'omnipotence' fetish obviously has some overlap with "the girl everyone must love who is she's so awesome and pretty and smart and rich" meme of the Mary-Sue
You're wrinkling the heck outta my brain, bro.
Yeah, I guess I should have proofread it better. My bad.

I think so. I'm attracted not so much to the classical macro-goddess trope but more to someone who can effortlessly breeze through daily life's challenges up to a surreal extent, with little explanation as to how she got that way.

For instance, a game of baseball. When she swings, it's practically a guaranteed homerun. She has to flub a few on purpose or else the score for her team might end up well in the triple digits. She's noticeably much faster than the others at running and swimming. She can ace through school without studying. Not that she doesn't consider herself special, but she just never stopped to think about it.

Let's go further. Somehow, she exists in multiple places at once. One could argue that a girl even as gifted as her can only do so much. Put her on a braindead team and it's an assured loss despite her efforts. So, what if she is the whole team itself? Even better, she fields two teams in the league. She just wants to get the tournament trophy again, nothing more, but she finds it awful that she usually has to play herself in the finals to get it, end up both winning and losing at the same time.

All this while she's home, playing video games, reading a book, putzing on the computer, and making love - simultaneously. Nothing's outside of her grasp: she just has to throw more of herself at it. The only thing that separates her from classical omnipotents is that she does not crave power or control. She's content with merely living life. In fact, the extent of her abilities is implied rather than expressed, and one doesn't know just how far it extends. Could she rewrite reality as she saw fit in the blink of an eye? Maybe. Maybe know. We don't know. But the possibility -exists-.
I just remembered that I had this
I followed it just fine.
How did you not know that one person's horrific nightmare is another's fetish in the GENRAL CASE?
I know right? I love Bimbos, but imagine if EVERY girl EVERYWHERE was a huge-titted air-headed Bimbo? They would walk around with this vacant expression in their big blue cow-eyes. Their full lips looking only for the next cock to suck. Plastic people only thinking about sex....
>....nightmare fuel....
>be /tg/

>all this fantasizing of misuse of Phenomenal Cosmic Power (tm)
Suddenly the Crats seem a lot more reasonable.

but seriously you crazy bastards gave me a new fetish
File: Angry_mage.jpg (21 KB, 256x256)
21 KB
My reign as the new overdeity shall be total and absolute, unquestioned and unending.

For my first decree, to satiate my whims, I declare no man nor woman shall be afflicted with disease, nor any child with disease.

Second, let the land's bounty grow enough to feed all, that none may starve.

Third, let the waters be pure that all may drink.

No, those aren't erotic. But Jesus fucking christ, I'm so tired of watching little kids die in the streets.
File: Naga.gif (348 KB, 500x379)
348 KB
348 KB GIF
>For my first decree, to satiate my whims, I declare no man nor woman shall be afflicted with disease, nor any child with disease.
>Second, let the land's bounty grow enough to feed all, that none may starve.
>Third, let the waters be pure that all may drink.

How pedestrian.
You going to wish for "world peace" as well?
>Second, let the land's bounty grow enough to feed all, that none may starve.

Ummm... we already produce enough food to feed everyone.(in fact MORE then everyone)

We just don't feed everyone because not everyone can pay for it.

Go go capitalism.
Yeah, that's why we need to switch to socialism so that everyone can starve. Fair's fair, right?
Most of Europe seems to be doing just fine with socialism, Germany, Iceland, Norway... But, I'm not really here to debate politics. You think capitalism is good and I think it could use some improvement. Got it. Back to the Omnipotence:

>He was still trying to get through it when he heard her coming back down the
steps. Like a guilty schoolboy, he stopped typing and turned, standing in
front of the monitor to hide his efforts.

>A pair of long, tanned, and muscular beyond fitness legs came into view as
Nancy made her way down the stairs. She had taken her jeans and cut off all
the legs, most of the sides and almost the entire back to make a pair of
tight, low hung Daisy Dukes that were incredibly sexy. She turned around,
giving him a great look at her round, pert, beautifully shaped ass. She was
also wearing one of his muscle tank tops, which fit her a bit more snugly then
it had ever fit him.

>"I can see you like them," she said, noticing the reaction beneath his slacks.
>"Now you're completely distracted, as I knew you'd be. When you're in this
state your mental powers decline by 25%, you know. Unnecessary from my
perspective but flattering nevertheless."

>The stunned David moved aside as Nancy came up to the panel.

>As if he were a mere toddler, she had picked him up under his armpits, carried
him across the basement and dumped him down next to the wall.

>"I said keep back, and now I mean it! DO you understand?"

>Not only her size, but also her force of will, which doubtless was also now
superior to his own, intimidated him. Looking up into her fierce blue eyes and
her huge muscles, which she flexed up even more once she saw his eyes on them,
David nodded numbly, his tongue thick in his mouth.

shut the fuck up you clueless latte-drinking amerigoblin
You're not one of those Americans that can't tell the difference between socialism and (C)ommunism, are you? Then it really wouldn't be worth my time to have a political debate with you. So, back to the smut:

I tried really hard not to respond to these, I really did. But fuck it.

Germany, Iceland, and Norway are all capitalist countries. Social programs do not a socialist state make. When their governments have taken complete ownership of the means of production in the name of the people you can start calling them socialist. As for how well any of them are doing, well, your mileage may vary but I'd sure as fuck rather live in the US than any of those countries for a whole host of reasons.

As well, a more serious answer to your original point. People are not starving to death in the streets of any first-world nation. Food is plentiful to the point where obesity is actually a problem among low-income individuals. The problem is predominately in third-world nations with unstable governments and underdeveloped economies, nations in the grip of gorilla war, or nations where the government flat out refuses to distribute offered aid to the people who need it. The problem isn't capitalism, there are plenty of rich countries willing to give excess food to the starving and the poor. The problem is logistics. Focusing your energy improving these third world countries and improving their standard of living will go much further to aid them then lobbying for a change in the economic system that has carried humanity to opulence and wealth that were utterly unheard of in previous centuries.

There, now I've gone and interrupted my before-work fap to write this response. Hope you get something out of it.
>When their governments have taken complete ownership of the means of production in the name of the people you can start calling them socialist.
You might, I would call them big 'C' Communism, since that's what that word means. But, this feels like its going to become a semantic argument, which is even more of a waste than a political one.

>Andra opened her eyes and looked up and down at Luisa. She grinned broadly.
>"You sure look different now, Louise! Now let's see what that 'womanpower' you
>had does for me!" Andra ran her hands up her own body and as she did so it was
>as if her whole being came into extra sharp focus. She pulled Mark's shirt off
>his shrunken body, tucking one side in to part of Jessie's pants and it seemed
>to become a designer top. Her hair deepened to a lustrous brown. Her lips
>glowed red and curled in a frightening but alluring sneer. And although her
>measurements were unchanged, her six foot tall, amazonic hourglass figure went
>from imposing voluptuousness to dazzling splendor, a goddess of sex, a
>supernova of beauty.

>"Yes, THAT'S what I was missing! Imagine! I didn't even know it was there,"
>she sang out breathily. "But now that I do, I'm sure that if some is good,
>then a whole lot more will be even better!" She looked through the crowd,
>finding the small group of women who also had that special allure, drawing
>from them to add to what she'd taken from Luisa, then expanding her search,
>until she'd absorbed the feminine powers of the hundred most beautiful women
>in the world. "It's really SO easy when you know how," she said, looking down
>at Andrew through half-closed eyes, her rich, musical voice giving her
>perfectly chosen words the astounding beauty of a Mozart aria. Mark and
>Andrew, who were closest to her, groaned in response to the devastating
>explosion of her femininity.

>predominately in third-world nations with unstable governments and underdeveloped economies, nations in the grip of gorilla war, or nations where the government flat out refuses to distribute offered aid to the people who need it. The problem isn't capitalism

You know that most third-world nations have a more Laissez-faire economy than most first-world nations, right? The reason they're so fucked up is because the government is subsumed by the corporations that come and exploit the labor force and rape the natural resources, as any pure capitalist should. The LACK of a social safety-net and little-to-no government regulation is what MAKES them third-world in many cases.

What you're seeing there is capitalism run amuck.

>What if everyone acknowledged me as the rightful owner of... everything? What if I was Sultâna of the world?"

>I could hear her hoping back up on my desk. Even through my eyelids I could see the light from her gem, and this time I could feel reality bending around me. I opened my eyes to see the room contort on all sides of me. My naked ex-wife was seated on my desk as her single-gemmed necklace became a multitude. Instead of being naked, Laura Lee was now dressed exclusively in priceless jewelry. Her garments before were made to hide her sexuality, but now they were crafted to boost, magnify, and enhance it. The word 'stunning' had become obsolete when describing her glory.
>My desk was becoming a platinum throne, rising high above me as the room morphed into a colossal auditorium of sorts. Only it was a reverse auditorium. All around that throne, now 50 feet above me, was set the stage of over-extravagance. All for Laura Lee.
Silk curtains, also bejeweled, were draped over everything. I could see the platinum of the throne giving way under her supreme strength, molding itself to her perfect unstoppable body. I did not even know there was th

>The Gem of Possibilities; or What If...
4chan fa/tg/uys present God vs. Gangster Computer God (with bioengineered parasite-fish-mermaids, ladypots, and zombie cyborg raver girls because /tg/ is just the blue board of /d/).


Found the engineer
File: 1470438571771.jpg (314 KB, 833x1053)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
Does this count?

>An otherworldly humanoid of such indescribable beauty, it pains anyone’s eyes to gaze upon her.

>Beauty that Destroys. An abominable beauty is so perfect that her gaze blinds, her voice is so melodious that no ears can withstand it, and her touch is so tantalizing that it burns like fire. In adolescence, this fey creature adopts features that meet the superficial ideals of the nearest humanoid population: long-legged elegance near elves, a stout figure with lustrous hair near dwarves, unscarred or emerald skin near goblins.

>Jealous and Cruel. Abominable beauties are so consumed with being the most beautiful creature in the region that they almost invariably grow jealous and paranoid about potential rivals. Because such an abominable beauty cannot abide competition, she seeks to kill anyone whose beauty is compared to her own.
Good read right there.

Maybe this is closer to reality warping, but:
A followup to another of the author's stories about a man overwriting reality to add more porn to it.

Also, perhaps: http://mcstories.com/GirlfriendGoddess/index.html

About a woman rewriting reality to add more sex to it.

Finally: http://mcstories.com/MyDirtyThoughts/MyDirtyThoughts.html

A young woman has intrusive thoughts of sex, that end up rewriting reality
Great, now I have a fetish for cute girl rewriting the laws of math.

Maybe she could complete the principia in her spare time?
There was only I, so I created you.

I am divine, so you are mortal.
I am infinite, so you are finite.
I am limitless, so you are limited.

I am graceful, so you are clumsy.
I am strong, so you are weak.
I am upright, so you are prone.

I am confident, so you are insecure.
I am master, so you are chattel.
I am commanding, so you are subservient.

I am dominate, so you are submissive.
I am vigorous, so you are lethargic.
I am competent, so you are inept.

I am experienced, so you are naive.
I am wise, so you are foolish.
I am enlightened, so you are ignorant.

I am grand, so you are trivial.
I am tremendous, so you are slight.
I am ample, so you are insignificant.

I am fascinating, so you are trite.
I am elegant, so you are base.
I am exquisite, so you are crude.

I am wealthy, so you are impoverished.
I am extravagant, so you are banal.
I am monumental, so you are inconsequential.

I am magnificent, so you are lowly.
I am brilliant, so you are unimpressive.
I am imposing, so you are humble.

I am waxing, so you are waning.
I am growing, so you are shrinking.
I am powerful, so you are impotent.

I am aggressive, so you are timid.
I am bold, so you are meek.
I am chivalrous, so you are cowardly.

I am light, so you are dark.
I am joyful, so you are grave.
I am resplendent, so you are muted.

I am superb, so you are inferior.
I am ideal, so you are incomplete.
I am perfect, so you are flawed.

I am righteous, so you are vulgar.
I am blameless, so you are guilty.
I am good, so you are evil.
Well, it's been fun. I'd love to have threads like this more often, but there's so little material that we can put all of it in a single thread. Maybe next year we can have another one.
File: CFFLHR-WIAI1G1E.jpg (27 KB, 600x481)
27 KB
Someone that thinks they know all they can know about something, likely knows very little.
Think about all the RP logs people must have saved on their computer and never uploaded to a public place. Uncounted untold stories.

You can never understand all of something, that's what makes us mortal.
Source Image?
Oh, fuck no!

War is going to be a goddamn new sport. I'm going to create an entire new planet called "Valhalla" so people can kill each other in new and inventive ways, respawn, and do it again.

The planet will change as well. Maybe even mid-warfare. The floor is now lava will take on a whole new meaning.

First up, a bunch of Coked-Up Marines vs. Spetnaz soldiers on crystal meth. The weapons will be chainsaws and harpoon guns.
Artist is backlog, he used to contribute to the drawthreads back when that started but he got chased away by an autist who kept asking for the same shit every thread.

I'd love to see some of those logs but most people consider those too personal to share, I think.
speaking of god complex

does anyone have planet vore stories?
>I'd love to see some of those logs but most people consider those too personal to share, I think.

I've started reaching out to people and getting their logs. I have to say, some of them are HOTTER than anything I've written. The problem is two people are involved and getting permission to post them is hard. Like, I have the logs, but they're not mine and I don't have permission to post them, which SUCKS. Cuz, like I said, they're pretty fucking good.

And, I've only reached out to a few people, and still gotten back pages and pages of GOLD. I can only IMAGINE what other stuff is out there. I got permission to re-write some of it and came up with this story:

But, that's not even from the HOTTEST ones I got (there is this absorption story powerpuppet gave me that...omg... OMG!). And, I know there is even more out there I've not seen. I would post what I have, but then I'd likely never get anymore. I know this fetish -which I fucking love- mainly exists in RP logs, because that's mainly where people do it.


I've never even RP'ed myself because I'm a slow typer and a bad speller. But, still, I would feel so bad if I made this great RP, and could NEVER show another human soul because the other person didn't want me to.

Anyway, to claim you've seen everything there is to see just from one thread is silly. Human knowledge on ANY subject is never going to be complete.
Man, I've been tempted to post up RP logs before. I have of certain things after cleaning them up a little, but never any of the omnipotence stuff. Mostly because it's self-inserty, or because a lot of the concepts and minutia are easily traced back to my not-smut writing.

A lot of the people I RP with, we've talked about this exact dilemma. How there's not a lot of the content we like, and we write hundreds of pages of it, but in a private way that doesn't really contribute. Feelsbad, sometimes.
SAO level of VR isn't really perfect, they mention once how the their VR games can't fully replicate the reality

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