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File: elon.jpg (190 KB, 1000x1300)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
I want to see more of that sweet writefaggotry, so pic below is the new you, but there's a catch.
File: 1539873123918.jpg (921 KB, 853x1080)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
For the rest of your life, you can only go outside being walked by your owner while on all fours.
File: 1446609672738.png (1.65 MB, 960x1280)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
Instead of having to pee or shit you have to cum from your cock or cunt.
You now have the one quality you crave the most. Whether that's intelligence, endurance, strength, etc; however, there's a catch. Every day you come into contact with cum, even your own, you become more feminine. If you go 7 days straight, those changes are now permanent. After four weeks of that, you'll become physically a girl. Four weeks more and you're just a dumb bimbo. Because the changes are permanent after a week, you could go one week, stop for a few days, then go another three weeks. There just has to be a total of four, individual, complete weeks.

In addition to being more feminine, you lose your trait from before. So your intelligence will fade, or you strength.

The worst bit is, all alpha men know about this curse and they're very jealous of your new found traits. Good luck.
File: 1535448290829.png (1.06 MB, 898x1134)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
People keep on trespassing on your property.
File: 1540399796543.jpg (279 KB, 874x1240)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
You get pic related body, but have a strong need to constantly show off your body even in the most inappropriate moments.
Nice catgirl image
File: 1540303010582.jpg (82 KB, 624x1101)
82 KB
you are deeply in love with you. unfortunately for you, you don't seem to care too much for you.
Get off of 4chan Elon. Go make some cars or something.
File: 1532544271486.jpg (777 KB, 856x1200)
777 KB
777 KB JPG
Shirts always wet
Nipples always exposed
Everyone wants to fuck you
While you now have the body of an immortal, beautiful teenage girl (details up to you) you are now a very powerful psychic and the only psychic on the planet.

Unfortunately for you, a powerful secret organization is out to capture you and if caught you'll imprison and bound... Forever.

Happy sleeping!
??? What? No more shits or pisses? Just orgasms? Where is the curse again?
File: 1540077770918.jpg (364 KB, 716x1012)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
You're pic related, but you need to be milked every day. You can't milk yourself, but anybody you'll ask will gladly help you. Your boobs grow one size every day you're not milked and after someone milks you you can only think of having sex with that person.
People keep getting you confused with >>8234417.
Oh hey its Elon Musk!
File: 6429618.jpg (136 KB, 500x695)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
You become a qt chubby girl. But if someone close to you thinks about you sexually you feel their arousal at the same time. Your body/appetite will also start to change to fit their preferences.
File: 1540760431459.jpg (48 KB, 705x705)
48 KB
the weight of your breast is equal to the amount of money you have in american dollars. $1 = 10 gram. if you go into debt your breast will remain flat and your ass will grow instead. -$1 = 20 gram.
you are a hive mind obsessed with getting pregnant. All the girls you give birth to become part of the hive mind.
File: 1382266382826.jpg (579 KB, 1006x1200)
579 KB
579 KB JPG
A kraken has chosen you to become its breeding slave.

You will always be naked, always be chained to the Kraken's lair, and have a brand on your ass that marks you as its property. Your children emerge as eggs, and have a human female upper body and a giant squid's lower body. They adore their mother, and will do or bring you anything you wish.

When the Kraken isn't actively using you, your chains loosen to let you wander wherever you please. You can teleport anywhere in the ocean, and have power over it only second to your Master, but your chains won't let you go more than a couple of feet on land.
File: 1505614215737.png (892 KB, 1166x850)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
You can't be out of your cage for more than a few hours at a time.
File: 1431977893311.png (745 KB, 1024x579)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
You are a mud dryad. You can only travel from mudpool to mudpool in the forest which thankfuly rains frequently so theres always mud.

On the plus side as a dryad you can communicate with other residents of the forest and they can help you out.
File: 1525104355490.png (767 KB, 595x842)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
You only get satisfaction from electro-shock therapy.
File: 1540274011002.jpg (98 KB, 763x1046)
98 KB
for every accident your ass causes the bigger it gets. also the bigger it gets, the more accidents it seems to cause. you also gain a tendency to really sway with your hips while walking. the only way you can shrink it back down is through surgery.
File: age_reg.jpg (58 KB, 480x813)
58 KB
You're looping in age: every time you get 17 years old, you roll back in age until you become again a 8-year old girl. Don't worry about somebody taking care of you, you'll find somebody to adopt you.
File: 1518967489504.jpg (969 KB, 2150x3035)
969 KB
969 KB JPG
You find yourself in Pic related's world, as Pic related, with just one change. Instead of dreaming about aliens, espers and shit, you dream about sex. Like, a LOT. So, you're basically gonna rewrite humanity to satisfy your unconscious cravings.

Have fun.
File: 1522420792695.jpg (278 KB, 1000x1000)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
You become a cute trap who loves anal. Unfortunately you still get pregnant and the gestation period is about 2 to 6 weeks.
File: 1531975234896.jpg (1.09 MB, 1447x2046)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
You are granted immortality but only if you serve an English primadonna vampire and carry out his oddly homoerotic wishes
Every article of clothing you wear, including skirts and thick sweatpants, will have a massive camel toe that digs into your pussy and makes you edge constantly. The only solution is to wear nothing below the waist.
File: huh.gif (290 KB, 500x677)
290 KB
290 KB GIF
You are constantly in awe at the vast stupidity of those around you. It's not you having a low threshold either, they're actually just that dumb.
File: tDdvloU.png (944 KB, 772x992)
944 KB
944 KB PNG
You're back in high school, as a succubus held back a few times. You're a total bimbo, struggling with the most basic of subjects. You'll need lots of help just to pass, but it's hard to concentrate when you're just so hot and bothered all the time.

Pass your classes without fucking your teachers and you just might get a portion of your brains back...
File: 1540814522157.jpg (279 KB, 800x773)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
you no longer need food. instead you will now run on vibrators. unfortunately to get any kind of real energy you will need very strong vibrations. which in turn requires a large motor and battery and thus a large vibrator. also make sure to bring some spares in case one breaks or runs out. manual vibrations (rough anal) will work to survive, but can be a bit cumbersome. you can survive for about an half hour without vibrator. but it's not healthy and very tiring.
File: Da1NWrDVAAYMQ7F.jpg (194 KB, 1200x1200)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
You become pic related girl, and it will be like you've always been this way, so things will mostly stay normal for you on top of having a female body to play with now (you of course remember the actual past), the curse is that all your 'stats' are well below average, meaning that you have low stamina, low intelligence, low attention span, low strength - all in all lower than the average female in your age. However, you're able to fix all of these things by 'training' them, and if you stay dedicated you'll be back to normal levels as shortly as 2 years from now.
File: 1536767001159.jpg (87 KB, 481x810)
87 KB
You are one of the strongest person on earth, but now you a legally obligated to open the pickle jars of anyone asking. I hope you like pickles...
File: sex 77.png (765 KB, 1024x2328)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
Everybody know you as the local whore. You have sucked at least 100 men in your local town.
File: 1636298d8c831e295.jpg (42 KB, 600x800)
42 KB
You have been cursed with only one side of the breast.
File: 1647cba354631e295.jpg (91 KB, 600x800)
91 KB
File: 1647cba342031e295.jpg (89 KB, 600x800)
89 KB
File: 1540830822221.jpg (163 KB, 850x1020)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
your hair has its own will. and its will is lewd.
You are a single parent with a 12-year-old son who is obsessed about Gunpla. You must do your all to support him and his decisions.
You're a beautiful woman with a big dick who leads a normal and successful life. The only catch: at random points you get so horny that you can't resist fucking whatever person, man or woman, is closest. Once you're done, you can finally think again. Although, you typically think how the poor person you just seduced will become a dickgirl like you, bound to the same curse that claimed you...
I like you Anon.
File: extra weary monika.jpg (43 KB, 640x468)
43 KB
Your curse is depression.
File: 1540779468798.jpg (129 KB, 800x867)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
you forgot your safe word. she will never stop as long as you are alive.
Anywhere you go you're legally obligated to let guys jack off to you and cum into your mouth. You also legally cannot clean the cum off your body or spit it out.
Adhesive materials become impossible to remove from whatever they're stuck to if you touch them. You can't peel tape off of anything or get glue to unstick, and nobody else can remove it after you try, either.

Unfortunately, you learned this in the middle of a bondage session with your incestual twin sister. Now, she's the happiest girl in the whole, wide world, and she even managed to find a way to make it so you don't need to eat or drink anymore, you just need to make her cum.

Unfortunately, you have the biggest presentation of your life at work tomorrow, and you can't just skip out or quit, since she owns the company. And she's not going to help you get dressed, either... ;3
You can't really call everyday life a curse. That's like saying I curse you with fingernails that grow at an average rate.
Every time you try wearing clothes, they will shrink down and make you look like a slut. You won't feel cold however.
File: 1537492211086.jpg (608 KB, 1000x1336)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
soon you will meet someone, he will grab you and start humping. unfortunately for you, while he's quite light, he is also incredibly strong. seemingly not needing any food or rest he will carry on humping and grinding (sometimes penetrating) for the coming months. after a few month he will let go. you will then have a few weeks or days of freedom, until someone else will grab you and replace him.
You become incredibly strong and in fights against females or doing daily activities you're perfectly fine. You have a very high tendency to get into fights with males despite your best efforts not to and suddenly during your fight your power disappears. After you lose any fight the victor will rape you (even if you somehow lose to a female). Your life essentially becomes a perpetual instant loss comic.
You have become physically incapable of eating anything that isn't prepared and served in a VERY specific manner. Conversely, anything prepared and served in that manner will never harm you.

Your owner, however, just _loves_ having fun with it, and making sure you have zero say in the matter. They've recently taken to adding laxatives and other fun stuff, and leaving you in their favourite costume for you for a couple days at a time.

This may or may not be because they're aware of just how much you enjoy the complete and utter humiliation, and your inability to stop them no matter how much you beg, moan, or cry, and how much it turns you on to be a helpless slave with zero say in the matter, unable to protest anything they do to you. Who knows?
File: 62586264_p2_master1200.jpg (173 KB, 663x1024)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
You become a futanari, however your cock and balls grow bigger by an inch ever 24 hours and won't return to normal unless someone else makes you cum. As such, if no one makes you cum, you'll eventually be unable to move due to the sheer weight of your genitals. Once you cum however, your cock will shrink back to its normal size and won't grow again until another 24 hours has passed.
You've been signed up for a year of special gymnast training with the most adorable girl you know! She even has a special uniform just for you, which you'll be wearing for most of the year, on a romantic island with just the two of you. ;3
File: 71237202_p0_master1200.jpg (528 KB, 764x1200)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
you become a cock hungry slut with a bitchy attitude and for some reason wenever you suck someone of there is always someone filming you
File: 1522043892461.jpg (759 KB, 700x1000)
759 KB
759 KB JPG
No matter what you do, you will have to be trained for it first (even things as simple as watching TV or reading hentai doujins). This training will always include tight bondage and dildo gags, yet prove surprisingly effective (even if it's for something that it should logically prevent you from doing, such as singing, typing, or gymnastics). ...However, after being trained, you will only be able to do this task while bound in the exact same way you were for your training.

At least you won't get in trouble, but people are definitely going to question your apparent bondage fetish, and interpret your "mmphs" in the most embarrassing way possible. ;3
This is honestly the most creative curse I've seen thus far.
File: 1541215139378.jpg (259 KB, 600x800)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
you are now legally owned by a farmer. you won't have to do much but you will be used as farmland. your uterus walls turned out to be incredibly fertile for not just inseminated egg, but also seeds. while you can't host a large amount of plants, the plants that you host will grow to unprecedented sizes.
File: elf ears be tasty.jpg (34 KB, 480x343)
34 KB
Your ears are supernaturally delicious and nutritious.
>student debt
You are a hypersexual deviant, however, no girl will ever have sex with you :(
You have been turned into a mermaid, free to explore the ocean depths at your leasure. Well, relatively free, at least. You can stay down for anywhere from a month to a year at a time without fresh air (your choice), and can feed by sucking on a ball or dildo inside your gag.

Of course, if anyone catches you, they're liable to just keep you as a pet, or an exotic decoration in their fish tank. And you can't exactly tear any nets open or anything... ;3
File: 1540321528556.jpg (188 KB, 800x1200)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
You're a warrior princess in a fantasy world, you always get yourself in sticky situation...
File: 1476410197598.jpg (548 KB, 1185x1521)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
You wake up in a dragon's cave, and, although you're struck many times, you just about manage to escape from the furious creature's lair. Summoning the last of your strength, you manage stumble a fair way down the mountainside, and just before you pass out from your wounds, you hear the monster's hate-filled curse ringing in your ears.
Many hours later, you rouse from a deep sleep to discover that you now have a body that's a cross between dragon and human, male and female. While relieved to find that your life-threatening wounds have fully healed, you're somewhat flustered by the intense arousal that's coursing through your body. As you soon discover, this burning lust returns roughly an hour after masturbating, or after about four hours if relieved with a partner. To make matters worse, anyone you have sex with becomes fanatically obsessed with you, and will not only follow you everywhere you go, but will force themselves on you whenever your guard is lowered (including while you sleep).
File: remilia.jpg (190 KB, 899x925)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
You've been turned into an immortal vampire! Unfortunately, you're a _loli_ vampire, with a hyperactive, perverted sister, who'll go out of her way to make sure your every waking moment is filled with the taste of her panties or snatch, no matter what. Of course, you get to turn the tables around sometimes, but you'll still find yourself tightly tied up with her lewdness-soaked panties in your mouth before long.

At least you only need fresh blood roughly once a month, considering that's as frequently as you'll be getting it...
You're on the right.
Good news? You have hyperproductive testicles.

Medium news? And a hyperactive metabolism to fuel them.

Bad news? All that cum buildup is stored in your balls and the hyperproductivity makes them hypersensitive too: you're basically always hard and the slightest pressure on your balls has you painfully squirting out more cum than most peoples' entire orgasms. Continued pressure milks out even more semen with no limit until you die of starvation but it gets more painful and makes you more starving each time after you go through your "resting stock" of cum - which takes about eight hours to come back and at first maxes out at a pint but can be painfully trained up to a gallon or so. Normal orgasm are normal but blast through the whole stock.

There's also point-buy options for this curse:

+1: Your semen is extremely valuable but only when there's pain mixed in. More boring futanari are normal in this world but if word spreads about your hyperproductivity, you'll be kidnapped by a shady megacorp and painfully milked as a slave for the rest of your life.
+1:The taste and potent smell of your cum are addictive. Anyone with a decent whiff of it is wants to squeeze at least a few ounces out of your balls. This adds up VERY quick if you're not careful.

+1 if you dislike, -1 if you like: Your cum always knocks up anyone even remotely fertile and can even knock up people who normally can't be - lolis, old ladies, the infertile, the occasional man, etc - though it's harder to do THAT on accident.

-1: Same curse but as a non-futa male . . . you pleb.
-1: Or as the woman on the left except for ball size. No downsides from this.
-1: You can make your balls less sensitive to your OWN touch but they swell up even more and get worse when OTHER people touch them in direct proportion. To completely dead out you-caused accidents, the slightest brush from another person even through clothes will painful-explosively orgasm you.
-1: Straight cash bonus.
File: 1507955516949.png (409 KB, 1280x1792)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
You've become a remarkably unremarkable caucasian teen girl at first glance. You're 5'5", breasts at an average B-cup (you'll avoid the taunting of other girls that you skipped puberty at least), a nice little curve to your hips, painfully average in all physical regards. However, your body has become quite the hotbed of transformation, and you'll find that even trying to hide from less wanted changes still results in gaining something.
The first and most obvious agent that changes you is the sun itself. You tan so easily that it's too good to be true; your skin will become progressively darker brown the more time you spend in direct sunlight, and at an alarming rate, you could even hit that ebony black color of skin in a matter of days if you went and sunbaked somewhere especially balmy. Don't think you can bum around indoors and wait for your skin to lighten up again, any delicious brown you build up is part of you for good.
In fact, staying in and doing sedentary activities like vidya for prolonged periods is another trigger for your body. You'll find yourself growing plumper, heavier, and all around fatter the more you laze around playing games, binging TV series and even reading, regardless of how much food you intake.
If you want to avoid that, you'd better hit the gym before you let your lazy ass become a fat ass, but any kind of exercise, from weight lifting to even simple cardio, will send your muscles blossoming across your whole body, and you'll turn into a swole, bulging muscle-lady.
What, think the easy way to avoid all that and stay as normal as possible is to just hang around in your living room and schlick off all day? My dear summer child, how did you think your paltry little breasts and butt were going to grow up nice and big? Your breasts will bloat out a bit more with every orgasm you rub out or get teased out of you, your butt filling with a little more junk in kind, but direct attention to those areas from a third party will rapidly >cont
>cont but direct attention to those areas from a third party will make them swell much more rapidly. If you wanted to become a seriously top-heavy titty monster, better convince your bedmates that massaging your boobs will stimulate their growth.
But what kind of growing sex bomb would you be without learning the tricks of makeup? The more times you apply your mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick though, the more permanent the effects will look even after you wipe it all off. And for an added free bonus, your lips will puff up nice and pouty the more often you apply lipstick too; get those nice, bee-stung lips you’ve always wanted for nothing!
Now all these lovely, sexy changes you can expect to feel are forever non-reversible. If you think taking the counter-action to a certain activity, like going to the gym to rapidly trade that porky fat body for a muscular one, you may find yourself sporting an interesting hybrid of physiques instead.
That muscle will get added onto your flabby fat and transform you into a truly massive strong-fat, and vise-versa when trying to laze about with a purely muscle body. Trying to go pale after too much dark tanning will simply turn your skin a blended caramel tone, and it goes without saying the reverse is true as well. And there are so many other transformative triggers that are hidden from you still that you’ll surely discover when your body has a permanent change yet again~
File: 198_38s.jpg (1.49 MB, 1127x1600)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
You're a self-bondage addict, and phenomenally skilled at rendering yourself helpless. ...You're not _nearly_ as good at escaping, though, and thus tend to be trapped within self-imposed orgasm denial or forced orgasm torture for hours on end, almost every night.

On the plus side, your girlfriend lets you live with her for free, and she'll always be there to let you go... eventually at least. For as long as you've known her, you've spent most nights as her yuri pet/toy.
File: 1539384701015.jpg (79 KB, 677x1000)
79 KB
You're trans with a tiny dick.
File: a nice fate.jpg (166 KB, 860x1211)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
You wake up to a world where human rights have no floor, and consent is paramount, absolute, and singular.
Let someone start groping you or slip a collar around your neck and you'll be considered their bitch.
Go with the flow once too often, not read the contract you're signing, or end up in the wrong lobby and you could find yourself shipped off naked in a pet carrier, locked away as a breeding slave, mutilated and used as a human toilet, or even splayed out on someone's dinner table with guts full of stuffing; all while a third party wouldn't even bat an eye.
There are plenty of opportunities for a crafty person. Stay awake.
File: 1541542524178.jpg (176 KB, 1000x998)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
over the course of your day you will find that random objects in your direct environment are replaced with sex organs. to use the object for its original purpose you will have to make it have an orgasm. once used they will return back to their original form. at night the curse will reset and other random objects will be replaced.
You are both a completionist and the heroine of a brand-new JRPG, out to save the world from an horrific lust demon!

...As you can probably guess, it's an ero-RPG, with your weapon being a magic dildo instead of a sword. You're compelled to seek out each of your traveling companions and recruit them, but they all start as enemies and you have to win them over. Keeping them in your party requires wearing specific equipment, but as you just discovered, the first one you're supposed to find is able to both modify your equipment at will, and lock it so you can't unequip it.

You will end up with four delicious dommes, all of which have their way with you on your quest. They were even nice enough to make sure your gag is a casting focus, so you won't be completely helpless. ;3
File: 20150102_194533.jpg (688 KB, 994x1200)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
You've been transported to a fantasy world, where you become a rich and famous treasure hunter. Unfortunately, most of the treasure chests you find along the way only have mimics inside...
Your tits have a unique low-gravity field that makes them incredibly bouncy. Every step will launch them into your face, and they'll quickly come out of any low-cut clothing. Worse, bras don't help at all.
File: 71488242_p0_master1200.jpg (338 KB, 551x777)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
you become a cute girly girl
wenever you smell cum you turn into a dumb cock hungry slut
there will always be some fool that will try and release you and use you as a super weapon

>have $10000 in a savings account you can't withdraw for X years
>100kg+ of breast
dear god...
File: 1539719581279.jpg (1.56 MB, 1800x2400)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
you gain 1 kilo everyday without sex. You dont lose it if you have sex though, you have to lose it normally.
And be careful when planning your exercise schedule. Too much time on a bike will give you an oversized bubble butt and some gigantic thunder thighs. Your hips are so wide you can't help but walk with a gentle sway. Your tree trunk legs can't even close anymore. Your calves are so tight that you're stuck on your toes. Might as well wear heels. All that power and your stuck at slow, waddling sashay.
I have to say, I really like this, though I could see it being more fun (In the punishment way) if you just started out finding about this in a normal situation, possibly with said twin sister present.
File: 1537999732826.jpg (134 KB, 1280x1463)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
File: 1541602878891.jpg (382 KB, 2048x1546)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
Good luck on leg day
File: 1540519852987m.jpg (89 KB, 724x1024)
89 KB
You've become in debt to a witch. Don't worry though, she gave you the means to earn money.
goddamn how many vaganias is that? It's a lot more than 7.
File: 1540160424941.jpg (76 KB, 634x845)
76 KB
Your leg came off
File: 1501868546410.png (789 KB, 773x960)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
You been cursed with a longer nipple.
File: 1541470579083.png (1.62 MB, 2500x2212)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
you become the queen of a country. you have no real power, it's mostly a ceremonial role. except for the part where you have to make sure the population of the country doesn't drop. if the population ever rises, than that will be the new population size you will be required to maintain. if you can't do it through traditional means (encouraging your subjects to get children) then you will have to do it yourself. fortunately your royal dna gives you the ability to get massively pregnant without a lot of complications.
File: 1531173767503.jpg (146 KB, 714x800)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
You can only derive sexual pleasure from those who are at most half your size.
File: Image456.png (1.06 MB, 714x770)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Whenever someone starts filming you, and for as long as your are on screen, you begin shrinking at a rate of a quarter inch per minute (1 foot after 48min) down to a minimum of 7 inches tall (around the size of a decent figurine) only active filming will cause this, passive cameras will not

but you can regain height, each night you regain one foot of height for each orgasm you caused, and just as a bonus, no matter how small you get dicks will always be able to slip inside you and will feel better the smaller you are~

the only way to negate your height returning is if you go to sleep in a space that is too small, your growth will stop about an inch away from whatever container/room you're in, so make sure you don't get trapped
File: 1527098984131.png (743 KB, 1062x1200)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
If someone directly looks into your eyes, they will turn to a marble statue of themselves. Glasses and contacts can bypass this.
A magic spell lets you carry your gigantic breasts without feeling their weight but it's all still there without being able to feel it, you can't adjust to how ridiculously fucking heavy they really are. The result? You swing your chest boulders around with reckless abandon only to helplessly stumble around when their sheer momentum catches you off-guard. The whole situation makes you immensely clumsy so you'll have to get used to constantly bumping into everything around you.

Oh, and if you do anything to try to abuse or get around this curse, your breasts become invincible, as well as even heavier - which you still can't feel.
File: 1534442432330.jpg (681 KB, 1061x1261)
681 KB
681 KB JPG
You just can't get enough of some fucking Sprite Cranberry.
File: 1540496883511.png (654 KB, 1200x1200)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
Every day, half a dozen giant, flying sperm comes out of absolutely nowhere to attack you. The first one to your vagina will try to wriggle into your womb. This isn't painful and takes a full five minutes but it's guaranteed to knock you up if it succeeds. To make things worse? The sperm are slippery as hell and the losers try to trip you up and harass you to support the winner. If the winner knocks you up, another taked its place. They vanish if they succeed, after half an hour, or if you smack each one around hard enough to pop it.

Don't think you're safe when you're already pregnant, by the way: they can give you up to a dozen babies and every success after that skips your pregnancy ahead a week. Society finds this whole thing completely normal, too, so don't expect any help outside of what a normal pregnant woman gets. You'll also have to take care of the babies normally - you can get them adopted if you go through all the effort for that and you WILL get government assistance if you absolutely need it but don't expect anyone to be happy about your "irresponsibility" in having so many babies you can't afford to raise. Oh, and if you try to abort or endanger your babies, an enormous swarm of the sperm will chase you down and rape you until you've birthed two dozen and have another set of twelve on the way.

You do get a FEW bits of mercy, though:
First, the giant sperm are confused by big bellies and will slow down so that as difficult as they are to deal with normally, they won't get any WORSE when you're knocked up.
Second, your body will perfectly adapt to healthily handle all of your children, up to and including giving you an endless river of breast milk if you end up with too many at once.
Third, once your babies are born, you get just enough extra stamina to deal with all of them if you don't mind being drop-dead exhausted all the time.
Fourth, you get a surge of vitality whenever the giant sperm appear so you'll always face those at your best.
File: how I barbarian.jpg (131 KB, 800x781)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
You will be a famed warrior queen with several hot daughters. Unfortunately you are a single mother and your daughters have lust auras around them that will curse men to be lust crazy beasts. The only cure is to kill them or bring them to orgasm yourself.

Your daughters can not cure them and if caught will likely be raped constantly.
File: 1541678221829.jpg (256 KB, 776x800)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
you're now a single mom. and you have no control over your offspring. they are lewd and dominating while you have a deep rooted submissive streak and cant help but listen to all that your kids demand of you. outsiders will see the behavior of your children as cute and endearing. And don't think you will be free when your kids finally leave the home at the age of 18-22. because once your kids become fertile they will feel a great need to impregnate you so there will always be enough family at home to keep you busy. incest wont be a problem because all kids you birth will be extremely healthy. they also always will have a large cock.
File: 15006.jpg (79 KB, 580x464)
79 KB
Every other week one part of your body grows to 10 times their original size, slowly shrinking back as the week goes on.
File: DrKFrDrVYAAW0tp.jpg (76 KB, 862x1200)
76 KB
you have the base body of Zero suit samus but everyday your body is invaded by a random spirit and transformed to match their looks and powers as well as a strong compulsion towards their likes dislikes and urges

up sides there are some really hot, sexy and or powerful spirits, down sides corrupted palutenia, the eggplant from ice climbers, the sandbag, mimic with sexy women's legs, and more (oh and any spirit with multiple characters splits you body into that many people that you are in full control of)

File: wallhaven-603682.jpg (1.93 MB, 4338x3196)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
Your life gets bought out by a hyper rich yandere dwarf. Slavery is illegal, but that's not stopping her from becoming your landlord and CEO of the company you're employed at. She even goes so far as to lobby the government for some not too subtle legislation to consolidate her influence over you. On an unrelated note, living expenses skyrocket. Traveling is difficult, clothing costs start making no sense. Immigrating to that dwarven kingdom seems rather attractive.
You become a catgirl that's dependent on sex. You can go for a few days without many problems, but the longer you go, the hornier you get and the more catlike you become, eventually unable to speak normally, walk on all fours, or even think like a normal person. You still look like a normal girl with cat ears, though.

The good news? Having sex - enough to orgasm - brings you back to your senses and back to normal in less than an hour, no matter how long you've gone without. The bad news? Your girlfriend thinks the sounds you make when you're horny are cute, being unable to talk or walk normally is even cuter, and she loves chastity and denial play. Better get used to living like a cat for a while...
File: 1446752195403.gif (1.85 MB, 219x166)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
You become an XXX superhero, when you activate your transformation, you become nearly indestructible with super strength, stamina, speed, hearing, sight, and heat and cold nullification, etc (think classic super man levels of power, leaping tall buildings in a single bound)

however the trade off is you must help anyone and everyone you see or hear, your transformation will automatically activate if you don't and your body will begin moving in the direction of those in need that you can see or hear

also it turns out your transformation activates if someone asks you for sexual help/favours, seemingly not being able to tell the difference from someone in real danger

rumours have already begun spreading that the superhero running around half naked will grant any favour someone asks of her, so get ready for a crowd the next time you transform
File: 1541971775789.jpg (160 KB, 927x1200)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
You are never conscious for an orgasm, as you gradually turn into a rubber sex doll the more pleasured you are. The effect takes 12 hours to wear off before you wake up naked in your companion's apartment.
First image is Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa.
Second is Junko from Touhou.

There's a certain song that whenever you hear it, your tits fill up with milk. Very few people actually know the song, but maybe you might want to teach it to your future husband?
File: 67316082_p0.png (4 MB, 1463x3050)
4 MB
And i posted Junko Kadame
File: tjfj3XX1xrzp42o1_1280.jpg (349 KB, 850x1278)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
no matter what you do, how you dress or how tough you act. your inability to not wear diapers in plain sight causes people to treat you as if you were a child.
I love concept that do consequences for not having sex.

I have had a concept for a Magic Collar with a talking stone that only talks to the wearer. The collar knows how much living sperm is swimming around in the woman's body who wears it. The collar will remind her the number on the hour. When the living sperm reaches zero the collar will kill her.

New sperm can be added from having sex so if she keeps track of her sperm count she doesn't have to worry about dyeing. Giving how long sperm lives she could wait up to five days between having sex. And it doesn't have to be human sperm so animals work too.
File: 08_09.jpg (161 KB, 1280x885)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
You are completely unable to resist your best friend's whims, and have been ever since she first gave you a pair of cute latex panties.

She is fully aware of this, and very much a pervert. She recently decided to take you on a clothes shopping trip with her... needless to say, she made sure to embarrass you a lot. <3
you're now a piranha plant, go and suck some dicks
File: 1497012301537.png (542 KB, 800x800)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
Shyguy mask is permanently affixed to your face, you can still eat and drink through the hole but can't ever remove it
Your nipples are ALWAYS hard enough to literally cut diamonds. No matter how heavy or how much you prepare, normal clothing doesn't stand a chance against your nips and will only last an hour or two before shredding open and leaving you completely expose - maybe three hours if you're VERY careful.

Unfortunately, you've also terribly embarrassed by public exposure and self-conscious enough that you'll never STOP being embarrassed. Perhaps if you rigged up some sort of harness so your nipples don't actually -- no, no! Even the thought of such a lewd thing is far too much for you! You'll just-just have to walk VERY carefully and hope for the best! That should work, right? Maybe you should pack an extra bra or -- but no! What if someone saw them in your bag!?

In other words, there MIGHT be ways around your diamond-cutting nipples but the curse also makes you so shy and innocent(but specifically about public exposure) that the crippling embarrassment in the short term makes it almost impossible for you to do ANY long term planning around your little problem.

As a side note, by the way? I hope you like getting penetrated from behind because your nipples will absolutely cut anyone trying to missionary you. The only thing they WON'T cut is your own flesh(and any babies you have, I guess) so if you like non-shredded bedsheets and not sleeping alone, you'd better train yourself to always be grabbing your breasts while you're asleep.
File: 1506110920056.png (2.95 MB, 857x1200)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB PNG
anything you wear becomes a 'living clothes' with tentacles and love to tickle or pleasure you
you have no periods, instead you lay eggs. unfortunately you will have to lay about 5 ping pong ball sized eggs an hour. you can of course try to hold them in. but the longer you wait the bigger they get. the egg in the picture is after about two hours of not laying eggs.

if you ever get pregnant you will stop producing eggs. instead you will over the course of nine months produce a single large egg big enough to hold the baby. after giving birth to the egg you then need to keep it warm with your body heat for an additional week until it hatches.
why does this shit always get me running. christ.
You've been appointed the new panda Kemono Friend! ...Unfortunately, the show seems to have aged up rather considerably, yet simultaneously taken a Pokémonesque turn. The protagonist and Serval catch the other friends and keep them until they need their help.

As a result, this is how you spend most of your time, cutely shibari'd and with wrists bound to ankles. Whenever they need your help they summon you, instead tying your wrists together in front or behind your back, depending on the task at hand. And whenever the task is completed, they send you back to wherever they keep the friends when not in use.

...Of course, being a friend herself, Serval does join the others at nighttime, and sometimes even brings the protagonist girl along. ...She is _very_ dominant, moreso than you'd ever expect. It's clear who the REAL trainer is in this equation.
File: 1542654011975.jpg (126 KB, 724x1024)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
you constantly drastically underestimate the size of your breast. every set of clothes you get will not fit over your breast. you will get stuck in places you thought you could fit trough. bump into object. ect. and you will never understand why this happens.
You can only get off by using sextoys. You will feel compelled to hoard a lot of them, and be at the same time very ashamed if your massive collection (that will be pretty much impossible to hide) is ever discovered.
You are one of >>8267935's sex toys, kidnapped and tightly bound for her amusement. She likes to store you with the rest when she isn't using you, feeding you, or letting you go to the washroom, helpless to escape and unable to leave due to a tracking shock collar around your neck. ...She recently discovered that you like the feeling of tape bonds.

You are now a sentient, immobile rope, cut into pieces of various lengths to be used in every post in this thread involving rope.
You are now sentient, immobile scissors for cutting said rope.
I kind of want to imagine this one is less about just being too dumb to figure out how big you need something to fit your breasts, and more about your breasts expanding to be "just slightly too big" for whatever you try to fit over them or squeeze through, returning to normal size after you stop trying to squeeze them in something.
oh no, I'm a frayed knot
No, it's more like your perception is altered so that you percieve your breasts as much smaller than they actually are
File: 68570729_p5_master1200.jpg (284 KB, 1200x652)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
Whenever you become aroused your clothing begins changing into sluttier and sluttier versions of themselves until you fuck someone

these effects become permanent, EX once you let your clothing turn into a half top, low cleavage or eventually a sting-kini at the smallest it will go, any new clothing turns into a similar level of sluttiness minutes after being put on whether you're horny or not

once your clothing maxes out your body begins changing, adding cup sizes and ass thickness, giving your lips a full pout, and your pussy becoming thick and sensitive, all permanent once changed

once you've become a hyper bimbo your mind will be the last thing to change, slowly becoming less and less intelligent and more and more sex obsessed until sex is all you think about

however, whenever you are getting dicked you suddenly regain your senses and have your full intelligence return, so you can enjoy your dicking fully knowing that you'll be back to brainless dick sucking bimbo as soon as the dick inside you leaves

good luck and remember to keep a good dick around at all times
File: 1510477641819.gif (931 KB, 267x401)
931 KB
931 KB GIF
As punishment for bumping without content, you can no longer achieve orgasm in any form or through any means normally. You can jerk until you rub your dick raw but you'll only ever be able to reach the very edge of orgasm and no further.

The only way you can achieve orgasm is by being within a few feet of the One True Toilet, but it is always in a different place every day, and never the same place twice. It could literally be anywhere in the world and take any form of toilet. A filthy men's room urinal in a gas station bathroom, a gold plated toilet in a posh mansion, an airplane toilet, a port a potty being transported on the back of a truck, one of those little kid training potties, the display toilets in a hardware store, or even an outhouse in the woods. All of them are potentially the One True Toilet. This generally means your entire day-to-day life is singlemindedly preoccupied with finding the One True Toilet, fruitlessly jacking off in front any toilet you come across in the hope that this is the one.

After a few days of not cumming, your overflowing lust will begin to manifest itself as spontaneous, almost painfully full erections that drip with precum, and an unbearably elevated level of arousal. There's no hiding your desire to cum, everyone around you will see you slavishly lusting like a person possessed, with a massive erection practically tearing a hole through your clothing and leaking a steady stream of pre in your wake. You'll never actually get in trouble for this lascivious display when it happens, but they'll still find it weird and off putting.

When you do finally find the One True Toilet, only then will you be able to cum, and cum you shall, because when you finally manage to achieve orgasm, all the pent up jizz and lust that you've failed to release prior will all come out at once, in a massive, bathroom ruining explosive orgasm, often ruining the toilet and bathroom. You only get one orgasm too, no getting in extra cums.

Enjoy the hunt.
I was the one that posted the last post...

then no one posted till it got down to page 9 so i bumped it...

I demand a re-curse!!
File: 1542807584217.png (343 KB, 1025x764)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
you are only allowed to eat after you make 10 guys cum inside you
File: 1541918784518.png (783 KB, 1200x800)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
every day you transform in a different looking and acting girl. you won't think differently your mind remains untouched, but you will act different. for instance if you transform into a shy girl. then you may want to act in a way that would stand out. but your body won't let you.

people still recognize you and don't think it's strange that you act differently every day. the only time people would notice that something is of is when you act outside of character of the current type of girl you are transformed into.
Everything you wear turns into a white wedding dress/bridal outfit.

It transforms five minutes after you put it on, changes back five minutes after you take it off, and isn't the same wedding dress every time: the exact look is based on whatever the clothing was before and if there's something important about the outfit(warm winter clothing, swimsuit, athletic outfit, lots of pockets, etc) then that trait will always carry over to its wedding dress. There's also a lot of randomness to your wedding dress' looks: how elaborate they are, how slutty they are(never slutty enough to be illegal but it can get close), etc.

Occasionally, you'll get a dress that's not instantly obvious as a bridal gown but it's usually VERY blatant and it will never take more than a few minutes for people to figure out what your outfit is supposed to be so expect to get bothered by a TON of strangers "congratulating the bride" and stuff like that. Oh, and if you try to abusive the randomness/reroll function, the curse will sense that and only give you whatever type of dress that you were trying to avoid for . . . awhile - how long depends on how bad your attempt at abuse was.

Oh, and I'm a different anon than the lazy, boring jackoff who just copy/pasted his favorite curse from an earlier version of this thread - but just for the hell of it? As ANOTHER punishment for your lack of creativity, you are also helping to reincarnate the three ancient Greek Muses . . . by being their incubator. They're minor goddesses, though, so gestating them takes a lot of energy and a LONG time. Have fun with the incredibly exhausting, nine year long pregnancy!

. . . Seriously, though, TLDR? Thanks for saving the thread and all but it's REALLY easy to come up with stuff for this thread. I had a lot of fun expanding mine out but just the first line would've been perfectly good and I got THAT by just picking something off of the Sankaku Complex front page and adding "but all the time" to it.
i think you forgot to tag >>8270042 for that second part, also nice curse, i'll take it!
>Oh, and if you try to abusive the randomness/reroll function
why not tie which dress you get to the individual piece of clothing?
>and isn't the same wedding dress every time: the exact look is based on whatever the clothing was before

it is, however
>there's also a lot of randomness to your wedding dress' looks: how elaborate they are, how slutty they are
>Occasionally, you'll get a dress that's not instantly obvious as a bridal gown
just the elaborateness/sluttyness and clarity of it being a wedding dress is random

so you could re-roll to get something more or less slutty, or more or less cumbersome, or more normal dressish, etc
File: fullbody_b.jpg (479 KB, 1216x1600)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
You get random spurts of super strength, except when you actually want them.
Read it more closely. I did both: anything IMPORTANT about the base clothing carries over.

This. As the guy who did the curse, though, I'll elaborate a bit.

> Going for a swim? The wedding dress is airy, waterproof, and won't get in your way much.
> It's winter? Your nice, warm clothes turn into a nice, warm wedding dress.

Everything ELSE is random and the important stuff is only for what you absolutely NEED: The swimsuit, for example, could end up as just about anything that happens to be waterproof unless you're specifically planning to exercise instead of just chilling around the pool. I think this makes it a more interesting curse since you can't plan for exactly what you'll get.

Speaking of interesting, here's a double:
You two are these two. You swap bodies every year. Each one has an established life on opposite sides of the country - say, college freshmen at start and anons pick exact class schedule for their first body - and they will never meet. You know about the curse but can't leave messages to each other: if you try, it looks blurry and sounds like static. The curse reads your mind so clever tricks like a "personal diary" still count until/unless the diary turns legit. The ONLY exception is physical art: if you get to truly ridiculous levels of realism, you can make messages that still make sense through the blur. You'll need a LOT of practice to get this working.

The real catch, though? Each of you is VERY attached to whichever body you happen to be in at the time - so you tend to be pretty annoyed at what the other anon's been doing with "your" body while you were gone. Have fun passive-aggressively(at best) pranking, trolling, and sabotaging yourselves and, more importantly, each other!

Society thinks the swaps are a weird type of multiple personality disorder, by the way, and one's a futa because I figure if at least one of you happens to dislike them, that's even more fun from the outside.
File: 6119ab4.jpg (159 KB, 1200x826)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Your vaginal fluids are replaced by thick cum that seepes out of your vagina. Don't worry about pregnancy though since you can't impregnate yourself but if you happen to participate in any scissoring then you're going to have to do a lot of explaining when she gets pregnant. The cum possess aphrodisiac properties on contact with anyone that isn't you even in very small amounts. This effect leads to you getting fucked often. It's also a really good lubricant so at least when you get ass raped you won't be in too much pain.
Nice. As you seem to hate plagiarism so much, your curse seems to be a further extension of >>8269500. However, a certain 3-letter foundation dedicated to holding supernatural artifacts and creatures captures you after an anonymous tip regarding some of your noticeable transformations. Unfortunately for you, their containment procedures are clear: no dicks for you. They're deciding to experiment with how far your curse can possibly progress. It's only possible for a woman to become so slutty, right?


The clothes effect progresses from extremely revealing clothing to a stage where any clothes you put on immediately disappear. However, beyond that, your naked body begins to miraculously produce clothing when that has an unnatural effect of, when worn, appearing more revealling and sexually attractive than even nudity. This effect transfers over to others when worn.

Your ass and breasts expand out to a certain point, but growth slows asymptoticly to a particular size. Instead, further transformation seems to focus on their behavior and appearance, becoming more springy and taut, and reacting to even most minute of movements. You also begin lacting, a little at first, but later dribling like a faucet pouring onto the concrete floor of your cell. Furthermore, you develop an immaculate resistance to harm and aging, becoming immortal, as a dead woman can suck no dick.
As the puffing in your lips begins tapering off, similarly approaching the ideal, your voice starts showing changes. At first, anything you say comes out as sexual moans, however the attractiveness in your voice quickly surpasses that to the point where even a moment's exposure can bring a person, man or woman, to immediate orgasm. After devising a plan to robotically deliver your food via chute, it's also noticed that mere mention of your name appears to have the same effect.

Your mental ability continues to drop until you have the mental capacity of an inanimate object, but then it begins to return. These thoughts are not your own, though. While a basic bimbo cannot think of anything but sex, you have beyond surpased that. You become capable of extremely high levels of though proceses, and are able to engineer ingenious plots, but only in service of furthering your own sexual conquests. The foundation is keeping you from the dick, and your body has adapted specifically to overcome this.

You are fast approaching the platonic ideal of sexy. Before, any dick was enough. Not anymore. No mere mortal can satisfy the pussy of a goddess. You need the ideal phallus. Only then, only upon mounting the greatest penis of all creation for an eternity of infinate orgasm of transendent magnitude will you be able to achieve clarity. And you will.
File: 2015011303.jpg (329 KB, 1000x750)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
And now, >>8272205...

It is soon discovered that anyone who hears SCP-8272110's voice is transformed, with both the permanence and invasiveness of the transformation depending on continued exposure (even indirect exposure, such as ordering others to study, reading reports, or doing tests with D-class personnel). As the head researcher, you have the most exposure out of everyone else...

...And have permanently been transformed into a red-headed, permabound catgirl, whose tail also functions as an anal stimulator. Your body generates ropes to trap your arms and render them helpless, immediately replacing any damaged restraints with something more durable (like, e.g., ropes -> straps -> armbinder -> chains -> etc.). You no longer age, and can derive sustenance simply from being collared and treated as a toy.

...How much of an impact this has on your life will, naturally, depend on whether your Site Administrator prefers to use beneficial SCPs, or lock them all away regardless of effect.
File: 1384232380039.jpg (160 KB, 591x603)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Anytime you trip, fall over, or laydown, you have a 10% chance of your body turning paper thin (or 100% if you would be crushed, severely injured by something, or otherwise die)

You have very little strength in this form, as well most everyone will not notice you on the ground (you're indestructible and un-ageing in this form with no need for food water or air and any pressure or squishing you experience will feel like ecstasy)

Any pressure put on you fuses you a bit to the surface you are pressed up against: feet, tires, random objects, etc, meaning you'll need to exert alot of effort to peel yourself up and off of the surface (and as for objects, if something is on top of you or squishing you against something you'll be there for a looong while slowly shuffling your body out from between the two surfaces (assuming it's not so heavy that you'll need someone else to move it for you))

This is especially troublesome since the only way to turn back is to manage to stand yourself up for a few minutes (any falls during this still have the 10% chance of re-flattening you)

You win an all expense paid cruise to the South Pacific and are marooned on an island for five years. The catch? All of your fellow castaways are attendants of the neck beard convention that was being held aboard the ship.

Since no other women seem to have survived or otherwise inhabit the island, the “tribe” of survivors undergo a ritual and you draw the short straw. Now coming into contact with someone else’s semen transforms you modestly in according with their preferences (physically, mentally, sexually) by up to 10%. This transformation affects various aspects of you in 1% increments, and the amount of total change is a factor of the proportion of their load that they get on or in you. For instance, if you are held down and they nut completely inside you, you take the full 10% but if you get a little squirt on your skin, hair or clothes it would be considerably less down to the minimum.

The good news is there’s one neck beard that loves you just the way you are, but you find him repulsive in every way. This curiously only makes him love you more, but he does wish that you would love him back. So your tickets off the island as you are: to run for five years or get regular injections from your new husband.

Sorry if this seems convoluted or not well laid out, it’s my first time writing one of these.
File: 60046700_p0.png (1.03 MB, 1613x1327)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
You finally get the body you've always wanted, however the trade-off is that your 'type' become fat older men. You find yourself unable to resist any request from one and the fatter they are, the harder you fall for them.
File: 1449336321242.png (745 KB, 1218x1470)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
You are immortal, invulnerable, and unaging... but anyone that looks at you permanently forgets how locks and buckles work. You can easily explain it to them, and they instantly regain the lost knowledge once you do so (and are no longer susceptible to your effect)... but, unfortunately, this curse tends to kicks in randomly, and caught you in a very awkward position the last time it did.

The enormous, jaw-filling dildo behind your muzzle gag might make explaining impossible, but hey, at least your curse doesn't work on blind people... and affected people still remember how to use zippers, so you're not _entirely_ screwed. ;3
File: 1542941325931.jpg (415 KB, 675x831)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
you have lost your spine. don't worry your nerves are still there. but instead of going through bones, they go alongside some fleshy tube, an (sensitive) extension of your rectum.

the only way for you to stand up straight, is by inserting a long stiff dildo up your ass. it will replace the support originally given by your spine. but any movement will create an arousing sensation by the rubbing of the dildo up your body.
File: 1543164311508.jpg (296 KB, 720x1200)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
you are seen as very motherly. whenever you get close (like friends, not physically) you will get pregnant with their child, regardless of gender.

hope you like children.
alll the child support!
I'm an erotic writer of some skill, I'd be happy to turn any of these into stories of any length, for the right price.
File: DnPcmaIU0AA80Ix.jpg (123 KB, 650x1200)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
You now find yourself as the daughter of the leader of an uncontacted tribe. Having been blessed by a goddess of fertility all your assets have been enhanced, and you're offered as a prize to whatever man proves himself to be worthy. While you remember your own life you're unable to mention it or even act as you once did, now forced to be a submissive and extremely horny broodmother to your new mate. Luckily childbirth is now basically painless, but you are now more likely to have multiples while pregnancy only lasts three months. Each birth also makes you even more milfy, enjoy.
File: earthy mama.jpg (127 KB, 880x1200)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
An example of the body you might have a few years in to your new life/curse
As it is always opposite day somewhere, you get the near-reverse of the curse I WANTED to reply to, which is this one. >>8275785

Instead of becoming pregnant yourself, your sperm gets stronger from emotional closeness: the more friendly you are with someone, the more eager your semen is to fertilize them. If you have a close friend who isn't pregnant yet, preferably with your child, conception is basically guaranteed: your sperm survive for months and leap into wombs from dozens of feet away - and yes, I said WOMBS: it only takes one unfertilized friend to give you super-sperm but the charged-up semen works just as well on ANYONE you have a good relationship with -- except for immediate family; you'll only ever knock up your sister or mother if you have sex with them.

You're not completely blind to the effect, though: your balls start warming up as it gets worse and they heat up more based on how much you're reacting to the people nearby and/or the people you're talking to.

Also, if you don't masturbate at least once every three days, you start getting wet dreams every night that always end with full ejaculations. If the curse seems too harsh, you can take any optional rules that don't contradict each other:

Contraceptives work against your sperm for anyone who isn't at least a friend BUT Cuntboys, shemales, and maleherms all exist and exact gender is considered so intensely private that it doesn't even show up on forms: you'll never know if anyone has a womb for you to fertilize until they either start swelling up or you somehow convince them to show you. If you get caught trying to sneak a look, by the way? Society will hate you as much as it hates pedophiles.

You're a dude instead of a hermaphrodite BUT the gender ratio is now skewed 4:1 in favor of women.

Super sperm isn't universal BUT it works twice as fast per person instead.
File: 37_jouba.jpg (364 KB, 900x900)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
You have been "recruited" as a horse jockey, supposedly able to tame even the wildest, most jockey-hatingest, of horses. That's the official story, at least, although it's really more that you've been kidnapped and taken to a deserted island, and forced to compete in pervy horse-racing matches. ;3

You came to love the riding part, and eventually escaped. You even purchased a horse to ride... only to learn that you've been magically enchanted to be tightly bound to the saddle whenever you ride a horse, and be drawn to riding despite this. Now, whenever you ride a horse (and you can't just NOT ride, you've been enchanted to love it too much to give it up), the only way to get free will be to find someone to unstrap you, and hope they're trustworthy. ;3
File: 1540078279202.jpg (100 KB, 736x954)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
You get a new body (pic related) and a few new properties that go with it.
You are unable to speak, but you can show your memories to other people and animals by touching them.
You can also try to comunicate by making your body glow from inside (you become temporarly transparent-ish when you do it) or by an otherwordly hum, which is the only sounds you can produce.
Whenever you are fed a piece of paper with some information, everybody in the world immidietly forgets it. It mostly works with history and people, if you ate a piece of paper with "opening a door" written on it it would not make everybody forget how to open doors. It's only when a person drinks any liquid from your body, they immidietly remember everything and become immune to your power.
Also your offsprings will have the same abilities and curses.
File: 1543312073667.jpg (79 KB, 1280x942)
79 KB
these piercings are indestructible, unremovable and the skin around them will never tear. they represent the amount of times you have wronged people. or at least the amount of times you or someone else "think" you have done something wrong to someone else or themselfs.

each time someone thinks you wronged them the balls increase 10 grams in weight. this may not seem like much, but there is no way to get the weight down. so depending on your behavior the weight may reach unmanageable levels.

better be nice from now on.
Isn't that just the Void Fish from the Adventure Zone?
You have legally been declaed a pet, and purchased by... why, it's your girlfriend! Surely she wouldn't do anything mean, right? Sure, you may have been close-minded about her fetishes, and said you would NEVER let her tie you up, but it's not like she could just make you her tightly bound toy for life, right? ;3

Oooh, fun. So, you're saying I should get my body encased in skintight, opaque latex, put on a sensedep hood and tight restraints, get dumped in the middle of the ocean, and then eat a paper that says "how to free me" and "my location" on it? ;3 (Assuming some way to feed through the hood and gag, and the ability to breathe underwater. xP)
You are encased within a imperceptibly thin and revealing, yet entirely restricting and indestructible layer of marble to be put on display. You can see and hear those around you, but they simply perceive you to be a statue.
I knew someone would get it
You have been appointed the deity of a new world!

And why, look, the position even comes with its own counterpart, and she seems to like you VERY much.
File: 1543423851937.png (686 KB, 1250x981)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
You get to be a QT catgirl futa, but you have to share. You will share everything below the neck, and even be able to feel the other girl's head. Arousal is highly infectious. The other girl will love to fuck with you, in every sense of the word. Control of the body will switch randomly and last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Whichever is more entertaining at your expense.
You end up with a tremendously sexy body. Unfortunately, everyone else seems to think so as well, and it seems to have a reverse charm effect on you. Every time someone sees you and thinks about how attractive you are, there's a small (but not insignificant) chance that a charm spell will be cast on you. If it works, you'll be compelled to offer yourself up to the other person and agree to do whatever they want you to do. If it fails, that person has no more effect on you for 24 hours, but you can still be charmed by others.

The charm spell lasts for one hour, after which you come to your senses and may act normally, and can't be charmed again for 24 hours. After 24 hours, if you are somehow held against your will as a result of the charm (e.g.,the person who charmed you kept you tied up somewhere), you'll be teleported back to the last safe space you were at before being charmed. For your safety, your body is nearly invincible and immune to severe harm while charmed, and for the 24 hours after if you're stuck. It only works for severe harm, so something like getting spanked or getting a piercing, or even light knifeplay is unaffected.
File: 0020_71252335_p00.jpg (67 KB, 707x1000)
67 KB
Consider me inspired:

>>8280580, your genitals are now controlled by a set of trigger words. These words tend to be uncommon in ordinary speech but whenever you hear one, your bits WILL perform that word's command. You can't trigger the words yourself no matter what you do. The EXACT words to trigger each command change every week but the commands themselves are always the same. Commands not marked Rare/Semi-Rare will ALWAYS trip at least once per week. The list of commands are:

Climax: Full-force orgasm. Depending on the week, this may be either instant or delayed by one minute per letter in the command word and may cause you to squirt while flaccid, harden up over time, or instantly go zero to full-mast with clothes-ripping force prior to orgasm. You cannot orgasm AT ALL without this command.

Reset: Makes you forget everything you've learned about the trigger words. Semi-Rare. May be the same word as Climax.

Heat: Intense arousal and semi-hardness. Masturbating makes arousal worse but does not make dick harder. Still cannot orgasm without Climax. Stops after Climax or Cold. You CAN get aroused without Heat.
Cold: Cancels Heat. Rare.

Hollow: Permanent full-mast erection without arousal. May or may not cancel after Climax. You never get full-mast without this command.
Whole: Always cancels Hollow. Rare.

Cage: Contact with anything other than air causes your genitals intense pain. Air causes them intense pleasure. Permanent until end of week but shuts off at bedtime. After two days, stops affecting your own skin; until then, you'll need to walk and sit VERY carefully.

File: 0645_58221228_p00.jpg (73 KB, 707x1000)
73 KB

Habit: Whenever you're not paying attention to one or both hands, it/they start casually playing with your genitals. This will half-mast and arouse you but won't trigger Cage until you notice it. Permanent per week.

Blue: Your balls swell up over time with excess semen until Climax. Cage, Habit, and Heat all make this worse. Getting all of them at the beginning of the week causes VERY fast growth.

Judge: Works differently than other words. Whoever says this word is granted full knowledge of the Master Commands(this list) and can use all of them except Judge itself for the rest of that week and all of the next week. After this, you can stop the Judge word from appearing for up to two weeks. If you have an active Judge, they're compelled to use their Judgement on you but can do nothing that knowingly reveals their existence to you. If they tell you they exist, they lose access to the Master Commands. If you manage to figure out on your own that you're being Judged and who the Judge is, you can confront them but if you do this, they will NOT lose access and no longer have to hide what they're doing.

Why would you ever do it, then? Well, if you're lucky, they'll be nice about it and talking to them will give you some control over the curse. If you're not, they'll use your knowledge to more actively control you; they still can't make you do anything directly but their total control over your sexual pleasures is a hell of a bargaining chip . . .


Phew. I've been doing long ones for awhile but I think this is the first where I genuinely could not fit it into one post.
Oh wow, this is impressive, and definitely something up my alley. Gonna use this idea in a few roleplays, methinks. Admittedly, wish it was written for female, instead of male/futa, but... ideas are flowing. Much thanks!
You become a cute girl with plenty of money to spare and a large house to live in, but every friday night, spirits enter your body, making your chest and belly expand as if you're 9 months pregnant and you experience all the symptoms despite the lack of real children inside.
You can get rid of the swelling if you find a little stone hidden somewhere in your house, but it appears only on sunday and if you fail to find it before midnight, you will have to stay like this until the next friday, at which point you will grow even more. Each friday adds the equivalent of 7 babies and while you won't burst, you will eventually lose mobility.
Fortunately, the stone gets rid of all the spirits regardless of how many have gathered, but searching for a small object in your house isn't an easy task when your can hardly see what's directly in front of you and the stone gets creative about its hiding spots.
File: 1543555003280.jpg (141 KB, 723x1023)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
all the liquids you body produces (sweat, milk, saliva etc.) have been upped in quantity and replaced by cum.

you better keep yourself clean. or you might end up accidentally impregnating yourself.
Looks like the images refuse to load. Oh well
By any chance, do you write stories or something elsewhere? Because if you do, I could get into reading those.
When someone looks at you in a sexual way, even without you realizing, you will begin feeling inexplicably horny. This feeling can be placated by yourself, but only temporarily. Until you have sex with someone you haven't ever had sex with yet, the feelings will quickly return, bare minutes after climax.

Furthermore, while you are being ogled, everything about you (clothes, body, mannerism) will slowly begin to change to fit the ogler's idea of the perfect woman with no one but you noticing. This is cumulative, with you eventually becoming a composite of attractive traits. The stronger and more openly someone was checking you out, the stronger their traits will be represented.

In addition to this, the ogler will become more and more attractive to your perception as they keep checking you out.

After you have sex with someone as a result of this, all the accumulated sexual tension is released at once and your body returns to its base form. You are teleported back home as soon as they're not looking, and they'll assume you just walked out on them.

At first you might hate this curse, and hate the nights when you get release, avoiding going out in public whenever possible, but the effects of this curse pile up over time, and the combination of the inexorable buildup of your needs and sudden glorious release will prove very addictive... Not giving in is entirely up to you, but might end up being very difficult.
File: 000_83a.jpg (376 KB, 1280x1811)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
you become a seraphime and are workshiped as a godess of fertilety

You are also constantly lactating a special milk which will make whoever drinks it super horny for three days

the stronger a follower bielieves in you the stronger will be your urge to pleasure him
Every night as you sleep, your consciousness gets transported to a world of etherial chains, left there for an indeterminate amount of time. To be able to awaken again, you must find your way to the one exit in this infinite realm, whose location you're unable to pinpoint upon entry due to the complete lack of distinct landmarks. As you journey and search, you find yourself in increasingly severe predicaments, which you need to extricate yourself from before being able to continue; this could take minutes, hours, days... years.

Thankfully, no matter how long you spend there, you never go insane from it, and you awaken bright and early the next morning in the real world. ...Less thankfully, some of your last trip's "equipment" tends to follow you, and how long you keep it in the real world depends on how long it takes you to escape during the night. This equipment proves completely impossible to remove until its time is up, and can even become permanent if too much time passes in the sleeping world, as attested to by your nipple rings and their attached heart charms.

Why, just this morning, you awakened to find that both your armbinder and your butt plug had followed you out, and considering how long it took you to find the exit, they'll probably stay for weeks or months, if they can even come off at all. You would've loved to call in a sick day, or work from home to hide your restraints...

...But being a master magician girl's live-in maid makes that AWFUL difficult, especially when she's the one that "blessed" you with such delightful sleeps, in the realm of her subconscious mind. You're still not sure whether it's a blessing or a curse, yourself.
source on da image please
(i think i know the artist but i cant remember his name, he dose a butch of piercing/bondage stuff)
File: 1Drysme.jpg (226 KB, 849x1200)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
The good news is, money now grows inside of your cleavage! Unfortunately, you're physically unable to use any of it (or find any way around it via loopholes, ie getting a friend to buy things for you using it), and all garments you wear to try and cover it up will quickly morph to always reveal it.

You could find somebody kind to share it with, but good luck going into public and trying to avoid getting ogled and groped by dozens of men.
>>8283575 https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3011686
File: 1543680772228.jpg (242 KB, 1224x1200)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
on random inopportune moments of the day you will be attacked by three immortal frog warriors whose sole mission is getting you naked. the attack will last between 5 and 10 minutes after which they will always escape to prepare for their next ambush. you will never know when and where but you can expect to be attacked about 10 times a week.
File: npHVEfJ7u.jpg (169 KB, 1228x1736)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Your boobs are so sensitive and bouncy it usually takes around an hour and at least half a dozen orgasms to cover them up.

In addition, you must reveal yourself to anybody who asks.
sweet senpai
not the artist i thought it was though, but still good stuff
wait we got a text changer?
well shit mate
File: inescapablefeeder.png (1.07 MB, 1308x1984)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
You become attached to an above-average looking girl... but she has some weird fetishes that you now are forced to put up with.
File: ixkpBAiSLs.jpg (11 KB, 200x230)
11 KB
(1/2) You're a tiny boob fairy (around just two inches tall) with the job of granting boobs to flat-chested women while they sleep. You do this by transferring your own breast mass to theirs magically by making them drink your milk, which is sweet and tastes like honey.

Fairies have no need to eat or drink, but require just as much sleep as humans (although they are often nocturnal) and typically don't interact with other fairies, usually living in small hidey-holes in trees or abandoned attics. They can speak and understand most human languages and are just as intelligent, although their voices are squeaky and often difficult to take seriously. Humans (except in the case mentioned below) are unable to see fairies unless you talk to them specifically, and as conventional fairy wisdom goes, this should only be reserved for people who you truly trust as humans will destroy fairy civilization and lock them all up in cages for experiments if the secret gets out.

To ensure that you always have enough to give away, your boobs grow enormous throughout the day as they fill up with milk and will only get smaller by transferring it to somebody else. They become larger than your body after just a few hours, so it's important that you're often looking for new hosts to give your magical milk to before mobility becomes difficult.
>>8285799 cont'd

(2/2) If you wait too long or otherwise ignore the problem (like slacking off for just one night) and they get too big and heavy for you to move, the growth will stop at its maximum at the size of grapefruits (they begin leaking milk at this point due to being overly full) and other fairies will come and help you for a cost - you will be locked in a cage and given to a random virgin man for a month where he can do whatever he wants to you, after which your breasts will be drained back to normal and you can get to work once again. While you're too small to fuck, expect to be showered in cum and to have your tits fucked regularly as a submissive fairy slave. You will be magically bound to the man and be physically unable to leave him (or his home, if he's out) for the duration. Men who drink your milk have their dick grow as well, up to an inch a day.

Thankfully, you do have a few small magical powers that could work in your favour. Your tongue is a powerful aphrodisiac when touching another creature's skin, and anyone who drinks your milk and knows your identity tends to become more attached to you the more they have. You can also communicate with small creatures like frogs and mice in a simple pidgin language and they are always friendly to you unless threatened.

You know there are different types of fairies for various other fetishes out there somewhere, but you have yet to meet them.
File: sB7I6_vSus.jpg (11 KB, 200x175)
11 KB

Second pic since I forgot to attach it
Thats already my life
>ywn be visited by the boob fairy
why live
File: 1543748627759.png (1.13 MB, 1572x1950)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
You're cursed to keep attempting to troll guys by trapping them, but jokes on you - a lot of them're into it, and you can't turn them down if they want to fuck you. Every one you trap you get $1000, but every time they call your bluff and fuck you in the ass, your dick gets 10% smaller.
You get to be a pretty awoo with some rockin tits, however, you're cursed to have to reply to yourself for the sake of bumping the thread.
Personally, I blame the lazy OP's lack of description for how slow this version of the thread's been.

Speaking of bumps, though? You have one but don't know it: you've been put under a powerful illusion spell that completely prevents you from noticing ANYTHING lewd that happens to or around you. Other people only sometimes notice lewd things that happen to you. You haven't exactly been swarmed by perverts but enough of them have figured things out after you didn't react to their catcalls and gropes that they've left you like this.

The illusion is insanely powerful: if there's a lewd thing it can't force you to ignore, it makes you reinterpret it in a way that's completely benign instead. If necessary, the illusion can even make your body react one way while your mind thinks something completely different is going on. The illusion is smart enough that it can both hide itself from anyone who would try to help you and subtly advertise itself to anyone who would take advantage of you on top of its main function.

Thar said, you're smart enough that even noticing that you're knocked up would let you notice that something weird is going on - so the illusion also extends to your pregnancies: morning sickness is a cold, your period hasn't stopped, etc. If anyone asks, you'll either deny it or the curse will take over once you're too big for that to be a good excuse. When it's time to give birth, the curse will take a much stronger hold than usual, ensure that you have a healthy birth, and in the end, you'll know that the baby exists but think that you adopted it or are taking care of it for someone else, that you're bottle-feeding instead of breastfeeding, etc. The curse STILL stops you from noticing lewd things while all of this is going on. There is nothing that can possibly be done to break the illusion; you will die thinking you're still a virgin.

. . . I think I enjoy writing these a bit too much. I got all that from "Sure, I'll give you a bump."
File: unknown.png (628 KB, 739x1080)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
You are _stupendously_ unskilled at wrapping presents. You typically need to be rescued after each attempt, but keep doing it anyways. Maybe you just can't learn how bad you are at it, or maybe you like it, who can say?
you are only sexually attracted to plants
File: DtFZMcNV4AAP9ad.jpg (282 KB, 1412x2047)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
>I blame the lazy OP's lack of description
Whelp, then I only have myself to blame, lol.
Maybe you can start the next thread when this one dies? Thanks for the bump, though. That's pretty hot.

Nice dubs. You always tear through any constricting material wrapped around your body, even loosely. This includes clothes, but also even ropes, straps, chains, cables, shackles, etc. This curse may even injure other people if they try to physically restrain you by hand.
File: carrot diddler.png (170 KB, 500x281)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Thanks for sniping me. You get the opposite curse: you're not at all sexually attracted to plants, but anyone you have sex with turns into one.
oh hey its a picture of elon musk!
Any time anyone thinks about you sexually you turn into a sex you for them. People won’t miss you and this tends to become a positive feedback loop
File: DmHwITpV4AAzOZC.jpg (106 KB, 800x1043)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
As a professional guitar player, you find yourself on stage rather often. With as much practice as you have, shredding comes as naturally to you as masturbation. In fact, to you, that's exactly what it is - your fretboard serves as an erogenous zone when you're playing music. While some may think your guitar face is just that, the song isn't the only thing reaching climax during the show. On the other hand, your music isn't really the only reason you have fans.
people are able to play games on you , you will feel everything that the character in the game feels
You have an incredible urge to flash your panties (pussy if you don't wear any) to any person that smiles at you. You will get visibly aroused if you don't do so.
>my life
File: 8442_20180807230006_0.png (720 KB, 919x795)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
You have a pair of taps permanently affixed to your nipples (clothing magically phases through them so you can wear stuff but good luck hiding them)

your breasts constantly fill and expand with milk, only releasing when your taps are turned

the taps themselves are also erogenous zones and can only be turned by people other than you

however if you are desperate enough from th building pressure and just couldn't find anyone, and then attempt to turn your taps yourself you instantly orgasm with all your held milk being caught in sacs that appear on the ends

these sacs permanently increase your base bust size by however much is in them, as well the larger your base size is the more milk you will produce and faster so be sure to resist the temptation to try and relieve yourself, unless you plan on becoming a dairy cow on someone's farm
File: 1543369112596.png (641 KB, 3874x1151)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
You were cursed by a witch as a young woman. For 18 hours a day, you shrink so small that you're tinier than an inch tall. Well, everything except your cock and balls, which remain unchanged are now much larger than your body size. Otherwise simple tasks are impossible and you'd otherwise be unable to take care of yourself. Fortunately though, you were adopted by a busy female-only abbey, and with the entire place full of sexually frustrated ladies, prepare to be used as a dildo fairly often.
Already my curse.
>drinkin that delicious nectar as we speak.
File: 1539719462146.png (1005 KB, 1200x1948)
1005 KB
1005 KB PNG
Explains itself
File: 1544502694512.jpg (161 KB, 850x1128)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
you have a high libido and are constantly horny. unfortunately are you unable to experience any sexual pleasure from your own body. the only way to get off, is to get someone else off. you will experience the acts you perform on their body as if it was done on your own body.
Hmm. Yeah, good shot but I’ll be honest, that sounds like a pretty damned good thing. Your “curse” is not only feeding you info on exactly how to best please your partner but giving you a strong incentive to care about that. Everyone’s happy.

Anyway, I’m posting from my phone so here’s a silly one:
Six days of the week, you’re trapped inside the body of a dorky, little ball droid and can only communicate via squeaks and beeps that only vaguely follow a pattern. It’s only on one day per week that your true form as Samus Motherfucking Aran is revealed — not that you have your bitchin’ power armor, of course, because that would be too easy.

Oh, and your day as a human changes randomly each week so you can’t even plan around it.
You're a pervy, bondage-loving exhibitionist with a bit of an humiliation fetish, and possibly a futa.

...Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell, because your nether regions are constantly censored. Even if you dress up in the most revealing clothes you have, and let someone lead you all around the nearby BDSM club on your favourite leash, no one will be able to tell. They won't be able to see what you have down there, and any attempts to feel it will just be vague. Even if you try to tell them, they'll just hear static... which does at least get you gagged frequently, so it's not too bad.

The only person, other than you yourself, who will be able to see you for what you really are is your one true love.
>implying you get someone
curses can be light or heavy, don't go judging others preferences
File: 1444951650173.jpg (326 KB, 989x1280)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Anything written on you becomes true
File: 1517810531499.png (912 KB, 1143x1600)
912 KB
912 KB PNG
You forfeit your old body for this one, but are addicted to binaural hypnosis and can't get away from it long enough to regain control. you will constantly listen and obey, followin the instructions of a faceless owner until your training is complete.

you strive to please and will do anything to be a good girl
is there more to this or is the rest of the writing just a tease?
If there is, I never found it
Image source?
I have 50k in savings... fuck my life... I'd have tits bigger than a person.

Time to go on a spending spree to get those down a bit.
File: 8448575.jpg (80 KB, 820x505)
80 KB
Your upper half turns into a tentacle whenever you become aroused
J.K. Rowling

Net worth: approx. $1B
Breast weight: approx. ten thousand tons
>direct deposit, weekly pay
>wake up every friday to a massive set of tits
File: hentai-anal-dildo.png (435 KB, 798x1000)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
since you guys can't make curses you can have some

you can only get off from anal. you have a "heat" once a month where you can't think about any thing but getting off.
but anal soreness will last from 1 week up to 5 weeks
no lube can help nor any thing else.
File: 1401674740890.png (134 KB, 759x841)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
since you think curses need to be a literal pain in the ass, you get to be the dildo all those people will be using, you get no pleasure from it either you just get to know you're doing your part in your "curse"
File: virusgirl2018-2.png (2.36 MB, 2529x2273)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB PNG
You become a virtual ghost of sorts, able to surf the internet physically and manipulate/alter tech/code to your whims but otherwise intangible

unfortunately you ran across a rather nasty virus, you are now compelled to spy on strangers and use your powers to satisfy their deepest desires based on what you've seen and their browser history
File: 1539199799692.jpg (81 KB, 600x907)
81 KB
Bit samey but you reminded me I have this so here you go. Curse is in the pic. You do not have a firewall.
Oh, right. Forgot I was going to reply to these. I've found one or two other pictures that follow that theme but not many, which is a shame since it's immensely hot. The artist is Danaume. Typing that into sadpanda is the easiest way to find his other stuff. Fair warning, though, there's a lot of loli and bestiality.
File: 69710731_p0.png (1.26 MB, 872x1200)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
You've been turned into an alraune and as such you no longer have to rely on normal food if you wish.

The catch however is that you have to be 'pollinated' at least once a month, otherwise you become lethargic and are unable to really move while also releasing a potent aphrodisiac into the air, leaving you susceptible to the desires of anyone and anything that comes across you.
File: 1537218532948.jpg (245 KB, 1300x1341)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Your body is all stretchy and when you get aroused you swell up into a little sphere over the course of an hour.The only way to become normal again is to orgasm, so you better have some toy or tool with you before it is to late. You could also just grab first best person, drag them to a secluded spot and have them help you orgasm.

You halt the swelling and turn normal as soon as you orgasm, but your senses are heightened the bigger you are, making sex and orgasm much better.
File: stolen.jpg (57 KB, 1024x1024)
57 KB
your fetish is hand holding
File: 1530917452580.png (688 KB, 656x1080)
688 KB
688 KB PNG
you become a powerful druid centaur able to shape nature to your will

However, nature itself is drawn to you so strongly that anytime you aren't paying attention vines, roots, and all matter of plant life will coil around your back side and legs, ignoring your will and fucking you till you faint leaving you with a clutch of pollinated seeds that will grow inside you for the next week going from the size of walnuts all the way to the sizeof base balls or larger, only being able to be released one at a time after you have found a proper place to plant each one

(they will grow larger the longer they stay inside you, the week long timer also prevents you from laying if there are any seeds that haven't been inside you for a week, so keep your wits about you while you are waiting to lay)

if you take care of these plants nursing them with your milk they will grow into loyal alraune daughters of a type that matches the plant that filled you with seeds, but if you do not they will grow into a normal plant but become frenzied to fill you with seeds whenever you come near them, even if you are paying attention, so either be sure to "water" all your plant children, or remember where you planted the problem childs lest you end up with more than you can handle
File: 1539200835331.jpg (559 KB, 2000x1210)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
Your genitals change based on the whims of an unseen master. They can add parts, remove parts, and even change your genitals' size, shape, number, and other statistics - including your fertility, virility, sensitivity, resting hardness, how much semen you spray at a time, etc. They won't change anything when you're using the bathroom but every other time is fair game, including in the middle of sex. They also can't or won't completely remove your vagina, though they sometimes shrink it to near-uselessness.

You always notice the changes the instant they happen and they make these changes whenever it would amuse them - sometimes randomly, sometimes at specific times, but always targeted to make you as entertainingly embarrassed as possible. On the plus side, if you manage to entertain them enough(usually by embarrassing the hell out of yourself), they MIGHT ease off on you or even give you the transformations you want for awhile but this is never guaranteed. If you ever STOP reacting to the changes, they'll only get more and more extreme until you stop ignoring them.

You cannot perceive your controller in any way. You only know that someone IS controlling the changes because they seem far too well-timed to be random. Other people DO notice the changes but think they're normal - but this won't stop the girl you're fucking from being annoyed if your dick disappears half-way through.
File: 1544804403491.jpg (78 KB, 776x1199)
78 KB
you can't seem to find your pant's. in fact, somehow, nobody can. your pants, skirts, or anything worn from the waist and down except for shoes and socks up to thigh high, can not be found any more. they still exists. they're just not discoverable.
buy new pants? immediately lost.
want to borrow a skirt? never found to begin with.
people will find this weird, but will think it's probably your own doing.
big t shirts
Whenever you get 'wet' (any part of your external body being covered in water), you get incredibly horny and are drawn to fuck any guy you can see no matter where you are. The level of horniness scales with the amount of you that was covered, with a single toe being like getting an erection and being totally soaked making you a temporary brain-dead sex toy. Since you get a wet pussy whenever you get horny as well, it can be difficult to quickly dry off before the urge takes over.

Whenever you cum, you have a grace period of 2 minutes where you're immune to the curse, so you better take a towel with you wherever you go (you hoopy frood).
This is the Haruhi spin-off we need but not the one we deserve.
You didn't look hard enough. See pic related, and the two "Magic Marker" stories at asstr dot org slash ~AnonyMPC (the pics in question were commissioned by the author, IIRC).

In the spirit of the thread, >>8301095 also gets the "Anything written on you becomes true." curse from the stories in question.
File: love_hina_mass_ftp.jpg (383 KB, 1350x846)
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383 KB JPG
You now have the libido and desires of 6 people in one body, you're still in control but sudden urges and sexual preferences of the other girls will kick in at random causing you to do and act in ways you normally wouldn't, and at least one or two of them are total sluts
File: 1541552158519.png (896 KB, 1280x923)
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896 KB PNG
You've been forced into this form, the outfit cannot be removed. The only way to be transformed back is to convince 9 of your enemies to fuck you senseless.
File: dizzy_by_amiba00.jpg (123 KB, 600x772)
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123 KB JPG
You're a powerful channeler, able to bring forth the energies and powers of any and all ghosts, spooks, poltergeists, or anything of the sort that exists in ANY reality, whether fiction or real.

Any entity you channel will enmesh itself with your ambient power, tying itself to you as a power source with unbreakable bonds. ...Unfortunately, you happen to be powerful enough that you always have a minimum of two entities channeled at all times, even when you're not even trying to channel anything.
yeah, and whats the bad part?
I'm guessing by the fact you don't direct link that that site isn't exactly above board as it were.

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