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You have been given the ability to alter the human race as you see fit. Whether it is human biology, the biology of the sexes, cultural norms/customs, or other races living on the planet (sentient or not), you have the ability to change it all but with one simple rule:

You are not exempt from these effects.

How do you make the planet your dream-cum-true?

>Writefagging, greentexts, RPs, discussions, and mix-and-match are heavily encouraged
>The only bad idea is the one you don't post!
>Men grow no bigger than 4 inches tall
>The psychological effect where guys tend to dote on women and view them as innocent/in need of protection is reversed so women feel that way about guys instead

I for one welcome our doting giantess femdom overlords
That sounds really nice, and instead of a small world for big females, is a big world for tiny males, then mens can work anymore ? so they just stay in house and do whatever ther female partner tells them to do ?
Could something dealing with transforming/becoming a pokemon due to nano machines because reasons? also with superficial fatness (no ill effects besides immobility) with the Pokemon due to nano machines due to a undefined reason?
File: 32506642.jpg (524 KB, 841x1170)
524 KB
524 KB JPG
This is my fetish. All males are tiny and depend on females to take care of them.
A cultural change where guys are generally the more submissive sex. Where girls will sexually harass and tease men, grabbing at them, rubbing against them etc.

Girls would find great enjoyment out of humiliating boys with their fetishes if they find out about them. (Like if a guy has a foot fetish, she would hang her sweaty feet in the air mere inches from the guys face to watch him squirm. If he likes licking ass, he's going to be just out of reach, watching her butthole as she taunts him. Its up to the girl if they want to continue or not.
File: 1531773176817.jpg (606 KB, 1200x659)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
Exaggerated role reversal world.
Diverging from right at humanity's evolution, Women are now the larger, more powerful sex, with the minimum female height and maximum male height having no overlap at all.
Women are all buff and hyperconfident. Athleticism is understood as the lynchpin of the female life: society has adopted a max four-day workweek, with a weekend plus one day dedicated entirely to sport and physical training on top of what of it they do in their spare time. Raucous banquets abound, and songs and poetry gush about the joys of wiping the sweat off your brow from a longday of competition, and consuming to excess, gulping down entire pints in one go, turkey leg in the other hand. All the heroic knights, action stars and cultural figures of strength are women.
Boys (for that's what they are known as rather than "Men") are small cute little things usually left to the arts over the raw material world of women. Compared to the id of this world's women, boys tend to have a refined, but sensitive demeanor, soemtimes even a tsundere streak. Traditional dress for boys calls for thin fabric, long gloves and socks, and most importantly flowers, which often hold some symbolic significance, put in their long hair by potential suitors, marking them as "property" of certain women, families or sport teams.
Everyone has multiple sexual partners, (hence a boy being "property" of whole teams) albeit with an emphasis on the romantic notion of eventually finding "the one" among them all, their stalwart defender. Women do seek to sexually dominate boys, but basic physical is just a simple first step. They love to tease them, train shirtless in front of them to watch them blush. Dominating a boy means to have amazonian confidence force its way into a boy's heart and melt his veneer of refinement. Sex occurs plenty, but having boys on your lap cling to you at a banquet or wear revealing clothes as your cheerleader is when you've really got him wrapped around your finger.
sounds rather neat. really interesting!
File: 1526955503251.jpg (713 KB, 1600x1309)
713 KB
713 KB JPG
So I got to thinking on some good names for genders in a three-gendered world. I’ve decided on calling these genders Female, Bomale, and Hermale. Female is the same as you would expect, Bomale is the new term for male, and Hermale relates to full package hermaphrodites. The abbreviations I'll use when describing them will be Fe, Bo, and Her.
How would reproduction work in such a world, and how would their chromosomes work? I’ve a feeling explaining the act of impregnating someone would be marginally easier to explain than the cellular aspect of it. Both Females and Hermales have the ability to become pregnant, seeing as they both have the vaginas and wombs necessary to do so. Both Hermales and Bomales have the ability to fertilize the egg cell with sperm, since they both possess the necessary testicles and penis to do so.
Now, about knowing what gender the baby would be based on the chromosomes of the egg cell and sperm cell. Well egg cells will always have an “x” chromosome, seeing as how this fact is necessary for reproduction to work. I would think that now there are three different types of sperm cells. We have our known “x” and “y” chromosome sperm, and a hypothetical “z” chromosome sperm. Theoretically, Bomales would produce x and y sperm more than z sperm, while Hermales would produce more of z than the others. This is all bearing in mind that the production of certain cells does not cease altogether mind you, it just means that each gender has a higher propensity for producing a particular type. It is understood that gender is based on chromosome pairs from both the egg cell and the accepted sperm. Females have an “xx” pair, Bomales have an “xy” pair, and Hermales would theoretically have an “xz” pair.
Thoughts, brothers?
File: 15579778_p0.jpg (1.51 MB, 1099x1620)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Every month, humans gain between 0.01-1% of their monster transformation. Monster forms can be literally anything, from demons to dragons to evil trees to living electricity to vampires to skeletons, etc, but each person is unique. Pic related is about 50% of the monster form, with her torso, face, hair remaining to be truly monsterified, as well as a general overall hypertrophy of the anatomy and scales. If they reach 100%, they will start to transform into another more powerful tier of monster, and so on with no limit to tiers. If a human/monster consumes another human/monster, they will steal their monsterification and add to their own meter. Everyone on earth who dies will respawn with 0% monsterification somewhere within a 100 kilometer radius one year after their death.

Being a monster gives you stronger predatorial instincts, you want to consume others. Even plants and animals as a whole become more monstrous over time. After a couple of decades what used to be a normal housecat is now the size of a cheeta, with active camouflage and paralyzing toxins, you could be pounced by one in the middle of the street and it would make both of you invisible and drag you away and nobody would notice. The grass is carnivorous, rats can go trough a rock wall in minutes and can reproduce into another fully formed rat via mitosis in seconds as long as it has enough food, jellyfish the size of islands float through the ocean, eagles have 100 meter wingspans and fire harpoons from miles above with sniper precision, kilometer tall trees drop fruit-men that form city states defending their parent. The entirety of earth becomes a valhalla of survival of the fittest, high-tier human monsters form kingdoms of low % human refugees promising them protection from nature and other high-tiers in exchange for their flesh as tribute, once they've grown big enough. Tribes of low tier monsters band together to hunt higher tiers and to share their flesh, punishing selfishness with death.
File: 19454997_p0.jpg (504 KB, 723x987)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
Monsters are as a rule hermaphroditic, and the goal of intercourse is to implant children that will drain the strength of the one impregnated and emerge as powerful monsters in their own right, but with familial loyalty approaching slavery to their impregnating parent. This is another game from consumption, either party may be victorious in the struggle, and the more powerful the host the stronger the offspring. Brave non-monstrous humans have been known to sneakily fuck powerful monsters, which is a large part of the few folk tales around human heroes circulating among the lower classes. After intercourse and birth the losing party is briefly disabled by exhaustion, so the fucker or child can make their retreat.

The first effects of this scenario surfaces on the internet, with youtube videos of country bumpkins with small horns or scales or other minor cosmetic change appearing first one, then three, then dozens, then thousands. A year or so later one with an unusually rapid transformation goes berserk in a population centre, and swat teams or military is called in, but the actual events are hushed down. This is quickly repeated, and panic and confusion starts to set in. Somewhat ironically, depleted ecosystems start bouncing back, but in a very aggressive manner. Civil unrest, supply system disruptions, cults and small ideologies start to form. The dictator of some corrupt third world nation gives a speech on international TV as a 10 meter tall burning skeleton (he used his corruption to gather and consume many of his subjects), and that's when shit really hits the fan.

This valhalla of carnage lasts for a long amount of time, and when enough power has been concentrated into one individual, it will consume, no, become the earth and set off into space to gather ever increasing power, as the rest still live like fleas and bacteria on and inside its massive bulk. Of course, who's to say that this phenomenon is limited to only earth in this universe...

You can make it work while still just using "X" and "Y" if you assume that the structure of the Y Chromosome is a bit different. Females would still be "XX" while Hermales would be "XY" and Bomales would be "YY". All gametes produced by Females would be "X" while all gamtes produced by Bomales would be "Y" . Hermales would have a 50/50 mix of both.

Under your model, Bomales would only produce "X" and "Y" while Hermales would only produce "X" and "Z". There would be no mechanism for Bomales to produce "Z" or "Hermales to produce "Y".
Very interesting anon.
My trouble with a 'realistic' three-gender system is that it would naturally come back to equal numbers of each gender. Selective advantage; if you can't reproduce with your own gender, then being a majority gender would be selected against and vice versa. Same reason males and females are born in near-equal ratios almost everywhere.

So I went with a pseudo-mystical system based on a bunch of BS justification from essential humours and deified lunar cycles, winding up with a population of 50% women, 30% futa, and 20% men. Mostly so caste-based patriarchal/futarchal societies, and drow-ish majoritarian matriarchies, can exist in the same setting.

Cum (seed) is the concentrated form, the blueprint, of a person's humours.
>Women who get filled with a bunch of cum have their own humours affected by it. If they're monogamous, their bodies and minds are altered over time to come into sync with their partner's; she becomes more loyal and affectionate, potentially changing physical form to be more attractive to him.
If she's a slut, then the discordant mix just supercharges her, leading to hypersexualisation and eventually a cum-addicted, nymphomaniac bimbo. Perfectly useful for breeding stock, but best kept collared and away from positions of authority.

Men don't generally get filled with cum, so their natures are fairly static. They're in a good position to naturally lead societies... but they're also living 'feedstock', and outnumbered. The beneficial effects of a particularly powerful/smart/heroic male's cum could give him a harem... or see him enslaved and used en masse by a dozen drow-ish matriarchs.

Futa are in between, obviously; a little wary of cum-addiction, a little in demand for their own cum. But they have the physical strength of men and more numbers, so they tend to fill Amazonian warrior caste or barbarian stereotypes. Still room for em as harem-slaves, though.
I don't know about sexy, but that could be worked into a pretty sweet apocalyptic setting if played straight.
File: 1517871261318.png (829 KB, 800x1200)
829 KB
829 KB PNG
All the sexiest things are also cool, IMO. I'm probably this way because I watched that episode of dexters laboratory where he and deedee turn into kaijus and fight each other when I was little.
>I fap to it for the plot
It is true that I've read (and written) mind control fetish stories that accidentally turn into regular sci-fi novellas halfway through
Love that, quite close to one of my ideal world, quite "Primal Zerg " like.
It depend. If we are given power to create more universes, lots, lots of worlds (similar to anon before) where monmusu are evolving, becoming more powerfull, more beatifull, etc, (but rather in each world some preds, and the rest of the world as lifestock/toys etc) After alpha pred consume whole world, she become part in next project (ultimate multivers pred or some union of them)
If only one world, less "sex focused" world from mgq, with a lot more compicated and powerfull magic. Ofc not as transforming this one, this shall burn, and atop ashes it shall rise
from a previous thread, for any fans of bodywriting
7/8 of all males and females begin to rapidly become more and more feminine, losing height and muscle tone. Some wind up as femboys, many go all the way through and wind up becoming full-on girls. 1/8 of females ans the remaining 1/8 of males become more masculine, not losing any of their female features but growing taller, more muscular, and often ending up with cocks and balls that would be impressive even when compared to an untransformed male. Any individual still bearing a large enough cock after this will find themselves with a rapidly growing sex drive, coupled with a potent and persistent musk wafting from their packages at all times, often combined with their cock becoming increasingly sweaty. When exposed to this smell, any of the 7/8 will slowly find themselves dragged under the owner's control, growing an irresistible attraction to them and gradually losing their intelligence and free will, replaced with a desire to serve them and orally service their cock. The new society that emerges is largely ruled by cocks, with the feminine 7/8 serving as an underclass to serve the needs of the 1/8. Most accept their place, only needing a little bit of exposure every now and then to keep them happy and comfortable. Dissidents, on the other hand, are sent to facilities with specially trained reeducators, who will keep them bound at all times while forcing them to spend hours or even days under their balls. This method might prove ineffective on a larger scale, however, and so certain facilities are constructed that keep deviants in tight latex suits with gas masks attached, the latter of which are connected by tubes to a similar suit that the reeducator is wearing - these tubes connect to that suit's crotch, which is airtight and has slots for multiple tubes at once. Through this, multiple deviants can be stink-washed at once.
File: 1483032530911.gif (594 KB, 249x214)
594 KB
594 KB GIF

Humans now produce a whole variety of novel chemicals in their bodies. Women's saliva now has components similar to viagra, while men's semen contain potent opiates that induce an euphoric state of bliss and pleasure similar to morphine when administered directly to the anal cavity, vagina and womb.

Absorbing semen via the vagina also changes women's biology; having absorbed a man's semen the woman becomes completely imprinted to him, being able to fertilize her eggs only with his sperm and becoming unable to get aroused by other men at all. Semen also smells and tastes sweet, while vaginal discharge has that new car scent to it.

Anal cavities (of both men and women) now have self-cleaning properties/organelles/microbes; shit literally doesn't stink and not a speck of scat is left within the anus after defecation. Women also have self-lubricating anal cavities when aroused.

Women store all their excess body fat to their tits, thighs and asses, meaning no fat deposits over guts, under chins, on arms or the back.

Pregnancy now lasts nine weeks instead of months due to the biology-boosting effect of semen. Lactate produced by women, which they begin to make from the fist week of pregnancy, has mildly alcoholic content during the first six to eight weeks.

Childbirth is no longer an excruciating, potentially life-threatening agony that lasts for hours but rather feels like an enormous full-body orgasm which is over in an hour or so. The ordeal leaves no visible pregnancy scars, the vagina de-stretches to it's pre-birth tightness within 24 hours. Within a week there are no signs that the woman gave birth on her body, save for the enlarged breasts producing milk.

Although women could now produce five children a year overpopulation is not a problem as men can now consciously decide not to include sperm cells in their jizz at will before the moment of ejaculation.
File: 1541183190247.png (1.66 MB, 4775x1550)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
So in my scenario, this happens next week:

A radical group of wiccan feminists are finally set on using their magic to overthrow the patriarchy. Their plan is to unleash a massive feminine spiritual energy well and use it to turn all the men in the world into women.

The spell goes off without a hitch and within several hours all men have been converted into beautiful women. However, their minds and memories are still the same, and as women they are still taller and stronger than the original women. As for women, the spell beautifies them while also making everyone essentially a lesbian.

Height, strength, and personalities aside, the witches consider their spell a success and go back to blending into society. Society, meanwhile, goes through panic mode with everyone suddenly becoming a beautiful lesbian version of themselves.

For a short time bras, panties, and feminine hygiene products become like water and toilet paper right before the hurricane hits. World governments quickly lock down and secure all sperm banks to save their future. The economy gets very rocky while social upheaval is in full swing. But then, about two or three weeks in, people start to chill and adjust.

The world just comes around to the idea that this is just how things are going to be, and people go back to work...and that's just about when the second change happens.

It's takes a few days, but all the original men grow new male genitalia thus leaving them functional, yet natural, shemales (or if you wish, full package futa without the vagina). This growth does nothing to change the rest of their body as the new testicles create a form of testosterone that is feminizing but still makes them fertile as a male.

The world rejoices the end of the temporary extinction event for humanity, but nobody initially notices the other changes. You see, that massive well of female spiritual energy was actually a massive well of succubus energy.
File: 1540524306494.jpg (123 KB, 800x906)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
The succubus energy recreated the world as prescribed by the original spell, but was now free to continue its influence on womankind in its own way.

The former men slowly gain magical powers related to all things sex. Transformation, hypnosis, bindings, and so much more become available with practice, patience, and imagination.

The original women, on the other hand, find that their new bodies are made for sex. Flexibility, stretching, stamina, lubrication, and more are all amp up. Along with this, the original women start producing magical mana that is tied to their bodily fluids.

This mana fluid, if consumed by a shemale, will temporarily boost their magical abilities. As a shemale feeds from a female, their magic will reshape the body and mind of that female more to their liking. Women will feel this power as a great love as their assets are altered and their minds warp with new ideas and fetishes.

After about a year the world operates similarly along the lines of the old world, but on steroids. Women are now magically influenced to love the new shemale patriarchy made up of all the former males. Even more than that, women's bodies, looks, thoughts, and desires are molded by their shemale lovers.

The only change that is seen after the magically enhanced shemale patriarchy takes command of the world is the birth rates of the genders. Women will come to out populate shemales on a 1 to 4 factor. This makes marriage harems the norm of families as a shemale will usually have 2 to 5 wives.

As for the feminist wiccans, they got too caught by the new world created by the succubus energy, and each of them found a magically enhanced happy ending with a shemale in the new patriarchy, thus ending their pursuits any further.

>tl;dr - Fem-nazi witches change men into women with succubus energy, but end up creating a magic shemale patriarchy that they fall in love with.
In a single day, superheroes become real. Around the globe thousands of teenagers and young adults are struck by sudden flashes of energy, gaining a diverse range of powers, and these triggers/Exaltations/x-gene bullshit events continue happening at varying rates. Super-strength, shapeshifting, telepathy, mad science: for the foreseeable future, Earth will be home to the super-powered.

Apart from the blessings of the powers themselves, all superheroes receive tangential benefits. They all tend to reach their physical prime, becoming prime examples of masculine strength or voluptuous beauty, and even those without super-toughness heal rapidly, rarely being crippled or killed by knock-out blows.
And it seems that every child now born has the same potential for health and beauty; in a few decades, the world will be a very fit and/or busty place.

(Un)fortunately, all superpowers are linked to sex.
I make myself everyone's fetish so I can at least love myself ):
Using superpowers is inherently arousing, and wielding your powers to maximum effect means struggling not to be overtaken by lust. That would be enough of a problem on its own, but orgasm temporarily suppresses your super-powers!
A chain of climaxes can quickly leave even the most powerful hero helpless, and even male supers are multi-orgasmic. Raping another super directs the energy of their orgasms to fuel your powers, potentially even ‘levelling them up’ over the long term. Super-battles can easily turn into passionate copulation of dubious consent, each party struggling to control their climaxes long enough to subdue their opponent.

Supervillains seek to defeat and rape other supers to increase their own power, and to harness the lusts of normal people for their own benefit. Mad scientists are especially problematic, with their mind-control rays, pheromone bombs, and parasite bodysuits.

Superheroes must capture such fiends, but regular prisons can’t hold them. Industrial-grade orgasm machines, BDSM-trained guards, and government SWAT (Seductive Women and Toys) teams are essential to the fight against evil.
Does this retroactively change history, or is it a development?
I can imagine famous battles being rewritten such that the commanders were actually cheerleaders and the prizes to be fought over.
File: 1468372872522.jpg (292 KB, 850x1202)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
80% of the male population is transformed into half monster girls
if you were already gay or bi nother changes
but if you were straight you being to slowly and surely become more and more cock hungry until you are in a purpeutal heat which makes you unable to think without being fucked for atleast 40 minutes everytime this happens, which is at random
File: 1536838720571.jpg (100 KB, 600x720)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Femininity as XP:

Couple of things before we get started:
1. agelessness/general human upkeep/health/beauty upgrade
2. birth rate falls to prevent overpopulation

Everyone is born male and grows up until the age of 12 as a normal boy. Upon reaching 12, however, people start accumulating XP. XP can be gained, in a nutshell, from doing almost anything positive. Doing kind deeds rewards XP, improving yourself rewards XP, being someone's friend rewards XP,, enjoying the simple things in life and being thankful for them even rewards XP, and so on.

Gaining XP makes you level up in femininity, making you smaller, cuter, and less manly. Eventually, you arrive in trap-mode with the barest hormone-tits, and your dick starts shrinking, dwindling away for every level-up until eventually you go full girl-mode, at which point your butt, hips, thighs, breasts, etc. start plumping up like a really feminine-bodied girl. Eventually you reach a level cap, though, at which point you'll stop developing as a woman. Some people stop there, but there is another option: prestige-ing, which resets you back to full man-mode for you to level up all over again with.

The rewards for prestige-ing vary wildly, but they're all pretty desirable for the most part, including magic abilities, passive effects, bodily improvements (like faster/stronger/earlier butt growth), income multipliers (no, inflation is not a problem), and so much more, and, with every prestige, your level cap automatically goes up, meaning you can get even more feminine with every cycle (though you can still prestige once you hit/pass the old cap). A moderately decent human being can expect to prestige once every couple months, but the best and brightest have been known to do it at the absolute fastest twice in one day.
Two questions:

1. Is it just doing the act, or do you have to be an honestly good person mentally while doing the act? Basically, can someone fake their way through kindness just for the purpose of leveling up?

2. Do prestige abilities carry over when you level up or do you have to regain them? Say I prestige and get a magical ability; do I lose that ability when I reset to being a guy, or do I keep it forever once I obtain it?
Realistically I imagine since men make up half the population they might be allowed (if their caretaker permits) to get a job in something where size doesn't matter, like secretarial work, data entry, programming, tech support, call centers, etc.

There would of course be sort of 'orphanages' for men without a caretaker since it would be inhumane to let them wander around on their own where they could be stepped on or preyed on by small animals. Like stray dogs, if a man doesn't have a caretaker she could go get him registered under her name.
All humans are born male and develop into full trap/twink during puberty. Once a boy can cum he starts developing differently. Every time he cums in someone else he gets more masculine and if he takes a load he gets more feminine. If a boy takes enough cum he turns into a futa then a full woman. Once they hit age 20 or so their body fixes in its current gender. While they can still change a teen by cumming in them or being cummed in they themselves dont change.
1. Only performing the specific act counts. I should have gone with another word other than "positive," but, you could even get more XP by winning fights and stuff. I meant "positive" as in it adds to your personal experience, not that it was necessarily wholesome, though that does tend to give some more XP, for some reason.

2. You never lose those abilities, no. They just keep stacking and stacking, infinitely.
>tfw would never prestige and get more powers because being female would just be too nice to give up
But every time you do it, you can make the process get faster and easier, anon. Imagine, getting to turn into a girl all over again, except every time is better than the last.
When you put it like that...

I'm not used to having to choose between being a girl and becoming a girl!
One day, sons of many single fathers aged 16 and younger transform to adult women, but their faces, speech patterns, and voices will remain mostly the same. However, they will start to act like wives with limited amounts of their original personalities surfacing through, most notably that they love and are sexually attracted to their fathers, wanting to be perfect wives for them. They also do not find any of the changes to be abnormal, acting like it's always been this way despite how they know it hasn't.

Everyone else, including the families though, doesn't. There's questions as to what age they are now, whether they should still go to school or not, or if it's even morally acceptable. In the end, though, the son-wives get their legal age changed to be the same age as their fathers, no longer go to school, and while some fathers refused their ex-son's love (with varying results for what life for both of them will be like), some were content with their new son-wives.
Not only that, there's a cap to how much of a girl you can be - and the only way to raise that cap is prestige.
That part is just a horrible mental conflict for me!
>having absorbed a man's semen the woman becomes completely imprinted to him, being able to fertilize her eggs only with his sperm and becoming unable to get aroused by other men at all

everything else is great but this specifically would make rape (for virgins) soooooooo much worse
I guess I'm thinking about it in terms of a hostorical page one rewrite since I'm looking at the divergence point to be way back ar human evolution. Although I suppose I like the idea of an even further empowered Josephine Bonaparte fighting for the affections of a smol feminized tsuntun Napoleon, like he's some sort of Helen launching 1000 ships.
Hot in a way. How would society adjust? Rape is wrong but we've also got to consider that now she needs to be paired with her rapist to have an enjoyable sex life.
/d/ karma.
if you're a good person, you'll slowly be transformed into your sexual ideal.

Rape is or at least be should be frowned upon in society - a deviation, not a norm.

In what sick corner of the world you live to first cogitate a response that is essentially ''yeah but what if virgins get raped?''

Why would anyone (sane, healthy, well-adjusted) do something like that?
It's not that weird, in a way. For most of history (in Eurasia at least) the rape of an unmarried virgin was often met with something between shotgun marriage and "eh, her dad should have kept a closer watch on her."

In this scenario, unmarried women would be treated much as virgins were (or were meant to be) throughout history: kept far away from suspicious men, usually by her father. You don't want your daughter having to shotgun-marry (or worse, eternally lust after) a rapist.

We'd see a return to very historically 'normal' forms of romance. Lots of 'courtship', parental vetting of partners, and probably arranged marriages among the upper classes.
File: 1447854740728.jpg (186 KB, 1600x1000)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Actual soul mates. Everyone has a waifu out there, one who speaks their language, is usually born in the same country, and was born in the same year as them. Obviously finding your waifu isn't easy, but /d/ gobalised fetish world is here to help: you will both receive prophetic dreams of each other, starting at puberty, which become easier to interpret as you reach sexual maturity and move towards each other geographically.

Traditions of romantic 'pilgrimage' would spring up, as would various find-your-waifu services and dream interpretation specialists.

Your waifu, in case it needed to be said, is pretty close to your 'perfect match'. This doesn't mean she's a perfect human being or that you're completely similar, but you are both very attractive to each other, with complementary personalities, tastes, and tendencies. It's not impossible to screw up your relationship with your waifu, free will hasn't gone away, but even if separated you'll never really fall out of love/lust with each other.

The big downside is that a huge number of the world's existing marriages would break up, with probably devastating consequences for the children (let alone the civil, legal, and economic chaos). So instead /d/ globalised fetish world will slowly increase the waifu-ness of each partner until they're acceptably compatible. They won't be as perfect for each other as soulmates from birth, but the world's existing billions of relationships won't simultaneously collapse either.
File: 1517422491956.png (143 KB, 391x413)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Wouldn't that be the sweetest fucking thing to exist in this world
>For most of history (in Eurasia at least) the rape of an unmarried virgin was often met with something between shotgun marriage and "eh, her dad should have kept a closer watch on her."
Still happens in some cultures/countries.
>being this ignorant about rape
File: 219823.jpg (1.07 MB, 2480x3508)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
One thing, I would rather men grow to their real world heights, but women grow to 30-40 feet, as being 4 inches tall makes it more likely you'll be eaten by a cat or something.
I'm reminded of one I had to this that was similar, everyone has a soul mate but it's even more literal, two halves of a very real whole, once the marraige is consumated the two become one, body, mind and soul. A merged person will still have kids, sometimes with herself, and will typically hook up with another merged as a roomate/fuck buddy, already completed themselves these are more casual and utility relations to avoid having to raise kids with a single parent

Het fusions are futa, gay fusions are still male or female.
Back when Fifty Shades or Twilight were still relevant:
>pump water or air up butt until she feels frightened she might pop
>all consensual of course - noncon is hot though I think?
>fuck her with her tightened inner clitoris
>make it out to be some obscure BDSM practice or some fertility rite
A new parasite worm appears in the world, spreading by carnal contact. It's long, white and featureless with a smooth exterior that tapers into a point at each end. It grows and multiplies in the body with no real upper limit, depending on the food intake. The effects of the host include: increased hunger, increased sex drive, increased attractiveness somehow, positive feelings towards the worms. The worm constantly travels throughout the body but at no damage to the tissue, at larger sizes and populations they can be seen coursing beneath the skin like moving veins. At even larger populations they start to protrude from the skin, popping up and back again leaving no mark on the skin. Eventually they open up and bloom from the skin like fleshy flowers, releasing spores that turn into colonies of fleshy flowers. The size of the host is increased to open up more space for the worms to bloom from, reaching around 5 meters tall with a pear-shaped torso and very long limbs. The worms supplant the eyes with uniquely differentiated worms that have incredibly sharp vision, the tongue with a worm that acts as a second powerful mouth, the genital area with a bundle of very long worms that acts as a prehensile penis capable of splitting up independently, the nipples with worms that secrete a milk-like fluid with irresistible fragrance that functions as an infection vector. Hosts at this stage of infection can communicate with worm-worm contact at a rate thousands of times faster than verbal speech. They still have their original personalities, but are all driven by a very strong desire to spread and nurture the worms.
File: 1499620004128.jpg (209 KB, 743x1858)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
defeating another male in combat steals their strength and virility, turning them into super cute anxious uwu traps agains their will, while you become much more chadder. This even applies to entire armies and nations, and the greater the odds were and the bigger the defeat the more exaggerated the transformation is. The traps become really clingy too.

The same thing happens if a woman defeats a man too, or if she's fighting in a victorious army.

If the trap is trappy enough, he even gets able to be impregnated, by both men and women. The children take after their father/mother in terms of strength if raised in their presence, but if the trap is a single parent their children also become traps.
>>pump water or air up butt until she feels frightened she might pop
>>fuck her with her tightened inner clitoris
I want to hear more about this

>is hot though I think?
definitely. not sure where 50 shade or twilight come into it though

Give the third gender pointed ears and call them elves. It helps because it discourages people from trying to hide it by giving them an obvious tell. That would help to normalize it.
Bonus points for being able to split and rejoin as desired
The dreaded Nekopara Timeline
I like the idea of some time in the future the world gets reduced to one gender. Science says that male DNA is unstable and if life extends long enough male animal will simply stop being born. There are a species of lizard that stopped having male members. they self reproduce but need to be sexually stimulated by getting dry humped by another female.

Humans would probably use science to allow woman to cross DNA as to not reduce the human population to that of generations of the same clones. I like the concept of double dildo like device that sucks the eggs out of to ovulating females as they use the dildo to have sex with each other and smash there sex cells and fertilizing it, then impregnating one of the woman.
non-submissive elves, that's a novelty
I'm fairly certain that Dark elves, Drow, and the like are relatively dominant. Stuff like Light elves or Wood elves come across as sub to me.

1. All humans are female
2. Genitals and size are based on position in social dominance hierarchy. Eg large penis is high up on hierarchy and visa versa.
3. All conflicts, bets, competitions, disputes, scolding are resolved though spankings. And sometimes just for fun.
Animals can become infatuated with specific humans and will try to impregnate them with their spawn, both males and females can be impregnated. If they don't succeed with copulation or just have no chance to begin with, they will slowly grow bigger and stronger until they can force their will through, this strength will also be passed on to the offspring. When the impregnation is successful they will become protective of and affectionate towards their new mate until the pregnancy is complete. Generally, the children are sold to breeding programs afterwards.
Semen now carries a finite amount of masculinity, and every time a man ejaculates, they lose some. Every load of semen taken increases the receiver’s masculinity. Skin contact has a minor effect, swallowing a greater effect, vaginal contact still greater, and anal contact the greatest.

Men that have sex or masturbate a lot become softer, submissive, feminine. Their penises will shrink and become largely insensitive, and they may actually develop small breasts.

Women that are exposed to a lot of semen become larger, more aggressive, and overall more masculine. Their clitoris will grow, often to startling sizes.

Though the effects reverse over time, it becomes a common practice for most men to have sex using a condom, then immediately consume its contents.

Gay bottoms frequently become hyper masculine men with enormous penises, sometimes switching to tops. Popular men and women have to be careful when they have sex to keep their desired bodies.

Then, one day it happens:
During a series of hardcore fetish pornoshoots, a particular actress is exposed to the semen of nearly 200 men across a 3 day period. After drinking over a liter of cum each day, her body undergoes a rapid change, and she becomes the world’s first futa. Her condition does not reverse, and her cum is found to be quite potent, far more than usual. She begins to lactate, producing milk capable of feminizing effects.

Her actions are imitated by both men and women, leading to hyper-sexual large dicked men and futas.

It is only much too late that people learn that the effects of their fluids seem to be permanent.
>t. Tyrone, certified Rape Expert and three-time Chikan Champion
Feminization is an interesting globalized fetish, because it's pretty much what is going to happen.

The boys will be girly in the future.
My fetish is real. AMA
That explains most of my life.
This was an underappreciated joke.
after the moon landings, we didnt stop but went on to mars, and the other planets. Space travel today is in a phase best compared to the American colonisation and people can technically live forever as long as they take care of themselves and get regular checkups.
You just described the Mars series books

Personally I'm a fan of the idea of living on Venus. The surface maybe hell but atmosphere is thick enough you can theory float on the clouds pretty safely.
Not him but in France there was stories about a femme fatale talking about feeling so much better but her men were scared.
I can't stop thinking about this concept and all the weird paradoxes you run into...

What happens if I write "I am a man" on the woman's body? Does it stop working? Does she oscillate back and forth between being a woman and a man? What if I turn her into a figure or metal statue would the markings stay on if the material normally wouldn't be able to be marked by it?

What if I just write, "there is no writing on me" does that mean all the writing goes away? Which would make the original statement go away, would she just go back to having writing on her or would it all permanently be gone?
>What if I just write, "there is no writing on me"
That'd probably fall under the "conflicting statements" clause, meaning the most permanent ink would take priority.
>Science says that male DNA is unstable and if life extends long enough male animal will simply stop being born

This is bullshit


Sounds terrifying and hot. Is it possible for an unwilling target to kill their pursuing impregnator, or does this infatuation give them some kind of protection against human efforts to combat it? Also, what about things like size differences? Can humans be physically harmed by either the impregnation or the birthing? And are the resulting spawn purely animals, or are they half-human hybrids?
How quickly are these changes taking place?
If a girl gets raped for instance, will the semen grow her quickly enough for her to get the better of the guy, or it's too gradual and comes later?

Overall, very patrician; if that were reality my gf would be a 7' foot tall monster and probably have killed my by now.
>be me, typical eighteen year old shitposter
>go to school
>early spring of my senior year, already sick of this shit
>first period is AP Physics, I have no idea what's happening in it anymore
>only took it because my guidance counselor forced me to
>class is filled with the nerdiest fucking kids in school
>mostly girls
>they're nice I guess but can't really relate to them
>one of the guys also tutors me for free, so can't complain there either
>his name is Jake, maybe one of the smartest kids in the whole school
>he's tall and lanky as hell
>in contention for the valedictorian spot, probably heading for MIT or something
>okay dude, but again, giant nerd
>one day show up, Jake's not there
>the class is so tiny and the attendance rate so high that it's very noticeable
>teacher says we'll wait for him
>sounds great, not in the mood for electrostatics at 8:00 in the morning
>thanks Jake
>take out my phone and start reading shitposts while all the nerds talk about random math shit
>goes on for like twenty minutes, teacher is obsessed with Jake
>whatever, not my problem
>suddenly the door opens, still looking at my phone so not really paying attention
>entire room goes dead silent, everyone gasps
>raise my head, it’s Jake
>his whole body is covered in pink freckles, and he’s smiling like an idiot
>holy fuck, Jake triggered
>he’s a Wubby
>everybody instantly goes apeshit
>they really shouldn’t, this has been a regular part of our society for the last eighty years
>start frantically trying to remember all the Wubby stats they taught us in health class
>statistically, about one in every eighty people will trigger and turn into Wubbies
>over 99.99% of people who do trigger will do so between the ages of seventeen to nineteen, so only us seniors really have to worry too much about it
>Wubbyism is caused by a specific genetic reaction to an antibiotic resistant pathogen that virtually everyone on the planet has already been exposed to
>the pathogen was accidentally created by some endocrinologist studying hormones back in the early 2030s and it spread like wildfire
>the genetic reaction that determines if the pathogen affects you isn’t infectious, so whether someone gets triggered by it or not is completely up to luck
>if you do get it, you’re fucked
>Wubbies are stupid
>like really, really fucking stupid
>if you are one of the people who react to the pathogen, your body essentially loses the ability to tolerate dopamine and a bunch of other hormones in the way that it’s supposed to
>totally fucks up your brain chemistry, and you get stuck in a permanent state of euphoria
>Wubbies are constantly happy because of this
>it’s basically impossible to get one to stop smiling or experience any type of pain
>there are studies that prove that Wubbies are literally unable to understand the concept of negativity
>they can’t experience anger, fear, sadness, annoyance, etc
>just pure unending bliss for the rest of their lives
>might sound like fun, but on a practical level this makes them so dumb that they can’t do anything requiring the slightest bit of thought or dexterity
>all they can do is focus on how wonderful everything is and how much they love everyone
>that’s just the mental stuff, of course
well, no clue why, but it keeps saying I'm posting spam whenever I try to finish the rest of it

threw it in a pastebin

Odd but pretty cool. Kind of like a PG rated body horror sort of thing.
Interesting, but pass. I just can't get into identity death stuff at all.

I viewed it as the changes taking place over a period of time/ejaculations. That is, a male rapist wouldn't be likely to be overcome at the time despite his lost masculinity + her gained masculinity. That being said, some guy spending the weekend jacking off would notice a difference.

I envisioned it as ejaculating exactly once per week would be even. If you immediately swallowed your own cum, twice a week would be just fine. If your cum or someone else's cum was spurted into your ass each time AND you absorbed every drop, then you could have as many orgasms as you wanted without losing masculinity.

Generally speaking, when I started writing this, I wanted some degree of equilibrium to occur. That is, men that cum too much have weaker and weaker orgasms and less sensitive penises, and women that receive too much semen become more and more masculine, and (generally) less interested in men.

The futa or overly transformed men were to be the balance breakers.
A devolution of the human digestive system, so that most foods make almost everyone fart more. Basically lactose intolerance symptoms but with most foods.
The animal will be of course mortal, but it'll be very tough and have an easy time slipping away and recovering if it fails, even when it's otherwise normal relative to other animals. If enough time is given then of course the animal will be practically invincible, even against armed effort. Size differences won't be a problem, because they tend to stabilize in mass around the size of a van even if the strength continues to ramp up, and enough hentai biology applies to the orifices of the human to make it fit. The offspring will not grow extraordinarily large during the pregnancy either, although you can still get way bigger than a normal human pregnancy but hentai biology applies to the elasticity again. The offspring are normal animals that have the same baseline stats as their animal parent, so from normal to super-powerful depending on how long the courting period was.
That seems very unusual and would probably lead to an all out, preemptive war between humans and steadily growing rape beasts.
I like it.
Oh, I wouldn't want to start a war against supernatural animals, better just bend over and take it. Imagine if they were to go on an offensive, ISIS insurgents have nothing on an armor plated rat with a 2 meter lat spread if you get him angry.
File: 1535411559867.jpg (358 KB, 1065x1278)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Everyones personal computers become cute female AIs with personalities based on their useage history
This is great, you sexualized hugs
I always kind of wondered about the opposite, with a world where some animals are used as sex and breeding slaves.

Realistically if it wasn't for the providence of certain religions I'm shock there was never a organized effort by groupies of people to breed certain breeds of animal for sexual use.

I like the idea of a world where it can be considered more acceptable to have sex with an animal then another human. They for one can't get pregnant or impregnate, You can always keep one around the house regardless of relationship status, Males will have a choice in vagina shape and size depending on available animal and females will have choice of penis with very unique shapes and abilities. In theory if animal is properly taken care of less chance of spread of sexual transmitted disease, because I assume 99% of the time a person would just use their own personal animal and would rarely allow others to use their animal. Public use animals like for animal prostitution are to be used at higher risk.

I can see as an attempt to curve sexual urges in adolescents they would be given an animal of their choice to take care of and to use sexually if desired. I imagine the three most common animals they can choose from would be a Dog, Minipony and Pig. All boy need to know to use an animal is to be pointed to the vagina is. Girls may have to be instruction on how to present themselves before a male animal to encourage mating with them.
well, if they were bred to be sexualized enough, otherwise eh
File: 0.jpg (188 KB, 1024x747)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Women no longer become less attractive as they age, with even 100-year olds appearing as smoking hot GILFs. In addition, sex drive increases as age does, leading older women to undergo procedures to woo more men. It's not uncommon to find them sporting enormous breast implants, as an example. The richest, oldest women have harems of multiple men, who fuck their mistress daily.
Love this
>everything is the same
>But there's no male or female just people who can switch between if they want a dick or pussy in the moment
>But not both at the same time
Ok but how is this sexual?
I heard males are simply more adaptable. Human women are literally genetically stuck in the Stone Ages.
Playing too much morrowind as a kid gave me a slavery fetish ._.
It would work better if it was limited to behavioural/mental effects, but that cuts out a lot of the /d/ potential
needs a crying statue of liberty and dobson pun in the corner
I happen to be pretty into this type of story, so I think I get the appeal of it. It's like bimboization, but instead of focusing on the cocksucking, you like the idea of being or watched people turn into idiots, along with the forced gender swap. Weirdly comforting.
How about this: A world where (survivable) conjoined twinning is much more common, is surgically induced reliably and often, and has made its way into popular culture?
The thing is, for these threads to have much of a purpose, you have to write something about it.

A paragraph or two about how this society looks is always appreciated. If there's no examples, no writefaggotry, it's just people talking at each other about the porn they'd like people to make for them.

How would a day at school look in this world?
A morning news show?
A day at work?
At the club?
At home?
File: grilledkambing onion.jpg (784 KB, 1754x1335)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
good idea!
Males are given dominance throughout the world in regards to sex. The more partners they have, the more they transform into demon like sex creatures that just ooze out different effects. When a man loses his virginity, his cock becomes larger to please more women, on coming into the 2nd woman he unlocks his pheromones, with each subsequent woman making it more aggressively affect people around him. Upon reaching a certain point, the man becomes a demon, growing much larger with a goat penis, horns, goat legs, a ripped body, and the semen production to match. He'd retain his normal face though. On the flipside, women have become pure breeding material. Being come into only begins to effeminate the population. The effect can also affect males in the case they're gay. Upon being came into, estrogen hormones get endlessly pumped, immediately working to make breasts as large as possible (each load of semen protrudes their breasts out an inch), for the women to lactate as much as humanely possible, for hips to slowly transform into breeding hips. In terms of sex appeal, all women are now size queens, the bigger the cock, the bigger the balls, the horns, the muscles, the better. Semen is addictive, having almost being comparable to heroin. Upon reaching a certain threshold, women have a permanent chance of becoming pregnant, only to repeat the cycle, with women providing fruitful and large families for their dominating men
I can't help but think that kind of obvious physical transformation would result in the fetishization of virgins since the more promiscuous people become common and easily identifiable. With it being so widespread I'd imagine people would get sick of the hypersexuals after a while and start craving the subtler, smaller virgins that won't result in an overly huge family. I can imagine in this world where supply of virgins becomes so low and demand so high that society would respond either by returning to preaching the virtues of celibacy, or pedophilia becomes normalized
Or virgins either hold all the power or society collapses and mankind reverts into a bestial state, with it being forever lost within its own ecstacy
>with personalities based on their useage history
Oh my, how does this work?
File: 1464769141920.jpg (177 KB, 888x1280)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
All breeding-aged women turn into perpetually-horny cowgirls.

Queer girls develop a humiliating desire for cock & semen, but otherwise retain their original sexual orientation even as they become something less than human.
File: 1478373926578.jpg (35 KB, 958x539)
35 KB
There is now only one sex.
All men turn into female versions of themselves with a few differences, and females change to share those differences.
>First they no longer have periods. Instead everyone, at their time of the month, transforms into a futa for a few days, with the time varying based on hormones. The transformation can be found to be triggerable with certain harmless drugs or temporarily during intense lesbian sex in rare cases.
>during the opposite time of the month they will go into heat. Arousal won't be uncontrollable or leave them incapable of resist, ignorable but a nuisance when not dealt.
>there will be more diversity in body size and shape. There will be more extremes in height and a more even spread in those extremes. Some people may end up like dwarfs, and others like mini giantesses, both extremes being as common as 1 in 100.
>breast and hip size will also have more extremes, with the maximum breast size being twice the size of their head and hips and ass potentially just as wide. While those extremes will be more rare, larger than current averages will be very common.
>average strength, stamina, and overal physical ability will be more than it currently is for men, with potential for what would now be considered superhuman.
>lifespans will extend by several hundred years with early adulthood lasting for the first 100 and elderly features not emerging until the last 70. Teen years will extend to late 20's.
>one major cultural shift from these changes will be the changing of family units and marriage. Rather than pairing off it will make more sense to develop small groups of close partners, possibly with some members closer while others preferring only a light commitment. They will then be better able to raise a family. With no gender roles people will take on the roles in the group that suit them best. It will also be easier to find partners as those in a relationship would be open to adding more.

Cont. to weirder stuff....
Things get a little stranger. People not only have more unnatural sizes and body shape, but other changes to appearance can come about.
>People will come in more colors. Hair and eye colors can be any color of the rainbow, often seeming based on genetics with families sharing common colors, but a third of people will have different skin colors. Skin colors will tend to be toned down and not as vibrant, and will often be something to either match the hair and eyes, or compliment it. Some may even gain strange skin patterns like spots, stripes, or patches of differently colored skin.
>people will have mutant features. Either multiples or something or stranger shapes in extreme cases. They could have multiple arms, breasts, nipples, extra eyes, fingers, toes, or multiple heads. Some may split entirely into two people, either twins with shared memories, or one mind controlling two independent bodies.
>some may grow oddly shaped features or animal-features. They could grow tails or painted ears, horns, cat or goat-like eyes, snake tails, or wings for arms like a harpy. The more extreme the changes or combinations of changes the rarer, but in an urban area if you saw a purple lamia with six arms, six massive breasts, and a two-headed cow-like girl with an udder, you would find them rare but not shocking. Such features would similarly run in the family.
>some may just as easily find themselves handicaped, as rather than multiplying or growing, they're reduced or grow too much. Maybe they lose their or legs arms or have them replaced with tentacles, their feet become hooves, instead or more eyes they now just have one, their breasts grow enough as to limit their mobility. They may lactate constantly or remain futa every day of the month. Their mermaid tails leaves them wheelchair bound on land. Some may be reduced to just a limbless torso, some less than that,

but they'll get something in return...
With the changes to people come others to the world as this all comes about rapidly after a discovery is made in how to traverse between this world and parallel wild earths through the means of portals. These worlds will cause a great expanse and and introduce a wealth a resources, but the animals there will be extreme, monstrous, magical.

Most importantly: When first opened they unleash wild magic into our world causing the initial gender change overnight followed by the others over several months. Many people will suddenly gain control over magic, more often those with more extreme changes. More importantly: those who are handicapped by with strange features will definitely gain magic that compensates.

A limbless girl will be able to levitate many objects her own weight with ease, though not herself. A mermaid will be magically adapted for the water with power over it. A girl whose massive breasts produce milk constantly will find her milk has magic properties. A girl with wings for arms will definitely be able to fly. A girl with breasts heavier than the rest of her may have supernatural strength. I girl may find she has to carry her head everywhere but her body with be supernaturally strong. Another may be just a head or half a torso with just shoulders, breasts, and a head, but they'll have basic magic and a supergenius intellect.
File: 3452535.jpg (105 KB, 728x1120)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
To add further,

So you might a shutin NEET at the time of the transformations, but then you suddenly find yourself turned into a short and frail girl with bright pink skin and hair, your legs slowly morph into a a half dozen tentacles, making changing your lifestyle more difficult with decreased mobility, but your formerly male neighbors from upstairs who just hooked up with each other, invite you to join them because their time of the month matches and they're both in heat, and one is tall, big breasted, with four muscular arms, and the other is has what would previously have been a normal build, but she's got six fingers on each hand, blue skin, pink hair, six petite breasts, and two heads that are only mostly in sync. So you take them up on the offer and put those tentacles to good use.

You end up sticking around because while you're a bit of a layabout you keep the new apartment you all get clean and the sex is good.
You are a champion among men.
Girls can no longer wear any panties and any bottoms other than skirts. Any time they try to put something like that on, the mass gets absorbed by their body and gets multiplied by 2 and added to their ass.
I think you just created an awesome new way of bullying girls.

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