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Last one hit bump limit >>8267291
Laugh, cry, live, and fap.
Mine is mermaids

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when it started, but ever since I was really little, I was always fascinated by them. I would often imagine the girls in my class as mermaids.

Just the thought of stroking and rubbing that fish half really gets me going. I'm always on the lookout for anything that has mermaids in it. It could be movies, tv shows, video games, or anime.
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I've been wondering what takes a person to get a fetish as specific as this guy.

Those crystal and long fingers pictures always make me feel both weirded out and sad, something I've learned about fetishes over the years is that they usually develop during early teenage years influence then turn into a more clearly sexual thing once the person reaches his mid to late teenage years. A fetish can be influenced by something as simple as a cartoon show, a book, a toy, a taste or a physical experience whether or not it was initially pleasant. Which means the person who originally drew these pictures about characters with serious illnesses who could only be cured by touching a crystal which would also make their fingers grow long and ugly had to spend a long time in hospitals during their teenage years, either as a patient or as the relative of someone who was seriously ill.

Which is just... Sad, it'd suck to spend years in hospitals while you're young then find out what tickles your fancy the most is such a weird and specific thing.
Mermaids a body found. Discovery channel
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>on my first job trip outta town
>stuck in a hotel
>extra cash in pocket but not into drinking it away
>feel like fooling around
>browse escort site
>see an ad for a hot skinny blonde offering 90min/150€
>''that's too good to be true''
>call her anyway
>arrange a date and meet in her place
>ask her whether she really charges by the clock and not by the nut because I can cum a lot of times in one go
>''how many times you think you could cum in 90min?''
>6 is my record (for two hours)
>''lol all men say they can come like that much''
and yet
>she gives me an oil massage and a hj: first nut
>then a bj; second nut
>we have sex doggy, cowgirl, pronebone; nut in all
>try doggy again and move to fucking while spooning: sixt nut
>10 mins left, move to missionary but my dick is kinda sore and tired, all energy focused on not loosing wood instead of fucking
>she keeps encouraging me to fuck
>and then she starts nibbling and licking my ear
>cum for the seventh time with an orgasm greater than the six previous ones combined
>give her an extra 50 € tip afterwards

And that's how I got my fetish for earplay.

Real shame she's off the business and engaged today.
A guy on /r9k/ (or possibly /b/) said he had a regular escort he knew and often hired. As well as paying her for sex, they'd play video games together before/afterwards, and he introduced her to his mom as his gf.
I like to watch girls pee and get peed on, but I don't know of I would like to do it IRL.

When I was maybe 1 or 2 years old, my mom had this book she would read for me. It was a book about a brother and sister peeing in the bathtub, and the difference between how they do it. It was a book aimed at that age group, but it was uncensored, and thinking back at it, it was a bit strange. Now that I think about it, I think the book was about their bedtime routine, and the peeing in the bathtub was just one or two pages, but those are the images I remember.

Many years passed without me giving it much thought, but when I started looking at porn, I found myself drawn to girls peeing.
My fetish is spanking and I honestly have no idea where it came from. It's just been there for as long as I can remember.

My other fetishes all happened around the age of 8-9, and I can pinpoint those sources quite easily (Vore, sweaters, bondage, maids, vacuum cleaners) but I can't seem to find a root cause for spanking.
You weren't spanked? Was it in a book, tv show, etc that you saw? Use as a threat or on a different kids you knew?

What's the maid fetish origin though?
How the hell do i find guro somewhat arousing?
Nothing bad has really happened to me, but its just so nice.
>A guy on /r9k/ (or possibly /b/) said

cool story bro
Yup, same here. Don’t know why, don’t know how, but it’s arousing. Though, IRL gore I am disgusted by just like most people would be
Nah, he developed the fetish because he has a friend with Marfan syndrome. It's a disorder that causes you to grow unusually tall and have long fingers. Abe Lincoln had it, and he was considered to be a giant back in his day.
Sorry. I just found it very hot and kinda relevant to anon's greentext.. It didn't exactly give me a fetish but I have recurring prostitution fantasies similar to it.

an Ayy Lmao syndrome? I didn't even know it existed.
Yeah, that being said irl human body is interesting.
When I was a kid one of the first mangas I got into was Ghost Sweeper Mikami, for one arc the MC was captured by some spirits and one dragged him around on a leash while calling him pochi complete with head pats and giving him treats,

Gave me a fetish for species that see themselves above humans keeping humans as pets.
Mine's hypnosis/brainwashing shit. I used to see that type of thing happen in cartoons when I was a kid and it always stuck with me. I can't remember many of them now but I remember they always made me feel funny when I was a kid. And then when I was 11 I started finding hypno videos on YouTube and the rest is history.
>then find out what tickles your fancy the most is such a weird and specific thing.
Painful/depressing fetishes are my fetish. The idea that they could so affect someone such that they can only get aroused by something they hate remembering, making every orgasm reinforce the association and the mental agony of thinking of it again...
I was, but I can only remember getting like three or four in total and I'm pretty sure I was interested in it before my first. Looking back, I think that spanking clock in the first few seconds of Disney's Pinnochio might have something to do with it. I can thank Beauty and the Beast for my interest in vore.

As for maids, and Victorian fashion in general, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A movie I saw only once, and have vague memories about, but the fashion sticks with me.
File: 1542834306720.jpg (7 KB, 320x267)
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Anyone else with this Patrician taste?
Getting a spanking fetish from being spanked activates my fetish >>8307806

Getting it from Disney can't, unless actual spankings ensued later.

Doing what with it anon?
When I was a kid I read a shit ton, like a book every three days. One day I’m reading a new book, Animorphs. First transformation scene comes and haha whaaaaaat is happening to my dick. Turned out it was like that with all the tf scenes. Who’d have thunk it! I didn’t really care what people were turning into, just that they were doing it. The process of their body morphing was just nuts to me. Continues on into young adulthood, sort of really digging this but not having any clear favorite tfs, but I really loved when people’s necks get longer and their T&A expand. Then one day I’m browsing some tf story site and I read this one called The Magical Orb with some tags I’d never read before. It’s about a college girl who tricks her friends into letting her all turn them into stretchy expandable rubber girls. Never came harder in my young adult life. Has all the best parts of the TFs I loved except reversible and they don’t end up a dumbass dragon or some shit. And it still slays me today.
also just a quick follow up to distance myself from the inflation people by saying that I hate that fetish and wish it never existed. Same with flattening. Just stretchy and sometimes goo girls. Thanks.
Lol eolt

Short aunt, small tits. Went from always teasing when I was a kid to playing coy around teenage years. DNF but she hardcoded that shit into me when we'd "watch movies" and basically rub each other all over.

15yo had 14yo bff, redhead chick, and we'd toe the lines with intimacy; always clothed. She brought me to her 12yo gf's house and they gave me a clothed footjob while gf's family made food in the next room. Started toward rapeplay with 14yo but realized what I was doing, where it could go, and cut contact with both.

>thighjob, kneehigh or thighhigh socks, pissing
YMCA, lifeguard was into teasing me in the stalls. Volunteered to help clean after joint swim days with schools. Also cfnm to a lesser degree; difficult to refuse 8-9 15-17yo's who want to toy with you. Also got peed on in the sauna after they warmed up my dry towel over the coals.

>famalam, wincest
Lived in a group home before adopted and the older woman counselor was into shota, moreso into playing onee-san. Famalam that adopted me had an older sister into farming and a younger sister into tomboy skaterpunk shit. The aunt thing didn't help.

Younger girls, 16-18yo introduced me to it. They said it was the only time they felt they could explore stuff like bestiality, loli/shota, or their insecurities about their bodies and relationships with others without feeling guilty or grossed out after masturbating. Can relate.

>also have a slight tendency toward teasing/getting teased in public
>and edging (myself or girls) as a sport
Ttd idk what about me makes girls want to experiment with me -- I'm maybe a 6/10 skinny twig of a dude, don't really talk much, and just kind of roll through life's waves. I know I'll never understand what really makes them tick lol, but it's cool there are a couple places to relate.

Otherwise a boring, pretty typical ans average americunt life. Not really any passions or whatever. NEET now, too.
I’m into maledom largely because I’m some variety of asexual/aromantic (autochorisexual).

I have a libido but because of the aforementioned, there wasn’t anything really interesting about sex inherently aside from my body’s natural response. Instead of the natural interest sex would bring, I grew a lust for power. Being male, this translated into maledom.

I am 100% convinced that if I were born a woman I’d be into femdom.

Also, as I’ve become less homophobic with age, the idea of being the dominant partner in a gay relationship has become more appealing.

It’s kind of weird being ace/aro, because there was never a point in my youth where I suddenly had a very obvious example of what I was interested in. To this day, I’m not sure if I’d be straight, gay, or bi without the ace thing.

Anyone else with a similar experience? I’d be fascinated to hear how others would develop given similar circumstances.

Is this a new pasta?
Has all the qualities of one. Ticks the right boxes of pseud, misunderstood psychology, pop science, and cultural views.
No, I just copied my post over from the last thread since it died immediately after.

Feel free to spam it tho, kek
>misunderstood psychology
>pop science
>cultural views

Please explain
Sub male but I hide it and intend to take it to my grave.

I probably got this fetish when my dad hit me. I just like the idea of being dominated by a woman. No pegging or anything like that, just basically her doin what she wants while having sex.
tumbler migrant
I distinctly remember the first porn I ever saw was a woman in some sort of latex bondage, but after that it was probably a couple years before I figured out what masturbation was, and then saw my first vagina after a frat guy texted it to my new cell phone which looked fucking horrifying to me at the time. A year or two after that, I saw a video of a guy fingering himself, and thus I turned into a guy with a fetish for crossdressing guys being tied up and fucked, with a disdain for pussy because of how disgusting it looks.
Armpit fetish

First started in HS when I was waiting for class to start, this was close to summer break.

Since it was already pretty hot this one girl who was in my class and who I was talking too decided to tie her hair together, she put her arms behind above and behind her head and what followed next was an eye full of not only sweaty but stubbly armpits.

That's how I got my armpit fetish and my sweat fetish.

Disclosure: I've only ever been with one person so it isn't like I've actually been able to indulge in these two fetishes, but their are a regular part of my ''routine'' if you know what I mean.
You guys ever consider that 95% of "fetishes" are just things that sound fun to you?

Like I have a kink for slime cuz I tried paper mache in art class and the glue we used just fucking felt good. There's no freaky psychological explanation, if it feels good to touch with your hands it would probably feel good on your dick.

The other 5% of "fetishes" are from people who are genuinely fucked in the head and can't tell what's normal.... if you have the capacity to realize your desires are fantasy and not necessarily a good idea in real life then what you have is a normal imagination, not some psychological condition.
lesbian clothed tickle bondage. i need the toes to be individually bound and complete restraint to get anything out of it.
Shrinking fetish. The shrinking Animorphs book where they shrink to a mm and a half. I came so hard reading that section.
My obscure fetish is over-the-underwear fondling. I guess because i used to jack off with my pants on for fear of being walked in on.
god please don’t take it to the grave, men like you are so hard to find
finding a woman who actually does what she likes is even harder to find.
sub men are rather common, and there's a higher demand for dom men. (quite literally)

every time ive gotten with a dom woman, she's all into her kinky stuff, and i agree to it all, but after a few sessions, she starts to feel guilty, and feels like shes being to abusive which is ridiculous, since they never actually do anything remotely resembling abuse.

idk why women always get sentimental, and just refuse to be dominating.

my current GF was the last straw for me, ive given up "being sub" .
same old scenario, she's worried she'd hurt me, and im tired of fighting it lol.

when i was 12 or 13 i was confused about my sexuality and desperately wanted to explore it.
was spending the night with my friend once and since i knew they were a heavy sleeper i started kissing and groping them while they slept

i really regret doing that to them now.
but now i very much want to do it to someone again, with some form of prior consent i guess
File: 1544147494187.jpg (84 KB, 479x800)
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Gfd (gentle femdom) and monster girls. A lot has contributed to this, so I'm not gonna say it all here. One thing is, despite all popular belief about those into gfd, I don't want to be coddled like a fucking infant. I enjoy cuddling and all that, but I'm into gentle femdom, not mommydom.
Something I've gathered from these threads is that there seem to be three main "families" of fetish, and the same fetish an be manifested by any of the three. Some seem to manifest more from one family than the others, but I've heard a lot over the past few months, and studied a bit more besides.

The first are the childhood association ones. At some point as a kid, someone saw something and thought it was hot. This could be a manifestation of the other two, it could be because of a show or unusual situation, it could be completely random and innocent, I wish I knew more about developmental psychology so I could say more.
A lot of these are some of the hardest to describe "why". For some people, these predate their ability to even ask why. For a lot of people, these hit around puberty. Others pick them up much, much earlier, I've heard 4 and 5.
A related sub-family is the "first bond"" family. Some feature of someone's first bf/gf or sexual partner has become fixed as something that is "hot". Whether this is a form of idolizing that person, or just early associations with sex seems to vary.

Second is wish fulfillment. Someone in some way didn't get something they wanted or needed, and now that desire is expressed through sexual means. Alternatively, someone DID get something as a child, and now they miss it terribly.
I have some assorted ramblings on why these seem to be expressed through sex so much, but nothing I'm really confident in yet.

Third is trauma reenactment. This is something many people who have been traumatized go through, and the fact that the reenactment is sexual doesn't always mean the trauma was.

There is a fourth family I'm working on explaining better, but I haven't yet really figured out what the common link, besides the obvious is. There's some kind of family centered around power dynamics that I just can't quite find purchase on.
TG stuff
Saw that mountain dew commercial where the guy turns his friend into a girl on TV and for some reason it just sort of clicked. I think the same ad did the same for a lot of other people with the fetish.
Commercial for the curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2XAlhBGR4w
Werewolf girls
It was an episode of something I was watching when I was maybe 8 on Disney channel and for some reason I jacked off without knowing what I was doing and from there it’s all I can get off too
>I have some assorted ramblings on why these seem to be expressed through sex so much, but nothing I'm really confident in yet.
Ramble anyway! That's what these threads are for!

>and the fact that the reenactment is sexual doesn't always mean the trauma was.
Why? And why is trauma reenacted this way, through fetishes?

>There's some kind of family centered around power dynamics
I'm into power dynamics a LOT but I'm pretty sure it's wish-fulfillment, and maybe a little of the other two. What makes power dynamics have their own family?

Never been popular with girls. Ugly, short, shy, you know the deal. Only ever had a couple dozen sexual encounters with random drunk sluts during high school and couple of paid whores later in life. Thus the idea of a group of women comletely dedicated to me; who share the same bed, house and life with me, dote on me and open sexually only to me appeals me on a elemental level.

Had to cook for my shit, clean and wash my clothes on my own since age 9 because reasons. Goes with the aforementioned theme; on the fantasy of being pampered and serviced by the opposite sex.

>natural girls
Found my granpas porn mags when I was 7, all featuring women of all races and ages, nothing unusual, playboy tier stuff. Thing is, all those women had pubic hair, no tattoos or piercings, no implants or botox. Minimal photoediting as well. Have never found shaved girls arousing, or those with ink, dyed hair and piercings for that matter.

>gentle maledom
I don't know if this is even a thing. I'm not a submissive guy, so I don't find /gfd/ appealing in that way. However I do enjoy the tenderness and intimacy featured in a lot of /gfd/; but I always picture myself as the dom, never the girl.

I have a hypersensitive olfactory system so parfymes and scented deodorants have always given me a severe headache. I use soda for my armpits myself. I can't stand rancid or ''dirty'' sweat, but there's something about the way a girl's skin tastes like and smells like after she comes from a shower but we start fucking and she gets sweaty again that never fails to get me diamond hard. Pheromones?
>Watch a shitload of cartoons as a kid
>Many of them involved people getting transformed against their will
>Get screwed in the head
Hello there redshift
Well, okay.
First, before anything, I might have uni under my belt, but very little of that was directed towards psychology. Additionally, a lot of the data I have especially for the sexual manifestation of this stuff comes from right here on 4chan, and that means a bit of larp is likely in my data, so bear those two things in mind
My ass is the source for a lot of this

So, it shouldn't be that hard to believe that there's a close link between sex and the un/low conscious. Maybe it's innate, maybe it's because we've all grown up being told that's the case, I dunno, it doesn't matter much. What does is that by way of sexuality and fetishes, people get a more-or-less controllable, reliable, and safe way to express those unmet desires.
We all know that we can't bitch and moan that our mommies and daddies didn't love us enough in day-to-day life, but by using the controlled environment of fetishes, we can put that shit away, and only take it out in a "safe" environment.
Now, I say mommies and daddies, and not to get too Freudian on you (I think of him kinda like Aristotle. Great ideas for the time he made 'em, but he's been utterly btfo over the years), but I think a nice chunk of this wish fulfillment family is rooted in themes of affection and love, mostly familial.
I don't know if it's because people have an "icky" aversion to actual, no-nonsense parental incest, even here on /d/, but I rarely see people directly reference their parents in these sorts of things.
I DO see quite a bit of older siblings, ESPECIALLY older sisters.
I don't know if it's the times we live in or what, but I don't think I've read one post about anon missing hugs and cuddles from their mom or dad, while there are two to three per thread about anon missing being held by their older sister
Maybe there's something there? Maybe the last generation of parents weren't affectionate enough? That might explain why there's so much mommydom going on now.

I might ramble for a post or two more
Forgot to mention in my disclaimer: I'm American, culturally, all of my observations are from that perspective. Some of it might be applicable to other western civilizations?
Childhood associations, particularly those associated with cartoons, or the growing furry movement, I think are the result of sexual repression.
It's so hard to find anything the least bit titillating these days.
Surely, you all know the stereotype of the young boy so desperate for wank material he absconded with the sears catalog to look at underwear models.
I don't even think that is reasonably possible anymore.
Yes, everyone has an internet connection now, some young people's first "sexual" experience is drinking from the firehose, but I think a lot of young people are starved for sexual stimuli.
Kids go that year, two year period where their mind is primed to see someone naked and develop the most "normal" fetish, the love of nude humans of the opposite sex, and it just never happens. Then, because on a lizard brain level, sex needs to happen, they latch on to "something" provocative from a cartoon, or maybe lock on to the next best thing, like feet (Because just like genitals, feet are always covered, right?). I think it's just a descent into madness from there. They've already started sexualizing the nonsexual, so there's nothing really in place to stop that
Further, on Cartoons in particular, I think that's just a percentage of exposure thing. Kids are so isolated now, cartoons and child-directed media are now pretty much all they do. Kids are starved for friends to establish human connections with, so I don't think it's at all surprising that they are connecting more with cartoon animals than other humans
Final thought, the "sexual" design is everywhere now. People much smarter than me have been paid great sums of money to make everything from cheeseburgers to shampoo look as sexually gratifying as possible, because it sells. Imagine what that might do to a developing mind?
Also, please, call bullshit or me being dumb where you see it, or else just your own thoughts on a subject. Open invitation to discourse.

Trauma reenactment being moved over to the realm of sexuality is, I believe, a very similar transition that wish fulfillment makes.
Sex is a controlled, safe environment where dis tractors from being able to be a good, productive member of society get thrown into so they don't act as much on the real world.

Reliving and reenacting trauma is like, a basic point of something being trauma in the first place.
Being scared is something you feel once, then move on from. Maybe you remember it when you're telling a story, or when asked to remember it, but it's controlled.
Trauma is when you get scared (or whatever) and then it keeps coming back. Trauma is why the veteran has 'nam flashbacks, and why the rape survivor jumps every time someone touches them from behind, but why someone who saw a scary movie doesn't flinch every time the lights go out.
Reenactments on the other hand, I believe I understand a bit better. On the one hand, it fits with the whole reliving aspect of trauma, but on the other, it's an attempt to re-contextualize, understand, and make something less horrible than it was. It's a way to act out all of the ways it could have gone better, or worse. Some people like to reenact on themselves, others on other people, and some people come up with much more elaborate reenactments that may not even involve a person.

An example to explain this in sexual terms might come from a wetting fetish (Not that all wetting fetishes are trauma-based, remember, the same displayed fetish can have different origins!). Someone who has a particularly humiliating experience with peeing them-self might take great psychic satisfaction from either wetting them-self, and it not only being not embarrassing, but something positive, or from watching someone else go through the same, and thus distancing the experience from yourself.
the only fetish i have is vore, and its always really annoying to not have any idea where it came from.

my earliest memory of it was getting hard while thinking about frogs eating flies; i was 5. i only found out it was a thing when i was 16

The power dynamic fetishes, I might be a little less clear on. Like I said, i'm still developing the idea.
I DO think it is at least tangentially related to wish-fulfillment, but the exact way eludes me a bit. Part of it might ALSO be trauma reenactment.

Broadly speaking, I'd say that power dynamic stems from two major sources: Trust, and Security.
Trust is the more straightforward one. We live in a society of backstabbing motherfuckers that will betray you in a heartbeat to virtue signal for five minutes. Thanks to the likes of Zuckerburg, people live such carefully guarded lives that the idea of being vulnerable, or displaying the tiniest bit of inconsistency is dread-inducing.
People weren't meant to live that way. People are by nature hypocrites, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The idea then, that you could completely and utterly at someone's mercy, and everything would be okay, is one that I think is attractive to a lot of people.
On the other hand, someone having all of that power over someone, and then NOT ruining their life is a bit of wish fufilment-bleading-over-into-trauma-reenactment.

The Trauma reenactment angle is easy: people get fucked by this world of backstabbing motherfuckery, why not get a redo where it's nice instead of horrid?

Security is a bit more abstract.
Freedom is great. It really is. But it's also exhausting. Decision fatigue is actually a thing; it's why wealthy, important people hire people to decide their wardrobes and meals for them. it's not just being lazy assholes, they are actually saving that decision-making ability.

Sometimes, people like being told what to do. Having a place in life feels good. Being held underneath something isn't always oppressive, sometimes it's downright cozy.
On the other end, some people have all of that freedom, but very few choices to make.
I think you see where this is going

That's it for now, methinks
I'll keep it short and say that I mix fetishes into the following main scenario:
I'm really really into shortish, overweight but petite girls with long hair, small breasts and wearing one piece sailor dresses and going around in their barefeet, also with them wearing tape on diapers and soiling/wetting them.
The sex part comes from changing them and then proceeding to penetration...you know before actually cleaning them...
Characters would generally be between 14 and 20.
>I don't know if it's because people have an "icky" aversion to actual, no-nonsense parental incest, even here on /d/, but I rarely see people directly reference their parents in these sorts of things.
>I DO see quite a bit of older siblings, ESPECIALLY older sisters.

For me at least, I think it's recency.
My mom and dad were affectionate towards me when I was young, but then they stopped at some point. It's not like they ever outright said "no more affection", and if I went in for a hug, they'd give me one, but it became a much more "in passing" thing.
My big sister would hug and cuddle me while we watched TV up until she moved out. I was like, 14 at the time.
She's still very physically affectionate with me, she gives the best hugs, rustles my hair, and just won't leave me alone and is just the best, and it never feels like an afterthought.

So, maybe not just recency, but sincerity?
Like, I know my parents love me, but I think of their affection like what they were contractually obliged to give me, because I was their child.
My big sis, I feel, didn't owe me anything, but still gave me the warmest place in her heart, and loved giving it to me. Even her contractual obligation to bully and be a bit mean to me as an older sibling was heavily filtered through love and affection, it was holding me tight and not letting me go when I was grumpy or upset.

Maybe it's that love I miss, too. I've had two girlfriends (Both of them broke up with me, I always tried), and even at their best, either before or after sex, the heat of a romantic moment, or when they were consoling me after something, I never once felt even nearly the level of love from them that my big sister would just have.
File: 1527609399627.jpg (64 KB, 735x711)
64 KB
I dunno about the outfits and soiling, but cute, chubby, short girls are GOAT
Honestly, the girl acting kind of greedy and spoiled aswell or even fake-tarded can be a turn on for me too.
I love the idea of dressing up as a woman too in these scenarios.
The idea of having power over something seems to be a thing for me while imagining the person I've put in the fetish situation is another me.
My sph/penis shrinking started because my childhood friend Paul would have me masturbate simultaneously with him and he was probably 7” and I was 3” so he would make fun of my size often. As well he would cum much more than I and his was very thick and white and he would also make comments on the lack of likelihood that I would ever impregnate a woman which probably lends to my cuckhold fetish: he was correct though I have no children of my own genetics.
>my childhood friend Paul would have me masturbate simultaneously with him
Tell me this went further
File: 1498454266719.png (923 KB, 1000x1399)
923 KB
923 KB PNG
same here, but I went further when I was 8 years old by wanting to pierce my own navel, eventually realized that it felt really good attempting to do so, instead of trying to poke the upper lip I started poking my navel directly using a pencil.

From there on I tried out a sewing needle, as a kid I didn't know what I was doing, all I know is that I was getting aroused and it was the most pleasurable thing I felt, I would prick the center of my navel, paying attention to not push it through the skin, all of this leading to an orgasm.
I was never able to penetrate my navel as a child, however I did it as a teen.
I took a pin and pushed it in an inch, as soon as I penetrated my sweet spot (this is a spot in your navel where it doesn't hurt to poke sharp things into) I felt exhilarated, almost as if I were edging.

Later on I learned that I'm not the only person who has done this in their life, apparently navel torture/navel play is really erogenous, however I'm surprised how little care people take when doing things like this.

On the side of giving/receiving, I'd only want this done to myself.
Today though, I no longer share an extreme interest in doing this anymore as I know it's not something that's a "safe" fetish.
Oh and I'm generally scared of hypodermic needles, so doing this and not being afraid is weird.

tl;dr pain in my navel makes me cum

When I was like 10 I had this dream where my 4th grade teacher turned into an anthro werewolf (with tits too). I was so confused by the dream and why I remembered it so vividly. I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks. Totally Spies and Martin Mystery were my favorite shows at the time, and I even remember being fascinated with the Goosebumps episode where that boy turns into a dog. Eventually I went on Google images and searched for werewolf transformations and discovered Transfur.com.
Basically the only thing I can jerk it too now is transformation. Even when I'm looking at vanilla porn of redheads I always put a transformation spin on it inside my head. I look at Loli too but just as inspiration for regression stories inside my head.
I got into Sissy’s/traps because I couldn’t find any women who dress feminine online and whenever I saw the dick I always wondered “what does that feel like to wear” and the rest was history
school house rock the adjectives song

felt like a swarm of bees got set loose when I saw this scene, I was a stupid kid in kindergarten and I'd get myself stuck in the tube slide so the girls would crash into me

something about girls hurting me without giving it any thought really got me off
>Try crossdressing as a kid
>Discover 4chan as a teen
>W-what's a trap?
>10 years later
>28 yr old tranny
>Fuck you 4chan
File: 1543954702099.jpg (174 KB, 1150x960)
174 KB
174 KB JPG

Back in middle school we had these chairs with holes in the back of them, and I sat in front of this girl that liked to put her feet on and kick my ass through the hole in my seat.

She really seemed to enjoy it, and while I didn't say anything at first due to awkwardness I discovered that I actually quite liked it and was happy to let her do it.

One day when we were working together in a group I even mustered up the courage to sit backward in the chair facing her (so my crotch was facing the hole). I was a pussy though and only sat like this for a few seconds until we made eye contact and I couldn't help but readjust and sit sideways.

Other than that in never went anywhere or escalated in any way. She found me annoying and was always fairly mean to me when we talked.

Also this one time in middle school this other girl threw an eraser at me because I was annoying her, and it hit me right in the balls.

Now that I think about it, I got more action in middle school than any time since then.
>I was a stupid kid in kindergarten and I'd get myself stuck in the tube slide so the girls would crash into me
My brother.
There was a pretty nice exit from the slide at my kindergarten, and I remember looking to see if a girl was going down, then walking in front of it so she'd end up hitting me and on top of me.
One time, two friends went down at once and knocked my tooth out.
Another time, it was a much older girl who wasn't supposed to be using it, must have been 4th, 5th grade, and by that time I had refined my technique, and knew how to wriggle to get up in such a way that I'd throw out arms and legs and they'd fall on me again.
She was so wonderfully heavy.
Those 10 seconds were the best moments of my life, and I remember my dick hurt.
File: 13065365188.jpg (97 KB, 800x600)
97 KB
two thoughts:
- you're not that guy, he's hiding it
- "top drop" is a thing (also happens to dominant men) and you need to be supportive. if you're irritable because she feels bad after domming you, you're making it worse.
the supply is not the problem, the process of finding is the problem. this study found 29% male subs and 11% female doms:
however, the study used self-report samples which means that the proportions don't generalize. but obviously you're not going to find 29% if the actual proportion is 1% or something, there's no sample bias that could cause that.
I don't really know where to start and I didn't think I'd do this, but I'll list what I've been cursed with first. BBW, weight gain, vore (related to the first two, not hard vore but a bit of giantess can be thrown in) are the main things. Other less prominent preferences are yandere, monstergirl, gfd, tomboy, moe personifications of machinery/vehicles, and other body characteristics like sharp teeth, scary type of eyes, and tall.

I figure the bbw/weight gain stuff started way early due to being thin and seeing weight loss stuff around, not sure how that kind of thing works. I remember seeing this fat girl in elementary school, and didn't understand what my peepee was doing so I kept it to myself. The weight gain aspect is probably just the allure of more fat, and the progression of outgrowing clothes and other things. Vore is a weird one, probably from cartoons or something. I remember imagining what if a fat girl ate a seal or some blubbery animal and gained it all on herself. Since then it's been something I just kept stumbling across while searching for the first two, until recently where I've been seeking it out but the type I like seems a bit uncommon.
I discovered my vore fetish by accidentally dying to Jabba's Rancor in SW: Battlefront II. It felt interesting and I just kept doing it. I think about 6 months to a year later I found out what vore even is.
On to the other stuff.

Yandere and/or GFD probably due to a want for someone to like me just as I am. Though yandere and the sharp teeth, scary eyes,and monstergirl as well probably stem from my crap brain thinking danger and bad decisions are fun. Tall goes well with GFD, and probably being cared for.

Moe personification of machinery wasn't really something I was aware of until I read flight highschool. Something about the characteristics of something mechaincal and somewhat familiar being put onto a cute girl gets me going in a different way from the main stuff. Other moe anthropomorphisms are also good.

Tomboy because tomboys are great.
Ask questions If you want, I feel like I left a lot out on these.
I used to really fucking hate the idea of zombies. It creeps me out that your loved ones can be reduced to horrifying walking corpses with no way to stop it once you're infected. There could be one hiding under a table or your bed and you'd be dead in a single bite. Same thing with vampires. Shit kept me up at night for years. Which, of course, led to a transformation fetish.

Either that, or that one Digimon series where the kids turned into Digimon to fight bad guys. Or possibly Ben 10.
Do you remember the name?
>apparently navel torture/navel play is really erogenous,
That's bizarre, I feel nothing sensitive/erogenous about mine. This all stemmed from wanting a navel piercing? You're a cis girl I assume?

>however I'm surprised how little care people take when doing things like this.
Uh-oh. What do they do?
Only posting because there's a funny story attached
> waxplay
I was doing my laundry once and forgot to take a tube of chapstick out of my pocket. Luckily it didn't spill and ruin my pants when I took them out of the dryer, but when I took the cap off, it spilled all over my hand and felt incredible. Fast forward to me buying candles and dripping wax on myself.
Oddly enough, not terribly into it in fiction. Or at least, I haven't seen much good stuff.
it went
>body swap
>body swap with girls
>tg-ing self only
>tg-ing self and getting pounded by a guy

aaaaand im bi now, apparently ;_;
Describe all this in more detail please!
Throw futa into that and you've got me :I
what do you mean lol

futa never did much for me
Domming, Typically with TF/MC involved.

Was raised on horror movies as a kid and I did online RPs in my younger teens that often involved Transformation. Problem was there were few dominant or evil people, so I just started doing it and liked it.

I'm weird. I don't like being on the Tf/Mc end, but I love doing it to others.
How did each step progress to the next? How did you feel at each point?
My sister and her hot friend used to cross dress me and put on make up and the like. I kinda let them do it because when I was younger I just liked the attention from her friend. I would get insane erections, but, I think it was more from said attention. Now, the idea of being put into girls clothes just gives me that massive errection... even started doing it willingly for a while... got help from my sister with make up tips and the like.

never had the desire to like go on hormones or anything, and I've since stopped because well once your past the late teens early 20's it's hard for even really skinny kinda femmie guys to pull it off.
For a while I was really into forced fem. I've since learned that the only reason I ever had this fetish is because I've had the perfectly-normal inclination to be feminine, and femininity in men is shamed and derided. What do you get when you secretly want something but everyone tells you it makes you bad and shameful? You get a variation of this fetish.

Culture changes at lightning pace these days, and the second it stopped being as shameful, this fetish disappeared. Like, it's totally gone. It used to be 90% of what I jacked off to, and it's all gone. It's just too normal, ordinary, accepted now, encouraged even. Where's the excitement? I'm actually in crisis because I can't figure out what I like without this thing.

The culture you grow up in absolutely influences your fetishes, and after seeing this happen, I'm not convinced all of them should be considered benign or healthy.
>Now, the idea of being put into girls clothes just gives me that massive errection... even started doing it willingly for a while...
But despite this, you went off it when you stopped being able to pull it off? Are there any relics of it left in your sexuality?

>My sister and her hot friend used to cross dress me and put on make up and the like.
Why the hell do girls love doing this so much?!

How feminine are you? What sorts of forced fem?
File: 1499063737362.png (1.39 MB, 2125x1500)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG

This all stemmed from wanting a navel piercing? You're a cis girl I assume?

yes it started from me wanting to pierce my navel, trying out various needles and pins, including nails, found out I can't pierce it and I poked around a needle a bit lower, found a spot in my navel that felt weird but really arousing and started pushing into it at an angle, it hurt my little finger so I pulled up my panties and shorts, aligned it with the needle and helped push it, that was my first orgasm.

i've tried various things on my navel such as clamps & hairclips on upper lip tied to my nips and lower lip tied to my clit, wax, tweezers, a really small screw (once).

if you don't feel anything, it's okay, don't be discouraged because you might feel really ticklish if someone else fingers you there, I know my bf didn't like navels & didn't have this fetish until I started playing with his navel, boys can feel it tingle in their penis as well.

>Uh-oh. What do they do?

you need to be aware that if you are going to insert and push in a needle/pin directly downwards into your navel, your navel has to be clean and the needle has to be sterile and you shouldn't push in a needle more than half inch.
most people hurt themselves by not taking time to find out their sweet spot is (usually the center of their navel) where you don't feel anything at all except that something is going in.
very strange how the human navel is kind of like a pin cushion and some people have a connection to their private parts from there.

oh and to answer your question, i assume there are people who are into this fetish who don't take as many precautions or get lost in the pleasure and they take it to more extreme levels than they should.
you are not supposed to bleed from this and that hasn't happened to me.

this being said, i don't need to do this to orgasm but i do need a partner to finger my belly button to cum but i would love to get tied down and trust someone to torture my navel.
>that was my first orgasm.
Roughly how old were you? That's sure to have psychological repercussions...

>this being said, i don't need to do this to orgasm but i do need a partner to finger my belly button to cum
Are you happy with that?
File: IMG_20181211_042919.jpg (98 KB, 671x769)
98 KB
It sorta disgusts me to think about but my mom is a very crude person and I thunk might've been the source of my burping fetish. There werent any other particularly burpy influences in my life growing up, I must've got Freuded.
File: 1444267733606.jpg (494 KB, 1139x1200)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
>Roughly how old were you? That's sure to have psychological repercussions...

i think i was 11-13 when that happened. i'm a little submissive but i think i'm okay.

>Are you happy with that?
i am, but it really depends with who you are with. i can cum from other means too so it doesn't bother me much, but it's a bit harder to do so.

i think the initial experience made me open to experience more sexually stimulating pain, but i'm happy with my fetish because i enjoy all sorts of navel play and i don't need to do extreme things to cum.
eh, i guess i can do that. it wont be great tho

>be me, little kid
>see body swap in a cartoon for the first time at a young age
>peepee gets hard af
>idk what it was but i thought it was hot apparently
>thought about it a few times
>the whole thing seemed pretty cool to me
>had a few fantasies i dont even remember
>soon, have my first crush
>shits good, think about her a lot
>one day i think about body swapping
>how cool it would be to be her, but temporarily
>think about this a lot more than body swap, feel horny when i do
>dont know how to get rid of the feeling yet so i just keep thinking
>slowly wonder about other girls and how it would feel like to be one
>still straight tho
>one day i google sex change stuff
>discover tg porn soon, read everything
>fall down the tg rabbithole
>masturbated for the first time
>holy shit masturbating was fun
>rarely beat it to anything else
>one day i think about how fun forced tg on myself would feel
>gets me REALLY excited
>like, heart pumping kind of excited
>masturbate to it once, feels great
>jack off twice
>thrice, 4th time...
>soon its all i jack off too
>kind of have a humiliation fetish, imagine the person tg-ing me is a guy
>a guy who turns me into a complete qt girly girl and fucks me hard
>shits even more fun
>keep jacking off
>lose the desire to jack off to anything else
>oh shit, this is wrong
>i stop it, but the feeling comes back occasionally and its really strong
>been trying to quit for half a year now
>had a wet dream about a guy at some point (where im a guy too, just a very feminine one)
>shit left me feeling more excited than anything before
>except for one time i thought of banging my crush as a kid...i think

and now im here. it still comes back sometimes, like right now. i just wanna dress up and get dolled up for a big strong man, act like his cutesy little girl, be fucked silly until my legs shake and im mindbroken, do housewifey stuff for him and cuddle with him at night. i kinda hate it
what the fuck is this word?
You ever masturbate to those naval navels, you know, stuff from KanColle?
Nice lmao, my sph fetish started when I was 10 or 11 and I stumbled upon those omegle reactions to small penises, the idea of having my dick mocked and abused gets me off so hard even tho mine isn't laughably small like 5 inches
I had a lightbulb moment when you were talking about wetting. Super interesting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I honestly would love to read more about this.
The power dynamic talk was interesting as well, I get the impression it's present in a lot of vanilla or otherwise people's sex lives to varying degrees.
Really it was fun being all trappy, aged up facial hair darkened and thicked and I started working out more for health reasons instead of just working my legs for shape. If I could still pull it off, I'd do it in a heart beat... I'm afraid though I'd just end up looking like some queen. To bad really.

Turns me on when other guys do it, but, not in the same way.

As for why? I donno, I was always partial to having long hair, and I was skinny and think moderately femme. I adored the hell out of it.
I'm into weird shit. Played too much diablo as a kid and now I'm horny for jesus, but I'm also catholic so not that weird.
But I'm more into horror. Was fixated on prototype and silent hill and scp as a tween and a few hours ago I jerked off reading lovecraft because that's hot

Is this anon still around? I have a few questions about your experience.
I had two situations when I was younger where I was in this position and to this day I regret the fact that I didn't go through with it at both times.
when I was 6 or 7 a girl made me lick her feet while she licked mine when I went to her house ( she was older than me ).

at the time i thought it was a bit gross.

years later I came across a youtube video of girls forcing a guy to sniff their socks and instantly got drawn to it
You would all be surprised what the contents of women's magazines were, when it comes to discovering fetishes.
Most would think a male relatives porn magazine would start someone on something.
My mother's tabloid magazines introduced me to diapers and also weight gain.
File: ezgif-2-3edc65f49d.gif (1.98 MB, 610x343)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
i watched alien at a young age so now anything involving aliens impregnating/raping women gets me going
I'm pretty sure Totally Spies gave me a fat/weight gain fetish
>it wont be great tho
It seems a pretty classic progression but still good to hear.

>>fall down the tg rabbithole
>>masturbated for the first time
What was the first thing you masturbated to?

>>been trying to quit for half a year now
How old are you not? Dysphoric yet?

>where im a guy too, just a very feminine one
How feminine, compared to real life?

Just ask anyway, if she sees she can answer, and even if she doesn't, someone else might. She was asking for others with her tastes herself.
Body suits / body swap

I have rarely been proud of my body, and ever sense I was a kid I have enjoyed shape shifting characters. The idea that the same person may have many forms really interests me. I am also a habitual liar so a body change is a way for me to express my deceitfulness. A body suit or a body swap would let me change my form to one I could be more proud of while also concealing my true self. Its a way to escape being me.

I think the need to lie came from when I dad left me and my mom. I had a hard time dealing with the fact that he didn't want to be with me; that he would rather raise someone else's children. I always thought (still sort of do) that maybe if I was a bit cuter, cooler, smarter, fun to be around, then maybe my dad would not have ran out on me. And maybe I could have more then a couple friends at a time. And maybe I could get out of the dull cycles of my irritating life. Maybe if I was someone else, my life wouldn't suck as much.

Doesn't help that I spent a bit of my formative years pretending to be a girl on the internet. I grabbed some pics, started typing in mostly complete sentences, waited to long to respond to people to make it seem like I was busy, randomly flamed someone, etc. It was interesting to be treated differently, but I found that I didn't actually like being treated differently for too long. My self-identity is too strong. So one day I was online, and saw a pic of a boy putting on a body suit, and fucking a random dude. Then he took the suit off, and went about his life. My boner was off the charts. It was the perfect escapist vehicle for me.

If I had the money, I think I would get a set of those Kigurumis, or prosthetic tits/pussy (the kind you take on and off). I don't really want to transition, because I think it would be for the wrong reasons, but I could masquerade, that might work.
Not a fetish origin story but more of a fetish termination story. Used to be into traps. It wasn't the only thing I looked at but probably 50/50 between traps and girls. A friend of mine transitioned from being a guy to a girl. Legit didn't think much of it, just thought of him the same way at first. After like close to a year she looks legit adorable and dresses really cute. For some reason though just knowing the guy she used to be completely ruins it for me though and it just feels weird as fuck every time I see her that way, especially knowing that friend's dick is on her. Completely lost my interest in traps, shemales, dickgirls and so on. It just went from kink to instant bonerkill
Damn, I guess you'll find something else or get back to the way you were. I got some really fucked up digestive sickness that lasted for days and had my favorite sandwich right before it hit. I still can't enjoy that kind of sandwich, so I kinda understand.
>What was the first thing you masturbated to?
idk i dont remember exactly

>How old are you not? Dysphoric yet?
20. no dysphoria, just shame

>How feminine, compared to real life?
a lot more, im not very feminine irl
>don't really want to transition, because I think it would be for the wrong reasons,
Th-that's the only reason you don't want to? Because it's "the wrong reason" to want to?
Well, also the cost in time and money. Quality body modification ain't cheap, and I got bills to pay man. Quality transitioning is for the well to do. Us less blessed mortals must make do with what we have where we are.
>Quality transitioning is for the well to do.
Hm :(
My omorashi fetish started in high school and there's one specific memory I have that kicked it off.

When I was in 9th grade, I had a huge crush on this Korean girl. She had a really nice ass and I masturbated to her a lot but never had the courage to talk to her. One day we were taking a test and she pissed in her pants. Not just a little bit of piss either, she emptied most of her bladder and there was a giant puddle in her chair and on the floor. She had yoga pants on and it all just went right through. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen up to that point in my life and I still masturbate to it at least once a week.
File: 1541810012265.jpg (98 KB, 694x620)
98 KB
i can't tell you what's good or bad but i can tell you that shame has never made a fetish go away and usually makes it stronger.
ergo, the only way for you to be happy is to stop reacting negatively to your desires. what happens next is anyone's guess.

I'm fairly certain this is the start of the TF fetish. Also I liked to put pillows in my pants. Not sure why
okay, thanks anon
>The male subjects wanted what they could not obtain, however the female subjects did not conform to the theory of reactance. Although their freedom to choose was taken away, it had no overall effect on them.

But the article doesn't connect reactance to any sexual response.

>but i can tell you that shame has never made a fetish go away and usually makes it stronger.
Kinda catch 22...
File: 1543777863194.png (409 KB, 540x773)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
true. the way i understand the extension to sexuality is: the desire not to get off to this is the constraint, getting off to it is the restricted activity, reactance makes you want to do it more.
partially this is based on my own failed attempts to "cure" a vore fetish. i never stopped getting off to vore, but after i stopped hating myself, i found i could also get off to lots of other things too. even mild stuff like pic related.
That makes sense. I get aroused by disturbing things I read. I haven't made a strong effort to get of or not get off to it, but I've been revolted by by arousal anyway. Maybe I should drop that and just let myself fantasize about it as much as it feels hot.
That's kinda where I'm at, I love the imagery but I'm not sure I wanna try it in real life...

Maybe I just wanna watch?
if i fap without being concerned, i might become gay or 'agp'
if im ashamed about what i fap about, the shame will make me gay
im fucked ;_;
When I was 5 or 6, I developed a foot fetish while I watched a music video about a woman walking around the streets naked after getting out of a bathtub one Thanksgiving at my aunts house. I focused on her feet mostly and actually took my lil PP out.

Bonus points if anyone could point me out to that music video by chance... Somewhere in the mid 90's...
Mines probably pretty bland and typical.

I liked a girl all the way back in Kindergarten. My mom even has me on video saying how much I liked her. I never had the guts to tell her though so I just constantly stuck around her. By second grade she got annoyed with me and started picking on me and making fun of me with her friends. This continued all the way to fifth grade. Unfortunately we did not go to the same middle school but we did end up going to the same high school where she immediately started picking on me again but it was different. She tolerated me and we were even friends I would say but I still never had the guts to tell her. Just every time I tried my voice would utterly fail me, I'm sure she knew though. Unfortunately she went to college out of state and I've lost all contact with her. Now though I cant see myself with a girl that doesn't pick on me and make fun of me. I've been in a few relationships but it never feels "right."
In my experience, desires can be added but never subtracted. Unless some bad experience makes you feel sick about it, but I wouldn’t say the desire “left” in that case. Like I used to like hypno/mindbreak stuff more before a bad trip landed me in the psych ward on major tranquilizers. I still get turned on by it, I just can’t fap to it.
Anyway no amount of fapping can make you lose desires you already have, but if you’re trying to fap to something because you think it will make you stronger or whatever you’ll probably be bored or anxious and not aroused. If you’re not so self-loathing you’ll be able to get off to other things just for the hell of it and not as part of some autistic plan.
It sounds like you were always into bodyswap stuff because you said you got hard the first time you saw it. Everything after that was merely optimization.
It’s not that bad honestly and a surprising number of girls are into it. Maybe it’s not worth seeking out but at worst it feels warm & smells bad for a few minutes.
I was never that into it but my girlfriend wanted to piss on me in the shower and I ended up getting really turned on because of how forceful she was and just the general fact I was being subjected to her whims. She hasn’t pissed on my face so I’ve evaded the worst of it so far lmao
I'm an inflation/fatty/preggofag. No fucking idea where it came from. I have distant memories of being around 4 years old and thinking about cartoon characters being inflated. It just stuck with me as this weird thing that often came to my mind, and luckily I never brought it up with anyone.

When internet became a mainstream household thing at around year 2001, and I had the lucky chance of spending a night alone at home as my parents went to some concert, the first thing I did was try to learn about that stuff Google. Found some body inflation Yahoo groups and shitty homemade BBW galleries. Now I'm into 3D modelling and that has opened a whole new avenue for me: the chance to make my own wank material with no limitations to its depravity. Some day I might make a gallery of my own somewhere to fight my crippling loneliness, but not today.

Oh, and to add to that, lately I've began to develop a muscle fetish. Not hyper muscle. Just strong girls, often of some monster variety. I consider this a very healthy development.
Huh. My boyfriend has Marfans, and those pictures are still creepy to me.

That said, I’m pretty small and having a partner with long hands is extremely nice, he can reach pretty much all the way into me with only a couple of fingers.

He’s also very slender and feminine. We’re gonna buy him his first dress soon. He’s going to be gorgeous.
I've sort of experienced this, there was time I was not into diapers and bodily fluids at all, I was into really really fat women, then I acquired those other fetishes and I seem to be predominently it those.
Small chested girls are something I've pretty much fallen completely in love with ridiculously at this point, when I used to mostly like huge women more.
are you me?
Hairy Armpits

Probably developed during early teenage years when I was in middle school, and all the girls were going through puberty and getting hairy but weren't comfortable shaving yet. I remember hanging around a girl I was crushing on in PE and she raised her arm and I got a glimpse down her sleeve and saw super thick armpit hair and got super hard I had to go sit down to hide my boner.
Reading lovecraft as an adult really made me question reality. The more time goes the more I feel I am going insane.
I do know what you are talking about tho.
Do your preferences really match mine that closely? Something recent is I started playing girls frontline and I liked MP40's line about "I didn't gain weight" when you have her on your home screen.
In the movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids, there is a scene where the young hot teenage girl falls into a pool of muddy water.
The guy jumps in and pulls her out, gives her mouth to mouth.
>A fetish can be influenced by something as simple as a cartoon show
Pretty sure I got my spanking fetish from fucking Pokemon of all things. For a kid's show it certainly had a lot of spanking scenes.
I stumbled upon a brazilian fart porn ad when I was about seven. I had no idea why it made my pp hard, or what pp hard even meant. Also, that scene in MIB 2 where the alien takes the form of a Victoria's secret model, eats a man, gets really bloated, then belches up his shoes.
>desires can be added but never subtracted
over the last few years ive started becoming scared of girls, do you think thats why im turning full gay? like, maybe i was bi or something to begin with but this fear is stopping me from getting aroused
my fetish is pee and i had an attraction for peeing on stuff since i can remeber . i don't know how ī got it but i remember a few times pee related stuff happened in my childhood so that might be it . the thing is that i don't remeber if i had it back then or not
I asume I've always been demented in some way.

I remember on kindergarden I discovered my parts and what they do. I used to fap and imagine that the wooden frame with darker twig parts (you know how wood gets when made into boards?) - the twig parts would shoot out as rods in my mind, penetrating and also almost impaling me all over (in an automated way as a machine might) and rotating like inside a tube.

I was very lively kid, full of nervous energy. I enjoyed when I was forcefully made to stay still. Sometimes I practiced "escape from bondage" but I also kind of enjoyed the feeling of string on my skin.
This interest of course only got stronger when I was older.

>worn toys in everywhere (chastity)
This is maybe same than machines.. constant stimulation is the key.

I'd just love if I was used, taken.. I have no idea why. I guess I want to be wanted, lusted.
>Halloween one year, lol why not. Oh... dresses actually feel really nice on my body. And I actually look kinda cute...

>went through some very rough times a while back, found some people willing to help out with niche tastes that fit in with the above, had a lot of fun with it and enjoyed the kind of lifestyle I was able to live.

Being abused.
>the aforementioned escalated somewhat, but I was desperate and I guess I developed a taste for it.

Fat men & old men.
>developed a taste for this too.
How did she make you lick her feet?
>>Halloween one year, lol why not. Oh... dresses actually feel really nice on my body. And I actually look kinda cute...
What was the costume?
>found some people willing to help out with niche tastes that fit in with the above
Details anon!
Shoujo Senki Brain Jacker 1
The classic blue Alice (in Wonderland) dress. I gradually settled on I guess what you'd call gothic / gothic lolita.

One man in particular, a teacher of mine, who introduced me to a number of other men. He would buy me outfits and gave me a small allowance to hang out at is apartment, keep the place tidy & keep him company, give him blowjobs whenever he wanted. He eventually got me into anal & bondage/choking/spanking and general kinky stuff. He set up meetings and rented me out to guys, and I got a cut.

He retired and moved to the other end of the country, and I guess I had a bit of a panic with regards to my lifestyle and cut off all my contacts. Over-evaluation and the stigma surrounding this kind if thing can be hard and lead to rash decisions. I super miss it and want to get back into it.
Hypnotism. Had a crush on a girl, E, when we were both 4. I adored her and wanted to protect her with everything I had. One day a couple kids from some grades above us decide to fuck with us at recess and drag us, kicking and screaming, across the courts into the abandoned bathrooms on the other side of the school grounds. Felt the most helpless and terrified I’d ever been in my short existence, plus 2x worse because they were hurting E too and I couldn’t save her, couldn’t do anything but watch and kick futilely. Felt so weak. They put us in different stalls and told me they’d hypnotize me if any teachers ever found out. No fucking clue to what end they were intending (Erase my memory? Turn me evil? Just mimicking cartoon villains?) because the memory ends there as I sob. Don’t remember going home that day, but I never went to school again. Ended up being homeschooled until 4th grade bc of it lol. Regret never finding out how that E ended up, but I was 4, so what’ll you do. Anyway, now I’m diamonds for corruption and total mind control and have been since I was 6. Literally no libido otherwise.
>The classic blue Alice (in Wonderland) dress.
How do you feel about the blue dress from the 2010 Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland?

>He would buy me outfits and gave me a small allowance to hang out at is apartment, keep the place tidy & keep him company, give him blowjobs whenever he wanted.
So like a wife, but with blowjobs.

>I super miss it and want to get back into it.
You could contact him again and explain how you felt? Even if he doesn't want to continue the old lifestyle, it might be nice just to talk about it and hear what his life is like now.
I feel like I always had my armpit fetish, but it really took off in high school.
There was a girl in highschool who always put her all into P.E, that I had for all four years, and who for three of those years, I had a class right after.
She usually wore a full shirt and/or jacket, not a tanktop, and I guess never gave a damn about antiperspirant.

Nearly every day, she'd sweat a ton, and her P.E shirt, and then what she put on afterwards would be sweat through.
I remember her underarms were always the sexiest thing to me. I always wanted to just push my face up against them.
One year, junior year, I sat right behind her in the class that followed, and she just smelled so goddamn sexy every day.
I just wanted to get her shirt and just, I don't know, lick it, wear it, fuck it, BE it. I dunno.

At various points, I saw her underarms, almost always damp, varying from smooth, to short and stubbly, to full fur, and I loved every kind.

Now, I had always liked her pits, and other girls, for as long as I can remember, so I can't really say where I got the fetish to begin with, but she supercharged it for sure.
Its pretty, but I prefer the style much much shorter and more frills & aprons. Lol yeah I guess. And I may do just that, I'm kinda nervous though!

>Ttd idk what about me makes girls want to experiment with me -- I'm maybe a 6/10 skinny twig of a dude, don't really talk much, and just kind of roll through life's waves. I know I'll never understand what really makes them tick lol, but it's cool there are a couple places to relate.

We share a lot, except for the incest bits, which I appear to have traded out for drunk chicks.

>Very short, but in the scaled-down-on-all-three-dimensions way instead of the stumpy midget way
>Strong for my frame, but there's only so much that can do when your average thirteen year old is half a foot taller than me
>Also have a thing for chubby girls, but apparently draw in a lot of crazy short chicks who have a lot of pent-up aggression to work out
>The latter has caused me grief in the workplace more than once, which I'm sure the teasing kink was mostly responsible for instigating

For what it's worth, you're probably a hobbit on the inside, whereas I'm that same hobbit on the outside.
I'm really into shotacon/yaoi.
I want to find me a sissy to take my cock on the daily.
Sad thing is that where I live there aren't any trans girls/boys at all. CL in my area yields no results either.
I got a necrophilia fetish when watching alot of zombie movies in my tweens. idk how i got my foot fetish that will forever be a mystery to me.
File: muh.png (906 KB, 1966x1243)
906 KB
906 KB PNG
Mine's odd now that I'm typing it out. One of my earliest memories is protesting against my parents trying to keep me from wearing diapers all day even after they potty-trained me so I assume I always liked wearing them even before I can remember. Luckily enough for me I still wet the bed so I got to continue wearing goodnites at night until I was 7.

I remember really liking the fact that I was filling them up, like I was using my cock to make them get bigger, and just the feeling of wearing them was nice too. I used to go to the washroom before bed and put some water in them to make a little bigger or piss in them before I went to sleep if I had to.

Fast-forward to when I was 11-12, still lamenting I couldn't wear diapers anymore I used to stuff pillows or blankets in my underwear at night to make it feel and look like I was wearing a huge one. One night I just started humping whatever I had stuffed in there and came for the first time. Freaked myself out and didn't do it again for weeks but eventually I got curious and did it again.

This was around the same time the girls my age started having their boobs grow and their curves come in so I got curious and searched for breast growth on the internet and found a bunch of BE fetish videos on YouTube that I'd watch as I fapped. After that I found inflation and started learning about pregnancy and lactation.

And now over a decade later I'm still hopelessly addicted to all matter of pregnancy related material and breast expansion/lactation related to pregnancy or just on it's own. I think it is the idea of making something bigger with my dick that translated though the different fetishes because that essentially what you are doing to woman when you get her pregnant, and if you add in rapid inflation to it my dick just goes rock hard. I also won't turn up the sight of some nice art or a good looking woman in a diaper.
>and came for the first time. Freaked myself out and didn't do it again for weeks but eventually I got curious and did it again.
although sexual exploration is hot, it's pretty unfair to leave kids in for unpleasant surprises like this
quite a few girls i've talked to take off their shoes (even in public) around me.
every fucking cartoon animator and writer had this fetish. certainly stuck with me
i only have /d/ to thank for constantly exposing me to these perfect beings of hedonism

>28 yr old tranny
you stay cute you degenerate

different anon but i started masturbating at a very young age. i probably jacked off more when i was 7 than i do now.
i wet myself a lot so i used to think nothing of cumming
File: my fetish.gif (1.98 MB, 498x280)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
>girls getting fucked by monsters and giving birth to their monster babies against their will
I suspect it came from when I watched the Scooby-Doo live action movie on home video tape that came with deleted scenes. One of the deleted scenes was Daphne (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar back when she was still hot) gets a monster spirit thing forced inside her (video here: https://youtu.be/Ebqd1uBM7s4). There was also a scene in the movie where the monster spirit is forced out of Daphne's while her body is convulsing and making weird noises (https://youtu.be/H4MryitdGEk), which was probably where the "birth" part of my fetish came from.
>military/uniform/knight fetish

Oddly enough this started out with me watching transformers and reading the comics as a kid and slowly developing crushes on the decepticons (Soundwave, to be exact. Prime Sound wave was a favorite of mine). I think this whole thing got escalated when i started to play my brother's call of duty and halo games and I always thought that the helmets and masks the soldiers would wear were cute (for lack of a better word). Ever since then I've always had a real nasty thing for corporal punishment.

>Breeding/purity kink
I knew a young aryan german man (mid 20's i think he was) that worked at a farm by my old house. Id used to watch him in the summers when my parents didnt give a shit what my brother and I did so we'd go play kickball with the other neighborhood kids and i'd sneak off behind the fences cutting our house to the farm and I'd hide in a tree and watch him work. He'd do stuff like hard labor and feeding the animals. I'd always think about having him as a husband and wanting to save myself for him and wanting to bare his children. I wanted so badly to be his housewife, though i knew it never would happen because he was a lot older than me and i was socially retarded. I still think about him sometimes. We had only met once at a cookout. His grandparents owned the farm and he would work there to help out and make a few extra dollars. I got introduced to him by my father and he ended up uprooting some shrubs in our garden. I hugged him goodbye the night of the cookout. He smelled so fucking good. All of this happened when I hit puberty so I guess it was just hormones and the idea of saving myself and being bred to my husband has just always sort of stuck with me.
I dunno the actual term for this one, but it basically involves the significant other having no knowledge or experience in terms of sex, requiring them to be taught all the terms, where to touch, etc.
GFD spawned from early childhood when older female friends wanted to see what a dick looked like, and I was restrained via cuddling so they could get a good look at my dick. They enjoyed it, I was embarrassed and enjoying it.
Aquatic/Underwater spawned from a friend and I touching each other in a backyard swimming pool. Good times
File: 1544332299937.png (411 KB, 689x540)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
>Sneak DSi into bed at night
>Guess the PIN to the parental controls and turn it off so I can use the web browser
>Search DeviantArt for Greek mythology shit because I was a kid and Percy Jackson was the hot shit in middle schooland I also had a flashvart with Age of Empires: Mythologies on it
>Search for Medusa, find an uncensored topless Medusa from Soul Eater with a snek butt
>Spirals into finding some also uncensored webcomic involving giantess monster girls and vore
>Fall down a rabbit hole of furshit, futa, BE, nipple penetration, and so on.
>Now mostly into GFD, monster girls, futanari, muscular gals, cumflation, horsecocks, and generally ridiculous proportions and stretches of anatomy.
What a fuckin wild ride, dudes.
I find it more fascinating than arousing, maybe it's the finality of it.
In college I smoked a lot of weed. I would smoke weed while I wanked. After a nice wank I liked to take a piss.
It was during this time that I found out I could trigger an orgasm while pissing. from there it was easy to transfer things onto humiliation and dominance.
File: 456345678346.png (255 KB, 504x747)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
I always feel like the black sheep in this community when it comes to body swaps. Everyone either has some deep desire to be a girl or some other weird shit and i'm just in it for the pictures of cute girls being confused about their own body
File: giphy.gif (875 KB, 500x318)
875 KB
875 KB GIF
I just figured out that my monstergirl fetish may have come from Katy Perry's ET vid (specifically the satyr part towards the end). The rest is history, and now I'm conversing here with my fellow degenerates :)
File: onesheet.jpg (53 KB, 387x580)
53 KB
MiB 2 gave me a vore fetish. I remember owning it on VHS when I was 6-7 and rewatching the scene where the alien chick ate the sleazy dude in the park over and over when my parents were asleep. Slither fucked me up too.
Monster girls were my first introduction to /d/egeneracy, too! The only exception is my foot fetish which I have had since I was a child for unknown reasons.

I got my monster girl fetish from Kenkou's encyclopedia, which I first found on the monster girl unlimited forums many years ago, prior to "the great sperg out." (For some reason, there were a lot of extremely autistic people into monster girls back then, including Kenkou himself).
And... sometimes 4chan is the origin of fetishes: thinking about all this again and now I want to be a submissive trap wife. My wedding dress would be a tiny lacey open-fronted babydoll with bridal trim, panties, stockings, heels and nothing else. With everyone watching, my vows would be to promise to be his sex slave. The humiliation is so fucking hot. Thanks anon!
I was watching weird futa vids as a teen, which I accidenally discovered while looking up lesbian videos. Still doing it now. Girls with dicks is just hot. I kinda fantasize about being one from time to time.

>hardcore lesbian BDSM
Xnxx vid. I think it got copyright claimed, I'm not sure about that though. I love BDSM in general in I don't why.
Why not both? I really like body swap, but I do wish I could find more stories that fully follow it out.

Its usually just played for a laugh. But its such a great story to tell. Thrust into another life, dealing with the good, dealing with the bad, the things that are just different, the change of expectation, the fresh start in a different life, and ultimately having to figure out if you should try to undo it or just accept a new role you could be better suited for.

I mean sure most stories would start with disbelief of it, then panic, then probably the perv/confusion of inspecting your souls new home, but after that you would have to deal with a new life. And that is where so many stories stop and where I think it would get interesting.
The Sabrina arc in the Indigo League season of Pokemon.

Shrinking/Size play
Fucking somebody while invisible
Sex while flying (especially if the other party can't fly)

All kinds of fetish fuel in that arc. Specifically the bit in the episode where they went to catch a Haunter in Lavendar town where Ghost Ash swoops down and plays a prank on Misty by just straight lifting her into the air and she has no idea he's there... yeah, I think that awakened something in grade school me.
Oh I don't get me wrong, I love stories that can really explore the social and mental aspects of a body swap but that wasn't what I was talking about. My post was more about how the community involved with this fetish tends to focus on their secret feelings for being a girl rather than the subject of body swapping.

>And that is where so many stories stop and where I think it would get interesting.
I totally agree with you and really hope we can get a story that stays true to this formula. Sadly, so many stories either do a 180 on the plot or try too hard to focus on some "too deep for you" message about how life isn't always greener on the other side.
I'll take a grass is greener story if its done well enough, but most never move past a few one note jokes. Only one I can think of off hand is My Barbaric Girlfriend.

Don't get me wrong it starts with the usual easy jokes to be made, but it does evolve to asking the questions of now that you have a different life with different expectations what do you do. And makes the characters chose to cling to their old life or accept a new one and decide what those two actions could mean since the event itself is an experience you just can't un-know.

Any favorites you have that you would recommend?
Everyone has the same fucking story with hypnosis, including me.
I like female race change without personality change but I don't know why.
What was the bad hypno experience? If you're okay talking about it. I am into hypno stuff off and on but have never had a bad experience so far.
This pretty much says it all.
>they always made me feel funny when I was a kid
This same shit happened to me, I remember saying out loud during a hypnosis episode when I was about 8 “This stuff makes me feel like I've gotta pee...”
are you and i the same person? what you describe is exactly what gets me going
i developed a severe eating disorder (anorexia and diabulimia) in mid childhood, like maybe 9 or 10 ish? and since then i’ve had a HUGE feeding and weight gain fetish. i think its because now that i’m recoveredx the only way i can feel good about myself when i gain weight is by turning it into a more carnal or sexual thing. otherwise, i just feel all fucked up and undesirable and suicidal.
i also think it comes from a strong desire to be humiliated and have people be disgusted by me, and idk where that comes from. probably just like estrogen and growing up female. being verbally degraded and having people look at me like i’m a fat fucking disgusting pig has turned me on since forever. like being undesirable and being seen as a fat nerdy bitch irl is really hot. i think that kind of comes from feeling like a sex object my whole life and only being wanted for sex or my body or my face. like. being seen as physically grotesque but having someone like me for my personality and interests and loving me despite my ugly ass face and body.... feels good

i also have a huge fetish for reverse traps and male looking tomboys bc i... want to be that? i want to be a small twinkish flat chested looking person. its just hot and i feel validated when i see cuntboy/tomboy/reverse trap porn. i look at it and im like “god i wish that was me” lmao
same anon
i also think i developed a fetish for nonconsensual/rough sex and rape bc i got raped as a kid and as an adult and it’s comforting to be able to explore nonconsensual sex and rape and my feelings about it and shit as an adult
I used to have a poor temper when I was a kid, so I beat a lot of people up. now I have a fetish for women getting beat. It's really that simple.
I am into painful, forced transformation. It all started when I watched the donkey scene in Pinocchio when I was around 9-10 years old. It gave me a slight interest in transformation, so I decided to make my own drawings of it. The mere hobby slowly shifted into a fetish as I started to hit puberty. The closest things to make me aroused is my own art of what I specifically want. Other than that would have to be a good werewolf movie or something.
i remember one time i had a dream that had a lot of monstergirls/boys that were aquatic when i was pretty young
Ironically, I found out about most of my kinks and fetishes from my dad having parental controls on my computer when I was starting to hit puberty. I had to find ways around the controls that were there, and since it was still the early days of the internet there were holes.

Oroginally, it was Christina model and other straight vanilla softcore atuff. Then I got bored because I couldnt find anything new and started searching for anything I could think of. It was through this that I stumbled across anthro/furry porn, specifically through newgrounds linking the straight human stuff with Krystal and Renamon. Was able to find a good amount that the filter didnt block so it became my go to. From there, got into horses and zoophilia.

The only things that probably werent from that time were being bi and into diaper stuff. I have memories of being very young at a preschool and looking at some kids still in diapers and saying to the kid next to me 'Wouldnt it be nice if we could still wear diapers?' Then, when I was still taking showers with my dad, I remember one time leaning against the drawers under the sink and getting one of the knobs between my buttcheeks and kinda liking it.

Took me a while to admit I was bi, despite putting multiple things up my ass and jacking off for years after I started masturbating. The diaper stuff just kinda came back up, think I just stumbled upon some diaper porn one day and liked it. Only into women wearing them though, rarely myself wearing, and never other men.

Have fucked a dog a couple times, want to try one fucking me. Been in relationships with a half dozen girls, only 2 of them involved sex though. Never been with a guy but Im not against it. Would also like to play with a horse dick and try being the dad to a female little at some point. I can still get off to fairly vanilla stuff but if its not anal then it gets pretty tough to cum. My only true fetish is assplay really, mine or someone elses.
you can marry me anon
oh my! *blushes*
but we need to set a few rules first
I actually really enjoyed My Barbaric Girlfriend and thought it had a decent plot going for it. I don't think I ever finished it though but i'm definitely going to finish it now since I want to try and get back into this genre.

In regards to favorites, I don't think I have any that you haven't already read lol. The two I really liked were Metamo Kiss and Ani-Imo but both of them kind of fizzled out in the end.

Aru Asa Okitara has to be my favorite short story though when it comes to body swaps. It has a sweet/wholesome feel that modern body swaps tend to lack these days
>and it’s comforting to be able to explore nonconsensual sex and rape and my feelings about it and shit as an adult
Can you detail this more?
One day I dreamt of middle school but as one of the cute sluts from by class, I was half aware and spent what felt like a full day as her, answering to her name, feeling embarassed for her, spending time with her friend talking about subject she cared about, everything felt so real it took me some time when I woke up to get out of it. It's the only dream I ever remembering having and I still remember it today and that's why I have a gender bender fetish
As long as I can remember, I've always had an association with feet. Always used to imagine the girls I liked barefoot. When I was 9 or so and puberty began properly kicking in I had frequent dreams of girls I knew being mind controlled or tied up, sometimes in perilous situations, like some monster trying to eat them. I think I can partially blame Swalot eating May briefly in an episode of Pokémon for that one, which I believe started my vore fetish. Used to just like to watch, then I started thinking about how much I'd like to do that. My first gf licking my neck and my knees buckling from it was almost certainly the start of my tongue fetish. My second gf (who blackmailed me into it after a quick chain of events I won't go into detail about) ended up giving me a proper thing for dominating people after I decided to Stockholm myself. I've just gotten more and more into my fetishes as time has passed.
>anon mentions vacuum cleaner fetish
>other anon asks about maid fetish

Never change, /d/. Never change.
Hate to break it to you stacy but that wasn't a dream. Anon stole your body in middle school and that was just memory from before the swap.
Holy shit dude.
Wrestling and femdom
The idea of a woman being stronger than a man came from some tv-shows I can't remember anymore. I watched lots of pro wrestling in my preteens, and one day I came across an intergender wrestling match. After that I spiralled deeper and deeper into the rabbit's hole.
I had a very similar series of dreams as a kid
School uniform specifically neckties.

>Be me
>14 year old britfag
>In school both girls and boys had to wear neckties.
>Most girls wear their uniform like sluts, also act like bitches.
>At the start of the year new girl joined.
>9/10, black hair and not a bitch.
>One thing that set her apart was she would wear her uniform properly.
>Massive crush develops.
>Being beta AF do nothing.
>We were friends for the next 4 years until I went to university.

Don't keep contact with her, but from meeting her I had a massive fetish for girls that can wear a necktie properly.

Apart from that got other fetishes like bondage, pegging, femdom, futa and, crossdressing that all developes from that initial school uniform fetish when looking for porn.
Was it the Jungle Book? I imagine it was for a lot of people with that fetish.
File: 1336812829313.jpg (44 KB, 900x487)
44 KB
it involved a psychedelic called "methallylescaline". i used to know some people who could get some pretty rare drugs. i think the biggest takeaway is maybe don't do that.
lmao possibly. i honestly have no idea what could be causing you to be afraid of women, but as a prophylactic, i suggest you not listen to any youtube philosophers, and read at least two very long high-culture fictions from cover to cover. if you can't decide i suggest "Infinite Jest" and "Doctor Zhivago".
like i'm afraid of bees. at least bees are scary and mean. how can you be afraid of _women_? although if you've gone down the incel rabbithole, maybe Pasternak's portrayal of Lara will fix you.
I honestly don't know how I got my fetishes, I think I just got into more and more depraved stuff because of overexposure to the internet when I was younger.
I got my femdom/torture fetish from yugioh
Ears. The origin is one night, around a year ago, a friend over discord sent me a loli ear eating asmr. That shit has gotten me diamonds ever since. Unfortunately, no ear fetish anything, much less loli, exists. Even the asmr's get taken down incredibly often.
Where do you find, if you do, any earplay hentai? I can't find any for the life of me
File: 1543321926377.png (598 KB, 500x630)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
Bro this is amazing. Thank you. How much more ear stuff do you have? Could you discord anything you got to me?
https://nhentai.net/g/219582/ my all time favorite hentai
guess I should talk about mine so I don't get the banhammer, I got mine from asmr too. jerked off once with an oil massage one in the background, and then found the ear licking ones too. any asmr is really fap material to me though, it's weird. but ear lickign and cleanign make my dick diamonds.
File: 009.png (480 KB, 1115x1600)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
shits hard as fuck to find though
File: 1478231257719.jpg (155 KB, 580x800)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Bro can you discord me all of your ear stuff before this thread collapses? My user is Emperor Laquinchi#3076
File: lewd.jpg (322 KB, 670x734)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
this is all I got, unfortunately. happy fapping, obscure fetish brothers
That's a shame
I added you, I'll send any new material I find though. I'm always on the lookout
Is there a fetish you have that you don't fap to?

I found out about my preference for tickling when a slightly older (than me at the time) girl pushed me down and playfully attacked my sides. I thought anime nosebleeds where you get turned on were a joke but I got one in the middle of it. I was glad I was wearing baggy pajamas cause when I stood up to get a tissue I was pretty hard. Maybe I liked it because I was a horny high schooler who hadn't fapped the entire week of the group road trip we were on so far.

I tried looking at tickling threads on here once or twice but the stuff there doesn't seem to do it for me.
i got a giantess fetish from "dude wheres my car"
Bondage, torture, cuts/bruises/broken bones, rape, Stockholm syndrome

Never going to actually experience any of these things in any kind of sexual context as I just can't deal with people. Rape is the only thing on that list I haven't experienced. Very much trauma reenactment for me for most of them, and I guess wish fulfillment for the rape thing: someone wanting me is something I have never experienced. It feels weird to realize I fetishize shit that I can't remember without tearing up, hyperventillating and feeling like my heart is trying to escape my chest. Why can't I have normal fetishes?!
I've got no damn clue where it came from, but I have a smell fetish. Specifically, I find the idea of rubbing my cock on a girl's face and her getting off on sniffing it, etc. to be extremely hot. I don't think I'm into sweaty girls/girlsmell, but idk and it DEFINITELY seems like something I would be more into irl.
I found out when I was watching porn, nothing outside of vanilla, and Tara Holiday pulled down the guy's pants, but before she took off his underwear, she buried her face in his junk and sharply inhaled.
I don't know what it is, but something about the idea of you and your partner responding to each others' scent has a real primal attractive quality for me.
here's a link to the vid in question for those interested:
around the 5:00min mark
I suppose I should clarify: FEELING someone wanting me is something I have never experienced*

I have been told multiple times that someone has been into me but I am too much of an autist to see it,
File: 1546061778891.jpg (143 KB, 2048x1448)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
I enjoy female muscle tone, the body type that you'd see on any serious practitioner of fitness, boxing, yoga or martial arts. I don't really fap to it by itself, but seeing good art of it is satisfying emotionally, especially if combined with other stuff like BDSM, and I definitely prefer that body type over any fat ones. It's what a real breeding body was meant to look like.
File: Fanart467.jpg (59 KB, 676x676)
59 KB
There were 4 occasions where I got most of my fetishes

1) Around 7 yo, saw my dad pissing, more specifically, saw his flaccid dick, and this brought some fetishes over the years, like:
>golden shower, giving or receiving, either male or female
>facesit, receiving, either male or female

Also, extending this one, one time I seen my mom naked in the bathroom, and saw her pubes, and only in 2018 that it kicked off and became a fetish of mine

2) Somewhere around 7 yo, sat infront of a sofa bed in the living room, and it happened that my parents were sleeping on it, but I didn't mind it, was past 10pm, kept changing channels, until I landed on MTV (I think), and saw a bunch of women sucking cocks off of gloryholes, I couldn't comprehend it, but the scene stuck deep in my mind I guess, anyway, changed it again, and found one that showed porn movies past 10pm (but I didn't know that), and started watching a movie where a guy and his friends gathered at that guy's house, played pocker, and the winner would have the right to fuck that guy's wife. One of them won, proceeded to meet the wife, she was, I think, wrapped on a chair, naked, the winner was licking her nipples, and when he would start to fuck her, my mom woke, seen what I was watching, got extremely mad at me and scolded me. This gave me the following:
>gloryhole fetish, giving or receiving
>a tad bit of BDSM/Shibari

3) Around 10 yo, in the bathroom, doing my stuff, and I realized that I had a dick (don't know how else to portray that feeling), and began to jack off, after a few minutes I sprayed, which led to the followng:
>cum on face/in mouth fetish, which ended up leading to creampie
>sex in shower
File: Futa809.png (860 KB, 707x1000)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
4) Around 11-13 yo, was the first time I was able to find a porn website, for 2-3 days seen straight porn, until I discovered the "shemale" tag, I was baffled by how a woman could have a penis, shortly after I found out that they were men, and since then it's been real hard to get off to other things. So I got:
>shemale fetish, and 2-3 years later would discover about the existence of futanari, loved it
>genderbender (recalling the sensation on 3rd occasion and the fetishes on 1st, made me think "how does it feel being a woman?/how does it feel being penetrated?"), also ended up enchancing my cd/trap fetish and submissiveness

5) Bonus: I have a military uniform fetish since I grew up in a family that highly praises them, and depending on my mood, I get hard over tanks, be it normal or anthropomorphized
i used to actually not be able to have sex at all- my vagina used to tense up to where a penis couldn’t even go in, and i used to struggle with trauma-based dissociative seizures. that was after i was violently raped as a teenager.
being raped made me really scared of sex because i felt like i didn’t have control when i was having sex. i theorize that’s it.
but like. i had a partner who slowly eased me into enjoying sex again and helped me be able to be penetrated and not have seizures anymore (coupled with extensive edmr treatment and therapy)
and with that partner bc of that, ive been able to explore my kinks and like my psyche in a way more. we do rape play both ways (where we both consent but just pretend like we don’t, i rape her or she rapes me, we hold each other down and grope each others tits and ass and thighs), and we do things like fuck each other while the other person is sleeping.
it’s given me this feeling of empowerment and this sense of... control? i guess, would be the best way to put it. to explore something so traumatic in a way that is safe.
rapeplay/noncon sex has been some of the best sex i’ve ever had, and i usually cry afterwards.

sorry that was all over the place and probably not exactly as sexual as you had hoped for. it’s just hard for me to seperate the emotional freedom noncon gives me...... and the noncon itself
File: 1517975433232.jpg (83 KB, 600x848)
83 KB
I feel this.
I DO like musclegirls, and will fap to them if I'm already in a mood, and always enjoy most of my other fetishes more if the girls is fit or ripped, but on its own, I enjoy it mostly to admire it.
Funny thing, I don't admire male musculature the same way at all. Does not in the slightest look nice to me.

I think the fetish side of musclegirls is almost secondary to me. I'm a subby, I want to be overpowered, I like the contrasting hard and soft feelings of muscle tone, and girl sweat is a precious substance. It just so happens that musclegirls are the best way to fulfill that in one go.

It's also the one fetish that I think I have for 3D even more than I do 2D. Part of the reason I continue going to the gym is to just admire the fit and muscular women that go there.

I prefer muscle over fat, and pure muscle over strongfat (Strongfat is still pretty good though) but I prefer at least fat over just being a twig.
>my vagina used to tense up to where a penis couldn’t even go in,
First, that's hot.
Second, it's great that you were able to find someone like that. So many people are just impatient or don't understand how powerful sex can be, so it's wonderful to hear things more-or-less worked out, for a certain definition of working out!
>It feels weird to realize I fetishize shit that I can't remember without tearing up, hyperventillating and feeling like my heart is trying to escape my chest.
What kind of weird do you feel about it? Also, you might relate to >>8328003 a lot.

>rapeplay/noncon sex has been some of the best sex i’ve ever had, and i usually cry afterwards.
Crying at the catharsis of it?

>it’s just hard for me to seperate the emotional freedom noncon gives me...... and the noncon itself
That's what makes this kind of fetishization so interesting to me, how emotions and sexuality intermingle.
File: 1515434429819.gif (833 KB, 500x268)
833 KB
833 KB GIF
>around 11yo
>dumb slut was talking about how she thought ugly were feet
>never really cared about feet and because of that convo I started to notice girl's feet
>developed intense footfaggotry that never go away.
>What kind of weird do you feel about it?
I am not sure what you mean/are asking,
I think my inability to explain why shit that happened to me, that gives me nightmares years later, that affects my daily life in a very negative way, is very closely related to what turns me on. I feel like these should be opposites, and I have opposite reactions to them but...wtf?! Not much that turns me on more than the idea of getting tied up, held down, and tortured into sexual obedience to someone dominant over me. Not much freaks me out more, causing full blown panic attacks, than remembering the time I was held down and (as much as I know they were trying to help) tortured by a group of ER nurses.
Other example that can't really get much more similiar:
Got attacked with a garrote, if the stupid bastard had used wire instead of shoelace or paracord or whatever it was, it would have cut in deeper and I would be dead. I freak out at anything touching my neck or near my neck now, because instant flashback to being unable to breathe and clawing at the cord around my neck and trying to fight the guy behind me. Dog collar, being choked with a belt or hand on my throat, or a cock shoved balls deep and held there so I can't breathe? Massive turn on.
>I feel like these should be opposites, and I have opposite reactions to them but...wtf?!
Why do you feel they should be opposites? imo it's just a way of dealing with traumas, and resisting that part of your sexuality will just make it a bigger focus by giving it a special place as something you try not to think about.

How do you deal with the overlap? Like, can you have sex or masturbate to these thoughts without having a panic attack from remembering them?

>the time I was held down and (as much as I know they were trying to help) tortured by a group of ER nurses.
What were they treating you for?
you do not remember being 1 or 2. at least remember your age better.
transformation fetish came from goosebumps. the story of the person that turned into a tree and the one about the kids on the farm that turned into chickens. first time i felt the "sexual tingle". they actually made a erotic story about the "chicken chicken" one and i love it.
Got a link to it? I had a similar experience
you sure used a lot of words to say you couldnt get laid.
you sir are an idiot. 100% of sexuality comes from what feels good. piss of with your percentages.
i have this exact fetish from the other side. never found any porn or erotica on it and am to afraid to mention it to someone. i want to be passed out and have someone fuck me. wake up with cum dribbling out. idk what this is even called
i think its on literotica and called chicken chicken. but they turn into horses
There are actually other people with a thing for ears?
I remember someone running their lips, just about open along the outside of my ear, at the time it was maximum comfy.
I have a question, for other people into feet, are any of you not all that into soles, but mainly into toes and ankles instead?
nvm. i cant find it...
I'm finding also that long long descriptive dirty talk is something I also find very arousing, not even showing/doing it, but long ass detailed monologues about kinky stuff.
File: extra_002.jpg (417 KB, 1280x1816)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
Well, I'm quite the young anon and was quite the young pervert a few years back, I think it was only 8 or 9 years ago I was fapping to western stuff. Never to this day actually fapped to real people going at it, only drawings. That most likely set in stone a few things.
It must have been around when I was 13 or 14 after dismissing anything from Japan as just terrible stuff that I actually just started looking at stuff and backfired on my hate. I think the earliest thing I picked up was just before it
>costumes, masks, skintight
I had grown out of masks, costumes must have been a halloween thing, seeing as I never did halloween at all, the only times were with one girl where we'd dress up as kids. Young kids.
Moving on, must have been in the span of two years I got super degenerate.
>costumes and skintight moved onto latex bodysuits, gained tentacles, transformation, bondage, vibrators, gags and hypnosis
Some of these were western but I think latex, skintight came from hentai, tentacles and bondage-related stuff too. I dropped transformation for twinning.
>living clothes/suits, feminization, traps, pet play, futa, masculinity draining, excessive cum, corruption and chastity
When it comes to were these came from, hard to say. I know traps probably came from costumes seeing as I thought shimakaze was the cutest boat, that played into feminization I guess. Living clothes was probably from my skintight and tentacles fetish, which came from doujin artists like Torisan, Ishimura and Ikameshi. This must likely made me like corruption, but I think like hypnosis it was a cartoon thing where the villain turns the hero against the friends or something. Pet play I have no idea, probably when I became really submissive. Futa and masculinity draining were probably from writing stuff like that or reading stuff that had it happening. Chastity was probably submissiveness mixed with meeting people on /ftt/ or other places who did it. Then finding it really erotic, then buying my own
it might be on sexstoriespost
File: mai_gsmsk2.png (175 KB, 480x360)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Trauma or fear can sometimes develop into fetishes.

Seeing gas masks in cartoons as a kid used to nauseate me for whatever reason, likely a nervous response at the time. Probably because they looked strange and alien-like in nature and ruined the appearance of the character wearing them.

Eventually puberty took hold and somehow that trauma inverted to interest. As long as a cute girl's wearing one, it's fine.
I got my giantess fetish from that one pokemon episode
also a weird cgi movie called "monsters vs aliens"
if anyone can find it i will love you forever


>Everything to do with legs

Watched a fair bit movies and cartoons that had people being eaten, at some point i tried/let myself be eaten by enemies in vidya, majority of the time enemies were larger then myself, so i guess that kind of explains the giantess part, as well the fact that part of me LOVES being in a position of helplessness, really have no idea why i digg legs as much as i do, i just fucking love everything about them.

I also have a weird thing for clothing, i get much more turned on when the person/monster girl etc has some semblance of clothing, for me it accentuates their features so much more.
it is really good, especially for /d/
File: 1432128640720-4.jpg (741 KB, 701x2498)
741 KB
741 KB JPG
My fetish, kind if a weird one, is one person with two bodies, one male and one female, with selfcest. It started as a normal TG/gender bender fetish, but I always liked one's where the MC could switch back and forth, which was pretty rare. I made the jump to the two bodies thing mostly from a manga I saw called "after transformation, mine and her wild fantasy"
I actually haven't found any hentai with this specific premise, fission being the closest I've found, but it's become a big fantasy of mine.
Genderbender selfecest (my favorite genderbender type) itself is is pretty uncommon and underrated. I found out I enjoyed it a lot more than regular genderbender when I read that Tea of Sagittarius one. You've got a taste for an even smaller subset, must be rough. How about stuff like parallel world kanojo or the furohile series?
I like those sorts of things, and "it's me but from a parallel world where I'm a girl" is one of my favorites. Honestly, almost all TG and almost all selfcest gets me going, so the two together are just fantastic
For me it's also the sort of role reversal aspect, imagine a female version of yourself having her way with you.
File: 1538648167055.png (593 KB, 1182x1765)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
I'm super into mommydom. My first gf loved having her nipples sucked and made some comment about me being like a baby.
I am also a bit of a reactionary misogynist who idolizes the traditional femininity of my own mother who raised me and my sister like someone out of a Norman Rockwell painting.
>reactionary misogynist

Ah, I see the tumblr refugees have hit the shores, bringing with them their wordsalads and buzzphrases
This is a thing I'm wondering. The fucks with the 'cis' shit?

salty Republic meatbags
File: sc-1997-harper-collins.jpg (161 KB, 311x489)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Femdom/mind control

I think it started when I read Narnia (specifically the silver chair) I remember rereading the scene where the villainess was starting to mind control the heroes over and over (and basically all the scenes where she talks to the prince), I didn't help when I read artemis fowl later and a recurring villain is a hot evil pixie who hypnotizes people

When i was i kid i had a cousine living next door to me...

So there was this inflatable pool that we often swam in. I always was thinking up a new games in with I would end up face in her ass. Shit like "the looser gets to be a chair for the winner". I think I don't have to explain that I was loosing intentionally.

Same story with my spit fetish, tho it didn't included the pool. I was visiting her to "play".
And by "play" I mean "get spat on"

Loosing bets was never so fun, huh?
People without a TG fetish.
>book about peeing in the bathtub
what the fuck kinda lessons was your mom trying to teach you?
Not him, but I was actually scared of kaa when I was little, don't know why. What got me into it was pokemon, specifically the hypno episode, nurse joy in the first movie, ash's mom in the third movie, and a little later on the lunatone episode

It's Latin, the antonym of trans, which is also Latin and means "across from". If you took a chemistry class, or maybe read physical books, and didn't obtain information primarily from internet forums you might be able to deduce these kinds of things.
In organic chemistry, some hydrocarbons which have double bonds can have specific layouts where "cis" means on the same side of and "trans" means on the other side of.

In space, there are certain terms, but one example is "cis-lunar space", that is, an area of space which is in the gravity well of both Earth and the Moon. "Trans-lunar space" is space that is outside the area of influence of the Earth, but only the Moon.

When I was young (I think I was around 4 or 5?) my sister painted my nails with her friend and was really nice about it, calling me cute or whatever I don't remember the exact details, I didn't really understand the concept of gender roles at the time but I enjoyed being pampered due to my family usually yelling and arguing about stupid shit, also made friends with this really nice girl at school who seemed to like the same things I did at the time so I never really had the whole "girls are icky" phase, save for thinking those toy dolls that wet themselves being kinda creepy.
as for diapers, I think it was because my mom yelled at me, not really sure what for, didn't really kick in until later on
hypnosis came from various things? not sure what was the exact thing, I don't think it was the jungle book.
tg came from some movie I watched when I was young, don't remember what and discovering tg from someone showing me it around the age of 13
got the princessification from cinderella and a few other films where girls became super girly princesses and poofy dress from alice in wonderland due to the parachute dress scene

I also used to have an age regression fetish that most likely came from that crappy digimon movie (the dub one with angel anaconda short) and was partially inspired by pokemons 3rd movie, pretty sure that got changed to adult baby somehow

also have a thing for magical transformations due to sailor moon and that one episode of pokemon where ash becomes a pikachu, surprised I didn't end up being a furry all things considered.

tl;dr I wanna be mommy's girly boy who can turn mean girls into princess that would spoil me rotten with whatever I want with their outfits change by magic and their mind by hypnosis
File: 1545664334190.png (518 KB, 1024x1024)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
That's a mighty fine assumption there anon. I have no doubt its a real word that has actual meaning, I think that's obvious from the start. But what's the reason for using it on An Anonymous message board? This isn't really calling for the most in depth scientific discussion. Just call people as they are.
File: Nyotaika Pandemic 3.png (122 KB, 420x777)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
Of the existing threads, this seems like the best place to ask:
Is there a specific name for rape where it's treated more like an annoyance/inconvenience than a trauma?
I really like the idea of the girl not wanting it, but only mildly not wanting it.
Eh, it seems to me like trans is to cis as gay is to straight. I never see people who complain about the word straight and go "just say normal!" unless they have a political bone to pick. Which if you do, it's off topic and >>>/pol/ is that way
Again, you're coming off as assuming I'm some crazy /pol/tard. But like you say, you have a point about it being off-topic.
But then again, these threads are about as loose as a trap or sissy's butt.
I think the issue is that cis is practically only ever used in the context of criticizing non-trans people, so it's seen as antagonistic whenever it's used even if there's nothing wrong with the word itself.
Something rings a bell about this "fetish". Whats it called? Need more info.
Reading all of your guys' posts is really fascinating to me. Probably could scramble enough info here for a thesis and get a psychiatry degree.
I am glad i found so many people who feel the same way. Some are more simmilar to a normal human being. Some are worse. But reading all of the things people post here made me better understand myself.

I love you, Anons.
I am glad you exist.
File: 1545304153559.jpg (47 KB, 532x590)
47 KB
I thought I was an outlier in this; I feel the same way.
Looking at musclegirls doesn't turn me on (though it doesn't turn me off, either) but it makes me feel things in my heart. 3D even moreso.
I guess it appeals to me because I want either a master or an equal, not a subordinate. I don't want to have to watch over or control someone else, so the idea of having someone who can fend for herself, who can at least hold her own against me if not overpower me, is really attractive to me. There's also still an expectation in society that women be physically weak, so building muscle in spite of that shows a disregard for what others think, which I admire.
My taste for it kind of snuck up on me, though. I dug through my bookmarks, and it was just five years ago that I found the first media of any kind that would have exposed me to it. I only made a folder for it three years ago, and I think it was only just this year that I realized I liked it so much.
Based ESL poster.
We love you too, anon. If you're actually going for a psych degree, good luck. You can do it. /d/ will always be here for you.
Torture, mutilation, murder. I saw a lot of really horrible things when I was really young.

Dude, close 4chan, step away from your computer screen, stop looking at outrage-bait screenshots of Tumblr. Maybe talk to someone in the LGBT community face to face, and you'll see how getting as much information from forums as you likely are is warping your concept of reality.
File: 1402396784776.jpg (160 KB, 600x900)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>My taste for it kind of snuck up on me, though. I dug through my bookmarks, and it was just five years ago that I found the first media of any kind that would have exposed me to it.

To me, it started with Atalanta from that Kevin Sorbo Hercules show. I mean, those arms and that fucking ass:


Wew, lad! Also, I'm very much into this:
>I don't want to have to watch over or control someone else

t. >>8327329
Breast expansion, hyper, that sort of thing.
That one scene in The Black Cauldron where the frog gets lost in the witch's cleavage and has to struggle to not be crushed.
>always thought foot fetishes were stupid
>didn't understand them
>thought people with them were weird
>gf asks me for a foot massage while we're in bed and it's dark
>do it
>she stretches her leg out and presses it against my crotch and then my chest and has it near my neck
>tells me to kiss it, then lick, then suck on her toes


now i have a foot fetish
TG through TV commercials

I think the Mountain Dew one planted the seed, but it flourished with the Sims 3 commercial. I saw the Sims 3 one again recently, and I now realized it looked like shit.
Found the tumblrfag
I got my anal and cucquean fetish in high school when a girl who wasn't my gf (said gf later ended up being my First) kept fucking with me by ocassionally whispering "I want you to fuck my ass" in my ear at very inappropriate times. Often while my gf was in earshot. One summer when I was away she'd call me and we'd masturbate together while talking. I knew she was bragging about it to my gf's clique, but I'm a narcissist and I liked the attention so I didn't stop her. The better part of me knows she wasn't serious and was just fucking with my gf for 'mean girls' reasons, but my baser lustful self didn't care. I wasn't a very good boyfriend.

I got her back though by sleeping with her twin sister later, but not with her. Showed her. I hear she works for the Trumpenwaffen in DC now, so I'm not eager to look her up unless I get real thirsty and the well runs real dry.

I wasn't on track to acquire a piss-drinking or ball sucking fetish until I dated someone in college who really wanted to fuck but didn't want to lose her virginity. I think it helped that it was public knowledge I was crushing hard on her best friend so I get the feeling she was willing to do some radical things not to lose me. She drank deep and often and gave it her all and I've never forgotten her. Her place in my memories exceeds even that of my First, and that's saying something.

Later on I cemented my cheating fetish when I had the chance to hook up with my First a half-decade later while she was married. She got the better of me that time though. I fell in love again, but she was just looking for fun. She left with a stranger and never looked back. I couldn't help but watch her leave, knowing she had me if she wanted me, but I couldn't keep her. Lots of bitterness in that one. I never even got to put it in her ass. I hear she tends bar a few counties over but I dare not visit her again. She would win, and I'm not accustomed to losing. Baser self says "some day", but better me knows to stay away.
Later I found myself stealing a chubby milf away from a husband/baby-daddy that didn't treat her well and called her fat. She was, admittedly, but I'd like to think I have a way of making people feel good about themselves. She was a total sub with self-image and self-esteem issues and was willing to do anything to keep me. Literally anal every night and all the ball sucking I could ever want. This also coincided with my discovery of drugs, so that certainly helped. This was also the relationship that taught me I'm apparently really good with kids. Teaching her kid how to read made me really start thinking about my own bloodline.

That's what eventually pulled us apart. She was the best lay I ever had but I'm getting older now and I refuse to be the last of my family. I'd never be able to put her kid before mine if we'd stayed together. I could live with putting her through that, but not her kid. A kid shouldn't have to deal with being the less loved among peers. I've every confidence she'd want me back, but I stand by my reasoning for leaving.

The 'kids' thing is what will eventually pull me and my current gf apart, I'm sure. She doesn't want kids and I do. I figured her biological clock would compel her to change her mind, but it hasn't. Also she's not into butt stuff. I can live without her drinking my pee and only reluctantly licking my balls, but I think I need anal sex in my life when I finally settle down with the mother of my children. I understand I may be spoiled rotten on women indulging my fetishes, but the woman who finally keeps me should be one I'm happy with.

Oh yeah, I also did the gay thing for a split second there. Didn't take. Guys are tremendous assholes and their assholes aren't half as good as women's. Best gay shit I did was was when I joined a couple up north. Dude was a twink marine terminal lance and his girl was way into me. That was fun, but again, no potential for kids, so we all knew it wouldn't last.

Long, well-groomed natural or french nails.

Why I love them, I don't know. Maybe most of the women during my childhood years wore them that way. I even remember having a sort of fascination for long nails during elementary school. If a girl or a woman has long nails, she immediately bounces up a few numbers in attractiveness. Strange!

The fetish also encompasses claws and talons in a way which makes monster girls, last years' bowsette memes and even furries / scalies all the more enjoyable.
File: 1541713022271.jpg (218 KB, 1400x989)
218 KB
218 KB JPG

attached pic as example. Unfortunately, nobody ever seems to attach appropriate tags for it.
I feel very similarly.
At first, I kinda thought this stuff was silly, but then i couldn't stop reading and learning.
By this point, I've pretty much gone down all of my big ones in these threads, but I'm still reading, learning, and feeling. Reevaluating myself a bit, too.
I feel like these threads have even helped me a bit.

Do you ever make a mental distinction between a fetish and a fantasy?

As in, a fetish is liking cop uniforms, getting publicly molested by cops is a fantasy. I'm curious because on the internet a substantial amout of people use fetish and fantasy interchangeably.
I never made the distinction, but I probably will now.
>I guess it appeals to me because I want either a master or an equal, not a subordinate. I don't want to have to watch over or control someone else, so the idea of having someone who can fend for herself, who can at least hold her own against me if not overpower me, is really attractive to me. There's also still an expectation in society that women be physically weak, so building muscle in spite of that shows a disregard for what others think, which I admire.
I feel and understand that.
I kinda hate that I rationalize it that way too, but I do. Funny the way the definitions of "strong" get conflated that way in our heads, eh?

For me, I think I've always had a fondness for girls like that, but I'm not sure I really recognized it until 4, 5 years ago. I don't even remember if it was a specific thing that made me realize it, or if it was just a bit of introspection on my part.
I've made some friends/acquaintances out of the girls I go to the gym with, and I can't explain it, but even though most of those interactions are just in passing, I feel very deeply enriched by them, you know?
Not really?
I mean, clearly, some of the stuff I think is hot is impossible, or at least close enough to it that won't realistically happen, and others are a bit fucked, and even if I had some magical assurance that nobody would find out, I still wouldn't.

Anything not to that extent of reasonable to do, or not innately harmful to others, is on the level of if I find someone to do it with, then great.

Maybe I'm just being obtuse about the way I look at things though?
I don't have a thing for cops, but on that level, I can only think that if any of my more "out there" fetishes/fantasies started happening to me, and nobody else was getting hurt, I wouldn't mind it in the slightest, and might actually get excited.
Then again, it's never happened to me, so I can't say for sure.
Well, that boob jealously scene in namiuchigiwa had to be a treat then, huh?
kek, on 4chan x it shows the video title and I thought it was a rickroll
I found my Weight Gain fetish from Totally Spies much like others

But more recently I acquired a heavy gear (Hazmat, space suit, Down) fetish from a thread on /hc/ a couple of years ago related to Hazmat suits, when looking for more content I found more than I bargained for and the rest is history
I've never heard of this before.
It seems that such gear would make sex difficult; is it mostly involved as a progression where the gear comes off at some point, or are most of the lewds non-penetrative?
It's mostly non penetrative
so they piss off a witch, turn into horses, have to run away (because they are horses), they find out the brother is the girl horse now and in heat. sister fucks and they have a foal.
File: 1538150126754.jpg (106 KB, 874x1240)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

Lost my virginity and discovered that G-spot stimulation feels a lot like really really needing to pee. This made me instantly associate the pressure of a full bladder with sex and the relief of peeing with cumming.

I went from "holding it feels kinda sexy" to "I want someone to sit me in his lap and roughly fingerbang me, commanding me to hold it like a good girl as he presses down on my bladder with his other hand. I lose control and piss all over us while I cum. He keeps going through it and calls me a filthy slut for getting his good suit ruined as I nearly cry from humiliation+overstim" real quick.
Please do post about your own fetishes too, and which parts of other people's posts help your self-understanding!
How have they helped anon? And did you think how were they silly?!

I like non-penetrative stuff, so this is hot for connecting orgasms with something besides sex. The overstim just makes it better.
File: g_2087.jpg (13 KB, 360x360)
13 KB
>Be neet
>Bullied constantly through school
>Gained a problem where i would do things for attention
>Started doing gross things to get people to notice me
>Drinking concoctions made by strangers
>Scream and do autistic bullshit too if dared
>Actually ate literal garbage once
>Decide to stop after noticing how stupid it was

Later on, i noticed i had a fetish for piss drinking after some experimentation. I can't say this was the cause, but it was a factor. I became a huge exhibitionist. Gross things don't bother me and i'll eat or smell whatever i'm given. If i vomit, that is even more of a turn on. It's disgusting but do as the french do.
sorry to ask here but does anyone know how to change or gain a fetish or sexual attraction to a specific thing? it seems mostly out of my control but I really want to know, I've tried looking only at that material but I can only think about what I was previously attracted to, thanks in advance!
scat, farting, burping, vomit, snot

In preschool I had a female friend who was really into "house" roleplay. The classroom had a designated house playing area with a small replica kitchen, dining table, fake plastic food, a bunch of ratty old grownup clothes that the kids could wear, and stuff like that.

This girl liked to pretend to be ill and let me take care of her. We would usually pretend we were married, and that she had eaten something dodgy and became ill while cooking or cleaning. She'd act like she couldn't make it to the bathroom and soiled her panties, or she had puked all over her blouse and needed my help to clean up and get into bed. Or maybe she had a cold or flu, and I'd have to take her temperature and hold tissues up to her face so she could blow her nose. No actual bodily fluids or nudity were involved - we just used our imaginations.

I coincidentally discovered masturbation around this time, and my fantasies were about ladies' unsanitary bodily functions. I guess the weird roleplay activities just caused my entire concept of sexuality to form around that stuff.

But what's sort of funny in retrospect is that this girl and I were the only ones who regularly used the house play area in class, so it must have looked fucking bizarre to the other kids and teachers. The thing was almost always empty, but whenever it wasn't, people could just look over and see a cute loli pretending to shit herself at the dinner table and me pretending to wipe her arse and change her. That kind of thing probably wouldn't fly nowadays

I love this. You give her that much of a workout, and she's still encouraging you by the end, like she wants you to break your record, and tops it off by finding your go-button by accident. What a champ.

I never really watched it, but I have seen people blame Totally Spies for practically every fetish there is. It has to be the most stealth-horny cartoon that ever aired.

Y'know, I suspect I'd go the same route if that happened to me. I feel like foot fetishes are more often than not rooted in other implications of feet rather than the feet themselves.

Culturally, there's a really strong, almost universal association between being exposed to someone's foot and being dominated by them--"being beneath one's heel", "groveling at one's feet," being a "bootlicker," etc.--so it probably pushes similar buttons to being dommed. On the other hand, it's a tender body part that's usually concealed/protected, so there's also a strong implication of intimacy and trust if someone is willing to expose their feet to you. There's even the mild hygiene taboo due to the association with normally unpleasant attributes like sweat and smell, and every taboo is a fetish waiting to happen. None of those things have anything to do with the actual, like, form or function of the foot, just what a foot means to a human being culturally, if that makes any sense.
File: 1537833016369.jpg (610 KB, 1080x1013)
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610 KB JPG
I'm into micro/macro. Particularly insertion/unbirthing.

I'm tall, always have been. Currently 6'4" but I was 6' tall when I was 12 years old so I've always kind of towered over people.

It started off with me just imagining the girls in my class as taller than me for a change and I found it hot. Then I saw some giant chick in some 90s cartoon (Wish I could remember which. Maybe Giganta from Justice League?) and thought it was super hot.

Since then, I've just kind of been into the idea of being a human sextoy for some not-violent giantess.

Kinda helps I'm also a hella sub. The strap me down and sit on my face kind of sub. Might be why I'm into lamias, too.
>but I was 6' tall when I was 12 years old
That's world record territory; your parents should have called Guinness.
Eh, I might be misremembering the actual height. That was 20 years ago, after all.

I just remember being a fucking giant compared to the rest of my class and at eye level with my teachers... which now that I think about it, probably meant I was like 5'5" or some shit. I've just been really tall basically my entire life, got picked on for it, and always kind of wished I was smaller. That might be the true origin of my fetish.
This is really interesting because it's another kid's fetish as well as how you developed your own.

I don't think anyone else's story included this.
Clonecest, Twincest, Selfcest, and Conjoinment/Fusion: practically every cartoon had a clone episode, or a shapeshifter that imitated people, and many had an episode where two people were literally stuck together, and that all planted the seeds. Animorphs was mostly to blame for "flipping the switch" when I was in middle school.

There was one book where a character was incapacitated by plot shit shortly before she was supposed to meet someone important, but later ran into "herself" just leaving, telling her that she's covered--her best friend had morphed into her and impersonated her. It was a brief scene, but it sent my mind reeling at the possibilities in a whole new way.

A second book had that same character morph into a starfish at the beach for some reason, only for an asshole kid to chop her in half with a toy shovel. Starfish being starfish, each half escaped and un-morphed separately, becoming two different versions of her (one cutesy and intelligent but cowardly, the other brave but brutish and reckless.) They find each other intolerable; hilarity (and kinda weird sexual tension?) ensues. There was just something fascinating about someone being forced to literally confront themselves and see themselves as others see them.

A third book has one of the characters voluntarily serving as a temporary host for the consciousness of a long-dead alien woman so that she can help the good guys find some artifact or something. This one really poked a lot of buttons with all the details of sharing control of her body, like speaking gibberish when they both try to talk at the same time, or having a sort of tug-of-war when they disagree on something, the way they get embarrassed thinking each other's thoughts. It was a level of extreme intimacy that was enticing to me somehow.

Weirdly, the transformations and involuntary mind control that the plot of the whole series literally revolves around never did anything for me, which I can't explain at all. Psychology is weird.
>inding your go-button by accident

Is getting your ear nibbled/licked really that strange that people don't think anyone would enjoy that?
>page 8 and autosage
I understand that, but for me it's absolutely not about any of that, and it's actually kind of annoying how hard it is to find foot stuff that ISN'T all about domming and so on.
I just think they are adorable, and are one of my favorite things to rub.
I was in a mixed-grade class, I wanna say it was either 4/5 or 5/6, where I was in the younger grade, and I was already a year younger than the rest of my grade because I had been put ahead one.
There was a clear division in kids who had gone through, and had been going through puberty for some time. I was not one of them.

Most of my friends were girls, and I remember that one of my better friends' older sister was also in that class, so she "adopted" me. She was easily a foot and a half taller than me, and would always drag me along with her and look out for me, and sit next to me. I remember our class went to a water park or something, and on the bus ride home, I kinda fell asleep on her.
I wish I remembered it better. I remember I was too young to really appreciate what I had, I know she hugged me a few times and my head was just at the right elevation.
A few years later (She was still just an inch or two taller than me), she was also my first kiss, I was over hanging out with her sister, and she pulled me into the pantry.

I'm still pretty good friends with both her and her sister, she's really fun and will tease the heck out of me, but she has a boyfriend.
He's a good guy. I kinda hate it.

I have mixed feelings about her.
On the one hand I like her, but on the other, I just really wish she was actually my sister, y'know?
I think about all of the moments my friend and her must have had together, and I feel more jealous of my friend than her sister's bf.
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>jerk off

still here a decade later

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