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File: 1546623450131.jpg (153 KB, 586x768)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>8309021

Let's just start it off with my last post, since I didn't notice that we'd reach the bump cap.

So, you were putting on your favourite computerised bondage outfit last night, setting it to keep you helpless for a few hours before letting you stretch your arms. Only, it didn't let you go even when it was supposed to.

Turns out you forgot to install a firewall and AV program, and visiting all those illicit porn sites for ideas left it riddled with hentai viruses. You are now a slave to your own clothing, only allowed to talk, cum, use your hands and/or arms, or do anything really, when it decides you can.
File: 1510937443811.jpg (72 KB, 600x485)
72 KB
Every day without drinking someone else's cum results in -1 IQ point, too long without it and you basically become retarded. Drinking a single drop or more returns it to normal.
You'll have to go out your way to find a constant supply or your only chance to go back to normal will be for someone to fuck your retarded mouth.
You are super-suggestible. It really doesn't take much to make commands stick in your head; even common advertising has a good chance of catching your attention. You have a hard time denying any reasonable request made of you, and it takes some effort for you to refuse even completely unreasonable demands.

If someone actually tries to hypnotize you, they'll find you almost entirely defenseless. Accidental exposure to a hypnosis file has already started you on this path; against your will, you keep coming back to pretty pink spirals, and a calm voice telling you how much you enjoy being a brainwashed slave slut. You realize that every time you go under, the triggers become more deeply embedded, and the commands become more and more a part of yourself, but you can't quite stop yourself from continuing through the sequence, night after night, as the instructions demand, You've read ahead enough to notice that the sequence continues on into bimbo content boasting of permanent arousal and intelligence drain, and a part of you worries about that, but you can't quite muster the willpower to stop yourself from listening, no matter how fearsome the consequences seem.

Perhaps you could stop your descent if you found a master to give you commands and take control of your training... but if you chose to give yourself to someone like that, you definitely be utterly helpless to whatever they wanted you to do, instead. Better choose quickly, while you still can.
File: 1535638521331.jpg (591 KB, 1200x1337)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
Every time the temperature changes 5° F colder you become more feminine, smaller frame, bigger boobs, and longer hair. As the temperature becomes warmer the process reverses to become more masculine.
You get turned into a living sex doll. You get no release. odds left evens right
File: MAAhYmk.jpg (186 KB, 1368x1700)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Every 24 hours, you're transported into a pocket dimension with a different scenario. This scenario will be a picture, video or story you came to, starting with the most recent thing, and progressively going back in time.

You will take the place of the most submissive character in said scenario. You have full control of your body, and are free to resist, but like a bad dream you can't control, the universe will do everything in it's power to make sure the end result is completed. You'll conveniently slip, people will misunderstand, you might get lost, and people will certainly hold you down and fuck you if they have to. The scenario will not end until the entire thing plays out fully. When it does end, you'll be transported back to wherever you were before, but in the condition you were in at the end of your scenario. If something has happened in the scenario to incapacitate you in any way, (vore, transformation, heavy bondage) you will still remain incapacitated for the next 24 hours, at which point the next scenario will play, and you'll be reverted back into your normal state.

Finally, when a scenario ends, all versions of the picture you came to will change. You will be featured in them, though no one other than you will be aware you replaced someone. However, you can still be recognized. As time goes on, you'll be known as "that one girl from all the porn".

The curse will finally end when you play out the scenario of the first thing you came to. Until then, you cannot die or grow older.
Damn, that's intense. For some reason it made me think of that one Death Note fan manga where Light has to experience every death he caused.
At random times you will become horny and cause a random person near you to become a sex toy. You can only be satisfied and you can only get off by using them. However if someone near you gets horny you will turn into a sex toy, and if it’s someone you have previously turned it will be permanent
Every day a sex video with you will appear in the network. You can try to convince people these videos are not real or repeat the last video scenario in real life to prevent the videos from appearing for a month. With each video they become more and more filthy and degraded.
You've been changed into a chrysalis. Surely, by the time you come out, you'll be a beautiful butterfly, right? Right?

Nah, you'll be permanently sealed into this outfit, and employed as an escape artist. Your act will consist of trying to escape strict bonds while wearing your permanent heels, mittens, and gag, with them getting more intense with each one you escape. And if you fail to escape one, your "cape" will be wrapped and locked around you again, leaving you trapped until you figure out how to escape both it and the bonds you had trouble with.

You also happen to be immortal and unaging, and fully capable of undergoing extreme things like long-term breathplay or compaction with no ill effects, although they still feel as real and dangerous to you as they should normally be. People can't quite put their finger on it, but it makes it really easy to set up all sorts of suspenseful, perilous traps to make your escapes all the more dramatic.

...It does have the side effect that your fetishes and preferences grow more perverted over time, though. You've recently found you can only sleep while locked in your cape in an extremely strict reverse prayer, chained down in a large water tank for the night.
Every time you get aroused, your breasts and ass begin to inflate with helium until you're floating high in the sky. You can't come down until you cum, after which they will slowly deflate and let you back down again. Fortunately the cold air makes your nipples very sensitive.
I also was not paying attention to the bump limit and feel like doing a repost - even though the curse is a quick, silly idea:

When they said "pregnant glow," you didn't think this was what they meant. You are literally glowing. All. The fucking. Time. It's not very noticeable in bright light but if you're out in anything dimmer than that, it's incredibly obvious and you get TONS of weird looks because of it. Nobody has any fucking clue how or why this happened but it's not going to go away once you give birth: you're stuck being a human glowstick for the rest of your life.

And speaking of that pregnant glow? Yeah, you're also about to be a single mother so have fun with that - and for that matter, good luck trying to sleep when you're constantly glowing brighter than any night light.
File: 1518786620323.png (1.76 MB, 1447x2047)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
You feel a strong compulsion to suck on anything you see that's even slightly phallic, ideally while on your knees. As long as it's not a literal cock or realistic dildo, you can attempt to ignore it with sheer willpower, but doing so makes it that much more difficult to ignore in the future. So make sure you actually don't want to, lest you wind up in a compromising situation in the future. Of course, if it's the real thing (Or something close enough to it), the rational parts of your brain are effectively going to shut down for a while to stop you from refusing.

Seeing pictures of cocks and other similar things you physically can't suck will give you an urge to find something to fill your mouth with, and it won't feel that different from an addict wanting his next fix.
File: 1520730464288.jpg (912 KB, 1050x800)
912 KB
912 KB JPG
whenever you get aroused your body begins to turn gooey, the more turned on you are the more fluid and transparent you become, climaxing will leave you as just a puddle of sticky fluid.
File: to_caption_ka_mi.jpg (131 KB, 960x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
You become a cute blonde with a girlfriend. The only dick you're getting is plastic and vibrating, which wouldn't be so bad if you weren't arrow straight and had zero interest in other women.

If you try to cheat on or leave her you and the poor bastard you seduced will both be killed.
File: 1545729830811.jpg (392 KB, 875x1245)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
You get transported a future world where the male to female ratio is 10:1. Any unmarried woman between 18 and 28 is given contraceptives and forced to attend three times per week to "public use" programs created by the government to avoid revolts.
Usually, "public use spaces" are clean and well kept, but failure to attend or bad behavior will result in transfer to lower-class neighborhoods, where managers are incompetent at best, they'll often forget about your release time and only clean you or the place once a day.
The usual duration is 3 hours, but some managers, specially in lower-class neighborhoods will keep you up to 24 hours if there are not enough women to fill the demand.
To safeguard the supply, the government has made marriage a very complicated process, only 20% of women are married before 25, and 30% before 28.

Image related, a lower-class use space.
You have to work your new body out everyday for 5 hours. Luckily you have a friend to accompany you as long as you convince him.
You're extremely close with a young lady roughly your age, so close you fit together like a glove. ...Literally, actually, since she can wear you whenever she wants to.
File: 1471907188766.png (573 KB, 800x800)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
Whenever you post a comment that hurts someone's feelings you are shrunk to the size of a key on your keyboard (only applies once per comment made)

you only return to normal size once you've made a new comment, without anyone elses assistance, that makes someone happy

while shrunk you are invincible and ageless and require nothing to live, however you are shrunk where ever you are when the person that reads the comment reads it, so you may end have an epic journey to find a way to make a nice comment to someone (or end up stuck somewhere, washed away by rain, etc)
File: 39279807_p2.jpg (399 KB, 1024x768)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
You are a forbidden fruit, of the most alluring kind. By which I mean the actually ILLEGAL kind, of course. It is against the law to remove any of the warning tape adorning your body, with the punishment being death if caught.

While you've become an immortal, ageless symbol of society's tranquility, this does mean that as more and more tape is added, you become less and less able to do anything; you've been bound for months, and just recently had your mouth taped shut, with a rather large phallus wrapped in an eternally-girlcum-soaked pair of panties completely filling your jaw beneath it. This also happens to include the tape holding your wand in place, meaning anyone can tease you with it at any time.

And just like with illegal drugs, there are indeed more than enough people willing to break the law just for the thrill of it, or to revel against "the man". Better hope you don't get kidnapped by any of them... ;3
File: l3ya7tejo4821.jpg (53 KB, 431x767)
53 KB
A creature mimicking you will stalk you for the rest of your life. You may kill it free of typical consequence, but it will only stay dead for a week before it returns to life. It looks exactly like you do, but with always naked, pupil-less eyes and with a foot-long dick. To start out, it is just intelligent enough to use the basic functions of a computer and operate simple machinery, but as time goes on, it will quickly learn. In addition to immortality and intellect however, it has several other abilities.

1. It can disassemble it's body into tiny particles and reform them, at random, somewhere within a 50 mile radius of wherever you are. This takes a full day to do.
2. It will recognize you no matter your appearance. If it spots you, it can also change it's form to mimic your current clothing and voice for one hour. It cannot change into any other clothes however.
3. It can slowly melt into goo and travel as a flesh-colored blob. This is slow, but useful for entering the tightest of spaces. It is immune to physical trauma in this form.
4. It will be able to tell if you are within a 1 mile radius of it.
5. The creature has 2x your physical strength, and does not need to sleep or eat. It is just as fast as you are.

The only way to stop it's assault is to get 100 different people to sleep with you. Sleeping with more than one person a night will not count toward this total. Doing this will render the creature mortal.

Finally, the creature is, of course, stalking you to pin you down and fuck you. Once it does so, it will split into particles re-appear somewhere within 50 miles. Every time it's cum enters your body, you will suffer a new mutation. Each of these mutations is worse than the last.

1. Your ass and breast will double in size. Escape is quite difficult now, but you will appeal to more people.

2. Any undergarments you wear will immediately begin to dissolve. In an hour, they'll be completely gone.

3. You are incapable of wearing any clothing aside from your heels. Anything you try and put on will be dissolved in a minute.

4. You will have sticky, gooey skin, and you will grow a foot-long cock that is always erect.

5. It's game over for you. As the creature fucks your ass for the final time, your body merges into it, and you slowly start to transform. Within the next 20 minutes, you will have become it's new dick. You can think, but you have no more control. Having merged with you, the creature is now free to use you to fuck whatever human it wishes, and add them into it's body as well.

Good luck!
File: 1505894043823.jpg (653 KB, 1500x2000)
653 KB
653 KB JPG
You become a cow girl with milk that can make the consumer younger. This can make you richer than your wildest dreams. However, your milk only has this property if you have taken a load of cum in your pussy within the last 24 hours or if you're pregnant.
File: 1399004161820.jpg (165 KB, 1284x834)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Any adhesive materials within 100m of you will be inexplicably drawn to your location, at which point they will adhere themselves to you in some way, shape, or form. The strength of this draw is relative both to the size of the material, and the amount of other materials already stuck to you.

This probably wouldn't be too much of a problem most of the time, except you're the owner of a flex tape factory, so...
File: 1523688281503.jpg (512 KB, 1452x1210)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
No matter how horny you are, you are physically incapable of getting wet down there.
you've been blessed with a sexy body but your forced to wear a leotard at all times in public, leotard like outfits like bunny suits and school swimsuits count as well. Be sure to shave your legs and armpits!
thank god I only came to a few bad things in my time, the majority is yuri feet so I am A ok with this.
File: 1531558838607.jpg (205 KB, 1280x1066)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
you are now the slave to a latex tentacle bitch
File: 1330471867756.jpg (62 KB, 800x600)
62 KB
Every time you have orgasm, you gain an 8 month developed fetus in your uterus. This also causes your breasts to go up 3 cup sizes (and lactate) for every baby in your belly. There is no limit on how many babies can be in your belly at once, and it has the ability to immobilize you if it gets too heavy.

Curse (lite): It takes a month for the baby to grow full term (which includes your belly and boobs growing larger still) but it will disappear after it has reached full term. Each baby has its own month timer/growth cycle before disappearing.

Curse (full): Same as above, but you must give birth, naturally and individually, to every baby. You are not allowed to get help from any medical professional.
>fap to St Margaret Academy
>be cursed with this

I am utterly obliterated.

Fuck that's good, especially given that some of the scenarios have been things like permanent chastity or lifelong bondage...

This is sublime. Oh my god. How can I have this happen to me
Those muscles are completely decorative and you're only as strong as a normal girl who never works out. However, everybody thinks you're as strong as you look regardless of all evidence to the contrary - everyone around you constantly asks you to do heavy lifting and other muscular stuff stuff and gets extremely pissed off when you refuse to do it or "fake weakness" - meaning genuinely try and then fail at whatever they're asking you to do.
File: 156614.png (950 KB, 634x1000)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
Congrats, you're now enthralled by a plant monster and will spend the rest of your life eagerly breeding with it.
Everything you eat adds three times its weight to your stomach, tits, ass and thighs. With an extremely strict diet and vigorous exercise you may be able to maintain a decent body, but
expect that to become increasingly difficult with every extra pound you gain.

To help out, it's impossible for you to be too overweight/get any weight-related health problems. Your body will continue to grow as normal even once you're immobile.
I wanted to it once then lost it
You have committed an unforgivable crime, the government doesn't know what to do with you,
killing you would be a godly act.
The government decide to give yourself to science, as a subject of experimentation, scientists are used as test subjects to see the limits of human resistance.
They inject you with a substance that contains the immortality potion, then they take you to the operating room where you will undergo a sex change operation
the change will be radical becoming a dirty sluty with big tits and a big ass but your penis will remain intact
Thanks to the position of immortality the healing process will be quick, when you are completely healed you will be placed in a room of 1x1, not without before they have placed you:
Wireless headphones, which do not allow the subject to hear anything, except the sound coming from them (generally white noise).
The nostrils will be covered, making the subject only breathe through the mouth.
The subject will be put in permanent chastity
Finally, a latex mask will be placed on it, like a second skin.
From now on you will be nothing more than a sex doll.
You will never see the light again or you will hear anything more than the sounds that the user chooses for as long as he dictates

As for the cleaning and hair that can grow inside the mask, the subject will never know when the mask or chastity will be removed for cleaning work.

Enjoy your new life
File: 1492554110646.jpg (188 KB, 726x1018)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
You get a insatiable hunger for fish, and your breasts swell up with milk through intercourse, which need to be milked unless you wish to stay in heat (growing bigger each time you cum).
File: 1272896833542.jpg (245 KB, 696x1024)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Thanks to certain shady dealings, and downloading way too many ROMs, your body is now a legal trademark of Nintendo. They plan to exploit it to show just how much better the Switch is than the PS4, starting by showcasing just how much less censorship there is on Nintendo hardware... ;3
> It looks exactly like you do, but with always naked, pupil-less eyes and with a foot-long dick
So it looks exactly like me.
File: 1545413881735.jpg (504 KB, 3018x3776)
504 KB
504 KB JPG
you have to live the rest of your life in permanent bondage and chastity.
you never know when someone will come and use your ass/mouth but after theyre done theyll always lock you back up.
File: 1535606605308.webm (1.8 MB, 1280x720)
1.8 MB
You have a great body with lovely pointed elf ears. You get all the normal racial bonus for being an elf (long life span, better dark vision, no need for sleep only meditation, etc) Only one problem. To maintain all this you someone had to cum on your head at least once a day. Its not painful (in fact it feels amazing) but it dose have side effects. For about 6 hours afterwards you enter a kind of cum drunk state. Normal effects of drunkenness's apply as well in this state your highly suggestible and consistently horn. After this wears off your met with a hang over. Hang over is lessened the more cum you have in your head
Any clothes you wear become fragile as paper. You'd better move carefully.
Nice curse, but that's a half genie not an elf
You are so immensely attracted to girls, tits, ass, hips, thighs, and everything else feminine that your own body makes you endlessly turned on just by thinking about it. You emit lusty pheremones that turn everyone around you who isn't blood related to you amorous, flirty, and gynephillic. You will receive plenty of compliments to remind you of your luscious and amazing body.

You have a mental "lust meter" in your brain like HUD in a video game. You can willingly see or not see it at your leisure in your vision. The meter represents how turned on you are at any given moment, and when the meter passes 50% full, your tits, ass, and the like will start to expand bigger and heavier, faster the higher the meter fills. Of course, since your fetish is feminine bodies, the prospect of becoming ever more feminine tantalizes you to no end, creating a nearly-unstoppable positive feedback loop once it starts. Passing the threshold is quite easy, so from there, you can either try hard to cool off or rush yourself to orgasm, which will keep your meter maxed out for several seconds, causing the growth to become so fast that it's plainly visible.

Your size resets with every time you fall asleep.
File: 1535110254544.jpg (196 KB, 1333x1300)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
youre a 4ft cat girl by day, and at night you turn into a 9ft bimbo cat
You become a living inflatable sexdoll, you weigh a little less than a kilo gram and are extremely sensitive to touching and groping, so much so you will pass out from prolonged groping or sex

while in this state your body stiffens into a classic sexdoll pose, you regain consciousness moments later and regain control of your body an hour later (subsequent climaxes may cause you to faint again)

any damage inflicted on you will automatically mend itself over a period of 1 to 12 hours (from a scratch to totally destroyed) and you can re-inflate yourself by focusing as long as you have no damage (this is at the rate of a normal person blowing up a sexdoll manually) and having nothing but a single reservoir going through from your mouth to butt you don't need any food, water, or even sleep

lastly you have an air valve where your clit would normally be, this is your most sensitive area and it allows others to help re-inflate or deflate you, if you are deflated and folded up you won't be able to re-inflate yourself and will need to have someone else do it for you, of course this will likely make you cum several times and if you pass out from it, well, rinse and repeat
File: curse.jpg (1.47 MB, 1000x1500)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
your whole family turns into traps, and so do your female friends (implying you have any). You may also become a trap along side them if you would like.
Every time you orgasm, you grow another dick and your recovery time gets shorter. You KNOW there's some way to reset your dicks back to one but you haven't been able to find out what it is yet. You think it might have something to do with NOT masturbating for awhile but unfortunately, you're such a nympho that you've only ever made it a few hours at a time - and the fact that you can barely even stand at this point is only making it even harder to resist the temptation.
It is on sadpanda
File: 1543177426050.jpg (225 KB, 1276x1701)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
You're now legendarily lethal with the blade, matched only by your drop dead sexy body you've gained with it. The price of your arms was steep, but you continue to surprise everyone you meet with just how many things you're capable of operating/performing with just your mouth.
File: 1543978501133.jpg (604 KB, 974x1200)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
You were no doubt surprised when you learned there was a reward/punishment vacation/rehab getaway prize for being the world's bitchiest human being alive, and even more so on how far it goes to complete the theme. The experience so far has been humbling to say the least.
You've received a complete cybernetic make over & are now an all around technologically superior being for it. This is with exception to having received a rather advance, high maintenance experimental model with parts only repairable in an esteemed engineer academy's "gut" course on "bankruptable tech ahead of their time". You've gotten used to the weekend sleepovers docked at the university while waiting for your repaired limbs to re-calibrate, but not the "antics" or "pranks" the boys from the dorm tend to spring up on you with. You'd complain about who's kid you're carrying, or the whole "slumber parties" in general, but you potentially costing the academy it's pristine image could lose you your limbs given this is the only place that can repair them.
File: 1498173178962.jpg (141 KB, 723x1023)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
you now gain all your sustenance from semen
File: 1542515309456.png (1.4 MB, 1400x1800)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
You gain all your sustenance from pussy juice. You're bisexual, so you can date men, but they won't fulfill your needs. Have fun.
File: Liberation.jpg (539 KB, 1914x900)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
you can only get sustenance from food
Ok, story time:
I lived in London for quite some time and worked within the kink scene there, helping to set up Munches, events, etc. As a result, pretty much every friend and relationship I had while living there was involved in the fetish community. This girl I dated had an amazing story about how she got nerve damage to her arms.
Basically, she worked at a bondage studio where people could go to learn aerial bondage and shibari and also made a lot of money on the side doing cam shows online. This one time, she was doing a cam show that involved her doing some self bondage with one of those vibrators that turn on whenever a viewer tips her. She had her legs tied together and had tied her wrists and arms behind her back into a shibari armbinder and then had that attached to a rafter above her, all the while, having this vibe inside her going off every few minutes. Well, for some reason she turned her whole body a weird way and slipped. Because of the way she was tied and supported, she didn't fall all the way forwards but instead, ended up falling to her knees, which forced her arms and wrists back and up, almost above her head. Your arms aren't meant to strain that direction for too long and she couldn't pull herself up because her legs were tightly tied and her arms were forced up the wrong way.

Well, the people watching eventually caught on that she couldn't move and begun tipping her over and over and over so that her vibe wouldn't stop going off. During all this she's in pain and squirming, trying to get to her feet to no avail.

This went on for 6 hours. So she was stuck, bound in a very vulnerable and painful position with a vibrator inside her for a quarter of the day while around a hundred people watched online and contributed to the stimulation.

Eventually, someone she knew checked in on her stream and saw that she was in trouble and came to help her. It still took over an hour for him to get there because he had to pick up a spare key at a different friend's house and it takes forever to get anywhere in London by train or bus.
She had to go to the hospital because she damaged some important nerves in her shoulders but she ended up making around £900 that day from all the people tipping her.

So that's the closest I've heard to a real story of someone being accidentally trapped in self bondage while being forced to orgasm.
jesus, she's lucky someone saw her, what was the extent of the damage to her arms/shoulders?
File: 1533062716555.png (393 KB, 605x854)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
Whenever someone mentions boxes, balls, paper, keychains or any liquid you transform into that shape, only returning to normal once the person has finished having their way with you

the person in question is temporarily super into whatever tf they have caused and will ravage you, but they (and any bystanders) will forget what transpired shortly after you return to normal

...unless they are one of the people who really have the fetish for which they made you turn into; in that case they remember everything and gain the knowledge of how your curse works (and bystanders with that fetish will remember that event but won't know what caused it and will be boggled when no one else present remembers it) hopefully they are nice and don't abuse the situation
File: Rey--star-wars--4764886.png (1.19 MB, 811x1143)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
You're sacrificed to the sarlacc pit where you'll be "digested" for a thousand years.

(Digested means fucked, you're just getting fucked forever)
File: 1546931907736.png (451 KB, 1200x1200)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
weight gain and loss will be an extreme for you. you can see the pounds flying on you when you eat. while an unprepared walk around the block may leave you starving to death.

just make sure that, wherever you go, you take a box of cookies with you...
and maybe a spare set of clothes.
Every morning, you switch lower halves with a random animal. Nobody knows it’s not your lower half and will think nothing of it.
File: 1545991437166.jpg (1.37 MB, 3300x4200)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
The fucking apocalypse is here and this is the only goddamned weapon you have. The curse actively prevents you from using anything else as a weapon: if you try, you'll quickly lose it, break it, or fall afoul of some OTHER thing that forces you to switch back to the milk guns.

There's some good news, though!
> It's the /d/ apocalypse so you'll never run into anything that outright kills you.
> Something about your guns and/or breasts means that your weapons ARE useful , , , somehow.

BUT that good news comes with bad news, too!
> It's the /d/ apocalypse so there are far, FAR worse fates than death waiting for you.
> You have absolutely no fucking clue what MAKES your guns useful and because of that, you really don't know how to USE them properly, either. You'd better learn fast, though, 'cause those fates worse than death? Yeah, they ain't just gonna wait around for you to git gud.

Good luck, anon. You'll need it!
File: 1544973593600.jpg (166 KB, 850x775)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Other people can remove your limbs, and you need assistance reattaching them. On the bright side, you no longer age, nor do you need to eat, sleep or breathe. Hope you make some friends who don't take advantage of you... much.
File: qcRlcJd.jpg (248 KB, 1906x2695)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
You are part machine, and you cum bullets.
File: 1525389848217.png (1.54 MB, 883x1213)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
you cant cum unless you make someone else cum (or shitpost)
File: 1518196687784.jpg (1 MB, 1200x1080)
1 MB
Pretty self-explanatory.
File: 54616029_p0.jpg (333 KB, 960x934)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
you've transferred to a new body with new memories. however everytime you have something in your mouth, you remember your old memories.
An odd side effect of being a futa is that your dick gets hard when you’re afraid. Slight problem? Erect penises terrify the hell out of you — even your own. Morning wood tends to be pretty intense but something like this? You’re basically paralyzed with fear.

Oh, and just to make things even worse, you also live in a society where nudism is both accepted and extremely common, especially in warmer weather.
now addicted to the taste of cum, every day you go without sucking dick your nipples grow painfully larger. when you drink cum, your breasts will pleasurably grow larger
You are given a hyper sexualized feminine body such as the one in this picture. (If you have a dick, you may keep it!), and the body ages really slowly so you will be able to live out the majority of your life with this body!

The curse can be a bit of a blessing too as you will never be without cash as your body does enough advertising to those with rich wallets to pay a fortune for you, so much so that you will never need to work again. You will forever be known as a hole for people to stick their stuff in by your friends and family, but at least you're rich as hell and can live a long life, right?

(Kind of sleepy, hope this isn't too bad ))
File: 1543607830170.jpg (516 KB, 620x2790)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
You've been cursed with duplication, parts of your body now multiply daily, slowly forming whole new yous all over yourself

weekly you split into two whole yous and the process begins again (panel three is the start of day 1 and panel four is the 5-6th day of the week) you can choose to control all the limbs on your own body or relegate some limbs to another you if you have another head at the time

you don't have any control over your duplicates, and only your body continues to be effected by the curse, however your clones are an exact copy of you at the time they split off, so they won't be likely to be malicious and the curse also creates a duplicate identity for each new copy along with starting funds, so you won't have to worry about supporting all your new selves

lastly you are all mentally linked, you can talk with each other by focusing and sense when other yous are in danger, and... well you all share the same sexual sensations, so if any of you get frisky you alllll get frisky, so have fun with that!
You have been kidnapped by the cute goth girl that you've been staring at all night now. She happened to find you adorable, so she decided to take you to her home. While you are bound up she confesses that she has been looking for someone like you for quite some time and she wasn't going to let you get away. The girl goes crazy with a make-over and makes you look like someone who is worth being seen with her, your hair gets styled in a way that makes you look like a gothy punk as well, and your clothing soon becomes clothing that she herself out grew.

Part of the reason though that you stay around with her is that she is somewhat of a hypnotist. Just looking into her eyes will make you submit to her will, and if she desired for you to be crushing on her then so be it. She is making it your choice to want to become a fabulous goth girlfriend who spends the nights in bed, bound up next to her.

There is more magic than what her eyes hold. Who knows she may even be able to turn you into a real gothic barbie doll who lives as long as she does!
that's just my life on birth control
File: 1499078005454.jpg (772 KB, 700x1000)
772 KB
772 KB JPG
You aimed to become an popstar idol but fell from popularity after a sex scandal you were in surfaced. On the bright side, you've heard they take good care of their idols after they've passed their prime.
File: 59558012_p1_master1200.jpg (697 KB, 941x1200)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
Luckily, you're one of the few chosen to be a beta tester for a new VR video game console catered towards adults!

What you don't know however is that character creation completely changes your body with the options you choose and everything that happens in the game happens to you in real-time.
File: 1539384046402.png (499 KB, 847x1037)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
When you jump up and down, your breasts have sound effects. Unfortunately, they're in Japanese and nobody knows why your breasts appear to be saying "house!".

you think google translate might have made a mistake.
File: 1536510926275.png (429 KB, 750x1000)
429 KB
429 KB PNG
You're especially heavy, and no matter what you do, you can never lose weight. All of your clothes, no matter how they are before you put them on, become sexy, revealing versions of what they were before. Show off all that extra skin that you have now!
You wanted big tits, so much so that it became a life long obsession and after a series of bizarre events, you got them. So many in fact that you're more boob than human.

The top row of breasts secrete milk as normal or hot cocoa/chocolate milk if you had anything chocolate recently, mid-tier stores individual liquid or paste of what you consumed while your lowest level of breasts have fuckable nipples but at risk of impregnation.

While your "body" is too sensitive for clothes, but no one seems to mind & will you out in exchange of of sexual compensation or "keep" you until you payed them back by helping them in someway. Sometimes you're keeped as a fuck pillow for a few days, had your breasts used to store beer at a beach party, and even decorated as a makeshift christmas tree (boob lady edition) at an office once.
You made it your life's mission to becomes teacher's pet.
>Your "body" is too sensitive for clothes, but no one seems to mind & will *help* you out in exchange of of sexual compensation
Whoops, made a typo.
I love everything about this harness.

Sailor Poon
You are constantly being stalked by monsters. if they catch you they will reach into your ass and pull out your soul. Without it you cannot control yourself and you are forced to do whatever they ask you to do, mostly involving having sex or humiliating yourself. After a week your soul returns and you regain control of yourself. However the more they catch you the longer you have to wait to get your soul back
File: 1546709625626.jpg (133 KB, 1050x800)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Pretty simple. You are a goo girl, and orgasms can make you lose your form, and turn into just a puddle of slime. And cum you ingest simply turns into more slime, which you can choose where to put the extra goo.

Now here's the thing, clothes are impossible, so expect to be raped often

You can only reach orgasm when you're being penetrated by something larger than the last thing that made you orgasm. You also lose 1-10 IQ every time. Good luck.
File: wet.jpg (125 KB, 707x1000)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
You're cursed by a witch to slowly transform into this body from yours whenever you don't masturbate, over time. As time passes and you transform, you get hornier in the new form, and masturbating with your holes filled will take you back to your old one, but not all the way, as you soon learn. Transforming back to your old form makes you want to resist turning into your new one, so you keep trying to see if holding out in your new form will eventually turn you back into your old one. You never notice the changes to your old form, since you slowly forget it.
Doesn’t seem too bad, honestly. Just get off ONCE with the biggest thing you can possibly manage then resign yourself to a life with no orgasms — the two parts of the curse cancel each other out a bit too well.
Posting from my phone so let’s see what I can find . . . That’ll do:

You cum on command but your recovery rate is the same as a normal man: you still orgasm when you’re dry but it becomes increasingly painful every time until you recover — it stops being even remotely pleasurable after about the third or fourth.

To make things worse, everyone around you knows about your curse but everyone treats it like an extremely mild punishment — your boss at work will order you to cum whenever you annoy him, your friends and family do it all the time just as a prank, etc. The curse is also very lenient about what counts as someone ordering you to cum. It gets even more lenient over time, too, but at least it resets whenever you DO finally get that order.

Trying to block out the order with hearing protection and the like does nothing, by the way: you don’t need to HEAR the order, you just need to BE ordered — by ANYONE.
File: 1546551505135.jpg (591 KB, 1474x1064)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
You're a succubus unable to deny sex from anyone who summon you.
File: demon.jpg (73 KB, 800x1045)
73 KB
A demon has corrupted your soul and you're now a succubus.

If you don't have daily sex with humans, your demon form will be active.
You joined the pokemon gene splicing mutation program and it didn't turn out quite as expected.
You have a tendency to complain about objectification of women in porn threads but eventually discover for yourself just how far it can actually go.
Hyper pregnancy. Which doesn't seem bad at first until you realize you're completely immobile, itch, ach, and feel nauseous all the time... That and all the loose skin you have after birthing really ruins your figure.
You become a super hero, but from a hentai manga rather than a regular super hero comic one. Despite your awesome powers, you always have a high chance of losing where you'll get gangbanged, impregnated by some monster or in some mad scientists experiment until someone saves you.

You also get ridiculed by anyone who knows your true identity for not helping people if you try to avoid it and get held hostage (with more gangbanging) by villains practically every other time you head out while not in costume. Even acting as a hermit, villains will miraculously have a story arc of cracking the code of your actually identity and eventually finding out your location by clues that miraculously come out of nowhere that you apparently left behind.
File: hiTnA2W.jpg (119 KB, 1024x768)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
You became girl addicted to cum. Everything that you eat or drink must be with addition of white goo. You can't even finish glass of water if there is not a little of jizz mixed with eat. You still can eat anything if at least 50% of dish will be made from cum. Unfortunetly only freshly ejucated cum will do the trick no more than 48 hours UNLESS you were already holding it on your body. The fun side of this change is that everything is now tasting like best dish ever. Worst piece of meat could taste like high quality steake if some strange will cum on it for you. However you are lucky girl and you can afford some cum containers to match your hunger.
File: 1547104573230.png (881 KB, 692x1028)
881 KB
881 KB PNG
At the end of the day you have to find the strongest woman around and and be her good little bitch.
You become hopelessly submissive and manipulable when pregnant and horny beyond excruciating pain when you're not.
File: DcwUns4U0AErniT.png (1.14 MB, 879x1200)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
You know that one doujin you really love? That's your life now.
Whenever you listen to music when you're driving, you will never have the song conveniently end at the same time you reach your destination. You'll have to choose every single time between staying in the vehicle listening to music for a while or getting out and interrupting it.
Whenever you come in contact with direct sunlight that part of you begins turning into a rubber fuck ball (umbrella or other things not worn directly on you can block the sun) until you either turn into one completely or have that part out of the light for 2hours

in exchange you get the powers of elasticity stretching, immunity to physical damage etc

the only way to return to normal once you've fully become a fuckball is to be used thoroughly getting other people to reach orgasm 20+ times (should you be found by a woman you grow a rubber dildo like protrusion that you can manipulate somewhat) and then once the sun sets after that requirement you return to normal
You seem to be making a few assumptions about peoples' fetishes here if you're calling that a curse. I'm not saying you're WRONG but still.

Congratulations! Your favorite /d/ fetish is now both real(if it wasn't before) and the single most popular kink in the world, to the point where it's completely overtaken the entire porn industry and is considered the standard for any two(or more?) people having sex(normal people will have missionary sex specifically to make babies but only if your fetish prevents them from making babies) and anything else is considered strange now.

The curse? Well, you see, when I said "favorite," I really meant FORMER favorite. Whatever that fetish was, it's completely gone now: you still have all your porn of it, you still remember how great it felt to indulge in it, but you no longer get off to it at all. You find yourself watching all this porn, the little hints in mainstream media and the tasteful sex scenes in R-rated movies - and all this stuff gives you nothing but an overwhelming sense of apathy even though you KNOW it should be having you spraying like a goddamned geyser. Even if denial is/was your fetish, the feeling you get is the opposite of satisfying.

What are you into instead? Well, if you have any other /d/ fetishes, one of those takes over now - but it's still considered just as weird as it was before. If not, your new fetish is consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation. If that was ALREADY your fetish? Get the fuck off of /d/ you sick freak.

Oh, and you're also a pregnant futa dark elf with enormous nipples - but I don't know how much of a curse that is for you. I just grabbed a pic that combines of my own fetishes.
>top fetish is seeing other people get turned into inanimate works of art or graffiti
oh god, that becoming real and the most popular thing would be hilarious

also i'm totally down with the futa dark elf bod
. . . Well, then. Yeah, that pretty much beats my curse - kind of, anyway. I mean, you still can't get off to it but finding enjoyment out of your fetish for NON-sexual reasons is something I honestly didn't consider at all so the main POINT of the curse is countered pretty well.
What is a hysterectomy. Your curse is null and void.
You Fiend!
File: 1547271126926.jpg (259 KB, 1200x1697)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
you have forgotten that you have breast. so you will be quite confused when you find out. but over time of course you will get used to the fact that you have breast. but then the curse will kick in.

your first night of sleep after you have gotten used to your breast you will forget that you have breast. also all your belongings will change to reinforce the idea that you never had breast. (brass will disappear, clothing might shrink ect.)

and just to top it of your breast will slightly increase in size that night. of course the increased size of your breast might make it take longer for you to get used to your breast, thus holding of the curse for somewhat longer.
So, death basically....or a mastectomy.
So another death sentence. What if you live in a remote area? good luck finding any cum at all. Oh now you've starved to death. Oh you just ate something rotten but because you managed to get a little cum on it you can't tell it's bad and you've now died of food poisoning.
No I don't. There's no punishment if I don't and if I don't live near anyone, than you can't find anyone. Moot wish.
That's my life now. big deal. I wear a bluetooth headset to prevent that if I choose to. I don't mind interrupting songs anyway as I can just replay them when I get back in the car.
Another mastectomy curse as your breasts will just keep getting bigger and bigger forever. How Fun (NOT).

Also I am SO glad I don't have brass in my house. Would suck to suddenly have all that brass disappear.
you seem fun
You probably do. Also, you really could've put all those replies into ONE fucking post, especially since half of them were the same complaint.

Anyway, since you're so dedicated to being a killjoy, say hello to your new mistress! She's pretty sick of your bullshit but luckily(for her), you're in the future and medicine has advanced to where she can ballbust you as much as she wants(all the fucking time) without any long-term harm! It still hurts like hell, though, and as a legal slave, you have almost zero rights(she can't permanently harm you but again, VERY advanced medicine) and are implanted with so many trackers that if you ever manage to escape, it won't be for long.
This is supposed to be a curse thread, not a wish fulfillment thread.
>be music instructor
>tfw there are multiple professional grade woodwind and brass instruments in my possession
It's like you're trying to kill my livelihood
sry typo, but can't change the curse anymore so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
to be fair to you, it's a very obscure fetish, haha
just because you find it to be wish fulfilment doesn't mean that anon does

curses do not need to be all negative, you can have curses that have upsides to them
File: 1544388403259.png (331 KB, 947x700)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
You (or someone using your identity) somehow met all the prerequisites of breaking an obscure license agreement invoked by the ghost of Satoru Iwata himself, ensnaring your very soul within Nintendo Online Servers. Doomed to watching Nintendo direct & looking through emails of canceled games, your only connection to the outside world is through a mysterious 3ds app that downloads to a random active user's 3ds each night of a new Nintendo game release.

No one seems interested in chatting with you for long though, especially after finding out they can customize your body, size, outfit, position to the screen, and lock you in lewd poses. The screens mysteriously acts like portals between your realities when this occurs, though nothing can fully enter or exit the device and are forced back the moment the 3ds turns off. The user's ability to change your size is what'll get you the most overtime as even the most average of dicks will stretch you out like tree trunks.
File: grabby hands.gif (624 KB, 640x360)
624 KB
624 KB GIF
You are a futa and your hands become extremely grabby, any bulge, boob, butt, pussy, or other squishy part of someone or thing that gets within arms reach of you will prompt your arms and hands to relentlessly grope them until they move away from you

On the upside, people get a sort of relaxation and sexual high off of this, so no one will ever want to report your inappropriate actions... but that is only because they will now constantly be seeking you out to get groped more

It becomes clear to just about everyone who gets groped that you can't stop yourself from groping them, so bartering for some sort of money for your "services" will only work on either very stupid or very desperate people, but despite the lack of monetary compensation you can be sure to get plenty of physical compensation
Every day you grow increasingly hornier and cannot cum except from penetration. In addition whenever you come you cannot be brought to climax again unless the object used is at least one centimeter larger in length or diameter that the last. Your body will stretch to accommodate any object inserted safely.
File: 1538141815666.jpg (277 KB, 974x1421)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
Men simply see you as a very attractive woman, but women see your demonic self.
File: FB_IMG_1541498078345.jpg (88 KB, 720x840)
88 KB
Yeah, very lucky. She has numbness in her fingers mostly. It could have been much worse.
File: 1544069736787.png (367 KB, 730x503)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
You'll only get (you)s in threads where you send your butt, crotch or feet.
File: 1543416456480.jpg (162 KB, 800x1129)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Your smartphone's touchscreen only registers your nipple, though it will work through clothing.
You have a high libido but can’t cum with your hands, ever, even indirectly: if your hands are involved ANYWHERE in the process, your efforts only lead to endless edging that’s a lot more frustrating than it is hot.

This works on a few degrees of separation, too: if you take your clothes off with your hands to masturbate? Nope. You’ll have to either learn to undress hands-free or only masturbate after disrobing for other reasons(like a shower).

As for sex toys? You can use them but only if your hands are NEVER involved in the process: you have to order them by typing with your nose, unwrap them with your teeth, pick them up with your elbows, etc. if you ever pick up a sex toy with your hands for any reason, you will never be able to masturbate with it again.

Other than sex toys, the effect resets after you genuinely calm down your boner - for such a nympho, that usually takes an hour or two. You can get around all of this by finding a partner, of course, but you’re having a TON of trouble finding someone willing to accept the combo your dick, nymphomania, and personality in general. Any relationship that you’re only in for the sex counts as a sex toy to the curse - it’s what you’re using them for, after all.

As a final, closing note? You start out knowing NONE of this: all you know is that you can’t get off no matter how hard you try even though you REALLY want to. You’ll have to work out the rules on your own.
Even if she's more top-heavy than I usually go for, goddamn she'd be fun.
>You seem to be making a few assumptions about peoples' fetishes here if you're calling that a curse. I'm not saying you're WRONG but still.
It's supposed to be karmic. Bad things happen to bad people, good things happen to good people, that sort of idea. It's certainly a hell of a lot more interesting than all the curses that are just "time to kill yourself."
Yeah, I've been trying to make mine as clear-cut and universal as possible while still being something you could live with - because you're right. It's boring as hell(and depressing) to have a curse so bad that when you imagine yourself in that position, your only thought is, "Well, guess I'd off myself, then."

I also hate the really backhanded ones where the anon writing it is clearly waxing lyrical about their fantasy, though. This is the CURSE thread, damnit! It's supposed to be BAD - hence why if any of my curses involve denial(Like this one >>8343609), I make sure to specify that it's NOT the fun kind.
File: 1540941539856.png (408 KB, 700x900)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
you have an irrational fear of your anus growing shut. this will of course never happen but this idea just doesn't leave your head.

the fear will vary day by day. some day you will just occasionally check by touching your asshole if its still open. Other time you may think it necessary to wear a large butplug to prevent it from growing shut. to extreme days where your paranoia forces you to keep your ass open with your hands.
Personally, I like curses that are creative, that you could say "Well, you've got a normal(-ish) life, but you've gotta put up with this lewd stuff for the rest of it". So I like curses that don't end up infinitely bad, but are definitely something you'd rather live without. Or maybe you can find a way to enjoy this new life of yours.

Gonna put in a curse that's a repeat of one from a few threads ago. (Possibly minor differences, writing it from memory instead of copy-paste). Would love to hear opinions on it as well.
File: Tamamo swimsuit.jpg (507 KB, 2106x1441)
507 KB
507 KB JPG
The good news? You've got a new, very sexy body. The bad news? Everyone seems a little too interested in it.

The worst news? Every so often, someone gets to do more than just admire you. This curse triggers randomly whenever someone admires how sexy you are (it triggers roughly once a week, though sometimes it can trigger a few days in a row, other times it won't trigger for a few weeks).

When the curse triggers, whoever was admiring you may issue commands to you for the next hour, so long as those commands don't cause severe injury. They are fully aware of their new powers, and will have no issues with taking advantage of the situation. If anyone sees the two of you doing anything lewd, they will either ignore it if they don't find you attractive, or will feel like asking to join in is perfectly acceptable. After the hour is up, you'll be able to act normally, at least until the curse triggers.

Thankfully, the curse has a bit of leniency. During the curse's effect, you are effectively immortal; while you can get hurt from minor things (spanking, whipping, etc), you are immune to severe injury. If you are somehow captured or restrained after that hour is up, these effects last until you are freed. If you are still captured after 24 hours, you'll be teleported to wherever you were when the curse triggered - after all, it's no fun if only one person gets you the whole time.

Of course, avoiding the curse isn't a good idea. If you go for a full day without meeting anyone that finds you attractive, the curse becomes almost guaranteed to trigger the next day. If you go another day, the curse will find some contrivance to make you meet someone it can trigger on, and the 24-hour safety period will get longer, extending another 24 hours after each attempt to avoid it.
Your body becomes physically more lewd the longer as you spend time in public, but entirely resets whenever you go back to being alone. Your default state is completely asexual with no genitalia even. Spending a completely secluded life means you'll be very sexually frustrated with no way to relieve yourself, but you'll have to carefully moderate your time in public or risk succumbing to your lust and becoming an uncontrollable multiple dicked futanari tentacle sex monster.
You discusting degenerate
where is this from? is it as heartwarming as it appears to be?
It is not. This is... "Somewhat edited"
177013, this was edited, it's fucking depressing.
Sauce is Mizuryuu Kei. Dunno the name of the actual doujin though, but from a translator note on Gelbooru it mentions she has "zero chastity values" and is totally onboard with outdoor hanky-panky.
File: 1537229335299.png (354 KB, 1200x948)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
You've built a robot girlfriend! Unfortunately she's quite ambitious and enjoys making modifications to herself, but she's just recently started branching out to you! Have fun
The good news is that your body is drop dead gorgeous.

The bad news is that your friend has complete control over you whenever she wants, loves making you be super slutty with random men who never seem to get you off.
File: 1532640482531.jpg (1010 KB, 1092x875)
1010 KB
1010 KB JPG
Your lesbian dominatrix engineer sister wants to "experiment" on you weekly, you can't decline her. (nor can you move away from her, you two must live under the same house, also her experiments won't debilitate you in any capacity)
that is very unfortunate, it looked like a nice heartwarming story.
You can still get off normally but this happens every time you yawn, cough, or sneeze - and unlike normal orgasms, it doesn't feel even remotely pleasurable. Tends to make a great, sticky mess of your clothes, though, so you avoid wearing them as often as possible. Little things like nudity laws tend to get in the way, though.

You only produce endless amounts of cum when it's involuntary, by the way: your usual, pleasurable orgasms have a more normal production and refractory time. Also, you have a constant erection as a side effect of your condition.
You have a great body but the most horrifying face. The people you date make you wear a brown paper bag over your head with three holes.

Upgrading to only ONE horrifying thing isn't a curse anon
God speed, anon.
File: un40snas10b21.png (843 KB, 793x734)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
You start every morning as a girl, and you will remain so as long as you stick to a vegan diet. If you fail to do so, you grow a penis.
File: plastic love wallpaper.png (818 KB, 1920x1080)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
Any time you fuck a guy, his penis turns into a 3D printed model of it. Also, this happens a lot.
>thinking buns are vegan
oh you poor sweet misguided anon
File: 1532317018346.jpg (1.56 MB, 1800x2400)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
You change bodies with your mom and are forced to live hee life.

You do housework and dinner by day and get fucked by your "husband" at night.

Look at the brightside you are a better cook and your "son" finally brought a date to meet you, your highschool crush.
You really like cactus
File: hqdefault.jpg (21 KB, 480x360)
21 KB
Your curse? Existence
File: DxLPYxkXgAAMskX.jpg (258 KB, 1448x2048)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
you can't express any negative feelings or thoughts.
Sorry, I'm not a vegan, forgot about that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
File: poppy harlow.png (1.41 MB, 1400x2400)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
You're cursed with the burden of representing internet culture at the upper echelons of society, but due to the disdain of the elite for the concerns of the plebeians, you're getting fucked over left and right for speaking on their behalf. Since this is a /d/ curse, that fucking is literal.
File: 1380553393840.jpg (661 KB, 1360x1000)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
You curse was to become a insatiable voluptuous succubus futanari who has to have sex every day or die of a lust stroke.
Is that... GLORIA BORGER!?
File: 1520559442788.jpg (39 KB, 850x850)
39 KB
So, from now on, you have a twat in your off hand.
Its always exited, always wet, always hungry.
You can achieve heavenly pleasures from it by fingering, licking, or if you have boyparts down there... its a heavenly selfpleasure, even better than selfsucking... you probably couldnt do that anyways...

the curse part is... you will be ALWAYS horny, even after orgasming multiple times. You dont especially need someone else to ake care of you, but your new pussy needs a constant attention.
And itt will be smelling like a horny pussy, dripping with juice.... Intoxicating you, and hinder your judgement.

You can probably hide it, covering it... but the longer you dont act upon its needs, the more painful the withdrawal will be, to the point you will consider chopping it off, or ending your life....
but if you feed its hunger then it lets you rest a bit... probably you can have a few hours of sleep, with wet dreams of course...
File: 1546301515633.jpg (145 KB, 425x465)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
your breast are infested by a rare parasite. it makes your breast incredibly sensitive and active. you can feel them crawling around all day.

over the duration of about a week your breast will start to swell up and get tenser. then at the end of that duration new spawn of the parasite will spray out of your breast.

the only thing the parasites need to survive is cum. the feeding process involves penetrating your nippel with a cock.

so you would think that it would be easy to just let them die right?

unfortunately no, it turns out that this parasite is a protected species so you are now obliged to take care of them. if you don't take proper care of them it will be seen as a crime and it can be punishable with anything up to death depending on the severity of the neglect.
So I spend the rest of my life with a compulsion to fuck my hand every few hours? Nothing changed.
Maybe a vibe glove? An interesting curse, certainly.
It's basically Crank but with more incestuous rape and less shitty poetry
Well, at least if it's a protected species, it shouldn't be TOO difficult to find a pair of dudes. If nothing else, the government probably has a list of volunteers ready -- maybe not ATTRACTIVE volunteers but hey, take what you get, right? Right, now lemme look through my ideas folder . . . that'll work.

A colony of slimes has decided to use you as their host. They don't normally affect anything above the neck but everything else is fair game - mostly, they'll just merge with your fat cells, turning you, well, fat, as well as a faintly glowing blue. The ones slipping into your urethra are the main problem: your dick is now huge but just the right balance of hard and spongy to fit into any woman. Your balls are only a little bit bigger now but by the time the slimes are done, they'll be the size of soccer balls.

The real curse? Your "testicles" don't produce sperm anymore. At all. Ever. Instead, they incubate new little slimes until they're ready to be deposited in a warm, ready womb to continue growing. This usually takes about a week. The slime colony has total control over your libido, too: you get horny when they want you to, stone cold when they don't, and they're more than capable of driving you into so much of a frenzy that you can barely think of anything other than your next fuck. Whenever a new slime is ready to deposit, you'll feel a constant, blazing heat in your balls. At that point, you'll have about a day to find a partner with your sanity intact before they flood you with so many hormones that you're nothing but a fuck-hungry beast.

"Fortunately"(for the slimes), they can also secrete pheromones that make women incredibly horny and much more attracted to you. If you somehow manage to resist the urge to deposit your little parasites(or lock yourself up beforehand) for more than three days, the slimes will start puppeting your body around to find that incubator for their young. They'll have to stop flooding you with hormones to do it - you'll be fully aware but trapped inside your own body as they find a hapless woman, blast her with date-rape hormones, and fuck a baby slime into her. In other words, it's VERY much in your interest to cooperate with the little bastards.

Other slime hosts exist where you are, by the way, but none of them have colonies anywhere NEAR as aggressive as yours. On the plus side, this means that you don't necessarily need to hide your state - but on the other hand, the authorities will blame you for anything your "tenants" do. Most slime hosts only serve the role for a few months then get released. YOUR slimes stick with you until the day you die unless you get cured. This is POSSIBLE but nobody's done it yet and there's little interest in researching the process so it's going to take a long time and a lot of money before you manage it, assuming you can even foot the bill. Even if you DO get "cured," the curse won't go all the way away - you'll be skinny again but your dick will still be huge and spongy and your balls will still make little slimes instead of sperm. It'll be much slower, though, taking about a month, and you'll also produce thinner, harmless "waste" slime. This thin slime will combines with your restored but still elevated libido to create a sterile approximation of normal orgasms.

. . . Wow, I had WAY more fun coming up with that than I expected to. Phew. I swear, I'm not normally into parasitism(except for specific kinds, which I guess this qualifies OR fat people(which I would have skipped if it didn't fit better with the picture).

You won't ever be accepted for any job other than 'maid'. Regardless of your qualifications, or the skill requirements of the position, no one is willing to pay you to do anything except clean (and do other maid-type tasks). This won't earn you anything above minimum wage unless you also agree to wear a fetishy outfit while doing so.

On the plus side, you're cute enough to pull it off, and you're guaranteed to get extra tips if you submit to the sexual whims of your clients.
>Finger in mouth

Clearly that's Poppy Harlow.
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You can't wear bottom clothes anymore
They will just disappear in the moment u put them on
Every time u try to cover yourself ur pusey start to drip wet like a lake
You still keep all your family role and work u have in reality

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