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Last thread >>8307483
Tell your stories, hear others, pick up an unofficial psych degree, and just let it all out.
File: hqdefault.jpg (22 KB, 480x360)
22 KB
I hated this cartoon but I couldn't stop watching it as a kid, as an adult I understood I had a kink for humiliation
>feminine men
probably because of anime. i got most of my romantic “interactions” growing up as a child and teenager from anime about pretty boys and pretty girls falling in love

similar to the above, i was pretty lonely as a kid and didn’t get any romantic affection (that i knew of) growing up. it’s probably the idea of somebody wanting me so bad that they wouldn’t even ask for my consent that turns me on

>women’s feet
my dad had a foot fetish. when i was about 10, i think, i remember sneaking through his phone and looking at a bunch of close ups of women’s feet
Muscle girl - when I was a teenager, my first girlfriend was physically stronger than me, and her abs were firmer and better defined by me, even though I was in pretty good shape, and she had a fashion sense that just brought out the best of those traits. I guess I haven't quite let go yet, since these things never fail to make me diamonds.
File: 1525503563202.jpg (131 KB, 813x1293)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
Once when I was like 4 or 5 I fed a toy caveman to a dinosaur and accidentally got it stuck.

Later, when playing with my toys or watching cartoons, I realized I really enjoyed the idea of something being inside of something else. The idea of a person being stuck inside somebody else and not able to get out was very fun, and I used to have my toys threated to digest each other, but I didn't like the idea of them dying.

Today, I'm a high level vore autist. I could write a book on vore. I plan on it eventually.
Such a wonderful feeling.
Not my gf, but one of my galpals who I go to the gym with is stronger than me, and whenever we hang out, and it comes up, I feel all warm and shy, but in a good way.
I like TG primarily. Probably was a young adult at the time. Found some transformation sequences that were pretty solid, I liked the emphasis on contrast of female and male bodies. When I would read stories online in the genre, I also appreciated how they would describe even slight differences between men and women, like they would go out of their way, whereas vanilla stories would mainly just talk about tits and ass, wasn't very inspiring.
Today, things are different, I am dealing with esteem issues. I can't shake a fundamental belief that girls aren't that into sex. And if they're not into it, I'm not into it. So TG solves that because when someone who was once a guy says they are super into it, I can believe it. In a similar vein, corruption accomplishes this too, like if they become a succubus or something, because they aren't turning into women, which again I can't think of as really wanting sex, they are turning into an imagined version that definitely wants sex. And that is hot.
Let's hope I one day find a girl who undamages me. But the far more likely scenario is that even if she really is into it, I'll still go "...naw...", because my brain has maliciously already made up its mind that girls don't actually enjoy sex. Or they do, but only to please the guy, or only because they find it "fun", but not because there's some uncontrollable lust that influences their actions.
scat, farting, vomit, burping, sneezing, etc. Cute girls doing gross things

In preschool I had a female friend who was really into "house" roleplay. The classroom had a designated house playing area with a small replica kitchen, dining table, fake plastic food, a bunch of ratty old grownup clothes that the kids could wear, and stuff like that.

This girl liked to pretend to be ill and let me take care of her. We would usually pretend we were married, and that she had eaten something dodgy that caused her to become violently sick. She would act like she couldn't make it to the bathroom and soiled her panties, or she had puked all over her blouse and needed my help to clean up and get into bed. Or maybe she would have a cold or the flu, and I would have to take her temperature and hold tissues up to her face so she could blow her nose or whatever. No actual bodily fluids or nudity were involved, of course - just the power of imagination.

I coincidentally discovered masturbation around this time and began to fantasize about ladies' bodily functions. I guess at that young age my entire concept of sexuality just accidentally developed around the idea of girls doing extremely private, shameful stuff and being embarrassed by it
A girl can't undamage you man, that line of thinking leads to broken relationships. The only person who can truly fix you is yourself.

But you can do it bro. I believe in you. Girls are just as horny as guys, and you may be damaged but you aren't broken! Go face life and learn to kick the shit out of it! Make your brain your bitch!
Imagine if she ended up the same way for the same reason, and there's some cute girl running around out there who gets off to barfing and shitting herself while a boy cleans her up.
Thanks for the encouragement
File: 1479770172120.jpg (211 KB, 850x639)
211 KB
211 KB JPG

>CFNM, huMAN livestock, male-milking, male-assplay + rimming, rapunzel-tier long hair + hair-encasement,monstergirls, MBW, masculine dehumanization

Was a bona fide mommy's boy growing up; my father worked abroad a lot, telling me to ''be a good boy and look after your mom'', something which I took to heart. Besides helping with the basic house chores I also have memories of scraping off dead skin from the soles of my mom's feet and brushing her hair. Later when her health deteriorated and could no longer work I helped out financially by working part time during high school. After that it was the army and moving on my own.

Despite all this I don't ever remember my mother being particularly intimate or even warm towards me (I can count the times she ever hugged me with the fingers of my hand). And because I worked all through high school and then got studying in STEM after army I never got into socializing with the opposite sex, leading me with the mental complex that women are beings that need to be protected, helped and tended to but who never will return any affection in return.

A short while later I got into this mindset that if I worked out in the gym real hard than at least girls would have my good looking body to appreciate, since no matter what I do would gain any feminine affection whatsoever. One time while visiting my female cousin her friends wanted to see how many push-ups I could do and one of them sat on my back while I was in the middle of it. I didn't even get past 50 but apparently it was enough to impress her since she told my cousin that her bf couldn't do even 10 with her on his back and she stopped giving me shit about being a jobless student for the rest of the night.

(Part 1/2)
File: 1540998866547.jpg (625 KB, 2849x2826)
625 KB
625 KB JPG

(Part 2/2)

After that I started looking for material on the internet and developing fantasies, all with the central theme that I was a man tended to or worshipped or just kept alive and content because I was a strong worker and a healthy stud.

I fantasize about being kept as a farm hand where I'd have to daily subject my cock to milking (manual and mechanical), with ballplay and anal stimulation to maximize the production ina a dehumanizing fashion.

I fantasize about being a naked, boy-toy houseslave for a group of women who reward me for obediance, work and sexual work with casual pats and a few ''good boys'', like a harem fantasy except the authority is reversed.

I fantasize about getting caressed, enveloped, embraced and mummified alive by the silky hair of some man-hungry witch or about monstergirls and lamias who need my bodyheat to keep them warm.

I fantasize about being transformed into a werebeast, a mutant, a tentaclemonster or just a beefed up but lobotomized superman who's being used by women as a rutting breeding stud and living fuckmachine, with no agency on my part.

Make whatever you wish out this blogpost or even psych degree, you're all welcome.
>exploited naivety
Femanon here. When I was young I was a tomboy and my friends were all guys. During early puberty they'd ask to see my privates and being a dumb-as-hell kid I never picked up on the sexual element and legit thought they were just curious because they didn't have one. I'd show them and let them touch and was always way more worried they might see my panties because I knew that wasn't meant to show. Went on for maybe 6 months or so before I caught on. As later on those memories became masterbation material I fetishized the situation and although I'm not stupid enough for something like that now I enjoy reading manga and stuff with a clueless character.

With a content block on my computer as a kid the only loop I found in the system was to zone's starfire teen titans hentai flash. Only having that to work with left me with an attraction to tentacles along with things like anal, forced oral and so on.
>when i was about 10, i think, i remember sneaking through his phone and looking at a bunch of close ups of women’s feet

How old are you anon? This board is for 18 years old and older only!
Smartphones were already commonplace by 2011, weren't they? The iPhone was introduced in 2007.
>gentle femdom, male-milking, a bit of reverse rape (just a easy to remember tag for female-on-male rape), edging (a bit contradictory, I know), cuddling, tomboy, POT (post-orgasm torture)
I was bullied since 1st grade up until around 7th grade. My mother only did enough so it would at least look like she cared to other people. Know this cause of the times she called me worthless; one time I even remember her forcing me to repeat "would you like fries with that?" over and over cause she thought I wouldn't amount to anything. So the idea that a woman is willing to love me enough that she essentially milks all my worries away while whispering sweet nothings in my ear makes my dick diamonds and puts a nice warmth in my heart.
File: 1.jpg (310 KB, 1280x1855)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
Ranma 1/2 made me really into gender transformations and role-reversal play. And all that translated into sissy porn and crossdressing.

I was like between ages of 5 and 9, living in Germany because my dad was in the army, and my mom's family was living there. And during that time, the tv channel RTL2 had an anime timeslot, they played, Ranma 1/2, Shin Chan, Power Stone, Case Closed/Detective Conan, some show about soccer called Kickers, pretty sure Pokemon and Dragon Ball was on at some point, fucking Sailor Moon, and this weird show about 3 little girls who were like musical witches, and they were all color coded, FUCKING FLINT HAMMERHEAD and right before we moved back to the U.S. they started playing Yugioh and One Piece.

But anyway, the two biggest ones for me were Shin Chan, and Ranma 1/2 (dragon ball and pokemon were also huge to me, but I usually watched them in English on VHS tapes from the PX). Shin Chan made me laugh, and Ranma was about martial arts, which I was obsessed with, and it also showed boobs, which German tv censors were fine with, and my little boy brain didn't fully understand, but still absolutely loved.

And I guess my brain made an early connection between my love for boobs, and gender transformations. Ever since I started watching that show, I had always been interested in what suddenly growing boobs would feel like. And back then I didn't know what girls had, but I knew it wasn't a penis, and I wondered what not having one would be like since then as well.

I hope we figure out virtual reality or something soon so I can find out.
File: 1407696673638.gif (582 KB, 512x288)
582 KB
582 KB GIF
I like gentle femdom too, but it's not as meaningful to me as this
File: 1398374331220.png (611 KB, 800x600)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
that's not even bad parenting, that's like hollywood demon mother level shit.
you should probably see a doctor because, while you can find a /gfd/ gf, most women (most people) aren't capable of /fixing/ that kind of emotional dysfunction, and if you put all of this on her it could drive her away like any other girl. romantic relationship is not a substitute for psychotherapy
File: 1541303917990.gif (1.51 MB, 540x300)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
Well, I already got most, if not all the psychological and emotional/mental stuff worked out with the help of my friends and some therapy. I only said as much as I did because I know that at least 75% of my kinks stem from that and for the psychology fags that lurk here (also, hopefully someone in a similar situation will read this and know they're not alone). As for a relationship, I wasn't looking for a /gfd/ gf specifically (though that would be an added bonus); just a healthy relationship. And if she wasn't into /gfd/, then I'd leave it at that. If I don't want stuff I'm not into forced onto me, then I'm not gonna force something she wouldn't be into onto her. I do appreciate the concern, though.
I feel the same senpai. Though my thing started with lack of attention from my mother.
Enemas, anal, crossdressing
My hippy parents gave me and my siblings weekly enemas because they thought it helped with every heath problem ever. When I hit puberty I started to enjoy it in a sexual way and always had a serious erection when I was getting them. I would finger myself to try and replicate the feeling and learned to masturbate anally pretty young. I don't think I really started playing with my dick at all until like a year or two after I started with my butt.

I'm not entirely sure how i got into crossdressing but I think it's partly because I got mistaken for a girl a lot already. I'd borrow my sisters clothes out of curiously of what it was like to dress up but got hooked sexually. Unfortunately my top-teir trap looks have faded and I can't look passable anymore at all.
forgot image
>one time I even remember her forcing me to repeat "would you like fries with that?"

Is this an american thing?
I got shown a video on deviant art with this fetish called inflation i was in a closet in this time so it was a literal closet fetish I was doing cringey rps in Minecraft because puberty was odd and I did erps for a while and inflation was my fettish for a while then I went to discord met some peaps one was called dark horseman but the thick meme was somewhat dying down and So I used a rule34 bot then it became thick inflation and then i started to cum and my interest became large tiddies my former inflation fetish was somewhat arround but it became on this one site known as hyper-breasts or breast_expansion and I was fapping to that shit slot and my room started to smell oh wait yeah the computer got moved and I had to delete all my files so I went to mobile and was fapping in my room causing a stench more horrible then the closet and I was getting constipated and I am autistic so shit is also smeered on the wall so combine the smell of cum, shit, and trash then you got my room and now just go to the site still and use that breast_expansion tag and my room has improved alot
It's a stereotypical phrase attributed to people who work at fast food restaurants taking orders.
File: cover.jpg (83 KB, 350x490)
83 KB
Starting big

(Pic related). See, I always see myself as a normal guy. Im super into impregnation (pretty much all kinds) and just stumbled upon it. I also REALLY enjoy domination/control and guro to a lightcdegree. Just... the idea of fucking someone or something to the point of actually breaking them and the life they carry, orgasmic. In real kife, I'd never do it of course. That's fucked. But whenever I find or go back to pics, vids (of which I've found none unfortunately, if you have any, please link along with stories) or stories.

I hated it at first but if it's done in a more sexual manor, I enjoy it.

I was a kid and watching the angry beavers. It was that episode where they marked their territories and the ending, you just hear a loud fart. I got so stuff and didn't know what to do with it. Obviously, I do now and it's kinda evolved into...

Not getting pooped on or the like, just watching it from a big fat juicy ass.

>Mind break & corruption
Devolving a formally understanding creature/person into a fuck hungry cun dumpster came from various anime of seeing a good character turn evil was just amazing.

Questions? Comments? I'll answer what I can.
Forgot to mention I'm on mobile so please excuse the mistakes.
That's kind of abusive to actually do to kids, anon. It's something from fap fiction.

When did they stop doing it to you and your brothers and sisters? How did you hide your erection?
I was *lightly* molested as a child, mostly heavy petting, so I'm really into women who are taller than me, and I'm so bi for short twinks. Go figure.
File: Weebo.png (685 KB, 873x682)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
One of my first porn finds was a Hustler magazine that had picture ads in the back for various phone sex lines, several of which featured (probably photoshopped) shemales. It was better than the rest of the magazine's content, to me.

Had a fascination with the concept in childhood. Star Wars, Short Circuit, Tron, Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix. I got super into stuff about machines developing consciousness. Electric Dreams and Blade Runner clued me into the possibility of human/AI romantic interactions and Weebo was the standout plot point of Flubber for me. It really bothered me when she died. Bicentennial Man is a masterpiece. I can't wait for waifu robots with reasonably realistic intelligence so I can delude myself into thinking she's alive.
File: bliss_bakersdaughter.jpg (27 KB, 400x377)
27 KB
>Transformation and all things related to it

Femanon here. Not sure where this came from. Far back as I can remember I've loved it, especially as a story element before I realized there was a whole sexual side to it. I was super obsessed with the stray TF images in comics or books, and a super favorite was that picture of the kid turning into a mouse from "The Witches". I remember sneakily taking peeks at the Animorphs books when I was at the bookstore. Even as a kid I knew that I liked them in a way I really shouldn't have.

I think part of the appeal are the sub/dom elements and the loss of control. (After all, you don't gotta be embarrassed about ogling the Animorphs covers if you're not quite yourself.) I just wish there was less blatantly furry content. Plant tf/corruption though, that's some good shit.
I'm not certain of my siblings but they did it to me ages 7 through 13. It didn't seem that weird to me at the time but looking back my family was all kinds of fucked up, even though they were well meaning. I'd sometimes try to hide my erection with my shirt but I felt that just made it more obvious so I'd just pretend I didn't notice I had one. They never mentioned it so I don't know if they thought anything of it.
Why did they stop in the end? How do you feel about the enemas looking back?

I normally feel guilty getting turned on by real stories like this, but since it's your own fetish...

>but looking back my family was all kinds of fucked up, even though they were well meaning.
What else did they do?
MtFemanon here:

I had a decent amount of emotional abuse growing up and entered adulthood feeling like I couldn't be allowed to do things that would make me happy or express myself safely. Thanks to my grandmother moving in with us as well, I was used to taking care of others.

I found out that things where I was forced out of control or control was taken from me gave me an excuse to enjoy them when the first girl I slept with introduced me to bondage and toy play and suddenly I was utterly addicted to situations where I had to give in to enjoying myself because it was beyond my control.

Add all the issues I had about being trans and I was very conflicted about my drives not being properly masculine and I started associating the things I liked with being dirty and that lead to transformation and corruption and tentacles and goo and... all that fun stuff.
Once I came out, I became a lot less interested in TF but realized that I enjoyed some masochism to a degree I hadn't realized now that I wasn't trying to be 'male' anymore.

I ended up with a masochistic rope bunny with pet and prey tendencies that loves consensual non-consent and has a thing for tentacles and corruption... but now I don't feel dirty about it and there's no real humiliation in my play.
>Crossdressing, forced feminization, machines
I traced this back to a single episode of fucking Rugrats. The one where Chuckie and Tommy go into Stu's lab to get a plane and make his broken doll machine work by getting stuck inside and dressed up like dolls.
Futa, crossdressing and I guess mommy play/gentle femdom (I'm not sure what to call it.)
I dislike being a guy and use my imagination to imagine scenario's i'd want to happen.
I dislike being male and would much rather have a female body even though I know that with the current technology it isn't as good as I'd want it to be (not to mention the psychologists I went to denied me hormones so I can't even change my body a little to make me feel better about myself). I also don't really like what current medical technology can do with making a penis into a vagina (although I'd like to have both). Crossdressing is something I do sometimes and it makes me feel good (other little feminine things make me feel good about myself like removing hair I don't want and wearing perfume).
The mommyplay/gentle femdom is something I really enjoy from some H manga's and I'd love to make someone feel good in a gentle way (as well as servicing someone without getting something in return).
My idea for now is to save up and maybe get frozen by alcor and wake up in a custom body or something. Maybe tech will be good enough in a hundred years or so that I can have a life as a cute girl.
The bowser gets fat scene from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. The funny thing is that I was in the grocery store with my dad right after I played it for the first time and dad apparently noticed from my facial expression something was up and asked me what was wrong and because I'm an autistic retard and I was a little kid at the time i admitted I had a thought that I couldn't get outta my head but I didn't want to say what obviously, so he kept asking me what it was and yelled at me about it and said it was probably my mom brainwashing me or something like that (he and my mom were divorced and he basically thought she was the devil and all me and my brother's real or imagined behavioral problems were directly her fault) and later he beat me and kept yelling at me to tell him and shit and this incident got brought up in the court case where my mom got full custody of us from him and is still remembered today as one of the biggest examples of his abuse. To this day not a soul knows that what he thought was mom brainwashing me was really me being horny for the first time in my life.
Well damn that was a rollercoaster and a half.
Just a heads up Alcor is a bullshit scam. The tech we have to freeze people causes the fluid in each cell to crystalize destroying the cell wall and the dna. You'd be in better condition getting mumified then using current criogenics
File: 1479807061251.jpg (40 KB, 450x305)
40 KB
File: xmulu1f6urt11.jpg (38 KB, 945x819)
38 KB
>I was utterly addicted to situations where I had to give in to enjoying myself because it was beyond my control.
I sort of know this feel. I can only truly relax when I'm somewhere that isn't my home, because when I'm home I feel constant anxiety about chores or handyman stuff I should be doing. If I'm somewhere else then I'm physically incapable of doing the things that I feel guilty about not doing, so it's like "well it can't be helped" and I can actually have fun. I've checked into a hotel room before just to fully devote myself to enjoying a new video game.
All these tragic backstories.
I'm glad to see 4chan is still populated largely by weirdos and rejects with broken childhoods, we haven't been completely overtaken by normalfags yet.
Yea my brain is irreparably damaged from the abuse and I have nightmares abt my dad sometimes to this day but at least I can tell cool stories abt it on a Filipino winemaking imageboard
Have you ever thought about some day calling him up and telling him that you were thinking about masturbating to a virtual lizard getting fat?
How do you think he would respond?
I have, but I'm too worried he might tell someone else about it and word might spread to the parts of my family I still interact with, and I don't know his phone number anyway.
Same MtFemanon again

I don't have that issues as much anymore, but I used to sort of do the same. If I wanted to work on something for myself or just get quiet time without constantly worrying I'd go to a coffee shop or sit at the mall. I occasionally took solo vacations where I spent more time just driving alone listening to music or books to get to my destination than I did at the place once I got there.

I think the strangest was driving 9+ hours to New Orleans from the Austin area to crash for a night, have some oysters, then walk around a bit in the morning and drive back. I just needed the time justifiably not having to be in charge of anything or able to work on something.
>I'd show them and let them touch and was always way more worried they might see my panties because I knew that wasn't meant to show.
Quite the backfire to the lesson there...

>As later on those memories became masterbation material I fetishized the situation
How/why did you sexualize it after catching on?
>Why did they stop in the end?
One of my sisters threw up and had to go to a doctor, the doctor convinced them to stop

>How do you feel about the enemas looking back?
More then anything I remember the awkwardness of being aroused in front of a parent. But I did look forward to them back before I realized there were other ways to masturbate. It doesn't put me off enema's at all though just makes me happy I can do them in private now.

>I normally feel guilty getting turned on by real stories like this
You don't have to feel guilty

>What else did they do?
They're were and still are just nutty people. They're super into alternative medicine and believe some conspiracy theories. They were hardcore doomsday prepping for y2k and were almost always trying weird as fuck diets. Nothing malicious but they just don't know what they're doing
>the doctor convinced them to stop
The doctor didn't report them or anything, just told them it wasn't healthy?

>More then anything I remember the awkwardness of being aroused in front of a parent.
What was that like? How do you feel as an adult about the fact you went through this?

I wonder how your siblings feel too, but I guess it's not something you talk about with them or your parents now?

>You don't have to feel guilty
Thanks anon. Even on /d/ I feel an awkwardness about being turned on by people's true stories.

>Nothing malicious but they just don't know what they're doing
Anything else sexual in any way?
Probably my biggest kink is to get anally raped by a futanari.

Long story short, I didn't have a pretty awesome childhood, and while family was okayish, I was constantly assaulted by people from my school since I was behaving a bit autistic. Hence I was bullied, I think I've grown submissive and because I've discovered masturbation at a young age, I tended to have more sexual thought than other kids my age.
Since even girls bullied me, I grew up with this dream of getting dominated by a girl. Then I discovered shemales and what a better combination than a penis on a woman, while she sadistically enjoys raping me.
Damn. Well hopefully it's still a long time before I have to think about doing that, maybe things will improve by then.
I mean we can already grow simple organs in labs now, in a hundred a two hundred years who knows what we'll be able to do.
File: 1524493568003.jpg (342 KB, 1000x741)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Something I think about everyday is second skin clothing. Not really a /d/ tier fetish but hey it's my biggest one. I love all kinds of form fitting clothing from spats and leotards to one piece swimsuits.

I know exactly where it came from too. I had this yearly thing where me, a friend of mine and my stepmom would visit a waterpark and while there I wondered what it was like to wear a one piece swimsuit. So when we got home and hung our swimwear to dry I asked if I could try it on (I was 11 at the time). I wore it the entire night and after that I would frequently sneak it out of her closet to wear it. I also love the fact that it can show of a womans figure perfectly without nudity.

It's a really weird feeling in the sense that I want to wear it all the time but if I wear it when I'm not horny its just slightly unconfortable.

I really need to find an SO that would be willing to do this for me in the bedroom.

>other fetishes: futa, gore, yuri, mindbreak. etc - thats why I visit d.
>The doctor didn't report them or anything
If he did I never heard anything about it

>What was that like? How do you feel as an adult about the fact you went through this?
Well it was embarrassing to be getting turned on with a parent there but that was out-weighed by my desire to get stimulated by the enema. How I feel about it all now, I dunno, It's just kinda in the past for me.

>I wonder how your siblings feel
I have three sisters and one brother. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that enjoyed the enema's sexually but obviously I have no way to know for sure. We're all still in contact with our parents so I don't think anyone hates them or anything.

>Anything else sexual in any way?
I don't think they saw the enemas as sexual I think they just legit thought it was good for your health. As far as anything else sexual the only things I can think of is that when one of my sisters was 19 she became a stripper and they were totally fine with it.
When I first caught on I just stopped showing them. Later on when I started to masterbate I couldn't help but thinking about it because it was the only sexual memory I had and because the feeling of fingers down there was a similar. And I think the more I masterbated while thinking about it the more arousing the idea became
Was your friend a girl, or were you wearing your stepmom's swimsuit?
I'm surprised it didn't lead to a taste for exhibitionism as well.
Stepmom, but I don't have a mother/stepmon fetish since I grew up with my mom and father in different households.
I'm too shy for that
I feel like a woman's swimsuit, even skin-tight, would be baggy on an 11-year-old. Was it just the idea of it, at the time?
File: 1524493739647.jpg (326 KB, 1000x740)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Maybe so, just the feeling something skintight was a revalation to to me and I've never wanted something else since. It always remained an object of desire for me afterwards, even if I wasn't wearing it.
Firstly, I want to apologize for making a long post!

I started fantasizing and got into masturbation too young and by my own choice. Alot of what I discovered was sometimes in articles in my mother's magazines.

Obesity: When I was younger I remember an old sonic cartoon where he becomes inflated and also a cartoon called Eek the cat, where the protaganist's neighbour cat was extremely obese.
This is strange because I never ended up finding anthros attractive later on.
Whats even odder is that I don't especially care about large asses, large breasts and I can go without the big stomach thing.
I actually adore obese girls with short statures, small to flat chests, tight asses and small feet.
I prefer it when the fat goes to the neck, face, arms, hands, chin and legs so much more.

Bodily fluids: I don't know where the vomiting fetish came from, but elfen lied and kissxsis are responsible for the urination one, I was disgusted about this in particular at first, especially when it went on to diapers and feces, and in some cases characters consuming fluids but I started to accept it.

Crossdressing: Someone I knew I found out had trans leanings, I wanted to understand then so I started dressing up and because I regretted earlier chances of not doing so.
Found out I had a thing for it, helped me be aroused better and feel more calm, normal and escape, didn't have a problem with female clothing as I did with male clothes because of my autism.
I'd love to have a relationship with a girl while like this.

I really really want to get it from behind or have my mouth ejaculated in.
I was never potty trained.
when I say that I don't mean I was still wearind diapers as a young boy, I mean that my mother just stopped buying diapers and expected me to deal with it.
eventually I got so embarrassed about constantly having to go to the toilet and being "inferior" to other children that I just started holding it in until I got home, even when I really had to go.
this caused me to truly lose control of my body functions because I got constipated all the time and my bowels started expanding. I stopped being able to hold it in.

I went to a school for hippies where they didn't believe in the modern education system, so you could pretty self-study every single day.
If I ended up shitting myself I would just avoid making contact with anyone for the rest of the day, I'd literally sit under a tree for 6 hours until it was time to go home.
I didn't have a father, so when my mother got home from her job late in the evening she would just wash my clothes and go to sleep.
whenever a teacher or student would make a comment about the bad smell I'd straight up lie to them, tell them that I hadn't showered in a week and various other excuses. they really must have believed me or pretended to do so, because nobody EVER called me out.
this went on for years.

I must have been halfway through fourth grade when my mother actually took me to a hospital because she noticed I wasn't even shitting once per week anymore.I don't know what the head doctor told her to make her care about the whole thing, but a few weeks of medical and mental therapy later I started being normal. no child protection services ever got involved.

I'll probably never talk to anyone about this for the rest of my life, and I honestly forget that it even happened unless I get reminded.
But deep down I still feel like human garbage, and I'll probably never get over it.
and that is the story of why I fap to anime girls shitting:
because It drags them down to my level.
I'll add that accidently messing myself in the street once led to a fetish for seeing other people in that situation to deal with it.
>eventually I got so embarrassed about constantly having to go to the toilet
How did you do so, if you weren't potty trained?
Did you figure it out yourself? If so, how were you inferior to the other kids?
I was still exposed to modern media that makes it really obvious what "normal" is supposed to be.
with my mother working all day I spend most of my time in front of the TV.
all you ever saw on TV back in those days was people making fun of others and stories about how horrible bullying can be.
Obviously I didn't want anyone to think I'm not normal or to bully me, so I tried to keep the whole thing a secret.
Anon please if I read this aloud I might actually die. Put a period or two in there.
File: 2e1.jpg (42 KB, 500x334)
42 KB
To take these tragic origins into a different direction, have the tragic death of my GFD fetish:
>be me
>make public discord
>zero control of what i say about my fetishes because actual literal autist
>girl into gfd joins
>catch oneitis but never actually do anything about it (for the best as you'll see in a sec)
>everything seems to be alright
>over the course of several months she manipulates the entire server and everyone who i grew attached to against me via framing my flaws, especially inability to resist urges to say things, as proof i'm horrible (despite the fact she also talked about horny stuff a lot too as i just realized)
>after making a huge guilt trip and manipulating everyone onto her side, she leaves the server
>can't shake the feeling that they all still think i'm a horrible person, though some of them seem to have realized she was full of shit
>every time i think about or see gfd i get reminded of her
>i just want to be able to want a girl to headpat me and call me a good boy
It hurts. This was almost a year ago but it still hurts.
I saw this scene in atlantis over and over cause our family really liked it and now I think turning girls into statues is somehow hot the end
What I meant is, how did you actually learn how to use the toilet?
Even after learning how, were you still too embarrassed to do so in public because you were never "potty trained," despite the fact that no one around you had any way of knowing that?
>stealing someone's enjoyment of their fetish
Actually Satan-tier.
I'm so sorry, anon.
you still can still feel that you need to go piss for example, and you obviously know that pissing yourself is bad. you just have to go all the time and the time window you have is pretty slim because you have no resistance build up. If anything I developed a public toilet phobia because all the other kids in kindergarden started going less and less while I didn't.
I actually realized how retarded I was being around second grade and started pissing into the school toilet again once a day, but I couldn't take a shit even if I tried because my colon was already fucked up. nothing would come out if I tried to push, and despite that I was still leaking small amounts of shit without even noticing. I couldn't really tell when I had to go either anymore, so when I realized it was impossible to still make it to a toilet in time. I started shitting myself even at home around that time.
they fixed me by giving me time of school and pumping me full of laxatives they decreased over time, combined with a toilet schedule I had to keep. I'd literally sit on the toilet for an hour trying to shit.
Me again, Jesus christ people, all I goddamn want is a petite, small chested, yet 300lb nineteen year old girlfriend in a pair of denim shorts and t-shirt who pees her pyjama's and lets me suck off her brother or male friends now and then.
I have a problem dammit.
Since we are confessing I'll add, I also like wheelchairs of all things aswell, though I don't know the origins of this one, same with fake retardation roleplay.
Encountered this video when i was 10. ever since, i've had a gender bender fetish

>be kid me
>Watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
>Get to the part where the girl turns into a blueberry
>Get really scared and stop watching movie

>Be teenage me
>Watch the Jonny Depp remake
>Girl turns into a blueberry
>Become arroused

That's how I found out I'm into transformation
File: ThGnbmb.png (370 KB, 600x800)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
I am very into being the pet of a person that both dominates me and makes me give up all control of myself but also pampers me and rewards me with affection. I also really enjoy crossdressing and being emasculated in general with stuff like chastity, and bondage to a lesser degree. My ideal master ranges from femboy to athletic twink if male, /fit/ amazon to thicc mommy type girl if female.
I'm pretty sure I developed my fetish complex due to the way my mom brought me up, which she pretty much did alone because my dad lived away from us until I was 16. She was overprotective and also for reasons I still don't know raised me like a girl in some ways. She would discourage me from doing "masculine" sports like soccer and martial arts which I wanted (she made me do swimming and drawing classes) and also bought me a lot of girly stuff, clothes like short jean shorts, decorations for my room, bedsheets with girly colours and patterns, "cute" school utensils with flowers on them etc. The most blatant thing is that even though she is a clean freak, she would "forget" to wash my underwear and I had to wear her panties sometimes. There was never any sexual thing between us though, and I doubt she is attracted to feminine guys because my dad is Chad-tier manly. Other than partly treating me like a female child she was normal and a great and caring mother. I have never gotten the confidence to ask her why she did this, and I'm too afraid she'll be seriously hurt if I bring it up.
I'm a simple guy. All I want in life is for a thicc latina girl to piss all over me and suck my dick.
I don't remember how I got into futanari clearly, but the appeal of having a girl with a dick fucking a girl seemed very hot to me. This eventually evolved to me wanting to be a futa or female. So that eventually led to me wanting to impregnate/get impregnated, but as a futa. I would say its autogynephilia basically.

I got my gfd fetish from my mother being a constant cunt to me so the thought of having a woman hold me close and kiss me while caressing me and whispering lovely things to me greatly arouses me. Maybe it's a desire for proper motherly love. Lactation probably stems from here too.

I know I got my bondage fetish since I've realized that the thought of having a female all tied up or immobilized and completely under my control really arouses me, especially since I could see how they squirm and react while immobilized. The control thing probably is the origin of my other, control based fetishes, like slaveplay or collars/leashes. I like having things under my control.

My newest acquisition is a hand fetish, I haven't found a concrete origin for it yet, but its probably due to how much I admire the female form in an aesthetic sense, and how delicate and lovely female hands feel and look.
>hand fetish
Does this do anything for you?
File: 1430786321433.jpg (535 KB, 1053x1061)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
Clonecest, Twincest, Selfcest, and Conjoinment/Fusion: practically every cartoon had a clone episode, or a shapeshifter that imitated people, and many had an episode where two people were merged/stuck together, and that all planted the seeds. Animorphs was mostly to blame for "flipping the switch" when I was in middle school.

There was one book where a character was incapacitated by plot shit shortly before she was supposed to meet someone important, but later ran into "herself" just leaving, telling her that she's covered--her best friend had morphed into her and impersonated her. It was a brief scene, but it sent my mind reeling at the possibilities in a whole new way.

A second book had that same character morph into a starfish at the beach for some reason, only for an asshole kid to chop her in half with a toy shovel. Starfish being starfish, each half escaped and un-morphed separately, becoming two different versions of her (one cutesy and intelligent but cowardly, the other brave but brutish and reckless.) They find each other intolerable; hilarity (and kinda weird sexual tension?) ensues. There was just something fascinating about someone being forced to literally confront themselves and see themselves as others see them.

A third book has one of the characters voluntarily serving as a temporary host for the consciousness of a long-dead alien woman so that she can help the good guys find some artifact or something. This one really poked a lot of buttons with all the details of sharing control of her body, like speaking gibberish when they both try to talk at the same time, or having a sort of tug-of-war when they disagree on something, the way they get embarrassed thinking each other's thoughts. It was a level of extreme intimacy that was enticing to me somehow.

Weirdly, the transformations and involuntary mind control that the plot of the whole series literally revolves around never did anything for me, which I can't explain at all. Psychology is weird.

She sounds like a pathetic piece of shit who gets off on stirring up drama where it doesn't exist. I'd almost be willing to believe she isn't actually into gfd at all, just uses that as bait to lure in who she thinks are easy victims. What a fucking tumor of a human being.

I'm really sorry that happened to you. Don't let the memory drag you down--she didn't deserve to have any power over your happiness then, so she shouldn't have that power now.
This is my start, too! I'm not the only one!
File: 1545096673119.jpg (444 KB, 800x800)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
>basically everything involving physical abuse (thanks childhood trauma)

grew up with only female figures that ive grown to hate since they emotionally abused me, so all my jerk off fantasies involve imaginary dads/brothers/strange men who abuse me

family never hit me but i like getting into fights (not just because im a maso) since i can handle that better than being told over and over how worthless i am and getting kicked out with 9 lmao

so usually rapey kidnapping/hostage situations , being tied up, humilated, orgasm denial or milking, getting beat up, and all that kinda shit

im so much of a fag when i play rdr2 and a high level posse just lassos me and do whatever I just let it happen

also piss.

the only guy who knew all of that and knew how to play me like a GODDAMM FIDDLE is gone now so rip i guess
damn. i didn't realize just why i liked GFD until i read this.
Dear God, that's the worst thing I've ever heard!

I'm so sorry that you had that happen, anon. Please fix yourself up and show your mother what it means to show some damn responsibility.
>If he did I never heard anything about it
I feel like he should have...

What was wrong with your sister due to it? How old were your four siblings when you were 13, when your parents stopped doing the enemas for you?

>Well it was embarrassing to be getting turned on with a parent there but that was out-weighed by my desire to get stimulated by the enema. How I feel about it all now, I dunno, It's just kinda in the past for me.
It's kind of surreal that this could happen and just be a regular "eh it happened" memory now.

Caring more about getting turned on more than the embarrassment of being aroused in front of a parent is something. And the way they didn't mention it either.

What turns you on now about enemas? Is embarrassment part of it? Do you like them being done to both sexes or just boys? Do you always imagine them being done to you, or is thinking of others getting them hot too?

>when one of my sisters was 19 she became a stripper and they were totally fine with it.
Open-minded but not like doing something as intimate as enemas to their kids.
>everything that isnt illegal
i had a really rough childhood
I love fetishes reinforcing themselves like this. The way sexuality can develop from a simple little thing.
Was diagnosed with an extreme case of ocd and depression when I was 11 and was intensely bullied for most of my life. A lot of the girls I was into ended up treating me like shit saying stuff like "nobody will ever love you" and calling me gross and ugly pretty much every day. the mental illness didnt help as it just made those thoughts and feelings of worthlessness loop in my head for days. it created an intense femdom fetish and masochism that was further enhanced by my first girlfriend being extremely dominant. Not her fault, thats just who she is.
Found out I was bi in highschool but repressed it because I was a dipshit and was afraid of it because i grew up in a shithole homophobic town. This caused a whole other pile of bullshit and now a big part of me just wants to be used and dominated by men. Not as much as women though.
When I got to highschool the bullying stopped for about 2 years then one person spread a rumor about me because people suck and I basically snapped and closed myself off from everyone in my life including family from the ages of 16 to 19. Cutting my parents out of my life so early is probably what gave me a massive mommy/daddy kink.
I also like cross dressing and forced feminization probably because of my submissiveness and also some small gender dysphoria that I'm probably just denying to myself as an adult.
Long story short I want to dress like a girl and be absolutely destroyed sexually by basically anyone I can find.
On the bright side I went to therapy to work through my mental illness, came out to my parents to a lot of support, moved out and am going to college at 22. I also have friends again which is nice, so life isnt all bad
>What was wrong with your sister due to it?
I believe it was just unrelated food poisoning. I didn't go to the doctor's with them so I don't really have the details.

>How old were your four siblings when you were 13, when your parents stopped doing the enemas for you?
My brother was 21 my sisters were 18 15 and 9. At that point it was only me and my youngest sister who had our parents doing it to us because around 14 or so I think they were ok with us either administering them ourselves or opting out. I know both my older sisters were still doing it to themselves but I don't know how often and I don't know about my brother.

>It's kind of surreal that this could happen and just be a regular "eh it happened" memory now.
It's a kinda weird thing to happen to a kid yeah but to be honest it doesn't seem super weird to me.

>Caring more about getting turned on more than the embarrassment of being aroused in front of a parent is something
Before you learn to masturbate you get pretty desperate

>What turns you on now about enemas?
The full feeling and the anal stimulation. Also I sort of have a thing for non-genital stimulation in general.

>Is embarrassment part of it?
Embarrassment isn't part of it at all. Enema porn that's torture/punishment themed is less appealing to me then someone who enjoys it.

>Do you like them being done to both sexes or just boys?

>Do you always imagine them being done to you, or is thinking of others getting them hot too?
Others getting them is hot too but I don't want to give them to people, just to see people enjoy them.
>It's a kinda weird thing to happen to a kid yeah but to be honest it doesn't seem super weird to me.
Despite it being sexual? Because it's normnalized for you?

>Before you learn to masturbate you get pretty desperate
This is what I find hot, the simultaneous enjoyment of it plus embarrassment at it happening and at the arousal. I mainly find it hot happening to girls though.
>t I don't want to give them to people, just to see people enjoy them.
I feel this on a wide variety of my fetishes.
I wouldn't want to do it to someone, but it's hot if it happens.
>be me, 7 year old
>playing hide and seek with best friend
>hide in his closet
>find pack of diapers
>ask him what they where
>wear them together
>love the sensation
>every time we met we would wear diapers together

Loved Diapers ever since
Ever since I remember myself I would get a kick out of public stuff. This isn't a hyperbole I Remember getting a kick out of puling my dick out int the hallway in my school in first grade when nobody would look, in class too.

Later once I could actually nut I'd jack off in random places. Class, outer areas of public restrooms, buses...

The feeling that comes from it is adrenaline from doing something so ballsy, pride, and toss. Feels like a million bucks.

The idea of fucking a girl in the middle of a city in some alley or rooftop sounds dope.
>while there I wondered what it was like to wear a one piece swimsuit. So when we got home and hung our swimwear to dry I asked if I could try it on (I was 11 at the time).
Pretty brave of you to make a request like that! Open-minded of your stepmom to let you too.

What do you enjoy involving swimsuits and other skintight things? Wearing them yourself when horny and what else? What would you want your SO to do to indulge you?

>I also love the fact that it can show of a womans figure perfectly without nudity.
I really really like them for this reason too!

that sounds like straight out of a doujin.
reposting mine:

>be me, little kid
>see body swap in a cartoon for the first time at a young age
>peepee gets hard af
>idk what it was but i thought it was hot apparently
>thought about it a few times
>the whole thing seemed pretty cool to me
>had a few fantasies i dont even remember
>soon, have my first crush
>shits good, think about her a lot
>one day i think about body swapping
>how cool it would be to be her, but temporarily
>think about this a lot more than body swap, feel horny when i do
>dont know how to get rid of the feeling yet so i just keep thinking
>slowly wonder about other girls and how it would feel like to be one
>still straight tho
>one day i google sex change stuff
>discover tg porn soon, read everything
>fall down the tg rabbithole
>masturbated for the first time
>holy shit masturbating was fun
>rarely beat it to anything else
>one day i think about how fun forced tg on myself would feel
>gets me REALLY excited
>like, heart pumping kind of excited
>masturbate to it once, feels great
>jack off twice
>thrice, 4th time...
>soon its all i jack off too
>kind of have a humiliation fetish, imagine the person tg-ing me is a guy
>a guy who turns me into a complete qt girly girl and fucks me hard
>shits even more fun
>keep jacking off
>lose the desire to jack off to anything else
>oh shit, this is wrong
>i stop it, but the feeling comes back occasionally and its really strong
>been trying to quit for half a year now
>had a wet dream about a guy at some point (where im a guy too, just a very feminine one)
>shit left me feeling more excited than anything before
>except for one time i thought of banging my crush as a kid...i think

and now im here. it still comes back sometimes, like right now. i just wanna dress up and get dolled up for a big strong man, act like his cutesy little girl, be fucked silly until my legs shake and im mindbroken, do housewifey stuff for him and cuddle with him at night. i kinda hate it
File: 1524494178439.jpg (117 KB, 1055x1000)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
All in all I think it's the surface tension on the skin. It's soft and still tight and feels great to the touch.

As for what I'd want to do to with an SO, pretty much the full monty. Maybe just her wearing it and both of us wearing it. Caressing, oral, the works.
Might be tame, compared to some of the stories in here, but here's mine.
>be me
>i remember being in middle school (12-14) with my neighbourhood buddies at the time, looking up porno online
>We all liked DBZ but nobody knew about the term hentai, so we googled like anime sex and stupid shit like that
>I recall finding a website called animerica
>Was a pay website at the time, so we didnt see much other than what was on the front page
>There was a single dick girl, with a large (but not obscenely large) penis
>For whatever reason, my adolescent mind found the fact that she's got a bigger penis than me, to be very arousing
>Went back to the website a bunch of times just to look at it, didn’t know about fapping just yet
>I guess i never fully realized that until like 10+ years later when traps became commonplace online
>I experimented with trans girl(male) and found out it’s like communism, works better on paper than in reality
>Futa’s are weird, something about no balls and still having a vagina down there seems strange very foreign to me. I can totally appreciate the penis though
>I don’t find the male form to be overly attractive, but I’ve found myself beating my meat to dross’ works more than once. Took me a while to realize a lot of the tags for his stuff is yaoi, and not dickgirls
I don’t know if I like /gfd/, but I do like cuddling and I’m ok with having her take the lead
>Oral fetish
I don't really know about this one. As long as I can remember, I've been the sort of person that takes a great deal of comfort from having something in my mouth, whether it's chewing a pencil, nibbling a straw, or just keeping a mint or candy in my mouth. That love extends to sex, too, I guess. I love using my mouth to do all sorts of stuff like that, I love giving oral, and so on.

I wish I had a cool story about the day it awakened or something, but I've just always been that way, the idea of using my mouth for lewd/sex came just as naturally as my sex drive, and I've loved the idea of giving oral for as long as I've had sexual thoughts.

I think it's filtered through a few other things, I've had a few sub-awakenings that relate to oral (Sweat fetish that's grown since I've become aware of it, for example), but on it's own, I just see it as innate to my sexuality.
What about hentai where a girl takes a strong aphrodesiac? Or would you count that in with corruption?
File: 1527767184980.png (849 KB, 791x737)
849 KB
849 KB PNG
EFRO, omorashi, piss, farting, scat, wetting, messing, humiliation

I was a hypersensitive autismo faggot of a kid, anxiety disorder that I didn't get the right meds for until I was in my 20s.

One time I was taking a shit at like some primary school (single-room bathroom) and like a moron I forgot to lock the door. Some random kid walked in on me and I practically freaked out. All he did was peek through the door but it was such an intense violation of privacy for me that I didn't get over it for a while.

Fastforward a few years. When I was like 9 years old, my dad (also not on the right meds at the time for his own mental shit) would get mad at me and make fun of me for having to pee when we went on long car trips (which we did often).

One time I actually gradually pissed myself because I just didn't want to get yelled at or teased for having to ask to go again.

When I hit puberty, lo and behold, I started getting into watching girls squirm and try to hold their pee. That escalated to girls being embarrassed about farting, girls shitting themselves, etc.

It royally fucked me up in jr/sr high school since I was mortified to ever go past just kissing and handholding in relationships for fear of having my degeneracy exposed and being teased into suicidal oblivion for it.

Life sure is fun.

Solidarity, bros...
I quite loudly said, "Holy fuck. Wow. When I read that last paragraph. It manages to be the most mature and yet uniquely 4chan thing all at once, a paradox that I've never seen in a post before. Godspeed, Anon.
File: 1366730052736.jpg (97 KB, 640x710)
97 KB
so this isn't going to be the nicest thing to ever say, but... frankly autistic loners have no business being in charge of a discussion group about relationships. i'm sorry that happened to you and you shouldn't feel bad for liking gfd or falling in love with that girl...
...but the story suggests that you suddenly got a taste of being socially influential which you had never had before, and you didn't know how to manage it. sure you said things and she also said things, but you were in charge and she was not. that's obviously a situation you're not used to and may have never been in before.
unfortunately if you're going to be in control of a server you can't also use that server for dating, or you can but you have to be very careful about not abusing power. the hnic is supposed to be who everyone else leans on, so if you're emotionally infirm you're gonna have a bad time.
fwiw i was never on that discord and i don't know anything more about it than what you just told me, but i do know it's a very common story that has played out in a lot of internet communities, including ones i've been part of
What’s the point of the picture here? She doesn’t feel anything from it. What is it? A power move or?
File: 1393822876475.png (595 KB, 800x600)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
gf has made me do that before assfucking me a couple times. i think that pic goes with this one.
as to "why"... with pegging sometimes you have a buildup and then you have to stop when she puts on the strapon. if you don't want to go from zero to fucked in the ass in two seconds then you might want to do something that fits the general mood
File: 6951638.png (980 KB, 2916x2220)
980 KB
980 KB PNG
heres a long one for ya,


>be me
>fap to thin girls mostly, no real fetishes discovered
>close friend tells me that if you nofap for a while the next time is unbelievable

>its been 2 weeks and almost anything sets me off at any time.
>friends sister has a friend over from out of state and we are all sneaking around the house trying to scare / hide from each other
>sisters friend is very fat and bottom heavy and 2 years older than me
>i decide to lay on trampoline in the pitch black of night
>they walk by multiple times and dont see me
>eventually she notices me and sneaks over to me and climbs up
>she rolls over to me and her ass stops on my crotch
>she tries to get off me
>i immediately start getting super hard
>she notices because basketball shorts
>giggles and fake struggles to get off me
>let loose a massive load that i could do nothing about
she was nice enough to go inside and sneak out another pair of shorts for me and not tell anyone what happened.

ever since then i have only had chubby/fat girlfriends and they usually put on a lot of weight while we are dating and im not even doing anything to cause it.
>It royally fucked me up in jr/sr high school since I was mortified to ever go past just kissing and handholding in relationships for fear of having my degeneracy exposed and being teased into suicidal oblivion for it.
>>8338798 here, I know that feel, although by the time I hit puberty I was already so obsessed with what ladies did in the bathroom that the thought of having legit sex and relationships barely occurred to me. At some point in my teen/young adult years I stopped caring, and now I'm a wizard.

People probably just assume that I'm autistic and/or gay, which I guess isn't so bad since it's more socially acceptable than the fact that I've been fapping to girls using the toilet since I was like 4 years old and I wouldn't know what to do with a vagina if I ever saw one. That's my fate
Fuck I’m old
>It's soft and still tight and feels great to the touch.
Which materials/outfits do you like the most? Do you imagine being a girl wearing one?
I get the pegging in a way. Just, why the mouth though? Does your chick get anything out of it? How do you feel when it is in your mouth?
That's rough, dude. I knew I was fucked up but kept faith hat I would eventually find someone I could be honest with. A lot of my classmates thought I was gay but of course they couldn't even prove that, since I never 'did anything' with anyone. There were plenty of students that turned out gay but I was on another level of lonerism.

I don't want to come across humble-bragging of judgmental, but I do have a gf now, one I've had for a few years. I met her in college, right after the point where I'd completely given up on relationships. I had resolved to just die alone and focus on my work, and out of nowhere, here comes this girl.

I tried to be honest with her about my inexperience, and eventually, I was able to force myself to confess to her what I was into. She was completely sympathetic and basically said "that must have been hard to say", or something like that.

I say this because there are grills out there that will 'get you', you just have to try to be honest and find someone you're friends with first and attracted to second. My gf isn't into what I'm into but she does it for me and is turned on by knowing that it turns me on.

That said, if you're happy as-is, again, I'm not judging, but if you do decide to put yourself out there, it's nowhere near as bleak as you think it is. Best of luck either way.
Was with my first GF in High School and when we were exploring our bodies, she did something weird and licked my foot. At first it kinda grossed me out but she did it again while flicking my clit and it tickled and sent a surge through me. And as time went on I grew a fondness for tickling and licking feet, even if I'm not into stinky/sweaty feet.
Ive Been into SS for a really long time especially reverse rape and I totally didn't know why until just recently when I put together that it's probably because I was molested by my older sister friend as a child.
Good post my man, appreciate it. Deep down I know it's not as bleak as all that, maybe I went a bit overboard with the self-deprecation. I was being edgy and didn't expect such an honest and well thought out response. Cheers, I will take it to heart
Most lycra fabrics. I perfer adidas suits and speedo hydrasuits. I don't really fantasize about being the girl, I more fantasize about how it must feel for her.
femanon here. i've been fantasizing about dominating boys ever since i was a little kid. i remember when i was going to be starting kindergarten i would daydream about becoming the "school bully" because when i saw stuff like that on tv i loved it. probably related to wanting to feel some sort of power after all the traumatic shit i went through. i also love the idea of mindbreak, but not necessarily in a violent way, just edging and denying a guy until he can't even form a coherent thought. a cute lil' horny slave :)
Crop tops and the like were everywhere in late 90s/early 00s media. This ad in particular fucked me up pretty bad.

>Fat and weight gain
I could probably pin this on cartoons like most people seem to, but I always just see these as just wacky sight gags. If anything, I think it stemmed from me being kind of dumpy as a kid, and subsequently losing a bunch of weight during high school.
Good lord, that is hot. Thanks for the share.
File: 3b2.jpg (22 KB, 600x638)
22 KB
>have glove fetish from such a young age i don't even know what sex is
>have no memories of life without this fetish
>it was so obvious as a kid (because i was clueless) that my entire family knows
>my sister (11 years older than me) has always blamed her friend
>apparently when I was a very small baby her friend held me and she was wearing leather gloves
>i was entranced by them and kept on grabbing her leather clad hands

Then from there i got into boots, then rubber, then latex, then bondage, and once you're into latex and bondage you easily find yourself into bdsm and femdom, and that's pretty much the trigger point for all the clothing/material/submissive fetishes I have now

Do any of you have a fetish and no idea where it came from? Because I’ve traced my scent fetish back from my armpit fetish, my generalized armpit fetish from my hairy armpit fetish, and my hairy armpit fetish back from my hairy pussy fetish, but I don’t know why I like hairy pussies over bald ones. It’s kind of baffling.
File: 1543351863168.jpg (154 KB, 900x1162)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
This is the big one, and to be honest I'm not really sure where I got it from. Sure, there was that one Pokemon episode, and there was George Shrinks and Alice in Wonderland, but none of those really felt like adequate explanations for the fetish. I have had, and continue to have, quite a few dreams for as long as I can remember about being shrunken or other people being giants, but I think it is more likely that I have these dreams BECAUSE I love size difference and not the other way around. I can safely say that even before puberty I still had a bit of an obsession with the idea of being shrunk, it just hadn't become sexual for me yet.
>christmas cakes
Honestly these are all just offshoots of the giantess fetish. One of my favorite things is when a tiny person is degraded and humiliated, it makes their tiny size and powerlessness all the more potent. And what better way to humiliate a tiny boy than to have his mother accidentally sit on him while she's gassy? But there's also a caring side to things that I like, and I feel like older women like christmas cakes (and mothers naturally) would be quite gentle and caring towards a tiny boy barring a few accidents here and there.
>Amputees / Detachability / Morph

I'm surprised amputees hasn't come up yet.

I had a childhood friend who was born with one leg and his right arm was miniature and without a hand. I thought it was the coolest thing ever he can take his (prosthetic) arm and leg off whenever he wanted to. Obviously I didn't think much of it being a kid I just thought it was cool. I also had a childhood neighbor that every female in the family was missing the last segment of their fingers (except the thumb) so there were no fingertips. One day as a pre-teen I was scrolling through the channels and stopped on this documentary about amputee kids. There was a girl there with 1 leg and it is the first boner I could remember having (I probably had many beforehand desu but this one stayed). I still didn't really understand arousal so I didn't do anything.
Some years pass and with my social awkwardness I wasn't able to really socialise with girls. This plus the fact my mom had an authoritarian way of parenting, I felt like I had a lack of control in my life.
I found 4chan early in high school. Morph threads were common and since I was fapping to weirder and weirder types of porn i found it highly arousing. After fapping to multiple types of morphs (missing parts or extra parts) I fell in love with the idea of being able to control the physical appearance of your body.
After a while I settled to mainly fapping to amputees. It's hard to find good content of real amputees and they typically have fucked up scars from trauma I stuck with the photoshopped ones.
One type in particular catches my attention. Although I like all amputations of any degree, my favorite is missing a single arm below the elbow. That means because they can still walk without crutches or a wheelchair or prosthetics (i hate them all except for iTouch Bionics) and an elbow nub is so cute and is still pretty handy (heh).


So since I liked all amputations to a varying degree I fantasized about being able to detach my body parts however i see fit. That way I (or my wife) could be normal at work and in public but at home can be missing limbs and body parts as we see fit.
I think I also found this fetish highly attractive because since i mentioned the lack of control early on in my life, this now allows me to have complete control. Additionally, it would be so much easier to dominate an amputee girl.
I would love to take off my wife's arm below the elbow and tie up her other 3 intact limbs, or just tying her intact arm behind her back, leaving her useless nub to attempt to set herself free or to touch me when I am barely out of reach. My wife knows about my fetish too and will let me tie up her arm to simulate that. I am so fucking lucky.

I also have a
> Hermaphrodite / Intersex / Futa
Fetish too that my wife also happily plays along with if anyone wants to hear about that too

I am on my phone so no pictured but look up
>Astrid Amputee
By far my favorite amputee

>Reese tickled
On pornhub is a good one for one armed bondage. Couldn't care about tickling though
God I could only hope.
I love when someone's brain makes a connection like this. Reminds me of Futurama when Leela gets an electric collar locked on her that only shocks her when she gets aggressive. Then she starts orgasm ing as she's beating people up and getting shocked. Fucking so God damn hot.
Not him, but I imagine it's a mental kind of pleasure for the girl, in the same way a dom doesn't physically feel anything when they hit a sub with a riding crop or whatever. Either the girl directly finds the idea hot, or she knows the guy's getting off on it and she's getting off on that knowledge.
I don't really remember the origins of any of the stuff I'm attracted to. There wasn't any big "ah-ha" moment in my life that relates to them, as far as I can recall. I'm not even certain I remember the first time I saw any of it. Or the first time I saw porn in general, for that matter.
>every female in the family was missing the last segment of their fingers
That's fucking strange. Was it some hereditary condition?
>Anal, crossdressing, wanting to get fucked by guys, wanting to be the girl, tentacles, bugs, monster sex

Happened when I was 12. My sister had several girl's magazine subs back in the day before the internet was common, so her collection was my fap material. One had a sealed section on anal sex, and my primitive mind decided that 'girls can have full body orgasms. Girls have asses. Girls can orgasm from anal. I have an ass. Therefore, I can have orgasms from anal as well.'

At the same time, I found a pair of panties, a school skirt, and a one piece bathing suit in the back of the closet that the old owner's daughter must have left in there. Tried them on out of curiosity and something about it felt comfortable.

Spent the next 20 years slowly upgrading my anal play from fingers to objects to more phallic objects to sex toys to more phallic sex toys to larger toys to automation (bed buddy, sex machines, etc) in pursuit of anal pleasure, and increased my collection of clothes. First, scraps I found left by old housemates and the like, clothes left at charity bins, stuff destined to be thrown out by housemates, then I got my own place and went ham on eBay.

While I grew out of wearing most women's clothes, I grew to appreciate the comfort. I mostly still wear women's t-shirt dresses and t-shirt sleep dresses, women's track pants, and comfy underwear - anything I'd wear as a guy in the comfort of my own home, I'd wear the female equivalent. It's not even about sex or fetish anymore, I just prefer the feel of women's clothes because they tend to be softer and smoother and I know size 14 fits me better than generic men's 'size M.'

The wish-I-were-the-girl and tentacle stuff was a part of all that, and kept on. The realisation I was bi-curious came along at some point.
>While I grew out of wearing most women's clothes, I grew to appreciate the comfort. I mostly still wear women's t-shirt dresses and t-shirt sleep dresses, women's track pants, and comfy underwear - anything I'd wear as a guy in the comfort of my own home, I'd wear the female equivalent.
this is cute. leggings are comfy too. what kinds of comfy underwear?
Mostly just the ones without lace, frills, and the like. Just briefs, boyshorts, and similar. My preferred brand are Aussie brands Bonds and Tradie.
Yeah it's a genetic mutation. Mutations are not uncommon actually. One time I watched one that featured an entire multi-generational family that had 7 fully controllable digits on each hand, or featured a pacific island where everyone is completely colorblind. I forgot what the documentary was called though.
so not feminine at all, pretty unisex
>>it was so obvious as a kid (because i was clueless) that my entire family knows
Do they know it's a fetish though, and the boots, latex, etc, or just that you really like gloves?

>>apparently when I was a very small baby her friend held me and she was wearing leather gloves
>>i was entranced by them and kept on grabbing her leather clad hands
Sounds like you already felt they had an appeal, to get so entranced. Rather than them causing your thing for them.
I've got a number, but I'll start out with the one whose origins I have the best memory of.

>masking, particularly OTN (over-the-nose) masks

You see, I have Asperger's. The legitimate, diagnosed-by-a-professional kind. I'm real high-functioning compared to other Aspies, but I still have some tics commonly associated with it. The tic of interest here is that I tend to avoid eye contact with others, not so much out of shyness as it is uncomfortability looking at others' faces.

Also when I was younger, my family got magazines in the mail featuring Halloween costumes for kids, and I always found the ones with masks easier to look at than those without, with the exception of Spiderman. (It was the holes in the eye parts of the costume, just looked wrong.) The ones that caught my the most were these two ninja costumes that only showed up in the first magazine I can remember - one for boys, one for girls, both with OTN masks. Very easy on the eyes IMO.

It was definitely those two aspects of me and my childhood that gave rise to my masking fetish, as well as several associated fetishes I later picked up, including zentai, kigurumi, and latex/rubber. And while I'm into a whole variety of masks, I still think OTNs are the best, especially when associated with ninja. Which is part of the reason pic related is one of my recent all-time favorites, so much so that I wrote a 12-part anime-styled story based off it just so I could experience more of these three kunoichi's exploits through my own lens.

Ironically, the story's less about the kunoichi themselves, despite the title I gave it, and more about two male MCs searching for one of the girls they kidnapped. It's still one of my favorite things I've come up with, masking fetish or no.
Yeah. There was originally a sexual thing to it, but I'm in my 30s now and I'm all about comfort. If it were socially acceptable, I'd be wearing masculine skirts to work to keep cool.
Alright, there's a few of these if anyone is here and interested to hear my autistic ramblings.

I became sexually active at much too young an age. 4-5 to be exact. My parents got divorced early in my life, and my dad remarried a vile woman who had a daughter of her own. My step sister and I got along well, but quite early on she had been exposed to sex, and forced me into sexual situations as well. I lost my virginity to her at 4 1/2 to 5 or so, and she kept forcing me to have sex with her or eat her out until I was about 10. This also gave me a major incest fetish, but this is /d/ so that's not that important. I just kept fantasizing about being used and molested by other people.

>femdom (mostly gentle)
Surprise surprise, I was molested by another person growing up. This time it was a babysitter. I was at their house, and I had a major crush on the youngest girl in their family who was in my class. Long story short she and I were on the floor under a blanket watching a movie when I got an idea to tickle her. After a while her oldest sister babysitting me saw, and dragged me into the bathroom. She interrogated me in their, asking what I was doing to her sister, being kinda rough with me, and even forcing me to touch her a bit. I was tight lipped until the young girl came by and told her I was just tickling her.

Later that night, I was sleeping in the youngest boy's bedroom when the oldest girl got me out of bed and took me to her room. She had us both undress and forced my face into her crotch. I lay there eating her out for the better part of an hour it seems like, and she forced me into several positions and she cuddled me naked in her arms till we fell asleep. Nothing ever came of it afterward though.

simple, my first actual girlfriend would only do anal.

Also kinda simple. My second ever girlfriend never let me pull out as she had "baby fever" as she called it.

Gonna cont. Here as I'm running out of room.

What about a kilt?
File: 1546013616163.jpg (291 KB, 1280x1745)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
>impreg part 2
So basically she got me addicted to fantasizing about pregnancy and shit, and I still have problems pulling out today since I've been trained so well

>Fertile/fecund body types
It seems many of the women I've been with have had this body type. It's just naturally become a fetish over time I guess.

To narrow down a particular encounter, when I was around 12-13, my parents had a new neighbor babysit me and my siblings. Well we had a lot of fun that night, and eventually she used our bathroom shower after putting my siblings to bed. Unfortunately for her, she didnt lock the door and I ogled her as she got out, and she had a very fertile like body type. Like pic related except a bit chubbier, and not exaggerated like those pictures are.

Anyway, I opened the door the rest of the way, and she had this super shocked look on her face, but didnt seem to mind me staring. She asked if I knew anything about sex or something along those lines, and before I knew it we were in the kitchen, her on top of me, riding me until I was fit to burst. Later on we went out and skinny dipped in one of those plastic fill up pools my parents bought when I was a kid. It was ice cold so her nipples got quite hard, and it was a better chance for me to ogle and kiss her more. Unfortunately that was the only time she was our babysitter. Since I was getting a bit old for one. So I didn't see her that often after that. Only on the bus after school and things like that.

>mindbreak and corruption
Back to the first girlfriend. She was actually rather innocent besides the whole anal only thing, but by the time our relationship ended I had "corrupted" her in ways I never knew possible. And she had an effect on me where i just couldn't control myself around her, even molesting her one time at her grandparents when they weren't looking. The corruption thing just lead to a mind break thing after we broke up, because she became super depressed and asked me to "break" her.

>traps and gay shit
I knew I was bisexual around 8th grade. Even got one of my friends to let me blow him once, though nothing like it happened ever again.

You see I'm a bit of a switch. Being with women, I most of the time had to take a dominant role during sex, because most women are awful at dominance or are just too submissive. So I started out being rather dominant when it came to men. As soon as I discovered traps, it was my bread and butter. Twinks and traps just gave me an instant boner. Being a bigger guy, both height weight and muscle wise, fantasy after fantasy about dominating anyone with that body type just felt natural to me. But as time went on, I discovered sissy hypno and shit like that, and developed a secret bottom sort of fetish.

I've tried anal masturbation and trained myself for it. And part of me wants to bottom and I've developed a large fetish for futadom and just being a bottom.

That's the end of it for my major fetishes. I can't really say how I got into minor stuff I like like parasites or other things like that. Mostly just browsing /d/ probably.

On an end note, I understand my experiences might be rather fucked up and that I should probably see someone about it. I have seen people about it. Several. But as it goes I've developed a major disconnect and feel nothing but apathy. I cant connect with people emotionally or form meaningful relationships. I'm gonna probably die alone because I cant date people anymore. Others are just sexual objects or people. But don't worry about me guys. I'm relatively content and have accepted my place in life. See you cunts later.
>bowser gets fat
oh mood
>The Rest Of That
christ, anon. i hope you're doing ok
>Big Female Feet
>Painful Giantess Growth
This is still a scene I can fap to. Max's feet just explode out of his shoes and he looks as if he towers in height. The sound effects make it sound super painful too. I try to incorporate this in the comics I write up

>Racist Femdom
Probably because I hate myself.
Scat: I was browsing through e-hentai, and one thing lead to another, and I don’t have time to get too into it, but then I ended up on panty poop and messy diaper stuff, and just loved it. Maybe what turns me on with that is just the feeling of having a hot, steamy load of shit in your undies, and then when you sit it just squishes and smears all over your butt

Transformation: I watched a lot of Ben 10 growing up. Nuff said. However, girly tfs are always my favorite. Especially when the victim is male, and he turns into a sylveon(or any other waifu pokemon), or a cute bunny, or a fluffy sheep, or whatever.
>I most of the time had to take a dominant role during sex, because most women are awful at dominance or are just too submissive.

That has more to do with who you were with than anything about women in general.
How old was your step-sister? How had she been exposed to sex?

With the babysitter, how old was she and how old were you at the time?

>my first actual girlfriend would only do anal.
Why not?
>I remember sneakily taking peeks at the Animorphs books when I was at the bookstore. Even as a kid I knew that I liked them in a way I really shouldn't have.

Shit. Well, good to know I wasn’t the only one.

Otherwise, I’m into futa and impreg most after that. I figure it’s just a natural outgrowth of liking tgtf. Impregnating a girl who used to be a guy is my favorite (or being impregnated after transformation).
Its like some doujin, in a fucked up way (no offense). I hope your life turns out better for you, anon.
>Chicks with dicks.

I'm bisexual. Androgyny really turns me on. Or, at least blended elements of both sexes.

I somewhat prefer the female figure, yet also much prefer the look and feel of penises to vaginas. As a result, I'm tremendously attracted to non-op trans women, who are almost exclusively who I date and sleep with.

I feel kinda bad about it though. Most don't pass too well due to transitioning at a later age. I mean, I do feel for them, because that's gotta be difficult to go through.

And most never want to use their penis, they just want to get rid of it, which is understandable given their situation.

As a result, schmoozing up local trans women online, and sifting through the above-mentioned to find passing ones, ones who additionally don't have an atrophied dick from it never being touched (and as a result never receiving blood flow) feels kinda gross. Like, I don't want to fetishise them, I don't want to be a chaser, I want them to be happy. But I can't help what I'm most attracted to.

I could defend myself and say that I have trans friends, but then I've turned into "I can't be racist I have black friends".

The people I've talked to about this? The are all over the place about what they think of me. I view them as women, I'm supportive, so it's okay. But the way I'm going about it is objectifying, I come across as a chaser, so it's not okay.

I guess this is less an origin story and more trying to figure out if I should change my behavior in any way.
I don't see why being a chaser matters.
I don't think being exclusively attracted to a specific aspect of a person and also treating that person decently have to be mutually exclusive.
It'd be one thing if you were just using them for sex and otherwise didn't care about them or treated them like shit, but that has more to do with just being an awful person than anything else.
I don't see how your preference is any different from any other sexual preference, and your friends are all lying if they claim not to have any sexual preferences.

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