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File: images (1).jpg (34 KB, 738x415)
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You've wandered into a store, it's floors made of creaking oak boards. An orange glow wafts through the shelves, each stacked high with various bubbling potions. Many strange creatures wander through, but you are here for something very important.

To play this game, describe the effects of one of the potions and add a picture to match. The person above will be given one dose of that potion to use as they see fit.

As an added twist, you must decide whether you will use the next potion (the one you will be given) on yourself or if you will use it on others. You cannot change your mind once you receive the potion.
File: 1557432767466.jpg (257 KB, 593x809)
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257 KB JPG
A foul smelling blue potion catches your eye. Uncorking it for a sniff, you find it to smell of mulled wine and lemon.

This potion enlarges your hips, thighs, and ass beyond human levels, giving one the ass of dreams.

But be careful, warns the seller. Nothing will ever again feel as good as filling your enormous ass. Your other bodily sensations shall dwindle to nothing as your ass gets better and better.

Oh, and I'll drink the next potion myself.
File: IMG_0010(1).jpg (45 KB, 640x677)
45 KB

You'll wish you hadn't done that my friend!

This potion is in a leather pouch, so you can't see it's color until it's too late.

Downing it in one, you immediately feel its effects as your cock starts to grow. You drop to your knees, moaning. Your voice, your moans, they're so much higher pitched! You stare down as your body contorts, removing any of your chest-hair, any of your muscle, any facial hair you might've had. It's all replaced. As your cock grows bigger and bigger, your masculinity slips away from your body, becoming more and more feminine as the first of your new orgasms threatens to repaint the wooden floor.

I'm not stupid, I'm taking my next potion and using it on someone else.
File: IMG_0073(1).jpg (18 KB, 410x359)
18 KB
This potion is dark green, and so thick that it barely moves, even when you turn the ziploc bag it's in upside down.

When you go up to pay for it, you find out it's power. Anyone who drinks this concoction can fill any container with their fluids. They can spit until they fill a garbage can, cum until someones intestines are flooded, or piss until theyve filled a waterbed.

Of course, the witch says, they can only do this once before so don't let them waste it. The bag will refill the next week.

I'll take my potion and use it on other people.
File: 43592241_p1.jpg (194 KB, 971x1023)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Potion seller! I am going into battle! I require your strongest potions!
File: images (2).jpg (38 KB, 488x628)
38 KB

My potions are too strong for you traveller!
I drink the next one
Potion Seller listen to me, I want only your strongest potions.
File: Screenshot_2.png (112 KB, 248x229)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
My potions would kill you traveler, you cannot handle my potions.
You are too weak for my potions.
File: Screenshot_3.png (128 KB, 352x228)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
Potion Seller enough of these games, I’m going to battle and I need your strongest potions.
My strongest potions would kill you traveler, you can’t handle my strongest potions. You better go to a seller that sells weaker potions.
Potion Seller I’m telling you right now, I’m going into battle and I need only your strongest potions.
15 hours in and the thread devolved into people “doing the thing” and not following the rules dope dope dope. Hold on I got this.
This potion is in a dusty old jar on a high shelf. the green viscous liquid inside bubbles and undulates, clear and shiny. it smells of wormwood with a pungent aftershock of burnt rubber, and you can smell it through the corked jar.

once imbibed, the drinker’s body is changed on a molecular level, softening, becoming supple and malleable, as it shifts into something akin to a soft, warm, rubbery clay. this process is relatively quick, 10 minutes, and painless. in fact, the warming and radiating sensations of the shift are quite pleasurable, and imbibers are often “ready to go” as soon as the change is complete (sometimes before).

their body is now stretchable, pullable, expandable, unrealistically soft and yielding. they can extend their limbs, resist extreme temperatures, and absorb intense impacts easily. but mostly, it just makes sex feel very fucking good, with the erotic sensation of stretching beckoning them to elongate as the pleasure sends literal ripples through their exaggerated forms.

the benefits for whomever they engage with are numerous. for men who have taken the potion, partners can expect their orifices to be filled by a lovely rubbery cock, at once firm and present yet soft enough to maneuver crooks and bends, expanding to completely take up all space without straining their insides. female drinkers will be able and eager to expand their assets, take any size object imaginable in their mouth, sex, or ass (the bigger the better), and constrict their erogenous zones so that even the smallest entries feel massive. but who even needs a partner when your pinky finger could feel like the Eiffel Tower, or your face/tongue could easily find itself inches from your own crotch?

orgasms are now world bending, softening the flesh to its extreme, sometimes making the body appear to melt as all nerves fire and pull and slosh around themselves. good luck stopping them once they start!

I will absolutely use the next potion on somebody else.
meant for this fine person who was the last one to follow the rules.
File: 1559477198049.png (275 KB, 742x816)
275 KB
275 KB PNG

I thank you for your help getting this thread back on track.

This potion flits between a dull, lifeless blue and a pink so bright you feel yourself going blind just looking at it. Informing the top for a whiff, you find the blue to smell of drywall, whilst the pink smells of the cold side of a pillow on a summers night.

Only a drop will double the drinkers favourite body part, turning what was one into two, and two into four. The user shall find the traits of these parts magnified beyond comprehension. Green eyes shall glitter and glow like the emeralds they now overshadow. Cocks will become hulking monstrosities of flesh, covered in throbbing veins and filled with potent cum. Flat stomachs will become paintings, made of twelve packs so strong they could block bullets.

Upon request, the potion seller informs you that you have 18 drops to use as you see fit.

I am no coward. I will drink this next potion myself, and bear the consequences.
Ah, you're THAT type of costumer eh, alright if you are here you know the rules, so go on, pick one of the next ingredients:

>A big tuna
>A rusty axe
>A white and purple plant
>An electric blue liquid
>A yellow bone
>A little piece of meat
>A bread clip
>A red leaf
>A green lime liquid

Don't worry about the potion taste, we make sure it's all lemon flavor, i'm the one who started this buisness after all...

I've gotta go with the electric blue here.
It's your own fault for titling the thread after a meme. Should've went with potion shop
File: 1555882048954.png (176 KB, 600x600)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Thanks for waiting darling, you chosed a fun one, who ever drinks this can slow down their perception of time at will, you can make orgasms last eternity, contemplate a party for for hours, when in reality it only passed a minute, i head some samurai cosplayer uses this to reflect bullets. It last for a week so have fun out there.
File: 1532132281187.jpg (181 KB, 1031x1565)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
I'm playing the game.
A Potion of Nine Lives.
A sludgy brown goo that looks like melted chocolate, smells like an electrical fire, and tastes surprisingly minty. Drinking it will make the imbiber pass out while their skin bloats into a horrifying flesh cocoon that will burst into nine cute cat girls. The cat girls are then linked in a hivemind with the personality of the person who... birthed them. Due to a BS warning, I must stress that these cat girls are in no way, shape, or form, "lolis," of any variety, legal or otherwise.
It's all quite messy, but just imagine what someone could get done with so many adorable little hands.

I'm thirsty, gimme whatever.
File: 1553669125885m.jpg (141 KB, 1024x804)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
The potion is not really a potion, but a small green vial that contains eggs of a certain parasite. Which, when used, will make the person infertile but birth more parasites; enhance their body to what the person themselves deem to be most attractive; and will jack their libio up to spread more parasites. The host will then use their newly obtained charms to spread more parasites.
The parasite prefers female's wombs, therefore will change the gender of the host over time if they dont have an iron will.

To use, pour it over the person's genital, and the worm-like creatures will soon hatch.
For females, the worm will attatch itself completely to the walls of the womb and turn its own body into a hatchery. Any contact will let the eggs latch on and spread.
For males, the worm will take over their balls, and will ejaculate eggs instead of sperm.

For anon's potion, i will use it on myself.
Drinking that is probably a bad idea. Oh well, I can't go back on my word.
Bottoms up!

In fairness, I completely forgot that it was a meme
File: 1360648006232.png (627 KB, 900x900)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
This potion is a deep green color. Looks like a leafy vegetable smoothie. Actually smells and tastes like one too, but don't taste it. Not because it contains kale, but because it will turn you into a frog. Well, mostly into a frog. Some bit of human form always remains. You may still have hair or breasts. (The potion always makes you a female.) You might look like a small green girl with big webbed feet. Maybe you can talk, maybe only croak. The exact results vary, but you will always be a small female mostly frog.

The potion can be used for pranks or to get someone out of the way. A curious or kinky person may intentionally drink it. Just do it in a safe place. The effect wears off after two days and you should change back to normal. There are a few reports of male users remaining female. And if by chance it doesn't wear off, the user isn't likely to be able to return and complain.

To be daring, I'll swallow the next potion below me.

I didn't even have to click on the thread to know this was coming.
> Thrusts in girl
> She starts vibrating
This potion evaporates almost instantly in the open air, so the translucent purple liquid turns into lavender scented vapor as soon as you uncork it, so breath it in quickly.

Now if you are asleep and physically touching other people, they will be brought into your dreams and both of you will become aware and lucid.

These dreams are supernaturally vivid, tactile and detailed, and are under the exclusive control of one of you, with you having half the probability of being chosen as anyone else. This person is (mostly) locally omnipotent in terms of what happens physically, with time distortion being limited to 100x realtime. and is read-only psychic. So you can't just have someone be eternally obedient, but maybe you'll make some progress breaking them with 800 hours of torture in a night based around their deepest insecurities and fears. Or 800 hours of fulfilling their fantasies, bringing them mind-shattering pleasure.

Just remember it's probably not going to be you in charge.
Oh yeah, I'll take mine too.
File: YdJT-nGxs3k.jpg (326 KB, 776x1200)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
This potion was pink potion
It makes you neko girl (if you were boy too)
And this potion reduce your IQ to cats one
I'll drink next potion on my own
File: XJ9.png (404 KB, 980x1601)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
I swear to god I had an uncensored version of this but I can't find it.

The potion you quaff is electric blue with swirls of teal and silver.
You black out, and when you come to you find yourself in the form of a 20 something female with toned and tanned skin and a hair coloration of your choice.
>Thank the omnissiah it wasn't anything weird.
You think, and go about your day not even thinking how weird it is you switched deities.

days become weeks become months, and over time your toned body slowly becomes mechanical. Flesh and nerve becomes machine and transistor, your buns of steel literally have become steel.
According to the readouts you can, after some experimentation call up in your mind at a whim, the only remaining wetware is your brain, and your reproductive organs, and both are swimming in enough self repairing nanites and omnigel that, along with your microfusion core that has replaced your heart, if you do no maintenance or upgrades, you should keep on ticking till at least 2277.... You do have an urge to tinker, upgrade and be... "tinkered" with though, and you're fairly certain anything you bring into the world will be like you, machine in body (for the most part) and human in spirit.

Evens I drink the next potion, odds I give it to someone else, dubs I share it with someone.
File: IMG_0015(1).jpg (19 KB, 301x489)
19 KB

Well, you got an 8, so I believe you'll be drinking this one!

A bright burgundy potion, sloshing like wet cement in it's obsidian glass bottle. Uncorking it, you throw your head back and drink the whole thing, choking down mouthful of thick pine nut potion.

Your body distends, morphing into the picture above, which is so carefully stuck to the other side of the now empty bottle. You've heard of these creatures before. Trento. A race of all female slug creatures with multiple limbs and breasts. They ingest the fluids of all other races for food, and can create offspring by going on a week long semen bender.

You're feeling a mite peckish right about now, and there's a centaur in the other aisle. You figure you've got about five more minutes of lucidity before you shove his lower body into your mouth.

I'll use my potion on someone else. You lot are fucked.
File: 1535138652644.png (943 KB, 800x1120)
943 KB
943 KB PNG
This vial of vampire's blood has been alchemically treated to allow for easy turning. While normally a kind of hit or miss, drinking this and then bleeding to death will cause the imbiber to arise from the dead as a beautiful parasitic undead monster. Guaranteed, or your money back!
Side effects include sunlight sensitivity, anemia, a craving for bodily fluids, and sudden death by intestinal hemorrhaging.

Glug glug, motherfucker. I'll drink whatever I find.
Pretty sure rolling uses the last number not the first m8.

The potion you find is crystal clear and honestly seems like water at first chug... but well then you feel things getting all melty and you realize you're turning into a slime pretty quickly as you feel heat flow through and melt your body.

When it's all said and done you find your new body to be that of a crystal clear slime. You can reshape yourself as you see fit, so long as you have enough hydration and energy to do so.

Your primary cravings seem to be for sugar, but various forms of protein can also be substituted as well.

That said, you also, quickly find that whatever you ingest will tint your slime, and give you various aspects like whatever you consumed.

Go to town on a bunch of hot tamales? You're now a bright sparky red in coloration and tingle with cinnamony goodness. Chug down a bunch of milk? You're now rather creamy and more like a pudding than jellowy slime.

And if you want to swap out what you're now consisting of, just cleanse with some water.

The world is your flavor!
Drinking it up.
File: qlOSoRDZS3A.jpg (185 KB, 811x1112)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
This potion was white colour
When you drunk this your body start to shrink and you can't control it now
Some time later you can notice that someone pick up you and use you as panties , because now you are a pair of panties
Than i will drink potion
File: 1544228531051.jpg (80 KB, 600x900)
80 KB
The 'potion' you find looks actually rather like an empty bottle. Disappointed by your find, you approach its opening from your face for closer inspection. In an instant, you find yourself sucked inside it.

This bottle was an old cursed houri bottle longing for a new occupant. You feel your body shifting as it adapts to your new task. Congratulation, you are now granted with immense lewd powers, you just have to wait for a master...

I'll drink my potion.
This potion was two coloured. First is blue, second is pink.
Oh,and if you look in the mirror after drinking this you will find that you are a girl now...but wait,if you look down you will a penis between your legs,yeah-yeah l,,bow you are trap
I'll drink next potion
Hit me
Thank you kind sir
This is already dead?
green potion that makes you smell like fish for forever

Heheheheh, well they're not exactly sticking around for the writing.
File: amazon.png (672 KB, 1000x707)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
Your potion, dark red in a glass beaker, unfortunately makes you liable to be raped. You look like an ugly bastard despite beautiful women throwing themselves at you now.
I'll drink the next one.

It isn't exactly catching fire, but i like the thread idea.

Yeah it's pretty solid, I just wish I had some ideas for it.
I’m taking this one too.

The potion in this beaker flits from blue, to red, to green, to yellow, to purple every few seconds. It drinks down like the sweetest shot of sugary booze, with the sourest aftertaste you can imagine. Nothing happens as you go about your day. Until you return home and go to bed.

As you sleep, your body shifts and morphs into an incredibly similar form as the most attractive person you saw today, by your own standards. For many of you this means the opposite sex. Every single night you will shift into what looks like a close relative of the most attractive person you saw today. If you happen to see that person the next day and they’re still the hottest you see that day, you’ll shift into a slightly different version, but still pretty similar.

The only way to return to your own form is to not look anybody in the eye (in person) for a whole day.

Every time you shift in your sleep, you have an intense orgasm that soaks your sheets with the fluids of the body you end up inhabiting.

Never stops.

I’ll give the next one to somebody else.
The potion is clear with small cubes floating in it like bubble tea

When someone drinks this their form will temporarily change into a cube, also raising their libido by an almost ridiculous amount. It wears off after 24 hours however having sex or simply enjoying the effect even subconsciously can extend it indefinitely.
I’ll drink mine by the way
File: 224143.jpg (358 KB, 989x1280)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
This potion is close to clear, but has a very slight pink tint. Smells very faintly of roses, but it can pass as water if you don't look carefully.

Drinking it drains away your manhood. No, it's not a sex change. You remain a male, just a very effeminate one. Basically it's a sissy potion. Your body, muscles and dick all shrink. If you didn't like guys before, you do now.

The potion wears off in about a month, but you'll still remember the experience. Works on males only. The only effect it has on a female drinker is an unpleasant bout of vomiting.

I'll drink the next one, just make it interesting.
based potion seller
File: 1557209312329.jpg (279 KB, 751x1000)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
This potion swirls of pearl-essence, smells of lilies and vanilla. It is contained in clear vial with quite intricate gold inlays and leaf rimming the top.

Drinking it tastes like pure sugar and fills your heart with love. After your first night sleep, you wake up to find that your body has now changed into a tall, busty angel. With that, you find that you have become an Angel of Fertility.

Any time a couple is struggling with bearing a child anywhere in the world, you will find that you will be teleported to the location of the couple having sex. You -must- offer to the couple to copulate with the male to pass on the genetic material to the female. This act guarantees that the female will become pregnant.

I will drink mine.
Such a cool concept, I wish I could enter, however I am literally out of ideas that I can find a picture for. Keep up the good work I suppose, I'll continue the apparent quest that it is to find a picture
File: 1340777315440.png (1.43 MB, 1532x1072)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
This Potion is dark red, smells like vomit and refuses to come out of the square bottle even if its open.
The bottleneck is shaped like a funnel. A Label on the bottle said: Insert blood of desired shape.
A small sample "ketchuppack" is on the side labeled "Seasnake flavor".
File: 1340777440444.png (2.44 MB, 1524x1064)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB PNG
With a bit of commen sense (or the help of the shopkeeper) you mix the Flutid of the "seasnake" with the dark red vomit.
After a good stir the color is now softdrink green and it smells like honey. It on top liquit like mercury and "floats" inside the bottle.

After shucking it down you have a taste of cardbord in your mouth. Minutes later your body feels like beeing tiggled and a asleep foot.
After all it seen done you find yourself end up as a naga/lamia woman.

Having fun is the only think you have to do now untill this wares off and you have next round of this bottle with may some other tipe of blood.
File: DC2PPILUQAET_RK_orig.jpg (135 KB, 888x1243)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
This bright yellow potion is so sour you'll probably not even notice as you pucker up that the rest of your body is contracting, too, until you're only a few centimeters tall. If you are alone when you imbibe, you are magically placed in a hamster ball and moved to the bedroom of a lonely anonette.

The potion's antidote is true love's kiss, but there is by no means a guarantee that you'll even get along with your randomly assigned hostess.
Thank God you did this anon because had you not I certainly would have.

Love you eternally anon <3
You and him are the reason the thread is gonna die. Good for you. Glad le epic reddit meemee was worth the top lulz. fuck off.

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