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File: 1559265368774.jpg (3.68 MB, 4083x5959)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG
All Editors Welcome!
- Respect /d/ and global rules.
- Request in moderation
- Do not request edits of real people.
- Do not just post a link to your request from the previous thread. Re-state your request and repost your reference. You'll have to repost your full request after the thread 404's anyway, so please conserve post count.
- Do not "bump", "re-request", "second", "third" etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the artists! Remember, they do these for fun.
- Artists, don't hold back! if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.
- Remember to use the Anchor for deliveries!
- If you would like to make the new color/edit thread, please be sure to wait until at least page 10 so that our awesome Booru-master doesn't get swamped!
- Have fun and enjoy the lewd drawings that come from this!

Pictures of past threads are up at the /d/ booru.
By the way, the newest pics in there could use some tagging. Please contribute if you have nothing else to do.


If you're looking for a deleted thread try checking


and enter the post # of the thread or any post you are looking for

You can also go to https://desustorage.org/d/search/text/artists%2C%20don%27t%20hold%20back/
which has every thread that features this boilerplate.

Previous thread: >>8537219
File: to aru.jpg (259 KB, 1117x943)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Requesting nude filter on the male character.
File: HappyEnding.png (663 KB, 1625x2229)
663 KB
663 KB PNG
Requesting color for this Terraria Nurse.

Reference: https://imgur.com/a/6OyQSyG
File: image.png (475 KB, 1024x1024)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
Requesting that her belly be exposed a little more (shirt brought up a little, skirt brought down a little)
Anchor post!
Please link all deliveries here!
Requesting complete line art of this sketch of Futa Amanda fucking Hannah. Both are from Little Witch Academia
Requesting a genderswap edit on the right succubus, with a flat chest and a large erection sticking out, dripping precum.

Someone did do an edit of this in the last thread but the penis is very small and the res is much lower: https://files.catbox.moe/a4vtwm.png

The dick/balls are good quality nonetheless so I'd prefer if someone could enlarge them and use the original res. And make the chest more projecting (not breast development, just less concave/underdeveloped- I'd prefer if they don't look shota.)
File: Elezen.jpg (401 KB, 2413x2160)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
Requesting an edit to the face to make it resemble the top left image. Essentially just make her face more anime shark teeth and attractive.
Requesting Croix’s strap-on be edited into a real cock with heavy hanging balls, with a messy creampie edit as well if you dont mind

Requesting pregnancy edit of this
File: 1559127187740.png (3.61 MB, 1757x2500)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB PNG
Requesting someone increase the res of this image to this version: https://files.catbox.moe/5j6yax.jpg

(or if the one who corrected the blush/shading in the previous thread is still here, just post the higher res- I didn't notice until now that your edit is lower res.)
File: 36w546dury.jpg (365 KB, 850x478)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
Requesting removal of tan so she has lighter skin and a 3x breast increase.
Requesting color for this picture of Caroline from Stardew Valley.

Reference: https://vidyart.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=353472
File: SakuraSkimpy.png (168 KB, 608x1080)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Requesting an edit with larger breasts and/or a large dick.
File: plumplips.png (3.94 MB, 1400x2144)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB PNG
Could someone give the top elf lips like the bottom two ladies except dark blue? So no big wide open mouth and instead a pair of really big, plump bimbo lips to fit her face.

Also if you feel up to it make the bottom elf's tits, hips and thighs like two or three times larger.
File: 01.jpg (974 KB, 1695x1200)
974 KB
974 KB JPG
Requesting this picture colored.
File: 1558641425147.jpg (1.76 MB, 1273x1800)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
Requesting Kumiko (girl on right) given a cock sticking up from her bikini and rubbing against Reina's ass, preferably partially covered in foreskin.

Since the middle of her crotch/torso is pretty obscured and her bikini goes high it might be a little unclear how to draw in the penis, but here's a nude filter that might help: https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/6026815

Would also be appreciated if you could give the original image (and breast edit) the saliva trail in the nude filter, or specifically this breast-free version: https://i.lensdump.com/i/WlmAZ7.jpg
File: 02.jpg (1.93 MB, 1800x1270)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
File: hj.png (1.63 MB, 1240x877)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Requesting an edit turning the girl into a trap, and preferably removing the blush too.
File: image.png (470 KB, 637x1000)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
Requesting an edit that makes it look as if the babies in her belly are kicking
File: PregnantChiho.jpg (449 KB, 1070x2604)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
Requesting colors, and for her belly to be made bigger and to hang over her skirt a bit
Color ref here: https://imgur.com/9lXRWrW
/r/ing the night elf on the left with tits as big as the reference on the right relatively speaking. preferably while she keeps the bra if you can.
File: Legion Final 1.png (860 KB, 1600x3000)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
Pretty small request, can someone please add some armpit hair poking out? A bit extreme is fine.

If it looks strange I had him make sure her armpits were showing for obvious reasons...
File: image.jpg (181 KB, 527x743)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
Requesting that her belly protrude more
File: 1559877527476.jpg (111 KB, 700x1024)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Medium size cock on the left one please.
File: nailkaiser.jpg (93 KB, 605x850)
93 KB
Requesting uncensored and colored Nailkaiser
Color ref
Requesting coloring of Salem spanking Cinder's balls
File: rayzoir.jpg (232 KB, 969x1280)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Requesting this trap be made into a futa
File: 1444228973485.png (955 KB, 1688x1808)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
Requesting please change it for sunburn skin.
If possible like oil.

skin ref
File: lilim04.png (612 KB, 1474x1043)
612 KB
612 KB PNG
Requesting any or all of these pics colored

Color reference: https://imgur.com/a/JAABnun
File: HS.png (247 KB, 243x794)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
Requesting everything but the woman cut out and for her breasts to be made 2x as big.
Been seeing a lot of “2x” and “3x” as big requests lately. You realise that takes up most of the image then and looks terrible, right? If the goal is hyperinflated boobs could you make that clear because I always think you just want the cup size increased a bit but you word it wrong
File: Pixen.png (389 KB, 885x1420)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
Requesting colors for Pixen here.

Color Ref: https://66.media.tumblr.com/06b081f00bda3eedf93bdc6d0d62c913/tumblr_p8sydteoYV1ti4ivuo2_r1_1280.jpg
File: wdwhhjyu.png (1018 KB, 2628x3110)
1018 KB
1018 KB PNG
Can somebody color this image
File: 20190527_203338.png (403 KB, 561x1358)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
color reference
Fine, next thread I'll reword it to 'double her cup size' that better?
requesting color. refs: https://imgur.com/a/evL9P84
File: D57BnouUEAAJxgA.jpg (122 KB, 852x1200)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
requesting coloring. references: https://imgur.com/a/jQQlpiq
File: 16965d3d88331e295.jpg (866 KB, 1300x1900)
866 KB
866 KB JPG
Requesting big long nipples
File: 022.jpg (272 KB, 1280x1024)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
File: da4e7a6.jpg (249 KB, 1200x1060)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
Requesting Dekomori leaking precum.
File: 1559155434561.jpg (85 KB, 854x1200)
85 KB
Can you wear a green top bra and panties?

File: D7rMPeMVsAETFIC.jpg (350 KB, 1483x2048)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
Requesting black areola.
File: ojd228.jpg (474 KB, 858x1200)
474 KB
474 KB JPG

Color sensitivity
File: 1527769211272.png (1.15 MB, 1500x1200)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Remove the Boi please.
Requesting pregnant edit
File: 1551087136096.jpg (315 KB, 1024x1346)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
Requesting paste the nipple.
File: 1551087174140.jpg (271 KB, 890x1467)
271 KB
271 KB JPG

File: 1551450870555.png (142 KB, 775x738)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
File: a555ecf2.jpg (56 KB, 749x900)
56 KB

Fuck off
File: 1554159635073.jpg (2.72 MB, 5945x4078)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB JPG
Requesting someone give Maria pantylines and a bulge/the outline of his balls through the dress (or just pantylines).

And if you also can, give Homura's hair more detail and make her blush pinker (both like in the original image: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/907285).
Sauce me son
Recolors are usually simple to do in photoshop CS2 which is free to download here:

Just make a new layer on top, and make it a color, overlay, multiply layer type, color over it first in what you want then go through the layer types to see how it changes
Also super easy to do in CS2

pls color
or post of the original colored version
File: PA8KTHR.jpg (398 KB, 1575x2048)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
Requesting a nice, long, cock (flaccid or erect, either is fine) between her legs
File: sere-zebstrika_Copy.jpg (276 KB, 965x1108)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Requesting color, add a cum shot and a facial. Serena from pokemon.




Requesting to add cum and vaginal juice, in addition to writings where they mark the times in which she was fucked, cumdump, among others. Something similar to this image https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3149918

Serena, XY pokemon.
File: 66.jpg (260 KB, 827x773)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Requesting that the penis be urinating on the face of Serena, pokemon.
File: D5XKRTPUIAAJKbU.jpg (286 KB, 1643x1382)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
Requesting color Serena, Ash and Greninja of Pokemon.




File: 1555297070885.jpg (187 KB, 900x1200)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Requesting tentacle nipples.
File: 54656080_p2.jpg (1.75 MB, 2472x2968)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
File: 01.jpg (437 KB, 1280x1821)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Requesting the guy covered in cum like the girl, in both top panels and the bottom panel, and with cum dripping out of his ass in the upper right and bottom panel.
File: 1559477582721.jpg (16 KB, 300x300)
16 KB

requesting This shape
File: 1559190604440.jpg (1.19 MB, 1196x1622)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Requesting horsecock edit for the bottom right panel, thanks in advance
File: 1559793244532.png (1.61 MB, 1488x2115)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
File: 1558143637858.jpg (128 KB, 899x787)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Requesting Asuka's lips removed, and the bit of cum on Shinji's nose repositioned (it looks like it's coming out of his nose.)
File: image.jpg (192 KB, 1053x1600)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Requesting a pregnant belly edit (about nine months in size)
File: 1558787080636.jpg (182 KB, 1024x1024)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Requesting nude edit
File: image.jpg (288 KB, 2000x2000)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Requesting a vore edit.
Anyone with great patience willing to remove the watermarks from this picture?
You can use content aware fill, spot heal, and clone stamp to most likely get that done.

File: 049.jpg (602 KB, 1200x1379)
602 KB
602 KB JPG
Can someone give her a nice plump bulge?
Please could somebody color this image. The characters are Sakura, Hinata and Tsunade from "Naruto Shippuuden".
File: beznazwy.png (74 KB, 225x225)
74 KB
>A reference

lol ... I also like this strange monster nipple. Can somebody put a hand on the tip of a nipple ??

Or a hand nipple wearing boxing gloves might be good.

File: IMG_20190608_232953.jpg (198 KB, 1185x2048)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Can someone edit big thick full pubic hair also same color as the head hair.
File: 12999 - Ico Yorda.jpg (43 KB, 400x400)
43 KB
Requesting this image be edited so it looks like Ico's lower body is going into Yorda's pussy.
File: 1353092328108.jpg (649 KB, 1099x958)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
Requesting their boxers be changed into plain white panties.
File: Fucking typo.jpg (226 KB, 850x1136)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Can someone remove the snapchat text please
I already tried, but unfortunately with poor results.
I need the help of a pro with a heart of gold.
Requesting non-futa edit. Hopefully a decensor.
Requesting pregnant edit
ah thanks, already got it done in another thread though
File: 1555294559682.jpg (1.04 MB, 1938x2894)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Requesting a nude filter on both. Would prefer if their anuses weren't drawn, but if you're confident, have a small amount of Kirito's showing (make sure it's pink.)

And if possible with Kirito, have the upper part of his penis showing between his legs, with foreskin and leaking precum (also post the plain nude filter without this.)
File: 1559710680459.jpg (593 KB, 1020x1271)
593 KB
593 KB JPG
Requesting the right breast be made a little bigger.

Is there a way to non-futa this pic?

BTW,different anon
Requesting bulge
Don't remember, been a long while
nvm, I lied https://www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Tugboat/591174/MC-Tae-pegging-one-shot
Bless you
File: 1535285541916.jpg (1.85 MB, 2346x3479)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB JPG
Requesting pregnant belly edit
Requesting the glasses removed.
Is it one person making all these shitty nipples requests?
Looks like it because its the same fucking requests
yeah and if you tell him to fuck off he starts screaming 'no i want nipple nipple give me nipple' or some shit
Requesting smaller tits for a before after sequence.
- Topless edit with dark nipples (https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2413243 or darker)
- Cock and balls, both large but not unrealistically so, flaccid or erect either is fine. If erect I'd like a little smegma as well.
- Pubic and armpit hair, pubes with treasure trail reaching up to navel.
File: 75149634_p0.png (1.52 MB, 1507x2129)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
Requesting long erect nipples
File: 1559168048023.jpg (84 KB, 733x1024)
84 KB
Requesting Kagura's bikini bottom be removed and the can inside it be turned into a bulge in her belly so it looks like she shoved it up her pussy.
File: D4s3IisUwAAUHRp.jpg (169 KB, 800x1221)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Requesting to colour muscular Cheelai from Dragon Ball Super: Broly
File: Sarada 3.jpg (817 KB, 2179x2687)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
Seeking medium sized pregnant edit.

Color would just be nice, it's Sarada Uchiha from Boruto, her hair is already black, but making one red might be hot.
Requesting cum dripping from his dick and her pussy with a cum string leading from one to the other.
File: GLiH2q4.png (1.73 MB, 2510x2510)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Please let her wear a white swimsuit.

File: 1559968724383.png (418 KB, 1240x1542)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
requesting transparent background
Requesting decensor + add balls to the futa.

I know it's a weird angle for that request, but if you look closely, there's enough of a gap between the futa's (homura's) body and where the girl's (madoka's) pussy lips meet her butt that you should be able to add balls in that space after you decensor it.
File: K-La-K-MILF-transparency.png (331 KB, 1240x1542)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
OE here.
File: 1557535331237.jpg (136 KB, 884x1250)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Can someone make a non-futa version of this pic?
File: Futa-BEGONE.png (681 KB, 1184x942)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
I wanted to at least do what I could. Hopefully a more skilled anon can finish up with the decensor.
File: Futa Onis Request.jpg (552 KB, 832x1000)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
Requesting removal of the gaping asshole and removal of the anal cum, but keep the vaginal cum, so that it looks like her ass was untouched but her pussy was creampied.

Thanks very much.
File: Sun-baked-titties.png (849 KB, 1688x1808)
849 KB
849 KB PNG
Let me know what you think of this edit.
File: 0017.png (498 KB, 1106x1597)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
Requesting the cum string in the lower panel splattering against the dick on the left.
Requesting a creampie edit.

Preferably a somewhat explosive creampie squirting a bit upward to imply that the futa is cumming pretty hard inside her partner. Nothing too extreme though.

File: 75077916_p7_master1200.jpg (287 KB, 700x1000)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Requesting her headless plz.
This is the extent of my skill. If anybody would like to pick up where I left off and finish the image, I would appreciate it.
Why you wanna make it worse m8?
File: Tifa-ALMOST-FIXED.png (1.72 MB, 1488x2115)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Forgot image
Anal ain't my thing. And don't (you) me just to complain about my request because now people will think the request was filled.

Not bad.
Though I would preferred if the pubes were still there. That and a traingular crotch.

I would like said additions added if it isn't too much to ask.

Thank you.
File: TRMSS2kbeuklqwggg_2_Gelb.jpg (267 KB, 1447x1370)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Please give Musashi (the futa here) some nice big balls...and maybe add some more cum to make a bigger creampie?

File: Edit.jpg (433 KB, 1575x2048)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
requesting the butt and hips on the nekoboy to be made bigger
It's a good edit, but it seems a bit off. Does that cock's head not have any detail or is it just covered in foreskin?
what are you talking about, he's just trolling lol
I mean it seems like there was some semblance of effort put into it, more than most troll edits at least
Thank you, random stranger. I’m no fan of penis, but when next thread rolls, I have an even harder one to do. Terrible pun unintended
Requesting to have a bulge added. Preferably a bit large.
File: request.jpg (1.73 MB, 3000x2000)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Requesting removal of the dude and Ember's trap dick
File: 03a.png (1.13 MB, 1776x1375)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Requesting please attach pierced earrings to the nipple.
File: IMG_20190606_221907.jpg (157 KB, 1905x1771)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Can somebody color this image
File: 20190507_155718.jpg (224 KB, 506x899)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
color reference
Thanks are sorry by tardy.
Think that is a very good color; thank you!
I want you to add the light of the skin if you can do it
Requesting the strap-on be turned into a futa cock (with balls) and increase the amount of cum around her partner's pussy like it's a creampie.
File: Angelic Kneesocks.jpg (252 KB, 800x1000)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Requesting a vore edit with her having a nice, big squirming belly.
Requesting for the futa to have some nice big balls here. Nothing extreme, though.
File: sSUcN7jcu.jpg (522 KB, 957x1172)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
requesting I also big nipples

File: 1501814532493.jpg (355 KB, 1052x744)
355 KB
355 KB JPG

Or do this.
File: mB5i27vSL.png (3.19 MB, 2956x1600)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB PNG

The nipple shape you want.

Anyone, please.
working on it
Cool. Thanks anon for the heads up!
File: nurse_terraria_colored.png (1.28 MB, 1625x2229)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG

Anchoring >>8561621
OR again. Much obliged anon! Very nice work on the colors!
Requesting the bottom male's balls changed to a pussy with the top's dick going in

Also maybe give the bottom longer hair/a more feminine face
File: image.png (1.91 MB, 1190x1684)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
Requesting the woman get a baby kick or two on her belly.

Example of a baby kick is the lumps on the woman's belly in this pic, https://imgur.com/f3iFa4G
Fuck off already
Requesting colors. refs: Link: https://imgur.com/a/wzjsJfr Urbosa: https://imgur.com/a/8lB2Oi2
File: 1560305320728.png (278 KB, 600x612)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Can someone make her chest flat
File: a21edit.png (558 KB, 636x984)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
Can't find the post but I recall someone wanted pic related with a vore belly a few threads ago so

If so, just give me one of these. please.

File: LWAFutaEdit.png (2.26 MB, 2184x3100)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB PNG
best I could do, feel free to edit
File: pGyA7Ls.png (818 KB, 720x1152)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
Requesting futa edit
Need to include more info/description
Not the OR, but nice work on that belly.
Don't suppose you could...
Thanks man! I love it!
My only preference is that she has balls. Otherwise I don't care as long as she has a cock. Long, short, erect, flaccid, anything is fine.
File: 74949741_p2.jpg (1.19 MB, 1470x2283)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Colour his hair pink please (I want him to look more like Poison from Street Fighter)
Requesting long erect nipples
No problem. I'll give it a shot as well
File: Got-anal.png (698 KB, 835x1146)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
Requesting her with a dangling cock and a hefty pair of balls with the thong going in between them.
File: 20190527_211123.png (878 KB, 1288x1842)
878 KB
878 KB PNG
Can somebody make full nude edit
File: 5c2dbdeb6a2.gif (1.55 MB, 800x450)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
Requesting someone possibly add a dick to the flat girl/boy
File: DtVGkWoUwAMaXtY.jpg (171 KB, 1178x2048)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Requesting tentacle nipples.

File: DsRy1W8VsAALjCa.jpg (219 KB, 1291x2048)
219 KB
219 KB JPG

If it is difficult, please do this.

Could you attempt >>8562312?
If anyone could, I like this picture, but don't like the long nipples. Could someone shrink them to a more reasonable size and maybe blow her thighs and hips up to match her tits?
File: Nipple-Fix.png (942 KB, 1178x2048)
942 KB
942 KB PNG
Here you go.
Thanks m8.
File: 20190612_134731.jpg (304 KB, 697x710)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Can someone edit this to give them noticeable trap bulges please? Thank you!
Requesting pregnant edit

Requesting nude and wet edit
File: D5KBF9qUUAEdqSI.jpg (140 KB, 850x1200)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
You don't have to fuck off, just limit yourself to one request per thread from now on, Jesus.
File: 1554963212592.jpg (256 KB, 1200x850)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Requesting an edit of this image so she has two heads.
File: 3144609 - Porkyman Serena.png (254 KB, 1000x1550)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Requesting appropriately larger breast, but it's a sequence, that is two or three pics more to it.
Requesting a vore tummy for this qt
Bless you anon
Do you have the sauce for that image? I'm curious.
File: 79c4.jpg (702 KB, 800x1130)
702 KB
702 KB JPG
Requesting normal nipples (pink and much smaller) and if possible, a decensor.
File: 78.jpg (751 KB, 1600x1200)
751 KB
751 KB JPG
remove the belly
anon this is /d/
Requesting futa removed so it just shows off her ass.
File: Misty Hentai 06.png (1.26 MB, 1200x1600)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
request change misty from the sun and moon female protagonist the name of she its mizuki and here a reference of the head https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3249404
Anon this is /d/ and (s)he’s making a request to non- /d/ his post on pregnancy. Just look at M.fag, a faggot.

I like this picture. Can someone make this picture with a long nipple like blue hair?

File: 1560433027039.gif (631 KB, 1548x2880)
631 KB
631 KB GIF
Requesting pregnant edit.
File: 74912015_p2.jpg (136 KB, 662x920)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Just looking for some armpit hair removal.
Sorry, I don't. I'm not looking for extreme quality though, so a copy-paste of the same head is fine
File: 1559367162788.jpg (623 KB, 1154x1964)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Triple the tiddy size
File: sarada_medium_preg.png (1.63 MB, 2179x2687)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
You're the best anon-kun
Requesting colors for this picture of Eliza from Skullgirls smothering Cerebella with her enormous ass.


requesting the right girl with an erection going up the entire length of their buruma, and also balls

also maybe remove their breasts and remove some of the fabric folds so it looks more like a trap/femboy
File: 04.jpg (118 KB, 661x935)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Can somebody make full nude edit
File: 75063623_p0.jpg (922 KB, 1000x1412)
922 KB
922 KB JPG
Requesting big bulge
File: 75063623_p1.jpg (935 KB, 1000x1412)
935 KB
935 KB JPG
And this version too.
File: mtari.png (553 KB, 600x800)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
requesting nipple piercings
Requesting a gasless edit please. I love the art, but sadly I do not share the artist's fart fetish.
File: 74723457_p0.jpg (1.02 MB, 1272x2001)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Requesting please raise the size of buttocks by 130~150%
File: CzGDNqaVEAA6ukY2.jpg (432 KB, 850x1200)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
Requesting pregnant edit
Would someone please add some basic shading to this flat pic?
I'll try
Requesting nude edit or at least the suit pushed to the side and onomatopoeia removed. The tiny face can stay.
Requesting the guy in a speedo/sports bikini (you can make it similar to the girl's) with his dick half erect and some of his ass showing between his legs like the girl.
Requesting a huge and thick blonde hairy bush peeking out.
File: IMG_20190611_121802.jpg (105 KB, 824x1200)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Can somebody make full nude edit
File: Punk villain leader.jpg (1.06 MB, 5000x3430)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
/r/ing cum splashed on their faces, pls.
Please edit this so that girl has her hands on top of her her head in the last panel. Thank you.
...that's it? why...
I think that pose looks adorable and I don´t have the Photoshop skills to do it myself.
File: Shouta-Kun~.png (1 MB, 1394x1000)
1 MB
Could someone fix the gradients in Lucoa's hair for this image, please?
It should go from blonde to green to blue, not the blonde to green it shows here.
File: Lucoa Hair.jpg (191 KB, 692x1208)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Here's a reference to make things easier.
I feel like this will probably hit the image limit before the reply limit, so few requests filled
File: 75202764_p0.jpg (172 KB, 600x848)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Requesting decensor, thank you!
It's just the nature of edits as specific variants of specific niches. Coupled with the fact that not a lot of people with the skill to do them actually want to.
I'vm able to fill a few of these requests, but I don't want their degenerate shit in my computer.
File: 1560650799569.png (1.43 MB, 1280x1954)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Taking a break. Here's what I've got so far.
requesting the removal of the femboys dick and an increase in tit size
File: komisan5.png (1.02 MB, 992x1403)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Can someone give her bigger tits and thicker thigh
File: 1559252392973.png (1.66 MB, 2480x2107)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
Can someone fix Tobi's skin color?
Requesting his briefs changed to panties.

Not OR but here's a way we can make this /d/ enough to be valid:

Requesting the guys be turned into futas (add thigh-highs to them and give breasts to the one in back), and then remove the belly. Also decensor if possible and maybe add a vaginal creampie.
File: image.jpg (571 KB, 1704x1909)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
/r/ a big (not hyper) pregnant belly for her
Requesting removal of the carrot and adding a powerful cumshot in its place. Bonus points if you give her balls too (should be proportional to the dick though)
>page 8
File: 1455156511430.png (882 KB, 700x1000)
882 KB
882 KB PNG
Requesting 2inch nipples

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