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I’ll start

You wake up every morning to see that any shirts and bras you bought or wore the night before will no fit you longer fit
File: alkahest-2.jpg (1.26 MB, 1633x1622)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
You've just been merged to your sister. If she wasn't a nymphomaniac before, she is now. And guess who has to deal with her shenanigans?
Congratulations you are now a super cute girl!

Bad news is for 1 week out of every month you will be randomly teleported into a wall at random locations, where any men or woman that come across you will have no urge to help you but instead have their way with you for however long they see fit, as you can see your body has sort of developed abit due to the amount of sex that happens in these weeks so get use to it ;)

After the week is over you go back to your life a little bit sore but well satisfied.
File: 1557300932188.png (424 KB, 804x1152)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
Any clothes you wear immediately become transparent. You won't get in any legal trouble, but people will judge you for it
You become a video game character in real life! But when you come within 100 feet of a person holding a game controller, they can take control of your body for the following two hours, directing your movement and controlling your actions how they please by pressing the buttons and triggers.
A basic game controller can make you strip, give blowjobs, masturbate, and have sex in a few positions, but fancy fightsticks and PRO GAMER controllers can force you to do some pretty crazy shit.
You're conscious and aware as this goes on, but some controllers can toggle between a few temporary personalities.
You are essentially in the backseat of your conciousness so to speak. You have 0 control over your slutty body's actions however you feel and are fully aware of everything and everyone it does. With every passing day you feel yourself give way a little more to your new body and its intense libido as you slowly become just as slutty as your autopiloted body us.
File: 1559403977237.png (986 KB, 700x980)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
About once a month you enter a pupa stage and transform a small of amount towards what most people around you would currently consider is the physical human ideal.

The curse? Your ever present extreme claustrophobia, that you are fully conscious during the process and the fact that not even a supernova going of inside it would not brake your pupa before the 1-3 day procces is over.

At least you will look good and can even choose between being a male futa or female every transformation.
Exciting to see some fun curses so early in this thread. Sorry for the no curse, don't have one in mind yet but the thread is already on page 10.
File: 1521906432340.jpg (649 KB, 850x1075)
649 KB
649 KB JPG
You're a gladiator. Except, you're so bad at fighting that you've never won even once. They don't kill you though, they just fuck you in front of the cheering crowd and leave you for the next fighter.
Including the animals.
You're a Dullahan except you have no control of whether or not your head comes off
You thought a job at a manufacturing plant in quality assurance would be easy.... At least you're getting decent pay.

This isn't what you thought it meant by a mostly seated job
You are a big, milky goth girl. No one will question your unrealistic curves, or the fact that you're clearly naked, acting as if it's normal. That's not to say they don't SEE those things, simply that they don't react like normal people would.

The downside? It's a bit of a double edged sword. Aside from the difficulty of getting around places, anyone who drinks your milk will become smitten with you, desperate to drink more and willing to do anything you ask, so long as it doesn't lead to their death or them leaving you for any period of time longer then an hour. However, if they aren't given a bottle of your milk every day, they'll become agitated and will attempt to take it by force.

Essentially, you'll become a broodmother. Capable of charming whomever you want with ease by simply grabbing them by the head and shoving them into your breast. But the downside is, you'll have your brood following you around, potentially even getting sexually aroused by side effects of your milk, and constantly asking for more. Well, at least you'll never run out of supply.
After you spoke of women having it easy and being generally slutty your aunt decided you should try life on the other side. In your aunt's body you are horny 24/7 and masturbation does nothing to decrease those feelings. The only way to relieve yourself is to have sex but not with just anybody. You can only have sex with friends of your past life and they are more than willing not knowing its you in there and you are unable to relay that information to them. After a weeks time you will begin to relize your aunt has no intention of swapping back leaving you stuck sucking and fucking your previous friends for the rest of your aunt's life.
You're part of an underground fighting ring.
Yes, that is your weapon of choice.
No, you're not allowed to use your hands.
File: 1559647582729.png (630 KB, 707x1000)
630 KB
630 KB PNG
You become a busty futanari witch, extremely powerful and skilled the arcane arts, but the price for this power is that every time you cast a spell, you orgasm uncontrollably, the strength of which is dictated by the power of the spell cast.

A simple light spell might just cause a light, unsatisfying leakage of thin, watery jizz, while an amplified quadcasted Ray of Obliteration will cause your whole body to be ravaged by an intense, full body, several minutes long super O that sends you doubling over as tidal waves of pleasure set every nerve in your body on fire and your intensely throbbing, spasming cock spews torrent after torrent of your hot seed onto the dungeon floor.
The upside is that your big cums are extremely rich in mana, meaning you will never have to worry about sustaining your amazing arcane prowess, so long as you remember to collect whatever you spew buckets of when you cast your biggest spells.
Congratulations, you're a monster girl just like you always wanted. You can do all those kinky weird stuff you've been dreaming of and writing awkward RP posts on.

Unfortunately you are basically a cross between a zombie and Frankenstein's wife and even the slightest mishaps will result in you falling to pieces. Hey at least you can still feel and control everything, though much good that does you with your limited leverage.

Oh and seems all your friends and family knew about your odd fetishes and late night RP sessions. Things were awkward before but now they are going to go up to 11 with how uh intimate everyone is going to have to be with your new self to help you through life.
Evens left, odds right.

You and your mortal enemy have been captured and your bodies altered by an unforeseen force that appeared and swept you away after a duel left you both exhausted.
Now the two of you must compete against each other in performing increasingly depraved sexual acts for your new master in both public and private. The winner gets a weapon and their body back.
Your rival seems very determined to win. Better get those hips shakin' and those lips suckin' if you want to live.
File: 1560463799712.jpg (295 KB, 800x1000)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Congradulations, you're finally a wealthy business owner, only catch is now you're a milf with an absurdly huge ass! Good luck buying custom clothes sweetheart!
sleep nood then
who tf wears a bra to bed
File: temp.jpg (699 KB, 657x890)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
You're a dullahan! You're an excellent fighter, capable to take on whole squads of infantry, even tanks. You're exceptionally durable and physically able to support your superhuman physique. You'll never age. And most essentially, you're immune to motion sickness, so you won't get dizzy when you throw your head at your enemies. That's just part of your new body, not your curse. Your curse is that you can only be sexually pleasured orally, by your own mouth. Naturally, this makes any kind of sexual relationship with someone very difficult. But fret not, for using your powers in service of the community, fighting crime or even just picking up litter, will slowly make the runes on your sword light up. After about a month of effort, your sword should be finished, at which point your curse is disabled for the next 24 hours and the runes all fade, ready to be filled with good deeds again.
File: 1551753010493.jpg (126 KB, 791x1024)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
You are Rapunzel. But you hair are so misbehaving... Again and again the are entangling you in most inappropriate and lewd positions and situations, encouraging others to use you however the want.
You are the new hero in the city!! You spend your time fighting crime and taking down bad guys but due to your unique quirk you need to wear as little clothing as possible, this does make fighting crime a bit difficult when every villain wants to have there way with you and set traps and other plans in order to do so, which you do fall for every time no matter how hard you try.
Every top you put on appears normal to you, but displays an obscene message to anyone whose eyes wander below your face. The message is always a command, and once a day, the reader is enthralled by the command and obeys without hesitation. Resist all you want, but the reader won't stop until they have fulfilled the command.
If you go a day without anyone reading your shirt, the command will appear on your outfit alongside another one the following day until it is fulfilled. This stacks indefinitely.
You become a cowgirl futa. You are able to pass as normal but you must be milked regularly. If you go too long without cumming, your balls start to swell in size because of your massively increased semen production. If you ignore it, your balls will continue to grow until you are unable to walk. Masturbation will reverse the effects, though you have to completely drain yourself of cum, and there will be a lot. If the need strikes in public, better hope you can get to a bathroom fast.
File: 1552777837461.jpg (486 KB, 1600x1857)
486 KB
486 KB JPG
Congratulations! You are now one of the strongest, smartest, and most fertile people on the planet. Whenever you get pregnant, you get even stronger, smarter, and bigger.

It's a bit of a pity that doors are starting to become a problem, and whenever you aren't pregnant you're basically in heat...
Whatever you sit on, right before you make contact, it turns into a thick and lubricated dildo for your ass.
You've realized it's only harder to sit properly if you wear panties
File: e699e1e.png (1.18 MB, 1191x1684)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
You became a woman who produces unimaginable amounts of milk with your breasts, to stop it you must bring 10 men a day to orgasm with your breasts.

But if you do not do it, your breasts will produce hectoliters of milk per day and grow by one size per day, of course if you decide to take a day off but you want to restore your breasts to the previous size you must take a 50 loads of cum in your pussy in A row.
File: 1551416117170.jpg (592 KB, 3000x4500)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
When you feel pain you feel pleasure instead. More pain, more pleasure. To the point where when a normal person would be in so much pain that wish they were dead, you would be having the most earth-shattering orgasm of your life.
File: 1560605450804.jpg (20 KB, 580x655)
20 KB
Your libido skyrockets and every time you have sex, some part of your assets grows
File: 1551289885861.png (3.83 MB, 2278x3455)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB PNG
You are now a succubus. As a succubus you must now have sex to sustain your life force. You're supposed to have sex on average at least once per day. If you go a whole week without sex you will die, fortunately term "sex" is very vague.
File: temp.jpg (552 KB, 850x746)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
You're a goo-girl. You're pretty much indestructible, and you can shapeshift your body as you like, so long as you remain either feminine or blob-like. You can eat pretty much anything, just dissolving it into goo, but with enough control that you don't accidentally dissolve your human friends.

In any case, your curse is that any water that touches you is turned to goo at a 1:1 ratio. The rate at which your body can grow is roughly doubling in height every 5 seconds, so even if you dip your toe in the ocean, you won't instantly become planetary in scale immediately. The only way to shrink back down is to cum, which will eject all the excess goo from your body (which then turns into fresh, pure water). Conversely, if you're at a typical, human scale and cum, you'll get yet smaller. Each time you cum, you lose half your height. Your sexual stamina is limitless, so as long as you're willing to rub your body the right way, you'll be able to shrink down. You'll have to be careful going out whenever it rains.
File: 1553001992986.jpg (163 KB, 852x1024)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
You have an irresistible addiction to sweets, but you gain weight much more quickly than most people, and every pound you gain makes you a little girlier, lazier, and dumber.
Any clothe you wear become extremely fragile. You can't spend a day without some part of your wardrobe being torn or malfunctioning.
File: D9IGOSgXYAAzOxF.jpg (252 KB, 720x1067)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
You're prone to nymphomaniac bouts of lust, and every orgasm you have shrinks you an amount measurable to the intensity of the gasm. You regain height very slowly and will never shrink smaller than a golfball.
File: amiboobers.png (1008 KB, 1353x1400)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
Everyone on Earth has nonhuman ancestry hidden in their DNA. You know this because all these species are coming back and YOU get to help: when someone cums inside you, you're guaranteed to get knocked up with whatever's lurking in their sperm. They could have anything from fairies to monsters of all shapes and sizes to a few that you even think are aliens. As far as you can tell, it's random.

If you're lucky, you get something like fairies - relaxing week and a painless birth. If not? Dragons suck but they aren't even the worst thing you've carried. This isn't optional, btw: more than twelve hours without a creampie and you get worse and worse mood swings, hot flashes, etc until someone cums inside you. You don't get horny, per say(that would be too easy) but you feel a biological need to get stuffed. After a week, you're a cock-crazed beast who can only think about dick.

Pregnancy "resets" you and keeps you from outright losing your mind but the compulsion can still get pretty bad. It does broaden to sex in general but any cum you get in or on you "strengthens" the pregnancy. It makes your babies bigger, healthier, and more active but won't make it go any faster and some are extremely long. It won't get totally debilitating but that's a very high cap.

People around you get aroused when you need dick and if there aren't any of those around, women will magically turn into futas for you. Permanence varies; a few days draining one woman on purpose makes it permanent but short-term crowds are temporary except for the few dicks that randomly stick around.

The government makes sure there ARE people around you, btw. See, good news? You aren't the only breeder. Bad news? You have to raise your brood on your own - you ONLY get money for it b/c magic "obviously" helps you with this, rite? Kind of: your children love you and won't try to kill each other while they live with you but that's mostly it and you still have a giant menagerie of children to raise. Good luck!
File: temp2.jpg (78 KB, 850x1005)
78 KB
You're a shy gal. You can't take off your mask/face. People won't think your appearance anything out of the ordinary. However, no one will ever recognize you. Should you leave their perception and thought and then return, people will always assume you to be a new person, and no amount of explaining or evidence can convince them otherwise. Even photos and surveillance cameras won't keep track of you properly. On the plus side, even if you get yourself arrested, the moment the cops forget about you, they'll think some innocent, unrelated shy gal got herself accidentally put in jail and let you out. On the down side, it will be hard to get into lasting relationships. Maybe you could make an excuse to your lover about being part of a cult of many shy gals that share everything. The one thing people will never doubt about your identity is ownership of your property. You'll never lose your bank account or your house or anything people the authorities think it belongs to someone else. Instead, people will assume that you justly obtained these assets from other, unrelated shy gals. However, you'll probably have a really hard time keeping a job, so I'll give you a special two-part curse to make up for it.

Part 2: You can earn money by sexually pleasing people. Sex with a stranger can add to your bank account, but stripping in front of a dozen people can be just as lucrative. In fact, just joggling in tight-fitting yoga pants through a crowded park each morning should handle all your daily living expenses. But I did say this was a two-part 'curse,' so the downside for this is that your body will grow curvier when that will earn you more cash, even if you want to be formal. You might be having a nice, intelligent conversation with someone, but then your bust will swell out so much that your conversation partner can't take their eyes off your rack. Your body returns to normal once perception of you ends.
File: IMG_1119.jpg (416 KB, 1132x1600)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
You become a female version of any video game enemy you defeat
File: 1557728287766.jpg (424 KB, 761x1200)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
You become an elven sorceress and are able to cast magical spells and otherwise live a decent life in a high fantasy setting. The Catch is you are compelled to expose your genitals and invite to bed anyone who says the words 'reveal', 'open', 'uncover', or 'insert' within earshot of you. For the next week after you have sex with that person you are infatuated with them and you will attempt to have sex with them as often as you can while still maintaining your normal lifestyle.

If they say any of the above words again within that first week, the period of time increases to a month, and every time thereafter they utter one of those words the period increases by another month so long as the accrued time has not lapsed. Once you are under someones influence this way, you can not be influenced by someone else until the period of time ends.

The longer you are with an individual the more unusual the sex becomes. You add magical effects to you sessions, things you might not normally be into, but the magic of the curse warps your mind to be willing to try any fetish your partner is interested in.

If you should be infatuated with a specific individual for a continuous year, you will feel a sudden shift in your desires for them. You will become paranoid that they will leave you and find someone else so you will begin looking into ways to keep them bound to you. This will start off as innocent as confessing your love, ramping up to trying to forcibly keep them in your dwelling. When they inevitably try to distance themselves from you, you will begin to use magic to keep them in your grasp. Sometimes this manifests in you transforming them into some kind of trinket or maybe even a pet of some sort. Maybe you decide to lock them away in a pocket dimension of your own design with all kinds of instruments to torment them for daring to try to leave you. The magical properties are endless, and over the years you begin to collect a number of unwitting and unfaithful suitors.
You just got a job at the local tavern as a barmaid. Unfortunately, a group of so-called 'adventurers' have decided to make your workplace their favorite haunt. They don't seem to understand common politeness very much and act like everyone around them is a mindless reactionary robot that only exists to benefit them. But you can't talk back at them or else you lose their ridiculously high patronage, as they don't get that a mug of ale only costs 4 copper.
File: psuRofm8u.jpg (214 KB, 1280x988)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
You are a futa with an ever growing penis, the rate of growth is ever increasing. Your penis will only elongate but still stay as thick as the image. After a while your penis while erect will reach beyond the atmosphere, once you cum, your softening penis will fall down to the earth for miles around you while causing damage to your surroundings.
File: temp.jpg (116 KB, 850x1011)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
All the lewd parts of your body: tits, ass, genitals, lips, etc. plump up in response to pressure. Sitting around all day like a couch potato? You'll find your hips going from armrest to armrest on that couch before long. Having a nice, long fondle session with your lover? Your breasts will be too big to lift by the end of it. The image is your default form which you revert to upon waking up from sleep, so it won't take long before your curves get out of hand. You can do maybe... an hour of sitting before it gets impossible to fit your behind through most doorways. On the bright side, your lewd bits are immune to any amount of intense pressure. You can survive any fall by landing ass first and bullets will bounce right off your breasts, though boss of these situations would result in a huge surge of growth. Which parts of you are classified as "lewd parts" and thus affected by this are up to your own tastes, not your conscious will. So if you're really into footplay, you might need to swap out for bigger shoes just from standing for too long.
Using a reality altering program you found, you had all sorts of fun messing with that neighbor girl you like. Except you typed the wrong thing and somehow became her! Now her body and life are yours. Every perverted change you made you now must live with. The huge tits and exibitionism for example.
You get this hot body but you've lost the ability to relieve yourself manually. The only way you'll be able to shit from here on out will be when this parasite sucks your guts clean from your asshole.
Don't worry, it's super soft and releases a chemical that tricks your brain into thinking your cumming the entire time you shit into it. Issue is it's extremely addictive.
File: D776w45X4AIKhne.jpg (146 KB, 1091x1500)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
You've become a genie who can grant wishes to anyone if you want to, except for lewd wishes. If someone wishes for you to be their new sexy secretary who gives daily blowjobs you will be their new sexy secretary giving daily blowjobs. And you got exactly that wish from your current master.
File: cuntboy and dickgirl.jpg (350 KB, 1116x1600)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
Nice touch with the self-infliction. Must've screwed up pretty early if the changes are still that tame, though.

You're on the left and when you were actually boning each other, you were the one with the dick. Turns out? She's a witch, this is actually your second one-night stand with her, and you knocked her up the first time. Aborting the kid would screw up her magic but a quick tantric ritual later and she's pawned off all that "inconvenience" onto you!

The womb is still hers and she'll be checking in to make sure you don't mistreat it but you'll get your dick back once you give birth . . . hopefully. The witch might just decide that she likes it better than her vagina, or that you don't deserve your penis after that little mistake, or that she'd rather grow a pair of nursing boobs on you than raise the kid herself, or any other number of reasons she might come up with to keep your dick hostage. Don't expect the pregnancy to be a fun one, either: those hormones are going to crash spectacularly through your male body and the witch does need to keep the pregnancy healthy but that's the same as keeping YOU comfortable.

Oh, and just like the womb is still connected to her, you feel a little feedback from your dick: the witch is getting a LOT of use out of it and she seems to delight in boosting the connection to make you juice your pants at the most awkward times. Normally, the secret of magic would be an issue but using her own womb as a conduit lets her cast a nearly unbreakable illusion over your body and do all sorts of other fun stuff to you, too, from anywhere on Earth.

Overall, the witch is petty, mischievous, spiteful, and currently nursing a grudge against you over how much effort you're "making" her go through - because none of it could possibly be her own fault, of course. Still, if you do manage to stay on her good side, you could turn this curse around and maybe even get a powerful magic user of a girlfriend out of it.
File: Rise.png (1.72 MB, 1389x1900)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
Every night, when you fall asleep, you turn into the same brown-haired girl, and are transported to another person's dream. You do not feel as though you are in a dream, as you are incredibly lucid and aware of your surroundings and feelings.

However, you have no control of the dream. Control is for the owner. They have complete control of the dream's surroundings, as well as their body... and yours. They do not know this, but since they have the same amount of lucidity you do, they will most likely quickly find this out. Despite this sheer amount of power, there are a few rules.

1. You must be included in the dream. The owner cannot will you away or replace you with others. Should they try, you will inhabit the body of the replacement.

2. The owner of the dream is always someone who is very horny at the time.

3. The owner does not realize you are another person, and thinks you are simply a figment of their own dream. You are cursed to be unable to inform them of this.

4. The owner cannot alter your mind. They can control what you look like, say and do, but your mind is always your own.

This will happen every night for an entire year. However, you must try and resist, because should you enjoy the dream to the point where you would have orgasmed on your own, a bell tolls, and the dream ends.

The first time you wake up, you have found you have came in your sleep.

The second time, you will have found the cum is that of a woman. You are also wearing the clothes you wore as a woman.

The third time, you wake up as the woman. All of your male clothes in your house have been replaced.

The fourth time, you have a vision of a hallway filled with paintings of women getting fucked. One of them is empty. The sensation that caused you to orgasm lingers for the rest of the day.

The fifth time, you do not wake up. In fact, your body no longer exists. Your mind is trapped in a painting, and you're forced to repeat the event that caused you to orgasm for eternity.
Nice curse if you can keep their powers since if you just beat Vegeta in a Dragon Ball Z, you'd instantly gain God-tier powers. Or you could even just become God if you beat Numen in Dragon Quest VII as you still technically defeat him even if a friendly spar.
This one I like
Your curse is just that you're the new tenant at the "fun box".
The contract you signed means you're stuck having to live there for the next three years
The curse is pretty obvious. Your arousal is broken. There is very little buildup before you spike to arousal levels far higher than you've ever felt before your change. Be mindful of wandering thoughts. How long can you stand in public with unfettered lust burning through you?
File: 1392270840316.jpg (820 KB, 1020x900)
820 KB
820 KB JPG
You wish to be a kpop rock star and you get your wish! The only downside is that your new body is this. Everyone thinks it's exotic that you are part animal, complete with a real tail and ears, but they consider it "normal" for the most part.

The curse has to do with your cock. Anyone who sees its bulge is smitten with you for at least a day, staring, following you around, trying to talk to you. This happens very frequently considering the fact that tight clothes are fashionable and you're a public figure.

Anyone who you let actually see your cock is overcome by an incredible lust for it. If you can run for an hour or so, they'll lose interest. If you cum in their mouth, they lose intelligence and gain loyalty to you. If you cum in their ass, they are transformed into a curvy femboi (or futa, the outcome is random). Repeated sexual encounters also has them growing animal features as well.

Soon your band has a growing pack of lusty part-animal groupies that follow you everywhere.
Miss me with that gay furry shit
I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m making a curse for you :p
Furry is just degenerate
what does being teleported in a wall feel like?
File: temp.jpg (123 KB, 850x1086)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
You're a succubus, and that means you need sex to live. You need to make another person cum at least once per week. After the first day, you'll start feeling weaker and weaker until you die after 7 straight days.

Your curse is that this has become very challenging for you. Any time you try to do something sexy, it comes out as motherly instead. If you lean in for a sensual kiss, you'll lift your head at the last second and just give your partner a peck on the forehead. If you try to put on traditional latex succubus clothes, you'll accidentally reach for a nice sweater at the last moment. Even your sexual innuendo ends up coming out of your mouth as a desire to baby and console your partner. The solution to this predicament? Mommydom. If you can just intentionally mother your partner, it gets by the anti-lewd filter. Your breasts lactate and your milk is a sweet-tasting aphrodisiac, so that should be a good first step getting your partner to cum. After that, you should just need to help your partner relieve all their pent-up urges. Oh, and repeated consumption of your milk makes the imbiber shorter, more youthful, and cute. At that point, if you ever go out with your lover, people will see you two as a mother-and-child rather than lovers.
File: H1.jpg (113 KB, 799x540)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
You wake up every morning with a raging hatred for your own penises. Unfortunately, they get hard from anger instead of arousal and if you don't control your emotions, you can easily get pissed off enough to cream your pants. Of course, that's pretty tough to do when every reminder of their existence sends a flash of anger through you - and naturally, lacking balls does absolutely nothing to hold back your huge ejaculations.

The curse comes with an incentive to keep your cool: as long as you don't reach that point, it'll help you act normal enough to keep up your daily life. Blow your top enough to blow your load, though, and it's up to you not to turn into a gigantic, raging bitch even though your stupid fucking cocks just soaked the entire front of your shirt with cum. Nothing your dicks do on their own will have any lasting consequences but you're fully responsible for any anger you take out on other people.

Just to make things even worse, anyone who catches sight of more than the outline of your dicks is fascinated by them and you completely lose all strength in your body whenever someone's touching or even just directly looking at them. At that point, all of your rage and frustration will only encourage them to torture and tease you further, which would be great if your dicks didn't piss you off so much. If you don't do your best to hide your penises from sight, this can easily trap you until the curse runs its course.

Eight hours after being awake, the curse-inflicted hatred vanishes, they react to arousal normally, and you're free to use them as you wish. The compulsion on other people and most of the protections also vanish, though - you being a futanari is accepted as normal but that's it. Anyone who was compelled will remember how nice your dicks were back then but how much they still care is up to the person. If someone knocks herself up on your prongs while you're angry, it's her own fault but if it happens while you're in control, it's on you.
File: 1557264132318.jpg (665 KB, 3596x3596)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
Youve become mercy but youre stuck with doing prostate exams forever 24/7 you get to sleep inbetwen exams
File: 234532672372 (2).jpg (22 KB, 540x461)
22 KB
You body new shape can't handle regular clothes anymore. That or really any clothes for that matter with how sensitive your body has become and frequent it leaks precum and milk throughout the day.
I like you. You're probably really good at RP.
File: 1532530748700.png (715 KB, 1551x1243)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
Welcome to the world of Pokemon! However, you find yourself trapped in a sexy bondage suit made to look like a pokemon unable to free yourself. You are also unable to speak like a person and any sounds you do make are presumed to be like the pokemon you look like. A pokemon trainer easily catches you and tries to train you. As you only look like a pokemon you get knocked out pretty easily. Everytime you wake up after being knocked out you find yourself in a new outfit of a different pokemon. One day you might look like an exotic rare pokemon and get traded to a powerfull Pokemon master, and then after changing to a weak and common ratata get traded as part of a bargin batch. Over time you find a different ways to serve your new masters all the while trying to figure out how to get out.
File: 1555018953087.jpg (346 KB, 1280x1959)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
You've inherited the position of head priest of the guardian shrine in a small, secluded village. Your duties include maintaining and cleaning the shrine, and performing various rituals involving it.

What they didn't tell you is that the shrine isn't a place, but a person, or rather, attached to a person. The shrine is the village guardian's massive cock. Oh and they also didn't mention that most of the rituals you need to perform all involve your mouth or ass in some fashion.

Don't worry, the village guardian is very good at treating any injuries you might sustain and is eager to break you in.
File: 1553307648511.png (394 KB, 800x1141)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
Congrats! You're an ultra-busty futanari girl with an 18" cock.

The bad news? You have to wear ultra tight clothing any time you're not naked, meaning your frankly ridiculous bulge will always be clearly visible. Oh, and your erection's always strong enough to rip itself out of whatever you stuff it in.

For good measure, you have 3.5x your original libido. Have fun accidentally exposing yourself every time you think about your crush!
File: 1519491556363.jpg (217 KB, 1500x2218)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
You're a nymphomaniac and you also think you're sterile - but of course, you really aren't. Both of these are enforced by the curse. The other half of the curse is that whenever you do get pregnant from your constant sleeping around, your body doesn't change at all for about eight and a half months. A few weeks before birth, your pregnancy decides to catch up to where it's supposed to be, which is instant, usually public, and often leaves you exposed when your clothing rips apart from the strain.

Once this happens, you're finally allowed to realize that you've been knocked up . . . with about two weeks to prepare for the kid. Once you give birth, you're again forced to think you're sterile and again wrong.

Because I'm not a total asshole, whenever you're actually raising at least one of your own kids, you gain a condom fetish: you're more turned on whenever your partner's wearing one but it's still not too hard to convince you into raw sex if a guy actually wants to. This goes away if you give the kid up for adoption.

The people around you don't think any of this is weird, by the way.
U start being a normal guy but whenever u touch the beats of a girl u absorbe her size
After the H size every surpluss u would absorbe will couse u painfull orgasm and heavy lactation
You can reduce your breast size doing milk enema
Each gallons kept for a day will reduce it of a size
Good luck
File: quaraci-513671-Ride.png (1.15 MB, 742x1000)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
You are a sexy, healthy woman who never needs to use beauty products, makeup, or exercise to keep your figure.

The downside is that in addition to being attracted to normal men, you're also a rampant zoophile. You form crushes on specific animals you meet in your life that only get stronger and stronger until you find a way to fuck them. The longer you go without indulging in your fantasy, the more your body starts to enable it, first giving you the genitals of a female of whatever that animal is, then starting to produce pheromones that make you irresistible to that species. You may even grow ears, a tail, or other features that are difficult to hide.

Eventually, the universe makes it easy for you to get some privacy with the animal in question, but not before you've spent a week or so as a horny beast-slut.
You turn into a super sexy woman buuuut...
Every week on a random day your breasts and ass will expand to ridiculous sizes
File: 2354234.jpg (161 KB, 1028x579)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
You, the second lady from the right, are part of RealDoll's latest line of sex gynoids. The good news is that your body is far superior to that of any human. You're fast, deft and untiring. The bad news is that you're no longer legally human are are compelled to obey your ever-horny owner.
File: 1512492385086.png (149 KB, 603x771)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
you can only orgasm while on the phone, however the other person on the line doesn't have to engage in phone sex, you could just jerk off or get fucked while having a conversation with the other person.
and every time you get an erection some piece of clothing will rip.
if you're naked, clothing in your closet will rip, note that the clothing ripping doesn't have anything to do with your massive cock. so it could also put a rip in your t-shirt for no discernible reason.
File: 1552473396566.jpg (86 KB, 686x960)
86 KB
You constantly encounter men and women insistent on fighting you. If you win you get a little bit stronger, faster and more skilled, but if you lose you get a feeling of humiliation/rage that ruins your day, and this basically happens every day.
You get the futanari body you always wanted, but every time you orgasm, your refractory period us halved and your sensitivity doubled.

You recover by abstaining for a week, too bad your current fling has noticed your unusual quirk and is going all the way to 'milk the bull'.
You get to be a super beautiful woman, but on the other hand you are a giantess and can't really live in cities that well.
You become a hot girl in the Pokemon universe, but after eating some suspicious berries, your body slowly starts to regress into that of a Gardevoir. After about three weeks, you have been chased out from your apartment due to freaking out the other tenants and owner. Attempts to plead against this are stopped by legal and societal uncertainty of whether you are considered human anymore. You are forced out into the wild.

Now three weeks after that, your body has almost entirely transformed, but has left your more "appealing" features, distinguishing you slightly from the other Gardevoir. However, you have been captured by the person who posts a curse AFTER this post. They are entirely aware of your nature, but are free to command you to do anything they desire, and you must obey. They have also stripped you of your clothes as it is more befitting of a Pokemon. To make matters worse, though your body has stopped transforming, you can feel your mind starting to regress as well. Within another few weeks, you will be unable to speak, and already, primal urges are starting to set in, such as feeling less shame in exposing your body, eating berries, saying your name habitually, extreme admiration for your owner, and of course, reproduction of your species.
Your curse has a random chance to trigger any time you go out in public. When it does go off, your clothes turn into body paint, half a dozen sex toys strap themselves onto you(always ones focused on your body that won't block you from doing whatever you left home to do), and your body transforms to fulfill between one and five different fetishes. At least one fetish is always something that would either fit in on /d/ or is one of the few things banned here.

The curse usually triggers at least once a week and the longer between triggers, the more extreme the transformation. Because I'm feeling nice, you're allowed to suppress any fetishes you absolutely hate but in exchange, the curse triggers more often, ramps up faster, and is less likely to roll your own fetishes.

The more you play along with the fetishes/transformation and the more you act normal, the less that people around you care about your new body:
> Ignore it as hard as possible and they'll still know that something perverted is going on with you but can't figure out what it is.
> Act like a porn star with a live audience and they'll both participate in your act and help you out with normal stuff.
> Completely losing your composure officially fails you and you'll be sent off to either jail or a lab to get poked at.

Unless you lost composure, your body and clothes will come back when you sleep. If you do well, you can also choose to keep part of the transformation downside-free until the next one. If you fail, you're stuck with the whole thing until the next one triggers. At that point, you're still trapped but if you please the curse well enough, it'll help you escape and get back to your normal life. This might take awhile but you'll always be able to manage it within six months as long as you're seriously trying.
You need to add an anti-hermit clause to these kind of things to remove hiding away as an option.

>refraining from going out in public or leaving the house results in you getting teleported to a random place and having the curse instantly trigger and with only fetishes you dislike or don't care for
You are girl now,not futa, but everytime when you see boy's dick you steel his manhood but it's very small and live with it one week,and his manhood comeback to him with small size
This is probably my favorite one of all time
This part was supposed to cover that situation.
> the longer between triggers, the more extreme the transformation.
But you're right, I didn't go far enough. Part mistake, part lack of room.

My own fix for that would be: it's more extreme, lasts longer, includes more fetishes, and triggers much more easily as time goes by. Trying to avoid the curse will eventually trap you for at least a month in a form so bizarre and inhuman* that you can barely even think straight, let alone act normal - so don't piss it off.

*Lovecraftian abomination levels. For example, some kind of mobile penis tree with a thousand smaller bodies perfectly sculpted to fit peoples' fetishes dangling from its branches, all of which you're getting input from and somehow need to control with your puny, little human mind.

While I'm here, one thing I definitely ran out of room for is mental changes. They're possible but rare; you'll always know more or less what you need to do to act out whatever fetishes you've rolled but it's usually still up to you to be convincing.
File: 1560836148939.png (510 KB, 1280x1227)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
You weren't summer beach body ready, so you decided to try this new ab muscle definition device
File: abc0fe_6932250.jpg (197 KB, 1200x1652)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
File: temp.jpg (402 KB, 2000x1532)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
You're now a thicc cloud lady, phenomenally big. You can control how solid your body is to help you interact with things. You no longer need to eat, instead just soaking up water. You have run-of-the-mill elemental qualities and abilities like manipulating other clouds, floating around, and more. Raining is more akin to cumming that urinating. You can only rain when you cum, starting out as a drizzle when you become aroused and turning into a downpour that lasts most of an hour once you climax. If you don't rain often enough, your libido will just increase and increase as your body becomes more saturated with the water you drink. The longer since your last orgasm, the more aroused you'll be and the more powerful the pleasure will be when you finally cum. This also means a more powerful storm. If you can't relieve yourself often enough, you could cause massive destruction whenever you do finally get release.

Now for your curse. You cannot make yourself cum via masturbation. You'll need to get help from humans. You can shrink yourself down to human-size via your cloud elemental powers for about an hour at a time before needing to stretch out again for a while, but this requires some mild concentration and will immediately end when you have an orgasm. To make matters worse, you're mute. Or more specifically, whenever you try to speak, this is the only sound that comes out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPGczKUlgd8 So good luck courting anyone. Granted, you could just use the fact you're gigantic normally and can control winds to kidnap a bunch of people and put them on / stuff them in all your lewd places, but that would kinda ruin all hope at peaceful co-existence with humanity. Pleasuring yourself with a hand that's holding tiny humans technically doesn't count as masturbation for the curse.
That's pretty gay
File: 1509250091472.jpg (1.84 MB, 2556x4102)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
File: slime 6.png (361 KB, 720x1018)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
You get to be a powerful witch going on spectacular adventures in a high fantasy world...

Until the big bad evil guy found a way to put some slimes in your womb. Now they will mate/multiply inside you every time you cast a spell. Hope you don't mind a big belly if you want to keep adventuring. Though, there is a way to let some out...

Reverse Google got me nothing, so I'mma have to ask for some sauce plis. A man needs a name.
File: 1560225285749.png (686 KB, 1250x981)
686 KB
686 KB PNG
Alright, let's see if I can actually manage to write a short one for once.

You're the pale half. You have full control over your one arm but since I feel like being a little merciful, both of the legs swap between being under your full control and under your new sister's full control every hour. On a similar note, the more you two are cooperating with each other on moving your halves of the body(mainly meaning the arms), the more you'll sync up: work together well enough and your two brains working together could even achieve much better reflexes and coordination than any normal person.

Now, that's all well and good but it's not very /d/, is it? That's where part two comes in: see that nice, big dick and the vagina below it? BOTH of them, as well as the asshole, belong fully to your new sister; they feel amazing and are much more sensitive than normal but she's the only one who gets any of it. You, meanwhile, have an above-average sex drive and only a single nipple to work with. You'll only get any feeling from her half of the body when you two are almost perfectly synced up - so you'd better hope you get lucky on part three:

Part three is her personality. I'm not sure how nice I want to be with it so we'll roll the dice.
Evens: you get along pretty well and with a few compromises, the two of you could eventually become best friends.
Odds: you dislike each other from the start and if you're not careful, controlling the body could easily become a war.
Doubles or, just for the hell of it, 7 or 13: the two of you are in love with each other and can easily become constantly synced via one hell of a weird(but amazing) romance.

. . . Yeah, I failed at short. Simple, yes, but it seems like I just end up filling the space with fancier language instead.
You're a wolf girl now. You got every little advantage that comes with being one. Better eyesight at night, a better sense of smell, a fluffy tail and obviously some cute wolf ears.

In addition, you got a way better sense of taste. However, the only way you are physically able to cum is by getting pushed over the edge by someone you just licked clean. It only counts if your tongue was dragged along every nook and cranny of their body beforehand. Once you're done they're able to give you one single orgasm however they want within the next 10 minutes. If you'd like to cum more than once, you'll have to wait or find another person, since it only counts for people who haven't showered or were licked clean by you within the past 72 hours. This might become a problem because of the following. Every full moon you'll go into heat for a couple of days and you'll feel like you're going insane if you don't have an orgasm at least every 8 hours. Getting rid of all your inhibitions might help you in that case, but some people might trick you, making you debase yourself for nothing. So be careful who you trust little wolfie.
Bumping because I refuse to let this thread die, but I’m too tired to write a curse and look for a fitting image.
These didn't have curse descriptions like the rest so decided to give them a shot:

You're just gay now and find the majority of /d/ threads to be unappealing. Straight-up repulsed by them than ever before if you're already gay.

You can shape your body to a degree like silly putty. Cumming reduces the number of alterations but the more sexual organs you add the greater the orgasm will be. The downside that this is just to addicting & consumes much of your day, aggravating beyond belief when refraining for more than a hour of doing anything else.

You're a hot chick but can only masturbate while snorting freshly ejaculated cum (which also gives you an incredible high), scaled with the more forced, random the person/encounter, and larger the dick is. This have lead you into a life of crime of holding up/kidnapping random bystanders at knife point at night or in dark alleys, interrogating them of their dicksize to optimize your next high.

You're a manticore with a tail with a mind of it's own. People treat you normally as usual and you're still expected to work at a job which is often jeopardized by your tails' sexual appetite which have gotten you in trouble when to many coworkers learn about it's willingness to suck that it slowed down work production.

You're a humanoid personification of an magical legendary weapon but only retains this form when you have an owner and when they're not in combat. You gain piercings, bust increase, among other changes, when altered in weapon form & magically are most obedient the more recent you last turned into the weapon. This unfortunately incentivize your master to throw themselves into combat, which forces you to dissuade by obeying their every command willingly & trying to find them fights they can beat like a beehive or mice so they don't get themselves killed, which will get you stuck in weapon form until who knows when your new owner finds you.
File: image0.jpg (222 KB, 1199x1559)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Even stark naked, no one believes you're a woman, and annoying blue sparkle periodically tries to give you advice about things you already know.
You have the feminine body of your dreams. Perfect stamina, great health, excellent metabolism, immune to sickness. However the catch is that each month has a cycle. On the first day you are your default shape. However ever say your breasts grow and become more sensitive. By the end of the month you can barely move by yourself. You CAN move, of course, but not without effort. Pic is about day 12 of the month. You wake up back to default on the first of the month.
File: 08d7017fb9089db5.png (2.18 MB, 1280x1808)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
You are pic related. with every passing day you revert steadily back to your old, male self. Only motherhood will prevent this, albeit temporarily.

the changes will reset if you are brought to orgasm, but the mere tought of doing it with a guy sends shivers down your spine.

Catch on this? Your male self is wanted for stealing a secret technology - the very one that transformed you into your new form. and they wont just put you in jail for this
if technology did it, is it really a curse? try reading the thread next time you goofball
I think you're alone in that opinion, anon. As long as it's a distinctly bad thing, it doesn't really matter what's being used to justify the curse.
Any time you expose yourself, strange beams of light(or dense clouds of fog, et cetera) come out of nowhere to block the view. Whatever's censoring you at the time, it's completely and totally impossible to see through. This is a problem because you're also now a hardcore exhibitionist.

Unless people can directly see the parts that are being blocked, it's extremely difficult for you to get off; you can get yourself arrested for public indecency all you want(and you definitely want to) but as long as the censorship curse is up, it'll only make you more and more frustrated. You CAN still orgasm with a lot of effort but unless you find some way around the censorship(which is extremely difficult but MIGHT be possible), it's dulled and will only leave you craving real satisfaction even more. This tempts you towards trying more and more daring stunts that will get you arrested without actually helping anything.
You and your crush, or waifu if you don't have one, are transported to another world. However you have been made into the lowest caste of this world who are forced to always be wearing bondage gear. As you were found together your gear will always be connected with your crush so you always will have body contact with them. The only way for you two to make a living from now on will be through either prostitution or selling yourself to a master.
File: D-BMWS6VAAArl5y.png (342 KB, 680x630)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Wow your cute as fuck!

What? You can only wear tees that have erotic requests printed in large readable text? And when anybody asks anything about the request/s on the shirt, you will always answer the option that brings the request closer to being granted? Huh, your answers are VERY convincing? And your ass gets closer and closer to being pounded with every question you answer? Well, color me jealous.
File: 1557460077187.jpg (456 KB, 782x1100)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
You've wanted a dream femboy body your whole life. After making a deal with a futa witch who fucks you in the ass tranforming you into your femboy dream body, you realise there is a price. You must constantly be filled with Cum. too long without being filled will result in you losing your body. There will be no second chance.

(something femboy related pls)
File: 1555239384-550x440.jpg (113 KB, 550x440)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Since I was skipped a couple of posts above I hope you don't mind me reposting mine with your own personal twist:

You're a wolf femboy now. You got every little advantage that comes with being one. Better eyesight at night, a better sense of smell, a fluffy tail and obviously some cute wolf ears.

In addition, you got a way better sense of taste. However, the only way you are physically able to cum is by getting pushed over the edge by someone you just licked clean. It only counts if your tongue was dragged along every nook and cranny of their body beforehand and they have to be either fucking or pegging you. Once you've cleaned them all over they're able to give you one single orgasm while fucking your boipussy within the next 10 minutes. If you'd like to cum more than once, you'll have to wait or find another person, since it only counts for people who haven't showered or were licked clean by you within the past 72 hours. This might become a problem because of the following. Every full moon you'll go into heat for a couple of days and you'll feel like you're going insane if you don't have an orgasm at least every 8 hours. Getting rid of all your inhibitions might help you in that case, but some people might trick you, making you debase yourself for nothing. So be careful who you trust little wolfie.
Lose it how
File: UcPQbvM (1).jpg (38 KB, 909x768)
38 KB
Sorry, kid

After failing to read the fine print on a magical contract, you've been placed inside the body of an eternally young, incredibly busty girl whose soft, watermelon-sized, bouncy breasts are constantly filling with milk. At least once a day, you'll need to express the milk from your nipples before they get painfully swollen and sensitive. Unfortunately, there's some sort of mental block that keeps you from being unable to do it yourself, even when you're curled up on the floor in agony.

With tits like those, it shouldn't be hard finding a guy who's willing to help out, but whether his intentions are good or not to begin with, the scent of your milk is a powerful male aphrodisiac that can drive any man into a fuck-crazy rage.

You're worried about getting pregnant, not just because you're now a highly fertile, barely legal girl having daily unprotected sex but because if this is what your body is like normally, you can imagine how much worse it'll be if/when there's a hungry baby as well.
After failing to read the fine print on a job application you've been turned into a farm maid. You are not allowed to cover your breasts and crotch due to contract obligations. To help improve the milking of your cows your large breasts will continuously fill up at the same rate as your cows' udder and will have to be emptied at least daily, often more. To make sure you milk your cows If you aren't connected to a milking machine when you need to be milked your breasts will force themselves into your face and make you drink your own milk until your jugs are emptied. Since your milk supply is directly correlated with your cows your milk supply will be endless if you aren't emptying your cows as well.
File: Virgil_what.jpg (75 KB, 382x349)
75 KB
What am I looking at?
File: 1541548149135.jpg (530 KB, 1200x400)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
You get an adorable cyborg body, but unfortunately your firewalls are spotty. The good news is that the programming and data that is YOU is pretty well secure, but the bad news is that your sex-related data was a bit of an oversight. Anyone with a little know-how can have all sorts of fun like altering your horniness levels and sensitivity. Have fun!
Your crew decided the best way to appease the kraken was to give you up as an offering.

Looks like you will be hanging around for a while
File: 1561577473411.png (221 KB, 540x483)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
You feel compelled to apply makeup, and the size of your assets now depends on how much you currently have, with breasts as big as you with a complete makeup
That seems ez enough
Honestly sounds fun.
Ghost in a shell yes please. Dibs.

Not that complex, one of NullbrainZ works, it's a variant of the dick neck stuff, detached head with a vagina on the bottom of the neck stump and is currently being spit-roasted on a cock, in her mouth out her pussy.
Contrats! You're going to need semen to live. Each day you go without a load pumped into you, you'll experience changes. After one day, you are constantly horny. After three days, you can no longer cum with your cock. After a week, it literally physically pains you to not have something in your ass at all times. After a month, you're debasing yourself in the street, literally begging every living thing with a cock to fuck you.

The best part is, the more loads of jizz you take, the faster tbe symptoms occur.
File: 1558364647128.jpg (139 KB, 700x973)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Whenever you get aroused or embarrassed in any way, your clit grows into this monster and start spraying, tearing straight through any clothing that gets in the way. Cumming this way doesn't actually feel good but unless you stop being horny/embarrassed, which is pretty hard with a gigantic dong cumming like a firehose between your legs, it keeps spraying until you faint from dehydration.

That usually takes about ten to twenty minutes - most of the gallons upon gallons of magical curse semen you spray out comes from someplace other than your actual body. Once you wake back up a few minutes later, you're safe from the curse until you drink enough fluids to be back to normal - but if you try to avoid staying well hydrated to try to trick the curse, it just resets faster from the lower baseline.

To clarify a few things, partly because this could easily end up more dangerous than I wanted:
> Cumming doesn't feel good but you DO feel it, which is pretty distracting but never enough that you can't focus past it if you really need to concentrate. Likewise, the curse does not want to kill you and won't break anything or even trigger at all if it would directly put your life in danger. Trying to exploit this makes it angry and punish you in easy to guess ways.
> If you don't have anything to drink nearby, drinking your own magical cum dramatically speeds up your recovery but also guarantees that the next session will be even longer and messier. Just to be nice, your cum also refills and boosts other peoples' balls or lactating breasts if they drink it.
> Your magical dick doesn't actually get hard from any of this but you can still masturbate to make the flow go faster or just because touching it does still feel good.
> Your semen is as virile as the normal stuff but will only create daughters if you knock someone up.
I'd take this in a heartbeat
Well, that makes one person.
(would bump with curse but I did the latest one)
File: temp.jpg (166 KB, 850x1131)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Your curse is that you are isekai'd into a fantasy world. In this world, there are many temples dedicated to various deities and aspects of life from finance to academics to success in adventuring. When a new temple is built, a bunch of powerful, high-ranking priests perform an arduous, expensive ritual to summon an avatar for it (which just so happens to pull a soul from another world). The avatar is basically a human that emphasizes the temple's purpose in every ounce of their being and can spread their fortune with others. You awaken to find a bunch of horny men in official robes congratulating each other. You're the new avatar of fertility in a major city. You have some freedom, but you're not allowed to leave your temple. It is large, comfortable, and has many amenities to occupy your time from pools to workshops to buffets. It might be better to compare your temple to a resort. What's more, you'll have several acolytes to serve your every need. You'll seldom have to lift a finger for anything. But... you can't go outside. You have no refractory period and your breasts leak out milk more often than not. Naturally, your libido is through the roof. You are, however, infertile. Instead, your cum boosts fertility in others. Men and women alike will visit your temple, desiring to guzzle down or soak in your bucketfuls of cum or milk. If you don't comply or try to leave the temple, you'll have freedoms and amenities removed until your behavior improves.

Now, here's where your curse really gets sufferable. Any time you masturbate or even just take any action to arouse yourself, sexual energy will build up in your body, making your curves and genitalia expand. Pictured is your default form before any growth. Spending a few hours pleasuring yourself gets you immobilized by the size of your breasts, butt, cock, and balls. The temple is closed one day a week, during which you're not permitted to be pleasured by others despite your immense libido.
File: 1543804311562.png (689 KB, 950x900)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
I can add a curse for this I guess.

You’re transported to a world populated by your favorite female characters and they all want to sleep with you. The only problem is that when they get undressed it’s a big old mess - they all transform into josou seme versions of themselves and have their way with you. Regardless of your feelings on traps, you always orgasm from being taken and feel disgusted by what you’ve done afterward.

To make matters worse you are now fertile in your ass and they all seem to know when you’re ovulating. No contraception seems to be effective either: of you take one of their big, gooey trap loads at the wrong time you’re sure to get knocked up with a clone of the one that got you.

On the plus side you no longer seem to want for anything, apart from the touch of a woman if you were into that before. Your favorite substances and activities always seem to be readily available, so it’s tempting to give in to the pleasure of indulgence. Also, you are no longer a slave to normal biological needs but can eat and sleep if you desire with no deleterious effect. The only trouble is that after a while you start to crave penetration by this world’s inhabitants.
The sight of dicks will get your pussy and mouth wet, the smell of them is almost enaugh for you to come, but you needto just suck on them.
you clearly are addicted to swollow fresh hot cum and just thinking about it, your whole body is getting excited and blood is rushing while your thoughts just surround about how to get the next cock
File: 1558673440366.jpg (761 KB, 3000x3000)
761 KB
761 KB JPG
Your body now reacts to the subconscious desires of whoever is around you, fitting their image of an ideal woman and to their fetishes. You are completely oblivious to that, but your libido grows constantly until you can't avoid jumping on whoever triggered your changes. After intercourse, the changes are permanent and you are aware of those, but they can be changed again afterwards no sooner than 3 days after.
File: 1469144567545.png (90 KB, 500x295)
90 KB
You now have the body of an attractive woman, with one twist: your mouth and pussy are both mouth-pussy hybrids.

The orifice on your head looks very much like a normal mouth. However, it has no teeth, and other than a tongue, its insides are just like a pussy, increased sensitivity and all. You can speak and drink with this mouth, but you also pee out of it.

Your lower pussy is as pictured, and very much has a mind of its own. It can't talk, but its well-developed muscles and tongue are out of your control. This is the pussy you use to eat. It doesn't have teeth, but the sensation of putting a large hunk of food near its opening for the tongue to grab and pull up your passage is mind-numbingly pleasurable. This pussy also controls your libido. It is often horny, and doubly so when it's hungry.

Initially you would excuse yourself to the bathroom to finish your lunch, but now you just sneakily feed your mouth when no one is looking.
File: 1547217313240.jpg (117 KB, 896x1200)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
You kept wanting bigger orgasms but when your wish was finally granted, you got far, far more than you bargained for. Your new balls are indestructible, resistant to pain, and always just barely light enough for you to walk or move around with them. They're also absolutely enormous and, as you've probably noticed, they produce cum far too fast for the rest of you to keep up.

The good news is that they can produce endless amounts of cum without you getting dehydrated or any other health issues from it. The bad news is that they WILL produce endless amounts of cum, always and forever, because you never, ever stop cumming. If you don't constantly rub yourself raw trying to keep up, all that cum production builds up until your balls are so bloated and sensitive that you'll painfully squirt cum out of your limp dick with each step, each heartbeat, each impact, and even the tiniest hint of stimulation.

You can technically slow down your constant leaking by being very, very careful with how you move but that just makes your painfully overstressed balls even more bloated and sensitive than before. You can't just jack off all the time, either, because only the inside of your dick is included in this little "blessing" - you will genuinely hurt yourself if you try to masturbate too much.

Your balls' supernatural resistance is completely blown away by their own overproduction, by the way, but it'll still hurt a hell of a lot less than it should if you slam them into something - except for the river of cum forcing open your urethra, of course.

A high-powered, custom built dick milker will completely solve this problem and let you actually feel good from cumming again but that has its own downsides: something like that would be big, expensive, and end up milking truly insane amounts of your semen, which would be great if you could actually sell it for anything. You can't, by the way, because the sheer amount you produce completely destroys what little worth it might've had.
This is a beyond sexy curse, though having to pee from your head sounds like a nightmare.
That's one of the best parts
File: IMG_1033.jpg (336 KB, 1200x960)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
It starts off a bit nice, but it's been getting harder and harder to keep things going. IT started with a couple smaller flashes, here and there. Maybe a tighter sweater or a skirt that's a little bit thin.

Maybe now you'll finally get someone to finally notice you! And then another, until you can get a whole host of people...
You're cute, but also a goblin. You'll never grow taller than four feet and you're sensitive to bright lights. The world hasn't changed to some kind of high fantasy world by the way, everyone will see you as a freak of nature. Your libido will drive you to find partners despite this, and fortunately, you're pretty stretchy.
File: D4KKCd6X4AAOzgn.jpg (119 KB, 800x1200)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
File: IMG_0340.jpg (345 KB, 1000x1142)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
You transform into the girl in the photo. Your curse is that you turn into a sex toy anytime anyone has sexual thoughts about you, no matter where you are. People won’t have any issues with using you despite you being conscious the entire time. They will however have the same taboos as a normal sex toy so they won’t use you in public or anything.

Now here’s the thing, you will turn back eventually if left on your own, however you can’t turn back if

1. You are still filled with cum
2. You have been used within the last 24 hours
3. You are still being thought about
4. You are in a confined space such as a drawer

Good luck!
File: you.png (228 KB, 446x631)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
You've just woken up to a beautiful morning, and you couldn't be happier! To everyone else, you look like a perfectly normal girl. However, due to some freak incident, yours and your two sisters' consciousnesses have become trapped inside one body. So why are you particularly happy this morning? Simply put, you're the one in control today.

As the one in control, you're able to control all aspects of your body without interference from your two sisters. You won't even be able to hear their thoughts. You'll live a (mostly) normal life during these days.

Of course, not every day is like this, and more often than not, you'll spend your time repressed inside the mind of one of your sisters. You can talk to one another, but as previously mentioned, not to the one in control. The most influence you can possibly have are vague, passing thoughts that may or may not reach your sister. That's about as much communication you'll be able to do, since there's no way of interacting with the outside world. You'll still be able to see, hear, and even smell and taste what your sister is experiencing, but she's the one in control of the body.

Now for the important part. Whoever's stuck as a consciousness will have greatly heightened libido, and whoever's in control will feel the arousal of both sisters combined. Every waking moment you spend stuck as a consciousness you will feel a constant, powerful urge for pleasure, but unable to relieve yourself through your own means, and the more time you spend in control during your daily routine, the more your sisters' combined arousal will rub off on you, to the point where its near impossible to contain your urges in public. It's up to the person in control whether to repress these feelings or to relieve herself through masturbation or intercourse.

Also, it should be noted that there's no rotation for who's in control each day. It's 100% random, although it can never be the same sister twice. I wish you the best of luck.
File: captainjane-248094-c4.png (183 KB, 800x800)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
You become a dickgirl with a huge dick, but your new dick is also sentient and has a mind of it's own, and communicates telepathically to you. It has a large amount of control over your libido, so if it sees something it likes, it gets hard, and you get horny, and it largely doesn't much care about social taboo.
File: 1560025140768.png (614 KB, 1280x985)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
Your body part are interchangeable with other modules, but you are not in control of what you are getting equipped with, and you cannot change the parts by yourself. An invisible entity inside a closet-like machine controls this, and it has the tendency to be quite lewd in its choices, pic related being one of the most lame and normal upgrade it outfits you with.
Every night, no matter where you are, you feel compelled to enter and sleep in the closet, even if you know that the entity will change you somehow.
Curse is obvious but I'll try to make it a little more interesting:

Your new body is a vat-grown artificial human. She was completely mindless before you woke up inside of her - as all such clones are. Unfortunately, that also means that they're considered and treated as nothing but property. Even slaves get better treatment: artificial humans of your type are kept physically healthy to maximize your owner's investment but absolutely every other need is completely ignored - because, being mindless, they don't have them.

Your body in particular was grown as a cloned surrogate for your owner's wife. Her limbs were removed in an automated procedure to maximize efficiency - no need to waste energy on limbs you'll never need, after all - before you even came into the picture and all mindless are kept gagged as a matter of course(they tend to babble). You weren't awake to be inseminated, either - your owner didn't want to see such a vacant look(which you don't have) on his wife's face - so it took several months for you to finally get across that you're actually a hell of a lot smarter than you're supposed to be.

It finally worked, though, and you've just been taken up to the master bedroom - but how things go from here remains to be seen . . .
Surprise! You wake up a monster girl or boy. Or if you want to call them a Demi human, that’s cool as well. What you are is attuned to your personality. Retroactively, you’ve always been one, and you’re far from the only one.

Also, there’s an unreasonable social stigma towards people like you. You can still get a well paying job and stuff, but that’s only because of a bill that was passed in the 90s. There’s even an anti Demi-human KKK style organization.
I was going to say "What if I went lesbo and a girl found me sexy" but then remembered dildos and vibes exist. There are worse fates I suppose.
You're a cute femboy that wants to pass for a girl. As with being nearly flat you're disgusted by your penis. Playing with your anus is your favorite way to masturbate.Each time will feel less pleasurable till you masturbate with your penis. touching your dick feels as exciting as a sneeze but feels just a tad better than feeling up your ass at this point. Each time you ejaculate from touching your dick your penis will get an eighth of an inch longer and proportionally wider. This also makes penile masturbation more enjoyable . You have no refractory period and sooner rather than later you wont pass as a girl or as a submissive male. You will only be the object for size queens and people caught by fascination.
They will either love to be dominated or play with your dick
You become cleric in your party in the another World and you are healing Them by taking creampie in your wamb, fortunatly all members in your party are men so you're soo usefull.
But you can heal in 100% only white men, if in your party is Black guy you have to drink his cum but its healing only for 25%, luckly for them you have A skill what is fast recovering.
Horrible grammar, flaccid/10
You have an incredible voice! In fact, it's almost too alluring - every time you speak, every man or woman that hears you is drawn towards you, becoming incredibly obsessed with molesting you and using your body for their own sexual needs. Expect them to tear off your clothes and fuck your titties within a matter of seconds, or to sit on your face and force you to eat them out. The only way to stop the mind control is to let them cum, which will then make them forget anything had ever happened as they return to their normal day. Nobody will ever believe you if you claim they sexually assaulted you, and everything that happens will be seen as uninteresting to any onlookers.

Why not just keep your mouth shut from now on, you ask? Well, for the longer you don't speak to another human, the more full and milk-filled your breasts get. After just a day of refusing to talk, they become bigger than your head and painfully swollen, desperately needing to be milked. No matter how much milk you lactate to try and reduce, they continue to grow, capping out after a week at the size of your body and leaving you almost immobile. Only after talking to somebody are your tits finally able to be properly drained.

So it's your decision: become a mute and spend your life dragging around a pair of boobs bigger than the rest of you, or get raped by strangers daily without any control?
File: 1364685161492.jpg (238 KB, 528x900)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
>curse addition
It should be "Edition", Anon.
File: 1560649076941.jpg (183 KB, 1586x1651)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
your body is unmaintainable. your hair can't be cut. and you will never stop sweating. people won't blame you for this. they just feel sorry.

other people are eager to "help" though. you can be forcefully stopped by in the middle of the street by other people. they will try to comb your hair, clean you of your sweat. or even replace your wet clothes.

you, of course, have no say in this.
File: 1557488356763.png (1.09 MB, 1208x954)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
File: 1555925893462.png (1.14 MB, 1069x692)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG

You are a dog-dicked foxgirl.

The social acceptability of any action you take is judged as if a dog did it. You can go naked in public, run around, and even shout at strangers.

The downside is that everyone considers fucking you to be extremely taboo. Luckily, most people find you extremely attractive, so it's not that hard to convince people to find a little privacy so they can cultivate a new, dirty secret.
you are a bunch of degenerates

anon from /pol/
What if you get teleported to Africa and get aids ?
File: 1546472319408.jpg (290 KB, 1280x1807)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Why, thank you. We try.

Simple. Elegant. I like it. There are a few parts to yours:

1. A ring is permanently inserted into your urethra. You can pee through it just fine but any time you get more than half hard(about where you are in the pic), it heats up painfully and stops your erection in its tracks. This is blatantly magical and you can still sleep through it.

2. You also have hyperactive balls. It takes a few hours for them to start swelling, a week for them to grow into coconuts, and you'll have watermelons between your legs by the end of the month. On the plus side: this growth never hurts you, they get less sensitive to pain as they grow, and you'll always be just barely strong enough to get around with them. Still might be a good idea to start bulking up your legs.

3. The only way to remove the ring is for someone else to do it for you. When this happens, you go iron hard and it only takes a few strokes to set off a mindblowing orgasm that lets out all of your backed up cum and can flood rooms after a week or two. Once you look away, the ring sticks itself back into your dick.

4. There are mental changes: you're irresistibly compelled to hide your balls and their growth for as long as you possibly can. Between long skirts, careful angling, and other tricks, you can usually do this for a surprisingly long time. Somehow, you always seem to find the money and time you need for this. If you're a shut-in, it's even easier but you're inevitably doomed to fail either way. Last resort, the curse forces someone to wander by when they're too big for your legs to reach the ground anymore.

This usually leads to part 3. The next morning, everyone else forgets the event but remembers how they felt about it and you, which could be good or bad. You know all this and remember the orgasm but do NOT remember your cockring being removed and the curse prevents you from making that connection: you're back to hiding your balls and the cycle continues.
File: 1354777679688.jpg (259 KB, 580x773)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
You become a super Busty Shortstack with a lifetime free of joint and back problems, but you will never be able to enjoy a concert without riding someone's shoulders, your breasts rejuvenate, you fart pure aphrodisiacs, your vaginal juices control dick size, and your saliva can influence muscle tone. Have fun, it'll be a long life.
I wrote a really long one, so forgive me.

A long-awaited trip to Japan ends up going weird after you meet some other gaijin at a bar and go to a purikura, which naturally turns out to be cursed simply by virtue of being located in Shibuya.
Tens and millions of people agreed that everyone who used that one definitely had to be a gyaru, and at some point it became reality.

You can choose yourself who you become (easy mode) or roll a die - 1-2 is the left, 3-4 the middle and 5-6 the right.

What's common for all of you is that while you retain your identity and your memories of who you used to be, you're not just gyaru on a physical level but a metaphysical one.
While you remember what you used to like and why, all knowledge that's specific to outside of Japan or requires English will disappear, and you gain a set of more fitting interests on top.
You all speak English and any other native or learned languages other than Japanese roughly as well as most people imagine the Japanese speak English and then one step worse - while you might be able to explain your case at the embassy, you'll be doing so entirely in Japanese, and likely not in an even remotely correct way.
If you end up as the one on the left, on the good side, you'll be a social butterfly. Any trace of anxiety you might feel in front of other people vanishes in the moment, and mingling with people barely takes the slightest effort.
You're also not particularly stupid either, at least not for a gyaru - you're good enough to actually graduate cosmetics school, when you absolutely have to at least. On the minus side, you find yourself becoming increasingly more vapid and vain, gradually losing interest in things that don't involve socializing with or showing off to other people and becoming hysterical when prevented from dolling yourself up in full warpaint.
Your fashion spending is natural disaster-tier, hollowing out credit cards and forcing you to get a sugar daddy if you hope to live a decent lifestyle - spending half a million yen on designer clothes you're only going to wear once scratches the itch for all of two days and then you're web-shopping again.
Your Japanese isn't incorrect per se - you're not that dumb - but you immediately come off as sarcastic and antisocial if you try to use polite language, which limits the friends you can make and the jobs you can get.
Ironically, you have a talent for languages too, and if you blend in among the young partiers of your nation for a few years you'll probably be fluent again.
If you're the one in the middle, you're the one who stands out the most naturally.
Your hair grows out in garish rainbow colors and you put on the makeup in the morning out of pure habit - if you ever try to change it, you'll have a sudden moment of mental static which makes you fuck up or forget trying it, such as getting carried away re-checking your makeup and then hurrying out the door or fucking up the dye and making it even more garish. This happens too if you ever try to remove the nose ring.
You're also big in multiple ways - at an H-cup and 181 centimeters, no amount of clothing will hide that you're a giant gyaru and thus inherently turn all eyes towards you. It does make you a fast runner, though, and you're in surprisingly great shape.
You're dense as dirt, though, and not in the "bimbo" way but in the "that chick from high school who was just no-shit fucking stupid" way.
While you have the intuition only real idiots have and are good at making friends, preventing you from being constantly deceived in life, school learning is a lost subject and you're lucky if you could graduate junior high. As a given, you should probably give up on the English thing, just to save face.
If you're the one on the right, it might be hard to imagine exactly how you're feeling. After all, you're the space case of the three.
Sometimes it seems like there just isn't anyone home - half your life is spent in your own silly daydreams, and when you find yourself capable of speaking, it's often out of nowhere about a daydream you had recently.
You find it next to impossible to hold a proper conversation, which makes it good it's also so hard to care - your speech is half hesitation and tangents and trailing off, you constantly mistake stock phrases and kanji readings, your enunciation sounds like you're punch-drunk and most of the time you aren't even thinking when you're talking.
You could probably study another language and pick up some of it, but you'll still not be able to communicate worth a damn.
The stupid expression is part and parcel, too. You can try to fix it, but almost every other expression you could possibly make looks as empty-headed or worse - even grade schoolers call you an idiot.
You have two choices from here.
If you push through with the embassy, eventually, after a million embarrassments on your part, they'll look at the evidence and say they have to trust you. A few people get put on the job of re-integrating you into your home culture and explaining the situation to close friends and relatives in secrecy, though whether that's effective or not varies on who you ended up as.
Or you could listen to the Ambassador's heartfelt offer and have them report you missing, then receive an apartment in Adachi ward with three month's expenses paid and someone who can hook you up with the owners of gal cafés, tanning/nail/beauty salons, tattoo shops and of course strip clubs and what's spicier (if you want to - you don't particularly feel compelled to, so if you ever start it'll be your own decision). If you're willing to accept your new identity, you can make plenty of friends aside from the other two gaijin (who both resist in the beginning but eventually get a job at a soapland, the legally grey kind at that), but you'll be completely removed from your old life for secrecy's sake.

The harder you try to retake your old life, the more you remember, but it might just be prolonging things.
Conversely, if you embrace it and stop resisting, your personality and likes will start changing faster and faster and your self-identity will only return in flashes - it's almost guaranteed to disturb even people who think they'd love it.
File: 1540490210421.png (1.41 MB, 956x1098)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
You can turn into a monster girl deathclaw at will, though you're unable to control the sex drive of the deathclaw, so half the time when you use this power for good, something is getting humped, especially when it's for mating purposes, where plenty of watermelon size eggs will be layed shortly afterwards.
File: 1560146927826.png (892 KB, 1184x1200)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
You're a hottie with new nifty abilities like telekinisis, transformation, etc. However, you're also so haughty in the other sense that your easily egged on to chug till hammered which then you'll try to show up any challenge that tests the extent of your abilities, often waking afterwards to find yourself in provocative forms you're too groggy to break free from until hours after.
You and your friends run a sushi shop but can't pay the rent and have since been talked into a possible solution by your landlord of breeding squids to save costs. You all got hooked and could barely care for yourselves so she was nice enough to start a side business to make ends meet by letting high paying customers watch the action up close in the back kitchen and even higher payers allowed to touch & sexually interact directly, even when you're giving birth. While you don't see much of the money yourselves, you're happy that you're business is more popular than ever before and have been seeking new recruits since to help "service" your new customers.
File: D_B03G4X4AAL0LC.jpg (155 KB, 1617x2048)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
your breast grow about 2 liters per hour, 24 hours a day, non stop. the only way to shrink them back down again is by selling breast milk. donating or just milking will do nothing to decrease your breast size. selling 1 liter, will shrink your breast by about a liter.
Every time you're near fireworks, your bust grows. The bigger and more impressive the fireworks are, the bigger and more impressive your breasts get.

You don't suffer health concerns or back issues just from having such an unnatural rack but they'll still get incredibly heavy and you can still hurt yourself if you move around too much without taking care of them. That could mean anything from a superheavy bra at the lower end to some kind of customized breast-carrying cart as they approach their max size, which is somewhere in the range of exercise balls and beanbag chairs.

The only way to shrink your rack back down is to be near "legitimate" explosions under similar rules:
Gunfire only shrinks them a tiny bit - it would take several straight days at a gun range to get back to normal, assuming that they'd even let you in when your breasts need to be carried around with a goddamned crane.
Industrial demolitions - construction work, mining, etc - only takes an hour or three but it's tough to find that stuff in the first place and you'll need to get closer than they'd normally let ANY bystander, let alone one with your ridiculous endowments.
If you're insane enough to cart your rack into a warzone, you'll be fine almost instantly . . . but you have to run into a fucking warzone first.

Only legal, licensed explosives will shrink you - just going through the anarchist's cookbook won't get you anywhere. Oh, and speaking of gun ranges? Good luck even finding any because your new body comes with the closest life to your old one that a twenty-something Japanese woman living in Tokyo could have. You do get all the knowledge you'll need for your new life so at least there's that.
What's the downside?
You're like 3'8", and no one actually wants to fuck midgets
File: 1562395289059.jpg (66 KB, 640x823)
66 KB
Sometimes, at random intervals, you will exchange the bottom part of your body with someone in your proximity. Who gets chosen follows no particular logic, and there is no maximum distance for this effect (so if you are on a deserted island, it will still switch with someone on a nearby coastline or ship).
Items carried in your clothes don't follow the body part, falling to the ground if they can't be kept in your new clothes, but clothes themselves are switched with your bottoms and your wardrobe does not change as well.
Outside of you, no one is aware of the change.
File: 1561918837600.jpg (769 KB, 1000x1412)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
At random moments of the day, about twice a week, your hands start to undress yourself until your cock and balls are completely visible. You don't notice this.
At least you don't until, when people start to take notice of your entirely exposed cock, you suddenly and violently cum.
it's only then that it becomes clear to you what just happened.
does the original bottom switch back after a time

or are you constantly shuffling peoples bottoms around, causing chaos to random people as well as yourself
the only way you can drink is by putting something on your breasts
Then let me ask this.
What happens if you try to drink something without doing so?
you get nothing from it
No liquid will ever reach your lips
you can literally flip a full cup upside down over your face, and nothing will come out
you can suck and suck until you're blue in the face but nothing will ever come up that straw.
Even raindrops and the water coming out of your showerhead will defy physics and evade your mouth
You can't even lick the water off your skin, your lips and tongue repel anything even remotely refreshing like an anti-magnet
File: 1531357199683.png (519 KB, 828x1237)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
You become a very beautiful woman, and you have eternal youth and immortal. However your curse is every Woman you have ever known has now turned into a man, Including your female Family members they too become eternally young and immortal, and all men have become women as well, so thanks to you, you have caused a world wide gender swap with seemingly no way to turn things back to normal. Enjoy eternity.
File: hJNgXN5.jpg (282 KB, 1260x1500)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Your body is engorged to ridiculous bimbo proportions. Your breasts are like balloons that jut out of your chest and prevent you from seeing where you're walking, your ass jiggles and wiggles incessantly whenever you walk, and your lips are so swollen that you talk with a huge lisp that prevents anyone from taking you seriously.
Not only that, but if someone calls you a bimbo then you lose control of your body and turn into an inanimate sex doll. although you have full consciousness and feeling while in this state. The only way to regain control of your body is after 10 people have cummed in you.
This just sounds like a normal day
Dude, females don't pee from their vaginas. The urethral opening is a separate hole. So is this part of the curse or just lack of knowledge about female genitalia?
No, it means that you get every single curse in the thread
I guess that in the end, you have to write the stuff you want to see yourself instead of obtusely trying to goad others into writing it.

So it goes like this.
The curse doesn't prevent you from just picking up a glass of water or filling it - it's not going to get in the way of you waiting tables if you want.
But the moment you try to take the glass up to your lips, your brain and/or body short-circuit and prevent you from drinking it.

While it varies depending on the case, it's almost always embarrassing enough in front of other people that you'd go out of your way to rest the glass on your tits even at a family dinner instead of risking breaking the prohibition.

Sometimes you'll feel like everything is more okay than it's ever been before flashing back to see you've cried out like an excited toddler and thrown the cup across the room.
Sometimes all of a sudden every single part of lifting the cup up to the mouth and locking your lips to it seems so infinitely complicated that you spill ninety percent of its contents all over your tits.
Sometimes your brain completely fizzles out and you don't realize you're blowing bubbles in the water like a special kid at the dinner table.
Sometimes it just seems like your whole body is numb and you can't feel anything, which usually also results in being soaked but usually also on the floor because you can't feel your own legs.

People will not make a big deal out of these fits, and the most you get is a ride home to tide it out.
You might be able to gain the slightest little bit of water from trying to drink it normally and hoping that some gets into your mouth, if you're willing to turn your apartment into a complete mess, but each time you don't rest the vessel on your tits to drink fries your brain and usually you're not back to normal until two days after, and each time reduces your average intelligence and coordination ability by a cumulative 1%.

If you want to try, you can.
I've never come across this fetish before. Holy shit, you're basically me. This is my top tier fantasy. Please respond, I need to talk with you more in depth about it. I'm working on fiction the premise of which is *this exact post* and have been for a couple months.

Please please respond if you see this. I need someone to point me to *any* content that has the intelligence/fertility/strength/curves matrix. Or just to talk more about it

Please - thank you
In addition, the fact that women get smarter during pregnancy is something I thought was uniquely me. Is there *any* thing that has this in it? Thanks
File: 1563069843020.png (1.15 MB, 1200x1600)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
You're possessed by a clothing spirit. No longer do you have any say in what you wear. It's not uncommon for the spirit to changes their mind at any point of the day, at which point your clothes will morph into a different set.

not only does the spirit decide what you wear. but also how you wear it. for example a swimsuit pulled up in a wedgie, or a blouse only buttoned up to under your breast.
Now that is where you're wrong lad.
I don't see the downside
Every morning, your body changes to match any erotic roleplaying you did the day before - if you weren’t into that before, you are now.

Cool, right? Slight problem: someone's gotten into your accounts and anything that THEY do with it also transforms you. No matter what you do, at least one person always has access to and will actively use your erotic roleplaying accounts.

Sometimes one person can get into all of them, sometimes it’s multiple people. Sometimes they know about you, sometimes they don’t, etc. The exact details change every week but whatever the case, you’re at their whims.
Every time you get horny, a vibrator manifests in your undergarments. It will slowly condition you into an exhibitionist by controlling your arousal in public until the mere thought of being seen by someone can make you squirt.
File: IMG_0790.jpg (219 KB, 621x1000)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
You become a woman, however you are also fixated on the lost nation of Rhodesia to the point that even /pol/ will find distasteful. You will loudly proclaim your love for that country and of its racial ideas to everyone you met.

However you can only be sexually satisfied by black men.
I never thought /d/ would get me to visit wikipedia, thanks for this unique curse!
You are very into femdom, and by that I mean you have the urge to dominate any man you come across
You’re a raging nymphomaniac and exhibitionist but everyone views you as a stern, conservative, and prudish forty year old matron. Even random strangers on the street instinctively know how you “normally” act.

Whenever you act against your supposed personality, reactions range from shocked to offended to concerned. However, you never get the reactions you actually want — even the most obvious come-ons have people much more focused on how “strange” your behavior is than how much you obviously want the dickings.

The curse physically prevents you from doing lewd things with unconsenting people — aside from the exhibitionist stuff, of course, but your nymphomania means that’s never completely satisfying. Unfortunately, the only people who ARE attracted to you are boring, conservative middle-aged gentlemen: the only way to get the dick at all is to play into the illusion — for months, because he’s a gentleman — just to get nothing but consensual sex in the missionary position for as long as a middle aged man can keep up his stamina.

Of course, you’ll also need to find some way to satisfy your exhibitionism without him finding out if you want that to be worth it, which means even more work just to get off properly.
You cannot cum unless someone else causes it. What’s more, your balls double in size every 8 hours without release until they are each larger than the rest of your body. They return to normal size after someone makes you cum.

And it is that they have to MAKE you cum. If you do any of the work at all, it won’t happen. You on top? Nothing. Your hands on their head? Nothing. It will be a challenge to get any partner to help you, so I’d suggest learning to please others to ‘bribe’ them.
File: 1562196357167.jpg (148 KB, 1254x1771)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Your a single mother who cannot stop herself from seducing any friends your kid brings home.
File: 1526660613127.jpg (19 KB, 290x290)
19 KB
Aight,hit me up with a curse
Preferably with plenty of cum please
File: 3a1s2ymqap831.jpg (94 KB, 640x899)
94 KB
you cum raspberry jelly, in thick chunks. it hurts a little.
File: 032_copy.jpg (473 KB, 1280x1780)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
You're now a woman and pregnant with your rivals child. After every birth you will feel hopelessly lost and empty and feel compelled to get pregnant again. Being pregnant will bring you happiness better than any heroin needle. Your body needs to be pregnant. And with each child you have your masculine mind slips further and further away until you're a perfect little stepford breeder.
File: vhekninbuoh11.jpg (88 KB, 848x1200)
88 KB
you only get pleasure from fucking guys double your age
So like I just need to make sure I am doing an RP when midnight rolls around so that I end up becoming my RP and not someone else's right?
File: 1560283613800.jpg (431 KB, 848x1200)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
Your only desire is to be fucked and used by traps and femboys. You do not feel attracted to anything but to the idea of their small feminine dicks penetrating you. You are such a faggot that you desire to be used by the gayest of them all. You will spent the rest of your life sucking feminine dicks and swallowing their salty cum.
Not quite. It could be anything from the day before. If there are multiple options, which is pretty likely, it could be a few things:
1: based on one option at random
2: a random mix of traits from any or all of them - for example, if you roleplay an amazon futa and they do an elf MILF, it could be an elf amazon, futa milf, etc.
3: a combination of everything - so for that example, an Amazonian elf MILF futa. This one can get pretty insane but that’s the risk.
File: 1562857685640.jpg (79 KB, 600x912)
79 KB
The amount of fat that gets accumulated in your butt is inversely proportional to the amount of exercise you do (so it gets fatter the more you workout), while the rest of your body behaves as normal.
File: Cat pain 1.png (137 KB, 435x409)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>However you can only be sexually satisfied by black men
File: 1562692414048.jpg (97 KB, 650x871)
97 KB
You get to live your life again starting as a busty high school girl, your breasts expand every time you don't milk them when they get full. You thought it'd be awesome to have bigger breasts, too bad that it seems the productivity keeps increasing the bigger they get too...
>reverse got nothing
I found this via reverse
File: 1546333125959.jpg (206 KB, 1050x1400)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Your buddy gets a genie, and you end up becoming his trophy wife. Each day he gets a new 3 wishes that he can only use to alter you or give you a command.
You inspire extreme lust - towards you - in everyone around you but you, yourself can only get off from tender handholding with your one true love. Until you find him or her, your impotent lusts will constantly be boiling just below the surface of your thoughts.

On the plus side, you now have a one true love somewhere out there. Also, your lust aura is slightly worshipful: the ones lusting after you will always back off after a clear and blunt rejection in a language that they understand.
You can't put on clother for more 30 min per day, every second you walk in clothes then time is out will give you aphrodisiacs injection
File: 1525703791023.png (1.48 MB, 1500x1326)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
File: 1485646118765.jpg (112 KB, 649x800)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
you've woken up in a robotic body. Everything thing seems the same otherwise, except you've found you can't answer CAPTCHA questions correctly.
File: Luka-Urushibara-6.jpg (112 KB, 1920x1080)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
You're really cute, but you have no biological sex. What's between your pants is determined by the OPPOSITE of what your partner first thought your sex was. If you have no ongoing relationship, you're smooth like a Barbie doll. If you have several partners, you swap (if required) whenever you switch between them.
File: temp.png (745 KB, 756x1300)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
You're quite short now, well under 5'. Your curse is that you're now an attention whore whenever it comes to your body. If you're on the phone or something, you don't particularly care if people want to know what you have to say, but when you're in public, you'll just get more and more miffed if people refuse to gawk and ogle you. And as you do, your body will respond, making your body grow curvier and curvier until your desire for attention is sated. That is, if you can't turn heads, your body will keep turning the sexy dial up to 11 until you do. The absolute worst thing for activating your curse is when taller people look over you and don't even see you at all.

You'll return to normal over the course of a few minutes the next time you're alone. As your body grows curvier, there will be other, lesser changes like your clothes will become more sparse, or perhaps your hair might lengthen or gain highlights. Whatever changes happen, they happen with the intent of making your more noticeable and attractive. Other than your bust and butt swelling out, all changes take your own opinions into account to come up with changes you'll like more (though none of these changes will ever make you any taller). Any changes to your hair or clothes do not revert once you're alone again, so you might want to buy a cheap wardrobe. There's no real upper limit to how much your curves will swell or anything, but there reaches a point where it is nigh-impossible for anyone on the street not to notice boobs the size of mini-vans, so you don't need to worry about the upper-end too much unless you have a lover or friends that just really like to tease you or ignore you.
File: 1563394776156.png (193 KB, 723x1024)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
you're super hot but your skin is super sensitive to UV rays, and if you don't wear sunscreen when you go out you'll get cancer real quick so cover up man.

Easter bunny curse. Hermaphroditic genitalia, very high sex drive, very high fertility. Sex always leads to impregnation with brightly colored eggs which are layed orgasmically. Easter Sunday causes the cursed to be laying eggs all day.
This is your new body. And it’s your job to save thousands of women and magical girls from corrupting demons and ugly bastards. You can win, but it’s not gonna be easy, and you’re probably going to get raped a few times.
Due to a birth defect once you hit puberty the only thing about your body changed was your penis it grew and grew becoming this massive cock you have today.
White have a huge cock is great and all there is a problem with it
while it grew so large most of it's sensation is near the base.
Which means going balls deep is important to feel good.
What happens if you have a threesome with people who made opposite assumptions?
Cute pregnant Samus Aran? Technically, yes.
You do look like her, and you are pregnant, which is really weird for you, since your species doesn't actually do pregnancy. You've also got the ability to make your flesh flow like wax. You're a weird alien shapeshifter, see. You can take the form of anyone whose genetic structure you have sampled (all it requires is a touch). You can freely transform your body. You can assimilate any biological organism and either absorb them or transform them into extensions of yourself, though the process is involved. They stopped you in the Antarctic a long time ago, but now you've escaped the Earth and can do basically whatever you want.

The bad news: You can't seem to assimilate, infest, or otherwise absorb the baby growing inside you, and however you alter your body, you can't seem to get rid of or detach the womb it's growing inside, and that's... concerning. Also, the real Samus Aran knows you stole her form, you didn't actually manage to infest or assimilate her, and she's *pissed*.
File: 1546042370474.jpg (245 KB, 754x675)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
whenever you are not paying attention at your breast, they grow to be massive. but they rapidly shrink back to normal size once you pay attention to them again.
you do not know that this is happening and refuse to believe anybody or any evidence that claims that this is happening.
File: IMG_20190720_190048.jpg (19 KB, 348x137)
19 KB
>Muh captcha fetish
Literally nothing changes -_-
You're now permanently bonded to a ludicrously advanced set of power armor. TLDR it's badass but makes you a nympho, stops you from masturbating, is a raging pain in the ass to remove, and puts itself back on after a few minutes.

Good news?
1. You no longer need to eat, drink, or use the privy but can pretend to(extremely well) whenever you want.
2. A bunch of other cool shit.
3. You're literally a human-sized Gundam.

Bad news?
1. Because something something hormone imbalance, the suit makes you horny all the time.
2. It has no built-in sex toys.
3. The only way to remove the armor is by solving a long series of puzzle locks, causing it to vanish through glowy space magic bullshit.
3a. Because something something security feature, you can't do this yourself. Someone else has to let you out.
3b. Five minutes after you orgasm or half an hour after being removed, glowy space magic bullshit puts the armor back onto you.
3c. Every time it's removed, the puzzle locks reset to a random, obnoxiously complex configuration.

Note that the suit does NOT make you any better at sex so it's up to you to find someone willing to go through all that goddamned effort just to get to your vagina.
Reality caves in on itself, creating a fixed point by which a never collapsing void is created from the paradox, generating an all consuming singularity whose mass is infinitely increasing at an exponential rate, eventually consuming the planet, then our solar system, then our galaxy, and then, our universe itself, finishing only until our physical dimension no longer exists...

or maybe you just revert back to a genderless barbie doll state when the net gender preference is neutral (ie if you have three partners, and two want one gender, you will be that gender, since majority affect the net average)

t. autist browsing on /d/
You ejaculate 2-3 liters of semen with every orgasm. Fun stuff, but the catch is you can't get off unless you're genuinely worried about where all that cum is going to go. You'll teeter on the edge until you make that happen, and you're not allowed to settle into a routine. When you get comfortable washing cum out of your hair, you'll have to soil your carpet, your clothes, your bed. How many orgasms would you get before no mess can upset you?
Hmm, how quickly do they get full from a complete milking, and how fast do the boobs grow when they get full? Will they just keep growing and growing if you don't milk them?
File: 64451376_p0_3_.jpg (124 KB, 1280x905)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
This is the only way you can play any video games or use any device that's complex enough to let you browse the internet - a smart car won't do it(unless it does have an internet browser) but you can't weasel out of the curse just by uninstalling all of your internet browsers.

This rig appears magically and your clothes vanish whenever you turn on/unlock the device and disappears when you're done using it. After that, your clothes will reappear but you won't actually be wearing them unless it would be physically dangerous to leave you nude for a little while. If you do something like give your phone to someone else, the rig might partially unlock or disappear completely depending on the exact situation.

On the plus side, this rig does transform to suit the situation - if you're walking somewhere, it'll let you move at walking speeds; if you're driving, it'll include ways to still let you drive; if you're outside in winter, it'll have some way to keep you warm; stuff like that. Exactly how it binds you also changes semi-randomly even without any of that.

Everyone else can see exactly what's going on and will react however they would normally. The only exception is that your little "condition" IS technically legal so you can't be fired, denied jobs, etc because of it.
File: 1562837001768.png (591 KB, 680x943)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
you don't understand sizes, at all. you always buy clothing that's way too small. And somehow you never seem to learn from your mistakes. because no matter what you try, every thing you buy is too too small.

(this curse also apply's to other people, devices etc. anything trying to measure and get clothes for you)

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