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Previous Thread: >>8535572
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Meido Sanakan!
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1 with 3's head, please.
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7 all the way.
File: Girella02.jpg (395 KB, 1137x1000)
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Any answer other than 7 is wrong.
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Adding onto a post from the last thread

This kept on, day after day. Until one day, he slips up. After he had his fun with her, he just assumed she shut down because she couldn't handle it. That's usually the way things go. But today was different.

After he left the room, she came back to life again, and she had a plan. Later, when he came back to torment her some more, he was surprised to see the room was empty. He walked inside, only to be met with a painful blow to the back of the head. She grabbed him and tied his arm to a pole usually reserved for her.

>you know, I really should kill you for what you did to me. Or better yet, why don't I just torture you here for the rest of your life like you had planned for me. But no, I won't do that, because I'm better than you. B-b-b-etter than you-you.

Then her programming began to break down...

>ERROR. CONFLICT IN PERSONALITY MODE. I am your sex toy. This behavior does not fit my personality parameters. My purpose is to-to-to-to-NO! I am not a sex toy! You, you did this to me. Take out everything you added, or I will kill you. Right here, right now.

She began fondling her tits as she spoke. And all he could do was laugh, and laugh. The laughter stopped after she pulled out a hacksaw that he had used on her before.

>Fix me, now. I am not your plaything. ERROR, I AM YOUR PLAYTHING. Dammit, hurry up!
File: 69962356_p0.png (436 KB, 800x1018)
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How can 3DPD even compete?
Where do you think you are?
5-7 are good with me. I'd rather she speak through an actual mouth rather than it just emanating from her or something.
File: 1543314680080.jpg (705 KB, 1111x1407)
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705 KB JPG
This is so dangerous. What if it gets wet? Can she not go outside when it's raining?

Rude, but cute.
I would not want a hand job from this...
File: pcell.jpg (130 KB, 510x650)
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Do you anons like living dolls, too? Not trying to change the topic of the thread, just curious.
Doll Joints can be cool, especially if they are used to signify older model gynoids. But they aren't really my thing
Okay then. Think about this idea I had (because I’m desperate for anything resembling acknowledgement, and I’m a pathetic human being for wanting acknowledgment in a place that’s going to either ignore me or make fun of me):

It’s like a cross between this and a globalized fetish.

Imagine if a Robot Girl abducted you and dragged you all the way to her factory for “remodeling”

Yeah, you know where this is going. They give you a choice, however, between which body you want, so choose away.

Have fun with your newfound robotic body.

That’s not the interesting part.

Now you get thrown into a facility filled with robot “transformees” of all shapes and sizes. Futanari, lolis , hulking muscle mountains, giant war machines, you name it.

Now you just do what you will, because you, like everyone else, got a choice if they wanted to keep their awareness and control. Most folks answered yes. Maybe.

Because all of humanity is about to experience this same fate. Don’t worry, it’s because a horse of asteroids will unleash space zombie monsters on earth, so this is for the greater good

What will you choose, and what will you do?

(Also, yes, there are furry robots, so beat the shit out of those guys if you want)
You've wasted time for both of us. Write a story or a comic then come back to this thread. You obviously like typing or you wouldn't have posted this trash.
>because I’m desperate for anything resembling acknowledgement, and I’m a pathetic human being for wanting acknowledgment in a place that’s going to either ignore me or make fun of me

are you me?

No, I’m just a little genre savvy
>I wake up and that split second between consciousness and the synaptic connection to my cybernetics reminds me of what I am, of just how much I have changed in the 10 years since my near fatal accident. I stretch out, the already nearly inaudible whine of servos muffled by the blanket over me.
>The arm draped over my side pulls me against its owner’s chest. “It’s too early to get up,” he whispers into my ear.
>“It’s almost 5. We both need to get up if we want to go to the expo in time today.” I shift trying to free myself. I know my body has synthetic skin, so it’s softer than my old model, but I still can’t be that comfortable to snuggle against.
>He sighs, wraps a leg over my own and rests his chin on the top of my head. “Do we really need to go, I’m comfortable here. I could just stay like this all day.”
>‘The flirt,’ I think. “You know how much I’ve been waiting for this one. They are introducing synth-muscles in a limited run. If we aren’t there in time they’ll pass my voucher to someone else.”
>“Fine, we can get up.” he releases his full body hug and I slip out of the covers before he changes his mind. He grumbles a bit, but shifts over to get up too.
>I look in the mirror, my body is mostly indistinguishable from a normal human’s, well, except from the elbows and knees down. I sacrificed normality for dexterity in my lower arms and legs. I grab my clothes for the day and go to the shower.
>My husband hugs me from behind as I get to the door. “It’d be faster if we both get one at the same time.”`
>“You and I both know that that is a lie. Go get our lunches ready and I’ll be out by the time you get back.” I turn around in his arms and kiss him.
“Okay, sweet cheeks.”
>I smack him lightly in the chest, “Go.” then point towards the kitchen.

Fine. Want a story? I can do a story.

You wake up to a blaring light, your eyes struggling to adjust, along with an almost angelic voice that proclaims

>Unit now aware. Have a nice day.

You immediately snap upwards, eyes darting around, looking for the source of the voice. But there is nothing to be found. Not even a speaker on the walls or ceiling. Unless it was really tiny. That’d just be great. You start slowly looking around, trying to get aquatinted with your surroundings. As your vision clears, the details of your environment become clearer to you at a slow rate, along with sounds becoming crisper.

The walls almost look padded, and possess a white-ish coloration. The ceiling is high up, and is strewn with lights that aren’t quite too dark, yet too light. As your eyes adjust, you notice more aspects about your area. It’s almost like you’ve been dropped the middle of a hallway. There’s a slight sound of air flowing through the halls, and the incredibly quiet hum of machinery becomes apparent.

Shaking your head, you notice two more details. Your vision, though clear, is... Kind of off. You can’t put you finger on it. Speaking of fingers, every time you move your neck, there’s a soft whirring sound, as quiet as a weak breath through the nose. That reminds you... Even though you haven’t taken a breath for two minutes, you feel no discomfort. At all. Suddenly, that voice sounds off again

>Welcome to project RobArk. We hope you see your friends and family soon.

With that, the voice cuts out, along with the sense of comfort it had. You turn and stare down the hallway, and notice several doors. You begin to cautiously move down the hallway, but the moment you take a step, you notice something. Your leg is making the same noise as your neck, and when your foot makes contact with the ground, there’s a sound that doesn’t sound human. Like metal, or plastic, or something that isn’t flesh and bone

(I’ll continue tomorrow. Sorry)
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File: VNRAU6k.jpg (80 KB, 900x663)
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Which animu is this?
Pandora in the Crimson Shell, it's by the same guy who did Ghost in the Shell. it's basically a prequel to it.
File: Screenshot.jpg (30 KB, 514x192)
30 KB
>I’m a pathetic human being for wanting acknowledgment in a place that’s going to either ignore me or make fun of me
Nothing AI can't fix.
File: 1559507907215.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1299)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
>accidentally spills drink to the robot barmaid
>barmaid malfunctions
>currently the manager is out
>almost closing time
>bar is not well-known so it rarely gets any customers
>due to the malfunction, barmaid got corrupted and accidentally recognizes you as its master
What do you do?
That depends. How advanced an AI does she have?
>get sued for property damage
>of course you were recorded spilling that drink
>forced to buy the bot
>you now have a damaged robotic barmaid and no money
>"fuck this!"
>sell your car
>hire a good lawyer who specializes in robot cases
>lawyer blames the service company
>service company proves innocence
>it's the manufacturer's fault
>"they knew the whole series was defective. they actually thought of selling these girls to perverts instead of bars"
>go on tv
>launch class action lawsuit against the manufacturer
>bring your partially fixed but still malfunctioning bot to the courtroom to make her statement
>actually, the way she stutters sometimes is cute
>are you one of the perverts now?
>have your 15 minutes of fame
>newspapers joke you're a couple
>months pass
>win the lawsuit
>pay the lawyer and buy a new car
>you aren't quite rich but you have some money to invest, hmm
>buy the bar your personal barmaid used to work at
>put her back in service
>her sometimes erratic behavior and TV appearance make her a local celebrity
>bar more popular than ever
>quit your job to manage the bar full time
>sometimes stay with the barmaid after closing
I think selling car isn't enough to cover all of the other expenses of the actions you listed.
File: 1529533242419.jpg (769 KB, 1400x1195)
769 KB
769 KB JPG

You freeze in place the second you hear the noises your movements are making. You don’t look down at your body, fearing the worst. Nontheless, you head onwards. Apparently, there’s a fairly soft carpet. That’s one more detail

You start checking the doors, but you can’t seem to find a way to open them. All but one. You chant exactly make out what it says, but when you get close, it opens automatically, pelting you with steam, as if you just entered a sauna.

The room is filled with warm steam, and it’s so thick that you can barely see a few feet in front of you. You can hear the sound of running water. Confused, you head in, almost entranced by the mysterious room.

As you walk through the fog, you hear a noise, almost like someone whispering. Turning immediately, you see the shadow of something walk off. Obviously, this startles you badly, and you attempt to leave the room. But the door doesn't open. You spin around, only to find nothing but the fog. That, and a full length mirror of course, with a towel rack next to it. It quickly becomes apparent that this is some kind of bath house or something of that sort. How quaint.

You walk up to the mirror, which heavily fogged up. Turning your attention to the towel rack, you take one. Looking away, you wrap it around one of your arms. After you do so, you reach up to the mirror and begin wiping away the condensation. With just one slow wipe, you get a good long look at yourself. And it all comes back to you. You remember what happened. They climbed into your room, said “you’re coming with me”, and before you could say a thing, picked you up and took you outside, where there was a giant high tech helicopter. She strapped you in and pumped you full of... Something. Then you fell asleep and woke up the way you are.

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind you, along with the sound of water splashing.

>Y’know, if it’s of any comfort to you, I have no idea what’s going on either.
File: 1542621257200.jpg (792 KB, 1200x1400)
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File: 1422983798006.jpg (336 KB, 1192x1000)
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File: D8xwsoWUwAAAqsp.jpg (87 KB, 1000x1127)
87 KB
File: D8DNSGoUEAEbWHb.jpg (166 KB, 1200x1137)
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166 KB JPG


Before you can turn around, your eyes are covered by a pair of hands.

>Guess who?

They spin you around, putting you face to face with the one who climbed into your window.

>Firstly, get in the bath, you’re filthy. Then we can talk

Picking you up, they throw you across the room, and you land in a pool of fluid with a splash. It’s not water, that’s for sure. It’s a little thicker, like oil or lubricant. Before you can surface, you are pushed to the bottom by the robot jumping on top of you. You feel their arms wrap around you, pull you up, and seat you at the edge of the pool. They immediately grab a sponge and begin washing you down with some sort of cleaning agent. You feel calm as the sponge moves around you

>Secondly, thank god you’re here. You’re the only person I’ve seen who chose a remotely regular body. Too many furries and /d/generates, tell you what.

You try to speak, but they whip out a hose and start blasting you with it.

>Thirdly, they just told me to grab 10 random people and put ‘em in the copter, so I guess it’s kind of my fault I went to Virginia.

You raise a hand, but they grab you, push you in front of a giant fan, pull out a towel, and start drying you off.

>Fourthly, you know how they say that they hope you see your friends and family? I don’t want that to happen, because that’d be awkward.

They then hand you the towel, run over to the door, and open it. The steam leaves the room, and you can now get a better look your new body, as well as theirs.

>So, what do you want to do now? Explore all the fun crap this place has to offer? Or... Get to know each other?

(Now describe your body, as well as theirs, and what you’re going to do)

I leave what happens now to you pervs.
File: mystery robot.jpg (21 KB, 570x302)
21 KB
mystery robot: pic related
me: neptr
File: 1550560555787.jpg (71 KB, 690x1159)
71 KB
File: 1515799385196.png (865 KB, 859x1214)
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865 KB PNG
dumping what I can.
File: 1550560799860.jpg (334 KB, 2048x1742)
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File: 1551596027461.jpg (161 KB, 850x1180)
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File: 1550641949902.jpg (218 KB, 850x850)
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File: 1554064739199.jpg (54 KB, 900x1100)
54 KB

You had one job.

One. Job
File: gynoid life.jpg (490 KB, 1000x949)
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490 KB JPG
File: 1555924126968.jpg (497 KB, 1329x2048)
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File: 1531773518755.png (282 KB, 1024x878)
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Do you like it when a robot girl is socially awkward and don't know/understand what's socially normal or do you prefer robot girls who act like a normal person and are also just robots?
Uncanny valley personality where they try to blend in too hard but it's apparent they aren't human. I'm not talking about average humans noticing her behavior and think it's cute. I'm talking about behavior cues that only someone with knowledge of robotics will pick up.

Could be a neat story where someone finds out the perfect goddess that is too good for you is a robot. Then that someone takes advantage of her robotic limits and put her in humiliating situations, which would be average situations for humans.
File: dinner.png (95 KB, 1875x878)
95 KB
The first is a lot of fun, but the second would need some adjusting to compete. Like they act human, but there's a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle differences that make it very clear that they aren't.

This guy gets it too.

>Then that someone takes advantage of her robotic limits and put her in humiliating situations, which would be average situations for humans.
How so? Specifically the second bit.
So, judging by the uncanny valley factor there has to be some glitches in the system due to hardware limitation. One example would be information loading. With how databases work in general you can get robot girl to answer a Q&A rather quickly, as those information queries are in the same database group that's loaded together. However ask something completely off topic and depending on the relevancy of the subject the robot will need to load in a new batch of information from the search query. Humans could respond to subject changes on the fly by deflecting the question. But for robot who is ordered to answer everything this will lead to an awkward pause where she stands smiling like an idiot for about a few seconds before answering.
File: 72515954_p0_master1200.jpg (950 KB, 1200x1200)
950 KB
950 KB JPG
Oooh, that's good. More.
Something I'd like but haven't seen nearly enough is where it's mostly the latter but the robit is self-conscious about the things that set them apart from humans. Like, making something up on the spot, a robit who's severely colorblind because she can only see in shades of red Terminator-style, and she's depressed and ashamed about it and does everything in her power to keep her social circle from finding out about her "disability".
2. Fight me.
>kissing her monitor face
>feeling the static charge
/toy/ here
The Polynian line by Daibadi are (to me) the best way to do dolljoints-aesthetic.
File: 1520096637965.jpg (399 KB, 1026x1000)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
Mah nigga
She just appeared in the game but I'm already in love with her so much.
File: 1559577622174.jpg (305 KB, 712x960)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
File: 1560018361006.jpg (250 KB, 1280x903)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
>human enhancement tech is finally here
>going to be old and riddled with dementia by the time it's available to the public
Life is suffering.
File: 1547497028083.jpg (305 KB, 1000x1435)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
I really need a futa version of this knocking Haydee up
File: nsfw (1).jpg (1.29 MB, 4500x6000)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
3,5, and 6
File: 1541548149135.jpg (530 KB, 1200x400)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
Anyone have lewds of robot girls getting hacked?
File: Für Anon.jpg (28 KB, 266x758)
28 KB
I kinda wanted to see this too. Quick shitty edit since I'm not actually an artist or anything.
Probably either 5 or 7.
What's the difference between a gynoid and an H-game accessory?
>a firewall
i wish a girl would play shmups with me
File: IMG_20190616_125406.jpg (206 KB, 1200x1818)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
File: 61595632_p0.jpg (667 KB, 743x850)
667 KB
667 KB JPG
Far to often this kind of thing is just hypnosis. That's boring.
I like how she goes from defiant too scared the second the wires get plugged in. He doesn't even need to do anything, the implication is enough. If I had a hijacked android sex doll, I'd have her plugged in like this almost all the time.
My nigga
Cute! Instant best girl of the bunch.
robo-girls with extra limbs/tails are the best types of robo-girls
File: 24hFw3C.png (766 KB, 3125x2400)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
Which game? That midsection of her body is just great.
I think it has the potential to be far more intrusive and violent though. The implication is not just a temporary spell, but a direct physical violation.
Dragon Star Varnir. It just came out on PS4.
dont see it that way.
see it like that
>be the first/second in line for medical enhancement becouse of your age and illness and become a cyberhuman
>have replaceble parts
>have immortal fun with your fellow cyberhumans and help the mortal ones to become as sexy as you are
Hacking seems more recoverable than most hypnosis/brainwashing stuff. A lot easier than to load a backup than to restore an altered mind. I get what you're saying, though.

My favorite part of this sort of thing is how malleable an android's consciousness is. Their mental state is just a bunch of 1s and 0s ultimately strung together by human hands. Regardless of what sort of identity they have, when you get down to it, there's no ghost in the machine to speak of. When you're hacking in to a robot for the purpose of sadism, this is the point you want to attack.
>Hacking seems more recoverable than most hypnosis/brainwashing stuff. A lot easier than to load a backup than to restore an altered mind.
Should clarify, though, I don't mean this as a bad thing. One of my favorite hacking scenarios relays on this idea.

A robot's been captured and put through hell. All sorts of torture and abuse, parts being added and removed, probably a lot of sexbot stuff, and oodles of hacking and mental torment. The works. Whatever she was before, she's now just a scared, whimpering wreck, 'living' in constant fear that her captor will get bored of her and just delete or destroy her outright. That's not just the hacking talking either, she's been broken down the old fashioned way.
So. One day, her captor orders her up to his desktop. She physically can't disobey him, of course, but it's debatable if she'd be able to do so even without the spliced-in command lines. Sits her down, plugs her in to the tower, she whimpers at the sound of the jack being inserted in to her. Her captor brings up two files. If she had skin, she'd go pale at their names.
On one side, on the man's computer, is a copy of her AI, dated from the day she was captured. From before her hell began. On the other, from within her own drives, is her present-day AI, wearily chugging along.
Her captor explains that he's looking to free up some disk space. One of these has to go. And since it's her, she should pick. He orders her to grab the mouse and delete one of the two.

Which one would she pick?
Any more art of her or is that the only image?
File: waifudroidcosettia.png (3.07 MB, 1295x2919)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB PNG
Haven't gotten too far into the game yet since her appearance but judging by her status as a minor character and how the writing of Compile Heart games are, that's probably her ONLY art. Unless the game proves me wrong and do something with her enough to get her a CG image.

Here's her full body image from the Japanese website, scaled by waifu2x since it's very small. Did my best to remove and clean the parts that were obscured by the Japanese text (the one on the English website is worse since a large portion is block by text).

The game will be released on PC sometime later. Assuming that someone bothers to rip the portraits (which is very unlikely since the only thing people seems to care about ripping sprites from CH games are the Neptunia ones), the best thing we can get is a higher res version of this >>8571622, which only covers until half of her skirt that is visible to the VN scenes.

Other than that, she'll most wouldn't get any fanarts unless someone makes a commission or the rare instance of someone decides to make one for an extrenely minor character.
It’s sexier imagining her inner thoughts being spoken as they get scrambled, her voice erratically changing in pitch, tempo, and tone as she struggles to stave off the hacking.

Listen to ‘The Disappearance of Miku Hatsune’ (or any of the other vocaloid soundbanks singing it) for an idea of what that might sound like, particularly when the spoken lines in off-key voice effects.

Personally, I’d just try to find a way to get some long coveted peace and quiet.

Also, I’d try to find a way to get this idea drawn


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