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File: IMG_8543.jpg (123 KB, 640x640)
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Anyone ever fit LED bulbs on their car?

I'm considering buying a pair from one of the Chinese websites but I'm worried they won't pass inspection because of the less focused beam pattern LEDs supposedly produce.

My headlight housing are adjustable on both Horizontal and Vertical axis.

Whay do you guys think?
Null, void, invalid, iniquitous, unjust, damnable, reprobate, inane, empty of meaning and effect for all time.
Every oncoming car will hate you. It looks like you're driving with high beams on, but with the same amount of light as regular headlights.

They're also horrible in the rain during the night since you'll get bright white patches in the road in front of you.
>from one of the Chinese websites

Doesn't matter where you get them and how expensive they are they still won't pass if they were not the type specified by the manufacturer.
This. LED lights are horrible for anyone coming at you as they cant see shit. Plus the LED bulbs dont help that much.

If you want to upgrade your headlights go xenon hids. Much better than LED and Halogens.
That's not why headlights fail MOT.
Most failures are due to alignment.

The only time manufacturers recommendations come into play is if you use 100w Halogens in a car rated for 45w or something to that effect, and the extra heat melts your reflectors - which is not a problem with LED.

EU directives also specify that headlights cannot output more than 3000 lumen.
In the case of very bright LED, the amount of light they output will overwhelm the calibration machine, so alignment often cannot be measured correctly.

But that's kind of beside the point since it's easy to swap for Halogens in time for MOT.

The real problem is the projected beam has a far wider spread than traditional bulbs.
That may be the case in your country.
How can a law like that ever be enforced?
>take shitbox to inspection
>get pass
>install LED's
>repeat every inspection

How is this hard to understand?
>live in an uncucked state
>uncucked county
>no inspection necessary if bought in state
>weld moped frame to the front of your john deer lawnmower for street legal cooler scooter.

Install all the leds you want because i do what the fuck i want to. Regardless of traffic laws.
Police pull them over.
Inspect vehicle
Declair vehicle unroadworthy
Issue a fine
Get vehicle towed because unroadworthy
Vehicle can no longer be registered until repaiired and a costly inspection is performed and passed
>Literally cut the serialized tube frame of a scooter off, weld it to a lost title 2013 Suzuki bought for 500$
>Cheap insurance, cheap bike
Explain how the Police can tell which bulbs are manufacturer approved on what cars.
lux meter
They already use them to test how dark your tint is
That only measures the brightness.
Is this 2009?
You guys know that top grade LED bulbs like the Philips Ultinon and the GT3 v3 are bright as fuck with a sharp cut-off that will not dazzle oncoming traffic, right?
Sharp cutoffs increase the dazzle, since every time you hit a bump the field rises up into their field of view, creating a strobe light effect as your car bounces around on shitty American roads that the government won't pay to have fixed.
File: what is DOT.png (102 KB, 798x637)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
>Explain how the Police can tell which bulbs are manufacturer approved on what cars.
>Whay do you guys think?

Borderline dangerously bright for oncoming traffic. Blinding other cars is no better than not being able to see yourself.

LED headlight retrofits are technically not street legal. Truth is, a lot of aftermarket light bulbs aren’t actually DOT certified. You’re probably never going to get in trouble and you may pass a state vehicle inspection just fine; the only thing that’d scare me would be the lawsuit potential if you’re involved in an accident. Imagine you hit somebody and their attorney finds out your headlights weren’t legal for road use? Seems like substantial headache potential there.
Fuck all you pieces of shit who buy fucking headlights that are so fucking bright and concentrated I literally cannot see the road or if I am in a lane or the median or YOUR lane. There have been times I've just had to liter ally stop from 55 or 60 in the highway because I couldn't see. This headlight shit is getting ridiculous. Im going to install some led light bars and turn those mother fuckers on blast with people who do this shit.

Fucking piece of selfish shit.
I feels your pain.
>leave headlight housing alone
>replace bulbs like you're supposed to
>headlight assembly still says "SAE DOT SAE DOT SAE DOT"

That only tells you the bulb meets a certain DOT requirement.

It does not mean the bulb was in any way tested or certified by DOT, nor does it mean it was approved for road use and it certainly does not specify which make/models it can be fitted to.
File: 1505083852827.png (1.37 MB, 900x1200)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
>get in car
>turn steering wheel left or right til lock
>get out of car
>get under wheel well
>look for and unlatch a newly-accessible plastic panel
>find and undo low-beam housing seal/cap through blind hole
>find, unclip, and unplug bulb from wiring through an even smaller hole
>turn bulb to release it from housing
>"haha this dirty criminal is using non-spec bulbs"

This is how autistic the LEO has to be to check my bulbs. I'm doubtful about your implication.
File: 9.jpg (54 KB, 852x480)
54 KB
>I'm worried they won't pass inspection because of the less focused beam pattern

if you have to take it to a inspection facility the minimum wage monkeys they hire won't even know what they are looking at

if you have to get it inspected by a mechanic you're gonna get raped in the ass anyway, just swap em back to normal before the inspection
you're right, they're not going to check it out of the blue. they're going to check it when they see that your headlights are blinding everyone in the oncoming lane.
You mong, do you really think that cops or the MOT inspector to actually care to take apart the headlight housing to check if the bulb you installed are """approved""" by the manufacturer? Of course they don't, they just see the alignment and lumens that comes out.
LED headlights can be great, but they have to be of proper design and of high quality. Bad LEDs produce very bad light quality, and just dropping an LED into a headlight setup designed for an incandescent lamp is bound to create problems with the light distribution.

In my opinion, you should always stick with the type of lamps the car was designed for. However, not all incandescent lamps are created equal either. A good quality incandescent lamp can last longer and/or produce a whiter, brighter light without increasing wattage. Instead of LED, you might be able to find a higher quality, brighter IR halogen headlight bulb that is a direct fit replacement without any light distribution drawbacks.

Suggestion: use HID instead. LED has poor reflectivity, usually pulse driven, and excels at blinding oncoming traffic. They're great daytime running lights, but actually suck as headlights.

Yes, with HID you have to replace the housing with a projector to get proper focus and high beams will still be incandescent, but the reflectivity of the light is far better (meaning you see the road better) and properly installed you don't blind (or seize) oncoming drivers. Around 5000K ["sunlight"] has the best visibility (typically you'll get a choice of 4300K [lunar green] or 6000K [light blue]). Don't go higher than 6000K, higher is not better, just bluer (you simultaneously lose visibility and piss off everyone in front of you).

Same as earlier conversation, non-oem headlight housings are technically not road legal, but your odds of getting caught are inversely proportional to the quality of your installation.
ECE Number
>chinese LEDs

have fun ACTUALLY blinding oncoming drivers because the cheap shit LEDs they sold you are putting out most of their light in the infrared so that looking into them roasts your retinas without making your pupils dilate to limit the damage
Yeah, I've seen them produce so much heat that they can toast bread from a quarter mile away.

Seriously though, cheap LEDs absolutely blow and they do typically produce way too much bluish/purplish light, and maybe some ultraviolet along with that.

I can better with a dim incandescent light than with a bluish LED producing ten times the brightness.
File: 61cy9QeODiL._SL1001_.jpg (122 KB, 1001x1001)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
I purchased a set of e-code bulb housings and installed these bulbs in them. You can see quite well in the rain and I never have oncoming drivers flash their brights at me.

Don't be stupid. You can buy chinese replacement bulbs with good quality CREE or Philips LED.
the huge number of new cars with shitty projector lamp housings that have distinct edges on the beams that look like they flash going over tiny bumps, xenon bulbs that look blue like emergency lights from far away, retarded huge 4x4s in the city with headlights level directly with my eye, people who don't know how to use a handbrake ruining my fucking night vision and retard cyclists who think flashing lights that are off half the time make them easier to see plus the continual decline in driving standards and at least around here the chronic underfunding of police and over reliance on automated enforcement targeting solely people exceeding the speed limit with no thought given to vehicle roadworthiness leading to large number of vehicles with lingering lighting faults and broken lamps.
the point is maybe people don't flash you because for me if i flashed every cunt my lamps wouldn't last a single trip, it would be like a fucking discotheque.
File: 20171011195538.jpg (15 KB, 313x413)
15 KB
Anything to save a couple bucks on your car's electric bill, amirite?
The main thing is in taillights, how fast they light up vs OEM bulbs, looks much more modern and clean.
I hate driving at night because of the amount of faggots who never turn their brights off or, have fuckin dual 24" light bars for muh vision on the highway, or just general light fuckery.

I actually have a much bigger problem with the pulse-dimmed LED taillights. You can't even blink without one light looking like 10. Even OEM (looking at you Cadillac) screw this up. It makes it really hard to focus on where the car ahead actually is, it's distracting from what could be more important things on the road ahead, and it could even trigger a photoepileptic seizure in a passenger. As another anon pointed out, it's not like you're really saving that much energy, there's no real cost benefit for it.
I actually have a set of those cheesy $20 LED cobs in my car, and they're lovely. When they're installed correctly (orientation matters), they have a neat pattern with a better cutoff than the original halogens. They're light cannons in the high beams, but I rarely need my highs.

Obviously, almost every car made since ~2012 has projectors. Most of the things people in this bitchy thread are bitching about are people doing things wrong, like putting LEDs/HIDs in halogen reflector housings or not adjusting them correctly. If your vehicle has projectors that can control the extra light, and you have the wherewithal to adjust the beams to an appropriate height after the change in focal length, LED bulb replacements can be a safe and worthwhile upgrade.

I'm just as irritated as everyone else when I see someone driving down the road with purple HIDs blasting 10,000 lumens in everyone's eyes out of reflectors. I'm happy, however, to deal with the occasional flicker when a car hits a bump. The other driver can see down the road a little better and drive a little safer.

As for LED tails, they're fine if they aren't eye blasting lasers. Tail lights should only put out a certain brightness, I feel, since people are stuck behind them. Some manufacturers haven't figured that out (LEXUS).
PWM is horrible but using it in automotive applications is just downright dangerous and it just baffles me that cars are actually mass produced with flickering lights. It should be completely illegal.
You're probably right that the beam pattern will be junk.

What kind of lighting does your car have now?
again, in your police state country where there's apparently no due process...
That isn't a bulb it's a lamp.
A bulb gets is name from its shape.
A bulb is bulbous.
Your lamp is not bulbous, therefore not a bulb.
Other things that aren't bulbs: Fluorescent tubes.
Here its usually just a fix it ticket. Meaning if you dont fix your shit you it will comeback to bite you. And its also usually cheaper to fix the problem on your car than to pay the fine.
I call them lamps even if they are bulbous-shaped, just like the olden days.

It's confusing, though, since lamp is also the word for a portable lighting fixture.
the olden days sound great.
i like breaking out luminaire whenever possible.

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