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Happy 14th Birthday, 4chan!

Sensor operation, circuitry, datalogging, etc.

what's a good and affordable hall effect device that has analog output proportional to the magnetic field?

if anyone wants a super-sensitive hall switch the A1125LUA is pretty good. It is the type that switches on when the magnetic field is present and off when the field goes away (or vice versa, I forget), meaning a single magnet with the correct north/south orientation is used.

I also like the LM34 (C) and LM35 (F) temperature devices. 10mv/degree from about freezing up to 300 deg C.
>up to 300 deg C.

oops. the F device goes to 300 F while the C device goes to 150 C.

and I swapped the part numbers. Maybe I need to stop sniffing so much glue.

pic related has a weird symbol for -50 F. the device goes down to +5 if connected in simple configuration with a single-sided supply, and down to -50 F with a plus and minus supply voltages.
Why are capacitive soil moisture sensors so rare? You can literally use double sided pcb with two parallel traces but instead all you can get is garbage resistance sensors that corrode if you look at them funny.

No idea man.

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