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File: Single-engine-plane.jpg (100 KB, 425x282)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Hey /diy

Am planning to build a single engine aircraft from metal.
i need some blueprints and ideas for my build
even some sketches literally anything and of course some info on an engine preferably from a vehicle.

Help guys
Make a tiny R/C aluminum can airplane, and then upscale that after you get it to work.
Just build an ultra-light, people have been doing that for years. google it.
i want to build a real aircraft that can travel great distances
>Thinks 4chan can turn him from a NEET to an aerospace engineer

You escaped your containment board, let me help >>>/r9k/
Work on a farm mate and got a lot of land for my own landing strip
Sonex scratch build plans are the way to go
File: ComeFlyWithMe.png (22 KB, 987x343)
22 KB
Suggest Improvements?
3d printed propeller
Hot glue for reinforcement
>not considering bunker landing capability
>no one has suggested shipping container aircraft
How dense are you?
File: 9437254_orig.jpg (356 KB, 1024x683)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
Double endah ya mad cunt
I know a man who can get you some rocket wings, you interested?
Make sure you give it a shot of black, so everyone knows youre a proffessional.
How new are you?
M8, he was letting you know you failed at reading.
>What tasks should it do
>What engine can I get

Then we can start talking
I see my mistake now as I didn't check the pictures
Did you build the syria drone yet?
File: Snapshot_003.jpg (18 KB, 451x345)
18 KB
A plane is too complicated, you'll likely crash or explode. Get some balloons, a chair, and a large industrial fan, to push you in certain directions if you want to travel by air.
Build a sonex kit plane. My uncle built one. It's a quality little thing

Let us know how it all works out
I'll help with the engine: get a Lexus 1UZFE

(this isn't just part of my plan to make the 1UZFE the official engine of autism, it's actually practical for small aircraft)
File: Cluster_Ballooning.jpg (367 KB, 900x1200)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
Wings and engine purely cosmetic; all lift and thrust provided by a swarm of tethered drones
Check out the Volksplane, wooden plane but super cheap to build
Due to gumint regulations, I highly suggest you go with an ultra-light design. Also, I would use wood for constructing an aircraft.
>Police: "If he had a pilot's license, we'd suspend that, but he doesn't"

>Larry: "I hadn't done it, I think I would have ended up in the funny farm"

What a fucken legend
OP here just to let you know i dont need no licence since where i am there is no law or government anyway, just militants operating freely

Thanks been checking it out
File: 1500284208840.jpg (86 KB, 1024x1010)
86 KB
>Lexus 1UZFE
>it's actually practical for small aircraft
engine : 180kg
power ~190kW
Nope, and depending of local regulation, ultralight are limited to 450-500kg MTOW (max take-off weight) and about 75kW of power.

>just militants operating freely
Considering OP is a fucking commie, and never owned nor piloted a fucking plane, I'm not gonna answer for bigger shit.
But, I'm likely to make an exception if OP is actually willing to habib commiefornia

Checked : design looks outdated, and their specs never mention MTOW, which is not acceptable at all.

Checked too : desu was about to recommend any oldschool VW based design, but this one seems fair enough for a first and might be uncle-sam compliant
(OP sounds so autistic I asserted he can't be from another place than US)

Now, and because it's /diy/, actual meme plane considerations to consider :
make Lippisch P.13b, but use a TJ100 turbojet engine instead of the coal-burner engine.
File: IMG_2853.jpg (419 KB, 1600x1070)
419 KB
419 KB JPG




pls consider actually thinking before trying to show off how smart you are
File: 1507547356293.jpg (27 KB, 608x402)
27 KB
>pls consider actually thinking
I did :
typical burger : 120kg
+ engine : 177kg
+ fuel 80kg
- 450kg MTOW limit for UL
--> 73kg available for the whole plane structure.
It might be feasible using fiberglass or carbon, but OP stated he actually wanted to use metal.
Anyway, I'm not likely to ride such a fucking plane : it smells death way to much for me.

On the other hand, if you're talking about a CERTIFIED homemade aircraft, and not an ultra-light, that's a totally different game. Weight and power restriction doesn't apply like in UL but you have to deal with all the fucking "airworthiness" jerks.

>before trying to show off how smart you are
I'm actually trying to help OP, not (((you)).

Also read the fucking thread : OP stated he was a farmer living in a hippie place :
- He is very unlikely to know enough shit to defeat airworthiness jerks
- He doesn't need a powerful plane, because of the small area he's likely to play within
- Hippies everywhere, so a VW beetle engine is the ubiquitous engine is likely to found, and a lot of successful design have been flown since the seventies.
--> The "Volksplane" another anon suggested at >>1258878 is what he needs : the only actual con is it doesn't match OP's criteria of using metal...
A bunch of berks managed to build a couple planes on a scrap heap.


Good ol British team, just "fuck it, it flies, lets go" fuck your test flights.
I remember watching that episode when it aired. I was utterly disappointed in the American team's design. The French team was the best.
How'd they get that plexiglas canopy formed? Could you diy that with a stack of CNC-cut sheets of MDF to make a mould and just soften the acrylic into it with a hot air gun? The rest would be definitely possible to homebrew with steel and aluminium fabricating tools and/or carbon fibre. 'Course the wheels and instruments and stuff would have to be bought.

Also 1000cc motorcycle engine. Pusher propellors look cool.
File: Long-EZ-N26SB-0073.jpg (254 KB, 800x532)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
>not building a Rutan Long-EZ variant...

Peter Stripol on youtube is building a foam/wood electric ultralight with RC components. If he doesn't die, might be worth copying
That thing looks cool, but not as cool as swept-forward wings and contro-rotating props around the centre of the craft. I don't know where to put the canards on a swept-forward wing aircraft though, maybe on the wingtips? Would that look cool enough?
OP here am back

Am looking to be building either a UL or a Small Single engine aircraft i need some blueprints the snoex plane and the other ones wants me to pay.

just to let you guys know as i said there is no regulations or law or goverment and no am not in the US more like our naigbouring country is eygpt you do the math.

so back to the point am looking at the Lexus engine seems intersting am just missing tryna get some blueprints for an already Designed aircraft no to complicated.

wouldnt mind screaming mayday to my self when my plane wing snaps and i plummit to my death
If you're building a fucking plane, what's 50 bucks for some plans?
Where tf do you live?
File: blueprint.jpg (203 KB, 1440x2392)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
The things at the top are propellers which should spin in opposite directions. The handles underneath control steering. You put your feet on the thing at the bottom. It's simple and stable since the force comes from way above the center of mass, which also makes it self-stabilize because of gravity. This is the most safe and simple way of motor-based flight. You'll fucking die if you try making a plane.

Just for clarification, the propellers should be able to point where steer them so they should swivel and rotate. You don't have to worry too much about weight distribution as long as the propellers can swivel and rotate on their own.
I can't help with engines, this is just how it could physically work. Also, don't try flying it without a lot of weight on the bottom.
forward swept wings are shit
>still dealing with wingtip vortices
>free blueprints
There you go : http://pouguide.org/plans-hm360-380
Those are blueprints for the "Pou du Ciel" kind of UL.
t. French

I second the Long-Ez, its cheap to build. You can also look into building an e-Racer, or a Berkut-Long Ez Hybrid. The Berkut, which I think is the best, can't be truely build anymore because the fuselage was molded and sent to you prefabricated, so there are complete designs for it. Some people have been building hybrid versions, filling in the gaps with Long-Ez blueprints.

If you really want a small low wing and have the money I would seriously look into Vans RVs. All their airplanes are excellent kit builts. Some are 200kt aircraft too, all are acrobatic rated.

Personally, once I get my shit together for my workshop, I am going to build a Berkut-Ez and try to incorporate a Tesla Model-S drive train into it, might have to ditch the rear passenger for battery weight, but so far it seems like I can end up with a extremely high performance electric aircraft with a 3 hour range able to do 250kt or more depending on altitude, since you wont lose any power performance from electric motor as you climb to thinner air.

Interested in what you choose to do.

Building a something using foam composite instead of aluminum, its way cheaper.
Do you have your PPL? Or are you going UL and LSA to try to not get a full PPL?
glue bees to it for lift.
I've seen the thing fly, it's an absolutly incredible aircraft.
Basically, yes. But not with a hot air gun, heat lamps or an oven. Create a form then lay heated lexan over it. More radical curves require using vacuum forming. The other option is to source the canopy from another aircraft.
Needs imitation crab meat and lots of it!
As it goes I have a couple of ton of imitation crab meat that needs using up
Itt: ISIS airforce.
Not OP but I have a similar question: I want to apply my /ohm/ skills to aircraft avionics. Any good books on what certifications I need to do this?

ISIS would just borrow some airliners like Al Queda did.
Not an easy task. My friend is a pilot and his has been half finished for years. One mistake means death, its not something that should be attempted for funsies.
File: 1499079147555.jpg (56 KB, 645x773)
56 KB
>forward swept wings don't have tip voritces
They have significantly less vortex drag, and the vortices themselves wouldn't be most prevalent at the wingtips, but rather at the aft of the aircraft.

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