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File: 41131_XXX_v1.jpg (33 KB, 650x650)
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what kind of paint or whatever would i have to use if i want to color an espresso maker like pic related? got one from my mother for my new apartment but it's bright red which doesn't look good in my kitchen/isn't my taste
need something that doesn't feel sticky/won't come off when i wash it
you need someting that doesn't catch fire
High temp paint
>espresso maker
Is a moka you dumb fuck
Probably some type of enamel. Be careful, even if it doesn't catch on fire the heat can make it release chemicals into the air.

Standard high temp paint(like for engines) specifically states not to use it around fire.

To be fair, I've seen them marketed as espresso makers at low rent places like Family Dollar. Not saying that makes it correct, but things like that are why that misinformation is spreading.
Be cheaper to buy another espresso maker, dumbass
>Standard high temp paint(like for engines) specifically states not to use it around fire.
Then use a paint for grills and smokers.
File: PAI-45-2.jpg (143 KB, 265x500)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Pick one
Looks like a bialetti.
powder coat works but you have to strip off the old paint.
>a bialetti
Yes, the coated moka produced for Greater Absurdistan.
Just strip the paint and leave the metal exposed, thats how they normally look.
The default metal is best color.
anodized aluminium
it'd be cheaper to just buy a new one

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