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File: FCPC_002.jpg (80 KB, 629x472)
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Hey /diy/, I work at a company that builds custom fiber optic cables and assemblies for defense, aerospace, etc. and I'm looking for a way to utilize my access to tons of fiber.

Any ideas? A fiber laser would be cool but the laser source would most likely bankrupt me.
Stealing from your company is bad.
Single mode I assume?
Realistically speaking, there isn't much you can do with limited quantities of fiber.
high intensity bulb mounted outside. fibers picking up light from focus of parabolic mirror. fibers pipe light to your cuckshed with delivering the heat of a thousand suns.

or... hang from rafters and kys?

If your company was giving it to you for free or real cheap, I'd wire my entire house with fiber.

Other than that... Ain't shit to do. Just have a bad Ass 10Gbe home network.

Zero buffering ever. Bad Ass htpc.
File: ohyeah.jpg (14 KB, 268x188)
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Fiber cable is pretty strong, right?
File: fiber lamp.png (975 KB, 929x670)
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975 KB PNG
How thick are the fiber strands are we talking about?
If it's thick enough you can make pic related. But the modern stuff i to thin for that in my experience.
Switch out the cat in your house with fiber something big will come with fiber in a few years.
That fixture table tho
Anon the expensive part in fiber networking is not the cabling but the pricey network cards and switches
Google bigclive fiber.
You are looking at art projects like
Or ceiling or cement installations. Otherwise come up with a new original idea.

You could look into making hard drive cable assemblies, a class of server hard drives use fiber channel for communication. They are on their way out now though afaik, not that I am really up on that shit. That would be more like a business case to make to your bosses to do with shorter cables.

You might have a hard time getting good input and visible output because you are almost certainly using single mode fiber.
Probably the most interesting use that is potentially possible at home is something like a rotation sensor. Coil up a huge length of fibre, fire a light pulse into each end and compare the time difference of when they arrive and you can calculate the rotation around the axis the coil is wound.
Wrote some software for one once, it was palm sized and was sensitive enough to pick up the earths rotation.

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