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File: 20171104_230116.jpg (3.79 MB, 4032x3024)
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3.79 MB JPG
Can anyone tell me what this type of connection is called?

Also how do you apply the "bead" part, An is it water proof?
It is a compression sleeve and the bead is a compression ferrule.

They work great, but you need to replace the ferrule every time you break the connection. You can but a pack of five or something and try to make your connection a couple times.

The ferrule should just pull off and you can push a new one on.

They are sold with plumbing stuff, yes they are water proof.
If you have tried a couple times and it still won't seal, chances are the pipe is distorted from repeated installations and you have to cut off a little bit.
How do you attach them to one spot?

Just with pliers?

Or do you just flare the copper? An if so, How?
No. They just slide on. You have to buy the right size for your pipe.

You shouldn't use pliers, they need a smooth clean surface on the pipe and the ferrule. If you use pliers to put it on, you will gouge the ferrule. if you use pliers to take an old one off, make sure you don't gouge the pipe.

Make sure to put the compression nut on first, like it is in your op.
Never mind this question>>1278283
, I watched a video on how to install them

Thanks man!

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