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File: IMG_0904.jpg (316 KB, 1500x1500)
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I'm planning on building a coffee table similar to this for my wife for Christmas. Anyone done a similar project or know what steps to take? Seems like it can't be too hard.
Seems like a great way to destroy your floor.
Get you some pipe clamps and wood glue and youtube the proper way to join them.

Get to sanding and finishing.

It's easy enough you may consider buying better legs and putting a boarder around the bottom to hold it.

If success and have time make 2 little square ones for in tables. Should have most of the supplies to start. Should be pretty cheap if you have an electric sander. Even a da one could work with 60 or 80 grit to knock it all flat then painstakingly handsand. Highly suggest a cheap palm sander or wven rent one if needed. Good luck
Thanks man I'll consider making end tables too
We have carpet so no worries
File: table2.jpg (390 KB, 1536x2048)
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my new table.
that looks nice anon, good jerb
File: table1.jpg (399 KB, 1600x1200)
399 KB
399 KB JPG

>before staining
File: 1473347318937.jpg (163 KB, 726x575)
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163 KB JPG
Dont do it anon, years from now when she cheats and you lose the house but she does not want that table...it will come with you to your horrible efficiency on the crappy side of town. It will be a constant reminder but also one of your few worldly possessions so you will hold onto it.
You will write out so many alimony and child support checks on that table but you will almost never see your kids.
Dont build it anon.
Dont do it
brand of stain? color?
>being this divorce paranoid
That's a beaut, what kind of wood? Did you go off of a plan online?
SPF wood
>brand of stain? color?
Minwax Red Mahagony

>That's a beaut, what kind of wood?
Thank you. It's just crappy dirt-cheap Pine.

>Did you go off of a plan online?
Nope. We just winged it. We got 1x6 boards 8' long and a few 1x6"x6'

Table top is 6' long and 22" wide
The 8' boards were in better shape and we cut off the 2' at the end to make the legs.

TOP: (4) 1x6x6' chosen for the top. edge glued

LEGS: 2' long cut-off ran through table saw with blade set at 45. The blade was set so that 2 pieces were made with one being 3/4 wider than the other one for proportionality. the short side of the leg goes on the width of the table and the long portion of the leg is on the long face of the table. The miter was glued, and brad nailed

Rails: 8' long board was ripped in half. and cut to size. Legs are inset from the edge of the top by 3/4" on both sides. Rails are cut to fit behind the legs. You want the short rail to be the full width and have the long rail fit between the two side rails behind the leg (because the long rail has more surface area to attach too).

Bottom Shelf: Measure the distance between your legs for the bottom shelf. cut three 6" boards to length and rip a fourth one to take up the res of the width. Edge glue

Bottom Rails: Repeat the top rail construction.
pre-drill 3 holes along each of the long rails for screws to attach the surface panels.

It's pine... Unless you use a pre-stain conditioner and water-based stains you'll get the grain inversion like I got. Personally I -like- the look of grain inversion. Most people don't.

work up your grits 80-120-220-320. DO NOT use your hand to sand. ONLY use a firm-backed power tool or block sander. the softwood of pine is way to soft and your hand will tear away more softwood faster. Again I like a little bit of that so I went to town with just my finger tips applying pressure on the 320 to get surface waves.

The Minwax stain had excellent coverage with 1 coat left to sit for 20-30 minutes before being wiped off.

Cleaar coat was Minwax Poly semi-gloss, 2 coats with a steel-wool buff 24 hours after the first application.
Go to your local lumber store and buy some black walnut 6/4" or 8/4" thick, ask them nicely and they should be able to plane and joint it to your specifications. Glue the boards together making sure to flip the grain orientation to prevent cupping. Skip the metal hairpin legs because your wife will leave you (they are gay). Make a solid square leg out of walnut and add a walnut shelf about 4" off the bottom of the leg.Go to a hardware store and buy an orbital sander and sand from 80 grit to 180 grit. Finish with a oil or water based polyurethane making sure to sand between coats. When the last coat is dry lightly sand with a very high grit sandpaper, 600 grit or higher.
50% failure rate man , nothing paranoid about it.
The odds are the guy will get fucked.

You do know that the %50 fail rate is heavily skewed by people who go through 3 or more divorces right?

also when that %50 number is pulled they compare all divorces in a year to all new marriages within that year. the flaw here lies in that if you have 10 new marriages in this year but 20 marriages that took places over the last 5 years end in divorce the same year as only the 10 new marriages took place you have a "divorce rate" of %200
No matter how you slice it, most marriages fail
Except when you slice it the way you say you slice it, half is not most. Half is half.
Don't bother Anon, you're arguing with a millennial. You can tell because they're so used to getting credit just for showing up that they won't even ATTEMPT something that they have to put effort into to succeed. It's easier to use bullshit statistics to show that it's impossible. Build the table OP, it'll be glorious.
statistics show that those in the 50% divorce rate pool never built a coffee table for their wife
Over the course of a lifetime its much much worse.
Do you really think that the weddings you went to this summer will result in a marriage that lasts 50 years?
Honestly ?
Even one?
Since you have carpet... i'd go with wooden legs but glass top. If you don't have children that is.
> Skip the metal hairpin legs because your wife will leave you (they are gay).
This. Make some nice wooden legs for that table.
Hey now, lets not paint a whole fuckin' generation with the same brush, alright?

>assuming individual examples must follow statistical averages
You've already fucked up, Anon. Don't be a faggot.
Not everyone who smokes cigarettes gets cancer .
By your logic I should ignore statistics and enjoy the rich flavor of laramie brand smokes
>the soy table
You just know OP has a macbook covered in stickers for coffee roasters and outdoor clothing companies
Hey don't rag on the wife's taste you beta cuck scum
I like this thanks
How would you feel if you came home and your wife was cucking you right on the coffee table you made her?
How would that be?
Is this how you choose to spend your free time? Someone seeks advice on how to build a small table, you choose to shitpost. Where is your shame? Look at your life man, taking your insecurities out on anonymous people on 4chan. I'm done with this cesspool
i hate those fucking hipster meme legs
File: maxresdefault.jpg (154 KB, 1280x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Dont be such a pee pants OP and why exactly does your wife want the EXACT coffee table from the right wing youtube program The Ruben Report?
They were good enough for jordan peterson
>that glue-up misalignment

someone buys their furniture at goodwill
>someone buys their furniture at goodwill

someone hasnt heard of shabby chic.

''Shabby chic is a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear or where new items are distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. At the same time, a soft, opulent, yet cottage-style decor, often with an affected feel is emphasized to differentiate it from genuine period decor.''

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