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File: 20171205_151146.jpg (2.85 MB, 4032x2268)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
Best way to fill in minor gaps in concrete due to shitty pouring like pic related? Would I have to get more concrete and fill it up or is there anything cheaper/easier I could do that would make it still skateable?
Wow sorry for the fucked rotation
You are supposed to prep it first with some diluted pva glue or something first, look in the store next to the bags of cement for sealer I think.
How well it stays depends on where you put it, if you put new concrete on a nice smooth hole with nothing to grip then its going to come out. If the hole is all rough and jaggy it will obviously stay in better.

You can get bags of self leveling you are supposed to pour and it fills in gaps but if you read the small print the holes it fills are so small it's not worth bothering, there is such a small difference in maximum and minimum thickness that it will work with.
I say mortar
use a broom or something to sweep out the dust
mix mortar
pour mortar
smooth it out
maybe try tamping it a little(tap with hammer to get the air bubbles out)
it's fucked. what you've got to do is get a breaker bar or cold chisel and just go at it. you'll be amazed how easily you can break rocks and shit with the right tools. go down to the bricks and pour again. this time use rebar.

it looks like mexicans did this because it's filled with gravel then they plastered some concrete on top. I figure they thought they could save on cement.
File: weldcrete.jpg (16 KB, 288x214)
16 KB

Ignore these two posts, they're retards.

OP is going to need to clean those cracks down with a chisel then apply Weld-Crete (pic related) to the opened cracks and the ENTIRE TOP, then skim the entire top of the thing with new Topping Cement about 1" thick
And this here is the topping mix.

mix it a little wet, firm enough that it holds shape.

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