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Hurrr get a leathernan durrrrr

>There's a million different models

Wtf DIY? Let's get a leathernan thread so we know what's what.
We already have a thread for this tard.


Now think about what you have done and fucking quit it.
You fucked your link. Give me a keyword from the op to search the catalogue with
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> when phoneposters demonstrate for everyone why they are so cancerous.
This shit is exactly why we fucking hate you. Low effort posts, and blaming others when your shit hardware/software fails. Literally kill yourself.
>being a multitoolcuck
Just carry a pocket knife and stop being cringy, grandpa.
Wingman is the only sane choice, everything else is a meme or expensive as fuck. If you don't like the wingman, go victorinox.
Keep it one thread please and thankyou.
Fuck you. This isn't a forum.
I want to rebuild the engine in my 2001 truck. What Leatherman would be the best one for this? (I understand I will also need some other tools like a troque wrench).
File: 31V224YWXML.jpg (16 KB, 333x500)
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RIP Squirt P4. undeniably the best multitool of its size.
PS4 is shit.
A generic Swiss army is enough for that
Victorinox Swisstool if you do work with it.
Leatherman Skeletool if you just want a light EDC.

Nuff Said
File: IMG_2523.jpg (63 KB, 1024x768)
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The Supertool 300 is one of the greatest ever made.Its from the "industrial" line by Leatherman, descended from the original PST, Power Tool, and Power Tool 200. Go for the stainless finish with leather case.

The original PST is still a great smaller option.

The Rebar is like a 75% version of the 300. Pic related.
Greatest what?
Pile of shite?
Because i know you don't mean greatest tool ever made because that's bullshit
It's literally a photo of a leatherman you dimlow
He quite obviously meant one of the greatest Leathermans ever made, and that would be his opinion.
>unusable measuring tapr
>2 inch always dull blade
>Phillips head that is too bulk to reach anything
Why are multitool cucks the worst? I have one in my glove box that I haven't touched in 5 years
one of the best multitools made, imho
i could argue that its one of the finest tools made, but people will disagree. you just have to define its purpose; what its designed for, it does very well. but no, its not the best any one one of the things it does. of course not.
i do believe its the best leatherman hands down
maybe you dont understand what they're supposed to be for? I mean, no, theyre not the worlds greatest screwdriver, knife, or pliers. thats not the point. but i keep mine in my car and use it like every other day.

lol if ur knife is always dull then you need to learn to sharpen knives, no edge is permanent. the leatherman blade is very durable, ive pried watchcases open with it and the edge still cut hanging paper.

the measuring tape is rudimentary, but useful for telling if that bolt is 1 inch or inch and a quarter.

why are some people such fucking autists? Now, they brand the super tool 300 as also having an awl, a wire stripper, 3 types of wire cutter, a crimper, and 2 kinds of pliers, but that's kinda dumb. I can perform most of those tasks with a decent combination pair of pliers. But even then, to have all the functions of a leatherman you would have to carry:
-a knife
-a serrated knife
-a saw
-3 standard screwdrivers
-a philips screwdriver
-a can opener
-a ruler
-a bottle opener
-a file

Even if i just said, ok, bottle opener, ruler, file, standard and philips drivers, a knife, and a pair of pliers, thats a lot of shit. no, a multitool doesn't do any of the tasks as well as a tool dedicated to that task. but what you lose in function you gain in availability and compactness. thats the WHOLE IDEA and instrinsically understood by everyone. If it doesn't appeal to you, then OK. But I just it all the time, and its insanely useful for me.
It's working you retard don't. Blame others for your fuckup
>not just buying a $10 chink multitool that works just the same
Enjoy your overpriced iMultitool, fags.
File: 1505964420218.png (863 KB, 494x703)
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863 KB PNG
It's not the phone, cunt, it's the cunt itself whom is cunty.
Good tier:

Leatherman Wingman
Leatherman Sidekick
Victorinox SuperTinker
Victorinox Huntsman
Victorinox Hiker

Fedora tier:
Everything else with over 1000 tools that's just wide, heavy and looks cringey.
Learn to link. Its two for post/thread and three for board
I have to disagree, senpai. My experience with the ST300

>Unaligned bottom
>Will bend like a mother fucker if you apply any torque to the pliers
>Poor ergonomics
>Shitty blade
I liked the dedicated phillips and the lock system tho but all in all 4/10 would no buy again
>use it like every other day.
show me a months worth of use, what you used and what for, i will wait.

>have to carry
>3 std screwdrivers
>phillips screwdriver
not sure
>a saw
>a can opener
wow fantastic i'm always needing to open cans, never heard of a ring pull can? don't have a can opener in your kitchen?
>a ruler
wow i'm always trying to measure things that are smaller than 3 inches. measuring bolts? fuck off where are you that you need to do that with nothing better? you measuring the pitch of the nut with your ruler too? what are you going to do out in the jungle? file it down? hahahahahaha.
>a bottle opener
literally anything will do. also what are you opening bottles for all the time?
>a file
wow yeah in case you need to waste a few hours filing something down with the worlds shittest file? or maybe its a nail file?

if you are out camping or roughing it or out on a treck i'm sure its brilliant
its not an edc item, all its good for is impressing your friends because they thing you must be an outdoorsman.

i keep a small toolbox in my car with tools that actually are useful and work but i don't create a thread every fucking 3 hours about it.
File: 1497849459913.jpg (169 KB, 381x484)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
pic related
Wow, you really are fucking rectally wrecked sbout things other people do, aren't you sweetheart..
>Let's get a leathernan thread so we know what's what.

just letting you know what was what no need to thank me. i didn't realise i had stumbled into make or hackaday where mean nasty people aren't allowed. boo hoo!!
File: you got it.gif (483 KB, 141x141)
483 KB
483 KB GIF
>i didn't realise i had stumbled into make or hackaday where mean nasty people aren't allowed
Nobody said you aren't allowed, just that you're wasting your own time.
>being this petty
Seriously, genuine thread-shitter there. You'll recognize him by his air of superiority and the small toolbox he carries with him everywhere so he has exactly the right tool at exactly the right moment.
thats weird, what do you mean unaligned bottom?
I will admit the ergonimics isnt the best. I mean, it fits my hand fine, but it is a big square chunk of steel, so, lol.
but ur blade comment surprised me the most. what made it shitty? its always held a great edge for me and been very durable. did you ever use their 25 year warranty? maybe you got a bum blade?

but the pliers....now now... do you mean applying torque the way youre supposed to, in the same plane as the handles, or do u mean grabbing something with the pliers on end, and turning the handles like a screwdriver? because..... pliers arent really supposed to do that anyways lol

tldr sorry ur st300 sucked, what do you prefer?
i have created zero threads, i just commented on this one.

bottle opener and can opener are useful. Yea, I can open a bottle on a table or with a lighter, but its a fuck ton easier to open with an opener. do i even have to point out that most cans dont have ring pulls, and having a small can opener is useful?

uh the st300 has 3 sizes of standard drivers and 1 philips, so, not sure what u mean by "not sure"

the saw is very very limited in its use but ive used it many times to cut small pieces of dowel, broom handle, etc.

the file is great for killing a sharp edge on a lot of things, like a can, or twisted off piece of metal, or a pipe, or the flashing on a molded metal piece, a screw, etc.

i open boxes with it all the time. I tighten handles and knobs with it all the time. i pry things open with it all the time.

swapped several electrical sockets at my moms house the other day. she has like no tools. i hadnt brought mine and hadnt planned on doing that.

few days later i put a bbq together with it. then i hung lights on the gazebo.

when do i measure things smaller than 3 inches?
answer 1) ever go into a hardware store and some shitass mixed up all the stainless specialty fasteners in the tray? can't tell which one is which?
answer 2) you'd use it all the time to measure ur tiny dick

i was abroad for 2 months and bringing the st300 with me was one of the smartest things i did. i fixed our suitcases multiple times, in ireland i fixed the mortise lock to our room so we could have privacy, used every tool on the damn thing in romania, and yes, it even kept me from having to buy a goddamn can opener. and i cant even begin to remember how many drinks i opened.

no, its not as good as having a complete toolbox, dumbass. but a good multitool is way better than anything else that only takes up that much room.

if you havent ever had a use for one, the problem isnt the tool, its you; it means your life is dull, boring, and meaningless, so just kys
File: 61wHmkb2ilL._SL1280_[1].jpg (117 KB, 1280x1120)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Stand aside filthy leathermeme plebeians.

Wow I think it’s more that you sound like a pretentious faggot.
Knife, pliers, and a better screwdriver than literally any other Leatherman.

Just like the fahgit was saying, 99% of the shit on your normal multitoop is marketing meme shit so they can justify charging you for more money for more tools.
>what do you mean unaligned bottom?
I mean that the bottom of the handles (opposite side to the pliers) didn't have good quality control. One was like 3mm to the side compared to the other handle.

Tbh was the two hand deployment system that I disliked.

>or do u mean grabbing something with the pliers on end, and turning the handles like a screwdriver
Mostly this but in normal usage if you used both hands to grab the handle you could see it giving.

Maybe I got a lemon, I ended up sending it back. I kinda like the wave but haven't bought one.
My tool EDC consists of a Leatherman Micra and Victorinox Spartan (1985 model with solid scales and fluted corkscrew)

Gets me out of 99% of situations I encounter as a soft-handed aerospace quality inspector and all round pantywaste.
I got a Leatherman Surge as a gift, nicely engraved and everything.
It's definitely as big as you would ever want a multitool to be, bigger than it needs to be most of the time. The external tools are sturdy though, and easy to access, and the locks are solid.
The big screwdriver is too fat and stubby to be particularly convenient, but you can make it work most of the time. The tiny one is too small 90% of the time, even for really small screws.
The handle is a little uncomfortable to use as a knife for long periods of time or with much force, but the blade is good, came usably sharp, is well positioned and I like the shape.
I've only used the saw once. It's no worse than any other tiny saw I've tried, but they've all seemed mostly useless to me.
The pliers are great, almost no wiggle and feel sturdy enough to twist and yank on shit without breaking, although since they were a gift I try to be a little gentle.
I used to scoff at scissors on multitools, but these ones are surprisingly handy. They're almost big enough to not wish they were bigger constantly, and I end up using them a lot.

Overall 7/10, probably a better choice out there, but I like it. Probably eventually going to get tired of lugging it around and get a Skeletool for less than half the weight.
>good tier
the back of the saw was so sharp i cut myself twice on it using the knife until i sanded it down
using some force on the pliers hurts my pinky real bad
i might just be a handlet though
breddy gud otherwise

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