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I am looking to renovate my new home and I'd like to begin with the living room. It looks like the chimney separates into two funnels. The basement has a large fireplace and the living room has a gas fireplace (pic related).

I don't want to tear down the chimney and the one in the basement is very cozy, but the living room one looks absolutely hideous along with the wood panel and I want to remove it.

Would plugging the gas pipe, and sealing the opening with brick and mortar be enough? Would I be violating any regulations by doing it myself?
Re design it op. Dont tear it out.

Fireplaces are something people tear out for no good reason. They are amazing.
>gas fireplace
Tear that shit the fuck out. Dident notice.

Most likely no regulation unless your in scandinavia.
I'd seal it above the roof to keep animals from getting in it
I can't seal it above the roof because it also connects to another fireplace in the basement that I would keep. Would it be enough to seal it at the split and where I would want indoor wall?
if you can get to it, probably

just make sure everything is tight so you don't have exhaust leaking out or letting cool air in
then remove it.

That facade doesn't look too awful though. I'd refinish that and just replace the ass ugly gas insert with a nicer one that matches the venting requirements = direct vent, B vent, just do whatever the current one is.
put in a wood stove insert

Dont seal it up, just remove the ugly insert and get a new one or make it wood burning.

Easier, better looking and will add some extra value to your house.

Bricking up a chimney is a no no
What's your location?

I find it very useful in cold weather to have a gas insert in my fireplace and a gas stove (joy to cook on) at the opposite ends of my home. I get power outages (rural US) and they also augment my heat pump nicely. I don't use the insert often but it's 12 degrees Fahrenheit outside and if ice takes out power lines I'm still good to go.

Always have redundant systems if you like comfort. It's better to have and not need than need and not have. Burst pipes suck.
Why the hate on gas fireplace?
Listen to this anon, your already cutting and hauling wood for the one in the basement why wouldnt you.

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