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I bought a 2015 mobile home.

Unfortunately I do not know the make off hand and I won't get the title for another few months.

I have a 55in TV that is pretty heavy, I noticed the studs seem to be about 3ft apart (roughly) give or take.

My tv mounting bracket is just shy of reaching both studs.

What should I do?

Also....How can I tell if the studs are metal or wood without opening a hole in the wall?

Any suggestions to mount this TV?
Also that's not the tv, that's a smaller one.
stylishly mount a back panel like a panel of melamine to span both studs and form a border around the TV. then mount the bracket.
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>mobile home
Don't listen to the haters dude. Congratulations on your purchase. I own 3 myself and there is nothing wrong with mobile homes. These days they're built the same as any stick frame house. You typically find studs at 16", but they could be 24". Anything built into a mobile home is the same procedure as stick built.
>metal or wood
Magnet M8
Can you drill holes a bit further out in the mounting bracket?
This also. I'd probably use a piece of 1/2" BC plywood. Paint the B side and place C against the wall. No sense in using higher grades.
I'll look into that, But the bolts that hold the bracket are about 3in long. I think my tv needs every inch of those, It's like the worlds first flat screen 55in LCD. It's heavier then most early plasmas

Thanks man. I appreciate it, I'll measure out the studs with a stud finder. What type of magnet do you think would be strong enough to detect any metal studs? I'm praying it's stick, To buy a large enough and strong enough entertainment center will cost me a small fortune. An just spending 44k cash has me a bit empty pocketed at the moment. I don't have a few g's to buy a nice entertainment center for a couple more years and to be honest I prefer wall mounting

While we are on the subject of mobile homes/manufacturered homes. What are the most common repairs or suggestions on prelonging the home without thousands in repairs early on?

Thanks again for the kind words!

Can't drill holes out further.

I'll look into a magnet, Any suggestions on the type? I don't know much about magnets
File: rsz_20180112_200815.jpg (741 KB, 2016x1512)
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This is the bracket.
Anon most trailers are on 24" centers and they are 2x2 or 2x3 studs. Just guessing but it looks like that bracket will span 2 studs perfectly. Yhe wall panels are only 3/8" thick so 1 1/4" x 1/4" lags with washers will suffice.
Tomorrow I'll check with a stud finder but based on the sound/tap test it seems about 1-3in too short to fit the studs.

I greatly appreciate the information though. I'm hoping and praying it's wood studs, I'll find out tomorrow I guess
Tip for the future:
Never use that white roof coating they sell at hardware stores. It's porous then traps moisture beneath it. Ask any roofing contractor how much money that crap makes them in repairs after the innocent use it.

If you have to do the roof, membrane roofs properly applied work very well. Study contracting forums. You can DIY them.
If not mount a 1x12 across the nearest studs and paint to match wall. Secure to studs top bottom and center. Then mount bracket to 1x12 with numerous wood screws and washers
* Snow Seal
side note: off set numerous screws as much as possible to prevent splitting out 1 x12
Anon the small strips on the wall cover the gap in the wall board at 4'. The remaining stud will be centered to them...thus 24" centers.
File: 1515805655609.jpg (113 KB, 1728x1296)
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If you're in an area that gets any frost at all, watch your plumbing underneath the unit. Get heat tape for the waterline section between the ground and the unit.

Don't fuck with the membrane underneath. It keeps rodents out. You can put holes in it, but make sure you repair any tears.

Join the mobile home forum. mobilehomerepair dot com. Lots of good information there.

Mobile homes studs are closer together for wind zone 2 and 3 ratings required by law. Typically 10 inches on center. Usually the outer walls are 2x6 and the inner walls are 2x4s. All doors and windows are doubled. Even the span beam over the roof on some are 6 inches solid like on live oak mobile homes.

Most newer homeless are at least all 2x4.

Thank you very much

OP asked for TV mounting advice not fuckign roofing advice. get the hell out of here roofer shill
Just glue and screw a piece of 1/2" plywood on the wall. Mount the TV.
well tornado bait what did you figure out?
File: 20180114_234517.jpg (2.78 MB, 4032x3024)
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2.78 MB JPG
I don't live in tornado alley. I live in Maine

I figured out magnets are great and I have wood studs.

Because of the pitch of the roof also mind fucks me into thinking my level somehow broke.

Thanks /diy/
File: 20180114_235608.jpg (2.4 MB, 4032x3024)
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Fuck, That bitch is heavy and awkward
>OP asked for TV mounting advice not fuckign roofing advice
>While we are on the subject of mobile homes/manufacturered homes. What are the most common repairs or suggestions on prelonging the home without thousands in repairs early on?
>get the hell out of here roofer shill
studs were right where I said they would be and that the bracket would work>>1313319
Further advice on mobile homes in general: when the particle board subflooring is damaged replace with plywood. The particle board is cheaper and seems more solid but screw/nail pops are a bitch and water makes that shit buckle like a prom queens knees.

I'd recommend a good thickness planer and/or rip setup on the tablesaw. As other anons have noted there's usually odd sized lumber and things that need planed down from normal sized lumber to trailer sized.
Thanks man
Thank you for the advice sir
You can diy an EPDM roof, but fully adhered TPO is a little bit different. You need to purchase a fairly expensive heat gun to weld the seams, where as EPDM flashings can be primed and glued. Also, Cool Seal is absolute shit, but elastomeric roof coatings are pretty good.

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