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What do you think of cardboard furniture? I feel like it always ends up looking bad, but from a practical standpoint is real nice since cardboard is practically free. Would cardboard chairs and shelves look trashy and just be a waste of time or is it worth saving up all my boxes?
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IMO. Unless you are ultra poor dont bother. Even using cheap 2x4's you would be better served for not much more when you consider the price of tape/glue for the cardboard furniture.

I would still save larger peices of cardboard for uses like templating, sacraficial material etc. But just recycle the smaller stuff.
File: 1514292259320.jpg (12 KB, 184x184)
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Its a sign that a society is masking its decline into degeneracy
>yes goy, buy into the cardboard furniture trend, reflect on your future dystopian poverty !
>I feel like it always ends up looking bad

Unless you're homeless.
Then you'll be the chicest bum on the block.
>A/C goes out on a humid day
>well,time to buy new furniture again
>guest spills something on furniture
>well, time to get new furniture again
>furniture eventually gets dirty and dusty but can't be cleaned with cleaners like normal furniture
>well, time to get new furniture again
>eventually fails because it is just cardboard and thw structure can only handle so much fatigue
File: gorrugate.jpg (517 KB, 1836x2448)
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517 KB JPG
As a package designer I admit having a lot of cardboard in my home, and I know all of my coworkers have too, but rarely furniture. Mostly dividers, fillings and drawers for shelving and other storage systems. I know a guy who has cardboard sliding doors, but for chairs and tables other materials are better. Many do decorative stuff.

Moisture is a real problem. Not just getting wet, but normal humidity makes cardboard stretch and curl, but there are PE laminated and antiwet papers that withstand even water. We've done small pools of cardboard but that stuff is more expensive and rare. There's also papers so thick you could build a wall out of them.

For building furniture I'd try to find honeycomb board, like used inside Ikea furniture.

cardboard is the poor negros ikea. OP is a poor negro
>not eating cricket flour in your used recycled cardboard table with your hands sitting on the floor as a well adjusted new human person full of solidarity and spirituality while wearing only your yoga pants staring at pictures of africans for mindfulness

Lmaoing at your lives you fucking racist oldmale traditionalist reactionary antisemites
Almost everything you said applies to untreated wood. Just put some kind of clearcoat in your cardboard.
Some architects I know make cardboard offices, the furniture is actually pretty stable.
Cardboard furniture is hipster/hippy shit. Nothing more.

But as something I found out.
>Packing up and moving out of stay 3+ hour trip.
>Have access to shit ton of boxes from work, retail.
>Need packing material, too cheap.
>Can't get enough newspapers and ads.
>Cut cardboard up in strips and run it in my paper shredder.
>Comes out all chopped up.

I have a lot of electronics, so I wrap them up in bubble wrap and put them in boxes with the shredded cardboard.
Holy shit! This is some crap projects that design and architecture students had to do for class credit back in the mid 1970s. You can learn a lot about designing things by doing that. Like, don't make furniture out of cardboard.
Depending on where you live you will likely find furniture on Junk Piles, even the worst trash tier hard rubbish will be better than Cardboard.
Good luck. You can find some really good shit on Hard Rubbish.
>human person
Fuck you bigot, I identify as a multi spacial, trans spiritual, 3rd degree dimensional, robotic spider. Check your cis species privilege before you post again.
>A/C goes out on a humid day
>well,time to buy new furniture again
you are a literal retard
Where do you buy high quality cardboard that will actually support weight? How cost efficient is it compared to just buying cheap wood?
Cardboard furniture is a meme perpetuated by failed engineering students who no one trusts with real building materials or tools
Google Nintendo labo
I've seen some good examples but they were real art pieces and had printed paper vineers

fuckers who just fold up a box are cancer and I would never trust sitting on such a thing but the pieces that are basically just particle board except made out of corrugated paper instead of wood chips can be functional. CAN be functional.

If you go to places that ever have anything heavy shipped in, it'll usually be on double walled very heavy duty cardboard.

It's probably easier to just source scrap wood from tossed out furniture, though.
cardboard furniture looks really good in tiny houses made from a shipping container
>Like, don't make furniture out of cardboard.
Sorta like how the life lesson from those "make an egg survive a drop without a parachute" is basically "don't jump off of stuff; you'll die"?
what does one have to study to become a package designer?
If you're really trying to strap for cheap furniture, you'd be better off using milk crates and pallet wood by any metric.
>step 1. go behind walmart
>step 2. find the big open bay where they keep all their milk crates
>step 3. chuck as many as possible into car, make sure your car is out of view of any cameras while doing so
>do the same for pallets somewhere else, you can also just get old pallets for free on craigslist
or go buy 2x4's and rent a nailgun.
Some shit you can make with milk crates that I've tried:
>desk /w built in storage, find a flat piece of plywood or MDF or even an old flat door for the top
>ottoman /w built in storage
>tv stand
>shoe rack
>bed platform /w built in storage
Look up Frank Gehry. I studied his work on corrugated furniture and built living room furniture using his techniques.

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