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So /diy/ these 434MHz RF chips go like under 1$ for a pair. Most sellers claim they work on ASK. I can use them with my microcontrollers by sticking them into RX and TX, for a short range, low bandwidth, low reliability radio link. This led me to thinking, can i somehow create wireless headphones by using these?
I first had the idea of using a microcontroller ADC to sample the input audio, send it over the radio layer and use a DAC to convert it back into audio, but i figured that would put an insane amount of noise into the actual audio.
So i came here to discover any analog solutions, since i am pretty weak in that department
I think the maximum data transfer speed you can achieve with those modules is 4kB/s
I can't imagine how music will sound like at those bitrates, but it won't be good.
How did you come to that figure?
not him, but I found this:
>headphones by using these?

Only if you are ok with morse code. On the right there is a superrregen receiver mated with a comparator, it outputs either high or low level, there is nothing in between. You need to redo that part.
Why not just use a low power fm tx/rx pair?
For 10 bux i found an Fm transmitter at 15w premade on eBay.

For a dollar i found an Fm receiver chip. Range is over 300 feet. It's 20hz to 20khz but it's better bandwidth than that OP.

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