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I am looking to line a gas tank for my shitbike project. The tank is clean on the outside and doesnt have rust holes. I can get the inside rust off decently well.
I know in the old days ppl used shellac as a gas tank sealant / protector. BUT would the ethanol in gas (EU here) dilute it and turn the carb in an ungodly mess?
Pic related is what I find cheaply in the local market. Shellac diluted in alcohol. I can use it as-is or dilute it in 95% alcohol.
Keep it cheap, I am poor.

the answer is yes
Well, got any suggestions?
Rusty tanks can be sealed with fuel tank sealer, but use a two-part product as the solvent-based sealers can dissolve in ethanol.

That Permatex trick is very old and dates long before unleaded fuels and fuel injection which make it a bad idea today. I've seen it work back in da late 1970s but it's only a bandaid to get a few miles out of total junk bound for the scrap yard. Do not use on motorcycles.

Chemically remove all rust and oil residue and use sealer, but if tank is seriously fucked up get another tank. Check Eurofag motorcycle forums (why are you not on a motorcycle forum? 4chan is not a motorcycle forum nor will it ever be.) for the best two-part sealer you can find in Eurabia.

Caswell works decently.


t. old motorcycle mechanic
maybe you can try electroplating zinc on the thing

this stuff seems to be $20/8oz
Gold Standard Tank Sealer
maybe add $20 for shipping to your country, is it worth +$40 to your shitbike project?
That's a single component sealer. Get a two-part sealer.

When using you can also apply sealer to a paper plate or whatever is handy. That lets you check the cure of the whole batch by observing and cutting your sample after the proper cure time has elapsed. This trick works for any adhesive, epoxy and body filler.
Well yeah I can find two-part epoxy sealer here, but it's a big quantity for a car tank, and its like 80$. Told you I m poor.
PS You don't get to say what kind of forum 4chan is and is not, sorry.
I ll avoid electroplating if possible,
dont want to have to paint the tank
KBS is a Good suggestion but the shipping time and customs will be rape. Thanks tho.
where does the carb get gas from - a tube that goes down from the side/top of the tank to a pump, or does it go from the bottom? could you inline a valve in the bottom feed /have a pipe thread bung welded/ and drain it if you're not using it for a few days

Plain old gravity fed from the bottom left. It is a small dualsport. The tank is sitting drained on a shelf, I can do whatever.
Do the best you can at rust removal and take it to a local bike shop. Ask around there are probably several places that will do the job for less than your shipping costs for the correct stuff.
If you were here I'd say

Good luck anon, rubber side down.
don't be such an idiot. They weren't calling you stupid for posting about motorcycles on 4chan, they were just asking why you weren't on a motorcycle-specific forum where you'd get better answers.

Very valid points. Thanks.

I never noticed being called stupid.
Reason I am here is because I prefer unconventional solutions to diy issues.
>unconventional solutions
They're usually unconventional because they don't work as well as the conventional ones.
You don't get to say what kinds of solutions are conventional or not. Sorry.
I like unconventional as well. Have you considered using a shipping container as a gas tank?
Surely you can get ethanol free petrol? Or is the extra cost prohibitive?

In Australia you pay about 10% more for regualar 91 octane than for E10 94 octane because E10 gets a tax incentive. With a bike I imagine you don't use very much fuel.

To confuse matters they call regualr 91 "91 special".

96 premium and 98 super have no ethanol and cost about 20 and 30% more respectively.

E85 105 octane is availible in a few places if you want to mod and tune the shit out of your engine and don't care about fuel economy. You can get crazy KW gains, but that's for modern engines obviously.
>i want to pour a random thing into my gas tank
>instead of using a product designed for compatibility
desu just go down to any engine shop and ask them if they can do it for cash. the type of place that looks like its just a crap shed with a lathe and mill in it. they have cationic cleaners and high quality sealants and shit that wont break. they'll do it cheap too if you ask in the right tone
shellac dissolves in alcohol
there's alcohol in gasoline (but there wasn't in the old days)
so the gasoline will probably dissolve the shellac.
but if you want to be sure, paint something with the shellac and then soak it in a jar of gasoline for a while and see what happens.

here ya go

>here ya go
that's $40 plus shipping to Europe
>Told you I m poor.
Gas tank liners fail and clog

Remove the rust with acid and shake around some 2 stroke premix inside to keep the rust away until you use it

You can still buy gasoline without ethanol in it, but it's cost-prohibitive because I don't think anyone sells non-ethanol gasoline at anywhere close to normal gas prices. I am not sure this is a good idea regardless.
It works, I've done it several times. Just go buy it and use it as tank liner.
>but it's cost-prohibitive
It's about 10% higher where I live.
I use only pure gasoline in all my small engine devices.
lawnmowers, chain saws, generators, four wheelers, motorcycles, everything except my car and truck
My son goes even farther by using it in his truck.
I've had way fewer problems with all of these since I started doing this a few years ago.
Underrated and underhanded.
you want to know what a professional small engine mechanic does?
regular ethanol fuel.
mix half tcw3 2 stroke oil and half Marvel Mystery oil. add 1 ounce per gallon
I do it with every gasoline engine I touch including the truck and van

it helps everything the fuel touches. tank, pump, fuel line, carburetors throttle bodies and injectors, valves, rings and cylinder
reduces carbon deposits

mixed at this amount will have no negative effect on catalytic converters or mufflers

rusty tanks are easy to clean
fill with nuts bolts nails rocks and shake very hard. rinse out with hose and shake it more
repeat as needed until rust is gone. use a flashlight to look in there and feel it around the cap as far as your finger can reach

when all the rust is gone fill it with water to check for leaks
JB weld does very good on small holes. if you use JB weld make sure there is no paint on the area an it is clean oil free and rough the surface with something. scratch the hell out of it with a nail or something

when the rust is done and any holes are repaired put some diesel or oil in the tank and coat the inside
put a drop of oil on the cap threads and it is ready to reinstall

gas tank corrosion is normally only a problem if something sits unused and exposed to the elements for a along time
my mix of 1 ounce per gallon with 2 stroke oil and Marvel Mystery oil will help with preventing rust
This dosent work, it wont remove the ethanol, ethanol fucks old bikes and cars because it damages the old gaskets
>you want to know what a professional small engine mechanic does?
the ethanol aint that bad
as long as it is fresh fuel stored in an appropriate container and not left in a carburetor for 7 months without starting
I did the shake with bolts thing for like half a day. It worked to remove the most disgusting things (really old gas coming out as tar flakes) and it removed some of the rust. Next up, I ll put some rust remover inside and swirl it around and let it sit at different angles for about 24 hours. Next I ll rinse it and finally have some 2-stroke oil splashed around . Sounds like a plan?
Now I ll just have to wait for ONE warm day, rust remover works better when warm(er).
Thanks to all for the replies.
>PS You don't get to say what kind of forum 4chan is and is not, sorry.

I observed what it is in the way one observes water is wet, and if you think it's a motorcycle forum you are a dumbass.
Local bike shops aren't rust removal specialists, they sell replacement parts because it's not worth repairing damaged bodywork.

Auto radiator shops have dip tanks for stripping radiators which can remove any paint, some corrosion and all oily residue leaving you a better surface for sealer adhesion. You can neutralize the rust with rust converter.

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