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Ideas on making a robot rabbit ? it can also have military or delivery applications, think about it

I want to create a robot that has the ability to jump over 100 feet in the air , in any direction , and have control over the landing, with a small camera below the robot , so i can land the landings

>robot that can jump 30m
if you are too retarded to do your research then you are too retarded to build it
Okay I thought of ideas:
1.)Hydraulic Powered Legs, combined with jets
2.)Electric Powered legs, combined with jets or propellers
3.)spring loaded legs, combined with jets or propellers
compressed air pneumatic legs would give you the best jumping results
A stabilizing gyro, a blast plate, and some boom boom would give best jumping results.
another larp project
you aint building shit kid
File: me163-1.jpg (28 KB, 534x401)
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Make a solid rocket engine powered glider.
You did not specify that you needed to jump more than once or how much control you really need.
>>military or delivery applications, think about it
and what exactly would these applications be?

and what exactly do you mean by best?
how do you stabilize things with your gyro?
Bump because why not
I think the SandFlea from Boston Dynamics is what you're looking for but it doesn't leap to 100ft.

Anyways, I'd go compressed helium cartridges and mini zepelin. Wheel in as close to target... then trigger cartridge to fill zepelin. Take off, manoeuver over and drop the dope.

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