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Thinking about getting into this. Been watching people on yt like Sreetips, but I'd like some books on the subject. Anyone know of any infodumps or free pdf reference guides that describe the process in detail?
Learn chemistry
Bump also interesting

If you watch his vids, then you know that it makes zero economic sense to recover precious metals this way. That's his whole point, to show you that the cost benefit doesn't make sense
CM Hoke's "Refining Precious Metal Wastes Gold, Silver, Platinum Metals a Handbook for the Jeweler, Dentist and Small Refiner." It's the 'Bible' for backyard refining.

That said, you will make absolutely *NO* money on it. Refining works on economies of scale, and the backyard refiner will not have access to the tools and materials needed to make it work.

First, where's your scrap? I'm guessing e-waste, since that's what most of you tards go with. What is the value of your chips and boards? Old 486's will net a half-gram of gold, but modern processors and memory don't have shit (6th gen Intel I5's have less than a 10th of a gram of gold in them.) Memory, same thing.

Next, tools. Do you have a proper ball mill to pulverize your chips? Do you have a proper way to incinerate them without literally killing yourself with zinc and tin fumes, or sending your silver and gold literally up in smoke, and do you have a method of removing the gasses in such a way that you don't get the cops called on you on suspicion of baking meth?

Third, do you have the proper chemistry? Do you have a steady supply of nitric acid, which runs about $100 a gallon to the home user, assuming you can get it at all where you're at? Do you have a steady supply of reagent grade hydrochloric acid? Do you have the proper glassware to make these reactions work? Do you have a waste disposal process (because god help you if your state environmental department or the EPA get involved.)

(cont, 1/?)

Fourth and finally, assuming that you have all this shit square...do you have a business license to sell the dore bar you'll be making for final refining, so you can make some money off of it? Because of the stupid ass Patriot Act, most refiners will *NOT* buy from a private individual because there are reporting requirements to prevent money laundering. If you *DO* have a business license, do you have an anti-money laundering process, or are you a licensed jeweler or pawn broker? Because if not, a refiner won't work with you. And the chemistry I mentioned before? Nitric acid and the precursor chemicals (ammonium nitrate, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate) are all available, but if you buy enough, the ATF and Homeland Security get very, very interested in you. After they find out that you're not a bombmaker, they won't give a shit but they'll reach out to the EPA, who'll then be very, very interested in you.

The long and the short is, unless you're doing this just for fun and in the smallest of small batches (which will lose you an assload of money,) there is no return on investment.
Except he just made a video on profitting from the karat scrap that his wife buys from yard sales.
He's buying karat scrap. There's no need for home refining of karat scrap. Spend $50, get a business license, sell to a refiner and get 98%+ of spot value.

Why would you home refine something of a known value?
Why does he or anyone else on goldrefiningforum?

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