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CYOA /e/ general #8. Post stories, post votes, post images.

Latest story: Camp of Dares. Previous thread :>>2235213

Archived parts of the story (Pastebin):

Part 1: j33PCQMC
Part 2: ZsyZ8C0t
Part 3: PG6Y5C6U
Part 4: nebbyBe6
Part 5: nZaWE1Dw
Part 6: hf1Jh2Tb
Part 7: geyzvB0Y
Part 8: C45GXVqu
Part 9: Qdrupf9K

WARNING: This story is very long. Catching up takes a while.

There's over a hundred characters. List of them here: UH3mdyNS

A girl in her late teens visits a summer camp. Her roommates start a game of dares that progressively get more extreme as time goes on. The protagonist finds out The Game is being used by a young witch as a way to garner Ritualistic Power. As the price for her silence, the protagonist is given a potion that gives her superhuman agility and senses, but turned her into a cat-girl.
A Yandere has appeared; the clothes are lacking and the ritual is upon us. Join us in a populated world in which your actions have future consequences in an /e/ centered adventure longer than most novels in which the first saga is nearing its climax!
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A few points!

1) The content of the story has basically no restrictions other than what might be seen on /d/. In the end anything goes as long as the audience wants it to. Make your suggestions and you'll see them eventually implemented, although don't get mad if people don't vote for them. The story mainly focus on /e/ content (mostly ENF) but if you cannot tolerate /u/, beware! We've been getting into /c/ material every now and then for whatever reason.

2) We are still in an imageboard. People may vote at their leisure with a single post, but votes containing images will count double. Images are encouraged to have something to do with the situation the story is dealing with at the moment, but any good ol' pair of titties will do.

3) We need for 6 different people voting to continue the story. This number is liable to change at any time depending on the size of the audience.

4) Story will go on indefinitely. As long as you keep voting, it will keep going.
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I shrugged back at Lisa. What could I possibly inform her? I was not the one who had given her the dare so I couldn’t say for sure if she had done her part and she was allowed to leave; or even know if leaving was good idea since I was getting a funny feeling out of this Delanie girl. I was there for aerial support if the situation ever got too out of control and nothing more.

Realizing she was on her own, Lisa couldn’t make choice either. She kept holding Delanie without answering, which I feared would be misinterpreted as an affirmative answer to the proposal of spending the night.

As every single time something moves unexpectedly, my eyes turned to the window. Medea had disappeared. Not a second afterwards a tiny hand was knocking on the door despite my inability to hear any single footstep heading to that direction.

It would make sense for Medea to be the one to take action. She was the one who wanted to ‘gather enough emotions by midnight’ or something of that nature and my guess was she was not allowed to let Lisa dawdle as comical as the backfiring of her love confession could be.

“Leave! Get out! We don’t want you here whoever you are!” in a hysterical and hateful voice, Delanie shouted instead of opening the door.

As if her face hadn’t basically morphed into something horrible for a few seconds, Delanie returned to her embrace fully expecting Lisa to consider her behavior appropriate.

Medea knocked for a second time and then turned the knob to let herself inside, just to find out it was locked.
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“M-maybe we should see who it is?” Lisa floated the idea.

“NO! What does it matter? Just ignore them. They will have to leave,” Delanie denied Lisa with fanaticism.

Lisa’s face was amicable and even seductive not long ago, but as time went on she had a harder time keeping up the act and starting to realize what my nose had already told me about Delanie. There was just something wrong with the skinny girl and her frail physique didn’t tell the whole story.

“But… but what if it’s important? You know, it can get really crazy in camp sometimes. Ha, ha, ha…” Lisa reverted to giving more nervous laughs. “Like the werecat, or this guy who says there’s a ghost around, or this crazy woman invading other people’s homes…”

“Meaningless! All of it! Who cares? Let them do whatever they want! Let them die at the door if that’s what it takes for them to stop pestering,” Delanie declared.

That was my cue to do something. Delanie was trouble, I just knew it. Taking a page out of Medea’s book and the misdirection she tried on me when we were playing tag, I sneaked back into the bathroom and opened the sink, and grabbed a bar of soap. Delanie turned to the bathroom, but didn’t come check. When she turned back to Lisa I once again leapt to the beams at the roof and threw the soap as hard as I could at the back of the room, making the sound of something crashing against the bed.

Delanie turned again, more scared an unusual sound had happened a second time. I jumped down landing lightly and opened the little metal chain that all the cabin locks used to run and hide beneath a bed. Even if I said so myself, I had some a terrific job.

Lisa was not ignorant to any of my movements, having no reason to consider her line of sight on my exploits. She mouthed a “thank you” under her breath, and Medea didn’t delay a second to enter once the door wasn’t blocked anymore.
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“Sorry for barging in. I assumed the place was empty since the lights were off and there was no answer,” falsely reasoned Medea.

The tiny girl was a mess. Medea hardly bothered to shield herself from the elements other than the Sun itself, giving her parasol out to the first one who asked even under the rain, which was usually me. She was drenched and if she hadn’t gone out of her way to put her hair behind her head, she would have had that creepy ghost look she often employed against Dan.

“Well, it’s not empty! Now get out!” Delanie barked.

“I see,” Medea stoically addressed, nonchalantly wringing some water out of the ends of her incredibly long hair. “It would be presumptuous of me to go against your will while under a place that could be considered your home. I will leave but, do you mind if I take my roommate with me? I have been looking for her,” Medea pointed at Lisa. Lisa moved a little while still under Delanie, preparing to stand up.
“She’s staying the night with me. You may go back alone,” Denise sibilated possessively.

“I have communicated all I needed to say to you,” Medea derisively dismissed Denise and instead addressed Lisa. “We have decided you are done here. There is no reason for you to remain here any longer. Let us go.”

Lisa was still Delanie’s physical superior. As if all Lisa had been waiting for was the permission to do so, she rose to her feet. “Sorry, Delanie. I, uh… have to go. I’m going to be blunt, you look like a nice girl but we really, really need to talk. See you tomorrow at the cafeteria? Say about ten?”

“What are you saying, Lisa? You’re not leaving, are you?” Delanie mourned as if betrayed.

“She has some prior engagements,” responded Medea as Lisa looked uncomfortable answering by herself. “You already have a date if there is anything you need to discuss.”
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“Y-you! You’re stealing her away! You’re taking Lisa away!” Delanie mumbled so low that I barely picked it up.

“Huh? Sorry, did you say something?” Lisa, who was just next to Delanie, wondered, unsure.

“Oh, nothing!” Delanie had given a one-eighty turn. While the vibes I felt for her hadn’t changed on the slightest, she had a warm smile on her face. “I’m sorry for keeping you so long from your friends! Time just flies by, doesn’t it?” she giggled, trying to look either cute or innocent and just managing to scare me. “So we’ll see each other tomorrow?”

“You bet!” Lisa didn’t suspect anything out of the suspicious change of behavior.

“Until then!” Delanie amicably waved, allowing Lisa to leave behind Medea.

The second the girls turned their backs, my hair stood on end and I had the urge to jump out of my hideout and rush for the awning window to leave the place as soon as possible. Something shifted in Delanie’s eyes, and I didn’t like it one bit.

1) Delanie will wait until tomorrow to make any movements.
2) This is not the last time we’ll see Delanie for the night.
3) This night’s theme is Delanie.
The next dare.

a) Aria loses. A little payback from last dare. Lisa gets to molest Aria underwater on a nocturnal pool visit. They’re not the only ones skinny dipping.
b) Laurie gets her first loss. Lisa decides to start slow by making her knock on a door and ask for the time while nude. She gets to use a mask but not to cover.
c) Carmen loses. Lisa plays Cupid again and has Carmen send three texts to Chad. They will be extreme and have a few attachments.
d) Medea loses. Lisa dares her to be a pillow for the night. Aria will either need another home or share the bed with two other people. A certain someone might see the pair sleeping together and it might exacerbate her fury.
e) Erika loses. Lisa doesn’t need to hold back and dares Erika to play ‘the stupid game’ against Dan and his crew. Instead of stripping like last time Aria did it, Erika gets a purple-nurple (nipple twist) for each kick the boys resist. If Erika loses (gives up before the boys) she gets an additional sentence.
f) Jill loses. Lisa dares her to start a masturbating live-stream.

//FUUUUCK; messed the title
This is Thread #10. We'll correct that next time if I happen to remember.
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2 B. Delanie is an interesting character so I'm up for seeing more of her, but I wouldn't want her to overwhelm the rest of the night's activities.

Meanwhile, Laurie's past due to get her first dare, and this option works well for that.
2 B It really is about time Laurie loses for the first time
2 B
2 (3 is way too overkill ;)
B, she now knows what she got into ;)
absolutely save D for later :>
I was the first to make it back but didn’t have to wait long. I had the suspicion to be the one who hated the rain and thunder the most out of the group although not one girl was truly a fan of it. They had all jogged back as swiftly as their bare feet and crumped together formation where they shared the umbrella and parasol allowed them to.

“Meeeow!” I yelped as the freezing cold Lisa held her frigid body against mine.

It was horrible. I was all cozy and warm huddled above Lisa’s bed and Lisa had used the racket of the group of girls entering the cabin to cover her ambush.

“S-s-s-sorry, Aria, just a little longer!” Lisa stuttered, her teeth chattering.

It was not a little longer, and she was not the only one. Laurie was the next one to throw herself towards me and Jill followed soon after. I loved the scent of being sandwiched between three girls but still didn’t think it was worth it being exposed to such extremely low temperatures and the humidity of their skins. Because of my purring they didn’t even believe me that I wanted out and my torment continued until I warmed them up; at which point it started feeling nice. That was, of course, the queue for our hug to finish, to my disappointment.

Lisa had used the time to inform Delanie gave her the creeps and the opinion wasn’t unpopular. Erika said she had a bad feeling about it and I joined in trying to describe my experiences without sounding too alien. Medea was the one who sustained there was nothing to worry about and for once Lisa disagreed.

After my utility as a warming blanket was spent the bottle was rolled to take the next turn of the night.

It was Laurie’s first loss of The Game.

“Crap. Oh, well. I knew it had to come sometime,” she tried to cheer herself, but the worry on her face was evident.

“Okay, first things first. Your clothes? They have to go. Even Medea took off hers, so hurry it up,” Lisa instructed and snapped her fingers.
“With the modest extent of my remaining wardrobe, I was against getting it wet,” Medea felt the need to explain herself.

We had not addressed if one was supposed to remain naked after voluntarily stripping even when it wasn’t for a dare. Medea didn’t dress back up, so I guessed that answered the question.

I could relate to Laurie’s complains while removing her light green gown after she reminisced about enduring so much and suffering the shame she did all in order to obtain that single piece of clothing. Laurie’s body wasn’t too dissimilar to mine; she gave me a little of a look of how I would look with longer hair and I liked what I saw.

Not to sound condescending but her breasts were cute because they were small. The good thing about small titties was that it was impossible for them to be ugly; they couldn’t have a bad shape no matter what because they were just small mounds, like Medea’s or Laurie’s.

Laurie might have been younger than Medea, but even then her feminine curves were more defined and noticeable. She had an enviably thin waistline and a graceful curve on her hips; if a little on the smaller side. I also happened to think Laurie’s bum was cute; it was round and petite; the rather perverse thought occurred to me that I had never seen her anus and I couldn’t help but wonder how it looked like.

What I had seen though, was her pussy; prudishly covered by a small mat of black hair which was too naturally short to become curly. Laurie was one of those who had no necessity to shave downstairs and would still be able to wear any bikini she liked… short of maybe that abomination Elmira had made me wear back when she stole my tennis clothes.

“You’ve been really quiet, Aria. Ogling the merchandise?” Jill teased me audibly.
Laurie turned away and slightly blushed, but didn’t cover. I also bashfully chose to lay my sight somewhere else. What was wrong with me? It was not as if it had been long since I had seen the girl naked, not to mention that’s how I met her, both of us being completely au natural.

“Alright, she’s buck naked. What now?” Erika guessed Lisa’s instruction was merely step one.

Step two was something we would have considered something quite insane the first few nights, and it was now ‘taking it easy’ on the new girl’s first dare; just a testament of how far we had come.

Laurie was allowed to use a mask, although Lisa stressed it wasn’t mandatory. Among our group, the only one in any conditions to lend underwear to be used to cover Laurie’s face was Medea. One could make a case about Jill, but she had already stated the clothing pile she had amassed would stay hidden for the time being. Medea was reluctant to give Laurie a clean pair and the pair of white panties she had recently removed would have to do. In the end Laurie alluded on performing cunnilingus on me as to a reason why she didn’t even mind placing something that had been directly in contact with Medea’s vulva over mouth and nose for a prolonged amount of time.

I wish she hadn’t; I had skimmed that part of my day, writing off as “just some of Jill’s nonsense, you know the kind,” and refused to say anything more about it. Laurie caused Erika to ask very uncomfortable questions which soon drew the interest of the group. Laurie realized her mistake and in time gave short, evasive answers out of embarrassment of the detail she was required to tell the story with. When Laurie and I though the topic would be left alone, Jill took the wheel and retold it all in her own style; it embarrassed me to no end but had to admit it was stimulating to listen to the redhead’s shameless ramblings.
With Laurie properly masked, properly naked and properly reminded of her behavior in public at the cafeteria, we headed out once more. Laurie’s dare was merely asking for the time to a boy. I was actually a little curious on how was Laurie with her interactions with boys; it said something about one’s personality.

a) Cabin 12. Laurie knows a guy in there. It might make her more comfortable but there is also the risk of being recognized.
b) Cabin 14. Brad, the guy who always manages to see Aria naked stays here. He just has a knack to be there when Aria doesn’t want him to.
c) Cabin 15. Satanists. Laurie will be warned to be careful.
d) Cabin 16. Fat nerd And Johnny the one-track-mind man.
e) Cabin 18. Rodrigo and Kirby.
f) Cabin 20. Dan the Man and crew.

How do you imagine Laurie’s attitude towards men?

1) Dangerously innocent.
2) Can hardly speak to them at all, much less naked.
3) Mask gives absolute confidence.
4) Mask gives absolute confidence, until it comes off.
5) She’s just a normal girl, which doesn’t mean she has it easy.
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A. Laurie was given an easy dare, but it does sound fun for her to accidentally make it harder for herself by her mask coming off and her getting recognized.

I'm torn between 1 and 4. Both appeal to me, but I think that mixing them together would cause them to interfere with each other. I think I'll go 1, because it sounds more flexible than 4, but I'm also okay with elements of 4 being included if it doesn't interfere, if that makes sense.
A or F,
A could be interresting if something derails like eg. >>2246947
F is pretty straight forward. They know whats going on and ofc try to get their own deal out of it ;)

-3, just not sure about this one... dealers choice , except 3, it just feels not quite right
One thing was saying I would do it, and another very different one was actually going through with it. It was not too hard to get naked when everybody else was; it was actually starting to get awkward being the only one wearing any clothes. Getting out without anything to wear out in the cold rain in the middle of the night wasn’t all that awful, either. The rain was just something you had to get used to.

Getting checked out by Aria? Mmmaybe a little weird but I would live. Having to wear Medea’s panties over my face? Not a problem; she looked clean and the panties looked clean as well.
The hard part began when I had to knock on the door.

I had picked one of the closets cabins to the one we were playing in. It had nothing to do with just the convenience of not having to run too far. It was Olivier’s cabin. I liked Olivier, not in a weird way but as a person; he and Bertha, his girlfriend, were such a cute couple and super nice to me.

I wasn’t trying to pay Olivier’s niceness by flashing him the goods or anything, although if any boy in camp should get to see me completely naked he would be my first choice. The real reason I had picked his cabin was because I was afraid.

Sure, Aria was the werecat and all, but she couldn’t control her transformations or whatever. What would the boys could think if a girl coming without wearing not even underwear, other than on her face of course, could only be after one thing? I was terrified of getting attacked. If nothing else, Olivier would not do that. He had a girlfriend, and he was not a bad person.
I looked back one more time. I just wanted to make sure the girls had my back. Erika gave me a thumbs up; was it me or something was going on between Erika and Aria? Anyway, I armed myself with courage and knocked on the door.

For a hot minute I thought they wouldn’t answer, that they were asleep and that the dare was cancelled, because that was how it worked.
“Coming!” an unfamiliar voice said. Not Olivier or Ted. Shit.

The door opened. There I was; naked old me. I couldn’t cover, it was just like with Jill; my mask was my shield. Who was in front of me? No fucking idea, some guy. My boobs? Out in the open, first thing he looked at. My pussy? All revealed, covered by nothing other than my pubes, which I didn’t want people looking at, either; that was the second thing the guy looked at.

“Yo!” the guy said. “You guys have it hard, huh? With the clothing getting stolen and stuff. Nice mask, he, he! Wouldn’t you rather wear that on your… you know? Not that I’m complaining!”

My mask was my shield. He could not know who I was. I was anonymous, this was okay. Everything was okay because I had nothing to be embarrassed about. It was like Jill said; who cared if they saw a faceless picture of me? They wouldn’t know it was me. That was what mattered.

“Hey! What’s up?” it was good manners to greet someone if you drop by their place at night so I did. “So… here’s the deal, I kind of need you-” I was about to ask him for the hour but got interrupted.

“Yo! Dallas, who’s that at the door?” that was Ted, I was sure of it.

“Just some naked chick, you know, the usual,” he said with a smile.

“What? No fucking way!”

Ted I didn’t like that much. He was good friend with Olivier and I guessed that had to count for something, so there was that. He pushed the guy who opened the door aside and slammed the door open. Just like that, there were five guys watching me, all nakey.

It was okay! The mask! I had the mask! So what if they could see my pussy? They didn’t know it was MY pussy; it was just ONE pussy of which they had seen hundreds online. Because boys did that, right? Jill said so.

“Shit, he wasn’t lying!”
“Cute one, ain’t she?”

“Uh… wow. What the hell are you doing, La-”

“I’m here just to ask a question!” I cut Olivier up. Did he recognize me? No, it couldn’t be. I had the mask. He was going to say something else, maybe ‘long legs’, or even ‘loli’; I wasn’t dumb, I knew what one of those was and I wasn’t one but I could see why some people may think I was.

“Looking like that? You can ask for anything you want!” the guy who opened the door said. He didn’t look angry Ted had pushed him away.

He was pushed again, this time by Olivier. “Have you gone mental? Laurie, what the fuck are you doing?” Olivier grabbed my panties and pulled them away from my face before I could do anything. He was angry for some reason.

That moment everything changed.

It didn’t matter why Olivier had done such a horrible thing; all that mattered was that it was done. He had not only removed my only shield, the only thing protecting me, he had said my name aloud. I had five guys staring at me, and this time I was naked for real. For real my boobs were out, for real I wasn’t covering my pussy. It was all over.

I yelled as hard as I had ever yelled. I closed my eyes and looked up so I could shout louder. I crouched and covered my chest with my arms. This was horrible.

They had seen! Everything! Even my face! My face! They knew who I was, they know how I looked without any clothes on; they would recognize those pictures Jill had uploaded, it was all over!

I wanted to run away running but my legs didn’t answer to me, I was so scared.

“Yo! Olivier, look what you’ve done! You made her freak out!”

“Yeah, what’s your problem? She wanted to keep the mask or whatever.”

“No! You don’t get it. I know her, she’s a friend and she’s…”

“Shut up! SHUT UP!” I yelled at Olivier. I hated him. Jerk. Moron. Retard.
It was the cafeteria all over again. This time there was no Jill to cover me with a towel. The shame was… incredible. I just wanted to stay there and cry but in a few seconds I knew that even if the boys didn’t get to see my private parts anymore because I had for the most part covered them, they were still happily ogling me, the perverts. I had to end if it I wanted anything to change.

“Laurie, sorry! I… wasn’t thinking,” said Olivier. Too little, too late.

He ran to his things and grabbed a jacket. I barely managed to recover in time to jump and get out of the way before he placed the jacket on me and he made me fail the dare, on top of everything he had already done.

“Laurie, wait!”

“WHAT TIME IS IT?” I asked. “What. Time. Is. It?” they didn’t get it the first time so I had to do it again.

I was so angry at Olivier that I was able to move again. I was standing up, giving my side to the boys so at least they couldn’t look freely at my pussy, one leg lifted. They instead all leaned to the side to take a look at my butt. It was so embarrassing. My arms were on my chest, which at least I had protected.

“I need to know what time is it!” they weren’t getting the message and I was near my limit. If I had to endure this hell any longer I didn’t know what I would do.

Ted finally took a clue and taking his eyes off me for a second, a literal second, he checked his phone. “It’s nine twenty-four,” he said at long. Fucking. Last. How hard was that?

“Thanks!” I said for no reason and turned tail to run away as fast as I could into the freezing rain and the cozily dark night.

“Laurie, wait! What’s going on?” said Olivier behind me, but he could get fucked for all I cared.


We were supposed to give the new girl an easy one, just let her test the waters and this jerk Olivier with his stupid goatee had just pulled the panties off Laurie’s face, the one thing that allowed her to more or less take it. I had at one point, too; but it wasn’t on purpose. Laurie wasn’t in danger so I couldn’t do anything about what was currently happening to her, not that it mattered. She may have had a little breakdown but in the end completed her dare.

The poor girl ran away crying. Jill was waiting there for her. Laurie crashed head first into Jill’s bosom. Jill embraced the mortified girl and cradled her. “It’s okay! It’s okay! You did well, good job!” Jill cooed.

a) Laurie dares Aria to be a plaything until Laurie is satisfied. Laurie just wants to blow off some steam.
b) Laurie dares the loser (can also be Aria) to punch Olivier on the throat. While naked, of course, since they don’t have a choice.
c) Loser has an intense make-out session with Laurie. Laurie officially becomes bi.
d) Medea is dared to give away a dress and a pair of panties to Laurie and to let her keep them. Medea only has one more pair of panties and is on her last dress.
e) Loser is dared to “embarrass themselves,” in front of a different batch of males. It is very open to interpretation.
File: Locker.jpg (658 KB, 1089x1538)
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658 KB JPG
D, with this we can bring Medea to the same level as the rest of the cabin, or close enough to it at least, despite her efforts to protect her wardrobe.
-D poor Medea ain't done nothing wrong
may be the right argument, but just dare to give away clothes is a really cheap dare.. we can do better ;)
Fair enough. I think I'll switch to E with Jill. The biggest challenge might just be finding something Jill actually finds embarrassing these days.
C for now need some time to read the story haven't have much time recently
Tie A with E (Jill). E reached the 2 votes first so it wins.

Life is hard but I wish you luck.

It wasn’t that hard to cheer up Laurie. We all cooperated with giving stories about some of our recent dares which made us feel uncomfortable and she immediately knew she didn’t have it that bad. I didn’t mention a dare but the tennis match I had against Jill; not that I hadn’t had dares which were more embarrassing that that but I was supposed to be the werecat during and just had been a helpless, detached spectator – supposedly.

Jill shared the first time she got naked in front of the whole camp and talked about having sex with me; there was something about the way Jill told stories that made them exciting, somehow. Carmen talked about being a dog and Medea actually didn’t share; she wasn’t great of feelings. Erika also kept to herself and Lisa touched on how scared she was in her most recent dare which was also understandable.

“Then why the hell are we doing this to each other?” Laurie wondered.

“Oh, come on. I dare you to tell me it isn’t fun,” argued Jill.

“It’s very hard to stop when it’s your turn. You went through Hell and then you feel you have earned taking it off on someone else, I think,” Carmen reasoned.

“We all agreed,” simply stated Medea.

I successfully managed to switch the conversation to what a jerk that Olivier guy with his annoying guitar was. Medea more or less lamented the guy kept her panties and how problematic it could be to get them back. It gave me a few ideas for dares but more than that planning some scenarios to mess with Olivier.
From there, Jill initiated a group hug now that we were all completely naked. Erika took off her earrings, Jill and Lisa let their hair down and we devolved it all into a tickle fight. Honestly, it was fun enough to be like that near each other but I once again hijacked the situation and urged Laurie to take her turn since she had earned it. I had to remember, if we did it right this might be the last night.

Unlike the other vindictive contestants we had had as of late, Laurie was cheerful and excited about taking her first turn instead of plain vindictive. Even when the loser was Jill, the girl who had dragged her naked around half the camp, from what I could tell Laurie’s intentions weren’t sinister.

“So, what do I have to do?” Jill dedicated a warm and disarming smile to Laurie.

“Hmm. I don’t know…” Laurie wasn’t teasing, she actually looked troubled. “How do we go from there? I mean, you’ve done everything; in broad daylight, in front of everyone. What goes after that?” it was a valid concern I myself had when thinking about what dares to propose to Jill.

“You can take suggestions if you want,” Jill advised her. “As long as the decision is yours, it’s all fair,” she more or less parroted a point Medea had clarified.

“It’s not about embarrassing, just think up of something that would be fun,” Erika chimed in. “If you want to see Jill put up a tennis ball up her ass, go for it.”

“Erika!” Jill giggled. “I’ll put one in yours! How would you like that?”

“That’s a good idea, Erika!” Laurie acknowledged. “How didn’t I think of that?”

“Uh… are you serious?” Jill looked worried. “I think that was a joke, Laurie. It wouldn’t actually fit, you know? I think a racquet is the most I can do…”

“No, not the ball thing! The embarrassed thing!” Laurie dismissed. “Jill, I dare you to embarrass yourself in front of some boys. You actually have to get embarrassed.”
“Oh, I guess that works,” acquiesced Erika.

“Isn’t that too open to interpretation?” noted Carmen.

“The conditions are clear enough and she has already decided. It will be done so,” declared Medea

I thought that was fairly clever of Laurie, but it was now Jill the one who was having trouble coming up with something that she could do that could fulfill the conditions of her dare. Jill was probably the biggest follower of the whole spirit of the game and didn’t care for easy or unfair outs. Instead of just flashing some boys, she had decided to figure out beforehand what she was to do, and she had to find it embarrassing without resulting dangerous.

Very interesting ideas were floated around, some by my own mouth. The decision was left ultimately to Jill although Laurie was implied to have the right to jump in and take the choice away from the redhead. Surprisingly enough, Carmen’s suggestions were of the strongest contenders while most of Erika’s ideas were deemed not good enough.

“Honestly? If done right I think either of these would do,” Jill was down to a few different choices. “I can’t pick between them, though. Aria, could you? You do it.”

“Why me?” Laurie should pick, not me.

“Because you have cat-ears.”

a) Simple masturbation would do the trick.
b) Temporarily becoming a slave and prompting a boy to issue demeaning commands.
c) Be taped while having sex with another girl. Nothing about the identity of the girl had been stated.
d) Being diddled by several males at once.
e) Going to the offices and declaring herself a nudist, insisting her profile to be updated and waking up whoever she had to.

Can always issue your own.
Idea: Animals
File: Blue hair 3.jpg (474 KB, 800x1079)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
I'm thinking E, even if it doesn't stick Jill embarrassing herself in front of the camp's authorities sounds like it'd do the trick.

Interesting, may I expand that into something actionable? I'm thinking Jill covers herself in something tasty and Aria rounds up a bunch of cats to lick her clean in front of people. Lots of tongues, lots of stimulus.

Aria commands a bunch of cat into licking the fuck out of Jill
B. I assume you'll present options for the commands?
C. Not sure about the cat licking. They have quite an abrasive tongue.
C would backfire hard and mean certain doom for other girl involved..
B is probably the only option fitting enough for Jill.

(Btw. What the hell is diddling??)
probably a nice idea
What about C Aria? That would reduce the risk of leakage as I don't think the group would want to post that out but then that would also turn it to become Aria's dare, and probably also not that sufficient for Jill as of current stage? Not too sure. Not voting this.

And then for d that's probably something /h/?
File: 4L_RfgcxBud.png (899 KB, 850x1143)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
Whoops. Was already finishing on B. No worries. I need to get some shit done so give me like 3 hours.
While I was not entirely certain how my ears had invested me with authority, I still made the choice for Jill. It was a dare we had already tried several times, but with a twist.
“So, leaving the job of embarrassing me to someone else, huh? Cowards,” Jill teased.

She was not entirely wrong. It was an idea originally floated by Carmen, making Jill into a slave… of boys this time. I wasn’t crazy about the idea of letting those… things rule over Jill, but when we got down to it I had to admit that was a sure-fire way to embarrass Jill.

“We’re going to have to lay some ground rules, though. We don’t need you pregnant,” Erika opined. “You know sex is the first thing they’re gonna ask for; maybe second, after the blowjobs.”

“Yeah, this is about embarrassing her, okay? I’m not asking her to be a sex-slave,” Laurie expressed.

“Wait! Wait! It’s a bad idea, after all!” I changed my mind. After all, I couldn’t bare the sight of Jill suffering those horrible scenarios I hadn’t even though about because of me. “We’ll do something else! We’ll do something else!”

The mental imagery Erika had put in my head was too much. I closed my eyes and shook my head. I ended up triggering that new thing I could do, like if I was trying to dry myself. My hair was at least humid from all the times we had gone outside and I sprayed Carmen and Lisa, who got mad at me.

“Alright, Aria; what would you rather have me do?” Jill asked me.

“T-the other thing. Where you get taped. It will be embarrassing, right?”

“Figures she’d pick the one she suggested,” Carmen groaned. “It was like Erika said; we just needed some ground rules. How about involving something other than girls every now and then?”

“Someone wants some dick,” mocked Lisa, making a rather grotesque gesture as if she was performing fellatio, stretching her cheeks with the tongue.
“Easy, I already told you I’ll set you up with Chad. Wait until tomorrow, okay?” Jill joined in the joke.

“That’s… that’s not what I meant! It wasn’t about that!” Carmen fretted flustered as Laurie and Erika giggled.

“Is it settled, then?” wondered Medea.

“Wait! Wait! Let’s do half and half,” suggested Erika. “So, Carmen wants some male participation. How ab-”

“I didn’t mean it that way and you know it!”

“Shut up, Carmen. Let me finish,” Erika took badly to the interruption and sonorously slapped the back of Carmen’s head with a cupped hand. Carmen just sat there and took it. Laurie giggled again. “As I was saying…”

I had originally suggested we taped Jill getting busy with another girl, although I made no mention of who ‘another girl’ would be. Erika wanted to do the whole thing in front of boys, getting them ‘blue-balls’. The boys would be the ones to tape Jill.

“I don’t know…” I said. I wasn’t comfortable with letting Jill go all on her own; but joining Jill in her naked adventure was also too embarrassing for someone who hadn’t been dared.
“Sure. It sounds like fun,” Laurie decided.

“If that is what Lauren wants, then it will be done so,” sadly, before I could make my concerns known Medea went and made it official.

“Stop calling me Lauren. It’s Laurie. Laurie!” it was the second time Laurie requested it. She apparently didn’t like her given name too much.

“I prefer calling people by their proper names,” Medea was uncharacteristically inflexible.

“Ugh… it sounds so old,” Laurie complained. “Is it just for messing with me? I don’t like people calling me Lauren.”

“Just call her Zelda until she stops,” Erika maliciously advised.

“Who’s Zelda?” Jill wondered.

“Medea is; that’s her middle name. Like the…!”
“Yes, yes. Like princess in the game,” Medea cut Erika up in a bad mood. “I already heard all about it during middle school. Zelda is not my middle name; it is my second given name. There is a difference.”

“I think it’s nice,” Lisa obviously said, not that it was inaccurate. We both had long since added Medea in social networks and were aware of her full name. She also had a cool sounding surname, ‘Blackwood’.

“Zelda, huh?” Carmen pondered over something.

“Shut up, Teresa,” Erika seemed to have it for Carmen as of late.

“I actually like Teresa,” Carmen stated, sticking out her tongue.

“Alright, alright. Girls, aren’t we forgetting my dare? So, Laurie; it’s up to you now, since Aria can’t make up her mind.” I whined, sad. I had only hesitated because I cared about Jill. “Tell me which boys to have tape me.”

“And uh… you know, also tell her who’s the girl that’s gonna…” started Erika.

“No, we’ll leave that one to the boys,” Jill enticingly appealed, changing the rules as she saw fit to have fun. “We’ll make it part of my dare, to see if I can get the girl they want. An extra difficulty.”

“Ooooh! Not bad!” Laurie seemed very much on board.

a) Cabin 13. Chad’s cabin. Make Carmen jealous… or not if she’s part of it.
b) Cabin 14. Brad, the guy who always manages to see Aria naked stays here. He just has a knack to be there when Aria doesn’t want him to.
c) Cabin 15. Satanists. They’re a fun bunch.
d) Cabin 16. Fat nerd And Johnny the one-track-mind man.
e) Cabin 18. Rodrigo and Kirby. For extra spice, with Lisa and Erika jealously watching them in turn.
f) Cabin 20. Dan the Man and crew.
No cabin is out of bounds. It can also be taped by girls if you choose. Just some examples.

1) Erika. She’s right there, and she’s hot.
2) Lisa. About the hottest girl in camp.
3) Juniper. Jill’s rival; and very tired about Jill’s shenanigans.
4) Andrea. Will it even be hard to convince her?
5) Elmira. Reverse trap comes included with strap-on.
6) Delanie. She unexpectedly makes an appearance and strikes a deal with Lisa.
7) Valentine. Just some conventionally hot girl thrown in the list for good measure.
8) Sue. Do you remember Sue?
9) Hilda. Now THAT’S a challenge.
10) Ruth. She’s been wanting it and everyone knows it.
Again, no girl is out of bounds, these are just suggestions. Jill will think of something, even if they’re part of the staff. If they’re too hard to convince, it may take more than one part to achieve it.
a) not emberasing enough,
b) still not emberasing enough.
d) also not emberasing enough.
c) Now we're talking emberassing ;]
e) got some pretty evil possibilitys
f) well, its Dan. he may deserve sth. Nice after the assaults from Medea ;)
So C / E / F

Really hard choice...
No idea. Anyone outside of Cabin 3 (Arias Cabin).
3 or 5
File: Pondering.jpg (1.35 MB, 1684x1191)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
F, Dan the Man is always up for this kind of job.

Hard to pick a girl, I support 8 (Sue), 10 (Ruth), and 3 (Juniper) just to see how Jill would convince her.
A hard choice indeed. I like 3, 4, 10, or Maggie
D7 or 10
E or F Sounds good
Maybe 3 (Juniper) or even fucking Bertha Maguire (Olivier's gf)
“Carmen, do you know any Marios?” Erika continued to be annoying.

“Yeah. Funny you should ask,” Carmen answered without the slightest indication she knew why Erika was actually asking.

“Leave her alone, already!” Lisa threatened with a fulminating stare at Erika, who desisted while laughing. She hadn’t gotten to Medea but had made someone mad and that seemed to be her objective all along.

Laurie didn’t know that many boys in camp, or that much people for that matter. However, Jill and Erika were the complete opposite and between the two they named a plenty of interesting options for Laurie to name.

“This Dan guy, he sounds like fun,” Laurie mistakenly believed. “Can he be the cameraman and stuff?”

Since this dare was going to be obviously performed in-doors and I strongly insisted it was dangerous to leave the boys alone with Jill, we needed a few witnesses presentable enough to be left inside, which mean no nudity. Laurie and I got to wear our respective gowns we got from Maggie. Mine smelled a hell of a lot like Lisa, which was fine. Laurie was going because it was her dare and I was going because it was my idea to accompany Jill.

“Aria, I’m going to have to ask you for a favor,” Jill told me during the way.

“Sure, what is it? Anything I can do to help,” I obligingly responded.

“Don’t… touch yourself, okay?” it was an odd petition.

“Uh… okay?”

“No, I’m serious. You have this bad habit of stealing the spotlight because you lose control. I know you can’t help it but you’re this adorable, pretty little thing and if the boys see you fingering yourself or worse, they could kind of forget I am there. Like what happened the other time.”
Jill’s recent declaration affected me in different levels, all of them embarrassing for different reasons. First, Jill thought I was prone to touching myself in front of people, which was plainly insulting. Second, she had called me something very nice and that made me happy and flustered. Third, she had insinuated I COULD steal attention away from her if I wanted.

“N-no way! Like I even could!” I spouted. “You’re…. you’re so much prettier than I am! A-and you’re so much taller, and your skin… it’s so beautiful! T-then there’s your hair and your green eyes a-and… how can I even compete?” I wasn’t being falsely modest; neither was I feeling sad about admitting my obvious inferiority to Jill; I knew I had my own appeal and I was fine with not being the main attraction of our coven. I was… tied for third? Around there.

“I have green eyes, too!” Laurie proudly butted in for no reason.

“Don’t sell yourself short,” Jill said to me, very seriously. “And don’t forget you’re a cat-girl, which gives you points for being exotic. And whatever you think, don’t forget what I asked.”

I accepted immediately, as the conditions were ridiculously easy; I was also in an incredible mood after being so vastly complimented. I rode that high purring all the way to Dan’s.

“What’s up, Aria? Shit! Long time no see!” Dan’s shortest friend greeted us. “I thought you had fucking forgotten about us or something, and then the rain started and we said ‘shit, girl aren’t coming tonight for sure’, so glad to know I was wrong!”

“What’s them rules this time?” the tannest of Dan’s friends asked. Erika had called him Cirio, I recalled. “Lots have happened, huh? Wanna talk about it? The werecat business. That shit’s whack.”
“D-do you mind if we come in?” Jill didn’t begin the conversation as I figured she would, so I had to. She was ‘dressed’ with a few bed sheets since she had said in those scenarios it was actually better if she didn’t start naked. Lisa and Erika seemed to agree, for whatever reason.

“In this time? Sure,” Dan politely gave us way. “Just uh… a piece of warning, okay?”

“Yeah. Shit happens. Real shit,” the shortest solemnly deadpanned. “If Dan says ‘run’, you run. You got that?”

“No questions asked,” the guy with the funny accent said. “If we say we have to get out of here whatever you’re wearing or not, we leave it all behind and we run away.”

Laurie got actually scared while Jill had a hard time containing a giggle. I just felt internally sorry for how much worry Medea had brought to the guys; although in the end they kind of deserved it. They still had a pair of panties I had lost against them nailed to the wall, for crying out loud. They smelled like old me, which was always fascinating.

“Aria, what did I tell you?” Jill scolded me.

“S-sorry,” I apologized and looked down, ashamed of my actions. I had drawn attention.

“You can sniff them all you want but we’re not giving them back. We won them fair and square.”

Jill proceeded to tell them about the dare. There wasn’t much to hide from Dan and his friends. They had already figured out most of our activities; one could even say than save from some minor details they knew about the same as Laurie, which was a player, including our code of conduct.

“No shit! You’re for real? This shit’s for real?” the shortest celebrated. He looked uncomfortably hyped about what Jill was supposed to do.

“No fucking way! You girls are hardcore. That’s some real shit right there,” Cirio celebrated about to lose his mind.
“And you say you want us to tape? And we choose the girl? How does that work?” Dan looked the least excited, which was still saying a lot. He was the only one who asked for further definitions of our terms.

“Pick a girl in camp. Any girl, how I convince her is my business. Then I call you, my camera crew. We’re going to film some lesbian porno, basically,” it was impressive that it still happened, but just saying that made Jill blush, and she wasn’t the only one.

“Any girl?”

“That’s what I said. Any girl,” Jill was nothing if not confident. To trust she could bed any girl was quite a statement; and even then she told me I could steal the attention? Who was she fooling?

The boys went to a different section of the room to have a discussion. They weren’t hiding anything, just said we could feel uncomfortable about hearing them talk about the ‘assets’ of the girl campers. I heard all of it, of course; it was a little sickening but that bastard Dan… he had good taste.

Still huddled together, Cirio turned to us.

“Who’s that hottie you’re always with in the tennis courts? Miss long legs. With the tall, brown hair? Ring any bells?”

“Oh, that’s Juniper,” Jill answered immediately. The image of the girl also quickly jumped into my mind. I had seen her around. She was the only dressed girl inside the fenced area back at Jill’s nudie tournament events.

“You’re friends, right? Can it be her?” funny Middle Eastern accent asked.

“Hmm. I see what I can do.” Jill actually sounded fairly unsure. “She’s PISSED I stole her clothes. She’s going to be a hard one,” she whispered between Laurie and me.

“We can pick another one if it’s problem!” quickly offered Dan. “How about… I think her name is Ruth? Call me out on my bullshit if I’m wrong, but rumor says y-”
“No, Juni’s fine. This is part of the dare,” Jill stubbornly decided, standing up from the bed they had offered us as a seat. “I’ll have to meet with her in person; I don’t think a call would do the trick with her. I’ll keep you posted. You guys better give me your numbers. You get to see but you have to be at the ready, you got that? Whenever I call you to, to any place I call you, my camera crew better rush there.”

“We’ll be there if we have to fucking fight the ghost!” the shortest valiantly stated with fervor shining on his eyes.

a) Jill has some leverage. Easy victory.
b) Jill actually seduces Juniper, but Juni doesn’t know there will be witnesses. Dan and crew as well as Aria have to prowl and try not to be seen.
c) Jill understandable makes high demands first. Jill has no choice but to agree no matter how crazy it gets.
d) It all gets decided in a nocturnal, rainy, nude match of tennis with a cat umpire.
e) Juniper, as most normal girls would, absolutely declines having a lesbian encounter for a camera in front of males. Jill is forced to make Juniper’s life hell until she agrees. While it may take a while, several chances to embarrass Juniper will present themselves.
f) They actually have to fight the ghost. Jill thinks it would be just way too funny to not take the chance. The guys end up with blue balls and Jill repeats her dare with some other cabin.
File: Delete.png (881 KB, 800x600)
881 KB
881 KB PNG
E, it's only natural that Jill will have to work for this, or C because it'd be fun to see how crazy Juniper makes things (Assuming you meant that Juniper makes the high demands)
Quick few things.

Diddling in sexual context can mean either fucking or fingering. I left it open to interpretation.

Yup, that's what I mean. Sorry. Could you send me a mail for a way to contact you? I've just finished re-reading and making the "remastered" version of the story without typos and little mistakes like the one you spotted, in theory.

It has some dialog changed so it makes more sense, like Medea using contractions in her first iteration while she avoids them at all costs unless she's distressed now; or adding a more foreshadowing now that we have the luxury to know where the story ended up. Small things like that.

Wanna be able to send you the whole thing. I'll let you decide what to do with it, although I will post it anywhere requested.
GnatteringYawn@gmail.com should work. I can't say I'd know what to do with it right now but I might be able to think of something, especially once these two weeks of camp finally wrap up.

It'll be nice to read through it again too, a lot's happened since we started and it'll be interesting to see things like non-catgirl Aria and the path we took to get where we are.
We can get Medea to do the ghost thing later in the night
C or E

why dont we dare medea later to raid Dans with the objective to destroy their videos (or at least their phones ;)
Greater reason behind it could be they filmed sth. beyond the lesbian couple they better souldn't have ;]
Is there typo in the option C?
Vote same as others
C with a touch of E
Tie, C and D.
This is what we'll do: Jill will start making Juniper's life hard; after Juniper has had enough, she will make the demands she wants from Jill.

Yeah, sorry.

Way too much footage of the girls exist to bother with it anymore. Jill was already recorded having a very intimate encounter with Melanie, anyway.

“Ghost, there’s a ghost?” Laurie panicked. “I’m… this better not be a joke!”

“It’s fine, Laurie. The ghost is not going to hurt you,” I eased her.

“Don’t tell her that! You don’t know that!” Dan passionately defended.

“I’ll tell you about it later,” I whispered to her and reassuringly held her close to me.

“EEEEEK!”, “MEEEEOW!” we both shrieked and ducked at once. The gowns had come undone from the front when I reached for Laurie.

“Aria! I asked you for one simple thing!” recriminated Jill.

“It was not on purpose!” I remarked, angry and turning around so I could fix my clothes.

“Whoo, nice. Pantybringer’s still got it.”

After suffering an unnecessary humiliation of having all of Dan’s crew take a look at my body and Laurie’s because of the stupid, defective Velcro straps I had by then completely forgotten about, I couldn’t stand being in front of them any longer and took Laurie away under Carmen’s umbrella. “I’m sorry, Laurie,” I said to her.

“You’re SURE there’s no ghost?” she had her own set of priorities, apparently.

Jill came out of Dan’s cabin soon after, she had Medea’s parasol to avoid getting the bed sheets too wet.

“What’s the plan?” I asked her. Juniper, as far as I had seen was a no-nonsense kind of girl. Jill’s approach usually worked best against spineless tiny people like Laurie or me.
“Whatever works,” Jill winked at me with a wry smile. “Juniper’s never easy to deal with. She’s kind of a… well, she is a grouch. You’ll see what I mean.”


“Borzi! Borzi, stop singing!” I yelled at her without getting any response. It was not surprising; I could hear the music coming from her headphones which meant it was too loud from her to hear anything at all.

“Val, hey; Val!” Natty, who had her bunk below Borzi’s moved her massive tits for something useful and called the singing girl’s attention by lightly tapping at Borzi’s leg.

“Did you want something?” Borzi asked, taking off her headphones, turning to Natty.

“Stop! Fucking! Singing!” I repeated. “Or I’m throwing you out,” I was half serious.

“What bug crawled up YOUR ass?” Borzi said in a bad mood like I was the one in the wrong. She still adjusted the volume and starting putting on the ear buds again.

“The bug that doesn’t let me enjoy your stupid singing,” I replied, not in the mood either, “maybe if I was wearing panties or something the bug wouldn’t have crawled there.”

“Are you still on about that, Juni?” Natty asked me a stupid question. “Jill said she’s going to give the clothes back tomorrow, okay?”

It was hard not to be angry in a cabin full of other naked girls without any consideration. Valentine Borzi was just the tip of the iceberg. I had seen her tan naked at the pool and even if she didn’t admit it I had reasons to believe she was one of Jill’s… troops, squad members? Part of whatever Jill thought she was doing. Of course Borzi was okay with everything that was going on. The bitch was an exhibitionist, just like Jill. I hated to admit it but she had the body for it… just like Jill.
Natty big-tits below her wasn’t much better. Jill had Natty around her little finger from the very start. Jill said ‘jump’, Natty asked ‘how high, master?’, that sort of thing.

There was a knock on the door.

“Who could it be at this hour? With this rain?” Kristin wondered from the back. She was the only one of us who wasn’t completely naked. She had a baseball cap and the moron used it to cover her head while everything else was out in the open.

“Ignore it. It’s just some boys who want us to open to see us,” I guessed. The knock repeated.

“Are you going to open up or what? It’s fucking freezing out here!” a muffled voice came from the other side of the door.

“It’s Jill!” Natty celebrated.

“All the more reason not to open!” I jumped down from my bunk and stopped Natty from opening the door to that walking menace. “I’m sick of her shit! Whatever it is, it’s bad news!”

Janelle cat-walked past me, without saying a word opened up the door, and cat-walked back to her place shaking her stupid bubble-but and placing it back on her bed.

“About time!” Jill rushed in without so much as a fucking greeting. She had two girls behind her. They were all… dressed!

“Holy…! Is, is that the werecat?” Kristi asked.

“It… it is,” Natty confirmed.

“Aria, don’t do it! Don’t! Don’t!” Jill ordered.

“Eeek!”, “Aaargh!”, “Damn it!”, “Pfft! No!”

The werecat had just gotten in all fours, shook her whole body and sprayed us all with cold water from the outside.

“Aria!” Jill scolded.

“S-sorry… it happens on its own,” the werecat at least looked ashamed of the mess she had done.

“Sorry, girls,” Jill apologized in the werecat’s behalf. “A thunder scared her and she jumped out of the umbrella and she got wet and… oh, hey; Juni!” Jill turned to me and greeted me like I had nothing to be mad about.
“Where are my clothes, Jill?” I asked her, ready to throw down if that’s what it took. I was not afraid of her.

“Choo!” Kori let out a small sneeze. “Choo! Choo!” then another and another. She sounded like she wanted to be a cartoon train. She sniffled and covered her face with her sheets. She sneezed again.

“Is there something wrong, Kori?” Kristi wondered.

“I’m… achoo! I’m allergic to cats!”


Someone was allergic to me? That happened? The girl with the black hair half-dyed pink sneezed again. Apparently, it did happen. Wasn’t her reaction too fast? Maybe I had messed up by drying myself. I could have sent hair in her direction. I had A LOT of it, and it came out easily.

“Out! Achoo! Get her out!” Pink hair spoke of me like I was a thing.

“Wait, Kori. I have something to discuss with them, first,” Juniper dismissed her friend, changing her mind from earlier. I had heard her not wanting to let us in just a minute ago.

Every single girl was naked; no one seemed bothered by it anymore or covering. Juniper was tall and had very curly and long hair; both on her head and down below. She trimmed her light brown bush neatly; but the hair she left alone was one curly mess.

Natty was a girl I had seen plenty around. She had the biggest boobs in camp bar none and I still didn’t get her choice of trimming her pubes in a square shape. There was also a skinny and short blonde, the brunette with the nice bum who had opened the door for us, and this pretty girl with an amazing hourglass figure who was just lying on her bed without minding us at all, headphones stuck in her ears; she had terrible taste in music.

The last girl I had seen around the pool often. She rarely was wearing the top of her bikini and apparently it paid off; other than a very small area on her neatly trimmed, almost inexistent pubes, she was perfectly tanned. It went great with her very long, raven hair.
“Val, you have an admirer,” the brunette with the nice bum who had opened the door noted, and there I was thinking I had been subtle.

Val, if that was her name, didn’t seem to notice. “It isn’t like that!” I told nice bum, trying to hide my embarrassment.

“Aria, behave,” Jill said to me while Laurie annoyingly giggled.

“Stop pretending you aren’t hearing me!” Juniper angrily berated at Jill. “Where the fuck are my clothes, Jill? Give them back.”

“S-say… Juni. Weird question,” Jill warned.

“No, I don’t want to hear any excuse,” Juniper anticipated. “You better bring all of my stuff back intact. If so much as a bra is missing I swear to God I’m sending the videos of the disgusting shit you’ve been doing to your parents,” wasn’t that a little too much?

“Go for it,” Jill shrugged. “Maybe they’ll notice I exist for a change,” she said rather melancholically and a little angry. “Anyways, Juni…”

“Yes?” Juniper prompted, expectant and severe with her arms crossed around her rather modest, but shapely bare breasts, covering one of her brown-ish nipples.

“Do you think…? I’m just putting it out there. Would you consider having sex with me? Just as friends,” Jill finally let it out.

Juniper studied Jill with contempt, a frown starting to appear on Juniper’s fair face and becoming progressively more prominent and affecting her features.

“Out! Out! Get out!” Juniper barked.

“Yes! Achoo! Choo! Get out!”

“Guess not, huh?” Jill figured.

a) Jill takes Juniper by surprise, just a little taste.
b) Jill provokes Juniper into exposing herself.
c) Jill unleashes the werecat, scaring the girls into the rain.
d) Jill returns to Aria’s cabin and regroups. She plans to kidnap Juniper.
e) Jill convinces the rest of the cabin to turn on Juniper.
File: Elves.png (673 KB, 800x717)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
A+B+E. D lets Aria steal the spotlight and E makes Jill look silly for giving up after just asking plainly, but A, B, and E are all good and Jill's got to really make life difficult for Juniper before she'll give in.
-C its not her Dare.
File: 71211178_p0.png (662 KB, 816x624)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
It would be hard to tell from the text, but E won, so E will have its own section after we're done with a little A and mostly B this time.

E was planned to take place as well but ideas of a few options on what to do came to mind.

“Out! Out!” an enraged Juniper kept saying while trying to kick us out by pushing Jill towards the door.

Juniper was taller than Jill and presumably heavier. Jill couldn’t hold her ground, but it didn’t seem to neither bother her nor stop her from talking: “Alright, then name your price,” Jill said. “We can come to an arrangement!”

“Shut up! Not everyone is a whore like you!” Juniper kept pushing and Jill was almost at the door. Laurie found the whole situation funny while I brushed my hair with my hands to get the stray hair strands between my fingers. Maybe if I got rid of them…

“What’s the matter? It’s not like messing around with me would take anything from you. It’s not like you’re a virgin, and I dare you to tell me that I’m not pretty hot.”

Jill had started to put up some resistance. She grabbed to the post of one of the bunks while deridingly laughing as Juniper continued to rage and to try to break her from there. “I’m not a dyke! Get that through your thick skull!” Juniper fumed.

The strikingly attractive young woman who was hearing music at what I assumed was eardrum-shattering volume started singing, and it had a negative effect on Juniper’s already sour mood. The singing voice was good, although it was as tone-deaf as they came.

“No girl is truly a hundred percent straight, you know?” Jill argued with a coquettish smile, ill-befitting her strong two-handed grip to avoid being thrown out.
“She’s got you there, Juni,” agreed the slender blonde who was hugging a pillow covering most of her body and had a hat over her head. “Let me see if I can find it. I read this thing online that… Nevermind! N-not that it means you should fuck Jill or anything!” she immediately walked back her reasoning upon being glared by a furious curly brunette.

“Achoo! Please get out!” the pink-haired sneezing mess requested, also letting some negative emotions show on her face. “My eyes are going to start getting red and… choo! Achoo! Aria is it? Out, please! Out!”

“But it’s raining out there…” I lamented, and worked faster on getting rid of the excess hair.

“I thought the werecat couldn’t speak or stand like a regular person?” the blonde with the hat carefully reached to poke one of my sides. I yelped and told her that if she left the tail alone I did not mind if she touched. I was used to people being curious.

“There is more to it. It’s complicated,” Laurie tried to explain. “Jill, let’s go. She obviously doesn’t want to even listen to you. We’ll figure something out later,” Laurie pointed out.

“Yeah… you’re right,” Jill sighed in disappointment, her strong hands still holding fast. “But here’s a taste if you change your mind!”

Jill could move very fast in short bursts when she wanted to; she suddenly let go, turned to Juniper, threw her arms over Juniper’s shoulders entangling them behind the brunette’s neck and planted a kiss on the surprised girl’s mouth.

Juniper did not react immediately, but did so roughly. Juniper had mostly relied on grappling until then, but after the kiss she started spitting venom figuratively and almost literally, while repeatedly literally kicking Jill’s ass and making it jiggle.

“Alright! Alright! I’m going!” Jill laughed. “Girls, let’s go!”
Did we have to? Blonde with cap had found a sweet-spot behind my ears. “She purrs! She really purrs!” she exclaimed in a low voice, not wanting to call Juniper’s attention.

“But before we go…” Jill once again moved in a flash and dodging a kick went for a second kiss, this time Jill was more forceful and profound, and also had one of her hands grope Juniper’s crotch, stunning the girl.

“AH, HA, HA, HA, HA!” Jill openly laughed cruelly and bolted away, sprinting into the rain.

“JIIIILL!” Juniper bellowed going completely red in the face of, I guessed, several things at once. She ran out of the open door raging going after Jill.

The next ones out of the cabin were Laurie and I. Laurie grabbed my hand and dragged me out, closing the door behind us. “Come on! Allergies are no joke, and we have to follow Jill,” she felt for the sneezing girl.

Kristin, the blonde with the cap, who had quietly introduced to me while Juniper was bickering, was slightly disappointed to see me go. “See you around, werecat!” I heard her say from the other side of the door.

Both Laurie and I each had our own umbrella or parasol. Jill had discarded the sheet she was wearing around her body, which lay useless and muddy on the ground besides us. Naked once more, Jill continued to run while laughing; Juniper, Laurie and I behind her.

“GRRAAH!” Juniper roared, she had stopped spouting intelligible insults and was content with voicing out her inner fury. Juniper and Jill left poor Laurie behind very soon, and even I had trouble keeping up considering the wind was always a bother while carrying Carmen’s umbrella.
Jill’s plan was obvious, yet Juniper would apparently rather fall for it than giving up the chase. Jill kept knocking on doors on the boy side of camp as loudly as she could, and running away to knock on the next, going around in a circle around the same four cabins, sometimes being dangerously close to be grabbed by Juniper’s crisped and hateful hands.

The result was what one would expect.

“What’s going on?”

“Who was it who just knocked?”

“Jill, is that you? Huh? I thought I heard her voice.”

At small intervals between them, people started attending the doors Jill had knocked, some even braved stepping outside their porch in the rain to make sure what was going on.

“Hey, boys! Check us out!” a still flustered Jill did a cartwheel while shrieking in mischievous excitement.

The beautiful redhead easily commanded the attention of well over a dozen males. I had nothing to worry about; neither did Laurie who had just caught up. We had our gowns. Juniper, on the other side…

At first Juniper’s rage looked like it would overcome everything. “Damn you, Jill!” she chastised and used her hands to cover, making her lose speed. She still continued the chase in a circle. Boys started egging them on, cheering not even minding what was going on so long as they got to see.

Caring little about getting wet, the males did a small arena for Jill and Juniper to ‘play’ in by standing in a circle. It made Jill’s maneuvers a lot harder and she eventually got caught. Laughing all the way, Jill went down as she got tackled by Juniper. “I got you now, bitch!” Juniper growled more than said.

“Bouncing titties everywhere!”

“Way to go, Jill! You’re the best! Don’t tell Lisa I said that!”
“Catfight, Catfight! Oh, hey, werecat,” I acquiesced the greeting with a nod. I was also part of the audience with Laurie, out of breath, by my side.

“Naked nocturnal girl random mud-fight. This camp is the shit!”

Juniper was paralyzed. She was mounting Jill in a dominant position, but her arms were busy covering her chest and while at times she tried to move them to do something at Jill, she quickly changed her mind and resumed shielding from the boy’s gazes. Jill, on her part, obviously did not bother with protecting her private parts anymore; she was completely exposed it, knew it, and accepted it.

“Want to do it in front of all these guys? I don’t mind…” Jill flirted. Indeed Juniper and Jill’s positioning looked ominous and rather… sexual.

“Fuck you, Jill! Fuck you!” Juniper shouted trying to be hurtful, standing up and unable to help a powerful blush from the anger, the embarrassment and the physical activity. She tried to leave.

“Why don’t YOU come and fuck me,” Jill took the easy opening, fearlessly also springing to her feet with her back covered in mud, following tauntingly behind Juniper.

“Just leave me alone!” Juniper wailed in shame while the men continued to make unflattering and obscene exclamations and suggestions, but still giving way to Juniper so she could walk out.

“Juni! Hey, Juni! I-I didn’t meant it like that, come here!” Jill switched her tone in a second, from mocking and carefree to concerned and sweet.

“Leave me be! Just get the fuck out of my sight!” Juniper insisted, starting to cry.

Juniper still didn’t stop Jill from hugging her from the back. “I’m… I’m sorry. I sometimes take things too far. Let’s uh… let’s get you back, okay?”

“I can do it alone!”
After being repeatedly asked why wasn’t I naked in all fours and giving the finger to the guys, I followed behind the pair of fit tennis players. The mud they had on their bodies got rinsed by the time they arrived back to the girl side cabins.

“What happened, are you guys okay now?” the girl with the nice bum wondered from her bed.

“No! The werecat, don’t let her in! I just stopped sneezing!”

“We can’t leave her out in the rain…” Kristin said in my favor.

“Damn it, Kristin!” pink hair fumed.

“I’ll just stay in a corner and try not to move…” I humbly petitioned. “Sorry you’re allergic to me.”

“See? Now you’re the bad guy, Kori,” Kristin recriminated pink hair who apparently had the exotic name of Kori. I kept to my word while Kori begrudgingly accepted.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry… just tease you a bit,” Jill apologized to Juniper.

“Ugh… whatever. Just get out of here,” Juniper was done chasing and getting physical with Jill. She sniffled but looked otherwise calm.

“I would like to, you need some space right now; but I can’t do that…” Jill lamented. It was her dare. “Girls, could you lend me a hand, here?"

a) Jill has Juniper tied up so she can be moved to another, more convenient location.
b) The girls hold Juniper while Jill has her way. Dan and crew record from the windows, trying not to get noticed by the naked group. Juniper will get to make demands AFTER what happens.
c) Jill has Juniper’s whole cabin side with her and convince Juniper she doesn’t have any other out.
d) Jill forces Juniper into a threesome with Valentine while Dan and crew watch from outside.
e) Jill thinks Juniper is about to make a breakthrough and has the whole cabin hold Juniper down expose her to boys again.

That's a very good way to draw transparency, whatever the artist did.
File: Kneeling.jpg (572 KB, 1230x1532)
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572 KB JPG
A or C, or maybe a combination of the two. I feel like it's best right now for this to continue more or less as planned.
A or ?
C or d
Sorry, I forgot to check last night if we had reached the votes.
A little announcement: The story will take a break in around three weeks. I'm moving states but will be back writing after two days or so. Maybe.
Last thing: I'm trying something new. If you find the constant changes of perspective a hassle, hard to follow up or plain annoying, speak up.

“Sure, Jill. What do you need?” Natty said to me.

Not even Juni was surprised Natty was on my side, but I saw sadness in her eyes go out when she saw Janelle, Kristin and Val all join behind me, giving her no escape. I felt sorry for Juni; and I knew that at that moment she must have felt so alone…

It was not that she didn’t have any friends, it was that I had way too many.

Natty was officially one of my girls. There was no one who didn’t get that already. Val just hated Juni; it was sad but those two just weren’t ever meant to be friends. Janelle was just Janelle; she only looked out for number one, and ever since we had had our little talk on the morning and she had put that pair of panties over her face it was clear whose team she backed. Those three plus Aria and Laurie, and no matter how stubborn Juni was, she had to realize the situation she was in. Kristin was just kind of a coward; she instinctually sided with me.

“S-seriously?” Juni had stopped crying and had even calmed down some. She looked like she would start again. “What? Are you going to hold me while she rapes me?”

“Juni! No! How could you even think that?” I asked her, hurt. “I mean… things you don’t want happening are still going to happen,” It sounded horrible, but there was more to it. “But you’re not getting raped, not on my life! No one is! In the end, if you don’t let me do it I won’t do it.”

“Then you can stop this bullshit right now! I’m not budging!” she looked serious, but I knew better.
“Hey, don’t knock it until you try it. Just… go with the flow,” Laurie sagely advised.


Jill had Juniper tied down. Juniper resisted like a rabid beast and this is coming from a cat. I would have helped but moving around could throw my hairs making that pink-haired girl sneeze. I was up on the roof, looking down on the action. The gown didn’t cover me much while I was squatting over the wooden beam, but everyone was naked anyway.

Regardless, I had no choice if I wanted to stay out of it. During the struggle to get Juniper, someone had stepped on my tail. It hurt like hell.

With so many against one, it didn’t take long for Juniper to get subdued. The way they tied her had been… unusual. They had made her into a burrito using the dirty bed sheet Jill had left behind before. As odd as the bondage was, from how Juniper cursed and moved it was a certainty the method was effective.

“Lift with the legs, girls!” Jill advised. Jill, the girl who sang awfully, nice bum and Kristin – the blonde who liked me –; all carried the Juniper burrito.

It was kind of funny to watch. Funny and a little sad.

“Aria, Laurie; can you lend me your clothes? I’ll give them back later. Kristin, take Aria’s. Janelle, take Laurie’s,” Jill gave quick instructions and I complied, figuring out the rest of Jill’s plans already.

“Where are you taking me?” between the insults Juniper freely spouted there was a few sentences with actual meaning every now and then. One of them was wondering what was going to be done with her.

Jill, Laurie and I didn’t answer, and since no one else could possibly know, no other girl could tell Juniper what she wanted to know, either.


Jill had gone mad; the camp had gotten into her head. She wasn’t like this in the first few days; a little odd, maybe; then there was that time she organized a tennis strip match; but even that was just in good fun. Something had happened to her.
I couldn’t so much and move an arm and when four girls cooperated to lift me, I knew that if I didn’t stop moving all that would happen is that I could fall from their hands, and as much as I didn’t want to be part of whatever Jill was planning, meeting face-first to the floor, or the muddy ground after I was taken outside, sounded just as bad; not to mention Jill would just pick me up again.

There was no reasoning with Jill. I saved my breath. I was tempted to beg her to leave me alone and to offer her something in return. It would have been useless and I would just have looked dumb; when Jill’s mind was set there was nothing she allowed to get in her way. I liked that about her, or I thought I did, back when Jill appeared to be a rational person.

Deranged, decided, and with tons of power. I should have distanced myself from her when I suspected something was wrong; and now I was being carried under the rain to the boy’s cabins.

Thunder struck and I heard something get alarmed. I could barely move but I turned my head and I saw something horrible. The werecat was above the roof of a faraway cabin, in all fours. Her eyes shone brightly with supernatural light; just like a cat’s would. She was completely naked, and back at the cabin she had looked so tiny; even then now she looked scary, with sharp claws and her legs bent in odd positions.

“J-Jill!” I tried to warn her. Had the Aria girl turned and become the werecat? What if she attacked?

Most of the camp was obsessed with her. I would have believed her a lie if I hadn’t seen for myself. Those movements she made when she played against Jill, they weren’t human. And beating Jill in a match while being so young? I hadn’t dared believe Jill could ever lose to a fifteen year old.
Jill didn’t listen to me, she just kicked a door. Someone answered it so fast there was no way they weren’t waiting for us. It was that Dan Stanley; the guy who had faked his death or something the other night; I wasn’t at the party so I was a little fuzzy on the details. He had a cult of boys who insisted Dan had magical powers for getting girls naked or something. Bunch of maniacs.

“Jill…” Natty still held to my weight on her shoulders, her hands were busy. She was still naked and there was a boy in front of her. The other two girls besides Jill had some clothes on.

“It’s okay, Natty. You can go away now. Dan, what are you staring at for? Snap out of it and help me out!” Jill ordered.

“Oh, yes! Sure thing! Hey, guys!” he completely opened the door revealing four men behind him, Natty shrieked in shame, not so the also completely exposed Jill. “Jill’s here, let’s move.”

The traitors were dismissed; I hoped they got struck by lightning or something on their way back. At least the stupid wrapping covered me, for now. The boys carried me, “Hey! Hey! Where do you think you’re touching!” I tried to no avail to kick the head of one of them.

Going head first inside their smelly cabin, I turned my head to a window and again saw that pair of shining eyes. They disappeared in a fraction of a second, aware that I had found her; the werecat. I wasn’t so sorry of being inside anymore.

“What are you going to do with me, Jill?” I asked after they deposited me on a bed.

“I’m going to strike a deal,” she said. “You already know you have to accept, but I want you to get something for your trouble; maybe even have some fun.”
a) Juniper demands making an overly embarrassing over-the-top video she will send to Jill’s parents.
b) Juniper demands a strap-on. She will be in control the whole time and will fuck Jill and not the other way around.
c) Juniper just wants not to be part of any of Jill’s plots ever again. She also wants her clothes back.
d) Juniper wants nothing short of having a naked Jill tied tomorrow at daytime and to be abused by whatever Juniper wants to do at the time.
e) Juniper wants to know what’s going on, a complete explanation. She then wants in on The Game to take revenge on the ones who set up Jill to do all those crazy things.
f) Juniper gets Jill where it hurts by having another girl take the spotlight while Jill takes a secondary role.

This time there’s plenty of choices to make. Sorry.

1) Juniper hates it all the way and convincing her is hard. She becomes resentful and hateful of Jill.
2) Much despite herself, Juniper enjoys the experience as a whole.
3) Juniper believes Jill to have gone insane and takes it upon herself to “rescue” her friend. That mentality makes it easier to tolerate what’s happening.
4) Juniper goes back on her word and tries to run away during the encounter, making things worse.
5) Once Juniper gets horny, she just stops caring; although she regrets her behavior afterwards. Think of what Aria always does.

And what about Aria? Laurie was left behind because she didn’t want to attend naked.

A) She stays outside and watches.
B) She recovers her gown and watches from inside; so does Laurie.
C) She goes inside despite her lack of clothing.
D) She actually joins the action.
File: Cheer.jpg (49 KB, 643x801)
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a, I feel like Juniper would enjoy getting some revenge and the point of this *is* to embarrass Jill.

2, to go with a, because every over-the-top element she adds makes her vengeance that much worse, and of course at the end of the day the activity involves a lot of pleasure.

B, maybe D. Aria's glowing eyes won't be needed to keep Juniper in line, so there's no harm in her watching from inside, and depending on how things go the video could use some side characters.
1, she will not like it
e+f, which should result into Jill failing the dare
-D or E) Aria helps Juni

Irony of this chain of events:
Jill is betrayed, pissed and in the end actually embarrased. So Dare still complete?
-D I'd like to think Aria is sensible enough to abide by Jill's request
File: 6178e53ef7111c43.jpg (90 KB, 644x900)
90 KB
-e, 2, A/B/C
is this incorrect capitalization?
I doubt it, and hope not. The vote would have been counted wrong otherwise.
a | 2 | B/C still wins (Aria enters clothed and loses gown at some point).

I've been back for a little while. Sorry it's taking that long; I was busy and out. Story should be up within two hours at most.

It needs to be said; there will be 3 options sometimes in the story; not often but sometimes. If capitalization is confusing, we could also do something else (x, y, z | I, II, III | 一, 二, 三)
>I doubt it
How could it be correct if there's not even an "E" option?
There is, suggested by sidreN. You'd expect that post would be referenced if it refers to that, but not necessarily.
File: 8.png (1.13 MB, 1074x1425)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Yeah, that's what I thought as well. There is an E option: Aria helps Juniper.

Then again, Damp has often stated he has found voting for several options confusing. In the end it could be either; let's go with what is actually stated.
I know it's long. Juniper's actions need to be justified somehow, even if poorly. Fucking sperg brain can't have it otherwise.

“I’m not making any fucking deals with you,” I said to her.

“What, you doubt I would keep my end?” no, that didn’t even cross my mind. Jill always kept to her word, even when she lost.

“There’s nothing I want from you that could make me agree to this. You said you would let me go if I didn’t want it,” I reminded her, doubting those were empty words.

Even after her changes, it was impressive to see Jill so completely unembarrassed and confident standing nude around boys. Her red hair was shimmering, reflecting the electric light illuminating the cabin with the droplets scattered all over her head and body. I hated to admit it, but there was something about Jill when she was wet; when she was showering or sweating… something resonated with her, it suited her. There was not denying the vixen was gorgeus.

“Then make me an offer I can’t accept,” Jill dared me. “Just ask for something you know I can’t accept and you win. Oh, excuse me.”

Jill turned away from me, showing us all her supple behind. Dan and his friends ogled her freely, checking out her round bottom the time it took her to go to the window and opening it.

“Aria, you’re going to get sick. Either go back to the cabin if you don’t want to be seen or come in,” Jill said, speaking to the werecat who from what Jill said must have still been outside the window.

The werecat said something. I knew it was her speaking, it was her squeaky squirrel voice, I just couldn’t hear what it was, not that I cared. Even if I cared, I couldn’t move.
“Then go ask for your gown back. Tell Kristin I said to give it back,” Jill kept talking with her head out of the window.

“Oh, the werecat’s naked, too?” of course the boys would wonder that.

“Leave her be, she spooks easy,” Jill stopped them from trying to get close to the window.


I didn’t need to bring Jill up. Kristin had no problem giving back my clothes. I was a witness so it was my obligation to make sure everything went well. The rain was falling from East to West so I was more shielded from it than Jill figured from where she had found me, not that I didn’t appreciate her concern or wouldn’t rather be in doors if given the choice.

How did she find me? That I didn’t know. I thought I was sneaking correctly and it was pretty dark outside. Juniper had also turned in my direction when she was carried inside. How was everyone spotting me all of sudden?

Clothed with just my light-green, humid patient gown in front of Dan’s whole crew was not the best, but it didn’t take much to see that Jill was definitely drawing the most attention, just as she wanted. The novelty of my ears and tail still generated some doubts and questions I didn’t care to answer, but again Jill took care of those.

“We don’t know why hasn’t she turned, okay? Aria’s curse is very strange; we haven’t figured everything out,” Jill explained. “No, she’s not part of the dare and she’s just going to stand there to watch. If you could leave her alone, both she and I would thank you.”

I was glad my position had been explained from the start. Going up to the wooden beams near the roof all cabins had was not an option; I obviously wasn’t wearing any underwear and I didn’t want anyone who wasn’t a girl looking up my clothes. It meant I couldn’t use my best move to make people leave me alone, so what Jill said was important.
Jill was still having trouble negotiating with Juniper.

“So, have you figured anything out?” Jill queried the immobilized Juniper. “What would it take? My racquets? Having to stick something up my ass at the cafeteria with clown make-up on? Ask something just to know where we stand.”

It took several instances of insisting for Juniper to give another answer other than, “There is nothing you can give me that I could want,” or “Just leave me alone. This is over.”

“Then how about that thing I told you about?” Juniper thought to counter with. “The videos to your parents. How about if we make a video of you being a complete whore and send it to both your parents, from your phone? Captioned with ‘lots of love’ or something.”

“So that’s what it would take for us to fuck in front of a camera?” Jill summarized.

“Oh my God! You’re actually considering it? I was joking,” Juniper revealed with disgust. “Jill, you’re sick. I’m not fucking you and much less in front of others.”

“We’ll behave,” promised the shortest of Dan’s friends. He got nudged by Dan and told by his friends in a low voice to keep quiet and let Jill handle it.

“I said I would do anything under my power you wanted,” Jill defended her position. “Look, I am making you agree to this one way or another. If I have to keep making life difficult to you then that’s what I’m going to do.”

“You said it was up to me if I didn’t want to do it!” Juniper reminded Jill.

“And I mean it; if you make it to the end of the camp then you win,” Jill insinuated something sinister. Being on Jill’s sights for the four days remaining was not enviable in the slightest.

“You’re not going to give this up, are you, Jill?” Juniper realized, sad and embarrassed. “Why do you even…? What do you get out of it? W-why do you want to… do that so badly?”
“I have a very good reason but I can’t tell you. I’m just going to go straight and say it isn’t because I just can’t wait to fuck you, just so you know,” Jill said, alarming Juniper because she was starting to undo the bed sheet burrito. “That is not to say you’re not pretty or anything like that. I wouldn’t mind doing you, but that’s it; I wouldn’t mind.”

Juniper was released from her bondage, but not exposed. Dan and crew sat pretty on a corner, while I sat on another, all by myself and happy that was the case. Jill stood naked and proud, next to Juniper who was in the bed, now regaining mobility but still with the sheet over her to cover the bare body I knew was underneath.


Jill was being so stupid and crazy. I could finally move again, for all the good it did me. It wasn’t as if I was going to be let go. I had never even kissed a girl, but if all that Jill wanted was to… do it with me, I would have accepted already. In front of boys? And a camera? And with the werecat watching? Those were pretty tall orders. I couldn’t.

Jill kept trying to force me to make an offer. I knew as soon as I made a serious one it would all be over. She would find a way to make it work and I would have already stated I would, at which point there would be no turning back.

“Juni, this is time sensitive. Are we doing it or what? You have to choose. Tell me once more you won’t and I’m going to let you go; but you better know I’ll do something about it,” she threatened.

And she was taking her sheet with her, of course. One way or the other, I would end up buck naked in front of guys twice in the same night, and all that would happen was making enemies with Jill.

I had to appease her, but I also had to make a steep demand and make her hold her end of the bargain; maybe she would think it twice or something.
“F-fuck, Jill. Fuck! You win. You win! I’ll do it, but I have my conditions,” I said, making sure I was being taken seriously.

“Speak up. We have a few witnesses here. I’ll accommodate to everything I can.”

“I was being serious. I’m… I’m making a video later, with you. And you’re sending it to your dad.”

“Not my mom?” Jill joked, she obviously didn’t want to, she was just asking.

“We’ll… figure it out later. You’ll be sending the video to everyone I tell you to. Everyone.”

“Which means my whole contact list, I’m guessing. A-alright, anything else?”

Watching Jill worry and get red on the face was a very sweet victory.

“What are you going to do with the recording you make?” I asked. It bothered me to no end.

“Oh; that’s uh… out of my hands. It’s kind of a condition I have to accommodate. You’ll have to ask them,” she pointed to the motley crew at the corner.

“If they HAVE to record, then that’ll be with your phone; and you can’t share the video. You can’t!”

“Alright, that’s fair,” she turned to Dan and company. “Sorry boys, you heard her.”

“That’s okay,” one of them said.

“Jill, I mean it. You can’t send it to anyone,” I made sure to be very, very clear.

“Not even to my dad?” she joked.

“No! Fuck! What, do you think I want your dad wanking it to me?” I was crude, but it was true and it needed to be said. Jill went pale. “No one gets the video! No one!”

“Jesus, Juni; of… of course he wouldn’t…!” Jill made a belching expression. “I would be in that video!” she did the expression of disgust again.

“So? Do you think when guys watch straight porn they also jack off to the guy? They just focus on the woman, it would be the same. He’d ignore you, I hope, and…” it was disgusting as all hell, but I had finally found a chink on Jill’s armor.
“She’s right; you know?”

“SHHH!!” Ted was quieted again by his friends. Little rat-faced bastard couldn’t keep his mouth shut to save his life.

“Can we stop talking about my dad?? I don’t need that mental image, okay?” Jill hurried to move on. “Got it! Video won’t be shared. Ever. What else?”

“I want some clothes,” it was a fair term and not much to ask. Jill had taken all mine.

“Okay, tomorrow you’ll get-”

“No, now. I want some clothes leaving this place,” I interrupted Jill and looked at the werecat. If her ears going back and tail going down were any indication, she had figured out my demand. If the werecat was another of Jill’s many girls or what had made Jill go crazy it didn’t matter; she was part of it so I didn’t feel sorry for her.

“Do I have to?” the werecat made puppy eyes to Jill. Or kitty eyes, whatever. Did that mean Jill was in charge, after all?

“Alright, you get Aria’s clothes AFTER we’re done,” that Aria girl started mumbling something under her breath. Something about working so hard for her clothes. “Any other demand? That’s what, five now?”

“It’s technically just two things, and for the shit you’re making me do I’d say it’s barely fair!” I corrected her.

“It’s four. Make a video of whatever you want, send it to everyone you tell me to, not share the video we’ll make here and Aria’s clothes. Do we have a deal?”

When I took just a tad too long to answer, Jill had the werecat go out again to fetch her phone. The boys’ were no good.
How had I been talked into doing this? And for what? Some petty revenge? Everyone and their mother said Jill was an amazing lay. Well, she fucking better be!

//Aria finds anything on the cabin getting Jill’s phone?

a) Nah, she’s right back quick. Let’s get on with the action.
b) Delanie’s causing trouble.
c) She finds the fat cat, and even if Aria doesn’t like it Lisa decides to keep him naming him ‘Arthur’.
d) Aria thinks it’s better to have a ‘quickie’ so there’s absolutely no chance (in theory) she’ll call too much attention on Jill’s dare.

What perspective would you prefer?

1) Aria’s. Her vocabulary is bigger and she’s the protagonist after all.
2) Jill’s. She’ll be the one leading the action and conquering Juniper.
3) Juniper’s. See inside the head of a straight girl doing something crazy.
4) Dan’s? The lucky bastard’s right there if you want his input. If you prefer something a more vulgar.
File: Trio.jpg (2.62 MB, 4536x3238)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB JPG
C, we don't want to take too long but that guy really needs a name one of these days.

2. The goal here is for Jill to be embarrassed, so I think it would be best to see the embarrassment firsthand instead of through external telltale signs.
A 2
Sorry it was. I just did it in order without noticing the capitalization. I will pay more attention next time
As a suggestion, when you do a character perspective change, start with the character in brackets. e.g.
Story continues....
I already do. Not the first few times when changing PoV was a novelty, but as of late whose perspective its being narrated from is basically screamed in the first few sentences.

Convincing Juniper of willingly taking part on Jill’s dare was impressive, alright; but why had Jill been so quick to offer MY clothes? Didn’t Jill have a bunch of them stored somewhere? If they wanted their own flimsy dress that came open for no reason they could go to the infirmary and have their genitals thoroughly examined by others to get them, like I did.

Running under the cold rain was just business as usual; even the occasional thunder had lost most of its power on me, unless it caught me off guard. I was not only getting used to them, but they were not as loud, the lightning was striking farther each time which as far as my limited knowledge could tell, it meant the deluge was finally moving; which was something.

“You guys have been out for a while, what’s going on?” was the greeting I got back on our cabin. Laurie hadn’t come back. Erika was the one to speak.

“Arthur, wait!” a fat, ugly, orange thing jumped out of Lisa’s lap.

It was not particularly unexpected to find him here; I had told him that if he got hungry, he should have searched for Medea’s scent which even in the rain couldn’t have been that hard to follow. Back then I had found him on the hollow of a dead tree and felt sorry for him.

He greeted me with the equivalent of a grin, extremely content. His breath announcing his copious recent meal and the different oiled scents around his humid fur telling me he had been petted to death by four different sets of hands; mostly Lisa’s. “I am happy, this is not my tuft but I want it to be,” he nonchalantly declared me like everything in the world was his for the taking.

“No! And if you pee or rub your face on my things, I will hurt you!” I threatened him. “This is MY turf! MINE!”
“Does Aria not get along with other cats? Why is she growling?” Carmen, unable to pay attention to the finer details of the simple cat speech, wondered aloud speaking like I wasn’t there.

“Other cats? Seriously?” I spat at Carmen. “Carmen, I’m people,” when it suited me. “And I wasn’t growling, it was… you wouldn’t get it,” I said, and stood up again; it was annoying but most dominant cat-statements required me to be in all-fours. “I came for Jill’s phone. I’ll tell you the whole story later, I’m in a hurry,” I jumped to Jill’s stuff. The phone was on her bed.

“Oh, we get it,” Erika annoyingly intoned. “Cat language, isn’t it? Medea told us all about you and your little lover. Aria! I thought you were gay!” she sarcastically made fun of me.

“M-Medea!” I bleated in embarrassment on Jill’s bed. I didn’t need people being told this weirdo was ‘in love’ with me. Besides, it wasn’t even love; he just thought I was a good prospective mate; which might be even more demeaning, so I didn’t correct Erika.

“Was the information sensitive? I happen to think Arthur’s attitude towards you is flattering,” Medea sort of apologized.

“Arthur, huh?” I sighed; I had Jill’s phone in hand and was heading to the door, ready to leave. It was not a bad call to give him a name.

“It suits him, doesn’t it? He looks like an ‘Arthur’ to me. I named him. He’s our new roommate!” Lisa enthused.

“What? No. No!” it was an awful idea; and if the little asshole dared to mark his territory on MY bed..! Well, Lisa’s bed… anyway, he would regret it. “Damn it! I’ll… we’ll discuss about that later. Jill is waiting for me.”


The werecat was back soon. Way too soon; I wasn’t ready. I had already said I would, the deal had been made and everything; but wasn’t it a little too much? I was scared. Jill, sitting by my side, must have felt it.
“It’s okay, just leave it all to me,” she whispered to my ear. The hot air coming out of her mouth making me shudder. “Hey, Aria,” she greeted the werecat. “We left a window open for you; we figured it would be easier.”

Having watched a very short girl jumping through a window like she was a trained animal at a circus doing it with a hoop would have been impressive some other time. The boys sure thought so. I was too worried to care. The werecat meowed in surprise and fixed her gown, giving her back to the boys, noticing it had come open.

“Here’s your phone!” the werecat said very suspiciously upbeat; she reminded me of a kid who had done a chore expecting to ask something of a parent. “Say, Jill… you think six people at a cabin are enough; right?”

“If Laurie wants to stay she can stay. You sleep on Lisa’s bed, don’t you?” Jill shut down the werecat before the little freak could ask whatever she was going to ask.
“No, not Laurie! It’s…” and just like a kid, the werecat looked displeased when she didn’t get the answer she wanted. “Say, Jill. Don’t you think two cats in a household are waaaay too many? One is enough, right?”

“If you want to say something, go out and say it,” if I could see the werecat’s ploy, of course Jill also had. “Aria, give me the phone. We’re behind schedule as it is.”

The werecat obeyed and the fearless, naked Jill walked to Dan and explained how the camera on her phone worked; why was explaining him necessary? No idea. Jill headed back to the bed, sitting next to me again.

It was time. “Uh, hu, hu, hu, hu!” I made this weird cry. It was air escaping through my mouth because I was nervous; it sounded super strange but no one called me on it.

“Action!” Dan, armed with Jill’s phone, shouted.

“Jill…” I whispered. I wanted to change my mind. I didn’t want to do it, after all. It was too embarrassing!
“Shh, shh. Leave it all to me. It will be okay.”

Jill kissed my cheek very slowly and then gave a second kiss again on my cheek but getting closer. Her third kiss was on my mouth. With little force, she made me lay on my back. She was pouncing over me; giving me short, but sensual kisses I didn’t even mind that much.

“Jill…” I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Jill was already bent over with her back to the camera, giving what had to be her best angle. I couldn’t help but resist, Jill patiently took away the bed sheet from me. First my left side, then my right. I looked away; I couldn’t face in the direction of the camera or Jill, not now. I crossed my legs and covered my chest with my hands. I had been disrobed, in front of guys, in front of a camera.

“Don’t be scared,” said Jill.

She placed a hand over my chest, sneaking it under my own hand which was trying to cover it. She gently squeezed to then seductively convince me to let go by sucking on my mounds. I tried to grunt but all it came out was a moan.

I liked Jill’s mouth in there; my only complaint was that she was going too fast, not giving me time to adapt. With her tongue working hard to get me full of spit and her teeth lightly tapping my teat, she used a hand to try and make me separate my legs. She was trying to touch me where no girl should ever touch me.

“Jill… we, we have to…” to slow down. “Ah…!” she didn’t let me say it. Some unexpected suction on the very tip of my tits made me lower my guard and she used the chance to get her soft fingers down under.

She started rubbing with her hand. I tried to close my legs again, but Jill stopped me.

“Don’t hide it, Juni; that’s the star of the movie,” she said. My pussy?

“Jill… wait!”


Juniper was so adorable when she was ashamed. Most cute girls were, to be fair. I spread her pussy apart so Dan could take a good look. Juniper was so tense… she needed this bad.
Had no one ever sucked on her tits? They were so sensitive. Just some tongue tricks made Juni excited enough to let me actually kiss her; not just pecks but full-on French. Juni had small and soft lips; and the way she moved her tongue told me it wasn’t her first rodeo; she was a fantastic smoocher.

My hand never stopped working down there; and with just kissing and very light finger stimulation, Juni got eventually wet.

“Look! My hand is drenched,” I showed her. “All ready to go, huh?”

“Don’t… say things like that,” she charmingly said all flustered, trying to look away from my hand with Juni juice all over it.

“Juni, can I lick your pussy?” I teased her. “I need you to tell me I can,” I grabbed the back of her neck and we kissed again. She had learned to enjoy it and do it right.

“Jill…” she said my name a little mad. I knew she didn’t appreciated me talking dirty.

“Please?” I asked nicely once more, getting my fingers all the way on her insides and starting to seriously get them in and out. The foreplay was done.

Juni didn’t dare to say it out loud, but when she thought my face was covering hers from the camera, she nodded with desire on her eyes.


This was not supposed to happen. I was just supposed to let Jill have her way with me and hate it. I wasn’t a lesbian, why was I wet? Because boys were watching?

Jill kissed my neck, then my tits, then my stomach, then lower… and lower. I opened my legs. I had given her the okay. I was such a perverted and horny retard but I had given her the okay to… do that.

Her first lick made me jump and yelp like a virgin. It wasn’t my fault! Boys just hardly ever… went down there. Jill placed her whole mouth over my pussy and alternated touching me all over with her lips like she was kissing and using her tongue inside me. She was so much better than Clement!
I tried at first, for God I tried, but I couldn’t keep it down. It started as some muffled moans with me biting my arm to keep it down; but it was all in vain. With everyone watching, with Jill licking me down there, I cried; I cried like a wild animal getting fucked.


“You have to return the favor,” I told Juni maneuvering around to place my pussy in front of her face. She was much more receptive after receiving two orgasms by my mouth. I was still working on her; she just had to reciprocate some.

I flicked my hair with head movement and it wasn’t enough. Using a hand to get it out of the way so I could eat Juni out properly, I took a look at Aria and nearly burst out laughing. Poor Aria! She was trying so hard! The poor girl was on the corner, breathing heavily and all red on her face, trying not to move her legs but at the same time unable to help it. Her tail repeatedly whipped at the bed she was sitting on.

Juni was not great, but I didn’t mind. I was over her and she started to tenderly lick at me, figuring things out. Not wanting to be made less, I gave her pussy good treatment. Not ‘the best’ treatment, just ‘good’ treatment; I didn’t want Juni too distracted to use her little tongue on me.
Not that I didn’t know already, but Juni was a hell of a quick learner. She tried a few things, gauged my reactions, and stuck to something that worked for her. I was dripping down there like crazy, and when I felt I was close and was time for some sweet release, I took Juni by surprise and sped up; but the girl didn’t shy away, I had been getting her progressively more used to my treatment. She kept earnestly pleasing me and just like planned, we came at the same time.

a) Juniper will later try to explore this new facet of hers; for now the dare is done.
b) While horny, Juniper wants to make the video Jill promised (part will be short, there will be options).
c) Jill advertises Aria so strongly Juniper agrees to try her.
d) Jill and Juniper still have plenty of stamina left. Keep it going.
e) Dan already sent the video to all of Jill’s contacts. Whoops, clumsy fingers!
f) Juniper retracts all of her demands and Jill agrees to re-negotiate tomorrow.
File: Reverse.jpg (1.47 MB, 5721x4099)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
B, the video Jill promised, and the sending it to her contacts, feels like an important part of the 'embarrass Jill' dare, so we shouldn't put it off.
B can include C too
How about this. F plus E
“Not so bad, huh?” I smugly said to Juni, not to tooth my own horn but who was panting like she had just run for her life.

“What is… wrong with… me?” Juni said between breaths. “You better… have stop… the rec-… recording… by now.”

“Yeah, recording’s done. It’s a fucking amazing movie, a shame no one else is going to see it,” Dan gave his two cents.

While Aria was the most frustrated on our little audience, it wasn’t as if the boys weren’t having troubles of their own; they just knew they had to bear with it and behave like gentlemen if they knew what was good for them; while Aria I could blame myself for, I had spoiled her rotten.

Juni was laying there, eagle spread with her curly bush on full view, I did her a favor and moved a sheet to cover her vag. “Was it so terrible? This thing you dreaded so much? Huh?” I hadn’t gotten an answer to my other question. I would keep poking until I got one.

She didn’t answer so I leaned to kiss her; she moved her face away, rejecting me. “Jill! No!”

“What’s wrong?” I actually wanted to know. What was wrong? Were we back to square one?

“You just… licked me… there,” Juni paused. “We can’t…. kiss.”

Was that the problem? I had to teach this girl a thing or two. “So what? It’s fine to have all my pussy juice in your mouth and face but yours is too much?” I questioned her logic.

Juni didn’t stop me, but did let out a grunt when I reached under the sheets and into her ya-ya to get a finger pretty darn soaked. With my wet finger, I got it close to Juni’s mouth and wouldn’t take a ‘no’ for an answer. She finally opened up and I played with the inside of her mouth, making her try her own brand. Just to make sure I had made progress on Juni’s growth, I tried kissing her again; she didn’t reject me a second time.

“This still… doesn’t make me… a lesbian,” she insisted all worried.
“Of course it doesn’t, silly. For the record, I’m not a lesbian, either. I’m not even bi… I don’t think so. Shit, maybe I am,” I hadn’t thought about it. I had been fucking other girls nonstop during camp while hardly had any dick. Was I bi? I decided that if I caught myself having dirty thoughts about other girls in private I would call myself so.

“Here, Aria; have a taste,” I reached again inside Juni and got some more nectar.

“Jill! No! You can’t!” Juni was laying naked on bed after having what was short of sex in public and I still managed to embarrass her.

“What? Why?” I played dumb. “I’m just giving her a taste.”

Aria hesitated on her corner, still trying her hardest to stay calm, the cute, little thing. I gave her a look of ‘come the fuck on, already!’ and she obediently came.

“B-but… it’s not…” it was funny teasing Juni, who couldn’t put her thoughts into words, just knew it was embarrassing.

I leaned on the bed almost falling over so I could reach Aria with my extended hand, I made sure to get all traces of Juni off my finger and Aria didn’t seem to mind at all to be used to bother Juni.
“What does Juni taste like?” I asked Aria. I was trying to stay serious and to not laugh.

Aria looked like she was going to give a serious answer. Juni interrupted, regaining her breath. “Don’t ask her that! Jill, what is wrong with you?”

“What?” I kept to my game. “You wouldn’t mind if I tasted you, would you?”

“That’s different! We’ve…” Juni again stopped short.

“Because we’ve fucked, yes. Then how about fucking Aria? No cameras, you can do it under the covers.”

“Jill!” I was getting sick of people saying my name over and over. I knew what it was. Aria and Juni said it at the same time, all indignant and ashamed.
“Then just say ‘no, thank you. Maybe another time’ or something,” I joked. “It would be a shame, though. Aria, you go ahead and tell me Juni isn’t pretty or to your standards.”

“Err…” Aria struggled.

“Juni; I’m telling you right now. Did you like what we just did? I got nothing, NOTHING on Aria. I don’t know what’s with her but she’s like… desperate to make you feel good, so selfless even in bed.”

“Jill, no…” Aria was already flustered, but she went into a deep red hardly anyone else could match. She had no reason to, I was complimenting her.

“And her tail,” I went on. “OH, MY! The tail! Juni, you have to try it.”

I gave a quick glance to the other side of the cabin, just to warn the boys to stay quiet and behave and maybe I would show them something nice. All sneaky, they walked backwards to the end of their cabin, trying to be invisible. Dan still had my phone; I hoped he was keeping to what I promised to Juni.

“It’s like… a smart dildo; but long and soft and furry; it’s amazing,” I kept it up, but honestly wasn’t having much success. “I’m serious, here. Aria can give me an orgasm in five seconds flat… if I’m already in the mood.”

“You’re just saying that to get out of our part of the deal, aren’t you?” Juni suspected, she was wrong. I just felt bad for Aria; maybe I had been too harsh telling her she couldn’t call any attention.

“Of course not! How can you even say that?” I answered, but it sounded a little sarcastic.
“Prove it,” Juni dared me. “I think I have an idea of what kind of video I want you to make.”

a) Juniper doesn’t try Aria. Jill makes a video with Aria.
b) Juniper has Jill makes a video saying embarrassing things and doxxing herself while working on herself. Juniper tries Aria on another bed.
c) Juniper dominates Jill on video (Juniper is clothed). Juniper promises to give Aria a try some other time.
d) Juniper agrees to a threesome; her face is to be blurred out in the final product.
e) Juniper is tired of Dan and crew. She has Aria and Jill go back to the girl side, and figure out something there. New options will be available, but some others might change or be lost.
File: Scarf.png (804 KB, 1567x2500)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
A would be interesting, because sending a video of Aria around would have interesting implications for the wider awareness of her werecat condition.

How about A+B, Juniper tries Aria, then Jill makes a video combining A and B.
My cringe compilation screenshots folder grows ever larger.
I like this idea as well. If the other girls in the camp saw what aria could do with her tail, they would all be lining up for a turn. I’m sure Medea would be able to capitalize on the emotional states of the girls somehow.
+1 :D
24 hours, so 5 votes are enough. A+B.

“Okay, but you have to give Aria a chance, first,” Jill kept advertising me.

“What? You’re going back on your word, now?” Juniper huffed tauntingly.

“No, but we can do the video whenever. You know I’m good for it. What we can’t do whenever is this,” Jill signaled with her arm making a wide circle clarifying she meant the crazy situation going on in the room. “There’s no way you’re going to accept Aria any other time when you’re not horny.”

“I’m not…” Juniper started, but a smug stare from Jill put an end to that. “Alright, I am; but this was a one-time thing. I’m not going to… be with girls right after. I’m done.”

Juniper had done a sit up and while her crotch was covered by a rather humid and dirty sheet, she seemed to have absolutely no problem showing her small-sized, supple breasts with brown areolas. She looked like a sports-girl through and through with an athletic build and slender frame; not that Jill didn’t, it was just that Jill’s bigger chests, amazing figure and captivating long-red hair while she was naked on a bed made her look like another thing entirely; maybe someone who indeed should be starring in videos.

“Thirty seconds,” Jill petitioned. “Let Aria do her thing for thirty seconds and then if you jump out I’ll never bring it up again,” she said, quite confident in my abilities. Even I wasn’t that sure of them.

Juniper dared to turn to me, scrutinizing my features and more than anything watching my tail move up and down, slowly tapping at the bed I was on. I didn’t know why, maybe I wanted to show off; I coiled my tail in a spiral and spun it slowly. Juniper’s pupils dilated a little and her eyebrows went up a tiny fraction. “Thirty seconds and then I am in charge, right? I get to do everything I want with you and with her clothes,” she put up a front to negotiate as if my demonstration hadn’t aroused her interest.
“Thirty seconds minimum. You can go on as long as Aria wants.”

Jill quickly approached me and made me stand up. I non-verbally resisted, but she undid the straps of my gown. “Look, Aria; do you want to do this or not? You’ve already flashed these guys earlier and they’ve seen you starkers before; not to mention the videos you’ve been in,” Jill scoffed.

“It’s going to be under the sheets, Jill said so,” odd as it was, now Juniper was encouraging me.

I didn’t have the nerve to look to my far right where Dan and his roommates had exiled themselves to. Realizing I had no out with Jill and Juniper for once agreeing in something and against me; I jumped out of the gown and into the bed with Juniper. I grabbed the sheets and covered myself, hopefully not having flashed more than just partial nudity. Juniper yelped in both surprise of my sudden movement and in me having uncovered her hairy crotch. We struggled with the stained sheet for a few short seconds until we came to an agreement to cover us both.

We might have been covered, but it also meant that Juniper didn’t have the same option Jill had at the cafeteria when I just used my tail a fair distance away from her without having to touch her otherwise. With Juniper, there was no choice but to make bodily contact as the bed was not big enough to be too separated even if my tail was to be the star of the show.

“Ready! Set! Go!” Jill spouted without any warning, having retrieved her phone. “Go, Aria, go! Thirty seconds!” she laughed.

“Uh… uh…” she had completely caught me off-guard and unprepared.

“Just… so you know. You don’t have to do anything… if you don’t want,” the pretty brunette just inches away from me reassured me. “This is on Jill.” A sudden idea came to mind, what if? “Eeek!” she cried in surprise.
I had moved my tail up between my legs and forward until I poked Juniper’s girlhood. It was a position in which I still got to be face to face to someone while the tail worked, or so was the theory. Unless Juniper had her legs spread to allow ease of access, my tail just didn’t have what it took to force itself inside anyone.

“S-should I…?” I questioned, asking for permission to touch and spread Juniper’s genitals, a very awkward thing to do since we were facing each other.

“Twenty five seconds!” Jill pressured.

“Here, I’ll… I’ll take care of it,” Juniper guessed my intentions of needing help to insert the tail and I tolerated my most sensitive appendage being roughly grabbed so a girl could get it inside of her vagina.

Once the tip was in, the rest was easy. I could slide in as much of as I thought necessary; I started with around half a foot to test the waters, so to speak.

Juniper was… receptive. The lower portions of her body shuddered and moved in unison with my actions, although her face and shoulders remained motionless while she tried as hard as she could to look casual and unaffected.

“Aria, half your time is up! Bring up the big guns now!” Jill suggested.

Juniper was soaked wet after what she had done with Jill. It was time to do the thing. I formed a furry coil over a foot long inside of Juniper and started spinning it to demonstrate what I had already shown her felt like. Juniper couldn’t contain cries of surprise and after just a few seconds of having all her vaginal walls stimulated at once she started jumping in bed, making it hard to stay under the covers.
The stoic and proud girl was gone and Juniper turned into a moaning mess for me to play with. While I kind of lost track of time, all I knew is that we went for much longer than thirty seconds, and I suspected somewhere between three and five orgasms. Feeling that I also had a little right to feel pleasure, I moved my body to clash with Junipers; I rubbed my vulva against hers while still stimulating it with my tail. My hands gained full access to her breasts while my mouth for the most part just stayed on her neck, playfully biting.

“Not too shabby, huh?” Jill asked with a grin from ear to ear to a panting and exhausted Juniper who was unable to respond immediately.

My tail was out of her and I was fairly content and proud, sitting while wearing an improvised if dirty dress besides at the completely defeated Juniper lying down. I was grooming myself; hoping Juniper didn’t take it as an insult I was overwriting her scent. It was just that one needed a certain amount of smell to be one’s own, a necessity; she should understand.

“Would you care to try it again, sometime? No pressure,” Jill offered. Was she my pimp now? She better know I was the kind to go to the police if slapped.

With heavy breathing and heaving, Juniper got out of bed with what looked like a herculean effort, slowly waddled to the gown I had been wearing and put it over her body.

“Be careful with the straps. They come off all time for no reason,” I entreated Juniper with genuine and well-meaning advise.

“Not a fucking word of this to anyone,” Juniper whispered to Jill’s ears like I couldn’t perfectly hear, “but… wow! Yeah; I can try again anytime… in private. Ehem,” she cleared her throat and started speaking at an audible volume. “Well, I did it like I said I would, didn’t I? Jill, I think it’s about fucking time you keep your end.”

“Sure, do you want Dan and crew to make the video,” Jill guessed.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Juniper gushed. “It’s you and the werecat, now. I want to see you jump like a bunny when she does that thing to YOU.”

“Umm… I don’t want to be in any video,” I maintained, insinuating I had already done enough by giving my clothes away and it was not my deal in any shape or form.

“Werecat… Aria,” Juniper corrected herself, and for one thing I was glad to be called by my actual name. “This is what happens when you become one of Jill’s girls. You should have known better.”

“We’ll figure something out, Aria. Do me a solid, okay?” Jill asked the impossible.

a) Aria will be ‘clothed’ during the video while Jill will not.
b) Aria’s face will be blurred out thanks to an app. Not that it would fool anyone. Who else has a tail?
c) Juniper promises a compensation for Aria’s participation; it doesn’t convince Aria but she had little choice either way.
d) Jill is the one promising compensation.
e) Aria flat out refuses and Juniper has to come up with something else.

//What the actual fuck? I solved like 12 capchas to be able to post this and the earlier one. There has to be a limit to how many you're asked at a time.
File: Shorts.jpg (289 KB, 800x600)
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289 KB JPG
A+C, Aria doesn't need to be naked to show off, and since that doesn't sound enough on its own we can give Aria something, but it feels better for Juniper to offer it than for the web of debts between Aria and Jill to get even deeper.
Things will be very jumpy for the time being. I have no way of knowing when the story will be posted next; there might be enough time to cram up a part in the morning, there might not be part for one or up to two days. Eventually things should return to normal.

C wins this one.

I like it how just at the very end of the shorts something can be barely seen. Sort of gives me an idea to have a girl go commando with shorts and her fly coming open.

“You uh… look like you have everything under control around here; so I’ll be back waiting at the cabin, okay?” I had already agreed to one crazy thing and that had to be enough. Jill had completed what Laurie wanted and now if Jill wanted to take some more time that was up to her.

“What do we do, Juni? She really doesn’t want to,” Jill may have been taking my side, or may be being facetious; it was hard to tell. “Want me to do something else for your video?”

“Doesn’t matter what she wants,” Juniper said, hurt. “Did it matter what I wanted? All that matters is that I’m telling you to do the video with Aria. It’s up to you to convince her.”

Juniper had not known about the dares; but it was a given she must have deduced by now Jill’s questionable actions were because she had somehow been issued the challenge. Juniper’s compliance had not been a factor on Jill’s dare; thus my compliance now was irrelevant. I sighed, knowing full well that Jill would convince me one way or another, but also reluctant to give in and willing to fight until the end.

“Oh, Aria~!” Jill sang my name.

“Yes, Jill?” I prompted.

“Do you remember what happened on the afternoon at the Cafeteria? The thing we did?”

“How to forget…” a daily humiliation was now daily routine. I had ended up with Laurie between my legs and Jill on the back getting done by my tail.
“Do you remember what happened at the end? When you kind of knocked me out and someone took you? Do you remember why that happened?” a bunch of crazy girls all of whom I knew took me out for their own little dumb purposes.

“What of it?” I asked. “Ah!” I got it. I understood Jill.

“What did the girls want you for, and why?” Jill kept going, not that it was necessary anymore.

“I get it! I get it! And it’s not good enough!” I declared before Jill could say anything embarrassing.

Ruth, Maude, Yuri and Virginia did what they did because of Jill’s strong reaction to my tail. The girls weren’t lesbians, but Jill’s performance had advertised me to a degree they had at least considered to have me please them. Even if there was no contact, it wasn’t as if I didn’t find the prospect of playing with another girl’s body attractive, but between my friends, the crazy dares and those four I owed the favor to – or did I even owe to Maude anymore? She had already cashed it – I should have been settled for a long time.

If Jill thought just the possibility of a lot of people seeing the video and thinking ‘oh, the werecat’s tail looks amazing’ was enough, she was wrong.

“You must hate me right now after I took your clothes away from you,” Juniper jumped in into the conversation. “You’re not one of Jill’s girls, are you?”

By which she meant if I was at Jill’s beck and call like Natty and Melanie and those other girls who would strip and do whatever Jill said without even talking back. I shook my head; I was only Jill’s friend; not her plaything or pet or whatever Juniper figured.
“Look, you seem like a nice girl,” Juniper complimented me; and she was right – I was –. Juniper nervously played with her hair. “Can you do me a huuuge favor? Can you help me out with Jill? This one time? So she can pay me back what she said she would do?” I gave no indication to be in a mood to accept the deal, so she proceeded. “You don’t look like the kind of person to abuse a blank check. Can you do this one thing for me and then I’ll pay you back some other way?”

“Aria, be nice,” Jill coaxed me like I was a child. “We’re almost done here, and I’m also tired. This has been a long one.”

“I can help you out of a though spot or lend you something to wear when you need it or just take you in the cabin,” Juniper cited some of the possibilities, most of them sounded they would have already been helpful had they’ve been available from earlier.

“I hate being tag-teamed…” my tone went lower during the sentence, signaling my defeat.

“That’s what she said!” short-guy could not keep his trap shut. He was mercilessly shushed and got slapped on the back of his head. He deserved it.

We organized, discussed and arranged everything that would be done.

Jill went back into the bed; I covered as I could with the sheets and for a change Juniper would be the one managing the camera with Jill’s phone. The boys kept to their corner as they should. It was bad enough to would get to watch.

“My name is Jill Crosier,” Jill started, as per her agreement to have to embarrass herself on camera. “This is my friend, Aria. She is going to fuck me with her tail because I am a dirty slut.”
Jill lay open-legged on the bed; her knees were bent and nearly touching the broad, soft surface showing her amazing flexibility. Her arms were to her side, open as well. Jill had her head turned, facing the camera; from my position I had a premium view to Jill’s cute, little thing already wet invitingly open; I could even see Jill’s anus; which I thought was alright.

“I am five foot tree, I should be somewhere around one-hundred fifteen pounds,” I used one hand to spread Jill’s lower opening. “That’s my pussy Aria is opening; do you like it? Everyone I know has seen it, because I can’t stop showing it around,” Jill gasped a little as I put my tail inside her and started maneuvering around so I could test to be able to move freely.

“Should we know you from somewhere?” asked Juniper from behind the camera, trying to move the show around.

“Y-yeah, you sh-should!” Jill had trouble saying because I had started moving inside of her.

“Sorry,” I muttered.

“No, no! Keep going! As much as you can!” Juniper encouraged me. Okay, then; but for the record, they were the one who wanted what would happen; it was not on me.

I was sitting cross-legged. The dirty bed sheet was wrapped around my body with just an opening on my back so my tail could come out. I knew I was showing my whole back but there was no helping it. I was facing Jill; my tail was long enough to easily make it to Jill, and I was proving it.

“You should, AHH! Y-you should know… know me f-f-from…! AHH! AHH!” Jill could barely speak anymore as I had started whipping around; Jill’s behind was already rising and dropping like she was trying to do butt-bridges as fast as she could.

“Aria, your line,” Juniper urged me. Jill had already given the ‘signal’ and I had already agreed, but I didn’t have to like it.

“I’m moving my tail inside of Jill’s… pussy. She’s a… ehem… a dirty whore.”

“Louder!” Juniper ordered me.
“She’s a dirty whore and she loves it when things go inside there!” I nearly yelled. “My tail is filling her and wriggling and doing all sorts of things inside her. See how she can’t take it?”

Juniper moved the camera away from me and focused on Jill. Jill was still jumping up and down. I switched from whipping to caressing her with the fur so she could become a little more sensitive to then rotate my tail like I was scooping her vaginal walls. From the looks of it, Jill really, really, really liked it.

Jill had given up on trying speaking, and as much as Juniper had expected that to be part of the show, Jill could not be blamed. I had made Jill climax quite soon when I switched movements, and while her abdomen contracted and her toes did this cute thing when they curled and kind of stiffened; I gave her yet another taste of Heaven by switching again to wriggling. Jill could not maintain still and had gone in all fours and gripping the bed besides her as she moaned quite loudly.

“What the hell are you doing to her?” Juniper laughed.

“I kind of took it easy with you,” I admitted, looking away a little flushed. I was actually quite proud of how easy it was, how much Jill was affected by it and how impressed Juniper looked.

“Y-you did? No way! You’re lying!” Juniper kind of forgot her part as the director and camera crew and started conversing.

“She’s not! SHE’S NOT! Oh, GOD! Y-yes!” Jill cried; her voice had gone up nearly two octaves. A little more and she would sound as high-pitched as Medea.

Jill experienced her third orgasm in the same minute; her juices overflowing from her private places and starting to drip down. The bed was already a mess so it hardly mattered. Jill swung her nice bum in a circle as she threw her head back making her long, red hair swing up and down. “A-Aria! The drill! Do the drill thing!”
“Is that the thing where you curl the tail and twist it and…” Juniper queried, her breath had actually slowed down and I could smell arousal coming from her. She kept recording Jill’s moves and I doubted anything other than my tail was in the frame at that point.

“Yeah, that’s the one. When I go full speed…” I left the rest to be demonstrated.

Jill started jumping like a crazed horse; all of the inside of her vagina being strongly stimulated at once by a spinning, agile and furry object that took care to caress her favorite sweet spots on the front on her vagina and to the left of her cervix… veeeery deep in there where she liked it the most.

“AHH! AHHH!” she moaned and cried.

In less than ten seconds, I made Jill orgasm one last time. Having a little mercy, I stopped and she just threw herself to the side like she had been just shot dead; she started gurgling and her nearly closed eyes went white. Jill kind of gave the impression to sort of have been poisoned.

I extracted my tail, the tip of it soaked wet with Jill. I cleaned my tail against the sheet, since there was just no way I would be able to get all that fluid off grooming it with my mouth alone, not in a sensible amount of time.

“A-and that’s Jill, the whore; everyone! E-enjoy the video!” Juniper said and I heard her touch the stop button. “Oh, my God. Do you think she’s okay?” she meant Jill.

“Aria’s the best…” Jill quietly whispered gutturally.

“That was… something,” Juniper admitted. “Aria you’re… you’re really something… huh? T-the tail, I mean. Just… just look at Jill! I… uh… I mean, if you want; uh… I guess we could…”

“I don’t do it for free,” I declared.
While not as much as Juniper, I was still surprised – and aroused – by Jill’s backlash. I had been a little hard on her and it caused that much. I could smell it on Juniper and see it on her eyes. She wanted to try very badly. Why should I be the easy one? I was the one with the magical tail, I should be playing hard to get and let others give me something in return if I was to do them a favor.

a) Next dare, already. You can start voting for the loser.
b) Aria asks for that favor right away; Juniper’s mouth but back at the girl side of camp.
c) Aria asks for the favor; Juniper is not to share Jill’s video outside the camp. Aria doesn’t need Jill’s dad seeing her daughter being so mercilessly fucked.
d) Aria asks for the favor. Juniper will be Aria’s substitute the next time Aria loses; doesn’t have to be tonight.
e) The video is an unexpected success. A few curious girls are waiting for Aria outside her cabin as she’s going back.
f) Delanie has been causing trouble while Jill and Aria were away.
File: Sheet.png (493 KB, 800x1200)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
A. This dare was fun, but it was also long so I'm thinking it's time to get back to the rest of the group. I'm up for bringing in Delanie soon, but I figure it'll be more fun if we get to see it in person so I'm holding off on that for now.
A We really need to get them ritualistic power before midnight
-B (not enough time, we need more dares)
-C (would also count as failiture of the dare, jill pretty much doesn't care what happens inside the camp)
-F (as much i would love to see this happening; its too soon)
E and those girls want to pay Aria in exchange for sex, making her a prostitute
“Oh, nevermind, then,” Juniper dodged, offended.

She might have been good-looking; but I couldn’t just give away what I had to offer if I had nothing to gain from it. Contact with other girls had become the easiest thing in the world to procure, something I would not have thought possible at the beginning of camp; but to be fair even such a thing would have been easier to believe than spouting a tail and cat-ears.

Not thinking all that much about Juniper’s attitude, I made myself a little dress out of the discarded, dirty sheet that we had dragged all over the place and waited for Jill to recover. She didn’t take that long; it wasn’t like I had actually knocked her out or anything like that. Meanwhile, I observed Juniper keeping the threat she had done and forwarding the video she had recently made to all of Jill’s contacts, posting it in all possible platforms she was logged in, and writing things like “This is me being a slut,” or “Enjoy watching me get fucked.”

No matter how hardened Jill was by the recent challenges she had had to face during the last few days, what Juniper had done must have been plenty to embarrass the poor redhead. Jill’s phone went crazy shortly afterwards, sounding alerts basically non-stop from notifications of plenty of apps at the same time, messages and even calls; Juniper got scared and decided to just turn it off for the time being.
Once Jill was up and about, we left the cabin without saying anything to Dan and his friends. Juniper and I didn’t want to hear a peep from them and Jill was understandably tired. First we headed to Juniper’s; we had to pick Laurie up anyway.
The video had arrived much before we did; I didn’t know how many of the girls Jill was in contact with, but Natty was a given. While no one was overly direct in their approaches, I received a huge amount of praise, interest and attention. I almost went back on my policy to from now on not be that easy of a lay when that pretty girl with the long-black hair and the curvy body insinuated something by saying: “The video is okay, but I would have liked to see that up close.”

Laurie did express some amazement, but she did it in whispers. From what she told me later I gathered she was bored of waiting and they hadn’t done anything worth mentioning during Jill and Juniper’s absence. Speaking of Juniper, Jill made her mad by revealing: “Just so you know, there’s another video of the werecat doing her thing. Anyone wants to see it?” Jill, obviously, got demanded for the video, and she sourly expressed not to be able to share it to anyone, relegating the requests to Juniper. Juniper kept that forbidden and no matter how much she was begged to, the video stayed private.

“I am still going to show it to Erika and the rest,” Jill confessed mischievously after we were heading, at long last, to our own place. “I can’t send it to anyone, but that doesn’t mean I can just show it, right?”

The video Jill starred on was also the main topic of discussion back at our own cabin. To those who were not sure what Jill had done was embarrassing enough, I told them even Jill’s parents had been sent the thing.

“You sent a video to someone outside the camp in which Aria reveals her animal features?” Medea questioned, annoyed.

“Her parents? I take it back! Color me convinced!” Lisa exclaimed with surprise and even reverence, getting a little second-hand embarrassment herself.

“You’re just never going to give us the chance to catch up with you, are you; Jill?” Erika nudged at Jill, impressed.
Erika wanted to show me the comments I was getting regarding my ‘technique’ on the camp’s online groups, claiming it was insane. I strongly declined, not needing I needed to read that, not for the moment.

“What are you going to tell your folks, though? Didn’t you say they were lawyers and shit? What if they try to spin it to hurt that Juniper girl or something?” Erika raised the issue.

“I’ll call them in the morning. Everything will probably be fine,” Jill said, unsure. “I’ll keep my phone off until then. This is worse than the time I got recorded doing Melanie.”

“And whose fault is it? Overselling much?” Erika lightly chastised. “You were making faces the whole time; jumping and whatnot.”

“It’s not overselling!” Jill sustained. “If you don’t believe me tell Aria to do what she did to me! I seriously wanted to keep some class and dignity! You have no idea…” Jill shuddered.

“Did I overdo it?” I wondered.

“Oh, no! You were fine. It was awesome,” reassured me Jill. “So? Are we playing or what? Having my dad see me getting fucked by another girl should do for my dare, right? When’s my turn?”

a) Loser gains right to get clothed; but she has to take the clothes by force from boys. No sneaking.
b) Loser must find a way to get laid with a member of the staff.
c) Loser “steals” Jill’s phone and posts Juniper’s video. Jill will try to stop her, but not very hard.
d) Loser is in charge of talking and defusing Jill’s parents on skype; showing full body.
e) Loser starts a livestream. She can’t stop until she earns a set amount of money.

Vote for loser, you can propose your own dares; even if your dare doesn’t win, next girl to lose will propose it.
File: Closet.jpg (460 KB, 1000x700)
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460 KB JPG
A and D both seem like good choices, with Erika for the loser. If anyone can pull off being naked in front of Jill's parents and acting like *they're* weird for caring, it's her.
A/C Erika
d Erika
D Erika
D whoever
File: maegut.png (282 KB, 766x1080)
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File: I'll be back.jpg (137 KB, 850x1103)
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137 KB JPG
Update: I'm still here. A with Erika wins; part will be released in 5-7 hours after I'm free.

If you had not read other updates; things will be busy and irregular for the rest of the month at the very least.
Sorry, short part after such a long wait.

A palpable tension got ahold of the room when we sat back in the middle of the cabin to once more roll the bottle. No one wanted to be the next loser; I didn’t remember the stakes being so high, not for a long time. Not only Jill could be a little… eccentric, she had also completed one hell of a dare and was in her right to demand basically anything she wanted.

The loser, decided after an unnerving and slow movement from a glass decanter, was Erika.

“I’m gonna lay out some ground rules, okay?” even Erika, who I had considered to be a daredevil, was worried. “If my dad sees a video of me doing… stuff; he’s going to flip out! And I mean, really flip the fuck out!” she stressed. “And he’s a big guy; a big and scary guy who sometimes takes things too far, okay? He’s beaten the shit out of people for less before.”

“Relax!” Jill laughed. “I want to keep things inside camp. The whole getting parents involved was Juniper’s idea, not mine,” Jill corrected. “But, Erika; out of all people… to think you’d be the one telling me to go easy on you,” Jill provoked.

“It’s not about going easy. You don’t know the guy,” Erika frowned, not liking having her courage questioned. “He’s most wonderful guy in the face of the planet… but he’s a little crazy. Except from some bitch, I don’t want people from the staff getting in trouble with my dad.”

“Okay, take it easy!” Jill put her hands forward and waved her wrists up and down. “Let’s go back to fun stuff and not only what gives us the biggest exposure, how about that?”
“That’s what I’m talking about!” Erika approved.
Jill had the idea of having Erika clothed again; but Erika had to work for it. Erika could only take clothes away from boys; and could only do it by force, with no sneaking. If they offered something willingly, Erika had to take it off and try again somewhere else. It was still a hard dare to have to go into the boy’s side and most likely enter a cabin all naked; but it was still a downgrade from what Jill had to go through. I did not mind the de-escalation.

“When does it end, though? How clothed do I have to be?” Erika naturally questioned.

“When you’re completely covered. If we can’t see your tits, ass or pussy, we know you’re done,” reasoned Jill.

Rain had dwindled somewhat, but it was still a pain to be outside. Laurie and Carmen claimed to be tired and wanting to remain in doors. I had not even had enough time to dry and my feet were all muddy, so I didn’t even care anymore.

It is exactly eleven o’clock,” Medea informed me.

Erika and Jill had gone ahead with the parasol. Medea, Lisa, Arthur and I had the umbrella all for ourselves. Lisa had Arthur on her arms; she had originally wanted to remain in the cabin playing with the fat little pest, but Arthur had insisted in following me even if that meant going out in the rain.
Medea and I could conveniently communicate without anybody but I hearing even with Lisa just beside us, snuggling and huddling so we could all fit inside

“You’re doing the thing at midnight, right?” I recapitulated.

“Correct. Exactly at midnight, under the full-moon; the sky should be clear by then,” she surmised, hopeful.

“Is there anything you need from me?” I offered, ready to lend a hand where I could.

“Nothing more than making sure I am not followed; which I expect I should be able to achieve by myself,” she claimed. “You are of course, welcome to attend should you wish to.”

I would think about it.
“And how are you on the… whatever you needed from The Game,” I insinuated, still not overly confident speaking about the topic.

“Jill’s contribution was much bigger than I dared to hope. I am already concluded; everything else we are merely doing to amuse ourselves,” she confessed me. “It is not as if we have anything better to do, and our friends enjoy the activities,” she shrugged.

So the main reason for The Game was over? It seemed so long ago I had spent Medea’s gathered energy to become what I currently was.

“What happens now? What happens when the influence is gone? I mean… I guess it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you started another gathering for some other thing you might need…” I coyly insinuated.

Medea was about to smile and maybe giggle, but Arthur, Medea and I turned suddenly towards the same direction, behind us.

“What’s wrong, Medea?” Lisa wondered, also looking at the same dark corner we were facing without being able to discern anything herself.

“Nothing. I thought to have heard something,” Medea lied. We both had sensed it.

“I don’t like that girl,” I confided. Medea nodded in agreement.

a) Erika kicks some ass and walks out with a complete set of Goth-style clothing from the Satanists.
b) Erika tries to settle some scores with Duke. Rumor says he may be hoarding women’s clothing.
c) Erika tries too hard and gets captured by people unwilling to submit to her.
d) Erika completes her dare going to different locations and streaking some.
e) Erika combines seduction and cheap-shots to steal from people who would fall for those tricks.
f) Erika fails her dare after earnestly trying, remaining nude.
g) Aria and Medea excuse themselves and go do their thing.
File: Sweater.jpg (212 KB, 1133x1600)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
I'm thinking A, seeing Erika beat the Satanists up sounds pretty fun, and I think we could get a good moment for Lisa's stalker to show up again too.
A, Maybe G later

We can garner more ritualistic power for some other fuckery from the other options when we took Feral power
A / B
Its not by force if they surrender, right? xD
G after the dare ofc
I was nice enough to leave Medea to Lisa and to go under Jill’s parasol when Erika left it so we could be two and two. Erika was hyped about her dare and encouraged us all to watch her, she was especially insistent that I kept a very close look on the action; and Erika’s petition was suspiciously encouraged by Jill.

What Erika’s destination had in mind was the cabin of the Satanists; not only did she think they could be taken a notch or two; they also often had a style of clothing she could approve of, not to mention that if she managed to get a robe that could be an easy way out of her dare.

Erika walked to the door, and planted a few kicks with the sole of her feet. The Satanists were often very slow to attend the door; but before a noisy, relentless and persistent ruckus of someone apparently trying to take their stuff down, they made an exception and attended within the minute.

“What? What is it?” frustrated, a very, very ugly guy who I had not always seen hanging around the Satanists, opened the door suddenly, bellowing.

Erika didn’t even dignify him with a response. Without uttering a word and before the man could even process there was a beautiful, naked girl standing in front of him, Erika kicked the guy between the legs with all she had, “KEE-YA!” she cried for dramatic effect as she stroke with little concern of the safety of her victim.

Just when the ugly guy’s eyes were lighting up with glee at the sight of the bare body of Erika, they went like they were about to pop out of their sockets, wide open, and then filled with tears at the same time their owner held his crotch with a mute shriek and pathetically dropped to his side. Erika stepped over him, a gesture that would have had the risk of flashing the loser way too much, not a concern as he apparently had bigger things to worry about.
“Alright, Aria; you’re the key witness!” Jill coached me. “Go to your position and make sure to pay attention to tell us everything that happens!” she ordered, a little overboard.

“Yeah, yeah…” I grunted.

I pounced out of the umbrella and went to the east side of the cabin where the rain wouldn’t get to me… that much. I lifted the wooden window so not even the glass would get in the way and carefully observed Erika.

She had the full attention of the Satanists. The ugly guy at the entrance was still wriggling in pain. Francis, the big guy who Erika more or less got along with during her last visit, raised his eyebrows and stopped reading a very moldy tome he had on his hands. Other than that, he remained on his bed at the bottom of the cabin. Everyone else: the small and child-looking Alvin, the lanky and ugly Larry, and the deranged Eugene all were comically on guard and alert; always trying to keep the fit, young woman entering their place surrounded.

“Dark Knight! Attack the intruder! Show her your power!” Nightshade commanded.

Larry stepped forward, making very awkward and honestly embarrassing martial-artsy moves he probably had seen in a kung-fu flick or something; it was almost painful to watch. Larry kept advancing towards Erika making high-pitched sounds and striking the air like he was dancing; still flustered and affected by Erika’s lack of attire; his eyes never letting go of Erika’s bosom. Erika patiently waited for him with her hands on her hips.

Erika first jabbed at him, getting him on the nose. It stunned Larry. Erika jabbed once more, and then hit him with a haymaker right on the kisser. Larry just dropped backwards; either dead or unconscious. I nearly clapped.

“She’s too powerful!” Eugene annoyingly bleated. “Quick, Doombringer! Use the secret weapon!” he advised to Alvin.
Alvin, who had been more or less hypnotized by Erika’s bum – not that I blamed him, it was a piece of art –, snapped out of it and turned to jump towards a bed, he hurriedly searched for something underneath it.

I was kind of curious to find out what the secret weapon of the Satanists could be. I would have to keep wondering since Erika just walked up to Alvin, did one hell of a wedgie making him scream literally like a girl – again, I was not judging; I had done plenty of that myself –, Erika then punched the guy on the back of the head. It looked rather cruel since Erika was so much taller. Alvin just ducked and covered, containing tears. “And don’t you move, you hear?” Erika threatened him. Alvin nodded.

“Very well, I shall deal with you myself!” Eugene stepped up to Erika.

Eugene was skinny; but also even taller than Erika. He had wiry arms and from where I was standing on he looked plainly dangerous. While I had a lot of confidence in Erika, she wasn’t invincible.
“Let me show you MY secret weapon!” Erika beamed at Eugene and from her hair she extracted a very dangerous and detestable thing.

“Do your worst!” Eugene dared.

A red dot appeared on Eugene’s forehead. I jumped inside of the cabin and meowing wildly, I pounced towards Eugene. I slapped the guy right in his forehead. He flinched, surprised by my sudden appearance. The red dot appeared on his chest; I pounced again, pushing him back.

Red dot on leg, I scratched. Red dot on belly, another scratch. Red dot on head; I jumped. Red dot was at a foot, I took out a fierce bite, thinking that I finally got it. Eugene yelled. He had been slapping at the air like he was being harassed by a swarm of bees; but he was just too slow.

“She’s tamed the werecat! Nightshade, run!” the guy who Erika had kicked on the groin at first, still dropped, warned.
Against my will, I had been charging and attacking Eugene repeatedly. He ended up giving up the fight and jumping out of the window I came in from, head first.
“W-where did it go?” I fretted.

“I turned it off. Good work, Aria!” Erika congratulated me by stroking my hair.

“But where did it go?” I got ignored. I checked around the room just to be sure.

“What, you want some of this?” Erika threatened with the pointer on hand towards Francis, still on his bed. He shook his head slowly from side to side, wide-eyed.

I recovered my human mind then and realized that once again I had been tricked. The second thing I noticed was that I was completely naked in a room full of boys. I tried to scream, but ended up hissing. I went into all fours and ran through the open door with my face burning hot, feeling dreadfully ashamed of my actions.

Jill received me. “There, there!” she hugged me and patted my head, but she was laughing. “Did you have fun?”

I was mad at her; I had no evidence but I suspected it was all her idea. The worst part is that I couldn’t even express my discontent since I really needed her to keep holding me.

In short seconds, Erika emerged crackling a cruel laugh. She had rather unflattering black jeans with a belt secured to its absolute tightest, and an open leather jacket with nothing underneath.

“All done! Let’s get out of here!” exclaimed Erika.

a) Nothing happens for the time being.
b) Francis decides to attack Erika after all.
c) The Satanists willingly give the clothes, forcing Erika to take them off and leave them behind.
d) A cute stalker makes her move.
e) Aria and Medea excuse themselves and go do their own thing.
Also, vote for the loser of the next round, if you please. It can also be Erika.
D into E
D into E
next up probably Lisa, but not sure of the Dare yet. (Maybe our cute little Stalker has a part in it? ;)
File: Karate.jpg (233 KB, 1280x960)
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233 KB JPG
D. It hasn't been anywhere near an hour so we've got a little while still before Medea needs to go.

Lisa or Laurie for the next loser. Lisa has interesting potential with Delanie and Laurie just because the new girls needs more than one dare.
>A with Erika wins
How? It looks like we only had 2 votes for A and 3 (4-1) for D
And even if we're counting multiple votes as partial votes, that'd be 1 A to 2.5 D
Picture votes count double, so there were four effective votes for A. D accumulated 5 effective votes but then someone used a picture vote to vote against it, which put it at 3.
D Laurie
File: 70042982_p0.jpg (884 KB, 850x1200)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
Thanks for bumping the thread. Things will be slow for a long while, sadly; at least another week while I finish some IRL stuff. After that is done one or two parts a day should be easy.

I quickly ducked and walked back a few steps to get further into the cover of darkness. Had they noticed? It was hard to believe, but the werecat’s ears could not have been just for show if she picked up anything even though I was being careful. The real question was, how did that pale, short girl spot me? I knew her name was Medea, I knew everyone though she was a weirdo and even creepy; and more than anything I knew that she spent way too much time too close to Lisa.

I had been watching Lisa as much as possible ever since she confessed her feelings to me. I could understand that some people got in our way, and that she needed me to save her from those people by any means necessary. I would save my poor Lisa.

Lisa and her captors had been going in and out their cabin. They changed their group dynamics all the time, grouping differently, only thing that didn’t change was that Lisa was never left alone. They were clever.

From what I had seen and heard they were a cult. They had a strange religion and strange rituals. I didn’t know who was their leader, yet. Of course, whoever that was would need to be the first to fall if possible. I had played along with everything that had happened on camp, waiting for my chance and for Lisa to make the first move as I was sure she would. It was now time.

It was not a surprise to find out that the cult that held Lisa prisoner was in some sort of war against other cultists on the boys’ side. What was surprising is that a single girl could go in and defeat all the boys by herself just receiving help from the werecat at the very end. It taught me a very valuable lesson and nearly made me congratulate myself for having being so patient and careful. I could not underestimate these people.
I had to stay at an even larger distance because of the werecat’s senses. Rain was calming; things were getting clearer out there and there was a full moon out there illuminating the night sky. I almost got discouraged enough to call it a night and try again tomorrow… but I remembered Lisa. Her shining, bright blue eyes pleading me to save her; the hair she usually liked to keep in a ponytail was now raining in a loose golden cascade over her shoulders like she was trying to send a message, a signal. Saving her was my reason for being.

After the werecat, who as far as I could tell was still more or less acting like a human; Medea; that monster of a girl Erika; and Jill who was one of the possible leaders went back into their cabin; things got obscured for me again. I had my binoculars, but they were sitting on the floor and the window from the side of Lisa’s bed wasn’t the best place to know what was going on inside.

I heard some celebration and cheering thanks to the SpyEar app; little more. The new girl who they were trying to initiate into their cult, Laurie, she was the one who would do something next; I wasn’t sure what. Even if it was risky, I knew I had to do something or I might as well go back to my cabin and stop wasting my time. I approached the cult crawling, the mud and grass feeling rough and cold on my skin only intensifying my drive.

“Would you mind supervising Lauren instead of Aria this time, Carmen?” Medea asked another member of their cult. I had managed to crawl close enough for my phone to pick something up without them noticing me.
“Yes, it’s not a problem. What do you say you guys are going to do?”

“And you have to ask? You saw the same video we did, didn’t you?” it was Erika’s voice. “Here’s Zelda trying to have a little class and you go and ruin it.”
“What? It was that?” Lisa said with obviously fake concern just to fit in. “Medea; you’re… but you’re a virgin! Are you going to let Aria…?”

“It’s her choice and it has to be done someday. Leave it alone,” that was Jill Crosier, either their leader or their second in command even if she joined not that long ago.

Lisa was doing great. She must have had faith that I would come to save her since she was playing her role of just another member of the cult beautifully; fooling them all except for me, who truly knew her. They had a discussion about some video, a tail that must have been the werecat’s and Medea going alone with Aria to do something; which would mean my two biggest problems gone just like that.

Medea and the werecat left in the direction to the pool; not long after Carmen, Laurie and Erika went their opposite direction, maybe to the boy’s cabins or the lake. Lisa had somehow found out that I was going to save her and acted like she was upset about Medea leaving with Aria; upset enough to have Jill remain all alone with her behind. Jill would be no match to our combined efforts.
It was time to make my move.

a) Delanie “rescues” Lisa.
b) Delanie is captured by Jill during the rescue mission.
c) Jill thinks it’s all a big game and cooperates with Delanie.
d) Lisa goes all alone into the forest to cry about something, Delanie makes her move then.

Laurie’s dare:

1) Kick a sleeping guy in the nuts and run like hell.
2) Good ol’ fashioned streaking. Doing a racket while running nude and wait see who comes watch her.
3) Something simple that doesn’t take the spotlight: bathe Arthur.
4) Obtain at least five close-up pictures of different vaginas from girls outside the coven.
5) Her dare is getting drunk; Erika will help. It will be time consuming; there are things to do in the meantime.
B 2/4
File: Shout.jpg (447 KB, 728x800)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
I'm partial to C, we don't completely shut down Delanie's plans but we get to keep an eye on her.

5, I'm interested in seeing how drunk naked Laurie will behave and it gives Aria and Medea plenty of time for Medea's ritual.
b/c Either way Jill will make it interesting
5 Bonfire 2 all over again
B or C, either wont leave Lisa alone with Delanie, which may defuse the situation.

5 or better 1+5: Laurie needs some "Liquid-Courage" before getting teached by Erika ;)
File: 12924406_p0.jpg (178 KB, 600x759)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Three scenarios at once. Any of them can gain focus as you want it; we'll focus on Delanie first.

Rain was about done; Medea claimed that she had everything she needed to prepare the potion for which she had started The Game for; and while thinking about it I decided that I wanted to see the end result after everything that had happened. We took Medea’s parasol and we headed to the most private place we knew of in camp that didn’t need us to go too deeply into the woods: the place where I drank the Feral Power potion to become what I currently was.

We were hardly concerned about getting that wet, mostly just using the parasol to guard the scraps of cloth Medea held under her arm in which she had the materials she would need to make the potion. I had also made a significant contribution to Medea in the form of the gold earring I had found on my last day as a regular human; as it would be needed.

“Are you ever going to tell me about what you’re doing?” I asked Medea on the way, we were about halfway to the showers.

“Soon; it will be over soon and then I will be able to speak freely!” Medea answered, overly excited and maybe a little anxious.


Taking Jill’s advice, I had proposed a dare that was fun more than something about getting Laurie embarrassed. Mine was easy and satisfying. It felt great kicking the asses of Eugene and his team of suckers; especially Larry.
I had told Laurie her dare was to get drunk. It could be too much to expect to have Laurie find the alcohol all alone, so I would take care of that and Carmen would ‘make sure I didn’t take things too far’, whatever the fuck that meant. I was around Laurie’s age the first time I got shitfaced; she should be fine.

As always, the first man to ask for anything having to do with booze was the usual suspect. Carmen and Laurie hid behind me while I knocked on the door. It wasn’t like I wasn’t embarrassed about being stark naked and having to meet people like that, but it also wasn’t as if all the people in the cabin I was knocking on hadn’t seen me all over for hours on end during the last bonfire party.

I had to knock a second time. “Come on! I know you’re in there! Open up, Dugald!” I yelled. “I got some tits to show you if you can get me some booze!”


If there was anyone remaining that didn’t know Lisa had a crush on Medea, that could not be the case anymore. With how Lisa behaved, she had just been short of yelling it to announce it out loud. She was jealous, and that sucked; I had been there. Still, it was no reason to be so sour. I had stayed behind to talk a little with Lisa as she was all sulky and moody, curled on her bed hugging her new cat.

“N-no! Arthur! Jill, catch it!” Lisa told me.

The orange ball of fur had been struggling to break free from the very start, it always wanted to follow Aria around; maybe some cat thing, or maybe Medea wasn’t bullshitting us and the cat was actually in love with Aria. I didn’t have to try too hard to get my hands on it; the thing was fat.

“Uff! He weighs about as much as Aria!” I complained carrying the fatty back to Lisa.

Lisa was now sitting. She was pretty down. First Medea had gone with Aria, and now her cat also wanted to. She received Arthur and hugged him, burying her face in the fur. The cat must have felt something because it didn’t try to escape anymore.
“It’s not fair,” she said in a sad whisper.

I had just the remedy for what she was feeling, but before I could put it into practice, we heard the window behind Lisa open; and we both turned. We figured it would be Aria; she was the reason we always left that one unlocked in the first place; we couldn’t be any more wrong. It was a drenched, slender girl. She started crawling through the window at the same time thunder struck on the sky.

Lisa jumped to her feet, and let Arthur go. The little guy hissed and hid beneath Erika’s bed. The crawling weirdo was very thin; her wet hair was muddied; making a mess where it dripped below her. When she finally lifted her face I could tell there was something wrong with eyes; like the pupils were the wrong size.

I recognized her as Delanie; Aria didn’t like her, neither did Erika or Lisa; all had spoken badly about the girl. She looked scary, alright; but having people forming prejudices just because Delanie was not exactly conventional was unfair; I felt sorry for her.

“Lisa, I am here!” she announced, a little raspy. She might be catching a cold. Maybe stealing everyone’s clothes on the day that it decided to rain wasn’t the best of ideas in hindsight.
Lisa just froze, her gripes with Aria all forgotten. Delanie crawled out of the bed and stood up. The poor girl was a bag of bones; although she wasn’t too small on the chest, so she couldn’t have been all that malnourished. She shaved downstairs and was more of an innie.

“Hi, Delanie! Nice of you to come and visit!” I tried to be kind.

“That will not work with me, cult leader!” she said, sounding more than a little crazy. Maybe for once I was wrong about her and Erika right on the money? “Lisa, quick! Nobody is around… Nobody! We… we can take her out!” she pointed at me. “We can be together!” she chuckled with a closed mouth but a huge grin.
Lisa shuddered and walked backwards. I didn’t have a lot of experience in dealing with girls like Delanie… but I was willing to try new things; play it by ear, see how it went. Maybe I could make a playmate out of her yet.

“Oh, I don’t plan on getting between you and Lisa, Dell-bell,” I gave her a nickname. “Actually, believe it or not Lisa is feeling a little sad; she could use a little help!”

“W-what?” Lisa looked at me, incredulous. She thought I was selling her out to save my skin or something, so I just winked to assure her everything was fine. I was just in a playful mood.

a) Jill basically directs a porno.
b) Jill convinces Lisa to play along and go into a romantic date.
c) Lisa outright rejects Delanie; before the Yandere goes berserk, Jill talks to her and has her ‘strategize’ to win Lisa’s heart.
d) Delanie finds out who Lisa’s crush is, and goes to deal with that first.
e) Delanie agrees to become Lisa’s plaything.
f) Delanie attacks. Jill and Lisa are forced to escape for the time being.
g) Delanie attacks. She gets her ass kicked and she’s immobilized.
File: Snatch.png (2.32 MB, 1600x1160)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
A+E. I think the best long-term dynamic for Delanie is to be kept in check by Lisa's wishes, one way or another, and in the meantime I've got no problem giving Delanie what she wants.
B+E sounds the least extreme and should give us more options in the long run. Even Delanie would realize: be nice and maybe the'll also be nice (implying option A later ;)
-D We can't shit on Medea's things rn
File: Happy Halloween.jpg (258 KB, 850x1190)
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Happy Halloween to all!

Just here to bump and give an update. My life right now is training->job->training->sleep. Not that I'm complaining; no more worries.

Part is about half done, but by hand. I should be able to type it out between today or tomorrow.

I should not be talking about IRL; nobody needs to hear that, but the story's slowed down enough to think you deserve an explanation/excuse.

This will not last indefinitely. Whether I get the job or not the training finishes this weekend; freeing a few hours which can be used for the story.
Don't worry about updating us being a bother, those of us who like staying updated (or get twitchy that something might have happened) appreciate the update and the news that things are going well for you, and those of us who don't can just ignore it, mildly inconvenienced at worst.

Good luck!
File: 6763949i.jpg (69 KB, 438x600)
69 KB
Nice to hear that
Good to hear things are getting better for you. No need to apologise. Pretty sure all people reading your story would rather your safe well being instead of the story. I hope you have a positive outcome from your training.
Somehow I was having a weird dream that they're all knowingly playing their part as a camp to stabilize and extract information from Aria for some sort of international peace keeping mission and that they waited for Aria get drunk and unconsciously speak out a special line before they're about to break the imagination except they're stopped by a young Japanese girl begging for cancellation of the mission "but it would have killed my mom".

Not sure why I would have such dream and I didn't read series like KanoFlag in recent times.
Sorry for the long wait. I should be free by Sunday so the part will be done then. No matter if there's a single vote, the part is coming out on Sunday.

That's odd. If I may ask, what did you imagine Aria to look like?

Thanks. Once everything is settled down, the pace of a part a day (more or less) should be ridiculously easy to maintain.

“I am all the help she needs!” Dell-bell shrieked. When her voice went above a certain volume, her face would stiffen; she looked kind of ugly then.

“That’s what I said. I said it’s up to you to help her,” I lectured Dell-bell. She needed to be given some leeway to get what she wants; but she also had to understand she wasn’t in charge. “Do you want to or not? We don’t have all day.”

“You don’t get to tell me what to do!” she kept being defiant, the dummy.

“How about her? Does she get to?” I pointed at Lisa, putting her on the spotlight.

“I… I… I don’t want any part on this!” she stuttered, giving some more steps back. It was weird seeing Lisa act so cute; it would be a sin not to make use of it.

“That is none of your business, either,” Dell-bell had calmed down from her initial tone but she was still hostile. A feisty one!

“Really?” I asked her all surprised. “Is it more important to be mean to me than Lisa’s needs? You don’t like Lisa all that much after all, huh?”

“YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” she screamed, her face got all fucked-up again. “Don’t speak about things you don’t understand!”

“You’re not proving me wrong by shouting, you know?” I made fun of her.
She thought she was being intimidating by being so loud and stepping up to me, but she was wrong. I stepped to her side as fast as I could, she almost reacted on time; she had very nice reflexes; nothing ridiculous like Aria’s, but Dell-bell was quick. I pushed her towards Lisa. It was the right thing to calm Dell-bell down; and also the fun thing to do.

Lisa yelled out continuing to be cute; not expecting a girl having thrown her way. Dell-bell at first was surprised and mad to have lost our little speed contest, but when Lisa put up her hands forward to avoid impact and touched the muddy girl, Dell-bell’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“H-hi, Lisa!” Dell-bell greeted forgetting all about me; a little rude, but whatever.

“H-hey…! Delanie…!” Lisa barely managed to say, very nervous. I almost giggled, suppressed it at the last second.

“I am so sorry we were interrupted last time! I will not let it happen again!”

Lisa cringed while Dell-bell happily nuzzled and hugged against Lisa’s very nice chest. Trying my hardest not to laugh, I raised my eyebrows a few times towards Lisa, just daring her to do something about what was happening to her. Lisa pleaded to me with just her eyes, ‘Help me out here! Get her off me!’ I understood loud and clear. I couldn’t help letting out a snicker. What did the others have against Dell-bell? She was so much fun!

“Alright, alright! That’s enough!”

It was not easy, but I got between Lisa and Dell-bell, pushing them apart with all I had. Even with Lisa helping me by pushing away, Dell-bell nearly had us. Amazing reflexes, some crazy surprising strength for a girl with her frame… I just had to have her pay tennis and train her sometime!

Dell-bell stared daggers at me. I saw her hands crisp like claws for like a second; then go back to normal.
“Is there something you want, Jill? We are a little busy right now. Could you leave us alone?” Dell- bell had yet another change of attitude and talked to me all polite. “You should leave,” she underhandedly threatened me. There was my Dell-bell!

“Thank you,” Lisa quietly mouthed. I barely registered it. She was between scared and annoyed.

“You don’t get it, do you?” I told Dell-bell, raising my guard a little to be ready for anything. Just in case. “Lisa is not yours.”

“Oh, then I suppose you think she’s yours?” Dell-bell tried to play it out as a joke, something like making fun of me; but she was actually worried.

“Nope. Lisa doesn’t belong to anyone. Isn’t that right, Lisa?” I didn’t want to keep Lisa out of the conversation for too long.

“I told you to let me out of this!” Lisa repeated.

“Yes, Jill. You would make things so much better if you just went away. I would recommend it,” Dell-bell insisted.

The conversation hadn’t panned out in the way it was meant to. I pouted a little, but recovered to get everything back on track. “Well, Lisa may not be yours; but… how about you become Lisa’s?” I proposed the very slightly crazy girl.

“Jill, if you’re not going to help…” Lisa started.

“What do you mean, become Lisa’s? I am already hers!” Dell-bell said, kind of furious; like I had insulted her. “Don’t think you understand anything because you don’t!”

Dell-bell shifted again. No longer just hostile, she kind of became… enraged? Something like that, picking for a fight. Not that I was afraid or anything, but that was not what I wanted. Maybe the provocation was a tad too much? She had such strong reactions when I spoke about Lisa.
“Hmm… I’m not seeing it. Are you sure you’re Lisa’s?” I had to be fast, I had a funny feeling Dell-bell was about to jump me. “Prove it; not to me, but to Lisa. What do you say, Lisa? Do you REALLY believe Dell-bell is yours?”

“Jill, what are you after?” Lisa finally realized I was planning something. Just having Lisa speak calmed Dell-bell a lot; who turned to see her… goddess or idol or whatever she considered Lisa. “What’s your endgame?”

I used the chance Dell-bell was turned to mouth and gesture a few things. “Play along, dummy!” I hoped to have communicated Lisa. I pointed a lot of Dell-bell, trying to say that if Lisa didn’t stood up to her admirer, her admirer might get the wrong idea to be the one in charge and start demanding things. Dell-bell would only be on top ruling or on the bottom serving; I didn’t think there was any in-between with her.

“O-okay. Delanie… um… look,” Lisa said something productive at long last.

“Yes, Lisa?” no matter how much Dell-bell said to herself she didn’t care about my opinion, I hoped to have planted just a tiny bit of doubt, just enough that she thought she needed to prove herself.

“Y-you say… you err… love me and stuff, right?” Lisa continued. It took a lot out of her to say every word.
“Yes! Yes, of course!” Dell-bell started grinning and again forgot all about me. This time I didn’t mind.

“W-what would you… do, um… you know? What would you do if I told you to do something? Would you do it?”

a) Delanie is out of control and needs a sedative. The sedative is Lisa and Jill gets to make a video about it.
b) Lisa, being in love with a female herself, is all over her former prejudices. She has Delanie please her.
c) Nothing happens and Jill is the one who has to engineer the situation all over again.
d) Delanie wins. She assaults Lisa and Jill is too busy to stop her.
e) Delanie flees with Lisa somehow. Jill does track her down, but records the encounter before rescuing Lisa.
File: Blade.jpg (118 KB, 850x1472)
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118 KB JPG
A. My hopes for Delanie include her continuing the yandere frame of mind, but also being obedient to Lisa who keeps her from going too far, making her a good way to shake up situations without changing the tone of the story.
>That's odd. If I may ask, what did you imagine Aria to look like?
Perhaps it can be described as offspring of Alice@GuP and Maho@GuP
A into b perhaps?
A / A->B
-C Leads to nowhere
File: aftershow.jpg (354 KB, 763x1100)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
File: 59535407_p0.png (1.3 MB, 1060x1500)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
Lisa finally got it. You didn’t get to have knockers as nice as hers without turning a few heads and getting a lot of attention. I was sure Lisa must have had tens of boys around her middle finger ever since middle school. It was just part of being a woman.

“Of course, Lisa! I would do anything for you!” Dell-bell answered kind of like a guy would. “Anything at all!” and then she added her own Dell-bell flair, eying me like she meant business; or maybe that was still what a guy would do in front of a rival.

“Anything at all, right?” Lisa tested. “Even if you didn’t like it? B-because uh… look. Things are getting really intense right now… you know? A-and it’s also really late; or… getting really late. I-I guess what I’m trying to say here is that um, maybe, just maybe. It’s a possibility, you know?”

“Spit it out,” I told Lisa.

“Don’t tell her what to do!” Dell-bell turned against me.

“Maybe it’s not the best of times and the best of moments to… do stuff. M-maybe we should wait to some other time!” Lisa proposed very, very carefully; really tiptoeing around the issue, all the while fidgeting with her hands and avoiding eye contact. Was this her first time making use of her looks to make people agree to something or what? I would’ve bet even Laurie or Aria could do much better without any coaching.

“Oh, I understand,” Dell-bell said, surprising Lisa.

“Really?” Lisa wanted to be happy about it, but she was kind of dazed Dell-bell had agreed so easily.

“Of course I do, Lisa! We really can’t do anything while we’re not even alone! While there are people on the way,” Dell-bell continued to eye me really angrily.

“Uh… Lisa,” I tried to warn her.

“Exactly!” Lisa said. It was too late.

“We don’t have to wait. I can take care of it right now!”
Delanie’s face went all weird again. I backed off a few steps ready for anything. “No… I didn’t mean it like that!” Lisa realized her mistake. “Delanie, wait!”

Confrontations with other girls were a daily occurrence. I just could hardly get out of bed without someone having something against me or against what I was doing. On rare occasions it got physical; not too physical but physical; but from there to straight up fights? And not the hair-pulling catfights, but the serious ‘I’ll fuck you up’ fights; those didn’t come often, and I didn’t like them. In Dell-bell’s eyes I could see no other way out. I raised my arms, ready for anything; I really, really disliked hurting other people but what other choice did I have?

Just when I was about to be jumped, a thumb saved me. I guess Lisa could have held Dell-bell from behind or something; but she instead decided to stick a finger inside the butt of our slightly insane new friend.

The situation was very serious just a second ago, but seeing Dell-bell react to having something enter her ass so suddenly was gold. Her face changed again but into a much, much cuter expression telling she was NOT expect that, but still liked it. When the surprise was about to wear off, Lisa used her free hand to get to Dell-bell’s front and start caressing her bald pussy; just running her fingers across it, petting it.

“Let’s all calm down, okay?” said Lisa. Dell-bell tried to say “Okay” back, but couldn’t; she was nearly in trance, like taken to Heaven.
Leading Dell-bell by a thumb up the ass, Lisa still kept playing with the front as well and took Dell-bell away from me and to the other side of the room. I leaned against the wall and sat down sliding, sighing in relief. Arthur, who was under a bed near me, also sighed, but from his nose instead of his mouth; I didn’t even know cats could do that; I wasn’t exactly a cat person. Aria didn’t count.

That was some serious mood-changes; I had never seen a girl go so fast from furious and dry to content and wet so fast. I had seen furious and still wet, though.

“Good girl… good girl…” Lisa whispered like she had just calmed a rabid dog; which wasn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination.

Lisa carried on for a little while, at the same pace, never trying anything new. Dell-bell didn’t mind; she closed her eyes and kept breathing heavily, enjoying it and getting drenched down there. Lisa did what she did in order to stop Dell-bell but I could tell she started having fun after some time. I couldn’t blame her; there was just something about playing with a girl; being inside her and having your fingers getting humid and warm, feeling a heartbeat quicken, a breath slow down or go faster depending on what you did.

Lisa was lying on the floor with her back against the wall, just like I was; she was close to the door of the cabin while I was more by Erika’s bed. Dell-bell’s back was in turn resting on Lisa and her hands told a story of complete surrender; Lisa could have done whatever she wanted with Dell-bell, who like she had said become Lisa’s.

Since Dell-bell’s butt was against Lisa’s crotch, my guess is that the formerly crazed girl who now behaved like a puppy felt something. “L-Lisa…” she called with dreamy eyes and for once Lisa was not afraid to make eye contact. There was some sort of understanding and Lisa nodded, slightly blushing.
Dell-bell sacrificed her own pleasure by moving away from Lisa’s hands and turning. Dell-bell bent over while in all fours mooning me and showing me just how eager and wet she was; her pussy so excited and ready it was open and showing some of its pink. Lisa opened her legs in understanding and allowed it to happen… more or less. Dell-bell started licking away and Lisa didn’t protest but still held two hands on her admirer’s head; steady and grabbing unto the hair, likely to push Dell-bell away if she tried to bite or something. I didn’t think Dell-bell would, but I couldn’t blame Lisa for thinking it might happen.

It was a nice experience for all of us. Lisa enjoyed it fully; her face was priceless. Dell-bell, of course, was very happy to be pleasing her mistress and she even started wagging her behind from side to side and dripping down there a little, like tasting Lisa was enough to rev up her engines. While I was a little far away, and would have liked to be able to move if not because I still feared Dell-bell’s moods, I was still enjoying the show; not because I was starting at Dell-bell’s private parts and getting horny or something; I was loving being able to see Lisa’s expression of getting her pussy licked; she was so cute!

Maybe Dell-bell was a little crazy; just a little; but you couldn’t say she wasn’t selfless or a good lover; if Lisa was any indication. Lisa heaved all the time, her huge, perky tits going up and bouncing, at one point she didn’t bother to bite on her lips anymore and instead started giving lovely cries of pleasure; I was happy for her. Happy and recording it all.
a) Delanie’s had enough and they send her to sleep.
b) Delanie absolutely refuses to leave and now they have her to deal with.
c) Lisa, realizing that’s on her arsenal now, uses sex to get Delanie used and accepting of Jill.

Where do we want to be next?

1) Delanie and her shenanigans are entertaining enough. Stay with her.
2) Erika is directing a dare; let’s switch to that.
3) Aria and Medea finally brewing the potion.
File: Outside.jpg (500 KB, 1424x1295)
500 KB
500 KB JPG
A, I think Lisa is best served with some time to process the whole Delanie situation before continuing with it.

3, Medea's potion is definitely the most interesting thing going on right now and I want to see what it is.
A or C (maybe a combination of both?)
3 - its time for the main event :D

> I was happy for her. Happy and recording it all.
Awesome ending for this scene. Nicely wrapped up :D
A3 It's time
Part was posted on Sunday, so it's fair if we proceed with just 5 votes.

Watching Dell-bell do her thing on Lisa gave me an insight of the personality of our new friend. She had both hands free but didn’t work on herself although she looked like she wanted to; she got happier when Lisa reacted strongly; and acted like I was not there. Lisa ended up satisfied and didn’t even notice I was using my phone to get all the action for any later use I could give it; I decided to keep it to myself for the time being not to spoil the mood.

Dell-bell and Lisa went at it for a while; even the cat got bored of being scared and climbed to MY bed which was above Erika’s. I would have liked it to tell the furball to go elsewhere but didn’t want to draw attention while others were busy. My stuff was bound to get full of cat hair anyway since Aria kept leaving those around like crazy; I should really get her to brush her hair instead of rubbing her hand with spit over it.

Lisa changed how she treated Dell-bell after getting really good treatment from her. Lisa convinced her admirer to just go to sleep and wait until tomorrow. I would have liked to have more fun with the two of them, but maybe it was for the best. Dell-bell was crazy volatile; I still didn’t know how to deal with her.

When Dugald opened the door and I had Chad, Steven, that kind of hot half black guy and the Russian guy with the weird name starting at my tits kind of made me wish I had brought the clothes I had stolen from the Satanists. There was no helping it, I would be a fucking buzzkill to go all dressed while Carmen faced her crush and Laurie did her dare all naked.

Dugald had booze alright; he was also holding. We were invited in and were treated like queens; which was the least the fuckers could do if they got to see my pale ass out in the open. Dugald surprised me by wondering if Laurie was alright to drink. I told him to shut his mouth and let me deal with my friends.

Carmen managed to share a few beers with Chad; she was a mess but with her huge tits out there she hardly needed to speak, and as the drinks went by she got less awkward. Good for her.
Laurie was more trouble that I thought she would be; maybe I should have brought Jill, who could get her to do literally anything. Laurie kept being a brat, saying beer tasted like piss and whatnot; she kept hiding all of her body except her head under a bed while Carmen and I were baring it all, which was also annoying.

The rain had finally stopped, the full moon shone above us brightly. We had found an appropriate clearing in the forest behind the showers and Medea had done all of her preparations; just a circle and a fire. We had been hugging for nearly half an hour, just talking and enjoying the warmth of our bodies and the company of each other.

I felt rather vulnerable being immobile at uncovered ground level for so long, but I knew Medea did not care for heights, so getting her to climb a tree and rest on the branches would have been cruel to her. Medea was still quite vague about her life outside camp and I couldn’t even tell if it was that she was still bound for whatever promise she had made or she just didn’t like talking about herself. Whatever the case, I was the main topic of our conversation.

I told Medea about my dad; about my school life and more than anything we discussed how I would carry out my life now that I was half-cat. I also got a few answers to questions that had been plaguing my mind for unnecessarily long. Medea, of all people, really believed I looked like an eighteen-year-old and that everyone else was either messing with me or just making the wrong comparison. Even I had to admit that next to the ridiculously voluptuous and sexy Lisa, I looked rather plain and maybe even younger than I really was. While on the talk I was dreadfully careful to not talk about Medea’s appearance; it would kill me if she found out, but to me she did not look like a seventeen-year-old at all.

Our talk was not boring, and if anything, I would have wished it could have gone on for longer. We were discussing what should I do should I ever become a movie star while the alarm on Medea’s phone went off. Midnight had arrived.
Medea had prepared the ingredients of the potion long ago. The main one was her decanter, filled with all the emotional energy she had gathered since the night I drank her last elixir. A mixture of powders of very intriguing smells which Medea had let bathe under the moonlight was the second ingredient; while the third was surprisingly enough just a hell of a lot of money.

Medea had brought a lot of gold to the camp. I couldn’t get a signal of my phone to check the prices and I was no expert, but it must have been over a thousand dollars worth of the stuff, maybe two or three; including the earring that I had given her. She had a few coins, a huge ring with orifices I assumed used to house stones of a different material, and a little chain. According to Medea, the more gold the better; this was just all what she could manage to obtain; which was her life savings, most of her ‘worldly possessions’ which she had sold online, some loans and an act of theft which she felt deeply sorry for and would try to pay back as soon as she could.

I stood silent by the sidelines as Medea jumped to work. She grabbed her decanter which had been cooking for a long while now and had turned into a slight pink from being transparent. She poured the container with the moon-bathed powder expertly into the decanter. As I had observed once before, it was as if everything inside the flashy crystal bottle immediately disappeared upon falling through the neck.
The next step was by far the most interesting. Medea placed the gold artifacts one by one on the top of the bottle we had been playing The Game with. All gold would bent and be absorbed inside like a powerful suction able to bend metal was behind it; yet I felt no air currents, forces or even heard anything unusual coming from the bottle. Other than a particularly intense eerie feeling which I had learned to ignore since Medea was always emitting it, everything felt normal.

After Medea used a small glass filled with rainwater, the decanter flashed into a white light which made me jump backwards in caution. It was over in an instant.

“It’s done! It’s finally done! I did it!” Medea enthused, beaming, as excited as I had ever seen her.

a) Medea is so happy she kisses Aria, it escalates from there.
b) We’re still on time to catch the last of Laurie’s dare.
c) Medea finds a replacement for her bottle so people can issue the next dare should they wish to continue playing.
d) The night finishes without a day dare. Medea works hard to remove the influence she had been pouring into camp. Atmosphere changes dramatically by next morning.
e) Gamechanger: The call.
File: Noticed.jpg (115 KB, 700x1000)
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115 KB JPG
C+E. This feels like a good turning point for the story, where we can introduce a gamechanger, but I don't know what it'll do so I'm also in favour of getting a new bottle so we can continue ordinary dares if that ends up still on the table.

Also, glad everything with Medea went well. After all of this, there's no way I'd have voted for anything to go wrong.
E! I'm intrigued...
File: 4L_RzKb0bnt.jpg (375 KB, 1923x2718)
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375 KB JPG
Medea had always given an air of mental maturity despite her appearance. She always held a neutral expression on her face and her speech was peculiar; like she was overly trying to be verbose for the sake of it. Watching her giving little jumps in place while giggling dispelled any conception one could have of her and made her look even more infantile than Laurie.

“Is it over then? Just like that?”

I sensed that it was okay to approach, something I had avoided earlier, terrified of getting in Medea’s way after she had worked so hard. Medea, still uncomfortably excited jumped to hug me. It may have been just my impression, but in my mind she forgot to control her strength and with her leap she propelled us both backwards, knocking me off my feet. She expelled the air off my lungs, took me a few seconds to recover.

With the nice sensation and scent of a giggling, petite girl above me nuzzling her pretty little face over my chest and neck I had no option but to forgive being knocked to the ground and forced to lie on my back against the cold and humid grass. My tail had landed in a weird and uncomfortable position and with my weight and Medea’s over it I couldn’t shift it, but I tolerated it. I had not seen Medea so emotive ever since I made my promise to her.

I did not take the initiative, it was all on Medea. She positioned her face in front of mine, and kissed me. I returned it, our tongues met and wrestled; I closed my eyes to focus on the sensation and could tell Medea did the same. We continued until Medea deemed it appropriate, she leaned back with a deep sigh to take some air and we peered into each other eyes. There was no interchange of words, but we both knew what would happen next.
Medea moved herself carefully and our three main spots linked together with the uncanny symmetry they had. Her vulva against my vulva, her breasts against mine; I allowed her to lead the act. Shifting ever so slightly in very small circles, our erogenous areas rubbed against each other; I cried in pleasure, so did Medea. We kissed again.

I used my tongue to explore the inside of Medea’s mouth; it was so tiny. Very much like me, she had sharp fangs where canine teeth were supposed to be. I believed mine to be longer but I could be wrong. I licked them both for good measure just to make sure. My tongue lost its track with a little movement Medea did; not with her mouth, or at least not her primary one. When the little clefts between our legs rubbed from left to right, I could feel the small bumps of the slit of Medea’s labia, and I assumed she could mine; it felt amazing. I was forced to break the kiss to voice my pleasure some more.

Medea took it to the next level by lifting her whole upper body, squatting in what looked like a very uncomfortable position and doing circular movements to continue to stimulate me. I loved how our warm pussies felt when they kissed, leaving their own variety of spit all over the place. An electrical jolt, a buzz of enjoyment robbed me of some semblance of control for a few seconds; I moaned and purred. My involuntary movements also somehow managed to free my tail.
I could not do with my tail as I had done with other girls; Medea and I were both small down there, and both had a small membrane that my tail could break should it try to force its way inside to the degree I needed it to. I could still rub my humid fur against Medea, tracing up and down the opening of her vagina to make her feel good. She let me know with her reactions I was doing well. While she was still squatting, I also lifted my body in a way that showed my own flexibility and in a position only a pair of gymnasts would have been able to replicate in where both our legs got intertwined while Medea’s back held against my front, I played with her small, but sensible rose-buds on her chest and play-bit her neck.

“I was the one supposed to be showing my appreciation and thanks,” complained Medea after I had made her cry like a chipmunk.

“I would feel terrible if I was the only one receiving,” I confessed.

Medea giggled and easily broke away from my embrace, overpowering me and forcing my back against the ground once more. She buried her face between my legs, showing me Heaven.


Who knows for how long could we have continued had the fire Medea made to cook her potion did not threaten to start a forest fire? I thought the ambient was too wet to catch on fire, but Medea still had us put it out. I warned Medea to owe her something because I had received more than I had given, and that I would pay her back the first chance I had whether she was ready or not.

We each stank like the other’s fluids and I loved it. I knew Lisa would appreciate my scent when we went to sleep. Medea carried her little box and I carried our phones. Not having pockets was a cumbersome but I was still glad we were both naked.

“Oh, you’re getting a call,” I informed Medea. Her phone had lit up and started vibrating; it didn’t ring. Respecting Medea’s privacy, I didn’t read who it was.
Medea turned towards the phone I was handing her with not exactly the brightest of moods. “Oh, it’s her,” she said with contempt. “She has been bothering me non-stop,” Medea explained to me, uncharacteristically open about what was going on. “Now that I have achieved my objective, there is nothing she can say or do to stop me.”

Medea grabbed the phone and answered the call. She made a rude acknowledgement that she was listening to whoever was on the other side of the line.
“Where have you been? I have been trying to speak to you for over a week!” an adult, female voice sounded from the phone. Medea had it to her ear, but I could still hear it perfectly well without even trying to.

“I believe to have left a message explaining it,” Medea remarked. “I deemed a conversation between us would have not been productive, already predicting what you would say to me.”

“It’s… it was not what you think, child,” the voice sounded sad.

“It is not a reproach of my decision? I would find that hard to believe,” Medea sassed.

“I am telling you it’s not that! M-Medea… listen to me. Oh, child! I am so sorry…!”

//Character profiles have been updated. Spoiler tag removed from Medea’s. Medea’s point of view will be unlocked after next part.

a) The objective is no more. Medea reveals herself to the original coven.
b) Medea runs back to the forest with inhuman speed. Aria chases.
c) The Game finishes. The girls go to sleep. Lisa lends Aria to Medea.
d) Retcon this. It may have been planned from the very beginning and been foreshadowed to death, but it’s still not appropriate.

Character profiles: 3aJraQd0
File: Graveyard.png (2.85 MB, 2164x1885)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB PNG
B, we have to see where this is going. If we're lucky, we could maybe even still get things to work out in some way?
B It's fucking time, maybe we can do A later
File: F.png (301 KB, 480x539)
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301 KB PNG
Press F for Malachite
B ; A later
Since it has a relevant image I'll count it as a neutral vote.

The woman talking to Medea paused and stopped; Medea turned away from me and I instinctively knew that was not a conversation I was supposed to listen to. There was no helping it, it was no longer raining and the night was quiet; even if I covered my massive ears I would hear everything perfectly unless I ran away and left Medea alone, which was not going to happen.

“N-no…” Medea’s voice broke down. “No… please… no…”

“I wish I was there with you,” the voice emotionally said, not far from tears itself. “I am so sorry! Come… come back. I have been trying to reach you for so long… you know using the telephone is all I can do; I tried to learn how to send messages but… oh, child. Forgive a dumb old lady.”

“It can’t be…” Medea softly squeaked, starting to cry. I could not help imitating her, even if I didn’t know what was going on.

“He’s… you need to be here for him. You need to say good-bye,” the voice sweetly suggested, sniffling. I feared it would be the case, but that last phrase was a confirmation. A knot formed on my throat and I felt an emptiness surging from my stomach.

Medea fell to her knees, openly crying like a child. The phone and her wooden box fell from her hands because she instead reached to cover her eyes. The phone on the ground, even at the lowest volume setting that I suspected it was put to, was still no impediment for either of us. The voice still kept talking.

“Medea, I am so truly, deeply sorry. I am sorry I could not reach you and I am sorry you were not here f-for… for the end. He missed you, Medea. He kept calling for you, he would not even stay in bed; I had to lock him in just he wouldn’t go searching for you. Child, I know you meant well, I know you did what you did out of love, but your place was always being by his side; making his departure easier.”
Medea was bawling miserly, crying into the night sky. I was mostly doing the same, hugging her from behind, crying as she was. Something snapped on Medea, she flailed and thrashed, forcing me to let go. She ran into the forest, leaving everything behind.

The speeds she could reach were incredible. I had to take the choice to follow her and leave Medea’s important box and both our phones behind if I was to even have a chance of ever catching up. I went into all fours and tried my hardest to follow Medea’s trail; yet the distance between us did not diminish, only grew.

I pressed harder; Medea could not be left alone, not now. I did not understand the details, but she had experienced loss just like I had. Loneliness in such a time was not something she deserved. Ignoring the pain on my chest and wrists, I went on forcing myself to be faster even if my body begged me to stop and rest. The burning sensation on my throat mixed with the choke-up from recently crying.

Every now and then I could tell Medea had slowed down some, and as evidence of it I could see a broken branch or markings of small fists on the ground; it was still not enough for me to catch up to her.

It was not until after what felt excruciatingly long at a point in which I felt like I was about to pass out from lightheadedness and fatigue that I could finally tell Medea had stopped, and I could track her scent.

She had halted near a stream, and was hiding her face with both arms, holding her body against a boulder. While the body of water drowned the sound, what felt like an equally intense stream poured from Medea’s eyes.

I had no idea of how to proceed, yet I felt an urge to be by her side. Panting and crying, I had to support myself in all four limbs to be able to make the last few steps to where Medea was. It was unthinkable she had not noticed my presence; she just chose to do nothing about it.
Uttering a single word was far beyond my physical or mental capabilities; I was out of breath and I had no idea what to say. While I could not hope to equate my feelings of sorrow and heartbreak to what Medea must have been going through, I was still in anguish. It was very hard to me to start purring, but I had to; I knew it would lessen the pain. I crawled to Medea and tried to make as much bodily contact as possible, trying to share my warmth and my purring, hoping it would bring even an incomparably tiny fraction of ease.

Medea at first did not acknowledge me, but did not stop me or gave any indication she wanted me to stop, either. I licked her long hair, just as a show of affection. Medea at long last reacted to me and reached to tightly hug me, a gesture I returned as strongly as I could. She squeezed me until it hurt, but I gave no complaint, continuing to purr.

a) Aria alone is revealed the truth.
b) Medea is too affected to even speak. Whatever happens will have to wait until later.
c) Medea braces herself to speak with the original coven. Laurie will have to be excluded; everyone else is revealed the truth.
d) While Aria eases and calms Medea; the drunken girls are tired of waiting and start another round of The Game with a different bottle.
e) Medea’s box and phone were picked by someone. It is imperative she recovers those.
File: Pull.jpg (474 KB, 761x800)
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474 KB JPG
Above all, I want what Medea's worked so hard for to turn out well in the end. If there's still some way for that to happen, I'd like that to happen. After all she went through, all the effort and dedication, Medea doesn't deserve to have it all fail.

If there's no way to make things better now... F) That retcon offered last time, to make things right.
See the character profile
File: Black Cat.jpg (167 KB, 1080x1920)
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167 KB JPG
-This. Bad things happen, mistakes get made.
Make the cat alive again you tyrant

Sure, a retcon of would makethe story more fun and lightheartedly, but it kinda dulls out the meaning in everything. The world just isn't a everhappy place where everyone just laughs and smiles. Without the dark times where ain't any apreciation for the good
moments life can bring you.

(Not voting against a retcon if this is desired, but the resolution right now seems pretty much excelent in equalling the scales of joy and sorrow. also i don't think you should just rewind any time, just because you're not thrilled with the aftermath of a decision. You knew the risks and everyone voted. What else did you expect from a gamechanger anyways? Personally, i too, wouldn't want her hard done renderd meaningless. But thats the curel world we're in right now. Maybe there is something else we can use potion for... maybe there is sth. equally meaninfull happening in the future..?)

sorry for the small rant.
>The world just isn't a everhappy place where everyone just laughs and smiles
It's an imageboard choose-your-own-adventure about young girls doing cute lesbian stuff at camp. It doesn't need to be a tragedy.
While I agree that the story will be less enjoyable without conflict, failure, and some amount of tragedy, I feel like this particular subject is too weighty to simply highlight the good things in the story. Medea sold everything she owned, went into debt and even stole in order to make this work. It's something she's spent the entire story trying to make happen above all else, and for her efforts to simply result in complete failure is both tragic and dissatisfying.\

The only reason I didn't vote for the retcon immediately is because I thought there might have been some hope of salvaging the situation, some unforseen effect of the ritual that brings Malachite back in some way. I'm voting for the retcon now because I'm less sure that's on the table and don't want to lock the situation in at the bad end.

It's also not accurate to say that we voted for this. The Call was described as a Gamechanger, something that significantly affected the The Game, not as a vote for the success or failure of Medea's ritual. It also sounds like her cat was always supposed to be already dead, and The Call was just Medea learning about it now instead of later.

At the end of the day, I just want to see Medea end up happy where it counts. She cares so much for her cat that she'd sacrifice everything, I'm not going to let that go to waste if I can help it.
I think the "-this" here >>2255597 mean "negative this"?
Author here. Allow me to give my two cents.

First of all, I'm happy you feel strongly enough about Medea to care about her happiness and to spark a discussion.

I would like to be able to say "Trust me, I know what I'm doing," but it has always been stated that majority rules and that you decide what happens. I'll abide to whatever the voting decides. Part of the fun of writing the story is not knowing how it will turn up since even I have no way of knowing which scenario of the ones I've envisioned will be chosen in the end. If you feel strongly enough about Malachite, we can make some bullshit up to either resurrect him or even go back in time and scratch most of the two latest parts if that's what you want. Should the retcon win you will have a choice as to how to deal with it, as you've always had.

What happened to Medea is not without purpose; I decided it would happen a long, long time ago and it serves the story in four different ways; one of which is immediate (objective gone, promise is void; Medea is free to tell the truth and will be easily forgiven for her deceit) and another one which you will probably see before camp is over. Without spoiling too much, Medea will have a happy ending; all main girls will unless you actively want them not to. The elixir Medea brewed will also not be wasted; it was never my intention for it to be; more about that in the future.

Since this is an erotic, lighthearted story (as long as you want it to be, I can flip it into something more mature/serious in a second); the plot is not as important as the satisfaction you draw from reading it in one way or another. Here's what I planned to happen:


Be warned, you will find spoilers regarding Malachite and the plans he made in life there.

Yeah, I got that. Don't worry, it'll count.
The elixir will have a purpose and Medea will have a happy ending, that's enough to assuage my fears, and if things turn out happy then there's no harm taking the long way around.

There are a few things I can think of, like resurrecting Malachite or turning him into some spectral cat somehow, and there's probably more that you've thought of. I'll trust that Medea's efforts weren't in vain and.

That addressed, my vote for F is not needed and I'll switch my vote to C, there's no more need to keep the true nature of the game a secret.
As long as you have a plan for it, I'm game. I just wanted to make sure we didn't accidentally pick a shitty path that we didn't see coming.

I know the majority rules and whatever, but as the author you should definitely push back on things that you have plans for. You know more about where the story can potentially head than we do after all.
That is what i meant, but i'll change my vote to C as well since it's no longer necessary

Thanks, this kind of confirmed what i suspected, but its good to hear. You're a good author OP, stick to your guns

I may have been a bit abrasive in my last post, and I do see your point, but one of my biggest pet peeves with stories is when something bad happens and then gets reversed. I'm still mad about Jon Snow.

Also finally joining the name squad
fair point. but OP didn't strike me as "just" writing 1dimensional smut. in some chapters you can really tell he got larger ambitions.

>"Trust me, I know what I'm doing,"
never doubted it ;) also good job, writing a story everyone is enough invested in to fight each other about the outcome ;)
(just FYI, don't intend to read the spoiler, the dripfeed reveals are way to fun to spoil)

>one of my biggest pet peeves with stories is when something bad happens and then gets reversed
exactly this! or even worse: "Deus Ex Machina".
nice to see another name join the ranks :D

changeing to C. lets move on and see another discussion spark at the next controversy ;)
I'm personally against the retcon
Also nice quints
Voting for the happy ending option
That is going to take a while. Even if you decide to stop the story after camp, the epilogue is still ways off.


Very much agreed. Bringing characters to life only cheapens their struggles. Solidifying than even the protagonists are not invincible or invulnerable is the best thing GoT did.

Glad to hear it. Welcome aboard.

We had a good cry. Medea needed time, and I gave it to her; all she could hope to need. She eventually spoke as I knew she would. Medea could not keep it all inside, nor should she have tried to.

“I apologize for my earlier emotional outbursts,” she said, trying to recover her usual demeanor without succeeding. The poor thing was still shivering, sobbing and sniffling. “Y-you see, m-my… I… recently received news. M-my elder brother; he had recently fallen ill, h-he… succumbed a-and he…”

Medea could not finish the phrase. I made her bury her face on my shoulder and waited some more. The process of healing was slow and arduous; this was only the very beginning. I had to be there for her.
I wished with all my heart I could change my own brother’s life for Medea’s brother’s; sadly things didn’t work like that. Though I was very worried and wanted to know the details of what Medea was talking about, I kept my mouth shut and kept consoling my friend the best I could. I was still sad enough for Medea to continue crying, but it was probably for the best if I didn’t.

When Medea once more felt she could and should speak, I listened intently. She started by clearing her throat, “No one has ever seen me like this; I did not even consider it could ever happen to me,” she revealed. “I am not a naïve idiot; I have always realized life is only temporary and people close to me will die and I will bear witness,” she elaborated, “I just figured… by the time it happened I would be… ready. I am not ready, Aria. I can’t let him go, I still need him so much!” she sobbed and held me, gripping my arms.

The time to share had come.

“When my mom died, it didn’t even feel real; do you know what I mean?” I told Medea. “It was like… I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t accept it. I didn’t even want to think about it; but at the same time I couldn’t move on past it. Everything changed, not even the things I liked doing the most meant anything; I couldn’t even allow myself to enjoy food or the company of friends. I thought something like ‘how can I be happy if mom’s not here?’”

“I am truly sorry for your loss,” Medea sympathized, calmer. I grimaced. I didn’t mean her to feel sorry for me, I wanted to share something.
“What I’m trying to say is that… it doesn’t go away,” I tried to recover my train of though. “It hurts… it always hurts; but at some point you have to realize… that whatever happened, happened. Y-you have to move on. Go past it. It’s not… easy; but it’s also going to happen even if you don’t want it to. Time goes on, a-and you, it’s not like you stop caring, you care very much and always will, but one day you wake up and you want to go on with your life, however changed it may be.”

Medea did not answer me, and she just stared blankly into the sky; her huge, bright, blue eyes shimmering with fresh tears; but at the very least her facial expression was serene and collected. She looked adorable and at the same time I hated seeing her like that. I once again stayed quiet and waited for her to take the initiative; she did, but it took a while.

“He was always so protective of me,” Medea longingly said, starting to share. “I s-sometimes found it aggravating he followed me everywhere I went. The only way for him to leave me alone was put one of his favorite shows on television. H-he acquired a new favorite one every few years” Medea laughed, reminiscing. “He never got tired of watching re-runs a-and he always tried to sing the opening themes,” Medea giggled, I smiled in response, figuring out Malachite, ‘her elder brother’ was not human. I was sure I would hear the details later. “He was such an awful singer.”

Medea started pouting again and before she could make herself feel sad I intervened. “Can I still… go to your house? After camp is over?”

“Yes. Yes, of course. Please, please do,” she begged.
I did a few rapid-fire questions to avoid letting Medea think too hard about Malachite. Medea answered dutifully, speaking without stuttering like a pro. She needed to cry and vent; but she couldn’t do it all day – or night – everyday. Malachite was indeed not human; he was a cat, just not a regular cat. His eyes were bright and green, just like the mineral he was named after; he sounded like a delightful character, I would have loved to meet him.

There was no way of knowing if it was just time, my purring, the conversation or Medea was just tired; but she felt ready to go back and I didn’t oppose her. Her mourning was not over, not by any possible means; Medea just couldn’t stay forever lost in the middle of the wilderness. It was an easy, if long, walk back. Medea spoke every now and then, always reminiscing, sometimes tears formed in her eyes. I never allowed more than two feet distance between us.

I was very glad to find out our things and Medea’s box were right where we left them; not that anyone was likely to be around the area at this hour. I checked my phone; I had a hell of a lot of missed calls and messages from Erika and Jill. It was so late it was now early instead.

“So, are you really going to tell us everything?” I asked Medea for a second time, still incredulous and anxious. “Everything, everything?”

“I will first update them to your own degree of knowledge and understanding,” Medea communicated. “Depending on their reactions, I will gauge what else they are ready to listen to. You will be filled about the finer details either way.”

“What do you mean depending on their reactions? Do you think they’ll be angry or something?”

“Furious and appalled,” surmised Medea. “I am sure you still remember how hard it was to you to come to terms with your new nature. During the first part of the talk, when I tell them what you already know, may I request your help?”
I nodded. Medea would tell us all why she came to camp, which meant starting with talking about Malachite. If she choked-up, I would take over.

//It is ungodly late; nearly 5 a.m.; Jill has plans for tomorrow but chances are Medea and Aria will be unavailable during the beginning of it. Don’t forget Aria has a new admirer.

a) Let the girls sleep and tell them after Medea had a sliver of rest; but before Jill begins her activities.
b) Wake everyone up, it can’t wait.
c) Aria and Medea go to sleep and wake up late. The rest of the coven has their last morning and early afternoon of blissful ignorance.
d) Medea brews an energetic potion; allowing Aria and Medea to be fully rested by the time everyone else wakes up (mixes with A or B). Potion may have drawbacks.
Glad to see OP is based af, I was thinking we could trade off Arthur for Malachite, but your solution is way better. Also joining the namechads

Voting for C
B+D Potions are fun
Just C is probably the sanest option.
> Potion may have drawbacks.
Medea is not not even slightly in good composure. There is no way this won't backfire, probably sth like hyperactivity / restless for days. In combinations with B even worse, who would not be pissed when waked at 5:00 after such a night?

Can't decide between just C or just D, so voting -AB
File: Look.png (332 KB, 640x1129)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
A+D, it'd be a shame for Aria and Medea to miss the Panty Raider Grand Finale that they should be a part of, but at the same time it'd be rude to wake *them* up early too.
A + D
We'll teach them virgin anons what's up.

We'll vote on the effect.The default is basically coke.

To no one’s surprise, we found the lights of the cabin off. Everyone was in bed, Laurie was nowhere to be seen and most likely had gone back to her own cabin. The girls had gotten tired of waiting for us, but at the same time I appreciated the vote of confidence of not having to go search for Medea and me; or maybe they did and got tired of that, too.

“Should I wake them up?” I offered Medea. It was five in the morning and Erika and Carmen stunk like beer; they would not be amused to have their rest interrupted, but the highest priority was allowing Medea to talk if that’s what she felt she wanted to do.

“No, it can wait until later,” Medea sighed. “We have waited for a week and a half, what are some mere hours?” she retorted.

We were speaking in a very low volume of voice and moving as stealthily as we could. The chance of waking anyone was basically zero. “I’ve been replaced,” I pointed out, signaling at Lisa who was sleeping with Jill on the bed above Erika’s. “Can I crash with you tonight?” there was no way I would let Medea sleep alone, not now.

“You can have my bed should you wish it, yet I do not believe to be able to sleep for the moment,” she said, depressed.

She looked at her phone. I knew she planned to just watch pictures and videos of her departed and cry until the cabin was up and about. It was up to me to stop that. Tear-jerking oneself to pictures was necessary at some point, but for the meantime Medea needed some rest.

“If you cry through what’s remaining of the night, I’m not going to be able to sleep and you’re going to make me cry, too,” I warned her. It was a low of me to use Medea’s selflessness against her, but I knew it would work. If Medea said she needed a cat-guardian with her at all times, then it was up to me to take over.
Medea sadly smiled in dissatisfaction with her plans being found out and obstructed, but complied. We cuddled inside her bed; I grabbed her with arms, legs and tail like she was liable to get away at any time. We kissed good night, and for whatever reason, Medea thanked me.

DAY 10

“There you are, you little love-birds!” Jill woke me up by gently stroking my hair. I was usually not so easy to come about; it may have something to do with her touching my ears. “I was starting to get worried.”

“Good morning, Jill,” Medea greeted.

Groggily, I squinted at the nearest window, and judged it could be around ten in the morning or so. Five hours of sleep were not absolutely terrible, but I wanted more with all of my heart.

“Oh, my God!” Jill exclaimed, looking at Medea and climbing to our bed in a hurry. “Medea, sweetie; what happened?”

I didn’t know what had tipped Jill off, it may just have been that she was perceptive. Jill began petting Medea and moving her long hair out of her face.

“Keep it down!” Carmen requested, hiding her head beneath a pillow. Her breath still smelled to alcohol and from her tone she was probably experiencing a hangover.

For blissful two second after regaining consciousness, I had guiltily forgotten all about Medea’s problems; they came back in full, crushing me with their weight.

“It is imperative I discuss very important matters with all of you,” Medea answered ominously. “Jill, Aria, Erika, Carmen and Lisa,” she called our names turning towards each of us. Two girls were still sleeping and unaware.

“I’ll… wake the lazy bitches up,” Jill obliged, already able to tell that whatever Medea would bring up would be very serious.
Whenever I woke up, I had to yawn and stretch. I just HAD to. I tried my hardest to keep it down and yawn with my mouth closed, stretching my limbs one by one to not look disrespectful to Medea while Jill urged our roommates to get out of bed.

“Aria, that is not healthy,” Medea scolded me, placing her hand on my back and scratching going downwards until she made it just above my tail.

“M-Medea… if you do that…” I protested.

I couldn’t help it, when that was done to me, my butt went up. I started to stretch basically against my will while Medea lectured me. “I am not certain to which degree, but your skeletal structure is not entirely human anymore. You have instincts for a reason, use them,” she advised. “Dislocations are more likely if you do not stretch, and you do tend to leap suddenly to the roof whenever you are uncomfortable,” she told me, and I believed it as why would Medea not be an authority regarding cats?

“So, I hear you have something to tell us, Zelda,” was Erika’s way of saying good-morning; she was suffering from light sensitivity and covering her eyes with her hand; she had not slept naked like the rest of us, being covered by a long, black leather jacket reeking of the big guy from the Satanists, Francis. “Fuck. Have you been crying?” I guessed Medea’s eyes were a little red. Erika slapped her forehead repeatedly, and even though she looked in pain by doing it she opened her eyes whole. “I’m all ears. Tell me what happened.”

“Are you okay, Medea?” Lisa also wondered, getting up worried.
Medea and I remained on the bed, while Erika, Jill, Lisa and Carmen were sitting below, waiting for Medea to begin, and knowing it was of major significance they listened carefully.

a) Medea leaves out Lisa’s love potion.
b) Medea leaves out her vampiric condition.
c) Medea leaves out everything Aria doesn’t know yet.
d) Medea leaves nothing out, revealing everything.

//D is the only exclusive one. A, B and C mix.
-B -C. I'm not sure whether we should include the love potion or not, but I don't think anything else should be left out.
D, they deserved it :)
>the default is basically coke.
the black stuff, right?
Oof bumb limit
The white one.

New thread after we reach page 10. I gotta remember this time ; it'll be thread #11.

“First and foremost, in order for you to believe what I am about to reveal, a demonstration is in order. I would not expect most to accept anything considered paranormal otherwise,” Medea reasoned.

“So you saw a ghost or something?” Erika guessed, being a little derisive but also being careful to not try to sound offensive; Medea’s delicate emotional condition not escaping her.

Medea jumped down from the bed. She laid face down on the floor, with the upper half of her body supported by her arms, facing in the way of Erika. “Erika, would you care to join me in a match? Arm-wrestling.”

Erika chuckled, thinking it was a joke. It took her carefully examining how dreadfully serious Medea’s expression was in order to see it was not the case. “I don’t know where this is going, but I’m letting you call the shots for now,” Erika said after Jill encouraged her.

Erika positioned herself in front of Medea, also face down on the floor; Erika’s lean but muscular arm was pitted against the very small and slender, eerily pale one belonging to Medea. “Whenever you’re ready,” Medea instructed, condescending and with a good reason to be.

Erika did not take Medea’s tone to heart; she chuckled again and making a very small amount of effort, pushed against Medea’s arm, trying to give her a chance. Erika’s expression soon changed when Medea’s strength surpassed expectations. Erika used some amount of force and tried it again, then strained her arm for a third effort. “What the hell?” Erika exclaimed, surprised. Leaning to the side she apparently used all of her strength; but she might as well be trying to beat a stone statue.
“You’re not actually trying, are you?” Jill hoped, incredulous. From anyone’s perspective it was obvious Erika was putting in some work, her face was going red and she was grunting.

“Is… is there a trick or something?” Erika understandingly asked, not believing yet what tiny Medea was capable of. “Ah! AH! Ow!!”

Medea just slightly closed her hand, crushing Erika’s in an iron handshake, letting go after not even a second. “It was not my intention to hurt you,” Medea stated, then moved her tiny arm, bending it slowly to beat Erika with extreme ease.

“How, how are you doing this?” Erika queried, amazed; still uselessly trying to go against the unstoppable thing forcing her arm to bend.

“Whatever you mean? This?” Medea facetiously asked.

In a flash, Medea was up, Erika was on her arms. It looked rather comical to see a small girl lifting an alarmed and screaming Erika over the head like a strongman while everyone but me stared in awe and disbelief. Medea let Erika down and with a right hand punched her own left palm, it sounded powerful. “I am just that strong,” Medea deadpanned, yet I could tell she was having a little fun showcasing her abilities, and I was so happy she was enjoying it.

Medea was immediately bombarded with questions from all sides. Erika, Carmen and Jill tried speaking at the same time, while Lisa just stared open-jawed with her face paralyzed. Everything quieted down when Medea spoke again. “Aria, could you tell them why my physical abilities are thus?”

Four necks turned my direction. I had a dumb smile on my face, despite being so tired. “Oh. Medea’s a vampire,” I shrugged. “No! Wait. Half a vampire; a Dhampir, she had said,” I recalled. “She is also the reason I became a cat, or half-cat. Sorry I couldn’t tell you before; there’s a very good reason.”
It was like a bomb had gone off. “WHAT?” many voices said at once. The uproar just four girls caused was actually scary. Erika and Jill kept trying to outdo one another shouting questions at me that I could not hope to answer before the next doubt was formulated. “Since when have you known this?”, “What is going on?”, “If this is a joke I swear that’s three of my fingers up your ass!”, “It can’t be! Vampires don’t exist!”, “Why hadn’t you told us?”, “Is there a vampire biting people on camp?”, “I don’t care if she’s a vampire or a werewolf or an alien! I still…”, “Okay, I’m freaking out here. Someone explain this shit right now!”, “Stop shaking me! I have to pee!”, “Aria! You better not be messing with us!”, “Don’t shout on my ear!”, “Medea, I want a rematch!”, “This is insane!” It was impossible to keep track.

“If you want me to explain, you are going to have to quiet down and let me speak!” Medea struggled to make herself heard. She always was proper and quiet, giving her an air of sophistication. When she raised her voice too much she actually sounded a hell of a lot younger than she was; way too high-pitched.

There was no helping it; it took a while for everyone to regain calm. We sat in a circle like we were in The Game. I was sharing a place with Erika, kind of sleeping on her lap but still conscious enough to keep track of what was going on and more importantly, know if Medea ever needed backup. Medea already decided she would start giving an introduction of what she felt we all needed to know, and when she was done speaking she would be taking questions and would reveal everything she could to the best of her abilities.
“Allow me to introduce myself again,” she started. “My name is Medea Zelda Blackwood; I am seventeen years old and will be eighteen in October. My mother was a thin-blooded vampire, as far as I understand it and have been told; which makes me a half-vampire; a Dhampir. I am not taking questions or answering any about my… father, and I will thank you to respect my wish. Independent to my condition as a Dhampir, I also happen to be a witch. Independent to my condition as both a witch and a Dhampir, I am also a self-thought apprentice alchemist. Are you following me so far? I will provide demonstrations and proof of any statement upon request.”

“How can you sleep when Medea is telling us all of this?” Erika criticized me.

“I am listening, just resting my eyes,” I protested.

//Medea is to demonstrate alchemy by waking Aria up. Medea will also take a potion. Since Aria’s and Medea’s physiology are very different (Dhampir and cat demihuman), you can vote for a different effect on each. All effects will last for just a few hours at most.

a) No drawback whatsoever. Wake up completely fresh and feel just fine… for now.
b) The effects of a hell of a lot of coffee.
c) The effects of cocaine.
d) The effects of methamphetamines.
e) Insomnia and sour mood.
f) Moderately increased libido.
g) Hallucinations, dreaming while wide awake.

You can also suggest any effect you want. If there’s any question you wish to have Medea answer, start posting them. For as long as this exposition part of the story goes, Medea takes any and all requests that don’t concern her father.
File: Between.jpg (285 KB, 508x850)
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285 KB JPG
B for Medea, G for Aria. Medea knows herself best so it's fair for her to just have larger than normal effects, and meanwhile Aria can watch the border between reality and fiction blur a little.

As for questions (not necessarily attached to any one person):
- What exactly does it mean to be a 'coven'?
- How do magic oaths work, and do they differ between Medea and normal people?
- How has magic kept itself hidden from wider society?
- Who else supernatural does Medea know? How many vampires/witches/alchemists *are* there?
B Medea
C+F for Aria (effects are more or less the same)
File: c79518e0ba92fe4d.jpg (89 KB, 720x896)
89 KB
medea B
aria G -> E xD
File: 4L_oBQZR0CO.jpg (216 KB, 850x1207)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
F Medea
F+G Aria
B Medea
F Aria
f Medea
e Aria
We got six votes! It'll be a mild stimulant for Medea and a very strong one for Aria with some mild hallucinogen aftereffects (dreaming while wide awake).

Part will be long, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Medea's gonna speak for a while... let's get it all out of the way so we can turn back the /e/ on again. There will be a pretty darn important choice you can take at anytime afterwards.

Forgot to add how incredibly appropriate that image is.
Have to go out. Back by Monday. Here's what I had prepared; chances are we'll resume on a new thread when the rest of the story can be posted. No choices yet.

“This is a good opportunity for you to witness my prowess, as lacking as it may be, in action,” Medea interrupted her narration to talk about me.

Medea went to her things and extracted another one of her secrets, the pretty wooden box with an elaborate lock on the front which came open upon contact with Medea’s mouth. “That’s the dare bottle,” Erika noticed, as it was by far the biggest thing inside one of the compartments of the box.

“Weren’t you going to show us something?” I quickly added, noticing Medea was staring into the elixir brewed within her decanter with melancholy.

“This bottle is one-of-a-kind; at least as far as I am concerned,” Medea solemnly stated. “It is nigh-indestructible, and it is a very important item by itself even without counting the once precious liquid inside,” Medea was not snapping out of it. Thinking of interrupting her again so she wouldn’t indulge in anything that could make her sad, Medea caught me by surprise by scuttling to my side and offering me the bottle. “Take good care of it.”

“Huh?” I exclaimed.

“The rest of you will understand later,” Medea eased the questions that were beginning to surge. “Aria; this is the theoretically the most powerful Elixir of Life I can manage to brew. It is also specifically designed to work with cats; any other species drinking this will face a very limited effect; while I believe on you it will work at least half as well as it should. Drink it straight from the decanter; the liquid will become plain water if left for too long outside.”

“B-but…” she worked so hard for it, I couldn’t take it.
“I beg you, d-don’t… let it go to waste,” Medea beseeched, I hurried to take the potion off her hands; she did not need to start crying again. “It should heal any ailment or injury you could imagine,” she added, sniffing but not crying yet. “I am also certain it will extend your lifespan dramatically; there is no telling how much; I predict a couple of centuries. I originally expected t-to, to have a companion by my side who could match what I suspect will be my natural longevity.”

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Slow down, you two!” Erika, who was still supporting most of my bodyweight on her knees, told us.

“Yeah, how about you bring us up to speed, first?” Jill suggested. “I am going to scream, I swear.”

“You can’t be a vampire! Th-they…” Carmen started but couldn’t finish her sentence.

I was deeply moved by Medea’s gesture and accepted the Elixir which I already had on my hands; I took a look at it. The bottle was cold to the touch; the liquid inside was growing gold with hints of pink. I reached with an arm to hug Medea. “Thank you,” I said; because that was what people should say to good-natured witches handing them potions of more-or-less eternal youth. “A-and again… I am so sorry…” I stopped talking. If I cried I would make Medea do so as well.

“You are very welcome,” she said to me with her voice breaking. She looked away and took a deep breath. “A-as I was saying,” Medea retook the train of thought she had before grabbing her bottle. She quickly used a finger to run it across her eyes and dry the tears forming there, “this is a chance for me to demonstrate alchemy.”

Making sure everyone could see what I was doing, Medea got to work. She explained every step of the process the best she could. “This is plain caffeine; I will mix what should be close to two hundred milligrams with…”
“Oh, don’t give me that metric bullshit. Speak sense,” asked Erika; making a fuss over nothing. I could tell she was as lost as I was and most of what Medea was saying outside of the name of some familiar substances sounded like gibberish.


“Aria, wake up,” I was instructed. I was not in a condition to recognize the voice.

“Don’t take it personally, Medea. I thought your explanation was amazing,” that was Carmen saying it.

“Hmm?” I opened my eyes, feeling incredibly tired. The light of the light bulb above me nearly blinded me, I used a hand to cover my eyes and I squinted to Erika’s face.

“Medea says you have to drink this,” said Erika. Her voice sounded distant and muffled.

I felt something forcefully inserted into my mouth, it was elongated and thin, cold and made of glass.

“Mrreeeeow!” I warned. I tried to spit, but I had swallowed it all already.

“Take it easy on her,” I recognized Lisa’s voice.

“You saw me trying. She wouldn’t wake up. She’s fine,” reasoned Erika. I was now wide awake and completely aware of my surroundings.

I coughed a little, standing up and getting away from Erika. “That better not be a hairball,” Jill joked. I did indeed sound like I had one in the throat.

The world cleared up in a second; any sort of drowsiness was completely gone; I felt tired no more, if just a little strange. “So, the potion really worked?” Lisa wondered, watching the obvious effect if had had on me.

“No, she was just woken up by Erika’s… brutishness,” Carmen opined. They were both right. The sudden intake of adrenaline of having my mouth invaded was there; but so was a powerful effect that got rid of all fatigue.

“The potions are the real deal,” I affirmed, cleaning my mouth with my hands and turning back to my friends and resuming my seat, giving an angry look to Erika. “If you don’t believe me take a look at my ears and my tail.
“Or your hair, I guess? I just noticed, but the tips of your hair have gone white,” Lisa pointed out.

“Oh, it’s been that way for a few days,” Erika informed.

I grabbed Erika’s phone, which was the nearest, and used her camera app as a mirror. “Damn it!” I mused. It was true; the tips of my hair had grown to the fur in my tail and ear’s secondary color; it was very distracting and noticeable.

“Did you not drink the hair color-changing beverage I gave you?” Medea asked me. She also looked more widely awake and some of the redness around her eyes was gone.

“I… uh… d-decided I liked it this way m-more; ha, ha. It… matches my tail!” I lied, with the mentioned tail starting to trash about. No one but Medea knew what we were talking about and yet I could see in their skeptic expressions they all knew I was hiding something.

“We’ll… discuss about that later,” Medea dodged, sounding disappointed. Sorry… “Moving on; I have shown you all my fangs, the change of color my eyes sometimes experience, some of my physical abilities and hopefully provided enough evidence for alchemical purposes. I am running low on ingredients so I am expecting that was enough.”

But it wasn’t, and for instance Carmen and Erika still thought it was an elaborated joke somehow or at least denied to accept reality as they saw it as it crashed with their perception of the world.
Sighing, Medea grabbed my hand and while I struggled, shouting to be let go while I cried in alarm, she forcefully used my sharp nails to scratch the skin of her arm, wincing in pain. I was not the only one trying to stop Medea, yet she carried on and told us all to watch. It was a small injury, but Medea still had the nonbelievers touch it to make sure it was real, then she closed it with just force of will or whatever she did; the blood stopped flowing and the injury disappeared before our very eyes.
“D-does this convince you?” Medea sort of begged. “It’s… it’s not for free that I can showcase it all. Phew… excuse me, I feel rather… I cannot use such abilities for long without consequence.”

Medea confessed to having drinking blood and how her inhuman qualities were fed by the stuff. She confessed having drank from me with extreme guilt, asking us all to remember how weakened I was for after she did. Of course, I confirmed everything Medea said. I could see in Erika’s eyes she still had some doubts, but she was accepting what she was told, for now.


//Next part will be narrated from Medea's PoV; which will be available to use at anytime afterwards. Aria has obtained the semi-perfect cat Elixir of Life. She can drink it at anytime if you vote "+Potion" (-Potion is also acceptable if you actively don't want to do it yet); we will vote on the effects she will gain from it; it can also be saved for later as a free heal-all; including fatigue and any negative effect Aria might be experiencing. The longer Aria takes to drink it, the longer Medea will be without her decanter, bear in mind.
I don't see any reason not to drink the potion now. Centuries of longevity dwarfs an anti-fatigue oneshot, and any time spent not drinking it is time it could be lost.

Let's wait at least until Aria's current potion wears off; I'm not worried about interference in their effects or anything but I'd like to see each potion play out fully on their own.

I agree that we should take it soon, though. Saving it for when we can best benefit from the cure-all aspect would make it an afterthought in another scene instead of the focus it deserves.

-Potion, at least for right now. Maybe after Jill's grand finale?
-Potion until current potion wears
Pretty much every important argument already stated.
Agreed, potion not quite yet, I want to see this one through
Pastebin for this thread: jWu1rJh4

At the rate things are going we might not end up on a new thread for the rest of this update, but it's trivial to add an update or two to an already-compiled paste.
It got rushed at the end, but it covers the essentials. Questions and we can go back to whatever Jill had prepared.

Thank you regardless; we still have a few days ahead of us, though.

While I tend to prefer conciseness, I must admit to tend to rant at times. If I do, I will thank you to stop me. It is my intention to firstly cover the main milestones leading to the current situation and to dispel any remaining doubt via questions afterwards. I will not lie, and that is a promise to you; you will understand the importance of what I just said later; there are, however, questions that for various reasons I will be unable to respond, I will tell you when the case is thus.

Yes, Lisa? N-no, I do not believe we have any other vampire among our midst; that is not to say I know it as a certainty. Also, I am not a vampire; it might be presumptuous for me to assume it so, but I consider myself more human than not.

Oh. Actually I am agnostic, Erika. I assure you, even among what you would consider supernaturals, the question of whether a higher being exists or not is highly debated and it is my belief the matter will remain unsettled forever.
No, Carmen. I just told you that I do not know; that is what agnostic means. Erika; please quiet down. W-we are getting distracted! Could we please regain focus? Thank you.

As I had already requested, please refrain from questions until the very end. I promise to answer what I can. Ehem.

Why, yes. You may use the restroom. There is no need for you to ask me…

Yes, I suppose we can wait on you.

All done? Good. Allow me to begin.

For as long as I can remember, I have hardly ever been truly alone. Whether I have been sleeping, relaxing, experimenting or otherwise, there has always been a guardian by my side. He would wait for me outside the bathroom door when I was using any of the installations, he would hide himself among foliage and watch me from afar during school hours, he would insist to join me in any activity I chose to partake in, in counted occasions to my annoyance. The name of my guardian is… was, Malachite. He…


I apologize for the interruption, I will carry on now. N-no, I am fine to continue. T-thank you. It gnaws at me you witness me in such a sorry state. It is just…

Thank you, all. I will move on, now. I have to speak of this; I have to.

While you may consider it odd, despite Malachite being apparently no more than a common house cat, I cared for him very deeply; I did not ever dare regard such a dear friend as a mere pet. He was my older brother and he will remain thus in my memory for as long as I exist. I will always…

Sorry! I am so sorry! What is wrong with me? I will contain myself; it is not my intention to waste your time watching me indulge in self-pity. It’s… fine. I am ok-; n-no, I will not lie. I am not okay, but I am trying to be; and I do need to keep my composure.

Hopefully, now that it is all out of the way… as I was saying: Malachite’s appearance was that of a normal cat, but nothing could be further from the truth. Firstly, he was furiously intelligent; and I am not referring to something as mundane as able to perform tricks for my amusement, although he certainly had a repertoire full of those… whenever I was feeling particularly distressed h-he cheered me up by… ugh…

Oh, sorry, again. Yes; Malachite may have been in the body of a cat, but he was far more intelligent than most humans I have met.
It is not an exaggeration. Malachite taught me to read at an early age, and perform simple arithmetic procedures. He had a stupendous memory and knowledge and could, to the degree that his lack of human lips allowed him, speak.

No, it is not a manner of speech. Yes, Jill; he could understand humans perfectly.

Of, of course I have videos! H-he was… a-and there I go again! I am so sorry, I cannot help it!


Again, I apologize. Moving on:

While he could understand any of you, he would struggle to make himself understood to any who was not familiarized with his… particularities.

No, of course that doesn’t include you, Aria; you speak ‘cat’, it is hardly a fair comparison. F-for instance, Malachite’s way of saying ‘hello’, was ‘eh-woo’; ‘how are you’ he shortened to ‘maw wa ooh’; and so on. While he could reach very accurate approximations for most practical cases, he could only pronounce four words to complete perfection: ‘No’, ‘Good’, ‘What’ a-and… and… although he struggled and strived for years; through sheer hard work, he m-managed to be able to s-say, my name, Medea…

What I… What I am trying to convey is that Malachite was very important to me; I would have gladly died if I could just… ahhh…


A-alright, I shall do as you ask. I will stop apologizing. It is by no means that I am ashamed of the tears I have shed for such a valuable and incredible life companion who taught me so much about the world; I just wish I could command further control over my emotions as to continue my story unhinged. I will mourn him; by all that is true I will deeply mourn him; it is just not the time or the place.
Oh, that was because of his eyes, Lisa. ‘Malachite’ is a bright, naturally occurring green mineral. Malachite had a jet-black coat but bright, shining, green eyes like gemstones. No, I did not name him. He was my older brother; he had his name long before I was born. How old? Oh, he was thirty-one. Y-yes, of course I know that is too long for a cat, Malachite was not a normal cat; I cannot stress that enough.

I will touch upon that later, but as I have already stated, I am an alchemist. Malachite seemed completely un-aging, having the vitality and agility of a much younger cat; less than a month ago he started showing signs of incredibly rapid aging and decay. It… scared me to no end; I could hardly sleep at night. Yes, I do sleep at night.

I dove into research, things as menial as school an exams I abandoned. While I consider Malachite as my true older sibling, he is not the only one. I have a variety of half-sisters, we have found each other over the years; not one of them is a full human a-and we all share very detestable blood, although we are civil and in good terms with one another. Through their expertise and advice, I devised a way t-to brew a powerful potion that would reverse the aging process Malachite was experiencing and then stop it.

I had to be quick, the ritual necessary for the acquisition of energy for the brewing of the potion was what you have already seen and known as The Game. Using a magical circle, either pentagram or heptagram, we all fed strong emotional energy towards the powerful decanter that is now in Aria’s possession. After enough energy was gathered and the correct materials were added to the mix… I h-had finally obtained the potion that would s-save my… my Malachite.

Thanks, Aria. It is as she just said. Because I received a very severe backlash from my legal guardian, who would be my aunt, as well as my half-sisters who unknowing about my intentions thaught me of the methods I could use; in my foolishness I cut all contact with them while I was in camp. M-Malachite passed away sometime after I left; I d-did not have the courage to ask exactly when.

Yes, that would render all I did here meaningless. I am truly sorry to have tricked all of you into playing a game specifically designed to embarrass you and put you in difficult positions so I could absorb your mental energy towards my ritual. The least you deserve is knowing why I had not said anything, even though I have come to trust all of you over the past days.


Everything considered, I thought Medea handled herself well enough. She did cry throughout the whole thing, but it wasn’t like she was doing it on purpose; she left it very clear she wasn’t. It helped some after the second outburst Lisa started holding Medea. There was still shaking and there were still tears but Lisa was fast to react whatever happened and hid Medea’s face using a shoulder and an understanding hand petting Medea’s head and nape.

Being a crybaby, it wasn’t easy for me, either. I just knew that what I felt was but a pale phantom of what Medea must have been experiencing; and expressing the disrespectful imitation of her sorrow would only help exacerbate my friend’s pain. I was just glad it was five of us helping Medea through this; it was much better than when I was all alone with Medea back at the forest.
Medea explained everything I already knew; how she could not fail her promises but at the very same time promises made for Medea were exceptionally dangerous; she alluded to the night Medea was forced to accomplish what at the time was the hardest dare we had ever attempted; when she went door to door to sale her clothes and ended up naked very soon without the ability to sell the last of her artifacts that covered nothing – I had to admit, the fact she was doing so for Malachite gave it all a new, sad meaning –. We all remembered the guy who started convulsing after failing a promise to Medea; and that other girl whose name I didn’t recall who ended up naked in front of the whole camp when her clothes started combusting out of the blue.

We were all part of the coven, the same coven Medea and her sisters were part of; which was why we were entitled to know everything Medea was speaking about and the only reason she held it was because of an earlier promise Medea had done to the person who helped her develop the ritual that we were all witnesses to. The most surprising thing was that technically, being part of a coven made us all witches, unknowingly or not. Anyone who had spent enough time near Medea’s circle and participated in the ritual would become one.

Erika, whose hair was on fire and it was causing her face to melt, made a very funny observation about the phonetic similitude between ‘bitches’ and ‘witches’. Nobody else but me found it all that amusing. Erika tried to high-five me but I couldn’t since her hand had become a flyswatter and those were nasty to touch.

Medea then told the story of how I found out the truth by being curious and nosy, and now I came to drink the potion of Feral Power. I sat there and nodded, trying to ignore the annoying bird pecking at my ears.
“This should be all exceptionally hard to accept, so I will give you a moment to think about if there is anything you want to ask,” Medea allowed. I had plenty of questions, but they were mostly concerning how Arthur had become green or how everyone had grown so big.

a) Aria manages to stay calm through her trip and she becomes Jill’s subordinate without having a strong grip on reality.
b) Aria’s hallucinations get noticed and she’s taken out of commission until she recovers.
c) Aria is made to drink the elixir to recover from any and all effects (this starts with 3 negative votes against it).
d) Aria gets out of control and goes naked into her own little adventure after the questioning session is over.
e) Medea’s potion’s effect is short lived, at least in the hallucination department. Aria comes back down to reality and continues her day normally.

//Now that everyone’s been more or less brought up to speed; Medea will answer any and all questions. We already have a few that have been asked. Any other questions you make with a vote will be answered.
File: Wendy.png (670 KB, 600x852)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
D, as long as it doesn't interfere with the Panty Raider plotline. I can see a lot of potential in Aria wandering around naked with a tenuous grip on reality, even if few people will be up at this hour.
Can they garner more ritualistic power for the lulz, Erika with slight Feral Power would be broken af
Fuck. Stan Lee is dead. May he rest in peace. Goddammit.

I was going to wait for the sixth vote but the part is ready to go and the result won't change with one vote, so might as well.

It would be kind of cool to believe Medea; knowing there was shit out there we didn’t understand and that vampires and stuff were real and whatnot. Some stuff did not make a lick of sense, and I would have sure as fuck called them out if it wasn’t for Medea’s delicate state. It fucking sucked her pet died, even if she was making shit up like that it talked and whatnot; she just needed some time.

“Is there anything you wish to ask me, Erika?” Medea must have sensed she hadn’t convinced me.

“Nah, we’re cool,” I was not going to mess with Medea’s made up fantasy; if she needed it to cope with the death of the family cat, then that was none of my business and I would swear by vampires and fairies and anything else she wanted me to.

Sure, some things, like what happened to that Jodi girl or that trick making it look like Medea had super-strength, or how she had retractable fangs, or the red eyes; they all put me in doubt. I was sure that sooner or later I would find how they pulled it off and would feel like a moron for starting to believe them.

Also, there was the business with Aria becoming a cat. Being an act of witchery or magic made it almost seem real. It could be that Aria was playing along like I was. Speaking of Aria; was it me or she was kind of… the girl was tripping balls. She was laughing at everything, staring randomly at things, and even if everyone was down because we all felt sorry for Medea; Aria was acting like she was having a grand time. She was hugging me and purring loudly, mumbling something. Whatever Aria’s deal was, little Zelda was our priority for the moment, so I just kept petting Aria to keep her calm.
“You say… you say we’re a coven. What does that even mean? A-and witches? How can we be witches?” Carmen took the chance to ask something. Carmen was okay in my book, but damn; the girl was gullible; what could be expected from a Catholic? I was sure she had swallowed Medea’s story whole.

“A witch is a member of a coven; as discriminating as it may be, we are exclusively female. A coven is a group gathering specialized in rituals and spells that require more than one person to perform. A coven consists in a leader, the followers and the initiates. All of you would be initiates and will be until the leader, which is not me, approves of you; at that time a binding ritual will be performed. I will let you know of where the next reunion of our coven will be; you are all welcome to assist. Aria is going,” Medea kept explaining stuff.

“We didn’t agree to become witches!” yelled Carmen. What was wrong with her? Didn’t she get what was going on? And even if she believed Medea, didn’t she get to leave her alone for a few days until she recovered?
“And I am truly sorry for deceiving you,” Medea lowered hear head, really humble-like. “If there is any action you wish to take against me that could ease your grudge I will perform it to the best of my abilities.”

“What…?” I started but got interrupted.

“How does the promise stuff works?” Jill stole the words from my mouth. I nodded at Jill. We both knew that we had to derail Carmen. We could not risk a fight, not now.

“That was my binding ritual,” Medea kept talking and Carmen finally shut up. “I cannot go back on my oath and at the same time people going back on their word against me will face dire consequences.”

“Yes, you said that before, but how does it work?” pressed Jill.

No fucking way. Did… did Jill actually believe any of this stuff? I would get it if Carmen got had; but Jill? The girl was street-smart!
“Witches mainly operate on curses, rituals and spells. Rituals you have already seen; we work together following a procedure for a common goal. Curses have a person as a specific objective to harm; not all rituals performed by witches are curses; but all curses witches make are from rituals. A powerful ritual was cast on me; cursing anyone who fails their word against me; but at the same time, I will face the backlash of every single curse cast should I fail a single promise; which is why they mean so much for me. I would literally die.”

“A-and then what is what happened to Aria? A curse, when does it wear off?” Carmen again asked. She loved speaking about magic.

“That was alchemy; it used ritual power as one of the catalysts; the ingredients you could call it; but otherwise is completely different. Aria’s changes are permanent; returning her to her former state would take a much more competent alchemist and witch that myself; if there is even a method. T-the potion I gave her was originally meant to give her increased agility and reflexes; w-we… no, I, fucked up the formula and Aria grew a tail and ears… even if her physical attributes increased dramatically, far more than I anticipated.”

“Oh, I am okay! I’m okay!” Aria smiled, rubbing her face against my belly. “I told you not to worry about it. I like climbing… and chasing things… I love being the werecat.”

“Aria, are you feeling entirely well?” Medea started noticing it, too.

“But then how come we haven’t heard about witches? Huh? How come nobody else knows about them and they’re thought they’re fairytales and whatnot?” asked Jill. Shit, she was starting to believe. I just knew it.

“Witches being fairytales? Come on. Even children know to be careful of witches,” Carmen answered that one. So she did believe in witches from the start? It was worse than I imagined.
“There are dire consequences as a whole for being incautious,” Medea took it from there. “Not only are we witches repudiated from the society as a whole and widely misunderstood, other witches and members of our own coven will disavow us and eliminate us should the secret get too out of hand.”

“But why?” Jill insisted.

“Because in times of old, when witches and other supernaturals operated out in the open, we soon came to realize that despite our powers we were too few. Regular people are millions; they would overpower us and destroy us within a day should they find out. There are also… w-we have our own police force, if you could call it that.”

“Witch police, come the fuck on!” I couldn’t keep a straight face to that.

“No, not witches,” Medea said, with real, fucking true fear on her eyes. “Vampires. I… I have never met one; I never met my mother; but I know of them. T-they’re…” Medea gulped. “What I am revealing cannot leave this room; it should have already been tacitly understood, but I want you all to promise me.” Medea made a pause and we all in a circle promised, even high-as-fuck Aria. “Vampires are absolutely obsessed from keeping the truth from regular people. You would not believe at which degree they do. They’re willing to kill anyone; they don’t care if they’re kings or politicians. If anyone goes against their wishes; they die and they’re good at blaming it on someone else. I am… not even half one. A true vampire is something all members of our coven fear; they’re monsters. If we got too careless… even here… we would be dead within hours.”

“But there are so many videos of Aria and the werecat and stuff!” Carmen panicked. Okay, even I had to admit Medea was sounding a little scary.
“They are basically fetishized pornography, and exposed to a very small community,” Medea shrugged it off. “I have no doubt that if we are not careful once Aria goes out of camp, we could be either silenced or… or have our memories modified if we are lucky.”

“So there are vampires out there? How many? A-and witches, and werewolves and other stuff? H-how many do you know?” Carmen kept asking, eating it all up.

“About vampires? I do not know. They are quite a secretive society, and I understand they look down on people of my… sub-species. There is vampire activity in every major city, that I know for certain; they have agents everywhere. Witches are far more common; hardly any neighborhood is lacking at least a dabbler of the dark arts; although people like me, with real magic on their blood are exceedingly rare; as I have not found another one outside of my half-sisters. I have a strong suspicion werewolves are just vampires; m-my aunt says his… she says she knows of a person who can transform into a wolf; but who is definitely not a werewolf. Because of how secretive our societies are, there is little I know about others; ghosts exist, obviously.”

“Well, of course,” Carmen agreed. “And your sisters; are they like you?”

“Dhampirs? No, not exactly. We all share the blood of a… it would be better if you see it for yourselves. One of them has more common in Aria than she does with my own peculiarities.”

“O-ow! Aria, what the fuck!”

Aria had bitten my stomach; hard. There was no blood yet, but if she kept at it there would be. I slapped her on the back of the head.

“W-what is…?” Aria was having a bad trip, her eyes were not focused and one had turned into a thin slit while the other was more or less normal. “But I told you I wasn’t ready!”

“Aria? Are you okay?” Jill tried to approach her.
And just like a wild animal. Aria went in all fours and hissed really scarily at Jill, who stopped approaching the little nutcase. Aria ran to the window of my bed and jumped through it.

a) Aria goes to the pool. Her instincts of fearing the water are temporarily suppressed. She will also not be the only nudist.
b) Aria goes visit some other cabins and makes new acquaintances.
c) Aria heads to the offices, scaring the shit out of the staff.
d) Aria goes to the forest, where she might or not find a small group hiking.
e) Aria heads to the cafeteria, as she is hungry.

Last chance to ask questions to Medea. Aria will do her own thing or might get mixed with Jill’s own plans depending of what happens. One last item to discuss: Lisa’s love potion.

Oh, there it is. Our sixth vote.
File: Dryad.jpg (573 KB, 900x1165)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
A or D sound like good options both, though however this plays out I hope that she returns/becomes lucid/is found before Jill does whatever it is she's got planned.
We really need to convince Erika that shit got real
Ask Medea for a spell demonstration, we've only seen rituals so far
A or C
this or taunt medea for a bite ;) (maybe aria cant keep her mouth shut about how it felt)
Was originally planning to make a mini-arc to convince Erika or give the option to let her stay ignorant; but since one of the options I had planned originally surfaced and more than one person wants a resolution, might as well tie that up right now.

“What is wrong with her now?” Lisa asked. She was too busy being all lovey-dovey with her own tiny chick to notice what was going on with mine. Lisa’s cat went and followed Aria.

“I think she’s tripping balls,” I told clearly so anyone who hadn’t figured it out yet could know and stop worrying. Knowing Aria she would be fine; mess around in the forest for some time, come down from and tell us all about it. “Don’t worry about it. She’ll come down on her own terms; and it’s not like not everyone in camp has seen her naked already.”

“Side effects. That is… my fault,” Medea said, really fucking sad. “To no one’s surprise, I have once again failed in the elaboration of an energetic potion, failing to take into account Aria’s body. I thought mixing a formula meant for cats calculating for Aria’s weight would prove to be successful. As you can see… I was wrong. I am so… worthless.”

I didn’t care for Medea’s self-loathing shit, it was just not healthy. Before I could say anything, Lisa took over; hugging the crap out of little Zelda.

“It’s… she probably just smelled a squirrel or something!” Lisa said an obvious lie; and spoke of Aria like the little dweeb was actually a cat. That was my adoptive little sister she was talking about.
“Seriously? Smelled a squirrel?” Jill called her out. She would have been laughing already if not out for consideration of Medea.

“All of my potions fail. Is it a curse? I bring so much pain and suffering to all,” Medea had started crying, and Lisa could not think of anything better than patting Medea’s back.
Jill and Carmen joined in the action, surrounding the hugging pair and trying to lay their hands on the naked so called vampire which looked more like a newborn puppy.

“First of all? This magic and witch shit, you have to knock it off,” I said; getting dirty looks from everyone but Medea. “What? It isn’t healthy. Don’t you see? I thought it was like, a coping mechanism; but you can quote me on this, it’s causing more harm than good. We have to snap Medea out of it.”

“D-do you… do you still not believe?” Medea got her face off Lisa’s arm for a change, staring with her huge, reddened eyes; goddamnit she looked pitiful.

“I believe that you need attention,” I told her straight up. “We’ve all done it,” I shrugged; I needed her to know I wasn’t mad at her. “Life sucks right now and you need your friends; and it’s up to us to be there; I know I will. I’m not blaming you or anything; I’m just saying that the moment you stop using your… stories to feel better and they become an excuse to feel even worse, then that’s when we gotta stop, you know?”

“Erika… I know this is hard to accept; God knows I struggled. But this is for real!” Jill surprised me by saying.

“Oh, come on! I get that you’re trying to make Zelda here feel better; I feel you. Get a grip, all of you. I know nobody really believes these things. Carmen doesn’t count.”

“Why don’t I count?”

“Erika…” Jill started, but Medea stopped her by standing up and for the first time in a long while letting go off Lisa.

“Is there anything I can do to convince you that I am telling the truth as I see it?” Medea said, very serious. “At this stage, it is imperative for you not to be misinformed; it could lead to grievous results.”
“Erika, everything checks. How Medea can’t go in the sun, how Aria became half-cat, everything strange that’s been going on, don’t you get it?” I wouldn’t have thought so, but Lisa had swallowed it all as well. Was I really alone or was Jill messing with me?

“Are you really going to make me do this?” I was starting to feel like the bad guy for not enabling Medea, but it was the right thing. “Alright fine. Zelda, do some magic or something only a vampire can do or whatever.”

“I am not a vampire, and I am very glad not to be in the ranks of the undead,” Medea corrected. Right, the Dhampir stuff, “but as you wish. To your disappointment, I am unable to perform any spell…”

“Imagine my surprise,” I rolled my eyes. I was being harsh, but Medea needed harsh to snap out of it.

“…because my expertise does not rely on that particular field; I am an alchemist. If alchemy will not convince you; and you believe my feats of strength to be fraudulent somehow…”

“There were no wires or anything. Come on, Erika! You saw it!” Jill interrupted.

“…then I would suggest you set the conditions for something a Dhampir such as myself should be able to perform. I am but a dabbling alchemist and while I can perform curses should you assist me, I would rather not harm anyone. The nature of my blood is all I have to convince you.”

“Drink blood,” it came to mind quick like that.

“E-excuse me?” said Medea. I had her.

“Drink blood. You said you drank Aria’s; so you’re supposed to be able to do it. Go ahead, drink mine.”

“I… that would very much go against the ‘not harming anyone’ part I proposed,” Medea doubted. I had to keep pressing.

“It’s cool. I’ve donated blood,” I lied; but I totally would. “And Aria, who’s really fucking delicate, could take it, so I should have no prob.”

“It’s…” Medea could not find an answer, how could she? It was time to end it.
“Medea said that it’s very addictive and dangerous and that she can’t trust herself not to drain you dry,” Lisa reminded us. “Don’t be hard on her; just have her lift the bunk beds or something. Check for your precious wires or whatever you think the trick is.”

“No, I will do it,” decided Medea. “If that is what it takes. I have… I think I have the self-control, and I do feel rather drained… it will only be done under certain conditions,” she was anticipating it, salivating a lot. Huh.

“Name them,” I said.

“We have to be at the edge of the room, near the door. If I go on for longer than a few seconds, I want you all to push me towards the sun. A-and in order to stop me you do not have to hold back. Hit me as hard as you can, on the head. Show no mercy; I will be fine.”

“Y-you got it!” Carmen sounded serious. Weren’t we taking it a little too far? Maybe I should have said I believed her and call it quits.

“F-forgive me, Erika. Forgive me for letting myself be tempted,” Medea said, but she was giddy. “You may have played a role but you were ignorant. All the responsibility lies with me. I truly hope… everything goes well,” she licked her lips and got blushed; like I was going to fuck her or something.


I had barely escaped that giant sloth; but I had bigger problems now. Who knew Mickey Mouse was such an insufferable asshole? Maybe it was a cat and mouse thing. After discussing with him – he was originally just a bush – and I had scratched off his stupid face, I was sure I was going to get sued.

I had been running away for a long time; maybe days, maybe weeks; who could tell? I found a comfy oasis; and just in time since I was feeling quite hot.

a) Most females have already accepted their nudity and had just gone into the pool like that. Aria raises barely any alarm.
b) Aside from a few daredevils, most girls are covering their private parts in one way or another.
c) Mostly everyone has obtained an improvised swimsuit in one way or another. Aria is the center of all attention.

Who should narrate Aria’s adventures?

1) Aria. She might not know what is going on but that is okay.
2) Melanie; she finds Aria and decides to protect her.
3) Laurie, who has recovered some of her clothes. She thinks Aria is just messing around.
4) Kathy. Oh, what a chance for payback.
File: Hay.jpg (359 KB, 1065x1510)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
A, the werecat hardly needs to raise *alarm* in order to draw attention, and I like the idea of nudity becoming more accepted and commonplace.

2, at this point a full Aria perspective would be too incoherent to understand what's actually happening from. A snippet or two, to show how Aria saw one event or another, should do fine, and I'm happy to bring Melanie back into the story.
A. Agree with >>2257832

1. I think Aria's perspective presents some great writing opportunities where she describes and interprets something clearly nonsensical but we as the audience can infer what's actually happening in a funny way
A What have we done lmao
1 >>2257947
Still not in Page 10 tho
Arias PoV is fun, but alone totally confusing. the unreliable narrator is a great storytelling device and leads to some great relevations when everything wears off (best example wich comes to mind would be the 2nd season of mr.robot ;)

A bit of both, its Raid+1 day, there is no way just everyone accepts it like that. 50/50 is way more likely.
A and 1 and a bit of 2.....like gnatter said earlier
File: shrooms.jpg (635 KB, 960x669)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
Changing vote to this
Now that we've hit page 10, updated paste: GHuNqmis

Just let me know if the vote changes or I estimated it wrong.
Melanie and Aria taking turns wins.

Nudity is normalized.

Part will be slow, it's a setting for Melanie to come to terms with some stuff.

Damn, and story was just done. I'll make the thread tomorrow. No time to search for images now; barely enough time to write and post. I'll try to make it quick, post something by morning.

A girl could just not get a break. Sure, I kind of liked all the crazy stuff that was happening… but I would have liked a little of time between a big thing happening and the next.

Jill had always been careful back when I met her. She was great at making us break out of our shells, little by little, asking us to do things that we BARELY didn’t dare to do; getting us used to them and then breaking our new limits; it was real training and although I hated at first, I had come to discover many things about myself and I was very grateful to Jill for that.

Then Aria appeared. I thought the match between her and the Hispanic girl was too much from the very start. They played naked! That was back when it meant something. I could tell from the start that Jill had a lot of fun teasing Aria; but she was nothing special.

That was until Aria did the unthinkable; she went from being a really bad beginner with very bad stamina, weak shots and who could barely manage to do the basics to beating Jill in a match. It changed Jill. It changed me.

Back then, Jill was making me play bottomless, basically. At the moment it was happening it was awful and I wanted to cry; but I knew that if I could put up with it I would not regret it. It turned me on so much! From playing bottomless in front of friends, Jill… she had me strip completely naked and called so many people… so many, to watch me. I thought I was going to die.
I was past it, but back then it was too much, I didn’t enjoy the transition as I had enjoyed past ones. Aria had messed with Jill’s program. When I thought it couldn’t get much worse, when I thought there was no going past being naked in front of half the camp… Jill…

I was not like that. Jill was an exception. I wasn’t even attracted to Jill, it was just that she made me do things… fun things. It was against my will, but at the same time I wanted it, and Jill made me feel so alive. Sure, Jill was effing gorgeous; a true celebrity, but that didn’t mean that it was okay for her to… to… make me have sex in public with her.

Oh, sure; I now could say that it had been incredible; I was beyond embarrassed, I had like reached embarrassment karmic balance or mantra or that thing Buddhist did. Enlightment; that thing. Just thinking about what Jill had made me do back then was enough to... to get me going, so to speak. I would not trade that memory for the world; but back when it was happening it was torture; it was awful. Just because I kind of got off on those things didn’t mean it was okay for Jill to push me so far without warning.

And it was all because of Aria. She wouldn’t give back my clothes and made Jill focus on me. She had made me be a naked umpire and then do the nasty with Jill with people watching and filming. It was all her a fault.
One morning, Jill decided she would show up naked to the tennis courts. We could not believe our eyes! Then, Jill’s training went absolutely crazy. We… started calling for audiences and baring it all in front of so much people. It was so embarrassing I could barely see the whole day, my eyes were blurry the whole time. I did not know Aria was involved; not then; oh, but I had found out; everyone who mattered knew about The Game; they knew all the crazy thing Aria and her girlfriends were doing, that was what had gotten Aria cursed as the werecat in the first place, in the rumors were true.

Then… the bonfire happened. Aria was once again at the middle of it, and Jill had attended naked! It got so crazy, but… I kind of missed being the only one naked. Everyone was baring it all, what was the point, then? It may have been Jill starting it, but I knew Aria was involved somehow. She had to be.

We had barely a night to recover from the bonfire when Jill started forming the Panty Raiders and made us all her girls join. It made no sense what we were doing. Why were we even doing it? Because of The Game, that was when I found out. And Aria was at the middle of it.

Aria. Aria. Aria.

I could not stop thinking about her, she would not leave my mind, not for a second. It wasn’t hate; not really. And it would go without saying that it wasn’t attraction, either. Not that she was ugly or anything; she was cute as hell in her own right; maybe too cute, maybe I would not have even minded if she…
No, it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t attraction. Alright, I was an exhibitionist. Big whoop. I could get a fix every few days and have enough… inspiration to take care of business for days. But a bi above all that? I couldn’t be… I just couldn’t! Jill was a sole exception, and only because of what she made me feel. If I could also consider Aria… that would not be an exception, that would make me… no, I was thinking dumb stuff. I was straight. I was. Aria was beautiful and amazing, but just that.

I had decided to go swimming, since because of Aria, Jill had abandoned the courts. It wasn’t like I needed to go play tennis to get my fix, anyway. I went out to the pool completely naked, and no one batted an eye.

Alright, some people did; in fact, plenty. Boys checked me out staring at me so strongly I almost covered; but so was basically everyone else. There were five girls at the pool, and four of us were naked; nothing covering us but the water; except for Andrea, who was just tanning face up on a chair, exposed as can be.

I was just letting out some steam, going from one side of the pool to the other; secretly hoping that I could just get a tad more attention that I was getting, but being too much of a coward to do what Andrea was pulling off. When I was starting to consider if I should just find a corner, wait for boys to be watching somewhere else and maybe… be a little daring, we all heard something.
As fast as a motorcycle, something dashed straight into the water, jumping into it, splashing everywhere. I screamed, alarmed. We all did.

a) Lisa refuses to believe that she feels the way she does because of a potion.
b) Lisa is furious with Medea and while she can’t abandon the little witch in a time of need, their relationship suffers.
c) Lisa starts demanding an antidote. Medea feels compelled to try; but seriously? Breaking a Blood Bond? Good fucking luck with that one.
d) Medea decides to spare Lisa’s feelings, although Medea does tell everybody else.
e) Lisa can’t take it and storms out; not able to face Medea.
File: Nun.jpg (183 KB, 500x700)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Tough call. A is the most conducive to Lisa not hating Medea, but that puts its own kind of stress on Medea when she's trying to finally clear away all of the secrets and misinformation. I'm also leery of more alchemy because this one's bound to fail and Medea's already sad that all her potions are failing.

I guess I gotta go with B or E. I'd also like to ask that it be relatively temporary, or maybe overwhelmed by Lisa's relief that the 'other her' from that day isn't coming back.

Sorry about that. Updating the paste is easy, so just let me know when the vote is locked and I'll be able to prepare the new one.

I dont expect it to work, but maybe some combination of the placebo effect and Medea showing effort to right the wrong will start Lisa on the road to acceptance
A Kinda natural followup for Lisa
-d -a
first of all, Lisa deserves to know, wich inevitably leads to her getting pissed off. Shouldn't be for long, but it will have an imediate impact.
File: 1542166485624.jpg (216 KB, 1580x2048)
216 KB
216 KB JPG


There is just something about clothing showing a bare crotch.

E wins.
>E wins.

Then the pastebin for this thread is aGtyyJBE. I can post it in the new thread too if you like.
Thread is up, I'll update it with your new pastebin on #12; meanwhile we'll have to go with the one you gave me in >>2258368

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