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CYOA /e/ general #11. Post stories, post votes, post images.

Latest story: Camp of Dares. Previous thread: >>2246564

Archived parts of the story (Pastebin):

Part 1: j33PCQMC
Part 2: ZsyZ8C0t
Part 3: PG6Y5C6U
Part 4: nebbyBe6
Part 5: nZaWE1Dw
Part 6: hf1Jh2Tb
Part 7: geyzvB0Y
Part 8: C45GXVqu
Part 9: Qdrupf9K
Part 10: GHuNqmis

(Thanks to Gnattering Yawn for keeping them)

WARNING: This story is very long. We're talking half a million words long. Catching up takes a while.

There's over a hundred characters. List of them here: ZVTa9yik (Pastebin)

A girl in her late teens visits a summer camp. Her roommates start a game of dares that progressively get more extreme as time goes on. The protagonist finds out The Game is being used by a young witch as a way to garner Ritualistic Power. As the price for her silence, the protagonist is given a potion that gives her superhuman agility and senses, but turned her into a cat-girl.
Cat's out of the bag; the witch has revealed herself and sad shit is happening left and right. Join us in a populated world in which your actions have future consequences in an /e/ centered adventure longer than most novels in our four last days of camp!
File: 2_Melanie_Reference.jpg (136 KB, 850x992)
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136 KB JPG
A few points!

1) The content of the story has basically no restrictions other than what might be seen on /d/. In the end anything goes as long as the audience wants it to. Make your suggestions and you'll see them eventually implemented, although don't get mad if people don't vote for them. The story mainly focus on /e/ content (mostly ENF) but if you cannot tolerate /u/, beware! We've been getting into /c/ material every now and then for whatever reason.

2) We are still in an imageboard. People may vote at their leisure with a single post, but votes containing images will count double. Images are encouraged to have something to do with the situation the story is dealing with at the moment, but any good ol' pair of titties will do.

3) We need for 6 different people voting to continue the story. This number is liable to change at any time depending on the size of the audience.

4) Story will go on indefinitely. As long as you keep voting, it will keep going.
File: 3_Andrea_Reference.jpg (243 KB, 850x1353)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
It had been happening way too often as of late. A girl a head shorter than me had me on the floor, sweating and panting.

“How are you feeling, Erika?” Jill worried, raising my head.

I was fine but couldn’t speak. Dizzy, blurry vision, could not put two and two together; the whole nine yards; it was like I was drunk.

Not being able to move a finger or see all that well didn’t mean I couldn’t tell what was going on. Medea held me in her arms and like I was a pillow or something, carried me all the way to my bed. Not even Kirby could lift me that easily.

It was real. It had been the real deal. Medea had had me kneel a little so she could reach my neck. She had bitten me from the front so I could see her. She had fore-played some, touching and licking all excited and giddy; mumbling things like “oh, I should really not do this,” or “just a taste, I can control it, just a taste,” it was like she was about to stick a needle full of dope after being sober for a year. It kind of scared me, made me doubt I was the one who was right.

It was not every day that I got to see Medea with her mouth wide open, but for the first time I noticed how crazy long her teeth were; almost like Aria’s; and I was real close that time, it was not any trick like I had though. Medea’s teeth grew even bigger, like they were retractable. From really long teeth they grew becoming fangs; I was about to jump back and tell Medea that I had reconsidered, when they sank into my skin.

I didn’t care anymore about anything, I kind of forgot what I was doing or what was going on. When Medea bit me, everything just went pink.

I had once been offered Loud Dream at a party. I hadn’t found any of the stuff or could afford it since then; life had been awesome for the rest of the night; and it didn’t come fucking close to what it felt being bitten by Medea.
File: 4_Medea_Reference.jpg (76 KB, 800x800)
76 KB
A good dicking? Weak. Getting eaten out? Not even close. Aria’s tail? It would crush the girl to know it, but Aria lost way too hard on that one. Whatever Medea had on her teeth, it was a fucking beast; the best of the best of the best. I felt happy, distracted, relaxed as fuck, way too chill and euphoric and warm. I didn’t even realize I had been drained until after Medea took her fangs out and I started feeling dizzy with a ton of nausea.

I tried to play it cool, remain standing; and I would have had Jill not placed a hand on my shoulder and shaken me. I knew she was worried but it made it all worse. After not being able to stand and taken to bed carried by a vampire and having some time to process shit, I could speak again.

“N-no… no fucking way… you weren’t shitting me, were you? It’s all true, isn’t it? You’re a motherfucking vampire!” I yelled. Everyone shushed me, I wasn’t even thinking I could be heard by someone outside.

“We told you she was telling the truth,” Carmen got to say ‘I told you so’ to me. Fuck. “All that matters is that Medea isn’t evil; so it’s okay even if she’s… what she is.”

“I am not a vampire; I am very different from one,” Medea stressed. She had always been deathly pale and how her cheeks were all rosy and her skin looked more pink than white. Just like me, she looked like she had gotten a good fucking.

“I saw Medea here pierce your with her fangs, Erika,” Jill told me very seriously. “We saw the blood come out, and go into Medea’s mouth; a-and she made the injury disappear! With magic! This is crazy, but you have to believe it!”
File: 5_Kathy_reference.jpg (168 KB, 850x2421)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
“I do, I believe it all…” I would have jumped around the room freaking out and denouncing everything I once believed true, but felt rather down. I could stand up, and I did. I checked my neck; there was nothing there as Medea had told us she had done with Aria. I sat back down, getting a little lightheaded; Medea handed me a can of grape drink and I took it. I took a sip. “Whatever you say, I believe,” I said, giving it all up. Medea was not lying. “Lay it… lay it all on me, Zelda. If we’re all witches now, then that’s how it goes. I’ll go to your next witch reunion and get a broom and a pointy hat and a black c-…” fuck, I was such a moron.

I shut my mouth way too late, letting the silence just float around.

“Yes, every witch needs a black cat,” Medea sadly smiled, closing her eyes. “They’re amazing!”

After getting dirty looks from Lisa and Jill that I deserved all the way, I took a bigger sip of the grape drink, cleared my throat and tried to move the talk along. Couldn’t believe that I had forgotten all about Malachite until I mentioned cats again.

“Anything else you want to say while we’re at it? I’ll just take your word for it,” I said to Medea. “Maybe about leprechauns, or fairies, or mole people or zombies; the fuck do I know? I’m not even kidding. Tell me them little men with green suits exist and I’ll be running naked, covered in four-leaved clovers to every rainbow I see to find a pot of gold,” I was half serious.

“Rather… there is a topic I had been meaning to avoid; yet I must make a confession,” Medea also sat on my bed, and faced us all, opening her eyes. She wasn’t even crying; but was it all true, then? Did Medea really lose an intelligent cat who she had spent all her life with? That fucking sucked.

“Bring it on,” I dared Medea, not sure I could get surprised anymore.
File: 6_Natty_Reference.png (438 KB, 723x1023)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
“I… assume you remember, Lisa,” Lisa jumped at the mention of her name, “the occasion I dared you to drink a liquid; I believe you referred to it as ‘pussy juice’,” she said. I remembered.

“It was a potion, wasn’t it?” Jill already figured out. That would make sense, but wouldn’t that mean?

“It was a potion which used my blood as one of the ingredients. I hoped to draw from its restorative qualities to cure your… cold.”

“I remember now!” Lisa yelled. “Yes, my cold was completely gone! Cured in an instant!”

“A-and you became… I am truly sorry that the potion had unexpected aftereffects,” Medea apologized again. I could tell Carmen and Jill were already ahead on the reveal. “It… raised your libido by a very significant amount. Do you recall what happened next morning… h-how your behavior was… affected?”

My brain might have been going slow because of what Medea had done to me, but I could feel it wear off as I kept taking sips of my room temperature grape drink; but even I had figured it all out before Lisa, who just stood there, mouth wide open.

“That-that-that-that was YOU? That… all what I did… was that you?” Lisa accused, I didn’t even know she could get mad with Medea. “I… fuck, Medea! I… I even though about killing myself! What the fuck? Why did you give me that?”

“Whoa! Whoa! Slow down!” Jill tried to hold Lisa, unsuccessfully.

“I mean… not anymore; just after the morning when I woke up being me again. I’m… I’m fine now!” said Lisa getting rid of Jill’s hands. “But shit! Medea! Do you have any idea of all what happened? I… fucking kissed one of the bitches of the staff, I can’t even walk past the camp offices without feeling embarrassed. A-and all the girls that I… fucked! That was basically… what made me into a dyke!”
“Lisa, damn it. I thought we were past that,” I interrupted. “And you’re not gay, okay? Remember Rodrigo? We’re at summer camp, it’s okay to experiment, so just chill. When you go to college you’re going to have more experiences and that’s fine, too.”

“That is not all,” Medea went on, although I wished she could shut up until after we had calmed Lisa down. “I have much more to apologize for, Lisa,” Medea knelt and bowed her head. “The potion had another aftereffect because of my blood. You have… because of the potion, because of me… y-your infatuation. It is owed to…”

“No! Shut up!” Lisa went off. “Shut up! Shut up! That is not…”

She didn’t finish, just stormed off, still completely naked, slamming the door of the cabin behind her.

a) Melanie has an uncontrollable urge to protect Aria from the delusions and keeps the cat girl in check.
b) Melanie succumbs to temptation and uses the chance that something is wrong with Aria.
c) Aria is coming down; her visions become milder after being splashed with water and Melanie just figures Aria is messing around.
d) Melanie takes Aria to her group of friends, outside the pool.
e) Aria can’t even speak, she’s dizzy and has to walk/swim like a cat. People just figure she’s become the werecat again.
File: Morning.jpg (1.03 MB, 1780x1498)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
A+D. I can see some great opportunities in Melanie having to physically intervene to keep Aria out of trouble, and bringing Aria further around camp sounds like a fun idea too.
-c -e
lets just have her some fun before becomming sober ;)
inb4 Blood Bond level 2
24 hours, 1 vote less required. Should remember to add that one to the copy-paste above.
A wins; but D was close enough to allow a repetition.

Nah, not really. It's just some ingredients of Medea's potion making an odd effect with Aria's hair (ingredient of the thing). Medea didn't consider it since she was certain Aria was to be the only one to drink the thing. Some wires got crossed; nobody knew how it happened. It just happened.

Heading to the oasis, I had fallen into quicksand somehow. It was very scary.

One moment I was merrily heading in a straight line towards my objective, and the next I had gotten trapped when the ground beneath me melted. I struggled but couldn’t really get out; I called for help, and no help arrived.

It took me a while of flailing and scattering to realize I could move just fine in sand. I tried tasting the sand; it was awful. I stepped over a coconut or something that was sinking under me, I kicked it and propelled myself up for a fair distance, although fell into the sand again. It was okay, the quicksand was no trouble because as long as I kept singing, it wouldn’t swallow me.

The real problem was the dolphin. It had appeared out of nowhere and it kept asking me for directions; he was heading downtown and I just didn’t know what to tell him. “Why do you ask me? Take the bus!” I kept telling him, but he wouldn’t take a hint. I even offered him some spare change for the fare. He was a very strange dolphin, and had a girl name.
It got me thinking… I had never touched a dolphin.


Like magic, just when I was thinking about Aria, she appeared out of nowhere. I hadn’t seen her at first since she had come running with both hands and legs like only she could; faster than I thought anyone should be able to move. She dove face first into the pool. People moved out of the way of the crazed, sprinting werecat just in time.
Aria started freaking out; she was upside down with only her legs coming out of the water, kicking furiously with no progress to turn herself right. People were surprised at first, but a guy snapped out of it and rushed to help Aria worrying she could drown or something.

The guy had barely put a hand on Aria’s legs, and the way he was looking down telling me he was getting a sight, when again; Aria did the unexpected and kicked her would-be savior right on the face. With the kick, Aria turned and aligned the right way; her head emerging. She took a deep breath and coughed.

I was the second to react after the guy who had tried to help Aria; it was no secret to anyone Aria was gay and Jill kept telling us all that guys getting too close to her without Aria’s permission would be sorry. Thinking about that, I hoped I would do better than Steven, or whatever was the name of the guy who grabbed Aria’s leg and saw her vajay-jay. I didn’t remember how I knew, but I thought he was Steven.

There was something wrong with the Aria. She was giggling like an idiot; an actual idiot, like something was wrong with her. Aria allowed me to grab her hands and slowly lead her to the shallow part of the pool while everybody else just stared. Aria was mostly covered by water, and even then boys preferred watching the newcomer than, for example, Andrea’s tits which were just right there if they cared to turn to take a look.
Aria kept mumbling a song. It wasn’t anything I recognized, she was probably making it up. She wouldn’t answer my questions, or anything else. The pool returned to normal slowly; girls kept flaunting and boys kept watching; but many others wanted to get close to Aria to talk to her. I kept turning them away, telling them that she had probably hit her head or something and that she needed peace and quiet to recover. I took Aria to a part of the pool that was both shallow and a tree gave shade to at that time of the morning. I shooed everyone who came close away.

Boys allowed me to push them and obeyed me, staying far. Girls just were scared of Aria and were easy to convince to give us space, and I didn’t blame them.

I noticed Aria was clutching something with her left hand. I had her open it; inside she had an acorn. Turning serious for a moment, she handed me the acorn calling me ‘Maria’; and speaking about quicksand and Mickey Mouse. She had really hit her head. Hard.

I threw the acorn away and Aria went after it. She got the acorn, handed it back to me and I threw it for a second time. After Aria brought it back, I just had to accept that it was better if I kept it.
It may have been too selfish of me to take Aria all for myself; and rejecting people’s help when they offered it. No one I knew was around and Aria was worse than I first thought. My first thought was to take her to the infirmary but couldn’t bring myself to do it. One thing was swimming naked where every other girl was wearing their birthday suit and another was walking into the offices wearing nothing at all with dressed adults all around. There was no way I would do something like that without Jill forcing me to.

When I had decided to take Aria to Natty or Kathy and have them decide what to do with the crazy cat girl, Aria started placing her hands over my head and back; like she was going to hug me or kiss me.

“I’ve never touched a dolphin, Maria…” she said.

a) Melanie lets Aria do as she pleases, things escalate.
b) Melanie figures out Aria is hallucinating and starts planting suggestions in Aria’s mind to control the catgirl’s actions.
c) Melanie takes Aria to her friends, but protects Aria if Kathy starts getting out of hand.
d) Melanie faces her fears and walks Aria to the infirmary.
e) Melanie takes Aria to the showers. Melanie get a new toy for a limited time.
File: Beach.jpg (3.62 MB, 2470x3520)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB JPG
I think I'll go with A. We've got a good crowd, and all Melanie has to do is let Aria take charge and get her rush of embarrassment at everyone seeing what Aria's doing with her.
File: 8p9hih5296x11.jpg (90 KB, 703x994)
90 KB
E, with a little B
E + B
B into e
“Just so you know, I think this time you went too far. This is not okay,” Jill said to Medea.

“Love potions rob people of their will, you can’t go around doing those!” Carmen backed Jill up.

“She just said she didn’t do it on purpose,” I defended Medea. Weren’t the morons listening?

“No, Erika. They are right. My potions always fail and make everything worse. I am of use to no one. I cannot even save my loved ones and instead run away from them when they need me the most. I am despicable; the lowest of the low.”

“Look at what you’ve done!” I yelled to Carmen and Jill. “Medea; they don’t mean it. They’re just too fucking dumb to understand you didn’t have bad intentions.”

Lisa was the one who couldn’t stop hugging Medea and back when we were hearing about the story of Malachite, that helped tons. It was up to me to take that role. It wasn’t as if I didn’t understand Lisa; I would be pissed as fuck if I was her.

“You should have told us all from the beginning,” Jill opened her big mouth. “You told Aria and it went fine; she wouldn’t sell you out. You could have done the rest with all of us. Or don’t you trust us?”

“She didn’t tell Aria! Aria found out on her own!” I reminded the dumbass. “We’re talking about Medea’s life here, okay? If she had let us find it all out on purpose she would have died,” or so I thought. I was burying deep inside me the need to go out yelling and pull my hair off until I was bald and bleeding. Everything I believed was a lie. There were vampires and shit out there and I was about to explode internally. I would have, too; but little Zelda just needed me a hell of a lot more.
“Stop treating her like a baby, Erika,” she responded. Jill could fuck off. If no one was going to take Medea’s side then it was my job. “I’m very, very sorry for her loss; but you can’t stay there and tell me there was no way, absolutely no way she could have revealed the truth to us one way or another. Aria is proof that there are workarounds. We deserved to know. Lisa deserved to know.”

“Yeah, and Medea had to promise Aria a potion that slowed down Medea’s progress by two nights. She was on a time limit, remember?” I started getting angry at Jill. Medea started crying again, this time on my shoulder, unable to speak for herself. Fucking broke me to see her like that.

More than anything, it filled me with guilt. I remembered back when Aria had confessed what she felt for me. I had no way of knowing supernatural shit existed but that didn’t excuse me. I had been a fucking monster, trapping Aria with Medea’s life on her hands. I had to make things right.


Aria kept rubbing me all over. She smiled a lot, giggling and singing. She was stunning.

“Maria…” she kept calling me. “I like dolphin… I also like fish, but not in the same way. Can I hug you?”

It downed on me what could be wrong. Aria was drunk without being drunk; she was saying stuff that made no sense. It wasn’t that Aria had hit her head she was just… high. I had never drugged myself so I didn’t know what Aria could have drank or injected or whatever to be the way she was; maybe acid or cocaine or something. I wouldn’t put it past Dugald to have some and give it to pretty, naked girls who asked.

Aria and I had a corner of the pool all to ourselves. The lifeguard hadn’t even bothered coming; the guys had forgotten about the werecat and the girls were actively avoiding us. Besides, most people didn’t like the shallow part of the pool; all the action was on the deep end.
I guided Aria’s hands, testing. She was happy to touch my skin at random places but more importantly I discovered she did not mind when I placed her hands on the places that counted. The only problem was that Aria didn’t get it; sure, she would rub my pussy for a little while and I would be in Heaven, but then she would move on and start going for my butt, or my stomach or mostly my face. I liked her also doing that, just not as much.

“Maria, I’m hungry. Can I eat your fin?”

“Do you know who you are, do you know where you are?” I tested. It was odd talking to Aria while I had one of her hands tightly secured between my legs so she couldn’t move it, and at the same time I loved it. What if we were found messing around in public? It would be so embarrassing!

“I’m… oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Aria! A-and we’re in… I forgot.”


“We’re on the pool, can’t you see it?” the dolphin told me. My hand had gotten stuck somewhere, and I was trying to get it out without Maria noticing; I didn’t want him laughing at me for being so dumb.

Were we on the pool? Weren’t we on…? No, I looked around. Nothing made sense, we were back on the cabin but everything was pink. I closed my eyes. It smelled like chlorine and water and people and outdoors; I opened my eyes back up. It was the camp pool, Maria was right!

“You’re… you’re right! We’re in the pool! How did you do that?”

Except Maria was not Maria. She was… Aria? But I was Aria! I closed my eyes to make sure. The girl in front of me smelled like Aria. I opened my eyes back up. There was no mistaking it. She was Aria. Who was I, then? Maybe another Aria. Why couldn’t there be two of me?

“Aria, do you see this?” the other Aria asked me. So I WAS Aria. Good to know. She held her hand up.

“N-no, what is it?” did she have something in her hand? I couldn’t tell.
“It’s a cupcake! Grab it and give it a bite,” my alter ego offered.

A cupcake appeared on her hand. What a generous alter ego! I grabbed the cupcake and bit it. It was kind of bland; and didn’t taste like anything at all. Aria was a lousy cook; but that made two of us. I wasn’t going to recriminate her for that. I finished the rest of my cupcake and didn’t feel the least satisfied.

Aria giggled. The other Aria. “Look, Aria! I have a kitty on my hands, pet it,” she ordered. My hand was suddenly unstuck from whatever it was holding it. Aria extended her hands to me. There was indeed, a sleeping, white as snow kitten sleeping in it. I reached forward and sniffed at it. He smelled like pool and like Aria’s hands. It was so confusing.

Not thinking too hard about it, I grabbed the kitty and she behaved – I thought it was a she, but couldn’t know for sure because it smelled like nothing –, petting it while the other Aria laughed at me. Maybe I was not very good at petting. Or maybe Aria had heard a funny joke; it was a happy laugh.

“A-Aria. I’m… ehem. I am your owner, remember? You have to do everything I say!” the other Aria said.

Was she? Maybe she was the real Aria and I was the double, which meant I had to obey the original. Sure, I would obey.

“Oh, okay. So you’re my owner? Feed me, Mistress! I’m hungry!”

She laughed again, very content. “Later! I’ll give you something later. R-right now I need you to follow me, okay? You have to do everything I say, remember?”

I wasn’t dumb. She had just told me so. I got it the first time. The original Aria had me exit the pool, we walked down an empty hallway, which was good because I had lost all my clothes in the quicksand… oh, right! I remembered now! I had been in quicksand. Maybe Mistress had saved me and that’s why I had to obey. Or was that Maria?
After no more than a few days of travel, Aria and I – the other Aria – arrived at a very pretty mansion. Aria had me go inside, inviting me. I thanked her by tipping my hat – I was wearing a hat; noting but, but I did have the hat –. We explored the creepy mansion until we found a subterranean waterfall. It was beautiful!

Aria grabbed my butt and led me towards it, I didn’t resist.

I didn’t resist either when the warm waterfall started raining on me, or when Aria started touching my special places. She was me, so it was okay, wasn’t it?

a) Aria comes about in the middle of whatever Melanie is doing and doesn’t care.
b) After Melanie has some fun, Aria is kidnapped by someone who realized what Aria is going through. Aria gets a new mistress.
c) Melanie plays with Aria until they’re both tired. Melanie then takes Aria to be fed.
d) Melanie has her fun with Aria and then feels guilty, deciding to take Aria to the infirmary.
e) Melanie’s friends drop unexpectedly. Melanie explains the situation and Kathy has a few ideas of what to do with Aria.
File: Shirt.jpg (82 KB, 706x1000)
82 KB
A or C. I'd be fine with Aria waking up like this, but Aria and Melanie going to the cafeteria naked for some food sounds fun as well.
A→C but resisted by Aria→E
A -> D
a/c, -d.
How appropriate.

Artist mixes western and eastern style for the face. Interesting.

“To be fair, Medea met us not two weeks ago. Would you place your life in someone like that?” Carmen jumped to our side, opposing Jill.

“I would!” Jill replied. “Shortly after meeting someone you’ll know that you’ll be friends, and it doesn’t take that long afterwards to know you’ll be friends for life. Besides, Medea could have bound us with the promise stuff to make sure we didn’t get out of line. We’re all witches now, remember? We were all involved whether we wanted it or not.”

“Could have, would have, should have… whatever,” I spat, bored. “Alright, let’s say you’re right for a change and that Medea messed up,” I played Devil’s advocate for a sec. “What does that change? She’s a vampire, not a fucking… timelord or something. She can’t change the past. She says she’s sorry about Lisa; she’s said sorry I don’t know how many times when telling her story until WE, yes, we; had to ask her to stop. What more do you fucking want? For her to pluck her eyes out? Her left arm, maybe? Her head on a pike? Spit it out. What would make this better according to you?”

“It’s… it’s not about that and you know it!” Jill admitted. She was just pissed and venting, I got that; but she had to realize that she wasn’t getting the worst of it all, not by a long shot.

“Then what is it? Do you want he to tell she’s sorry and say she messed up for the hundredth time?” I went on, getting worked up. Even now, between sobs, Medea kept proving me right; saying over and over she was sorry. She was going to make ME cry, and that was though.

Jill for once did the right thing and kept quiet. Not that it counted for anything but I had won.
“Tell you what; we go get Lisa, we got get Aria and fix whatever’s wrong with her. We discuss like fucking adults what we’re going to do now that everything’s out in the open and we move on with our lives. How about it?” I said.


I couldn’t believe my luck. Aria had landed right on my arms; whatever happened to her she seemed alright and I doubted it was permanent. The sentences she spoke got longer and clearer and she seemed to be almost fine. Time was running out, if anything.

I had had trouble admitting it to myself; but having Aria right there, naked, in front of me, following my every order; there was no hiding it. I was totally gay for Aria. So what?
She was not the hottest girl in camp; but that was kind of subjective and we also had some fucking monster tits out there like Natty or Lisa or Andrea. It wasn’t a fair comparison for Aria. If not the prettiest, Aria was up there. She had beautiful, big, blue eyes completely unique to her; the part of the eye that had the color, the iris, on Aria it was huge; leaving the white part of her eye smaller, just like a cat. It made her eyes look so pretty. The black part of her eyes in the middle also shifted shape and that gave Aria points for being exotic.

Not like any girl our age had to deal with wrinkles; but Aria had very supple and smooth skin, like a baby’s. She was pale but not sickly; she had a small mouth both above and below, and a small snub-nose. Her cheeks were kind of thin and I loved her soft and crazy thick hair. If I had to have a girl-crush; I was not sorry it was Aria. I kissed her after we entered the dressing room, that we were alone in. I felt so naughty! Kissing a defenseless girl! Aria didn’t register what was going on, yet.
“This… this is okay, right? You’re gay, anyway,” I asked Aria. Maybe she wasn’t giving me permission but that didn’t make me a bad person. Maybe not like Aria; but I was pretty on my own right; a-and last time I heard Aria didn’t have a girlfriend. She shouldn’t have minded.

I got her to the showers, and chose one of the ones in the corner. I didn’t even know what I was doing, all I knew is that it was my only chance and that I would regret it if I didn’t.


It was odd having the other Aria – or was I the other Aria? – doing things to me. She was me, but not me; she was in front of me, and she was placing her hands on my body. It had to be okay; if anything it was only masturbation because we both were Aria. Up close, I kind of looked different than usual.

The other Aria was very excited. She grabbed my breast and started playing with it. I kind of did not feel it all that much. It got me thinking, I had touched my breasts tons of times; at least every day. I also touched my vagina all the time, both to clean it and to play with it; but I had never kissed myself. Wonder how that would feel?

I smiled to the other Aria and leaned forward, being clear in my intentions. I kissed me, she kissed me, we kissed; however it could be interpreted. My lips were very soft, but my saliva tasted different from usual. It was kind of fun to meet my tongue with the other me and get playful like that. Aria had started using her hand to touch me down there; my hands felt heavy and clumsy, otherwise I would have surely done the same. I was horny and when one was horny it was naturally to touch oneself; and the other Aria was still me, and I wanted to touch her.
At first it was kind of hard to feel Aria’s hand in inside of me but as time went on it changed. I started feeling things more, the world became clearer. I noticed the other Aria didn’t have ears or a tail. So it wasn’t me? Maybe it was the human me, and I was the cat me. She used her hands and mouth to explore my – our – body. It got me purring.

“You are so small down here…” she said about our pussy, kneeling and spreading it open. She touched herself as she admired our little thinguie.
“Kiss it,” I asked. It had been a while since I had licked my own vagina and I remembered to have enjoyed it a lot. The only reason I hadn’t tried it again was because there was always someone to share the moment with.

The other Aria, whose hair had turned into a shadow of light brown, obeyed me. She started giving me little kisses in my most delicate place; every single kiss was better than the last. If felt better, stronger, and also the brunette Aria started becoming more daring.

I looked up and spat some water. The shower got me right on the nose.


Weren’t we on some underground waterfall? N-no… was I? Wasn’t I in the cabin? With the girls? It was… kind of a blur.

I moaned, the other Aria had found one of my weak points! The other Aria? That made absolutely no sense. What was I thinking? What was going on?

Whoever it was down there, she was being relentless and it took me quite a bit of self-control to look down there. Licking my genitals was no other than Melanie; one of Jill’s girls. Since… when? And why?
It didn’t seem to matter. A wave of pleasure washed all over me. Melanie had learned from exploiting the same place on my vaginal walls and made me experience a very nice thing. I didn’t care about the world for around ten seconds.

I fell backwards until I reached on of the walls of the shower, and slid down it, landing on my butt. I was purring and physically feeling very satisfied. Mentally? I was alarmed and worried; confused and more than anything feeling like something was deeply wrong.

“I… what is… M-Melanie… this is going to sound… very weird but… what is going on? How… how did I get here?” I said between pants. I had never been forced to think too hard after having an orgasm.
What was I doing in the showers? Why was Melanie pleasing me? Was I supposed to return the favor?

a) Jill and Lisa just need some time. Jill goes do her own thing, inviting Lisa to make her feel better.
b) Jill apologizes and the group goes search for Lisa, thinking Aria should be fine for now.
c) Jill thinks the fair thing to do is drink a love potion that makes the drinker fall for Lisa (the potion doesn’t necessarily need to have the expected effect, or be drunk by Medea).

Aria and Melanie.

1) Melanie denies everything. Aria, being none the wiser, just knows she’s hungry as all hell. Melanie accompanies her.
2) Melanie reveals the truth and Aria gets mad. Aria guilt trips Melanie into becoming some kind of servant. Melanie doesn’t mind on the slightest. The girls go eat.
3) Melanie reveals the truth. Aria doesn’t mind and returns the favor because that is the right thing to do. Aria decides to go eat and then search for her friends.
File: Maid.png (1.49 MB, 1280x960)
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1.49 MB PNG
B. It *was* an accident so Jill being upset at Medea won't help anything, and Lisa's out there on her own, stewing in her anger. We should reassure her that Medea never meant anything like that to happen and is very sorry about it.

3. Aria doesn't have much of a reason to be upset (Melanie *did* keep her safe while she was hallucinating) and Melanie *is* attractive. Then we can take a quick naked trip to the cafeteria and smoothly reunite with everyone else.
-c 3
I am not too sure if the counting is working correctly here
its just a typo, the text is the winning AC, not the titled AD
yeah realized it after reading
3 Aria in a nutshell
Yeah, sorry. Gotta proofread those, too.
The winning option got written in the end.

She doesn't sweat the small things.

“Erika is right,” Jill said out of nowhere.

We had finished our fight or discussion or whatever it was. I was on my bed, holding the crap out of Medea until she stopped crying; then holding her out of just being used to it. What if I let her go and she went into the world and hurt herself? Weird how a vampire could be so harmless and defenseless.

Carmen was sitting on one of the corners of the same bed, her head against the pillars of bunk, quiet and maybe thinking about stuff. Jill was on her bed above mine, she had also been quiet until now.

“Sorry I got worked up,” Jill said, dropping down. She did a superhero jump; landing with bent knees and an extended hand. “I still think… what I think but I’m not going to fight about it. I said it wrong and at a bad time. It was not my intention to make you feel bad, Medea.”

Medea said nothing back, just nodding her head. Her face was against my chest so it was up to me again to communicate what she did by nodding at Jill. Jill probably saw what Medea did anyway.

“We should check on Lisa, make sure everything’s fine,” Carmen also spoke. Agreed.

“She’ll be at the cafeteria, I bet,” I said, getting up very, very slowly to not startle Medea or break the illusion that I was her mattress and pillow. “She should be starving. I know because I am.”

“If she’s not there, we grab something quick to eat and split to search for her,” Carmen was also hungry, I could see it in her eyes.

“We’re going naked, right?” Jill hoped, always about showing everything around. She wasn’t like Andrea, though; Andrea liked to be the only one naked, Jill wanted everyone to be. Sadly for her, I had clothes and I was planning on using them; and I was going to make Medea use hers as well.
“What choice do we have?” Carmen groaned, hiding an expression of embarrassment and maybe some excitement. I knew the feeling. “How do we carry our phones? I guess can go out… like this, but not having my phone is where I draw the line.”


I didn’t know what to make of Melanie. She obviously didn’t have any ill intention towards me and was repentant of what she had done to me, although I had not minded and if anything I should have been grateful she kept me from being touched by boys and girls I didn’t know. She had also serviced me down there quite nicely and having a girl licking my pussy was about the best thing ever.

The problem with Melanie is that she was behaving oddly. I already knew she had particular tastes from when Jill had me train the girl – in my mind I still kind of owed her for that –, but I had no idea she was also into girls. Not that I minded or was judging; not in the slightest. The thing was, that as Melanie spilled the whole story reeking of a guilty conscience and using and apologetic tone, she kind of looked and spoke about me like she really, really liked me. Kind of the way Lisa treated Medea.

I had blacked out sometime in the cabin, that was the last I remembered. If I had to guess, it was a secondary effect of the thing Medea had given me to drink; I had been hallucinating and while it all felt like a dream, I was sure I could remember most of it after meditating about it and putting things in order. I had somehow landed with Melanie and she had, in her own way, protected me and kept me from doing stupid stuff. All she had asked in return was touching my body, which was perfectly fine.

“Sorry for… taking advantage of you,” Melanie concluded her tale, struggling to make eye contact; not only because of her sentiments, but also because hot water had been raining on her the whole time, from the shower. I had been extraordinarily wasteful with the camp’s water supply as of late.
I had already told her not to worry about it and saw no reason to repeat myself. I kind of had an urge to get a few questions answered. “So… you’re a lesbian, too?” I changed the topic. I was actually interested. Why was everyone in camp coming out of the closet? Or was it the influence of Medea’s circle?

“No! N-no, I’m… I don’t know…” she replied, worried. “I-I like boys. I think. I’ve even… I mean, I still haven’t been… t-the point is I like boys.”

“But…” I guessed.

“Alright, but I like Jill. Just Jill. Not in a lesbian way! S-she just… y-you know. The things she makes me do. They’re… I feel really hot inside,” yeah, Melanie’s fetish. Again, I wasn’t judging. If that’s what got her going then that was her business. “A-and you, I guess.”

“Just for that one time I ‘trained’ you?” I ventured to ask, kind of doubting that was the whole story.

“I don’t know!” she stressed, being honest. “I just… I guess you’re really pretty and… kind of my type. I’m not in love or anything! It’s… you came out of nowhere, naked,” yeah; I was actually glad to not have been entirely conscious during the process. Even if everyone else was, going skinny dipping in public and in broad daylight was still something I had no intention on partaking unless we were all girls.

I cut Melanie’s sentence short, seeing that she herself was struggling to express whatever was going through her head. So, she thought I was attractive enough to fuck. That was okay, better than okay. “A-Aria!” she exclaimed after I had placed my hand on her girlhood. I felt daring.

“Do you mind if I return the favor? It’s not fair if only I got off,” I reasoned, positioning Melanie to be sat down on the floor with legs spread with no resistance. I started purring and my face arrived closely to Melanie’s cute pussy.
File: 23_Himiko_Jane_Bosna.jpg (129 KB, 850x1200)
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129 KB JPG
Even with the water and steam, because of her patch of black curly pubes that didn’t match her head for some reason, I could clearly smell Melanie’s own brand of aroma. While most of it had been washed away, there was also a hinge of her honey; and maybe I was getting a bad habit, but I liked to keep with me the scent of all the girls I had encounters with by smelling down there when they were excited.

“Y-you don’t have to ask!” Melanie fretted, moving invitingly. “I… I owe you this much and then some.”

I gave a lick to Melanie’s pussy. It still tasted mostly like chlorine and the water coming out of the shower. I had to change that. She shivered. “You don’t owe me anything,” I gave another lick. “If you don’t want me to do it, j-just say it!” although I would have hated to stop and was only paying lip service because I knew Melanie wouldn’t reject me. I gave another lick.

“No! It’s fine, please go on!” Melanie begged like I had threatened.

“D-don’t mind me! P-passing through…!”

The door to our shower was still wide open. For all my werecat superpowers I was unable to close the crappy locks, and so was Melanie. A girl saw us. It was Jane, Baseball Bat’s friend. She avoided eye contact and just went on her merry way. Melanie and I both giggled, embarrassed of being found out but at the same time kind of glad we had been.

I kept to my work. There was no way I was backing down now; not if people appeared to record us.

a) Aria meets Erika’s group at the cafeteria. Lisa is nowhere to be seen.
b) The whole coven reunites at the cafeteria.
c) Aria beats Erika at the cafeteria and finds Lisa.
d) Aria takes too long playing with Melanie and misses Erika and Lisa; who have their reunion without Aria.
e) For some weird coincidence, all girls go to have breakfast without meeting each other.
File: Umbrella.jpg (173 KB, 699x1000)
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C, I think talking with Aria will help calm Lisa down a little for when Erika and co. get there.
C -> B

Sunday so 5 votes do the trick. Have to remember to add that one too to the copy-paste.

“Alright, before we head anywhere, this place is a mess,” Carmen said. She was not wrong. “Beds are unmade, there’s mud everywhere that we dragged in last night. And don’t get me started about what we’ve done to the sink. How about we tidy up? I don’t like living like this but also don’t want to have to do it all alone. Can you lend me a hand? We’ll be done in a flash if we all help.”

She had a point.


There was no helping it that eating out Melanie in the shower would make it so I drank a fair amount of the water. I didn’t have complete confidence than the water the camp was to offer was safe to drink, at least not for regular people. Just from a whiff, I could easily tell even the water from the puddles would do me no harm, I had no concern there. The problem is that Melanie’s taste got somewhat adulterated.

I soon found out Melanie still had her hymen intact, just like me. It was kind of a shame, since it meant I couldn’t use all of my tricks on her; not that Melanie should have a hell of a lot to complain about. I had been told by different people that my mouth technique was just fine. I had great teachers.

Not being familiarized with how everything worked inside Melanie, I could not find a sweet spot to exploit like I could do with others; which bothered me. Jane, that Asian girl with the tall forehead who had found us in the middle of it, was also not just ‘passing through’ as she had put it. My ears worked just fine and I could clearly hear her dissing me to someone she was talking to; criticizing what I was doing.
Not wanting to take too long for the situation to get worse, but also adamant to finish Melanie up, I went for the sure thing and using my fingers wake up Melanie’s little pink button on the upper part of her vaginal opening; playing with it a little got the small, pink bean all ready for action, and I started to lick it and use suction on it. Melanie loved it.

She was very surprised of the treatment she was getting and I was kind of sad for her. I had zero experience coming to camp, but soon found expert lovers. Melanie in all her life had not been properly pleasured by a mouth. With her clitoris inside my mouth and my tongue constantly picking at it while my cheeks controlled the air intake so I could try different pressures on Melanie’s most sensitive spot, it was not a challenge to make her orgasm.

I hadn’t even missed out myself. I needed both hands to spread Melanie’s pussy open so I could lick anything I wanted, but I had my tail rubbing me down there so I didn’t have to endure through it; it was a handy tool to have.

Melanie was a lot louder than I would have liked; and there I was trying to not make a scene. Not being able to judge all that well how loud noises were or were not to human ears, all I knew was that I had been made self-conscious by Melanie’s obvious love cries and that we had to leave.

“W-where are you going?” Melanie asked me, watching me stand up with care so I didn’t slip.

“I haven’t had breakfast,” I reiterated. I had a strong suspicion I had already told Melanie that I was hungry, maybe back when I was having hallucinations.

“Yes you have,” Melanie inconsiderately joked, making me blush. That did not even deserve an answer. I walked out of the changing room, but Melanie soon caught up to me. “Wait! Can I come with?” she petitioned, and I couldn’t think a reason why she couldn’t.

File: 36_Sue_Thornsberry.jpg (60 KB, 363x658)
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For the second time I had run out of the cabin first thing in the morning, naked. Why did it keep happening to me? I knew Medea was going through a though time, but I couldn’t face her right now.

All that had happened back when I wasn’t really me… and more importantly, my feelings. Where they a lie? What I felt for Medea didn’t feel like a trick. I only had to look into myself and ask for an honest answer to my heart and it would tell me that it couldn’t be true. Whatever I felt for Medea, the emotion felt mine; completely mine.

Because of all of Jill’s dumb games, I wasn’t the only one having a hard time covering. I knew that I had to get away from the cabin, but with no clothes, I had nowhere to go, or so I thought at first.

I saw groups of three or four girls going in and out of the area. The most conservative amount of clothing were bath towels secured tightly to their bodies. Improvised clothing was not rare, and even if complete nudity was kind of rare, every now and then you saw a girl wearing nothing at all and baring it all… or almost all. For example, I saw Ruth and Sue walking together with some friends, both were naked. Sue was covering with her hands, she had already given up on hiding her tits and had focused all efforts on hiding her front while everything other was hanging outside. Ruth was doing the same thing, just ‘wearing’ a small piece of cardboard held by a string; also only covering her pussy and nothing else.

I had also seen Aria leaving the cabins naked but I wasn’t sure that one counted. She was covering nothing at all and came out running in all fours like a crazed cat running away from a dog or something. She hadn’t even looked at my direction. I was hiding behind Tonya’s cabin, but not all that well; surely not enough for Aria not to find me if she even tried to. She was going the fastest I had ever seen her go; which was fucking unbelievable how fast she could go.
File: 35_Ruth_Gamble.jpg (113 KB, 850x1167)
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I couldn’t stay hidden forever; I was hungry but at the same time there was no going back.

One thing was doing it as a dare, or when it was nighttime, or we were partying and I was already wasted, but doing it in broad daylight, it felt really wrong. Yes, most girls I had seen around were at best skimpy, indecent if not, but they were accompanied. It was just so much easier to be naked with friends than without.

No choice and no use crying over spilled milk. Covering my front just as I had seen Sue do it, I waited until I could not see people around and made a run for the cafeteria. I wasn’t feeling great, so couldn’t make it all the way running. I had to stop at one point and I was left naked and sweaty. Even from afar I could see all that was going on inside the mess hall.

The men were going crazy, but not as much as I had seen them other days. Girls showing their stuff was the new norm. Out of maybe fifteen or so at the cafeteria by the time I made it, at least half had their tits uncovered. A girl could count herself lucky if she managed to keep a set of underwear and wear it after what Jill had done yesterday.

I looked around for Rodrigo but I couldn’t find the fucker. It was his fucking duty to make sure his girlfriend didn’t get checked out by around ten loud assholes. I got wolf-whistled, stared at, and I thought this one guy, his name was George or something maybe, was about to slap my ass when I walked past his seat.

All I could do was grab a tray and get in line, not wanting to speak to anyone even if I knew plenty of the girls around, and knowing that, at one point I would need to use the tray to hold my food, which would leave my downstairs uncovered.

File: 47_Tonya_Cauble.jpg (108 KB, 600x800)
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108 KB JPG
I would not have dared to make it all the way to the dining area if not by the shortcut through the forest. It was just so unnerving to go around naked when it wasn’t even dark. Melanie also kind of got in the way since out of consideration for her I couldn’t travel by jumping from three to three.

Melanie was very interested in me, she asked me all sorts of questions during the way and most of them were not even about me being the werecat. She just wanted to know about me. I asked some questions in turn, but mostly out of politeness rather than interest, not actually listening to the answers of the short brunette – counting the ears, which definitely counted, I was taller than her.

“No bullshit then, you’re… really eighteen? For real, eighteen?” Melanie kept beating that freaking dead horse. Next people who asked me was getting scratched. Except Erika, she had a pass.
“Yes! For real eighteen! I was born in nineteen ninety-eight!” I growled, not bothering to hide she was starting to annoy me. “Oh, we made it.”

The cafeteria was heavily populated. It looked like thirty people were in there; I thought that because it was at least eleven in the morning we would find it emptier but no such luck. Everyone was having breakfast late.
“W-we’re not the only naked ones here…” Melanie failed to encourage me, reading in my pale face what was going through my mind. “A-and your friend is here!” she pointed out.

“Huh? Oh! It’s Lisa!” I had been so worried with trying to decide whether I should go back into the forest and just hunt for my next meal that I hadn’t noticed the beautiful blonde sitting all by herself. “Damn it…” the choice was out of my hands. I couldn’t leave Lisa alone. I took a deep breath and walked up, covering my front with my tail and my breasts with my hands.

a) Aria thinks about it and uses Melanie as cover.
b) Aria has Melanie cause a distraction so she draws attention away.
c) Aria calls Arthur to help cheer Lisa up.
d) Aria freezes out of embarrassment and reverts to being the werecat to hide her shame.
e) Aria has Melanie fetch Lisa. This way, Lisa might meet the rest of the coven when they make their way.
File: Bikini.jpg (1.04 MB, 1419x2125)
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1.04 MB JPG
A, I'm sure Melanie won't mind.
Barely finished it before midnight. This part still needs just 5 votes.

I gave a couple of steps forward, forcing myself to go ahead, yelling inside my head Lisa needed me. I ran back, containing the urge to meow in shame, hiding again behind the tree. Walking into a place with exactly nine boys plus the guy serving the food was too much for me. If I forced myself, I would just get paralyzed and maybe even faint.

“It’s okay if you’re having trouble at first,” Melanie advised me condescendingly. “It’s all about pushing your limits! Being more daring than yesterday! You should ask Jill to train you. M-maybe, you could ask her to train us both at the same time. I would if she listened to me. She has a soft spot for you and I can see why.”

“Don’t tell me you think you could be able to just waltz naked into the dining area without even covering with that many people!” I remarked, doubtful.

“It wouldn’t be easy, but I would do it. If I had a reason to,” she admitted, and I had no reason to doubt her statement. “If… if you need, training wheels I guess we could call them, we could go and get some leaves to cover the essentials. A-and after you get used to it we could remove them little by little; make a game out of it.”

Jill was an awful influence on Melanie. I remembered how embarrassed she was of being nude when she first found Erika and me in the middle of… stuff – on my very first time! –; and now, she was all grown-up and ready to go out in the world… naked.

“Y-yeah… maybe I do need training wheels,” I conceded, pondering about a possibility that could leave all parties satisfied. “Say, Melanie. Back on the pool you made me into your slave, kind of. You said you were my mistress, remember?”

“And I’m sorry about that,” Melanie defended herself but very poorly; she made a sign of submission like she was ready to accept a punishment for it, just like I wanted her to.
“Can I be your mistress while we eat? Just while we eat,” I proposed. I knew Melanie would have absolutely no trouble complying.

“Sure, I guess I owe you that much,” Melanie nonchalantly tried to conceal her excitement. Melanie was very odd; she was not too courageous to being with, but when given orders she flourished as how shameless she could get. I had seen how far Jill could make the girl go in more than one occasion. “You’re in charge, then.”

There was nothing to even feel guilty about. Melanie did not mind the treatment. I ordered her to let me go behind her, using her body to cover me. I pressed my chest against Melanie’s back and my intimates against her butt. I ran my tail between both our legs and took care of covering Melanie, although just barely; just her slit; my tail was not wide enough to cover all of her pubic hair. The tail also kind of hid away my butt-crack, and I aided that with my hands and Melanie’s on top of it all; covering almost my whole behind.

I would be the first to admit we looked beyond ridiculous and as we got close to the cafeteria I thought that maybe we would have drawn less attention just each covering our own stuff. Fact remained that with all the cover I was at most just partially nude and that helped my mental sanity a fair amount. I directed Melanie towards Lisa, who saw us arrive and head to her table long before we did; not a surprise since the whole cafeteria did. Melanie and I both went completely red on the face. “Left, right, left, right, left, right…” I coordinated.

“Is… this some game?” Lisa wondered as we made it to her side of the table. I was glad we had almost made her laugh out loud.

“Yes”, “No,” Melanie and I both answered at the same time. Melanie, with her subservient nature, revised her argument. “I mean no, it’s not a game,” she said.
I sat to Lisa’s left, tolerating the laughter of the people who had saw me walk with Melanie as cover. Lisa was also au natural, wearing not even shoes; although she had obtained a pin somehow; and had fashioned her hair into her usual ponytail. She wasn’t covering either, just letting the table take care of the most important stuff as she ate a hamburger. It smelled delicious.

While sitting the bench covered me below so long as no one decided to duck; I covered my chest with crossed arms, something most girls didn’t bother doing. I could see very pretty boobs all around.

“Melanie… can you get me something to eat?” I requested as kindly as I could, not wanting to actually stand myself and get into a queue on my birthday suit or maybe even worse, using Melanie as that ridiculous cover. I took a whiff to find out about the menu. “Bring me scrambled eggs and milk if they have some. All the milk they let you take,” I requested.

“Y-yes, Aria!” Melanie obeyed, turning around and enjoying her shame of needing both hands to hold her metal tray to go get me food.

“What’s that all about? You got a new servant, now?” Lisa casually inquired, signaling at Melanie. Lisa looked depressed, but she was by leaps and bounds much better than the last time I had found her all alone at one of the tables of the outside, right after she had snapped out of Medea’s potion… or at least some of it.

“Long story,” I summarized. If I brought up how maybe the potion Mede had given me had backfired on me, I had the feeling Lisa would find it an invitation to deride Medea and I didn’t want that. “More important than that…”

“I know you’re trying to help, but I’m going to stop you right there,” Lisa interrupted me. “For the record, your hands were tied with the promise stuff. I don’t blame you for anything.”

“Medea didn’t do it on purpose…” I kept trying regardless, ignoring Lisa’s petition.
“You think I don’t know that? It would be almost better if she did, you know? That would mean… she WANTED me. The way it all is… Aria, I don’t know. Like, my love is an accident? And yeah, I call it love. Let’s lay it all out in the open, what the fuck is there to lose,” she said, but still looked away, bashful.

“So what are you going to do? You can’t stay mad at her forever,” I kept pressing. I had no choice. I would be too busy when Melanie made it back with my breakfast.

“I know! A-and she’s lost her cat and she kinds of needs us right now. But still… Aria, it’s a fucking love potion. What would you do? M-my feelings. They got manipulated. They’re not mine but they feel real. What am I supposed to do about it? Aria, I’m so lost!”

“Do you… hate loving Medea?” I approached the topic carefully.

Lisa saw me eying her half-eaten hamburger. I looked away but it was too late. She opened it and offered me what remained of the meat. I rejected it and Lisa in turn force fed it to me as she spoke:

“It’s not that! I do like Medea. I think I do. Or is that the potion, too? This sucks… I don’t know. I just don’t know. Ow! You nearly bit my finger off, you savage!”

“All I know is that I can’t face Medea, not now; not for a while. I need to think about this one. A-and I know you wouldn’t understand but I need some dick. Bad. It may sound dumb but I kind of want to make sure that I’m still… straight, I guess. I mean, I look at you and I think ‘hey, this girl’s hot. I wouldn’t mind fucking her’, but I don’t know if that’s just me getting used to other girl’s bodies or if Medea’s potion making me fall in love with a female really made me into a dyke. No offense.”

“None taken,” if anything, she had paid me a compliment.

a) Erika and company get too caught up in other affairs. It’s fine since Aria negotiates and fixes the situation on her own.
b) Aria smells the group coming and warns Lisa. Lisa asked to be hidden and Aria takes her into the forest behind the cafeteria.
c) The rest of the coven make its appearance and whether Lisa is ready or not, it’s time she and Medea sit and have a talk.
d) Rodrigo got a text that his girl was sitting naked in public. He comes pick Lisa up and cheers her up in his own way. Aria does not intrude and informs the coven that Lisa just needs some time.
e) Aria and Lisa get caught up humiliating a willing Melanie.

//Not before midnight CTD time, sadly. My clock is 2 minutes slow for whatever reason.
-C -E
B aria loosens up Lisa with her tail instead
File: Selfie.png (678 KB, 994x1025)
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678 KB PNG
E+D. Lisa gets what she needs right now (her boyfriend to show up), and in the meantime Aria and Lisa can have some lighthearted fun together enabling Melanie's fetish.
sounds nice
Just -C then
Even thought it was technically posted 'Monday'; I did state 5 votes were enough.

“What’s the deal with Melanie? I’m very curious, come on; tell me about it,” Lisa requested.

She was being transparent in her intentions; she just wanted to change the topic. I had the intention to keep pressing the issue but changed my mind. I had for the most part gotten the answer I wanted.

“Do you recognize her? She’s one of Jill’s girls,” I stated. I was not even sure Lisa knew the name of the girl before I spoke it aloud.

“Yeah, I’ve seen her around. Why is she following you and doing what you want? Did Jill put you in charge of her or something?” Lisa wondered, breathing a sigh of relief; she truly wanted to not discuss about Medea. Maybe I should give her some space?

“No, not really. She’s… how should I put it? She’s got this thing, this… kink.”

“Say no more,” Lisa cut me up. She wasn’t being rude, Lisa had just saved me an awkward explanation by figuring out the rest.

“Let’s say she’s not that sorry Jill stole all of our clothes… or that I sent her to get me something to eat,” I added, expecting that was enough to give a definitive answer to what Lisa already suspected.

It was at that time that Melanie decided to bring a tray with her own breakfast and mine and thus I could not speak about witch stuff with Lisa anymore. I mulched up greedily on the scrambled eggs. Lisa glanced at me disapprovingly, doing a “tsk, tsk” with her tongue. I was eating directly from the plate with my mouth. My arms were way too busy covering my breasts but I was still ravenous so it couldn’t be helped. At least I tried to be discreet when I thought people were turning my way, and some did caught me on the act.

If I had to be embarrassed for my lack of table manners, I would rather it be the case than being embarrassed because my tits were showing.

Needless to say, I finished very quick.
“At last chew before you swallow…” Lisa criticized.

“I ah chewin’; how dew you?” I answered with a full mouth.

“Do you want me to go get you some more?” Melanie asked me obligingly. I must have looking like I had been genuinely starving.

“Oh! I wanted some OJ but they had run out. They brought some more after I had already sat down. Can you get me a glass?” Lisa requested with a very polite tone. “If you’re going there anyway,” she was taking it as a fact that I would ask for more. I wasn’t. The three boxes of milk and I would be done.

“I’m fine, thank you,” I announced after furiously chewing on my food so I could pass it quickly since Melanie was waiting for me to speak.

“So just the OJ? Anything else?” Melanie had already decided that she would get in the queue. Maybe she felt her ass was too out of view when it was put against the plywood seats.

“Why don’t you become a maid?” the thought occurred to me.

“Excuse me?” Melanie didn’t get it. It was necessary for me to elaborate.

“A maid. You want to be in the queue to show your stuff, right?” I disclosed. I wasn’t kink-shaming the girl. We all were into different stuff.

“I’m… no! I’m just doing your friend a favor!” Melanie indignantly replied, blushing. “I’m… it’s not about showing off!”

“Okay, I get it,” I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, could you take the orders from different tables, since I’m your mistress and all? Behave like a servant and be polite. Bow a lot. Get very close to the ‘clients’.”

“Like a waitress?” Lisa guessed correctly.

Melanie would have fun doing it and I would get some alone time with Lisa so we could discuss that was just indirectly connected to Medea and Lisa should be fine to talk about.
“Uh… why?” Melanie played hard to get. Or was she even pretending? There was no way she could fine the idea abhorrent.
“Because that’s what I told you to do,” I tried not sounding too harsh; to convey that I was using my powers as the ‘mistress’; but Melanie actually had a choice in the matter and could reject me if she really wanted to. “And uh… I guess you’ll save a lot of people some trouble. Oh! And if you don’t do it I’ll…” I struggled finishing up the sentence, all I remembered was that Jill usually added a consequence for disobedience.

“You’ll have to grab a cucumber and fit it all the way inside. Play with yourself with it,” Lisa helped me finish, catching up to the situation and finding it amusing in a perverse way.

“She’s a virgin,” I whispered, covering my mouth so my lips couldn’t be read.

“Oh, the butt works, too. Your choice, really,” Lisa did not change her original idea. “You can use a smaller cucumber.”

“But… why? What is this training for? What are we doing here?” Melanie kept insisting. Damn the girl! I was enabling her! Why was she acting like she didn’t want to do it.

“Y-you… you were very slow at taking my order! I was waiting forever!” I lied, not that anyone could not tell. “This… this ought to make you better at serving and stuff.”
“Jill said Aria was second in command in the Panty Raiders, alright? Just be a good girl and obey,” Lisa threatened.

a) Aria doesn’t have the touch to order Melanie around. Lisa makes good on her threat, though. A cucumber up Melanie it is.
b) Aria tries being more assertive and convinces Melanie to be the cafeteria’s maid. Melanie gets her butt pinched a lot.
c) Aria sees a certain nymphomaniac around. Aria gives Melanie to another crew. While Aria talks serious stuff with Lisa, we’ll go inside Melanie’s head.
d) Melanie doesn’t obey and Lisa doesn’t feel like enforcing her cucumber idea. Aria has to spank her servant.
e) Aria tries being sweet instead of demanding and Melanie melts. For the promise of a reward, Melanie will do a hell of a lot.
f) Before Aria can get to do anything else, she’s approached by people Aria owes plenty to.
Lot of good options here

File: Pose.png (1.07 MB, 1335x3686)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
E, I agree. The point of this is to make Melanie happy in her own way, so if we can't do it like Jill we'll just have to do it our own way.
E, aria just lacks a certain amount of sth. to be taken serious as a demanding mistress, so better work around it

A, dont mess with angry (/ sad) blondes xD
((btw, pretty sure Delanie isn't around somewhere near watching? sure, wrong timing, wrong mood but seeing lisa like that would ptobably be a hard trigger))
“Say, Melanie. How come you helped me cover on our way to the table? That was hard, too. You used your hands to help cover my butt while you were exposed,” I walked back my attitude. It was never my meaning to get into a fight with Melanie or make her bend to my will unconditionally.

I did non-verbal signs of appeasing to Lisa to signal I would handle the situation. Putting a cucumber inside Melanie for no reason would be senseless abuse. And a waste of food – I hoped.

“I was paying you back, right? For all the… for what happened at the pool and stuff. I said I would,” I did remember Melanie stating something along those lines. “But I’m not a toy or anything, right? If you tell me to dance like a monkey I’m not going to do so because you told me to.”

I was not sure I quite understood the inner workings of Melanie’s mind. Whatever it was the case, she didn’t not respond well – to me – when given strict and direct orders and yet did not mind to partake in exchanges. It was also a nice opportunity to once and for all settle the conversation I had with Melanie on the shower, just make sure it was not my imagination.

“Are you sure you didn’t do it just to touch my butt?” I joked teasingly.

“No, you moron! Of course not!” Melanie responded, offended… and something else. I turned to look at Lisa, who gave me a look and a little smile of complicity. Then it wasn’t just me? Lisa thought so, too?
“Because you only had to ask,” I felt the need to add to mess with Melanie further. “Oh, but stay away from the tail, please,” that had to be said.

“Whatever. So, a glass of orange juice for Lisa. Are you sure you don’t want anything else, Aria?” Melanie avoided the conversation, coyly.

“Wait!” I called Melanie, who was standing up and reading herself to fulfill Lisa’s request.

“Yes? Changed your mind?”
“Sorry about the whole maid thing, okay? Forget the whole thing,” I mediated and calibrated Melanie’s responses in both her facial expression and intonations.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I just thought it was weird, that’s all,” she did not seem mad at all.

“Yeah… sorry. It was just a dumb game. It’s okay if you don’t want to play,” I highlighted, not struggling at all to express disappointment, since I truly felt it. Just to be sure, I sat on my traitorous tail.
“Why are you even asking her? She’s not the kind who likes these kinds of things. I’ll play with you later,” Lisa insinuated, catching up to the situation with haste.

I still did my best to discreetly kick Lisa’s shin the shin under the table to make her shut up. What she said was fine but I had my own plan. Regardless, I was glad Lisa was recovered enough from Medea’s discussion to have a playful and mischievous behavior.

Melanie sat back again. “It’s not that I don’t like games! You know that!” she was defensive. “You’ve seen me play with Jill… and you’ve seen how extreme those can get.”

“Then what is it? You don’t like playing games with me? Just with Jill?” I probed. It was time to know for sure if Melanie was really…

“Don’t be silly, of course it’s not about you!” she demurred. She was about to explain her point further but I intervened.

“It would not have been one-sided! You do… something fun for me a-and then I do something fun for you,” I bribed her.
I had absolute confirmation in her eyes. Melanie felt something for me. Why and how I did not know, but I sensed the same reaction that I had gotten from Elmira, it was not my first rodeo, so to speak. I was in the position of power and could ask what I wanted from the cute brunette in front of me; it was an intoxicating feeling. As for what she would ask in return? Nothing I wouldn’t feely give anyway if I was in the mood; and I would get to talk alone with Lisa which was the important thing.

Melanie did not try to excuse her sudden change of heart, or acknowledged that she had rejected my earlier proposal. “So a maid for the cafeteria, right? That’s all I have to do? Be a maid, and you said to bow a lot. I can do that.”

“Then it will be your turn and you can do aaaaall you want with this pretty, little cat-lady right here,” Lisa giggled pinching my cheeks, making me slap her hand away and shake my head in discomfort.

I licked the back of my hand and started applying spit to my abused cheek while eying Lisa with disdain.


A game? Was that The Game? The Game Aria and her friends played all nights and the thing that had Jill all worked up and crazy? Was Aria inviting me?

And Aria said that if I listened to her it would be my turn and then I could ask anything I wanted of her. It sounded too good to be true. Yes, being a nude maid for boys and girls equally sounded at first like an awful idea… but maybe I could learn to like it. The payoff was crazy; I didn’t even know what I would Aria next. It had me all tingly and anxious to think about it.
All I knew was that I was definitely going to take part in it. And to think that I almost dumbly said ‘no’ to it…

Lisa first made me get some paper towels and wrinkled them to make some sort of French maid hat and a very dumb-looking apron also made out of paper. It covered my vajay-jay, just barely. So much as a bow or a movement to the side was dangerous.

I had entered the cafeteria wearing nothing at all and because of Aria everyone had looked our way; but now I had to actually get close to people and talk to them. It was different and a lot harder.

My first order was bringing Lisa’s juice. I grabbed a tray and with mannerisms that Aria told me I should use if I wanted my reward, I walked to the counter with all of the food feeling silly. I got Lisa’s glass and bowed all proper. Then is when it started. While Aria talked in whispers to Lisa, I had to go around the cafeteria leaving nothing to the imagination.

It was kind of… exciting.

a) Melanie gets groped a lot. Focus in her interaction with males.
b) Melanie gets talked down and laughed at a lot (not that she really minds). Focus on interaction with females.
c) A certain nymphomaniac in the cafeteria makes Melanie’s experience harder than it needs to be. Drinking straw goes where?
d) In the middle of Melanie’s experience Jill (and others) arrive to the cafeteria. Jill shows Aria how it’s done.
e) Lisa spots a certain Yandere and has to flee the scene. Aria is stuck trying to entertain Lisa’s pursuer.
f) Melanie wants to be a waitress? Alright. The fat lady cook has some actual work to offer, then.
File: Armor.jpg (657 KB, 1050x1500)
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657 KB JPG
A or F, I think. I think Lisa should leave the cafeteria before Jill and co. show up so that Aria can tell them she just needs time (and it's best if Lisa can meet up with her boyfriend too, but that doesn't have to be here), but I think Delanie spooking her off isn't the right way to go about it.

In the meantime, both A and F sound like good times to me.
-A -B -D
Yep a and f
A, but options for F.
The beginning was always the hardest part.

I doubted, like I always did. I was in the middle of the cafeteria. I might not have been the only one with no clothes at all, but I was the only one out in the open, standing, and ‘wearing’ ridiculous stuff. The familiar fear of what I was about to do followed by that little voice that told me ‘this is a bad idea, back down’, started sounding inside my head.

The thought to give it up was stronger than ever. On other times, I always had the excuse that Jill would only make it worse for me if I didn’t obey. This time, I would get instead something out of Aria and there was no negative results. It was a first for me to have that choice.

Or was it really a first? I had gotten weird looks at the pool and inside the dressing room after I dragged Aria when she was still drugged up or drunk or whatever. I hadn’t cared, because I knew what followed; the reward was so much greater I could ignore whatever people thought. Was it the same thing? Maybe.

I walked casually to the nearest table, not wanting to get too far from Aria or Lisa. I would start slow, like a casual conversation. If I didn’t feel like it, I wouldn’t be the maid. That was my compromise.
“E-excuse me!” I called, I had not made up my mind but I did it anyway.

Three boys were sitting on the same bench. They all turned to look at me. They only reason they weren’t were because they had been checking out Lisa’s rack. I wasn’t even offended, it was a very nice rack.

At this point, I had a crumpled paper towel on my head and another one on the lower part of my body barely secured. I had a tray on my hands which I held professionally. They didn’t hurry me to speak, as the sight I was giving them must have been nice enough for them to want anything else from me. I could have keep standing there, red on the face and frozen solid; but as always I found that hidden strength coming out of nowhere to keep going.
“I w-will be your waitress today!” I smiled as I had to. “M-may I take your order?”

“Oh, cool. So you’re part of the staff? Weren’t you a camper? I think I’ve seen you hanging around Jill.”

“I remember her! She’s… the one in the video!”

“The one with Jill messing around with another chick! You’re right! It’s her!”

They spoke of me like I wasn’t there, like it wasn’t a big deal I was nude, or serving them.

“S-so, may I take your order?” I had to repeat.

“Sure. I need boner-assistance! Lift that dumb towel and show us your pussy. It’s on video anyway,” one of them said. There was something about his rudeness that made me sad.

“Come on, Buck. Have some goddamn class. This is a lady you’re talking to,” one of his friends said. He wasn’t taking my side. It was all a big joke for them.

“Are you dissing on my swag? I’m just getting my game on! The wild Buck is loose!” the rude guy exclaimed, beating his chest. I was standing naked in public and even I felt embarrassed for him.

“Yeah, so I’ll have a bowl of cereal, no milk. I don’t care about the brand; surprise me,” the one who had not spoken yet took the first order.
“Oh, y-yes!” I reacted.
“So the waitress thing isn’t for shits and giggles?” the guy who had talked to cringey Buck realized. “Get me some coffee. Black but grab me as many sugar packages as they let you.”

“I’m full, babe. All I need is you,” Buck said with what I figured he thought it was ‘swag’. He also reached with his hand to my bottom.

I was too busy writing down the order on a paper napking; well, pretending to write, I didn’t have a pen but those were my instructions; to do anything about it. Buck grabbed my butt and squeezed, hard.

“I’m… I’m not on the menu, sir!” I said, feeling dumb the moment I finished saying it.

“Maybe you should be.”
I tried hurrying away but all I got for my trouble was a sonorous spank. I wasn’t even sure who was it that did it. The sad part was that I had to play my part. I got a bowl of off-brand cereal and poured a cup of coffee then headed back.

“H-here you go! Enjoy!” I wasn’t sure of what waitresses were supposed to say. I didn’t go out to eat much.

“Corn Flakes with nothing on? Really? What do you think this is going to taste like? I don’t even want it.”

“Hey! Where’s the sugar for the coffee? I asked you for as much as you could bring.”

They didn’t even thank me, but the client was always right. Not that they were paying me. “I’m… I’m really sorry. It’s my first day…” it was a good excuse, and true.

“Show us your pussy and we’ll call it even,” the cringey Buck was at it again. The different was that this time his friends nodded and looked at me like I owed them money.

“Yeah, a good show for lousy service. Fair is fair.”

My first urge was to run away once more. Aria’s table was right behind me, and maybe it was my imagination but I felt her stare on my back. Were waitresses who messed up supposed to obey something like that? I guessed I was the kind who had to. I raised the small paper towel very barely covering my vajay-jay. They should have been able to see it when I walked away or moved but taking an active role in showing it to them was way, way worse. I was shaking.

“The curtains don’t match the drapes,” the guy I got the coffee to said. “Which one did you dye?”
“The head, moron. Who paints their pubes black? Shit… and she looked like a real brunette…”

“I-I I am natural! It’s… it’s real! I don’t know why it grows like that!” I didn’t like discussing my private parts with guys, but my hands felt numb and I couldn’t move them; or maybe I didn’t want to. I kept showing it all and getting judged.

They stared at it for good five seconds or so.

“Pluck a hair from both places. We’ll know for sure, then,” a horrible suggestion came up.

a) The guys complain about the service. The fat lady, not sure if Melanie is of the staff or not, reprimands the new waitress for her attire and given an ironic punishment.
b) The fat lady head of the cafeteria decides to requests Melanie’s help, making her work had and visit all tables.
c) The guys keep messing with Melanie and she goes along with it.
d) Lisa and Aria already left. It’s a while before Melanie, now serving the female side, notices.
e) Aria forwards some of the ‘payment’ to Melanie, who gets happy enough to become more extreme.
File: Mermaid.png (636 KB, 849x1200)
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636 KB PNG
A, it sounds entertaining to watch and I'm interested in what the ironic punishment would be.
D, but at least let then have the decency to say "goodby" (E)
also kinda curious how A plays out
File: 28_Felicia_Delaria.jpg (167 KB, 850x1303)
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167 KB JPG
Okay, shit's getting crazy. I'm busy as fuck and finding time to sleep is hard enough. I'm going to have to have to leave Camp of Dares for a few days, sadly. There will be not enough time to write it until at least Saturday night or most likely Sunday morning. Sorry, I know the story's been slow as of late on top of it all.

Great idea. Would have supported it with just one more vote for E. It's okay, Melanie will get her break.

I wasn’t that desperate to prove them wrong. Their stares into my privates intimidated me and embarrassed me; I kind of liked that and at the same time I hated it. I had no idea why, but that contradictory feeling, the duality of it; it did something for me that nothing else on my life had been close to, until I discovered it all in this summer camp. As humiliating and crazy as it could be, if someone would have been there to force me to pluck my pubic hairs to hand them to people I would have done so without missing a beat; on my own there was no way.

I bowed and left, getting a last spank on my behind for my trouble. I looked at the floor to my bare feet while walking, not daring to face up. I had fixed my ‘apron’ and felt kind of… elated to have shown them all what was under it while at the same time I wanted the ground to swallow me whole and to never speak to anyone again. I got so distracted than when someone called me it didn’t notice at first.

“Over here! Over here!” a voice called me. I turned. “You’re the waitress here, now?”

It was Felicia who had called me and was waving her hand at me to get my attention. Behind her crooked smile nothing good could be hiding under it. I could only shudder about what intentions she would have to call me out when I was in such a state… anticipation filled me. I had to answer her. I walked her way. I respected her because she was kind of a daredevil.
File: 11_Enriqueta_Bolsley.jpg (87 KB, 850x1193)
87 KB
“Y-yes! I’m… is there anything I can help you with? D-do you want me to take your order?” I forced a professional smile.

I hadn’t noticed until I got close, Felicia was sitting with Enriqueta; that snooty bitch. They were sitting with a girl I didn’t know but had seen around everywhere.

Felicia was almost as naked as I was; she was completely showing that huge and toned ass she had. It might have been just me, but I figured she worked so hard on keeping her butt that way because she was compensating for her small tits. Felicia some sort of improvised tanga made out of what looked bed sheets; she could have easily cut more cloth if she wanted to hide her butt, she just didn’t want to. Her boobs were much better covered than her behind by what must have been a whole roll of toilet paper wrapping it. The girl was both athletic and pale, which meant she did not play any sports and just did Yoga or something stupid. I hated how she was loud and obnoxious, or how she felt it was okay to tease me even though we didn’t know each other all that well; at the same time, I hoped we could become friends.
File: 19_Yuri_Fukao.png (88 KB, 642x802)
88 KB
Felicia I didn’t like but Enriqueta I hated. She had some mosquito bite tits and if she was not so stupidly delicate and feminine she would have looked more like a boy. I remembered Natty once asking Jill was color Enriqueta’s hair was because it wasn’t that easy to call it something. It was between red and brown; Jill had said it was ‘Auburn’; which was a pretentious color just like Enriqueta so it fit her all too well. She always so passive-aggressive and when she looked at me she had this stupid shit-eating face like she thought I was below her or something. I hated her guts ever since I had sat next to her to watch a movie and got to know her. Not that anyone would look at the skinny bitch, but she was wearing white panties she must have somehow managed to hide from the Panty Raiders; and had covered her tiny itty-bitty tits with two pieces of duct tape. I hoped it would hurt when she took them off. I hated even how she was sitting, with her legs crossed.

The last girl I wasn’t really in speaking terms with. I knew I had seen her a lot, and I may have heard her name at one point or another. I didn’t remember it if I had. She kind of had the same hair-style as Aria; all black and straight but at the same time left wild without brushing and still looking like it was meant to be that way. The girls’ hair was still shorter than Aria’s, and of course she didn’t have the ears or the white end at the tips. She didn’t even look at me, she was messing around with an iPhone looking bored. She had a very clever cover; a pillowcase with holes for the arms and the head. It kind of looked like a very short dress… and it was kind of transparent when the sun shone on it but I still liked her style.
“You bet I want to order, Melanie,” Felicia said, her smile getting wider. “Can you see if there’s any cupcakes remaining? Bring me one. You’ll eat half of it, right?” she looked at the girl with the short, black hair who I didn’t know.

The girl just grunted, moving her fingers incredibly fast, typing something on her phone going “tic, tic, tic, tic, tic,” with every finger tap.

“You may bring me coffee,” Enriqueta said so snottily I wanted to slap her. “Make it an Americano. If they don’t serve it that way… improvise!” she half grinned without opening her mouth, like she had asked something very, very simple and still wanted me to screw up just so she could call me out on it.

“I’ll be back with your order in just a minute!” I said, mostly just to get away from them.

“Hey! Not so fast,” Felicia grabbed my arm but let go when I stopped.

“Is there anything else?” I turned and thought I was doing a great job at customer service.

“What? We don’t get to see your pussy like the guys over there?” Felicia giggled. “Nice apron.”

I wasn’t even embarrassed to show it to girls. I lifted the small paper towel so Felicia could look at it all she wanted. It was not like we hadn’t seen each other nude a bunch of times.

“Hey, Yuri; look!” Felicia tapped her friend’s shoulder. “See? She’s black down there but brown up there.”

Yuri, the girl I didn’t previously know, just said, “Oh, really? That’s great,” without looking up. Felicia still laughed like Yuri had made a smart comment or a joke or something.

“There’s a small amount of liquid going through her tight,” Enriqueta said, wrinkling her nose. “Did exposure to men arouse you, Mel?” everything she said pissed me right the fuck up. I had already told her I did not like being called like that; only Jill did and that was only because she was Jill.
“I… I just didn’t dry after I took a swim and I showered!” I covered again as fast as I could. What I said wasn’t a lie. My hair was damp. “W-what’s the point in drying, right?” it wasn’t like I was going to wear anything.

“Uh… whatever floats your boat!” Felicia said, not convinced at all and blushing. “So… about that cupcake…”

a) Melanie can’t take it anymore. She lashes out at Enriqueta, who counters right back.
b) Enriqueta messes with Melanie further; plenty of humiliation.
c) Yuri and Melanie discover to have something in common and become fast friends instead of rivals.
d) Felicia keeps Enriqueta away from Melanie, but also helps enabling the brunette’s fetish after being asked nicely.
e) Jill arrives and asks Melanie what the hell she’s doing. Melanie notices Aria and Lisa are gone. Jill finds out all of Melanie’s secrets.
f) Time to switch to Aria. She’s taking a stroll through the forest with Lisa. Lisa massages Aria as they have a talk.
File: Demon.jpg (154 KB, 1280x2059)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
C+E. It'll be nice for Melanie and Yuri to become friends, and it'll also be nice for Jill and co. to catch up. It gets us closer to reuniting the group and gives Jill the opportunity to learn a little more about Melanie.

>Okay, shit's getting crazy. I'm busy as fuck and finding time to sleep is hard enough. I'm going to have to have to leave Camp of Dares for a few days, sadly. There will be not enough time to write it until at least Saturday night or most likely Sunday morning. Sorry, I know the story's been slow as of late on top of it all.
That's fine, when there's nothing to be done about it there's nothing to apologize for. It's not an insult to the story or anything to acknowledge that your life comes first. See you in a few days.

c+e does seem nice

Take all the time you need, OP. Stuff happens and it's nice that you told us
Sorry on holidays for a few weeks..........c
Have fun! Check us out in the phone if you ever feel like it.

Yes, sorry. From being a neet who could work in this story 16 hours a day, two different suckers had gone and hired me.
From now on, there will be no parts posted on Saturday and Sundays will be as slow as any other weekday.

I could not control my business downstairs. It was not my fault whatever happened, it just did. When they found out about it I could not find an excuse to leave soon enough so I went out running to get that cupcake Felicia wanted.

It was so awful, it was so embarrassing that they knew; but them knowing would make it worse down there and that would make them notice even more and it would go on and on like that. There was no stopping it, not that I would stop it if I could.

I remembered halfway that I also had to get a coffee. Enriqueta wanted something pretentious and hard to get; ‘Americano’ whatever that was; she would just get dick on my account. I found a tiny American flag on a toothpick stuck in a sandwich. Chuckling inside, I got the little flag and being happy that the toothpick had been deep enough it was stained with ketchup and mustard and whatnot, I placed it floating over the plain, black coffee I would get Enriqueta.

“Here you go!” I said to her with my warmest and most professional smile. “An American coffee!”

“Ha!” Yuri had looked up from her phone for a second after maybe feeling Enriqueta’s extreme rolling of the eyes.

“And I’m really sorry, they ran out of muffins,” I had to say to Felicia. If it was up to me, I would have brought her something.

“Oh, that’s okay…” I may not have completed what any of the girls had asked me but at least Felicia was polite about it.
File: 05_Lisa_Davies.png (1.13 MB, 1074x1425)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Enriqueta rudely pushed the coffee away from her almost spilling it looking disgusted and mad at me. “If you’re not going to do this seriously, I don’t know why you even bother. Is this what passes for a joke inside your head?”

“To be fair, I didn’t know what you mean with an Americano, either,” Felicia confessed and I was happy she did. I was beginning to think I was a moron for not knowing.

“It’s not like she’s a waitress because she wants to, duh,” Yuri again defended me. “She’s playing Aria’s game. It’s not her fucking job; if you really wanted it you could have tried being nicer.”

I stared at Yuri under a new light. She was still tapping at her phone like she was getting money out of every finger strike. How had she known exactly what was going on if she wasn’t even… looking?

“You knew Aria was here, how?” Felicia joked, my guess was she was in the same page as me. As for why the girls knew I was playing Aria’s game that was no surprise.

“Brett sent me a video,” Yuri said. So she would have not even noticed if not for that? The way I covered Aria entering in the cafeteria had made us the center of attention for a solid minute.

“I’ve heard all sorts of things about Aria,” Felicia said to me kind of insinuating she wanted a confirmation either way. “Yuri thinks she’s the nicest girl ever, some other say she’s a stuck-up bitch and there’s this guy who told me she tries to lure people into the forest to kill them.”

“She can be decent when she wants to, I guess,” I ignored that last part just figuring out Felicia wasn’t taking those kind of rumors seriously. “She can also be rotten is she feels like it. I guess you never know with her.”

“So you’d say she’s moody? I’ve heard that, too. Like how she has you do this and then she ditches you,” Felicia stated making fun of me and also sounding concerned.
“Uh, what?”

I had not paid attention to where Aria and Lisa were sitting in a long time. Walking naked through the hall was very hard; if I hadn’t kept my eyes to myself I would have not been able to do it at all. I turned to where Aria was sitting just a few minutes ago. It was as Felicia said, Aria was nowhere to be seen; had she truly left me behind after having me do all of the maid stuff?

“I’ve been asking around. Aria and blondie left through the back exit, through the kitchen,” Yuri informed us. Maybe she was more aware of her surroundings and what was going on that I was giving her credit for.

I was about to ask her why; and I was going to ask her angrily, too; I was owed an answer and Aria wasn’t there anymore so I had to yell to someone; and then the reason of probably why Aria had bailed sneaked up on me.

“Mel, what is that on your head?” Jill asked me.

I jumped in surprise, turning to meet Jill followed by the rest of Aria’s cabin roomies.

“Oh, I get it!” said Erika, that mean and intimidating girl. “She’s a maid. That’s her apron, you see? The thing on her head is the thinguie you see on French maid costumes.”

“I know what you mean, the hat thing,” said Carmen, the girl Aria had played he first strip tennis match against. “I’ve also seen it in costumes. I actually was a maid for Halloween two years ago.”

“Halloween? Not ‘Día de Muertos’?” Erika asked. I was not sure, but she might have been a little insensitive asking that.

“I can celebrate both! They’re on different days.”

“They are?”
File: 02_Erika Kings.jpg (473 KB, 800x800)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
“Oh, Yuri. There you are,” Jill said sitting down like the table was hers. Like always, she had absolutely no shame to speak of. She was completely naked from top to bottom with the exception of a fanny pack that covered nothing. What did someone with a body like Jill’s have to be ashamed of? She stood (then sat) proudly in her nudity, showing me what I would have to aspire one day to do.

All of Jill’s friends were also not wearing anything at all other than their own fanny packs, and although people were wolf-whistling, taking pictures and making comments about their bare bodies; there was no uproar. Carmen was covering her breasts with her hands and walked with her legs very close together to shield her most private parts. Erika was not covering anything by herself, but just from the way she moved I could tell she was embarrassed or at least uneasy. The tiny girl who I could not decide if she was creepy or cute with the weird name, Medea, was hugging Erika’s arm; her body in the front was covered by Erika’s, while her incredibly long hair covered her butt.

“You’re late, she left,” Yuri finally looked up and engaged into regular conversation. I supposed that if there was anyone she owed the courtesy to speak face-to-face to, it had to be Jill.

“What do you mean she left? We didn’t see her in our way out!” Jill complained.

“She left from the back. I don’t know why but I think she’s avoiding you,” Yuri said what I was thinking. It was not a good enough reason to leave me and ditch me, I would need to hear an explanation if Aria wanted to make it up to me. “She was with Lisa. If you want proof I’ve got pictures. They’re mostly close-ups of their boobs but that’s all people took.”
File: 01_Aria_Bloom.jpg (138 KB, 850x1228)
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138 KB JPG
“The most likely outcome is Aria smelled us coming and informed Lisa, who still does not want to engage with us. It is my opinion we should not pursue the matter until Lisa feels ready; she deserves as much,” said Medea, I could tell she was sad.

Jill’s friends sat on the table leaving me the only one standing. Erika greeted all the girls in the table while Carmen didn’t bother and the Medea girl acted like a shy grade-schooler, avoiding showing her face and clinging to Erika like her life depended on it.

“Melanie is our assigned maid. If you wish to place an order, please go through her,” Enriqueta said like it was her business. If Aria wasn’t here, I wasn’t a maid anymore.

“I’m sorry, Mel. We’re starving. Can you get us some food?” Jill asked. I was a maid again.

“Yes, of course! May I have your order, please?” I went all professional and smiley.


They did not hold back. All of Jill’s friends must have been starving because it took me three trips to the food counter to get their whole order. Nobody helped me, of course. That would have been a little too much. At least I got explicit permission to sit down after I was done; I got a place next to Yuri and in front of Jill. Enriqueta was also on the opposite side of the table, so I had that going for me.

“So… you’re the last one who saw Aria. What’s up with them?” Jill asked me as I knew she would. I had already thought my answer from the time I had been serving food.

I relayed my whole experience starting from the pool. I was very careful on how I talked to Jill, knowing her. There were a few details I did not care to make public. In my story, I had escorted Aria to the showers and protected her from people for completely selfless purposes, and I was just on my way to take her to the infirmary when she came about and Aria told me that she was too hungry and we had to come to the cafeteria for breakfast.
I also left out how it was that Aria convinced me so easily to become a maid for the whole cafeteria. I kind of blamed Lisa’s threat of the cucumber for the whole thing, I would have to give Lisa a heads up and ask her to back me up on that one. Jill made no sign to know I wasn’t being completely honest, and she looked more interested in whatever Aria and Lisa were doing than hearing the details of my day.

“Well, Aria seems to have woken up from whatever happened to her, that’s something,” Jill said to the rest of the table, or at least to the rest who cared. Felicia and Enriqueta could not care less about Aria or Lisa, I would think; the rest of Jill’s cabin were a little busy stuffing their faces with what I had brought. Yuri was oddly interested in the whole affair, she had not attended her phone for minutes.

“An’ Lisa, she’s fine. Whaddai tell you, Zelda?” Erika said with a full mouth. “Aria’ll talk to her.”

Medea nodded, was she Zelda now? Jill was always giving nicknames to people. Maybe it was something like that.

“And Lisa wasn’t crying or anything, right?” Carmen asked me. She had the decency to swallow before she did, unlike Erika.

“No, she looked okay to me. Maybe a little sad; but she got much better when Aria and I talked to her. She joked and everything. Did something happen?” I wondered. I did not care much for Lisa since I didn’t really know her and she had threatened me with a cucumber, but I was still curious.

“Mel, I’ve told you it’s bad manners to intrude in other’s people’s business. Have I not?” Jill scolded me.

“S-sorry…” she had already warned me when I wondered why Kathy had to spend a few days naked with her hands tied behind her back, or why all of sudden Jill had decided to stop wearing clothes and organizing a strip tennis tournament.
File: 06_Jill_Crosier.jpg (177 KB, 850x1275)
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177 KB JPG
“Oh, what am I going to do with you?” Jill sounded disappointed but I knew her well enough to tell she was in a playful mood; which could be a good thing or a very, very bad thing for me. “And after I let it slide you didn’t tell us vital details even though I asked you…”

“Um… uh…” had she found me out? Maybe it was in my expression, or maybe Jill just had a mind-reading ability. There were werecats around, why couldn’t there be mind-readers?
“What? She’s been lying to us?” Erika asked, angry. I did not like that girl when she was angry.

“No, not really. She’s just embarrassed,” Jill defended me so I could breathe easy. “I’ve asked around. Jane, do you know her? She said she saw Mel here and our little, horny Aria in the middle of something.”

I had nothing to add to that. Going completely red on the face, feeling the heat just oozing out of me like it was blood and I had been fatally injured, I looked down to my knees, making me remember how naked I was.

“Oh, that sounds like Aria alright. So open to new experiences ever since she came out of the closet. That’s my girl,” Erika laughed, and it felt like she was laughing at me.
“It also explains why she agreed to become a maid for Aria,” Jill followed up. “If Aria used some of her tail tricks I can see why any girl would fall for her. Mel was also wet as hell as we arrived, did you notice?”

I wanted to beg for mercy, to tell her to stop saying embarrassing stuff but couldn’t even open my mouth as I was.
“I just assumed she was excited to be showing her pussy around,” Erika kept humoring Jill and embarrassing me more and more; and even though I kind of deserved it for lying to Jill, I was about to cry out of pure shame.
“Oh, come on! It’s not even her fault!” to my defense came an ally I hadn’t expected, Yuri. “Aria can be… convincing when she wants to. She’s basically a sexual predator; a cute one. A-and there’s no problem in that!” she added as fast as she could because some people took offense to Aria being insulted. “I was also… by Aria; and I don’t mind. Do you remember the… circle we formed at the end of the bonfire party? I jumped to Aria’s behind. She’s kind of my girl crush, you know? How about you, Melanie?”

Yuri had mostly said the last part out of being nervous people reacted so negatively to Aria being called a sexual predator. Yuri had tried to back down some as she could but had failed. She had jumped to my help when I felt all alone being ganged up on Erika and Jill; Yuri had helped me, so there was no choice I could make but to also back her up.

“Yeah…” I finally admitted out loud. “I guess she’s kind of my girl-crush, too.”

a) Aria and Lisa are bonding and talking some stuff. Let’s watch that.
b) The girls have their meal in relative peace. Lisa and Aria join them. Lisa feels ready to talk.
c) Melanie continues to get teased; both physically and verbally.
d) Delanie enters the cafeteria asking for Lisa. She’s very rude, but at least is talking to people.
e) Yuri and Melanie are happily talk about their crush. What was just an innocent conversation turns into something else because of Jill.
File: Alley.png (637 KB, 640x800)
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637 KB PNG
A+E. I'm thinking B later but A and E will take up enough time on their own right now.

good to have you back OP
(would vote A+E, but with just A it will sum up to 6E+4A instead of 8E+4A ;)

glad everything is still working out for you :)
Nice to hear that
nice concept in illustration
That is one hell of an image. Saving that one and using it for a reference portrait for a character you'll meet in the future.

Never left, just busy.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Gotta come up with a system that takes into account the best way to make mixed scenarios vote works.

Thanks again. Life would have turned out very differently without your donation.
Buying a little time was all I needed and I will always be grateful. All that is left is making sure you get your money's worth during my story.

“Aria, what’s wrong?” Lisa asked me.

I internally cursed for being so predictable. A certain conglomeration of scents approaching had not escaped my notice. My ears automatically pointed at the position and my tail stood in attention; even though all of my human parts were playing it easy.

“Oh. Medea’s coming here. She’s with Erika, Jill and Carmen,” I was not going to lie to Lisa. I would have considered omitting the information but since she noticed me noticing, there was not much I could do about it. The choice was now up to her. “Are you… ready? You can’t avoid them forever, you know?”

“Shit…” Lisa outwardly cursed and scratched her ears. She looked so uneasy and pitiful, the poor thing.

“I guess we can give it a few more hours,” I stated and stood up, grabbing Lisa’s hand. “We can still avoid them if we leave through the back.

“What about Melanie?” Lisa queried yet still followed me promptly.

“She’ll uh… she’ll tell Jill about us. Jill should be able to piece out the rest. Hurry, now. You don’t know about it but some of Medea’s senses are as good as mine. We have to leave if you don’t want to meet her yet.”
We fled through the back of the kitchen, an utterly humiliating experience. One thing was appearing nude in front of people who must have seen what must have now added up to hours of footage of us in our naked glory, and another one to face completely dressed adults inside the kitchen who wondered what the hell were we doing there.

Being too busy bleating and shrieking to answer the questions asked to us, we fled the scene crossing to the door to the outside of the kitchen as fast a pace as Lisa could keep. Both Lisa and I giggled in embarrassment and awkwardness after that was past and walked together into the forest connecting the cabin area with the cafeteria, with me leading the way.

“We weren’t even covering! How much do you think they saw? Oh my gosh!” Lisa stressed.

“Everything,” I honestly opined. “I don’t want to talk about it! So… where do you want to go? I’ll be your tracker for today, ma’am. I can take you back to our cabin, or maybe to the river to the west.”
“Away. Take me away from it all, Aria. Let’s go deep into the damn woods, see if we get lost,” she slurred with a mixture of melancholy and joy.

Following her wishes, I took Lisa to a nice spot where I had found Arthur taking shelter from the rain; the scent of the little furry monster was everywhere, a little washed by the rain but I could still easily tell it was all his turf; or at least he had claimed it so. If I could get away with it I would take a pee in the middle of it all just to stick it up to him.

The place was close to a nice thicket. The shade shielding us from the midday sun was comfortable and cozy; the ground was filled with green and there did not seem to be a wrong spot to sit on if one didn’t mind the ants. I found Lisa a nice, soft spot under a tree and after she had settled I went ahead and kneaded around before settling to her side.
“What a fucking mess…” Lisa mused out loud, lazily passing her hand across my head. I had nearly fallen asleep before that comment she made woke me back up. “We’re now witches, you’ve been turned into a cat… and I’m… I’m in fucking love with a vampire. A girl vampire.”

“Dhampir,” I corrected, just to add something to the conversation. “Medea’s not really a vampire.”

“Oh, then nevermind. I guess everything’s fine, then!” she scowled sarcastically. “Fuck, Aria! How do you… come to terms with this stuff?”

“Oh, it wasn’t easy,” I disclosed. “I was kind of depressed at first. Thinking I was a freak and a monster and that I would never have a normal life and I think you remember that incident after I clawed at that girl in the cafeteria. Jane, was that her name? I was thinking that I was a wild animal who did not deserve to live with people. That I would be better off living in the forest and never meeting another person again.”

“Oh, that. Yeah, we got all very scared, we couldn’t find you. A-and shit… I nearly fucking fainted! I remember now! You jumped off a tree!”

“How else was I supposed to come down? You know cats can jump from very high up, right?” I pointed out.

“But we didn’t know back then! That was so scary, watching you jump to your death!”

“Well, whatever you felt, however you worried. That’s more or less what the rest of us are going through right now,” I concluded. “Medea, she’s… she must feel so awfully right now for how it all turned out.”
“And it breaks my heart into a million pieces!” Lisa howled, beginning to cry, “the thing is that I don’t know if those feelings are real, Aria! I… I want to run to her side, to tell her that I forgive her and that we’re okay. I love her, so what? But… that’s not me! That can’t be me. Don’t you remember me? How I was? I was a stuck-up bitch who would barely give a nerd like Medea the hour of the day if she asked.”

“And do you prefer it that way?” I queried, amazed that it could be the case.

“No! I care for Medea. I care for all of you. But where does it end? Where do my true feelings end and where does the fucking love potion begins? I can’t even face Medea thinking like that. I don’t want to. I won’t do it.”

I allowed Lisa to embrace me and tighten her grip around me. I turned myself to I could lick her cheeks, which she permitted. “Does it really matter?” I said after carefully thinking it.

“Wh- of course it fucking matters! What are you even saying right now?”

“What about me? Where does the cat end and Aria begins?” I pondered. “I’m purring right now. I’m licking your face. I’m hearing the squirrels in the tree above. I can smell your sweat, tell you apart from scent alone. I have an urge to chase things, I want to climb into a tree and sleep there. I want to kill something and eat it raw. I want you to scratch my ears and my chin and I can’t even take a hot shower without thinking about how much I hate water.”

“But…! It’s not the same!”
“So what? I should go and get Medea even if I know the feelings are fake and just ignore that?”

“No. You should go out and do whatever makes you happy,” I concluded.

But what made Lisa happy?

a) Trying not to think too hard about it and accept her feelings for Medea.
b) Actively trying to suppress her desires, causing her to act out on occasion.
c) Guilt trip Medea (just a little) into letting Lisa have a grand time.
d) Letting herself go, at least for the duration of the camp. If it feels good, Lisa should probably partake in it.
e) Taking it easy, and watching how things play out on their own. Taking some more time to be alone and think things through.


Everybody was already looking our way. Thanks to me and my Panty Raiders the camp was so much fun now, and all girls were wearing interesting stuff. We also had the most populated table and most of all we had all the naked girls inside the cafeteria. It was nice knowing that boys had not gotten bored yet to watch me flaunt it all around.

That attention we were getting went up a notch after we all shrieked and eek’d when Yuri made her revelation. Had she really fallen for Aria? The girl was making conquests left and right! We made such a racket I thought for a moment we could even get into trouble.

“You take good care of her, you hear!” Erika kept laughing sounding like an old man giving away his daughter.

“W-why is she the one who gets Aria?” questioned Melanie.

We all laughed and screamed again, Mel was so mad it was funny. We heard loud “Shhh!” coming from different places, as we quieted down some, although even if we tried we could just not hold back completely. Having fun was noisy. People had to learn to live with it.
“Be honest. It’s just because of the tail thing, isn’t it?” Felicia raised a good point. I had been thinking that it could be the case.

“No! It’s not about the tail!” Yuri denied. “Alright, it has to do with the tail. Like… if there’s this very nice guy you like and makes you feel whole and he also happens to have a big dick that’s a plus, right?”

“So Aria makes you feel whole? Is that what you’re saying? Wow…” I teased her.

We had to be shushed again; the giggling wouldn’t stop. I had half a mind to do something about the haters, but I was hungry. Making aggressive decisions when hungry was a bad idea. I would see what I thought after eating.

“Sheesh! She’s my crush, okay? I’m not in love or anything,” Yuri said back as soon as she could.

“What about you, Melanie? Do you feel the same way? Butterflies in your stomach? There is no shame coming out of the closet,” Enriqueta said with a tone and intentions I did not care for.

There was teasing and then there was being mean for the sake of it. Enriqueta and Melanie, those two would never get along. There was no helping it. The sad reality was that I had to take sides, and I knew which side I had to back up. It was a shame, because messing with Enriqueta could be so fun…

“Say… Enriqueta,” I began, checking out her behind. “I can’t help but notice you’re wearing very nice panties. A hundred percent cotton, right? They look comfy.”
“Uh… I… y-you see…” she stuttered.

“Did you hide them even after I warned you what could happen? Or did you get them from the batch?” I wondered. Enriqueta went white as paper, she was about to say something but I interrupted. “Relax! I’m messing with you. That thing I did yesterday was just for yesterday, okay? You’re fine, you can keep those. Can I see them for a sec, though?”
“Be honest. It’s just because of the tail thing, isn’t it?” Felicia raised a good point. I had been thinking that it could be the case.

“No! It’s not about the tail!” Yuri denied. “Alright, it has to do with the tail. Like… if there’s this very nice guy you like and makes you feel whole and he also happens to have a big dick that’s a plus, right?”

“So Aria makes you feel whole? Is that what you’re saying? Wow…” I teased her.

We had to be shushed again; the giggling wouldn’t stop. I had half a mind to do something about the haters, but I was hungry. Making aggressive decisions when hungry was a bad idea. I would see what I thought after eating.

“Sheesh! She’s my crush, okay? I’m not in love or anything,” Yuri said back as soon as she could.

“What about you, Melanie? Do you feel the same way? Butterflies in your stomach? There is no shame coming out of the closet,” Enriqueta said with a tone and intentions I did not care for.

There was teasing and then there was being mean for the sake of it. Enriqueta and Melanie, those two would never get along. There was no helping it. The sad reality was that I had to take sides, and I knew which side I had to back up. It was a shame, because messing with Enriqueta could be so fun…

“Say… Enriqueta,” I began, checking out her behind. “I can’t help but notice you’re wearing very nice panties. A hundred percent cotton, right? They look comfy.”
“Uh… I… y-you see…” she stuttered.

“Did you hide them even after I warned you what could happen? Or did you get them from the batch?” I wondered. Enriqueta went white as paper, she was about to say something but I interrupted. “Relax! I’m messing with you. That thing I did yesterday was just for yesterday, okay? You’re fine, you can keep those. Can I see them for a sec, though?”
I was just asserting dominance, and telling Enriqueta to take it easy on Mel. The rest of the table was having a talk about Aria; and Enriqueta, even if not happy about it, took off her panties and handed them over to me over the table. I flipped them over and started an examination, like I was searching for something. I handed them right back.

“…and I guess… it’s not just because of that. But the cat thing, you know? She’s got this, like charm. Like, she’s cute and stuff; and mysterious, a-and the things she does. She’s like…”
“Cuddly,” Mel finished Yuri’s idea, who nodded.

“Oh, but it isn’t love, right?” Erika insinuated something.

“It’s a crush! It’s different! I like her, but not in that way,” I liked how when it was about Aria, Yuri could forget her phone existed.

It was time to make my move, though. Spice things up a little. Right after I let Yuri finish her thought and ate my sandwich, which for some reason didn’t have the little flag I liked on it.

1) Jill traps Melanie and Yuri into admitting more than mere attraction.
2) Melanie and Yuri are getting along just fine. Exacerbate it with Aria as a catalyst.
3) Jill has this crazy idea. What if two girls who hate each other are forced to…?
4) Jill recruits the present people into her project, which begins now.
5) Just the usual Jill; teasing and playfulness, enjoying the conversation.
File: Hoodie.png (395 KB, 600x849)
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395 KB PNG
A, D, or E. Lisa suppressing her feelings or guilt tripping Medea will just make Medea feel more sad and guilty, and the poor girl's had enough of that recently. The rest of these options all sound fine, though.

1/2. 3 sounds fun too but feels like it meshes badly with the things that'll come after this, and we still gotta wait for Aria to come back before starting Jill's project, she *did* promise after all.

E, just let her find out natuarally whats best for herself. No point in forcing any direction
1 (+3, its jill... ofc she gonna mess with goddamn everybody shes got a grip on >_>)
D 1
*facepalm* ... D, not E
Posting this was harder than writing it. Google won't get its shit together.
Had to get a new browser just to post.

“Uh… what are you doing?” I queried at Lisa.

In a very out of character moment for her, just after a few minutes after we had finished our talk, Lisa had stopped innocently petting my head and taking my recently given advice to scratch behind my ears and on my chin. I thought we were in content silence enjoying our blissful laziness, just taking a break from it all. Lisa had other ideas, or started to have them.
She had begun caressing my bottom; it was not the way one would treat a pet; Lisa was being suggestive and wanted me to know she was being so.

“Whatever makes me happy,” she made a remark about the last thing I said to her.

“Um… okay?”

It was not that I minded on the slightest. I was no stranger to Lisa’s body and if we counted the hours of sleep, I had been in bodily contact with her longer than I had been with anyone else. I would find it impossible to get offended to her touch; any part of my anatomy she wanted to deal with, either the inside or the outside she was more than welcome to explore. The issue I saw was that Lisa had been looking down and all of sudden her hands grabbed my butt, her fingers were groping, and she was drawing closer to a different and not very appropriate place to touch with no warning that would seal Lisa’s intentions.


“How’s a crush different, then? You want to have sex but not cuddle? Cuddle but not sex? How does it work, exactly. Walk me through it,” since Yuri was so insistent in making the distinction, I thought it was proper to have her define what she even meant by what she said.

I gave a huge bite to my sandwich, just to let Yuri know that I was not going to interrupt. Others also were interested in the question.
“Damn it, Jill! You’re like, trying to make it weird,” was how she started her answer. “It’s very simple. Love is… like how you always want to be with someone, to spend time with them together, like how you love them; you get that? And then there’s crushes. It’s more like… physical. Like, you may not know the person all that much but you had a good first impression of them and want to see where it goes.”

“Oh, so it’s more you haven’t decided if you love Aria yet,” I said. Erika was going to beat me to the question, so I had to hurry to chew. I had a specific direction I wanted the conversation to go, so I had to stay on top of it.
“I can’t love Aria! I’m not gay. And I don’t have anything against lesbians, just so you know,” or so Yuri said but I was getting through her and it wasn’t just me who noticed.

“No, how could you? You’ve got a crush for one, right?” I offered a small compromise to Yuri.

“R-right. But it’s more like a physical thing! It’s not… spiritual or, you know; what I would feel with boys. I uh… shit. I don’t know why I’m telling you this but I’ve been in love before, so I know how it feels, alright?”


After some foreplay, Lisa’s fingers had found their way into my pussy. I was laid right next to her in fetal position, so my butt and my vagina were particularly accessible to one Lisa. I made it clear that I was not going to offer any resistance, but still dedicated an interrogative stare to the beautiful blonde.

“Don’t look at me like that!” she chirped. “It’s nothing we haven’t done before, right?”

I chirruped in confusion, moving my head slightly to the side, continuing to stare. That explanation wasn’t going to cut it.
“Well, it’s just like you said!” she resumed, understanding my feline ‘go on’. So people DID understand cat, they just had to try a little. “Like… who cares, right? I came to this camp to have fun, to not be judged; and maybe things didn’t go as I had first planned them, you know? I thought there would be more contact with… dick and stuff. Not that I’m saying it like it’s a problem! Not anymore. Fuck expectations. You’re right. I should just… enjoy myself. Go with the flow, you know? See where it takes me.”

I meowed happily, both in recognition that I agreed that was exactly what Lisa should be trying to do, and because a slender finger had found a nice spot to make contact with the insides of my body. I turned my purr up to maximum volume, if I had one; maybe I only had the one and it was my imagination that I could make it louder.

Lisa was amazing with her fingers. She started tenderly massaging the area, making me relax and then inserting always just a finger at a time, delicately making only slight contact with the vaginal opening; teasing me. It was a little frustrating because the caress on my skin made me all the more sensitive and when contact with my pink insides was achieved even if the reaction was strong it felt like it could be much more.

I still loved it. Lisa was playing out of the frustration and expectation, increasing the pace just ever so slightly. She had me rubbing my legs together so I could please myself once her finger movements didn’t seem like enough. “Patience, Aria. Be patient,” she instructed me with a wide smile; I tried to obey but couldn’t. I needed something happening down there, the sooner the better.
At least that was what I thought. Out of nowhere, a stray pinky found its way into my butt and it surprised me so much I let out a shriek; it also must have caused my other hole to expand since I had two fingers inserted into it and making quick, precise movements. For no reason at all, I bit my own lips nearly hurting myself to drown out the cries. My abdomen convulsed ever so slightly and delicious sensations traveled all the way from my core to the tips of my toes.

“Did you like that?” she effused mockingly while I wasn’t in true condition to answer. “I… kind of read about that one. They… they do this in some Asian parlors; or so I’ve read. This is going to sound so dumb but I was researching on how to do stuff… for women. For Medea.”

“She’s going to love it,” I said as I could without missing a beat. I was not going to let Lisa get sad again. I was not sure but I thought she was making a lot of progress.


“I don’t know what to tell you, girl!” I pressed at Yuri. “The way you define love and how you feel about Aria. Isn’t it the same thing?”

“You’re not listening, it’s not like that!” Yuri was so cute when she was embarrassed. Being dressed in only a flimsy pillow case nearly transparent by light and having her nips standing in full attention didn’t do much for the girl; but talking about her emotions was a different story.

“Is… is it so bad? That you love her?” Mel interrupted Yuri who was thinking about elaborating.

“Damn it, Melanie!” Yuri could not say anything else, her face was as red as it could be and she hid it between her arms. The rest of the girls were listening to me drag out the answers out of Yuri with fascination, not daring to get in the middle of it.
I was just messing with Yuri; she didn’t love Aria. That was not to say she couldn’t learn to love the little kitty, in time. Mel, however… she had given a complete one-eighty from yesterday. I didn’t know what was wrong with her, all I knew was the girl was crazy for Aria; heads over heels. I could not explain what Melanie felt as other than true love.

“I’m just saying there’s nothing wrong with that! Y-you have to… you have to be honest with yourself!” Mel said to Yuri in what must have seen one of the most obvious projections I had seen in my life.
It was more than a little disappointing that it was so easy to drag the truth out of Mel. I didn’t have to do anything. Everyone knew where she stood and I hadn’t so much as asked her a question.


If Lisa wanted to do whatever felt good and go with the flow, then I was going to show it to her.

We had switched positions. We were tightly hugging one another, my face was against Lisa’s bosom and neck. She was crying out loud, not containing her voice. Her hands pressed against my back, and she was starting to scratch me. My own hands held Lisa’s back and our legs were intertwined.

The true protagonist of what was going on was once more, my tail. I was showing Lisa my patented three techniques to see how she liked them. If her yells were any indication, she liked them very much.
“M-Medea! Medea! MEDEA!” she cried, and I wasn’t even offended. She could fantasize about whoever she wanted, no judgment.
a) Jill has Melanie do Yuri.
b) Jill has Melanie do Enriqueta.
c) Jill sees no need to have Melanie do anyone.

There was an undecided second place last section. This last vote is regarding that.

1) Lisa feels ready to confront her coven and walks into the cafeteria naked and proud. Too proud.
2) Jill gathers her Panty Raiders at the cafeteria and starts issuing instructions. It is time.
3) Delanie makes her appearance. She’s asking for Lisa. She’s rude but at least is talking to people.
4) A nurse drops by to her lunch. Jill is curious if her charms work on full-fledged adults.
5) Medea makes a few questions to Melanie.
File: Patchouli.jpg (110 KB, 705x1033)
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It's really hard to choose between Yuri and Enriqueta. Yuri's a better fit for this with her crush on Aria and all, but Enriqueta just got introduced and the conflict between her and Melanie is promising as well.

I'd say either A or A+B.

On the other side, 1 is an easy choice; this scene deserves a spotlight.
File: 50e741d30325effc.jpg (171 KB, 1052x789)
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-c (as if jill would let ANY opportunity slip.. >_>)
1 -> 2 (and save 4 for later :]
1 Save 4 for later desu
Not from the back but form the front of the cafeteria, unashamed and unabated about her appearance, walked the woman who could be argued to be the most attractive in camp when everything was considered.

Her breasts were huge and shapely, crowned by perfectly pink and cute, currently erected, small buttons. She was slender and in great shape, with a very thin abdomen paired with up with curvy hips leading to a spectacular bottom, round and firm, definitely made for bedrooms. She had a shining, blonde mane currently disheveled and wild despite being held in a ponytail; some leaves and particles of ground showed in the hair, just one more ounce of evidence regarding her recent activities.

She was stunning, not just because of her natural beauty completely revealed in her nudity, but more than anything her bearing. Lisa was doing catwalk just like a model would; she was on her tiptoes even though barefooted and her long strides opened and exposed what was hidden between the middle of her legs; which was proudly glistening under sunlight due to a fluid coming out of it drenching the general area proudly. The liquid was dripping down the upper parts of her thighs and all the way around her vulva; shining upon reflecting light sources upon it, plenty of which were flashes of cellphone cameras going off.

Behind her, I was timidly following the tall goddess with an actual catwalk, self-admittedly less glamorous in its accuracy. I stood close to the walls more like a rat than a cat and went under the tables every time I could, if only those which were empty or exclusively being used by female. Because of the state of dress of every girl in camp, my low positioning allowed me to witness a wide and variable array of genitalia, not that I had time or desire for contemplation; not at the moment.
Lisa was getting the totality of the male gazes and most of the female ones. Some people did still notice me but not enough for me to find it an impediment. I had never been naked for so long in my life, and I kept breaking my own record.

When I made it to Erika’s side, I had to lightly meow to call her attention, since everyone was staring in awe at Lisa, who even in her strides was only halfway to our friends’ table by the time I made it.

“Oh, there you are,” Erika whispered to me. The atmosphere created by Lisa’s entrance was one of reverence and Erika felt the need to keep her voice down. “So… is that your handiwork? Tailwork more like it, am I right?” she signaled with her head at Lisa. Despite it being very general, I instinctively knew she was referring to the drenched vagina being displayed so proudly and freely.

I was too embarrassed to say ‘yes’, thankfully nodding was good enough. Medea, the only person who had noticed me reaching under the table without any input from my part, acquiesced my presence with a warm smile which I returned. Medea’s eyes were not reddened and she looked much better than last time I saw her.

“I am starving!” Lisa confidently sat at the corner near Felicia – Felicia was a girl with a very nice behind who had been part of the oral sex circle at the second bonfire party, she had made a strong impression –, and acknowledged her own hunger despite already having had breakfast. Perhaps Medea’s revelations had messed up with her appetite and it was not until now that she realized her urges now that many others had been placated.

“I… uh… let me get your order!” Melanie obligingly stood up, still wearing her makeshift paper apron although the head thinguie was missing. She approached Lisa and started listing the menu the cafeteria had available.

“So, Lisa. How you’ve been?” Jill timidly broke the ice while Melanie was doing her ‘job’.
“Been better,” Lisa shrugged, “but I’m done moping. Let talk this through. So what if I’m in love or whatever?”

There were a few girls who would need some context – I would hope and guess – to understand what Lisa was talking about. They remained quiet while Lisa placed her order and did not even ask anything afterwards, just letting Erika and Jill lead the conversation.

“I’m sure this has an easy fix we haven’t seen,” eased Erika.

“It’s fine the way it is. It’s not a big deal,” Lisa replied.

“Well… if it happens it happens; but if it doesn’t we all are going to get heartbroken someday and that’s just part of being a woman,” Jill carefully approached the subject; and I very much agreed with her assessment. It was hard but it could not be helped.

“So is…? I’m so sorry. Rodrigo was such an ass anyway! You don’t need him! You’re… you can do so much better than him!” Yuri, who was also at the table, made an understandable misreading of the situation and immediately sided with Lisa.

“That’s still going on,” Lisa corrected, amused. “But thanks anyway. Yeah, I know he’s kind of an ass. I kind of like that part of him.”

“Oh…” Yuri shrunk her elbows and dug her face into her phone to shield her embarrassment of speaking about what she knew nothing about. “Nevermind!”

“Why so worried about that? Wondering if Rodrigo was available or something?” Jill expertly moved on.

The issue with Lisa HAD to be addressed but that didn’t mean we had to pick at that fresh wound for hours on end. The best thing to do was to shift the talk to something else as quickly as we could and Jill thought of that almost as fast as I did.

“Yeah, right,” Yuri dismissed coldly with a sarcastic affirmation. “He wouldn’t be so lucky.”
“No other crushes, then? Only Aria?” Jill kept teasing.

“Jill!” Yuri bleated. “She’s…! I can’t believe you said that! She’s right here!” wait. That reaction. Did that mean…? No, it couldn’t!

I was still crouching under the table but I did not believe anyone was not aware of my presence. It was better that way since I was nude – although I was hardly alone there – and the benches were getting crowded. There were so many of us sitting down. I couldn’t keep quiet after hearing what Yuri just said, the way she said it.

“Is… is that true?” I asked. It was clear as day Yuri had basically made a strong affirmation.

“No!” Yuri immediately denied. “Well… not really. Alright, kind of. Maybe. Yes. S-so what? You’re gay, aren’t you? So what if I have a crush? You’re going to make fun of me? Sorry, I’m not trying to be mean. But it’s not love, okay?”

Yuri changed her mood and mannerisms so quickly I could hardly keep track. She was furiously blushing, looking under the table to address me. At that time, Melanie joined the table with Lisa’s order. I couldn’t see it from my position but I could smell the eggs. I wanted some.

Melanie struggled a little to find a place where to sit; but since all the girls sitting were slender, she could find one after some bottoms moved to the side.
“Melanie’s also in love with you, just so you know, miss popular,” Jill revealed out of the blue.

“Jill!” I recriminated, going as red as Yuri.

Of course I had noticed. Maybe not in love, but there was something Melanie felt for me; I was guessing just lust; which was flattering. Even if it was obvious, and even if we were trying to protect Lisa to move the conversation along, there was no reason to speak about the feelings of others towards me with so many people listening. Was Jill even aware ever since Lisa sat down we had been the focus of attention of the whole place?
Of course she was. This was Jill, after all. I doubted she could help but embarrass me if she tried to.

“Oh! And I’m kind of in love with you, too!” Jill kept teasing me, just because she could. While I could feel deep fondness from her expression it was easy to tell she was not being genuine; at least not to the sentiment of romance. “Come on out! Who’s it gonna be! You have to make your choice.”

Erika tried to grab me but I dodged easily, Jill tried next and I barely avoided her hands. I slapped away another hand coming from a person I didn’t know. In her third attempt and mostly owed to the limited space I had to maneuver with, Jill got me by the tail.

She was not pulling it, not pressing hard on it, Jill just had it gripped. The threat of messing with my tail – something I hated sooooo much! –, forced me to reach an understanding and, defeated, I came out from under the table to Jill’s side. I could barely fit in.

Jill ran her arm across me to not let me go but at least released my tail to sweet freedom. Jill had made me come out, but she couldn’t force me to look up. Much in the same way Medea was being held and nuzzled by Erika, I kind of allowed the same to happen to me by Jill. Tiny people like Medea and I just couldn’t get a break.

“So, which one you pick?” Lisa queried with a giggle, already deeply entrenched into the joke, or game or whatever it was. “Melanie or Yuri?”

Felicia and Lisa were kind enough to grab each of the options provided and put them aside each other, standing. Of course, the whole dining area was watching, some expectantly while others just were amused and I caught a few glimpses of eyes being rolled back as if to say ‘oh, it’s those morons at it again’.
Yuri offered little resistance, although she covered her face with her phone, and started typing something in it. Melanie was as ashamed as I was, looking to her feet and fidgeting with her hands. Melanie did not even seem distressed about her state of dress but rather the situation she was being put in.

Meanwhile, my voice had been completely lost somewhere deep inside my throat. I could not have spoken up had I tried to; although should anyone pull my tail I had the strong suspicion I would still meow like hell.

“Don’t let them hanging! Take a pick!” ordered Erika, she also found the situation quite funny.

“Don’t be shy, Aria,” Jill pressed me.

I had the urge to jump out and just run into a random direction but Jill had that covered by having her arm rightly secured around my shoulders. I could not even face Melanie or Yuri. Why did they have to feel… things for me? I was kind of glad they did but would have the situation much rather been dealt with in private. I couldn’t think of anything else to do but hide my face with Jill’s sides. She was my tormentor and at the same time the only person near me who could protect me.

“Oww… so sorry girls. Aria can’t make up her mind,” Jill apologized on my behalf. “You’re going to have to struggle it out, and I have a good idea how.”

a) Yuri and Melanie are at least given some privacy. Aria will watch, of course.
b) The “competition” is to be held right where they’re standing.
c) It’s a public event, but not at the cafeteria. They can take it somewhere else.
d) Save it for later. Jill has to make an announcement and doesn’t wish to lose the audience.

And of course, the winner is:

1) Melanie.
2) Yuri.
3) Aria.
4) Jill.
File: Stage.png (1.43 MB, 1280x824)
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1.43 MB PNG
B1. Melanie *is* the one magically attracted to Aria, and we did kind of leave her hanging when we left with Lisa earlier.
D (2)

this audience isnt going anywhere anytime soon, i think
Yes, story is slowing down again.
Once my greed has been satisfied, I'll leave one of the jobs and things should be more or less back to a normal pace.

You're coming with very good casual nudity pics as of late.

“It’s not even the first time we do something like that in this place,” Jill went on.

“You can’t mean…!” Yuri pleaded, or tried to plead while her voice gave up at the surprise of what Jill was machinating.

I had the same idea as Yuri the second Jill talked about ‘something we had already done at the cafeteria’. The aftereffects of that performance were more or less the way I was acquainted with Yuri. I technically knew her from the Bonfire night but only as the werecat.

“E-enough!” I somehow had the strength to protest. “I’m… not taking part into any of whatever you’re thinking!” I declared with determination, or what passed for it. If Jill truly pressed me I was sure to stand no chance, not with Erika as an ally.

“Oh, you’re just the judge. It would not be fair if you participated in the event,” Jill offered me, and as cowardly as it was of me I took the out. Not verbally, merely submitting and stopping to struggle as I was made to stand up to get in front of the trapped duo.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Jill boomed with her ‘announcer’ voice that I had grown familiar with. “In the, err… right corner, weighting… I don’t know; a hundred pounds? A hundred pounds!” Yuri did not speak up so I guessed that her weight was slightly over what was being estimated. “Hailing from… somewhere in the Midwest, I guess. Does anyone notice an accent?”

“Isn’t she from Japan?” Erika interrupted, as I assumed she would.

“I’m American!” Yuri defended her origins, unusually patriotic all of sudden.

“That’s some horrible announcing,” Carmen criticized with good reason.
“Yeah; sorry. I haven’t stalked the girl on Facebook or anything! Sooo-rry!” Jill behaved defensively from the mounting heckling. “Ehem! Versus! On the left corner, hailing all the way from Oregon, weighting an intimidating ninety-eight pounds of raw power! I give you; Melanie McMillian!”

“Are… you going to make them fight?” Felicia innocently wondered, worried.

“Nah, she’s going to make them FUCK!” Erika explained what most should have already figured out on their own.

“No time limit! First to yield or to ehem… ´yield’, and I will be able to tell if you fake it either way!” Jill did not allow comments to throw a wrench in her tempo, although having to think of an euphemism for the female orgasm did.

“The winner gets this lovely lady to do whatever she wants with her!” Jill pushed me forward, somewhere I definitely did not want to be at the moment.

With expectation, the guy attending at the food counter had already closed the door to the kitchen to hopefully keep our rucks out of the staff’s business. Just as in any other encounter that I had seen take place in the dining area – which were depressingly many –, the cheering started immediately and as if by instinct a wide circle of mixed genders was formed about the contestants. Inside this merciless circumference were trapped Yuri and Melanie facing each other… and me.

Melanie was wearing her paper apron and nothing else. Yuri was kind of ‘cheating’ by having her pillowcase dress while I was completely bare and shielding my most important areas from the surrounding public only making use of my hands and tail.
“You heard Jill! First one to cum loses! So get busy!” Erika summarized the conditions of the bizarre duel, although she was not the only one doing it.
“You heard Jill! First one to cum loses! So get busy!” Erika summarized the conditions of the bizarre duel, although she was not the only one doing it.

“Oh, and just in case you’re getting cold feet. If none of you starts in let’s say… ten seconds; I’m doing my best to keep Aria away from you for the rest of the camp,” Jill warned. “Also, I’ll make you give a show regardless; and I’ll be taking volunteers from the audience.”

“Wooo! Go!”

“Start by kissing her!”

“Whaddai tell ya, fools? Here’s where the action at! Always!”

“Ten bucks on the shorter one! She’s got fire in her eyes!”

“You’re on!”

“Jill! This is… you can’t…!” Yuri tried to find an argument about how inappropriate her idea of a fight having me as the prize was, and I sympathized with her plea, not that it helped any. “We can’t do this…! A-and I’m not doing it with a girl! Or in public!”

“That’s not what I heard!” Felicia pointed out, most likely making allusion to the bonfire ‘circle’ we formed back then.

“We have no choice!” Melanie shrieked as she gave the first move.

Melanie was quick on her feet, for a human. She dashed towards a surprised Yuri and grabbed her by the… Melanie grabbed her.

“So hitting below the belt is fine?” a random moron questioned.

“That’s the fucking point, jackass!”

Yuri had been caught off-guard, and also did not know what to do about it. Melanie had apparently already made her choice and below Yuri’s dress, a pair of fingers had already made their way into what should only be a dry hole… it couldn’t be too pleasant. “What are you doing?” Yuri dumbly queried. It should have been self-evident.

“M-may the best win!” Melanie spouted, at least being honorable enough to force one of Yuri’s arms towards the would-be maid’s perky, although not overly sizeable breasts. “Don’t think about it…! Just…!” Melanie advised.
Yuri dropped her phone and I was fast enough to catch it and shield the expensive thing from harm. It was still early in the match but Melanie had overpowered Yuri to the floor and was in a very dominant and advantageous position, fingers stuck where the sun didn’t shine.

“And Melanie takes the lead with a relentless assault to Yuri’s pussy! Melanie’s kind enough to lift the dress to give us all a good look!” Jill continued her announcer as I had tacitly relinquished my post as the judge. “Oh, no! But Yuri isn’t wet quite yet! Melanie might be wasting her time!”

“I’m sorry, Jill! I’ve never really done this!” Melanie apologized, terrified of not meeting Jill’s expectations.

“N-never?” I questioned, a little hurt. What then did Melanie call our recent tumble at the showers?

“You know what I mean! Ahh!!” Melanie started to argue but was surprised by a counterattack.

“Yuri finally starts fighting back!” Jill narrated. “She grabs both of Melanie’s pink nips and is crushing them hard! A-and is that…! She’s going for the kiss!”

“Don’t think about it, right?” Yuri justified before covering Melanie’s mouth with her own, impeding further speech.

“Close your eyes and imagine it’s Aria!” Erika giggled at the sight. Giving the contestants advice was the order of the day and people in general were yelling things far more vulgar and crude than what Erika had said, but for some reason they didn’t embarrass me as much as what my own crush had suggested.
I was glad that – I hoped – no one was paying all that much mind to me, but what were these girls doing? Melanie was still on top of Yuri, her fingers insistent in their endeavor while other hand tried to unsuccessfully keep Yuri away from a pair of lightly swollen nipples. Yuri had planted a French kiss and had started moving her head around to test the waters. Melanie was resignedly with the flow. There was no visual indication yet but I could smell it in the air, below the adrenaline that flooded the whole place, that the pair was getting aroused.

After was starting to look like a romantic moment, Melanie separated her mouth from Yuri’s. “That just hurts!” she complained, most likely talking about her chest than the recent kiss.

“What? Do you think I am just going to let you win?” retorted a more eager Yuri, who was not panting while her nethers started to finally lubricate. “It’s not even that much about Aria,” she stated. Why? Was there something wrong with me? I happened to think to be a lovely prize. “I bet Jill is going to… is going to do something horrible to the loser.”

“What if we… make it fair?” Melanie proposed, getting her hands out from where they were.

In a civilized agreement that denoted it what was going on was no mere brainless brawl, both contestants got into position to both have a shot to defeat each other. The audience celebrated in anticipation.

Both girls laid on the cool floor, on their sides. In front of Yuri was Melanie’s pretty little thinguie with the un-matching pubic hair while Melanie was staring right into the body-part she had until recently only molested with her fingers. Both girls were blushed, both were willing and both were salivating profusely.

“This is… we’ve done this before, anyway!” Melanie reasoned while still hesitating to do anything.

“O-one!” Yuri began a count.
“Two!” Melanie followed. They had not decided to begin in a countdown, they were just looking for an reason to start.

“T-three!” I yelled in the heat of the moment, as both contestant refused it to do it themselves.

They dug in. Each held in had the other’s bottom, and they knew to that if they took it easy they would simply lose. It was a very interesting competition and for all the things that I had to be embarrassed about, I was not ashamed the spectacle was warming me up inside.

A tongue inside one’s vagina is not something easily ignore. Or possible to ignore, period. Shudders, yelps and little hops were common among the two; moans and cries were unavoidable. When everything was said and done, the competition did not last long; they were both quite sensitive.

Melanie had held the advantage from the start, which made sense since it had been her idea to do it. Melanie had used her fingers from the very beginning and by the time the sixty-nine had started, Yuri was almost humid, which contributed to her defeat.

It was Yuri the one who had to stop licking Melanie’s pussy. Yuri yelled out with a very high pitch while the bottom part of her body started giving little jumps, unable to conceal her climax. The victory was Melanie’s. Did that mean I was hers?

a) Jill devises a punishment game for the loser, as Yuri had feared.
b) Jill allows Melanie to take her reward right there and now.
c) Jill gathers her Panty Raiders and starts her event.
d) Yuri asks for a rematch, and while Jill is reluctant, the crowd allows it. The rules change and they involve Aria.
e) Lisa requests the coven return to the room. They discuss more calmly about Medea’s potion and Medea is willing to work on Lisa a little bit.
File: Overalls.png (386 KB, 600x847)
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386 KB PNG
A+E. It's important that we properly handle Lisa's plotline here, but that doesn't mean we can't see what Jill has in store for Yuri.
“Congratulations, Melanie!” Jill enthused with her fake-yet-still-believable announcer hype. “You win an Aria!”

“Hey!” I objected in protest. There was something demeaning on the way Jill was referring to me.

Panting and with her lips covered with saliva and something else, Yuri slowly stood up like a newborn foal. Melanie didn’t bother; she remained on the floor in fetal position, covering to her best of her ability and turning hear head to our direction, opposite to most of the crowd.

“I… I didn’t even want an Aria!” Yuri corrected, relinquishing the price she didn’t earn.

“Hey!” I protested a second time. Sour grapes, most likely.

“I already had her, she owes me,” she went on, and she was not wrong. I owed her from yesterday and had already agreed to comply to any one demand she had of me. “I wanted something else, anyway!”

“Hmm. That would have been a good point to raise before the match. Those weren’t the conditions we were set on, girl,” Jill denied. “I was thinking you agreed too easily, like you were a Panty Raider or something. There’s something you want very badly, huh?”

“You could say so, yes,” Yuri admitted.

“Hmm… that’s very interesting. Come search for me later. And, Melanie,” Jill sternly said the lying girl’s name, who raised her head in attention.

“Y-yes?” Melanie stuttered resignedly.

“You win, didn’t you hear me? You’re in charge, this once. Yuri lost, so you can do whatever you want with her. You know the rules. Don’t hurt her, other than that go nuts.”

“O-okay,” Melanie acquiesced, doubtful.
“Take uh… take a breather, okay? Call me anytime you want your ‘prize’. Like, anytime,” Jill offered while winking; or more accurately, offered me.

“We need a breather, too,” Lisa intervened, speaking to all of us. “Can we regroup back at the cabin? We need like, a talk. You have no idea.”

“We kind of have an idea. And yeah, we need that talk. You done here, Jill?” Erika acknowledged Lisa’s argument. “Tons of lesbo sex are fun and all; don’t get me wrong. Kind of more pressing matters here, you get me?”

“Damn… there is so much to do today!” Jill complained and still looked cheerful about her predicament. She turned to the audience and resumed her announcer voice. “Thank you all for coming…! Or being here in the first place! Anyway, that was Melanie and Yuri. Where is their applause?”

The crowd had not quieted down, not for a second. They kept making remarks and exclamations about Yuri and Melanie. It was hard to hear my own thoughts; they gave a buoyant and enthusiastic applause at Jill’s instruction. I kept hearing boys say that they should try to follow Jill at all times and interesting things were bound to happen.

We left Melanie and Yuri behind as what we had to discuss was between the coven only. Being naked when everybody else was as well, was of course, a lot easier; yet it was still unnerving and I didn’t quite like it. Kinesthetically speaking, I LOVED my own nudity; I felt free and unrestrained. I just didn’t care for being in that state in front of others while out in the open.
Just before making it to the cabins we found another crowd of people rushing in the opposite direction. They dedicated us plenty of catcalls and demeaning comments but otherwise did not even slow their pace. Erika was kind enough to shield me even though she was already busy covering Medea; more from sunlight than anything else. “They must have just heard the news about what we were just doing back there,” Carmen reasoned.

“Or maybe Melanie came up with an interesting punishment,” Jill hoped.

After what felt like an eternity, we were all back at the cabin. I knew that whatever Medea had given me to drink had altered my time perception during the effect and I was more or less lost in space and time in that regard, so when we finally resumed the discussion of all Medea had revealed to us, to me it was like we were interrupted a very long time ago.

While I had no idea what had made him come back, Arthur was inside, taking a nap over my bed. Or Lisa’s bed, I guess. Lisa ran to hug him. After a bathroom break, we were ready to return to the topic we left on.

“I cannot apologize enough about what I have done to you, Lisa,” Medea began. She was still shaken and her words were heartfelt; yet in comparison to the morning she was more at ease and far more in control of her emotions.

“Whatever, it’s fine,” Lisa said with what looked like, a lot of effort. “I’ve thought a lot about it. Honestly? Falling in love with you is far from the worst thing that has happened to me in camp. Heck, it’s not even the worst thing that has happened since this morning. It’s not even up there. I think I would’ve liked you without the potion, anyway. Not in this way, but… eh; you know. Details.”

“Yeah… speaking about love potions and whatnot,” Jill butted in into the conversation. “Medea, have you… made another love potion? Or healing potion that turns out to be love potion or whatever?”
“No, I do not believe I have,” Medea stated unable to hide the worry in her voice. “Is there a reason for the question?”

“Call me crazy but, I think one of your love potions might have gone missing and someone found it,” Jill continued. “That someone being Melanie.”

“Oh, for her crush on Aria? Seriously? Only that? Puh-leeease!” Erika strongly disagreed. “You ‘trained’ Melanie to be what she is now.”

“And what is she now?” Jill queried, warning that an incorrect answer might have undesirable circumstances.

“An exhibitionist girl with very fucking strong bi tendencies. My own bi tendencies are mild, if you want to compare,” Erika disclosed, daring Jill with a dangerous stare. “I know what you mean. She’s crazy for Aria; but she also fucked Yuri in public. Is that some effect of the potion, too?”

“The only potions that I have brewed in camp and have not been ingested yet are both being held by Aria right now,” Medea broke the fight by raising her voice. “One would be the Elixir of Cat-Life and a hair-changing brew I gave her so she could change the color of the white tips of her hair.”

“Y-yeah… about that…” it was time for me to tell the truth.


At least this time I could shoulder all of the blame and as delicate as Medea’s state was, even she admitted the blame was not hers.

Medea had brewed, at my petition, a mixture for the purpose of coloring my hair completely black, as opposed to the white tips – apparently I was a tuxedo cat and thus had white and black fur and hair –. The main ingredient was my hair, the black part of it so the color would be the same. I had kind of lost the little vial Medea had given me. Medea supposed that it was possible that ingredients meant for a half-cat hybrid such as I, paired up with a fair amount of my genetic information could have somehow brewed a potion that could have the effect of infatuating the drinker with me.
The only question that remained was, when had Melanie found the vial that I misplaced, and why had she figured it was a good idea to drink it? Jill offered to ask that question later and the matter was dropped rather quickly. I wasn’t even scolded.

“Aria, just be very fucking careful with your potions, okay?” was as much as I got from Erika. She wasn’t angry. “Place them somewhere safe until you’re ready to drink them and we’re fine.”

“Are you assuming there will be more potions?” Lisa wondered. I had the same question.

“Well, we’re witches after all. Legit, real-deal witches,” Erika shrugged.

a) Melanie is making Yuri do exercises that are meant to show plenty of anatomy.
b) Melanie is not even interested in doing anything to Yuri. They get out of the cafeteria and talk about Aria.
c) Melanie can’t think of anything, but still wants something good to happen. Melanie refers Yuri to Jill and uses the chance to visit Aria at her cabin.
d) In what must be one of the strangest ‘punishments’ in camp; Melanie gives it to Yuri straight. Melanie is completely honest for once and tells Yuri what she truly desires.

In Aria’s cabin…

1) Jill prepares to call the Panty Raiders.
2) Aria is being sought after by most the girls she owes favors to.
3) The nurse has dropped by a visit. She can’t satiate her curiosity about Aria’s body.
4) Dan has dropped by to a day visit. He humbly requests an exorcism.
5) Medea makes a conference call. She might as well introduce the new coven members to the old ones.
File: Tatters.png (501 KB, 579x819)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
A, simple but effective, and handily wraps up that dangling thread.

1. It is time.
b 1
(save 3+5, its just not the time, there are pressing matters right now)
D2.......3 + 5 later on
d: I'm intrigued by what Melanie's frustrated mind will come up with

2, but a lot of these are good. In particular, I'd like to see 5 later

I'd also like to vote for taking the elixir of life now, since the earlier potion's effects have worn off and we have reason to be wary of saving potions for later.
Mark me down as saving the potion for a little later. It deserves its own spotlight, and taking it with Jill's big event looming on the horizon would reduce that, in my opinion.

Don't worry, I'll be all over taking it as soon as we can give it the focus it deserves. Just chugging it and moving on... doesn't feel right.
How do you guys think the girls would look like IRL? this is how I picture Aria https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DtgiccRUwAMATy_.jpg
Personally, 2D>3D.
As for what I use as the base of what Aria looks like, I have: >>2261648.
Had I a smidge of artistic talent, I would have attempted to draw her. Since that's not the case, I have to rely on something which was already existing.

Aria's white; just 1/4th Asian.
Her looks are exceedingly juvenile.
Her hair is inhumanly thick and as of recently makes it to her shoulders. It has white tips.
Her eyes have exceptionally big irises with more often than not, vertical pupils. They're saphire on the center and grow progressively more azure as they reach the corners.
She has very sharp fangs where her canine teeth should be; 4 in total.
She has cat ears roughly the size of her hands. They're covered in black fur with white tuft coming from the inside. If you take a look inside, they're eerily pink.
A1 + take the potion
- potion (way too much events at once)
Pretty much this
Part is basically done; A1 wins. Sadly; too many interruptions keep coming up. I will post it on the evening the second I'm free.
“S-so… how does this work?” I asked, not that I would get an answer. Yuri was as confused as I was.

How had I ended up in this situation? I had been nearly passed out in the cafeteria floor, still naked, still… wet, still not knowing what was going on. Getting caught up in the heat of the moment because of something Jill had me do was kind of familiar; as much of a whore as it made me sound, it wasn’t even the first time I had had lesbian sex in public. It just still felt wrong.

Having some mercy on me, Felicia had helped me up. The crowd who had just watched me and that I could not face without wanting to cry was still stirred up. They had the nerve to ask for an encore.

“What if uh… instead of whatever you’re thinking I change you whatever I owe for something else,” Yuri said. She was also sweaty, also tired, also humiliated and having a talk with her felt so weird after what we had done.

“I think it is better if we get it over with. If you try to outsmart whatever Jill tells you to do it usually just gets worse,” I said to Yuri. I didn’t mean to shut her down; I was giving good advice.

“Yeah, whatever,” she changed her mind pretty quick. “Out with it. Give me your worse. Can’t get any more embarrassing from here. Want me to off myself in public? I think I still have one in me.”

I was kind of jealous of Yuri; of having to listen to orders and to pay a penalty. If I could have it my way I would be on the losing end but still gotten Aria.

Aria… damn her. Why was she so hot? No, it wasn’t about her being hot. Whatever it was about her, it was so screwed up that I felt whatever the hell I felt for her. Just knowing that she had been there, watching me… watching me doing that with Yuri. It had turned me on like I wouldn’t believe.

“Now have her do Felicia!”

“Fuck you!” Felicia cursed.

“Have her suck me off! I want some action, too!”
“Have her spread her pussy!”

“Make her eat your ass!”

Jill had left me in charge. It was up to me but people kept shouting just thinking they were owed a show and that it was my obligation to do it right there and now. I was going to anyway, but not because they told me to.

I kind of didn’t have the imagination to come out with a completely new punishment, I preferred being on the receiving end; the point was that I was going to recycle something one of Aria’s idea; something Aria already had me do the other day. I had already decided not to do anything the crowd had demanded. Screw them!

“Yuri! I am going to h-have you do some exercises!” I tried my best to shout above everyone.

I couldn’t manage it the first time. I had to repeat it and Felicia and even Yuri had to go out of their way to shout and quiet everyone down before I could go on.

“I said; I am going to have Yuri do some exercises!”

“What? Lame.”

“Boo! Booo!”

Like it wasn’t fucking enough that I had eaten out another girl in front of them and I was already naked in front of them, the bastards had the never to heckle at me. I liked crowds but I hated THE crowd, if that made any sense. If Jill had been here she could have shut them up just like that. It took some more booing before I could get another word in.

“Well, that’s what we’re doing!” I said, angry. “If you don’t like it you can leave! I’m not making anyone stay!”

It didn’t shut everyone up, just a few of them. Whatever, I went on and kept telling instructions to Yuri. I would be her coach. I asked Yuri to remove her dress, telling her that I would hand it right back when we were done. She wasn’t wearing anything under, not that I didn’t know that already.
We would start slow. I had Yuri do some Jumping Jacks. I didn’t want her to sprain something so the best thing to do was a proper warm up. Sex didn’t count. Yuri’s boobs weren’t all that big but still bounded up and down a little with every jump, and that shut more people up that what I said at the beginning. They also started noticing how pretty it was when Yuri opened her legs just for parts of a second at a time.

“N-now do some pushups!” I told her, getting more jealous by the second; and at the same time being very glad I was not her.

Pushups were pretty damn hard; so I had Yuri open up her legs so she wouldn’t be a tripod and have an easier time. She still struggled and wasn’t perfectly straight like it was supposed to be. Her butt was up and she kind of bent with every time she pushed up. I could have been picky and have her do it right but with just a look around I could tell they all preferred Yuri doing the pushups her own way.

Boys were too crumpled together behind Yuri to allow me to take a look. All I could tell was that a lot of cameras had captured the pretty pink hole that I had been licking minutes ago; I would guess it still had my spit on it.

Yuri could only manage to do fifteen pushups and not all that well. She begged me for no more strength testing stuff so I moved on to stretching. Splits.

I didn’t know what Yuri did for it because she was very flexible. I had her sit on the floor, open her legs without bending her knees to an almost full split; then I pushed her from the back so she could lower the upper part of her body. Yuri hissed and complained a lot but let me to my work. The audience knew what to look at; the stretching exercises were perfect for getting a good peek at Yuri’s pussy; it was open, pink and humid. I didn’t get to see it this time either, but I had met with it very close not long ago. Of course I remembered how it looked.
File: 12_Lise_Cunniffe.jpg (132 KB, 850x1202)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Yuri had her eyes closed and was more focused on the pain and doing the exercise right than to what others were looking at on her. It was kind of a shame; I was exposing Yuri so much and in the end all I wished was that I was in her place.

“Melanie, let’s go,” we were rudely interrupted. It was Lise.

“Huh, what?” I asked her. Couldn’t she tell I was busy?

“It’s Panty Raider business,” she said, very low and next to my ear.

Lise was one of Jill’s. She was younger than me and was still made into one of the generals just below Jill, while I was stuck as a panty-soldier. Whatever Jill saw on her, I didn’t get it. Maybe it was her complex for being short because she was so bossy and nosy. I didn’t dislike her, just wished she was more laid back. She acted like everything happening to her was the biggest thing ever; so intense. She was wearing a pair of very tight hot pants. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath; and if she was it must have been something very tight and form fitting because she had a very noticeable camel toe. Lise was nearly topless, just some drapes tied up together, a strip making it around each of her medium tits.

“Y-yes, ma’am!” I told her. She was my superior, after all.

Yuri had nearly made it with her chin to the floor; she only had a few more inches to go. She was cringing by the discomfort and she kept encouragements all over. Some people were only taking a look at her vajay-jay; some were telling her to try harder so she could make the perfect stretch and most guys were doing kind of both. There was no space or place for girls who wanted to take a look; maybe just out of curiosity, like I wanted to.
“Well done!” I told Yuri. “Sorry, I have to go!” was all I could tell her before Lise dragged me away.

a) Panty Raid 2: Jill’s new rule is enforced nudity. No girl will remain clothed… except for Gabi who really no one can mess with.
b) Insane tournament event. New rules for every single “fight”; contestants fight for clothes and its open enrollments for every female in camp.
c) Jill artificially creates a huge market of feminine clothing. Clothes are commodities and they’re often used as currency for favors and the like.
d) Jill starts bidding clothes; but not for money. Whoever is willing to pay the highest price gets the clothing.
e) Every girl is only allowed a pair of panties. They have a “credit score” with society. Higher status awards more pieces of clothing while lower one removes it. Girls who have lost their clothing are forbidden from wearing anything.
f) Talent show. Better contestant earn clothes.
g) Never forget you can input your own or made modifications to existing ones.
File: Boxing.png (176 KB, 600x800)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
A, let's take this all the way and see whether or not Jill'll be able to make it stick.

If you want something not given, you should probably specify what
>If you want something not given, you should probably specify what
I want the next part of the story to be about never forgetting that you can input your own scenarios.
C+E: for some strange reason I imagine the clothes like the bullets in metro 2033. everyone needs them, so it became the currency everyone uses, but are on constant reminder their "wealth" is only with caution spendable

I want to let Jills speech and explainations end with: "and don't forget girls, nothing is explictly forbidden. pretty much everything you can come up with is allowed in our new society!"
(or sth like that.. i suck at writing, but the meta-joke should be obvious xD)
Thinking more on this, I'll add E to my vote, with a blanket ban on improvised clothing. It would be interesting to see how the camp would react to the creation of an impromptu caste system.
My vote goes to the majority......I have no preference this time round
* Only girl remain clothed have quite a bit of implication ..
Gah, I can't decide on this one. I think I'm back to just supporting A.
G wins, but no G scenario was given; only a phrase (>>2264876) which will be used.

A last minute change of vote also changed the circumstances to make it a tie between two exclusive options (All we have on G is "don't forget nothing is explicitly forbidden" and the runner up A is "enforced nudity" and those two don't seem to combine).

So, no other choice but to vote again or to wait for more votes which may never come.

“It is time,” Jill had said.

With most everything discussed and accounted for, Medea and Lisa stayed back at the cabin so they could discuss in private whatever they were going to do. With Lisa’s new attitude of hedonistic pleasure-seeking and Medea’s easy disposition, I didn’t doubt they indeed needed the time alone.

As I had promised to be part of the Panty Raiders, and Jill had already decreed that it was time to move them forward – she had sent a single message but I was sure it was forwarded to like twenty people or so – I knew what I would be doing for the foreseeable future. Erika and Carmen had no qualm either way with the Panty Raiders and yet it was not hard to convince them to just be present during the event and announcements Jill had said she would make.

Almost at the time we were exiting the cabin, Natty Simmons, the girl with the huge boobs and the innocent puppy eyes was already waiting outside and handed Jill very interesting-smelling articles of clothing.
File: 52_Monique_Snell.jpg (98 KB, 850x1201)
98 KB
I was a little mad that Jill had obviously arranged for a blue pair of panties which used to be mine to be brought and that I wouldn’t get to wear, not even over my face. My Panty Raider mask, which I had no choice but to use, was a very plain purple pair which obviously belonged to Monique; not that I had sniffed around her genitals all that much but it was still easy to distinguish.

Monique was the girl who knew a lot about cats and had been very nice to me when she thought I was an unreasoning beast. She was one of Laurie’s friends and I had been wondering for a while how their whole ‘stealing clothes from Jill’ thing had worked for Monique and her friends. The very slight body-hair the girl had had already told me Monique was a brunette, although she dyed her hair green for whatever reason; probably attention.

Many, many more girls joined us along the way. They were all naked except for their ‘masks’; they were all unashamed in their nudity even when we made it past significantly big audiences – most noticeably the pool – and they all listened to Jill’s orders. We were easily over a dozen Panty Raiders. I was not familiar with the scent of all the girls in camp – yet – so many identities remained hidden as far as I was concerned. Many of the present girls I already knew; including Kathy – who wasn’t with her hands tied behind her back anymore but was still as naked as the last time I saw her –, Laurie, Melanie and Felicia.
Our final destination was the tennis courts, which were empty when we made it there; the place deserted after I had selfishly taken Jill out of her territory and for our coven. We took the long way there, across the pool and showers. Once everyone was reunited, I could count we were sixteen in total – without counting Erika and Carmen – with the three new additions who came from the forest carrying an improvised stretcher which smelled INCREDIBLE.

“Aria, where are you going. Aria, no!” Jill yelled at me, but couldn’t stop me on time.

I pounced on the pile of clothing which was being transported. I couldn’t help myself. The girls carrying it shrieked, yelled and had to let it go as they probably couldn’t carry it anymore with the addition of my – rather insignificant – weight. “Meow!” was all I could say in response to Jill’s stern look. I started purring and rubbing myself all over the countless articles of cloth with so many different and varied scents ranging from completely unknown to familiar ones.

Jill sighed and shook her head. “Just let her be… for now. Oh, and for those who don’t know her; this is Aria, the werecat. She’s one of us, now.”

“What’s her position?” Kathy demanded to know.

“I was getting to that,” Jill cut her. “She’s our special ops marshal… and only member. She doesn’t have authority over any of you and at the same time no one but me can give her any orders. Aria! Squirming on them is fine but you can’t wear them!” she scolded me.

“It’s Erika’s!” I pointed out. “I want her scent on me…” I lamented, but still stopped putting the tank-top on.

“Oh, yeah. That was starting to fill kind of small. I guess you can have it,” Erika shrugged.
“What am I supposed to do with you?” Jill laughed. “Fine. Since the thing’s black and you’re special ops, let that be your uniform. But nothing else, okay? And if I see you covering your butt or your pussy, I’m punishing you; you got that?”

“No fair!”, “Yeah, what the hell!”, “We’re all supposed to be naked!” several disgruntled girls expressed their concerns at the same time.

“I’m making an exception for Aria and Aria alone,” Jill barked. “You’ve all seen the video. If anyone fucks me the way I got fucked by Aria; you can also wear something,” she declared and that silenced mostly everyone. “Now, let’s start the broadcast. Get the perimeter ready! And someone get the cat out of the clothes!”



Jill was the only one of us not covering her face with panties; she just wore them over her head and out of the two holes which were meant for the legs her red-hair rained like a cascade giving her the appearance of having very cute pig-tails. After being chased away from the clothing, I was given the task of holding Jill’s phone to record her making a statement.

She was inviting any girl in camp to the tennis courts; saying she had already made a decision regarding what was to be done about all the pilfered things, which I was sure to get on frame. The pile of clothing was under maximum security surrounded by all sides by at least half our forces. After I was done recording Jill gave me the task – under my suggestion – to pounce back inside the pile so I could ambush anyone wanting to steal so much as a sock. I was enjoying my duties so far.
File: 14_Gabi_Pickering.png (493 KB, 1024x577)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
The news spread like wildfire across camp, or at least they should have; since people started pouring in from everywhere. In fifteen minutes, at the very least eighty percent of camp, including boys, had gathered; all wishing to know what was going to happen next.

a) Jill has people bring all their remaining clothing to add to the pile. For the meantime, enforced nudity is the rule.
b) Every girl is only allowed a pair of panties. They have a “credit score” with society. Higher status awards more pieces of clothing while lower one removes it. Girls who have lost their clothing are forbidden from wearing anything.
c) Input own scenario.

Not really. Gabi is just a huge, muscular woman. Jill can't do much against that.
File: Display.jpg (116 KB, 750x1049)
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116 KB JPG
I'm keeping going with A for now.

lessons learnd: don't feed the trolls
even if it could be hilarious
>G wins, but no G scenario was given
I'm dying
“Hello, boys and girls! You may have heard about us here and there; we’re the Panty Raiders!” Jill introduced her private army. As usual, we were standing inside the fenced courts while our audience waited outside. It was unlikely we could be rushed in.

The response was a mixture of intense heckling from the vast majority of the victims of Jill’s actions – which was to say, basically every female in camp –, and and also very intense cheering coming from all the people who approved of the Panty Raiders’ intervention – which was to say every single male in camp and a few girls, for whatever reason.

“Standing behind me, and being guarded by our most elite troops,” Jill started, meaning me, “there are all of the remaining clothes of what was taken yesterday. We have not stolen a single thing and we were never meaning to do that. Unfortunately, during struggling and some other unforeseen circumstances, some wardrobes got ruined, damaged and the like. The Panty Raiders don’t make themselves responsible for this, we can only say we’re sorry!”

Between each pause Jill made, the same pattern of approval and rejection repeated itself. Whenever she spoke, people grew silent as in one way or another they were interested in listening to her. Far away, halfway through the pool and the courts, I could hear the squeaking of badly-oiled wheels transporting Dugald’s speaker, in its usual table, making its way.

“Are you giving it back, or not? That’s what we’re here to know!” a girl from the audience yelled. “This has gone on for long enough!” peeking from my hideout just enough to not be exposed, I could see the speaker was that brunette who was always in the courts with Jill playing against someone, but never in her schemes. Back in the nudist tennis tournament, she was the only girl dressed inside the fence. Currently she had layers upon layers of cloth wrapped around her flatteringly athletic figure.
File: 10_Juniper_Newberg.png (594 KB, 708x1000)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
“That depends, Juni!” Jill responded radiantly, happy as could be. “Of course, at the end of the camp everyone should be getting back what’s theirs. On the meantime, I have a fun activity in mind!”

Midway through Jill’s explanation, the speaker arrived and Jill repeated the main points she had already touched on in a quick summary to make sure everyone had heard and understood what was going on. Jill had come up with a pretty convoluted and ambitious idea of what she wanted happening and had the right amount of power to make it so.

The good news was that everyone was getting a pair of panties; both boys and girls. Boys could do whatever the hell they wanted with them so long as they didn’t damage them and gave them back at the fourteenth day – washed, as per public outcry –. Girls could either wear their promised pair of panties normally or wear them over their head and face to signify their allegiance to the Panty Governor, the new title Jill had come up with for herself.

The clothes would be divided into categories, panties, bras, upper body, lower body, dresses, shoes and socks. It was forbidden for all girls to cover their bodies with anything other than the clothing they had earned and their own hands. Offenders would be promptly punished by both the confiscation of their clothing and a Jill-styled punishment.

The reason for the clothes being divided into categories was to assign them a price in a new currency, which would be ‘social credit score’. Each person in camp started with enough score to purchase a pair of panties and the score could either come up or down depending on voting that would be held at the end of the day using social media; or infractions to be executed immediately.
File: 16_Elmira_Lindberg.jpg (204 KB, 700x1120)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
The system encouraged reporting whoever didn’t comply, giving the whistleblower additional credit score. Even boys could use their score to procure more female underwear; and Jill promised they would be able to pick and choose every morning at her cabin. The implication for this was huge, as it meant the pile of clothing would be guarded by the coven. I could sleep in it if I wanted! Jill also promised and assured that members of the Panty Government would follow the rules just as everyone else and would not have additional credit score or anything; although service to the Panty Governor almost always meant an increase to their score.

Once the rough details had been explained, Jill started a Q&A session.

“Yes, Elmira?” Jill stepped forward to the end of the fence and held the microphone as close as she could to the nude ginger covering only her most private area with both hands.

“D-do we have to pick our own clothes? The things we already owned? I mean, if we…”

“Oh, I gotcha!” Jill interrupted. “No. As long as you have paid for the category of clothing, you can pick anything you want remaining on the pile! You’re just making a contract to take care of it, and to return it clean. Jill then added very quietly, and not to the mic, “I’ll save a pair of Aria’s for you.”

“Thanks!” Elmira smiled back complacently. It sort of bothered me Jill had made the offering, but it was fine. Technically, I still owed Elmira a pair of panties that I had never given her. “B-but I was wondering i-if I could…” Elmira was just about to ask for one of Jill’s panties instead, I just knew it. Before she could, she was interrupted by the next question.
File: 15_Leslie_Carbonaro.jpg (44 KB, 600x485)
44 KB
“What about swimsuits and stuff?” Leslie, just besides Elmira, still wearing her blue swimsuit with three very visible holes she made her best effort to cover, asked. “A-and all the stuff we’re already wearing?”

“Swimsuits can either count as bra and panties for the two-piece bikinis; or as a dress for the one-piece like the one you’re wearing, Leslie. Whatever you’re wearing, you have to give back to the pile unless its only a pair of panties, like Enriqueta over there. No matter what, you’re getting a pair of panties back; we have enough for everyone! Also, anything other you’re wearing will have to go. Drapes, sheets and such.”

It had already been implied, but groans followed. The impressive thing is that it was only groans. There seemed to be no person who was non-compliant with Jill’s orders, which was good news for her. She had effectively established a regime and raising against it meant raising against everybody else.

“What about prices? And the score? How much score do you get at each day and how much to buy a pair of panties and such?” it was Dan who asked.

“Depends. Sorry, boys; all stuff is more expensive for you! Clothes get more expensive as you own more of them. Obviously, lower body clothing is worth more than a bra; and a dress is worth more than any other piece of clothing, even bra and panties combined. I have a few number-crunchers working on it as we speak, we’ll post something on the camp’s group the second we like it. Score is awarded at the end of the day depending on votes but it can be subtracted at any time so long as we have a witness accusing you. False witnesses are also going to have a very special punishment, so be careful!”

“And I’m guessing you’ll be getting a ton of credit score to start, and going around fully dressed making fun of our asses in plain view,” Juniper, the brunette who had raised the first issue, accused.
“Nope,” Jill corrected. “As a Governor, I work outside the social credit score. I can’t lose any, but I can’t earn any, either. I’m still a girl, as you can see,” Jill jokingly opened her legs a little, but though better of it and closed them back up, blushing, “so I get the first pair of panties as everyone else; and that’s it! I don’t get anything else! Does that work for you, Juni? Maybe you want to be the Governor?”


“Oh! And before I forget, there’s exceptions in case of health; okay?” Jill followed up. “If you get sick, just come see me and we’ll make sure you’re well-covered. We’ll uh… nurse you with medicine and stuff,” was Jill making the implication I thought she was making? “And people like Medea, for those who know her and others with conditions also get a pass. She has Sun Allergy and she can’t help it, so she can carry a parasol and a hat around no matter her social score; just so you know.”

No one had an objection there, at least. Jill kept explaining the new details of her new nudist tyrannical reign.
a) Girls can earn social score credits by doing public stunts. Expose yourself more to expose yourself less!
b) Regardless of everything, clothing is forbidden at the pool if you’re swimming.
c) When clothing is destroyed, you get a replacement if you can point out to the guilty party, which will be punished.
d) Aria loses her first pair of panties to Elmira, who asks for an old debt to be repaid and Jill helps Aria honoring it.
e) Jill holds a one-time-event to quickly rack up social score. It is sort of a tournament and each match is different.
f) There are a few girls who will begin with a lower social score based on their previous actions. They start with squat.
g) Medea can keep her clothing, not just her parasol.

Non-independent with one another. Grab all you like, and suggest new rules if you want. Jill will also suggest the system is flexible and can change to allow anything so long as people wanted.
File: Sweater.jpg (90 KB, 674x1000)
90 KB

A. This'll have regular girls, of their own initiative, show themselves off around camp, and it sounds great.

B because why not?

D, Aria's got a uniform to stay in, after all.

E will get things interesting faster by establishing clothing disparities early on. We can also have the price of admission being one pair of panties, making it a gamble whether you gain more or lose it all.

F, I seem to recall a few girls being sentenced to having to stay naked for the rest of camp a few days ago.
+ caffeteria (only indoors) & medical offices are declared neutral grounds, no disruptive events there! (Things may get stressd enough already, so let them have at least this shelt when eating)

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