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CYOA /e/ general #14. Post stories, post votes, post images.

Latest story: Camp of Dares. Previous thread: >>2292876 (Archived)

Archived parts of the story (Pastebin):

Part 1: j33PCQMC
Part 2: ZsyZ8C0t
Part 3: PG6Y5C6U
Part 4: nebbyBe6
Part 5: nZaWE1Dw
Part 6: hf1Jh2Tb
Part 7: geyzvB0Y
Part 8: C45GXVqu
Part 9: Qdrupf9K
Part 10: GHuNqmis
Part 11: Ki5FMWuv
Part 12: sWcVG8qf
Part 13: zAQaxYJ7

(Thanks to Gnattering Yawn for keeping them)

WARNING: This story is very long. We're talking over 640 000 words long. Catching up takes a while.

There are over a hundred characters. List of them here: w1bH0ksw (Pastebin)

A girl in her late teens visits a summer camp. Her roommates start a game of dares that progressively get more extreme as time goes on. The protagonist finds out The Game was being used by a young witch as a way to garner Ritualistic Power to try save her cat. Due to potions and magic shenanigans, our protagonist ends ups as a nigh-immortal catgirl.
Big day ahead for the coven. There is plenty to do, and many new things to worry about: a muscle-head turned into a petite girl, a magic circle increasing everyone’s libido severalfold, the managing of a nudist socialistic regime, a catgirl in heat and a depressed Dhampir, to list a few things.
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A few points!

1) The content of the story has basically no restrictions other than what might be seen on /d/. In the end anything goes as long as the audience wants it to. Make your suggestions and you'll see them eventually implemented, although don't get mad if people don't vote for them. The story mainly focus on /e/ content (originally ENF) but if you cannot tolerate /u/, beware! We've been getting into /c/ material every now and then.

2) We are still in an imageboard. People may vote at their leisure with a single post, but votes containing images will count double. Images are encouraged to have something to do with the situation the story is dealing with at the moment, but any good ol' pair of titties or related image will do.

3) We need for 6 different people voting to continue the story. This number is liable to change at any time depending on the size of the audience. Every 24 hours after the last part of the story was posted, the needed votes drop by 1 until the minimum of 3.

4) Story will go on indefinitely. As long as you keep voting, it will keep going.
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DAY 11

It was not surprising that I was the first person up. Medea had had about the worst day of her life. She tried to hide it as she could, but she cried half of the night in Lisa’s arms. I only knew because I actually dreamed of her sobs. It was a given Lisa wouldn’t wake up either. Jill had her potion thing going on, Erika and Aria actually tried very hard on the race unlike me who arrived dead last; and then there was Duke… or Lady, supposedly. Transformation must have worn him… her, out.

I had the bathroom all to myself. After making sure that the bottles on the sink would not blow up on me – they were still suspiciously shiny – and washing my face, I decided to start by waking Jill up. It was already close to noon; we had overslept a lot; but we needed it. Jill was the only one I could try talking to without waking anyone other than her. There was also Lady, but I didn’t want to talk with him or her or whatever it was now. If it was up to me, we shouldn’t even have let her sleep in the cabin.

Jill was not easy to wake up. I had to shake her. “Is it morning already?” was the first thing she said after staring at me with one half-shut eye.

“Noon, actually.”

She didn’t process at first, then I could see the realization washing all over her. It was with some tinge of guilty pleasure because she took that dumb stuff way too seriously.

“Wh-what? Already, middle of the day? A-and the…?”

“Calm down or you’ll wake everyone up,” I held her down and she struggled. My hand slipped to her boob and she was acting like that was nothing. That thing that made her overact from yesterday was gone; the effect had worn off, after all.

“No one’s come search for me? Carmen! I made a mess of this, and it’s fine just so long as I take care of it! What do you think it’ll happen if this I let this…”
Jill was getting pushy and I didn’t want her to jump out there and start doing another event or whatever else she was thinking; it never ended well. During that, I got very close to her; I was invading her personal space and still had a hand on her boob. We peered into each other. I then remembered what happened last night. Jill had passed out because I attacked her. I knew she was thinking the same thing.

“A-about what happened…” it was not going to conveniently go away, so I had to live with it.

“Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t that big of a deal,” she said. Jill was trying to be chirpy and still was embarrassed. I hated seeing someone like her get embarrassed; at least she got quieter.

“Anyway… it was a rough day. Can you take it easy until everyone wakes up?” I asked again. It was mostly for Medea; even of Aria or Erika got cranky they should be fine.

“Yeah, I guess the damage is done. I’m not going to hear the end of this one anytime soon…”


I was dying to check my phone. Lise had probably sent me like a thousand messages already and I would bet all of the camp’s clothes that all of the online groups were exploding because I was a no show. The worst part is that had I slept so much and I was still tired; tired and hungry.

Things weren’t so bad, though. That thing that happened yesterday? It was mostly gone. Mostly. I could touch my coochie back again without passing out. I still felt more sensitive that I should have been, although that was probably the skin. Because I had kept the thing!

It was smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom! No matter what happened with the Panty Raiders, just getting this magical skin treatment was enough that I couldn’t be in a bad mood, even if they lynched me for all I had put everyone through.
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Carmen was the only one awake other than me, and she couldn’t even look at me in the face. I knew why; I was kind of feeling the same thing. Why had she had to go and do that last night? Her dare was to be a good girl and obey, not jumping at people. I still remembered how it felt. Carmen had gone back to her bed.

I covered my face with the sheets, worried Carmen could watch me blush and imagine what I was thinking. I had dumb fears like that and didn’t know why. I had had the mother of all erotic dreams last night and still remembered most of it; it was a little worrying that no boys were involved. Laurie had been in there; I really wanted to play with her again; tease her a little. I had to wait, though; if I got out of bed I wasn’t going back or calming down for the rest of the day. The damage was already done, I kept telling myself. The best I could do was to take a short break before jumping back at it.

I hugged myself again. I felt like silk all over! I laughed to myself under the bed sheets, just knowing that Carmen must have been thinking what a weirdo I was. It was fine. I never noticed when I drifted away.


Probably what woke me up was how sore my arm was. No wonder, Aria had been sleeping on it. I grunted and tried to get the little pipsqueak out of there and she wouldn’t budge. I had to push her away; she only snored like a puppy would and curled up to keep on sleeping, her tail covering her eyes. Fucking adorable, this one. I petted her head, it would take a lot more than that to wake her up.

Stretching up going to the bathroom felt good. Real good. I gave the good morning to Carmen on the way with a whistle. After taking a tinkle, I decided that I was going to get some grub; sun was up we had slept and everything looked normal. I went to wake Jill up; she was my commander now, after all. We would find time for breakfast somewhere in between whatever she had planned for today. I was ready for more.
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“Huh? Uh, I fell asleep,” was the first thing she said when I shook her. Jill was kind of jumpy.

“What gave it away? The fucking sun in the sky?” I joked. It wasn’t my best material but I had just gotten out of bed.

“No, I mean… anyways; hi, Erika; how did you sleep?”

“Great. So, anything happening today? I wish to know in advance this time. I’m in the group now.”

“Can’t we take it easy for a day?” That was Lisa, behind me. She was rubbing her eyes and swinging those tits around like it was nobody’s business. She was going to crush Medea with those if she wasn’t careful.

“Now you woke her up…” said Carmen, like that was something I was not supposed to do.


First thing in the morning and Erika was screaming and stomping around. Did she not get she had roommates? I had not asked but I was sure she was an only child.

I woke up with Medea in my arms. I was glad then that I had held her the whole night. The poor thing…

Fucking Erika. I gave her a look; THE look. She should have known what she did. To her credit, she did notice Medea and had an expression of “Oh… I see.” The thing about girls like Medea with super pale skin was that it was also super easy to tell when they had been crying, even when you couldn’t see both their eyes.

Medea was still asleep. She wasn’t the kind to fake or lie about really anything she didn’t need to. I loved her for that, and that wasn’t the potion. Heck, I loved her and that wasn’t the potion; and if it was I still liked loving her when all was said and done.

The one who had woken up with Erika’s racket was this Lady girl who I still had no idea where had she come from. She was acting like she was scared of coming down of the bunk; maybe she didn’t like heights.
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“Can I go, now? I have to at least try to get back my stuff,” she said. Has she not unpacked yet? It must have sucked Jill was the first person she met at camp and went out and stripped her naked first thing.

“Uh… give us a minute, okay?” Erika ordered her. “That’s a question for our lead witch. Wait for her to wake up. We don’t know yet if you’re ready to get loose into the world.”

“Stuff? What stuff? Does she have stuff?” Jill asked to Erika. “We don’t want her selling or trading her clothes, okay? That’d mess everything up. What does she have? She told me yesterday she didn’t have a thing.”

“You heard her. You can’t go to your stuff. Now back to your bed and wait for others to wake up,” Erika told her off like Lady was a child. Lady groaned but still went back to bed; also like a little kid she talked back under her breath. “What was that?” Erika heard some of it.

“N-nothing!” Lady tried to deny it.

“No, she makes a completely fair observation.”

The tiny, pretty thing in my arms had heard, too. Medea tried to get up but I didn’t let her; I wanted this to last longer. She stopped trying to escape and just turned so at least she could face the people she was talking to.

“It is as you say, Lady. Carmen was not able to complete her dare last night and thus a punishment for the day is due,” she said.

“Yes; I guess that’s fair,” Carmen said, above us. “So, what are you guys going to have me do?”

“Oh; no, not you, Carmen. The punishment is for myself. You could not possibly have been at fault.”

Jill and I tried to speak at the same time. Medea hadn’t done anything wrong. Why would she get punished? There was not getting her out of the idea, though. Basically, Medea wanted it to happen. I kept arguing until Jill convinced me that if there was no way Medea would agree with us, the least we could do was give her something easy.
Carmen kind of agreed with us; giving Medea some sort of day dare instead of a punishment was better.

“How about you take care of Lady, then? Someone has to,” was what Carmen came up with. I thought it was a good idea, even if I didn’t know why Lady needed taken care of.
“That is not a dare or a punishment of any sort. You are merely…”

“You know what’s the thing about a punishment? You don’t get to pick it, Medea,” Carmen started sassing, and she was doing it right. “I know you want a harsh one, so that’s why you’re not getting a harsh one. Does it make sense to you?”

“What’s taking care of Lady doing, though? And what’s the point?” Jill asked. She should have just kept her mouth shut.

“I don’t need no babysitter; much less if it’s a baby-looking girl.” That was kind of a compliment, so it was okay.

“No, Lady’s a handful. Trust me on this one; that’s a punishment,” Erika started talking sense. “I’ll take it a liiiittle further; Zelda won’t have any authority on Lady, Lady will decide where they head and calling the shots. Good enough?”

“Yeah, I guess; if you say so…” Jill said.

I noticed something moving in the corner of my eye and turned. It was Aria. She was stretching like she was doing Salutations to the Sun step 4 through 8. Those were called Hindu pushups; great for the back and wrists. Her mouth was wide open and that would be crazy unladylike, except it was not; not on her. Her hair was a mess. Had it gotten even longer?

She was finally up.


I yawned and opened my eyes, the first person I saw was…

a) Lisa.
b) Jill.
c) Carmen.
d) Medea.
e) Erika.
f) Lady.
g) Herself (in a mirror; how does that even work?)
h) Someone else, knocking on the window right behind Aria (who?)

The effect resets every six hours so it’s not too cumbersome. Big day ahead.

1) Jill finds out what Kathy did yesterday.
2) Some junkies turn at the coven’s door.
3) Lady thinks this is her chance to enter the girl’s showers.
4) Jill starts arranging a Birthday party.
5) The camp staff can only tolerate so much.
6) Medea decides the influence of the circle is too out of control.
7) Aria owes a bunch of stuff and people have come to collect.
8) Jill thinks Aria’s hair must be fixed now.
9) Maggie has been trying to reach Aria.
10) Jill faces a rebellion.

Each of these is a potential arc, so most won’t work with each other. We can do them in any order you want and skip some, but this is what’s pending for today for now.
1, 3, and 7, with 5 and 9 for a bit later. We can have a few different people go and do a few different things, and then stuff from the staff sounds like an interesting way to continue the day.

C. Carmen's not involved in much of the upcoming day so attaching Aria to her doesn't get in the way of anything, and it'll give enough evidence at how Aria's heat is working now (sadly, picking Erika might give Aria the wrong idea)

I agree with 1,3,7, and 9 later. I also agree that C would help the girls understand arias heat better.

But... We could also throw everything into the crazy zone and say h) aria first sees delanie staring through the window, plotting over Lisa and how to separate medea from her. That would really mix things up.

But I think I'm settling on c for now and we can save that idea for later.
1) its unavoidable
3) be honest, who of us wouldn't do it? ;>
9) guess Maggie is getting a big surprise at the examination, lets see what the potion did we haven't discovered yet
10) there is just no way i can not vote for this. Especially with the events 1) and the oversleeping. There sure is a way to regain control (probably... Didn't say an easy way ;]

Wasn't sure what to vote yesterday, but damn H) Delanie sounds hilarious :D
You know what, yeah. Scratch c from my post. I'm going with h delanie xD
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Interesting idea. I stated that it was the window behind Aria, but in this case it might fit better if it's the other one, as thus. Fits Delanie better.
I yawned and opened my eyes, the first person I saw was someone rather unexpected. I felt her stare from the other side of the glass she was peering into with the characteristic gaze of something expecting the right moment to cause the death of something else.


She was outside the cabin and yet in plain view from where I was, creepily stalking our cabin from the window, she noticed that I had seen her and with a vengeful frown, she retreated backwards.

That was one exciting girl, if I had ever seen one. The dangerous air all around her was enticing, there was something about her insane, crooked grin when she looked at her objective, namely Lisa. What a lucky gal, that Lisa. She had such an incredible body, all genetics; and she had people chasing her all over; including Delanie. I would have loved to have someone go to such lengths to be with me… like Delanie.

I might have though it scary at first, but right that moment I thought Delanie’s conviction to be with her love interest was nothing if not awe-inspiring. She wasn’t ugly, either; not at all. There was something wild and free about how she didn’t mind how she kept her curly hair; that interesting shade of straw that colored it was original; not something I had seen anywhere in camp. She was also quite… minuscule. Not in length like I was, but she was so thin; I would say dangerously so. It made me feel a need to protect her.

Had I even had a proper conversation with her? I hadn’t. I should get to know her a little. Maybe… show her how my tail works. Was this… attraction? There was nothing wrong with admitting she was attractive.

“Aria, you feeling okay? You’re drooling,” Erika informed me.

It took me a few seconds to adjust to reality. I had just woken up and I was in the cabin with my friends.
“Oh, sorry,” I wiped the saliva with a hand, Delanie not quite out of mind yet. I had not bothered to make a particular effort to get her scent before, that was a mistake. She had that odd feeling about her so she shouldn’t be hard to track. I would go talk to her, see where that lead me.

“Everyone’s awake now; even your lead witch. Can I go? I want out,” Lady chided, stomping.

“Sure, but you have to take Medea; you call the shots on wherever you go but if she tells you to do something it’s going to be for a reason. You shut up and you do it. We’re clear on that?” Erika allowed. So Lady was ready to go out?

“Oh, and you can’t pick up your stuff, alright? I’m not going to confiscate it because we’re done doing that; but you can’t either get it or wear it, you got that?” Jill stressed.

Now Jill; she was strikingly beautiful. She was sexy and clever; and I really liked her. That had not changed; what had changed was my feelings from yesterday. I distinctly remembered to have been previously infatuated with her, and to have desired her madly. I still desired her, as everyone in camp; we were only human and Jill was a pretty redhead with an incredibly body; but it wasn’t the same. I was not in love with Jill; I thought I was but… now I wasn’t? Maybe I had slept it off.

“Sure, I’ll walk around butt-naked. See if I care,” Lady dismissed. “So I can go anywhere I want right? And I only need to bring the kid along?”

“I am older than you,” Medea warned. Oh, no. Had she been crying? Was something wrong? At least Lisa was holding her. I hoped Medea was okay.

“Look, I’ve already said that even if you’re tiny, you’re alright. What else you want? Can we go? I’m sick of being here,” Lady insisted with her voice going higher with each passing sentence.
“Just get her away from here; you need some air anyways. Here, put this on,” Jill, who was on my bed, got from below it Medea’s clothes; well cloth, singular: a dress and no underwear.”

“Hey! You said no clothes!” Lady was just dead-set on finding something to complain about.

“I said no getting your stuff. Medea has earned her own clothes the same way you can, and besides; she doesn’t do well under the sun. She needs them. And… things will be more interesting when you’re the only one flaunting it,” Jill said as Medea dressed up. It reminded me that I had a nice-smelling tank top and I wore it. “Where do you want to go in such a hurry, anyway?”

“None of your business, that’s where. You ready, kid? Let’s go,” Lady grabbed Medea’s hand with an offensive lack of delicacy and Jill barely managed to throw Medea her parasol and a hat. Medea did this very amazing trick where she caught the hat and wore it with the parasol midair and then caught the parasol in nearly instantaneous succession.

The door opened and closed, taking Medea and Lady with it. Other than the small amount of sunshine making it in, I could see people were already expecting us, a good distance outside. I could only hear Lady’s voice growing ever further and the steps of those growing closer. “Y-you did this to me, you follow? So it ain’t my fault whatever happens. This is on you, y-you hear? I’m a girl, fair and square; got the parts and the card and everything. I can walk into the showers and no one can say jackshit to me, right? And don’t you be yelling ‘a boy! A boy!’ or nuttin’.”

Lady kept speaking but we had bigger things to worry about. People barged in. Well, they didn’t barge in, but they knocked on the door; insistently. I didn’t want to answer but they had clearly seen me inside. Erika answered the door as Lisa looked through the window behind me in sadness, watching Medea grow ever distant.
“Ruth, Yuri, Virginia! Please come in!” Jill greeted them, leaving Erika standing there with the door as if she was the butler or something. Despite the fact that those three knew me quite intimately, I still instinctively crossed my legs to hide my bareness below the waist.

“Close the door!” I begged of Erika as quietly as I could, but she did it too late.

While not together with the others, Elmira still made her way through, barely as Erika was slamming the door shut.

“E-Elmira! How have you been?” I greeted her with my most pleasant smile, even going as far as to lean my head sideways and closing my eyes. I only used that one on dad. I sat on my tail so it would stop trashing.

“I came to collect,” she grimly said on her knees and hands, after jumping through the door before Erika could save me.

“G-give me a few days! You know I’m good for it!” I pleaded.

“She has a family to feed! She’s about to come into some-a money! She’ll work at the docks to pay you!” Erika said with a suspiciously well-practiced Italian accent and mannerisms. Elmira frowned at her. Yuri and Virginia giggled.

“Sorry, Aria; I can’t help you in this one, pay up if that’s what she wants,” Jill ignored me in my time of need, yawning lazily. How could I have fallen for her yesterday? I must have been crazy.

“We’re here for the same thing, actually,” Yuri started. “Aria; you’ve been very hard to get ahold of, and we kind of want to… cash a few favors that you owe us.”

“And Maggie wants to see you, she’s been bothering me non-stop,” Ruth complained. Ruth had not spoken until then, all flustered around Jill. Ruth looked very serious and very annoyed. “I swear to God, like a hundred messages an hour: ‘have you seen Aria?’, ‘Is Aria at her cabin yet?’, ‘I think she blocked my number, could you ask her?’.”
“Then you also block her,” you dolt. That was her fault, not mine. I hadn’t given Maggie a second thought. Medea’s healing potions weren’t the best ever, but they worked well enough if I ever needed any medical attention; they were certainly much better than having someone examining the depths of my vagina every time they saw me. When Medea did examine me that way, she had the decency to use her mouth and allow me to reciprocate.


My thoughts were interrupted by Jill who yelled after checking her phone, which she had plugged to the wall.

“Is there… a problem?” Lisa was the first to say anything.”

“YES, KIND OF!” Jill turned to Lisa in a fury, then got up and not that it was much of a shock anymore, she went out of the cabin naked, yelling: “KATHY!!”

“What is she on about?” Erika wondered aloud what we must have all been thinking.

a) Lady is surprisingly recognized by Eugene.
b) Lady escapes from Medea and visits her old room.
c) Lady begins to understand feminine shame as she obtains a few admirers.
d) Lady fulfills her dream to enter the girls’ showers.
e) Lady escapes Medea and meets with Maggie, hoping to be fixed somehow.
f) We don’t care about Lady’s adventures.

For Jill:

1) Jill is forced to make good on Kathy’s promise.
2) Jill makes an emergency conference and she calms the crowd by offering Kathy.
3) Before anything else, Jill finds Kathy and punishes her.
4) Before anything else, Jill has to sort out what didn’t finish yesterday and the new videos and social score available.
5) Jill has been identified as the cause for all the nudity and the staff requests a meeting with her.
6) We don’t care about Jill’s adventures.
For Aria:

A) She has to give up her only piece of clothing to Elmira.
B) She works out something else with Elmira.
C) The favor the owes to the people who barged in is cashed immediately.
D) The favors owed allow them to take Aria away.
E) The group think they may get another show if they take Aria to the nurse.
F) Aria escapes and looks for Delanie.
c, 2, -E
c+d, it's good for Lady to integrate more into her new life.

2. Since the aggrieved here are all girls it'll probably take a bit more than letting them have their way with Kathy to placate them though. Perhaps also a small exemption to one of the rules, in which Kathy is allowed to give points she earns to other people? 5 also sounds interesting but we should deal with Kathy first.

A+C, gotta pay up sooner or later, and having Aria be one of the girls running around with no clothes to her name is good.
cd, maybe b later - may be a good lesson for Lady. also the only way lady I could imagine Lady escaping Medea for a few moments is by stealing her clothes while showering, trapping her for a while by sun. If so, b) is still more likely than e), as she just fears for whats going to be done to her by the crazy witches for telling anyone ;}
Having him return alone to his belongings, giving him a bit time alone could lead to him realizing a few new facets of his demise, maybe even another breakdown.. point is, he needs it to be able to move on.

312 - can't undo what's done. Can't blame her either, it was the proper chain of command. But at least she can punish her for fucking everything up in just the few minutes she passed out xD

CD - its payday so let them have her for a while ;)

Hope you're feeling better OP :)
I'm for cd, Lady gets her dream of going to the girls showers but... The feeling of accomplishment is short lived as her shame quickly develops.


And BC, the others get their action, and aria bargains to with Elmira into a compromise leaving aria with her tank and Elmira very satisfied
how long have you been working on this?
Funny you ask. Story became one year old exactly today.
>I've been reading this story for a year
God I need a life
File: NajXUEL.jpg (130 KB, 1181x864)
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130 KB JPG
I'm only about a week into your story, but I've very much enjoyed it thus far. I think you are most certainly an above average writer, despite what you said when you first posted. It almost inspires me to finally sit down and write my own story. Almost.

Thank you very much for taking the time to write and share this.
The story made it to one year old and I never realized until someone asked me how long it had been. Thank you for staying with me all the way until now. Everyone who has voted can say they had helped writing this.

I will have the idea as an option.

Medea has plenty of weakness, surprisingly.
I am feeling better, thank you.

I see nothing wrong with your current one.

The most important part is having fun to stay constant. So long as you want to do it, you will keep doing it. I tried writhing something more serious because I wanted to make a "mainstream medieval adventure" because I needed to make money somehow. It never made it past 20 chapters or so. It wasn't very good, either (ask Gnattering Yawn) despite the huge world I had built around it (Language, Physics system, cultures, civilizations and characters). This, though? It's going to make the million words for sure, eventually.

Pick something you want to write or make a game out of it.

This was the big payout. Things had been going south for ol’ Duke; all the way south: I wasn’t even in Mexico anymore; we were past that and into Brazil or some shit. It was all about to change.

I knew Erika and that Aria were trouble from the start. Just didn’t figure they’d be the kind of trouble to turn people into bitches; I wouldn’t have dreamt that in a million years. Witches. Ol’ Duke didn’t see that one coming, by God he didn’t.

Playing the long game was the thing. They’d get bored of me; it could take days maybe but they’d stop giving me the evil eye and I’d turn back. I had to hold on until them, not making them any madder than they were, just play along.
I had an idea last night; it was a damned good one. I’d been doing some thinking. So, I had the perfect disguise, didn’t I? No one knew who I really was, did they? What if I used this thing for something useful and gave it a test? I could sneak into the girls’ showers easy. No one would ever suspect a thing.

“This endeavor is pointless,” the tiny girl I had been dragging said. “You do realize most of us are not wearing clothes anymore, do you not? If you have a fixation on witnessing female nudity, there are better places than the showers. Namely, everywhere. It is freely available.”

“Shut up. You don’t get it.”

And she spoke weird. It wasn’t just about them being naked. That was nice, sure; but being IN the showers WITH the girls and them showering, that was the stuff! I needed to take it all with my eyes because that was the only way I was getting anywhere. I had tried yesterday, I couldn’t even touch the fun stuff; girls were too fucking sensitive; how did they do it? Maybe that was why we wanted to fuck all the time and they didn’t.

If I was me this would have been a lot faster; walking barefoot as a girl was painful; they were too damned delicate, and I also had to drag the girl along. She was tiny, but so was I. No, I wasn’t tiny; the body they had put me into was tiny. Hands were so small they looked weird. And there was something worse.

“Please respect my personal space,” the girl said when I stopped dragging and I got close to her.

“The sun is burning me.”

It hadn’t been three minutes and it was already hurting something bad. Must have been the pale skin. It was midday and I knew I wasn’t making it to the pool without tiny sharing her fancy umbrella. Being a girl was a fucking pain; no wonder they needed us for everything.
“I suppose there is no helping it…” tiny got it and moved her umbrella to cover us both. “This is the first time your skin had tried handling UV radiation; your hypersensitivity is hardly surprising. Although I assure you, mine is worse. Hmm, you’re remarkably soft,” she said because we were shoulder to shoulder.

“Shut up! You’re soft, too!”

“Why, thank you!”

Smartass. Would have told her what I thought, but she was the lead witch and everything. First thing I’d do when I was back in my body was getting ten crucifixes and hang them all over; wouldn’t care who laughed. I’d beat them until they’d shut up. With the crucifixes.

Halfway to the showers, I found the first human beings I had seen in ages. Witches didn’t count as human beings, even if they had huge racks like Lisa or Carmen. I saw them coming some time ago. I knew them; Buck was okay and Jesse was an idiot; David and Emil were just freaks, the kind you didn’t want people see you talking to. They were eying me. Eying ME, the faggots!

Jesse was the first to speak. Never could he keep his mouth shut, this one. “Hello, lady!”

“How does he…? Did you tell him?” I asked tiny tits. Medea, that was her name, I remembered. Weird name. She shook her head but was smiling. “That’s not my fucking name, alright?” I said to Jesse.

“Ooohh, mreow! You made her mad!” said Emil.

“I hadn’t seen you before, baby,” Jesse again. What a faggot.

“You’ve got nice tits. Do you like showing them around? You don’t cover like the rest.” That was David. I would have kicked their asses if it wasn’t just because I wasn’t me anymore. Knocked their teeth in.
“Say hello to me, naked baby!” Jesse kept bothering me.
Did they not get who they were talking to? I might have been in the body of a girl, but I was a guy! They kept staring at me like I was, dunno, like I was something they were going to eat or something. Fucking assholes. I got behind Medea, I couldn’t take it no more. I hated them watching me that way.

“Don’t hide behind your little friend. Come on out, don’t be shy! We’ve already seen your pubes and everything. Can I take a picture?”

“What is your name?”

“Are you going to take a swim? I’d like to see you swim.”

“You don’t shave your legs, do you? I like it. Mrreow!”

“Do you like being naked outside?”

“Look this way, cutie. Give me a smile!”

“Did you race last night, did you win a pair of panties?”

“Let me see your tits again. Or turn around to show us your ass.”

“If you dance for me I will give you all of my social score.”

“I got something in my pants for you. Wanna feel it?”


I ducked behind Medea and closed my eyes, grabbing the her dress and trying to cover what I could. I didn’t want those stupid faggots looking at me. I wasn’t a girl, them looking at me this way wasn’t right. I was so small and weak; I knew that and there was nothing to do. What could I do?

“Could you stop pestering my friend? You are making her nervous and she is shy,” said Medea, getting in the middle between me and them.

“Come on, we just want to talk.”

“What movies do you like? I am friends with the guy who picks the movies. We could go sometime.”
“Medea, right? What’s your friend’s name?”

“I’m sure I haven’t seen her around before. I would remember someone who looks as good as her.”

What were girls supposed to do in this situation?

“I’m… if you don’t leave, I’m… I’m going to scream!” I said. Would that work?

“Hey, chillax!”

“No need to get all worked up.”

“I’ll do it!” I couldn’t beat them up, but I could have someone else do it for me. Girls did so.

“Alright, we’re going. We’re going…”

“See you around! Let’s go on a date!”

“G-go fuck yourself!” I told Emil.

“I will. Thinking of you,” and he blew me a kiss. I felt sick.

And they finally left, talking about my rack like I wasn’t behind them, hearing it all. What gave them the right?

“M-morons!” I said. Faggots. They were nothing but a bunch of faggots who were hitting on another man.

“That was… uncanny.”

“Huh?” Medea had said something. What did ‘uncanny’ mean? I had heard it before, I was sure of it.

“I mean that you are adapting admirably. That was quite feminine.”

“S-shut up! You’re feminine!”

“Uh… I know?” Medea bent her head to the side and looked at me all confused. She was making fun of me. I knew that wasn’t a good comeback. I was too mad to think. “You blush easily. It means you have a good circulation.”

“If… If…! If I just wasn’t a girl…!”

“Yet you are.”
File: 19_Yuri_Fukao.png (88 KB, 642x802)
88 KB
“Shut up!”

a) Lady gets an eyeful and does whatever she can for pleasure.
b) Lady is recognized as a new girl and becomes center of attention.
c) Lady naïvely accepts an invitation of another girl which ends up as anyone would expect.
d) Lady gets properly groomed.
e) Medea teaches Lady about anatomy.


I wasn’t in the best of moods after I had to strip the shirt I had so painstakingly obtained at the race and given it to Elmira, who did not even bother to wear it and merely held it.

“That’s one down, now you three. What is it what you want, again?” I said to the rest.

“Can we discuss it in private?” Virginia whispered to me.

“You want Aria to fuck you with her tail. We know,” Erika stated, and I was glad she did and embarrassed everyone; even myself. “Trust me, it’s okay.”

“W-we earned it!” Ruth nervously spouted.

“No one is saying you didn’t. I just said that it’s okay,” Erika slowly enunciated. “Best sex I’ve ever had. Period. And Aria likes doing it. Have fun, go nuts!”

“You know, if you did it in front of Jill you could probably earn points or something…” Lisa suggested something outrageous.

I already wasn’t sure if I wanted people to watch me doing what I was about to do. Because it was happening. I hated an audience during intimate moments; and the only reason I was willing to consider it was the fact that it would also embarrass the other participant and I was upset enough about losing my tank-top to be spiteful.

Doing it for points, though… was that such a terrible idea?
File: 16_Elmira_Lindberg.png (29 KB, 400x600)
29 KB
“That’s not how it works. I think you have to film it and upload it,” Carmen said, nonchalantly sitting on her bunk with no intention to move.

“Then it’s out of the question,” I glanced around the room, scanning the people I owed favors to, and found no challenge whatsoever.

“I still say we do it somewhere private,” Virginia whispered to me again. “If you don’t mind.”

Erika walked to the door and stopped there. “Nope. I’ve decided. I want to see my little Aria maturing into a real woman. I’m staying right here. And if inspiration grabs me and I need to… even though it’s never happened before with just girls, mind you… then I will.”

The thought of Erika judging my sexual prowess on the corner, quietly masturbating flared my face crimson. I did NOT want that to happen. Also, I wanted it to happen very badly, it would fuel my imagination for days, not that I was getting short on material anytime soon.

“You don’t mind if I watch, do you, Aria? I have nothing else to do,” Lisa asked me. I wouldn’t deny her but I would have hoped for a more… solemn way of asking.

Carmen didn’t say anything. She retreated a little on her bunk, seemingly unwilling to leave.

“Then I go first! I don’t mind if people are watching,” Yuri stepped up. “Can I have Ruth use my phone to make a video of us? It will be only for me.”

“No! Of course not! No videos!” I chided, and still found the idea of a girl requesting a video of myself flattering and irresistible. Anyone willing to force me? Please?

“Relax, Aria. She said she’d only use it herself. Personally porn has never done it for me, but hey, to each their own,” Erika jumped in the conversation. “Girl could use a souvenir,” Erika pronounced ‘souvenir’ in an unusual way. Souveenir. Souveeneer.

“B-but…” the small token resistance escaped my mouth.
File: 43_Virginia_Gray.jpg (85 KB, 850x577)
85 KB
“Also, you’re having sex on my bed, aren’t you? Then do what I say. I say the video is okay,” Erika decided. It was now out of my hands.

“L-let’s get to it! I’m… really horny, Aria,” Yuri said, sliding into the bed with me.

I liked Yuri’s scent. Her body was not overly curvy, but her skin was soft and smooth; she also shaved everything below the waist. She had chirpy looks, easy on the eye, a nice bum and fairly dark areolas; at least when not compared to Carmen. Yuri was not lying, I could smell a distinctive fragrance already emanating from between her legs, and her body was tinged red over her clear skin. She had a mischievous smile communicating me that the second I took my hands from under my chin she would kiss me.

“S-she can’t say! She can’t stay!” I stumped for words hiding my embarrassment and pointing at Elmira.

Elmira hurried to throw away my shirt to Lisa, who caught it. “I d-don’t want the shirt anymore. Can I stay? Please? Please?”

I was going to give an affirmative answer regardless, but wasn’t able to. Yuri was one to take the initiative and again. She disarmed me with a kiss to the cheek and an embrace that covered my whole body and allowed me to feel her warmth.

“Aria!” she cried with genuine feeling. Had I not been already furiously blushing I would have started doing so right then.

This was not the usual girl lying back on her back expecting me to do all the work with my tail, like yesterday after the race. This was someone who actually wanted to have sex with me. I gratefully began to purr and knead her with my face.

Yuri’s hands were eager and willing. To the sounds of Elmira’s and Carmen’s admirations and Virginia’s and Ruth’s giggles, under Erika’s vigilant gaze; she reached for me, for my intimacy. I opened my legs to allow her.
“Even a single finger feels tight. So tight,” Yuri observed as I licked the side of her face.
File: 35_Ruth_Gamble.jpg (118 KB, 850x1167)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
“P-play with me…” I begged, wanting to become a plaything for no reason at all.

Yuri nodded and explored my insides with a careful finger. I had found a pretty teat and suckled on it. My tail was coiling and trashing, but carefully brushing and getting wet with Yuri’s sweat and vaginal secretion. It was not it’s time to go in, not yet.

“That’s pretty passionate. She came here for Aria, not for the tail,” Lisa discreetly told Erika. I wished she hadn’t; this was mortifying enough as it was. Could she not remember I could hear even the quietest murmur?

That said, Lisa was far more considerate than Erika, who simply stood up, and as Yuri was understandably taking her time to explore my body, embarrassed me by getting her hands in the middle of us, brashly and tactless as ever.

“Here, at the very end,” Erika pointed at my pelvis, “kind of to the left side, on the front. Aria loooves being touched there. Oh, and here…”

“Ahhh!” I couldn’t help it.

“This one’s easier,” Erika continued her explanation for everyone to hear, “it’s almost at the entrance, here at the bottom. You see how she squirms?”

“AAH! Ahh…”

“You try it, Yuri. Like, make a hook and kind of try to yank her pussy. Aria’s weak spot. Be careful with her, okay?”

“I… I see…” Yuri followed Erika’s instruction, showing me an outstanding feeling of bliss, and it was no exaggeration. I didn’t know what it was, but I was more sensitive than usual.

“She sounds like a kitten,” Virginia criticized the noises that I couldn’t help doing as I was abused such.

I held tight to Yuri’s back, hoping I wasn’t hurting her with my nails.
File: 08_Kathy_Smith.jpg (180 KB, 850x2421)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
“I haven’t played with her butt enough to find a fun spot, but I’m sure she’s got one,” Erika whispered Yuri. “If you find it, let me know,” and she left us alone.

As a single finger was doing quite the work with me, a hand grabbed my tail and put it somewhere warm and wet and soft. I did not resist and instead tried to push myself further inside that hole. Yuri locked her eyes with mine. She nodded and we kissed. I started moving my tail.

1) Threesome with Virginia and Ruth.
2) Tetrasome (if the word exists) with also Elmira in the mix.
3) Aria pleases Virginia. Ruth demands aria to fix an encounter with Jill.
4) Aria pleases Virginia and Elmira separately.
5) Aria pleases everyone separately.


Kathy had made such a mess. All that work… all that preparation and she had… damn. Freaking Kathy. I had gone and found her, found her hiding under the bed. What was she, a child? Obviously. Who else but a child would come up with such a stupid idea to ruin everything? That’s why Lise was in charge when I was gone and not Kathy.

She was crying, as she should have.

“A-are you mad?” she asked me, sitting down on the floor of the cabin as everyone in ear range watched her and me discuss. I had my hands on my hips and was tapping my foot.

“You’re damn right I’m mad! Kathy! What were you thinking! No, you weren’t thinking, were you?”

“I d-d-didn’t know what else to do!” she stammered. I knew at least half of those were crocodile tears. “You had passed out, and the people, they were talking about taking the clothes and..!”

“So before they could take them, you offered them for free!” I cut her off. She would just find a justification if I let her.

“J-just the panties…”

“Oh, just a pair of panties. Nothing but a pair of panties! Do you remember the reason for the whole race? The whole event?”

“Sorry…” she didn’t dare to look at me, that suited her fine.
“We’re going to have you apologize in front of everyone.”

“Y-yes, Jill…”

“And you’re losing your rank as one of the Generals. Someone is going to replace you and you’ll be under her.”

“Yes, Jill…”

“And then I’m going to have the crowd have their way with you. Every single person is going to get a pair of panties worth of enjoyment out of you. Do you understand?”

“Y-y-yee-eh-eh-s Jiiiill!” she wailed, this time I thought she was crying for real. She covered her eyes. At least two dozen people had heard. They would pass the message alone that the deal was off. I was going to make a few announcements yet. This was going to be a nightmare…

“You’re still fine, okay,” I sighed. “No one is going to hurt you and you’re still a Panty Raider. I still like you and nothing changed between us. But Kathy… damn it; Kathy! Why would you do that!”

I didn’t want her crying, but I was so furious! I wanted to hug her and I wanted to slap her at the same time. My poor, dumb, Kathy. She was fun and it was fun watching her play with other girls; but she couldn’t handle any real responsibility. In a way, this was on me.

Now to see what I could come up with to fix this mess up…

A) Conference to be held right away to whoever can come quickly. Everyone else must hear it second-hand. Jill believes this will minimize damages.
B) Jill agrees to see everyone else at yesterday’s place. The prizing ceremony will officially close and Jill will let the crowd decide Kathy’s fate.
C) Kathy tries to flee and gets doubly punished, then tied down.
D) The conference is held right away, but it’s to be streamed. Basically everyone in camp gets to see it. Allows for a milder punishment to be given to Kathy.
It's pretty amazing that this has lasted so long, yeah. I still remember the initial days back on the ENF General threads, and some of the regulars from the first few threads.

The prologue draft you sent me wasn't bad, I was trying hard to be thorough so I wouldn't miss anything. A bunch of the comments were to the tune of 'I can't really tell much from the prologue' too, if memory serves.

Either way, I'm glad to stick around here as long as you're enjoying writing it.

a+d, Lady already knows she's hypersensitive but we can see her learn a little bit more about the new body she's in.

1. Elmira would probably lessen the experience for Virginia and Ruth, and she only paid to watch anyways.

B, let's tie this up properly, with Kathy getting what's coming to her.
File: D4agfOfUYAAZGJt.jpg (165 KB, 1216x1575)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
d+e, medea being medea would be trying to help Lady learn about herself and how she should properly take care of her body.

1, I feel like they just came for the tail, and they should get it and that would be the best way for it to be handled, but also 6, yuri stays after and talks with aria about her feelings (I really like how yuri has turned out in this story and would like to see her more)

And B. Kathy has been rude and mean for like the entirety of what I read about her. Just desserts.
b + d
(a) doensn't feel right. sure, its what she aimed for, but it won't work beeing the center of attention, recogniced by none and quite possibly the cutest thing they have seen so far :3

1 + 6
seems about right, seconds on this :)

> "let's tie this up properly, with Kathy getting what's coming to her."
- sorry Yawn, i just couldn't resist this one :D
We were not on our optimal conditions, neither of us. Yuri was loudly and unapologetically announcing the pleasure my tail worming inside her made her feel. I was more discreet, not that what I was experiencing was any less noticeable. Yuri kept making short work of my weak spots as the tail let her, I kept moving my tail as being molested in my most sensitive areas let me.

There was no question I had the upper hand, however. Fingers could not compete with the unfair advantages given to me by alchemy and witchcraft. If I chose to, I could finish the encounter quickly by simply using my best tricks; even in a weakened state Yuri should not be able to resist. I just didn’t want to; because Yuri looked like she wanted this to go on for longer. I respected her wishes.

She had sufficiently impressed me; she had become someone I liked. I took a slight rub against her vulva, nothing but a touch. I obtained a respectable amount of the honey her pussy made all for me and held it against my nose, taking it in. Now I had it with me forever. I cleaned my finger with my mouth just in time to receive a considerate kiss by my partner. Pleasure overshadowed shame. I no longer cared if I was being loud or if this was supposed to be private. I bounced up and down on Yuri’s fingers and minded not the suckling noises our mouths were making crashing against each other’s faces.

“Aria!” my name was lovingly cried.

I tried to answer it but only animal sounds exited my throat. I was too close to the finish to be expected to be in full control. A slightly stronger yank of those Erika had taught Yuri was enough to send me to a world of pure ecstasy. Wanting Yuri to share this moment with me, I more than tripled the speed I had been using until then on my tail, she got caught completely off-guard and if I was being loud, Yuri was in another level entirely. Neighbors must have heard.
I was the one collapsed upon. I easily tolerated Yuri’s weight on me as we panted, greedily wheezing for air.

“M-me next!” Virginia gleefully effused.

“No; me, me!” Ruth imitated her, rudely pushing away Virginia’s face.

“Shut up! It was my idea to come here!”

“No, it was Yuri’s idea! You shut up!”

“I still said it first! I go first! I made the recording for Yuri, too! I should be next!” maybe I could convince Virginia to delete that thing if I offered her the next turn.

“Just go both at the same time. Aria likes threesomes,” Erika carelessly kept making me look worse. “First thing give her a breather, though. What’s the hurry? Other than we’re starving here.”

Lisa offered me a can of cat food that she had saved for Arthur. I got to rehydrate myself as well. Erika decided that she was more hungry than horny and decided to go to the cafeteria to get the rest of people something to eat. She was deeply praised for her selfless choice, as despite all that had gone on going out completely naked in the middle of the day to the cafeteria was not something just anyone could do. Not even Erika was in the mood to go through it too early in the morning, and she had the outfit to not have to.

She said it was because of Kirby, she said girls were fine but other guys ogling her on the way would strain their relationship, but I knew that at the end of the day, it took a special kind of person to go out baring it all permanently and enjoying it. Like Jill.

“So, who’s next?” Ruth urged me. Virginia gave a sign of compliance. My choice would be respected and enforced.

I could have waited for Erika to return, but then I would have someone else watching me, not to mention that if people were eating at the same time I was making a spectacle of myself, I would feel like I was a circus attraction. That did not sound okay.

“Both at the same time,” I decided.
Why not? I did want to have a threesome. Besides, thanks to Yuri I didn’t need any more meaningful relationships or loving stuff. Releasing the reins of lust and taking care of these two with all my tail could do sounded about right.

“This is sick!” Lisa cheered in a good way. She meant sick in the best way possible. “I want to take the video next.”

“Can we stop it with the videos?” I requested, still moving to make space on the bed.

“Come on, Aria. Just this once. I gave you one of mine, remember? The one you got to your phone.”

How long was she going to keep that over my head? Yes, Lisa had caught me getting a bunch of videos featuring herself. She had deleted all of them from my phone except one, the one I told her I liked the most. “Meow… fine,” I reluctantly agreed. “For you only! I don’t want it uploaded anywhere!”

“Sure, you got it,” she said, and I was not entirely sure she was being truthful.

“O-okay, how do we…?” Ruth wondered, already stepped onto the bed, blushing nearly as much as I was and starting to wonder how it all worked.

Yuri had given us space and was dedicating her time to investigate the can of wet cat food I had emptied, trying to dare herself to taste it, apparently; disgust all over her. It didn’t offend me on the slightest, I knew my tastes were peculiar.

“I s-saw in a porno once that…” Virginia started, then interrupted herself, “not that I was into that kind of stuff! I just… my parents got HBO when I was in middle school. I didn’t pick what stuff showed on screen after midnight. I worked with what I had… and not often at all! Like… once a month or so. No, less. Like, once every other month or something.”

“I have a huge collection of lesbian porn,” I admitted quietly only to her, and kissed her. Eighteen videos, not counting the ones I got on my phone from camp.
After kissing Virginia, I immediately kissed Ruth. Neither rejected me, at all, although Virginia was a little tense. I had a hand on each girl’s vagina, gently rubbing it. Both were already quite excited from what they had seen me do with Yuri.

After warming Ruth up, with a gentle push, I had both of them kissing each other. This was one of my most elaborate fantasies since ever! Having two straight girls kissing each other because I made them do so. I couldn’t avoid a meow of elation.

They needed no more incentive to get their hands around each other. For fifteen glorious seconds in which I didn’t do anything that rubbing pretty slits I witnessed them from up close being kinky. Did they even need me at this point? While they probably didn’t, I still agreed to ‘use the tail’.

So that is what I did. Since Virginia was the one who was struggling the most to get into the mood – Ruth had finally lost any qualms about enjoying herself –, I used my tail on Virginia first. She made an exclamation of discomfort as I inserted my extra appendage – still wet with Yuri’s fluids and my saliva of cleaning it as much as I could.

Virginia didn’t ease up easily, but she did in the end. I wasn’t going to use my best repertoire, I needed her sufficiently… ready. Progressively, the tail became wilder and wilder and Virginia got noisier and noisier; both from her mouth and her… lower mouth. I liked both sounds.

As Virginia became literally unable to keep pace with Ruth, Ruth instead turned her attention to me. Hands reached for my breasts, a mouth searched my neck. A well-toned leg got in the middle of mine, and a knee started rubbing me and it felt good. I grinded against it, internally feeling sorry that I was making such a mess out of Erika’s bed.

Virginia experienced an orgasm before I was even getting started. That would not do. I switched speeds.
“N-no! AH, AAHHH! EEEEEK!” she cried. I knew there was pleasure hiding behind that surprise.

She fell to her back and then tossed and turned, pointing her butt and her cute pussy my way. Virginia moved that nice looking ass in small circles, barely able to tolerate what I was offering her. She climaxed yet again within a few seconds. Ruth needed very little convincing – just another push – to stick her mouth where my tail was coming in and out from. It was extremely erotic; the stimulation I was getting from a single knee in my crutch wasn’t much, but this what my eyes were showing me was far more than I had expected. I joined Virginia by the time she arrived to her third orgasm of the session.

Forcefully, Ruth grabbed my tail from inside Virginia and stuck it in her own hole. I would have been quite against the idea but Ruth decided a moment in which I was in heaven and could have felt no pain or discomfort. I hurried to show Ruth was Virginia had been experiencing.

a) Elmira begs and gets to join, although she has to pay for it.
b) Yuri confesses her feelings straightforwardly.
c) Aria cannot contain her lust and goes to search for Delanie.
d) Aria gets pleased by four girls at once and passes out. Heat reset. Who does she see?


Jesse and his boyfriends were not the only faggots we found. The pool would have been amazing, it was filled with naked girls everywhere! That Andrea, the girl with the nice tits; or Felicia; anyone with a pair of tits worth a shit were swimming or resting on the pool chairs. I started fucking drooling. Now, I meant it would have been amazing, but it was also full of guys.

I didn’t have a nice a rack as I should have – because I had used to have massive pecks; that should have turned into nice tits – and still faggots left and right tried to check me out. I hid behind Medea the whole time, and when people got close to talk to me I had them send them away. I didn’t even want to talk to them.
File: 32_Janelle_Gum.jpg (85 KB, 704x1070)
85 KB
Going inside, it was everything I hoped. I had peeped the showers on that small window in the corner but had never seen the actual changing room. It was nice and clean, smelled of girls; their toilet was not a mess. Girls were talking inside the changing room. NAKED! All of them.

I knew most of them. Some of them I had panties from. There was Diane and Cindy. They weren’t very hot but seeing them up close with nothing on was something else. Cindy’s ass was nice when everything was said and done. And that was Diane’s little pussy. The first time I ever saw her. They were talking and laughing and didn’t care that I was there, watching them.

I felt a tingling between the legs. It was not the same back when I was me. That was more powerful and went to the head; this was one was… weird, but felt warmer. Eyes got heavy; dunno why but they got heavy. Lots of it was on the breath and face, you could felt it change; men don’t even notice that stuff. Not sure it even happened. I knew which one I preferred.

“Are you coming?” Medea asked me. She was already naked, I didn’t even notice when she took off her clothes. Had a small, transparent bag with shampoo bottles and a soap and stuff.

She was walking to the showers, sounds of hot water coming from that place. Girls were in there! Medea had her body covered by all that hair she had; only way to tell she was naked was because her shoulders and hips were bare. She was right; it was time to go in.

First thing I saw was Janelle’s ass. Janelle was just my type. A brunette with big eyes and big tits. The door to her shower was wide open. Girls didn’t always close the doors; I knew that. I had a voice in the back of my head: ‘grab that ass! Grab it!’ it said. I almost did. Medea pulled me away.

“Avoid staring at others, it is considered impolite.”

“Having such a fine ass should be considered illegal!” I said back.

“N-not so loud!” Medea said.
File: 18_Cindy_Strickland.jpg (141 KB, 850x785)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Janelle looked back at me after hearing, seeing me get pushed into another shower. Damn! That Medea girl was strong! I got to wink at Janelle before; nice thing she turned, she had some prime-quality tits! She was looking me all confused. Not that she’d be able to look through my disguise.

“Are you at all acquainted with the social contract?” she scolded me, turning the water on. Funny thing, Miss Stevenson and Miss Fowler had asked me the same thing. Word for word. I had an answer ready.

“Social contract can such my d-!” wait.

“Which you do not have,” she said. “You have a vagina. At the end of that vagina you have an uterus. At the side of those you have fallopian tubes. We checked.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard that before,” I had. I was over it. Nothing to worry about. I would get my body back in time. “I came here to look at girls. Are you going to get in the way? Erika told me I could call the shots.”

“She did indeed. I understand there are… kinetic learners as well. Sometimes consequences are the only things to be appreciated. I apologize, Lady, for trying to stray you so. Please act upon your best instinct.”

“As long as you understand. N-now… uff,” I tried to get out and open the door to the shower, but it was pretty fucking hard. “O-our showers are not s-so… this thing’s stuck!”

“Do you refer to the lock? Merely move it to the left and above.”

“I know how it works, alright? It’s… not… budging!” it must have been rusty or old or something.

Medea started to lecture me. I had been thinking she was some kind of old lady looking like a little girl with magic. “No one is truly infallible, Lady. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. When you find your set of skills inadequate or insufficient; you must remember you are not alone. In this cases you would do well to…”
File: 11_Enriqueta_Bolsley.jpg (97 KB, 850x1193)
97 KB
I didn’t know what she was on about, I had shit to do. I crawled, chest to the ground, like a soldier. I went under the door easy enough.

“Hmm, I am at a loss, Lady. I will not give up; one way or another I will turn you into a proper person. It would be foolish to assume it would be easy.”

That was all I heard her say before I snuck to get another good look at Janelle. Again the door was open. Again she had her nice back to me. Shit, what an ass!

“It’s you again, isn’t it?” she said. Must have heard the sound my feet made splashing when I stepped in. Not like I was trying too hard to hide.

“I’m here to appreciate beauty. Don’t get mad,” I said. I had a suave tone of voice I liked to use; went well with a cowboy accent and a back against the wall. Not nearly as good when I sounded like a fucking chipmunk.

“Heh, you’re funny,” she said. “You should join the Panty Raiders. What’s your name?” she wasn’t looking at me.

“Lady,” I said. Shit. Oh, well; Lady it was. Any name was good. “And if you’re name isn’t ‘beautiful’, your mom and dad don’t got a lick of sense.”

“Ha, ha! That is sooo lame! N-not your name. I meant the line.”

“What can I say? A gu- a girl can get dumb just watching those hooters you’ve got. I caught the stupid because of you, beautiful.”

“Sooo, uh… what brings you to my shower…? When there’s like… everywhere else,” shit, I was losing her.

“I think she’s hitting on you,” said a tiny-tits redhead. She had a nice face but that was about it. She only peeked her head and half of her left tit. I didn’t care to see the rest, other than Medea who was kind of hot anyway, I didn’t have time for kids.

“You think? No way!” said Janelle.
File: 33_Diane_Griffin.jpg (61 KB, 850x850)
61 KB
“Sarcasm? I had a genuine intention to help. You looked clueless,” said tiny-tits. Coming all out. Even completely naked she wasn’t much to look at. Nah, because she was all soaked she kind of looked okay. “Oh, hello. My name is Enriquetta,” she said to me. “Nice to meet you. I thought I had met everyone in camp, I was wrong, I guess.”

I was about to tell her to scram, but Medea beat me to the punch. “This is my friend; her name is Lady. If you find her too peculiar, you will have to excuse her. She… grew up with an excess of masculine influence and no feminine influence whatsoever.”

What was that?

“Oh, bunch of brothers growing up. I know the kind,” said Janelle. I almost had her and now these two no-tits had to come out and ruin it. Janelle was laughing at me. “Wait, so she was actually serious when she…?”

“I guess that’s why she’s all ‘au natural’,” Enriquetta did what we call ‘the bunnies’ back home. Getting two fingers of two hands and moving them up and down. Only know-it-alls or people who wanted to be know-it-alls did the bunnies.

“Yeah… now that you mention it,” said Janelle. They were making me look worse in front of her. Should have told them to scram sooner.

“Forget Janelle; I doubt even the boys will fall for you if you… don’t groom properly,” said Enriquetta.

“No, I guess it’s okay,” said Janelle. “She has very thin hair on her legs. That’s okay. Now, Lady, lift your arms some for me,” I did. “But THAT! Thin or not that has to go! How do you even… live with that?”

“I forgot my razor back at home!” I lied. I stole one from Billy when mine went bad. It was back at my old dorm.

“Here, I bought you a spare,” Medea gave me one. Brand new inside the package. Off-brand. Pink.
File: 24_Lillie_Taylor.jpg (165 KB, 850x1189)
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165 KB JPG
Wanted to slap that shit away. Then I remembered this wasn’t my body. My body had different hair color, different eyes, different muscles, different everything. Yeah, I didn’t like hairy girls; nobody did.

“You’ve never done it, I’m guessing,” said Janelle. “Do you want me to give you some pointers?”

I had an idea. “Could you help me? Don’t wanna cut myself, now do I?” Now I had a reason to be around her. I could work with this.

Medea nodded and smiled when she heard me say ‘help’.

1) Lady keeps hitting on Janelle unsuccessfully. Plays it macho and just ends up showing how cute she is.
2) Janelle is one of Jill’s girls. She’s not a lesbian, but she’s a hell of a lot more than Lady can handle right now.
3) Someone else comes out and offers to help. She’s got a very patronizing personality.
4) Lady is rejected by Janelle and a switch of tactics is in order. Tactics Lady never thought possible.


Kathy kept making cute noises as I lead her around on a leash. With some rope and a tutorial video, I had made an interesting set of knots all around her. I wasn’t much into bondage before but maybe now I was a little more now. A diamond shaped part of it pressed her tits ever so slightly with each step. The most important part was digging on Kathy’s pussy and butt. I had left that part nice and tight.

“Kathy! Say your part!” I ordered. I knew it was hard on her, but it was part of her repentance. Besides, she kind of liked it. Why else would she be wet?

“P-please follow me! The Panty Raiders are going to make an announcement! We-we are to… AHH! Jill!”

I couldn’t resist yanking the rope. It was secured to the middle of Kathy’s body, and pulled everything at the same time. Everything. I gave it another yank and held Kathy close to me. I kissed her forehead and her cheeks, then played with her tits. “Put more feeling into it, Kathy. People are not going to hear you like that.”

I had already posted everywhere I could think of, sent private messages to everyone I knew wouldn’t check social media. I was still using Kathy to advertise the event. It was the least she could do, considering.

We had a following. Kathy had a following. It was mostly boys, but a few girls who liked this kind of stuff, like Lillie and Tammy; followed me and made fun of Kathy, pinching her butt and having fun watching her squirm. I didn’t stop them.

Just to make Kathy more of the center of attention, I had covered my own pussy with a single leaf. I had used Kathy’s pussy juice to kept it stuck. It would fall off eventually and I would need another one. By then maybe I could use my own; leading Kathy like this was… fun!

“This whore lied to us! To all of us! It’s her fault we’re not getting panties anymore!” Lillie yelled full of scorn. Most everyone was aware of the situation. It would have to handle it at the stands back on the tennis courts.

I had asked Dugald and he said he already had people waiting there. Maybe not the full camp, but we could get half the people there if we tried.

Lillie’s slapped Kathy’s ass. That was new. “Eeeek!” Kathy went. Lillie slapped again.
File: 40_Tammy_Beverly.jpg (115 KB, 850x1001)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Maybe I should have stopped Lillie. It kind of became an invitation to trouble. We had barely made it inside the forest when more people joined in and started messing with Kathy. She was getting her nipples pinched, they were yanking the rope without my permission, pulling at her hair; the bravest of them inserted fingers inside.

When Lillie took out this huge, purple dildo that I recognized it and forced it on Kathy’s mouth and was saying something about needing it lubricated for what she planned to do, I knew that I had to make a choice.

A) Calm the crowd down. Kathy’s humiliation will wait until all camp is present (will take an hour or so; Jill will gather everyone including protagonists).
B) Calm the crowd down. Kathy’s humiliation will wait until half the camp is present (will stay take half an hour).
C) Hang Kathy from a tree and let her be a piñata of abuse. Crowd deserves it.
D) Mess with Lillie instead.
b, I wonder how Aria will react?

1+2, Lady and Janelle have a good rhythm right now and Lady's in for a fun time.

A, an hour will be enough to bring everything together, and it makes for a stronger scene. Aria will be able to spot Delanie again too, which ties into the next leg of Aria's day.
File: IMG_20190418_000348.jpg (110 KB, 707x1000)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Agreed, b


And A. Jill can't settle for less than the whole camp after how sour things went yesterday.
A -> C(lite, as anything mayor would cause the staff to intervene)
Lillie was just mad what she had to go through yesterday. If fair was fair, she would also be tied down with something being done to her. She had not finished the race the right way and I had some plans to make something happen; it was just not important right now because of what Kathy had done.

“That’s enough!” I told them off; a lot of energy and authority, but in a good mood. “I don’t want you to tire her before it’s time. You’re going to have to wait. She’s going to pay, believe me.”

Most stopped at once. Lillie challenged me with a stare that I returned. She gave up after grunting and got back in line.

“Thanks, Jill,” said Kathy, even when I was pulling her with a rope digging up her pussy. When all was said and done, she was a nice girl.

“You stopped making the announcement, Kathy,” I reminded her. “Tennis courts, 1:30 PM. Presence mandatory.”

She obeyed and I pulled a little tighter, making her sing.


Medea was good for something, after all. Other than turning people into frogs and girls and shit. I got the razor from her hands, all lady-like; placing an open palm and saying “please.” Getting the damned thing to open was hard. Did the fucking people at the factory feared that girls would steal them or something? The plastic thing it was inside was hard to break. I had to start biting and even that wasn’t enough.

“Uh… wow. Really? Have you never seen a razor in your life?” Janelle asked me.

She got the thing from me; not lady-like; she swiped it like I should have done. She broke the cardboard from behind and looked at me like I was retarded, giving me the razor. I knew about the dented cardboard; but that was not the way to open shit; you grab it from the top and break the box in two. That was the proper way if you weren’t a sissy.
“Now, because you have very fair skin; what you’re going to want to do is to soak in lukewarm water; not hot, mind you,” Janelle said. She touched my leg. Felt kinda funny when she brushed a hand on it. “Your hair grows downwards, so you will want to shave in the opposite direction.”

“All human hair grows ‘downwards’. It is a feature of gravity,” said Medea. Another know-it-all.

“No, not on everyone,” said Janelle. The way she said so made me want to believe it. “It’s not always the case; I had an aunt that had leg hair going up and down. It also is different on places with a lot of hair, like the pubes or the armpits, and then there was…”

Shit. There was always a catch. She was hot, but chatty. I let her keep talking and picked a leg to start on. I knew how to fucking shave; been doing it for years.

“Eeeek!” Shit! Fuck! Goddamn, it hurt! Fuck! Fuck! “O-oooww!”

“That’s why I told you, you have to soak first!” Janelle took the razor off my hand. “Let me see.”

Medea looked away, like I had. If you looked away it hurt less; that’s one trick I had learned. “D-does it look as bad as it feels?” I asked Janelle.

“Don’t be such a baby! There’s… hardly any blood!” she said. Liar.

“I’m not being a baby!”

“And stop crying! It’s… it’s not so bad!”

“I’m not crying!”

“E-excuse me, I do not deal particularly well with blood,” Medea got out in a fucking hurry. Was it that bad? For sure I wasn’t taking a look now.

“I think I have a bandaid,” Enriquetta said, also getting out. Now we were all alone.

Janelle got me under the shower. Water at least was warm. It stung my leg, then it felt better. I bit my lip. Was this a fucking prank razor or something? Fucking witches! Bad with blood, my ass! She went to laugh her ass off in the other room! God-fucking-damn-it! I wanted to punch her on her stupid face.
“My! What do you use for your skin? It’s… like a baby’s!” Janelle said. “Might be the reason why you got cut. Also, and from this I can tell you were going in like you were trying to shave a coconut. But really, what do you do with your skin?”

I wasn’t about to discuss beauty tips. The pain was more or less past and I had calmed down. I had to remember why I came here in the first place.

“I h-happen to like your skin a… a l-lot more!”

“Aww, does it still hurt?” I didn’t want to speak but I shook my head, kept biting on that lip. What the fuck was wrong with me? I shrugged off shit like this before like it was nothing. Didn’t even notice it. “And you’re still trying to flirt! Ha, ha! Do you like me that much?” I nodded as hard as I could. “Want me to kiss it better?”

“I’d… I’d kiss YOU better!” couldn’t let that one slip by.

“Let me do it, okay? Shave you. I’m so jealous! It feels so smooth!” she kept touching, not that I minded. I would get to do it too in a second, I’d bet. “What do you do with it? Is it like, snail? Or curcuma with ginger?”

“Err… ask Medea about it. Some cream she gave me,” she looked mighty interested so I told her a half truth. Would shut her up about it. “So… can you teach me to shave?” I tried to sound suave but fuck, it hurt. Fuck, this skin was sensitive. And it was me, even other girls said so. It was another of Medea’s pranks. Fuck her in hell. I kept biting my lips and now it hurt, too.

“Pain is never going to go away if you keep it in, you know?” she said. She was wrong. You ignored it and it went away.

She got the razor, still had some red on it. She rinsed it good and got it close to my leg. “B-be careful!” or I was going to bleed out.
“I will be,” and I believed her, but still looked away. I didn’t want to see. I heard the noise of it running up my leg, she was being careful and still didn’t like it one bit. She got behind me, kneeled a little. She had me good. “See? You’re not a coconut. You’re a peach. Peaches are delicate. If you squeeze them…”

“Ahh!” she squeezed me. It was on my good leg, but still didn’t like it.

“…they get bruised. They’re nice to the touch, though. And they have this little thing on the middle…”

“N-noo!” Janelle’s hands were going up. I couldn’t be touched there. I couldn’t, I had tried; I couldn’t!

“Why not? You were the one flirting, remember? Or were you just joking? If you say you were joking, I will let you off easy.”

“I w-wasn’t… joking. You have a n-nice ass,” her hands wouldn’t stop. “And I love your tits but please! I c-can’t!”

“I don’t get you, you’re so weird. You’re like… I dunno. Like a nosy kid trying to show off, but; like you’re not even embarrassed about it. Kind of a tomboy. You’re cute!”

I wanted to say something. It was hard to speak. I was having that tingling pain from my cut, and then Janelle’s hand getting up my tight. She had figured out as far as she could go without me getting jumpy and was dancing right around it. Up and down, up and down. Driving me crazy’s what she was doing.

“Tell me, Lady; do you like girls?”

“Y-yes… of… of course,” what else would I like?

“And I’m the first one? The first one you tried?”

“N-no…! Of course not! I’ve… I’ve done it lots of times…! With… with lots of girls!”
“That’s why I can even touch get close to your ya-ya without you freaking out?” she said. She didn’t believe me. “Relax, I’m teasing. Let me get finished here.”

It was a game for her. She kept me close, her huge boobs to my back; would have been nice if Janelle wasn’t playing around. She did shave me; both legs, real quick, real careful, real good job. Enriquetta came back with a band aid. She left it on the thinguie the shower has for you to place the soap. She left us alone again. Medea didn’t return, but she was around; I knew it.

The leg stopped bleeding. It must have been a scratch. Janelle kept saying how delicate I was. She had me raise my arms and it was a pain to get shaved there. That was the hair I wanted gone the most; it looked fucking awful on a girl; but I was also ticklish. Sensitive, delicate, ticklish. This body sucked!

“You don’t like me touching your boobs, do you, Lady?” Janelle asked me. It wasn’t on purpose she was doing it; she was grabbing all over the place to keep me still.

“It’s… you’re fine. They’re just sensitive.”

“No kidding. You’re like… the most sensitive girl ever.”

Nothing I could say to that. I was starting to get a grip of what rotten deal I was getting. Camp was full of lesbians as far as I was seeing and I couldn’t even get touched. Couldn’t even watch and touch it by myself. Shit was rough.

“I would have taken you to Jill, but she… she’d destroy you! She can’t restrain herself too well, you know?” she said. “Aaaand all done on the armpits. Now comes the fun stuff.”

“What fun stuff?”

“Crotch. You look like the sort of girl who looks better all bare. Don’t you agree?”

“W-what? N-no! No, wait!”

a) All must go.
b) Pubes remain.
c) Pubes remain, but Lady gets teased to tears.
d) Lady makes a choice and decides to get trained.


It was odd. I had just had a threesome with two pretty girls and I still preferred what I shared with Yuri. Not that the threesome had anything wrong with it! No! It was… extremely erotic; stupidly so. I could get turned back on just thinking about it. I would love to do it again sometime, favor or not.

I had given Virginia and Ruth maybe five orgasms each; most of them tail-induced. I have only gotten twice of my own and was kind of tired of sex for now.

I was quite proud of myself, as everyone could not stop praising me for my sexual prowess. I had eaten, I had hydrated, I had partaken in all of my base instincts and was now continually grooming my face and thighs on the top of Jill’s bed, above Erika’s. Ruth and Virginia rested below. I had tired them out; another reason for my rightful pride.

Elmira had locked herself inside the bathroom. Cat hearing was not necessary to know what she was doing; it was self-explanatory, which made it rather sad Elmira thought she was hiding it by keeping the tap water running, assuring us from the very beginning she was just using the bathroom, and then trying to keep the noise to a minimum.

Erika arrived and the rest got to eat. Erika had been nice enough to even bring stuff to the people who had invited themselves in, or so I thought.

“Well, that was actually for Zelda and Jill but; they’re not here so dig in!” she had proclaimed.
The members of the coven ate while chatting near the foot of Lisa’s bed. Elmira was done with her business and apparently she was so embarrassed she left. Virginia and Ruth didn’t at first, but then joined the coven in their circle and started discussing non-sex related things. I was glad Ruth solved her differences with Carmen and Erika; they each had a poor first impression of each other since we fought them at the cafeteria. Erika teased Ruth because she was Erika, then told Ruth “to not sweat the small stuff.” Carmen agreed to leave the past in the past so long as she could take a compensation; after pulling one of Ruth’s pubes – Ruth yelled and demanded to pull a hair in retaliation which she did – everyone ended up fine.

The one not partaking in was Yuri. She stayed on the bunk bellow me, watching me groom. It was a complicated job and I could do it for hours if I wanted it done just right, which I did. Yuri mumbled something. “A-alright, here we go,” she had said; and I guessed I was not supposed to hear that. She climbed to Jill’s bunk, and I moved slightly to the left to give her more space if that’s what she wanted, then kept licking my shoulders as I could. Ruth did not acknowledge the space I had given her and drew closer.

“You look funny doing that,” she chirped.

I knew she didn’t mean anything bad by it, so I meowed in response. It amused her and she laughed. She reached a hand doubtfully, and I smelled it, just to formalize me giving her permission to touch me. She petted me and hugged me; kind of invading my personal space. I wasn’t too bothered by it, but I would not be able to keep my errand that way.

“Aria, can I tell you something?”

“Sure, we can do it anytime you want. I also prefer private settings, by the way,” I anticipated her question. My face flared up as it almost always did. I could simply not talk about sex casually.
“Oh… great! That’s great! T-thanks, but… c-can I tell you something else?” I did not say anything back, but gave a clear indication that she was welcome to go on. “Y-you remember… yesterday, right?”

Who didn’t? What a day! I knew what she meant, though. It was a good thing that I was already blushing quite hard; maybe that was something that I could use to my advantage in the future; force myself to blush beforehand so they don’t notice when something even more embarrassing happened.

“What… do you think about it?” she whispered.

I being her ‘girl-crush’. I didn’t want to discuss it; it was too awkward. That had never happened to me before coming here, and never this way other than because of Medea’s potions. I was always the one falling for someone else; friends at school, people on TV, then Erika, then Jill that one time and now… I was not sure but I thought there was something about Delanie. I was never the object of that sort of affection myself.

“Am I getting in your way?” she sighed, sad. “I guess you like someone else.”

I had taken too long to answer. “N-no! No, of course it doesn’t bother me, at all!” even though I did like someone else; not that I was particularly faithful to be honest. “I… t-this is…” If Yuri was baring her heart to me, I should reciprocate. “I’m so flattered. And you’re so pretty! T-this… I’m a lesbian. I’ve always been. I’ve never had any experience before coming to camp. I am… new to this stuff. I don’t know how to react. But I’m flattered and happy!”
“I’m not asking you to go steady,” ‘yet’, she added under her breath. She was most likely not aware of my hearing. “I just thought you should know. And you do know, but I never heard anything back. T-then I came here to see you but was wondering if you only did this with us because of the favor and t-there’s someone…” she stopped, hopeful.

I wasn’t going to lie to her. Besides, it should have been obvious. “Sorry, yes; there is someone. Kind of several someones. I’m so easy!” I derided myself. “Bottom line is: I like you. I find you attractive, but I also like you as a person. I’m… not sure what you expected when you made this uh…”

“Confession,” she bashfully added, giggling.

“This confession,” I said with a parched throat of incredulity. I didn’t see this one coming. “I’m glad you did b-but, what did you want me to do about it?”

“Nothing,” she said and kissed me. Then she jumped down and joined the rest of the girls, who quickly offered some of their food. I was left there, dumbfounded and confused.

1) Aria looks for Delanie.
2) The group eats and chats and waits for Jill’s event.
3) Aria is not done. She takes Yuri away and they continue.
4) The cabin gets more visitors. Junkies looking for a fix.
5) Maggie keeps insisting to talk with Aria.
6) Group heads to the showers and meets Lady there.
File: 4L_n3v96xy5.jpg (56 KB, 850x478)
56 KB
c -> a
a, with skin as smooth as that it'd be a shame to have it covered up.

2, I feel like it's better pacing to leave the next session with Yuri for a little bit, and Aria can more easily find Delanie by looking for her at Jill's event.
a, 3
d->a or c->a
2, doesn't mean they can't flirt a bit while waiting. How about, her instincts on assaulting Delanie kick back in again, when she actually sees her at the next event.
File: 008.jpg (208 KB, 1280x1847)
208 KB
208 KB JPG

a) lady was the flirter and now I think she should become the flirtee.

And I'm most a fan of a variant of 3, where aria thinks about and finds delanie at the event, but once her heat fades, she finds yuri to talk more about it with less distraction, and maybe act on it, depending on how she feels then.
“I’m not into girls… or was,” Janelle said. I knew it, she was one of those. Easy to tell on how she grabbed me. I thought people like her were hot; but I didn’t like it that much when it was happening to me, “but I still think we can play.”

“I don’t want to play,” I changed my mind. She might have been hot but I wasn’t ready for this after all. I needed to practice on my own or something.

“You have no one to blame!” she said, laughing and closing the door and getting on my way. There was only one exit and my leg was injured. “I was taking a shower here and then you said ‘what a nice ass!’ and stuff, and then you walked in and talked big; and now you’re such a… oh, you’re just too cute!”

She was teasing. It wasn’t a serious thing, I wasn’t stupid enough to fall for that. It didn’t change jack; getting touched still was not something that I could deal with; and this girl had a bad hunger on her eyes. It didn’t look good for me, no sir.

“G-get back!” was what I could say, and I got back until I bumped the wall. There was no yelling out of this one. No guy would come to save me from another girl. From a girl, I mean; not that I’m a girl.

Janelle was giving me Erika vibes. She was getting close to me moving the fingers in the same way, like I was gonna get tickled.

“Eeeeeek!” it spilled out. I couldn’t help it and I knew it wouldn’t help. Still came out.

“Gotcha, Lady! Tee, hee, hee!”

“No! No! No! No!”

“T-take it easy, I’m not…! Take it easy!”

“Sheesh, what the hell are you doing to her?” Enriquetta let herself in, I hoped she would stop this mad woman so I screamed louder.
“Nothing! Nothing! She’s just a huge baby!” Janelle grabbed me and hugged me against my will. I was over feeling her tits on me, I wanted her off. “A huge, soft, smooth baby!”

Enriquetta, instead of saving me, only rolled her eyes. “You Panty Raiders are all so rapey. Have fun!” she had the nerve to say and left me there alone with Janelle, closing the door again, she didn’t close the lock but stuck a towel on it.

Janelle did it. She placed the hand on my… on the girl thing. Janelle’s hand tingled too strongly to feel good. I couldn’t have people touching it. “This is also so smooth. I’m not usually like this, but when you resisted so much it just made me want to touch it. See? It’s not the worst thing in the world.”

I could almost resist her having her hand on me over there, over my crotch; then she started moving.


“Are you sure you’re not… gutting her alive?” Enriquetta’s voice from the neighboring booth.

“Very sure. Do you want to come and try? She’s so soft all over! She says it’s a cream.”

It happened. The difference was night and day from what it was before and I still knew what it was the moment it happened. It felt good; by God it felt good: from the belly and up the spine, then down the legs and until my toes. It was whatever follows a tingling, the mother of all of them. Body went numb, started throbbing like I had become a giant heart. Pump! Pump! All starting from that hole. I nearly passed out.

“N-no… no way. You have to… be kidding… me…” Janelle said, holding me in her arms. If she hadn’t I’d be on the floor. “Did you just…? Oh, my God! But I barely even… that’s… that doesn’t work that way…! No one is… that sensitive…!”
No one but me. It was fucking incredible, more intense that I remembered, and lasted a lot longer; like a lot longer. I had been trying to make this happen since yesterday and I had managed it with Janelle today. Sweet, fucking release! It had been a pain, though; those moments with her hands rubbing that girl thing had been awful. The payoff had been worth it but it had been awful.

“Lady, are you okay?” Janelle said, shaking me out of me enjoying the last of that odd wave that, from the look of it, girls felt.

Gosh, that Janelle was a pretty thing from up-close. Just my type. The face, I meant, this time. Huge, clear eyes, lips like a small pillow all so pink; small nose; and she looked so hot with wet hair and all the water running down her face. And her looks of concern, how she looked so worried for me. She was a lovely thing.

“F-fuck… you… go… die,” I told her to them fine looks.

I wanted to be nice to her because she was good-looking; shrug it off and thank her. It felt great after all. She had done something and I had told her to stop, though. It didn’t matter it turned out good in the end. I couldn’t admit she hadn’t done anything wrong. I wanted to tell her something nice and couldn’t bring myself to do it. I went ahead and cursed her; that shapely Janelle.

Maybe I was wrong.

I knew it was wrong. I was already regretting it.

“Don’t… don’t cry. I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were so… I’m sorry!” Janelle said. She also looked like she was about to cry; and if she did start to because of me I would fucking hate it.

“No, I’m sorry!” I had to make things right. “I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean what I said!”
Had never felt this way. It was weird. I felt like a sissy, crying over something so stupid and meaningless. Janelle didn’t even seem to care I had told her ‘fuck you’ and I still hated what I had done. The emotion was too intense to keep it down. What the hell was wrong? I got my arms against Janelle and pushed my face to her boobs, kept bawling like a baby. It wasn’t anything sexual; I didn’t want to be there because her nice tits were on my cheeks; I wanted to do that because she was warm and I felt like I needed it.

Felt. It was odd. All so odd. This wasn’t me, not as I remembered.

That was no way to end a conversation! Yuri had fled into my friends so I couldn’t talk to her. She knew I wouldn’t want to make a scene. What a coward!

How romantic.

I had a huge grin on my face I couldn’t get rid of. I had been confessed to! By a cute girl! I was on the seventh cloud, cozily naked in heaven resting on something soft and cushioned. The blush wouldn’t go away. Yuri had told me she…! EEEEEEK! I couldn’t believe it!

I wanted to roll on the bed and kick around but people were just yards away from me. I was so… happy. A confession? To moi? EEEEK!

I couldn’t leave things like this. I had to discuss with Yuri. At length. Not now because I was way too ecstatic to partake into any sort of rational conversation and because Yuri had gone and got in the middle of my friends and it would be way too uncomfortable to demand her now.

Yuri was laughing at me, stealing glances and turning back, watching me simper and hum gleefully on the bed, mostly forgotten about my daily grooming. Oh, Yuri.

She had made me so happy!

“Jill’s been posting stuff. The thing that she couldn’t finish yesterday’s happening at the tennis courts. Starts in like forty minutes. She tells us to be there,” Erika conversed.
They had been talking about various topics but all of it went over my head. Not that what she said about Jill, of course. “You guys are going? I have to, being a Panty Raider and all.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Lisa cheered.

“I’ll think about it. I don’t want to be naked in the middle of the day in front of everyone,” said Carmen. That was a valid point.

“Aria, you have to go. Jill’s telling me to drag you if I have to. Don’t make me bring out the laser,” Erika threatened me.

That settled it. I was going. After the event! After the event I would talk to Yuri!


“Does it hurt?” Janelle asked me. I shook my head again.

I was sitting, legs wide open, arms behind my back. I had taken a look at it, a look at ME, before. Still couldn’t get used to me. A slit, an axe-wound, a pussy. Getting shaved.

Janelle had had me sit that way, she was very carefully getting rid of the hairs there. I didn’t like it. I thought pubic hair on girls was better than all shaved; like Janelle had; I still wasn’t arguing. I had told something awful to Janelle. I couldn’t go around telling people that kind of shit willy-nilly. Had to choose words more careful.

“Thanks… for your help,” I told her. I choose those words real careful. “I didn’t know how to shave my legs or armpits and you helped me. Thank you.”

“Oh, you’re very welcome, Lady! Anytime! Um, can I ask you a question?”

“S-sure! Sure!” shit, I had said that without thinking. Couldn’t do that no more. It was fine. I still wanted to answer her whatever was on her mind.

“Are you… really a lesbian? Into girls? It’s fine if you’re not. I’m not mad if you lied or something.”

Lesbian. Because she saw me as a girl. No, I wasn’t a lesbian, I was straight; but that was not what she meant. She meant if I liked women, and if I knew anything, I knew that I liked girls. I liked Janelle.
“It wasn’t a lie. I’m really a l-lesbian,” carefully picked words, still hard to say. “I find you… ravishing,” that was a word I saved for special gals. “Nothing I said was a lie. You look amazing, that’s why I went dumb in the head. Sorry.”

She giggled. She looked so beautiful when she laughed. “Thank you, Lady! I also think you’re cute. I’m not gay but I… well, you can see the videos. From what happened yesterday. Interesting experiences! Also, you know; Jill’s training and stuff. A-and getting you off, I guess. I’ve got some experience now. Ooh, stay still, this is delicate.”

It was delicate alright. Janelle had her hands on me as little as she could, calculating real well each time she passed the razor over there. Very considerate. We had figured out together how much I could take, how much contact was okay.

a) Lady asks Medea a few questions.
b) Lady makes a cute request to Janelle.
c) Lady makes a perverted request to Janelle.
d) Janelle adopts Lady.
e) There is time to get Aria’s hair fixed. Reference material welcome.
<be me, 22
<recently lose virginity to smoking hot 27 Persian girl
<news gets round back home
<i'm at my local weatherspoon having a cold one with the boys
<chokes on drink as i spot my ex across the bar
<she approaches me just before closing
<proceeds to tell me she hasnt spoken to me for a year due to her boyfriend hating me
<tells me she is going to break up with him tomorrow
<asks me about losing my virginity
<fast forward 2 months i match her on tinder
<i make a joke about her updating her photos
<fast forward 15 minutes we are now sexting
<me 'seeing as me and you never actually had sex, are you not a little bit curious to know what that'd be like'
<she makes joke that i have been fantasising that for past 6 years
<me ' not even lool'
<i lie
<fast forward 6 weeks im back in london
<invites me over for a smoke at 11pm
<skrt skrt over on my mums bike
<smoke a zoot
<netflix and spoon
<bowcat tony comes out :/
<start fingering her
<starts giving me a handjob
<notices the wallpaper and photos in the room havnt changed in 6 years
<weird nostalgia feeling overcomes me
<her ' cum inside me'
<oh shit ye im meant to be shaggin
<get into missionary position
<i start going a bit soft
<flashback of 6 years ago hits me
<16 year old me trying to have sex for the first time and not being able to get hard
<snaps back into reality
<not like dis
<start laughing cos i'm clearly cursed
< her 'its okay we can try again'
<laid on my back, eyes closed, i picture all my anime heroes
<Luffy, Naruto, Ippo, Goku san...
<start sucking on her tiddie
<picture all my female anime heroes
<lucy, erza, robin san...
<ok somehow i'm harder then i was before
<i ask her to get on top
<reverse cowgirl
<ok no condom it is
<oh this feels good
<oh no this is to good
<buckaroo this thot of me
<me ' well i hope 6 years was worth the wait'
<smashed so not even mad :/
I think I'm happy with D here. Lady probably isn't going to give up her grudge against us soon, and she'll probably be more likely to accept her new form if she can stay with someone she likes like Janelle.

She'll still be around camp, after all, and we can probably still drag her into stuff if we want to.
I think d is absolutely adorable, and as for e I love long haired catgirls, I think it just needs styling.
what the fuck is this
D, Janelle seems fine and capable to handle her. But we should keep Medea still with them, just in case something unforeseen happens ;)
“All done! How do you like it?” Janelle told me.

I’m no stranger to lying, but this one felt hard. “Good! Thank you!” preferred it from before but Janelle was happy about it and said I looked better when bare. Well, she should know. “Eeek!”

Janelle brushed away the remaining hairs; it was hard because they were stuck to me because of the water. “Sorry! I forgot!” she said. I wasn’t sure if she had really forgotten. It was fine, either way. I needed to get used to getting touched. I didn’t know when I was turning back so it would be a waste if I didn’t get to use the fun stuff.


While I had transformed Lady into what she was, I had no intention to abandon her to her luck from the very beginning. She wasn’t guilty of the potential sins that would be otherwise committed by her past self. Her appearance was also particularly harmless and helpless, which helped my decision.

I had planned a whole schedule ever since it had been decided that my objective for the day was to be with her. First I would help her accept the fact we all needed help, which would lead to teach her a lesson about thankfulness and kindness. Moving forward then I would engineer a situation in which she would be a in a position to offer help to someone else to reinforce the lesson.

All of it was for nothing! My gosh! I had been up a few hours thinking about the plan! Well, truth to be told, if I wasn’t thinking about it I would have been dwelling into sad memories so it was fine in the end. Still!

What I had so painstakingly planned was easily outdone by a pretty face and… big pectoral areas. I was sure that Janelle’s personality had a role to play in all of this, but a lot of it was her attractiveness. Then I’m sorry, Lady; alright? I’m sorry I’m not some… cow and I’m sorry about how we don’t get to pick our genetics; I would change mine if I could, believe me.
Oh, although I got to choose Lady’s.

Regardless, I was quite sure Lady was in the bargaining phase. She would need someone she trusted for the next stage and even if Janelle had come out of nowhere, she fit the purpose remarkably.

I would still need to stay vigilant and nearby; of course. It was my dare to complete to take care of Lady and be around her at all times, even if she didn’t know it. Sadly, my abilities to mix with the crowd during the day would be… I would be an eyesore. Completely dressed and with a parasol; not that I could help it. Even if I wasn’t embarrassed about my… well, TOO embarrassed about being nude in public; I still needed to shield myself from the sun. Thankfully Lady did not fare under direct sunlight too well so I did not foresee too many difficulties regarding that.

Janelle and Lady were washing one another. Janelle was nearly done showering, or that was her claim. Lady hardly needed any help. Janelle had a fixation to keep her hands on Lady’s soft dermis. Part of it was Janelle’s… playfulness; she was friends with Jill after all and birds of a feather flock together; the other part was desire. Janelle had a deep fondness for the skin she was touching all over and there was no doubt in my mind I would soon be asked for the ‘cream’ Lady mentioned… which I would provide. I needed more willing subjects besides Jill.

“You’re super ticklish!” Janelle gleefully enthused a perturbed Lady, as always shying away from human contact.

“P-please, I hate tickles!” Lady stuttered, no doubt having flashbacks to her encounters with Erika.

“I love tickles! But I’m only ticklish in one place, you see,” Janelle indecently insinuated, causing Enriquetta, their neighbor, to spit and cough. She might have been gurgling water. I was immune to most diseases and maladies and even I thought that to be disgusting. Janelle became embarrassed after the fact. “S-sorry, dumb joke.”
“No! No! It was… kind of funny,” in a way, it was endearing how hard Lady was trying to please her new friend. “Do you want me to tickle you?” or maybe it was due to plain lust.

“N-not where Enriquetta can hear!” Janelle whispered, not denying the proposition, something I did not expect escaping Lady’s notice.

By the time Lady received what must have been her very first shower, she was noticeably more resistant to the contact of Janelle’s hands everywhere but on her most sensitive areas. In this case, ‘sensitive areas’ did not necessarily mean her secondary sexual characteristics, as Lady could be touched over her breasts – most times – but not her flanks or feet. Needlessly to say, Lady’s vulva was still too reactive to be comfortably touched and as far as I knew that would make me the only person who ever inserted a finger inside.

“What cabin do you stay at?” Janelle inquired. They had been interchanging personal questions for a fair amount of time.

“Nowhere, really. I think I don’t have a cabin,” Lady replied. She was not lying as far as she was concerned, even though she technically was not homeless.

“How can that be? Weren’t you given one at the beginning? We all got one. Did you get into a fight with your roomies?”

“I’m… I don’t wanna lie to you, but I can’t tell you about it now. Thing is, I don’t have where to stay.”

“Oh. Well, we’re full at my cabin but we can work something out. Do you want to stay with us?”


It had been a while, but I was back in stage. I had even managed to get the bunny suit. I had made a modification to it. Unlike last time, it had a hole on the panties so people could see my pussy. We wouldn’t want to hide the star of the show when it could be seen in broad daylight, now would we?
File: Drawing skills.png (297 KB, 1001x693)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Everyone else was naked! Well, mostly anyone anyway. It would be unfair not to be as well. Now that I was way more away than yesterday, and a little less sexed out; that plug in my butt that was my bunny tail felt great. If it was any indication, the girls were stiff. Not the girls in front of me, watching every movement; I was talking about my boobs.

“Welcome back! Welcome back!” I greeted everyone.

We had run twelve minutes late. Kind of unavoidable in this sort of thing. The audio set up was ready yet, the Panty Raiders were in standby, and I had used only the most loyal boys to guard the clothes.

As expected, there were a lot of jeers. Mostly females, obviously. Boys were fine with not having panties so long as girls didn’t get to wear them, either. They were NOT happy, which is why I was giving them Kathy, all wrapped up.

a) Kathy is blinded and hanged, with several inserts going in her. There is a camera with a close-up to the action.
b) Kathy is untied, then tied back with THE ropes. She is then forbidden from release as she begs for it.
c) Kathy’s hair is significantly shortened.
d) Every girl with a gripe can personally step up and do whatever she pleases with Kathy.
e) Kathy becomes the camp’s plaything, remaining tied for her stay in camp. She is released to the crowd as a demonstration of what she can – and must do – to anyone who requests.
f) Kathy’s diet for the day must consist in sexual fluids she must extract from the source; both male and female. We don’t have to necessarily be present during the male part (although we can).
g) Kathy receives S&M treatment from a gimped up Jill. Strap-ons, whip spanking, the horse; anything you name.
Jill's really taken all of this to heart, hasn't she?

As for Kathy... B for an opening show and then D and E for the proper punishment. A promise on the scale she made is a big deal, so it's right for the aggrieved to enact personal retribution as well as a collective long-lasting punishment.
voting B + DE,
>She is then forbidden from release as she begs for it.
extends towards the end of camp. May be forgiven after x Days if she proves herself worthy of a pardon.
(what day is it again?)
Not super inclined to any of the options, but I'll throw out a B vote.
Hi, everyone. New reader here. Part 2 of the story seems to no longer be on Pastebin or the code posted here is incorrect. Anyone knows where to find it?
Hmm, it still works for me. Try the full url that worked for me to make sure:

Keeping THE ropes on her for the entire rest of camp is probably... overkill. Makes it hard for her to properly react to the rest of it all if she's perpetually blinded by lust. Plus, keeping them off by default means they make a good punishment if she ever misbehaves.
Thought of "release" as another synonym for orgasm, which is completely denied. Doesn't need THE ropes on all the time, all it takes is to get the stimulation started and don't let her get off ;)
File: 1543980499906.jpg (307 KB, 1920x1080)
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307 KB JPG
Thanks, I was using the Pastebin search engine.
She touched something.

DAY 11: CIRCA 1348 HOURS, JULY 21th (Friday), 2016.

Whenever that happens, feel free to add your own option or idea of what should happen. Plenty of the high-points in the story were input by the audience; either directly or options they suggested for next part.

If it's too bothersome to go around parts, I can give you the whole thing by any method you'd prefer. Feel free to ask.

We'll put an option of keeping them on at the end; as there will be a choice of Kathy's aftermath. And yes, release in this case meant orgasm.

Something felt extremely right about being above everyone else. Everyone was earthbound; glued to the floor when I was up, closer to the sky. I had worn my uniform, which was quite similar to the only piece of clothing I legally owned; a mere shirt smelling like Erika.

Despite how demeaning it was, my code name was ‘Kitty-Cat’; I was Special Ops; and my job was to be an extra layer of security while guarding the clothes. I was to both watch and report the so-called guards and to mercilessly pounce on anyone managing to actually steal anything. My position wasn’t informed to even the Panty Raiders, but they were all told I would be watching; an watching I was.

Jill was wearing an alluring bunny costume. It left nothing to imagination, and I would call it pointless if not for the fact that she actually looked more appealing – and obscene – wearing it than if she happened to be completely nude. I would have liked to be able to see it from closer, but we can’t have all in life. Regardless, I knew Jill intimately enough already and the footage taken from dozens of phones would make sure the scene could be appreciated in the future regardless.
Jill was in high-spirits; boisterous and beautiful; back to her usual self and quite a contrast from yesterday evening. She had offered me to cut my hair before the show started and I had refused. It had grown even longer and now it could prudishly cover my behind when necessary… which would be always. This way I could dedicate my tail to cover my front; this paired up with my shirt made my situation comparatively convenient. I could also cover my breasts the amount of hair I had, but why bother when I had a perfectly good piece of clothing?

Not that I would be happy to appear in public even with this arrangement; my job suited me perfectly. I was dedicated to it, too; if it was necessary for me to drop down from the tree that shielded me from sight to complete my duty in front of all the – male – guards, I would… probably do it.

Medea and Lady were about the last to arrive to the stage. They were being accompanied by another nude beauty; I knew her from Juniper’s cabin; this new girl and Lady looked quite close, as Lady was holding the big-breasted girl’s arm, cutely gripping it.

Medea was about the only person dressed among the girls; even Erika was wearing nothing but a pair of panties over her head. Because of the parasol, Medea was most likely not able to locate me, as her tool also impeded her vision to her surroundings above. I had an urge to startle her, as it was a rare opportunity.

There was also… someone else. Delanie. She had not properly attended the event and was instead hiding not far from where I was, behind a tree. Her sight was straight into Lisa’s amazing butt – not that I blamed her – and had also not noticed my presence. Delanie was also completely naked and while the eagle-view angle I had from her didn’t allow me to appreciate her fully, she was still quite a sight.
I liked the meager amount of meat on her bones, I liked how I could see her ribs; her moderately sized and shaped boobs drew an ‘M’ from where I was, an M I wanted to touch quite badly. Lightly bent over forward as she was, her butt protruding backwards also caught my eye. How had I never noticed how attractive she was? Her slender waist, her surprisingly vascularized hands, her creepy – yet adorable – smile and those long eyelashes almost always resting half-closed as she witnessed the object of her desire…

How nice it must have been to be as ridiculously gorgeous as Lisa.

I would have liked to admire Delanie further, but the booming voice of Jill’s voice through the speakers caught my ears’ attention, as loud sounds often did. She greeted the audience to mixed response. They were not happy.

I had learned about what awaited Kathy. I held grudges; I was admittedly spiteful. I wished the worst of the worst to Stone, I thought Lillie could be taken down a peg, I still hated Duke – who had nothing to do with Lady –, and there was a hinge of pleasure in me watching what would happen to Kathy; but just a hinge. I was still sorry for the girl; if I could offer any consolation when this was past, I would. She did what she thought best at a though moment, and I could relate and sympathize with those precipitous choices.

Kathy was pulled forward with weak yell form her part, only heard because she was close enough to the microphone Jill had. Kathy was tied up in a fairly erotic way; reminding me of the time we had done the same with Lisa. Kathy also had the rope going up her slit and it was painfully digging into her. I was too far to comfortably see but I thought the area was a little red.

Plenty of stuff was thrown at Kathy, and security immediately erected a wired fence, as Jill had anticipated something would happen. The voices of displeasure among the crowd wouldn’t die down, leaving Jill with no choice but to speak over them.
“I’m sorry to inform you that what you happened after I passed out yesterday was not an official announcement!”

“Boo! Boo!”

“Where are my panties? At least I want to cover my ass! Is that too much to ask?”

“Because of you I have to always go Brazilian!” that was Bertha. She was a pretty blonde but apparently that was not her natural color. Poor thing.

“I raced yesterday just to lose my panties! Fuck you!”

“I hear your gripes and understand your concerns!” Jill tried to appease them. It would have been already devolving into complete anarchy if Jill didn’t already have enough people under her pocket; which thankfully included basically all males. Of course they simply would rather we didn’t wear panties but there was something else. “Which is why today, all social score is doubled!”

That sounded really good, and thus Jill manage to make people shut up. She kept talking.

“This does not include the Panty Raider’s salary, sadly,” Jill finally had the stage. “Everything else is fair game, though! Videos, event; anything you manage to get today will net you double! I hope you already know of a very good video some girls did last night. They got 25 in social score, each! So a video today or tonight will get you basically full dressed!”

Social Score was slowly generated in a daily basis to combat inflation; since it was an interchangeable currency. It mostly was supposed to flow from boys to girls; which made boy’s opinions and prizing today count double; so which but a few wackos could not be for Jill?

“Not only that, but we have a special service right now as well!” she went on. “Before we continue with the prizing ceremony, I give you; Kathy Smith! She was the one who promised you all that stuff. I’m sorry but that wasn’t on me. What do you say we show you what it means to lie to each and all of you?”
Jill pulled Kathy even forward and the fence was quickly taken down. Fearlessly grabbing the rope running down Kathy’s butt, Jill pulled upwards making Kathy emit a lovely squeal. I felt sorry for her, yes; but that was still… pretty hot. The rope was tightened and loosened repeatedly, until Kathy ended up lubricating herself naturally. Jill then untied the lower part of the ropes, revealing it was a set of two and liberating Kathy from her torment. Jill then turned Kathy around and, lateral to the audience, started eating her out.

Male cheers resounded so loudly I wanted to flee. Jill carried on, but not for long. Kathy was quite ready and soon enough, she climaxed.

“Did you like that?” Jill seductively said, licking her lips. “That is the last time you’re going to cum in a while, my little Kathy. Jill finished untying Kathy up and made her kneel legs spread, her open and aroused pussy in full sight. “I’m going to give you all a chance to have your fun with her; but first I have a few conditions, the first one of which is this!”

Wearing rubber gloves and masks appropriated from the infirmary, two girls brought forth quite a dangerous contraption.

“Oh, my God!”

“Is that the…?”

“Yes, those are the ones! From the orgy!”

“G-get that away from here, this is dangerous!”

Jill smiled as she bravely placed her bare hands around the rope. THE rope. It was what was used yesterday during the race, the ropes most girls in cap had grinded their pussies against and fortified with their juices. They had been thoroughly squeezed nearly dry by Medea and we had all that resulting substance under my bed; but the ropes still were quite a thing.
I saw Medea protest against it, she tried to raise her voice but there was not much she could do. Obviously, Jill’s decision to use this had caught all non-Panty Raiders by surprise. Jill was a little clumsy, but not too much. She tied the whole thing around Kathy’s body the same way the other regular rope had been coiled around earlier. The same sensual knots, running down the same spots; around Kathy’s breasts and up her vagina, digging deep into it. Jill tied the rope tightly and made another announcement.

“Rules are: ONE: only girls allowed! Sorry, boys; you guys could get really, REALLY dangerous if we let you touch this rope. We’re not going to risk it. TWO: each of you can do whatever you want to Kathy, form a line and you all can have a turn! If it doesn’t harm her, anything goes! THREE: no protective gear. If you don’t touch the rope directly like I did, you’re not having your turn. So, who’s first?”

a) Aria goes in her own little adventure chasing Delanie through the forest.
b) Meanwhile, the Fulk sisters couldn’t care less about Jill and her shenanigans. They’re using the chance they have their cabin to themselves again.
c) A man with a computer does some ominous stuff.
d) The girls are still not convinced and the revolt happens.
e) Jill has the first turn and improves the mood.

Only ONE of the things above may happen. Sorry. Good reason for it.

With each vote, please name a girl you want to have her turn with Kathy. Whatever you write she does, she will do if it’s within the rules. They may break character if you want, as they will be touching the rope. If two or more people name the same girl, first one to vote takes priority, while the second vote will be recycled to the most appropriate girl as a substitute.

Character list here: w1bH0ksw
File: IMG_20190411_114014.jpg (68 KB, 1200x850)
68 KB
If we can only have one of these... either A or E. C is interesting, but also sounds like a derail-the-meeting sort of thing. B of course has appeal but mainly as a side-thing that could have been going on simultaneously rather than a main option.

And meanwhile Aria's heat and following crush on Delanie is something we've left dangling for a while so it's a good idea to get to it soon, but it also works to focus on the event itself for now and return to Delanie once it concludes.

As for the girl, how about Andrea goes out of her way to rub up against the ropes in an attempt to draw more attention than the other girls did.
File: image0.png (1.88 MB, 1158x1637)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG

All for A! The adventure has waited long enough xD

And for the girl... I think it would be fun to see Melanie take her turn, but then as the rope affects her she begs to be tied up too, her tendencies showing as the ropes overwhelm her shyness.
>Tonya Cauble (17)
>Has been trying to garner support to overthrow Jill unsuccessfully.
...Yet. As of right now, she got the best odds for being supported to deny Jill. I don't think such an opportunity would come again soon, as everyone got Kathy as an example what would happen to them individually if they rise up
(or they are reacting because they they see what happens if they don't act now).
Maybe be an interresting, but most certainly 'Plotbreaking', story lead.

Or just go route A ;)
The rope might seem cruel at first, but I had actually tied it around Kathy for her own protection. Now, not EVERYONE would punish her; not after they knew what touching the rope could do to you. It was still a hell of a thing to suffer for poor Kathy and in penitence I had touched the thing as well. I could feel it have an effect on me already; but honestly it was more fun to be this way. I was horny and excited and in a great mood.

Girls who wanted to jump in to the first to have their revenge on Kathy thought better about it, and the line which started to form even before I told them that there would be a line saw some participants withdraw. Still, there were enough people that I didn’t think I would have to take place personally to get things started. That honor would belong to Andrea.

Andrea was a Panty Raider, and thus she had no real reason to hold a grudge against Kathy. Andrea had also embraced full nudity which was something I was proud of her as my subordinate for which would make even less sense for her to jump up. Still, this was a big event and the girl loved a good spot light. I had no reason to deny her, either way. We needed to get the show started somehow.

She had skipped the line, and yet the first girl who was hesitating, Clara, didn’t seem to mind at all and looked instead relieved. Andrea cat walked sensually to the center and front stage, where Kathy was all tied and ready to go, and probably starting to feel the first effects of Medea’s magical ropes. Andrea looked amazing. I couldn’t help it, I had to smack her butt. Why did I keep doing that? She turned and winked at me, kissing the air for me. I would have loved to make out with her then and there, but there were things that were appropriate and things that were not. Kathy was the show, no one else.
Andrea forcefully turned Kathy’s head, and did what I was thinking of doing with her a second ago. Kathy responded well to the kiss, which was kind of unlike her. We could see their tongues dancing inside the cheeks. It was a very nice greeting and the public loved it, even girls.

Not even I expected what happened next. I thought the kiss was a way to say hello; it turned into making out. Andrea got her arms fearlessly around Kathy, pressing their bodies together. Damn, they were hot. I would have done unspeakable things to either of them if I could, no matter who watched; no, I would prefer it if people watched… or joined.

Anyways, Andrea started rubbing her pussy against… the rope! Not even I had gone that far! Did she know what she would have to suffer if she went through with it? I hoped she was up for it. Kathy and Andrea kept rubbing pussies together as they kissed noisily. I got sure to get close enough so I could hold the mic to the most interesting places. Plenty of others were taking care of the video feedback.

It didn’t look like a punishment to me; two girls having fun was more like it. I told them they could do whatever they wanted, so it wasn’t like it was mandatory to cause pain or discomfort or anything. Kathy was well-trained enough that she could train other girls, even if being so submissive was kind of unexpected for her she didn’t mind touching girls; and then there was the rope so… definitely not a punishment.

Andrea had a hand – her left, she was a leftie – going behind Kathy and teasing both entrances with different fingers. The other was molesting the boobs, circular and simple patters, really tame stuff. Then it all stopped, of course. Andrea pushed Kathy away with a mischievous smile, then gave me the rope.
Kathy tried to advance to Andrea with wishful eyes and powerful pants, and then I stopped her like I was handling a literal bitch. “N-no! Come back! Andrea, come back!” she begged. Nice touch from Andrea; pretty original punishment.

“First you have to get on your knees,” said Andrea, like a true trainer… mostly. Andrea was having a hard time, too. She was sweating a lot, and people from the first rows must have all noticed how wet she had gotten during that interchange.

To be fair, some of the liquids had to be Kathy’s. The girl was gushing down a fountain down there, Medea’s ropes would do that to you. It was okay. I had made sure Kathy was properly hydrated beforehand.

Kathy had little pride to hold off to. It was kind of a shame since she was a lovely dominatrix; I would have allowed her to flourish as so but the girl kept misbehaving. Kathy gave up quite quickly, disappointingly so. There was no inner struggle, no hesitation, she fell to her knees and, “Please! Andrea!” she cried.

Everyone who watched must have figured it out by now. Andrea was meant to stay away and torture Kathy that way; making her beg. It would feed Andrea’s ego, too. The problem was a pretty huge miscalculation. How did Andrea didn’t think this would happen?

Andrea couldn’t hold on the same way Kathy couldn’t. Andrea was only a minute behind on the effect of the rope, if that; she stepped forward and Kathy walked on her knees with desperation to start licking a pretty thing. You’d think Andrea was promiscuous and it would reflect on her labia; but you’d be wrong. She hated to have a single boyfriend and preferred to be desired by many; she was actually… kind of chaste because she made boys work ridiculously hard for it. She was high maintenance.
Girls didn’t need to buy her anything, apparently. Kathy reached for Andrea’s pretty thing and quickly sucked the nectar out. It got me really excited that some of my spit was inside Kathy’s mouth and was making it inside Andrea. I gave a little shriek and squeezed my legs together. Maybe I shouldn’t have touched that either, after all.

Kathy became more… frantic, and that’s not word I use often. I was not sure but I thought she even began to use teeth. She started sucking on Andrea’s pussy like it was a lioness eating an animal genitals first; the worst part was that Andrea seemed to like it.

This could get dangerous. It wasn’t an excuse or anything, I had to make Andrea cum so the effects could pass. I ran behind her, she only had one other hole I could use so I used it. I also grabbed her huge boobs and played with them.

“Kathy! Don’t be such an animal! If you can’t think straight then tongue inside, and move in circles!”

It took her a few kicks to the thighs to understand and hear me, but she did at last. Between the two of us, we could finally set Andrea up pretty fast, considering one of the secondary effects of Medea’s little experiment is that it made it very hard to finish.

“S-sorry, Andy!” I wasn’t calling her ‘Andy’ from now on; Andrea sounded nice and that was what I was going to call her. Heat of the moment. “There are other people that need their turn and I can’t let you have Kathy all for you! So, who’s next?”

“Next one, please, please!” Kathy begged in tears, understanding she wasn’t getting anything more from Andrea, who had kind of collapsed.


No one wanted to go next. Who would? We had seen what the rope had done to Andrea. All the girls who were in line ran away. People disliked Kathy and wanted her getting her just desserts; I was kept up last night at the memory of her dragging me to the showers and having to yell to people that I had… been pleasured with a hose when she was cleaning me; and that I was a dirty, dirty girl who needed to get punished…


When it looked like no one was stepping in, Jill looked around the audience, just trying to find someone who was kind of… willing. There wasn’t anyone. She then looked at us, at the Panty Raiders. I feared the worst, and of course that was what happened.

It was really between me and Laurie; we were mostly the butt of Jill’s jokes. It wasn’t Laurie.

“The next one is Melanie!” she said, dragging me first and then pushing me to Kathy. “I know there's some bad blood between you two! How about we fix that? This is your chance, Mel! She’s all yours! Um… Andrea, are you okay?”

All eyes were on me and I had just received an order. I froze. It would have honestly be easier to be the one tied down, awaiting judgment.

“M-Melanie! G-go ahead, do whatever you want! Please, please, fill my holes!” Kathy said, lying on her back and exposing herself to me. Alright, I took that back. That rope was too horrible!

I should have done something, anything. I couldn’t think of it. Torturing others wasn’t my thing, I didn’t know what to do with Kathy, she then stood up and jumped me, she was tied up and still a hell of a lot stronger than I was.
She got over me and bit me, like she was some rabid dog. It didn’t hurt, not really, she got my arm because I put it there in reflex, and she started rolling her tongue all over my body, looking for something. Her hands were tied behind her back but her legs could move, and she kept touching me in various places with her knees and toes, aiming for my private parts. I didn’t try too hard because I was surprised, but Kathy soon got to one of my boobs and stuck on it.

I tried to pry her up, but she was too hard to get away from. I felt how… incredibly wet she was, it was dripping down my belly and… crotch entering a place it had no business being in. It didn’t help Kathy had been rubbing it all over, wherever she could and that I didn’t resist. It felt wrong to be doing that in public, with people egging her on and laughing at me. Even Jill.

No, not Jill. Jill was shouting something at me, but not on her mic. I could barely make it up. It was too loud around!

“Up! Get up, Mel! The rope! You’re touching it too much!” was it what she was saying? Half of it I was hearing and the other half was watching her lips move.

Oh, the rope. Everything had happened so fast that I had forgotten. Kathy was… doing that thing and making me touch the rope with my whole body. Jill had also touched the rope and she was fine, so I still had time to get away. I squirmed my way around, no longer trying to get her off but getting away. Kathy wouldn’t give it up.

She had her mouth having its way with my boobs and when I moved she did not give up easily. She was desperate for being near me, I had been… abused many times before in camp; none of which I minded THAT much; never felt like I was getting violated, not even close. Now… with Kathy being so violent, so warm and so… really wanting to touch my body. I didn’t like it. It felt like something was really wrong here.
I screamed, I screamed like I was doing it for my life. I felt Kathy’s vajay-jay on mine, with the rope in the middle, in the exact middle; pushing its way inside, opening the small folds, grinding, invading. The rope was much warmer that I would think it should have been, it was very wet and I didn’t want it there.

There was nothing I could do. She was too heavy. I wasn’t trying to be rude, she was impossible to move. I was screaming and nothing was being done. Then… then it changed. I already knew how it happened, it had once before not that long ago.

It felt good, of course it did. It wasn’t a matter of approving or not what was going on. Not at first, maybe; but then I noticed, still doing what I could to escape, that I didn’t want to get away so badly anymore. Then I didn’t want to get away at all; then I hoped I never would.

“Damn it, Kathy! This is supposed to be a punishment! You keep assaulting people!” and it was NOW that Jill jumped in, pulled Kathy away by yanking the rope – it looked painful – and she let me out. “Gotta put a muzzle on you, I swear. Hmm, a gag isn’t a terrible idea. Lise, give me like… two pairs of panties.”


“No! Jill! Jill, w-wait! Or at least pull the rope some more!” Kathy yelled. I thought she’d be mad Lise was getting something to gag her with, but she didn’t even care so long as they were being harsh on her.
“It’s… it’s fine if you let her go on,” I said. Was it me or it was getting hot around here? I was sure glad to be naked other than my panty hat.

“Oh, Mel. Sorry, I was a little slow there. I thought you had it! Well… not really. People kept shouting so I had to let them have their fun. Are you feeling alright?”


“Yes, Mel?”

I knew what I wanted.
“Tie me up! Tie me up with Kathy! I want to be tied up! A-and pull the rope, really, really hard and super, super tight!” my hands moved on their own, they were going to my pussy, both of them, I let them run wild. I didn’t care anymore.

“Oh, Mel. Well… damn. This is on me. Um… come here, I guess; I’ll uh… who do you prefer to get you off? There’s Erika, Lise, Natty... oh! Aria. You have a thing for her, don’t you? Let me go get her. Aria!”


I didn’t even want to see whatever was going to happen to Kathy. I didn’t care. So, Jill was saying the rules for what they were going to do with her. Whatever.

Delanie was down there, I needed to talk to her. We were basically away from everyone else. Why not? What was the harm? We had barely interacted with one another and she looked… wow, she looked amazing all nude!

I couldn’t help it. I climbed down, carefully, slowly; making sure my claws could support my whole weight before I gave the next step, calculating all jumps. I landed silently some distance away, perfect for an ambush. If anyone had seen doing all that they should have praised me. I was becoming a great hunter.

I had an urge to pounce on the girl, yet instinctively knew that if I startled her that way I would regret it and probably end up with one bloody eye-socket. I had asked Medea, my eye would almost certainly grow back; but if I was to test my regeneration, I didn’t want to go through the trouble of it being this way.

I cleared my throat as loudly as I could, with a few yards away as courtesy. Delanie was still was surprised, and turned with commendable speed and… quite a vibe. I thought it was scary before, but now it felt captivating. She felt dangerous, like a bad girl. Maybe I was going through a phase.

“The cat-girl,” she growled, literally growled. “What are you doing here?”

“I, uh… hi! I only wanted… to say hi!” how smooth. “H-how are you doing? Nice weather, we’re having.”
“I have nothing to say to you. To all of you. Let me warn you again, don’t you dare keep Lisa away from me!”

I was disappointed by the response. Before alerting her of my presence, I had gone through the trouble to ‘pose’. I thought it must have looked nice. I was showing all my… assets, without resulting too obvious that it was what I wanted to do. She liked girls, didn’t she? Was I… not good enough? No! It couldn’t be that. Everyone agreed I was cute. I WAS cute! She might have one-itis, I was no stranger to the condition.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you. I’m Aria! Nice to meet you!” I greeted.

She just glared at me. What a glare, though; it made me skip a beat.

a) Aria becomes more forceful, and her reflexes are too good. Delanie flees and Aria chases.
b) Delanie and Aria start discussing about Lisa’s attractiveness and end up bonding.
c) Aria inadvertently provokes Delanie and ends up being chased.
d) Delanie coaxes Aria into calling Lisa, who joins the conversation. Will lead to a shorter part but plenty more options.
e) Delanie knocks Aria out. She wakes up and sees…


Aria wasn’t answering. It could be because of the noise all around us, or not. I loved the girl, but she was unreliable made flesh. Has she seen a small animal and was chasing it? Had something scared her and she ran away? Had she gotten bored? Any side effect of a potion we didn’t know about? Had she gotten a booty-call? Was she distracted by a moving object? Was she taking a nap? Were aliens a thing now and they had abducted her? Was she in a turf war with Arthur? You never knew with her.
Before I decided what to do with Mel, the first real contestant stepped up. I thought that after two flukes, I would have to change the rules of the game if anyone was to dare punish Kathy, but no. It was Tonya; naked and proud, she jumped into the stage with her jogger butt and her sexy tan lines, which were kind of fading. Too much nudity will do that.

She wasn’t even on the line at first, and she wasn’t the kind to hold any grudges against Kathy for any promise made. Actually, other than against me I didn’t think she had any grudge against anyone.

“I can do anything I want to your girl-toy, can’t I?” she said to me. Yup, she was mad at me. Scratch mad, she was… furious or something. Maybe I should patch things up with her somehow.

“N-no! Not to Kathy! Do it to me! Do it to me!” Mel let out. The mic was close around so people heard.

“Andrea woke up backstage. I think we can have them take care of each other,” Lise whispered on my ear from behind. Good idea. I gave her a thumbs up and gave Mel to her.

Mel didn’t want to go, she wanted to stay on stage and get abused in front of people; she wanted to get tied and humiliated; we knew because she was shouting it. Lise didn’t like that sort of stuff, but still obeyed me when I told her to keep Mel calm by being very, very nice to her; mostly to her pussy and drag her away.

Things were getting hectic again. Medea’s potions were fun but maybe when too much was at stake we shouldn’t use them; they were too unpredictable. I had seen Medea from the crowd yelling at me that I shouldn’t use the ropes, so there was no blaming her for this one. Oh, well.
“Sure, you can do anything you want to Kathy,” I got to answer Tonya’s question, handing it all to her. “Sorry, I’m leaving this to you,” I whispered her, making sure no one else could hear. “Later I’ll let you do whatever you want to me. Just make this a good one, alright?”

“Oh, I will,” she said loud and clear so everyone could hear.

1) Tonya can’t be bothered while on stage and uses this chance to instigate rebellion, succeeding.
2) Tonya fails at instigating rebellion, gets called out and punished.
3) Tonya wanted to instigate something yet fell for the rope’s effects. At least she gets to later do in private whatever she wants with Jill.
4) Tonya demands to be able to do whatever she wants with Jill right then and now.
5) Kathy gets properly punished and the next people in line step up.

You can still keep voting for girls to take their turn. Or not.
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b, it'll be good for Delanie to have someone empathize with her instead of just skulking around everywhere.

2 for sure. A rebellion being attempted but failing will only entrench the regime. Not only can Jill identify the malcontents most likely to rebel, but Tonya's failure and punishment will create a chilling effect where now everyone's seen the rebellion fail so why would a second one end any differently?

We should probably have some other girls go up before her, but when Leslie takes her turn, I figure it'd make sense for her to be a little uncomfortable with punishing Kathy but angry on behalf of her deceived friends.
File: image0-1.png (874 KB, 1000x1506)
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I like the thought of b, and 2 sounds both hilarious and likely based on the current story so far.
B 3
While I liked that about her, Delanie was stubborn and always had her guard up. She wouldn’t let me in and since I didn’t know her all that much – and I wished with all my heart that it would change – I didn’t know what else we could have in common.

Basically, the only thing in common we had was that we both were attracted to girls, but she didn’t like me. She liked Lisa and I could see why. I was attracted to Lisa as well, who wasn’t? The girl looked like she belonged at magazines posing and looking great in clothes made by other people… or without any clothes at all looking even better.

“Y-you prefer blondes, I’m guessing?” I thought aloud.

“Everyone does,” she said, and I detected something rather derisive in her demeanor. Delanie was a blonde herself, after all.

“That’s not necessarily true!” I remarked automatically, without thinking that I was doing what I was doing specifically because I was chasing after a blonde. “Just… just because you have amazing hair you don’t have to look down on people!”

“Uh… thanks,” she replied, taken aback. I went red. I had meant to dispute her and ended up with a back-handed compliment. Well, in for a penny…

“Y-you also have… very pretty eyes. I like the way they curve when you smile.”

“Oh, I see where this is going!” she went from flattered to angry in a second flat. “Nice try! It takes someone with the moral fiber of… the amazing Lisa to know the real me; to look at my… to love me. You thought you could trick me right? Jill sent you, I would bet. Jill sent you to have Lisa to her, maybe share her with Erika.”

It was not the first time she had insinuated something similar. I might have been mistaken, but she was into some sort of delusion in which our whole Coven only existed to keep Lisa away from her and to… abuse Lisa somehow. I wanted to address whatever she was thinking once and for all.
“Lisa is… incredibly beautiful, yes, and she’s my friend. Only my friend. Nothing more. If you want to talk to her or be with her, you can come to us anytime you want, you know? No one will get jealous or anything if you… have a thing for her,” I would, but not for the reason she thought. “I’m the only lesbian at the cabin. Jill just messes around with people, she’s not really gay. A-and, there’s… someone else that I like.”

“Someone you like other than Lisa? Ha! Don’t make me laugh,” she was hard to get through. “And it doesn’t matter that you’re not lesbians. Lisa’s beauty and angelical aura transcends stupid and meaningless things like gender, or sexual orientation; or even species. So even a cat-girl like you-”

“I’m human, thank you very much!” mostly. It was still very offensive. “And I only like other humans. I’m not a separate species, just so you know. F-for example, you’re a human and I find you… very attractive.”

Delanie was, in a way, Medea’s opposite. Medea was calm and collected, very rational. Delanie played everything by heart and was very instinctive like I was. Medea’s face shifted with her emotions although it was hard to perceive and that was the biggest difference between her and Delanie; her eyes and mouth would contort almost too much to communicate what was going on in her head.

After I played her this compliment, she first felt flattered and maybe a little bashful. Then she switched to anger and wondering if I was trying to manipulate or lie to her as she had accused me previously. She was about to speak, most likely something hurtful, then stopped after the first syllable, ‘I’. She studied my face, even gave two steps into my direction. My tail started twitching and some of my hairs stood on end. That I found her alluring did not mean I was blind to the danger she represented.
“That’s just how amazing Lisa is,” she decided on her words, a smile appearing on her face; a little threatening and scary but otherwise fine. “You tried to corrupt her and instead some of her good washed on you, didn’t it? You’re starting to appreciate people other than on appearances.”

Nope. I was incredibly superficial and a pretty face would have me sighing and longing. Of course I appreciated genuinely nice people but I was very weak to pretty bodies. I had an impression that was not the answer Delanie wanted from me.

“We’re not corrupting her! She just… happened to be in our cabin. We started playing The Game you probably know about because we were… bored,” not true. If I skimmed over it maybe she wouldn’t notice. “She might be the best-looking girl at camp, but she had to end up somewhere. It just so happened it was with us. Nothing stops you to come visit,” I would like that.

Delanie relaxed. “You sleep with Lisa, right? Almost every night. Don’t think I don’t see you.”

“She gets cold easily. She likes me because I’m warm. Cats are warm,” not that I was a cat; I just needed her to understand that property my body had.

With a rather worrying disregard for my personal space or most social norms, Delanie reached to touch me. My heart started beating faster. She ran her hand across my face and then shoulders and back. “Oh, so that was the reason,” she mused, pleased. “Don’t deny you had dirty thought about her! About my Lisa!”

“Who wouldn’t?” I didn’t care for the possessive she added there. “Have you looked at the girl?” we both automatically turned. Lisa was oblivious to our presence, just in the middle of a nude crowd with her amazing back turned to us. “She’s… tall and her proportions are about perfect.”
“Not about. Perfect,” Delanie corrected. “Not only what other people would notice, but also things like her forehead, her wrists and her… delicious feet,” oh, she was one of those? I hoped she liked my feet, then. Maybe I should trim the nails – claws – some.

“Her shimmering blue eyes… there’s something disarming on how she looks at you with her long eyelashes, isn’t it?” I added.

“Her soft and perfect skin, pores evenly distributed; her perfectly straight hair, her perfect shade of golden…” Delanie sure liked to use ‘perfect’ a lot. Not that I didn’t know what she was talking about. Except for the pores, no idea there.

“If you want to speak perfect, I hope I’m not being rude, but there are her breasts. They’re… huge but at the same time she looks like she has the right size. They don’t sag even a bit. How does she do that? It’s unfair to the rest of us for someone to be born with those boobs…”

“I love the color of her nipples. A clear pink. Do you know how long they can get when she’s aroused? I want to know, I want to measure. There is a taste to them,” oh, I knew what she meant.

“I know! Well, it’s Lisa’s skin, really. There is something about the natural oils on her skin. She’s… fruity. I would say she’s a slightly unripe apricot.”

“Good job on noticing. What do you think about her curves? Using your hands to go around them.”

“It’s the most amazing thing about being with Lisa! She’s an hourglass! No exaggeration! I know she exercises but it’s not just that. W-what a figure! And her butt!” my hands still could remember what it was to touch her body.

“It isn’t any exercise. She was born perfect,” it was hard to argue the point. Lisa was indeed made with an incredible body. “You, you have good senses. Tell me about Lisa’s… her vagina. You make good analogies. Tell me about taste and fragrance, cat.”

a) Aria gets Delanie excited, who begins fantasizing.
b) Somehow, you always end up knowing when people talk behind your back.
c) Delanie gets jealous and starts chasing Aria.
d) Aria humbly asks to please Delanie, who reluctantly agrees.
e) Aria mistakenly reveals Lisa’s love towards Medea.


“Um, excuse me…” someone stepped forward, unsure. She looked like she would be tugging my shirt if I wore any. She didn’t dare to tug my bunny open panties, though.

“Leslie, isn’t it? What is it?” I asked quick and low. I easily remembered her from tearing a sexy hole on the back of her swimsuit, which she wasn’t wearing anymore. Tonya had a wide smile on her face at the same time she was sweating a lot. I had no idea what she had planned but whatever it was going to be, it was going to be great. I wanted Leslie to make it fast.

“Um, Tonya. She… skipped the line. We have a line,” she said.

At first I was confused. It felt like something so insignificant to get to the scenario for. “Pardon? Line? Well, I asked if people wanted to step forward or not and nobody did!”

“Because it was Clara’s turn!” she whined like a small child would. “I couldn’t skip her!” Clara would be the girl with the booty who was first in line and second-guessed every time it was go time. “I was uh…” Leslie did some quick math, counting her fingers. Well, slow math. “I was seventh in line!”

Tonya and I blinked at her, still confused. Was this girl for real? The audience was either laughing at her earnestness – to put it in a nice way – or saying things along the lines of “she’s technically right.”

“Well, uh…” I was thinking on how to explain this girl the first thing about showmanship and how she was stopping the big event, when Tonya spoke.
File: 15_Leslie_Carbonaro.jpg (44 KB, 600x485)
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“No, Jill; she’s right,” Tonya said. “I only skipped the line because I didn’t think anyone was going to actually do anything. If it’s her turn, it’s her turn,” Tonya was always one for fair play.

I shrugged, why not? “Sure, have it your way; Leslie. It’s your turn now.”

“N-no! Not my turn! Clara’s!”

“I am really sorry, boys and girls! There’s been a change of scheduling. Leslie is going to take her turn before Tonya! Give her a round of applause, and Leslie, take it away!” I yelled and pushed her forward, to the now rabid Kathy.

Kathy wanted a playmate very badly now. She was drooling, from more than one place and she was long gone to the point in which she cared about any sort of humiliation. He wanted pleasure, nothing more.

“No! You don’t understand! I was just saying that skipping the line is wrong!” Leslie yelled and only like three people heard her. “N-nevermind! Tonya can take her turn now!”

Leslie was not moving. I hugged her from behind, moving my hands all around. She had a nice body, this one. Damn, I was horny. I played with her a little, she didn’t resist but she wasn’t very happy about it; although her body was. “Play with Kathy… punish Kathy!” I whispered to her ear, she had sensible ears.

Messing with Leslie was fun on its own right, and in other circumstances I could have left her loose with Kathy and watch what would happen, even if they took their time. After two botched attempts at punishing the girls, though; I figured I needed to help her out a little.

I had Kathy gagged so she would shut up and stop biting. I had her legs tied up so she could barely walk; I tightened everything and she kind of enjoyed it; Leslie didn’t move from her spot on the meantime, starting at the Panty Raiders work and saying something about “It wasn’t supposed to be my turn…”
I did my best to warm her up without actually overdoing it. Leslie wasn’t too sensitive anywhere other than the ears, which I kept blowing into. She was a good girl and would only try to push my hands away when I took too many liberties. She hated watching the public seeing how she was getting serviced by me but still liked the contact of all of my skin over hers. In the end I got her a little wet; and that was without so much as getting a finger inside, just teasing around.

“You are very soft…” she complimented me. I knew it, and I loved it.

Kathy was ready to be used and this time around I would make sure it worked. We had brought toys for people who wanted to get creative but other than the rope nothing had gotten used. We had the dildo that had been inside Lillie, Aria’s battery-powered vibrator – or massager, we couldn’t be sure of course – that had been kindly gifted by Dixie, and Elmira’s strap-on; for things that went inside. We also had a riding crop, some more of The Rope and some smooth, ceramic-plastic balls that Larry personally asked me to get inside a girl without washing before giving them back.

I picked for Leslie, she wouldn’t. She was like my little puppet; I didn’t have the time for her to decide to take action. There was no schedule; there was only the pacing to worry about now. If the crowd was happy; I was happy. Guiding Leslie’s hand, I picked the crop, the egg vibrator and made her rub her hands a little on The Rope. She didn’t give me a hard time, letting me move her hands as I liked.
When I wanted Leslie to walk I would push my pelvis to her bum and she would advance. Turning was just turning. A hand on her own pelvis would make her stop. She was surprisingly good at changing the speed at which she did things depending on how I pressed her. I was probably the Earth’s best Leslie pilot. She would even repeat whatever I said to her ears, although she did so way more sensually; kind of in a low moan, always.

“Kathy, turn your ass this way!” I ordered.

“Kathy, turn your…. Ah… your ass this way, please,” Leslie repeated.

I had to admit, I didn’t know Kathy as well as I should. Where was her G-spot? Did she like anal penetration? What did she usually think when she touched herself? Maybe I had been neglecting her too much. This was as good a chance as any to find out; for me and for the rest of the camp.

The crop was not meant to hurt Kathy. It was slender and long, to test something out. I had Leslie insert it up Kathy’s ass to test the waters. Sadly, because of Medea’s ropes I wasn’t sure if Kathy would really like that or not. She screamed through her muffle and shook her bum in anticipation of approval, begging us to insert it ever deeper, which Leslie did until I stopped her.

Next where the weird ceramic smooth balls. They were blue and felt like they could probably break if I dropped them from high enough. Each was the size of an eyeball give or take. A small one. Inserting them in Kathy was a delight. We first needed to move the rope aside, open her pussy a little bit and then push the thing. It was fun because I was guiding Leslie’s hands and because Kathy appreciated it. A lot. She started moving her thighs around like she had done this her whole life.

“W-what about the vibe… where does it go?” Leslie wondered.

“Nowhere. Turn it on and play with it,” I ordered her. Leslie had the makings to become one of my girls if she tried. She was friends with Elmira, so I could see it happening.
The battery of the little pink egg was on the inside. It wasn’t very powerful but I had it in good authority it had cause Aria some serious trouble. Leslie and I ran it around Kathy’s now incredibly sensible skin. She would give those worrying screams through the panties covering her mouth. Kathy wouldn’t stop shaking like she was a machine doing three things at once. The crop in her butt would go left and right, left and right; I could basically hear the two little plastic spheres crash into each other on her insides, then working the vibe wherever we could, mostly around her boobs.

If it was me, I would have lasted like ten seconds. Fifteen, tops. Kathy had been around the rope for so long that she had gotten some serious stamina. She just couldn’t finish, and the poor thing looked in so much pain! Even Leslie was getting wet; I knew because one of her most important buttons for my commands was between her legs. It made her stop, go on and speed up depending on how I framed it; sticky and warm. I would need some release soon, too.

Kathy’s climax was accentuated with her either biting through her gag or it coming loose or something. She screamed so loudly birds from the nearby woods flew away in fear.


To be completely honest, we were not doing a very good job of punishing Kathy. The point of it wasn’t really to cause her pain, but to make the people not feel cheated. If we took that into account, what we were doing was about a success. Kind of. I could still see some frowns from the girl side.

“Tonya, you may take your turn now,” I said, panting way more heavily that I meant to. There wasn’t really any point in hiding how badly I needed to have what we just did to Kathy done to me, but I had my pride as a leader to consider.

“Gee, thanks, Jill,” she said back. She didn’t look exactly thrilled, but to be fair she told me she was the one who didn’t mind getting her turn skipped.
Whatever it was, I hoped it was fast. I needed some me time and sooner rather than later. The thing was honestly about over, mostly because there weren’t many people wanting to take a try at dealing with Kathy.

Tonya requested the microphone and wanted to be left alone in stage with Kathy. Fair terms but something was off.

“Do you like being naked?” she shouted.

“YES!” was the most popular response, crowd thinking they were getting riled up like at a concert.

“N-no! You’re supposed to say no!” Tonya made her intentions clear. It was a loss cause to make that question. Over half the audience were either boys or Panty Raiders. Of the remaining girls SOME did like their nudity. “You don’t actually like being naked, having nothing to wear, being cold at night; having your expensive stuff stolen, do you?”

Lise sneaked from behind. “J-just so you know. We have… we have a list of who belonged to whom… n-nothing is getting stolen!” and she slipped away. I would someday take care of her stage fright.

“It doesn’t matter! If some… shameless people want to get naked they have the right to do it, but what to the rest of us? We didn’t ask to have to show our bodies to everyone! Isn’t it embarrassing? Isn’t it uncomfortable? Isn’t it awful to have videos and pictures taken?”

Tonya had mixed results. She did convince a few girls, although she was getting the mother of all jeers from the men. I had shown them paradise and they wouldn’t give it up easily.
“Get off the fucking stage! Who wants to see your ass anyway? Go back and hide in your room!”

“She’s right! She’s right! I don’t… I don’t want people seeing me naked!”

“Shut up, Tonya! Don’t you ruin this for all of us!”

“Jill, get up there and shut that bitch right up!”
“And the lesbian stuff!” Tonya tried something else. “We’re… most of us are not into it and they make us do it anyway. Jill likes that kind of thing and that’s fine and all; but why do WE have to do it?”

“You didn’t sound like you minded it much yesterday,” Andrea boomed linking her phone to the speakers. “Oh, Juniper! JUNIPER!” Andrea had an amazing performance voice even when she was joking, that much had to be said.

Tonya blushed furiously and pouted. Andrea kept mimicking the sounds of sex between two girls, really into it. Maybe she needed more time backstage.

“Yeah, fuck off you hypochrite!”

“When are you going to do something to ME!” Kathy was done waiting. She jumped Tonya like she had done with Mel and tackled her to the floor of our wooden improvised stage. They should be careful. It wasn’t really the most sturdy thing ever.

“Well done, Kathy!”

“Kathy brought her down, get her!”

1) Tie Tonya down, let Kathy loose on her.
2) Jill does her best to make Tonya loose that silly embarrassment about being nude.
3) Tie Tonya down, all future turns are taken on her.
4) Tie Tonya down. All future turns are taken on both her and Kathy.
5) Tonya is made to perform so she can ‘gain followers’. All in vain.
6) Tonya is ignored, given a few spanks and thrown away while things go on as normal.

You can keep mentioning names and scenarios if there’s anyone you want taking a turn. No repeats allowed this time.
B sounds pretty interesting, with options to progress this subplot in a decent fashion.

2, but after Kathy's had at least a *little* fun with her first.

Denise sounds like she'd be near the front of the line, and while she won't exactly be what Kathy's hoping for she'll get her own satisfaction out of it.
File: image0-1.jpg (920 KB, 2508x3541)
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A+B, and 4, with Kathy getting some fun with Tonya in the meantime.
a and 2
2 + 4. Maybe 2 via 4? It's important to strongly convey to anybody not fully on board that resistance is futile. Also if Tonya is tied up to Kathy properly, that might help keep Kathy from pouncing on people quite so aggressively and encourage more girls to take a turn.
Nice. We got the votes now. I'll get to writing. If rushed, it can be up before I have to go to work; else expect it late tonight or early tomorrow.
Tonya had been gathering courage for a while. I could see it. It would have been plain rude to interrupt her before she was done. Besides, it was useful to plainly be able to notice the people who would agree with her. I already had my suspicions about potential perpetrators but it was nice to have it all in the open.

Ana? A no-brainer. Lillie kind of wanted to agree but was already made into a Panty Raider. Juni? Not a surprise, either; she had a pass. Carmelia surprised me; wasn’t she having fun? Hilda, of course; but Hilda wouldn’t ever try to stop us. I couldn’t gauge the whole camp at once even though I was paying attention, but there were others. Not many, but there were others. More than I hoped.

Kathy was having her fun with Tonya; but Tonya was a fighter; much stronger and much less willing to let people have their way with her than poor Mel. I hurried to untie the feet and when Tonya was about to break free I coiled the rope around her shoulders, slowing her down and evening the scales.

What happened next was what we all knew it would happen. It was way too predictable, but not boring because of it. We all watched and didn’t want to look away.

Tonya tried to push Kathy away while struggling with the rope. Kathy only had one thing on her mind, and it was Tonya; or more specifically her body, Kathy preferred the neck and the upper part of the breasts, even around the armpit. Downstairs, where she could grind, Kathy didn’t have any preference; if her pussy was rubbing against something that was good enough. It was nice to appreciate how good Kathy was at moving and thrusting her hips; it made a girl want to touch herself right then and there.
As always, the rope worked its crazy magic, or alchemy. Whatever it was, Tonya was at first slow on the uptake, not too much in a hurry to get away anymore, then we got a show on what most likely happened between Tonya and Juni back on the race. Tonya was a cute lover, liking to kiss the lower part of the lips more than everything; and she hugged so tightly, as strongly as she could, pushing both bodies together in a hell sandwich with the rope and their fluids in the middle.

That was the right moment to save poor Tonya from this savage Kathy attacking this poor, innocent girl. I tied Kathy’s leg back up – they were way too distracted to notice, either of them – and had Natty and Erika pull them apart. I told them to be rough if needed, which was needed.

“No! No! Wait! Jill, not now!”

“J-Jill, what are you doing? Kathy, come back!”

We had heard it all before. Coitus interruptus was so damn cruel… almost as cruel as not being able to do anything at all, like I was. It was fine. Kathy and Tonya both needed some discipline. I held Tonya and bent her to her knees, sort of feel like an execution. She had lost most of her spunk and will to fight me on this one; she instead looked ready to get me to ravage her and I had no idea why I didn’t. I would have loved to make her mine right in front of everyone. That damned, beautiful rope…

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Tonya! Kathy is out of control. Are you alright? Sorry it took me like two minutes to get her off you!” I laughed, keeping her down. Her legs were weak right now. “I know you hate the lesbian stuff… and being naked in front of people. You know? I have a bunch of clothes behind me. What if we dress you?”
There was no one slow enough left who wasn’t in on the joke. We all knew where we stood, and we all knew what would happen. The front row seats were all taken mostly by men, their eyes stuck to Tonya waiting for our little rebel to do or say something.

Lise obediently gave me some clothes. They all belonged to Tonya; a boring pair of yellow panties, shorts and a t-shirt. Oh, and a sports bra; a black, cute one; brand new, Adidas; comfortable and form fitting while also not too expensive. An eternity ago I had a dream to casually show up at the club wearing only a sports bra and no shirt, watch everyone get scandalized and act all oblivious.

Tonya struggled, not too much but she did struggle, not letting me dress her back up. I had her arms and her neck.

“Tonya! Put on your panties! Don’t you want to?” I said to her the same way I would explain a toddler why she couldn’t run naked around the house.

No answer, just dodging my line of sight. Tonya, the bashful.

“Put on your panties, Tonya. We can see your cunt!” Dugald helped me. It was more effective if it was him since he was the one giving Tonya orders last evening on the trapped tires obstacle.

“Yes! Don’t you have any shame? You’re in front of all of us, don’t you know?”

“We can see everything.”

“Come on, Tonya. I’m not kidding, this is for real,” and I was serious. “Get up and let me dress you. I will let you keep the clothes and you will be free of all of my projects and everything. I’ll give you back all of your clothes. You don’t have to be nude in camp anymore.”

No answer yet, but she was heaving a lot; deep and adorable breaths of arousal.
“Or… if you open up your legs and show your pussy to these fine gentlemen, I will stop trying to dress you.”

She wasn’t fast about it, but there was no rush. We were all watching her act in trance. She opened her legs, and presented a cute and slightly brown thing. It was pretty and pink when her little flower opened its two petals. It looked delicious, and it was nice and juicy.

“Oh, are you sure; Tonya?” I insisted. “Last chance. I’m not going to offer you this again. Immunity from everything! You get back your stuff and we won’t bother you again. Or, you could…” I let go of one of her hands, “you could spread your pussy for all of us. Let us see it; but if you do you’re going to show us that you’re a bad girl who likes being naked in public like I am. Are you going to show us your pussy, Tonya? Don’t you want your clothes back?”

She was much faster this time. She snapped away from me, getting two hands free, and spread her pussy apart as far as she could. The inside was lovely! A warm, moist, little cave getting recorded from all angles.

How nice.


I had waited enough. People kept breaking the rules. Weren’t we supposed to be bad to Kathy? Instead, she kept getting sex-toys, having sex with girls and allowed to do whatever she wanted. If it was up to me, I would go and eat her pussy dry. I thought we couldn’t and we had to spank her or something.

Jill was keeping everyone else busy, so I was going to do what I liked to do. I didn’t mind people watching or so I thought, but there was a limit to things. A few onlookers would make it better, but a whole crowd could make things embarrassing.

Erika was literally keeping Kathy on a short leash. I asked her if it was alright to do my thing. I didn’t want to get into the bad side of Jill and her people. That would be dumb.

“Denise, right?” she said. “I don’t know… maybe you should take it easy.”
“Why? Come on, let me do it! I was in the line and everything. It would have been my turn by now,” I was right and I knew it.

“It isn’t that. You see this?”


Erika made Kathy stand up, Erika pointed at that crotch I meant to devour. Most of the BDSM stuff was above the waist. There was only two threads going up Kathy’s pussy, joining together into a knot under her belly button. It looked like the girl had been sprayed with a hose, but that did not smell like plain water. Speaking of, my mouth started watering, I had to gulp.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it?” I said.

“The rope. The white rope! If you lick it you’re going to regret it.”

“I don’t care!”

“Oh. Nevermind. Go for it, then. You like doing this stuff, don’t you?” I couldn’t give her an answer, I was already digging in. “Maybe I can be next, then? I’m fine for now; but I’ve been touching the thing, then. Shit. I don’t know if you’re brave or stupid for doing this. Or really horny. Anyway, good luck.”

Kathy loved it. As Erika was saying, the thread was a little on the way, but it wasn’t that bad. I couldn’t move it to the side because it was too tight. It actually looked like it felt nice. I wouldn’t mind being tied down sometime; I didn’t need my hands to get to work.

I had Erika sit Kathy down so I could get comfortable. She opened her legs up for me, knowing that I wouldn’t take a ‘no’ for an answer. I closed my eyes. I didn’t need to see, just to smell and feel. It was drenched, so drenched and thick; burning hot, we could melt ice with it, it twitched often.


Larry claimed to be an expert, so I let him work on this one. I had him wear rubber gloves because we still didn’t know what could happen if boys touched Medea’s arousal potion and we were better off not finding out.
I was going to get Tonya tied along with Kathy and had whoever wanted to step up and deal with both. Tonya didn’t seem to mind. She hadn’t told us her thoughts because she refused to speak; but she did sounds of pleasure whenever I played with her, so that was good enough for me.

When people were watching Larry work, I used the chance to insert the pink vibrator inside of me. I was barely holding on to sanity right now. I turned it on as fast as it could go. It was fun. Watching Tonya struggling to keep her mouth shut as Lise and Natty moved her around so Larry could work and more importantly distracting people from the fact I was having the time of my life. I tried my best not to move around, I tried as hard as I could to keep quiet and still little whimpers would come out here and there.

It was fun.


Lisa’s smell… I didn’t have to think too hard about it. Her scent was with me forever. It didn’t matter when, it didn’t matter under which circumstances; I would recognize it as readily as I could recognize her voluptuous figure with my eyes.

Her hair was a little too artificial. It smelled like different chemical products; scented soaps, conditioner, shampoo; it wasn’t a bad smell, just not natural or truly hers. Basically everyone had the same unoriginal fragrance, which was what bothered me. It was one of the reasons I kept grooming myself at every chance; make my hair smell like me, like Aria.
I hadn’t discussed body odors with anyone, as there wasn’t really anyone to understand me other than Arthur, who was not exactly an ideal conversation partner. Faces smelled differently than the rest of the body. Oils, tears and yes, even mucus coming from both eyes and nose, paired up with traces of saliva gave each person a very individual face pattern as easily to determine as each individual face itself. I could go as far as to rub my face against objects I considered mine to imbue my scent on them and mark them, if not for life, for a very long time. I had no idea how long. Lisa’s face was peachy; sweet and mellow, with very little salt. There was some spice near the eyes, and it could get floral, like honey, around the mouth. That was the oil from her lips.

The rest of Lisa’s body lost that honeyed taste, but it kept the unripe apricot. From a whiff I could tell she was ridiculously fertile and extremely fit for reproduction. There was the regular watery salt whenever she sweated or the substance dried on her skin, which was often and more localized in some places than others. Lisa’s hands could smell like literally anything; it was hard to keep track. It had a layer of her own scent and then another one of whatever she was interacting with at the time.

Now, the most important and distinct scent, the place that smelled like life and stank of femininity: it was all between her luscious thighs. A smooth fold of extremely soft skin gave place to a pretty slit. I knew not only its odor, but would even venture to say I was more familiar with its taste. It was sweet and slightly salty; more watery than expected and if I had to compare it to a fruit; as I was being pressed to do it presently, I would rather call it a slush; a strawberry hot slush made with a quarter seawater or so.

“…I will never forget that. I once woke up right next to it, right in front of my face,” I reminisced.
I had been describing Lisa to the best of my ability, as per Delanie’s request. I thought it awkward at first but had started having fun wording my way through. It allowed me to put the abstraction of things that I already instinctively knew into something more definitive.

Delanie listened without butting in even once. She liked my story way too much; it was so painfully obvious it hurt. She didn’t interrupt in purpose, although she had this tendency of closing her eyes and… doing inappropriate stuff very loudly. That of course, only served to encourage me to go on and make the description as erotic as I could. It was a positive feedback loop and it could have gone on for a while, except…

“Really? So I’m smelly now, am I?”

A calm and collected voice startled us both. We turned to see a beautiful blonde casually leaning against a tree with her side. She smelled like unripe apricot above and strawberries bellow; according to me.

“L-Lisa!” I said her name in surprise. I thought I was imagining her scent. Since when did she get here? I should have heard her coming.

“Aria, why are you loudly discussing what my private parts smell like?” she seethed.

a) Loudly? Oh, yeah. There are people listening in. How about that?
b) Delanie loses control and assaults Lisa. Aria loses control and assaults Delanie.
c) Lisa nags them both until they get ashamed of themselves.
d) They both run for the hills and lose Lisa in the forest.
e) Aria gets dragged to Jill. She failed her duty as Special Ops. They might go easy on her. Might.
Then what happens on the stage meantime? Also, is it easier to have all options at the end or do you prefer them when their respective part ends?

1) Jill throws both tied girls to the audience. It is probably better that way.
2) People keep stepping up (name them). You can pick option 2 with or 2 without a name.
3) Kathy climaxes and momentarily regains her mind. She begs for mercy pitifully, obtaining being let loose and swearing complete obedience.
4) Jill cannot take it any longer. She needs release and she needs it now.
5) Denise steals Tonya all to herself.
6) Jill forces the people who were ready to side with Tonya to be the punishers.
7) They didn’t go easy on Aria (E must win).
File: 1501435126672.png (1.8 MB, 1280x824)
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1.8 MB PNG
B for a fun time, and 2 nonspecific (mainly so this event doesn't fly off the rails either) with 4 and 5 on the sidelines.

I don't mind either format, though I think putting them at the end of the segment lets you think about the options fresh from reading the context, so point in favour there.
File: hUEdqbLh.jpg (105 KB, 811x1024)
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105 KB JPG
Oh I think B into a later c, and 3, with immediate 4 from 3.

I am fine either, I guess I'd vote for together at the end, because that's when I think about which option to choose.
thread ded?
We need at least three votes to proceed.
oh god fine

A 1
History might be on its last leg. We'll try to speed up time after this event is done so at least we can complete the 14 original days planned.

B4 wins, now we know. I work in literally 3 minutes, but expect the part tonight. This deserves to get double-timed, it's been a while.
“L-Lisa! Well, you see…” discussing vaginas was fun, I had no explanation; it simply was. Also, hers happened to be an exceptionally pretty one; also it happened to arouse Delanie which I was trying to find something in common with. I just needed to phrase that in a sensible way.

“I’m not saying ‘don’t do it’, I’m saying…” Lisa began formulating a thought.

“LISA!” her name was loudly called, starting me so much my butt went up and my tail went puffy, pointing to the sky.

“Delanie, no!” Lisa protested as she was rushed by a frenzied, skinny, incredibly desirable creature. Lisa’s cry was not one of alarm but indignation; as a parent trying to stop a child from a well-known bad habit they were trying to correct.

It was undeniable I had been distracted by Delanie; else how else could I have failed to notice someone approaching? Delanie had been listening to my story with intent, deeply fascinated by the perspective my inhuman senses offered me. Interest had been plainly written on her face, and her lack of shame… or rather confidence, were staggering. She had touched herself in front of me, like I was truly a dumb animal unable to understand what she was doing.

While being treated in such a way was not flattering, being able to see the nude, pretty object of my desire was more than enough to make up for the experience. I had never been in sexual contact with Delanie; and watching her manipulate herself in front of me completely disregarding social norms was very exciting.

Delanie had this peculiarity during our encounter; she would come close to… finishing and then stop. That she was able to reach so close with only her imagination and her own fingers was fairly impressive, more so that she did it so quickly. She really had it for Lisa… which left me rather hopeless. Why wouldn’t she finish? I hadn’t dared to ask. It had worked against her, or rather against Lisa.
Delanie was quite warmed up and leapt upon Lisa not much differently that a cat-human hybrid would. Her swiftness still impressed me at times.

“Delanie, stop! Stop! Just because we… you don’t do this just because!”

Deaf to Lisa’s requests and mumbling incoherently, Delanie continued her assault not the least worried about being reprimanded. They both fell into the soft grass, Lisa first with her back, struggling to escape Delanie’s iron-grip embrace.

On top of poor Lisa, Delanie used that mysterious strength she had despite her fragile frame to overpower her victim, lasciviously running her mouth along musing something about apricots. For as much reverence as she claimed to have for Lisa, Delanie was being quite harsh on the breasts, and hips, constantly griping them

“Aria! Look what you’ve done!” Lisa chastised me and for as much as I would have liked to, I could not deny the blame. “Get her off!”

“Uh… o-on it!” that was a perfect chance to be in contact with Delanie, and even she would have to agree that I couldn’t disobey her Goddess’ orders.

With righteousness on my side, I went to all fours and reached them both in a single jump. Once there, it was a little harder to decide how to go about completing by objective. I tried grabbing with both arms across Delanie’s belly and pulling as hard as I could.

“With the legs! Lift with your legs!” Lisa advised. It was good advice, as one second I was being completely useless and the next I was doing some progress.

That was not to say the endeavor was easy, Delanie had no intention to give up and she tired my arms out, making me lose the momentum I had accumulated, not that I resented I would have to be in contact with her for longer.
Delanie’s scent was more acid, more vapid; her skin was warmer; she wasn’t too soft but I wouldn’t call her coarse or even close to being that. She was… flexible. Her bones were malleable and I could feel them bend a little when I was pulling. There was some spiciness to the salt of her body, and I had to try very hard to stop myself from grooming her hair with my tongue.

“Delanie, let go! Aria, pull harder!” Lisa directed us both.

“Meeew!” was my way of saying ‘I’m doing what I can!’

I was being resisted with a single arm, hooked around a thin waist over wide, white hips; due to Delanie’s legs finding a spot to latch on to, like a tick. Meanwhile, the free hand could be used to molest Lisa; who honestly wasn’t doing exactly her best to assist me and instead preferred to crawl back, as if going back to the crowd a good twenty to thirty yards behind us would do us any good.

Since my current approach was ineffective, I switched and tried to pull WITH my legs and FROM her legs, grabbing Delanie by the ankles and seeing if that would yield better results.

It got me more motivated, if nothing else. That was… so pretty. Pulling Delanie that way, I had a close view from under her to her pretty, little slit; all wet and showing just a little of its colorful and moist interior; the lubrication caused by my words and some manipulation. In a way, that delight of a pussy was for me, by me.

I couldn’t help it. It would loosen my grip some, but I needed to touch it. Delanie didn’t seem to mind my contact with her; she only had eyes for what she was doing to Lisa. I reached forward, hesitatingly and guiltily. It was warm. I felt a tingle on my own crotch as my palm touched.

“Slippery…” I mused.

“Seriously? Aria? Now?” Lisa heard me, guessed what was going on inside my head and did not care for it.
“I…I think I know how to make her let go!” a blatant lie. I simply needed to do it. My body demanded it. It was out of my hands; may as well make an excuse.

“No! Aria, no!” Lisa, ahead of the development, pleaded fruitlessly.

It would weaken her, right? My idea was not without its merits. Delanie’s pussy invaded my mouth… or the other way around. It didn’t matter. Who was checking anyway? It was there in front of me, the chance had to be taken for the sake of all humanity. And cats, I guess.

Going all in in my strategy mean that I had to give up pulling; I knew it was a good idea because Delanie also seemed to prefer being… treated that way than being rudely shaken and moved.

I felt a bliss that I could only compare with the intensity of my first sexual encounters. Whatever was the reason I had so suddenly developed a crush on Delanie, longing for it made everything better. The first few seconds of having that pink flower open in front of my nostrils and mouth to take it all in I could go as far as to compare as when I lost my virginity.

Delanie was surprisingly welcoming. She moved her hips sideways, using me more as masturbatory aid than an obstacle to get it on with Lisa now that I was done brute-forcing my way in – which was honestly not my style or forte.

“Alright, fine! But be fast!” Lisa grumbled, scowling. I doubted she was happy about the fact she had to accept that she was now against two.

Oh! Not that I was against Lisa. I was trying to help, doing what I could. Yes, I was using the situation a little to my favor, but it was all for the big picture: tiring Delanie out so she would stop. That was what was important. Rather, Lisa understood that and just gave me the okay, telling me to be fast.

I wasn’t; and I wasn’t too sorry that I wasn’t. It was delicious.


“Jill, are you feeling okay?” Mel asked me, she was sweaty as all hell, but she was fine now. Probably. She stank of recent lesbian sex. I could smell it now, apparently. I had had way too much of it.

“Y-yeah… I put the vibe inside me. I’m trying to get my fix while they tie her up,” I pointed at Tonya. The people may or may not find my lack of professionalism worrying. To the Panty Raiders I had nothing to hide.

“You should… let Lise take over. C-come with me… and Andrea,” Mel insinuated with desire in her eyes. “It will only be a few minutes.”

“That’s… that’s alright. I think I can take it for a few more minutes. We’re not going to take much more of their time. I bet they’re sick of us already,” at least the girls.

Larry slapping his gloved hands together and smirking in satisfaction told us he was done. I hated to admit it, but he had done a much better job tying Tonya that we had done with Kathy. It was sexy, too; it pressed Tonya’s boobs a little around a neat figure 8; it rode and ate at her pussy and butt deeply; it looked painful and I was jealous. On Tonya’s back, to call the knots intricate and complicated would be doing them a disservice. Larry had arranged some crazy diamond-shaped mat out of the thing. How did he know how to do that? It would be a pain to untie Tonya now.

I grabbed the mic again. “Well, there you have it! She got what she asked for!” I yelled. Under the influence of the ropes and all, yes; but I wasn’t really lying. “Anyone else? We still have three more ropes! Any takers?”

I made sure to stare down directly to the people who looked like they would agree with Tonya. They didn’t seem that keen on reveling anymore and it wasn’t like I was outing them or something. They could be spared this time.
Tonya was not just stoically taking it all without protests. She was… noisy; but not in the complain-y way. More in the… ‘I am getting fucked very hard right now’ kind of way. Just the sounds alone would have made me blush two weeks ago. It wasn’t the fake over-the-top porno stuff; it was a girl pouring her heart out as she was getting a pleasure she couldn’t fully process.

The way Larry had done it, Tonya could not stand up; and could only kneel so far up; she had a rope from her ankles to her backside. She could still spread them no problem, and spreading them she was, presenting it all like she was a cat in heat.

Speaking of that, where the hell was Aria?

“Jill, you’re fucking wet,” Ted, always a knack for getting front row seats, told me.

“Yeah, I noticed,” I answered him with a professional smile. I would have been annoyed some other time, but right now I felt like getting dirty talked.

“It’s running down your leg,” Cirio added, whistling after.

“It’s because I placed a vibe inside my pussy. I’m very, very horny!” I explained, sadly I said my explanation too close to the microphone. I did not mean to do that.

Not that the people were exactly quiet before, but they really had stuff to say about me having fun behind their backs. I deserved it.

“Seriously? You got all this together to fucking MASTURBATE?” Monique was NOT amused.

“Well, no; but…” I got interrupted.

“Jill, you dirty girl, you!” that was a male voice. To my left. I gave them the thumbs up whoever that was.

“Fucking unbelievable. She got us all naked, the fucking carpet-muncher, and just so she could get off on us.”

She gets off on being naked in front of people. She was the one to start all this.”
“Are you done using us for your sick lesbian fantasies? Can we go now?”

“Come on! It isn’t like it’s the worst thing ever! It’s been fun, hasn’t it?” at least I had some allies around. That was Wendy.

“She should be the one tied up there instead of those two. She’d enjoy it, but at least we would get to get something out of it, too.”

“Which two? I only see Tonya. Where did Kathy go to?”

They had already decided they hated me. Whatever.

Changing all their minds would be a pain. Besides, I kind of liked the sound of it. Jill, the huge lesbian who had organized all of this just she could masturbate with a vibrator in public with naked girls watching. We could work in shortening the title, but if that’s what people wanted to think that was fine by me. Not like my reputation could get any worse in camp or anywhere else and I was at my limit anyways.

“Fuck it! Ceremony is over! I got bored!” I yelled so loud there were some static noises coming from the speakers.

I did the meaningless gesture of ripping apart my underwear; it didn’t cover anything as it was. I turned my nice ass to the people to see what I had inserted in to make sure the tail wouldn’t slip or fall off. I took it out, then put it back in; out again and in again. I started playing with it.

“Whore! Whore! Whore!”

“Whore! You’re a whore!”

Some shrilled at me like that and worse like that had any meaning anymore. It made me wag my behind some more, see if I could splash the first rows with something transparent but a little bubbly. I had a downright flood down there after I had put the vibrator in.

There was nowhere to go from there but forward. I reached to Tonya and sat on her; not quite sitting but squatting and holding most of the weight like I was doing the invisible chair squats. She started working on me like it was her last meal without even a question.
It all devolved. Somehow Kathy had gotten loose – hands still tied, the rest mostly free – and jumped the audience begging for people to do something to her, anything. Everyone ran away from the girl, not wanting to be touched by the rope, and yet someone tripped. Hilda. Oh, poor thing; Kathy pounced and she was getting good at only using her legs; I guess that after all the practice and getting tied something had come out of it. Andrea and Mel also could not help it anymore. Andrea grabbed the nearest person from her – Natty – and did the same thing she had done to Kathy a few minutes ago. Mel grabbed something, no idea what and started playing with herself saying pretty self-deriding stuff that kind of worried me. I would have to talk to her later.

Tonya had a long tongue, and knew how to use it. I would bet she was the kind of people who could make a knot with a cherry stem; at least that was what she was trying to do with mine. She had natural talent, it was a shame she was missing some experience and I had this sudden urge to teach her and I promised myself that I would, one way or another.

The stamina that Tonya had was not only for her legs and cardio, because that tongue kept going and going and going, pressing the vibrating, pink egg inside me, playing with it and with my cherry on top. I swung my butt around and was sure to always offer the best angle available for people filming. It wasn’t too hard considering boys were jumping into the stage; who cared anymore?
There were contingency measures in case of a riot, that I did foresee, which was the reason for only the most trusted people to be in charge of the clothes. I had no idea if they were going to work. Basically all Panty Raiders had joined to one sexual activity and it was a chain reaction that was somehow spreading everywhere.

I finally saw Aria. She was having a threesome with Lisa and… someone else. I couldn’t quite see her. Lady was doing something with Janelle. The camp was going nuts.

a) Straight up bacchanal.
b) Clothes get stolen by men; Panty Raiders can’t respond.
c) Camp Staff sees the camp at its absolute worst.
d) In the middle of it all, the prizing and punishing ceremony still gets held somehow.
e) Gamechanger: Voice of Madness.
b into e. If the boys steal the clothes then it'll be quite difficult to get it back, to say the least. And as always, the gamechanger option is very interesting.

I'll be sad when this story ends, but to be honest it's already amazing that it's come so far. And nothing says that we can't start a sequel or something else detached enough from this that new readers don't get turned away by the sheer size of the story. Whatever you'd like to try.
What's the voice of madness?
A Gamechanger. It changes everything forever. There is a hint inside the Character bios and that's it. Pick at your own risk.

It is rather soon since the last one, but since the story is already dying; I thought to introduce another one.

I had already decided to put it to a vote, a final vote. It's too soon to talk about it. The choices are set in stone; and all of them will be very significant.
>There is a hint inside the Character bios
The character bios key in the OP seems to lead to a dead pastebin
Already? Time flies by. Here you go: 45ByNDGw
Eh fuck it. E
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And I'd like to add that I'm not going anywhere. I will be here following this story and voting until you get tired of writing it.
Already voted, but I've mostly been lurking these threads. I've been around since the second I think
Something clicked when I was doing it with Delanie. A primal urge had been satiated, a thirst was quenched; the itch was scratched. It was badly needed and made it evident as I continued to slurp, groom and sometimes lightly bite.

Lisa sighed. She meant it to be one of exasperation, and yet it was a heave of passion; as like it or not, Delanie was doing what she could to pleasure her. “Aria, give me your butt,” she said.

There was no protest about it, Delanie allowed it. I pointed my now humid behind as instructed. The thing happened again; I would bend my knees and start stomping lightly; tail going directly up and then left to get out of the way and I made a gurgling noise. I needed someone to touch me.

That someone was Lisa. She would use her strong fingers inside me. “You’re burning up here, it’s… almost boiling,” she noted and I could feel it. I yowled; a deep, sorrowful-sounding yowl; a sound I was sure not to be able to make in command. “Wow. You’re… usually very tight. I can fit now fit three fingers here, no problem!”

No problem she said. They barely fit, and only because she was pushing them forward and I was trying to sit on them; and because of the amount of lubrication; and it was still hard. Not that I minded; if she was to break my hymen at that moment I wouldn’t have cared, not that I would think it possible for those three slim appendages to make it deep enough. Maybe two could, maybe.
Growing a little jealous, Delanie also moved around and got into sixty-nine position with Lisa. Mumbling something about spoiled little children, Lisa acquiesced and without stopping her fingers also got her mouth busy. Luckily I was flexible enough to still reach Delanie. I didn’t mind that I was being left with just the other hole for the most part. Every now and then my mouth would make contact with Lisa and we would share a brief kiss before each went back to their assignment. I was by no means bothered of my role in the encounter, but definitely Delanie was getting the better treatment.


Yes, Tonya was not getting untied anytime soon. I couldn’t take care of the first knot, even. Either Larry had great technique or had stronger hands than I thought. Either way was fine, her mouth was enough when Ruth joined the party. It was no secret she had the hots for me and when she had the chance she went for it.

We had center stage. I had first noticed Ruth when she grabbed my hand and placed her on her chest, blushing with crying eyes like a maiden. I had nodded at her and that’s when the party started. I laid her down and had Tonya take care of the left side while I had the right. Tonya’s limitations only allowed dealing with neck to tits, sometimes the belly button. I dealt with the rest; my hands on her pussy, my mouth on hers. Ruth pressed her knee to my crotch while I grinded on it; the little vibrator running at full power making everything better.

Just when I thought that I was finally close, we were interrupted. Mel showed up, tugging at my hair and begging to be included. I gently guided her to play with Tonya; the poor thing needed way more than she was receiving. Mel was already affected by the rope, so it didn’t matter. Mel queued from behind and sonorously ate Tonya out.
While doing that, Mel stuck her pretty, little ass out; and that couldn’t be left alone. Andrea joined in, and she had brought friends. They were going to make another circle. I laughed, happy as could be. “Yes! Let’s do that again.”


“This is too much for you, isn’t it? We can take it easy,” Janelle was nice as always.

Things were too crazy at the… whatever the fuck Jill was doing. I could barely watch, and if some crazy broad got to me, that would get me done for. It was as Janelle said, I had to work up my resistance little by little; jumping straight into action was no good.

We hid behind a tree, where no one would bother. Janelle was teasing me, just touching, seeing how far she could go without making me pass out. I could barely breathe, and if it wasn’t basically The Judgment Day out there someone would have heard us.

My loud voice sounded… not mine. One’s voice sounds off somehow when it comes from speakers, dunno why. It was like that, but even more; more weird, more… not mine. I heard my voice for the first time for real. Not my actual voice, but the voice of the girl me. It was a good voice; and it sounded great getting fucked; because what if not that was going on?

“AHHH! Ah-ha-aah-AAH! J-Janelle! EEeek! AAhh! Eeep! AAHH! Oooh! OOOH!” the voice went. Cute voice.

“Relax! I’m barely touching you. You should see what they’re doing to people out there. Now, give me your hand. Good; now, you do it. Careful; slow…”

“L-like this?”

“Now, faster.”

“AAAH!” she grabbed my hand and made me do it faster. I couldn’t even spare air to tell her that was too much for me. Too much!



“Do you think we missed anything at the event?” Peggy asked her sister. A rhetorical question.

“Who cares?” Jodi answered, kissing her. “Whatever happened, what we have here is better.”

Both young, lush bodies embraced against each other, their nudity somehow empowering as they took a short break from their frenetic activity. The Fulk siblings. They had been unable to keep their hands from each other ever since they had discovered they could harmlessly share the pleasure of the flesh between them with disregard from trivial things like morality.

It was hardly their fault. If more needed to be said, it was simple to point out that the sisters had instinctively barged in at a cabin not belonging to them, for apparently no reason at all. They had somehow rationalized the intrusion as a pretext to search for clothes Jill may have left behind; yet truth to be told they had no idea they were being drawn to the circle.

Having witnessed all of her encounters, I was an appropriate judge and this had been their best performance yet. No public – as far as they knew – to inhibit their fantasies, no one around to hear their cries as they loudly called each other names, no fear of rejection as this had become the new normal for them. It was almost beautiful.

They should enjoy themselves while they could. He was coming after all.

//No options. The rest of the part this evening. You voted for him and he’s here.

Ooooo I can't wait. I'm literally on the edge of my seat. Keep up the good writing.
B 1
Something tells me Medea's going to regret not disassembling the circle earlier.
I started reading this and got half way through but I have a gf now and it doesn't feel right to continue. Sorry but this is a goodbye.
I just recently got a bf and found this story in his browser history and now I'm a dedicated reader.
It was not my original intention to keep it on a cliff-hanger. We reached 6 votes (next part same day) much sooner that I even imagined and had plans for Saturday. I had to leave something.

You win some, you lose some. Best of luck with your GF.
Most porn is apparently watched by married men, though. Maybe you can come back after the wedding.

DAY 12

It was hard to point out the exact moment one woke up unless it was sudden and scary. I slowly opened my eyes to stare at a wooden wall, and the first thing I was aware of was of a fluffy and comfortable pillow on the back of my head. Almost as soon as I closed my eyes I wanted to close them again and sleep a little more, when a thought assaulted me.

What was I doing before this? When had I gone to sleep?

I tried to remember and couldn’t; I had no idea what being drunk was like, but I felt this was like it was to be blacked out. I felt like I had been dreaming for a long time. What was my last memory, really?

My breathing stopped, my heart thumped so hard my ears hurt, I started shaking and sweating. I remembered the sensation; something horrible and dangerous; something unnatural had happened. I had never seen the creature but I had smelled it.

A corpse, a walking corpse with a stench of murder and malice. Its corruption had made me soil myself and scream in alarm for my life. Erika had tried to calm me; Medea was also frozen in terror. I remembered now.
An orgy. We had started another orgy powered by the poor handling of the aphrodisiac on the ropes, plain desire and… emotions. Emotions running wild like they never had before. I had averted my eyes as I could, but even males had removed their clothes and were partaking in the… party, if we could even call it that anymore. Alcohol and other bad stuff had surfaced. People were fighting, having sex, dancing, drinking; even the staff had joined in, somehow. I remembered Stone dancing naked, kissing some scary bald guy; both laughing like maniacs.

Melanie had begged me to take her virginity with a strap-on, I didn’t. I had seen Erika doing… things with her boyfriend. Medea had told me that she didn’t feel okay and that she might need some blood soon. Kathy came out of nowhere, kissed me and did things to my butt until Delanie took pity on me and saved me. One of the boys had confessed to me, I ran away from him. Someone dared me to steal Felicia’s food and I did; she was very mad and threw stuff at me. Night arrived.

“He’s here. HE’S HERE!” Eugene shrieked. Then I felt it.

A predator; nothing like the wolves I had faced. A being specially meant to devour my species in particular, a natural enemy: a monster. The memories had stopped then; I couldn’t remember what happened after. Some images and sounds and smells flashed; nothing concrete. I could remember fear, terror… then a blank. Now I was on my bed.

Smells and sounds told me I wasn’t alone. People were breathing and… existing near me. My friends. Medea was in the bunk above, if I turned I could see Lisa, Carmen and her long, black hair were on the superior bunk. I easily recognized Jill’s and Erika’s scent as well.

As I was about to get out of bed, the door opened. A man I had seen once or twice entered, staring into my eyes.
The fear came back; it wasn’t nearly as severe as it was before; I wouldn’t even call it a tenth of its former intensity but it was still horrid. He closed the door behind him, the sunny skies giving him an out of place halo to his blinding silhouette until he did.

I tried to speak, but he beat me to it. “Quiet,” he commanded and I obeyed like I had never obeyed before. He familiarly walked across the room and went to the corner between the bathroom and Erika’s bed. He scratched something off the wall, and showed it to me. It was small, and shiny; it looked like a small piece of glass with a long cord attached. I would have liked to play with said cord in any other situation. “I have been watching you, this is just one of many,” he shamelessly declared.

I didn’t even feel shame an adult man had been watching all this time that was happening inside the room; our nudity, our encounters, our fights, our games; all that was much less important than our actual secrets.
“I was absolutely certain to have properly examined the place thoroughly,” Medea said from her bed. I could hear her but not see her. She sounded at least as alarmed as I was.

“And I would be insulted if the mere spawn of a thin-blood could be onto me,” the man; an otherwise unimpressive man of foreign, lightly tanned skin, grumpy demeanor and short black hair, answered. Bill, best known for deciding what sort of movies we got to watch in the office building, was demeaningly addressing Medea.

“What do you want from us?” Medea inquired. She had to; I was not able to speak. I literally couldn’t bear to.

“I want to know what you did,” he huffed, returning the piece of glass he had extracted to where it came from. “Do you have any idea of how close you were to getting us killed last night?”

“One of… those things came,” Medea said in a tone that made my blood feel colder inside my veins. The familiar sensation came back; indescribable terror.
“The guy I work for, yes,” Bill dismissed swatting his hand on the air as if that swatted Medea’s words from the air. “Whatever you did… whatever you’re doing. Stop it. You’re poking at a hornet’s nest. He was paying attention to this place, some kid he liked. The kid’s gone; you’ll never see him; none of us will.”

“I created the type of environment he thrived in…” Medea mused more to herself than to Bill.

“While he was watching, yes,” Bill censured, frustrated. “My boss… master; not big on self-control. You started a party he liked and he dropped by for a visit – ahead of schedule; two or three years ahead of schedule.”

“A-are we… what will happen to us? W-what happened to everyone?” Medea’s voice broke down as she asked the question.

“He only took the kid. Everyone’s alive, probably. Wouldn’t place it above him to kill one or two and make us all forget they ever existed. We would never know.”

“F-forget?” Medea echoed.

“Yes, thin-blood – no, wait; you’re not even that –. Do you have any idea of what kind of guy you made show up here? The only reason we’re still alive is because he was in a good mood. Hell, you could all be dead for all I know and I entered an empty building filled with rotting corpses; or I could be in the woods talking to trees, better not think about it. So, stop it; whatever you’re doing. Stop it, witch.”

“S-stop what, exactly? I-I will stop! I swear I will stop! I need to know what.”

“Passion,” Bill enunciated, as if the word had a meaning we weren’t aware of. “Whatever you call it; everyone in camp has been losing their minds very, very gradually. I was slow to notice; I can do it, too. I can’t do it en-masse like you can, but mine acts much faster, so I didn’t recognize it until it was too late: rookie mistake. Like I told you, only reason I’m alive is because Master was in a good mood.”
“I created the type of environment he thrived in…” Medea repeated, worried.

“We have a second chance to behave, our last chance,” Bill emphasized with sinister implications. “Last day? Gone. Like it never happened; nobody remembers a thing other than you. All gone and you better keep it that way.”

“People were recording…” Medea brought up.

“Doesn’t matter. I took care of that already. I’m the admin; I can do whatever I want. Nothing you people upload gets out without my say so. Lucky for your cat-friend over there,” he pointed at me with a thumb. “We got lucky last time, don’t get cocky. Stay out of my way, I will stay out of yours, and we’re good. If you don’t… let’s say that if the whole camp has to go so I get to keep my head attached then so be it.”

It was a tall order to threaten someone like Medea like that. I had no illusions that it was a bluff. The man meant what he said.
//Reset button enabled. How far was it pressed?

a) As far as everyone but a select, few individuals know; everything has been perfectly normal at camp the whole time.
b) Anything that could be remotely taken as supernatural has been erased form everyone’s memories.
c) The most extreme conditions and situations have slipped from everyone’s minds. This includes Jill’s events and some of what happened at the bonfire. The Panty Raiders never existed.
d) Only last night, a certain person’s existence and every trace of Aria being the werecat have been erased.

Choose carefully, as this might be the last chance we have to make sure Aria gets out of camp without suspicion. Who still remembers everything? Aria, Medea, and…

1) Erika, Lisa, Jill and Carmen.
2) In addition, Lady. If you don’t pick this, she got brainwashed GOOD.
3) Maggie and Charlotte, who are now under Bill.
4) Laurie.
5) Melanie.
6) Delanie. If you don’t pick this, she forgets about Lisa but develops a new crush almost instantly.
7) Fulk sisters.
8) Dan, the Man.
9) Someone else. You can pick anyone; although depending on the person they may remember more or less information.
D 1
And kinda 7. I don't want the Fulk sisters to remember much, but I do want them to still be into each other.
Mainly D, maybe a touch of B or C. A thorough cleanup of any supernatural stuff, with memories of the extraordinary events of camp dulled but not wholly forgotten. Allows the camp to regain most of their grounding in normal sensibilities without having everyone forget the Panty Raiders are a thing.

1 to keep the coven whole, and maybe one other so we can see their perspective of being the only one of the people around them to truly remember. I'd say 4 or 5, one of the two.
(Also it'll be fun to see how Lady turns out after the brain-scrub)

A reset button is pretty interesting here. We're nearing the end of camp but things pretty much got as far as they could go so it makes sense to cool things down before everyone goes home, and a little time is left over for things to rise back up just a little more, which I appreciate.

We should definitely make sure to, as Bill said, keep the amount of passion in line. That still leaves us a good deal of wiggle room, though.
File: 4L_FUPvM9EO.jpg (131 KB, 850x1292)
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C 1 2
Keeping the coven whole, and identity death-type stuff has never sat right with me.
File: image0-2.jpg (208 KB, 1000x1414)
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My vote is actually a bit extreme. I solidly say B, with 1 but without Jill. The camp should go way back, as it basically explored the edges of real worl sanity, which is nice for a bit, but it loses the potency it has both to the character and readers. A relatively hard reset at this point restores a lot of that lost potency and enjoyment, and unfortunately I think if Jill didn't forget, it would rapidly devolve again, even if not quite as quickly. I'm going to mark this as one of my few extremely serious votes. I'll give up potency on my future votes if I have to.

1 -Jill

2 doesn't feel right to just bend her straight. They should have to come up with a solution to this mess by themselves, not a convenient deusEx machina.

3 makes sense Maggie knew the whole time what's up with Aria.

Maybe a grain of 7, it'll probably develop again between them, so why not give it a little push?
File: witchbutt.jpg (1 MB, 813x1200)
1 MB
We Malkavian now? Poor (lucky?) Eugene.
1 (-Jill), 2, 7.
It was all left plain as day on the character bios. Not the only plot "hidden" there, either.

“Leave the cameras alone, I need to make sure you don’t do anything stupid,” I left them with that and closed the door. Their friends would wake up soon and repetition sounded annoying after pulling an all-nighter.

I knew about their circle. I hadn’t personally seen it or understood everything about it even after researching, but I had heard them speak about it in more than one occasion. Every electronic device they had was my eyes and ears. The only reason for this not to have finished sooner was my own desire, curiosity and lust to let the situation unfold as it had. It exceeded my expectations by orders of magnitude, especially during the last celebration of debauchery.

The young witch was not at fault for anything. I thought I had it all under control and that all that would happen was that I would need a few dozen new HDD’s for my spank-bank. It had been too careless to not expect this to evolve the way it did after the race. It was always a matter of escalation.

It wasn’t on purpose; the whole thing was a blunder. I didn’t mean to bring him here even if it worked out in the end and I even got paid in advance, and the good stuff instead of second-hand. It was still incredible that Master had picked that kid over me. What was so special about him, anyway? It was probably just some whim, same reason I had left the camp go the way it was now. In a way instead of bitching about it I should be grateful Master thought this was funny and had even done me a few favors for my sick amusement.

The offices were empty. No one would normally start working before seven around here and much less after what happened. I checked my screen for a second, everything looked fine. I locked it up again and went to the conference room. The witch had been easy; she knew what was at stake. These others didn’t.
Their plates were at least empty and they didn’t try anything stupid when they saw the door open. The only people I had not carried to their beds in camp: Lady formerly known as Duke, Jody Fulk and Peggy Fulk; for no other reason that I found them interesting. They were dressed; as they could mistake my intentions if I had left them naked. They eyeballed me as I came down the small staircase to the room, Lady with a clear intention to run for the door if given the chance.

“I wouldn’t recommend it, boy-girl. You were there yesterday. Are you really sure you’re good against what’s out there? Alone? In that body?” I retorted, fishing for a reaction.

Peggy winced and whimpered and the sisters hugged. “What are you going to do with us?” Lady asked on their behalf.

“Nothing,” watch them; that was the whole point. “When you wake up go back to the usual.”

“W-when we wake up?” Jodi wondered.

I smiled and looked straight at her eyes. “Sleep,” I turned to her sister. “Sleep.” I stared at Lady. “Sleep.”


Without a word, I jumped to Medea’s bed and hugged her. We shared each other’s warm and fear. I had felt that horrible creature. I did not know what was going on anymore and I was scared. We did not cry but did shake a lot; I could feel Medea’s scarce body-hair rising like thorns and her heartbeat quicken. She was flushed and pink; which meant she had fed recently. I had not seen her but I knew it was the case.

We had been given instructions by Bill and not following them was unthinkable. Other than us, no one in camp was spared of their memories. The Panty Raiders had never existed, The Race never happened, there had been no orgies in camp lesbian or otherwise, Dan’s cabin wasn’t haunted, people were not aware that I was gay and the farthest I had gone with anyone was a kiss with Melanie at the second Bonfire party, which was nothing like we thought it was. Videos had been deleted, messages were never sent, no one knew about The Game or the werecat, we had never done a truce with Stone and people had barely ever seen me flash my underwear, let alone my genitals.

Also, everyone except us had their clothes back. Bill had no way to recover them after they were lost at the river. I had three pair of panties, three pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, two skirts, a single blouse, no bras and the SpongeBob pajamas I was currently wearing. Jill’s regime of nudity didn’t exist and the only nudity at camp had happened very sporadically and only ‘by people outside of this cabin’.

Bill was not the one to rewrite the memories, so he was not absolutely certain what else was forgotten and modified and it was up to us to keep a sense of normality. Even our friends could be affected and the thought that Erika or Lisa or Carmen or Jill could have forgotten about me and about what we lived broke my heart into a thousand pieces.
Still, it was hardly hopeless. Bill had been specific in telling us not to talk about anyone about the truth or else their forged memories could start clashing with reality and they could start remembering. They still had their memories, locked inside them, somewhere. We could make them resurface later and continue where we left of after we were past this.

Meanwhile, sad as it was; I had to do something about my body. I sighed. While constant nudity was a sky-high price to pay at least not having to hide my nature anymore had been freeing. I wore jeans, tucked my tail in and apologized for having to wear Medea’s last straw hat. We periodically poked at everyone; without a single response. The girls would not wake up, although they were quite alive and well otherwise.

I had no idea about others, but my phone and Medea’s still had all of the videos we had each downloaded and shared; all our friends in their naked glory. The camp online groups had changed radically and hardly any form of media remained. At eight o’clock exactly, all girls opened their eyes as if prompted by something and got out of bed in eerie synchronization. Once up, each stretched, yawned, or went back to bed, recovering their individualities at once.

“Um… h-how are you feeling?” while biased and admittedly unfair to others, the first one I addressed was Erika, who had jumped back to her bed and had all intention to go back to sleep. She was wearing only a white pair of panties and tank-top.

“Great, actually,” she said without opening her eyes. “Considering last night? I must have been shitfaced-drunk because I blacked out at some point. No hangover, though. And here I thought I would have Zelda had to brew me something for it.”

I laughed in happiness and bliss. She knew Medea was an alchemist. “W-who is your favorite cat-girl?” I questioned, expectant.
“Other than you, you mean? Uh… I guess cat-woman’s okay. I was never big into super heroes and stuff. Oh! Shit; no, I’m lying. That has to be Nefelpitou, she’s cool as fuck. Or he… it was never properly explained.”

While I had no idea what she was on about, I cried covering my ears and mouth, hiding my face. I was glad. She knew who I was; she remembered everything.

“Aria? Are you okay?” Jill ran to my side and grabbed me by the shoulders. Yes, I was much more than okay. I nodded. “Shh, shh, shh. It’s alright,” she cooed.

Jill lovingly and caringly removed my long hair from covering my face and tried to pry it to the side of my face. She was very confused when she let go and it came buck.

“Huh?” She placed her hand to my cheek and started exploring around.

“What happened to Aria?” Lisa wondered, not overly interested. I had a reputation of being a bit over emotional at times.

“When did we recover our clothes? Jill, did you give them back?” Carmen asked. We would have to explain everything.

“Oh, yeah. Heh! I’m not naked,” Lisa noticed. She must have been drowsy.

“Aria… I can’t find your ears,” Jill nervously laughed.

“Are you drunk or something?” Lisa, in a good mood, approached me. “You don't know where Aria's ears are?"

Lisa made an attempt to remove my hat. I stopped it. “No! Wait! Wait!” I requested.

“What? What is it?” the alarm in my voice alerting Lisa and even Erika opened her eyes and looked at me.
“Jill,” I steeled myself to the possibility and asked straightforwardly. “Who is the werecat?” I was vague.

“The were… what? Aria, what are you talking about?” she innocently smiled, thinking hard. “Is that a movie?”

“Jill…” I fretted. “Y-you… you don’t…?”

a) Jill Crosier only remembers having stayed in this cabin and being good friends with everyone. She kissed Erika during the first bonfire party and that was it.
b) Jill Crosier also remembers that he had started to train girls at the tennis courts. The most she had ever done was making a girl play without a skirt… aside from that time Carmen and Aria had a nude Death Match.
c) In addition to that, Jill remembers having being defeated in a tennis match, although she cannot make sense how. It is the reason she is staying in the current cabin instead of the old one.
d) Jill remembers basically everything that doesn’t pertain to the supernatural, although some things don’t make sense and if she thinks about it she’ll get very confused.
e) Jill Crosier, as far as she knows, barely talked to anyone during camp. She’s just a relatively normal girl who came to camp to play tennis. She had a few lesbian experiences but they were all in the past when she was young and confused.
D. The rest of the coven has good reason to steer Jill away from recreating the Panty Raiders so there shouldn't be much of a risk there, and while I'm not sure if Jill's in the coven anymore (in the mystical sense) it'd still be sad if she completely forgot everything she shared with the rest of the cabin.
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Now our votes and posts feel like voices inside some Malk's head.
a) because Panty Raiders had never existed for the rest of the camp.
File: 4L_B4MYT4gW.jpg (89 KB, 852x1200)
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We'll address that later. Also, just because you forgot you're enrolled in a club doesn't mean you're out of the club. It just means you forgot.

I will not deny that they can read people's minds, perceive you in full detail from extremely far away, can become invisible, can intensify emotions, love causing mayhem and chaos, can manipulate minds, possess people and are quite infamous for their practical insane jokes nobody else understand; or their whimsical insanity. Yup, they have the tools.

Yup, this could be Jill, easily. You people are much better at finding images that I am.

Before I started crying again, Medea quickly interrupted. “While it is understandably none of my concern, it is already eight o’clock,” she stated as a matter of fact.

“So?” Jill expressed. That ‘so?’ told me much more than I could have extracted from her in a few questions.

She didn’t have a need to go to the tennis courts. She knew who I was. She didn’t find it strange to wake up here. She didn’t find it weird to be dressed. Her eyes looked more… innocent, somehow. What exactly did she remember, then? Medea kept at it.

“Jill, let me be blunt. We have to speak, would you be so kind as to step outside with me?” she seriously requested while I was still processing and upset.

Jill raised an eyebrow. “Sure, I guess,” she responded. Medea nodded at me. I nodded back. It was up to me to fill everyone in while she checked what had happened to Jill.

Medea grabbed her parasol and went out, making sure to close the door and walk Jill away. I took of my hat, showing where my ears had been hiding to no one’s surprise. I could hear them going ever farther. I wasted no time.

“What is the last thing you remember yesterday?” I pressed them all with a somber tone.


“Sleep,” he had said to me. Next thing I knew, I was on a bed, in a cabin; starting at the low side of a bunk.

He also had said “sleep” to the blondie sisters. They fell like planks. This was no longer some stupid witch transforming people from this to that or getting everyone at camp naked; the whole camp was bad news and coming here was a mistake.

Whole thing about the cabin I was in was different from the start. Didn’t stink to dirty laundry, no snoring, smelled a bunch like shampoo, perfume and clean stuff; and the pillow or bed didn’t have small pebbles brushing against me because I hadn’t washed my feet all proper-like.

“Good morning, Lady. Why are you still in bed?” some short pipsqueak asked me. Ginger, thought she was a boy for a second there, some nerd in girly pajamas.

They were the odd ones out. The second I woke up they all stood up in front of their bed like they were soldiers, then they returned to normal. “Why are you out?” I answered without thinking. I kicked inside the bed; I should stop doing that shit.

“Yeah, why are we out?” Cindy asked, then. Cindy I knew, she had the face and tits to be worth remembering.

They all talked and looked at me like they knew me. I knew what the deal was, and I knew not to start jumping and screaming like a lost baby deer without its mamma if I liked my head where it was.

Bill had said it all. We were not even pawns in a game; we were actors in a shitty sitcom and if we followed the script we would be fine. My script was not saying nothing about nothing to no one; not the witches, not who I really was and more than anything not about Bill or his boss. If I kept to that I could do what I wanted.
File: 17_Samantha_Yoshida.png (558 KB, 800x1091)
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I was dressed. We were all dressed; worse one off was this chick with a cute face and long, wavy hair; pretty brunette and the rack was not all that bad. It was all better on her because she still had a year or two to do some growing. Anyway, she was wearing very tight, white shorts and no underwear with a hell of a cameltoe.

“Stare more at it, why don’t you!” the gal noticed and turned away. She also had a nice ass. “They’re… more comfortable than they look.”

“I’m going back to bed,” said Cindy, doing exactly that. “Sam, you’re staying too, right? I don’t want to stay here on my own.”

“So Leslie, Lady and I can just to take a hike, right?” said the short, tomboy ginger. Leslie, so that was the name of cameltoe girl. I had to start taking notes not to raise nobody’s suspicions.

“You can take the hike. Leslie and Lady can stay if they want,” said Cindy, giggling. So we were friends or something. They all knew me; they all spoke like they did.

“How long have we known each other?” I asked, jumping out. Like Bill said, I had my old military duffle-bag at the food of my bed. It had been washed and had flower and heart stickers and whatnot. Girl clothing was inside. Bill said that he had taken clothes from some donors close to my size; they wouldn’t remember what I had had been theirs, either. I had to get dressed and check out on Janelle.

“Huh? Why you ask? It’s Saturday, right?” Leslie counted with her hands. “That’s…”

“Eleven days,” pipsqueak stole the answer. She was the teacher’s pet kind, I just knew it.

“Eleven days living in this cabin, huh?” I said, trying to ignore I was undressing in front of people I didn’t know, girls. No one corrected me. So they’d been brainwashed to think I had always been with them. “Do any of you know of a guy named Duke? Tall, muscular; nice jaw.”
“Here in camp?” asked a short girl with pigtails and glasses. They had called her ‘Sam’. Stupid name for a girl.

“Why? Do you have any crushes?” said ginger pipsqueak.

“Doesn’t ring a bell,” said Leslie.

“I can ask Brad if you want me to, he knows everyone,” said Cindy.

They didn’t know me. The real me. Everyone should have already heard of Duke already. It was probably better this way for now. I had to check that Janelle was doing alright, and then go see the witches to know what was really going on here.

“Uh… Lady, wow. Those shoes DO NOT go with those shorts… and who wears buttoned blouses with…? And your bra is showing! My God! Are you still half-asleep? It hurts looking at you. Do you want me to dress you? I will if I have to,” so the fashion police was a thing? Wouldn’t have known. Still, Leslie was hot. Sure, she could touch me.

File: 47_Tonya_Cauble.png (618 KB, 800x1200)
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618 KB PNG

For some reason, my alarm was dead and I woke up until eight sharp. I was an hour late for my morning jog. I hurried so much that if Jodi had not warned me that she could see my underwear from my backside under the shorts I barely put on, I would have gone out like that.

I hated jogging late. The sun was already too high-up and it would be too blinding, and I would sweat way more. I already had those dumb-looking tan lines; I didn’t need them to get worse.

Jodi and Peggy were acting weird. They were up at eight, which was already very unlike them. They were also not fighting or bickering or anything. When they woke up the first thing they did was call each other’s name and hug, like they had found each other after being lost or something. Jodi started crying and wouldn’t tell us why.

Lana hadn’t said anything. She never said anything but she noticed. Anne noticed, too; she never kept quiet but always got ignored.

I was short on breath and I had not even made it to the pool. Why was I so tired? I hated jogging late. I pressed on. If I needed a breather on the showers and wash my face that was fine, my schedule was ruined anyways.

Pool was empty, no surprise there. Sometimes I could see Andrea, wanting to flaunt it from early in the morning. The things she wore… you could basically see her whole butt with her bikini! Was she not ashamed? Was she so proud of it? Mine was fine, too and I wasn’t showing it to everyone 24/7.

I took a short break. My legs ached; weird.

The road to the tennis courts was a little off. Had someone moved something along it recently? It was kind of a wreck, like they had been renovating it or something. A whole section of it was muddy like it was done on purpose; I had to go around it. And there were marks like something heavy had been in there and wasn’t anymore.
File: 48_Lana_Cresge.jpg (77 KB, 850x1105)
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At the courts, there was not even a soul. Usually I would see the tennis enthusiasts doing their thing from early; too. That pretty redhead with a face that should be in movies had been here every morning but not today. Was everyone late, not just me?

The next part of my circuit was through the forest. It was my favorite section, I liked running through the woods; now more than ever since I was starting to feel the sun on my arms and shoulders and could use the shade. Through the wilderness to the road, then to the bonfire site, then back to the cabins and repeat as needed.

On a good day, I could make seven laps; most days I did four or five; no reason to not take it a little easy during summer. Today? Only one and I felt beat. I knew my limits, I wasn’t getting another run out of my tired legs and lungs so I walked back to get my stuff for the showers, promising myself that tomorrow I would do six laps or more.

Thinking that this Saturday had been the weirdest day ever and it was only the early morning, a sound coming from behind the cabin distracted me. Someone was talking. It was Peggy. I rolled my eyes and sneaked on her. She was talking to her sister. If they were all alone behind the cabin and I wasn’t there things could get ugly. At least stopping them from mauling each other to death would be a good work out.

“Nobody remembers anything,” said Peggy. Or Jodi. I could tell them apart easy but I had to look at them. Their voices were basically identical.
“Isn’t it better this way? N-nobody ever saw… that.”

“But we had already agreed that…”

“A-and we will! But until back at home. Now nobody knows, there are no videos. This is a good thing.”

“Is it? Y-you know what happened? What about all that crazy stuff? We should get Medea and talk to her. I-is she really a…?”


“Nobody is listening,” I had an urge to leave. They didn’t want anyone here. I didn’t know what was going on but I knew I wasn’t supposed to be so nosy.

“Someone always is. At least Bill… maybe something else. We have to be careful, Peggy,” now I knew who was who.

Peggy didn’t answer. I couldn’t hear anything for a while and then some… muffled sounds. Were they fighting? Choking each other? I had to take a look but was not ready for what I saw.

Jodi and Peggy, the sisters who could not even look at each other without starting an argument; they were… making out!

a) Jill is sent to play tennis with her friends. Medea has determined to keep her out of it until the circle is destroyed.
b) Jill is made to believe they’re playing games. As long as she doesn’t find out, that’s fine.
c) Jill is revealed the truth. Might backfire.


1) No one. Medea has enough on her plate.
2) Fulk sisters. They need answers and have found out too much in too little time.
3) Lady. She needs someone to speak to.
4) Both the incestuous sisters and Lady.

Girls don’t miss out on anything if they don’t speak with Medea. They each have a situation prepared depending on who shows up or doesn’t show up.
It's gotta be A at this point. If Jill doesn't remember then we probably shouldn't remind her, and if we're keeping her in the dark we should play it by halves.

2 for the interrupt. Lady's already set to go with the flow for the next little while, but the Fulk sisters are freaking out a little.
File: hat.jpg (553 KB, 2894x4093)
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File: image0-3.jpg (205 KB, 1253x1771)
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A2 seems good to me.
A 1or4
There were no questions. No one doubted me or expected clarification. I spoke at length of both what happened and what I remembered. I did not omit anything. Even then, I finished before Medea did and all we did after I was done was stand in silence, the situation weighting heavy on our minds. The silence was occasionally broken by Erika cursing or Carmen’s quiet prayers.

Medea returned much later than I expected. She made the assumption that everyone was up to speed and explained right away.

“Jill is… still Jill,” she said to my delight. “While she has undoubtedly forgotten about being part of a coven, the supernatural traits of both Aria and myself and plenty of situations have played differently on her head than reality; she still has dangerously low inhibitions and while she does not command as much authority as she used to, she is still heading to the tennis courts as we speak and she is almost certainly going to escalate things unless stopped.”
From Medea’s research, Jill remembered basically the same things as we did until the first bonfire party. There was a divergence afterwards. According to her, we were in the same cabin because she had lost a game against me; a private game – something offensively different from the truth – in which she had signaled me as a prodigy. She knew I was a lesbian but had not remembered any of the encounters we had, although she did remember having suggestively touched me often. She knew we played The Game but not for what purpose; she had no memories of we ever been found out naked or otherwise, dares included nudity but no one had ever seen us outside our little circle. The most sexual dares never happened to her, there had never been any sex in the cabins and the Panty Raiders were still in their very early stages; she had not even disclosed the name to anyone and was just thinking about getting a group of girls together to cause mayhem, although with much less ambitious aims that their former iteration.

“It’s fine. We have time. We just need to erase the circle,” I added. Jill’s libido did not matter too much. She was careful and caring with the girls she trained. She would only push them to their absolute limits – as she could discern them – and no further; if everyone else’s limits got reset like Bill had said, then that was nothing to worry about.

“Jill is notoriously influenced by it, that is no secret,” Medea concluded. “This is long overdue; would you care to come with me? It is past due time we fixed this issue. The circle has grown large, so I would estimate ten to twenty minutes to dispose of it. You all should also learn how to should you wish to witness.”
Carmen started to wonder aloud how different things would feel without the influence of the magic enveloping us all. I had a quiet talk with Lisa about how to remind Jill of who she was after this was over while we waited for Erika to put something on. The only good thing to come out of any of this was that we HAD to go out properly dressed. It was not a matter of being embarrassed or not, we couldn’t risk moving the bar of what was acceptable.

Before Erika was done changing I informed of my senses telling of a scent of brand new coming close. We opened the door before she even had the chance to knock.

“Good morning, Lady,” Medea politely greeted.

“How much do you remember?” Carmen said, helping Lady in since she was quite shaken.

“More than you do, I’d say. They never messed with me,” Carmen helped Lady sit down on Lisa’s bed. “I’d say you got the best out of it. The things they made you forget, you’re glad to not remember, trust me.”

“Did you… see him?” Medea whispered, fearful. Lady nodded and nothing further was asked about it.

“Why didn’t they make you forget?” I questioned. I thought to be the one who remembered the most, but still had to admit there were blanks in my recollections.

“Because they thought it’d be more interesting for me to remember… what I really am. Was.” Lady had always been adorably defiant to her fate. She had such a defeated attitude now. “You’re not going to turn me back, are you?” she laughed drily, and stopped when about to cry. “Bill told me. You even can’t if you wanted to. He told me… he told me HE would be watching. See how I turn out in a couple of years. If he likes what he sees then I’m next.”

“You’re next for what?” Erika pressed. The atmosphere was getting heavy.
“That’s what he told me,” Lady shrugged, sniveling. “I’m not sure I want to know. It’s a big world out there, huh?” she switched topics. “Here I thought being a witch was a big deal… and you’re all just some dumb fucks who know a few magic words; not much different than you average Jane. There’s some real… things out in the dark.”

“Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?” Erika quavered.

“Have you spoken with anyone else?” Medea followed.

Lady woke up in Elmira’s cabin. As far as everyone knew, she had always been staying there since the first day. They remembered even less than Jill; it was as if nothing had really happened at camp. Everyone had their clothes returned and now even Lady had a wardrobe which was bigger than mine. While it was a small sample size, Lady hypothesized we all already knew each other and people were familiar with each other’s faces and names.

“I could ask about people and they asked me ‘why you don’t know that? Don’t you remember this and that?’” Lady continued.

“Which means they had had false memories implanted to substitute the real ones,” Medea easily deducted.

“But not very good!” Lady excitedly intervened. “Like, I asked them ‘what movie you saw then, on Thursday or this day or the other?’ and they were like, ‘huh? Just a movie,’ and I asked again and they didn’t know! The same for other stuff! They didn’t know nothing ‘bout nothing!”

“Be careful to not press them too hard. Bill should have told you that,” Carmen warned, worried.

“I know that! I was real careful!” Lady defended her position. “Real clever, making some conversation. They didn’t suspect a thing. Not so sure about the sisters, though. You know what they say about blondes.”
I was a cat, not a dog. Well, not even actually a cat; just had cat… powers. Either way, I couldn’t track like a dog. I had to be very familiar with a scent or it had to be very peculiar before I could find it. While their odor was unfamiliar to me, I was still quite acquainted with the fragrance of sex, especially when it was between females. I texted Medea she could stop searching and take care of the circle instead.

It was pungent, yes. It was a little like fish, yes. Sweat was a big part of it, yes; and the warm generated in the act made it very volatile. It was acid, salty and sometimes sweet, mostly at the very end. I had to catch but a whiff and could easily tell Erika to call Medea and the others. Who else could it be but them? Lady was actually not too shabby looking for footprints and evidence of human presence nearby. To tell the truth I was a little disappointed we had not found them in the middle of it. Their clothes were on… mostly, and they were placidly conversing.

I sneaked on them, one of them resting on the bare lap of the other. They had their blouses and their underwear on, but not fifteen minutes ago I knew it as a fact this was a much more interesting thing to look at. They had also been surprisingly quiet, which was good news. They were trying to stay private.

“When are we going back?” asked the sister resting her head on the other one’s lap.

“What’s the hurry? What’s there to do there?”

“The lady at the kitchen is not… like before. She doesn’t let people just take whatever. She’s strict again. Else we could live here.”

“Yeah… and that stuck up macho woman is back on the pool, I’d bet. Everything is normal again.”

“Except us,” they said at the same time and with eerie synchronization, sighed. “We’re all alone.”

“No, you’re not,” I responded. That looked like a good point to make an entrance. I dropped down from the tree, showing my part-animal nature.
Like them, I was also not wearing pants; I would dare anyone who questioned my decision to climb with jeans obstructing their legs and heard their thoughts afterwards. This meant my tail was plainly visible. Well, and my legs.

“Were you watching us?” Jodi disinterestedly asked of me. I was sure that was Jodi.

“N-not for the um… the thing. Just like thirty seconds,” I dispelled the suspicion waving my hands.

“But you still know,” now that was Peggy. “It’s fine. We don’t care.”

“I didn’t see! H-honest! I… smelled it but I didn’t see, I swear you that.”

“Yeah, fine. Jeez. What did you came here for?”, “I doubt that for a threesome,” I had an odd feeling I was speaking with a single person. “Although…”, “Yeah, she could do,”, “Why not?”

As flattering and tempting as that was, first came self-preservation. Besides, they were joking. Probably. “You really don’t know any other reason I could be here for?” I retorted. They had not been surprised at my leap from thirty feet to the ground or my unnatural features. They knew, now I was sure.

“To kills us?”, “To drink our blood?”, “How should we know?”, “We know what you are, though,”, “We know what you did with that Duke guy,”, “He’s a girl now,”, “Or what happened to Jill,”, “And Lisa,”, “You gave them the same stuff from the ropes,”, “Like you did to us. That’s why we’re this way now,”, “Not that we’re saying it’s a bad thing!”, “Peggy!”, “What?”

I didn’t know if they were serious or not. Erika came to my assistance, she wasn’t that far behind. “That you came to the forest to do your thing means you know what’s going on. We can’t stir shit up or we’re dead. You get that, right?”
“Well, well; if it isn’t Erika,” Jodi rudely addressed. “Come to burn my clothes again?”

“Are you seriously on about that? Sorry about back then… well, no harm done. Nobody remembers now,” oh, right. Erika had burned Jodi’s clothes back when Jill had made her first… exhibition.

Peggy giggled. Jodi hit her. An easygoing bunch. Erika was not made out of patience and made a few ultimatums. The siblings were not responsive towards them and Erika made good on her threats, finally convincing them to follow us while they rubbed their behinds with slightly stretched underwear.

“This is not a fucking game, alright? I should have fucking ripped your ears out, you morons. We have important things to discuss. Don’t you make me ride your assess again, you’ll regret it,” Erika threatened.

We made it back to our cabin to people in low spirits. Carmen and Lisa looked disappointed and disparaged. Medea greeted us with a forced smile.

“Is there something wrong? I asked her.

“Yeah, you could say so,” Lisa answered me, even if I wasn’t addressing her at the moment. “Tell them, Medea.”

Thus we received the news.

The circle was too strong now. It had grown too powerful, fed of too many emotions from too many people. Medea had no way to erase it by herself with what she knew. She had only come with a solution, which was… not ideal.
“We need to draw energy away from the circle to weaken it,” she divulged, even in front of the sisters. “This involves sprawling new circles and…”

“We’re going to have to play The Game again. Starting now,” Lisa summarized, avoiding Medea’s roundabout way of easing us into it.

a) First they need to check on Jill to know she’s not tormenting people too much, if this is going to take long the queen of mayhem has to be under control.
b) First they need to get their bearings on camp, see where everything stands; take their time before they do anything stupid. Besides, nights draw far more power.
c) They have to go talk to Bill, tell him it might take some time before they can delete the circle.
d) They could be able to overload the circle to destroy it. They might lose the cabin in the process.
e) Start playing already! Time’s a-wastin’!
Oh dear, a lot of interesting choices here with rather varied consequences.

I might have gone with D for its decisive conclusion if there was any way to make a reasonable explanation for it that didn't send the rest of camp into a bomb scare.

C is pretty sane, though we don't need to bother him too much. He's the IT guy, we can probably just text him "Encountering difficulties, have a plan but it'll take a bit of time." and proceed on.

And then E. Whatever Jill's up to, it's probably not worse than letting this circle keep running. What's the worst that could happen?

I like the way this played out, to be honest. The atmosphere's too serious for simply continuing The Game for its own sake, but they have good reason to keep it up now and, given the nature of The Game, genuinely get into it.
File: yu.png (834 KB, 900x849)
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834 KB PNG
C first to make sure there are no misunderstandings. Maybe do it with a text like >>2318511 said.
Then B to quickly assess the situation because if everything actually is back to normal (including Stone, rest of the staff, etc) we can't just start escalating shit like we used to.

I may be an idiot but I love D. And because I know it's a dumb vote, I'm not putting a picture to double it.

I'm just amused by the thought of Michael Bay camp now.
B with a little of C just to let him know that we're experience technical difficulties
D, just because of it :3

We can't statistically win anymore anyways so no harm done :)

Amazing how a simple skip and memory wipe revitalised the whole story. Nicely done OP :D
3-way tie (E/BC/D). D was not compatible (also the last vote) so we coupled the B+C and E. They get their bearings, but we skim over it and we skip to The Game. Still, an option to blow everything sky high is still going to be available to honor D.

Thanks. We've only used two Gamechangers, though. We still have a few but should let them run their course before introducing another one.

“H-how come you can’t delete the circle! Isn’t it something just drawn on the ground? Rub it off harder!” I suggested. “I can dig on it if that’s the problem.”

“Magic circles are not drawings, Aria. They are specially designed spaces for the gathering of otherworldly energies. At first they are indeed dependent on their physical structure, but that soon ceases to be the case. I could brush aside the markings that made the circle in the first place and the only objective we would manage to achieve would be not knowing how the circle was designed unless we can perfectly remember.”

“Then what else can we do??” I insistently questioned Medea. The Game was too dangerous and too embarrassing.

“We could… attempt brute force if we could stomach the risk of all that energy consuming at once,” Medea calmly explained, talking me down. “The effects would be too unpredictable and unsafe. I am sorry, Aria. We have to play The Game.”

“Meeeeeoww!” I cried in despair.

“We should tell Bill, then!” Carmen pushed me aside to speak with Medea. “He should… understand. He knows of magic and stuff, right? He should know we couldn’t do anything about it.”

“Him and his kind pertain to a particularly abominable kind of blood magic and venture no further. A person I know knowledgeable in the subject tells me they are so damned even other magic rejects them,” Medea spouted with hatred. “You raise a valid point, however. He should be informed.”
We didn’t have his number, but it was a given he was monitoring everything we were doing and might have already heard. Still, as a formality I took it upon myself to clearly explain the situation and sent it to Carmen. Bill should be able to intercept that. Medea’s style while typing was not appropriate for important events; way too many emojis and cutesy stuff and she couldn’t help it.

We waited in a silence fit for a funeral for his answer, which came annoyingly late, or it was more appropriate to say we noticed annoyingly late. It was a short and heartless message: “Not my problem. You deal with it. If camp breaks down that is your fault.” He didn’t send us anything, my online status changed to the message he displayed which meant we still didn’t have his number.

“Alright, let’s set it all up. We have to play, we got the people. We just have to be careful,” Erika decided.

“It is not so simple,” said Medea. It never was. “We need to reach a threshold before dissipating the circle. If we attempt to do it by day we will only obtain measly amounts of ritual power because of the Sun’s nature. Not only that but we are also more likely to be found out.”

“And we have no idea what else is going on in camp! Or how everything is going! Things could be very different from what we know!” I effused, my main objective being procrastination.

“We have to wait until dusk to start? Isn’t that too long? What if Jill organizes something? A day is plenty of time for her to mess it up! I’m taking my bags with me,” Carmen vowed, indeed picking up her baggage, understandably fearful Jill might steal what little remained.

“No prob. Day we make sure shit’s still sane, Night we do our stuff. If worse comes to worse we make two groups and two different games. That’s faster, right?” Erika had a brilliant idea.
“I am the only witch properly made into a follower, the only one who can make and lead a circle,” Medea interjected. “You are all barely initiates, or not even that,” she signaled at the sisters and Lady. “The most powerful number we have access to is seven,” and there were eight of us.

We split up again. Medea and Carmen would go to dispose of the other circles we already had around before those also grew too strong to deal with. Medea gave Carmen the incredible compliment that she was talented for this sort of stuff and wished her to observe and learn. The rest of us should stick together and scout the situation in camp.

Getting separated at any point was not an option. People could try to interact with us and we could arouse suspicion or in the worst case say something triggering reactions to their false memories. We would get our bearings as where did we stand and the new camp dynamic. We finished interchanging information between us and the sisters and surprisingly I was designated to be in charge.

“It is easier to have centralized authority as to take quick decisions. Aria is in charge until I come back. Allow her to lead, and do be careful,” Medea deadpanned in a military tone. “Aria; mind your mannerisms. You have to stop doing animal noises reflexively, remember to always walk with the whole soles of your feet and if your tail starts bothering you inside your pants inform the group so they can take you someplace private for a short break. Do not only eat meat; and avoid looking too blissful drinking milk; or eating tuna straight from the can.”

“I’m not stupid!” I remarked, a little offended.

“Far from it, but your cat side is,” Medea stated.

“Meow…” she was right.

Erika hit the back of my head. “None of that. No more meow business from now on. Alright, you’re in charge. Let’s get this done.”


Cafeteria was not what we remembered. It had always been a lively and cheerful place perfect for mischief. People used to be loud and at any moment they looked ready to start a food-fight, regular fight or even engage in sexual activities. Now?

The talks were quiet and if they were above a certain volume the fat lady with her white, orange-stained apron would shush them. The lines to the trays were orderly and the rules were respected. Rodrigo tried to take an extra slice of cheesecake and got his hand slapped with a wooden spatula and a very stern warning.

After Rodrigo sat down Erika made us follow him to sit with him, Kirby and some male friends. The guys were cheerful and happy to have us around. We were a little too many for the table but it was fine, or so we thought.

“HEY!” the fat lady shouted. “Tables are for eight only! I don’t care if you want to sit together! Find someplace else!”

I was starting to dislike her. Jodi, Peggy, Lady and one of Rodrigo’s friends had to find another table.

“What a bitch…” Erika complained in whispers.

“Tell me about it,” Rodrigo showed his hand, it was still red. “So… Erika, right? And Lisa, of course,” he did not bother to hide his attraction towards both.

“What brings you here? Everyone says you’re so quiet and shy. I don’t think we’ve seen you out of your cabin in days. Some people even forgot you were in camp, I bet! How do you manage to dodge the draft thing? Where they make you go to the hills for some shit? Have you all been sick all this time? It’s a shame the pretties girls in this place are locked up. Hi! I’m Rodrigo, this my main man here is Kirby. Do you even remember us? We saw you at the bonfire party.”

“Mee- I mean; OOOOUCH!” I yelled out before it was too late.

“HEY! Quiet down there! Or I’ll throw you out!” the fat lady threatened.

“Sorry, splinter,” I humbly apologized loud so everyone could hear.
It was my duty to draw the attention. Erika silently thanked me by grasping my thigh. She had gotten progressively more emotional during Rodrigo’s speech. Their boyfriends didn’t even remember them anymore. Watching Erika cry was something seldom watched and something I wanted to avoid. Kirby wasn’t even looking at us. He checked out Lisa’s rack and now was talking to a friend about a TV program.

It must have been awful. I had no idea what I would do if Erika didn’t remember me. Even if it was a little suspicious I kneaded Erika with my head and purred, hoping that would make her feel better. Lisa did not look nearly as broken up.


After a depressing meal, we found an unexpected companion. I had a short talk to him when nobody was looking. “Well, it’s official. Arthur remembers everything,” I informed. He meowed to Lisa, begging to be picked up. Instead Erika did and squeezed him quite hard. I found it comical and sad.

We also needed to check the offices, most noticeably the movie room and infirmary; but we didn’t dare go in. Bill was in there. Instead we waited outside until someone came out; a very familiar face by the name of Larry, still ugly as ever.

Lisa didn’t want to talk to him, so Jodi had to. From what Larry told her, the movie room was no longer anytime anyone wanted; there was just the scheduled two movies on the evening and that was it. Introducing food and drinks was forbidden. Larry was coming from the infirmary, he felt sick since the morning; we pressed him and found out Maggie was wearing black underwear; so she was still the same oblivious tease as ever.
Lisa didn’t want to talk to him, so Jodi had to. From what Larry told her, the movie room was no longer anytime anyone wanted; there was just the scheduled two movies on the evening and that was it. Introducing food and drinks was forbidden. Larry was coming from the infirmary, he felt sick since the morning; we pressed him and found out Maggie was wearing black underwear; so she was still the same oblivious tease as ever.

I jumped into the talk and asked Larry why he wasn’t wearing all black anymore, or calling himself The Dark Knight or whatever it was he called himself. He didn’t know anything about that. We let him go after that.

“So the Satanists are no longer Satanists,” Lisa surmised. “I guess I can live with that. They were pretty annoying.”

“Bunch of freaks,” Lady called them without bothering to lower her voice. “Especially that Nightshade guy. Total nutcase; I almost don’t feel sorry about him.”

“Who?” Erika asked. They all had weird, pathetic middle-school kid nicknames, who cared?

“Eugene, the guy with the loser name,” Lady elaborated. Eugene? That named ringed a bell. No, it didn’t. Or did it? Didn’t I have a dream about…? No, nothing.

“Who’s that?” Erika begged for clarification. It must have bothered because she already knew most people by name.

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s go. We have sh… stuff to do,” Lady cut us short.


The pool was quite a surprise. Stone was… doing her job. She shouted at a girl for taking off the top part of her bikini – although Andrea was as skimpy and sexy as ever –, she told a guy that if he jumped into the pool again in cannonball he would regret it, and I didn’t even see her phone on her hands. Had the whole world gone insane?
The showers were just the showers. No one was using them, although Leslie was changing into her swimsuit. I tried to not stare. Leslie greeted Lady and… ignored me; then she went out. I took notice that her swimsuit was different from before; a green one-piece.

We took a shower because people are OBSESSED with them, they can’t let even one day without one, the crazies. Erika did my nails and cut them a little shorter than I liked; she told me not to raise suspicions. My toenails had to basically go; and there was no going around it. I sucked because they were very useful, but they would grow back so it was fine. Lady stood watch; Jodi and Peggy did not want her in the showers with all of us for some reason, and besides a guard was necessary anyway because now hiding my tail and ears was mandatory.

Our last stop were the tennis courts. We scouted from afar and got quite surprised that Jill was not in charge anymore. A lady was; much older than all of us; I remembered having seen her once or twice.

“The tennis instructor is back?” Lisa asked, incredulous.

“Apparently…” I was as bewildered as her.

How had things changed around here… at least it would mean Jill would be kept under a watchful eye. If the fat lady at the kitchens and Stone were any indication, this instructor would also be also stuck-up, inflexible and anti-fun. Anti-fun was okay for now.
Medea and Carmen caught up to us soon after. It was well past lunchtime. We talked some more with people at the dining place and found out about what Rodrigo was talking about. People were going to camp activities; like the first day when they made us hike so hard that I ended up in tears. People routinely signed up for specific activities and permissions because else if you didn’t sign up at the offices to NOT go because you asked to be somewhere else or felt sick, you were under obligation to go.

This was not the camp that I knew once.

a) Let’s blow shit up.

b) Jodi and Peggy somehow count as a single entity. They make a circle of seven that way.
c) Lady is let out of the circle of seven. She hasn’t fully developed her feminine shame anyway.
d) Jodi is let out of the circle. She’s the least perverted one to be honest.
e) Peggy is let out of the circle. Her older sister will take care.
f) Aria is let out of the circle? She has other duties and can’t be risked to be seen.
g) Someone else is the excluded girl (can’t be Medea).

Who gets to dare who? You can vote for it or leave it blank. The nature of the dare is to the author’s discretion this once, too many possibilities to list for now.
B or C. C is the more normal choice, leaving Lady out of it because of her peculiarities, but B would be an interesting way to take things too, since each dare to them would be applied to two people.

Not sure who should be the first dared, but I think Medea should start to set the right baseline for the game.
File: image0-4.jpg (25 KB, 540x763)
25 KB
B. The most interesting and inclusive way for this to work. Maybe twins share the same magical space and mana pool, leading to unexpected affinities and synergies. Such as knowing when each other are uncomfortable/in danger, or exceptionally happy (magic explanation for real life phenomena)
B of course

For our standards, it was far too early to start the game. There was a beautiful sunset worth watching just above the trees of the northern forest behind the boy’s cabins. Medea insisted that while usually not particularly good for dark arts, the sunset and subsequent twilight were good magical hours; or at least good enough to not consider it a waste of time.

Jodi felt the need to ask about former dares and we filled her in. She was particularly interested in the dares after Jill had joined, as she was the ‘victim’ of one of them. They were surprised at how far we could take it at times, more so before public nudity became the norm. We had already discussed that during the day we spent with them, but they became particularly chatty and did that weird thing when they were like one single person using two mouths. They suddenly wanted to know everything and were very worried about participating.

“The whole point this time is not to get seen. What’s there to be scared about? It’ll be fine, come on. There’s no one else,” Lady pressed them.

“Medea and I already made the circle for seven. We have to be seven,” Carmen reiterated. She liked to say that she had made the circle and did it at every chance she had.

“I’ll even let you pick the bottle!” Erika gave them the generous offering. We have obtained a whole box of the stuff. While the camp was quite different and much tamer, underage drinking was impossible to be stopped.

“We should be using your decanter to make something worthwhile,” Carmen looked at the smelly beer bottles of cheap glass with disgust, same as I was.

“I… don’t have it anymore,” Medea revealed.
Medea’s decanter. A powerful artifact that could manage to transforms human partially, completely, or even confer absurdly prolonged lifespan or regeneration. While I did not dare to doubt Medea’s outstanding alchemical knowledge, the most she had done without it was a mild regeneration potion that doubled as making the drinker incredibly lusty and fall in love with the brewer.

“What happened to it?” I urged her to respond. Why hasn’t she spoken about it?

“He took it,” she gravely uttered. “Not Bill, Him. He… left a message on its place; hand-written. He also left… payment.”

“What?? Hadn’t he taken enough with everyone’s memories?” Erika chided. “What the fuck did the bas-”

“SHHHH!” She did not get to finish because Carmen, Medea, Lady and I covered her mouth and forced her to silence.

“We have our phones here! They can hear us! HE could hear us!” I said, shaking.

“He does NOT need any electronic device to hear!” Medea scared us further.

“Not the kind of guy you want to badmouth. Your bluffing ain’t gonna do nottin’ ‘gainst this sort.”

We let go of her mouth and she understood she had spoken a bit too much. In a way, Erika had helped. Yes, the decanter was taken; but it didn’t matter as much as the fact we had escaped with our lives; Erika had gathered our rage and reminded us that right now fear and reverence ranked higher. Had Medea mentioned something about payment? We would talk about that later.

“There, Bill! Now we’re alright?” Erika lifted her shirt and bra and took a picture of her pretty breasts. If it was up to me, that was enough payment for anything. That should do it.

The next order of business was that there were eight of us – without counting Arthur – and only seven could enter the circle. We played with a coin until Lisa won. “So I don’t have to play? I guess that’s fine. Can I watch?” she questioned.
“You can assist us when needed, scout and keep watch,” Medea requested, Lisa made a sexy military salute of acknowledgement; I didn’t even know those existed.

We sat each at a point of the chalk dust heptagram with an actually pretty green bottle in the middle that used to contain red wine. Medea would roll it first to see who would be the first to issue a dare. It was another reset and thus we needed to reestablish the dare-given and the dared. Medea only rolled the bottle once and stopped it.

“That cannot be right,” she mused. She tried to roll it again. “This is wrong. We are doing something wrong.”

We asked her what was going on multiple times, but we also knew something was off. It was hard to describe it, we didn’t feel… full. It was like we were sitting on a different place in the circle. We were automatically drawn each to our little spike on the heptagram and something on the circle was missing. We instantly knew.

“Carmen, can you step out of our circle?” Medea nicely asked. Carmen obliged.

“The feeling got stronger!” I noticed. It was the same thing, but worse.

Carmen got back into the circle. Erika got out and in, then me; then Lady. We were going from Medea’s left. Whenever one of us got removed the others could feel the loss. Then it came Jodi’s turn.

“Nothing, right?” Erika noticed. I nodded, Carmen and Medea didn’t. Lady and Peggy had not learned to feel anything yet.

“The loss is there, but it is slight,” Medea let us know. “Hmm… let us try something unconventional.”


Medea had Peggy and Jodi sit on the same point of the star; and also had Lisa join the circle on the now unoccupied space. We had experimented a little. For indiscernible reasons, as far as the circle was concerned, Peggy and Jodi counted as one; each as a half of the same person.

To Peggy it made a lot of sense. She always felt a connection with her sister and wasted no time in telling us than because of this everything she had done with her sister was not even sex, just masturbation. Jodi did not agree to be part of a whole and just assumed she was a crappy witch and that she would bet that most people in camp would not count as one unit for our circle. Medea could not confirm or deny either theory; she had never made or directed a magic circle by herself before coming to camp and said both possibilities could be the case. I personally liked Peggy’s theory more.

“We’re not even twins!” Jodi had spouted. “I’m over a year older than her!”

“The circle doesn’t think the way you do,” Carmen had remarked, who was also a supporter of the two parts of a whole theory, “and it’s magic; I would know, I-”

“Yes, you helped make the fucking thing. We heard you the first eight times!” Erika interrupted. Had there been already eight times? It felt about right. Had Erika been counting?

Nevertheless, the circle felt just right even with eight people. Medea did the honors, and after two spins, she was the one it pointed at.

“Nice, this way you can set up the pace. I actually was not very sure what to say for a dare,” Erika said to everyone’s agreement. Medea nodded and smiled.
The rules had been established. The loser would follow the dare to the best of her ability. Failing the dare proposed a penalty game determined by the group. The loser would then have the right to spin the bottle to dare someone else. Exposure of one’s body was limited to be in ways that could feasibly occur to avoid suspicion – tripping and flipping your skirt over when you happened to not be wearing panties was fine; streaking was probably not – or that only entailed the RISK of being seen. Sexual dares were limited to either be between us or to an agreeable party that could promise discretion. Clothes removed during a dare could not be worn until after The Game was over or until a particular dare specified wearing or using something. The Game, the true nature of the ones watching us, our nature as witches, Medea’s and my peculiarities were to remain hidden at all costs, prioritizing even dares. Lastly, all dares must have the objective to evoke strong emotions from either us or someone else.

The Game would last as long as there was magic in the air; it was almost six in the evening and we would probably last until dawn.

Medea spun the bottle once more, strongly this time. She had not announced the dare first so she would get a repeat in case it pointed to her once more; although I had been doubting the direction the bottle faced was entirely random. Either way, the loser for the first round of the new Game was…

a) Aria.
b) Jody & Peggy.
c) Carmen.
d) Lisa.
e) Erika.
f) Lady.
… and the dare Medea proposed was:

1) Manipulation by Medea until orgasm.
2) Swimming a little in a skimpy bikini. People are still on and about.
3) Ask for directions while exposing underwear ‘without noticing’ (Open fly, unfortunately placed skirt). Cleavage is acceptable.
4) Slap the Lunch Lady’s ass and run like Hell.
5) Go personally speak with Bill about what is going on. Nobody will dare otherwise.
6) Get a medical checkup and agree to anything Dr. Schneider might propose.

Dares that involve the sisters will be slightly tweaked when applicable.
Let's start with the stuff that we can only do when others are still up. D2 looks good for the start.
Really can't decide between
E/F 4
Both got some great potential :D

Takes someone mean to propose sth. like 6) to any of the girls... Would reserve it for when its ladys turn to spin (and let it backfire by proposing beforehand :]] )
-F, 1/2
D2 is a good starting point, but I really want to see 6 later.
File: Circle's Location.png (297 KB, 1001x693)
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297 KB PNG
Lisa accepted the challenge. It was honestly something looking like her should already be doing, to be honest. When Lady brought the point over – Lady was always keen on stating how attractive Lisa was – Lisa simply said she actually looked better when she wasn’t tanned and that it was actually bad for the skin.

“I think I had a pretty flashy bikini, but I’m not sure if I have it anymore,” Lisa pondered. “I know it wasn’t on the bags you threw to the river,” she accusingly pointed at Lady, “but I haven’t checked all my clothes yet after Jill took them and Bill brought them back. It could be there, it could be missing.”

Our cabin was on the way to the pool, so going there was no issue. While in there Jody and Peggy shamelessly requested permission that if they ever felt too strong an urge to… love each other they could come here if no one minded. They were obviously expecting for acceptance and instead Medea lectured them on giving up to the circle’s influence. “After the main circle has been properly destroyed and you can be certain your thoughts are your own, at that time ask me again. I will not deny you,” she had told them.

Lisa’s bikini was not missing. It was a nice-looking, side-tie, white bikini; two pieces. Anyone not proud to display their body was barred from using clothes such as those, and even among those who did find themselves to be beautiful, it required certain amount of confidence to brave it. Still, if this was going to be a dare the bikini was not revealing enough; it was actually not even impressive when compared to what people like Andrea usually displayed.
File: Lisa.jpg (211 KB, 850x1511)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
We had to make a compromise, since Lisa was unwilling to ruin her clothes for a single dare. Still, if we tied the bikini just right we could make it ride so Lisa’s butt was plain for all to see, the silhouette of her slit was obscenely notorious and her breasts looked like they were a second away to come out bursting out. It wasn’t as embarrassing as the slingshot bikini I once had to wear but it was still quite something.

“How long do I have to swim for? A-and, can I cover if something… happens?” Lisa had a few concerns.

“Only for ten minutes, tops,” Erika said like she had been the one to make the dare in the first place. Still, she was not contradicted. “I’d say it’s best if you play dumb; but if someone points at you or someone says ‘Hey! Your tits came out!’ and stuff, you cover then.”

Even if what Lisa was doing was basically a joke when compared to even just existing before the… thing happened, when we simply had to go out buck naked, I still felt that for some reason it was more meaningful. It was just so much worse being the only one exposed, and more so to a group that did not expect it to happen in the first place.

We could not all show up at the pool dressed the way we were, not only would we be suspicions watching Lisa that way, but also Stone was not going to allow that anymore. It was up to Jodi and Peggy who were dressed for the occasion to be witnesses from up-close and I would be watching from the woods – not because I had to but because watching anything move from high up was nice and fulfilling, even if from afar.

It was a shame that I had to take off my pants every time; and I missed my toenails going up even if it was still as easy as going up a flight of stairs. I lazily stretched and saw Lisa arrive.

File: 13_Andrea_De_Haven.jpg (258 KB, 850x1353)
258 KB
258 KB JPG

Why had I even brought the stupid bikini? I knew why. I came to this place to get laid. There, I had admitted it. I HAD gotten laid, I just would have hoped for a few more… masculine members involved, not that I regretted anything I had done, not even with Delanie, much less now that everyone had forgotten and I still had the good memories without the reputation.

Bikini was a way to get attention. In another world, another cabin, without Medea in it, I would have been not much different from Andrea.

Speaking of, the foxy tease had a G-string on, and she was rocking it. She was the second person I saw. First was that Stone man-woman up on her chair. There weren’t that many people around.

I had been walking naked all over the place like it was nobody’s business, this wasn’t a big deal. Yeah, I felt the breeze going all the way up my butt, and if I gave a step too quickly I was going to get a nip slip. The evening cool air also made my boobs hard enough to cut glass, they were pointing out all the way. No way there would be people not to notice.

I knew all people watching but I was not sure they knew me anymore. Not even Rodrigo remembered me, so probably not. That bitch Stone, obviously. She gave me a glance over her stupid shades – she was wearing that even if it was dark, puh-lease! – and only that. That was because it meant she was not going to give us trouble. Then there was Peggy and Jodi, they gave me thumbs up. We had sent them first so they didn’t look like they came with me. They also were wearing bikinis, but their covered their asses and were not about to explode at any moment. Jodi’s was floral and kind of old-looking; Peggy’s was white like mine but it wasn’t side-tie.
File: Pool.png (26 KB, 793x545)
26 KB
Then the boys noticed, someone could have broken their own neck if they turned any faster. There was that creep, Fitzgerald; he stared at me like he didn’t have eyelids, eyes about to pop out of their sockets. Steven, one of Andrea’s satellites and that guy who people called Ted. Andrea noticed then, following Fitzgerald sight; she gave me a scoff and then a short laugh. Did that bitch really do that? There were also Leslie and Wendy, but they were more or less neutral either way.

Good time to start the show. Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest up, sway right, sway left. Right, left; right, left. Eyes up front, smile like a Queen because I was. Keep the air in, helped the chest looking even bigger. There was always a huge ego boost in showing up in a bikini anywhere. I had worked very hard for this body, so I deserved all of the attention I was getting. Hours and hours of Yoga, hardly ever eating chocolate, all that bad-tasting super-foods, and all those annoying facial and skin treatments; this was the result of that.

Showing it around wasn’t a dare, it was privilege. I shook my head waving my hair. I gave a daring smile to Andrea, would she really laugh at all of this? No, not anymore; she was livid and knew she was outclassed. I cat-walked taking my time all across the pool chairs getting everyone to watch at me instead of her. I made it to the trampoline breaking a bunch of hearts, causing stiffies and making one enemy. I did the hair trick again.

I wasn’t an expert diver; I hadn’t even taken swimming classes or anything but I had seen it tons in movies and stuff. An attractive woman, always a blonde with a red bikini – mine was white but that was okay – took a dive into a pool and came out with soaked hair and body, super sexy. I was going to do the thing, then swim a little to complete the dare.
With the huge high drawing people away from Andrea was getting, I lost the fear to fail and took a jump like I had seen Aria do before, Hands first, butt up, then get straight like an arrow. I was not sure, but I would bet it had been fantastic and glamorous; why else would anyone be going ‘Whoa! Whoa!’

Hitting the water was a little painful. Nothing much but I didn’t care for it. Nose made me feel like I was drowning for a second. I closed my eyes. My body was weightless; my hair was escaping upwards pulling away from me. I came up, out of the water with a tiny bit of panic, taking a deep breath.

a) Whole thing came off, and Lisa doesn’t notice causing a genuine reaction once she does.
b) Whole thing came off. Lisa noticed but is required not to. She prances around naked, until Stone yells at her.
c) The top came off, Lisa didn’t notice at first.
d) Top came off, nobody informs Lisa even if she noticed and Stone for some reason allows her going topless.
e) Just the bottom came off and Lisa is none the wiser. She leaves the pool without noticing. Stone doesn’t see it from up top, either.
f) Lisa’s bikini is whole. She looked amazing and gets a few admirers and all of Andrea’s scorn, who will not leave it like this.

Can vote for anything else: Bikini might get transparent, a nip might slip, the sky is the limit. F is deceptive unless you want it not to be. About the next dare:
1) Slap Lunch Lady’s ass and run like Hell. Mixes well with Aria and Erika.
2) Lisa dares someone to help her convince the Lady to keep Arthur. Lisa officially owns Arthur now and will take him home. Medea and the Sisters are good for this dare.
3) Lisa wants someone unintentionally flashing what she had to flash at the pool.
4) Lisa dares someone to get examined by the doctor. Lady great for the dare.
5) Start a food fight at the cafeteria. It will evoke strong emotions.
6) Loser loudly masturbates at showers then comes out like nothing happened.

Then name the loser. Naming Random or None (author’s choice) is also acceptable.
C 6
B, everyone's reaction to Lisa gets prolonged this way so that's good.

5+1, turn that Cafeteria into chaos, and who else but our sneaky catgirl to pull it off?
File: IMG_20190519_084527.jpg (417 KB, 1448x2048)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
E has happened to me before xD and I like 5 food fight started by aria.

On a side note I'm kinda sad because I just realized that the gamechanger basically means the whole aria yuri thing is never gonna happen with like 1 day left in camp, and I had it all shipped in my head and everything. Oh well, like aria I still have the memories xD
E seems fun.

Would choose 5 as the next dare, with the unforeseen consequence: some of the memories resurface as a similar brawl already happened.

Other possible disturbance: arias Tail might slip out and cause some people to remember her when seeing it. eg. Yuri ;)

Needless to say, Bill won't like it, risking too much.
Ten minutes early because working in ten minutes.

Everyone’s eyes were on me, so I kept a resting face, like I had not been scared for a second, there. All I had to do now was hang around the place for ten minutes.

“Uh… your-” Steven tried to say. Probably a compliment.

“SHHH!” Andrea stopped him, the jealous, poor bitch. She gave me a smile and a wave and I gave one of each back. How did it feel to have to sink to begging your own worshippers to NOT worship me?

Whatever. I checked my bra, because I had been scared that it might come off. It was in place so everything was good. Nothing had even slipped, which was a break of good luck for a change. I did a loopty, loop on the water; it was easier than I thought it would be. Everyone gasped at it, so I must have done it really good; well, everyone but Andrea; she instead laughed. I didn’t care what she could think.


“She hasn’t noticed,” Peggy said to my side.

“Maybe she has, maybe she hasn’t. Remember this is her dare,” I told so she wouldn’t forget. We had gotten in a game for very crazy people. If Lisa’s dare was to fuck everyone in the pool she would.

“No, I think she really hasn’t noticed, Jodi,” Peggy repeated.

“I know.” Yeah, Lisa hadn’t noticed. Not the point of what I was saying, though.

After Lisa’s dive – which was honestly pretty great, all she was missing making it to the pool was some theme-music; must have been nice to be that hot – the first thing that came to the surface wasn’t Lisa… it was her bottoms.

They were to Lisa’s back so she didn’t see them. One of the boys tried to tell her but Andrea stopped him. We couldn’t tell Lisa; we were supposed to not know each other or interact at all.

Even at night the pool was well illuminated. They weren’t there before but they had placed two reflector lights at some point. Maybe brainwashing all the staff into being competent had made them take it out of wherever they had them stored and turn them on for a change. We could all tell that under the water, Lisa’s silhouette was basically naked.

We felt bad for her, we could hardly watch, but it was our job to do it. Then she did this… pirouette, some dumb underwater backflip, for no reason at all. Peggy and I flinched in second-hand embarrassment and Lisa flashed her almost-bald coochie to everyone.

“Look!” Peggy pointed at the lifeguard. One of the boys had climbed up top and was talking to her about something. “Andrea probably sent him, what a… was she always like this?” Yeah, she was. “Yes, I think she was.” Now with the lifeguard distracted no one would tell Lisa; Andrea could not take people taking the spotlight. “She hates everyone who makes her look bad.”
Lisa started swimming and I started my timer. Ten minutes. Lisa chose a fucking horrible style, the backstroke. She had leaned backwards so she couldn’t see forward and maybe find her bikini; she had the front side of her body almost out of the water flashing it all to everyone. I almost wanted to shriek out loud for her.

Andrea was laughing and giggling like a horrible person and everyone else, even the guy talking to the lifeguard had their eyes somewhere else. At least nobody was taking pictures. Lisa swam from one side of the pool to the other, the pool all to herself. She took it easy with a few breaks here and there. Andrea personally picked up the bikini and hid it. The lifeguard didn’t need to be distracted anymore and she probably didn’t see the star of the show – Lisa’s pussy – from that high up. Nothing to do but wait.

I would say Peggy and I took the hardest out of that experience. Lisa didn’t know; I was sure of it. We had to watch someone we kind of liked going through that. Poor girl! “If I ever, ever buy a side-tie bikini, slap me,” Peggy said. I slapped her, not too hard; she did have one at home. “From now on, I mean!” I knew that, but I really needed to do something with all the awkwardness I was feeling.

“In… in a way, it’s kind of hot,” I said, even if what happened to Lisa reminded me of that horrible thing that happened to me in front of the offices, when my clothes burned down.


Ten minutes, the time was up. I knew because Jodi had sneezed. That was the signal. I gave a wink to Andrea, who was nothing but fake smiles because I had won her boys over. I gave one last lap of victory and got out of the pool.

Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest up, sway right, sway left. Right, left; right, left. Be a Queen. I put on my sandals and…


I looked down to get them under my feet, and when I looked down I noticed something was missing. I froze.

“Here you go! It looks expensive so I didn’t want you to lose it,” said Andrea, about to burst out laughing. She put a humid piece of cloth over my head; one of the white strings ran down in front of my face. “Oh, and if you’re wondering: from the very start. Nice show!”

I didn’t know what else to do but cover my front with both hands and run away at the sound of Andrea taking a picture of my butt.


I got a good idea of everything that happened from up top my tree. Well… not my tree. I had resisted the urge to mark it because leaving evidence of my presence would not be a good idea just about now. My scent would be too obvious for anyone to pick up.

I had seen Lisa’s entire dare. I hadn’t gotten front row seats but still had been witness to her plea. It had been hard to watch and still I had to remember that this was just the warm-up; the first dare. We would be doing things like this the whole night and unless we got lucky, we would think Lisa had it easy.

At least Lisa had managed to make her exposure casual. There was no one suspecting she meant to do anything other than show off her bikini and it had backfired on her. Jodi and Peggy left the poolside and I joined them across the forest. They told me it had not been easy for them, either. That could only mean they were good people, I thought.

The circle was pretty far away and going back and forth was going to take us a chunk of time for each dare; but there was no helping it. It was already past seven when we were back on the circle ready to take Lisa’s turn. Lisa made it first and she didn’t seem affected by her dare, although not willing to discuss it, either. She was still bottomless and quite tantalizing because of it; still for some reason having her bottoms up her head.

The loser for the next round was me, and I gulped loudly, sure Lisa would give me a hard one after what she had gone through. She surprised me.

“Relax! I’m not going to let you get naked or anything. You’ve got a cat tail, remember? First, you get to wear your jeans again. Go on,” I had removed them to climb, after all. I couldn’t wear them again until specified to do otherwise, even if had not been my dare. I obeyed Lisa. “Second, I think this has been a long time coming. Jill said she would do it; but… you know.”
File: Hairstyle reference.jpg (332 KB, 725x1141)
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332 KB JPG
We returned to the cabin to fix my hair. Everyone had something to say about it and we tried plenty of things. Lisa did not accept either of them and as the dare-giver she picked a style that consisted on a double-bun.

“I look like Mickey Mouse…” I complained when I saw myself on the mirror.

Yes, it was kind of cute, for little girls. I was an adult… technically. My now incredibly long hair had been left alone for a while now and everyone in camp saw it as normal; which was something to be grateful of. Still, Medea had had the idea to use it to cover my ears instead of having to wear a hat for the rest of my life and Lisa had worked on that idea to give me two massive, circular conglomerations of hair at each side of my head that indeed covered my ears perfectly.

“We just have to leave enough down here to hide where you don’t have ears,” Lisa sang. She liked placing her hands on me.

She showed me in a mirror the final result and yes, it looked fine. Not my style but it was fine. I She had cut a minimal amount of hair and mostly from the front. The white tips were barely noticeable when most of them were rolled up. It looked okay; and I could still mostly hear fine.

“Teach her how to braid it by herself later,” Erika suggested. “Aria, smile!” I did. She took a picture.

“Now, for your actual dare…” Lisa continued.

There was no hope my ‘dare’ was to get my hair done. They were already taking it easy on me as it was, and Lisa gave me hope that it would be something simple because she said it wouldn’t involve nudity. After listening to it, I was not so sure about it.

My dare was to cause a ruckus at the dining area. Start a food fight.
“Well thought,” Medea congratulated. “If performed properly, they will never point at Aria as the culprit and we would have evoked strong emotions without risking her being found out. This is a good idea.”

Lisa swooned and giggled at the compliment. Lady complained she would have liked to have that dare to herself and was not shy to tell me a few ideas on how to start the fight on our way there.

a) During the chaos Erika pants a girl. A chain reaction ensues. All is fun and games until someone was not wearing underwear.
b) Aria feeds the chaos by slapping the Lunch Lady’s behind.
c) Aria feeds the chaos by directing an army of cats to do her bidding.
d) Aria’s tail gets seen by Yuri, who remembers something. Just something.
e) Things escalate into a brawl. Some people have a feeling of déjà vu.
C and A both sound really fun, and I feel like they'd synergize more than conflict, so I'm going with that.
File: IMG_20190519_084801.jpg (117 KB, 849x1200)
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117 KB JPG
CD sounds like the most fun to me.
File: 4L_gROMgIkh.png (814 KB, 1000x1811)
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814 KB PNG
Posting from phone. I don't have electricity. Part was almost ready but it is going to be late. Hope this gets solved soon.
Well, fuck. Might go to jail. The State wants me to cover an utility bill from home's former occupant that is insanely high with years and years of interest. Talking about RL should not be a thing here but if the story ends without a warning, you deserve to know what happened.
Court is a thing, yet we're not big on justice around here. State (we have electric services monopoly) wants money and someone has to pay. Decency be damned.
Gonna be honest here; I don't take shit from people IRL. I can't; I'm too much of a sperg. I don't like my chances in either court or prison.

Considering skipping town.

And before you ask, no; this is not a hand-out request. You would not be able to cover this one, either way. This is not a "every bit counts, thx gayz!" kind of situation. This is a "let's hope they don't screw me over or at least let me do installments for stealing from me" kind of situation. Time will tell.

I swear that if they send me to jail I'm going to earn it one way or another.
I'll STFU now, here's next part.

Lady had very… vivid imagination about how to go about causing mayhem. I was not calling her ideas bad or even unfeasible, just overkill. I was not the kind to use a shotgun to kill a fly.

Either way, Lady’s ideas were terrible even if Erika found some of them funny. The dare was mine to do as I pleased so long as I could deliver the expected results, and I already had an idea of what I could do to make it happen. It wasn’t exactly rocket science to make a food fight begin at a camp full of mostly high-school age people, was it?
Besides, my idea was original and no one else could do it but me. I had been talking things over with Arthur. He never got tired of telling me how he ran things around here, and how happy I would be if I ended up in his harem of mates; that our offspring would be strong and healthy and that with his scent around me no one would bother me. The usual, disgusting stuff. I had learned to almost tolerate it.

Either way, he bluffed a little farther than usual this time, saying that all cats, males and females were at his beck and call. I dared him to prove himself right. Arthur did the equivalent of a smirk and jumped from Lisa’s arm, startling her.

He then started to meow quite loudly and emitting a particular scent that I had no idea how we was doing. We were en-route to the cafeteria and Arthur ran towards the forest.

“Aria!” Lisa scolded me, quite angry. “What did you do to my cat? What did you tell him? Make him come back!”

It was understandable she could have figured this was somehow my fault. To everyone else, my ‘conversations’ with cats must have looked plainly unnatural and weird. We did not meow between us and most of it was non-verbal.

“He said he’s going to get help,” I shrugged, not calming Lisa down. “Well, that’s what he said!”

“You told him to go away and never come back, didn’t you?” she doubted me and it hurt me she did.

“Now you’ve done it, Aria. He’s going to come back with a boar and a squirrel to dethrone you,” Erika joked.

“It was NOT a squirrel, it was a-” Carmen started, offended, Erika interrupted.
“Yes, yes; I know. Calm your tits,” appropriate thing to say since when Carmen turned too quickly indeed her tits could use some calming.

“And Pumba isn’t a boar, either…” Carmen whispered. I did not know she felt so strongly about the issue.

Not to dethrone me, but Arthur did come back with three female cats; all quite young. Arthur, you dog, you. Or Cat. I was however more interested in the thing he did. How did he… summon – for lack of a better word – all those cats? Arthur was proud to answer it was only he could do, but he showed me how he did it; sending a scent from his butt and doing a special cry.

I attempted it and Arthur was very impressed that I succeeded in both emitting the particular scent – much stronger in my case due to my size – and I could mimic his call to perfection, even if people heard me they must have assumed it was a cat. I also had another cry; a cry I learned yesterday. Unless the stupid animals, I could make that sound even when I wasn’t in heat. Three male cats came running… and a female. The female wasn’t a… whatever the kitty equivalent is for a lesbian, she was following her brother… and sister.

“Aria, this cat…” Medea pointed at her, a precious, bicolor cat with dark, black fur and a white face and underbelly. The tip of her tail, her feet, the tuft inside her ears and some of its head were also white.

“I know…” I said. I recognized her scent, it was… mine; kind of. The cat had been very friendly with me from the beginning and had communicated nothing short of glee to “have found one of her missing sisters after so long”.

“This is the cat you used for your potion of feral stuff?” Lisa surmised, guessing correctly. “I’m going to call her Aria Two.”
“No!” I didn’t know why, but I didn’t like it, which of course made it official. The cat got called Aria Two by everyone who wasn’t me or Medea.

Point of the matter was, I had an army of cats, and they were willing to obey either me or Arthur.


“What is wrong, Yuri? You’re not touching your food,” Carmelia asked me making me raise my eyes from my iPhone. I hated when people made me do that.

“You can eat it if you want it,” I said, kind of meaning it as an insult.

“You know I’m on a diet. Besides, I hate onions,” she didn’t take it to heart. “Are you staying behind or are you leaving without touching your dinner?” she kept pressing me.

What I was trying to do was to see if there had been any updates about… anything. Any new video from my subscriptions, someone replied to me anywhere, some news worth posting on. It was like the whole world had gone to sleep.

“Why has nothing happened in almost two weeks?” I complained. Not to Carmelia specifically. Anyone listening, even at other tables.

“That’s because you never sign up for anything. There’s been fun stuff around, you know?” Felicia, always the contrarian. She hadn’t even signed up for many events to talk to me that way.

“The camp activities are the problem! If you go to them you get out of range and we can’t send each other stuff,” I explained. “The connection here is too slow to try to stream anything and I don’t want to talk to the guy who does the wifi and stuff.”
“I know what you mean. He’s… we shouldn’t talk to him,” Enriqueta butted in. She had finished her dinner a long time ago and was only waiting for us.

More silence. No one had squat to say about him. Someone replied to my tweet. I timed it for twenty minutes so I could answer back.

“This place is just so boring, nothing ever happens,” I complained again to anyone who wished to talk to me. They must have guessed something was wrong if I wasn’t using my iPhone to communicate.

Someone must have heard me. Not five seconds after I said that, even I had to look up. Someone had thrown an indeterminate plate of something – had a lot of red on it – to Enriqueta’s face. We all ducked in reflex, all but Enriqueta, who stayed put with whatever was on the plate sliding down her face, her eyes closed as hard as she could and making a weird noise, like a dying mouse. I was glad I recorded it.

We turned around, who had done that? The place wasn’t nearly empty so it was hard to tell. There might have been a dozen of us, then the staff, and some people who were just coming in.
They were Erika, Lisa, Carmen and Medea. I knew their names somehow even if I had never talked to them before; either online or offline; no idea why. They were walking with Lady and the Jodi-Peggy combo.

A second plate flew from a completely different direction; it was too fast to check who it had been. This time it hit a different table. It hit Jamal, the tall, muscular dude; he laughed it off and without warning he grabbed his own plate and smashed it on his neighbors head making a mess.
“YOU ALL STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!” that was a screech. The fat woman had walked out of the kitchen, probably alarmed by the sound of people having fun, she started slamming a wooden, slightly scorched spoon to the a tray, for all the good that did her. Another plate came flying from who knows where. It hit the table behind us, also girls. They cried out and got out of the way just in time. “WHO THREW THAT?” she kept yelling very loudly.

Out of nowhere, an avalanche of cats came from outside. I had never seen anything like it; there were a bunch of them. Cats were supposed to be skittish, but these weren’t; they jumped to the tables and started running everywhere, trashing everything they came across and jumping to and from people, getting aggressive if anyone tried to grab them.

“AH! It scratched me!”

“Incoming!” a plate flew by my head, I ducked but I wasn’t sure that made a difference.

“Food fight!”

“Cat fight!” some moron grabbed and threw a cat; it made a whistling sound flying through the air in circles, meowing terrified. I was glad it landed just fine.

A muffin hit my cheek. I took offense to that and grabbed the closest thing I had and threw it in that direction. “Who threw that muffin??? ” I quickly typed and sent to all my contacts in camp.

“Watch the hair!” That was Felicia, had something hit her?

I wanted to run away, the fight had started in full. The fat woman’s screams were barely audible when everyone was throwing something to someone else and a bunch of cats – each for every person fighting or close to that – knocking stuff over and clawing everyone who got too close.
“WH-EEEK!” Enriqueta screamed behind me. I saw Erika, the punk girl, pulling poor Enriqueta’s pants down and exposing her light green underwear. I didn’t mean to, it was more of a reflex; I turned my camera to Enriqueta’s panties.

Erika made the poor pantsed girl trip forward and ran away laughing.

That could not stand, I tried to follow her to return the favor – she was also wearing pants but before I could reach her a perfectly good pie hit me on the side of my head, getting all over my hair. That had ME screaming. What a waste of food, and what a pain it would be to get that off.

I got to the table in front of ours and grabbed what I could find to throw it out and get some revenge. Everyone was throwing something. We had gotten to the point we were grabbing food that had already been flung by someone else from the floor to do it all over again.

I had found who had thrown that muffin; it had been Michael. The name meant nothing to me and I had never met him, but someone had answered me on my iPhone. I asked who he was and had started throwing stuff only to him, telling him mean stuff like “Drop dead, jerk!” or “Look what you did to my hair!” even if the muffin hadn’t done that.

Four tables were involved, two for boys and two for girls; it was almost a parallel fight; we had the advantage because there were more of us; and also because the boys liked to fight against any table that wasn’t their own. The girls had a bigger problem going on, though. Every now and then a loud yell would mean that someone else had had her pants down.

Making a loud noise was stupid; it only made us all turn to watch her underwear. Felicia was wearing red, Edith had classic white panties and a they were slightly transparent lycra – embarrassing – and Carmelia, the traitorous moron, had pulled MY pants down; I barely managed to cover with my shirt so I don’t think anyone saw. I also couldn’t help screaming so I guess I was stupid too.
File: 27_Jackie_Nasset.jpg (124 KB, 850x1133)
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124 KB JPG
Erika had started all of this but she had disappeared. There was too much going on. Food flying, cats running around panicked like headless chickens and on top of that all the girls had to watch our back so no one pulled our pants down. Lady tried to pull mine down so I pulled her skirt up instead. She was a good sport about it and kept laughing even when I showed her undies to everyone, then she grabbed some food and smeared it on my chest – it ran down my shirt – before running away but not before I flipped her dress over again, not that she cared. I hadn’t pictured her as such a tomboy.

It got really bad at one point. I saw Erika again and abandoned my post of throwing stuff to Michael so I could get her instead. Erika sneaked behind Jackie.

“NooOO!” I yelled. I felt like in a movie doing it in slow motion.

I couldn’t stop her. Erika pulled Kristin’s denim shorts down swiftly, in a single movement. Kristin froze, not even emitting any sound. Three guys in front of her also froze to look at her. Poor Kristin hadn’t worn any underwear this morning, I knew as her roomie. She had been… exposed.

“Whoops!” Erika exclaimed, pulling the shorts up again. “N-nothing to see, here!” She fled the scene.

Kristin kept stuck like a statue without moving a muscle and then began to cry. I had to make a choice between staying with her and consoling her and going after Erika. Carmelia beat me to be a shoulder to cry on, so I took the second, more satisfying option.

The punk-girl with the purple hair was fast. She was also running low so she got targeted less. I lost her when a cat raced past me and I had to stop. When I looked again Erika was gone.

I looked around very hard for her; I didn’t even flinch when a piece of wiener hit my shoulder and stained me with its stinky oils. I couldn’t find Erika, but I found someone else.
Aria. I had not talked to her, either. She had cried during our first excursion outside and since then I heard she had been given permission to ever have to go there again, unlike I who had to keep making an excuse every day. I knew she was roommates with Erika. They were probably friends. That was good enough.

There was something about this Aria girl. I had never seen anyone wear a hairdo like hers in public; she had incredibly long hair; like SUPER long. She was wearing shades inside and she was under a table, being all sneaky throwing things only when they weren’t watching her. It pissed me off.

Also… she was real cute. Like totally cute. I hadn’t seen her a lot so I hadn’t noticed but she was a very good looking girl; I wanted to like her. I had a feeling she was behind the food fight with Erika, no idea why. Maybe because I hadn’t seen her from the start and she was hiding under a table. She didn’t have so much as a stain on her clothes; I was a mess so it didn’t feel even.

I got behind her very, very quietly. She was none the wiser, throwing stuff like a coward, only when no one was around to look at her. I grabbed her jeans and…


Something hit my face. It was long, furry and black. Aria turned, scared for her life behind her shades. I could not understand. The animal noise I had heard had come from her mouth.
My eyes followed her body, curious about what in the world could have been the thing that had struck me so suddenly. Aria tucked something back in her pants, fixing them after exposing her blue-ish underwear; I didn’t get a proper look. She ran away without properly standing, crawling faster that I had ever seen anyone crawl going mostly unnoticed under the tables.

What the fuck had I seen?

Was that…? What the hell? WHAT THE FUCK? Was that…? Oh, right. Aria was a cat-girl, the werecat, I forgot. No, wait. That wasn’t right; that had never happened! Was that a dream? Why did I remember, then? Had I seen a tail coming out from just above Aria’s butt? She had a tail! I had seen it before! Or was I dreaming back then? Was I dreaming now? Something hit me in the face.

“Hey! No fair taking cover!” Michael accused me of cheating.

“Why you little..!”

“Aria, what’s wrong? I saw you speed outside! You know you can’t run that fast when people are watching,” Carmen ran to my encounter, both our hearts racing.

“She saw! She saw everything!” maybe not everything, but enough.

“What? What do you mean?”

“My tail, she saw my tail!”

“Aria, calm down. Who, where, what happened?” Carmen asked three questions at once.

“Don’t tell me to calm down!” I cried. What was I going to do now?

“L-let me call the others, this will be fine. Aria, calm down,” she proposed, soothing me and taking her phone out.

a) Ignore it. No one will believe Yuri. Next dare, please.
b) Tell Bill to brainwash her again or something.
c) Blackmail Yuri with nudity and sex. There is plenty of footage on the coven’s phones.
d) Use the first potion of the night to make a memory-wipe potion, or the closest we can get to it.
e) Tell Yuri the truth. Might cause mental collapse before memories surge back.

Bottle is full, too much emotion thanks to crowd. The dare after the bottle is full is always to empty it.

1) Loser drinks a semi-perfect skin softener potion. Do not give to Lady. Side effects are enhanced sensitivity.
2) Loser drinks Medea’s anti-hair potion. No body hair for a few decades give or take. Ineffective on Medea.
3) Memory wipe potion. Automatically selected if D wins. Only Yuri can drink it.
4) Medea keeps experimenting with essence of femininity.
5) Loser must instead theorize a potion (voters picks effect, sadly nothing too powerful is allowed) to drink afterwards.
A 2

Best of luck
A or C. It'd be interesting to see C play out but nothing happening for a while can work too.

4, I wonder what Medea could create in the realm of temporary effects of this sort.

That... really really sucks. Not much else to say but that I hope the capricious nature of governments lands in your favour. Take care of yourself, however things play out.
File: 4L_qDfUEwNH.jpg (203 KB, 1399x2085)
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a 4

Hope things turn out okay irl
A, let it sink in for a moment, then she might consider asking her out about it later ;)
2 Erika, she kinda earned it this round.
File: 69988691_p0.jpg (430 KB, 757x1129)
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430 KB JPG
I'm down for A and 2, but Carmen loses. Coven teases her about never getting her bush back and it being better that way.
Sounds hilarious, switching to Carmen.

Strange.. clover keeps clearing my Username every few posts :/
>clover keeps clearing my Username every few posts
It's like a parent trying to hide the political clothing of a middle schooler so they don't keep wearing it and embarrassing themselves.
“She probably didn’t see anything,” Erika tried to ease me. Tried.

“No one would actually believe her, right?” was Carmen’s argument.

“I guess we could… do the thing?” Peggy questioningly proved her sister.

“Yeah, it’s not nice but it would work,” Jodi nodded.

“We’d rather not to,”, “but our lives are in danger, here,”, “I see wait and see what happens before we do it,”, “it’s not nice, after all,”, “but yeah, we should be able to take care of it,”, “if worse comes to worst,”, “gaslight.”

“Depending on the circumstances, intervening at right this moment is almost always undermining. Also depending on what Yuri might or might not have seen, leaving her alone could solve the problem altogether. Provided we proceed carefully, our best course of action is to wait to have more information,” Medea gave a small speech.

“Wait and see,” I echoed Peggy’s words. “If… if you think that’s best then let’s do that.”

We had discreetly left the warzone while it was still not quite over with minimum damage to our clothing. I had even abandoned my troops and hoped that one day they could forgive me. I specially felt bad for that poor, brave soul – a brown cat – which got thrown at the start of the fight. I also wanted to talk more to my ‘sister’ if I had the chance.

We returned to the origin, our circle. To Peggy and Jody’s surprise, both of whom had never seen anything like it, the green bottle we had been using for the game was glowing dangerously.

“I expected as much. Crowds are easy ways to gather this kind of energy,” Carmen pointed out.

“Shame we’re not using Jill, she has a knack for this stuff,” Erika admitted.
“We have no choice. She was left out of the loop for a reason, you know? She might be… out of control,” I explained, even if still feeling sad Jill didn’t remember what we had been through.

“Aria, please grab another bottle. We have already agreed what happens after we have gathered the full energy of a bottle,” Medea reminded us.

We would make a potion and drink it. It would be an easy dare, it would make sure we didn’t leave magical energies dancing around or glowing pieces of glass for someone to find, it was a way to gather some emotional energy without involving anyone; and… some of Medea’s recipes would be more a perk that a punishment, even when the side-effects were considered.

It meant that my turn would be more or less skipped, not that I minded. It had been getting kind of hard to ask my friends to do stuff that would hurt them or inconvenience them, even if it was for a game that was going to keep us living longer. This was doubly true for me because people could not even dare me to anything that exposed my anatomy, which was sort of unfair.

I still did the honors, picking the less smelly bottle I could quickly grab from the box. After tossing it around – I liked to see it spin when I clawed it – it pointed to Carmen.

“I’ll give you the choice,” I assured her, interrupting her sigh of resignation. “So it’s okay. There’s the potion that makes your skin very smooth and soft…” I started.

“Which also makes you a nympho for a while and makes you crazy sensitive, can’t even touch your pussy anymore,” Erika stopped me so she could advise against it.

“I’m still working on that last thing,” Lady revealed. Poor thing.

“And if you don’t like that one,” I swiped my eyes around to make certain no one was going to interject anymore, “there is the one that Medea talked about. The one that gets rid of body hair forever.”
“Shit, that’s a good one,” again Erika had to give her opinion. “I want one for me, but I have everything written down, how to make it and everything, so it’s okay either way. Doesn’t it take days to prepare or whatever?”

“It normally does, but we have the advantage of ritualistic power. It will make it much simpler to prepare if this is Carmen’s choice. I will however warn that we will need a certain amount of completely human blood,” Medea warned, using her hands to single herself and me out of it.

“Yeah, that sounds okay,” Carmen happily agreed. “I’ve touched your skin before. I like it. I could live with that.”

“It won’t give us much emotion if you agree to it all that much,” Lisa dangerously appealed. “What if… we get rid of the rest of your…” Lisa pointed somewhere.

“No!” Carmen covered her clothed crotch, being pointed at. “A trim was… welcome. That is it! It’s fine the way it is now!”

“But doesn’t it get itchy? You grow a lot of the stuff,” Erika commented, making the sisters giggle. “I say it’s better for you.”

There was a lot of back and forth. Everyone pitched in their own opinions. Lady and Carmen were the only dissidents, the rest of us thought that smooth private areas were better; Jodi and Peggy kept to themselves, whispering to each other in such vague terms – with a lot of giggling – that I couldn’t hope to understand.

Under Erika’s recommendation, I ended caving in and using the authority the dare gave me to impose the collective will. “Boys like it that way, too!” was the last argument that I had; which physically hurt to say. “L-like Chad and all those others.”

“Chad doesn’t even remember me,” Carmen mumbled. “But alright, things bigger than my pubic hair are at stake, here. Go ahead, make me fully bald fore life like a whore!” she exclaimed with resentment.
While we were arguing Medea had been hard at work. Her ingredients had already been depleted so we had to work with what we had, which was not an easy task if the way she complained was anything to go by. My nose was used to find several kinds of fungi, plants and musk – not for only this potion but for future use –, Medea painfully explained a theory of speeding up the process already described that went over my head, and Carmen showed an amazing amount of nerve by bleeding herself for the last ingredient. We placed a bandage over her wrist and hope the injury wouldn’t be misinterpreted.

We ended up with a rather funky-smelling ointment that I did not care for to have over my skin. For Erika’s disappointment, we barely had enough for Carmen.

“Goodbye, hair! So long!” Carmen sang, actually looking happy despite the discussion she just had with us.

“Please, be very careful not to get any over your head!” Medea insisted. “I can reverse it but it will not be easy… or pleasant… or precise. Do not get any of it over your head!”

Carmen very carefully and slowly applied it with her own hands; having to strip completely nude. Lady was again asked to turn away, which she refused, making Carmen uncomfortable; mostly the… backhanded, racist compliments.

In a way, it was a sensual spectacle. A pretty girl with tanned skin and dark, long hair rubbing herself with something shiny and transparent, lightly red, illuminated by a white moonshine. Carmen ran her hands across her shoulders, arms, armpits, back, her flat stomach, her butt, her thighs, legs and then, grumbling, also passed the liquid across her crotch.

“If you’re not going to do it well…” Erika stepped forward to get some ointment from Carmen, who was stealthily leaving an area devoid of it.

“No! No! You can’t… touch me there if I don’t let you!” Carmen fretted.

“Oh, come on! We’re waaay past that, Teresa.”
Erika listened to no complaints and gave Carmen’s pudenda a good rubbing. Carmen screeched ruefully, and pushed Erika away, but it was too late. We could see how the oily substance glowing on Carmen’s skin had already made every strand of her body hair fall like it hadn’t been attacked on the first place.

“I must warn you, it may… itch or lightly burn for around seventy-two hours. This is completely normal,” Medea waited until now to say. Carmen stared at her with rage.

“I… can of c-course prepare an ointment that will counteract this… it must only be applied every few hours!” it was odd to watch Medea acting defensive or scared. Carmen stared harder. “And if we use ritual power it will last for much longer… in theory!”

Under Medea’s instruction, we let the liquid stay put for two minutes – Lisa held Carmen’s hair up – and then Carmen had to take a swim since she wasn’t willing to walk naked to the showers or getting any of the itchy stuff on her clothes. After her cold bath, we had achieved a smooth, but resentful Carmen, and she was ready to give her dare.
a) Aria is dared to prank Yuri. Elaborate plan to make her think they were messing with her all along. Yuri will still have latent memories surfacing.
b) Jodi and Peggy are dared to get into a catfight with people watching. It will be pretend-fighting but it is still a competition. Loser is object of next dare.
c) Carmen says before rolling that the dare is to take ownership for the food fight to the irate lady in charge of the dining area. It points to herself.
d) Medea is dared to innocently request the explanation of a rather inappropriate innuendo to an easily-embarrassed boy, playing dumb the whole time.
e) Erika is dared to recover her hair’s natural color. She can dye it again tomorrow.
f) Lisa is dared to act (or not so much) very angry with Andrea, daring her to a strip match. Perfect way to disguise a nudity-based dare as plain spite between girls.
g) Lady is dared to confess to a boy; not any boy, either. Her former ‘best’ friend: William Robbins. The other Bill.

You can mix and match the dares if you want.
D sounds pretty hilarious, and B looks fun too. I'd include F if Lisa's last dare wasn't so recent, since it's a pretty strong idea too, but for this round B or D.
G or D sounds fun, yet are not too disrupting on the whole camp. But C/F probably yield more emotions than these rather specific tasks due to the crowd they attract.
Still going with G/D for now
File: fd1b341.jpg (112 KB, 850x1133)
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112 KB JPG
I love D in this scenario, and g seems fun for later.
“Remember the rules, Carmen!” Medea made a friendly reminder with a worried but kind smile as the bottle pointed at her as the loser for this round.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, just so you know,” Carmen reassured something doubtful. “Yes, I’m mad about… come on, people! I’m going to live my whole life as a…” Carmen didn’t finish.

“Carmen,” Lisa placed a hand on Carmen’s shoulder, “think of this as a give and take, a trade-off. Would you exchange your pubes for permanently shaved legs? Just legs. Don’t even think about the rest. I would.”

“I’m… not sure,” Carmen insisted.

“Who’s going to check anyway? It’s more comfortable and your future husband might like it. If he doesn’t, I’ll personally buy you a wig, or donate my snatch hair for a transplant,” Erika solemnly promised, getting elbowed on the ribs by Medea.

“You are only going to upset her further!” Medea whispered discretely to an out of air Erika who was holding her stomach and wheezing. “I’m… I apologize, Erika. I did not mean…” Lady openly laughed.

“Medea, be careful!” I requested warningly. She disarmed me with a repenting puppy stare with accompanying frown.

“Anyway! My dare is to get Medea into a date!” Carmen used the chance before we devolved again into senseless stuff.

Despite what we could think, Carmen was not out for blood. She instead wanted Medea to be all cutesy and invite one of the youngest boys in camp to a date. It could be considered as an insult to Medea, in a way; because of her… youthful appearance, something I could relate to.

“The way to get emotions out of it is up to you. It’s a date, after all. You’re smart, you’ll figure it out. Showing too much skin is cheating. You lose if he sees so much as your underwear,” Carmen decreed, occasionally complaining about a burning sensation.
The good thing was that for this date we could bring our dared here instead. We would all be hidden nearby because no one wanted to miss this one; even Carmen risked staying around even if she had to remain completely naked after having her last challenge. Medea had never disappointed in her performances, after all.

Getting the kid’s number was easy. Erika called Francis; after Francis wondered why the hell Erika got his number, we got the kid on the phone and Medea, after clearing her throat, she answered.

“Hi! Y-you probably don’t know me,” she said, and we all expressed surprise in our most superlative way for good reason. “I’m… I have to, um, tell you something. Sorry, it’s… oh; by the way; my name is Medea! I wanted to speak with you.”

Medea was a peculiar girl. She spoke in a monotone, almost robotic voice; always exact, a bit redundant in her expressions; rarely displaying any strong bias one way or another. The voice she used for this call was… unnatural; too cheery and innocent; it made her sound almost too young, a girl who shouldn’t be on camp in the first place.

“Oh. Yeah, sure!” The kid agreed. I could hear both sides of the conversation.

Just like an embarrassed young maiden would, Medea expertly handled the poor boy and before he knew what was going on he had already expressed a desire to meet Medea in the middle of the night because she couldn’t “bring herself to say it over the phone,” and “preferred the personal touch.” I could basically hear the little guy throwing his fist into the air in excitement.

Medea hung up and told us she needed some time to prepare. She ran back to the cabins.


Alvin arrived not long after. Alvin, the former Satanist; with his dumb, puffy blonde hair; he had attempted to look presentable by using downright obscene amounts of hair gel, by the smell of it, it had to be of the cheap brands that got sold by the pound. The sad part was that he had missed a spot; the whole back of his head. It looked inconsistently funny.

He was wearing his black jeans but had removed all the chains from them. He was wearing a jacket that could not have been his if size alone was any indication. His black dressing shoes were a mess; he had run the whole way. The young romantic had brought flowers he had obviously freshly plucked from somewhere nearby.

It was almost too ridiculous. Still, I felt bad thinking that; we had tricked this poor kid into coming here for our own purposes and he was just doing his best. He compulsorily smelled his breath over and over by using a hand; I could have advised him that chugging a bunch of mint-flavored stuff like he apparently had done beforehand was not precisely the best he could have done.

Medea arrived fashionable late. She was… precious! Medea basically always wore a long skirt; always something that made it under her knees; not this time. She had brought the big guns with a cute blue and white sundress; it was sleeveless and it flew gracefully to every step she gave. She had worn sandals and unlike Alvin, she knew how to traverse these parts without making them ugly to look at. She hadn’t exactly fixed her hair, but it flowed down as a perfectly straight river as always, a single hairpin exposing her full, adorable, smiling face.

“I’m glad you came!” she exclaimed, leaning her head to the side and grinning with closed eyes, hands behind her back.
That was plain unfair. Alvin basically melted. That made MY heart skip a beat; he never stood a chance. Medea had both the looks of the most innocent and delicate flower and also the calculating and brilliant mind to exploit them to their fullest extent; a dangerous combination.

Medea playfully skipped to the stunned Alvin and planted a peck on his cheek as a coquettish greeting.

“I’m sorry, my breath must smell like wiener,” Medea apologized, lightly blushing. She could even fake that?

“Huh? Oh! Hotdogs you mean,” Alvin barely recovered, still not noticing he had dropped the flowers at some point.

“Yes, what else?” Medea giggled.

“N-nevermind! No prob! No problem at all! I also just had dinner. Don’t mind it one bit.”

“Oh, what a shame,” Medea pouted. “Then I guess you won’t wanna bone?”

“WHAT?” Alvin shouted, and it was a good thing he did. Some of us couldn’t contain a gasp.

“A bone! You don’t want one?”

Medea showed what she had been hiding behind her back. An open back of gummi bones; she took one out and savored it, then offered the bag to Alvin, who took one out with shaking hands. He looked about to have a heart attack.

“She’s good,” Peggy noted.

“S-so you like candy,” Alvin somehow managed to utter some words with his pubescent, squeaky voice. If this date was for real this could have blown it. “Good to know!”

“T-thanks… anyways, you probably figured it out already but I brought you here because…!” Medea enunciated very slowly. It was the signal. Erika sent the text.

The talk was interrupted by Medea’s phone lighting up and vibrating inside the pocket of her dress. She faked surprise, then embarrassment to what she was about to say, she then took out her phone in confusion. She pouted.
“Something wrong?” Alvin promptly asked.

“Oh… no. I kind of lost,” she sighed. “It’s just some dumb game. Sorry. Some idle game you have to check every now and then; it can get really difficult at the final stages. I died…”

“That’s cool! I like games, too!” Alvin excitedly approved, happy to have found something in common with the tiny goddess in front of him. “Sorry you died.”

“It’s fine. That’s what makes it interesting,” Medea quickly cheered up. “I like that about it. I like things that get hard the more you play with them.”

Medea accompanied this phrase by making gestures of playing with an invisible phone on her hands… yet it looked more suggestive than not. Alvin could not take it. It was too much for his thirteen year old mind – or however old he was –. He burst out laughing and covered his mouth within the second with both hands, taking two quick, deep breaths.

“Huh?” Medea seemed very confused.

“S-sorry, a sneeze,” Alvin attempted to save.

“That’s not a… were you laughing? What were you laughing about?” Medea pressed with a pure, angelic smile of childish curiosity.

“N-nothing! Nothing at all, sorry!”

“You can tell me! Come on, tell me!”

“Nothing, I’m telling you! It was a sneeze!” Alvin fretted; we could basically see him starting to sweat.

Medea made clear that she was not buying it. She pouted extremely hard, her cheeks about to explode; with Alvin with equally inflated cheeks although for different reasons, it was an odd spectacle to look at.

“You won’t tell me!” Medea censored accusingly.
“There is nothing to tell, sorry! It was something very dumb. Y-you wouldn’t want to hear it.”

“I want to hear it! I want to!” Medea stomped once. “Why won’t you tell me? Tell me! Tell me or… or… or I’m leaving!”

“Wait! No! Don’t be like that,” Alvin’s cheeks deflated, he extended his hand to Medea who was starting to give a few steps back. “It’s really nothing.”

“Then tell me! I hate it when people let me out of stuff. I want to know.”

Alvin’s cogs on his mind were turning. We could all see it and only Medea had to pretend to be blind at it. If he kept shut the girl would leave mad either way, but if he spoke he had no idea what could happen. It could be worse.

“But it’s a… bad thing. I’m a bad person for laughing at that; and it will make you mad at me. Can we forget it? I’ll tell you other jokes! I know a lot!”

“I don’t want to hear jokes; I want to know what you were laughing about!” Medea made her best impression of a spoiled child. Quite convincing.

“O-okay, then. I guess,” he gave up. Erika chuckled from her hiding spot under a bush. “Y-you see. Ehm… how to go about this?”

“What? What is it?”

“D-do you know what…? This is stupid. Do you know what a penis is? H-how it gets… h-hard a-and… y-y-y-you were…”

Erika could not bear it any longer, her cackles became a hearty guffaw, and then it went louder until she could no longer hold it in and exploded, startling poor Alvin. Erika came out from the bush wanting to mouth “sorry”, holding her stomach with a hand and extending her other one to Alvin, who had gone as red as I had only seen girls in camp do before.
Lisa was the next to fall, she couldn’t keep it together and burst next; her laugh was a lot meaner; she sounded like a High School Movie bully. Jodi and Peggy started laughing at the very same time, coming out from behind their tree in synchrony. Carmen also laughed, although more discreetly; mostly owed to the fact she couldn’t come out or risk being discovered due to her lack of clothing. Lady knew no moderation.

With an irate expression, a red face and tears started forming in his eyes, Alvin stormed out.

“No! Wait! AHAHAH! Wait! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! H-hey, kid; I’m sorry!” Erika tried to atone. “We’re… AHAHAHA! Are we cool? Pfft. Ha, ha, haha! S-sorry; w-wait!”

a) Erika accepts the responsibility for ruining the dare. A scenario for Alvin to see her naked is engineered, making him feel better.
b) Lady is dared to confess to a boy; not any boy, either. Her former ‘best’ friend: William Robbins. The other Bill.
c) Lisa is dared to act (or not so much) very angry with Andrea, daring her to a strip match. Perfect way to disguise a nudity-based dare as plain spite between girls.
d) Loser takes ownership for the food fight to the irate lady in charge of the dining area.
e) Loser gets a medical checkup. About the last chance, sadly. It’s growing late.
While A is a good followup to this dare, and C still looks like a great time, I can't let something as good as E slip away so I'm going with that.

Jodi and Peggy for the losers, it'll work relatively well, I feel, and it's about time they got one.
File: IMG_20190528_122739.jpg (127 KB, 850x1133)
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A into B will be my vote, but maybe to keep it to Erika in really revealing underwear. Theyre still not supposed to escalate things a whole bunch.
File: 61d3fc4094d81fc8.jpg (3.13 MB, 1827x2068)
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3.13 MB JPG
E, the Sisters -> A
Damn.. A would be perfect, but the time constraints just won't allow it right now. But proposed by the Sisters as a followup should still work. (or might be even better to give the poor boy a short break)
If you want A, you can pick A. There is always the day there and the next night. Worst case scenario we can also wake the doctor up.
Fair point.
Changing towards A and and a possible "latenight emergency" ;)
File: burst.jpg (488 KB, 752x1062)
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Medea is one cheeky cunt.
“That was my bad, girls,” Erika accepted, smiling but dodging our eyes.

Alvin had run away, no one had the heart to stop him. Medea’s dare was still considered complete, and touching the bottle, she had informed us that the emotions gathered had been fair. Nothing compared to what happened at the cafeteria but actually higher than average when compared to our first nights dares. It only meant it had been harder for Alvin.

“And just when it was getting good,” Lisa sulked, not angry at Erika.

“I know I screwed up! I couldn’t take it anymore! And you were all the same!” Erika laughed, remembering.

“Y-you started it,” I blamed her, ashamed of having succumbed to the temptation.

“I know,” she once again declared. “How about it, Zelda? Do I get a punishment game? I swear it wasn’t on purpose, but I did fuck up.”

“It is not a requisite or even deserved. I would suggest carrying on as normal,” Medea said, fixing her hair so it would cover half her face again. She loved that style.

“I don’t know…” Carmen pitched in, taking the floor. “Boys that age can get… I have a lot of cousins. You have no idea. His friends are going to ask him what’s wrong and he’ll admit he got pranked. Do we really need people saying we are pranking people? We’re supposed to be trying to hide The Game. He could try to get back at us.”

“He did not run to the direction of his cabin,” I observed, feeling sorry for him as he was most certainly searched for a secluded place. “We are still on time to catch up to him and say we’re sorry. We can convince him to keep this quiet in exchange for something.”

“Well, he saw my tits. Maybe,” Lisa pondered. She was still only dressed with a skimpy bikini bottom.

“Oh! That could work! I have an idea!” Lady snapped her fingers. How had he figured how to do that in her new body? I had never been able to; now I could not even try it without cutting my hand open.


Carmen and Lisa stayed behind. They were not dressed enough to follow. Erika, Jodi, Peggy and Lady went forward to make the preparations. Medea followed Alvin; I went in airborne with a cell on my hands to keep Medea’s position informed to Erika’s team if they needed information.

I left my pants, shoes and socks behind. I would have to make an overhaul to my wardrobe sometime soon; I was smaller than before; pants were not the way anymore, they were awful. I would have to be more for dresses and skirts in the future. Oh! Shorts could work. Maybe. Hot-pants; maybe Yoga pants; I definitely had the behind to pull that off…

Medea encountered poor Alvin miserly sobbing and kicking stones and branches, stomping around.

“Um… hi!” she greeted, again on her adorable mode. “Are you… okay?”

“What do you care?” he snapped. “Had your fun with your friends? Are you done laughing at me?”

“It’s not like that!”

“Should have known from the beginning!” he yelled. “I’m glad you came! Wiener breath!” he tried to mimic Medea’s voice; it was not a bad impression. “I’m an idiot.”

“I didn’t know they were there, hiding,” Medea lied. “I kind of figured they would after Erika let me borrow her phone but I didn’t know exactly.”

“Let me guess; you’re innocent,” Alvin said with sarcasm.

“Yes! I… they were laughing at me, too… at us,” Medea had not been mocking Alvin when Erika jumped out. She was the only one who wasn’t. I was ashamed to admit it, but I participated. “’Who’s… who’s your little boyfriend?’ they said. A-and… ‘oh, aren’t you cute?’” Medea blushed on cue, sounding resentful. “They got away with it, but I don’t also want them to ruin it all. I don’t want you to… hate me.”
Alvin stared at Medea studiously. He eyed her with intent; then nodded. “Alright. It wasn’t your fault,” he sniffed and passed his forearm over his eyes. “It’s okay, I guess. I’m going back to my cabin.”

“Why? They finally left us alone,” Medea begged.

“I’m… sure you don’t want to be with a crying… loser who got pranked,” Alvin self-derided. I was almost glad we had the plan we had. He would end up just fine.

“So what? I cry, too,” Medea confessed; yes, but Medea only cried on life or death situations. “We both cry, we both like games, we both like candy. Isn’t that a good thing?” Alvin grunted, not buying it and turning away to head back. “What if we get back at them?” Medea recovered her monotone for that last sentence.

“No, thanks. Your friends are… taller than me. They would take revenge.”

“They don’t have to find out!” Medea insisted. “We can get back at them good! They embarrassed us by showing up at our… meeting. What if we embarrass them by seeing them… changing, or naked!”

Alvin’s face was all that I needed to be completely sure. I called Jodi. “It worked. They will be heading there. We go with plan A.”


This was not a real punishment. A real punishment would be letting the little chipmunk-faced kid fuck me up the ass or something. Not that I was complaining; we were trying to dial things back and I was fine with this.

The idea had been originally Lady’s; then made into something making sense by our little Zelda. She even came with a few ‘scenarios’ she called them depending on what happened. We got the call from Aria. We were going with scenario A, for ass.


Medea. I didn’t even know her or had spoken to her before. I knew her from seeing her around every now and then. I didn’t know how, but I knew her name. What did she even see in someone me? That I was the only one around her age?

She was still kind of out of my league; or would be in three or four years; she would become crazy pretty when she got older. Francis had warned me that it had been a joke; he had convinced me and I wouldn’t have come if not for Larry lending me his good jacket and some mints. Larry told me it wasn’t about looks or anything; it was about heart. I didn’t know about that but I had taken a shot.

Medea told me it hadn’t been a joke. I wanted to believe her; but what if it was another prank? But the payout, man. Watching her friends changing! I had to see that no matter the risk. What else was there to lose?

Yeah, it didn’t make all the sense in the world to me. Medea was into me; that was already too good to be true; then she wanted me to see her friends naked? Something was not adding up here. I didn’t know why I believed Medea again. She didn’t look like the kind of girl who would be around lying to someone else. It was something about her face. Maybe she had been telling me the truth and only wanted to get back at Erika.

Medea had honest eyes; well, eye. I was going to trust her.

She told me she had to make a few calls. She made them where I could hear her, and her story checked out. She found out Erika had leaves and twigs and mud all over and under her clothes because of where she was hiding and that she was taking a shower. Lucky break! I was going to see!

I played it cool, made Medea believe I was doing this for revenge and nothing more. She had some suspicions but I played it right. Smooth, easy, not talking much about it.

“But she showers, you know, naked, right? No swimsuit or anything?”

“No. Just her birthday suit.”
“Good, good. Just checking. A-and have you seen her before, showering?”

“Every day.”

“W-weird, right? Ha, ha. And what do you think? About her?”

“Her body, you mean? You tell me, after you see.”

“Y-yeah! I guess I would. Because I’m going to see. N-not that it’s a big deal or anything! Only because she deserves it!”


“Nice prank! This is… very funny!” Smooth.

It was a long walk to the pool. I wanted to hurry but Medea said we had to stay behind Erika. Make sure she entered and undressed first; I wanted to see her doing that, too; but I guess that was too much to ask.

It was pretty late and people were still at the pool. We could only use the pool until 9; and curfew was until 10. The lifeguard wasn’t there and it was pretty dark so my guess is they came back once the lifeguard sent them off because they liked the pool that much.

I didn’t know many people at camp, but I knew Andrea even from her back; everyone did. It was a shame it was too dark to see what she was wearing inside the pool – or maybe she was skinny dipping! –. It was all in all a good thing we couldn’t see them well because it also meant we could walk around them without them seeing us.
We got behind the girl’s showers; I had thought lots of times about coming here but had never actually dared to even get close. They had a small window at the corner; steam was coming out of it. Someone was using it, a girl!

“Go ahead! Use those boxes to climb!” Medea allowed me.

Someone other than me could have been peeping because there were boxes just for climbing, a staircase, basically. This could have been my night, after all. I got up them, not even caring if I made noise anymore. If I got a glance at a naked girl that would be enough. I didn’t care what happened to me after that!

a) Erika follows the plan to the letter, showing her ass and making Alvin very happy.
b) Erika feels uncharacteristically prude. The steam and soap cover all the good places.
c) Erika feels bold. She shows herself full-frontal, enjoying it a little.
d) Erika feels very bold. She starts playing with herself, and winks at Alvin at the end.
e) Backfire! People supposed to have nothing to do with the situation watch Erika naked.

Who should narrate this?

1) From Alvin’s point of view.
2) From Erika’s point of view.

It shouldn’t take that long either way. Dare?

A) Aria joins the usual late-night skinny dippers. This is a horrible thing for her.
B) Jodi and Peggy get into a fake fight that still shred clothes.
C) Carmen must personally speak with Bill and tell him about the situation.
D) Medea accidentally dares herself to loudly treat herself at the showers with people from the pool hearing.
E) Erika might just make it to the clinic’s closing hours to get a Medical examination.
F) Lady must confess to her former friend. Confession season.
G) Lisa instigates a fight with Andrea.

You can mix and match the losers for this one, and you’re encouraged to. Only reason they’re not separated is because we have this soft limit of 3 choices per chapter.
Next part is at page 10 with a minimum of 2 votes and new thread.
Probably shouldn't have posted, didn't see it was page 9. If you're a passive reader, please vote for this one. If we can get 5 we can "legally" post next part tomorrow this hour. With 6 it can be tomorrow morning.
Else the usual 3 can save this one and we'll do it a little sooner than usual, which is no problem.
c1 sounds like good material for a scene in my eyes without risking revealing that it's staged.

E with Jodi and Peggy. I'm still hoping to get that strip match between Lisa and Andrea, but we're close enough to the wire for the medical examination that it comes first.

I've got the thread mostly compiled, so once you know what options you're writing I can finish it off and get you the pastebin link.
d1, would you really care about it beeing staged if you get to see THAT? He'd probably even thank Medea for the apology and leaves it at that ;)
E, as in medical Emergency of the sisters xD

Not part of the vote: you missed f) Backfire2!! Erika could't make it in time and the shower was already taken by another innocent girl xD
File: hair.jpg (1.4 MB, 906x1280)
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1.4 MB JPG
Next dare should be trying to listen to Medea's wiener "innuendo" puns without laughing for as long as possible.
On a more serious note, c 1 G.
C 1 F for me
Pretty sure it's going to be c1E with Jody & Peggy. Part will be up as soon as this one goes down, we won't have to wait the 48 hours; but you never know. We've been stuck in page 10 limbo before.

Anne Lecroy (>>2306934) is almost that way all the time without meaning to. Not to such a degree but she wouldn't get a double entendre if it hit her in the face.
Pastebin is up, then: https://pastebin.com/GgatsfiJ
Part is done. We only have to wait. Well, thread #14 is dead. Anyone wants to add anything? This is the time to talk about it.
Things got a bit shaky in terms of votercount just before the gamechanger, but they seem to be relatively back to normal again. I feel like, overall, people are more likely to vote when things have changed meaningfully or the vote changes something meaningfully, and stagnate if things stay in one place for too long.

We're also near the end of camp, chronologically speaking, and you seem to have a few more gamechangers in store. If the remaining gamechangers happen across these last couple of days, then I think we won't stay in one place very long narratively and we might keep a good amount of voter momentum through to the end.
While It was interresting to watch the camp fall into a crazy kind of totalitarian FKK, its kinda revealing how even this got "stale" after too much of extreme scenarios.
Overall the reset was exactly what we needed at the time. Letting it escalate even further at this point, cause be honest, we just tired to 1up every other challenge then, we'd probably skip /h/ and went straight into /d/ at this point.

The votes since ~January would probably form a interesting social study.. but honestly, not sure if we all would like to hear the conclusions, as the state of the camp reflected much on ourself.

Does this make any sense or do I interpret too much into it? (Sorry, I kinda start thinking too much about anything, when I can't get any sleep -_-)
The thing is not lingering too long, yes. Human nature is to get bored.

Things are already going to change enough once camp ends. We're on night 12, and the return is the 14th; while the girls are certain to sleep most of the 13th. We're basically done with camp.

I am not sure to not be able to introduce one of the game breakers without making the story far too crazy right this moment. In any case, they will be recycled or saved for... maybe another camp. At the very least a gamechanger is almost never going to happen tonight (and tonight is 1/3rd done).
Speaking of 'another camp', it might be a good idea for, if you start another story after this finishes, to keep any continuity low enough that you can tell people they don't need to read the previous story to understand what's going on.

When something gets this big, after all, it takes a long time to read all the way through it, and if you can't read the full story until now you might not know what's going on, meaning you'd have to be either adaptable or dedicated to get the hang of what's going on enough to vote.

It's quite amazing how far things have come, and how big of a story this has gotten.
We will have several choices, one of which will be to make something completely unrelated, another one will take us to the past but will be very related to this one, there is of course the default choice to keep going as we are with just a short summary so people can begin from there.
An inherent problem with open voting is that sometimes you end up with 2-3 image posts voting for the same option which means there's basically no point voting for other options so some people don't bother voting at all.
Speaking of pacing I find it incredible that you've managed to keep the story going for so long. Sure, we've had a few lulls here and there but only one of them was bad enough for you to hit the reset button and it only happened near the end of the story more than a year after it started. Amazing job. Most of the time these stories get old really fast with things either not going anywhere for too long or escalating too fast until there's nothing more to do and nowhere else to go.
The underlying problem is that when we have 3 or 4 voters, each vote counts a lot. We have realized this for a while.
The solutions proposed from the very beginning are: options that are voted for, even when they don't win, still appear in future parts of the story as voting options. Votes, even when they don't win, always sway the story towards one direction or the other and might even appear in some small part. It also informs me of the tastes of particular people so as the author I can keep track; it is far easier when someone with a name does this but not otherwise impossible.

In the worst of cases, voting for either option also makes the next part come faster and bumps the thread. It is not a perfect system; but it is also fair that people that provide visual candy and often vote get their just reward. They have a lot of power and that is okay. Also, let it be known that they often jump on board with good ideas. If you explain your vote further or propose something additional, someone might agree with you and change their vote accordingly.

The story keeping up is hardly my own merit. The thing that made it explode was the cat-girl trope, which I personally tried to stop by bribing you so you would leave Medea alone. Plenty of big twists like Aria becoming a cat-girl - despite my warnings and bribing against it, mind you -, having Jill's training of her tennis girls spread to the whole camp and even joining the main cabin, stripping the whole camp nude at once and the - forceful, yes - inclusion of several characters people wanted to see return had lead the story to the point it is currently; and they were not my original ideas or meaning as it's often going against what I had planned. While I am the one writing, credit to the plot is owed to everyone voting. The story has surprised me going to an unexpected place more than once.
Well how do you say no to a catgirl? My absolute favorite type of catgirl story is one in which catgirls aren't a thing normally, and it has to be hidden or very careful, and you think hard about the specific people you can trust and the reasoning you can give for things you do to hide your true nature. It makes the story so much more interesting than "yay! Catgirl, everyone look at the catgirl! This is totally normal and no one should panic!" which gets rather stale.
OK seriously, both are fine in their own way :D
I'm a fox girl person anyway x3 all the floof and adorable of a wolf girl, but even cuter!
File: 20180829_160538.jpg (2.49 MB, 4032x2268)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
Sorry for double post wanted to show another art of my own fox girl x3
There were some already planned for next "Saga", but we can sneak some in there if we have a new beginning.

No prob. We already reached the bump limit. Post at your leisure. Story going up in less than 4 hours.

I tried drawing not long ago; after seeing the result I called a priest. We burned everything to the ground.
can't draw, but at least find the pictures I like.
Sometimes it matches the mood quite well too :3



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