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CYOA /e/ general #15. Post stories, post votes, post images.

Latest story: Camp of Dares. Previous thread: >>2306929

Archived parts of the story (Pastebin):
Part 1: j33PCQMC
Part 2: ZsyZ8C0t
Part 3: PG6Y5C6U
Part 4: nebbyBe6
Part 5: nZaWE1Dw
Part 6: hf1Jh2Tb
Part 7: geyzvB0Y
Part 8: C45GXVqu
Part 9: Qdrupf9K
Part 10: GHuNqmis
Part 11: Ki5FMWuv
Part 12: sWcVG8qf
Part 13: zAQaxYJ7
Part 14: GgatsfiJ

(Thanks to Gnattering Yawn for keeping them)

WARNING: This story is very long. I’m not saying how long anymore because it might discourage readers. It takes a while to catch up.

There are over a hundred characters. List of them here: w1bH0ksw (Pastebin)

A girl in her late teens visits a summer camp. Her roommates start a game of dares that progressively get more extreme as time goes on. The protagonist finds out The Game was being used by a young witch as a way to garner Ritualistic Power to try save her cat. Due to potions and magic shenanigans, our protagonist ends ups as a nigh-immortal catgirl.
There was no way we could get away with everything we did. With a being of the night pushing the reset button and a threat over their lives should things get out of control again, the Coven must now strive to undo the magic circle of lust by drawing power away from it using The Game of dares.
File: 01_Aria_Bloom.jpg (106 KB, 750x1023)
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106 KB JPG
A few points!

1) The content of the story has basically no restrictions other than what might be seen on /d/. In the end anything goes as long as the audience wants it to. Make your suggestions and you'll see them eventually implemented, although don't get mad if people don't vote for them. The story mainly focus on /e/ content (originally ENF) but if you cannot tolerate /u/, beware! We've been getting into /c/ material every now and then.

2) We are still in an imageboard. People may vote at their leisure with a single post, but votes containing images will count double. Images are encouraged to have something to do with the situation the story is dealing with at the moment, but any good ol' pair of titties or related image will do.

3) We need for 6 different people voting to continue the story. This number is liable to change at any time depending on the size of the audience. Every 24 hours after the last part of the story was posted, the needed votes drop by 1 until the minimum of 3.

4) Story will go on indefinitely. As long as you keep voting, it will keep going.
File: 02_Erika_Kings.png (686 KB, 580x890)
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686 KB PNG
It wasn’t a trick. Medea had not been lying to me; it was all true! It was almost too good to think this all could happen the way it was going; but that was just my paranoia of being afraid of getting made fun of.

The window was perfect. Erika was just below…! NAKED! I couldn’t believe it at first.

She was giving her back to me, singing something that was echoing on the otherwise empty shower room. I had never noticed she had a nice voice; it was weird that I was noticing that just when my attention should be focused on the important stuff.

Speaking of, the important stuff was just fine. Erika had a thin waist with wide, nice hips and kind of thick legs. Her back looked almost delicate, but her arms had some meat to them. She was beautiful in her nudity; the first I ever saw in person.

Medea climbed the boxes, too. She was by my side. We could both fit at the same time to peep in, no problem. I didn’t care if Erika found out anymore; as far as it went, I had already won no matter if she beat me up or whatever.

“Pretty, isn’t she?” Medea asked me in low voice.

“Yeah… oh, but not as much as you!” I hoped I had saved it. Either way, I didn’t unglue my face from Erika. Nothing would make me do that, even if Medea got mad at me.

“I like Erika’s rear. That is not to say she is not well-proportioned everywhere else; it is just a statement that it is my favorite part of hers. I am glad you are appreciating it.”

Medea’s voice switched. I didn’t know why, but it changed. I didn’t have time to worry about that, though. Erika started singing louder and swaying them hips from side to side, water and soap dripping on her perfect bottom, lightly bouncing.

“She usually takes seven to eight minutes to shower and she just started; enjoy the show!” Medea knew a lot about Erika showering for some reason.
File: Shower room.png (158 KB, 1001x693)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
I was going to. Even if Medea was not to my side, I was not even planning on taking it out and jacking it. This was more of a… spectacle, or a circus performance or movie. It had to be taken in, remembered forever; the rest could all wait.

“How do her buttocks compare to mine?” Medea asked me with her affected voice. I heard some rustling, a piece of cloth going up and something else going down. No way!

I looked away from Erika for the first time, didn’t think it was possible. It was Medea moving her skirt around but not showing anything at all other than her legs – which was nice, no arguing that –. She giggled at me and took her tongue out. “Got you, you perv! I am afraid it is not going to be so easy.”

She had lied to me but I forgave her. I laughed her joke off; it had been funny unlike that other one. “I’m sure yours is also very nice,” was that something to tell her that moment? My mind was not working okay. I switched back to check on Erika.

That butt was right where we had left it. She didn’t have any birthmark or anything on it to remember it by; its bubble shape would have to be enough.

“Oh… oh, my!” Medea expressed because Erika had bent over to wash her legs. It was… wow!

I had never gotten my hopes this high up. I thought I would get to see Erika buck naked, yes; but I thought that at most I would get a passing glance at her bush and that was it.

There was no bush; none at all! She was bare all over; and bending over the smallest, bean-shaped piece of clear brown skin made it out of the slit I was looking at without blinking. It looked amazing with water running down it; I now knew what Erika’s bald, wet pussy looked like!
It was the most incredible thing ever; and it was pretty close, to boot! Erika kept singing and shaking it. “That is… a little more than we bargained for, is it not? W-well, are you not the luckiest man in camp, Alvin?” Medea asked me, embarrassed for what we were looking at.

“Huh,” I meant to say “yes”, that was what it came out.

Erika washed her feet and legs like there was no tomorrow, she took her sweet time, opening her legs sometimes and showing us even more. Even Medea couldn’t take her eye off.

“We… have seen plenty, would you not agree? I would say we have about two minutes before she is done showering!” Medea stuttered to say. She looked nervous. That was okay, I was nervous too.

Erika finished washing below and stretched her back and then she put some shampoo all over her hair and turned around with her eyes closed.

“R-really? Well, if we must…” I had a feeling Medea was getting jealous.

Erika’s face was straight in front of us. There was no way she could top what she had done before, but this was also amazing. This way I even got to see her boobs! Erika was smiling and singing; I didn’t even care if she opened her eyes. I was curious what would she think if she saw us after all that.

The nipples were so different in person; they… moved with the dripping water, the boobs bounced even when they weren’t all that big, all Erika had to do was to move her arms around. I was so happy I could have died right there and call it even. No porn, not even the most hardcore shit out there could even come close to the real thing.

Medea dragged me. “Come on, Alvin. We have seen enough and she should be done. It is… rather late. Do you mind if we continue our business some other time? I will call you, I have your number.”

Yeah, she was mad. Didn’t matter. I had seen heaven.

File: 05_Lisa_Davies.jpg (211 KB, 850x1511)
211 KB
211 KB JPG

I heard that Erika gave quite the show. While Alvin certainly deserved some sort of retribution for what he had done to him while he was completely innocent, I could not help hating him a little for seeing Erika in that state. That was my crush, after all.

Medea sounded somehow sour. Erika had obviously had fun. The sisters had had WAY too much fun and they didn’t even bother to hide it. I knew I should have gone, even if I had to sneak around in my undies. It probably wouldn’t have done anyone any good, but I would have felt better about it.

Erika had returned wearing a towel and smelling of chemicals and artificial, strong, scents; what people called ‘clean’. She had been permitted a towel and plastic sandals instead of having to come back nude. The logic of it was that after showering, that much should be allowed under normal circumstances, dare or not.

It was still Medea’s turn, technically. Still, when Jodi and Peggy lost for the very first time Medea allowed Erika to say whatever dare she pleased. It was not a good thing; Erika took things a little too far.

“You know that old bat, you can’t have them go there this late when there’s no one else!” Lisa protested. “We’re supposed to be taking it easy.”

“We are. Who is going to suspect this is a dare if it’s just the doc doing his usual thing?” Erika explained her position, which I reluctantly had to agree to, despite not liking it one bit. “Oh, and something extra for size. You have to do EVERYTHING he says,” we shouldn’t have challenged her, now Erika had added something else.
File: 28_Felicia_Delaria.jpg (182 KB, 850x1303)
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182 KB JPG
“I’m still going to slap him,” Peggy decided with fiery eyes.

“I want Maggie present. She makes sure he never gets out of control,” Jodi worryingly looked at the time.

“I am not sure about that,” I disagreed, shuddering to remember being under the care of the lovely nurse; not that the doctor was any better. They were both bad news.

Having to return to the circle every time was eating the night away. It was already ten minutes for the curfew, which we had reason to believe would be enforced, by the time they made it to the offices. We still both doubted that we could not receive medical attention regardless of the hour, or that the doctor would mind receiving two pretty girls no matter how late.

This time I wasn’t part of the crew either, just received updates every few minutes. I was stuck with the barely dressed team, now. I was pants-less, Lisa was everything-less except for her bikini bottom, Erika had nothing but a towel and Carmen was downright nude. Out time would come later in the night when everyone had gone to bed and we could wander around fearlessly.

Not that spending time with the girls was something I minded doing. It was nice for a change of pacing. I was almost always the default witness.


To be honest, not a lot could have bothered me after Peggy and I had that little chance to our privacy back in the changing room. Sex was fantastic and we lost little doing it; so everyone – in the coven – who could judge us could just stick it. Even having a meeting with Dr. Schneider didn’t sound so bad. Peggy was the same, very mellowed out after we did our thing. This time we tried scissoring, and we had plenty of other ideas; we would go through the whole lesbian Kama sutra if we could find it.

Going to the office was still scary. All lights were off and there was no one around. Medea had already come up with a story and she would explain it to anyone we met, so that was fine; and technically we had a boy with us, Lady. Technically. Well, not really.

Point was: it was scary. The glass doors were unlocked, the nice lady was not at her desk at the entrance, and the most important thing was that Bill wasn’t, either. I didn’t want to see him. We walked to the right all the way until we reached a corner and turned to find the clinic. The plastic chairs in front of the closed door with the ‘Clinic’ sign with electric lights still coming from under it were all empty, including the desk of the old lady with the dumb glasses who always yelled at you no matter what you did.

We were too scared to go and knock, Medea did it for us; she would know what to say. Lady tried turning on the secretary’s computer even when we told her not to. When the loud sound that meant that a Windows computer was on rang all over the building, I thought we would have a heart attack.

“Sh… I mean drat! It’s password protected! They thought of everything!” Lady complained.
The door opened.

a) Maggie is present, clumsy but well-meaning as usual.
b) Maggie already went to sleep. It’s up only to the good doctor.
c) Maggie left, but she’s called in. She comes with a bathrobe and no bra.
d) Twist! The doctor left and only Maggie is in. She is not quite herself because of a notebook.

How to proceed?

1) Thermometers.
2) Well, Schneider IS a gynecologist.
3) Mammogram? Cancer is a thing.
4) Clever old man. He realized something quite abnormal on his own.
5) This is now about actually important stuff. Automatically chosen if D wins.
C, perhaps D could be revisited later, if the notebook was buried beneath some paperwork, but it also might be best to leave that thread be.

3+4, 3 for the guaranteed lewd and 4 because it's caught my attention.
File: why contain it.jpg (625 KB, 1200x1451)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
C3 and save D5 for later if there's still "later".
D5 right now otherwise.
Great start for the 1. Scene of this part,
Setting the perfect baseline and mood for this thread.

A or C, as the doc alone may need a hand to be able yo handle both of them ;)
3 and 4, Yawn quite said it all.

(Ignore the picture, let's give the others a chance ;)
File: DgTXNfhUcAAciMc.png (1.2 MB, 850x1200)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
A, 3. Wouldn't want anyone contracting a case of camp cancer, would we?
“Ida? Is that you?” the one opening the door was the old doctor. He had aged a lot this last few hours, if that was possible. His eyes looked more sunken, his wrinkles more… wrinkly. Maybe it was the light coming behind him on his office where everywhere else was dark. “Huh? What are you…? You leave that machine alone, you!” he yelled at Lady.

“Easy, old-timer. I wanted to see if it had some photos or something,” Lady disconnected the computer like that was the right way to turn it off.

“Dr. Schneider? I apologize for the intrusion at this hour,” Medea got close to him and pulled the sleeve of the old doctor’s lab coat. He adjusted his glasses and looked at her. “May we inconvenience you with an after-hours, extra-official office visit?”

He changed his mind very quick. From angry he went to happy after noticing us all. “Well, that’s my job! The camp doctor! Come on in, how can I help you?”

He turned and went back inside before we could answer, jogging to his desk like a much younger man. Peggy and I shrugged to each other and followed Medea and Lady, who entered without any concerns. I was the last in and closed the door. We didn’t need anyone looking in or listening.

The doctor thought that staring at us would get him his answer, and he was right. Medea explained. “We came as moral support,” she made this elegant thing with her hand meaning her and Lady. “Our friends, Peggy and Jodi; they have been suffering from a plethora of non-specific symptoms and overall weakness. Could we request for assistance?”

“Ha! So they can’t even tell me what’s wrong,” doctor jumped from his seat. Was he actually a fourteen year old kid in a very realistic rubber suit? “Interesting challenge. I accept it! Very well, let us begin with the examination!”
File: Clinic Map.png (20 KB, 925x531)
20 KB
“Wait! Wait!” I said. I didn’t want him getting ahead of himself. “Where is… the nurse? I’m sorry but there are two of us, don’t you need any help?”

“Oh, Maggie? She is already fast asleep as we speak. Don’t worry about it. I might not look like it, but I can handle around a patient or two,” he reached to touch us; Peggy and me. We recoiled. He smelled old.

“I insist!”, “Can you please call Maggie?”, “We’ll feel a lot better if she’s here with you!”, “Please, doctor!”, “We’ll agree to anything you say, do any test,”, “We’d just really prefer if she was here to help us!” we said.

It was a dare but we still hated it. We backed until we crashed to the door and it wasn’t sure that I would open it and we would run away screaming.

“Oh, alright! Alright! Alright!” he doctor threw his hands on the air. “I’ll call her in. Give her a minute.”

He got a smartphone from a pocket on his lab. I thought that everyone older than sixty couldn’t use those to save their lives.

File: S01_Margaret_Muller.jpg (221 KB, 850x1218)
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221 KB JPG

We didn’t let him touch us the whole time and we hid on a corner, examining a plastic skeleton like we were getting paid to do it. Medea and Lady sat in front of the guy at his desk. He kept asking them questions and trying to find excuses to lay his hands on either of them.

Medea had very good explanations about her complexion; she must have been used to talk to doctors. I didn’t even know what they were talking about half the time. Hypothyroidism, pallor, thalassemia, hypoglycaemia, TB, weird words; I had no idea; I wasn’t even sure but the doctor may have said something that sounded like ‘Michael Jackson’ at some point.

I was mad that Maggie made us wait. Peggy and I were about to yell at the same time “Took your sweet time!” at the door when it opened, when we saw that condition the nurse was in.

She had rushed here; her hair was kind of a mess. She had no makeup, not that she needed it. She had pink, bunny slippers and a purple bathrobe covering an also pink and completely transparent nightgown; we could see the straps of it over her shoulders and part of it on her cleavage – no bra, how bold! – and under the robe near her ankles where it was fluffy. “What is the emergency, doctor?” she yawned, covering her mouth.

“The worst kind, my dear!” said the doctor, and I knew he didn’t feel the least sorry for making poor Maggie come the way she was. It was also kind of our fault, but he was worse because he was his boss or something. “The kind of undetermined crisis that we have yet to discover! We don’t know the cause of their sickness; it could be fatal for all we know. To make it worse, they do not let me lay a hand on them and profess only you may. Can you see our predicament?”

“I understand, doctor,” Maggie yawned again, and she made Peggy and me yawn, too. Half asleep she still got her hair on a bun, securing it with a blue pen. She looked very cool doing it so fast without thinking.
“I wouldn’t mind a checkup,” Lady said after having a look at the nurse. Not any look, that look only construction workers and rednecks did; dirty eyes from head to toe and then back to the legs and chest, like seizing meat. Yuck.

“You can have one if you want to after Jodi and Peggy have a chance to resolve the object of their visit,” Medea scolded her and to make a point spanked Lady, who squealed like a small animal. It was well deserved. Even Maggie felt uncomfortable getting ogled like that.

While the doctor reviewed the paperwork we had to fill out, Maggie took our vitals, weighted us and measured us.

“Peggy, you wrote you are 5’1 in your intake questionnaire; but you are 5’3,” Maggie said.

“Huh, I guess it’s been a while. I’m catching up to you, Jodi!” Peggy said, very happy. I knew she’d do that, it made me roll my eyes. Then she said, low to Maggie, “Can you… I know this is weird, but can you measure my boobs… see if they…?” she would never catch up to me, there. I smirked. I didn’t weigh almost two pounds more than her just because.

“Oh, a clinical breast exam, is it?” how the hell had the doctor heard that? Did he read her lips? “Very understandable concern, quite. Millions and millions of dollars are allocated towards the research and assistance for breast cancer every year for good reason. It is never too young to start. You did well to come here! Maggie, if you please.”

“What? No! We didn’t come for a…” Peggy tried, but Medea interrupted.

“WHATEVER you think is necessary, Doctor,” she raised her cute voice at the start. Right, the stupid dare. We couldn’t refuse any test the doctor wanted to do… or however he wanted to do them; not now that the conditions were met. Maggie was with us.

“Well… I don’t know about necessary. Advisable? Appropriate? Commendable? Maggie; can you take care of one of the girls?” which meant he would take the other one.
We shuddered. Peggy jumped to Maggie, she was closest. “A-about measuring my boobs and all, you can also do the exam thing while we’re at it!” she shouted, her insecurity about sizes meaning very little when getting touched by bony hands was at stake.

“I can help, too!” Lady got up. Peggy pushed him/her away. Nice try, Lady.

“That is… not a terrible idea,” Medea mused something. She stopped the doctor before he could lay his hands on me. “Doctor; I am ever so sorry. Could you, instead of personally performing this exam, allow my friend to help?” she meant Lady. “She is not… very experienced on these matters and she has to learn to perform this procedure periodically on herself from now on. Could we trouble you this way?”

“R-right! Yes, Lady; please help ME instead!” I jumped at the chance. Between Lady and the old doctor, Lady was leagues better. Medea was right, too; Lady had to learn to be a girl and Bill had been very clear about it; she was a girl with all the functioning parts. Her first period was not going to be fun, either.

“I would… recommend this to be performed by a medical professional,” the doctor was stubborn. Lady did puppy eyes and pulled his sleeve. Wow; that was fast; I learned that trick when I was five years old, but that also meant it took me five years to learn it. “U-understandable. Yes, yes; I will direct you. Alright; Jodi, is it? Please disrobe.”

“Oh?” I was so glad the doctor wouldn’t place his paws on me after all I forgot that I still had to undress.

Peggy was way ahead of me. My clever little sister had left me to sink and had taken Maggie behind a curtain the clinic had; her shirt and bra hanging from it.

“Ha, ha! It tickles!”

“Sorry. Now lift your arms. There we go. Okay, now the other one,” they were having such a great time.
On the meantime, the old doctor and Lady were staring me down. The doctor coughed. Medea cleared her throat. They were not going to make it any easier. I sighed. Nothing to do.

I took off my pink jacket and left it on the chair Lady was sitting before. It was part of the two-piece outfit. I took off my shirt, showing them my white brassiere. My sweatpants were riding low so they could also see my panties; not that it mattered. I took off the bra, not even trying to hide them. I was already barefoot; I had to be to have my height taken before.

“I am sure there is nothing to worry about; I fail to see anything but a very healthy, young lady!” the doctor said, smiling creepily at me being topless; and he wasn’t the only one. At least Lady didn’t look scary doing that, though; she was actually kind of cute.

Color went up to my face; I tried to play it off. It would only make it harder if I didn’t. Breathing was harder; I wasn’t cold even being half-naked. I couldn’t look anyone in the eye; not even Medea who was standing on the sidelines, still like a doll; everyone staring at my breasts.

The doctor told Lady what to do, holding a mirror in front of me so Lady could see – she was behind me.

The first part was with my hands down. With two fingers, Lady started drawing circles around my boobs, very slowly. Her hands were warm and very, very soft. She took it very easy on me; the doctor had to tell her to do it harder or she wouldn’t be able to feel any lumps. She even said “sorry,” when I happened to flinch.

“Okay, now around the nipple. This area can be very sensitive so I recommend care. If you feel uncomfortable I can take over for you!” the doctor kept giving instructions.

I begged Lady to keep going and she did. It wasn’t THAT sensitive. After she was done she could do my left one, then I raised my arms and we went again. She got to get a good feel of how my boobs felt; the whole thing took minutes.
Peggy came behind the curtains, all dressed up. She was flashing me a smile, like she wanted me to tell me something. She didn’t need to; I had already guessed long ago. They’d gotten bigger again. There was a reason she kept using my bras. Nothing to worry about: I was still a pound worth of the stuff bigger.

It was my turn to go behind the curtain, and this time it was with everyone; also Peggy and Maggie. Everyone got to watch! For the next part I needed to lie down, raise my arms, and let Lady keep learning how a woman felt through me.

Again, soft, warm fingers. Again, with the circular motions slowly going up and down; again, close to my nipples; everyone telling her that she has to do it harder to feel it right; and Lady saying “sorry” and obeying. I knew why she did that, too; Lady was very sensitive and figured that getting my boobs pushed that way must hurt. It didn’t, but I wasn’t about to tell her that in front of everyone. “Oh, no; Lady. It actually feels kind of nice. Your hands are very soft.” Too awkward to say out loud.

She finished with my left boob; and it became time for the last step. The doctor said the words. “Now, you have to squeeze your friend’s nipples; not too hard, but be firm. We have to lookout for any discharges. It is normal procedure.”

I was ready. I knew it was going to be embarrassing. Lady had slowly felt me over; at this point she was basically molesting me… well, not molesting me; she had my permission; more or less. She was masturbating me, was the way to call it. Yes, I was a little excited. People were watching they were touching sensitive areas; there was no helping it.

Those incredibly soft fingers, like cushions. I moaned with my mouth closed, avoiding it was impossible. Lady pinched me; I didn’t know about discharges from that place but there was sweat all over. “Again, dear. You have to do it three times,” the doctor said.
Lady did; three times each nipple, rubbing it back and forth in her fingers. I bit my lips but there was no hiding what I felt. I knew everyone knew. I started to go to that dangerous place again; when I stopped caring what people thought because they had already seen so there was no point in holding back; the same place that made Peggy and I… lovers. I didn’t want that, not in front of the doctor and Maggie. They didn’t know me; the real me.

Later… maybe later. Lady; she was technically half a boy; wasn’t she? It wasn’t really a lesbian thing to… with her and my sister. With my sister we were only playing; with Lady it was kind of straight… no. I was getting too wild. Lady finished giving her last pinch to my nipples; I nearly cried out.

Everyone was quiet. Everyone knew. I had enjoyed it, I WAS enjoying it. I couldn’t deny it or hide it.

“N-nothing!” Lady informed her findings, breaking the spell. Bless that girl.

“The important thing is consistency,” said the doctor. “Just because there was nothing this time, it doesn’t mean there won’t be something next time; and the sooner a problem is detected, the easier and less invasive the solution becomes.”

At least that was over.

a) Maggie drops all pretenses now that she’s fully awake and there is no emergency like she was told. She needs to speak with Medea.
b) Thermometers.
c) Sisters start competing about weight. They find creative ways to become lighter.
d) This clever old man has realized something already and asks about it in private.
e) The sisters are done. A few more pervy remarks and we’re ready for next dare.
f) Meanwhile, nude girls have to play hide and seek because the camp staff saw a light and they’re looking for curfew stragglers.
C+D, with maybe A on top if there's room.
A, which implies Maggie 'knows'
D, only because its a dare, doesn't mean there is nothing to discover and aid with ;)
(if D gets dropped, might telling what you'd come up with anyway? )
Terribly sorry. You should be using this character list instead:

She doesn't necessarily 'know' yet. Story is always left fairly ambiguous in the event we want it to go into a different direction.

“While I am glad this exam did not find any particularly bad news, may I ask what that is this?” the doctor pointed at my left boob. I knew what he meant.

Peggy giggled nervously. I tried to cover it, not that it would help. “N-nothing, doctor.”

“It looks like a bite-mark to me. Human,” he noticed. “It was not a very big mouth. I don’t like making assumptions but… female?”

“M-my sex is life is none of your business!” I told him right up. I stood up and got my shirt; didn’t care about the bra.

“Oh. I didn’t say it was sex; I was just…” crap. “Ehem. True, as my patient I will be the last person to dare to judge you in any way, shape or form. Regardless, human bites are horribly infectious. We basically have a septic bite! Gangrene caused by a poorly rinsed mouth happens every day in some places of the world.”

“There isn’t any blood! It’ll fade in like… two hours! Leave me alone!” I spoke from experience.

I wasn’t talking to the doctor anymore; I had put on my shirt and was looking for the door. Medea got in my way. “I would advise listening to the doctor,” she said.

I was about to tell her a thing or two. Lady poked my butt, making me jump. I turned to slap her or at least shake her. “Remember Bill,” she said to me with serious eyes.

“Jodi…” Peggy begged me.

I knew. I was on edge after everything. I was embarrassed and tired and the dares and all that happened and was happening. It didn’t matter. More important things were going on around here. I let Peggy get close to me, and slowly undress me; I didn’t even want to do that on my own. The doctor took that as permission to take a look at me when I was stripped again; right on the place my sister bit me.
“I recall watching you have some light discomfort when Lady, your friend, touched around the area,” he said. There was nothing to it. We were now going to talk about it. “Does it hurt?”

“Not really. I’m perfectly fine; and it’s just the mark now. It’s almost not there anymore.”

“You can relax!” said Maggie. I was tense, yes. “It’s like the doctor said, there is nothing to be embarrassed about,” she had the nerve to tell me when there was an old man staring the hell out of my tits and I was the only person topless in the office. “I’m sure your friends think the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re lesbian or bisexual. You should be proud of it.”

She was making me feel even worse. “I’m… I’m not…” lesbian. We were playing; masturbating. It didn’t count. This once, Maggie could read me.

“Oh, it was a one-time thing?” not exactly, but that was closer to the truth. My face got less stiff and she went on. “That is perfectly normal, just so you know. As a matter of fact, in college I… a friend; and some people I knew; they experimented. It was part of being human and there’s nothing more natural than to explore who you are. My… uh… friend. She was about your age.”

“Holy f-!” Lady only moved her mouth without pronouncing the word. She was kind of committed a lot to ‘talking pretty’ as she liked to call it. “The nurse? And another girl? In college? Jesus Christ! That’s…! HO-LY, that’s hot!”

“Oh, no, no, no!” Now it was Maggie who was flustered. It made me feel better somehow, even with the doctor having put on some cold gloves and starting to touch my chest area. “A… a friend! Someone I knew from high school. We went to the same college. It was a friend.”
“With your high school friend? Were you on the same dorm? Was it in a sorority? Were there other girls?” Lady liked to talk about colleges for some reason. That was fine by me. The more people looking at Maggie with curiosity – everyone except the doctor, I included – the less focusing on me –. Also, yes; it made me feel better to know that Maggie had experimented, as she put it.

“It was a friend! It was really a friend!” she insisted. “It wasn’t me… n-not that I’d be embarrassed to say it if it was me; and yes, I was curious as you were. I asked her a lot of questions. It was a friend, though!”

“Maggie; your past sexual encounters notwithstanding, I am currently busy examining a patient. Could I ask you to be quieter? You are a nurse,” the doctor scolded her. Weird. I thought he’d be the most interested to hear about that.

“It wasn’t me, Doctor! It was a friend! Her name was… um, what was her name?”

“Ha! Gotcha! Liar, liar!” Lady celebrated. It was a very obvious lie, so nothing to be too happy about.

“Hmm. I’m drawing a blank. That’s weird. I’m usually good with this stuff. Hmm. Why did I forget her name? What was her name?” Maggie lost the color red on her face. She was now worried about something else.

“Yes, this doesn’t require any more treatment,” the doctor finally noticed after having been fondling me for a while. “You merely have a very… passionate partner. Tell her, or him – we don’t judge – to take it easy when using teeth. Be safe and always remember to wear protection.”

“What do girls use instead of condoms?” Lady asked like she wasn’t one. “Like, for lesbo stuff. I can’t even think of anything.”

“Do you have teeth marks anywhere else?” the doctor ignored Lady’s question. He probably didn’t know and didn’t want to admit that.
“N-no!” I said, doing something incredibly stupid. I gave a step back and covered my ride flank; on the lower part where the thigh meets the hips.

“One more, is it?” the doctor was basically shining of happiness. “May I see it? The examination will be quick.”

I groaned and told him yes. He could do whatever he wanted with Peggy and me; even if I was getting the worst of it by far. To have him touch me the least, I showed him. It was hard to somehow pull my pants and underwear down on just that part without flashing… everything. I did a good job of it.

“This one is even milder,” he said. Lady was also paying a lot of attention; the little pervert loving it watching me get more undressed. “Oh, what is this? A rash? Does it itch?” he pointed somewhere else, close around.

“No… that’s… that’s okay; doctor.”

Fuck. There was nothing left to say. The old doctor kept it up, like he of course was going to from the start. “Now, now; there is no need to be ashamed,” that thing again. “May I see it? The injury, I mean.”

I wanted to punch him. “Yes, doctor!” I snarled with teeth closed.

I had shaved down there because… I was a moron. Some stupid thing about people calling me a confirmed natural blonde after my first exposure. I had never gone completely bare before this; I just trimmed a little. It had been days since them and the small hairs were back… and they were very itchy! I didn’t know at first that talcum powder would make it all better until Erika told me – or just being naked, that worked, too –; so I had been scratching my snatch for last week. It was a little red and the doctor saw. I couldn’t say no to him because of the fucking dare.
Lady hid her mouth with her hands, wanting to hide a smile. The doctor licked the inside of his mouth without opening it and made a disgusting, old sound. I cursed him a thousand times over inside my mind and pulled the rest of my pants down, showing him my pussy.

I was the only one naked in the office, pants and panties to my knees; having been fondled and watched and talked about. I hated it. “Oh, this is merely the common phenomenon of shaving-induced pruritus. It looks very healthy otherwise. I would recommend talcum powder and cotton-based underwear; skirts when possible. Also, as questionable as it may sound, sleeping in the nude will prevent you from scratching in your sleep to diminish the risk of injury and henceforth infection.”

“You don’t have to lean in!” I yelled at Lady, mad at everyone and taking it out on her.

“Okay! Okay! I can show you mine later if that makes up for it,” she said. It wouldn’t.

“Also, remember to wash yourself very thoroughly after each, ehem, sexual encounter. This is regardless of your partner’s gender. If there was fluid exchange, there must be cleaning,” the doctor almost sounded like a professional, if not for the fact he was eating me with his eyes and wouldn’t look away.

“I know that!” what did he take me for? “We always do!”

Maybe because I was so nervous, maybe because I was tired of all of this; I did something doubly stupid this time, much more than grabbing the place I didn’t want examined. I looked at her when I said “We”. It was only for less than a second, but I revealed it all without thinking. Did he notice? The doctor’s eyes were wide open and dry, surprise on his face; and I knew.

“Aria!” Maggie said in a very loud voice.

“Huh? Is she spying on us again?” Lady wondered. So she did that often?
“Aria! That was my friend’s name in college,” Maggie was very excited. “My… bi-curious friend. Or was she homosexual? I don’t… wait. No! Wait? Wasn’t that? Hmm, this is all so weird. But I sure I asked her a bunch about… this doesn’t make any sense!”

Maggie grabbed her head, distracting the doctor.

a) Dare completed. Jodi uses the chance to get away.
b) The doctor recovers ignores Maggie and focuses on incest. He lectures the girls and it backfires.
c) Maggie remembers something and runs to her room.
d) Maggie remembers enough to immediately want to talk to Medea.

Either way, next dare is close.

1) Loser joins the late-night skinny dippers. Best for Aria.
2) Loser joins sisters in a threesome. Best for Lady or Carmen.
3) Loser steals Maggie’s underwear. Involves Maggie further in case she doesn’t remember.
4) Loser must somehow retrieve Aria’s pink panties. A pair is still hanged on Dan’s room.
5) Loser opens up to the group. She remembers the most embarrassing moments of her life before coming to camp. Does not work on Lady.
Tough choices here, I must say.

C with Maggie, that'll set the stage for Maggie's thread to reappear sooner or later but lets things conclude for now so it can be its own thing.

And 4 with Medea sounds like a good way to bring back Medea's ghost performance, so that wins my approval!
B, they really need this lecture ;)
C, so we got another possible storyline later
2 sounds fun, but I don't think the Sisters would suggest it themselfs, as it's now their own turn to spin the bottle. How about '3 Aria' and afterwards, Aria gets a bit selfish and dares '4' (which works better the further the night progressed ;)
File: b7be559.jpg (130 KB, 950x1692)
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Oh definitely c to keep options open and 4 medea. I loved the whole ghost thing. The only thing is that it's the twins turn and they weren't in the coven for that dare and wouldn't know anything about Dan having arias panties. So maybe another dare first, then this one.
Yeah, going 3 Aria before hitting 4 Medea sounds like a smoother way to hit those notes, so I'll support that too.
File: 38_Jeanine_Pavlov.jpg (146 KB, 850x1349)
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Alright, we'll do Aria 3 into a forced Medea 4; there is a bit of a conundrum, though.

The ritual bottle is nearly full as it is; it will be filled after next dare no matter what. We'll do the setup this part, resolution next (unless choices), the potion effect and then a forced 4 two parts after. It'll work better that way since by then Dan and the crew will be asleep.

C is the obvious winner. Part is basically ready. It's two or three paragraphs from completion, just enough to be adapted if unexpected votes arrive. It should be posted tomorrow night if nothing changes.
“The notes! I have the notes!” Maggie yelled. Had she gone crazy just now?

She pushed me away because I was in front of the door. Her robe basically fell down and she didn’t care. She had a very pretty nightgown below; a soft pink, very transparent. She wasn’t wearing a bra, but it didn’t matter because by the time she had been exposed she was already giving her back to the doctor. Nobody but Medea saw her tits. The nurse slept with comfortable, plain underwear; a bit on the sexy side because it didn’t cover a lot of her butt. That, the doctor and Lady got to see.

I would have tripped if Peggy hadn’t held me. Pushing away someone who had their pants – and panties – to their knees was not nice. “What is wrong with your nurse?” I asked to the old doctor. I would have yelled to Maggie instead, but she was gone.

“Hmm? What? The nurse? What do you mean? Oh? Maggie? Where is Maggie?” figures. He was too busy starting into my private parts to care. “Stop moving girl, I’m making sure everything is okay,” that was his only worried about how I got pushed.

“Doctor, we cannot hope to thank you enough for all your help; but the curfew was twenty minutes ago and we have to leave,” Medea urged him. So we were done?

“Oh! It’s no problem at all! You are welcome here anytime. Do you want my personal number? If you have any more concerns, questions, worries; anything, you can call even in the middle of the night. I hardly have a wink of sleep nowadays; could as well use that insomnia for something, wouldn’t you say?” the doctor was happy he was being thanked for being a useless creep and doing nothing but ogling and fondling. I would have a hard time living this through if not for the fact that in ten years he wouldn’t remember; he’d either be dead or too senile.

I pulled my pants up at long last and rushed to the door. I didn’t have the patience to be polite or anything. I couldn’t leave soon enough.


“I don’t know, Aria. I liked the first one best. The one you called ‘Mickey Mouse’,” Erika opined. I huffed. I had baptized it such for a reason; it was ridiculous.

“Well, I think this one is very nice,” Carmen kindly said, offering me a picture of myself on her phone.

We had been trying hairstyles. It just so happened that I had no idea of how to braid my hair; I had never done so; I asked to my friends how was I supposed to replicate the hairstyle they provided me to hide my ears from sight and Carmen was actually quite alarmed that I lacked that “basic knowledge,” as she put it.

In half an hour I was an expert. We had tried several things, all consisting in two symmetrical constructions at the side of my head. I was particularly fond of using ribbons, an idea Medea got into my mind some days ago. We didn’t have ribbons at the moment, but we had spare clothes we couldn’t put on; might as well place them over my hair to see how it looked. I also guiltily enjoyed rubbing clothes possessing the scents of people I liked all over me.

I had also had the chance to speak with my ‘sister’ who had tracked me down and greeted me. Her brother, the other bicolor car, was completely indifferent once he took a whiff at me and determined I wasn’t in heat, back after the cafeteria incident of tonight. My sister was, as she should be, a lovely cutesy. She didn’t even resent Medea for having pulled her hair and coat – mostly she didn’t remember – and we enjoyed each other’s warmth. We included Lisa.
From my cat sister, I had inherited fluffy, soft hair and I’d like to think, her lovely demeanor. She was also a very accomplished huntress who got most of her food by herself, and loved climbing. She had lived in camp her whole life and while she had not grasped the concept of names, she did have something the fat lady at the dining area called her which meant “here’s food if you want it”. People kept calling her Aria2; specifically spelled with the number.

Overall, I would say it was much better to be left behind while others went on to do their dares. I had a lot of fun and learned how to do my hair. Still, all good things must come to an end and eventually Medea, Lady, Jodi and Peggy returned from their adventure. Jodi was topless and she had very nice ones; I complimented her on them, because it would make it less awkward if she later discovered me gawking at them indiscreetly. I liked pretty things, it could not be helped.

Their office visit was about what I expected; the doctor finding ways to undress them and touch them and the almost-twins having to accept it. The most worrying part was by far what Medea told us about Maggie. While the girls I had been with during my humiliating and unnecessarily thorough examination and subsequent interview had thankfully all forgotten about it forever, it did not mean that the situation was as good as gone. Medea was of a mind that Maggie had started to remember.

No solution could be given to the issue. There was no telling how Maggie would react if we pushed her; and ignoring the problem could either be the right choice or be dangerous if, as Medea suspected, Maggie had remembered she had made notes about my meeting with her last time and she could do something unpredictable or stupid. Lady was sure Bill would stop her and told us to forget about it but I couldn’t.
From my cat sister, I had inherited fluffy, soft hair and I’d like to think, her lovely demeanor. She was also a very accomplished huntress who got most of her food by herself, and loved climbing. She had lived in camp her whole life and while she had not grasped the concept of names, she did have something the fat lady at the dining area called her which meant “here’s food if you want it”. People kept calling her Aria2; specifically spelled with the number.

Overall, I would say it was much better to be left behind while others went on to do their dares. I had a lot of fun and learned how to do my hair. Still, all good things must come to an end and eventually Medea, Lady, Jodi and Peggy returned from their adventure. Jodi was topless and she had very nice ones; I complimented her on them, because it would make it less awkward if she later discovered me gawking at them indiscreetly. I liked pretty things, it could not be helped.

Their office visit was about what I expected; the doctor finding ways to undress them and touch them and the almost-twins having to accept it. The most worrying part was by far what Medea told us about Maggie. While the girls I had been with during my humiliating and unnecessarily thorough examination and subsequent interview had thankfully all forgotten about it forever, it did not mean that the situation was as good as gone. Medea was of a mind that Maggie had started to remember.

No solution could be given to the issue. There was no telling how Maggie would react if we pushed her; and ignoring the problem could either be the right choice or be dangerous if, as Medea suspected, Maggie had remembered she had made notes about my meeting with her last time and she could do something unpredictable or stupid. Lady was sure Bill would stop her and told us to forget about it but I couldn’t.
Back to The Game, Jodi did not seem happy about her situation or what she had to go through, so I was quite scared when I managed to lose the next round. My traitorous tail, often used to sell information of its master to others, this once bought me mercy. Jodi noticed that I was nervous and told me to relax; she instead helped me out by telling me a dare that actually lined up with my objectives perfectly.

Jodi wanted me to steal a pair of Maggie’s panties; dirty or just used best. It would be a tall order for anyone who could not easily climb walls or jump out of third story buildings like it was nothing. Peggy strongly insinuated that if I happened to find diaries or documents destroying them was perfectly fine. I had only been once to the second story of the office building when Stone dragged me wearing only a towel, so I was not very keen on sight-seeing back then; I still remembered plenty of doors down an aisle and Erika somehow knew they were dormitories for some of the staff – others had different arrangements –. The only issue was not being seen, that I thought wouldn’t be an issue for stealthy, little me when it was already dark out.

There was one little issue, though.

“They can’t absolutely find you there, you know that, right?” Carmen fretted. “This isn’t about The Game or anything. If they see you they’ll be all kinds of problems.”

“You must use your abilities to their fullest extent,” Medea stated the obvious; an obvious that worried me. “This means using your tail for equilibrium and balance; your ears for detection and perception; and all your unencumbered four limbs for ease of movement."

That meant I would not be able to hide my cat nature.
“How do you want to do this, Aria?” Erika started with a question and listed possibilities. “You can go the cat way; from here and making your way through the window. You can also sneak from the front door and make your way the human way. They never close the door.”

“Both window and door to Maggie’s room could be locked. If the lock is bad, I can pick it for you,” Lady offered. She had that ability? She was full of surprises. She had also been acceptably quiet and had not said anything about my nudity, even with her preferences.

“I can also make the doctor call her in again,” Peggy had an idea of her own. “Make it easier on you. I guess I can let him watch my tits a minute or two…” she stole a furtive and guilty glance at her sister.

a) Go through the window. Aria goes alone.
b) Go through the door. Aria goes with Lady.
c) Call the doctor. Easier for Aria, Peggy gets lectured about incest.

Results of Aria’s excursion:

1) Complete success. She finds a pair of panties and the notes, which Maggie couldn’t remember where they were hidden. Maggie in time forgets about this and at least for now is not involved anymore.
2) Partial success. She finds a pair of panties but the notes have already been read; Aria’s stealing of it only raising Maggie’s suspicions.
3) Partial failure. Aria is seen before fleeing the scene. Notes are read and something will definitely have to be done about Maggie.
4) Complete failure. Aria gets trapped and faced by Maggie, who will not yield easily.

A) The circle has noticeable nocturnal influence on Maggie. Plays different with 4, else Aria just watches.
B) The coven has to face Bill. He might offer a boon.
C) Maggie has a lock on her underwear drawer for some reason and no laundry. Aria has to steal the pair being worn.
D) Speed up everything. The bottle fills in the middle of the dare and Medea brought it with her. Choices are same as last time.
E) Coven meets with the returning skinny dippers, who are also sneaking around in the night. Awkward.
a, 2, C+E. I think seeing sneaky ninja catgirl steal Maggie's panties off her body without her noticing would be simply excellent, and I'm not voting D mainly because I think it should be a memory potion for Maggie and that deserves focus (something between 2 and 3 could also work if it helps smooth that along).

And a little thing about skinnydippers meeting a partially dressed coven "playing truth or dare" sounds fun too.
b 4 A
File: stealth mission.jpg (78 KB, 760x900)
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a, 4, A+C.
Hard to decide between 2 and 4. On the one hand 4A sounds like fun, on the other hand
>seeing sneaky ninja catgirl steal Maggie's panties off her body without her noticing would be simply excellent
File: image0-3 (1).jpg (1000 KB, 928x1200)
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For me, a 2 and B. I like seeing aria using her cat abilities, and even more so when she has to be dreadfully careful to hide them. Adds so much suspense.
“I’m not going through the front door!” I stressed. “Not like this!” I pointed at my own body and then covered after realizing that it was stupid to draw attention to my nudity if I was already not too comfortable in it.

“Yeah, I guess there’s little point in you not climbing when you are… you,” Carmen easily nodded at my argument causing the rest to do so.

“This is assuming her window is unlocked,” Medea was the only one with a qualm about it, and not even a big one.

I prepared to jump. “Look, she’s doing the thing,” Lisa shared with Jodi and Peggy; she was whispering but should have known better.

“Shut up,” I requested. Yes, I liked to shake my behind a little before performing any major leaps. It helped my aim, somehow.

I had climbed this building before and with shorter nails. I made it to the second floor easily, grabbing the hinge of a window and propping myself up to take a peek. Most curtains were closed, but they were all green drapes of dubious quality which always left a small crack where to take a look from. The first room reeked of men and had the window half open. I wanted nothing to do with that one; the one to the right was more of the same.

The fourth window to the left of my first attempt was also half open. It was easy to understand; they didn’t sleep in the cool wooden cabins we were using; but inside concrete in the second floor with the sun shining down on their flat roof – which was an ugly waterproof red – the air coming from inside felt like an oven; I was almost glad to be nude. That window I readily recognized as Maggie’s. I was not very familiar with her scent, even though it was about as ridiculously feminine and fertile as Lisa’s; but it was made very easy by the fact the heat was making everything more volatile.
I amazed myself by getting in without even having to disrupt anything. I thought that opening was too small for me to be able to fit whole, but apparently not. Maybe I was very small…

The nurse was not alone in his room; although she was blissfully sleeping on her bed without any sheets and… quite the attire: a transparent, pink nightgown, very frilly about the edges, it looked soft, comfortable and breathable. I’d love sleepwear like that. Under that Maggie was wearing white, fairly conservative panties, for the nurse standards. I had never met her once and not been able to see what she was wearing underneath and she had tastes for intricate designs and not covering a lot; these she was wearing went against that policy.

Apparently, the staff at camp had to share rooms just like we did; although only with one roommate in Maggie’s case. It was another blonde; the young woman who was often on the desk just at the entrance of the offices, not all that far from Bills. We had hardly interacted with each other before; although the same could not be said about Lisa, who had planted a kiss on this poor woman’s lips back when Medea’s healing potion had backfired. The young woman was also fast asleep. I did not see what she was wearing because unlike Maggie, she had a white bed sheet covering everything except her face, currently facing me with closed eyes. It was the first time I had seen her without any makeup.

The room arrangements were… confusing. Other than beds, it was hard to differentiate what was used by Maggie and what was not used by her. They had a single, huge dresser; a single nightstand – quite long and big for a nightstand – and a single vanity mirror atop a desk. The moonlight getting in was quite enough for my feline eyes; it had been a while since I had seen the reflection of my whole body all at once.
File: S16_Angelina_Raker.jpg (117 KB, 850x985)
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I was fascinated. I had changed so much! It was a whole different thing to be able to see myself all at once. And my hair… I knew it was very, very long; but it was so bizarre seeing it run down my body all the way to my butt and even further. It had to be longer than Medea’s by now. I stood in only two legs for the first time in a while. That was me? My body; my naked body. It was so different…

A snore scared me. Maggie had turned, she was still asleep. Right; the diary, the notes; I was supposed to be looking for them. Where could there be? I looked around prioritizing stealth over speed; slowly opening drawers, leaving stuff the way I found it after I was done searching and had to place it back. It was fine; I had time.


Nothing. I could not find that notebook no matter where. I had looked in all the usual places; under beds, the downside of the drawers, over the tall furniture, and as far under the mattresses as my arms could reach without disrupting the sleeping beauties.

There was only one place I had not checked: the second drawer in the nightstand on the middle of the beds. It was under lock and the key was nowhere to be found. Their underwear was most certainly there; and they had also either hidden or disposed of their laundry somehow. At first it annoyed me that two adult women could be so zealous, then it dawned on me there must be a reason for them having to lock their panties; which made me both shudder and internally apologize to both young woman in understanding on what they must be going through.

Either way, my two objectives were impossible to obtain and it was frustrating. I couldn’t return to the girls empty-handed. Just when I was gathering enough courage to search under Maggie’s pillow; she opened her eyes, looking straight at me.

I froze like a deer in front of highlights. Maggie groggily looked at me; she scouted around squinting, got up and rubbed her eyes. When she turned her line of sight back to me, I was already on the other side of the office lady’s bed. Maggie nonchalantly got up, yawned, stretched and went straight to her room’s door. She had not noticed me! I sometimes forgot, but what was clear as day for me was complete darkness for others. This was evidenced by how she fumbled around until she found the knob and turned it. Was she getting a glass of water, going to the bathroom? Who was to say?
I hurried to have a much more detailed search of her bed; and the most obvious place gave me the biggest reward. She had a small, leather notebook under her pillow! It was locked, as everything else was. I could barely make out what it said by opening the very edges. I was still positive this was what I was looking for. I threw it out the window; the girls must be able to get it and find it.

With a sigh of relief and the major problem already solved, it was now time to ponder on what to do about the actual dare. I still was not any closer to getting Maggie’s underpants as I was before; and unlike her diary or notes; she didn’t have a pair under her pillow. It seemed the only ones she had was… the ones she was wearing.

Maggie came back. She went to splash some water on her face or at least she didn’t go to the bathroom to do anything she’d be ashamed to admit. Cat senses gave me way more information that I needed at times. She was sweating a lot; some of her hair was sticking to her head and her face was flushed. Even then, her naturally inverted nipples were sticking completely out; as the nightgown more than hiding, accentuated her graceful figure. She walked straight to her bed and lied down without noticing me; not that I was easy to spot from my position.

Maggie was heaving. She didn’t last three seconds on her bed before going to the window and opening it all the way. I really hoped the coven had gotten out of sight. Maggie enjoyed with closed eyes the noticeably colder air entering from outside, and then walked back to her bed, lying face down after removing her sweaty nightgown. I just had to wait for her to fall asleep.
Maggie grunted, uncomfortable. Was it too hot for her to go to sleep? Her right hand moved under her body and it reached… her crotch. She lightly tapped around it. Was she…? No way! This was an adult woman! An adult woman with a roommate right on the other bed! This building was for staff only, and her door was unlocked; her window right open. Was she going to really…?

Her fingers accelerated. Her heaves became light moans she muffled with her pillow. Would she notice something was missing? Had she already read the notes? Was this all in vain? I feared the worst when Maggie stopped. She stood up again and I was scared and worried.

She walked to the closet, opened it, searched the pocket of a red coat and found a key – so there it was! –. She used the key to open the famed second drawer. Indeed, there were lots of panties and bras in there. She got a hand under it and extracted a… wow. Maggie had a dildo.

It was big and… pink; not a nice pink, a fleshy pink. The… tip of the disgusting thing was a hue darker. It was painted to look like the real thing with veins and everything. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Maggie… pulled her panties down; she started using the tip of the huge thing that would not fit me without killing me, I was sure – I was small all over and that was fine – around her opening.

Maggie was standing right in front of her drawer. I couldn’t get the panties. I had to watch. It wasn’t my fault and it had never been my intention to catch her doing something like that, The huge tip of the mushroom-shaped toy gently pushed and brushed, slowly getting wet with a substance that little by little started coming out from Maggie’s vagina, which was all open like a pink flower. It looked so mature and different from mine; although not nearly big enough to take that horrible phallus.
What I did not expect is that both parts were very flexible. The dildo could be crushed and pushed, and the vagina could open some more. Maggie did not perform this action standing up; she dropped back on her bed and with open and bent legs, panties hanging on one leg, inserting the first part of the horrible thing.

She had closed her eyes and was very… focused on her task. Without anyone in front of the now open drawer, a cat burglar would have no problem snatching a pair and running away but; which were Maggie’s panties? What if some of those were the other woman’s? Who could be sure? No, it was best to wait. Yes, it was for the best…

Maggie contained her cries of excitement the best she could, which was not saying much, but there was no reaction from the girl whose bed I was using to hide. She must have been a heavy sleeper, like me.

I never thought I would see someone from the staff doing something like this. I had seen her naked before; and she was not the best hiding her assets from sight; but there was a long shot from seeing someone’s body to see them… using it this way.

Maggie could insert almost half the enormous thing inside her body; she took it in and out and despite myself I started to wonder how getting my own vagina filled that way would feel; something thick and heavy inside me brushing everything at once. I caught my hand just before it did something I would regret, and focused on keeping my watch up; the problem was my tail was a far more independent and rebellious. It really wanted to do… something. That was not okay.
Maggie raised her hips, supporting her whole body weight with her upper back and the tip of her feet, increasing speed and intensity, rolling her hips with incredible strength and flexibility drawing almost perfect circles. She was using both hands down there – or it was up there, now – allowing the fleshy, rubbery thing in and out, spraying some amount of liquid around with every thrust she performed on herself.

She switched positions; kneeling on her bed and getting that thing inside her from the back and up. I could now get a look at Maggie’s face. It was… amazing. Her eyes were going all the way up, her tongue was pushing against the floor of her mouth and some of it was out, a slight amount of saliva coming out of her mouth. She now used one hand to manipulate her clitoris from the front. I had never seen someone masturbate with such intensity.

No human could tolerate that for so long, I figured; I couldn’t. Maggie lasted for a minute or two before arching up, opening her mouth all the way and letting out an inaudible scream of satisfaction, before falling over forward, even more sweaty that she was before. She did not move anymore.

I came out from my hideout, slow and careful steps got me all the way to Maggie’s bed. She was… incredible. Her scent reminded me to Jill’s race; the substance that had made it out of her were powerful like I had never thought possible before. It reeked of woman; and I loved it. Maggie’s leg still had her panties around it.

She might not been able to see me, but I was very able to see her; I had never taken such a good look at her private parts; and this time they were… aroused. There was a difference when that happened. I couldn’t help getting my face a little closer.
It was open and pink, with a little brown around the edges; it had petals, like a flower; and it was very slimy and open in the middle, slowly closing after the phallus had been expelled and was now obscene and soaked to the side of the bed. I couldn’t help it; I took a whiff hoping not to wake her. Maggie’s scent was now with me forever; I wouldn’t forget it the same way I wouldn’t forget her face.

I carefully extracted her underpants little by little; not even wanting to cut them with my nails to make it easier. I wanted this, for me; they were a worthwhile trophy and yes, I had unacceptably lewd reasons to want to keep them. I had barely even touched myself and I was already wet and… palpitating out of excitement. Maggie did not move once and I successfully obtained the object of my dare; and unlike with the ones on the drawer I could most certainly tell my friends these were Maggie’s.

I felt horrible for putting them close to my face and rubbing a little of my oils in it, making me feel much closer to Maggie. I did dumb things when I was aroused. I bit on them because I needed all four limbs, and jumped out into the night.

a) Coven decides it’s time for the memory-wipe potion. Loser makes Maggie drink it. It is largely untested and might have side effects.
b) Coven decides it’s time for the memory-wipe potion. It works exactly the opposite of the way it should. Every mistake is a lesson.
c) The smoothness potion is still on the table. If you can handle the sensitivity, loser can have skin as soft as back when they were babies.
d) The permanent shave potion is still on the table. It might burn and itch horribly when you wear clothes, but at least no more body hair for decades.
e) Other potion (please specify).
That is only the potion, though; what about the next dare, which has already been decided as being Medea obtaining Aria’s panties?

1) Seduction route. Medea uses her charms to convince someone to give them to her.
2) Medea scares the hell out of Dan, risking them remembering something and becoming even more terrified than before. The ghost must always be naked.
3) Medea sneaks a la Aria.
4) Medea simply asks for them, stating she is the owner. As payment she shows her own.
5) The coven starts a complex game in which they try to make Dan believe the panties belong to a murdered girl and the only way to escape her curse is to bury them in the forest. Aria can dig them out and wash them later.
a, surely nothing would go wrong if Maggie were to become a little more absentminded tomorrow.

And 2, Dan's group may remember ghost Medea but at the end of the day that's not actual supernatural, just normal ghost stories, so I feel like it might not be a problem.
File: 4L_VWeNxFjD.jpg (268 KB, 1148x1668)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
File: !.jpg (2.12 MB, 2046x1446)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
c 5
File: image0-1 (1).jpg (62 KB, 640x903)
62 KB
I agree with yawn on this one a and 2
any), 2)
File: Maggie's Room.png (24 KB, 913x590)
24 KB
Your call. You can untie a) and c).
Else C wins because it gathered it's 4 units of vote first.
Welp. This changes everything. Let me start over. Part for tomorrow.
I meant for this to come out much sooner. Not gonna lie; having to start all over was very discouraging.

With the methodical and smart Medea among them, it was no surprise they weren’t there to receive me. They had properly hidden from sight minimizing risk; and I could easily let the… giggles, lead me. As for the reasons of the giggles, I found out soon enough.

Erika was reading from a black, leather-bound notebook; the same I had thrown. They had opened the lock somehow. They were reading what Maggie had written on me and it was quite humiliating. I had to run to slap the book away from her hands to avoid further embarrassment.

“Oh, you’re back!” Erika beamed at me, completely ignoring that I just swiped at her. “How did it go?” she asked even though I had a pair of panties right on my face held by my teeth. “We were just doing some light-reading waiting for you.”

“Yeah, you took a while in there. Were you taking pictures or something? I know what Maggie was wearing,” said Jodi. No, Peggy. Yes, that was Peggy.

“Come on! Keep telling us about Aria’s anal cavity!” Lady protested, quoting what Erika had just been reading. Maggie was annoyingly precise with her writing; too much for my taste.

Lady attempted to get the notebook but I got to it first, and refused to give it to her. I would have to dispose of it, I made my intentions apparent.

“Aria; we still have to research the contents of what Maggie might have written or already read,” Medea reasoned. “Do not destroy the book; while I understand your frustration, may I ask you to allow me to read it? I will keep everything I read strictly confidential if it were to bother you.”

“Fiiine!” I guess Medea was in a need-to-know basis.
I threw her the book. I thought that with her reflexes she would catch it and it would have been a cool thing to see, but I was mistaken. Medea was surprised by the sudden approaching object, the book almost hit her straight in the head but she shielded with her arms at the last moment; she made that adorable “Eep!” sound she sometimes made, and I felt terrible.

I apologized as much as I could and she forgave me. My demands were simple: “You can read it all you want; just don’t make a comedy club out of it like Erika did.” She acquiesced my simple proposal; Erika laughed at me calling what she started a comedy club, and Lady attempted to steal the diary from Medea and got tickled into submission. Her skin was so soft!

Since there weren’t any witnesses this time, I was under the obligation to try to describe what happened at Maggie’s room. As the terrible liar I am, they noticed I wasn’t giving them all the details, and they forced them out of me. I even offered them to let them continue reading Maggie’s book instead…

“Well, it’s her room,” Erika opined.

“Yeah, she can do whatever she wants,”, “It’s really none of our business.” The sisters were not judging either.

“How big was the dildo?” Lady asked, making several sizes with her hands and begging for clarification as it was a very important matter. She was hit on the back of her head by Erika and stopped.

They weren’t nearly as… mature when they heard what I did about it. They did not agree with me with my reasoning for staying behind and stealing the panties Maggie had on. I got called a vouyerist; I did not know what that was but after Googling it, I took offense. It was also kind of my fault, as I was maybe too adamant to justify my choice to take a closer look to Maggie’s genitals. She had examined mine, after all.
After being relentlessly made fun of and having to disclose the minutest details about what happened – and Erika, the moron, passed a finger over my private parts and said awful stuff like “She’s wet! She’s wet!” which was not true – we returned to the circle and found out that yet another bottle had been filled, which meant my turn would be more or less skipped.

Under normal circumstances at least I would get to pick what the person who lost would drink or something; but this time Medea requested some exceptional rules to be placed. She gave a quick reading to Maggie’s book, and was basically certain Maggie had read the notes and was currently in possession of very dangerous information.

We thankfully did not need to ask Bill for help for this one. Medea was – more or less – confident to be able to brew a potion that would make Maggie forget a few things. It wasn’t a forgetfulness potion so much as hypnosis. We would need to speak to Maggie while she was asleep – the potion would also induce this even if she was awake – and tell her what she could NOT think about.

We also knew that the door to Maggie’s room was unlocked and thanks to my earlier excursion we were also more familiar with what to expect, including the other woman in the room.

Medea brewed two potions with Carmen’s help – who was picking this witch thing rather fast for how much she was unwilling at first –, and only her and I ran into a crusade back into the offices. If nothing else, this night had been amazing cardio.
I entered Maggie’s room the usual way, through the window. Everything was okay, I signaled Medea to go around through the main door and seconds later made her way into the room. She gave me the okay.

It would be a lie to say I wasn’t both a little uncomfortable and a little excited about what I was about to do. It was unfair to her; but we really had our own struggles and difficulties to attend. We couldn’t worry about conventional morality. “Sorry,” I apologized to poor Rachel, the office lady, whose name I had just been informed of.

I moved her head and Medea gave me the second potion she brew – she was the only one with clothes were to store anything in –. I drank the whole small vial without swallowing, and planted a kiss on Rachel’s mouth, forcing the liquid down her throat with quite a deep kiss. She woke up for only a second before losing consciousness. My kiss was a little longer than needed; just to be sure it all went down. I felt very badly for feeling so happy for kissing a pretty woman on her twenties.

“That will be enough, Aria,” Medea stopped me. It was now her turn.

The sleeping potion’s residue which remained inside my mouth was liable to make me drowsy for a few hours; it also meant that Medea couldn’t do what I just did despite being more experienced because it might alter the hypnosis potion’s effect if the two were mixed inside the same mouth.

Medea took a sip of the hypnosis potion and made Maggie drink it mouth to mouth; the same way I had seen her do a few times before. She was much better at it, faster. It took Medea five ‘kisses’ before Maggie could swallow it all, as Medea’s bottle was much bigger. She then rinsed her mouth and spat as much as she could down the window. If I got sleepy that was fine, but if Medea could be hypnotized that could be a problem; so all our rinsing water was for her.
Medea took it from there. She started whispering to Maggie’s ears. I heard all of it, of course. Maggie was instructed to forget everything she knew about werecats, and everything relating to members of our cabin; and to not even think about it. That should do the trick. Medea went out first, through the door. I locked Maggie’s room from the inside just so no one could enter her room and hypnotize the poor woman further by mistake.

a) Then left.
b) Then also said “You fall in love with…” – give me a name.
c) Then also said “And you will not allow the doctor to do anything pervy.
d) Then also said “And you will not wear any underwear tomorrow or until camp ends.”
e) Then also said “And you will try to have sex with Aria sometime soon.”


It was well past midnight; everyone at camp was asleep as far as we could tell. All lights were off. Lady and the sisters had already called or texted their respective roomies, warning them they were going to be making it late or not at all; and that there was no need to look for them or report them or anything. Lady was surprisingly well-liked and looked after. People were worried about her.

It was Erika’s idea for Medea to strip down. Apparently, the ghost girl always had to be naked. To be fair, Medea wasn’t going to scare that many people wearing her cute dress. I was in scouting duty and we made sure Dan and his crew were asleep and would be out of the way before proceeding. Everything went as smoothly as it had gone before in the past.

Medea offered to be the automatic loser of the next dare, since she had taken someone else’s turn. We had to collectively come up with a dare and Erika’s idea was the clear winner out of the options given.

It was a return to the classics; Medea scaring everyone in Dan’s cabin. We didn’t want to be overly elaborate because the boys were simply not prepared for what would happen to them. It was almost too easy. The door was locked, but again they had this bad habit of leaving the window to their bathroom open. Any small creature of the night like Medea or I could easily fit inside. Medea had the cheek to wash her hands and face because she had the chance to.

Carmen tapped the window that was closest to the bed on the opposite side of the bathroom, more emphasis on the upper side of it. It did not yield immediate results, but we eventually woke up the guy we meant to; they told me his name was Ted. I knew him as the potty-mouth. They called him “the short one,” but I just did not see it.
Either way, after we managed to make him open his eyes, it was finally game on.


You always remember what you were dreaming if you wake up in the middle of the night. I saw that in TV somewhere. I was dreaming about being back home, eating some pancakes. I kept telling the chef they tasted like shit and he didn’t care; then there was this noise. It was the frying pan, something was wrong with it; that’s when I woke up.

Something hitting the window; no fucking idea what. I opened my eyes and it as black as all shit. This was the middle of nowhere, in camp; lights were off and if you turned them on by using the breakers on the back that Carlos asshole made you do pushups until you dropped. We even had to piss in the dark; good thing we all had good aim.

Some light turned on, like actual lightning without the thunder. It turned off again. “Sh-Shit!”

I nearly crapped my bed, I only saw it for a second; no, less than that. There was something on the fucking roof! Stuck like a spider; long, thin limbs. It had long, black hair and it was white as fucking death. Being in the fucking top bunk meant it was coming for me, I wailed around like a madman; I dropped from my bed, mattress and all.

Cirio woke up on the bed behind mine. “What the hell are you doing, man?”

“Sorry, yo. Some dream I had. Go back to sleep,” I said. That had to be it, a dream. It happened too fast. I was imagining things.

A girl laughed. A little girl. Inside our cabin.
I ran to Cirio. Fuck that. I hide under his bed if I needed to; who gave a fuck? “Did you hear that?” he said.

“Something’s on the roof, man. Some shit’s going on,” I whispered. It wasn’t a dream.

Something dropped from the room, walked with tiny, fucking fast steps to the bathroom and closed the door. Another laugh. I heard Cirio kicking the bunk above, waking Sayied up. “Get up, man! Someone’s inside!” Cirio said when Sayied started bitching.

“Something, Cirio. Something!” that sure as fuck wasn’t a someone.

Lights turned on and off. Nothing. The room was empty. So it was really on the bathroom. “Let’s check… all together!” I said. Sending someone alone was not cool; but leaving it alone was not okay, either.

They took their phones out and started lighting this shit up. I didn’t want to go get mine. That woke Dan up. “Turn that off! What’s the big-?”

“SHH!” we all shushed him. Didn’t he get this was some life or death shit?

None of the other dickless cowards did shit even though I was the only one who had seen the monster and had reason to be scared. I ran to Dan’s bed and told him to shut the fuck up and listen. He understood this was real shit we were dealing with.

We grabbed what we could to hit whatever was on the other side of the door fast and hard. Dan volunteered to open the door; the guy had balls of steel. We tip-toed until we made it to the bathroom and with weapons and light and the door opener, we rushed in.

So far everything went as planned. The boys were out of bed, looking for Medea; and she was already outside and safe, in position. She had unlocked the windows already; and when the boys did some warcry thing and jumped the bathroom, we pushed their bunk beds so they would be tipped over and fall. They made a lot of noise.
They screamed again and ran out of their cabin, stumbling among each other. I personally entered to retrieve my panties and easily walked out the window. It had been almost too easy.

1) Loser must masturbate until orgasm in someone else’s cabin.
2) Loser is anally pegged.
3) Loser gets purposely spotted by staff to receive punishment.
4) Loser goes into a panty-raid and plants fake evidence to start something.
5) Pull the fire alarm to wake everyone up. People will be awake again for a few hours for future dares.
6) It’s less fun when people are asleep. It’s 1:00 A.M. Issue the day dare and go to sleep.
File: 20190606-140716-id3242405.jpg (230 KB, 1280x1807)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
A/C/D - B and E are way to invasive, wouldn't suit Arias sense of guilt.

Let's fill at least this last bottle before bed ;)
1/2/3/5: Lady, Erika or Carmen.

Sorry, completly my fault u_u
should have made a 2nd clarifing vote instead of leaving it as is, to avoid THIS
File: image0-4 (1).jpg (48 KB, 640x905)
48 KB
A/C and 3. Agreed that arias sense of guilt and distaste at manipulation, especially since she already feels guilty over watching Maggie, wouldn't allow for e.
I'm thinking D and/or C. B and E are definitely a bit much but Aria's not above a little temporary fun and making camp a little safer.

And 3 or 5 for the next dare, with Lady or Erika because they haven't done much tonight. 5 in particular would open the Lisa/Andrea strip grudge contest back up which I still think would be great to see.
File: nurse.jpg (198 KB, 1152x2048)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
A/C/D (until the camp ends), 5.
“What are you thinking about Aria?” Lisa was curious to know, back at the circle. “You’ve been spacing out.”

“Oh, n-nothing! It’s nothing!” I sat on my tail to stop it from moving.

“If you say so…” Lisa conceded, watching me flush deeply.

I was thinking about something, alright. I couldn’t get it off my mind. I had been bad. Back when Medea exited Maggie’s room, I had to stay to lock the door from the inside; and I used the chance to do something I was now deeply regretting. It was something that had occurred to me in the heat of the moment; something stupid I should not have done.

I thought about how many girls had the doctor inconvenienced. The poor little things would have to suffer through his perverted touch if they needed any medical attention. That was why I had walked to Maggie and whispered in her ear “Do not let the doctor do anything pervy.” Based on how I had seen Medea give her instructions that should have been enough.
If I had stopped there then maybe I would have a somewhat clear conscience. I was doing a service for the camp; but I had gotten greedy. Watching poor Maggie asleep, naked, smelling of masturbation… I couldn’t help myself. After almost jumping out the window, I jumped back and whispered something else, something stupid. “And you will not use any underwear until the end of camp!”

Why had I done that? I was a horny moron. The thought of the nurse with her tiny dress wearing no underwear did wonders for my imagination; but now everyone in camp would see her private parts and it was all my fault. I didn’t think that through.

What if it didn’t happen that way? I had to stay positive! What if Maggie didn’t want to wear underwear and didn’t understand why, but then ended up becoming more careful. Yes! That would be it! Instead of flashing her panties and bra to everyone who showed up for office visits, she would instead now properly cover herself.
It would be better if I checked on her tomorrow, just in case. It was now my duty to ward her from prying eyes.


Erika lost. After Medea thought she was done expiating her sins after having sent Dan and crew running and screaming, I took a slight detour to wash my panties as much as possible and had them for the moment just hanging on a tree nearby – it would need a few more cycles of washing/drying before I would put them on; they were in the hands of boys for a week, after all –, we resumed The Game, with the conviction to play it through the whole night.

Medea had nowhere to base this on, but she figured that after gathering energy from this circle and some more next night, we would be able to barely destroy the original one.

Erika’s dare was given by Medea, who was the automatic loser next round. It meant my turn to decide who did what had been skipped, after all. Regardless, I had no time to sulk; I didn’t want anyone to do anything that badly and I had enough in my mind as it was with that Maggie business. Medea thought that there weren’t enough people around and we would need to change that if we were to gather more energy from our emotions. Without them, the most we could do was to wallow in our own lust and perform sexual acts on each other but that would run out of novelty soon enough; not to mention that it would leave us exhausted.

“We can indulge in those when the Dawn approaches,” Medea gave me something to look forward to. Yes, it might have been the circle speaking through me, but I would not have minded to have a good time with everyone. I was especially curious on how the sisters tasted like.
We were starting to get into the habit of discussing the most appropriate dare for the situation at hand. While Medea gave the last decision, it was mostly Erika’s and Lady’s idea to have Erika pull some sort of fire alarm to wake people back up. It had worked last time; although we had to be more careful this time around. Last occasion we tried this Jill ended up giving a nude conference in front of everyone, the werecat had her first recorded attack; and it all went downhill from there.

We could not use the same method. Medea had guessed the camp director’s password by using up and subsequently destroying a lucky charm she had brought to camp – something she had prized deeply but had decided to sacrifice because of all the ritualistic power Jill’s dare back then would cause –; we would have to do a little more than that.

Camp had a fire protocol we were explained during the first day; but there weren’t fire alarms or anything. Instead, we had the primitive method of the instructors yelling and gathering people. Since we couldn’t well convince them to go with our purposes, Medea again gave us the solution using alchemy.

“A smoke potion is something that any aspiring alchemist will inevitably create hundreds of times in their career,” she was a little ashamed to admit. “However, in order to brew one befitting our current purposes, I can think of only one such formula. Erika, it is up to you to craft it; the solution is extremely simple; I trust you will be able to succeed.”
Erika, who at first had been originally the most excited to be able to partake in witchcraft before hearing the explanation, was now disappointed, she allegedly admitted to be a failure as a witch, calling it too complicated. The potion was simple, though. Even I could do it. Nine parts Nigredo of the lowest possible degree, around five percent Rubedo and about five percent Verdigado. The most powerful the Rubedo, the more smoke; the more powerful the Nigredo, the most lethal the smoke, reason for it to the best to use a weaker one. Erika still said she had no idea; but I was sure she was just being hard.

“Basically burn some leaves and add a bone or salt or something on it!” Carmen despaired. “Come on, it’s not that hard…”

We were back on the forest behind the offices. We needed the staff to see the smoke first so they’d warn the students in an official matter. Medea started to give alternatives as to how to make the smoke potion which only infuriated Erika further because as she put it, “I have no fucking head for stupid alchemy! No, it isn’t that alchemy is stupid, I’m the stupid one!” she wasn’t. She just didn’t want to put in the effort. I wasn’t sure alchemy was for me either.

Jodi and Peggy were quite interested in learning about alchemy; sadly for them, Medea said they didn’t have enough magic in their blood to not just brew plain garbage out of any alchemical mixture. Erika was part of a coven, had had her blood recently sucked by a Dhampir, and had slept right above a powerful circle for nights and nights; making it possible for her. “You will be able to, in time,” she encouraged them. “If you continue playing The Game you are bound to absorb enough magic for alchemical concoctions to work. Maintaining the energies once camp is over might be impossible for you, however. Only Aria, Lady and I possess enough magic intrinsically to not have to worry about such things.”
Erika finished her potion as if it was a school assignment, complaining all the way and dragging her feet. Once she placed the drop of Rubedo in one of the ‘used’ bottles we had, a loud noise or glass breaking and a blinding amount of smoke popped out of nowhere. I turned and ran for my life, forgetting about everything. A few seconds later the girls came out coughing from a smoke curtain, the clothes of those who were dressed pitch black.

“Why didn’t you fucking warn us!” Erika seethed at Medea, who was coughing as well.

“Because it takes five seconds to react!” Medea coughed. “Normally! I do not know what happened,” she coughed again, “this time.”

Still, our objective was complete. We had to hurry back to the circle to say go for the next dare. Someone must have already noticed the smoke, which kept extending into the sky. We would doubtlessly once again get gathered in front of the office building.

a) Loser mixes with the crowd with T-shit and panties, and acts like it is completely natural.
b) Loser takes ownership of using a smoke-bomb, getting harshly punished by an angry mob.
c) Loser gets into a fight and must either try to strip her opponent or get stripped.
d) Loser must be swimming nude at the lake by the time people get out of their cabins.
e) Loser must somehow expose a butt-crack in public.
Erika finished her potion as if it was a school assignment, complaining all the way and dragging her feet. Once she placed the drop of Rubedo in one of the ‘used’ bottles we had, a loud noise or glass breaking and a blinding amount of smoke popped out of nowhere. I turned and ran for my life, forgetting about everything. A few seconds later the girls came out coughing from a smoke curtain, the clothes of those who were dressed pitch black.

“Why didn’t you fucking warn us!” Erika seethed at Medea, who was coughing as well.

“Because it takes five seconds to react!” Medea coughed. “Normally! I do not know what happened,” she coughed again, “this time.”

Still, our objective was complete. We had to hurry back to the circle to say go for the next dare. Someone must have already noticed the smoke, which kept extending into the sky. We would doubtlessly once again get gathered in front of the office building.

a) Loser mixes with the crowd with T-shit and panties, and acts like it is completely natural.
b) Loser takes ownership of using a smoke-bomb, getting harshly punished by an angry mob.
c) Loser gets into a fight and must either try to strip her opponent or get stripped.
d) Loser must be swimming nude at the lake by the time people get out of their cabins.
e) Loser must somehow expose a butt-crack in public.
C with Lisa, ideally in the fashion described earlier:
>Lisa is dared to act (or not so much) very angry with Andrea, daring her to a strip match. Perfect way to disguise a nudity-based dare as plain spite between girls.

It's been a bit of a while since Lisa's earlier dare and her conflict with Andrea, but everyone is presumably grumpy from being woken up and, well, a strip fight in front of all of camp with plausible deniability sounds like the ideal way to gather emotions.
File: image0-2 (1).jpg (65 KB, 640x952)
65 KB
I really like that suggestion. C with Lisa and Andrea.
C Lisa, there ain't a better timing for this :)

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