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>Play football for 4 years, have to be 210bs.
>Season ends, I lose 35 pounds since October.
>Girls start to add me on Snapchat everyday
>Followers on every social.media go up
>Get more friends
>Going to prom with a 9.5/10

Thank you /fit/

What happened after you got in shape?
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>I get my self worth from social media
Social media is everybody's entire life, every girl is talking about "snapchat this, instagram that xD" constantly every fucking where
Not really. It was just funny to see how changing your body type gets you noticed.
not really

Not mine fuck nugget go browse through endless videos of dogs barking at their reflections and group selfies of dumb Normie fucks dressed up in their tjmaxx best eating $20 nachos and drinking $8.50 margaritas made with $3 a bottle tequila is this what your life has become? You crave the validation of the consumer class? Why do you think they are validating you? Because you are ripe and ready to be consumed.

So consumed you will be. Your life is a big giant yawn being played out like a shitty movie where you reach a bit of potential, go to school, get locked down with a dumb bimbo who doesn't really even like you just likes being seen with you because you got lots of up arrows, get a job to pay for her nice things and your bratty kids, lose your hair and get a gut, then you post get this my man you post a picture of yourself in a Tommy Bahama shirt and your fucking Birkenstock's at the beach just to test the waters just to see if you've "still got it" like back in the day and guess what? Nobody will even fucking comment my man you will get 1 like from uncle Bob and that's it so go on fucking with the social media game bro do you but don't say you weren't warned 15 years from now when you're making fake emails to sign up for Ashley Madison
Is this pasta

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