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I dont feel like it's real for me. IV been fat my entire life and no matter how much weight I lose I feel like I'll never be the fit looking guy I want to be

I understand, trust the process, buy why does it feel like it will never work?

Down from 350 to 260 in a year's time.
Do keto if you're not already
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If your down nearly 100 pounds anon, then the process is obviously working for you. You've down more than most people ever do when thy do this. Keep your head down and stay strong. You'll make it.
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Anon, trust me, you're gonna make it.

I dropped 120lbs myself in a year, and I felt the same as you right up until the very end when I started to see lift improvements and abs. Just imagine how much further you can go!

Soon you'll start getting attention from chicks, too. That helped me a lot.
Keto and Intermittent Fasting
>Down from 350 to 260 in a year's time.

Doing good so far. keep at it!!
Good work! stop looking too far aheadinto the future and focus on immediate goalss, i.e month to month progress, and reward yourself. Weightloss isnt a sprint.
100 pounds in a year is great weight loss, just keep it up and get away from this board and its poisonous 'crabs in a bucket' mentality
Ive been fit for almost 7 years now with a six pack and shit, but the truth is that the fat never really leaves you. It stays in your head, teasing you, reminding you of precipice on which you stand.

You and I are scarred for life.
The fit guy you want to be? Probably not.

But how does live longer and have a shot at an intimate relationship sound to you instead?
>doesnt post height

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