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What’s up fit fags? Ex fit fag here, I got sick of waiting in line to use the squat racks after I graduated school (my school had a sick gym) and quit gym membership three months ago. Looking to get back into it cause I’m starting to look like a bitch.

What plates and squat rack should I buy? I’m starting a home gym. Looking for something relatively inexpensive, but not trying to be a huge Jew because shitty gym equipment sucks. Please give brands or even better, links on Amazon or some other site.

Thanks brothers
Bump. Please help guys looking to pull the trigger on some shit
Check craigslist and eBay

Only thing you might want to buy new is a oly bar just to make sure you don't buy something that's not legit and won't be able to hold the weight
I checked Craigslist. Everything was rusty as shit and just as expensive as things are on amazon. And I have to go pick it up and don’t have a truck... what brand do you have at your gym? Is it any good?
I literally dumpster dive/craigslist/moving sales. My dad is a cab driver so he finds people throwing out their weight sets all the time. I bought a cheap bench ($150) and have accumulated about 225lbs in 15lb plates. Gains are gains.
You can also just buy the shit new and get it delivered if you like having 45lb plates and shit
Depends what your after

Minimum would be a bar, weights, bench and you could probably get away with just a squat rack/squat stand and use it for your bench as well if you don't mind dumping the weight, adjustable dumbells as well.

As for brands go with cheapest with good reviews, if you go too cheap you might end up with shit.
Agreed. I’ve seen people with weight sets and their Chinese pot metal bars are curved like an “S”. No thanks. I’ll look through Craigslist again, but things seem pretty sub par at the moment. I usually just dump weights when I’m lifting, and I could always have one of my housemates spot me if I’m worried
I own CAP 45lbs plates from Amazon. I really like the spaces you can use as handles, price was good enough for me.
Ah awesome thank you brother. I was looking at those and they are pretty cheap. What do you own as far as racks go?
Wish I could be of more help, but I just use them for weighted dips and pull ups. I go to the gym to use barbells.
I was about to start a thread like this OP. Bumparino

Buy used everything. Garage sales, Craiglist, Play It Again Sports, etc
Facebook marketplace is tits for this stuff too.

Just last week a bro and I picked up a weight set a woman in the process of a divorce was offloading to spite the guy. I don’t feel great about it, but as a student getting almost $1000 worth of equipment for less than $250 justifies it.

Like other anons said, the bar is the only thing that I would justify spending retail on and that’s just paying for peace of mind, weight is weight.
Definitely get a squat cage and adjust able bench plus weights, that gets you everything in one package and is a little more cost and space effective
Dicks sporting goods has good sales sometimes.

For $135 I got:
45lb oly bar

Then a customer of mine sold me her dumbells. Everything ranging from 2 lbs to 65 lbs.
She also gave me the rack.
That was $90.

Just wait.

How much money do you have?

How much do you plan on lifting?

What exercises will you do?

Without more information, all I can say is fuck 35 lb plates.

Get the following:

2 x 2.5
2 x 5
4 x 10
2x 25
2 x 45

That plus a decent bar and some micro plates will get you to 240 - 245 lbs.
Get your bar from ROUGE fitness. Ohio power bar. It will last forever
if you are super fucking new, get a non oly bar and weights
will cost fuckall and can be sold for what you paid 6 months from now when you want to upgrade

pullup door frame thing
adjustable bench

good purchases;
pullup/ dip tower
foam mats for deadlifts
adjustable dumbells

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