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/over25/ - Anons over 25yo General

'mid-March snow keeping me from the gym' edition

ITT: general discussion, rants, raves, no more feely greentext
>tfw can't get it up @ 28
cut porn a month or two ago, beat off once a week, get with girls, lil guy just doesn't spring up like he used to

have to rush to put a condom on or else its over sometimes.
taking zinc. working out. sleeping. help
In the process of buying a house. Just put an offer down that I'm starting to regret. Fuck it thug life.
Do you have anything stressing you out?
Silly question, but are you actually attracted to the girls you're getting or just getting what you can?

It's probably stress-induced.

Still equity at the end of the day.
>tfw all apartments in my area are $1k/sqft and old as fuck.
>tfw 29
in better shape than most 29 year olds but getting old still sucks man.
File: 1475640345191.png (1.59 MB, 1520x1126)
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1.59 MB PNG
is it when you're drinking?
I've had issues with whiskey dick since I was about 22. Am 25.

Don't worry about it, invest in land, they don't make it anymore. I own a tiny apartment in a big city and it's doubled in value the last 5 years. That's where I make real money, not saving from my job salary.

Personally, I'm taking steps to get a more fulfilling career. Quit my normie desk job and going back to the military. It's going to be great, will make a lot less money but will get to shoot cool guns and work out during the day.

I... i think I've been stressed out and neurotic my whole life. i was a real dork through high school. around 21 i started working out, got laid etc, but I'm always racing my own insecurities in my mind.
is your posture good?
do your balding spots show?
mouth closed?
i just want to shut my brain off
File: 1507189542620.gif (3.96 MB, 175x175)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB GIF
>28 in may
>still live with my parents.
>hate my meme job
>software dev
>Still at 18% bf
On the bright side I'll probably quit for something better in the next few months.
I need to cut
I'm pretty sure that most people do this; not that uncommon. You have to remember that, at the end of the day, no one is taking notice of minute details like that except yourself. You can try to condition yourself to subconsciously avoid those things (roll shoulders back and pretend nipples are headlights for posture, get into habit of touching top of mouth or biting the inside of your cheeks).
Stop biting the insides of your cheeks, it's not good for you
I'm 37.
Only really got my shit even half together in my 30s.
You guys will be fine.

The key is set small goals and work towards them.

No one if perfect.
People mess up.

Performance anxiety is a real thing.
However you can get over it.

Enjoy the experience.
If you go soft you are not defeated just delayed...go down on her or do something that genuinely turns you on .

Keep it up
It gets a bit tougher but as you know consistency is the key.
It's not down hill, but the climb gets steeper.
I don't really get canker sores for it anymore.

>living with parents
>thinking of quitting

File: IMG_2512.png (144 KB, 500x500)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Where is this comfy place?
Turning 25 within a month. How are things looking out for me ?
File: 1506144672455.jpg (44 KB, 529x502)
44 KB
>almost 30, still able to pass as an 18 year old.
Too bad I have a body of one too.
ayy same here

April 10

I'm closing in on 26. I've really realized this year that I'm a real adult male now. Don't feel like I can get away with dumb childish shit anymore. But things are looking very good, body performs better than ever.
saw palmetto and less fapping
I bust my ass at work, pay my bills and my taxes exactly so I can do childish shit that no one can hold against me.
>I'm 37.
>Only really got my shit even half together in my 30s.
Stop scaring me.
I'm 28 and don't want to be a manchild who "gets his life together" in his "30's".
I was meant to be on the way to success by now, but I'm still in the same shitty situation of my own lack of aspiration as when I was 23.

Fuck, I want out but everything seems to be getting harder.

And I've never had a gf, seriously can't see a future where I'd even be able to begin to think about having a family at this point.

fucking cunt life, it wasn't meant to be like this, I did what I was told but it's like I swallowed the bait for so long I wouldn't know how to get out of it.

I'm freaking out, I'm meant to be a man. A man1 Not a fucking boy who hasn't got his shit together AND missed out on that fucking yolo shit. Where are my loose sluts to fuck hm? When do I get to have fun rather than fucking suffer?

Oh but wait, thats right, I'm my own problem aren't I?

Maybe I shouldn't be anymore, maybe I can just not feel or worry or wonder, maybe I can just stop everything and have some fucking peace?
I kinda wish I had rented my house out, bought a cheap warehouse-type building and set up an open homegym/living area type of place.

Still kinda want to do it but only 30k left in touchable savings after paying off the bank/renovating.
>Anons over 25yo
LOL you're still children!
I just turned 53 last month, have BF% around 10%, and stay fit as a wonderful byproduct of racing bikes on a road racing team. AMA.
I'm 20 and I'm gonna go on your lawn old man
>racing bikes on a road racing team. AMA
Why are so many old men fascinated by the childrens' toys known as bicycles?
Get a gym membership or jog or something and stop clogging up the roads you slow fucks
that's a good thing. It's called a life.
>I'm gonna go on your lawn
Public urination is no way to go through life, son, it just makes you look retarded.
LOL what's the matter son, you mad because a bike racer stole your girl or something? Suck it up, kid.
I turn 25 this year.

I dont think ill ever have a relationship the closest things ive had to gfs was a girl i met online playing a stupid chat game and we would skype sex and stuff for a few months when we met is really awkward. Then a girl i met while on vacation and talked to a few months after.

All the other girls have been awkward dates that only lasted one or two or me to inept to get they were wanting me to make a move on them.

Am i too dull to actually date?
Before 25
>working out = instant results / gains
>even when sleeping like shit / drinking like mad. eating like shit
>can work out after a massive night after 8-9 hours of sleep
>girls are easy to meet
After 25
>working out is just to maintain whatever shit body you have
>drinking means 2 days MIA
>looking at any junk food will make you gain weight
>you must be in the absolute best condition to fucking sleep
>thikning about internet dating
stop bitching you weasel faggot
Everyone has something to offer. You need to take real responsibility for your life and improve yourself on all fronts in order to reach your potential, whatever that is. What you're doing now is obviously not working so change things up. Make a change and give it a real try and we'll see what happens.
set real goals for:
social competence
outside hobbys
immediate family

I gained 30lbs and learned to dance, went dancing once a week, and got my fashion figured out. WHAM 8/10 GF in 6 months.

I interned at an IT company making peanuts and worked my ass off WHAM I'm making 80K now

I kept working out on a schedule and watching my macros WHAM 3 plate squat from a former skeleton

shut your bitching mouth and get a calendar going with some goals set and stick to them you stupid piece of shit
The only one of "my girl"s you're qualified to steal is my dementia ridden 80 something grandmother, you cringey old man.
She's just about the only one who wouldn't vomit seeing your wrinkly ass in skin tight Lycra, riding around on your midlife crisis mobile.
Wow, you're still going through the 'teenage rebellion' stage? Are you sure you're not Underage B&, too young to legally post on 4chan?

Do you feel better now, sonny boy, having 'stood up to' a your Surrogate Father on the Internets? Now we all know you're too much of a coward to stand up to your real daddy, aren't you, son?
>t. pussy little soyboy coward
top kek
Fuck you faggot, cycling is way better for your body than jogging. I, for one, want to die with the knees I was born with.
>want to die with the knees I was born with.
But minus your dignity
Yep. Just turned 27. One day it dawned on me that i had become a man and put away childish things. I barely noticed. The only vestige of childhood i have left is posting on this board.
Nope, just walk up to girls and ask for their numbers
Snapchat works better because they can't lie to you if they pull up the screen
Just keep trying, I believe in you
What the fuck are you even going on about? You look like a goofy fuck running too. Sounds like you are just a pissed off driver with a shitty commute. Sucks to suck, bitch. Cope harder.
I'm 33 and in the best shape of my life. Was a turbo fat for most of my life. Weighed 380lbs 3 years ago. I'm 220 now and still going strong. My only issue is I can't maintain or even sometimes not get an errection. Even going no fap for 2 weeks and taking my sweet time jerking off I can't get as hard as I did when I was a turbo fat. Forget about trying to get hard with my wife, that's jsut a lost battle.

What the fuck do I do
>Stop scaring me.
>I'm 28 and don't want to be a manchild who
Don't worry, you're a manchild already, while the anon you're quoting pretty much is not.
File: who is alone.jpg (82 KB, 773x645)
82 KB
>Be 25
>Shit is together
>Lift, looking aesthetic AF, naturally handsome
>Clear 80k a year at my job in a low COL area
>Own my own apartment, vehicle, etc.
>Wide social circle full of fuckin' awesome bros

Still single as fuck. I didn't meet the right girl in college and I felt like that was my only shot. Literally every dateable girl I know is taken. Literally every. single. one.

All the good girls are taken by 22, and the rest is just the riff-raff.
Dude, I am soon to be you. I just turned 25 and my gf is considering leaving me. Idk wtf I should do, as I'd have exactly 0 chance to find another girl.
5 months lifting
2 more weeks of hypertrophy, then back to strength. At 0.5/1/2/3 level now, next stop: 1/2/3/4.
Feel better than ever before. Unfucked my shit and getting attention from women now. Got my degree, about to start working full-time.
Ex just sent me a FR on facebook. Still debating whether I should accept or not. Be a grown-up and act like a decent human being instead of a vindictive cunt, or ignore her and move on.
What's going on between you guys?
You might consider getting yourself a FotB girl.
They're almost always single because they came alone.
They also tend to be more conservative, which is nice.
If you're a white nationalist don't fret, they're not all brown and yellow.
Might be able to get yourself a polish one or something
Probably not worth it.
If you had relationship problems in the past you'll probably have them in the future if you get back together
And if you don't want to get back together why the fuck would you accept?
>if you get back together
Not going to happen, precisely because I am aware of our problems and differences.
>why the fuck would you accept?
I'm a decent human being, I don't blow acquaintances who want to talk to me off for no reason. The relationship's over, and I don't consider her a friend, so an acquaintance is what she is. I just feel like being butthurt over shit that's several years in the past isn't a healthy attitude.
>me at 20
>tried lifting, couldnt work up to 1pl8 bench after months
>lazy, shit diet, skinnyfat
>crap job, posted on r9k nonstop

>me at 25
>in the navy
>started lifting again and worked to 1pl8 for reps on second week of program
>eat whatever the galley serves, stuff my face yet still have abs due to constant mandatory training which is all bodyweight workouts
>E5, only post on /k/ and hot meme boards these days and barely
>dont even play video games anymore, work on quals for fun
>was railing sluts since getting out of boot, in serious relationship for last year though

military service isnt presented often enough to the shy quiet and week kids as an option in life. All you need is motivation, and they beat that into you. Scared to think how I would be if i hadnt joined.
>0 chance
What makes you say this?
Well, if I'd have to sum it up.. the most important issues are:
>she thinks me being brought up bilingually has impeded my capacity to be a patriot (which she values greatly). She also wouldn't want our children to learn other languages than the native.
>she's catholic, I'm not
>I'm more of a free market guy, she thinks this means I'm an anarchist and a coward because I say drafting young men is immoral
>she's growing more and more resentful over me
>eyerolls have happened

Essentially, I don't mind disagreements, but she does, so it's over if she doesn't change her mind on a good amount of topics. However, she thinks I either think like her or I'm an enemy (her words). She say the only reason she's still with me after 6 years is that
1) she still loves me, though less and less each day
2) she isn't even sure whether she could be with ANYONE, at all, because.. well, she's pretty disagreeable as you might've gathered
3) she isn't sure whether this is just normal or not
> that feel when no ultra conservative gf

Just give into the catholic thing. Mass is extremely relaxing its just quiet for 30 minutes with prayers and you can self reflect plus you get drunk midday with people.
sorry anon this isn't true for anyone. I used to think this too but one morning my whole perception flipped when I realized im just an ugly 30 year old
Is it even possible to look good if you start lifting at 30? I feel like I'm spinning my wheels for no reason.
Absolutely bro. Just get your T levels checked and get prescription T if you're low. Other than that, you should be fine if your sleep, diet and routine are good.
Yes, espscially if you were active or fit or are a blue collar type man OR you were fat yet fairly active before.

If none of the above is true then...well..you have a long row to ho.
get a cock ring, chances are its a mental issue, plow with ring in use to climax, get used to feeling masculine again, remove ring, plow as before, profit???????
Honestly I always thought this T shit was a meme. Do you actually go to a doctor and get checked?

Used to be a skelly nerd/alcoholic. spent all my time playing video games and drinking and doing drugs. Now I'm healthy but skinnyfat desk job 8+ hours per day.
what is meme about being a developer?
I mean, if you feel like a bad mother fucker, then you can just skip a T test but at 30 you could be on the decline as far as T goes and I'd hate for you to waste your time in the gym if you could potentially be getting way more results for your time if you had healthy T.
Nothing, they're just bitter minimum wagies trying to fuck with your head by LARPing as CEOs who just serendipitously visit 4chan. Making 40k USD places one in the top 1% of earnings of humans on earth.
making wordpress websites isnt software dev, anon.
28 here, recently got asked if I was in high school
I did some quick research (i.e. google low test symptoms) and I'm pretty sure my test levels are still OK.
File: 1519276024462-fit.jpg (139 KB, 1000x1000)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
26 here
software dev, about to change jobs and make more money (a lot more money, 6x what i was making). only problem is i have to move across the country. any other of you guys deal with this? i have an awesome family and im going to fucking miss them. that, and my parents are getting older. not "die any day" older, but its something thats heavy on my mind, moving so far away.

i also am breaking up with the gf, but i kind of want that. ive always seemed to date girls with issues, and shes no exception (tho better than others in the past). have always beem a relationship guy and i think this is my last opportunity to live the bachelor life.

i want to settle down sometime in my early thirties, but only if i find the right girl. one who isnt crazy, one who has her own hobbies and friends. i always seem to date girls that have no friends, then i become their world, then they get pissed when i want time alone or with my friends. all the mistakes/experience has been good though, i have a pretty clear idea now on what im looking for, and ive built up an immunity to nice ass and titties distracting me.
25, last year of Mechanical Engineering Masters. Started lifting 3 weeks ago (SS). Started no FAP but am currently fucking an Erasmus girl that came to live at my house (god bless)
>having sex
Hah, good one!
Which country is this?
- high paying good job, girlfriend has high paying good job. we own two properties ("made it?")
- very little motivation to work hard (work from home and bum around a lot)
- former trainer/bodybuilder, my physique is a shell of it's former self and my workouts are low intensity/diet is shit
- want to finally start a business this year, cant muster up the motivation to do much on it
financially secure but still rack up debt on pointless things and crypto addiction

stuck in a fucking RUT. i theorize that having a comfy job, great relationship/girl, and all the creature comforts of financial stability has zapped my drive. i know this is first world as fuck but has any other post 30 anons hit this sort of a combined rut?
I had a gf
Moved out
Supported myself.

I was hardly living with my parents.

Looking for sluts.
Tinder I guess.

Tidy your room kid

In all honesty though take on a responsibility if you have already and you will be fine.
File: ultimate chinlet.jpg (16 KB, 1075x1075)
16 KB
I don't know Anon, but I've always been mis-aged (if that's a thing). How about you try and guess my age based on this blurred up photo.
Onionbro is POM juice fine for your natty test stack? I already bought the longjack and eat 1 onion/day via homemade pepper steak
File: fishonland.jpg (103 KB, 537x798)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Shut the fuck up. Your chin is nowhere as bad as mine and yet here I am smashing 17-19 spic braphogs as a 29 y/o gook. I curse my shitty jaw/chin but it also makes me look 10 years younger and that has its own advantages
>need to move within two months, want to do it sooner
>trying to get a better job so I can actually land an apartment and not need MOTHERFUCKING ROOMMATES ever again
>need to get my car sold before then
>no one is buying my shitty car, already knocked 800 off the price
>even cash for cars places aren't giving me offers
>need the car money for the safety deposit
>had interview today, another one tomorrow, hoping to land a new job by the end of the month
>place I move to will have cool gyms around and sports groups to join
>currently live in nowhere, all that's around is planet fatass and fucking nothing and no-one.
I'm in better health now than when I was a teenager (high school athlete). Dunno about you bruh. I fall asleep instantly and sleep like a rock. Wake up refreshed. Never get sick. Actually weigh less by 10 lbs than when I was 18. Skin is flawless. Aging is a meme, you can look the same from age 15-35 if you just take care of yourself. I look younger now than when I was 18.
Well I am not surrounded by puss but it is not impossible to get laid once I'm a while come on dude
She's a retard. Bilingual is master race. I'm jelly as fuck of native bilingual speakers because I have to work my ass off to learn a second language. YUGE job opportunities.
Fuck my grandparents for not keeping the old country language alive in the family.
>Quit my normie desk job and going back to the military.

Man I have a close friend who was a combat vet (corpsman attached to marines) and he's confided in me some of the shit he went through and there's no goddamn way.

I mean, I was a trauma nurse for 2 years but at least when I saw someone fucked up there was a chance of saving them.
I don't see what this guy is ranting about.
*checks filename*
Ahh.. that's why. Very well. I'll give the title to you. Congrats.
Based onion bro
nigga I'm 40 and started lifting 4 years ago as a 6'4" lanklet. First year was bodyweight training at the house only and the noob gains were crazy, otter mode for days. I gained a good 40lbs of lean muscle since I started. I think I have decent genetics though, would have been a demigod... fuck!
>just turned 27

Good stuff:

>getting progressively more fit & flexible each year
>often told I have an attractive face, still have good head of hair, feel like i will age well
>don't drink or do drugs, sensible bed time, diet is on point, good at saving money, no debt
>disciplined, schedule my entire week including chill times, good work ethic at my job
>create most of my own entertainment by being able to make music that I like to listen to
>people seem to really genuinely like me
>no longer existentially depressed or seeking answers outside of what is presently available to me
>no longer feel like I need to find "the one", content just having fun with hot girls or being alone even

Bad stuff:

>eyesight's pretty shitty
>fit by normie standards but weak by /fit/ standards & i shouldn't give a shit but I slightly do
>get sleepy at 10PM & rarely go out
>job is low pay//rank so there's always this sense of not pushing myself enough
>getting tired of living in the city but don't want to move to a small town
>feel like I have decent capacity for intelligence but am mostly uneducated

I feel like my life is going to continue to improve slowly like it has so far. I'm generally focused on what I could develop over the course of decades rather than getting everything right away, so at this point I'm content to still be putting most of my energy into what I consider the ground work (health, work ethic, self-sufficiency)
It's funny because I picked up English as my third language and at this point it feels like my first. Also, yes, she's a retard in this sense. She literally believes that ignorance is better than knowledge. It must be a catholic thing desu.

I don't think you understand, anyone spending 5 minutes with me can tell that I'm an atheist. I also can't lie, and whilst I even enjoy mass (singing is nice, I'm reasonably good at it and know many christian songs anyway), I'm still going to be the atheist guy. I'm trying not to be fedora tipping about it, but due to my inability to lie, I can't exactly "fake it till I make it" either.
Forgot to add, mixed feeling:

>barely talk to parents at all, gradually coming to realize that my childhood was actually pretty terrible & they're fucked up people. Feels good to be free of their influence but makes me sad when peers talk about gradually becoming better friends with their folks during their 20s
I used pic.
>turning 30 in May
>best shape of my life
>friends with a lot of 23-27ish dudes
>most of them are out of shape and look much older than I do
Anyone else know this feel? They "shit talk" me for being old as fuck a lot.
>coworkers think I’m 19 or 20
Have you guys ever run into someone you went to high school with? How much has that person changed? I've noticed that everyone is now starting their new jobs, getting married, having kids, buying homes and going on vacation. I keep forgetting that I'm 26 and not 18 sometimes. I feel so behind in life because I'm not doing any of that shit.
The lifetime achievement of most the people I graduated high school with is most likely graduating high school. If you're thinking those people are doing a lot with their life you really need to step up your game. Not trying to be negative.
30 y/o just starting out here, feels real bad being a perma manchild so I have to start lifting
Hit 180lbs deadlift for reps and tried 190lbs once today, it didn't feel that difficult but I'm too scared to just rack on more weights while lifting alone
26 checking in. Decided to grow my beard, at least until summer. Feels cool seeing hairs in my periphery.
anons give your experiences of living at home and meeting chix after the age of 22, I'm 21 and its kinda lame now when I meet girls, don't see myself moving out in the near (or far) future. How grim does it get, will every girl in the future look at me as a manchild?
Unless you have a solid career & your primary life goal is to just accumulate lots of savings, I'd advise trying to move out as soon as possible. It isn't just about looking cool to girls - there's a ton of normal adult life experiences you won't have until you're out on your own. My depression levels increased significantly each year past 18 that I stayed at home, and dropped quickly after moving out at 22
>tfw 1%-er
28 in july anon here.
electrician of 10 years roughly.
in school for IT
living alone in an apartment
everything is pretty good but it doesnt take much to keep me happy.
sounds pretty good anon.
i'm in school for EE right now myself
26 here. Just graduated uni with a degree in computer science. I honestly hated it and learned no applicable skills. Now I'm supposed to be job-hunting but the thought of the office work life makes me want to kill myself, seriously. I have too much anxiety to even think about setting up an interview.

I need help anons.
File: 1420505588697.png (195 KB, 315x476)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
I'm 25 and I've been working shitty minimum wage jobs for so long that I'm scared to actually go out and get a real job. I feel like I am too dumb to get a real job and that if I somehow do manage to get a real job, I'll just end up fucking it up. I do want to get out of this hell hole though. Working with high school/college drop outs so very depressing. All the talk about is getting fucked up and fighting other people that used to go to school with.

How do I stop being so scared of change and growing up?
wow, life sounds so hard for you. own a home, a car, make a ton of money where nothing costs shit and you have a ton of friends, but you just cant find a girlfriend.

woe is you.
I was in your exact situation when I was 25.

Met an awesome girl through a buddy I'd lost contact with when I was 28. I'm 29 now and things are going great.

Chin up.
>there's a ton of normal adult life experiences you won't have until you're out on your own.

like what
>Lift 5 days a week
>good diet
>good job, above average wage for my age
>my own house in a mid-big city
>still no qt gf.
what the fuck i must be autistic, i feel like i can talk to girls but i clearly can't
>26 year old 5'9" emaciated faggot at 135 lbs, look like ugly slenderman
>never been to a gym before because im a miserable shut in
>place of work has a few hydraulic machines in the basement: seated bench press, back row, tricep dip, and a free trainer, the kind with the weight plates you put the metal stick into

>finally decide to go down there and do some of em
>basically do a circuit of them every day, know you're supposed to rest but im so weak ill just keep going
>been doing it for a few weeks now

>struggle through 70 lbs on bench
>300 lbs on leg press
>100 lbs on the back machine
>120 lbs on tripcep dips

and im sure those numbers are even faker because they are hydraulic machines, and i want to use that free trainer but not sure good exercises to do with it
File: download.png (5 KB, 181x279)
5 KB
26 here

Anyone read this book? I've always more or less had my shit together but reading this book was like tuning my life to perfection.
I work in IT, i started as a web developer but found my way as a network engineer.

You would be surprised how unqualified you can be and get a job at a bigger company. be good at talking to people and have a shallow knowledge of all the important topics, you'll learn what you need to know pretty quick and you can focus on learning that well. People don't expect a super genius the first job out of school.
File: 1464733892275.png (664 KB, 1001x823)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
Damn i thought you're younger than me
no because jeff bezos doesn't dictate my life.
So that's the reason why you're a fucking loser.
make the jump, you won't regret it. I just moved from NC to Los Angeles 2 years ago, not making big bucks yet but worth it for the opportunity. you'll be making enough to fly your parents out / fly home whenever you want. ditch the girl, you should find one who doesn't have issues and who makes you happy and helps you work toward your goals.
thanks anon. yeah, i know i can fly home regularly, its just a big jump, total life change. it'll be an adventure though, thanks for the encouragment.
32 . same boat. Can get dates easy enough but shit.
> so anon, let's go back to your place.
> yeah...about that.
Oh well, saved up enough for a house in the next year or two so there's that.
File: AREYUSHITTINMEH.gif (704 KB, 500x375)
704 KB
704 KB GIF
This is bait.jpeg
File: 1500502427233.jpg (20 KB, 480x270)
20 KB
28.. 29 in 10 days.
I finished my MA 2.5 years ago and holy shit does time fly. I've been a hard-working autist my entire life and now that I have a bit of disposable income and I'm decently set in my career, I feel I have the means to enjoy a life that has already passed me by.
I've got about 10 pages left of the whole book.

Seen most of JBP's youtube content so there weren't any profound revelations. I've also generally got my shit together in life.

I'm not a big fan of his Biblical discussions.

I'd recommend reading anything by Johnathan Haidt if you want similarly useful advice with more details regarding the studies behind them. The Happiness Hypothesis is great.

You would have been far better off not making this response at all.
>Before 25
>>working out = instant results / gains
>>even when sleeping like shit / drinking like mad. eating like shit
>>can work out after a massive night after 8-9 hours of sleep
>>girls are easy to meet
>After 25
>>working out is just to maintain whatever shit body you have
>>drinking means 2 days MIA
>>looking at any junk food will make you gain weight
>>you must be in the absolute best condition to fucking sleep
>>thikning about internet dating

You have health problems, I'm 29 and everything in your 25 below category is still true.
File: 1412157967928.jpg (9 KB, 300x256)
9 KB
>get injured easier
>injuries take longer to heal
>some injuries permanent
>get tired earlier in the day
>get tired earlier

>tfw 26
>still have never drank coffee, energy drinks in my life and have soda maybe a few times a year
>basically no caffeine at all
>have literally taken a nap like 3 times in my life
>still can wake up at 630 AM and go to sleep at 11 PM after a long day of work no problem
>back in college i could wake up at 9 am and go all day then sit in the corner at a party and go to bed a 4 am no problem

i guess it must be the ADHD and being a shut in
File: Running on Feels.jpg (154 KB, 945x1500)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>mfw 25 next year
>mfw only started lifting seriously last year
>mfw still kissless virgin

I still have hope
Ireland I believe. It was on reddit
about to turn 30 in july. super excited for my 30s.

shits gonna be amazing
Are you me?
26 here, only started lifting a year ago so I guess I classify as an over25 for my entire lifting lifespan
Making fairly good gains though but that could be to do with the fact I'm studying and have ample time to workout during the day when I'm at peak energy
Hoping by next year when I start working full time that I can keep making gains.. a friend of mine made big gains, started work, and has been basically maintaining for 2 years which sounds average
File: oh fuck.png (154 KB, 309x302)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
maybe, I also still live with my parents, am broke and my car broke down on me months ago
File: 1464825018277.jpg (28 KB, 483x389)
28 KB
It's 05am and i'm about to cry alone after losing another 250€ gambling

>neglected through my childhood (parents were always working), bullied in HS
>kissless virgin, I have a 2/10 face and i'm 5'6, got told multiple times i'm ugly
> Every time I look at my photos or in the mirror, I feel about to cry
>don't have any attention from women whatsoever
>Failed to enter into med school, ended up getting a Masters in another field which I really don't like
>Depressed, bored, desperate,
>Developed a gambling addiction that I'm really not managing at all and i'm really ashamed of
>I don't have any goals in life, sometimes I pray that I don't wake up the next day

I always felt I was sort of different from everybody else, since I was a child, but goddamn nothing prepared me for what I became. I really wish that everything would end here. My friends seem to have got their lives together, having girlfriends, achieving goals, etc. etc. But I ended up this way, and it's nobodies fault.

I wish tomorrow I wouldn't wake up, but I know I have to endure another day of this.
you have a masters you idiot.

workout more and get a look going for yourself. you don't need 10/10 looks. aim for B+ / A- zone.
there is so much more you can do . don't give up. trust me.

start now and your 30s will fucking rock.
Physical cringe
KHV reporting in. Turn 26 this year. Currently in grad school. There is a girl in our department younger than me with her masters who is pretty much everything I would look for in a wife - smart, laughs at my shitty jokes, into lifting, and brown. Can't even bring myself to get her number. Also, school is the biggest gains goblin.

>we are all gonna make it
I want to believe, but I'm weak
I got my first girlfriend while still living with my mom at age 25, relationship lasted about a year and she was hot af. Ended up having two more qt3.14 gf's the next year, still living with mom. It gets easier to get women with age, not worse. Just make sure you're working on improving your situation. But truth is if a chick wants to get down with you, she doesn't give a fuck who you live with.
File: 1512433798141.jpg (17 KB, 303x326)
17 KB
Well it's the only place I feel like I belong. I'm so tired of pretending to be a normie and my normie routine is starting to get in the way of my lifting.

Of course it's impossible to know for sure how you will react to having to take anothers life but I know it's ingrained in our DNA so I believe when the time comes it will be fine. I've seen some shit already and experienced my brains self defense mechanisms so I know everything works as good as one can hope up here.

Some days are gonna be absolute hell, but some days will be good. And that's an improvement from where I'm standing now, where the only thing I'm looking forward to on monday is lifting, going back to sleep and the weekend.
28 here, started working out at 25

Im almot at my body goal and starting to turn my life around, but it is a constant struggle to fight the inner autist.
How are you making social gains?
Got my first job in a hotel last year when i was semi-fit.

People there likes me even tho i act super awkward sometimes, there is alsoa cute receptionist (with a kid and boyfriend) who wants to cheat on him with me but i dont know how to proceed and if i should.
Noticing a few of your are software/web devs
I'm studying web dev currently, what's so bad about it? (also what country are you in as I'm sure it differs from place to place)
I worked retail management for 10 years so regardless of how bad it is.. it's a step up. And full stack devs with 2 years experience can earn around AU$120k so it doesn't sound too bad.
I have 4 years of experience as a hotel receptionist.

Do NOT fuck the receptionist. EVERYONE will know.
This, bellboy and now bell-captain/doorman for the past 6 years.

Waitresses are easy sluts, that’s all yiu need to know.
how about drop dead?
I'm not dev (I code, but in a tech support capacity, so I just fix the shit rather than build it), but even my job is hellish. The actual devs are all super stressed, constantly angry, and live on Monster or Red Bull
how is your nutrition, and how fast did you lose the weight?
I'll take that as a compliment.
35 years old 80kg manlet at 175cm. I've hit a plateau at 35/40/80/95 kg. What do? Eat more? I'm already above 20% bodyfat I don't really wanna eat more. Please send help.
File: 1509821735232-pol.gif (27 KB, 268x224)
27 KB
im a dev in the US
about to land my next job in an office, but before that i worked full-time from home 100% remote position. you wont regret going down this road. my other friends, even engineers, basically have to take the forst job opportunity they get. i put my resume up on indeed and i get roughly 5 emails or phonecalls a week about 6-figure positions. CS really lets you control where and how you work.

the work itself is fun if you like creative problem solving. the only thing i'd say is a negative is that its a desk job. being inside at the computer all day sucks. i used to enjoy playing vidya with friends but now the last thing i want to do in my free time is sit in front of the fucking computer (still do tho).

its good in a way. i hike more. love lifting. back into playing music too.
File: just.png (698 KB, 600x640)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
When did you guys start to develop pains? I'm 25 and I'm already getting back pains.
I'm 10 years younger than you and I look like a guy in his early 30s

3 months in, I got a wrist injury on my right hand
It's still painful and it heals really slowly plus I can't use my right hand for one week straight
About to go on a vacation with the GF lads. Going to Boston for St.Patrick's Day.
I had back and neck pain in college. I got a buckwheat hull makura and a wool shikibuton. No pain since. Check your bed and pillow situation, and posture.
My shoulders are still all the time though, but all i need is a 5 minute massage and they're good as new.
totally ineffective and potentially harmful, fancy studies were performed at inane dosages (either too high or too low), most suppliers are suspected to use Eurycoma roots with unholy levels of mercury, it doesn't really have any effect on test and in Western countries like Italy where a pre-emptive check from the Health Minister is required it never obtained the permission to be commercialized (even as food supplement)
Maca roots, as comparison, are deemed safe (even if they're totally a meme and 100% ineffective)
sounds no

sounds good man
there seems to be a big demand for web devs in Australia right now.. I'm aiming for more front end work but we'll see. I've worked shitty manual labour jobs all my life so a desk job sounds nice, I lift too so not being on my feet all day sounds good
1. Stop gambling. Its not physically addictive. You obviously suck at gambling so stop doing it.
2. Get cosmetic surgery so that you don't hate yourself.
If you guys have boner problems try taking some Yohimbrine side effects include boners and burning fat.
Bro, u don't need a spotter to deadlift. Just keep your back straight and if it starts to arc, just drop the bar. Not hard to stay out of Snapcity if u use your noodle.

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