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Has anyone here done this? Any positive or negative experiences?

tl;dr - To change your habits, go into hermit mode for a week with nothing but lifting and books, no people, technology and other hobbies allowed.
Thanks, but it seems nobody here cares. I'll try the same thread on /adv/, maybe it'll fare somewhat better.
Maybe I'll try this again, but it is kinda hard to not even meet other people as a student. Once lasted a day and I think I saw some very small improvements, but it wore of quite fast.
I'd have to evade my gf for a week or more, and I wouldn't want to do that for some meme reason.
Other than that, summer is perfect for this as I am also a student and there are no classes currently.
>can do stuff with your friends all the time
>reject them for a full week because of some autism you found on 4chan
Can I play piano during my monk week?
Yep this shit definitely helps a lot kinda resets your dopamine receptors but that might just be bro science, I'm gonna do this one week before I have to go back to school. If you are desperate, try this, definitely do this, is will challenge your willpower. You could also do a light version of this but the basics should stay the same
>No electronics
>No junk food
>Books, Meditation, Exercise as main activity
Just generally do things that you would consider will help your health/career/intelligence/aesthetic
Bump for interest.
I did this recently, about 2000% productivity.
I didn't even check weather forecast on my phone because it would release dopamine and that would be cheating. no sugar and nofap obviously.
I'll do it again starting tomorrow.
>he doesn't have a job
It might work if you're a neet
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no one is stopping you from speculating on shitcoins too, you 23 year old boomer

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