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Where can I buy a prebuilt gaming computer, with lifetime service, Im tired of having computers that work 98% of the time, but randomly bluescreens or freezes, I had a dead hard drive in it and I took it out and now the computer cant post at all. I can provide more detail if interested.
>can't troubleshoot the one of most ubiquitous piece of tech on the planet
just get out.
The motherboard says ff right before the computer turns off, it only stays on for one to five seconds before turning itself off again, ive tried with different combinations of my hard drives plugged in because thats what I was fucking with before I broke it.
Man, im just looking for some help :/
Whenever ive built my own systems theyve been finicky and had something I couldnt troubleshoot.

I fully realize im shit at this stuff.
Pretty much no where on the planet is going to give your computer a lifetime guarantee.
call geeksquad
>I can provide more detail if interested.
Nobody is, and will ever be, interested in your problems.

kys, you kissless virgin faggot
Do what everyone else with a brain does and LEARN TO FIX IT YOURSELF.

>lifetime service
Haha come to my store, we'll sell you a lifetime of misery, you stupid fuck. If you can't maintain your own computer you really just need to kill yourself. We'll forward your porn and address book to the FBI. Not like you know enough to tell.

>being technolgically inept
>living 30 years behind everyone else
>trusting your data to random "technicians"
>never being able to trust your own computer because you are too signorant to know what's on it or why it does what it does
reset the CMOS you stupid fucker, it's probably hanging trying to find that drive.
if that is consistent with you, you MUST be fucking up somewhere. There isn't really any way to assemble a computer in a fashion that only sorta works, it either works, or it doesn't. If Known Good parts don't work when assembled, there's something wrong with the way the components are assembled and not necessarily the components themselves.

you _are_ using the brass motherboard standoffs, right? Often times glitchy symptoms like you describe are the result of an electrical fault caused by a conductive part of the motherboard touching the case.

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