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Matter can only produce emergent properties. Emergent properties don't exist; that is, they only exist as ideas. There is no such thing as mind-independent, objective emergent properties, in the same way there is no such thing as mind-independent, objective information. Only the mind gives these things meaning. The mind exists; this is self-evident. Thus the mind isn't an emergent property. Thus the mind can't be produced by matter. Thus the mind is immaterial. Computers can't produce immaterial things. Thus computers can't produce minds.

It can be deduced, not just induced, that matter cannot produce consciousness, because there is no such objective thing as "emergent properties." An electron, or any number of electrons, passing between any number of points, in any permutation, through any combination or permutation of mediums, cannot produce consciousness, because of the simple fact that matter is never objectively more than its parts.

The mind necessarily precedes quantification. Without it, no computation even has any meaning.

Argument is pinned by a philosophical notion, a pure matter of opinion. It does not have a factual basis and therefore is entirely invalid.
Kant is a faggot by the way.
So are we safe from Skynet?

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