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" A plethora of tools"

Was that a reference to her working colleagues?
lets assume
This is the average Fedora user, everyone.
Nothing says business-ready like a whale harpooned against the wall.
>JVM performance engineer
Explains a lot.
The meaning of that statment was very obvius you dum dum but hey you may need some help there so i will explain you how the word works. Europe invented culture and so it all started, a fucking retarded idiot thought that you could reach India by crossing the atlantic in a stright line, well he tried and missed fucking america to land in the paradise full of bitches, 129 years later we are at this point a fucking burger that cant even eat without overfeeding them self end up leading the world into fucking hell. They thought that stealing the rest of the word super brains would make them rich and they where right. Operation Steal Linux was a full succes and so a new kernel was worn so powerfull and strong that every kid could use it but it had a big problem, no, no problem, it had a hiden plan...
One kernel to rule them all, yes so it was, Linux kernel was designed to control the Debins, Solarius, Redhatus and the Archers. Archers perixed quickly in the search of the best rize desktop they dived into their caves so hard that a big i3 with thick gaps apeared and destroyed their lives for ever and so the tail of Like big butts and I can not lie You Other brothers can't deny That When a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist And A round thing in your face You Get sprung Wanna Pull up tough Cuz You notice that butt was stuffed Deep In the jeans she's wearing I'm Hooked and I can't stop staring Oh Baby, I wanna get with ya And Take your picture My Homeboys tried to warn me But That butt you got Make Me so horney Ooh Rump, of smooth skin You Say you wanna get in my benz Well Use me use me cuz you aint that average groupy I've

Fedora will rule this planet and theres nothing that you bastards can do, not even stev Jobs with is IOS can prevent it, you all fucked
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please dont bully reddit like this

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