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Hi lads. I created bootable usb stick to install Lubuntu on old dell computer. It didn't work so I tried it on my shitposting machine (windows 10). It hangs every time I boot PC with USB stick (containing Lubuntu) in, if I remove usb PC starts up no problem. If I pressed F8 for boot menu, as soon as I remove thumb drive it goes to boot menu. When machine is already running usb can be plugged in and I can see all files no problem. Tried reinstalling that shit in usb drive again with different program and had same results. What am I doing wrong here?
>usb stick is Integral 8gb (tesco cheap one)
>Os I want to install is "lubuntu-17.04-desktop-i386"
It's 32bit because dell PC have only 4gb ram in it.
>first tried installing with rufus 2.17
>second time with Universal-USB-Installer-
>nothing works
Why always me, why can't things just work?
How to fix?
bad flash drive
File: awoo.jpg (18 KB, 468x468)
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U think? It kinda works fine. Everything was copied on it fast as well. Maybe I have to use 64bit version of Lubuntu?
File: 1500162871144.jpg (196 KB, 1028x1073)
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Check uefi and legacy boot on bios
Turn off secure boot and directly write the iso to the drive after a full 0 with ddwipe.
Don't use Lubuntu.

I used it once on a Macbook and it has been a shit fest during the entire time I had tried Lubuntu.
try it with unetbootin. always works for me from windows. if you have a linux computer available just dd it
>I created bootable usb stick
Are you sure about this?
File: 1501228710521.jpg (331 KB, 753x707)
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331 KB JPG
Thanks, I will try that.
I chose it because it was said to be extremely lightweight. Computer I want to run with it is my friends laptop. He needs it only for YT videos and normiebook shitposting. Just wanted to try out on my scrap dell optiplex first. Is there a better option? I considered RemixOS as other option.
Did I use wrong term or did something wrong? I am completely clueless when it comes to Linux. The same I'm just a basic user in windows, so I might not understand some things correctly.
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My computer can't detect my bootable flash drive.

wat do?
Use the 64-bit version if you have a 64-bit CPU. 4GB is more than enough to run the 64-bit version. You should only try the 32-bit OS on a 64-bit CPU if you have like 512MB of RAM, which would be utterly retarded when you can pull 1GB and 2GB sticks out of the trash for free these days.
File: 1503922727650.jpg (88 KB, 1424x648)
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>bootable flash drive
Whats so wrong about this, nigger?
(of a disk) containing the software required to boot a computer.
>flash drive
a small electronic device containing flash memory that is used for storing data or transferring it to or from a computer, digital camera, etc.
Stupid nigger nerd, if you find something obviously wrong with what I wrote, please elaborate.
Another PEBKAC episode, move on guys
Yes, I'll try that next. That might be the issue, however I do not understand the part where computers froze as soon as I try to turn them on with thumb drive plugged in.
Nigger it's your fucking programs that you're using to burn the ISO.

Just stop.

Download win32diskimager and use that to load the image onto the usb drive.
Never denied it.
Will do. Additionally, why did rufus worked soo good to make bootable windows then? Surely it can't be that mutch different to copy linux on drive?
File: Wtf now.jpg (305 KB, 1921x1078)
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305 KB JPG
I tried that win32 disk manager. This happened.
Try and boot from it, retard
File: Cant now.jpg (332 KB, 1921x1080)
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332 KB JPG
Am I stupid?
Just because it doesn't work in windows, doesn't mean that it's not bootable. It's worth checking.
>Just works
Pick one
I picked what was shilled on this board since it was first introduced.
File: Smiling for the future.png (510 KB, 565x771)
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win32diskimager literally DD's the entire partition table of the ISO to it without giving a fuck.
It will never show you any partitions that are usable by windows.
You just need to boot it.
>t. the same guy who told you to use win32diskimager.

Linux uses a different type of partitions that windows likes to fuck up.
Not even going to try and explain further at this phase.
All that you need to know is that win32diskimager makes a 1:1 copy of the image to the flash drive while Rufus usually installs and configures a bootloader and extracts the image contents to the flash drive which works fine with windows but 99% of the time fucks up with linux ISO's.
Keep trying. I had the same issue once but it finally managed to boot. It was a bad flash drive. You have 2 other options
1. Live DVD (legacy tech but very dependable)
2. Live partition (you'll have to delete the partition after you install the OS or you'll be bootlocked on some motherboards)
Use 64-bit. Use Ubuntu-MATE. Get a good stick, Sandisk always works.
Does anyone know what monitor that is and what size? Looks fukken awesome!

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