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share what you know and love about the old mainframes. i just love watching vaccuum slef winding 9 track tape. also, where is a good place to buy minis/mainframes
which one of those units is the processor?
Can someone tell me what the fuck a mainframe is?
thats 5 individual units. the cpu is the size of a modern desktop tower and holds 4k of nonvolatile core memory. its the panel with the switches and lights. the cpu alone costs $5000 and you still want an asr33 for the paper tape storage and the ability to run BASIC from ram
sounds like its a better heater than anything
it is. the 32kb hard drive option puts out 500 watts of waste heat. but those old computers are a blast with the right hardware and software. theyre more powerful and functional than you might think
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heres a good one
sure if you only use it in winter.
it comes with a twin drive 9 track open reel tape unit too
back in the day they actually did that. the univac 1 vacuum tube computer from the 50s made so much heat that when they ran it in the winter to heat the office the fire department thought the white mist coming out of its cooling system was smoke and doused the computer with water
Can I watch nepalese abstract representations of day to day life in these?
So back in the late 40s and early 50s when these things filled rooms, they came in large racks like the OP picture. Each rack was filled with several components that together made up one subsystem. Such a rack was often called a "frame", since it was really just there to hold all this equipment. The one that held the core logic, what we'd today call a CPU, was obviously central in importance, and so was called the "main frame", since it was the one that was essential and all the other frames were hooked up to it.

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